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Basic Information

The table below details the source and basic information of this item.

Title Content
iBAD ID iBAD_0000309
Karyotype Trisomy 21
Type Methylation profiling by array
Diseases Down syndrome
Organism Homo sapiens
Tissue Others
Cell Line Buccal swab
Platform GPL13534
Accession GSE50586
GEO Title Distinct DNA methylation patterns of cognitive impairment and Trisomy 21 in Down Syndrome
PMID 24373378
Article Title Distinct DNA methylation patterns of cognitive impairment and trisomy 21 in Down syndrome
Author Jones MJ, Farré P, McEwen LM, Macisaac JL, Watt K, Neumann SM, Emberly E, Cynader MS, Virji-Babul N, Kobor MS.
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Differentially Expressed Genes

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Gene ID Gene Name logFC P-value P-adj
NC_000016.9 UBE2MP1 1.78e-01 7.86e-08 0.0382
NC_000012.11 ACVR1B -2.75e-01 5.73e-07 0.1263
NC_000006.11 L3MBTL3 1.99e-01 7.99e-07 0.1263
NC_000015.9 UNC45A 1.78e-01 1.61e-06 0.1263
NC_000015.9 UNC45A 2.09e-01 1.77e-06 0.1263
NC_000019.9 SBNO2 -2.32e-01 1.99e-06 0.1263
NC_000002.11 PMS1 1.47e-01 2.96e-06 0.1263
NC_000015.9 UNC45A 2.22e-01 3.91e-06 0.1263
NC_000024.9 TBL1Y -3.66e-01 3.95e-06 0.1263
NC_000007.13 C7orf34 8.50e-02 4.99e-06 0.1263
NC_000015.9 UNC45A 1.95e-01 5.32e-06 0.1263
NC_000017.10 KRTAP2-2 1.18e-01 5.93e-06 0.1263
NC_000015.9 UNC45A 2.30e-01 6.05e-06 0.1263
NC_000022.10 ANKRD54 1.39e-01 6.17e-06 0.1263
NC_000003.11 LRRC2 1.25e-01 6.29e-06 0.1263
NC_000015.9 UNC45A 2.25e-01 6.74e-06 0.1263
NC_000017.10 UBE2O -3.38e-01 6.93e-06 0.1263
NC_000015.9 UNC45A 1.92e-01 7.07e-06 0.1263
NC_000015.9 UNC45A 1.80e-01 7.27e-06 0.1263
NC_000020.10 PPP4R1L -3.21e-01 8.12e-06 0.1263
NC_000015.9 UNC45A 2.40e-01 8.14e-06 0.1263
NC_000014.8 LOC100133469 9.41e-02 8.52e-06 0.1263
NC_000008.10 TNFRSF10A -2.13e-01 9.29e-06 0.1263
NC_000001.10 SPAG17 -1.11e-01 9.75e-06 0.1263
NC_000022.10 CPT1B 3.05e-01 9.90e-06 0.1263
NC_000010.10 ACTA2 1.34e-01 1.07e-05 0.1263
NC_000015.9 SENP8 1.25e-01 1.09e-05 0.1263
NC_000006.11 LAMA4 1.08e-01 1.10e-05 0.1263
NC_000001.10 ARHGEF2 -1.49e-01 1.11e-05 0.1263
NC_000010.10 TCERG1L -2.86e-01 1.13e-05 0.1263
NC_000022.10 CPT1B 3.27e-01 1.23e-05 0.1263
NC_000002.11 NTSR2 1.48e-01 1.24e-05 0.1263
NC_000010.10 ACTA2 2.51e-01 1.25e-05 0.1263
NC_000010.10 ACTA2 2.87e-01 1.37e-05 0.1329
NC_000006.11 MRPL14 -2.35e-01 1.42e-05 0.1329
NC_000023.10 ARMCX2 1.10e-01 1.47e-05 0.1329
NC_000001.10 CHI3L1 -2.93e-01 1.48e-05 0.1329
NC_000007.13 CCM2 -2.09e-01 1.59e-05 0.1329
NC_000012.11 GPR81 9.88e-02 1.60e-05 0.1329
NC_000012.11 IQCD -1.13e-01 1.65e-05 0.1329
NC_000001.10 C1orf35 1.37e-01 1.68e-05 0.1329
NC_000014.8 LOC100133469 4.90e-02 1.75e-05 0.1329
NC_000003.11 ZCWPW2 1.22e-01 1.75e-05 0.1329
NC_000003.11 CELSR3 1.88e-01 1.75e-05 0.1329
NC_000006.11 PSMB9 -3.01e-01 1.75e-05 0.1329
NC_000003.11 CELSR3 1.39e-01 1.88e-05 0.1381
NC_000007.13 PON3 6.49e-02 2.15e-05 0.1519
NC_000004.11 ASB5 1.39e-01 2.19e-05 0.1519
NC_000008.10 ASAP1 7.48e-02 2.25e-05 0.1533
NC_000024.9 ZFY -3.65e-01 2.27e-05 0.1533
NC_000006.11 HLA-DQB2 1.02e-01 2.34e-05 0.1555
NC_000009.11 LOC554202 -3.49e-01 2.37e-05 0.1555
NC_000011.9 SAA2 -1.80e-01 2.43e-05 0.156
NC_000017.10 MYST2 2.22e-01 2.49e-05 0.156
NC_000005.9 MGAT1 -2.21e-01 2.51e-05 0.156
NC_000011.9 LOC494141 6.70e-02 2.80e-05 0.1638
NC_000012.11 LOC100133893 7.13e-02 2.97e-05 0.17
NC_000024.9 TTTY12 -2.82e-01 3.19e-05 0.1774
NC_000004.11 TRIM60 7.39e-02 3.45e-05 0.1774
NC_000006.11 GRIK2 1.23e-01 3.48e-05 0.1774
NC_000019.9 RPL36 1.01e-01 3.52e-05 0.1774
NC_000020.10 TPD52L2 -1.53e-01 3.56e-05 0.1774
NC_000006.11 TTBK1 6.14e-02 3.62e-05 0.1774
NC_000012.11 IL23A -1.81e-01 3.63e-05 0.1774
NC_000022.10 CPT1B 3.35e-01 3.63e-05 0.1774
NC_000011.9 NAV2 -1.72e-01 3.64e-05 0.1774
NC_000022.10 CPT1B 2.75e-01 3.65e-05 0.1774
NC_000010.10 ENTPD1 5.80e-02 3.69e-05 0.1774
NC_000023.10 DIAPH2 1.25e-01 3.78e-05 0.1799
NC_000001.10 SEMA6C 1.86e-01 4.11e-05 0.1895
NC_000012.11 RPL6 8.05e-02 4.30e-05 0.1895
NC_000006.11 PSMB9 -1.69e-01 4.30e-05 0.1895
NC_000007.13 CARD11 1.62e-01 4.36e-05 0.1895
NC_000007.13 CARD11 1.85e-01 4.41e-05 0.1895
NC_000003.11 EDEM1 1.12e-01 4.44e-05 0.1895
NC_000007.13 TAC1 6.94e-02 4.52e-05 0.1895
NC_000018.9 APCDD1 2.00e-01 4.59e-05 0.1895
NC_000001.10 MIB2 -5.09e-01 4.69e-05 0.1895
NC_000005.9 TRIM36 1.20e-01 4.70e-05 0.1895
NC_000005.9 NPR3 1.85e-01 4.71e-05 0.1895
NC_000012.11 UBE2N -2.02e-01 4.76e-05 0.1895
NC_000002.11 GEMIN6 8.90e-02 4.78e-05 0.1895
NC_000013.10 RASA3 -1.32e-01 4.79e-05 0.1895
NC_000010.10 SGMS1 1.26e-01 4.81e-05 0.1895
NC_000017.10 KRT39 1.54e-01 4.81e-05 0.1895
NC_000019.9 C19orf56 9.88e-02 4.96e-05 0.1895
NC_000008.10 LOC728024 1.08e-01 4.96e-05 0.1895
NC_000001.10 FMO1 1.37e-01 5.01e-05 0.1895
NC_000006.11 STK19 1.37e-01 5.03e-05 0.1895
NC_000007.13 DDC 1.32e-01 5.05e-05 0.1895
NC_000003.11 CCK 9.49e-02 5.07e-05 0.1895
NC_000023.10 IDS 1.00e-01 5.28e-05 0.1944
NC_000002.11 SH3RF3 1.26e-01 5.53e-05 0.2004
NC_000001.10 ACOT7 -8.61e-02 5.89e-05 0.2031
NC_000019.9 FLJ26850 1.44e-01 5.73e-05 0.2031
NC_000001.10 C1orf105 1.41e-01 5.84e-05 0.2031
NC_000010.10 ADARB2 7.31e-02 5.87e-05 0.2031
NC_000001.10 AGT 8.02e-02 5.87e-05 0.2031
NC_000003.11 C3orf30 8.36e-02 6.21e-05 0.2031
NC_000009.11 ABO -2.04e-01 6.25e-05 0.2031
NC_000023.10 ARMCX4 7.98e-02 6.26e-05 0.2031
NC_000011.9 SLC22A18AS -2.41e-01 6.28e-05 0.2031
NC_000003.11 CCK 8.02e-02 6.34e-05 0.2031
NC_000004.11 F11 7.83e-02 6.38e-05 0.2031
NC_000014.8 CCDC88C -2.13e-01 6.39e-05 0.2031
NC_000009.11 FAM157B -6.43e-02 6.44e-05 0.2031
NC_000007.13 CADPS2 1.25e-01 6.49e-05 0.2031
NC_000003.11 ZNF167 1.39e-01 6.50e-05 0.2031
NC_000007.13 MGC87042 8.87e-02 6.77e-05 0.2033
NC_000017.10 ARHGAP23 -1.38e-01 6.82e-05 0.2033
NC_000016.9 ZFHX3 7.28e-02 6.96e-05 0.2056
NC_000011.9 DLG2 8.40e-02 7.07e-05 0.2056
NC_000002.11 TSSC1 7.51e-02 7.25e-05 0.2065
NC_000019.9 MUM1 -1.44e-01 7.27e-05 0.2065
NC_000011.9 BRSK2 -1.03e-01 7.31e-05 0.2065
NC_000019.9 MZF1 1.92e-01 7.31e-05 0.2065
NC_000017.10 RNF213 -2.26e-01 7.48e-05 0.2097
NC_000008.10 GSDMD -1.15e-01 7.52e-05 0.2097
NC_000003.11 FHIT 1.07e-01 7.57e-05 0.2097
NC_000007.13 KEL -2.17e-01 7.71e-05 0.2106
NC_000005.9 DPYSL3 1.44e-01 7.77e-05 0.2106
NC_000023.10 MAGEE1 9.75e-02 7.86e-05 0.2106
NC_000009.11 C9orf66 1.65e-01 8.00e-05 0.2122
NC_000001.10 DENND2D -2.18e-01 8.77e-05 0.2139
NC_000005.9 SDHA -2.33e-01 8.19e-05 0.2139
NC_000010.10 TFAM 1.64e-01 8.29e-05 0.2139
NC_000008.10 SNTG1 7.35e-02 8.38e-05 0.2139
NC_000007.13 CUX1 9.32e-02 8.48e-05 0.2139
NC_000010.10 DIP2C -8.14e-02 8.51e-05 0.2139
NC_000023.10 CA5BP 1.18e-01 9.19e-05 0.2139
NC_000002.11 RAMP1 -3.87e-01 8.65e-05 0.2139
NC_000010.10 KLF6 -1.23e-01 8.71e-05 0.2139
NC_000014.8 C14orf159 -1.85e-01 8.79e-05 0.2139
NC_000021.8 IFNAR1 6.83e-02 8.80e-05 0.2139
NC_000001.10 CFH -2.64e-01 8.93e-05 0.2139
NC_000020.10 CDH22 -1.54e-01 8.94e-05 0.2139
NC_000010.10 ADARB2 -2.77e-01 9.01e-05 0.2139
NC_000002.11 SPEG 1.29e-01 9.03e-05 0.2139
NC_000003.11 EDEM1 -2.95e-01 9.11e-05 0.2139
NC_000009.11 ABO -6.50e-02 9.12e-05 0.2139
NC_000007.13 CALD1 1.56e-01 9.35e-05 0.2139
NC_000008.10 SDC2 1.16e-01 9.38e-05 0.2139
NC_000002.11 MRPL44 -2.07e-01 9.42e-05 0.2139
NC_000020.10 CPNE1 -2.38e-01 9.50e-05 0.2139
NC_000015.9 TCF12 1.41e-01 9.53e-05 0.2139
NC_000008.10 SLC7A2 -6.14e-02 9.57e-05 0.2139
NC_000014.8 NRXN3 -1.59e-01 9.67e-05 0.2139
NC_000021.8 UBASH3A 6.88e-02 9.70e-05 0.2139
NC_000019.9 ZNF497 1.41e-01 9.72e-05 0.2139
NC_000005.9 TMEM173 -1.62e-01 9.74e-05 0.2139
NC_000009.11 ABO -1.51e-01 9.75e-05 0.2139
NC_000002.11 LOC401010 6.44e-02 9.78e-05 0.2139
NC_000003.11 HTR3D -1.73e-01 9.80e-05 0.2139
NC_000023.10 PCYT1B 8.79e-02 9.80e-05 0.2139
NC_000019.9 ZNF347 1.29e-01 9.83e-05 0.2139
NC_000002.11 RAMP1 -3.64e-01 9.86e-05 0.2139
NC_000001.10 MRPL55 1.15e-01 9.88e-05 0.2139
NC_000013.10 PCDH17 1.52e-01 9.91e-05 0.2139
NC_000003.11 TRANK1 -2.80e-01 9.98e-05 0.2144
NC_000007.13 DKFZp434L192 5.55e-02 1.03e-04 0.2165
NC_000001.10 TXNDC12 6.95e-02 1.03e-04 0.2165
NC_000010.10 PFKP -4.70e-02 1.03e-04 0.2165
NC_000006.11 ESR1 -9.47e-02 1.04e-04 0.2165
NC_000010.10 TLL2 -7.48e-02 1.05e-04 0.2165
NC_000011.9 SLC22A18AS -1.44e-01 1.06e-04 0.2165
NC_000005.9 CARD6 -1.22e-01 1.07e-04 0.2176
NC_000003.11 TRANK1 -2.65e-01 1.07e-04 0.2176
NC_000008.10 DLC1 1.54e-01 1.08e-04 0.2183
NC_000023.10 HTR2C 1.38e-01 1.09e-04 0.2189
NC_000005.9 PCDHB5 6.30e-02 1.09e-04 0.2189
NC_000011.9 MICAL2 1.13e-01 1.10e-04 0.2189
NC_000008.10 KBTBD11 8.30e-02 1.11e-04 0.219
NC_000023.10 SSX7 1.01e-01 1.12e-04 0.2194
NC_000002.11 WIPF1 -2.68e-01 1.14e-04 0.2204
NC_000002.11 AGAP1 -5.61e-01 1.14e-04 0.2204
NC_000018.9 C18orf26 -2.35e-01 1.14e-04 0.2204
NC_000023.10 OTC 1.49e-01 1.14e-04 0.2204
NC_000006.11 GMDS 7.94e-02 1.15e-04 0.2215
NC_000022.10 CPT1B 2.77e-01 1.17e-04 0.2215
NC_000011.9 PARVA 8.87e-02 1.18e-04 0.2215
NC_000023.10 KIAA2022 1.34e-01 1.19e-04 0.2215
NC_000021.8 C21orf99 9.59e-02 1.20e-04 0.2215
NC_000023.10 PCYT1B 1.02e-01 1.20e-04 0.2215
NC_000015.9 ADAMTS17 1.39e-01 1.20e-04 0.2215
NC_000006.11 C6orf150 -1.67e-01 1.20e-04 0.2215
NC_000007.13 CCM2 -1.43e-01 1.23e-04 0.2215
NC_000008.10 C8orf55 -1.58e-01 1.24e-04 0.2215
NC_000007.13 LAMB4 8.00e-02 1.24e-04 0.2215
NC_000002.11 MYT1L 1.41e-01 1.24e-04 0.2215
NC_000017.10 STXBP4 1.06e-01 1.26e-04 0.2215
NC_000010.10 C10orf11 2.05e-01 1.27e-04 0.2215
NC_000010.10 C10orf105 -1.58e-01 1.27e-04 0.2215
NC_000009.11 C9orf50 1.01e-01 1.27e-04 0.2215
NC_000004.11 METTL14 1.69e-01 1.27e-04 0.2215
NC_000015.9 ADAMTS17 -2.59e-01 1.28e-04 0.2215
NC_000023.10 PRRG3 1.00e-01 1.28e-04 0.2215
NC_000017.10 LRRC37B 1.30e-01 1.28e-04 0.2215
NC_000022.10 POTEH 7.49e-02 1.31e-04 0.2236
NC_000015.9 PATL2 5.97e-02 1.31e-04 0.2236
NC_000008.10 LOC100130274 1.29e-01 1.31e-04 0.2237
NC_000002.11 SLC20A1 -1.60e-01 1.32e-04 0.2237
NC_000019.9 AMH 1.90e-01 1.35e-04 0.2256
NC_000013.10 TSC22D1 6.70e-02 1.35e-04 0.2256
NC_000019.9 ZNF493 8.83e-02 1.36e-04 0.2256
NC_000017.10 MSI2 6.29e-02 1.38e-04 0.227
NC_000007.13 RAC1 -1.87e-01 1.38e-04 0.227
NC_000008.10 MYOM2 1.28e-01 1.38e-04 0.227
NC_000003.11 ADCY5 -8.63e-02 1.41e-04 0.227
NC_000008.10 TNFRSF10B 9.50e-02 1.41e-04 0.227
NC_000006.11 ZNRD1 6.81e-02 1.42e-04 0.227
NC_000019.9 ELL -1.82e-01 1.45e-04 0.231
NC_000018.9 GALNT1 1.63e-01 1.46e-04 0.2318
NC_000001.10 NDUFS2 -1.04e-01 1.46e-04 0.2318
NC_000006.11 SLC17A5 -1.26e-01 1.48e-04 0.2329
NC_000020.10 SIRPB2 -1.96e-01 1.49e-04 0.2332
NC_000007.13 DDC 9.77e-02 1.53e-04 0.2376
NC_000006.11 DNAH8 1.71e-01 1.54e-04 0.2376
NC_000022.10 CPT1B 1.42e-01 1.55e-04 0.2383
NC_000017.10 TMEM92 9.41e-02 1.56e-04 0.2391
NC_000007.13 C7orf57 1.06e-01 1.58e-04 0.2402
NC_000011.9 SLC22A18AS -2.60e-01 1.73e-04 0.2412
NC_000002.11 FZD7 1.16e-01 1.60e-04 0.241
NC_000019.9 MZF1 2.02e-01 1.60e-04 0.241
NC_000005.9 CARD6 -1.18e-01 1.60e-04 0.241
NC_000022.10 CPT1B 1.75e-01 1.63e-04 0.2412
NC_000019.9 SPTBN4 4.52e-01 1.64e-04 0.2412
NC_000001.10 MIER1 -2.02e-01 1.64e-04 0.2412
NC_000002.11 AGAP1 1.28e-01 1.65e-04 0.2412
NC_000008.10 TCEA1 7.63e-02 1.66e-04 0.2412
NC_000017.10 DNAH17 -1.66e-01 1.67e-04 0.2412
NC_000013.10 SLC10A2 1.19e-01 1.67e-04 0.2412
NC_000014.8 GPR68 -1.17e-01 1.68e-04 0.2412
NC_000002.11 GULP1 1.44e-01 1.69e-04 0.2412
NC_000009.11 STOM -2.98e-01 1.69e-04 0.2412
NC_000012.11 DNAH10 6.25e-02 1.69e-04 0.2412
NC_000016.9 LRRC50 5.33e-02 1.69e-04 0.2412
NC_000006.11 TRAM2 -1.06e-01 1.69e-04 0.2412
NC_000002.11 MEIS1 6.84e-02 1.70e-04 0.2412
NC_000022.10 CPT1B 3.07e-01 1.71e-04 0.2412
NC_000018.9 MBP 7.90e-02 1.73e-04 0.2412
NC_000005.9 PCDHGA2 1.32e-01 1.74e-04 0.2412
NC_000004.11 TBC1D1 1.46e-01 1.74e-04 0.2412
NC_000004.11 PDLIM5 1.08e-01 1.80e-04 0.2455
NC_000001.10 TNFRSF8 -2.92e-01 1.81e-04 0.2462
NC_000016.9 SOCS1 -1.09e-01 1.84e-04 0.2462
NC_000008.10 LOC100130274 1.58e-01 1.84e-04 0.2462
NC_000012.11 C1S -1.20e-01 1.84e-04 0.2462
NC_000004.11 FAM114A1 7.15e-02 1.87e-04 0.2462
NC_000010.10 FRMD4A 4.41e-02 1.87e-04 0.2462
NC_000003.11 OSBPL10 1.26e-01 1.88e-04 0.2462
NC_000001.10 CFH 9.20e-02 1.89e-04 0.2462
NC_000016.9 WWP2 8.75e-02 1.89e-04 0.2462
NC_000004.11 GRID2 1.02e-01 1.89e-04 0.2462
NC_000006.11 PGM3 1.02e-01 1.90e-04 0.2462
NC_000017.10 NCOR1 7.18e-02 1.90e-04 0.2462
NC_000023.10 IRS4 4.64e-02 1.90e-04 0.2462
NC_000012.11 C3AR1 -1.58e-01 1.91e-04 0.2464
NC_000011.9 RNF121 1.02e-01 1.92e-04 0.2464
NC_000007.13 FBXL18 -1.23e-01 1.92e-04 0.2464
NC_000023.10 IDS 8.17e-02 1.93e-04 0.2465
NC_000009.11 DMRT2 1.03e-01 1.93e-04 0.2465
NC_000013.10 C13orf39 6.69e-02 1.93e-04 0.2465
NC_000019.9 PPP1R13L 1.16e-01 1.95e-04 0.2467
NC_000007.13 DDC 7.53e-02 1.95e-04 0.2467
NC_000023.10 TCEAL5 8.58e-02 1.97e-04 0.2467
NC_000022.10 CPT1B 2.24e-01 1.99e-04 0.2467
NC_000010.10 LOC729668 6.71e-02 2.00e-04 0.2467
NC_000022.10 APOL1 -1.28e-01 2.00e-04 0.2467
NC_000016.9 HAGHL 1.45e-01 2.00e-04 0.2467
NC_000019.9 FUT2 -1.32e-01 2.00e-04 0.2467
NC_000016.9 NPW 4.59e-02 2.01e-04 0.2467
NC_000015.9 ADAMTS17 -1.84e-01 2.01e-04 0.2467
NC_000002.11 PKP4 1.72e-01 2.02e-04 0.2467
NC_000001.10 RUSC1 5.63e-02 2.20e-04 0.2499
NC_000014.8 TSHR -2.34e-01 2.03e-04 0.2467
NC_000023.10 BCOR 1.04e-01 2.05e-04 0.2467
NC_000005.9 FAM193B -1.17e-01 2.05e-04 0.2467
NC_000007.13 LRRC17 5.26e-02 2.05e-04 0.2467
NC_000014.8 C14orf73 1.22e-01 2.06e-04 0.2467
NC_000006.11 WDR27 5.16e-02 2.06e-04 0.2467
NC_000014.8 NUBPL 1.11e-01 2.06e-04 0.2467
NC_000006.11 HLA-DQB2 8.40e-02 2.06e-04 0.2467
NC_000008.10 RBPMS 1.42e-01 2.06e-04 0.2467
NC_000007.13 COL28A1 8.96e-02 2.53e-04 0.254
NC_000011.9 SAA2 -1.53e-01 2.07e-04 0.2471
NC_000002.11 CPS1 5.95e-02 2.08e-04 0.2473
NC_000006.11 HLA-DQA1 8.77e-02 2.10e-04 0.2482
NC_000008.10 VPS13B 1.77e-01 2.11e-04 0.2482
NC_000003.11 BCL6 -1.51e-01 2.12e-04 0.2488
NC_000006.11 MGC34034 1.47e-01 2.13e-04 0.2496
NC_000015.9 PPP1R14D 9.43e-02 2.14e-04 0.2499
NC_000016.9 NKD1 7.25e-02 2.15e-04 0.2499
NC_000019.9 C3 -2.59e-01 2.15e-04 0.2499
NC_000015.9 MIR548H4 -1.79e-01 2.16e-04 0.2499
NC_000006.11 C6orf208 6.60e-02 2.17e-04 0.2499
NC_000006.11 MOG 1.42e-01 2.17e-04 0.2499
NC_000021.8 JAM2 -6.20e-02 2.18e-04 0.2499
NC_000017.10 MEIS3P1 1.10e-01 2.19e-04 0.2499
NC_000006.11 MTHFD1L 7.36e-02 2.20e-04 0.2499
NC_000019.9 RYR1 2.43e-01 2.22e-04 0.2499
NC_000001.10 EIF4G3 -2.96e-01 2.22e-04 0.2499
NC_000012.11 BICD1 5.68e-02 2.22e-04 0.2499
NC_000015.9 RAB27A -1.90e-01 2.24e-04 0.2505
NC_000006.11 SYTL3 7.59e-02 2.25e-04 0.2505
NC_000017.10 RPTOR 5.70e-02 2.26e-04 0.2505
NC_000005.9 SLIT3 1.12e-01 2.26e-04 0.2505
NC_000022.10 CPT1B 1.99e-01 2.27e-04 0.2505
NC_000001.10 MRPL55 1.33e-01 2.28e-04 0.2505
NC_000011.9 HCCA2 -1.87e-01 2.29e-04 0.2505
NC_000006.11 STK19 1.64e-01 2.30e-04 0.2505
NC_000012.11 IL26 1.54e-01 2.31e-04 0.2505
NC_000003.11 BOC 6.90e-02 2.32e-04 0.2505
NC_000001.10 MORN1 7.52e-02 2.32e-04 0.2505
NC_000017.10 AMAC1 1.95e-01 2.33e-04 0.2505
NC_000007.13 CARD11 1.66e-01 2.34e-04 0.2505
NC_000008.10 TMEM67 1.62e-01 2.34e-04 0.2505
NC_000008.10 KBTBD11 1.66e-01 2.35e-04 0.2505
NC_000017.10 CACNG5 -8.72e-02 2.36e-04 0.2514
NC_000017.10 BCAS3 -2.41e-01 2.37e-04 0.2516
NC_000004.11 PCGF3 6.58e-02 2.40e-04 0.2534
NC_000001.10 SPATA1 6.38e-02 2.42e-04 0.254
NC_000019.9 MAST1 1.72e-01 2.43e-04 0.254
NC_000011.9 SLC22A18AS -3.26e-01 2.43e-04 0.254
NC_000003.11 SPINK8 9.19e-02 2.43e-04 0.254
NC_000005.9 MAP1B -7.79e-02 2.47e-04 0.254
NC_000006.11 COL11A2 -1.98e-01 2.48e-04 0.254
NC_000002.11 PRKCE -1.09e-01 2.48e-04 0.254
NC_000007.13 KEL 1.16e-01 2.51e-04 0.254
NC_000005.9 FAM134B 1.89e-01 2.53e-04 0.254
NC_000019.9 SYT3 9.43e-02 2.54e-04 0.254
NC_000016.9 CYB5B 6.02e-02 2.55e-04 0.254
NC_000017.10 VPS53 5.97e-02 2.55e-04 0.254
NC_000012.11 ETNK1 9.21e-02 2.56e-04 0.254
NC_000001.10 GJC2 6.24e-02 2.56e-04 0.254
NC_000008.10 TRAPPC9 1.17e-01 2.57e-04 0.254
NC_000003.11 GADL1 -3.73e-02 2.58e-04 0.254
NC_000018.9 KCNG2 1.37e-01 2.58e-04 0.254
NC_000019.9 PSG7 5.10e-02 2.59e-04 0.254
NC_000006.11 RUNX2 -2.66e-01 2.60e-04 0.254
NC_000001.10 METTL11B 1.58e-01 2.60e-04 0.254
NC_000019.9 KLK6 1.13e-01 2.61e-04 0.254
NC_000010.10 PRKG1 1.16e-01 2.62e-04 0.254
NC_000002.11 SRD5A2 8.12e-02 2.63e-04 0.254
NC_000002.11 ITGA6 -9.55e-02 2.63e-04 0.254
NC_000017.10 UBB 8.91e-02 2.64e-04 0.254
NC_000018.9 LOC100130522 -2.95e-01 2.64e-04 0.254
NC_000001.10 KCNN3 6.87e-02 2.66e-04 0.254
NC_000017.10 FAM101B 5.94e-02 2.67e-04 0.254
NC_000017.10 TOM1L2 1.12e-01 2.67e-04 0.254
NC_000001.10 C1orf94 1.50e-01 2.68e-04 0.2541
NC_000014.8 ESRRB 5.70e-02 2.68e-04 0.2541
NC_000021.8 IFNAR1 -1.32e-01 2.70e-04 0.255
NC_000018.9 KCNG2 1.84e-01 2.71e-04 0.2553
NC_000006.11 FNDC1 7.33e-02 2.71e-04 0.2553
NC_000009.11 GCNT1 1.38e-01 2.75e-04 0.2553
NC_000002.11 FZD7 1.72e-01 2.75e-04 0.2553
NC_000019.9 CHMP2A 5.94e-02 2.76e-04 0.2553
NC_000012.11 GLT1D1 1.19e-01 2.76e-04 0.2553
NC_000005.9 PCDHGA2 9.65e-02 2.76e-04 0.2553
NC_000010.10 ANKRD2 8.21e-02 2.77e-04 0.2553
NC_000011.9 MMP26 1.42e-01 2.78e-04 0.2553
NC_000011.9 UBE2L6 -2.15e-01 2.79e-04 0.2553
NC_000001.10 GREM2 6.49e-02 2.80e-04 0.2553
NC_000008.10 DLGAP2 7.83e-02 2.81e-04 0.2553
NC_000016.9 BTBD12 -2.73e-01 2.84e-04 0.2553
NC_000019.9 SBNO2 -2.07e-01 2.84e-04 0.2553
NC_000011.9 C11orf49 1.30e-01 2.85e-04 0.2553
NC_000017.10 RAB11FIP4 -1.42e-01 2.86e-04 0.2553
NC_000022.10 PRAME 8.90e-02 2.86e-04 0.2553
NC_000019.9 LRG1 -2.81e-01 2.87e-04 0.2553
NC_000005.9 AGXT2 1.18e-01 2.88e-04 0.2553
NC_000005.9 PCDHGA2 1.15e-01 2.90e-04 0.2553
NC_000006.11 HLA-A -1.52e-01 2.90e-04 0.2553
NC_000007.13 CCDC129 2.65e-01 2.91e-04 0.2553
NC_000007.13 DNAJB6 -1.86e-01 2.92e-04 0.2553
NC_000005.9 IRX2 2.17e-01 2.92e-04 0.2553
NC_000008.10 MTMR7 1.86e-01 2.92e-04 0.2553
NC_000017.10 KSR1 -1.40e-01 2.92e-04 0.2553
NC_000017.10 LRRC37B 1.03e-01 2.92e-04 0.2553
NC_000011.9 ZDHHC13 2.36e-01 2.94e-04 0.2561
NC_000001.10 TP73 -1.77e-01 2.96e-04 0.2566
NC_000023.10 UBE2DNL 9.06e-02 2.96e-04 0.2566
NC_000003.11 C3orf21 1.68e-01 2.97e-04 0.2566
NC_000019.9 MZF1 2.04e-01 2.98e-04 0.2575
NC_000006.11 PTP4A1 1.40e-01 3.00e-04 0.2575
NC_000008.10 CSGALNACT1 2.96e-01 3.00e-04 0.2575
NC_000008.10 DLC1 2.73e-01 3.01e-04 0.2575
NC_000019.9 RYR1 2.06e-01 3.02e-04 0.2583
NC_000009.11 EHMT1 -1.65e-01 3.03e-04 0.2583
NC_000019.9 ZNF837 1.79e-01 3.05e-04 0.2584
NC_000001.10 ATAD3C -1.02e-01 3.11e-04 0.2602
NC_000021.8 CLIC6 -9.79e-02 3.12e-04 0.2602
NC_000008.10 ANXA13 -1.76e-01 3.13e-04 0.2602
NC_000006.11 SLC2A12 5.48e-02 3.13e-04 0.2602
NC_000010.10 OLAH 1.11e-01 3.14e-04 0.2602
NC_000020.10 JPH2 1.09e-01 3.14e-04 0.2602
NC_000007.13 MAD1L1 6.57e-02 3.15e-04 0.2602
NC_000022.10 CYP2D7P1 4.86e-02 3.15e-04 0.2602
NC_000019.9 ICAM1 -6.32e-02 3.15e-04 0.2602
NC_000017.10 C17orf98 1.66e-01 3.16e-04 0.2602
NC_000004.11 FAT1 1.16e-01 3.20e-04 0.2602
NC_000022.10 NCF4 -1.72e-01 3.22e-04 0.2602
NC_000001.10 ZNF362 1.30e-01 3.22e-04 0.2602
NC_000001.10 ATP6V0B 7.14e-02 3.24e-04 0.2602
NC_000011.9 OPCML 1.32e-01 3.24e-04 0.2602
NC_000001.10 KIAA1026 2.12e-01 3.24e-04 0.2602
NC_000014.8 FERMT2 1.43e-01 3.25e-04 0.2602
NC_000017.10 CALCOCO2 -1.95e-01 3.26e-04 0.2602
NC_000017.10 AXIN2 9.63e-02 3.27e-04 0.2602
NC_000011.9 LSP1 -3.36e-01 3.27e-04 0.2602
NC_000004.11 ADAM29 8.46e-02 3.27e-04 0.2602
NC_000006.11 HLA-A -2.84e-01 3.28e-04 0.2602
NC_000002.11 ZNF385B 1.37e-01 3.29e-04 0.2602
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 5.16e-02 3.32e-04 0.2602
NC_000008.10 ZBTB10 1.19e-01 3.32e-04 0.2602
NC_000006.11 ZNF184 7.20e-02 3.34e-04 0.2602
NC_000018.9 LOC100130522 -1.65e-01 3.35e-04 0.2602
NC_000004.11 PROM1 -2.68e-01 3.37e-04 0.2602
NC_000022.10 CPT1B 1.83e-01 3.38e-04 0.2602
NC_000012.11 P2RX7 7.61e-02 3.40e-04 0.2602
NC_000019.9 ELL -1.20e-01 3.42e-04 0.2602
NC_000007.13 C7orf58 1.41e-01 3.42e-04 0.2602
NC_000014.8 TSHR -2.29e-01 3.76e-04 0.2602
NC_000012.11 ETNK1 1.04e-01 3.44e-04 0.2602
NC_000002.11 B3GNT7 -2.09e-01 3.44e-04 0.2602
NC_000010.10 CDC123 1.21e-01 3.45e-04 0.2602
NC_000021.8 MX2 -2.84e-01 3.45e-04 0.2602
NC_000019.9 ZNF208 7.09e-02 3.46e-04 0.2602
NC_000012.11 CAMKK2 -3.03e-01 3.47e-04 0.2602
NC_000002.11 SGPP2 -2.07e-01 3.47e-04 0.2602
NC_000008.10 STAU2 6.60e-02 3.48e-04 0.2602
NC_000009.11 ABO -3.78e-02 3.49e-04 0.2602
NC_000006.11 ZNF204P -7.28e-02 3.50e-04 0.2602
NC_000011.9 NTM -6.61e-02 3.51e-04 0.2602
NC_000009.11 INVS 7.00e-02 3.52e-04 0.2602
NC_000020.10 C20orf114 -8.36e-02 3.55e-04 0.2602
NC_000001.10 ARHGEF2 -1.90e-01 3.55e-04 0.2602
NC_000016.9 COX4NB 1.20e-01 3.55e-04 0.2602
NC_000008.10 ADAM28 -9.01e-02 3.56e-04 0.2602
NC_000016.9 UNKL -1.47e-01 3.56e-04 0.2602
NC_000007.13 ZNF277 1.67e-01 3.57e-04 0.2602
NC_000018.9 CDH20 -4.01e-02 3.57e-04 0.2602
NC_000020.10 SIRPB1 8.40e-02 3.57e-04 0.2602
NC_000002.11 PPM1G 1.63e-01 3.57e-04 0.2602
NC_000021.8 KCNE1 1.25e-01 3.58e-04 0.2602
NC_000018.9 DCC -7.75e-02 3.59e-04 0.2602
NC_000001.10 NSL1 -2.23e-01 3.63e-04 0.2602
NC_000017.10 B4GALNT2 5.30e-02 3.64e-04 0.2602
NC_000001.10 WNT3A -1.99e-01 3.66e-04 0.2602
NC_000010.10 ADARB2 6.88e-02 3.66e-04 0.2602
NC_000010.10 LBX1 -7.97e-02 3.67e-04 0.2602
NC_000005.9 SEMA5A 1.27e-01 3.68e-04 0.2602
NC_000006.11 STK19 1.32e-01 3.69e-04 0.2602
NC_000002.11 PKDCC -1.76e-01 3.72e-04 0.2602
NC_000019.9 NR2F6 9.00e-02 3.73e-04 0.2602
NC_000004.11 C4orf19 -1.85e-01 3.81e-04 0.2602
NC_000006.11 TNFAIP3 -1.62e-01 3.81e-04 0.2602
NC_000016.9 TSC2 -1.21e-01 3.83e-04 0.2602
NC_000012.11 LYZ 1.47e-01 3.83e-04 0.2602
NC_000002.11 NMUR1 -4.53e-02 3.83e-04 0.2602
NC_000001.10 NADK 4.72e-02 3.85e-04 0.2602
NC_000013.10 GPC6 9.55e-02 3.88e-04 0.2602
NC_000008.10 BRF2 5.37e-02 3.89e-04 0.2602
NC_000017.10 KSR1 -8.36e-02 3.90e-04 0.2602
NC_000006.11 PHACTR1 7.40e-02 3.91e-04 0.2602
NC_000009.11 C9orf123 9.93e-02 3.91e-04 0.2602
NC_000017.10 MPRIP -9.00e-02 3.91e-04 0.2602
NC_000005.9 FABP6 -9.59e-02 3.92e-04 0.2602
NC_000002.11 NCRNA00116 6.72e-02 3.92e-04 0.2602
NC_000011.9 ARAP1 5.18e-02 3.93e-04 0.2602
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 1.05e-01 3.94e-04 0.2602
NC_000005.9 PAPD4 2.04e-01 3.95e-04 0.2602
NC_000023.10 MIR450A1 6.11e-02 3.96e-04 0.2602
NC_000016.9 SNX29 8.24e-02 3.99e-04 0.2602
NC_000006.11 PKHD1 1.58e-01 4.00e-04 0.2602
NC_000014.8 RGS6 7.13e-02 4.01e-04 0.2602
NC_000013.10 FGF14 -2.42e-01 4.02e-04 0.2602
NC_000024.9 RPS4Y1 -2.50e-01 4.02e-04 0.2602
NC_000017.10 SHPK 6.15e-02 4.03e-04 0.2602
NC_000023.10 TBC1D25 1.07e-01 4.03e-04 0.2602
NC_000007.13 TMEM140 -2.51e-01 4.03e-04 0.2602
NC_000005.9 EFNA5 1.69e-01 4.04e-04 0.2602
NC_000011.9 SPTBN2 1.07e-01 4.04e-04 0.2602
NC_000002.11 SPEG -1.59e-01 4.06e-04 0.2602
NC_000006.11 TAP1 -2.36e-01 4.07e-04 0.2602
NC_000007.13 PKD1L1 7.21e-02 4.07e-04 0.2602
NC_000001.10 PRDX1 -1.01e-01 4.47e-04 0.2602
NC_000012.11 BCL2L14 7.65e-02 4.07e-04 0.2602
NC_000013.10 ARHGEF7 6.46e-02 4.08e-04 0.2602
NC_000017.10 ANKFY1 3.81e-02 4.09e-04 0.2602
NC_000002.11 SLC9A4 -1.91e-01 4.09e-04 0.2602
NC_000016.9 NOMO3 8.84e-02 4.11e-04 0.2602
NC_000011.9 MRVI1 6.44e-02 4.11e-04 0.2602
NC_000011.9 AMBRA1 1.67e-01 4.11e-04 0.2602
NC_000017.10 TBX4 -1.07e-01 4.12e-04 0.2602
NC_000023.10 TRMT2B 9.20e-02 4.12e-04 0.2602
NC_000012.11 A2ML1 5.18e-02 4.13e-04 0.2602
NC_000005.9 PCDHGA2 1.06e-01 4.13e-04 0.2602
NC_000006.11 C6orf150 -1.79e-01 4.15e-04 0.2602
NC_000002.11 ZAP70 6.02e-02 4.16e-04 0.2602
NC_000001.10 MFN2 8.99e-02 4.16e-04 0.2602
NC_000014.8 COX16 1.09e-01 4.20e-04 0.2602
NC_000021.8 CLIC6 -7.39e-02 4.21e-04 0.2602
NC_000017.10 CANT1 1.12e-01 4.21e-04 0.2602
NC_000002.11 HDAC4 4.83e-02 4.26e-04 0.2602
NC_000023.10 LOC100303728 9.82e-02 4.27e-04 0.2602
NC_000012.11 KIAA0528 2.17e-01 4.29e-04 0.2602
NC_000013.10 MCF2L -1.50e-01 4.31e-04 0.2602
NC_000006.11 LY6G6E 1.61e-01 4.31e-04 0.2602
NC_000007.13 FLJ43663 -2.15e-01 4.33e-04 0.2602
NC_000001.10 ADORA3 1.60e-01 4.35e-04 0.2602
NC_000007.13 C7orf51 -1.53e-01 4.36e-04 0.2602
NC_000017.10 FBXW10 1.24e-01 4.37e-04 0.2602
NC_000012.11 BCL2L14 -1.78e-01 4.37e-04 0.2602
NC_000016.9 ADCY9 -6.64e-02 4.40e-04 0.2602
NC_000021.8 KCNE1 1.72e-01 4.40e-04 0.2602
NC_000001.10 WDR64 1.51e-01 4.45e-04 0.2602
NC_000010.10 ADARB2 8.07e-02 4.45e-04 0.2602
NC_000011.9 TECTA 1.35e-01 4.46e-04 0.2602
NC_000001.10 NEGR1 9.17e-02 4.48e-04 0.2602
NC_000001.10 METTL11B 1.40e-01 4.48e-04 0.2602
NC_000013.10 LOC100188949 -2.32e-01 4.48e-04 0.2602
NC_000014.8 C14orf38 5.32e-02 4.48e-04 0.2602
NC_000005.9 PHF15 -7.65e-02 4.50e-04 0.2602
NC_000004.11 EXOSC9 -1.19e-01 4.51e-04 0.2602
NC_000013.10 GPR12 7.51e-02 4.53e-04 0.2602
NC_000003.11 ACAP2 1.06e-01 4.56e-04 0.2602
NC_000005.9 GRIA1 1.40e-01 4.56e-04 0.2602
NC_000019.9 SBNO2 -2.03e-01 4.58e-04 0.2602
NC_000023.10 MAP7D2 9.84e-02 4.58e-04 0.2602
NC_000006.11 TUBB 5.89e-02 4.59e-04 0.2602
NC_000010.10 CALML5 6.64e-02 4.63e-04 0.2602
NC_000001.10 KIAA1751 -1.06e-01 4.64e-04 0.2602
NC_000003.11 FNDC3B 2.43e-01 4.64e-04 0.2602
NC_000003.11 TRANK1 -2.09e-01 4.66e-04 0.2602
NC_000004.11 SLC7A11 1.16e-01 4.67e-04 0.2602
NC_000001.10 ERO1LB 9.40e-02 4.68e-04 0.2602
NC_000019.9 ZNF497 1.41e-01 4.68e-04 0.2602
NC_000011.9 OR4D9 -7.03e-02 4.68e-04 0.2602
NC_000006.11 SLC35D3 7.48e-02 4.69e-04 0.2602
NC_000005.9 C5orf56 -1.69e-01 4.69e-04 0.2602
NC_000019.9 LOC400696 4.89e-02 4.69e-04 0.2602
NC_000011.9 TMEM151A 8.19e-02 4.69e-04 0.2602
NC_000022.10 APOL3 -2.39e-01 4.72e-04 0.2602
NC_000007.13 AMZ1 1.28e-01 4.74e-04 0.2602
NC_000001.10 ATP2B4 2.03e-01 4.75e-04 0.2602
NC_000018.9 TTR 1.32e-01 4.76e-04 0.2602
NC_000002.11 ALLC 4.86e-02 4.77e-04 0.2602
NC_000017.10 ODF4 6.89e-02 4.78e-04 0.2602
NC_000006.11 EXOC2 5.39e-02 4.80e-04 0.2602
NC_000005.9 ZNF608 1.51e-01 4.80e-04 0.2602
NC_000005.9 PCDHB13 1.14e-01 4.81e-04 0.2602
NC_000023.10 MCART6 1.44e-01 4.82e-04 0.2602
NC_000016.9 PLCG2 1.53e-01 4.82e-04 0.2602
NC_000011.9 STIP1 5.00e-02 4.90e-04 0.2602
NC_000006.11 SGK1 -2.20e-01 4.91e-04 0.2602
NC_000008.10 KCNK9 -8.11e-02 4.92e-04 0.2602
NC_000007.13 TNS3 -9.20e-02 4.93e-04 0.2602
NC_000007.13 VOPP1 1.35e-01 4.93e-04 0.2602
NC_000010.10 NT5C2 1.50e-01 4.99e-04 0.2602
NC_000019.9 AMH 1.18e-01 4.99e-04 0.2602
NC_000012.11 FBXW8 8.39e-02 5.00e-04 0.2602
NC_000023.10 MAGEE1 1.01e-01 5.02e-04 0.2602
NC_000010.10 ADARB2 7.79e-02 5.05e-04 0.2602
NC_000003.11 DLG1 9.66e-02 5.05e-04 0.2602
NC_000012.11 A2ML1 1.19e-01 5.06e-04 0.2602
NC_000007.13 CARD11 1.45e-01 5.06e-04 0.2602
NC_000001.10 CYP2J2 -1.07e-01 5.07e-04 0.2602
NC_000017.10 KRT9 7.86e-02 5.08e-04 0.2602
NC_000019.9 PLA2G4C 1.25e-01 5.09e-04 0.2602
NC_000006.11 NUP153 -1.77e-01 5.09e-04 0.2602
NC_000024.9 CYorf15A -2.29e-01 5.10e-04 0.2602
NC_000008.10 TMEM71 9.56e-02 5.12e-04 0.2602
NC_000002.11 VSNL1 1.57e-01 5.13e-04 0.2602
NC_000020.10 ZBP1 -1.59e-01 5.14e-04 0.2602
NC_000013.10 RBM26 6.70e-02 5.16e-04 0.2602
NC_000006.11 HLA-DQB2 9.13e-02 5.16e-04 0.2602
NC_000012.11 CHST11 5.34e-02 5.17e-04 0.2602
NC_000002.11 MYT1L 1.04e-01 5.18e-04 0.2602
NC_000001.10 PAX7 -4.57e-02 5.20e-04 0.2602
NC_000006.11 TRAF3IP2 -1.18e-01 5.20e-04 0.2602
NC_000006.11 C6orf123 -1.19e-01 5.21e-04 0.2602
NC_000014.8 KLHDC1 1.60e-01 5.22e-04 0.2602
NC_000012.11 NEDD1 -6.92e-02 5.23e-04 0.2602
NC_000020.10 KIF16B 1.93e-01 5.26e-04 0.2602
NC_000003.11 THUMPD3 -1.79e-01 5.26e-04 0.2602
NC_000013.10 LPAR6 -1.76e-01 5.27e-04 0.2602
NC_000005.9 PCDHGA4 1.33e-01 5.30e-04 0.2602
NC_000018.9 MIR187 1.28e-01 5.32e-04 0.2602
NC_000006.11 MOG 2.44e-01 5.33e-04 0.2602
NC_000008.10 DLGAP2 7.12e-02 6.52e-04 0.2602
NC_000012.11 DUSP16 8.49e-02 5.35e-04 0.2602
NC_000023.10 CNKSR2 7.90e-02 5.35e-04 0.2602
NC_000001.10 S100A8 -1.90e-01 5.36e-04 0.2602
NC_000005.9 UBTD2 1.02e-01 5.38e-04 0.2602
NC_000005.9 PCDHGA4 1.69e-01 5.38e-04 0.2602
NC_000013.10 STK24 -2.12e-01 5.38e-04 0.2602
NC_000007.13 AEBP1 7.37e-02 5.39e-04 0.2602
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 -1.81e-01 5.95e-04 0.2602
NC_000010.10 CLRN3 1.20e-01 5.41e-04 0.2602
NC_000022.10 TBX1 6.02e-02 5.41e-04 0.2602
NC_000009.11 RAPGEF1 9.99e-02 5.42e-04 0.2602
NC_000013.10 ALOX5AP 1.23e-01 5.43e-04 0.2602
NC_000006.11 PLAGL1 1.06e-01 5.43e-04 0.2602
NC_000010.10 ADARB2 8.69e-02 5.44e-04 0.2602
NC_000010.10 ADARB2 1.96e-01 5.45e-04 0.2602
NC_000014.8 C14orf43 -1.07e-01 5.46e-04 0.2602
NC_000007.13 TMEM184A 5.94e-02 5.47e-04 0.2602
NC_000018.9 LOC100130522 -1.79e-01 5.48e-04 0.2602
NC_000006.11 SLC29A1 4.45e-02 5.51e-04 0.2602
NC_000007.13 TSGA14 1.17e-01 5.52e-04 0.2602
NC_000008.10 LYNX1 8.62e-02 5.52e-04 0.2602
NC_000008.10 KLHL38 1.28e-01 5.53e-04 0.2602
NC_000006.11 MAP3K4 1.36e-01 5.53e-04 0.2602
NC_000001.10 RNPEP 6.41e-02 5.55e-04 0.2602
NC_000002.11 DOCK10 1.03e-01 5.56e-04 0.2602
NC_000001.10 S100A8 -1.92e-01 5.57e-04 0.2602
NC_000023.10 STARD8 8.93e-02 5.57e-04 0.2602
NC_000023.10 MAGEE1 6.44e-02 5.58e-04 0.2602
NC_000023.10 ARL13A 1.08e-01 5.58e-04 0.2602
NC_000006.11 DST 9.37e-02 5.60e-04 0.2602
NC_000006.11 VNN2 8.27e-02 5.60e-04 0.2602
NC_000016.9 CBFA2T3 -8.44e-02 5.60e-04 0.2602
NC_000005.9 FBXW11 -7.52e-02 5.62e-04 0.2602
NC_000005.9 FOXI1 6.44e-02 5.62e-04 0.2602
NC_000002.11 FEZ2 -2.28e-01 5.63e-04 0.2602
NC_000019.9 CNTD2 6.57e-02 5.64e-04 0.2602
NC_000003.11 NAALADL2 6.78e-02 5.65e-04 0.2602
NC_000012.11 GPR133 9.32e-02 5.67e-04 0.2602
NC_000006.11 C6orf10 1.39e-01 5.67e-04 0.2602
NC_000019.9 C3 -2.78e-01 5.68e-04 0.2602
NC_000010.10 ADARB2 5.08e-02 5.72e-04 0.2602
NC_000004.11 DKK2 4.03e-02 5.75e-04 0.2602
NC_000012.11 LOC100133893 7.91e-02 5.76e-04 0.2602
NC_000006.11 MOG 1.24e-01 5.77e-04 0.2602
NC_000001.10 RER1 5.18e-02 5.77e-04 0.2602
NC_000011.9 CHST1 1.19e-01 5.78e-04 0.2602
NC_000009.11 EXD3 -2.06e-01 5.78e-04 0.2602
NC_000015.9 TRIM69 6.87e-02 5.80e-04 0.2602
NC_000003.11 FNDC3B 7.10e-02 5.81e-04 0.2602
NC_000012.11 GLIPR1L2 -5.39e-02 5.83e-04 0.2602
NC_000004.11 DCHS2 8.11e-02 6.43e-04 0.2602
NC_000017.10 LGALS9 -8.58e-02 5.85e-04 0.2602
NC_000005.9 CARD6 -1.78e-01 5.86e-04 0.2602
NC_000016.9 RBBP6 1.17e-01 5.86e-04 0.2602
NC_000010.10 IFIT1 -1.23e-01 5.88e-04 0.2602
NC_000021.8 ZNF295 9.84e-02 5.88e-04 0.2602
NC_000023.10 BCOR 8.67e-02 5.91e-04 0.2602
NC_000003.11 LRIG1 9.41e-02 5.91e-04 0.2602
NC_000019.9 EMR1 9.41e-02 5.92e-04 0.2602
NC_000004.11 BOD1L 1.80e-01 5.93e-04 0.2602
NC_000017.10 RNMTL1 -7.76e-02 5.94e-04 0.2602
NC_000006.11 SLC17A5 -1.13e-01 5.96e-04 0.2602
NC_000015.9 ZNF774 7.55e-02 5.97e-04 0.2602
NC_000013.10 HNRNPA1L2 -1.35e-01 5.97e-04 0.2602
NC_000007.13 DYNC1I1 5.12e-02 5.98e-04 0.2602
NC_000022.10 TMPRSS6 -1.17e-01 5.99e-04 0.2602
NC_000017.10 SRCIN1 -1.10e-01 5.99e-04 0.2602
NC_000015.9 GABRG3 7.04e-02 6.03e-04 0.2602
NC_000020.10 NCRNA00028 -7.92e-02 6.04e-04 0.2602
NC_000002.11 AFF3 1.42e-01 6.05e-04 0.2602
NC_000011.9 ZBTB16 -1.29e-01 6.06e-04 0.2602
NC_000005.9 PCDHGA4 9.95e-02 6.07e-04 0.2602
NC_000001.10 ENAH 7.74e-02 6.08e-04 0.2602
NC_000002.11 PTPRN 7.95e-02 6.10e-04 0.2602
NC_000002.11 EXOC6B 1.26e-01 6.12e-04 0.2602
NC_000014.8 SNORD114-10 8.15e-02 6.12e-04 0.2602
NC_000017.10 SRCIN1 -1.66e-01 6.12e-04 0.2602
NC_000013.10 CLDN10 7.60e-02 6.15e-04 0.2602
NC_000002.11 PXDN 6.93e-02 6.18e-04 0.2602
NC_000022.10 APOL3 -2.69e-01 6.19e-04 0.2602
NC_000007.13 TRPV5 9.92e-02 6.20e-04 0.2602
NC_000009.11 ABO -1.81e-01 6.20e-04 0.2602
NC_000016.9 MGRN1 -2.92e-01 6.23e-04 0.2602
NC_000015.9 TBC1D2B -1.49e-01 6.23e-04 0.2602
NC_000012.11 GPR133 8.89e-02 6.24e-04 0.2602
NC_000012.11 RIMBP2 5.01e-02 6.25e-04 0.2602
NC_000019.9 SBNO2 -1.15e-01 6.27e-04 0.2602
NC_000020.10 SLC13A3 3.47e-02 6.28e-04 0.2602
NC_000001.10 MACF1 -9.00e-02 6.29e-04 0.2602
NC_000019.9 RYR1 2.24e-01 6.32e-04 0.2602
NC_000024.9 PCDH11Y 4.81e-02 6.32e-04 0.2602
NC_000011.9 DENND5A -8.47e-02 6.32e-04 0.2602
NC_000012.11 ZNF84 8.01e-02 6.33e-04 0.2602
NC_000010.10 ADARB2 1.50e-01 6.33e-04 0.2602
NC_000023.10 NKAP 1.61e-01 6.33e-04 0.2602
NC_000003.11 GADL1 -5.14e-02 6.36e-04 0.2602
NC_000022.10 SYN3 1.76e-01 6.36e-04 0.2602
NC_000020.10 TSHZ2 9.55e-02 6.36e-04 0.2602
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 7.20e-02 7.02e-04 0.2602
NC_000002.11 TTN 1.40e-01 6.39e-04 0.2602
NC_000006.11 TAP1 -2.05e-01 6.42e-04 0.2602
NC_000008.10 RP1L1 7.40e-02 6.44e-04 0.2602
NC_000005.9 IL31RA -2.14e-01 6.44e-04 0.2602
NC_000011.9 SLC22A18AS -3.08e-01 6.45e-04 0.2602
NC_000001.10 AMY2B 7.25e-02 6.46e-04 0.2602
NC_000004.11 MSX1 -4.43e-02 6.47e-04 0.2602
NC_000002.11 EPHA4 5.20e-02 6.53e-04 0.2602
NC_000023.10 DCX 8.32e-02 6.54e-04 0.2602
NC_000023.10 MID2 1.78e-01 6.58e-04 0.2602
NC_000001.10 WNT9A -1.57e-01 6.60e-04 0.2602
NC_000003.11 FAM19A1 5.79e-02 6.60e-04 0.2602
NC_000007.13 RNF32 8.74e-02 6.64e-04 0.2602
NC_000014.8 NUBPL 1.29e-01 6.66e-04 0.2602
NC_000010.10 FAM21A 7.87e-02 6.66e-04 0.2602
NC_000019.9 RYR1 2.02e-01 6.67e-04 0.2602
NC_000019.9 LYPD4 4.54e-02 6.68e-04 0.2602
NC_000003.11 KY -3.42e-02 6.69e-04 0.2602
NC_000023.10 IL13RA1 -6.42e-02 6.70e-04 0.2602
NC_000009.11 SMC2 7.75e-02 6.71e-04 0.2602
NC_000002.11 RAMP1 -2.41e-01 6.75e-04 0.2602
NC_000017.10 DLX4 1.62e-01 6.76e-04 0.2602
NC_000007.13 C7orf57 1.51e-01 6.76e-04 0.2602
NC_000004.11 RGS12 6.30e-02 6.78e-04 0.2602
NC_000017.10 WNT3 8.23e-02 6.79e-04 0.2602
NC_000006.11 TAP1 -3.52e-01 6.79e-04 0.2602
NC_000023.10 LOC442459 7.65e-02 6.80e-04 0.2602
NC_000007.13 LAMB4 6.99e-02 6.80e-04 0.2602
NC_000005.9 MGAT1 -1.78e-01 6.80e-04 0.2602
NC_000011.9 TECTA 1.41e-01 6.88e-04 0.2602
NC_000017.10 SLC39A11 9.35e-02 6.90e-04 0.2602
NC_000018.9 POTEC 8.15e-02 6.90e-04 0.2602
NC_000005.9 PCDHGA2 7.63e-02 6.91e-04 0.2602
NC_000018.9 C18orf1 1.12e-01 6.91e-04 0.2602
NC_000012.11 GPR81 8.41e-02 6.91e-04 0.2602
NC_000002.11 AMMECR1L 8.62e-02 6.99e-04 0.2602
NC_000002.11 ADD2 1.05e-01 7.00e-04 0.2602
NC_000010.10 ADARB2 5.81e-02 7.04e-04 0.2602
NC_000005.9 TMEM173 -5.83e-02 7.04e-04 0.2602
NC_000015.9 FANCI 8.42e-02 7.04e-04 0.2602
NC_000012.11 IL23A -1.78e-01 7.06e-04 0.2602
NC_000023.10 GRIA3 6.98e-02 7.07e-04 0.2602
NC_000017.10 CCDC144NL 7.78e-02 7.07e-04 0.2602
NC_000017.10 ASB16 7.17e-02 7.07e-04 0.2602
NC_000006.11 HLA-A -1.45e-01 7.08e-04 0.2602
NC_000009.11 GNA14 6.49e-02 7.08e-04 0.2602
NC_000017.10 KRT12 5.75e-02 7.08e-04 0.2602
NC_000003.11 PLSCR1 -1.62e-01 7.09e-04 0.2602
NC_000001.10 C1orf35 1.59e-01 7.83e-04 0.2602
NC_000008.10 LOC100130274 1.45e-01 7.09e-04 0.2602
NC_000017.10 MSI2 3.98e-02 7.09e-04 0.2602
NC_000019.9 PTPRS -9.48e-02 7.12e-04 0.2602
NC_000023.10 ARMCX4 7.29e-02 7.14e-04 0.2602
NC_000002.11 VWA3B 1.03e-01 7.16e-04 0.2602
NC_000020.10 PMEPA1 -7.15e-02 7.17e-04 0.2602
NC_000016.9 LOC283867 4.95e-02 7.17e-04 0.2602
NC_000012.11 OAS2 -1.23e-01 7.18e-04 0.2602
NC_000007.13 FOXK1 -1.46e-01 7.18e-04 0.2602
NC_000016.9 CDR2 6.25e-02 7.18e-04 0.2602
NC_000004.11 DDX60L -1.57e-01 7.20e-04 0.2602
NC_000023.10 GAGE1 5.24e-02 7.20e-04 0.2602
NC_000008.10 LOC100130274 1.45e-01 7.21e-04 0.2602
NC_000011.9 SYT7 -6.47e-02 7.22e-04 0.2602
NC_000016.9 CCDC102A -2.00e-01 7.23e-04 0.2602
NC_000007.13 CCDC132 8.52e-02 7.23e-04 0.2602
NC_000004.11 PALLD 1.70e-01 7.25e-04 0.2602
NC_000003.11 LMCD1 7.79e-02 7.28e-04 0.2602
NC_000010.10 ACTA2 2.08e-01 7.28e-04 0.2602
NC_000006.11 SLC22A1 7.63e-02 7.31e-04 0.2602
NC_000005.9 FABP6 -6.56e-02 7.32e-04 0.2602
NC_000006.11 PACRG 6.95e-02 7.33e-04 0.2602
NC_000007.13 CNTNAP2 6.29e-02 7.33e-04 0.2602
NC_000005.9 MGAT1 -2.31e-01 7.35e-04 0.2602
NC_000019.9 C3P1 1.32e-01 7.36e-04 0.2602
NC_000001.10 TNFRSF8 5.89e-02 7.36e-04 0.2602
NC_000001.10 DDAH1 8.93e-02 7.37e-04 0.2602
NC_000023.10 TCEAL7 5.67e-02 7.41e-04 0.2602
NC_000010.10 CHST3 9.74e-02 7.43e-04 0.2602
NC_000006.11 NOTCH4 1.43e-01 7.44e-04 0.2602
NC_000013.10 UBAC2 6.35e-02 7.44e-04 0.2602
NC_000007.13 VOPP1 -1.17e-01 7.45e-04 0.2602
NC_000006.11 VEGFA 1.71e-01 7.45e-04 0.2602
NC_000010.10 ELOVL3 4.70e-02 7.45e-04 0.2602
NC_000023.10 DMD 1.18e-01 7.48e-04 0.2602
NC_000006.11 KLHL32 7.09e-02 7.48e-04 0.2602
NC_000017.10 SLFN12 1.46e-01 7.49e-04 0.2602
NC_000012.11 TRPV4 5.39e-02 7.52e-04 0.2602
NC_000010.10 ADARB2 5.93e-02 7.53e-04 0.2602
NC_000015.9 CGNL1 9.99e-02 7.53e-04 0.2602
NC_000022.10 SMC1B 8.36e-02 7.54e-04 0.2602
NC_000019.9 EVI5L 6.32e-02 7.54e-04 0.2602
NC_000013.10 FGF14 -1.64e-01 7.57e-04 0.2602
NC_000017.10 DNAH17 5.44e-02 7.59e-04 0.2602
NC_000023.10 XK 8.89e-02 7.59e-04 0.2602
NC_000011.9 LAYN 7.05e-02 7.59e-04 0.2602
NC_000008.10 EXTL3 6.91e-02 7.61e-04 0.2602
NC_000001.10 COG2 1.47e-01 7.61e-04 0.2602
NC_000020.10 SLC12A5 8.55e-02 7.62e-04 0.2602
NC_000007.13 UNC84A 4.62e-02 7.67e-04 0.2602
NC_000004.11 SLC10A7 5.36e-02 7.67e-04 0.2602
NC_000001.10 PRSS38 5.07e-02 7.68e-04 0.2602
NC_000003.11 ZNF167 1.04e-01 7.68e-04 0.2602
NC_000023.10 RAB41 6.82e-02 7.69e-04 0.2602
NC_000023.10 LRCH2 9.08e-02 7.70e-04 0.2602
NC_000008.10 NKX6-3 8.81e-02 7.72e-04 0.2602
NC_000016.9 CDH1 9.86e-02 7.73e-04 0.2602
NC_000006.11 PDE7B 2.31e-01 7.77e-04 0.2602
NC_000016.9 NOD2 -1.51e-01 7.78e-04 0.2602
NC_000015.9 NTRK3 1.24e-01 7.80e-04 0.2602
NC_000003.11 WDR52 -7.46e-02 7.82e-04 0.2602
NC_000013.10 RASA3 -1.01e-01 7.83e-04 0.2602
NC_000003.11 SCHIP1 5.93e-02 7.86e-04 0.2602
NC_000005.9 STK10 4.66e-02 7.87e-04 0.2602
NC_000019.9 OR10H4 4.51e-02 7.88e-04 0.2602
NC_000006.11 TAP2 8.04e-02 7.89e-04 0.2602
NC_000011.9 NCAM1 6.71e-02 7.91e-04 0.2602
NC_000022.10 CPT1B 2.18e-01 7.92e-04 0.2602
NC_000011.9 PLA2G16 1.24e-01 7.92e-04 0.2602
NC_000013.10 PCDH9 8.67e-02 7.95e-04 0.2602
NC_000012.11 KRT77 4.36e-02 7.96e-04 0.2602
NC_000008.10 PGCP 9.81e-02 7.96e-04 0.2602
NC_000019.9 DACT3 3.59e-02 7.98e-04 0.2602
NC_000008.10 TRAPPC9 1.24e-01 8.02e-04 0.2602
NC_000014.8 C14orf184 1.02e-01 8.04e-04 0.2602
NC_000006.11 HLA-DQB2 1.17e-01 8.05e-04 0.2602
NC_000006.11 HLA-DQB2 9.24e-02 8.06e-04 0.2602
NC_000018.9 POTEC 5.90e-02 8.08e-04 0.2602
NC_000004.11 GUCY1B3 1.09e-01 8.08e-04 0.2602
NC_000023.10 SYTL5 6.89e-02 8.10e-04 0.2602
NC_000017.10 BAHCC1 -5.10e-02 8.14e-04 0.2602
NC_000014.8 C14orf86 1.19e-01 8.14e-04 0.2602
NC_000004.11 ANKRD17 1.37e-01 8.14e-04 0.2602
NC_000023.10 CPXCR1 -8.99e-02 8.15e-04 0.2602
NC_000023.10 NCRNA00182 1.02e-01 8.19e-04 0.2602
NC_000006.11 WDR27 3.85e-02 8.21e-04 0.2602
NC_000002.11 FZD7 7.91e-02 8.21e-04 0.2602
NC_000010.10 CH25H 1.34e-01 8.21e-04 0.2602
NC_000012.11 OR10AD1 1.10e-01 8.21e-04 0.2602
NC_000007.13 AOAH 4.12e-02 8.23e-04 0.2602
NC_000010.10 ACSL5 -2.46e-01 8.23e-04 0.2602
NC_000023.10 SSX8 5.03e-02 8.28e-04 0.2602
NC_000006.11 ZFP57 8.47e-02 8.28e-04 0.2602
NC_000020.10 BPIL1 5.41e-02 8.29e-04 0.2602
NC_000010.10 ADARB2 5.94e-02 8.29e-04 0.2602
NC_000007.13 LOC285954 1.23e-01 8.32e-04 0.2602
NC_000017.10 NLK 6.64e-02 8.32e-04 0.2602
NC_000013.10 C13orf39 5.06e-02 8.32e-04 0.2602
NC_000023.10 PABPC5 6.42e-02 8.33e-04 0.2602
NC_000019.9 C19orf35 -2.68e-01 8.38e-04 0.2602
NC_000002.11 PRDXDD1P -1.88e-01 8.38e-04 0.2602
NC_000007.13 NOS3 1.49e-01 8.39e-04 0.2602
NC_000002.11 LOC100271715 1.34e-01 8.44e-04 0.2602
NC_000004.11 TBC1D1 1.90e-01 8.44e-04 0.2602
NC_000004.11 CXCL13 1.91e-01 8.45e-04 0.2602
NC_000004.11 C1QTNF7 4.77e-02 8.46e-04 0.2602
NC_000003.11 MAGI1 1.52e-01 8.50e-04 0.2602
NC_000012.11 IL26 1.14e-01 8.51e-04 0.2602
NC_000015.9 ITGA11 2.26e-01 8.51e-04 0.2602
NC_000012.11 APOF 8.13e-02 8.53e-04 0.2602
NC_000017.10 DNAH17 4.00e-02 8.54e-04 0.2602
NC_000003.11 ARHGEF3 -1.60e-01 8.55e-04 0.2602
NC_000005.9 RXFP3 1.09e-01 8.57e-04 0.2602
NC_000010.10 CUGBP2 5.65e-02 8.57e-04 0.2602
NC_000007.13 SKAP2 7.80e-02 8.57e-04 0.2602
NC_000010.10 ADARB2 3.91e-02 8.59e-04 0.2602
NC_000001.10 PTPN22 -1.81e-01 8.60e-04 0.2602
NC_000007.13 ASNS 7.23e-02 8.61e-04 0.2602
NC_000012.11 ANO4 9.70e-02 8.63e-04 0.2602
NC_000008.10 LOC100130274 8.98e-02 8.63e-04 0.2602
NC_000002.11 C2orf70 -1.12e-01 8.64e-04 0.2602
NC_000023.10 ZNF182 4.30e-02 8.66e-04 0.2602
NC_000006.11 EPB41L2 -9.47e-02 8.67e-04 0.2602
NC_000001.10 KCNK2 -1.14e-01 8.67e-04 0.2602
NC_000023.10 BCOR 9.28e-02 8.68e-04 0.2602
NC_000002.11 PLEKHH2 2.42e-01 8.69e-04 0.2602
NC_000019.9 AKAP8 9.38e-02 8.72e-04 0.2602
NC_000003.11 CD47 1.30e-01 8.72e-04 0.2602
NC_000003.11 EPHB1 -9.05e-02 8.72e-04 0.2602
NC_000017.10 KRT222 7.95e-02 8.73e-04 0.2602
NC_000023.10 GATA1 5.64e-02 8.73e-04 0.2602
NC_000008.10 NAT1 4.95e-02 8.75e-04 0.2602
NC_000012.11 KRAS 7.76e-02 8.77e-04 0.2602
NC_000016.9 NOMO1 6.70e-02 8.78e-04 0.2602
NC_000007.13 NFE2L3 -1.24e-01 8.78e-04 0.2602
NC_000009.11 DBC1 8.31e-02 8.79e-04 0.2602
NC_000019.9 ZNF468 4.41e-02 8.80e-04 0.2602
NC_000003.11 PPM1L -2.09e-01 8.81e-04 0.2602
NC_000006.11 KCNK5 -1.31e-01 8.85e-04 0.2602
NC_000010.10 INPP5A 1.32e-01 8.86e-04 0.2602
NC_000003.11 SOX2OT -8.11e-02 8.88e-04 0.2602
NC_000019.9 TLE2 3.72e-02 8.88e-04 0.2602
NC_000023.10 BEND2 6.43e-02 8.88e-04 0.2602
NC_000010.10 FAM21C 3.97e-02 8.89e-04 0.2602
NC_000006.11 STK19 1.72e-01 8.91e-04 0.2602
NC_000006.11 TAP1 -1.72e-01 8.94e-04 0.2602
NC_000022.10 PLA2G6 5.44e-02 8.96e-04 0.2602
NC_000009.11 FOXE1 -1.62e-01 8.96e-04 0.2602
NC_000011.9 FXYD6 7.39e-02 8.99e-04 0.2602
NC_000002.11 ERBB4 -4.17e-02 9.01e-04 0.2602
NC_000012.11 RBM19 4.86e-02 9.02e-04 0.2602
NC_000006.11 PDSS2 1.54e-01 9.03e-04 0.2602
NC_000005.9 ABLIM3 -7.27e-02 9.03e-04 0.2602
NC_000023.10 RNF128 1.09e-01 9.08e-04 0.2602
NC_000003.11 EEFSEC 6.08e-02 9.08e-04 0.2602
NC_000002.11 ZNF804A 1.24e-01 9.09e-04 0.2602
NC_000001.10 C1orf65 1.49e-01 9.12e-04 0.2602
NC_000019.9 IGFL2 1.57e-01 9.13e-04 0.2602
NC_000010.10 CHST15 5.73e-02 9.13e-04 0.2602
NC_000007.13 HIPK2 3.94e-02 9.13e-04 0.2602
NC_000003.11 SGEF -8.74e-02 9.15e-04 0.2602
NC_000023.10 STAG2 3.73e-02 9.16e-04 0.2602
NC_000023.10 DYNLT3 6.38e-02 9.16e-04 0.2602
NC_000019.9 MOBKL2A -7.11e-02 9.16e-04 0.2602
NC_000012.11 FBRSL1 3.92e-02 9.16e-04 0.2602
NC_000001.10 RGL1 1.02e-01 9.17e-04 0.2602
NC_000013.10 EFNB2 1.31e-01 9.18e-04 0.2602
NC_000010.10 ACTA2 2.57e-01 9.20e-04 0.2602
NC_000002.11 HDAC4 6.75e-02 9.22e-04 0.2602
NC_000010.10 ADARB2 9.28e-02 9.26e-04 0.2602
NC_000008.10 NCALD 1.20e-01 9.27e-04 0.2602
NC_000006.11 HCG2P7 9.69e-02 9.29e-04 0.2602
NC_000021.8 RUNX1 -1.20e-01 1.03e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 PPIAL4G 4.78e-02 9.38e-04 0.2602
NC_000001.10 TNFRSF1B -6.56e-02 9.42e-04 0.2602
NC_000019.9 IGFL3 1.25e-01 9.46e-04 0.2602
NC_000018.9 NOL4 5.93e-02 9.50e-04 0.2602
NC_000002.11 TPO 1.24e-01 9.50e-04 0.2602
NC_000011.9 P2RX3 8.20e-02 9.51e-04 0.2602
NC_000002.11 SGPP2 9.67e-02 9.55e-04 0.2602
NC_000005.9 SH3PXD2B 9.56e-02 9.56e-04 0.2602
NC_000018.9 SLC14A1 -9.41e-02 9.57e-04 0.2602
NC_000007.13 TBXAS1 7.91e-02 9.58e-04 0.2602
NC_000014.8 SLC7A8 -2.29e-01 9.59e-04 0.2602
NC_000008.10 FGFR1 6.17e-02 9.60e-04 0.2602
NC_000006.11 HLA-H -1.64e-01 9.60e-04 0.2602
NC_000002.11 CRIM1 1.53e-01 9.61e-04 0.2602
NC_000017.10 TSPAN10 8.15e-02 9.62e-04 0.2602
