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Basic Information

The table below details the source and basic information of this item.

Title Content
iBAD ID iBAD_0000303
Karyotype Trisomy 21
Type Methylation profiling by array
Diseases Down syndrome
Organism Homo sapiens
Tissue Brain
Cell Line MidBrain
Platform GPL13534
Accession GSE63347
GEO Title DNA methylation profiles of brain samples from Down Syndrome subjects and controls.
PMID 25678027
Article Title Accelerated epigenetic aging in Down syndrome
Author Horvath S, Garagnani P, Bacalini MG, Pirazzini C, Salvioli S, Gentilini D, Di Blasio AM, Giuliani C, Tung S, Vinters HV, Franceschi C
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Differentially Expressed Genes

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Gene ID Gene Name logFC P-value P-adj
NC_000019.9 SEMA6B -8.18e-01 2.62e-07 0.0466
NC_000012.11 GALNT9 -7.37e-01 4.16e-07 0.0466
NC_000007.13 MUC17 -4.47e-01 5.31e-07 0.0466
NC_000007.13 FAM20C -4.96e-01 7.97e-07 0.0466
NC_000016.9 DNAJA3 4.09e-01 8.76e-07 0.0466
NC_000017.10 C17orf55 -7.35e-01 1.11e-06 0.0466
NC_000008.10 NFKBIL2 -3.89e-01 1.13e-06 0.0466
NC_000008.10 SLC39A14 -8.05e-01 2.23e-06 0.0677
NC_000017.10 NXN -5.49e-01 2.72e-06 0.0694
NC_000005.9 COL23A1 -4.48e-01 3.19e-06 0.0773
NC_000001.10 PMF1 -5.57e-01 3.65e-06 0.08
NC_000010.10 TIAL1 -4.13e-01 3.95e-06 0.08
NC_000012.11 LRP1 -7.16e-01 3.96e-06 0.08
NC_000006.11 DUSP22 -4.96e-01 4.80e-06 0.0886
NC_000005.9 DHFR 4.25e-01 5.26e-06 0.0886
NC_000013.10 OXGR1 2.77e-01 6.20e-06 0.0946
NC_000017.10 SEPT9 -5.79e-01 6.27e-06 0.0946
NC_000001.10 SLC25A44 3.15e-01 7.86e-06 0.1122
NC_000006.11 SCGN 3.10e-01 1.01e-05 0.1358
NC_000012.11 CABP1 4.08e-01 1.09e-05 0.1419
NC_000010.10 WDR37 -4.50e-01 1.13e-05 0.1419
NC_000011.9 LSP1 -5.46e-01 1.17e-05 0.1419
NC_000012.11 DDX11 -3.86e-01 1.29e-05 0.1485
NC_000019.9 KLF2 3.27e-01 1.37e-05 0.1506
NC_000016.9 VAC14 -3.83e-01 1.41e-05 0.1506
NC_000017.10 CACNG4 -4.27e-01 1.45e-05 0.1506
NC_000014.8 NFATC4 -4.21e-01 1.78e-05 0.1722
NC_000022.10 WBP2NL 3.53e-01 1.93e-05 0.1838
NC_000013.10 MCF2L -2.71e-01 2.25e-05 0.2025
NC_000003.11 GXYLT2 -3.83e-01 2.29e-05 0.2025
NC_000017.10 CACNA1G -2.37e-01 2.32e-05 0.2025
NC_000010.10 RBP3 -3.81e-01 2.34e-05 0.2025
NC_000019.9 PIK3R2 -4.15e-01 2.38e-05 0.2026
NC_000006.11 DUSP22 -3.62e-01 2.53e-05 0.2079
NC_000002.11 ASB1 -4.10e-01 2.58e-05 0.2079
NC_000013.10 MCF2L -6.86e-01 2.66e-05 0.2079
NC_000023.10 MAGEA5 -3.07e-01 3.30e-05 0.2513
NC_000004.11 ZFYVE28 -6.65e-01 3.39e-05 0.2513
NC_000012.11 PIP4K2C 2.01e-01 3.42e-05 0.2513