NC_000006.11 GCM2 -5.81e-02 9.63e-04 0.2602
NC_000001.10 GJA8 2.01e-01 9.68e-04 0.2602
NC_000011.9 PRG3 7.19e-02 9.70e-04 0.2602
NC_000019.9 BST2 -1.91e-01 9.70e-04 0.2602
NC_000007.13 CUX1 4.13e-02 9.70e-04 0.2602
NC_000015.9 IGDCC4 -6.98e-02 9.71e-04 0.2602
NC_000018.9 LOC100130522 -2.05e-01 9.73e-04 0.2602
NC_000005.9 FSTL4 -1.33e-01 9.75e-04 0.2602
NC_000004.11 LCORL 8.30e-02 9.76e-04 0.2602
NC_000002.11 RAMP1 5.00e-02 1.08e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 TAP1 -1.77e-01 9.79e-04 0.2602
NC_000007.13 GNA12 5.34e-02 9.83e-04 0.2602
NC_000012.11 GALNT9 4.78e-02 9.83e-04 0.2602
NC_000006.11 PHACTR2 9.29e-02 9.84e-04 0.2602
NC_000002.11 KIF5C 7.26e-02 9.85e-04 0.2602
NC_000006.11 KCNK5 -1.22e-01 9.87e-04 0.2602
NC_000001.10 WDR8 -7.13e-02 9.89e-04 0.2602
NC_000006.11 DTNBP1 9.90e-02 9.91e-04 0.2602
NC_000006.11 JARID2 -1.23e-01 9.91e-04 0.2602
NC_000005.9 GABRA6 8.02e-02 9.92e-04 0.2602
NC_000009.11 MED27 4.27e-02 9.93e-04 0.2602
NC_000005.9 CARD6 -2.39e-01 9.93e-04 0.2602
NC_000001.10 ROR1 9.03e-02 9.94e-04 0.2602
NC_000007.13 C7orf20 -1.33e-01 9.95e-04 0.2602
NC_000001.10 LOC100133612 7.01e-02 9.96e-04 0.2602
NC_000007.13 ATXN7L1 -1.31e-01 9.96e-04 0.2602
NC_000005.9 FYB -2.55e-01 9.96e-04 0.2602
NC_000007.13 AEBP1 4.73e-02 9.96e-04 0.2602
NC_000019.9 CLEC4M 2.12e-01 9.96e-04 0.2602
NC_000018.9 TNFRSF11A -1.14e-01 1.00e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 MAPKAPK2 -6.25e-02 1.00e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 JAM3 1.10e-01 1.00e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 TFAP2B 1.69e-01 1.00e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 BTBD11 9.38e-02 1.01e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 EMP2 1.30e-01 1.01e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 NR1H3 -1.01e-01 1.01e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 ATF7 8.33e-02 1.01e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 SNORD34 4.20e-02 1.01e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 NRF1 8.15e-02 1.01e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 CHRNA7 9.33e-02 1.01e-03 0.2602
NC_000009.11 RORB -1.04e-01 1.01e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 RASA3 8.29e-02 1.01e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 C6orf176 2.11e-01 1.01e-03 0.2602
NC_000020.10 EYA2 4.55e-02 1.01e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 IFI27 -2.93e-01 1.02e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 ANO10 -2.70e-01 1.12e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 ABCB7 9.72e-02 1.02e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 LGALS8 9.75e-02 1.02e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 LCP1 1.06e-01 1.02e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 ZNF487 -9.34e-02 1.02e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 ADARB2 6.23e-02 1.02e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 PAGE2 4.85e-02 1.03e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 SAA3P 7.25e-02 1.03e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 AFAP1 4.16e-02 1.03e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 SLC35E2 -2.25e-01 1.03e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 UBE2I 3.80e-02 1.03e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 FGL1 9.25e-02 1.03e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 PCDHGA2 5.77e-02 1.03e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 SLC2A13 1.50e-01 1.03e-03 0.2602
NC_000009.11 CACNA1B -9.41e-02 1.03e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 DNAJC2 7.71e-02 1.03e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 JAKMIP2 8.47e-02 1.03e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 ADAM11 -4.28e-02 1.03e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 PIGA 8.83e-02 1.03e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 TMEM27 8.83e-02 1.04e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 USH2A 7.44e-02 1.04e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 BCL3 -7.62e-02 1.04e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 DOCK6 9.78e-02 1.04e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 SMARCD3 -1.22e-01 1.05e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 NFE2 1.01e-01 1.05e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 CYP2E1 6.69e-02 1.05e-03 0.2602
NC_000018.9 RAB31 -1.59e-01 1.05e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 PDE11A 9.11e-02 1.05e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 TESSP1 4.28e-02 1.05e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 RP1 6.57e-02 1.05e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 CSMD1 8.75e-02 1.05e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 ARHGAP27 4.32e-02 1.05e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 SMAD9 8.87e-02 1.06e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 STK24 3.92e-02 1.06e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 LOC84740 3.65e-02 1.06e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 AGA -5.84e-02 1.06e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 UBTD1 6.73e-02 1.06e-03 0.2602
NC_000018.9 NFATC1 3.25e-02 1.06e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 COBL 1.74e-01 1.06e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 FAM46C 5.21e-02 1.07e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 JAZF1 6.90e-02 1.07e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 ZNF768 -3.59e-02 1.07e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 CLEC16A 8.90e-02 1.07e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 LCE1A 4.35e-02 1.07e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 KLHL13 1.56e-01 1.07e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 CACNA1H -5.78e-02 1.07e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 WNT9A -1.32e-01 1.07e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 C5orf39 -1.34e-01 1.07e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 LOC407835 3.94e-02 1.07e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 TRPC5 6.69e-02 1.07e-03 0.2602
NC_000018.9 LOC100130522 -2.21e-01 1.07e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 CTBP1 8.40e-02 1.07e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 BTN1A1 8.73e-02 1.08e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 IQCJ 7.05e-02 1.08e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 MSR1 9.92e-02 1.08e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 ACTN2 5.57e-02 1.09e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 WDR26 6.14e-02 1.09e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 DOCK2 1.64e-01 1.09e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 NCALD 2.61e-01 1.09e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 C10orf67 1.33e-01 1.09e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 RPRML -1.52e-01 1.09e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 C19orf35 -1.94e-01 1.09e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 EHD4 -7.24e-02 1.10e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 COL22A1 -6.32e-02 1.10e-03 0.2602
NC_000009.11 SLC46A2 4.74e-02 1.10e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 TPD52L1 3.68e-02 1.10e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 C6orf150 -7.21e-02 1.10e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 OR1A2 1.18e-01 1.10e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 ARGFX 4.40e-02 1.11e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 C5orf36 6.66e-02 1.11e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 OCA2 1.17e-01 1.11e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 TFAP2B 1.42e-01 1.11e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 STARD13 8.84e-02 1.11e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 NCRNA00116 1.89e-01 1.11e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 TNKS 1.08e-01 1.11e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 ZBTB12 5.45e-02 1.11e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 LOC283050 6.84e-02 1.11e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 CACNA1E 1.16e-01 1.12e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 CRTC1 5.54e-02 1.12e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 CYBA 3.80e-02 1.12e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 ADIPOR1 1.73e-01 1.12e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 MASP1 7.41e-02 1.12e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 IL1RN -7.66e-02 1.12e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 ZNF630 6.42e-02 1.12e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 ANKRD26P1 5.51e-02 1.12e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 SHANK2 -7.31e-02 1.12e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 ARL15 1.24e-01 1.12e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 PEX5 1.42e-01 1.13e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 POMZP3 5.40e-02 1.13e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 UBA1 8.49e-02 1.13e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 IRF2 6.00e-02 1.13e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 MITF 1.15e-01 1.13e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 ICK -2.67e-01 1.14e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 PVT1 1.51e-01 1.14e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 NAB1 9.13e-02 1.14e-03 0.2602
NC_000022.10 RAB36 -1.52e-01 1.14e-03 0.2602
NC_000020.10 GTSF1L 6.67e-02 1.14e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 MEFV -3.42e-01 1.14e-03 0.2602
NC_000009.11 VAV2 4.24e-02 1.14e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 PHLDA2 -5.42e-02 1.14e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 CCR6 5.92e-02 1.14e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 FURIN -1.54e-01 1.15e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 FGF14 -1.45e-01 1.15e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 ATM 7.67e-02 1.15e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 CHCHD6 8.04e-02 1.15e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 CLINT1 4.51e-02 1.15e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 PTP4A1 2.15e-01 1.15e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 N4BP1 -1.40e-01 1.15e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 PCGF3 8.35e-02 1.15e-03 0.2602
NC_000021.8 BACE2 5.65e-02 1.15e-03 0.2602
NC_000021.8 KRTAP13-3 -5.43e-02 1.15e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 GUCY2D 4.53e-02 1.16e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 RNMTL1 -1.30e-01 1.16e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 GNAI2 -9.74e-02 1.16e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 UBE2E2 3.79e-02 1.16e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 LMO7 7.70e-02 1.16e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 AMH 1.19e-01 1.16e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 RER1 -1.02e-01 1.17e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 GLO1 8.81e-02 1.17e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 SCN8A -1.21e-01 1.17e-03 0.2602
NC_000021.8 HSF2BP 4.21e-02 1.17e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 C4orf43 -2.31e-01 1.17e-03 0.2602
NC_000009.11 HEMGN 9.26e-02 1.17e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 LOC148709 -7.81e-02 1.17e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 ST6GALNAC3 5.58e-02 1.30e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 ZBTB16 -1.19e-01 1.17e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 CCDC21 -8.18e-02 1.17e-03 0.2602
NC_000021.8 MX2 -1.23e-01 1.17e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 EIF4H 5.82e-02 1.18e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 MS4A15 4.78e-02 1.18e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 KREMEN2 1.04e-01 1.18e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 NOD2 1.09e-01 1.18e-03 0.2602
NC_000022.10 MORC2 1.30e-01 1.18e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 ARHGEF10 4.86e-02 1.18e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 GPT 1.10e-01 1.18e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 DPP6 1.13e-01 1.19e-03 0.2602
NC_000018.9 CIDEA 6.26e-02 1.19e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 KRT20 6.71e-02 1.19e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 DOCK4 -1.20e-01 1.19e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 STK19 1.39e-01 1.19e-03 0.2602
NC_000020.10 THBD 8.98e-02 1.19e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 COQ3 9.99e-02 1.19e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 NKAP 1.17e-01 1.19e-03 0.2602
NC_000021.8 DYRK1A 1.07e-01 1.19e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 STK24 -1.89e-01 1.20e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 HNRNPF -1.27e-01 1.20e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 FES 4.12e-02 1.20e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 TMTC1 5.50e-02 1.20e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 ZNF185 5.56e-02 1.20e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 C8orf83 1.40e-01 1.20e-03 0.2602
NC_000020.10 ProSAPiP1 8.46e-02 1.20e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 BTBD2 -5.19e-02 1.21e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 CACNA2D1 1.98e-01 1.21e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 PARP4 -2.29e-01 1.21e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 PRMT10 -4.24e-02 1.21e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 CRP 7.90e-02 1.34e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 XK 4.15e-02 1.21e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 NCRNA00116 1.20e-01 1.21e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 SDK2 6.47e-02 1.22e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 DLG2 1.56e-01 1.22e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 GLUD2 7.70e-02 1.22e-03 0.2602
NC_000022.10 CECR5 8.19e-02 1.23e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 FBXO41 7.61e-02 1.23e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 LRRC29 6.46e-02 1.23e-03 0.2602
NC_000021.8 KCNE1 1.37e-01 1.23e-03 0.2602
NC_000021.8 C21orf33 -1.37e-01 1.23e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 MIR548N -4.11e-02 1.23e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 RNF43 1.60e-01 1.23e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 BDNF 1.40e-01 1.24e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 PAR5 1.30e-01 1.24e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 GRIP1 1.01e-01 1.24e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 NLRC5 -1.30e-01 1.24e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 LECT1 9.22e-02 1.25e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 AKR1CL1 1.01e-01 1.25e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 CA5B 5.28e-02 1.25e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 CR2 5.42e-02 1.25e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 CDYL -2.14e-01 1.25e-03 0.2602
NC_000020.10 MATN4 3.87e-02 1.25e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 CRABP1 6.68e-02 1.25e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 MTUS1 1.31e-01 1.26e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 STAU2 5.74e-02 1.26e-03 0.2602
NC_000021.8 ADARB1 5.46e-02 1.26e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 EHD4 -7.44e-02 1.26e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 ITGB1BP1 6.65e-02 1.26e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 PRDXDD1P -1.21e-01 1.26e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 TTLL5 5.47e-02 1.26e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 MYO10 5.74e-02 1.26e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 CHRNA2 4.74e-02 1.26e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 PLIN3 -6.18e-02 1.26e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 SORBS3 -1.22e-01 1.26e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 PCDHB9 9.11e-02 1.26e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 RNF14 4.71e-02 1.27e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 C17orf98 7.34e-02 1.27e-03 0.2602
NC_000022.10 C22orf41 -1.15e-01 1.27e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 PRDM1 -2.33e-01 1.27e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 MICALL2 -9.05e-02 1.27e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 DACH1 8.04e-02 1.27e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 PCDHGA2 1.97e-01 1.28e-03 0.2602
NC_000018.9 USP14 1.07e-01 1.28e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 THADA -1.49e-01 1.28e-03 0.2602
NC_000009.11 KIAA0020 -5.31e-02 1.28e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 HSPA6 5.53e-02 1.28e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 GLI4 1.91e-01 1.28e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 NPAS4 7.79e-02 1.29e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 PCK2 -9.99e-02 1.29e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 LRRK1 3.26e-02 1.29e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 LOC284688 7.52e-02 1.29e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 FMO1 5.73e-02 1.29e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 LOC127841 -1.93e-01 1.29e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 HLA-A -2.49e-01 1.30e-03 0.2602
NC_000021.8 CRYZL1 1.51e-01 1.30e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 ANKRD58 6.70e-02 1.30e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 CLCN7 8.29e-02 1.30e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 DYRK2 7.87e-02 1.30e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 LOC100133893 7.94e-02 1.30e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 BEST1 1.02e-01 1.30e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 SAA1 -1.10e-01 1.30e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 RAB11FIP3 -1.32e-01 1.31e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 TBC1D12 8.51e-02 1.31e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 YTHDC2 1.66e-01 1.31e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 C13orf39 6.45e-02 1.31e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 LOC285629 1.11e-01 1.32e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 PROM2 -1.39e-01 1.32e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 TANC2 8.94e-02 1.32e-03 0.2602
NC_000020.10 SCRT2 -8.16e-02 1.32e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 PRDM14 4.04e-02 1.33e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 NXN 6.26e-02 1.33e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 CFB -1.40e-01 1.33e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 LRG1 -2.22e-01 1.33e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 TAP1 -2.89e-01 1.34e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 CNOT1 6.89e-02 1.34e-03 0.2602
NC_000020.10 LOC100134868 7.70e-02 1.34e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 ATP11A 4.69e-02 1.34e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 SPATA5 1.20e-01 1.34e-03 0.2602
NC_000020.10 MC3R 7.45e-02 1.34e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 5.16e-02 1.35e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 CEACAM16 6.20e-02 1.35e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 OSGIN1 7.84e-02 1.35e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 TRAF5 5.50e-02 1.35e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 RTN1 9.89e-02 1.35e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 CCDC88C -2.45e-01 1.35e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 CASZ1 -2.37e-01 1.35e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 ADAMTS14 -2.19e-01 1.36e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 MFHAS1 1.03e-01 1.36e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 GPR1 1.53e-01 1.36e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 COX19 8.78e-02 1.36e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 DIAPH2 5.23e-02 1.36e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 OTC 7.72e-02 1.37e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 PRKCI 9.46e-02 1.37e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 TNFAIP8L3 7.07e-02 1.37e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 KRT20 4.18e-02 1.38e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 C11orf86 8.22e-02 1.38e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 RRP15 8.63e-02 1.38e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 DSPP 1.31e-01 1.38e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 MAFG -7.78e-02 1.52e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 KIAA0146 -5.91e-02 1.38e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 NPAS4 9.53e-02 1.38e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 NCRNA00164 5.12e-02 1.38e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 GRHL3 -1.51e-01 1.38e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 MNS1 4.64e-02 1.38e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 CXorf42 1.07e-01 1.38e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 NAT14 8.98e-02 1.39e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 PRICKLE2 1.28e-01 1.39e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 PCDHB15 7.30e-02 1.39e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 CAMK2B 6.29e-02 1.39e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 AFF3 1.15e-01 1.39e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 ZNF624 8.86e-02 1.39e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 IRAK2 5.30e-02 1.39e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 C6orf10 6.72e-02 1.39e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 XAGE3 4.20e-02 1.39e-03 0.2602
NC_000009.11 MELK 1.07e-01 1.40e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 NEURL3 -1.38e-01 1.40e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 HTA 5.32e-02 1.40e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 KIAA1239 1.08e-01 1.40e-03 0.2602
NC_000022.10 MOV10L1 6.26e-02 1.40e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 CACNG5 -8.03e-02 1.40e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 KEAP1 4.28e-02 1.40e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 TMEM136 1.71e-01 1.40e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 FFAR2 -1.67e-01 1.41e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 LRRC20 -1.37e-01 1.41e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 C16orf81 7.44e-02 1.41e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 COL11A2 3.98e-02 1.41e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 MIR548F5 -7.83e-02 1.41e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 ADARB2 3.82e-02 1.41e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 BCL11A 9.26e-02 1.41e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 SBNO2 -2.29e-01 1.41e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 SERPINA6 5.21e-02 1.41e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 TFAP2B 3.11e-01 1.42e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 NAV1 -1.76e-01 1.42e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 GABRA6 1.01e-01 1.42e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 NCRNA00171 9.17e-02 1.42e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 C2orf80 5.58e-02 1.42e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 PDGFA 9.36e-02 1.42e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 ATXN3L 9.05e-02 1.42e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 GCOM1 1.05e-01 1.42e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 RNASE8 8.84e-02 1.97e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 BCOR 7.44e-02 1.43e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 SPSB4 1.23e-01 1.43e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 CEP135 -7.15e-02 1.43e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 PPIL1 6.17e-02 1.43e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 CPLX1 -1.31e-01 1.43e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 ARHGEF7 4.77e-02 1.43e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 RNF220 3.67e-02 1.43e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 SEPT6 5.89e-02 1.43e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 NCRNA00202 -1.01e-01 1.43e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 MEF2A 8.57e-02 1.44e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 MOG 1.38e-01 1.44e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 TBC1D1 8.87e-02 1.44e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 BRAF 1.13e-01 1.44e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 WDR8 -1.13e-01 1.44e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 CRIPT 8.50e-02 1.44e-03 0.2602
NC_000022.10 DGCR8 5.24e-02 1.44e-03 0.2602
NC_000009.11 ADAMTSL1 1.37e-01 1.44e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 VPS52 5.32e-02 1.44e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 DBNL 1.03e-01 1.44e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 OR2AK2 8.54e-02 1.44e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 OR51A2 1.37e-01 1.44e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 FAM83H 9.78e-02 1.44e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 KLHDC4 3.62e-02 1.45e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 NDRG4 -8.48e-02 1.45e-03 0.2602
NC_000021.8 ERG -1.11e-01 1.45e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 MPP4 1.26e-01 1.45e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 ADARB2 1.98e-01 1.45e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 ZDHHC14 5.23e-02 1.45e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 RFX5 4.43e-02 1.45e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 CDH16 9.88e-02 1.45e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 CNGA3 5.27e-02 1.45e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 RSPO2 5.01e-02 1.45e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 ZDBF2 8.15e-02 1.45e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 ZNF789 -3.39e-02 1.45e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 RAP1A 9.21e-02 1.46e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 SMARCAL1 1.51e-01 1.46e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 KPRP 4.20e-02 1.46e-03 0.2602
NC_000021.8 C2CD2 -8.15e-02 1.46e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 LIMS2 5.94e-02 1.46e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 SLC23A1 -1.95e-01 1.46e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 ZNRF1 -8.54e-02 1.46e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 ADAMTS17 9.16e-02 1.47e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 LPCAT1 5.58e-02 1.47e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 C12orf59 6.27e-02 1.47e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 WFIKKN2 5.06e-02 1.47e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 P2RY10 9.27e-02 1.47e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 UBE2A 9.78e-02 1.47e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 SORCS2 9.56e-02 1.47e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 DNER -5.42e-02 1.47e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 VRK2 -1.99e-01 1.47e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 DGKZ -1.02e-01 1.47e-03 0.2602
NC_000018.9 PHLPP1 -1.64e-01 1.47e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 CRADD -4.90e-02 1.47e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 MAP1A 3.59e-02 1.47e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 C6orf10 8.86e-02 1.47e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 C2orf69 -2.24e-01 1.47e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 SAPS1 -8.35e-02 1.48e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 HCG9 8.43e-02 1.48e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 LSM7 -1.63e-01 1.48e-03 0.2602
NC_000022.10 CELSR1 5.25e-02 1.48e-03 0.2602
NC_000018.9 RNF125 6.02e-02 1.48e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 ARID1B 1.22e-01 1.48e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 HOXA5 1.17e-01 1.48e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 CYBB 1.29e-01 1.48e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 SHCBP1 1.23e-01 1.48e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 BMP8A 4.64e-02 1.48e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 MYO7A 3.99e-02 1.48e-03 0.2602
NC_000009.11 RAD23B 8.43e-02 1.49e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 MYT1L -6.84e-02 1.49e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 RHOF -2.41e-01 1.49e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 OR6V1 9.74e-02 1.49e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 ZDHHC2 8.59e-02 1.49e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 ARHGAP22 7.28e-02 1.49e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 LOC442308 9.12e-02 1.49e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 ALKBH3 9.65e-02 1.49e-03 0.2602
NC_000024.9 NLGN4Y -1.67e-01 1.49e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 SUFU -1.36e-01 1.49e-03 0.2602
NC_000022.10 POTEH 5.82e-02 1.50e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 RASA3 4.70e-02 1.50e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 NKRF 7.05e-02 1.50e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 NFKBIE -1.49e-01 1.50e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 TTC30A 1.74e-01 1.50e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 RXFP3 1.03e-01 1.50e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 ADCY4 4.02e-02 1.50e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 RHOXF1 4.01e-02 1.50e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 SERINC5 1.21e-01 1.50e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 UPK1A 5.02e-02 1.50e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 GDF2 4.99e-02 1.51e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 CBFA2T3 5.93e-02 1.51e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 SATB2 -5.35e-02 1.51e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 FLJ36000 1.40e-01 1.51e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 SORCS2 9.99e-02 1.51e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 LOC100133469 5.19e-02 1.51e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 SOBP 6.80e-02 1.51e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 ALS2CL -1.20e-01 1.52e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 SLC13A5 5.54e-02 1.52e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 GCNT2 3.51e-02 1.52e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 CHRM2 4.81e-02 1.52e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 RAB5A 5.93e-02 1.52e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 PHACTR2 5.42e-02 1.52e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 BAT3 -1.05e-01 1.52e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 GOT2 5.37e-02 1.52e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 CPEB2 1.81e-01 1.52e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 ADARB2 9.52e-02 1.69e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 WNT16 8.30e-02 1.53e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 C7orf51 -8.81e-02 1.53e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 LSM12 3.74e-02 1.53e-03 0.2602
NC_000009.11 NDUFB6 9.23e-02 1.53e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 TDRD9 6.33e-02 1.53e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 CDK2AP2 -3.21e-02 1.53e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 CCDC142 9.68e-02 1.54e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 ZNF827 -7.33e-02 1.54e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 C6orf10 -8.85e-02 1.54e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 KRTAP3-1 7.20e-02 1.54e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 COL11A2 5.50e-02 1.54e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 MIR1976 -1.17e-01 1.54e-03 0.2602
NC_000022.10 GP1BB 1.36e-01 1.54e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 RHOB -5.37e-02 1.54e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 AGBL1 6.96e-02 1.55e-03 0.2602
NC_000021.8 DSCR8 8.41e-02 1.55e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 NT5DC2 6.25e-02 1.55e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 C6orf123 -1.03e-01 1.55e-03 0.2602
NC_000018.9 FECH 9.59e-02 1.55e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 PACS2 1.02e-01 1.55e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 RS1 1.03e-01 1.55e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 GLUD2 8.31e-02 1.55e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 PTH 8.60e-02 1.55e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 HACE1 -6.14e-02 1.55e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 ACACA 1.16e-01 1.56e-03 0.2602
NC_000020.10 ATP9A 4.86e-02 1.56e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 C12orf40 4.29e-02 1.56e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 HHIPL1 4.96e-02 1.56e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 C7orf20 -1.34e-01 1.56e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 C16orf46 7.72e-02 1.56e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 PRPH 5.67e-02 1.56e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 FRMPD4 4.53e-02 1.56e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 PAGE4 3.54e-02 1.56e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 NF1 1.10e-01 1.57e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 LYN -1.30e-01 1.57e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 PRKG1 1.52e-01 1.57e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 ARHGAP6 8.98e-02 1.57e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 KCNQ5 5.10e-02 1.57e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 TGFBI 5.57e-02 1.57e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 WDR72 7.24e-02 1.58e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 SEL1L 1.37e-01 1.58e-03 0.2602
NC_000018.9 APCDD1 1.71e-01 1.58e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 ETV6 -9.82e-02 1.58e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 RNU5E 1.54e-01 1.58e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 LOC645323 -8.32e-02 1.58e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 ZBTB17 -2.76e-01 1.58e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 BICC1 -2.57e-01 1.59e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 PFKP 8.44e-02 1.59e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 STARD3 -3.60e-02 1.59e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 PCGF3 6.19e-02 1.59e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 C3orf23 3.53e-02 1.59e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 PRO1768 7.01e-02 1.59e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 PDSS2 5.57e-02 1.59e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 HCRTR2 1.16e-01 1.59e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 ATXN1 1.51e-01 1.59e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 GNG12 -6.92e-02 1.59e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 C1orf77 -1.91e-01 1.60e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 RXRB 5.19e-02 1.60e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 ACE2 1.11e-01 1.60e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 CARD11 1.24e-01 1.60e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 LBH -5.90e-02 1.60e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 SLC12A2 -4.06e-02 1.60e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 WNT9A -1.19e-01 1.60e-03 0.2602
NC_000022.10 CACNG2 8.64e-02 1.60e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 ZNF469 4.50e-02 1.60e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 CDX4 1.06e-01 1.60e-03 0.2602
NC_000009.11 GPSM1 -2.39e-01 1.60e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 C15orf51 4.01e-02 1.60e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 ELK1 5.08e-02 1.61e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 PTDSS2 5.67e-02 1.61e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 ALKBH3 1.26e-01 1.61e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 FAM83H 3.12e-02 1.61e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 ALOX5 -5.91e-02 1.61e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 MYBPC1 -8.90e-02 1.61e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 PLA2G2A 3.74e-02 1.61e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 NR5A2 -1.43e-01 1.61e-03 0.2602
NC_000022.10 KDELR3 3.97e-02 1.61e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 FBRSL1 -1.13e-01 1.61e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 DENND3 4.80e-02 1.61e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 PAGE2 1.01e-01 1.62e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 CRAMP1L 7.14e-02 1.62e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 COL12A1 1.02e-01 1.62e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 PDE7B -1.40e-01 1.62e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 C1QTNF7 6.32e-02 1.63e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 MYH13 4.59e-02 1.63e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 TDRD9 3.95e-02 1.63e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 ARHGDIB 1.42e-01 1.63e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 ITM2A 7.02e-02 1.63e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 SPATA6 -1.28e-01 1.63e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 ADARB2 1.09e-01 1.63e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 ATP2B2 3.46e-02 1.63e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 HSD17B2 9.27e-02 1.64e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 SPOCK1 -1.30e-01 1.64e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 MZF1 9.35e-02 1.64e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 MSX1 -4.70e-02 1.64e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 C13orf35 4.32e-02 1.64e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 ADPRHL1 3.31e-02 1.64e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 ZFR2 -4.30e-02 1.64e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 LYPD5 6.90e-02 1.64e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 WNT3A -2.05e-01 1.64e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 MIR1307 6.71e-02 1.64e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 RPS15A 8.86e-02 1.65e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 NR5A2 -5.67e-02 1.65e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 HTRA3 -1.00e-01 1.65e-03 0.2602
NC_000009.11 DNM1 -6.47e-02 1.65e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 SLFN13 5.86e-02 1.65e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 3.37e-02 1.65e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 MSC -7.15e-02 1.65e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 CACNA1G -6.61e-02 1.65e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 OR2B2 1.33e-01 1.65e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 MSC -4.59e-02 1.66e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 TRPV1 8.27e-02 1.66e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 RGS6 8.43e-02 1.66e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 SH3BP5 1.19e-01 1.66e-03 0.2602
NC_000009.11 TTLL11 -1.05e-01 1.66e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 LOC400804 1.09e-01 1.66e-03 0.2602
NC_000009.11 FAM157B 9.75e-02 1.66e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 AHCYL1 1.21e-01 1.67e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 PLEKHG2 5.09e-02 1.67e-03 0.2602
NC_000009.11 RUSC2 1.43e-01 1.67e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 SLC4A1 4.94e-02 1.67e-03 0.2602
NC_000022.10 MN1 5.36e-02 1.67e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 PRM3 4.02e-02 1.67e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 ACOT2 1.13e-01 1.67e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 GFPT2 7.03e-02 1.67e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 FHL1 5.99e-02 1.67e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 HMG20B 1.54e-01 1.68e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 KATNAL1 1.01e-01 1.68e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 MAML3 8.57e-02 1.68e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 KCNH1 3.18e-02 1.68e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 SYNPO -1.10e-01 1.68e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 NFKBIE -2.17e-01 1.86e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 LRRC8B 8.64e-02 1.68e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 PCDHGA2 1.13e-01 1.69e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 ADAM19 5.41e-02 1.69e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 TPH1 4.34e-02 1.69e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 ST3GAL6 -2.04e-01 1.69e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 BMS1 5.17e-02 1.69e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 PACRG 3.25e-02 1.69e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 TGFB1 -1.76e-01 1.69e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 TTLL10 7.48e-02 1.69e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 RIMBP2 -1.40e-01 1.70e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 CHN2 4.89e-02 1.70e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 TM4SF4 5.78e-02 1.70e-03 0.2602
NC_000020.10 NFATC2 -1.53e-01 1.70e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 PPM1L 6.34e-02 1.70e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 ELMO1 1.58e-01 1.70e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 SATL1 4.12e-02 1.70e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 TMLHE 1.57e-01 1.70e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 MAGEA1 3.87e-02 1.70e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 HINT1 1.36e-01 1.70e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 FAM89A 1.52e-01 1.71e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 SYCE1 7.11e-02 1.71e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 HOOK2 5.58e-02 1.71e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 ARMC2 1.00e-01 1.71e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 RALB -4.46e-02 1.71e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 CSPG4 5.44e-02 1.71e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 FAM120B -4.93e-01 1.71e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 PCDHGA4 1.34e-01 1.71e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 MSL2 -6.97e-02 1.71e-03 0.2602
NC_000022.10 SCARF2 1.75e-01 1.71e-03 0.2602
NC_000022.10 CLDN5 3.57e-02 1.72e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 PET112L 1.38e-01 1.72e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 RBMS3 5.26e-02 1.72e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 GBA -1.24e-01 1.72e-03 0.2602
NC_000020.10 SIRPD 6.77e-02 1.72e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 MIR320B1 1.38e-01 1.72e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 RGS6 1.03e-01 1.72e-03 0.2602
NC_000022.10 CLDN5 4.29e-02 1.72e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 ZNF486 1.33e-01 1.72e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 KLC3 8.31e-02 1.73e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 CDK1 -1.08e-01 1.73e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 ZNF498 -3.37e-02 1.73e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 MAGT1 9.50e-02 1.73e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 PTPN14 1.10e-01 1.73e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 TSNARE1 9.75e-02 1.73e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 UBE2U 4.39e-02 1.73e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 LFNG 9.77e-02 1.73e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 ACOT9 7.36e-02 1.73e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 SLC39A3 1.10e-01 1.73e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 C6orf150 -1.29e-01 1.73e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 MTHFD1L 1.35e-01 1.73e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 TM4SF18 -1.01e-01 1.73e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 CABP1 8.34e-02 1.73e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 CD74 -2.45e-01 1.74e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 ZAN 1.41e-01 1.74e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 LOC100133469 9.89e-02 1.74e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 PRKCZ 7.42e-02 1.74e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 C15orf54 -1.60e-01 1.74e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 LCT 7.26e-02 1.74e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 GPLD1 9.03e-02 1.74e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 ADCY10 -1.07e-01 1.74e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 GJB2 -7.67e-02 1.74e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 FOXO3 4.18e-02 1.75e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 GNAT1 1.80e-01 1.75e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 C7orf44 5.07e-02 1.75e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 VPS52 8.08e-02 1.75e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 SYNJ2 -1.19e-01 1.75e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 OR3A2 1.03e-01 1.75e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 DIMT1L 8.08e-02 1.75e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 SV2C -1.43e-01 1.75e-03 0.2602
NC_000020.10 EBF4 3.80e-02 1.75e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 TSC2 4.43e-02 1.75e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 MYEF2 7.11e-02 1.76e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 MACF1 -9.43e-02 1.76e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 NLRP5 6.74e-02 1.76e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 SAA4 1.01e-01 1.76e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 LOC100190940 1.05e-01 1.76e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 IL7 8.03e-02 1.76e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 DYNC1H1 5.03e-02 1.76e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 DIAPH2 4.06e-02 1.76e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 FAM138B 1.35e-01 1.77e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 PELI2 1.46e-01 1.77e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 DENND3 4.44e-02 1.77e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 SNORD115-16 5.43e-02 1.77e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 CROCC 7.98e-02 1.77e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 C7orf20 -1.51e-01 1.77e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 BCOR 8.79e-02 1.77e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 LOC100129637 -4.34e-02 1.78e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 GFRAL 8.24e-02 1.78e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 CUBN 1.12e-01 1.78e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 SPIRE2 -8.51e-02 1.79e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 EMX1 6.41e-02 1.79e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 CBFA2T3 1.02e-01 1.79e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 SERPINF1 -1.37e-01 1.79e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 LGALS4 6.91e-02 1.79e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 OAZ3 1.04e-01 1.79e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 ZFHX3 1.81e-01 1.79e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 CD74 -3.08e-01 1.79e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 SLIT3 4.48e-02 1.79e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 NCRNA00116 1.47e-01 1.79e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 KCNT2 9.39e-02 1.79e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 ARHGDIG 6.56e-02 1.80e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 SNX18 -1.36e-01 1.80e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 HHIPL1 6.18e-02 1.80e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 A2ML1 4.18e-02 1.80e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 MIR449B 5.56e-02 1.80e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 TRIM38 8.29e-02 1.80e-03 0.2602
NC_000020.10 RIN2 -1.64e-01 1.80e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 LCK 7.01e-02 1.80e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 MOBKL2A -1.31e-01 1.80e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 ALOX5 -5.57e-02 1.80e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 AFF3 9.13e-02 1.80e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 MAST2 5.43e-02 1.80e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 HLA-J -1.03e-01 1.80e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 MSI2 5.85e-02 1.80e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 HPSE2 -1.26e-01 1.80e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 ZNF815 6.88e-02 1.81e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 CCDC158 5.95e-02 1.81e-03 0.2602
NC_000020.10 ZBP1 -1.54e-01 1.81e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 DOC2B 3.39e-02 1.82e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 HIVEP1 -2.23e-01 1.82e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 TNNI2 4.24e-02 1.82e-03 0.2602
NC_000018.9 DYM 9.72e-02 1.82e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 C3orf77 6.70e-02 1.82e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 TNFSF13B -2.18e-01 1.83e-03 0.2602
NC_000021.8 SUMO3 -1.08e-01 1.83e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 PCYT1B 9.83e-02 1.83e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 TRIM62 -1.40e-01 1.83e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 LOC100130274 1.20e-01 1.83e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 TAF1D -1.07e-01 1.83e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 C2orf88 6.38e-02 1.83e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 RG9MTD2 1.11e-01 1.83e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 LIFR 1.12e-01 1.84e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 GFI1 -4.27e-02 1.84e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 LOC646405 5.68e-02 1.84e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 CHSY1 9.31e-02 1.84e-03 0.2602
NC_000009.11 KDM4C 7.01e-02 1.84e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 DENND2A 5.67e-02 1.84e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 SPTBN1 8.73e-02 1.84e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 SH3RF1 1.25e-01 1.84e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 VIL1 5.25e-02 1.84e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 C2orf61 4.35e-02 1.85e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 ELOVL2 1.12e-01 1.85e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 C19orf35 -1.19e-01 1.85e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 KIF7 7.01e-02 1.85e-03 0.2602
NC_000009.11 LOC554202 -1.10e-01 1.86e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 PXDN 4.29e-02 1.86e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 DCLK2 5.66e-02 1.86e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 AURKC 1.29e-01 1.86e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 EVI5L 3.92e-02 1.86e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 TMEM232 -1.05e-01 1.86e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 SACS 7.79e-02 1.86e-03 0.2602
NC_000021.8 UBASH3A 9.27e-02 1.86e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 SOCS5 9.45e-02 1.86e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 FBLN7 4.25e-02 1.86e-03 0.2602
NC_000018.9 MIR187 8.69e-02 1.87e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 LPXN -1.00e-01 1.87e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 ZAK 8.55e-02 1.87e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 ARPC3 4.87e-02 1.87e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 TFEC 7.32e-02 1.87e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 C15orf57 5.01e-02 1.87e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 RNF207 -1.55e-01 1.88e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 OCA2 4.79e-02 1.88e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 RET 4.32e-02 1.88e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 WAC 6.87e-02 1.88e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 EBF1 9.83e-02 1.88e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 MYO9B 3.40e-02 1.88e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 LOC728613 1.22e-01 1.88e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 NR3C1 1.69e-01 1.88e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 ITGA1 8.58e-02 1.88e-03 0.2602
NC_000022.10 ACR 6.96e-02 1.88e-03 0.2602
NC_000021.8 PCBP3 1.16e-01 1.88e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 SAPS1 -8.65e-02 1.88e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 SRRM4 4.80e-02 1.88e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 FAM110B 3.44e-02 1.89e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 SEMA5B 5.86e-02 1.89e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 BTNL2 5.63e-02 1.89e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 CASC4 1.22e-01 1.89e-03 0.2602
NC_000020.10 ProSAPiP1 9.73e-02 1.89e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 LYPD5 7.38e-02 1.89e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 KLRD1 8.31e-02 1.89e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 DIP2C 1.09e-01 1.89e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 ZSCAN18 8.12e-02 1.90e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 OR51E1 6.24e-02 1.90e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 SDK1 4.78e-02 1.90e-03 0.2602
NC_000018.9 CXADRP3 5.15e-02 1.90e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 COL9A2 -9.35e-02 1.90e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 SRCIN1 -1.35e-01 1.90e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 GAA 7.94e-02 1.91e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 PRPF39 1.51e-01 2.11e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 LRG1 -3.08e-01 1.91e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 ZNF311 7.65e-02 1.91e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 SH3BP2 6.35e-02 1.92e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 C10orf11 1.16e-01 1.92e-03 0.2602
NC_000020.10 PCSK2 -3.73e-02 1.92e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 CLUAP1 -9.34e-02 1.92e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 DMWD -7.88e-02 1.92e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 PROM2 -1.21e-01 1.92e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 ZNF205 5.29e-02 1.92e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 TRIM43 5.79e-02 1.92e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 ARHGEF10 4.95e-02 1.92e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 ZNF235 7.05e-02 1.92e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 PCDHB9 9.13e-02 1.93e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 NR2E1 5.83e-02 1.93e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 OR5R1 7.91e-02 1.93e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 THBS3 6.23e-02 2.14e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 INPP5A 3.94e-02 1.93e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 FGF12 -1.38e-01 1.93e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 GRIP1 1.08e-01 1.94e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 ST5 -9.72e-02 1.94e-03 0.2602
NC_000022.10 CPT1B 1.96e-01 1.94e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 CAMTA1 6.66e-02 1.94e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 MIR635 5.07e-02 1.94e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 GIMAP5 5.87e-02 1.94e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 PRR23B 6.33e-02 1.94e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 RASGEF1C 5.42e-02 1.94e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 PDZRN3 1.04e-01 1.94e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 PCYT1B 9.27e-02 1.94e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 ZNF416 6.71e-02 1.95e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 GPR85 1.55e-01 1.95e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 TMEM59L 6.28e-02 1.95e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 AHRR 7.22e-02 1.95e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 NHSL1 -9.75e-02 1.96e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 PJA2 -3.77e-02 1.96e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 IL27RA 8.48e-02 1.96e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 LOC595101 -1.27e-01 1.96e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 HPSE2 -1.61e-01 1.96e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 PRMT3 1.04e-01 1.96e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 BRUNOL5 -5.12e-02 1.96e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 EGFLAM 5.90e-02 1.96e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 RHOB -1.45e-01 1.97e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 STAC 2.64e-01 1.97e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 ZBTB20 5.49e-02 1.97e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 MAP7D2 4.60e-02 1.97e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 DLC1 1.18e-01 1.97e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 ZSCAN18 8.00e-02 1.97e-03 0.2602
NC_000021.8 LCA5L -1.15e-01 1.97e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 PIPSL -4.96e-02 1.97e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 OLR1 1.66e-01 1.97e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 KIAA1191 4.41e-02 1.98e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 GREB1 5.55e-02 1.98e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 USH2A 1.03e-01 1.98e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 HDAC4 9.26e-02 1.98e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 FAT3 7.81e-02 1.98e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 PCDHGB1 5.80e-02 1.98e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 DNAH6 1.00e-01 1.99e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 ZC3H12A -1.11e-01 1.99e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 FAM71E1 7.35e-02 1.99e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 DCUN1D2 1.21e-01 1.99e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 MGAT5B -1.56e-01 1.99e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 ICAM1 -6.98e-02 1.99e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 ACAP2 6.49e-02 2.00e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 BCORL1 1.05e-01 2.00e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 ABLIM3 -7.30e-02 2.00e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 RPL31 5.93e-02 2.00e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 DQX1 4.52e-02 2.00e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 TTC25 -8.25e-02 2.00e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 MRPS16 5.75e-02 2.00e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 CEP72 4.84e-02 2.00e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 SNORD116-14 3.82e-02 2.00e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 TBCD 3.86e-02 2.00e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 GCKR 9.51e-02 2.00e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 FBXW11 -1.82e-01 2.01e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 NTF3 -2.53e-01 2.01e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 TRPV1 9.40e-02 2.01e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 NOL7 5.04e-02 2.01e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 PCDHGA4 5.81e-02 2.01e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 NMB 4.33e-02 2.01e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 INPP5A -1.04e-01 2.01e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 WWP2 -1.47e-01 2.01e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 FAM5B 6.23e-02 2.01e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 TUBGCP3 1.18e-01 2.01e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 DBX1 -5.98e-02 2.02e-03 0.2602
NC_000020.10 UCKL1 -7.21e-02 2.02e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 OPCML 7.92e-02 2.02e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 BCOR 9.08e-02 2.02e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 FBXO38 -4.66e-02 2.03e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 SYNJ2 3.22e-02 2.03e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 PLEKHG3 -7.32e-02 2.03e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 RBAK 5.76e-02 2.03e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 TBC1D1 3.62e-02 2.03e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 FARP1 4.52e-02 2.03e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 SNX16 4.94e-02 2.03e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 PSMB9 -3.51e-02 2.03e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 BAIAP2L1 5.21e-02 2.03e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 SRCIN1 -8.10e-02 2.04e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 FAM190A 1.23e-01 2.04e-03 0.2602
NC_000022.10 EP300 6.02e-02 2.04e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 BTBD9 6.98e-02 2.04e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 C6 5.00e-02 2.04e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 CD74 -1.03e-01 2.04e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 MIR1256 4.23e-02 2.04e-03 0.2602
NC_000009.11 SYK 2.25e-01 2.04e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 SP140 -1.39e-01 2.04e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 SPDYE4 4.08e-02 2.04e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 C19orf35 -1.63e-01 2.04e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 FMN2 9.29e-02 2.04e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 TNN -1.36e-01 2.04e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 NXF4 8.37e-02 2.04e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 CTXN1 -7.10e-02 2.05e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 RTN1 9.65e-02 2.05e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 ITPR1 6.66e-02 2.05e-03 0.2602
NC_000020.10 NCRNA00028 -1.50e-01 2.05e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 ALG6 -2.27e-01 2.05e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 PKP4 7.63e-02 2.05e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 ZG16B 4.11e-02 2.05e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 EMID2 -5.84e-02 2.06e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 NCRNA00164 5.85e-02 2.06e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 OSBPL8 9.24e-02 2.06e-03 0.2602
NC_000018.9 LOC100130522 -1.54e-01 2.06e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 LHFPL3 -3.88e-02 2.06e-03 0.2602
NC_000020.10 RIN2 -1.45e-01 2.06e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 NEK7 1.48e-01 2.06e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 LRRC37B 1.75e-01 2.07e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 F11 7.65e-02 2.07e-03 0.2602
NC_000021.8 TTC3 1.00e-01 2.07e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 C8orf37 1.03e-01 2.07e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 ATP10A 4.42e-02 2.08e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 TSPAN15 -1.75e-01 2.08e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 CUBN 7.72e-02 2.08e-03 0.2602
NC_000020.10 DEFB116 9.59e-02 2.08e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 BAI1 -2.62e-01 2.08e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 KCTD16 1.27e-01 2.08e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 TLK2 4.22e-02 2.08e-03 0.2602
NC_000022.10 APOBEC3F -6.81e-02 2.08e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 MIR521-2 4.94e-02 2.09e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 ZNF226 8.23e-02 2.09e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 ADAM29 9.14e-02 2.09e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 PPP2R2D 6.52e-02 2.09e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 RIPPLY2 4.99e-02 2.09e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 CRHBP 7.84e-02 2.09e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 DAAM1 7.14e-02 2.09e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 DHFR 5.52e-02 2.09e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 C12orf44 6.46e-02 2.09e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 TAP2 4.36e-02 2.09e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 GPR45 6.55e-02 2.09e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 C12orf40 9.54e-02 2.09e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 SLC26A5 -6.81e-02 2.10e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 AUTS2 1.59e-01 2.10e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 L1CAM 6.17e-02 2.10e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 CHSY1 1.56e-01 2.10e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 ZNF76 -3.28e-02 2.10e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 EGFL8 7.84e-02 2.10e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 SWAP70 -2.03e-01 2.10e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 CLCN7 7.07e-02 2.10e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 OR2L2 8.59e-02 2.10e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 KCNIP4 9.18e-02 2.11e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 TRIM15 6.79e-02 2.11e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 C6orf123 -8.62e-02 2.11e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 C5orf39 -1.59e-01 2.11e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 BRAF 6.15e-02 2.11e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 EZH2 7.20e-02 2.11e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 C10orf57 1.54e-01 2.11e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 ITGB5 6.42e-02 2.11e-03 0.2602
NC_000020.10 SPO11 1.34e-01 2.12e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 RBPMS 8.83e-02 2.12e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 LOC100128788 6.08e-02 2.12e-03 0.2602
NC_000018.9 POTEC 5.02e-02 2.12e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 NOS1AP 4.50e-02 2.12e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 EML6 -2.00e-01 2.12e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 INPP5A 3.87e-02 2.12e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 ANKRD20B 5.53e-02 2.13e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 LOC285830 4.47e-02 2.13e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 AURKC 7.64e-02 2.13e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 PNLDC1 5.79e-02 2.13e-03 0.2602
NC_000021.8 DIP2A 8.17e-02 2.13e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 IL1F7 7.32e-02 2.13e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 SGEF 6.91e-02 2.13e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 CCDC109B 1.11e-01 2.13e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 PDGFRB -7.95e-02 2.13e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 CAMTA1 9.22e-02 2.13e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 C1orf227 4.19e-02 2.13e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 HCG4 -7.35e-02 2.14e-03 0.2602
NC_000018.9 CXADRP3 6.63e-02 2.14e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 ANKRD20B 4.28e-02 2.14e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 PLS3 7.16e-02 2.14e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 C13orf36 8.53e-02 2.14e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 LYRM2 1.61e-01 2.14e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 FGF14 -1.59e-01 2.14e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 C10orf50 1.18e-01 2.14e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 ZNF486 4.22e-02 2.14e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 MID2 7.37e-02 2.14e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 USP11 8.26e-02 2.14e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 FGFR1 1.10e-01 2.15e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 MSI2 1.49e-01 2.15e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 SLC17A1 -1.10e-01 2.15e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 TRAPPC9 3.76e-02 2.16e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 RILPL2 -4.57e-02 2.16e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 DEFB133 7.35e-02 2.16e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 KIF1A 4.20e-02 2.16e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 GLYATL1 6.37e-02 2.16e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 MTMR15 7.81e-02 2.16e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 SLC25A26 7.52e-02 2.16e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 OR4M1 8.52e-02 2.16e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 GNB3 4.77e-02 2.16e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 ADI1 6.46e-02 2.16e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 SPEM1 1.17e-01 2.17e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 C2orf79 7.63e-02 2.17e-03 0.2602
NC_000020.10 GNAS -7.87e-02 2.17e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 TTBK1 4.14e-02 2.17e-03 0.2602
NC_000020.10 BMP2 9.94e-02 2.17e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 PPP1R13B 4.44e-02 2.17e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 NOMO1 1.10e-01 2.17e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 4.59e-02 2.17e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 PXDN 7.37e-02 2.18e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 LOC100272146 -8.57e-02 2.18e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 ITGA2 9.26e-02 2.18e-03 0.2602
NC_000018.9 TNFRSF11A -3.93e-02 2.18e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 ALCAM 1.04e-01 2.18e-03 0.2602
NC_000022.10 CYTH4 -7.46e-02 2.18e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 DOCK4 -7.40e-02 2.18e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 LRRK1 -4.96e-02 2.18e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 PRDM16 3.12e-02 2.19e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 PCDHA6 -5.10e-02 2.19e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 ZNF419 3.49e-02 2.19e-03 0.2602
NC_000021.8 TRPM2 -1.88e-01 2.19e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 TNFSF10 -1.40e-01 2.19e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 OGDHL 6.41e-02 2.19e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 TBX22 1.30e-01 2.19e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 DNAH17 5.78e-02 2.19e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 ZNF251 -1.22e-01 2.19e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 PRTG 7.12e-02 2.19e-03 0.2602
NC_000022.10 FBXO7 5.91e-02 2.20e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 PPY 5.06e-02 2.20e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 ABCA8 4.42e-02 2.20e-03 0.2602
NC_000020.10 DIDO1 4.91e-02 2.20e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 E2F8 -7.66e-02 2.20e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 ZNF497 1.45e-01 2.20e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 LATS2 -5.69e-02 2.20e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 AFF3 4.24e-02 2.20e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 DCN -1.09e-01 2.20e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 SLC6A18 4.35e-02 2.21e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 TSPAN33 4.55e-02 2.21e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 TMEM71 -1.08e-01 2.21e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 WDR20 1.23e-01 2.21e-03 0.2602
NC_000021.8 CYYR1 -9.38e-02 2.21e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 LCE2A 1.27e-01 2.21e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 LSAMP 1.07e-01 2.21e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 HILS1 9.33e-02 2.21e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 A2LD1 -4.72e-02 2.21e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 USH1C 2.04e-01 2.21e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 PCGF3 3.78e-02 2.22e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 RNASE9 1.68e-01 2.22e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 LOC641518 2.02e-01 2.22e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 STAC3 5.02e-02 2.22e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 ARMC4 -5.87e-02 2.23e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 TMIE -1.09e-01 2.23e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 LSP1 -2.29e-01 2.23e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 POU6F2 -7.43e-02 2.23e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 DHX16 -4.45e-02 2.23e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 CDC16 9.46e-02 2.23e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 AGRN 4.86e-02 2.23e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 LCE2A 5.05e-02 2.23e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 SIRT7 4.55e-02 2.24e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 FZD7 1.19e-01 2.24e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 CEACAM5 6.51e-02 2.24e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 DPYSL3 5.14e-02 2.24e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 HTR3C 5.37e-02 2.24e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 PRDM16 -8.07e-02 2.24e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 GPR25 5.84e-02 2.24e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 COL24A1 1.96e-01 2.24e-03 0.2602
NC_000018.9 NEDD4L 4.25e-02 2.24e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 DNMT1 -1.70e-01 2.24e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 C6orf123 -1.75e-01 2.25e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 DMD 1.28e-01 2.25e-03 0.2602
NC_000009.11 LHX6 6.22e-02 2.25e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 TSEN2 6.72e-02 2.25e-03 0.2602
NC_000009.11 SMARCA2 5.75e-02 2.25e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 CNNM1 1.20e-01 2.25e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 C1orf230 -1.92e-01 2.25e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 C6orf123 -1.26e-01 2.25e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 HLA-DQB2 5.93e-02 2.25e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 SUCLG2 5.69e-02 2.26e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 SMUG1 7.40e-02 2.26e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 CATSPER4 5.89e-02 2.26e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 KCNQ1 4.96e-02 2.26e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 PCDHGA4 9.62e-02 2.26e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 NCRNA00116 1.17e-01 2.26e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 MIR1826 1.00e-01 2.26e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 EDNRA -9.13e-02 2.27e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 ANKRD33B -8.33e-02 2.27e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 FBLN2 8.81e-02 2.27e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 FERMT2 1.08e-01 2.27e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 FAM190A 8.77e-02 2.27e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 CLEC12B 9.11e-02 2.28e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 C6orf123 -1.05e-01 2.28e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 SNORD116-1 3.36e-02 2.28e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 DLG2 1.20e-01 2.28e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 TSSC1 6.08e-02 2.29e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 FLJ41856 8.02e-02 2.29e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 ZNF711 1.16e-01 2.29e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 RNF44 -1.36e-01 2.29e-03 0.2602
NC_000009.11 GABBR2 1.13e-01 2.29e-03 0.2602
NC_000020.10 C20orf96 3.43e-02 2.29e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 CFLAR -6.94e-02 2.29e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 CAMK2B 4.25e-02 2.29e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 JAKMIP2 8.40e-02 2.30e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 SNORD115-42 4.99e-02 2.30e-03 0.2602
NC_000009.11 FBP1 -1.83e-01 2.30e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 TMEM140 -1.85e-01 2.30e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 FUBP1 -8.50e-02 2.30e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 BRF1 -5.84e-02 2.30e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 SNORD116-2 4.91e-02 2.30e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 ZBTB4 3.37e-02 2.30e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 PARD3 5.48e-02 2.30e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 ACOX3 6.58e-02 2.30e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 PRPH2 5.40e-02 2.30e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 NCK2 -1.68e-01 2.30e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 BAIAP2 4.60e-02 2.31e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 MAD1L1 6.02e-02 2.31e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 ANO1 4.16e-02 2.31e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 DCP2 1.12e-01 2.31e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 KLHL12 4.61e-02 2.31e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 VPS25 7.29e-02 2.31e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 FOLH1B 6.87e-02 2.31e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 SDSL 3.64e-02 2.31e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 C3orf21 4.48e-02 2.31e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 PRRT4 1.19e-01 2.31e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 TBXAS1 5.05e-02 2.31e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 LOC100130274 1.17e-01 2.31e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 ZNF41 7.61e-02 2.32e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 MYO1E 3.42e-02 2.32e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 F7 -4.96e-02 2.32e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 CLUAP1 -5.47e-02 2.57e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 GINS4 1.19e-01 2.33e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 ITM2A 7.25e-02 2.33e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 FAM131C 3.40e-02 2.33e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 ANGPT1 1.54e-01 2.33e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 4.36e-02 2.33e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 TFAP2B 2.56e-01 2.33e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 HDAC4 4.82e-02 2.33e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 PLIN3 -3.55e-02 2.33e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 CASP4 1.64e-01 2.33e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 AGAP1 6.71e-02 2.33e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 MYEOV2 4.00e-02 2.33e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 FAM47A 6.57e-02 2.33e-03 0.2602
NC_000020.10 BTBD3 6.30e-02 2.34e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 KATNAL1 -3.58e-02 2.34e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 NCRNA00171 7.61e-02 2.34e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 PPP1R14A 3.15e-02 2.34e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 LOC401463 -6.62e-02 2.34e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 COMMD8 8.59e-02 2.34e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 TANC2 2.12e-01 2.34e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 PTGER4 9.88e-02 2.34e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 SNRNP25 5.98e-02 2.34e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 TXLNA 6.25e-02 2.34e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 CD74 -1.82e-01 2.35e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 YY2 6.25e-02 2.35e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 PPM1H 4.73e-02 2.35e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 PENK 9.05e-02 2.35e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 SGK1 -1.18e-01 2.35e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 KIAA0753 6.03e-02 2.35e-03 0.2602
NC_000021.8 RBM11 7.52e-02 2.35e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 DNAH7 -3.05e-02 2.35e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 RPH3A 6.33e-02 2.35e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 BGN 6.18e-02 2.35e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 GULP1 4.81e-02 2.36e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 ADARB2 6.43e-02 2.36e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 IRS4 6.23e-02 2.36e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 PARM1 5.61e-02 2.36e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 GPN3 3.01e-02 2.36e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 RAB19 -5.12e-02 2.36e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 ZIK1 4.30e-02 2.36e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 TMEM27 5.20e-02 2.36e-03 0.2602
NC_000020.10 NCRNA00028 -1.79e-01 2.36e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 CSNK1A1 -3.73e-02 2.36e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 JTB -5.03e-02 2.36e-03 0.2602
NC_000009.11 C9orf144 3.94e-02 2.37e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 FFAR1 3.17e-02 2.37e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 RGS12 2.79e-02 2.37e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 MYO1D -1.83e-01 2.37e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 THG1L 8.21e-02 2.37e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 PCDHGA2 1.79e-01 2.37e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 TM4SF20 4.87e-02 2.38e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 NR3C1 1.49e-01 2.38e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 NUBPL 6.20e-02 2.38e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 TAP1 -1.93e-01 2.38e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 PHLDA2 -4.16e-02 2.38e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 ZXDB 6.34e-02 2.38e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 ADRA1A 1.14e-01 2.38e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 ITGB7 -2.19e-01 2.38e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 EIF2AK4 7.10e-02 2.38e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 TRIM40 4.05e-02 2.38e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 RGNEF 8.99e-02 2.39e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 ZNF710 -1.48e-01 2.39e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 SIK3 -1.23e-01 2.39e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 SLC9A3 4.59e-02 2.39e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 TM4SF4 1.17e-01 2.39e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 WFDC1 -8.94e-02 2.39e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 WHSC2 4.67e-02 2.39e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 TSC2 -8.70e-02 2.39e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 FANK1 8.72e-02 2.39e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 DNER -7.41e-02 2.39e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 TDP1 7.28e-02 2.40e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 PTP4A2 -3.58e-02 2.40e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 SLC5A8 7.72e-02 2.40e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 SPATA18 5.42e-02 2.40e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 LOC440461 -7.21e-02 2.40e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 NUBPL 8.55e-02 2.40e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 CCR9 4.76e-02 2.40e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 COL13A1 4.40e-02 2.40e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 EYS 1.19e-01 2.40e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 ETNK1 1.08e-01 2.40e-03 0.2602
NC_000022.10 CPT1B 1.41e-01 2.40e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 PBX1 6.66e-02 2.40e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 AHRR 5.53e-02 2.40e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 PANX1 1.34e-01 2.40e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 PCCA 1.68e-01 2.40e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 SMAP1 1.04e-01 2.41e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 HLA-A -3.17e-02 2.41e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 NLE1 4.07e-02 2.41e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 RNF151 6.34e-02 2.41e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 C1QTNF7 5.04e-02 2.41e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 MIB2 2.13e-01 2.41e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 SPATA5L1 -4.06e-02 2.41e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 AUTS2 1.43e-01 2.42e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 ARNTL2 -1.75e-01 2.42e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 NCRNA00171 5.17e-02 2.42e-03 0.2602