NC_000022.10 C22orf27 3.56e-01 3.43e-05 0.2513
NC_000004.11 HTT -4.16e-01 3.52e-05 0.2513
NC_000001.10 RD3 -3.54e-01 3.59e-05 0.2514
NC_000016.9 FA2H -2.33e-01 3.82e-05 0.2571
NC_000002.11 C2orf54 -4.76e-01 4.13e-05 0.2708
NC_000001.10 LEPRE1 -4.50e-01 4.94e-05 0.3197
NC_000006.11 DOM3Z 1.79e-01 5.17e-05 0.3298
NC_000006.11 DUSP22 -4.22e-01 5.49e-05 0.3437
NC_000010.10 C10orf10 4.15e-01 5.53e-05 0.3437
NC_000008.10 DEFB104B 6.04e-01 5.62e-05 0.3454
NC_000019.9 ISOC2 -2.59e-01 6.02e-05 0.365
NC_000010.10 DYDC1 -7.24e-01 6.40e-05 0.3831
NC_000019.9 ZNF98 1.74e-01 7.09e-05 0.4116
NC_000006.11 GUSBL2 -2.94e-01 7.13e-05 0.4116
NC_000006.11 HLA-DPB2 -3.27e-01 7.32e-05 0.4179
NC_000006.11 DUSP22 -3.11e-01 7.79e-05 0.4347
NC_000009.11 ADAMTSL2 -4.13e-01 7.83e-05 0.4347
NC_000017.10 RPH3AL -5.53e-01 7.89e-05 0.4347
NC_000012.11 PGAM5 -4.74e-01 7.97e-05 0.4347
NC_000010.10 VAX1 2.03e-01 8.39e-05 0.4524
NC_000019.9 VSTM2B 1.92e-01 8.90e-05 0.4741
NC_000019.9 REXO1 -3.19e-01 9.08e-05 0.4741
NC_000012.11 EP400 -4.03e-01 9.09e-05 0.4741
NC_000008.10 SCARA5 -3.96e-01 9.45e-05 0.4825
NC_000002.11 NCRNA00116 2.75e-01 9.55e-05 0.4825
NC_000001.10 KIAA0495 -6.52e-01 1.00e-04 0.499
NC_000004.11 GPR78 2.03e-01 1.03e-04 0.499
NC_000001.10 HDGF -4.03e-01 1.04e-04 0.499
NC_000005.9 IRF1 1.70e-01 1.04e-04 0.499
NC_000002.11 ALS2CR12 -4.54e-01 1.08e-04 0.5004
NC_000010.10 PPA1 1.82e-01 1.10e-04 0.5004
NC_000004.11 KLF3 2.39e-01 1.11e-04 0.5004
NC_000004.11 RGS12 -2.08e-01 1.11e-04 0.5004
NC_000014.8 TMEM121 1.99e-01 1.12e-04 0.5004
NC_000019.9 ZNF714 3.13e-01 1.12e-04 0.5004
NC_000006.11 HLA-DRB6 -5.29e-01 1.12e-04 0.5004
NC_000017.10 C17orf51 -3.34e-01 1.22e-04 0.5397
NC_000016.9 IL21R 2.06e-01 1.30e-04 0.5532
NC_000012.11 NELL2 2.71e-01 1.30e-04 0.5532
NC_000019.9 COL5A3 4.35e-01 1.31e-04 0.5532
NC_000016.9 MPV17L 1.71e-01 1.31e-04 0.5532
NC_000018.9 SKA1 1.43e-01 1.36e-04 0.5658
NC_000015.9 IQCH 5.02e-01 1.40e-04 0.5771
NC_000002.11 C1QL2 -1.69e-01 1.45e-04 0.5781
NC_000001.10 SLC25A44 1.57e-01 1.45e-04 0.5781
NC_000006.11 DUSP22 -2.94e-01 1.48e-04 0.5821
NC_000010.10 CUGBP2 -2.11e-01 1.49e-04 0.5834
NC_000021.8 RUNX1 1.83e-01 1.59e-04 0.5919
NC_000005.9 BTNL9 -3.88e-01 1.60e-04 0.5919
NC_000023.10 MAP7D2 2.06e-01 1.60e-04 0.5919
NC_000017.10 ABR -4.45e-01 1.60e-04 0.5919
NC_000001.10 PTCHD2 2.08e-01 1.61e-04 0.5921
NC_000013.10 MCF2L -8.09e-01 1.65e-04 0.5963
NC_000015.9 DLL4 1.64e-01 1.66e-04 0.5963
NC_000018.9 SKA1 1.41e-01 1.69e-04 0.5995
NC_000008.10 PDLIM2 1.46e-01 1.74e-04 0.6118
NC_000004.11 PCGF3 -3.16e-01 1.79e-04 0.6195
NC_000004.11 PIGG -3.33e-01 1.84e-04 0.6295