NC_000021.8 KCNE1 1.78e-01 2.42e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 OR2C1 6.01e-02 2.42e-03 0.2602
NC_000024.9 RPS4Y2 -2.15e-01 2.42e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 IRS2 1.17e-01 2.42e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 SNORA27 6.58e-02 2.42e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 GLI4 1.26e-01 2.42e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 KIAA0226 1.21e-01 2.42e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 BHLHB9 4.80e-02 2.42e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 LOC652276 -9.72e-02 2.43e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 DCAF12L2 4.95e-02 2.43e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 MMP2 3.99e-02 2.43e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 UGT2B15 2.14e-01 2.43e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 DLGAP2 -7.66e-02 2.43e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 CHST8 4.55e-02 2.43e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 FAM193B 9.25e-02 2.44e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 KIRREL 1.27e-01 2.44e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 SLC39A11 5.54e-02 2.44e-03 0.2602
NC_000018.9 CEP192 3.56e-02 2.44e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 NCAN 7.54e-02 2.44e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 TTC3L 8.79e-02 2.44e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 RAI1 1.18e-01 2.44e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 MARCH10 -1.56e-01 2.44e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 NADSYN1 -1.63e-01 2.45e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 THUMPD3 -3.10e-02 2.45e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 ANO3 -1.45e-01 2.45e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 SLC8A2 8.47e-02 2.45e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 PRICKLE3 3.16e-02 2.45e-03 0.2602
NC_000020.10 GATA5 -6.91e-02 2.45e-03 0.2602
NC_000022.10 MED15 5.13e-02 2.45e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 SMARCAL1 5.47e-02 2.45e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 WDR60 4.19e-02 2.45e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 C11orf30 8.08e-02 2.45e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 NFKBIE -1.17e-01 2.46e-03 0.2602
NC_000018.9 LAMA1 6.67e-02 2.46e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 THBS4 -8.61e-02 2.46e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 MTSS1 4.16e-02 2.46e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 ZNF717 5.98e-02 2.46e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 KCNU1 9.29e-02 2.46e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 SDHAP3 -8.24e-02 2.46e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 BARX2 -3.75e-02 2.46e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 WNT3 1.22e-01 2.46e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 OMA1 4.79e-02 2.47e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 TYR 9.33e-02 2.47e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 DIP2C 4.02e-02 2.47e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 CHRNA5 -4.12e-02 2.47e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 TRPS1 8.36e-02 2.47e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 LYST 1.17e-01 2.47e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 CLEC2D -1.60e-01 2.47e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 ATAD3C -7.83e-02 2.47e-03 0.2602
NC_000022.10 BCR 5.71e-02 2.48e-03 0.2602
NC_000022.10 FBXO7 6.78e-02 2.48e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 NKPD1 3.90e-02 2.48e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 TNXB -1.95e-01 2.48e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 C6orf174 1.96e-01 2.48e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 CCDC102A -2.50e-01 2.48e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 TMEM233 1.20e-01 2.48e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 CASP9 -3.61e-02 2.48e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 SLC38A9 1.43e-01 2.49e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 NRG2 5.84e-02 2.49e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 RIMBP2 4.42e-02 2.49e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 TRIM46 2.60e-01 2.49e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 DLX6AS 1.05e-01 2.49e-03 0.2602
NC_000020.10 ProSAPiP1 8.37e-02 2.49e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 TAAR6 8.32e-02 2.49e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 BST2 -1.62e-01 2.49e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 MEGF11 4.38e-02 2.49e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 GSDMD -4.48e-02 2.49e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 ZNF570 8.73e-02 2.49e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 SHC4 7.52e-02 2.50e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 SH2D3A 5.79e-02 2.50e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 PRDM16 4.25e-02 2.50e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 RFC3 1.07e-01 2.50e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 USP53 -7.42e-02 2.50e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 HCN1 7.82e-02 2.50e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 HCG18 5.56e-02 2.50e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 CCDC3 3.54e-02 2.50e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 TINAGL1 -9.40e-02 2.50e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 CCDC109A 7.26e-02 2.51e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 PDE4D 5.61e-02 2.51e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 SASH1 5.39e-02 2.51e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 EIF3H 7.04e-02 2.51e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 PDE4DIP 7.41e-02 2.51e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 CKAP4 3.66e-02 2.51e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 DLG3 1.03e-01 2.52e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 DSPP 8.59e-02 2.52e-03 0.2602
NC_000022.10 SELO 6.87e-02 2.52e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 CPT1A 4.02e-02 2.52e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 MICB 4.03e-02 2.52e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 RUNX2 -8.14e-02 2.52e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 TRIM26 5.32e-02 2.52e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 ZNF608 1.19e-01 2.53e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 TMEM232 -1.11e-01 2.53e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 LOC100190939 -1.35e-01 2.53e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 WDR20 4.08e-02 2.53e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 C1orf87 6.54e-02 2.53e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 NRP2 -2.41e-01 2.53e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 FAM24B 7.54e-02 2.53e-03 0.2602
NC_000009.11 FOXE1 -2.23e-01 2.53e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 SLC22A18AS -2.62e-01 2.54e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 CAPN3 -1.79e-01 2.54e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 EHMT2 3.01e-02 2.54e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 SIL1 6.63e-02 2.54e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 CSRP3 6.95e-02 2.54e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 CBFA2T3 -8.37e-02 2.54e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 RRP15 7.71e-02 2.54e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 C15orf38 4.99e-02 2.55e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 TMEM232 -1.61e-01 2.55e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 CRHBP 1.22e-01 2.55e-03 0.2602
NC_000009.11 ZNF462 1.08e-01 2.55e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 PGBD5 3.66e-02 2.55e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 SPRY1 9.78e-02 2.55e-03 0.2602
NC_000009.11 TRAF2 -3.86e-02 2.82e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 RIN3 -1.34e-01 2.55e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 TGFBR2 9.78e-02 2.55e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 TNFSF13B -1.73e-01 2.55e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 CNST 1.17e-01 2.55e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 CPNE4 1.61e-01 2.56e-03 0.2602
NC_000022.10 SEC14L3 -1.21e-01 2.56e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 OR52W1 1.02e-01 2.56e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 STK19 7.02e-02 2.56e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 CCDC129 1.02e-01 2.56e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 PHLDB2 -6.50e-02 2.56e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 CHRM5 8.22e-02 2.56e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 RPGRIP1 5.89e-02 2.56e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 MARCKS -2.01e-01 2.56e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 TBC1D14 5.28e-02 2.57e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 GPX6 5.54e-02 2.57e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 VTA1 5.44e-02 2.57e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 FAM19A2 1.18e-01 2.57e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 LOC153328 -1.61e-01 2.57e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 PAGE5 7.65e-02 2.57e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 CENPN 9.48e-02 2.57e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 GCM2 -1.16e-01 2.57e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 HSP90AB2P 4.73e-02 2.57e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 BAT2 6.26e-02 2.57e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 CD74 -1.71e-01 2.58e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 HLA-DRA -1.44e-01 2.58e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 MLYCD 7.66e-02 2.58e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 EMB 9.84e-02 2.58e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 TROVE2 6.68e-02 2.58e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 CUX1 4.64e-02 2.58e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 USP35 1.03e-01 2.58e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 HMG20A 1.43e-01 2.58e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 FAM111A 8.58e-02 2.58e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 FGF12 -1.03e-01 2.58e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 PLK5P 7.01e-02 2.58e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 ZNF491 7.97e-02 2.59e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 TRAF3IP3 -2.22e-01 2.59e-03 0.2602
NC_000018.9 APCDD1 2.22e-01 2.59e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 CUX1 -2.20e-01 2.59e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 ADARB2 6.35e-02 2.59e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 EPHB2 1.02e-01 2.59e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 CCDC144NL 1.09e-01 2.59e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 NXF3 7.45e-02 2.59e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 LQK1 5.06e-02 2.59e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 VAT1L 9.59e-02 2.60e-03 0.2602
NC_000020.10 SDCBP2 8.45e-02 2.60e-03 0.2602
NC_000022.10 C22orf28 8.56e-02 2.60e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 HCCA2 6.29e-02 2.60e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 SCLT1 2.05e-01 2.60e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 FAM176A -8.61e-02 2.60e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 CR2 9.85e-02 2.60e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 C6orf62 6.26e-02 2.60e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 RASA3 -3.68e-01 2.60e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 C1orf109 6.90e-02 2.61e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 ARL8B 1.16e-01 2.61e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 ASCL2 3.41e-02 2.61e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 LOC100133469 3.93e-02 2.61e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 HLA-DRA 4.88e-02 2.61e-03 0.2602
NC_000020.10 MIR663 -3.23e-02 2.61e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 ASB9 8.04e-02 2.61e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 C15orf41 6.89e-02 2.61e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 ZSCAN12L1 1.13e-01 2.61e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 TMEM140 -9.33e-02 2.62e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 CLK4 7.03e-02 2.62e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 C4orf36 5.62e-02 2.62e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 HDX 7.20e-02 2.62e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 FREM2 -3.58e-02 2.62e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 LOC254559 -1.96e-01 2.62e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 LDHA 6.06e-02 2.62e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 SNTG2 4.08e-02 2.62e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 COPZ1 5.31e-02 2.63e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 RSPH10B2 1.02e-01 2.63e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 SPG7 4.32e-02 2.63e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 RNF44 -1.20e-01 2.63e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 NT5C1B 7.90e-02 2.63e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 ATP11A 3.98e-02 2.63e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 ZNF239 3.28e-02 2.63e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 ATP1A4 3.04e-01 2.64e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 NEU1 5.97e-02 2.64e-03 0.2602
NC_000020.10 GNAS -2.42e-01 2.64e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 TRNP1 3.13e-02 2.64e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 GNG7 -1.84e-01 2.64e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 JARID2 4.56e-02 2.64e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 DLGAP2 6.60e-02 2.64e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 C1orf77 -2.03e-01 2.64e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 HMG20B 2.20e-01 2.64e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 LPAR4 5.98e-02 2.64e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 C5orf39 -1.01e-01 2.64e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 SLC9A6 7.17e-02 2.64e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 ARGLU1 4.01e-02 2.65e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 MYO10 9.26e-02 2.65e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 RPL23AP32 4.07e-02 2.65e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 FAM196A 9.20e-02 2.65e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 KLHDC5 7.89e-02 2.65e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 ZNF423 3.39e-02 2.65e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 SP140L -8.24e-02 2.65e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 GYG2 -8.09e-02 2.65e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 SPINK2 -1.23e-01 2.65e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 PQLC2 3.53e-02 2.65e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 KCNN3 -5.65e-02 2.65e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 C6orf26 7.34e-02 2.66e-03 0.2602
NC_000022.10 BIK 8.68e-02 2.94e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 CAMTA1 -4.86e-02 2.66e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 BLK 5.99e-02 2.66e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 PLIN3 -3.78e-02 2.66e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 SNX29 1.41e-01 2.67e-03 0.2602
NC_000022.10 ADM2 -6.89e-02 2.67e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 CLCN5 5.13e-02 2.67e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 GLUL 1.65e-01 2.67e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 CUX1 3.33e-02 2.67e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 CATSPERG 4.86e-02 2.67e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 HLA-DQB2 1.14e-01 2.67e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 CTLA4 1.31e-01 2.68e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 DSCAML1 -6.49e-02 2.68e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 ZC3H18 7.25e-02 2.68e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 VSIG4 6.38e-02 2.68e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 AGBL4 8.78e-02 2.68e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 UNKL -1.03e-01 2.68e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 TAS2R60 3.97e-02 2.68e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 SORBS1 5.33e-02 2.68e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 AOAH 5.31e-02 2.68e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 MIR136 5.46e-02 2.68e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 TRDN 1.70e-01 2.68e-03 0.2602
NC_000021.8 PKNOX1 9.15e-02 2.69e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 EYA1 7.89e-02 2.69e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 SRCIN1 -1.31e-01 2.69e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 ANLN 8.49e-02 2.69e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 C10orf32 1.10e-01 2.69e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 DLC1 7.22e-02 2.69e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 GRB10 4.81e-02 2.69e-03 0.2602
NC_000021.8 KRTAP25-1 -4.23e-02 2.69e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 CCT6P1 1.14e-01 2.69e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 EPHB2 4.18e-02 2.70e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 KRTAP2-1 1.00e-01 2.70e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 FARP1 8.15e-02 2.70e-03 0.2602
NC_000020.10 SLC12A5 -6.88e-02 2.70e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 IKZF1 1.33e-01 2.70e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 TBC1D16 -8.86e-02 2.70e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 OR4C12 8.90e-02 2.70e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 CUGBP1 1.04e-01 2.70e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 RAB5B 5.43e-02 2.70e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 SLC41A3 -6.54e-02 2.70e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 DCAF7 7.10e-02 2.70e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 FLNB 7.89e-02 2.71e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 NTM -5.03e-02 2.71e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 MAGEA2 5.01e-02 2.71e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 NINJ2 7.29e-02 2.71e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 SYNPO2 8.93e-02 2.71e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 CLASP1 -1.38e-01 2.71e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 PAGE2B 5.81e-02 2.71e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 HSPA1L 3.18e-02 2.72e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 C1orf105 -1.10e-01 2.72e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 LDB2 5.50e-02 2.72e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 BMP8A -6.18e-02 2.72e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 FBXO42 9.38e-02 2.73e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 ADAMTS10 1.18e-01 2.73e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 TNS3 3.80e-02 2.73e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 KLHL11 5.17e-02 2.73e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 FGF14 7.13e-02 2.73e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 DENND4A 6.88e-02 2.73e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 COL11A2 4.12e-02 2.73e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 GLYATL1 8.13e-02 2.74e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 LOC641518 -1.75e-01 2.74e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 TMEM190 1.20e-01 2.74e-03 0.2602
NC_000020.10 WFDC2 4.91e-02 2.74e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 DCUN1D3 2.09e-01 2.74e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 ZNF837 6.50e-02 2.74e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 LOC100128977 5.90e-02 2.74e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 CAPZA1 -1.24e-01 2.74e-03 0.2602
NC_000022.10 CSF2RB -2.07e-01 2.75e-03 0.2602
NC_000022.10 CRELD2 1.25e-01 2.75e-03 0.2602
NC_000009.11 IFNA8 5.06e-02 2.76e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 CADM4 9.34e-02 2.76e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 HOOK1 6.77e-02 2.76e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 PCDHB19P 5.89e-02 2.76e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 PASD1 3.72e-02 2.76e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 PDE8A 6.85e-02 2.77e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 C10orf11 5.86e-02 2.77e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 FLJ41603 -1.13e-01 2.77e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 NAT8B -1.12e-01 2.77e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 GKN1 1.27e-01 2.77e-03 0.2602
NC_000018.9 ANKRD12 6.23e-02 2.77e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 TNFSF13B -1.21e-01 2.78e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 3.93e-02 2.78e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 TFAP2B 9.85e-02 2.78e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 FAM27L 7.29e-02 2.78e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 DIRC3 4.64e-02 2.78e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 HSPB9 4.45e-02 2.78e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 XYLT1 6.34e-02 2.78e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 MVP 5.80e-02 2.78e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 GPRIN1 8.37e-02 2.78e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 PSMB8 -1.95e-01 2.78e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 TRIM39 4.68e-02 2.78e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 ARHGEF10 3.40e-02 2.79e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 GABRP 4.97e-02 2.79e-03 0.2602
NC_000020.10 DEFB118 7.51e-02 2.79e-03 0.2602
NC_000009.11 PPAPDC3 6.43e-02 2.79e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 EYA1 -1.07e-01 2.80e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 CAV3 6.66e-02 2.80e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 ARID1B 9.16e-02 2.80e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 ACTN2 6.49e-02 2.80e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 KIAA0195 4.24e-02 2.80e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 BEND7 -1.65e-01 2.80e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 RHBDL3 5.00e-02 2.80e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 CRTC3 -1.13e-01 2.80e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 GPR123 4.48e-02 2.80e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 GLIPR1L2 -4.40e-02 2.80e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 KIAA1804 2.60e-01 2.81e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 NEBL 8.77e-02 2.81e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 OR9A2 1.01e-01 2.81e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 RNF207 -1.24e-01 2.81e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 C15orf41 1.20e-01 2.81e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 ANGPTL5 5.20e-02 2.81e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 TMBIM4 1.03e-01 2.81e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 XAF1 -7.06e-02 2.81e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 JAK1 7.12e-02 2.82e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 4.62e-02 2.82e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 CYC1 7.53e-02 2.82e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 LGALS13 1.75e-01 2.82e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 HS3ST3B1 1.71e-01 2.82e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 C4orf31 6.82e-02 2.82e-03 0.2602
NC_000020.10 WFDC6 7.25e-02 2.83e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 PTGER1 2.37e-01 2.83e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 LNX2 6.68e-02 2.83e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 GABRA6 -8.17e-02 2.83e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 PCDHGA4 8.33e-02 2.83e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 MYLK3 -9.49e-02 2.83e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 ZNF557 -4.17e-02 2.83e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 JAG2 4.61e-02 2.84e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 RAD50 1.47e-01 2.84e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 ENPEP 4.94e-02 2.84e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 NCOR2 3.61e-02 2.84e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 SRCIN1 -1.25e-01 2.84e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 CASP14 3.68e-02 2.84e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 IL1RL2 8.30e-02 2.84e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 LYN -9.09e-02 2.84e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 PKIB -3.24e-02 2.84e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 DPF3 6.48e-02 2.84e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 DPP6 5.02e-02 2.85e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 MYT1L 3.34e-02 2.85e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 KIAA1751 -7.22e-02 2.85e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 DMAP1 5.19e-02 2.85e-03 0.2602
NC_000022.10 TTC28 8.14e-02 2.85e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 LOC100128542 1.02e-01 2.85e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 RNF11 6.63e-02 2.85e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 CHST11 1.26e-01 2.85e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 FAM73A 5.82e-02 2.85e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 PFKFB3 6.22e-02 2.86e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 C8B 6.08e-02 2.86e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 KRT1 9.86e-02 2.86e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 FANK1 5.62e-02 2.86e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 KANK3 -7.65e-02 2.86e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 PPIAL4B 7.40e-02 2.86e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 NLRP6 3.77e-01 2.87e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 FHDC1 3.10e-02 2.88e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 CD74 -1.23e-01 2.88e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 ADARB2 1.44e-01 2.88e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 SKI 8.09e-02 2.88e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 GLI2 4.63e-02 2.89e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 CBFA2T3 -9.58e-02 2.89e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 NCAM1 -3.75e-02 2.89e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 HIST1H2BK -6.99e-02 2.89e-03 0.2602
NC_000022.10 TBX1 -4.33e-02 2.89e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 STK38L 1.35e-01 2.89e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 C14orf72 -3.56e-02 2.89e-03 0.2602
NC_000024.9 EIF1AY -2.44e-01 2.89e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 KPNA2 -2.63e-02 2.89e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 NAV2 7.60e-02 2.90e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 C1orf228 -2.39e-01 2.90e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 THSD4 8.32e-02 2.90e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 OR10V1 8.35e-02 2.90e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 TMEM185A 1.02e-01 2.90e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 GULP1 1.12e-01 2.90e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 TNIK 1.20e-01 2.90e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 CACNG4 -1.06e-01 2.90e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 LOC148824 4.71e-02 2.90e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 KCNQ1 6.16e-02 2.90e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 KCNV1 1.66e-01 2.90e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 SHC2 6.96e-02 2.91e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 EFNA5 6.85e-02 2.91e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 CPA5 7.23e-02 2.91e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 SCARNA9 1.01e-01 2.91e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 C10orf88 9.60e-02 2.91e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 C1orf86 5.90e-02 2.92e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 MUM1 5.64e-02 2.92e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 CLRN1 5.35e-02 2.92e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 SP140L -1.11e-01 2.92e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 GLI3 1.08e-01 2.93e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 CHN2 1.63e-01 2.93e-03 0.2602
NC_000009.11 SEC16A 6.20e-02 2.93e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 GDF9 1.03e-01 2.93e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 ATP11A 3.82e-02 2.93e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 MAP2K6 4.28e-02 2.93e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 HOMER1 5.95e-02 2.93e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 HCG2P7 5.41e-02 2.94e-03 0.2602
NC_000021.8 BACE2 5.98e-02 2.94e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 ADARB2 7.25e-02 2.94e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 FRMD4A 2.71e-02 2.94e-03 0.2602
NC_000021.8 WRB -6.45e-02 2.94e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 FBXL7 4.50e-02 2.94e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 CGA 9.53e-02 2.94e-03 0.2602
NC_000009.11 GLIS3 5.57e-02 2.94e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 PTGER3 3.73e-02 2.94e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 ACSL5 -2.00e-01 2.95e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 TAF13 6.61e-02 2.95e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 EXOC4 2.04e-01 2.95e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 ORC2L 4.34e-02 2.95e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 MOSC2 -1.41e-01 2.95e-03 0.2602
NC_000021.8 KCNE1 1.18e-01 2.95e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 C15orf33 4.34e-02 2.96e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 CCKBR -4.86e-02 2.96e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 PCOLCE2 -4.35e-02 2.96e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 FLJ36000 8.31e-02 2.96e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 FLJ36000 4.71e-02 2.96e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 CERKL 1.01e-01 2.96e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 FBXO22 7.19e-02 2.97e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 C1orf35 1.05e-01 2.97e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 PLEKHG7 1.44e-01 2.97e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 KLHDC4 3.59e-02 2.97e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 RIMS3 4.18e-02 2.97e-03 0.2602
NC_000009.11 FOXE1 -2.44e-01 2.97e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 LOC100271832 6.61e-02 2.98e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 PVRL4 -1.30e-01 2.98e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 DERA 4.85e-02 2.98e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 B3GALT1 8.56e-02 2.98e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 GPR88 8.26e-02 2.98e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 ATG9B 1.05e-01 2.98e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 ANKRD33B 4.09e-02 2.98e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 HRNBP3 5.21e-02 2.99e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 INADL 6.33e-02 2.99e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 HCN2 5.74e-02 2.99e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 INPP4A -6.07e-02 2.99e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 TLR1 7.33e-02 2.99e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 RPTOR 6.24e-02 3.31e-03 0.2602
NC_000022.10 MAPK8IP2 -5.47e-02 2.99e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 ANKS1B -2.94e-02 3.00e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 EP400 4.80e-02 3.00e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 GRIK4 3.86e-02 3.00e-03 0.2602
NC_000020.10 C20orf123 6.06e-02 3.00e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 EPSTI1 -1.79e-01 3.00e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 UCA1 6.15e-02 3.00e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 LYRM1 1.80e-01 3.00e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 TBC1D5 -1.12e-01 3.00e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 FLJ32810 -4.01e-02 3.00e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 DSCC1 1.18e-01 3.01e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 TMEM67 9.45e-02 3.01e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 LY6G6E 1.08e-01 3.01e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 AXIN2 4.72e-02 3.01e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 ATP8B3 -5.41e-02 3.01e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 HHIPL1 -1.27e-01 3.01e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 ILDR1 -6.59e-02 3.01e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 CYP2W1 -9.56e-02 3.01e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 ODF2L 6.47e-02 3.01e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 UNC5B 5.15e-02 3.01e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 LOC283267 9.74e-02 3.01e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 UBD 6.55e-02 3.01e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 MAGI1 -1.79e-01 3.34e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 C6orf58 5.94e-02 3.02e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 LRCH2 5.64e-02 3.02e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 C2orf62 5.83e-02 3.02e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 KIAA1462 1.30e-01 3.02e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 IGFL3 1.61e-01 3.02e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 RGL1 6.83e-02 3.03e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 SRCIN1 -1.19e-01 3.03e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 C7orf53 1.28e-01 3.03e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 STRAP 6.10e-02 3.03e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 ADARB2 6.56e-02 3.03e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 TET1 -1.52e-01 3.04e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 IFI27 -3.21e-01 3.04e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 RHBDD1 1.12e-01 3.04e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 LOC653486 -6.92e-02 3.04e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 MOS 8.56e-02 3.04e-03 0.2602
NC_000018.9 TNFRSF11A -1.01e-01 3.04e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 OR2T34 5.17e-02 3.04e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 EYA4 1.41e-01 3.04e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 CCNA1 -2.30e-01 3.05e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 TBC1D24 -2.85e-02 3.05e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 PRR23A 6.25e-02 3.05e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 RASAL1 -1.05e-01 3.05e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 DUSP22 4.40e-02 3.05e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 CAPS2 4.34e-02 3.05e-03 0.2602
NC_000022.10 DDX17 5.06e-02 3.05e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 PCDHGA2 6.84e-02 3.05e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 GLI3 7.45e-02 3.05e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 HESX1 5.46e-02 3.05e-03 0.2602
NC_000020.10 NCRNA00028 -9.44e-02 3.06e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 NFIC -5.33e-02 3.06e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 STARD8 4.06e-02 3.06e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 PDGFA 7.13e-02 3.06e-03 0.2602
NC_000021.8 KCNE1 1.85e-01 3.06e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 SAMD3 1.51e-01 3.06e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 TFAP2B 2.03e-01 3.07e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 PEA15 -4.35e-02 3.07e-03 0.2602
NC_000020.10 MMP9 -1.81e-01 3.07e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 C5orf30 6.04e-02 3.07e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 TDRD1 6.20e-02 3.07e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 TEP1 5.24e-02 3.07e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 PUM1 1.69e-01 3.07e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 OPCML 5.70e-02 3.07e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 AICDA 9.44e-02 3.07e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 ZNF311 1.37e-01 3.07e-03 0.2602
NC_000020.10 NCRNA00176 -5.19e-02 3.07e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 SPDYA 1.28e-01 3.07e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 CD74 -2.21e-01 3.08e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 ATP6V0E2 5.73e-02 3.08e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 SRPK2 8.66e-02 3.08e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 DCAF4L2 5.99e-02 3.08e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 YWHAG -1.61e-01 3.08e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 TCF7L2 -4.50e-02 3.08e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 UTRN 1.24e-01 3.09e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 ATP5S 9.23e-02 3.09e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 GSTP1 -1.04e-01 3.09e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 ANKH 4.13e-02 3.09e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 MCF2L -1.07e-01 3.09e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 ZSCAN10 4.73e-02 3.09e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 SLC1A2 -1.08e-01 3.09e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 SCML1 8.22e-02 3.09e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 MSRA 1.23e-01 3.09e-03 0.2602
NC_000021.8 SLC37A1 8.74e-02 3.09e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 NSUN2 5.59e-02 3.10e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 TSPAN10 7.80e-02 3.10e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 SHANK2 5.62e-02 3.10e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 GABARAPL2 6.81e-02 3.10e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 LOC728024 1.20e-01 3.10e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 ANK3 9.96e-02 3.44e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 CDK2 9.27e-02 3.11e-03 0.2602
NC_000018.9 PTPRM 1.06e-01 3.11e-03 0.2602
NC_000009.11 SNAPC4 6.57e-02 3.11e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 SMPD3 6.98e-02 3.11e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 CASZ1 -8.11e-02 3.11e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 SLC9A1 -7.51e-02 3.12e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 SOX6 7.07e-02 3.12e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 NTN4 9.69e-02 3.12e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 ZCCHC12 8.51e-02 3.12e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 ZNF622 1.12e-01 3.12e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 ITFG1 1.69e-01 3.12e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 XPO4 1.19e-01 3.12e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 BCL3 -8.50e-02 3.13e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 AUTS2 9.30e-02 3.13e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 NAALAD2 -4.73e-02 3.13e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 FGFR2 4.99e-02 3.13e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 GRHL3 -2.48e-01 3.13e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 ADAMTS17 4.86e-02 3.14e-03 0.2602
NC_000021.8 MX2 -1.17e-01 3.14e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 USP29 1.30e-01 3.14e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 COL23A1 5.64e-02 3.14e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 REG1B 8.02e-02 3.14e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 SV2B 4.37e-02 3.15e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 ACTN1 4.74e-02 3.15e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 SLC22A23 8.67e-02 3.15e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 ITGB8 -4.64e-02 3.15e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 SLC26A6 4.13e-02 3.15e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 KIAA1530 -3.43e-02 3.15e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 SULT6B1 1.63e-01 3.15e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 ZMYND11 6.49e-02 3.15e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 ELMO1 5.50e-02 3.15e-03 0.2602
NC_000009.11 FOXE1 -2.14e-01 3.15e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 PRKCB 9.97e-02 3.16e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 KLHDC4 5.11e-02 3.16e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 ART3 1.32e-01 3.16e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 SH3BP5 4.45e-02 3.16e-03 0.2602
NC_000020.10 SLC12A5 -7.16e-02 3.16e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 MIB2 1.11e-01 3.16e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 IL32 1.07e-01 3.16e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 GPR113 8.28e-02 3.16e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 TCERG1L 4.47e-02 3.16e-03 0.2602
NC_000021.8 BAGE4 6.74e-02 3.16e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 TG 1.14e-01 3.17e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 GPX5 8.34e-02 3.17e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 LOC150568 3.56e-02 3.17e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 MIR2114 6.78e-02 3.17e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 RPL13AP3 8.61e-02 3.17e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 GPX6 4.84e-02 3.17e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 SLC30A3 1.49e-01 3.17e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 TERT 1.25e-01 3.17e-03 0.2602
NC_000009.11 MLLT3 -1.31e-01 3.17e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 TSSK1B 5.29e-02 3.18e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 DLX4 9.36e-02 3.18e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 ADAM23 1.29e-01 3.18e-03 0.2602
NC_000020.10 WFDC5 -1.77e-01 3.18e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 SHROOM3 -1.69e-01 3.18e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 SOX2OT -1.88e-01 3.18e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 CTDSPL 6.62e-02 3.18e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 SBF2 1.79e-01 3.18e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 CNR1 7.39e-02 3.18e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 NOS1AP 7.70e-02 3.18e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 C4orf31 7.16e-02 3.18e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 RASAL1 -1.04e-01 3.18e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 MVK 4.56e-02 3.19e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 IL23A -1.73e-01 3.19e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 C5orf13 5.21e-02 3.19e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 ATP8B4 1.32e-01 3.19e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 PIK3C2G 8.60e-02 3.19e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 CASZ1 5.43e-02 3.19e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 SLC2A9 -4.32e-01 3.19e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 SCN8A 1.00e-01 3.19e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 AADACL4 5.63e-02 3.19e-03 0.2602
NC_000018.9 KCNG2 4.06e-02 3.19e-03 0.2602
NC_000009.11 MIR600 5.56e-02 3.19e-03 0.2602
NC_000020.10 SNRPB 1.27e-01 3.19e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 ROR1 1.40e-01 3.20e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 GALK2 7.16e-02 3.20e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 ADAMTS14 4.50e-02 3.20e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 ERGIC1 3.19e-02 3.20e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 RPH3AL -1.54e-01 3.20e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 KIF6 3.58e-02 3.20e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 BCL8 4.97e-02 3.21e-03 0.2602
NC_000022.10 CLTCL1 4.37e-02 3.21e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 XCL2 6.45e-02 3.21e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 MDN1 6.77e-02 3.21e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 KLHL29 1.31e-01 3.21e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 MEPE 4.12e-01 3.21e-03 0.2602
NC_000018.9 IMPACT 9.49e-02 3.21e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 TMEM30C 3.30e-02 3.21e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 DGKD -1.10e-01 3.21e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 ESYT2 -2.05e-01 3.21e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 LCE2B 6.92e-02 3.21e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 GABBR1 3.67e-02 3.21e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 TTC4 3.27e-02 3.21e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 SYNE2 4.90e-02 3.22e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 NKIRAS2 -9.53e-02 3.22e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 NLRP12 3.13e-02 3.22e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 RAB7L1 8.00e-02 3.22e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 SEC14L1 4.87e-02 3.22e-03 0.2602
NC_000020.10 HCK -3.50e-02 3.22e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 PIAS1 5.76e-02 3.22e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 FAM35A -1.67e-01 3.22e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 SHROOM4 5.14e-02 3.22e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 PINK1 -2.89e-02 3.22e-03 0.2602
NC_000009.11 ADAMTS13 6.19e-02 3.22e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 EPHB3 1.69e-01 3.23e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 WNT10B -1.99e-01 3.57e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 ZNF775 4.88e-02 3.23e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 C13orf35 6.28e-02 3.23e-03 0.2602
NC_000022.10 A4GALT -1.60e-01 3.23e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 AFAP1 3.80e-02 3.23e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 HLA-E -1.39e-01 3.23e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 EPB41L2 1.09e-01 3.23e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 NAT1 4.28e-02 3.23e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 DLX6AS 1.27e-01 3.23e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 MRC1 5.45e-02 3.24e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 SVIL 9.86e-02 3.24e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 MNAT1 1.96e-01 3.24e-03 0.2602
NC_000022.10 RBX1 -7.76e-02 3.24e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 TNFSF13B -6.40e-02 3.24e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 4.34e-02 3.24e-03 0.2602
NC_000022.10 UNC84B -3.43e-02 3.24e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 SLC12A7 3.46e-02 3.24e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 MORF4L1 3.77e-02 3.24e-03 0.2602
NC_000021.8 NCRNA00157 1.74e-01 3.25e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 SIX3 9.88e-02 3.25e-03 0.2602
NC_000009.11 FAM74A3 -1.21e-01 3.25e-03 0.2602
NC_000022.10 LZTR1 2.78e-02 3.25e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 MBOAT2 -6.92e-02 3.25e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 TAP1 -1.53e-01 3.25e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 NPAS3 -6.24e-02 3.25e-03 0.2602
NC_000022.10 BID 3.95e-02 3.25e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 SNTG2 4.40e-02 3.25e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 NOTCH4 1.36e-01 3.26e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 WHSC2 3.03e-02 3.26e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 SLC22A3 -1.08e-01 3.26e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 SP140 -1.75e-01 3.26e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 TP53I11 -1.32e-01 3.26e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 SCN8A -1.07e-01 3.26e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 ACN9 1.73e-01 3.26e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 PCDHGA2 9.43e-02 3.26e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 NRG1 2.60e-01 3.26e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 AFF3 7.60e-02 3.27e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 SLC6A19 4.30e-02 3.27e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 PRKAG2 1.14e-01 3.27e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 ADAM29 4.31e-02 3.27e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 STC2 -8.34e-02 3.27e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 PLAC8L1 1.71e-01 3.27e-03 0.2602
NC_000021.8 C21orf33 -1.14e-01 3.27e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 WDR86 -4.18e-02 3.27e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 LOC284688 7.54e-02 3.27e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 TP63 1.17e-01 3.28e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 RAD51L1 7.48e-02 3.28e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 TMEM86A -3.86e-02 3.28e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 LYPD5 4.58e-02 3.28e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 FRMD6 6.20e-02 3.28e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 PDLIM4 2.94e-02 3.29e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 HAUS7 9.88e-02 3.29e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 ST3GAL1 6.83e-02 3.29e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 PTP4A1 1.53e-01 3.29e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 HSD17B2 -9.85e-02 3.29e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 TCERG1L 4.28e-02 3.29e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 ATP11A 5.23e-02 3.30e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 SMG6 2.98e-02 3.30e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 SAMD4A 5.98e-02 3.30e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 ABT1 -1.42e-01 3.30e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 TMEM140 -2.54e-01 3.30e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 ZC3H12A -1.38e-01 3.30e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 COL4A5 8.37e-02 3.30e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 SAMD14 -3.05e-02 3.31e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 IFFO2 7.51e-02 3.31e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 LILRA5 4.11e-02 3.31e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 ECE1 -1.00e-01 3.31e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 KLF10 -2.77e-02 3.31e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 TMC8 2.79e-02 3.31e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 IKZF4 5.13e-02 3.31e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 GRM7 -1.01e-01 3.32e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 RASAL2 1.42e-01 3.32e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 PCCA 1.34e-01 3.32e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 ADARB2 5.77e-02 3.32e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 ZNF835 1.09e-01 3.32e-03 0.2602
NC_000022.10 ENTHD1 5.37e-02 3.32e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 KIAA1530 3.79e-02 3.32e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 NTF3 4.86e-02 3.32e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 ZNF330 5.06e-02 3.32e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 TDRD5 5.34e-02 3.33e-03 0.2602
NC_000018.9 LOC100130522 -2.11e-01 3.33e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 ATP2A1 7.38e-02 3.33e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 TAAR9 1.35e-01 3.33e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 STK32C 5.75e-02 3.33e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 MIR299 3.79e-02 3.33e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 ACOT7 2.33e-01 3.33e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 CD82 -1.77e-01 3.34e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 RUNX2 6.95e-02 3.34e-03 0.2602
NC_000009.11 WDR5 4.04e-02 3.34e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 CALHM3 1.23e-01 3.34e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 C3orf55 1.42e-01 3.34e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 SPTBN4 6.05e-02 3.34e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 DYNC1H1 7.04e-02 3.34e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 GALNT10 9.15e-02 3.34e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 TRIM31 4.04e-02 3.34e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 KIR2DL4 1.15e-01 3.34e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 TBCD 3.58e-02 3.34e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 PANX1 5.07e-02 3.35e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 MRPS9 8.38e-02 3.35e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 PHYHIPL 4.83e-02 3.35e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 INPP5A 2.95e-02 3.35e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 TAP2 7.42e-02 3.71e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 CERKL 7.33e-02 3.35e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 LRRC37B 8.01e-02 3.36e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 ARNT 8.01e-02 3.36e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 TRIM27 -1.72e-01 3.36e-03 0.2602
NC_000009.11 DENND1A 8.62e-02 3.36e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 FCRL3 1.01e-01 3.36e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 HS3ST3B1 1.42e-01 3.36e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 ABCA13 4.25e-02 3.36e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 SLC6A9 3.35e-02 3.36e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 TM4SF18 8.91e-02 3.36e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 GABBR1 4.96e-02 3.37e-03 0.2602
NC_000022.10 MOV10L1 3.49e-02 3.37e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 GXYLT2 -1.69e-01 3.37e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 BRE -5.21e-02 3.37e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 LGR4 4.72e-02 3.37e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 CCDC28B 4.18e-02 3.37e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 STUB1 4.29e-02 3.37e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 JPH1 3.99e-02 3.38e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 TPCN1 3.89e-02 3.38e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 ZNF254 -4.89e-02 3.38e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 5.34e-02 3.38e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 CADPS2 8.29e-02 3.38e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 DDX25 5.08e-02 3.38e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 FAM83B 4.07e-02 3.38e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 COL4A2 9.39e-02 3.38e-03 0.2602
NC_000021.8 RUNX1 2.55e-01 3.39e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 COL23A1 3.28e-02 3.39e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 LAMB4 7.96e-02 3.39e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 PAM 7.80e-02 3.39e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 CDH15 4.58e-02 3.39e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 TNFRSF1B 3.31e-02 3.39e-03 0.2602
NC_000020.10 BMP2 3.15e-02 3.39e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 ENPP5 8.37e-02 3.39e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 IQCE 1.02e-01 3.40e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 MAGEA4 4.15e-02 3.40e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 MFAP4 8.36e-02 3.40e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 TTBK1 7.76e-02 3.40e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 EDNRB 5.20e-02 3.40e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 PITPNM3 -1.35e-01 3.40e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 C19orf44 7.49e-02 3.40e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 ADARB2 7.01e-02 3.40e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 CARKD 3.97e-02 3.40e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 CREB1 1.24e-01 3.40e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 SMTNL1 6.53e-02 3.40e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 FAM115C 7.22e-02 3.41e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 PPM1A 1.03e-01 3.41e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 ATP11A 4.80e-02 3.77e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 HNRNPL 9.48e-02 3.41e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 EXOC4 9.36e-02 3.41e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 SYCE1L 4.62e-02 3.41e-03 0.2602
NC_000009.11 RXRA -1.02e-01 3.41e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 MOXD2 3.73e-02 3.42e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 CAPG 5.51e-02 3.42e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 LIFR 1.31e-01 3.42e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 LAMP2 9.00e-02 3.42e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 PLEK -1.68e-01 3.42e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 TSEN2 -3.65e-02 3.42e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 SLC6A19 6.54e-02 3.42e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 CCDC144A 6.29e-02 3.42e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 MSH3 -4.62e-02 3.42e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 TNFSF13B -1.74e-01 3.43e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 BANK1 7.15e-02 3.43e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 PAGE2 9.64e-02 3.43e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 PDILT 4.02e-02 3.43e-03 0.2602
NC_000022.10 PICK1 3.71e-02 3.43e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 C6orf10 1.09e-01 3.43e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 HYLS1 4.96e-02 3.44e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 COBL 6.38e-02 3.44e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 SOD2 -1.10e-01 3.44e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 C1orf185 1.03e-01 3.44e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 RGN 6.24e-02 3.44e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 MID1 7.97e-02 3.45e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 SLC45A4 5.21e-02 3.45e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 C2orf27A 5.07e-02 3.45e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 ANKRD43 -3.96e-02 3.45e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 HHAT 6.11e-02 3.45e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 TRRAP 6.58e-02 3.45e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 STK19 4.23e-02 3.45e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 ADCY5 -4.89e-02 3.45e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 PLEKHF1 -1.38e-01 3.45e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 MIR589 -1.40e-01 3.45e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 CMBL 3.52e-02 3.45e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 EML4 9.03e-02 3.46e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 IL1RAPL1 8.25e-02 3.46e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 BAI1 -1.97e-01 3.46e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 HCCA2 3.59e-02 3.46e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 UBR4 1.70e-01 3.46e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 SDC2 6.05e-02 3.46e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 FGGY 1.62e-01 3.47e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 KIDINS220 8.33e-02 3.47e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 DENND2A 9.51e-02 3.47e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 ZG16 5.47e-02 3.47e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 CACNA1C -4.34e-02 3.47e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 BCL6 -5.45e-02 3.47e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 AGAP1 1.08e-01 3.47e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 CT45A1 5.79e-02 3.47e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 KCNK10 3.93e-02 3.47e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 KCNH7 9.06e-02 3.47e-03 0.2602
NC_000018.9 SLC14A1 -5.85e-02 3.47e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 DYDC2 5.11e-02 3.48e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 MEGF11 5.10e-02 3.48e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 PCDHGA1 1.58e-01 3.48e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 PYDC2 1.32e-01 3.48e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 SOX6 1.05e-01 3.48e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 COMMD1 5.53e-02 3.48e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 INTS1 4.14e-02 3.49e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 GRIN2A 4.94e-02 3.49e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 CTBS 8.91e-02 3.49e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 PLCH2 -1.65e-01 3.49e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 LEKR1 1.44e-01 3.49e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 CHMP7 -1.82e-01 3.49e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 ALDH1A3 5.83e-02 3.50e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 FHIT 4.90e-02 3.50e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 DLL4 6.21e-02 3.50e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 TSSC1 3.39e-02 3.50e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 C3orf54 5.00e-02 3.50e-03 0.2602
NC_000018.9 SPIRE1 6.25e-02 3.50e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 SYCE1 8.47e-02 3.50e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 ZNF563 -4.99e-02 3.50e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 ABLIM2 3.72e-02 3.50e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 VEZF1 1.58e-01 3.50e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 LAT2 6.51e-02 3.50e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 HOXB13 1.16e-01 3.50e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 DIP2C 4.10e-02 3.50e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 BRSK2 -9.01e-02 3.50e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 ALDH1A3 -1.10e-01 3.50e-03 0.2602
NC_000009.11 PMPCA 4.20e-02 3.50e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 TMEM140 -1.36e-01 3.50e-03 0.2602
NC_000021.8 KCNE1 1.06e-01 3.50e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 DYNC1I1 1.07e-01 3.51e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 BAT2 3.92e-02 3.51e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 HPSE2 -1.00e-01 3.52e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 RGS17 1.14e-01 3.52e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 EHMT2 2.86e-02 3.52e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 GCNT3 1.30e-01 3.52e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 LRP1B 9.17e-02 3.52e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 MFSD7 -1.36e-01 3.52e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 LY6G6F 3.62e-02 3.52e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 PRKDC -3.95e-02 3.52e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 TREML4 1.00e-01 3.52e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 AFF1 9.07e-02 3.52e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 YIF1B 8.00e-02 3.52e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 DLG2 9.12e-02 3.53e-03 0.2602
NC_000018.9 SEC11C 4.88e-02 3.53e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 CLEC17A 4.21e-02 3.53e-03 0.2602
NC_000009.11 ALAD -1.32e-01 3.53e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 C6orf123 -9.91e-02 3.53e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 CTBP2 1.60e-01 3.54e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 EXTL1 4.11e-02 3.54e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 TNRC6C 1.08e-01 3.54e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 LILRP2 5.43e-02 3.54e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 MORN1 4.74e-02 3.54e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 OXTR 6.70e-02 3.54e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 VRK1 4.07e-02 3.54e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 MIR1256 1.12e-01 3.54e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 PSMD1 1.18e-01 3.55e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 WWOX 4.14e-02 3.55e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 EHMT2 3.35e-02 3.55e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 GLI4 1.74e-01 3.55e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 KCNN3 -4.06e-02 3.55e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 FAM153C 8.98e-02 3.55e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 NPAS3 6.23e-02 3.55e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 GLB1L3 9.60e-02 3.55e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 JAM3 -1.36e-01 3.55e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 PRKCB 1.13e-01 3.55e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 KIF6 1.35e-01 3.56e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 FAM120B 4.89e-02 3.56e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 MPRIP 9.78e-02 3.56e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 RNF39 4.12e-02 3.56e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 OPN1MW2 4.11e-02 3.56e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 NUDT1 6.05e-02 3.56e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 MMP15 4.05e-02 3.56e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 ZBTB40 3.56e-02 3.56e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 TNXB 9.70e-02 3.56e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 JPH3 -3.75e-02 3.57e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 ADCY3 -1.23e-01 3.57e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 HNMT 7.56e-02 3.57e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 C6orf195 4.23e-02 3.57e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 MIR410 4.09e-02 3.58e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 RASA3 -7.23e-02 3.58e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 ANKFY1 8.58e-02 3.58e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 TRPS1 1.62e-01 3.58e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 BTNL2 4.39e-02 3.58e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 ETV5 -5.97e-02 3.96e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 TNRC18 7.60e-02 3.59e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 MTUS1 -2.30e-01 3.59e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 MRPS10 9.79e-02 3.59e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 GTDC1 1.06e-01 3.59e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 AGAP1 5.16e-02 3.59e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 MED12L 5.44e-02 3.59e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 KLRD1 1.22e-01 3.59e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 CTNNA3 1.22e-01 3.59e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 PRRT1 4.99e-02 3.59e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 GTF2B 6.31e-02 3.59e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 PEG3 -8.30e-02 3.60e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 SLC22A23 4.10e-02 3.60e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 ZNF77 1.01e-01 3.60e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 TMEM140 -2.53e-01 3.60e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 SDK1 5.59e-02 3.60e-03 0.2602
NC_000022.10 DEPDC5 -3.79e-02 3.98e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 SLC25A13 5.77e-02 3.60e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 TMLHE 6.58e-02 3.60e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 ESRRG 6.22e-02 3.60e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 TSNARE1 3.11e-02 3.60e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 KCNQ1 4.54e-02 3.60e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 CD28 8.51e-02 3.60e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 LOC595101 -6.49e-02 3.61e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 BRAF 9.06e-02 3.61e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 GRM1 4.99e-02 3.61e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 C6orf125 -4.50e-02 3.61e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 GNG4 -1.41e-01 3.61e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 SFXN5 7.86e-02 3.61e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 NXF5 2.82e-02 3.61e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 CATSPER2 5.15e-02 3.61e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 NCKAP1 -5.97e-02 3.61e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 TXLNA 4.39e-02 3.61e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 C1orf86 3.80e-02 3.62e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 NEU1 4.26e-02 3.62e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 SPOP -6.48e-02 3.62e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 C5orf33 4.01e-02 3.62e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 TOLLIP 7.02e-02 3.62e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 DYNC1I1 -4.25e-02 3.62e-03 0.2602
NC_000020.10 GNAS -6.83e-02 3.62e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 ZNF789 9.20e-02 3.62e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 TRIM42 5.35e-02 3.62e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 DECR2 1.82e-01 3.62e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 LCTL 1.15e-01 3.63e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 SCNN1B -1.16e-01 3.63e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 HRNBP3 7.75e-02 3.63e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 GIMAP6 -9.71e-02 3.63e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 FLJ22536 7.56e-02 3.63e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 ZBTB20 1.91e-01 3.63e-03 0.2602
NC_000020.10 NCRNA00028 -1.45e-01 3.63e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 BRE 6.12e-02 3.63e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 TUBA4B -3.96e-02 3.64e-03 0.2602
NC_000009.11 NEK6 -5.84e-02 3.64e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 SLC45A2 -1.05e-01 3.64e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 DOCK4 1.03e-01 3.64e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 SOCS5 5.59e-02 3.64e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 LOC139201 6.69e-02 3.64e-03 0.2602
NC_000022.10 TPST2 6.96e-02 3.65e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 CFH 8.79e-02 3.65e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 CTNNA3 -5.92e-02 3.65e-03 0.2602
NC_000022.10 TNFRSF13C 4.37e-02 3.65e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 ATP10B 9.91e-02 3.65e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 GRIN3B 6.22e-02 3.65e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 DULLARD 1.42e-01 3.65e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 ZNF365 4.16e-02 3.65e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 FLJ12825 2.76e-02 3.65e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 BPHL 3.84e-02 3.65e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 EPHA8 1.10e-01 3.65e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 PURG 8.94e-02 3.65e-03 0.2602
NC_000022.10 ZBED4 4.61e-02 3.65e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 ADAM19 7.18e-02 4.05e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 NID2 7.52e-02 3.66e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 PDE6B 4.68e-02 3.66e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 KREMEN2 1.06e-01 3.66e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 LANCL3 1.40e-01 3.66e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 PCDHGA4 4.66e-02 3.66e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 TSNAX-DISC1 4.97e-02 3.67e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 COCH -2.85e-02 3.67e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 STK19 4.55e-02 3.67e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 RUSC1 -3.00e-02 3.67e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 LGALS8 1.48e-01 3.67e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 C4orf17 5.60e-02 3.67e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 DCUN1D2 4.05e-02 3.67e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 RESP18 -5.54e-02 3.67e-03 0.2602
NC_000021.8 SH3BGR 9.24e-02 3.67e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 FAM193B 6.09e-02 3.67e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 DLC1 8.99e-02 3.67e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 FLJ22536 8.66e-02 3.67e-03 0.2602
NC_000020.10 CHD6 5.92e-02 3.67e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 PDGFA 7.69e-02 3.67e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 PPP2R2D 5.83e-02 3.67e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 CD74 -1.46e-01 3.67e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 IRF2BP1 9.46e-02 3.67e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 GALNT9 -8.71e-02 3.68e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 FAM27L 4.59e-02 3.68e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 OR10V1 7.95e-02 3.68e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 RELA -5.12e-02 3.68e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 PRDM6 -5.49e-02 3.68e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 ZNF283 1.52e-01 3.68e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 MIR635 3.37e-02 3.68e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 CYP3A43 1.04e-01 3.68e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 HYDIN 8.25e-02 3.69e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 TNMD 1.06e-01 3.69e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 NIN 1.24e-01 3.69e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 LOC100133308 8.19e-02 3.70e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 CAMK2B 3.25e-02 3.70e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 ZFPM2 1.07e-01 3.70e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 MIR372 7.07e-02 3.70e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 HCCA2 4.32e-02 3.70e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 CAPN14 7.20e-02 3.70e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 KIF21B 2.63e-02 3.70e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 FLJ44606 4.88e-02 3.70e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 DMD 6.28e-02 3.70e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 HDC 1.21e-01 3.71e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 MYT1L 8.20e-02 3.71e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 CAMK1D 5.73e-02 3.71e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 ZNF423 3.96e-02 3.71e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 HMGA2 7.61e-02 3.71e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 CXCL14 1.64e-01 3.71e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 SNORD114-23 5.06e-02 3.71e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 UBE2DNL 7.58e-02 3.71e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 ZCCHC13 3.91e-02 3.71e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 ANKLE2 -7.64e-02 3.71e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 AKAP8L 5.27e-02 3.71e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 ARHGEF4 1.48e-01 3.71e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 MED16 5.54e-02 3.71e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 IGSF10 4.22e-02 3.72e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 BEX2 7.06e-02 3.72e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 DCX 8.18e-02 3.72e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 ALKBH3 -4.32e-02 3.72e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 ELK3 5.39e-02 3.72e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 PXDN 3.41e-02 3.72e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 C5orf30 7.56e-02 3.72e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 WDR33 5.45e-02 3.72e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 COL4A5 8.67e-02 3.72e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 RASA3 7.19e-02 3.73e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 MYST2 6.03e-02 3.73e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 CUEDC2 6.66e-02 3.73e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 TBC1D1 7.15e-02 3.73e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 C10orf105 -8.22e-02 3.73e-03 0.2602
NC_000021.8 CBS 3.90e-02 3.73e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 TBX3 -1.40e-01 3.73e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 TRIM2 4.59e-02 3.74e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 FAM46D 8.36e-02 3.74e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 GRM4 3.20e-02 3.74e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 WNT4 4.81e-02 3.74e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 CYTSB 3.54e-02 3.74e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 KLRC2 5.92e-02 3.74e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 PABPC5 1.14e-01 3.74e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 HERC2 -5.96e-02 3.74e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 MMGT1 8.97e-02 3.74e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 CR1L 1.21e-01 3.74e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 KIF17 4.73e-02 3.75e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 ANGPT1 5.41e-02 3.75e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 OR51A2 1.15e-01 3.75e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 TFAP2B 5.23e-02 3.75e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 HLA-DQB2 1.15e-01 3.75e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 RCN1 4.51e-02 3.76e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 ATP2B2 5.51e-02 3.76e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 LY6G6F 5.91e-02 3.76e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 ADARB2 3.45e-02 3.76e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 SLC3A1 7.37e-02 3.77e-03 0.2602
NC_000018.9 SMAD7 7.39e-02 3.77e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 MAX -1.13e-01 3.77e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 RAX2 1.05e-01 3.77e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 C1orf122 4.42e-02 3.77e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 FOLR1 6.49e-02 3.77e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 RASA3 1.56e-01 3.77e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 H2AFY2 -3.71e-02 3.77e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 IKZF1 6.31e-02 3.77e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 SLC44A2 -2.16e-01 3.78e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 SNORA20 6.18e-02 3.78e-03 0.2602
NC_000021.8 CLDN14 7.69e-02 3.78e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 C1orf144 -1.67e-01 3.78e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 PNLIPRP2 5.74e-02 3.78e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 PRKRIP1 -7.88e-02 3.78e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 CALD1 7.75e-02 3.78e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 UBA1 1.15e-01 3.78e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 CLDN10 5.62e-02 3.78e-03 0.2602
NC_000009.11 VAV2 -8.68e-02 3.79e-03 0.2602
NC_000018.9 CETN1 8.81e-02 3.79e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 PARVA 7.96e-02 3.79e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 TSPAN4 1.74e-01 3.79e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 PPT2 4.38e-02 3.79e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 RASA1 5.90e-02 3.79e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 PARN 1.23e-01 3.79e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 E2F3 6.49e-02 3.79e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 FAM71B 4.33e-02 3.80e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 ATG16L1 5.23e-02 3.80e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 MYL4 7.89e-02 3.80e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 MAP3K5 -1.58e-01 3.80e-03 0.2602
NC_000021.8 MX1 8.28e-02 3.80e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 DEFB113 1.31e-01 3.80e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 ROR1 1.06e-01 3.81e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 RABL3 1.38e-01 3.81e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 TRPC3 1.19e-01 3.81e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 CCDC141 6.51e-02 3.81e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 B3GAT1 9.17e-02 3.81e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 BLM 8.15e-02 3.81e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 TRIM15 3.72e-02 3.81e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 SPANXN4 6.28e-02 3.81e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 ZZEF1 3.36e-02 3.81e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 SLN 6.39e-02 3.81e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 SMG6 -2.14e-01 3.81e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 CNTNAP1 8.37e-02 3.81e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 HLA-DQB2 9.83e-02 3.81e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 CDK2AP1 2.92e-02 3.81e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 GPR119 7.51e-02 3.81e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 MSTO2P 1.12e-01 3.81e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 ASB11 7.00e-02 3.81e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 FLI1 -4.52e-02 3.81e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 KIAA1383 -3.62e-02 3.81e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 LRIG1 3.51e-02 3.82e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 FAM198B -8.15e-02 3.82e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 FAM127C 8.24e-02 3.82e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 ADCK2 4.89e-02 3.82e-03 0.2602
NC_000009.11 LCN10 -6.45e-02 3.82e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 ZPBP2 1.03e-01 3.82e-03 0.2602
NC_000020.10 JPH2 1.73e-01 3.83e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 VWA3B 1.24e-01 3.83e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 SH3RF3 3.94e-02 3.83e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 SMOC2 -8.43e-02 3.83e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 IFT140 -4.06e-02 3.83e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 SGOL2 1.62e-01 3.83e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 CCDC38 7.14e-02 3.83e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 FGGY 1.49e-01 3.84e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 KCNH5 1.19e-01 3.84e-03 0.2602
NC_000009.11 TJP2 7.75e-02 3.84e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 AFAP1 5.05e-02 3.84e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 EXOC4 1.26e-01 3.84e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 MEGF6 4.54e-02 3.84e-03 0.2602
NC_000020.10 HSPC072 7.00e-02 3.84e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 TLE2 4.45e-02 4.26e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 PTPRC -1.25e-01 3.85e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 SLC13A4 7.33e-02 3.85e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 VARS -7.73e-02 3.86e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 SAA1 -1.94e-01 3.86e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 FAM196B 1.01e-01 3.86e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 ST3GAL1 4.21e-02 3.86e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 ARID5B -1.63e-01 3.86e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 GRIK2 8.16e-02 3.86e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 ATP7A 1.14e-01 3.86e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 CCND3 5.47e-02 3.86e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 PRDM16 4.31e-02 3.86e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 CKMT1B 1.39e-01 3.87e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 TRIM27 -1.31e-01 3.87e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 FBN2 3.60e-02 3.87e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 COLEC10 1.62e-01 3.87e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 STAMBP 1.14e-01 3.87e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 RIMKLA -3.27e-02 3.87e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 H1FNT 8.49e-02 3.87e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 NSUN2 -3.09e-02 3.87e-03 0.2602