NC_000006.11 DUSP22 -4.01e-01 1.88e-04 0.637
NC_000013.10 MCF2L -1.51e-01 1.94e-04 0.6429
NC_000006.11 DUSP22 -2.59e-01 1.95e-04 0.6429
NC_000008.10 JRK 5.60e-01 1.95e-04 0.6429
NC_000017.10 RPH3AL -1.98e-01 1.95e-04 0.6429
NC_000013.10 OXGR1 1.81e-01 1.96e-04 0.6429
NC_000007.13 GIMAP7 -1.58e-01 1.97e-04 0.6429
NC_000006.11 EZR 1.49e-01 2.10e-04 0.6745
NC_000002.11 MRPL19 1.34e-01 2.18e-04 0.6964
NC_000006.11 GPR116 -5.39e-01 2.22e-04 0.7024
NC_000005.9 AFAP1L1 -3.57e-01 2.25e-04 0.7057
NC_000020.10 COL9A3 1.71e-01 2.26e-04 0.7057
NC_000011.9 LOC440040 1.75e-01 2.27e-04 0.7057
NC_000017.10 TBCD 2.62e-01 2.49e-04 0.758
NC_000013.10 MCF2L -3.49e-01 2.50e-04 0.758
NC_000007.13 WIPF3 1.32e-01 2.52e-04 0.758
NC_000005.9 FLJ42709 2.60e-01 2.54e-04 0.758
NC_000014.8 BRF1 2.44e-01 2.55e-04 0.758
NC_000006.11 SFTA2 2.29e-01 2.62e-04 0.7756
NC_000001.10 KCNN3 3.38e-01 2.64e-04 0.7756
NC_000013.10 MCF2L -1.99e-01 2.65e-04 0.7756
NC_000016.9 SULT1A1 1.97e-01 2.71e-04 0.778
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 1.58e-01 2.73e-04 0.7787
NC_000004.11 PCGF3 -1.73e-01 2.77e-04 0.7825
NC_000016.9 LMF1 1.63e-01 2.79e-04 0.7838
NC_000013.10 MCF2L -2.21e-01 2.87e-04 0.7969
NC_000022.10 C22orf27 3.11e-01 2.93e-04 0.8022
NC_000001.10 C2CD4D 2.78e-01 2.95e-04 0.8022
NC_000016.9 MRPL28 2.81e-01 2.96e-04 0.8022
NC_000017.10 VMO1 2.24e-01 3.02e-04 0.8083
NC_000019.9 KANK3 -3.13e-01 3.06e-04 0.8147
NC_000019.9 APOC1 2.08e-01 3.19e-04 0.8411
NC_000002.11 PPM1G -1.59e-01 3.32e-04 0.8624
NC_000020.10 LOC149837 3.58e-01 3.33e-04 0.8624
NC_000020.10 MAP1LC3A 1.51e-01 3.35e-04 0.8624
NC_000007.13 GNA12 -5.09e-01 3.35e-04 0.8624
NC_000015.9 SNRPN 2.49e-01 3.36e-04 0.8624
NC_000011.9 LOC440040 1.19e-01 3.44e-04 0.8763
NC_000001.10 TGFBR3 3.07e-01 3.47e-04 0.8763
NC_000005.9 PCDHGA4 1.45e-01 3.59e-04 0.8893
NC_000015.9 GOLGA6L6 -5.42e-01 3.60e-04 0.8893
NC_000019.9 SSC5D 2.25e-01 3.63e-04 0.8893
NC_000023.10 MID1 2.35e-01 3.65e-04 0.89
NC_000001.10 APITD1 3.86e-01 3.69e-04 0.8954
NC_000001.10 MMP23A 1.84e-01 3.73e-04 0.901
NC_000008.10 SLC45A4 -4.95e-01 3.86e-04 0.9283
NC_000003.11 CCDC80 1.81e-01 3.90e-04 0.9319
NC_000008.10 DLGAP2 -4.21e-01 3.99e-04 0.9438
NC_000011.9 MUPCDH -2.10e-01 4.03e-04 0.9495
NC_000015.9 ADAMTSL3 1.52e-01 4.26e-04 0.9839
NC_000001.10 PPIE -1.68e-01 4.28e-04 0.9839
NC_000006.11 STK19 2.53e-01 4.30e-04 0.9839
NC_000007.13 SRRM3 -1.39e-01 4.40e-04 0.9893
NC_000013.10 MCF2L -4.33e-01 4.46e-04 0.9893
NC_000006.11 DUSP22 -2.73e-01 4.51e-04 0.9893
NC_000017.10 SEPT9 1.54e-01 4.74e-04 0.9893
NC_000006.11 PSORS1C1 -3.74e-01 4.88e-04 0.9893