NC_000020.10 PANK2 8.49e-02 3.87e-03 0.2602
NC_000022.10 PMM1 -7.80e-02 3.87e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 LNP1 4.98e-02 3.87e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 ZP4 1.17e-01 3.87e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 PARP9 -1.77e-01 3.87e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 DIRC3 -2.42e-01 3.87e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 TGFB2 -4.63e-02 3.88e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 GCET2 7.85e-02 4.29e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 FZD8 6.06e-02 3.88e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 SHROOM3 -1.72e-01 3.88e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 OR5A2 6.04e-02 3.89e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 HNF4G 7.41e-02 3.89e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 CDRT4 4.81e-02 3.89e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 GLIPR1L2 -6.23e-02 3.89e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 FGD6 1.11e-01 3.89e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 ARNTL 5.13e-02 3.89e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 MAPK10 4.44e-02 3.89e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 CYTH1 -1.87e-01 3.89e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 WNT9A -1.14e-01 3.90e-03 0.2602
NC_000009.11 NOL8 8.54e-02 3.90e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 GLI2 6.03e-02 3.90e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 GPR126 7.44e-02 3.90e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 PAFAH1B1 6.55e-02 3.90e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 FAM169B 6.53e-02 3.90e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 GABRA6 1.42e-01 3.90e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 ZNF692 6.74e-02 3.91e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 DLEU7 3.67e-02 3.91e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 FAM120B -3.36e-02 3.91e-03 0.2602
NC_000009.11 ST6GALNAC6 5.24e-02 3.91e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 OR5B12 7.55e-02 3.91e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 SCARA5 8.71e-02 3.91e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 GRID2IP 3.16e-02 3.91e-03 0.2602
NC_000020.10 GCNT7 6.03e-02 3.92e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 HLA-DQA2 5.92e-02 3.92e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 RHEB 8.28e-02 3.92e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 AGFG2 8.49e-02 3.92e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 C11orf34 1.01e-01 3.92e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 VWA5B2 8.90e-02 3.92e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 DOCK3 -5.01e-02 3.92e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 NOTCH4 6.75e-02 4.34e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 AMFR 5.78e-02 3.92e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 C5orf62 6.22e-02 3.93e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 SCMH1 6.01e-02 3.93e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 C15orf41 9.44e-02 3.93e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 DUS2L 9.10e-02 3.93e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 FER 1.46e-01 3.93e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 ICA1 -1.11e-01 3.93e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 ATP10B 3.79e-02 3.93e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 TRIO 6.77e-02 3.94e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 KIF18B 3.73e-02 3.94e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 C19orf35 -1.31e-01 3.94e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 MEST 7.24e-02 3.94e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 NBLA00301 1.00e-01 3.94e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 MIR604 1.08e-01 3.94e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 MACF1 1.05e-01 3.94e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 TIAL1 4.03e-02 3.94e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 TBC1D1 8.80e-02 3.94e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 SLC6A7 5.27e-02 3.94e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 ARMCX5 4.40e-02 3.94e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 CACNA2D1 5.00e-02 3.94e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 ABCC4 5.38e-02 3.95e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 ZNRF1 1.52e-01 3.95e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 MAML2 1.20e-01 3.95e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 PDZRN4 1.39e-01 3.95e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 SPACA4 5.75e-02 3.95e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 SYCE1 9.88e-02 3.95e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 BICC1 1.05e-01 3.95e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 PSG7 5.06e-02 3.96e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 ZIM3 1.22e-01 3.96e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 CNTNAP1 6.29e-02 3.96e-03 0.2602
NC_000020.10 ADAM33 6.59e-02 3.96e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 INPP5A 3.57e-02 3.96e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 C4orf22 1.21e-01 3.96e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 COL1A2 7.10e-02 3.96e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 POLR3K -3.79e-02 3.96e-03 0.2602
NC_000009.11 SHC3 3.56e-02 3.96e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 GPR143 3.50e-02 3.96e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 FCGBP 6.02e-02 3.96e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 MRPL21 1.91e-01 3.96e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 NOXO1 2.37e-01 3.96e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 ATG2B 8.26e-02 3.96e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 KIF25 3.32e-02 3.96e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 HPSE2 -8.44e-02 4.39e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 GTF2F2 2.07e-01 3.97e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 KRT31 5.69e-02 3.97e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 MYO1E 1.27e-01 3.97e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 THRAP3 4.22e-02 3.97e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 ZNF710 2.54e-02 3.97e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 RGS7BP 1.32e-01 3.97e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 MRPL51 6.55e-02 3.97e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 SMTNL1 5.82e-02 3.98e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 KLHL1 7.84e-02 3.98e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 C2orf62 6.37e-02 3.98e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 CCDC160 9.08e-02 3.98e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 IGFBP5 -4.28e-02 3.98e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 OPRM1 9.00e-02 3.98e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 ALS2CR12 7.41e-02 3.98e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 CSGALNACT1 4.08e-02 3.98e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 LOC100268168 -4.98e-02 3.98e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 DOCK9 -4.19e-02 3.98e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 DDX56 1.12e-01 3.99e-03 0.2602
NC_000024.9 UTY -2.25e-01 3.99e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 C10orf18 9.80e-02 3.99e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 NAV2 -1.34e-01 3.99e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 ABCB5 8.94e-02 3.99e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 TAPBP 1.26e-01 3.99e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 RING1 4.99e-02 3.99e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 LRG1 -2.98e-01 3.99e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 HOXA3 4.77e-02 3.99e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 TRIM22 8.11e-02 4.00e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 COL3A1 7.87e-02 4.00e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 MEFV 5.26e-02 4.00e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 LRP10 6.16e-02 4.00e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 LOC641518 1.62e-01 4.00e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 PDLIM7 -2.59e-02 4.01e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 MAD1L1 3.00e-02 4.01e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 GPX5 5.16e-02 4.01e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 TMEM140 -1.44e-01 4.01e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 MCF2L 3.86e-02 4.02e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 RRN3P3 4.29e-02 4.02e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 KLK5 2.12e-01 4.02e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 KIF18B 1.46e-01 4.02e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 SEMA5A 1.49e-01 4.02e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 CYFIP2 4.53e-01 4.02e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 C6orf173 7.24e-02 4.02e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 DICER1 5.87e-02 4.03e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 SESTD1 5.18e-02 4.03e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 DIP2C 5.24e-02 4.03e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 MTSS1L -3.02e-02 4.03e-03 0.2602
NC_000021.8 OLIG1 9.06e-02 4.03e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 ORC2L -6.45e-02 4.03e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 C17orf98 1.81e-01 4.03e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 DPPA3 9.14e-02 4.03e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 OSBPL10 1.69e-01 4.03e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 C6orf142 7.44e-02 4.03e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 BTBD11 1.23e-01 4.03e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 SPSB1 3.35e-02 4.04e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 LPAR4 7.44e-02 4.04e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 ABLIM2 4.76e-02 4.04e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 TNXB 3.80e-02 4.04e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 ELF5 6.08e-02 4.04e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 UNKL -6.01e-02 4.04e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 HSPA8 -7.65e-02 4.04e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 ZBBX 8.56e-02 4.04e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 NAF1 5.50e-02 4.04e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 XPO7 9.14e-02 4.04e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 OPCML 4.36e-02 4.05e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 ATP8A2 3.40e-02 4.05e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 RERE -4.50e-02 4.05e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 CD59 -1.02e-01 4.05e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 TSC22D2 1.25e-01 4.05e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 UNC84A 1.47e-01 4.05e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 VSIG2 5.91e-02 4.05e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 TIMM8B 4.19e-02 4.06e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 ARSB 4.49e-02 4.06e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 SEMA6B -4.22e-02 4.06e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 C12orf29 6.58e-02 4.06e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 FOXK1 3.18e-02 4.06e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 HRNBP3 -7.81e-02 4.06e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 PCDHA7 8.88e-02 4.06e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 NKAIN2 9.87e-02 4.07e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 CCDC60 1.19e-01 4.07e-03 0.2602
NC_000021.8 KCNE1 1.21e-01 4.07e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 FREM2 1.46e-01 4.07e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 INSC -5.75e-02 4.07e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 PTDSS2 8.23e-02 4.07e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 ZNF439 4.89e-02 4.08e-03 0.2602
NC_000021.8 TTC3 9.30e-02 4.08e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 CPEB3 5.13e-02 4.08e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 NOTCH4 6.19e-02 4.51e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 LAMB3 -9.88e-02 4.08e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 ME3 -1.79e-01 4.08e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 MBTD1 6.47e-02 4.08e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 UTRN 3.56e-02 4.09e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 KY 5.06e-02 4.09e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 PDGFA 8.50e-02 4.09e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 NTM -6.07e-02 4.09e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 TRAPPC9 7.79e-02 4.09e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 ZSWIM5 1.05e-01 4.09e-03 0.2602
NC_000018.9 CTDP1 5.82e-02 4.09e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 C10orf27 7.57e-02 4.09e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 FLJ30058 4.65e-02 4.09e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 HSD17B2 -1.91e-01 4.10e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 FBXW8 4.93e-02 4.10e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 TGS1 1.06e-01 4.10e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 EGFR 7.04e-02 4.10e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 SPAG16 8.91e-02 4.10e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 FBXW12 3.70e-02 4.10e-03 0.2602
NC_000018.9 LOC100130522 -2.24e-01 4.10e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 FTO 8.20e-02 4.10e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 CNIH3 -7.02e-02 4.10e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 KIAA0146 5.28e-02 4.11e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 BTN2A1 9.32e-02 4.11e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 INPP4B -8.72e-02 4.11e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 MIR152 -5.52e-02 4.11e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 SEMA6A 7.60e-02 4.11e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 LOC388946 3.28e-02 4.11e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 RPS5 -2.98e-02 4.11e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 MCF2L -1.13e-01 4.11e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 MAGEB3 3.35e-02 4.11e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 PPP1R9A 1.21e-01 4.11e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 C10orf88 -4.84e-02 4.12e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 RPS6KA2 -1.57e-01 4.12e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 MMP12 9.22e-02 4.12e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 DCLRE1B 1.11e-01 4.12e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 SH3PXD2B 5.06e-02 4.12e-03 0.2602
NC_000020.10 MAVS -1.42e-01 4.12e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 TCEAL5 8.77e-02 4.12e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 NLRX1 4.03e-02 4.12e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 SPINK5L2 1.17e-01 4.12e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 TDRD9 1.11e-01 4.12e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 BICC1 -8.77e-02 4.12e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 WAS 5.70e-02 4.12e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 MIR17HG 1.70e-01 4.12e-03 0.2602
NC_000022.10 THOC5 6.24e-02 4.13e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 PALLD 7.06e-02 4.13e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 GPR98 -4.27e-02 4.13e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 CYFIP1 8.24e-02 4.14e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 GOLGA3 3.89e-02 4.14e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 LPCAT1 3.41e-02 4.14e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 ENGASE 4.24e-02 4.14e-03 0.2602
NC_000009.11 C9orf167 -6.17e-02 4.14e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 OR52B6 4.38e-02 4.14e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 FABP3 -7.00e-02 4.14e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 CYP2C19 8.56e-02 4.14e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 ZC3H14 1.24e-01 4.14e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 PYDC2 5.24e-02 4.14e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 KIF1A 5.18e-02 4.15e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 AGAP1 8.45e-02 4.15e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 C17orf85 3.41e-02 4.15e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 SMARCC2 -4.56e-02 4.15e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 LANCL2 3.69e-02 4.15e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 ZNF385B 7.36e-02 4.15e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 LOC285375 -7.10e-02 4.15e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 DYNLRB2 7.49e-02 4.15e-03 0.2602
NC_000020.10 CDH4 5.28e-02 4.16e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 MPP7 1.16e-01 4.16e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 SPG7 3.36e-02 4.16e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 PLD6 3.75e-02 4.16e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 PTPN13 -4.10e-02 4.16e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 MTMR1 3.18e-02 4.16e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 SPINK1 9.52e-02 4.16e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 TNF -5.93e-02 4.16e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 LOC100130872-SPON2 9.33e-02 4.16e-03 0.2602
NC_000018.9 LMAN1 -4.45e-02 4.16e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 C7orf58 1.13e-01 4.16e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 ALDH9A1 6.47e-02 4.16e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 ITGB5 8.71e-02 4.17e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 ANK2 8.64e-02 4.17e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 FLOT1 8.16e-02 4.17e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 TP53BP2 4.71e-02 4.17e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 BEND2 4.38e-02 4.17e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 RBM28 9.67e-02 4.17e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 NCKAP1 1.49e-01 4.17e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 FAM18A 4.98e-02 4.17e-03 0.2602
NC_000020.10 C20orf186 1.38e-01 4.17e-03 0.2602
NC_000009.11 FAM120A 4.31e-02 4.17e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 HCN1 9.04e-02 4.18e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 SNORD1A -1.12e-01 4.18e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 COL23A1 -8.18e-02 4.18e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 NEK1 5.39e-02 4.18e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 KIAA0146 -5.92e-02 4.18e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 RBM20 9.66e-02 4.18e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 CBFA2T3 6.20e-02 4.18e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 C5orf20 3.74e-02 4.18e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 FBRSL1 3.65e-02 4.18e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 ERICH1 7.21e-02 4.18e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 DLG2 -5.89e-02 4.18e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 KCNH1 -4.74e-02 4.18e-03 0.2602
NC_000020.10 HM13 3.15e-02 4.18e-03 0.2602
NC_000018.9 IMPACT 1.06e-01 4.18e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 PTH 8.82e-02 4.18e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 ROR1 9.10e-02 4.19e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 C6orf204 9.67e-02 4.19e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 HTR3D -1.23e-01 4.19e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 RECQL5 -1.65e-01 4.19e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 GRM2 3.92e-02 4.19e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 C19orf35 4.39e-02 4.19e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 TBC1D4 1.40e-01 4.19e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 PSAPL1 5.46e-02 4.19e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 HSD17B8 -3.91e-02 4.19e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 SPAG1 -5.93e-02 4.19e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 SERGEF 7.67e-02 4.20e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 CDX4 -8.35e-02 4.20e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 CYFIP1 -1.14e-01 4.20e-03 0.2602
NC_000020.10 SPATA2 -3.98e-02 4.20e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 MIR2116 6.15e-02 4.20e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 LOC100130581 8.58e-02 4.20e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 FEZ2 1.03e-01 4.20e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 UGDH -3.47e-02 4.20e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 POLH 3.28e-02 4.20e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 LYAR 1.06e-01 4.20e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 RAN 7.22e-02 4.20e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 C2orf64 5.42e-02 4.20e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 RHOU 7.24e-02 4.20e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 AEN -3.24e-02 4.21e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 UBE2MP1 4.43e-02 4.21e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 UNC45A 5.02e-02 4.21e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 MDFI -7.43e-02 4.21e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 DDX43 6.35e-02 4.21e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 ZC3H12A -1.68e-01 4.21e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 CA10 1.16e-01 4.21e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 CAPS 6.57e-02 4.21e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 PSMB8 -1.88e-01 4.22e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 CLTC -1.12e-01 4.22e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 HPSE2 -1.29e-01 4.22e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 ZFYVE28 3.87e-02 4.22e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 FBXO28 1.36e-01 4.22e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 SCML4 8.07e-02 4.22e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 STRADB 9.11e-02 4.22e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 CORIN 6.06e-02 4.22e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 SULT2A1 3.86e-02 4.22e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 PRDM6 8.12e-02 4.22e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 WWP2 8.53e-02 4.22e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 THSD7A 1.25e-01 4.22e-03 0.2602
NC_000022.10 MICAL3 -1.25e-01 4.22e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 C11orf66 -6.06e-02 4.22e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 CTGF 4.36e-02 4.22e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 ACCN1 5.85e-02 4.23e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 FAM21C -2.42e-01 4.23e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 OPHN1 1.15e-01 4.23e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 ABCC6P1 8.93e-02 4.23e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 KIDINS220 1.00e-01 4.23e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 FOXK1 -1.09e-01 4.23e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 MAGED1 9.04e-02 4.23e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 RAI14 9.92e-02 4.23e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 TNXB 3.78e-02 4.23e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 NTM 6.97e-02 4.24e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 FAM107B 4.83e-02 4.24e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 CCNT2 9.74e-02 4.24e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 RPTOR 4.14e-02 4.24e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 LOC100128554 3.78e-02 4.24e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 MEG3 5.92e-02 4.24e-03 0.2602
NC_000021.8 RNF160 1.15e-01 4.25e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 LCA5 9.04e-02 4.70e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 RYR1 -9.37e-02 4.25e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 AGAP3 -2.16e-01 4.25e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 RHEB -4.10e-02 4.70e-03 0.2602
NC_000018.9 NOL4 4.85e-02 4.25e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 RPS6KA2 3.46e-02 4.26e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 HIC1 -1.65e-01 4.26e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 SP110 7.00e-02 4.26e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 PXDN 4.76e-02 4.26e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 ITGA8 1.09e-01 4.26e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 PDE5A 6.84e-02 4.26e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 CHUK 5.51e-02 4.26e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 AGAP1 5.53e-02 4.27e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 SNORD116-23 1.08e-01 4.27e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 WDR46 5.59e-02 4.27e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 HPSE2 -1.42e-01 4.27e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 CNIH3 4.46e-02 4.27e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 MAT2B 8.77e-02 4.27e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 KIAA1549 5.66e-02 4.28e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 GALNT9 5.86e-02 4.28e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 HBB 7.97e-02 4.28e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 ANKRD16 -2.66e-02 4.28e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 SPG21 -1.98e-01 4.28e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 MTMR15 6.48e-02 4.28e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 TRIM66 7.36e-02 4.28e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 HS3ST5 5.14e-02 4.29e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 ATP11A 6.14e-02 4.29e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 C16orf72 8.90e-02 4.29e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 TSPAN17 -6.81e-02 4.29e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 RPA3 1.46e-01 4.29e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 ARHGEF3 1.01e-01 4.29e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 GABRB1 5.67e-02 4.29e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 FAM50B 3.11e-02 4.29e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 BCL9L 1.90e-01 4.29e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 CLASP2 -4.75e-02 4.29e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 LOC399959 5.45e-02 4.30e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 MAPRE3 1.72e-01 4.30e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 MAB21L2 5.08e-02 4.30e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 IKZF3 -6.04e-02 4.30e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 BRAF 1.17e-01 4.30e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 BANP 6.88e-02 4.30e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 NAV2 4.17e-02 4.30e-03 0.2602
NC_000020.10 REM1 -4.91e-02 4.30e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 NOTUM 5.48e-02 4.30e-03 0.2602
NC_000024.9 KDM5D -1.69e-01 4.30e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 EGFLAM 1.40e-01 4.30e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 HNRPLL 9.93e-02 4.30e-03 0.2602
NC_000018.9 YES1 -1.20e-01 4.30e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 ARHGEF18 9.55e-02 4.30e-03 0.2602
NC_000022.10 FAM19A5 4.51e-02 4.31e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 KIAA0240 3.45e-02 4.31e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 TNXB 6.11e-02 4.31e-03 0.2602
NC_000020.10 AURKA -1.23e-01 4.31e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 MIB2 1.43e-01 4.31e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 LHX9 -1.26e-01 4.31e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 CBFA2T3 -4.30e-02 4.31e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 PFKP 1.06e-01 4.31e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 NRG1 1.08e-01 4.31e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 MGC72080 3.06e-02 4.31e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 AVPR2 5.64e-02 4.32e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 PLXNA1 4.59e-02 4.32e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 ACOX3 4.65e-02 4.32e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 RNASET2 -9.96e-02 4.32e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 C7orf68 5.39e-02 4.32e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 ETFA 4.34e-02 4.32e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 WFS1 3.70e-02 4.32e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 ZMIZ1 5.65e-02 4.33e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 AKAP6 6.02e-02 4.33e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 LYN -5.48e-02 4.33e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 PCDHA6 8.92e-02 4.33e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 GLIPR1L2 -5.96e-02 4.33e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 RAP1GAP2 -6.37e-02 4.33e-03 0.2602
NC_000009.11 OLFM1 -7.05e-02 4.33e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 CHST15 3.22e-02 4.33e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 H2AFY2 4.53e-02 4.33e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 MTHFD1L -2.49e-01 4.33e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 CSGALNACT1 9.88e-02 4.33e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 MUC16 8.24e-02 4.34e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 BAHCC1 -7.04e-02 4.34e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 KIAA1244 6.03e-02 4.34e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 CNKSR2 9.17e-02 4.34e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 KIF5C 1.72e-01 4.80e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 PLK1 -3.51e-02 4.34e-03 0.2602
NC_000021.8 C21orf2 1.10e-01 4.34e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 GFRA2 -1.01e-01 4.34e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 DAD1 3.68e-02 4.35e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 THBS2 4.09e-02 4.35e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 RTN4IP1 1.18e-01 4.35e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 CD40LG 7.88e-02 4.36e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 SLITRK4 4.40e-02 4.36e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 BCL6 -4.77e-02 4.36e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 PAGE2 3.00e-02 4.36e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 C10orf4 8.54e-02 4.36e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 C8orf42 1.42e-01 4.36e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 C1orf159 3.56e-02 4.37e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 SH2D1B 4.25e-02 4.37e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 REPS2 8.97e-02 4.37e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 TBC1D4 6.69e-02 4.37e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 PI4K2B -3.95e-02 4.37e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 ANTXR1 -4.09e-02 4.37e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 FOLR1 5.63e-02 4.37e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 MACF1 7.79e-02 4.37e-03 0.2602
NC_000009.11 DAB2IP 5.17e-02 4.38e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 OR2C1 7.49e-02 4.38e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 TRIM2 7.29e-02 4.38e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 POU5F1 8.73e-02 4.39e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 ZEB2 1.20e-01 4.39e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 PRICKLE1 4.40e-02 4.39e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 CRK 5.18e-02 4.39e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 CFH -1.55e-01 4.39e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 NLRP14 8.75e-02 4.39e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 SNORD115-11 4.77e-02 4.40e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 MIR379 6.84e-02 4.40e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 RGS2 5.02e-02 4.40e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 KIAA0247 5.32e-02 4.40e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 PCDHB18 6.89e-02 4.40e-03 0.2602
NC_000024.9 TTTY14 -3.21e-01 4.40e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 FOXP3 8.58e-02 4.40e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 BEST3 5.41e-02 4.40e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 FATE1 -7.48e-02 4.40e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 ZNF320 4.62e-02 4.41e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 HAGH 4.88e-02 4.41e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 SHROOM2 5.87e-02 4.41e-03 0.2602
NC_000022.10 RAC2 -4.42e-02 4.41e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 NOTCH4 4.13e-02 4.41e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 MRPL28 3.30e-02 4.41e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 RAI14 7.18e-02 4.41e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 SOX8 7.71e-02 4.41e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 ADRA1A 4.99e-02 4.41e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 MAD1L1 2.60e-02 4.41e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 APOB -1.02e-01 4.41e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 IL1F10 6.09e-02 4.42e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 PAX6 5.91e-02 4.42e-03 0.2602
NC_000021.8 MX2 -8.83e-02 4.42e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 ZNF444 6.74e-02 4.42e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 EXT2 5.77e-02 4.42e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 BCOR 9.38e-02 4.43e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 DCAF4L1 3.03e-02 4.43e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 TBL2 -7.42e-02 4.43e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 COL6A3 1.23e-01 4.43e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 ZNF311 8.57e-02 4.43e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 RNASE3 7.51e-02 4.43e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 SYNCRIP 8.50e-02 4.43e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 AFAP1 8.74e-02 4.43e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 RBMS3 7.81e-02 4.43e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 BRD9 8.67e-02 4.43e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 OSCAR 1.34e-01 4.43e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 APPBP2 8.20e-02 4.91e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 UNC5A -3.04e-02 4.44e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 ARHGEF10 4.81e-02 4.44e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 C1QTNF7 4.01e-02 4.44e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 DLG3 5.30e-02 4.44e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 FBXW8 4.20e-02 4.44e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 IRF4 3.30e-02 4.44e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 PDGFC 8.90e-02 4.44e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 BOLL 9.62e-02 4.44e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 USP13 5.88e-02 4.45e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 BTNL2 9.29e-02 4.45e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 LOC729467 -3.93e-02 4.45e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 TBC1D26 3.11e-02 4.45e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 -1.83e-01 4.45e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 ZNF92 9.05e-02 4.45e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 UNC5D -1.03e-01 4.45e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 OTUD6A 6.34e-02 4.45e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 BCL3 -1.24e-01 4.45e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 PCDHGA4 1.02e-01 4.45e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 UBL4B 9.50e-02 4.45e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 EHMT2 3.79e-02 4.45e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 TRIM15 3.08e-01 4.45e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 CARD18 1.13e-01 4.46e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 TMEM167B -9.02e-02 4.46e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 OVCH1 3.53e-02 4.46e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 ZNF662 -3.82e-02 4.46e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 KCNA1 1.08e-01 4.46e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 C12orf34 4.31e-02 4.46e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 NEDD9 5.01e-02 4.46e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 NEU1 5.48e-02 4.46e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 TMEM132D 6.56e-02 4.46e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 SCHIP1 2.53e-01 4.47e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 TBCD 5.01e-02 4.47e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 SNAR-G2 9.01e-02 4.47e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 ADPRHL1 -5.87e-02 4.47e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 C11orf67 5.17e-02 4.47e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 TLR10 1.00e-01 4.47e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 KRT79 7.49e-02 4.47e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 PELP1 9.02e-02 4.48e-03 0.2602
NC_000009.11 PSIP1 8.64e-02 4.48e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 PRPF8 3.52e-02 4.48e-03 0.2602
NC_000009.11 PTCH1 5.29e-02 4.48e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 CDH12 6.22e-02 4.48e-03 0.2602
NC_000009.11 RGS3 3.74e-02 4.49e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 FRMD1 7.00e-02 4.49e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 SLC5A11 -1.24e-01 4.49e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 OR7D4 1.20e-01 4.49e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 CDC10L 6.39e-02 4.49e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 DMD 1.77e-01 4.49e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 FAM53C 1.43e-01 4.49e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 PER2 4.49e-02 4.49e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 MIR216B 1.01e-01 4.49e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 PLEKHA7 -1.83e-01 4.49e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 TMEM55A 1.43e-01 4.50e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 FBXL17 2.00e-01 4.50e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 FAAH -1.40e-01 4.50e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 BAT1 5.22e-02 4.50e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 TNFRSF19 1.10e-01 4.50e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 DIP2C 4.53e-02 4.98e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 SGMS1 1.49e-01 4.50e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 DPP10 -3.20e-02 4.50e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 HCG4P6 -2.39e-01 4.50e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 LOC151300 9.49e-02 4.51e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 HAND1 -5.38e-02 4.51e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 FAM131B -4.01e-02 4.51e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 SLIT3 7.18e-02 4.51e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 ZSCAN22 3.79e-02 4.51e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 LARP7 5.83e-02 4.51e-03 0.2602
NC_000021.8 SETD4 1.23e-01 4.51e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 IGF2R 7.37e-02 4.51e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 KRT73 3.75e-02 4.52e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 FH 5.62e-02 4.52e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 RARA -1.66e-01 4.52e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 P4HA2 1.02e-01 4.52e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 CAPN1 -6.61e-02 4.52e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 DIAPH2 9.44e-02 4.52e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 KRT85 3.55e-02 4.52e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 TMEM132A -4.02e-02 4.52e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 EXO1 1.56e-01 4.52e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 GRM6 3.97e-02 4.53e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 MAP4K4 6.86e-02 4.53e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 TRIO 4.01e-02 4.53e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 C11orf2 4.25e-02 4.53e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 OCEL1 7.20e-02 4.53e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 BTNL2 4.26e-02 4.53e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 MYL7 7.30e-02 4.53e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 TMEM87B -1.04e-01 4.53e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 CDH5 5.07e-02 4.53e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 FREM2 5.34e-02 4.54e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 ARHGEF10L -6.41e-02 4.54e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 ZNF264 4.04e-02 4.54e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 TMCC3 4.89e-02 4.54e-03 0.2602
NC_000020.10 GCNT7 4.72e-02 4.54e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 KIF5A 4.91e-02 4.54e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 CCDC160 6.63e-02 4.54e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 XDH -1.43e-01 4.54e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 ATP2A1 6.34e-02 4.54e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 DPP3 3.76e-02 4.54e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 TLN2 7.49e-02 4.55e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 LRRK2 1.06e-01 4.55e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 PCDHB17 1.01e-01 4.55e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 ASAP3 3.38e-02 4.55e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 DPYSL5 -4.24e-02 4.55e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 PPP2R5C -3.33e-02 4.55e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 TNPO2 -3.91e-02 4.55e-03 0.2602
NC_000020.10 C20orf54 -1.20e-01 4.55e-03 0.2602
NC_000009.11 NTNG2 8.02e-02 4.55e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 DLX6AS -3.77e-02 4.55e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 RANBP17 4.79e-02 4.56e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 INADL 4.16e-02 4.56e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 NCAM1 7.77e-02 4.56e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 TNXB 7.73e-02 4.56e-03 0.2602
NC_000020.10 LAMA5 -1.65e-01 4.56e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 MYO5A 1.37e-01 4.56e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 NSMAF -1.75e-01 4.56e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 ZNF451 8.41e-02 4.56e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 VPS52 4.72e-02 4.57e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 FAM172A 2.91e-02 4.57e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 GJD4 9.96e-02 4.57e-03 0.2602
NC_000020.10 RASSF2 4.77e-02 4.57e-03 0.2602
NC_000018.9 GNAL 8.07e-02 4.57e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 TPST1 -8.75e-02 4.57e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 NUAK1 7.32e-02 4.57e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 SH3TC2 1.26e-01 4.58e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 HSD11B1 1.61e-01 4.58e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 SLC18A1 5.25e-02 4.58e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 TCHHL1 7.81e-02 4.58e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 RGS2 1.62e-01 4.58e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 F10 6.09e-02 4.58e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 SNORD115-15 3.81e-02 4.58e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 LFNG 8.31e-02 4.58e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 C16orf61 -1.17e-01 4.58e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 PIK3C2B -4.15e-02 4.58e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 GPR176 7.99e-02 4.58e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 RNF220 8.72e-02 4.58e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 CD2AP -3.15e-02 4.59e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 GLIS1 6.83e-02 4.59e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 RGS12 4.30e-02 4.59e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 AIM1L 1.03e-01 4.59e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 CNTNAP5 -7.56e-02 4.59e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 CCR1 6.07e-02 4.59e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 LAPTM5 -1.88e-01 4.59e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 CORIN 7.59e-02 4.59e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 KCND2 7.85e-02 4.60e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 COBL 4.06e-02 4.60e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 GPC6 7.47e-02 4.60e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 LHFPL2 1.73e-01 4.60e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 FGFR3 -1.33e-01 4.60e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 UGT8 8.31e-02 4.60e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 KIAA1026 3.93e-02 4.60e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 DHX58 4.51e-02 4.60e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 TMCO3 3.65e-02 4.60e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 DLGAP2 7.00e-02 4.60e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 RGS14 -4.70e-02 4.60e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 GUCY1B3 -1.12e-01 4.60e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 DIRC3 -1.82e-01 4.61e-03 0.2602
NC_000020.10 LOC149837 5.68e-02 4.61e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 OR9Q2 1.39e-01 4.61e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 PHF17 5.65e-02 4.61e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 UPP1 -3.56e-02 4.61e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 OR5P3 5.72e-02 4.61e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 POLD3 1.13e-01 4.61e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 TIAM2 1.08e-01 4.62e-03 0.2602
NC_000009.11 ADAMTS13 5.48e-02 4.62e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 P4HB -2.82e-02 4.62e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 STOX2 1.56e-01 4.62e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 PHF6 9.69e-02 4.62e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 LRPAP1 1.25e-01 4.62e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 C2CD4A -4.22e-02 4.62e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 ADCY5 8.70e-02 4.62e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 NPAS4 1.12e-01 4.62e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 RDM1 7.64e-02 4.62e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 HSPB9 4.14e-02 4.63e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 B3GAT2 5.54e-02 4.63e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 C6orf226 -3.64e-02 4.63e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 FLJ35220 4.38e-02 4.63e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 HMGA2 -1.38e-01 4.63e-03 0.2602
NC_000020.10 C20orf185 3.36e-02 4.63e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 RNGTT 1.14e-01 4.63e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 TBC1D16 5.50e-02 4.63e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 PLCL1 3.71e-02 4.63e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 CAPS 3.32e-02 4.63e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 C3orf21 4.45e-02 4.63e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 FHL1 1.38e-01 4.63e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 NID1 1.16e-01 4.63e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 TMEM140 -2.03e-01 4.64e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 TMEM132C 1.34e-01 4.64e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 ZSCAN10 7.54e-02 4.64e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 CDKAL1 -1.28e-01 4.64e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 TDRKH 9.11e-02 4.64e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 COQ10A 6.20e-02 4.64e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 ATAD3C -1.19e-01 4.64e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 EMCN 8.35e-02 4.64e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 DGKA -1.02e-01 4.65e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 DIP2C 3.29e-02 4.65e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 PGCP 4.63e-02 4.65e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 EFCAB4B 7.78e-02 4.65e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 CAPN5 3.67e-02 4.65e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 UBXN11 -4.95e-02 4.65e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 C1orf212 1.08e-01 4.65e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 BPTF 1.61e-01 4.65e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 COL22A1 6.47e-02 4.65e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 TTC15 5.78e-02 4.65e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 SIPA1L1 5.67e-02 4.66e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 C7 9.65e-02 4.66e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 NRG3 5.78e-02 4.66e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 C10orf35 4.76e-02 4.66e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 KIF1A 6.81e-02 4.66e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 LOC152024 6.36e-02 4.66e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 PPP1R11 7.26e-02 4.66e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 RSL24D1 1.55e-01 4.66e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 RBM12B 3.27e-02 4.66e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 WDR46 6.75e-02 4.67e-03 0.2602
NC_000022.10 PPARA 8.00e-02 4.67e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 GLS2 5.23e-02 4.67e-03 0.2602
NC_000009.11 C9orf79 1.12e-01 4.67e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 ATRX 9.31e-02 4.67e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 ADPRHL1 1.38e-01 4.67e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 UST 8.26e-02 4.67e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 LMO4 -3.85e-02 4.67e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 C8ORFK29 5.14e-02 4.67e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 KDM4B 3.99e-02 4.67e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 TMEFF2 7.04e-02 4.67e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 GPN2 3.75e-02 4.68e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 OR4B1 7.08e-02 4.68e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 FDPS -7.91e-02 4.68e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 ME1 8.47e-02 4.68e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 PCSK6 5.76e-02 4.68e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 5.01e-02 4.68e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 C19orf45 5.51e-02 4.69e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 KRTAP9-2 6.53e-02 4.69e-03 0.2602
NC_000024.9 TSPY4 -3.04e-01 4.69e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 RPL29P2 5.91e-02 4.69e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 ZNF436 3.77e-02 4.69e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 GNG4 -1.47e-01 4.69e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 BCAS3 6.53e-02 4.69e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 FAM38A 4.02e-02 4.69e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 NXPH4 -3.40e-02 4.70e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 ATXN7 -7.22e-02 4.70e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 SF3B2 1.19e-01 4.70e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 OR8U8 1.44e-01 4.70e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 OCA2 4.82e-02 4.70e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 KIAA1688 3.33e-02 4.70e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 RASAL2 1.20e-01 4.71e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 EXOC4 8.85e-02 4.71e-03 0.2602
NC_000021.8 CYYR1 1.35e-01 4.71e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 ARL13A 1.22e-01 4.71e-03 0.2602
NC_000020.10 GATA5 -3.57e-02 4.71e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 GLI3 4.86e-02 4.71e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 EXOC7 -5.76e-02 4.71e-03 0.2602
NC_000022.10 MIOX 5.14e-02 4.71e-03 0.2602
NC_000021.8 ADARB1 6.29e-02 4.71e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 ZNF23 9.75e-02 4.71e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 IFT140 3.49e-02 4.71e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 MSLN 1.57e-01 4.72e-03 0.2602
NC_000022.10 ZNF74 4.02e-02 4.72e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 CELSR3 3.18e-02 4.72e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 C12orf40 8.70e-02 4.72e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 QSER1 7.30e-02 4.72e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 FAM114A2 -3.60e-02 4.72e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 LYRM1 1.17e-01 4.72e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 GAL3ST3 4.86e-02 4.72e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 NOSTRIN -1.14e-01 4.72e-03 0.2602
NC_000022.10 TTLL1 3.28e-02 4.72e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 LHFP 5.66e-02 4.72e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 CSRP3 3.88e-02 4.73e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 ARL15 -2.96e-02 4.73e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 USH2A 1.19e-01 4.73e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 MPV17 5.95e-02 4.73e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 HESX1 1.08e-01 4.73e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 PRKCA 4.36e-02 4.73e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 NTM 6.94e-02 4.73e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 CADM1 7.35e-02 4.73e-03 0.2602
NC_000021.8 POTED 5.92e-02 4.73e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 SCN11A -1.85e-01 4.74e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 LSP1 -1.50e-01 4.74e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 CD83 -3.34e-02 4.74e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 CDC5L 1.03e-01 4.74e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 CCDC7 5.46e-02 4.74e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 MINPP1 1.70e-01 4.74e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 NEURL1B -4.49e-02 4.74e-03 0.2602
NC_000009.11 SURF4 -1.57e-01 4.74e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 PALLD 6.32e-02 4.74e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 RYR2 1.35e-01 4.75e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 RORA 4.25e-02 4.75e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 PARD3B 9.66e-02 4.75e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 C4orf34 -9.89e-02 4.76e-03 0.2602
NC_000009.11 TRPM3 -6.15e-02 4.76e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 PLXDC2 6.70e-02 4.76e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 HS3ST3B1 1.77e-01 4.76e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 SNIP1 -2.59e-02 4.76e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 DHRS2 4.13e-02 4.76e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 RTP4 -3.69e-02 4.76e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 CATSPER2 5.99e-02 4.77e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 SNORD116-5 4.54e-02 4.77e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 ESYT2 1.20e-01 4.77e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 S100A7A 6.97e-02 4.77e-03 0.2602
NC_000022.10 C22orf40 1.22e-01 4.77e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 LASS2 -3.37e-02 4.77e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 COL11A2 7.08e-02 5.27e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 WDR67 -3.46e-02 4.77e-03 0.2602
NC_000009.11 CDC37L1 1.00e-01 4.77e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 PDZD8 9.60e-02 4.77e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 ICT1 2.40e-01 4.77e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 NOX4 -7.57e-02 4.78e-03 0.2602
NC_000021.8 KCNE1 1.92e-01 4.78e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 MSI2 5.34e-02 4.78e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 SGCE -2.74e-02 4.78e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 SLC22A6 5.84e-02 4.78e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 ASAP3 -3.91e-02 4.78e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 PIK3C2A 7.20e-02 4.78e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 MAML3 8.96e-02 4.78e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 KRT12 6.13e-02 4.79e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 ZNF496 4.16e-02 4.79e-03 0.2602
NC_000009.11 ADAMTSL2 4.65e-02 4.79e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 SNTB1 8.11e-02 4.79e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 ITGB1BP2 6.52e-02 4.79e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 CYP51A1 8.45e-02 4.80e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 C3orf49 4.66e-02 4.80e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 CCNY 3.81e-02 4.80e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 CAMK2A 1.03e-01 4.80e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 GINS2 6.44e-02 4.80e-03 0.2602
NC_000020.10 GNAS 4.63e-02 4.80e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 B3GNTL1 -8.05e-02 4.80e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 PFKP 3.84e-02 4.80e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 NUBP1 6.64e-02 4.80e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 HN1L -2.73e-01 4.81e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 SYT5 8.57e-02 4.81e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 LOC284232 6.28e-02 4.81e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 PSMC1 3.73e-02 4.81e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 PDC 9.20e-02 4.81e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 SLC6A18 5.53e-02 4.81e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 LCE2C 4.02e-02 4.81e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 NDST4 1.28e-01 4.81e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 HERPUD2 7.02e-02 4.82e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 ROR1 6.06e-02 4.82e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 4.55e-02 4.82e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 OR5B12 7.13e-02 4.82e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 MLXIPL -1.22e-01 4.82e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 HMGN3 4.82e-02 4.82e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 GRM6 4.80e-02 4.82e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 LRRC31 -7.03e-02 4.82e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 ZMYM3 8.72e-02 4.83e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 SLCO3A1 5.01e-02 4.83e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 PRSS22 6.66e-02 4.83e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 FLAD1 6.83e-02 4.83e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 ARHGAP24 1.03e-01 4.83e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 LSM1 1.28e-01 4.83e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 MARCH10 9.45e-02 4.84e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 GSTM5 2.99e-01 4.84e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 MTX3 1.05e-01 4.84e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 PCDHA7 -4.95e-02 4.84e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 CTNND2 1.09e-01 4.84e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 ANXA11 -1.57e-01 4.84e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 PCDHGA4 9.36e-02 4.84e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 HCG4 -3.84e-02 4.84e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 KIAA1267 1.58e-01 4.85e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 HLTF 4.77e-02 4.85e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 NTM -5.89e-02 4.85e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 SLC12A2 -5.46e-02 4.85e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 DCLRE1A 7.64e-02 4.85e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 SLTM 4.22e-02 4.86e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 SLCO2B1 6.86e-02 4.86e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 LTBP1 4.37e-02 4.86e-03 0.2602
NC_000020.10 PMEPA1 6.90e-02 4.86e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 NID1 -4.56e-02 4.86e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 CMTM8 -7.22e-02 4.86e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 FOXH1 -4.23e-02 4.86e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 F7 -2.67e-02 4.86e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 SCHIP1 9.61e-02 4.86e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 HMGB2 -4.76e-02 4.86e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 RAB7A -1.37e-01 4.86e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 C1orf21 1.31e-01 4.86e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 CHRNA3 -3.58e-02 4.87e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 MGC34034 7.94e-02 4.87e-03 0.2602
NC_000018.9 CTDP1 6.56e-02 4.87e-03 0.2602
NC_000009.11 MSMP 3.66e-02 4.87e-03 0.2602
NC_000018.9 LPIN2 1.27e-01 4.87e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 LAMA4 4.97e-02 4.87e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 FLJ30058 6.65e-02 4.87e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 C15orf27 6.20e-02 4.87e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 RUFY1 6.07e-02 4.87e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 MPPED2 7.87e-02 4.88e-03 0.2602
NC_000009.11 CYLC2 7.02e-02 4.88e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 FAM46D 3.57e-02 4.88e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 WDR8 3.34e-02 4.88e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 MASTL 4.95e-02 4.88e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 RUNDC1 -3.13e-02 4.88e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 AFAP1 4.62e-02 4.88e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 APBB1IP 1.40e-01 4.89e-03 0.2602
NC_000020.10 SIRPB1 6.45e-02 4.89e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 AGPAT1 7.92e-02 4.89e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 RAB11FIP3 7.73e-02 4.89e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 IQSEC1 7.14e-02 4.89e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 TFEC -8.04e-02 4.89e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 SIPA1L1 8.62e-02 4.89e-03 0.2602
NC_000020.10 EBF4 -5.47e-02 4.89e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 IGDCC3 9.36e-02 4.89e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 HMGN3 7.62e-02 4.89e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 GUCY1B3 8.14e-02 4.90e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 SKI 7.38e-02 4.90e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 PARP4 -1.34e-01 4.90e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 C1orf86 2.60e-02 4.90e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 FBXO40 1.60e-01 4.90e-03 0.2602
NC_000021.8 APP -5.06e-02 4.90e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 SNORA42 5.58e-02 4.90e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 MAGI2 -2.99e-02 4.90e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 CMIP 6.16e-02 4.90e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 MAGOH 9.39e-02 4.90e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 DTNBP1 3.65e-02 4.91e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 MESTIT1 -4.66e-02 4.91e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 C7orf13 -6.29e-02 4.91e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 NEK11 5.93e-02 4.91e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 TXNDC3 1.56e-01 4.91e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 SOLH 3.72e-02 4.91e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 ZNF670 1.18e-01 4.91e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 ZNF608 -1.24e-01 4.91e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 KAZALD1 -6.80e-02 4.91e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 SND1 1.02e-01 4.91e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 TDRD1 1.39e-01 4.91e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 NRG1 1.50e-01 4.91e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 KIAA0562 4.81e-02 4.91e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 XCL2 8.36e-02 4.91e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 SDK1 -1.84e-01 4.92e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 GABBR1 1.21e-01 4.92e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 MTG1 4.12e-02 4.92e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 PRKCZ 3.91e-02 4.92e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 NCRNA00115 -2.79e-02 4.92e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 ADARB2 3.13e-02 4.92e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 NAALADL1 3.57e-02 4.92e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 3.56e-02 4.92e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 3.69e-02 4.92e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 CCRN4L -4.15e-02 4.92e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 ATP7B 7.71e-02 4.92e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 MYPOP -3.84e-02 4.92e-03 0.2602
NC_000009.11 DAB2IP 4.55e-02 4.93e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 BMP8B -4.34e-02 4.93e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 KIF17 -8.42e-02 4.93e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 SHANK2 4.62e-02 4.93e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 CALCR 6.10e-02 4.93e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 WARS 3.53e-02 4.93e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 BRDT 5.44e-02 4.93e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 FGF14 -1.11e-01 4.93e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 RUSC1 3.95e-02 4.93e-03 0.2602
NC_000020.10 SIRPB1 -6.98e-02 4.94e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 PPT1 6.70e-02 4.94e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 PIAS1 1.17e-01 4.94e-03 0.2602
NC_000009.11 PAX5 6.27e-02 4.94e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 C6orf136 9.31e-02 4.94e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 NCK2 4.67e-02 4.94e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 CCDC84 1.30e-01 4.94e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 C2orf16 1.06e-01 4.95e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 DCT 1.27e-01 4.95e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 AHRR 4.39e-02 4.95e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 KDM2B 1.28e-01 4.95e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 C19orf60 2.54e-02 4.95e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 TANK 1.01e-01 4.95e-03 0.2602
NC_000022.10 APOBEC3D -1.80e-01 4.95e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 PPP2R2D 6.47e-02 4.95e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 MARCH1 1.48e-01 4.95e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 SYCP1 8.13e-02 4.96e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 NDUFS3 -4.75e-02 4.96e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 CXCR5 5.44e-02 4.96e-03 0.2602
NC_000020.10 HCK 1.80e-01 4.96e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 HIBCH 3.76e-02 4.96e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 FAT3 7.97e-02 4.96e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 GEFT 3.93e-02 4.96e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 ARHGEF7 8.10e-02 4.97e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 AURKC 8.73e-02 4.97e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 KDM3B 4.06e-02 4.97e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 CAMK2G -5.88e-02 4.97e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 MIR1208 6.16e-02 4.97e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 SDC2 1.00e-01 4.97e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 ZNF767 3.84e-02 4.97e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 PCDHA6 7.20e-02 4.97e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 CYP3A7 4.89e-02 4.97e-03 0.2602
NC_000009.11 MSMP 4.14e-02 4.97e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 SRCIN1 -1.27e-01 4.97e-03 0.2602
NC_000018.9 ADNP2 4.68e-02 4.98e-03 0.2602
NC_000020.10 GNAS 8.42e-02 4.98e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 GRPR 5.71e-02 4.98e-03 0.2602
NC_000018.9 MYL12A 6.92e-02 4.98e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 CPT1A 2.97e-02 4.98e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 RTN1 1.02e-01 4.98e-03 0.2602
NC_000009.11 RALGPS1 -3.22e-02 4.98e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 WARS -1.40e-01 4.98e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 C3orf21 7.35e-02 4.98e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 VTI1A 1.27e-01 4.98e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 BRE -1.30e-01 4.98e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 OTOA 4.92e-02 4.98e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 GPR101 4.44e-02 4.99e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 PLAGL1 1.07e-01 4.99e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 DIRC3 -1.48e-01 4.99e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 MAN1C1 -3.05e-02 4.99e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 SCHIP1 1.06e-01 4.99e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 TP73 -6.82e-02 4.99e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 DIP2C 6.25e-02 4.99e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 KIAA1530 3.71e-02 4.99e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 SLN 5.71e-02 4.99e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 CMTM7 7.49e-02 4.99e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 RAB23 6.18e-02 5.00e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 GAB2 1.37e-01 5.00e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 UGT1A10 4.29e-02 5.00e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 PTPN20B 8.71e-02 5.00e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 P2RX2 8.75e-02 5.00e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 ZNF496 5.15e-02 5.01e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 SLC35F3 4.50e-02 5.01e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 TRIP10 -7.63e-02 5.01e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 EFR3A 9.83e-02 5.01e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 C16orf11 6.19e-02 5.01e-03 0.2602
NC_000022.10 TTLL1 4.58e-02 5.01e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 KANK4 4.32e-02 5.02e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 BDNFOS 7.88e-02 5.02e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 ZBTB38 -1.12e-01 5.02e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 UNC80 1.06e-01 5.02e-03 0.2602
NC_000020.10 COL9A3 3.09e-02 5.02e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 4.68e-02 5.02e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 TMEM184A -6.43e-02 5.02e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 VHL -6.67e-02 5.55e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 CCDC144A 1.44e-01 5.02e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 C1orf14 1.29e-01 5.02e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 BNC1 -7.98e-02 5.03e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 ADAM19 4.33e-02 5.03e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 OR4S1 1.13e-01 5.03e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 TSPAN6 -8.25e-02 5.03e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 MCF2L 3.68e-02 5.03e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 AGBL3 5.75e-02 5.03e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 DLEU7 5.23e-02 5.03e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 C19orf20 4.73e-02 5.03e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 TBC1D16 1.13e-01 5.03e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 CAMTA1 6.01e-02 5.04e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 ENPEP -8.80e-02 5.04e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 OR5AK2 1.17e-01 5.04e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 OSBPL5 5.30e-02 5.04e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 LOC148709 -4.61e-02 5.04e-03 0.2602
NC_000020.10 TTLL9 -4.63e-02 5.05e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 CPM 1.78e-01 5.05e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 KLHL4 6.04e-02 5.05e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 TP53AIP1 1.23e-01 5.05e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 8.35e-02 5.05e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 TMEM192 6.81e-02 5.05e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 HLA-DMB 4.23e-02 5.05e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 C6orf147 1.51e-01 5.05e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 GBE1 7.24e-02 5.05e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 ADSSL1 4.27e-02 5.05e-03 0.2602
NC_000009.11 RNF183 4.54e-02 5.05e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 ZNF597 4.74e-02 5.05e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 ARHGEF10L -6.41e-02 5.05e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 FFAR1 4.66e-02 5.06e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 KRBA2 7.14e-02 5.06e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 CNBD1 1.39e-01 5.06e-03 0.2602
NC_000018.9 ATP8B1 9.18e-02 5.06e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 KCNC4 -3.36e-02 5.06e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 ZC4H2 5.48e-02 5.06e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 ZC3H12C 6.38e-02 5.06e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 MAST3 4.03e-02 5.06e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 GRID2IP 6.90e-02 5.06e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 CNKSR2 8.05e-02 5.06e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 ZRANB1 5.91e-02 5.07e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 RPS15A 1.15e-01 5.07e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 HLA-DQA2 4.01e-02 5.07e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 EIF4A1 9.03e-02 5.07e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 GJA3 3.82e-02 5.07e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 AMBN 1.33e-01 5.07e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 FAT1 8.18e-02 5.07e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 RFFL -1.60e-01 5.07e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 THEM4 7.52e-02 5.07e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 GIMAP4 6.30e-02 5.07e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 ABI1 1.50e-01 5.07e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 ME3 1.16e-01 5.07e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 SH3YL1 7.81e-02 5.07e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 CCDC74A 8.55e-02 5.07e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 LRIG2 6.47e-02 5.08e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 TSSC1 3.89e-02 5.08e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 CCDC152 9.17e-02 5.08e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 A2BP1 -6.90e-02 5.08e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 GPAM 9.96e-02 5.08e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 ELOVL1 4.70e-02 5.08e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 CLK3 3.77e-02 5.08e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 PCDH11X 4.87e-02 5.08e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 ADCY4 7.34e-02 5.08e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 ZBTB9 3.16e-02 5.08e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 CC2D2B 8.90e-02 5.08e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 PFKFB3 -6.91e-02 5.08e-03 0.2602
NC_000024.9 EIF1AY -1.46e-01 5.08e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 STAC 8.24e-02 5.09e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 DOCK4 4.41e-02 5.09e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 KIAA1751 -7.65e-02 5.09e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 FAM27L 4.86e-02 5.09e-03 0.2602
NC_000009.11 BAT2L1 4.07e-02 5.09e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 DOCK5 5.43e-02 5.09e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 NR5A2 -1.53e-01 5.09e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 MIR548F5 -5.49e-02 5.09e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 LOC100133308 7.88e-02 5.09e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 PLXDC1 5.90e-02 5.09e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 FAM155A -9.10e-02 5.10e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 TACSTD2 -5.81e-02 5.10e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 ASAP1 1.49e-01 5.10e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 KDM4B 3.22e-02 5.10e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 TMSL3 1.11e-01 5.11e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 IGF2R 5.33e-02 5.11e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 SH3BP5 1.50e-01 5.11e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 CCDC88A 1.65e-01 5.65e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 ARFIP1 1.28e-01 5.11e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 MIR548A2 7.83e-02 5.11e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 OR12D3 4.73e-02 5.11e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 HPCAL1 3.79e-02 5.11e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 NLRC4 9.05e-02 5.11e-03 0.2602
NC_000018.9 FAM38B 9.69e-02 5.12e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 DCLK1 1.88e-01 5.12e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 C3orf21 5.16e-02 5.12e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 RAB9B 4.89e-02 5.13e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 RAD51L1 4.68e-02 5.13e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 CDC73 -4.05e-02 5.13e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 SCRIB 6.48e-02 5.13e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 MS4A13 1.61e-01 5.13e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 TMEM151B 9.15e-02 5.13e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 RSU1 9.21e-02 5.13e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 GUCY2E -5.11e-02 5.13e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 GRID1 -4.67e-02 5.13e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 SLC25A28 4.03e-02 5.13e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 CHGA 5.92e-02 5.13e-03 0.2602
NC_000009.11 SVEP1 8.73e-02 5.14e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 AHNAK 6.17e-02 5.14e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 SAMD12 3.96e-02 5.14e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 GPR111 1.28e-01 5.15e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 RASGRF1 4.89e-02 5.15e-03 0.2602
NC_000018.9 PSMA8 8.44e-02 5.15e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 GPC6 6.39e-02 5.15e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 NAV2 1.01e-01 5.15e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 POU5F1 8.82e-02 5.15e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 IGF1R 4.91e-02 5.15e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 FAM65B 1.69e-01 5.69e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 TPRG1 1.10e-01 5.15e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 JAKMIP3 5.14e-02 5.15e-03 0.2602
NC_000024.9 TTTY20 -2.72e-01 5.16e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 AFF3 8.84e-02 5.16e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 TP53I11 7.20e-02 5.16e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 PFKFB1 6.68e-02 5.16e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 POLDIP2 -7.02e-02 5.16e-03 0.2602
NC_000018.9 PIK3C3 1.34e-01 5.16e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 BUB3 1.19e-01 5.16e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 VENTXP7 4.23e-02 5.16e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 SPACA5 9.22e-02 5.17e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 TARDBP 1.17e-01 5.17e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 GPR37L1 4.23e-02 5.17e-03 0.2602
NC_000022.10 SFI1 5.58e-02 5.17e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 OLFML2B -3.06e-02 5.17e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 STK19 1.05e-01 5.17e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 ADAM7 5.85e-02 5.17e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 OR2C3 6.95e-02 5.17e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 MAMSTR 4.82e-02 5.18e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 BRCA1 7.99e-02 5.18e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 TAGLN2 -1.17e-01 5.18e-03 0.2602
NC_000022.10 C22orf43 4.69e-02 5.18e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 GABRR1 5.95e-02 5.18e-03 0.2602
NC_000022.10 CYP2D6 5.22e-02 5.18e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 ADARB2 4.95e-02 5.18e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 APOB -7.28e-02 5.18e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 CLCN1 6.37e-02 5.18e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 ZKSCAN1 4.82e-02 5.18e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 GPR124 4.95e-02 5.18e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 KIAA1274 5.69e-02 5.19e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 DTHD1 1.70e-01 5.19e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 HLA-J -6.12e-02 5.19e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 SRGAP3 7.58e-02 5.19e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 AP2A2 3.19e-02 5.19e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 PCDHGA4 4.01e-02 5.19e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 EGFLAM 7.34e-02 5.19e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 ZNF775 9.99e-02 5.19e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 TRDMT1 2.59e-02 5.19e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 ZNF630 1.47e-01 5.20e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 KRT38 4.95e-02 5.20e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 C17orf96 1.16e-01 5.20e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 NOS1AP -1.93e-01 5.20e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 UBXN8 1.03e-01 5.20e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 UNC5D 9.06e-02 5.20e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 LAMB4 2.10e-01 5.20e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 CBFA2T3 -7.93e-02 5.20e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 LILRP2 1.06e-01 5.21e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 C10orf82 8.72e-02 5.21e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 GLUD2 7.23e-02 5.21e-03 0.2602
NC_000018.9 RIT2 5.14e-02 5.21e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 NR1I3 3.34e-02 5.22e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 INTS1 4.77e-02 5.22e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 HLA-DQA2 1.12e-01 5.22e-03 0.2602