NC_000005.9 MEF2C -1.41e-01 4.91e-04 0.9893
NC_000020.10 EBF4 1.62e-01 4.94e-04 0.9893
NC_000001.10 C1orf35 2.19e-01 4.95e-04 0.9893
NC_000015.9 GCOM1 1.65e-01 4.96e-04 0.9893
NC_000017.10 PPP1R1B 1.43e-01 4.99e-04 0.9893
NC_000019.9 ZNF714 2.77e-01 4.99e-04 0.9893
NC_000019.9 CYTH2 2.33e-01 5.02e-04 0.9893
NC_000001.10 TDRKH 3.76e-01 5.06e-04 0.9893
NC_000007.13 STAG3 1.24e-01 5.14e-04 0.9893
NC_000001.10 ADORA3 2.11e-01 5.16e-04 0.9893
NC_000002.11 CCDC85A -3.00e-01 5.23e-04 0.9893
NC_000003.11 STAB1 -1.63e-01 5.31e-04 0.9893
NC_000020.10 COL9A3 1.47e-01 5.31e-04 0.9893
NC_000017.10 NTN1 2.24e-01 5.32e-04 0.9893
NC_000006.11 HLA-C -2.30e-01 2.77e-04 0.7825
NC_000002.11 BCL2L11 1.42e-01 5.51e-04 0.9893
NC_000010.10 KIAA1462 2.86e-01 5.62e-04 0.9893
NC_000017.10 LRRC37B -1.33e-01 5.70e-04 0.9893
NC_000014.8 BRF1 1.19e-01 5.73e-04 0.9893
NC_000002.11 ANKRD20B 2.33e-01 5.75e-04 0.9893
NC_000006.11 PDE10A 3.52e-01 5.86e-04 0.9893
NC_000019.9 VSTM2B 1.78e-01 5.87e-04 0.9893
NC_000006.11 DLK2 2.56e-01 5.94e-04 0.9893
NC_000009.11 GLIS3 1.98e-01 6.09e-04 0.9893
NC_000019.9 MZF1 1.23e-01 6.15e-04 0.9893
NC_000013.10 MCF2L -1.86e-01 6.23e-04 0.9893
NC_000015.9 ETFA 1.44e-01 6.24e-04 0.9893
NC_000006.11 IER3 1.90e-01 6.26e-04 0.9893
NC_000010.10 INPP5A 3.84e-01 6.29e-04 0.9893
NC_000002.11 NCRNA00164 1.71e-01 6.34e-04 0.9893
NC_000015.9 DLL4 1.26e-01 6.37e-04 0.9893
NC_000015.9 PDIA3 1.44e-01 6.38e-04 0.9893
NC_000020.10 JPH2 2.57e-01 6.41e-04 0.9893
NC_000006.11 HLA-DQB1 -5.74e-01 6.44e-04 0.9893
NC_000019.9 SF3A2 -1.25e-01 6.57e-04 0.9893
NC_000015.9 TMOD2 -2.76e-01 6.59e-04 0.9893
NC_000019.9 ZNF43 1.93e-01 6.64e-04 0.9893
NC_000022.10 C22orf27 2.92e-01 6.66e-04 0.9893
NC_000018.9 ANKRD30B 1.47e-01 6.67e-04 0.9893
NC_000022.10 LOC400927 1.55e-01 6.72e-04 0.9893
NC_000005.9 SHROOM1 1.73e-01 6.74e-04 0.9893
NC_000022.10 LOC400927 1.26e-01 6.79e-04 0.9893
NC_000022.10 CBX7 -2.70e-01 6.98e-04 0.9893
NC_000001.10 MIB2 2.30e-01 7.05e-04 0.9893
NC_000017.10 RPH3AL -1.78e-01 7.32e-04 0.9893
NC_000002.11 GPR55 1.22e-01 7.34e-04 0.9893
NC_000006.11 DLL1 2.35e-01 7.43e-04 0.9893
NC_000018.9 CDH19 -1.46e-01 7.44e-04 0.9893
NC_000006.11 RWDD1 -1.17e-01 7.45e-04 0.9893
NC_000013.10 TUBGCP3 -1.99e-01 7.46e-04 0.9893
NC_000017.10 RPTOR -2.64e-01 7.55e-04 0.9893
NC_000005.9 PCDHGA2 1.88e-01 7.56e-04 0.9893
NC_000015.9 PRTG 1.76e-01 7.73e-04 0.9893
NC_000013.10 OXGR1 1.48e-01 7.77e-04 0.9893
NC_000017.10 PIGL 1.46e-01 7.89e-04 0.9893
NC_000007.13 RABL5 1.32e-01 7.89e-04 0.9893
NC_000019.9 ZNF714 3.18e-01 8.21e-04 0.9893
NC_000009.11 DDX58 1.94e-01 8.22e-04 0.9893