NC_000009.11 LOC402377 8.04e-02 5.22e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 NEK10 5.05e-02 5.22e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 LRRK1 3.80e-02 5.22e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 OR56A4 6.35e-02 5.22e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 OR7G2 7.18e-02 5.22e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 LCE2B 7.94e-02 5.22e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 C6orf10 5.22e-02 5.22e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 PRDXDD1P -4.82e-02 5.22e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 FARP1 5.37e-02 5.23e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 HMOX2 -1.56e-01 5.23e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 TNK2 4.01e-02 5.23e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 CHRNA3 3.86e-02 5.23e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 CBR4 9.40e-02 5.23e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 ZNF503 -4.11e-02 5.23e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 ZDHHC14 3.25e-02 5.23e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 TLN2 3.26e-02 5.23e-03 0.2602
NC_000009.11 CEP110 4.52e-02 5.23e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 ACOT7 5.35e-02 5.24e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 MAD1L1 4.08e-02 5.24e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 FBXL18 6.11e-02 5.24e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 NOD2 -1.45e-01 5.24e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 HCG18 5.04e-02 5.24e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 MME 4.90e-02 5.24e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 UBE2Q2 7.38e-02 5.24e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 ARHGEF3 1.76e-01 5.24e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 N4BP2L2 9.04e-02 5.24e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 EPS15L1 9.61e-02 5.24e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 PTCHD1 1.41e-01 5.24e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 CSGALNACT1 1.06e-01 5.24e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 MATN3 7.77e-02 5.25e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 ZNF770 7.40e-02 5.25e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 CFLP1 3.97e-02 5.25e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 LHFPL5 -6.64e-02 5.25e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 ZBTB20 1.54e-01 5.25e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 DIRC3 6.80e-02 5.25e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 SBF2 1.11e-01 5.25e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 PCDHGA4 -7.18e-02 5.26e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 C6orf134 3.67e-02 5.26e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 TDRD1 1.06e-01 5.26e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 PCDHB11 7.19e-02 5.26e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 NTM -3.52e-02 5.26e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 C13orf36 5.38e-02 5.26e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 MAGEC1 4.13e-02 5.27e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 IRS2 4.33e-02 5.27e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 PSMD13 -4.20e-02 5.27e-03 0.2602
NC_000009.11 TTC39B 1.13e-01 5.27e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 TECTA 5.62e-02 5.27e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 MACROD1 -1.24e-01 5.27e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 MICB 4.04e-02 5.28e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 ARID5B 8.91e-02 5.28e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 CHL1 6.58e-02 5.28e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 SLC22A2 7.15e-02 5.28e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 CUX1 6.14e-02 5.28e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 SLC17A2 5.80e-02 5.28e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 MEST 1.23e-01 5.28e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 CDX1 -1.04e-01 5.28e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 WNT5A 9.01e-02 5.28e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 YIPF5 -4.13e-02 5.28e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 IRX2 1.42e-01 5.28e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 ADARB2 3.47e-02 5.28e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 C8orf83 1.08e-01 5.29e-03 0.2602
NC_000021.8 RNF160 8.43e-02 5.29e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 WWP2 4.06e-02 5.29e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 SPINK1 1.59e-01 5.29e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 ZNF837 5.05e-02 5.29e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 COX19 1.38e-01 5.30e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 UTRN 1.92e-01 5.30e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 CD63 1.60e-01 5.30e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 PPFIA2 1.27e-01 5.30e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 TMEM126B -4.90e-02 5.30e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 MTHFD1L 6.60e-02 5.30e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 GLI4 1.73e-01 5.31e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 THOP1 4.32e-02 5.31e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 CAMK2B 5.42e-02 5.31e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 SEC24D 1.02e-01 5.31e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 FAM82B 1.36e-01 5.31e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 PLAC1L 1.90e-01 5.31e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 GPER 4.24e-02 5.31e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 GPR87 1.16e-01 5.31e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 LIPJ 1.03e-01 5.31e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 HIST1H1A 8.24e-02 5.32e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 CUL4A 6.48e-02 5.32e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 TSPAN5 2.31e-01 5.32e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 MGST3 1.02e-01 5.32e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 LYG1 5.48e-02 5.32e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 LSM5 -3.31e-02 5.32e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 CLYBL 1.22e-01 5.32e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 HDLBP 3.75e-02 5.32e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 PXDNL 1.03e-01 5.32e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 ASB13 1.84e-01 5.32e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 SOX2OT -8.45e-02 5.32e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 FAM47B 5.11e-02 5.33e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 GPR176 4.77e-02 5.33e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 OR52N1 6.19e-02 5.33e-03 0.2602
NC_000020.10 PTGIS 1.04e-01 5.33e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 XRCC4 9.38e-02 5.33e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 LOC285501 1.62e-01 5.33e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 BMPR1A -2.76e-02 5.90e-03 0.2602
NC_000009.11 LOC286367 1.09e-01 5.33e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 SESTD1 1.34e-01 5.33e-03 0.2602
NC_000024.9 TTTY5 -2.45e-01 5.33e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 LOC728743 6.12e-02 5.33e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 OR2V2 3.22e-02 5.34e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 RAVER1 3.64e-02 5.34e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 OR52I2 7.64e-02 5.34e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 DCAF4 -5.38e-02 5.34e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 SNED1 4.24e-02 5.34e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 T -3.67e-02 5.34e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 PDGFRB -5.65e-02 5.34e-03 0.2602
NC_000020.10 DEFB129 6.19e-02 5.34e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 KRTAP5-7 4.38e-02 5.35e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 DAB1 -8.17e-02 5.35e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 SYNGAP1 4.00e-02 5.35e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 KIFC1 4.74e-02 5.35e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 NUP62 -5.08e-02 5.35e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 IFI35 -1.12e-01 5.35e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 DPEP2 -4.73e-02 5.35e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 NEU4 1.11e-01 5.36e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 TCF7L2 1.04e-01 5.36e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 RS1 7.56e-02 5.36e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 LCE2D 4.59e-02 5.36e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 LDHAL6A 3.22e-02 5.36e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 DNAJC1 7.49e-02 5.36e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 INHBB 5.31e-02 5.36e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 GPSM3 7.12e-02 5.36e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 ITIH2 5.42e-02 5.37e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 PRDX4 4.89e-02 5.37e-03 0.2602
NC_000009.11 BAAT 9.33e-02 5.37e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 DUSP5 4.97e-02 5.37e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 RBM20 -5.59e-02 5.37e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 LOC641518 1.29e-01 5.37e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 LOC646999 7.83e-02 5.37e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 INPP5A 4.83e-02 5.37e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 XPO4 1.50e-01 5.37e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 PSMB9 -3.11e-02 5.37e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 NFIC 4.64e-02 5.38e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 SBNO2 -3.62e-02 5.38e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 KIAA0232 7.27e-02 5.38e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 CDKN2C 1.90e-01 5.38e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 NPHP4 5.68e-02 5.38e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 BAIAP2 1.16e-01 5.38e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 NCRNA00164 3.82e-02 5.38e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 HLA-DQB2 1.01e-01 5.38e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 ST6GALNAC3 7.77e-02 5.38e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 COBL 4.79e-02 5.38e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 HSPA12A 3.58e-02 5.38e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 HLA-DRA 9.85e-02 5.39e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 BTNL2 4.16e-02 5.39e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 SLCO1B3 8.55e-02 5.39e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 SH3BP2 1.13e-01 5.39e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 SIPA1L1 7.10e-02 5.39e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 TGFBRAP1 8.50e-02 5.39e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 EFNB2 1.27e-01 5.39e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 TBC1D15 6.65e-02 5.39e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 PPY 3.29e-02 5.39e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 RPS6KL1 -8.37e-02 5.39e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 ABCA10 -1.43e-01 5.39e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 THBS4 -8.95e-02 5.39e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 OR52E4 1.05e-01 5.40e-03 0.2602
NC_000018.9 CDH7 5.68e-02 5.40e-03 0.2602
NC_000024.9 TBL1Y 1.26e-01 5.40e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 TXNL4B 4.32e-02 5.40e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 LSM5 5.79e-02 5.40e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 ZFPM1 2.88e-02 5.40e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 ARHGEF3 -1.14e-01 5.40e-03 0.2602
NC_000009.11 LOC100129066 8.89e-02 5.40e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 COMMD9 7.02e-02 5.40e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 PLOD1 -2.88e-02 5.41e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 C1orf77 -1.79e-01 5.41e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 FAM198B -4.87e-02 5.41e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 LOC645166 4.37e-02 5.41e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 RAD51L1 4.77e-02 5.41e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 CBX5 4.84e-02 5.41e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 IGSF10 -1.52e-01 5.41e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 TNNI1 2.66e-02 5.41e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 BNIP3L 6.15e-02 5.41e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 HLA-DQA2 8.94e-02 5.41e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 C16orf59 -5.38e-02 5.41e-03 0.2602
NC_000009.11 KCNT1 -5.09e-02 5.41e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 GBF1 9.84e-02 5.41e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 RAB11FIP3 6.68e-02 5.42e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 LOC441204 3.74e-02 5.42e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 ZNF780A 9.97e-02 5.42e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 IGFBP2 4.89e-02 5.42e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 TMED7-TICAM2 1.12e-01 5.42e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 SNORD114-14 9.04e-02 5.42e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 SLC24A5 8.27e-02 5.42e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 OR6T1 9.77e-02 5.42e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 BIN1 4.09e-02 5.42e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 PTCHD1 2.99e-02 5.42e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 CYB5R4 6.72e-02 5.42e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 FOXO3 5.54e-02 5.42e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 DLGAP2 4.62e-02 6.00e-03 0.2602
NC_000022.10 SMTN 4.69e-02 5.43e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 GOLGA3 6.10e-02 5.43e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 CBFA2T3 1.09e-01 5.43e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 SPATA5 6.24e-02 5.43e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 4.48e-02 5.43e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 PTGES3 1.08e-01 5.43e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 TFAP2B 2.43e-01 5.43e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 TMEM201 5.02e-02 5.44e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 TSPYL5 5.98e-02 5.44e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 FYN 5.19e-02 5.44e-03 0.2602
NC_000018.9 TXNDC2 6.94e-02 5.44e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 TFAP2B 2.14e-01 5.44e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 ZKSCAN4 1.03e-01 5.44e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 CSRP2 -1.68e-01 5.44e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 FURIN -7.10e-02 5.44e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 FAM160B2 3.49e-02 5.45e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 KDM4DL 5.94e-02 5.45e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 LTF -3.29e-02 5.45e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 SYCE1L 6.05e-02 5.45e-03 0.2602
NC_000020.10 EDEM2 -7.14e-02 5.45e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 KNDC1 3.42e-02 5.45e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 TRAK1 4.16e-02 5.45e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 PAN2 4.51e-02 5.46e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 AUTS2 4.37e-02 5.46e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 LOC100271715 9.25e-02 5.46e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 ARHGAP22 4.26e-02 5.46e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 NRP2 -1.43e-01 5.46e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 KIAA1530 3.39e-02 5.46e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 MBOAT2 -5.77e-02 5.46e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 LHFPL2 4.03e-02 5.46e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 C6orf174 1.79e-01 5.46e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 LRRC15 6.10e-02 5.46e-03 0.2602
NC_000022.10 MEI1 4.87e-02 5.46e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 PALLD 6.59e-02 5.46e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 CBFA2T3 7.75e-02 5.47e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 MAPK8IP3 4.74e-02 5.47e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 BEND7 4.19e-02 5.47e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 SOHLH2 6.42e-02 5.47e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 RWDD2A 1.18e-01 5.47e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 UBE2D3 -3.99e-02 5.47e-03 0.2602
NC_000020.10 MACROD2 8.35e-02 5.47e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 SNTG2 3.15e-02 5.47e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 CLEC16A 5.44e-02 5.48e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 KCNA1 6.37e-02 5.48e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 DNAH17 6.31e-02 5.48e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 SNORA59B 5.13e-02 5.48e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 KRBA1 1.36e-01 5.49e-03 0.2602
NC_000009.11 FXN 5.74e-02 5.49e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 PTGER3 1.19e-01 5.49e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 ASAP1 5.78e-02 5.49e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 SIK3 1.05e-01 6.07e-03 0.2602
NC_000018.9 CABLES1 -1.69e-01 5.49e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 BBC3 -6.94e-02 5.49e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 SLITRK3 -6.46e-02 5.49e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 LRRC69 1.49e-01 5.49e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 CCNJL -8.52e-02 5.50e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 GOLSYN 1.06e-01 5.50e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 MGMT 2.95e-02 5.50e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 TMEM213 1.32e-01 5.50e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 C14orf132 5.60e-02 5.50e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 PGBD5 8.06e-02 5.50e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 GAL3ST2 4.34e-02 5.50e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 TUBGCP3 8.75e-02 5.50e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 RNASE3 8.36e-02 5.50e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 CHP2 9.14e-02 5.50e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 PACRG 3.08e-02 5.50e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 CBFA2T3 4.88e-02 5.50e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 ITIH4 -2.00e-01 5.50e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 NEB 4.22e-02 5.50e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 MBNL2 6.12e-02 5.50e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 GALNT10 5.79e-02 5.51e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 LGALS9 -5.13e-02 5.51e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 AKAP10 6.93e-02 5.51e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 DIRC3 4.40e-02 5.51e-03 0.2602
NC_000018.9 KCNG2 4.97e-02 5.51e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 C6orf52 4.10e-02 5.51e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 LOC641518 -1.15e-01 5.51e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 ZNF84 1.02e-01 5.52e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 ZNF699 1.47e-01 5.52e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 NRXN1 1.14e-01 5.52e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 LIMK1 -1.06e-01 5.52e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 EXOC6B 1.22e-01 5.52e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 PTK2B 4.48e-02 5.52e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 PNMAL1 3.56e-02 5.52e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 RASA3 3.87e-02 5.52e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 CLEC11A -2.74e-02 5.52e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 BCL11B 8.05e-02 5.52e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 FGF14 4.84e-02 5.52e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 FLJ37543 1.09e-01 5.52e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 IFT140 2.95e-02 5.52e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 MBTPS2 8.65e-02 5.52e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 SCAPER 6.08e-02 5.53e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 RELB 3.85e-02 5.53e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 MAD1L1 -1.68e-01 5.53e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 GNA12 4.04e-02 5.53e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 SPEN 7.68e-02 5.53e-03 0.2602
NC_000009.11 QSOX2 -1.73e-01 5.53e-03 0.2602
NC_000021.8 C21orf34 1.44e-01 5.53e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 DST 5.98e-02 5.53e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 DNMT3A 3.96e-02 5.53e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 RING1 1.27e-01 6.12e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 FOXP1 -8.56e-02 5.53e-03 0.2602
NC_000020.10 TSHZ2 4.63e-02 5.53e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 DCTN2 8.11e-02 5.54e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 MYL1 4.00e-02 6.12e-03 0.2602
NC_000020.10 DBNDD2 3.90e-02 5.54e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 C1orf55 -1.57e-01 5.54e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 NOTCH4 3.77e-02 5.54e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 SERPINE3 6.30e-02 5.54e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 DPYD 1.13e-01 5.54e-03 0.2602
NC_000022.10 MTMR3 -7.37e-02 5.54e-03 0.2602
NC_000020.10 TM9SF4 5.60e-02 5.55e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 TAC3 6.89e-02 5.55e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 ALKBH7 7.49e-02 5.55e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 ZNF35 9.55e-02 5.55e-03 0.2602
NC_000009.11 TJP2 9.23e-02 5.55e-03 0.2602
NC_000020.10 GNAS -1.32e-01 5.55e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 MKNK1 3.94e-02 5.55e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 SPPL2A 8.85e-02 5.55e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 CYP4A11 4.36e-02 6.14e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 MAST4 4.57e-02 5.55e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 SFTPA1 -4.36e-02 5.55e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 NDST1 -9.24e-02 5.56e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 TNXB 4.09e-02 5.56e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 MBTPS1 9.91e-02 5.56e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 ANKRD20B 4.99e-02 5.56e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 LASS2 -2.86e-02 5.56e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 SIM1 8.09e-02 5.57e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 PRSS23 1.13e-01 5.57e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 LRRC39 7.50e-02 5.57e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 TAS2R41 7.16e-02 5.57e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 GRM8 -1.10e-01 5.57e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 DPY19L2 1.35e-01 5.57e-03 0.2602
NC_000009.11 KDM4C 8.73e-02 5.57e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 SLAIN2 8.54e-02 5.57e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 WARS2 1.12e-01 5.57e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 COG7 4.36e-02 5.58e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 ANK3 1.51e-01 5.58e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 PDGFD 8.76e-02 5.58e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 SGK269 7.02e-02 5.58e-03 0.2602
NC_000020.10 ACSS1 3.97e-02 5.58e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 DIP2C 3.41e-02 5.58e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 PCDH1 3.85e-02 5.58e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 IGF2BP2 1.16e-01 5.58e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 PAK4 8.04e-02 5.58e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 AASS 7.21e-02 5.58e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 DRAP1 9.63e-02 5.58e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 CBR4 1.08e-01 5.58e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 IZUMO1 1.37e-01 5.58e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 ZNF853 4.03e-02 5.58e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 HIST1H2AC -8.49e-02 5.58e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 TCF3 3.46e-02 5.58e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 KLKB1 1.47e-01 5.59e-03 0.2602
NC_000018.9 KLHL14 7.97e-02 5.59e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 GABRA2 -3.71e-02 5.59e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 C1orf124 1.14e-01 5.59e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 GABBR1 7.73e-02 5.59e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 LYPD1 7.28e-02 5.59e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 FAM107B 7.48e-02 5.59e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 ESYT2 5.26e-02 5.59e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 F2R -2.97e-02 5.59e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 SLC9A2 7.05e-02 5.59e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 NR3C1 4.94e-02 5.59e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 LYN -7.66e-02 5.60e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 CLEC3A 1.19e-01 5.60e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 ABCE1 1.41e-01 5.60e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 N6AMT2 7.19e-02 5.60e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 SNORD114-13 7.82e-02 5.60e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 ZMIZ1 3.34e-02 5.60e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 TCTN3 5.48e-02 5.60e-03 0.2602
NC_000022.10 SLC35E4 -7.47e-02 5.60e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 DCX 1.16e-01 5.61e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 NPFFR2 6.83e-02 5.61e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 PCDHA2 1.50e-01 5.61e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 BCL6 -7.88e-02 5.61e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 PODXL 3.83e-02 5.61e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 FRMD4A 9.03e-02 5.61e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 HTRA1 9.42e-02 5.61e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 RUFY3 -4.15e-02 5.61e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 DGKI 6.13e-02 5.61e-03 0.2602
NC_000018.9 LOXHD1 5.49e-02 5.61e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 A2BP1 4.46e-02 5.62e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 ELOVL5 8.94e-02 5.62e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 GALNT7 7.40e-02 5.62e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 PIGG 4.72e-02 5.62e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 RAB41 5.99e-02 5.62e-03 0.2602
NC_000009.11 OR1L6 9.50e-02 5.62e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 PTGFRN 7.18e-02 5.62e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 RAB3GAP2 5.60e-02 5.62e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 APOB -4.99e-02 5.62e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 C10orf96 4.58e-02 5.62e-03 0.2602
NC_000009.11 MED22 3.71e-02 5.62e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 DIP2C 6.16e-02 5.62e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 PROKR1 3.60e-02 5.62e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 CDX1 7.23e-02 5.63e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 RHCG 1.18e-01 5.63e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 LOC645323 -1.29e-01 5.63e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 GLT25D2 7.39e-02 5.63e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 PARD3 -5.54e-02 6.22e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 AP2A1 3.31e-02 5.63e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 FGFBP3 8.94e-02 5.63e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 ZNF837 1.33e-01 5.63e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 LDB1 -3.32e-02 5.63e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 CLNK 5.42e-02 5.64e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 FAM138D 1.08e-01 5.64e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 NXN 5.66e-02 5.64e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 C12orf56 -3.37e-02 5.64e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 INPP5A 5.11e-02 5.64e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 GBA3 4.43e-02 5.64e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 SNORD114-26 8.87e-02 5.64e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 SESN3 1.50e-01 5.64e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 ACSL5 -6.23e-02 5.64e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 PDE4B 8.72e-02 5.64e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 ZCCHC14 -5.76e-02 5.64e-03 0.2602
NC_000020.10 RBCK1 8.02e-02 5.65e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 C7orf45 1.46e-01 5.65e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 RAG1 4.47e-02 5.65e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 C1orf70 6.85e-02 5.65e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 JMJD1C 1.26e-01 5.65e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 BBS4 7.75e-02 5.65e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 MED29 -5.64e-02 5.65e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 OR4D2 1.23e-01 5.65e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 OR8U8 5.19e-02 5.65e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 SNCA 1.47e-01 5.65e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 FOXP1 7.96e-02 5.66e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 ARID5A 4.60e-02 5.66e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 GFM1 8.88e-02 5.66e-03 0.2602
NC_000020.10 EEF1A2 -5.50e-02 5.66e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 SLU7 -6.01e-02 5.66e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 SAMD14 4.56e-02 5.66e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 SH3RF3 6.06e-02 5.66e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 SFXN5 9.61e-02 5.66e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 OIT3 9.19e-02 5.66e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 KIF23 6.90e-02 5.66e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 ITSN2 -6.86e-02 5.66e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 KIAA1107 9.41e-02 5.66e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 IQSEC1 7.69e-02 5.66e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 ENOX1 -1.04e-01 5.66e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 INPP4B 1.75e-01 5.66e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 STX18 5.22e-02 5.67e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 TPH1 5.81e-02 5.67e-03 0.2602
NC_000020.10 DIDO1 7.47e-02 5.67e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 NKAIN3 3.91e-02 5.67e-03 0.2602
NC_000021.8 RUNX1 2.29e-01 5.67e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 POLS 7.09e-02 5.67e-03 0.2602
NC_000009.11 PGM5P2 -5.04e-02 5.68e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 FAM184A 8.80e-02 5.68e-03 0.2602
NC_000020.10 WFDC12 4.90e-02 5.68e-03 0.2602
NC_000022.10 BAIAP2L2 1.23e-01 5.68e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 SCARNA11 5.98e-02 5.68e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 C7orf20 -8.88e-02 5.68e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 LOC285194 8.02e-02 5.68e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 PHF17 4.28e-02 5.69e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 BMP5 7.29e-02 5.69e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 COL4A1 -3.25e-02 5.69e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 MMP12 6.47e-02 5.69e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 PRKAR1B 3.18e-02 5.69e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 CSMD3 6.49e-02 5.69e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 SLC10A7 6.80e-02 5.70e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 PFKFB3 5.83e-02 5.70e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 CAMKK2 -1.48e-01 5.70e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 GPR176 1.12e-01 5.70e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 ZNF248 4.84e-02 5.70e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 ABLIM2 3.18e-02 5.70e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 MIR148A -1.24e-01 5.70e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 C14orf1 7.97e-02 5.70e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 G0S2 -2.00e-01 5.71e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 C12orf74 7.88e-02 5.71e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 PRKAG2 5.94e-02 5.71e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 KLHL1 6.06e-02 5.71e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 RPTOR 2.67e-02 5.71e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 ARHGAP10 -8.25e-02 5.71e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 HLA-H -1.31e-01 5.71e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 TBCD -5.88e-02 5.71e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 KCNQ1 1.04e-01 5.71e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 AURKAIP1 -3.33e-02 5.71e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 FLJ26850 9.51e-02 5.72e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 NGEF 1.05e-01 5.72e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 SLC6A1 -6.11e-02 5.72e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 TMED7-TICAM2 -1.04e-01 5.72e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 BTBD11 1.29e-01 5.72e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 CENPJ -3.26e-02 5.72e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 FGF13 4.44e-02 5.72e-03 0.2602
NC_000022.10 RTDR1 -2.29e-01 5.72e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 LOC441601 6.58e-02 5.72e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 SEPT9 1.18e-01 5.72e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 CTBP2 1.51e-01 5.73e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 FGF12 -9.44e-02 5.73e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 SNTG1 1.10e-01 5.73e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 RPTOR 4.66e-02 5.73e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 SPATA18 7.03e-02 5.73e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 PHF15 5.20e-02 5.73e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 PHACTR2 8.16e-02 5.74e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 NKAIN3 9.64e-02 5.74e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 PATE3 9.06e-02 5.74e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 SNORD115-15 3.47e-02 5.74e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 PEMT 4.59e-02 5.74e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 ALPI -1.16e-01 5.74e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 PTPN14 1.01e-01 5.74e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 CPLX2 5.09e-02 5.74e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 SARM1 -8.80e-02 5.75e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 BDNF 9.15e-02 5.75e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 RPIA 4.27e-02 5.75e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 LCLAT1 8.49e-02 5.75e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 OR8H3 5.53e-02 5.75e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 ABCA13 1.09e-01 5.75e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 CCR7 -1.48e-01 5.75e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 C2orf15 4.63e-02 5.75e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 NCOR2 -1.81e-01 5.75e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 RASL11A 7.26e-02 5.76e-03 0.2602
NC_000018.9 TNFRSF11A -1.21e-01 5.76e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 DIP2C 4.45e-02 5.76e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 MTA1 6.31e-02 5.76e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 ANO2 -1.70e-01 5.76e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 SLC22A8 4.18e-02 5.76e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 MDH2 4.01e-02 5.76e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 FGFR4 6.16e-02 5.77e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 CDON 1.48e-01 5.77e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 RSPO3 7.73e-02 5.77e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 FRAS1 7.28e-02 5.77e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 RASGEF1C 5.31e-02 5.77e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 LOC146336 -5.56e-02 5.78e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 YAP1 5.76e-02 5.78e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 GPR98 8.48e-02 5.78e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 TMED7-TICAM2 7.80e-02 5.78e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 HLA-A -1.27e-01 5.78e-03 0.2602
NC_000018.9 WDR7 3.51e-02 5.78e-03 0.2602
NC_000020.10 ZBP1 2.21e-01 5.78e-03 0.2602
NC_000021.8 BRWD1 7.61e-02 5.78e-03 0.2602
NC_000013.10 GRTP1 4.38e-02 5.78e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 GADL1 -2.95e-02 5.78e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 PIGK 9.07e-02 5.78e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 EGFR 6.64e-02 5.78e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 MAPT 4.46e-02 5.78e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 KCNAB2 7.75e-02 5.79e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 NHSL1 -1.03e-01 6.40e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 MAML2 6.01e-02 5.79e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 EGF 9.87e-02 5.79e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 HERPUD2 -3.43e-02 5.79e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 AKAP12 5.81e-02 5.79e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 LOC727677 6.83e-02 5.79e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 DIP2C 5.72e-02 5.79e-03 0.2602
NC_000005.9 RAD1 4.52e-02 5.79e-03 0.2602
NC_000002.11 WDR33 5.81e-02 5.79e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 BRIP1 1.67e-01 5.80e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 BRUNOL6 1.23e-01 5.80e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 ZNF311 1.01e-01 5.80e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 3.67e-02 5.80e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 ATG2B 4.36e-02 5.80e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 SEMA4G 3.63e-02 5.80e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 CADM2 1.01e-01 5.80e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 C1orf101 3.84e-02 5.80e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 PENK 1.10e-01 5.80e-03 0.2602
NC_000020.10 C20orf123 -7.00e-02 5.81e-03 0.2602
NC_000017.10 MAPT 1.27e-01 5.81e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 EHD1 5.18e-02 5.81e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 DMRTA2 -6.75e-02 5.81e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 HELQ 1.21e-01 5.81e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 C7orf65 1.10e-01 5.81e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 WSCD2 5.81e-02 5.82e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 MAST1 1.62e-01 5.82e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 MIR518D 5.00e-02 5.82e-03 0.2602
NC_000015.9 ADAMTS17 8.11e-02 5.82e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 UBE3C 8.70e-02 5.82e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 PRICKLE3 -1.05e-01 5.82e-03 0.2602
NC_000023.10 TEX28 4.91e-02 5.82e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 RPL29 1.22e-01 5.82e-03 0.2602
NC_000008.10 SLC20A2 3.61e-02 5.82e-03 0.2602
NC_000010.10 ANXA11 -1.47e-01 5.82e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 LRP5 -1.41e-01 5.83e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 GLIPR1L2 -5.94e-02 5.84e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 CDC14C 7.58e-02 5.84e-03 0.2602
NC_000020.10 SPEF1 6.90e-02 5.84e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 5.25e-02 5.84e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 HCCA2 4.85e-02 5.84e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 ACAP3 3.53e-02 5.84e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 OR9Q1 6.54e-02 5.84e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 ODZ3 8.06e-02 5.85e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 DCUN1D1 9.68e-02 5.85e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 COX19 4.04e-02 5.85e-03 0.2602
NC_000022.10 SNAP29 9.77e-02 5.85e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 NCRNA00171 9.90e-02 5.85e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 TRIM39 6.69e-02 5.85e-03 0.2602
NC_000003.11 KLHL24 8.59e-02 5.85e-03 0.2602
NC_000016.9 MGRN1 7.62e-02 5.85e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 NDST4 3.73e-02 5.85e-03 0.2602
NC_000012.11 TBC1D15 -3.46e-02 5.85e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 SND1 -2.52e-02 5.85e-03 0.2602
NC_000014.8 ISM2 4.73e-02 5.86e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 TRIM50 5.94e-02 5.86e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 C11orf46 9.62e-02 5.86e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 KCNQ1 4.22e-02 5.86e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 GRM5 1.32e-01 5.86e-03 0.2602
NC_000001.10 FNBP1L 5.91e-02 5.86e-03 0.2602
NC_000007.13 STK31 6.22e-02 5.86e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 TBCEL -4.19e-02 5.86e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 HLA-DPB2 -4.45e-02 5.86e-03 0.2602
NC_000011.9 NLRX1 2.85e-02 5.86e-03 0.2602
NC_000004.11 PALLD 9.61e-02 5.86e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 COL9A1 5.31e-02 5.87e-03 0.2602
NC_000019.9 LASS4 -5.33e-02 5.87e-03 0.2602
NC_000006.11 SYTL3 6.23e-02 5.87e-03