NC_000001.10 PRDM16 1.78e-01 8.23e-04 0.9893
NC_000006.11 MDFI 1.51e-01 8.24e-04 0.9893
NC_000019.9 NFIC -4.88e-01 8.29e-04 0.9893
NC_000001.10 RCC2 -1.11e-01 8.31e-04 0.9893
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 2.22e-01 8.32e-04 0.9893
NC_000006.11 ZBTB22 1.36e-01 8.33e-04 0.9893
NC_000001.10 MTMR9L 3.22e-01 8.34e-04 0.9893
NC_000019.9 JSRP1 1.71e-01 8.39e-04 0.9893
NC_000020.10 PIGU 1.36e-01 8.41e-04 0.9893
NC_000006.11 TRIM40 -3.33e-01 8.46e-04 0.9893
NC_000011.9 TRIM29 1.99e-01 8.48e-04 0.9893
NC_000002.11 NCRNA00116 2.38e-01 8.49e-04 0.9893
NC_000016.9 IGFALS 9.91e-02 8.58e-04 0.9893
NC_000007.13 MAD1L1 3.18e-01 8.72e-04 0.9893
NC_000010.10 ADARB2 1.08e-01 8.72e-04 0.9893
NC_000006.11 HLA-DPA1 1.52e-01 8.74e-04 0.9893
NC_000007.13 STAG3 1.37e-01 8.79e-04 0.9893
NC_000019.9 DPP9 1.65e-01 8.89e-04 0.9893
NC_000019.9 LYPD5 1.72e-01 8.97e-04 0.9893
NC_000011.9 LRP5 1.17e-01 9.01e-04 0.9893
NC_000001.10 ZCCHC17 1.50e-01 9.07e-04 0.9893
NC_000010.10 UBTD1 4.39e-01 9.21e-04 0.9893
NC_000013.10 MCF2L -2.50e-01 9.29e-04 0.9893
NC_000014.8 SAV1 1.58e-01 9.33e-04 0.9893
NC_000012.11 PIP4K2C 1.59e-01 9.37e-04 0.9893
NC_000004.11 SLIT2 1.52e-01 9.37e-04 0.9893
NC_000020.10 L3MBTL 2.66e-01 9.42e-04 0.9893
NC_000004.11 GAK -1.02e-01 9.45e-04 0.9893
NC_000017.10 RNF213 -1.40e-01 9.46e-04 0.9893
NC_000012.11 TXNRD1 2.96e-01 9.49e-04 0.9893
NC_000016.9 IRF8 9.53e-02 9.50e-04 0.9893
NC_000002.11 ANKMY1 2.04e-01 9.53e-04 0.9893
NC_000009.11 JAK2 1.64e-01 9.62e-04 0.9893
NC_000005.9 DAB2 1.59e-01 9.65e-04 0.9893
NC_000010.10 VDAC2 1.09e-01 9.73e-04 0.9893
NC_000014.8 LOC100133469 1.55e-01 9.74e-04 0.9893
NC_000006.11 STK19 1.75e-01 9.76e-04 0.9893
NC_000011.9 HBG2 -1.86e-01 9.89e-04 0.9893
NC_000022.10 MICAL3 -2.42e-01 9.92e-04 0.9893
NC_000022.10 FAM19A5 1.40e-01 1.00e-03 0.9893
NC_000011.9 MAML2 2.41e-01 1.00e-03 0.9893
NC_000013.10 OXGR1 1.72e-01 1.00e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 RNF5P1 1.90e-01 1.01e-03 0.9893
NC_000010.10 DIP2C 1.43e-01 1.01e-03 0.9893
NC_000012.11 MYL6 1.30e-01 1.04e-03 0.9893
NC_000019.9 ZNF714 3.98e-01 1.04e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 EN1 1.44e-01 1.05e-03 0.9893
NC_000023.10 HCCS 1.54e-01 1.05e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 LOC651250 -1.11e-01 1.05e-03 0.9893
NC_000022.10 CYTH4 -5.65e-01 1.05e-03 0.9893
NC_000014.8 ADAM6 -9.76e-02 1.06e-03 0.9893
NC_000009.11 ABO -1.46e-01 1.07e-03 0.9893
NC_000011.9 RPS6KA4 9.63e-02 1.08e-03 0.9893
NC_000010.10 ABI1 -2.69e-01 1.08e-03 0.9893
NC_000022.10 NIPSNAP1 1.67e-01 1.08e-03 0.9893
NC_000012.11 TXNRD1 1.01e-01 1.08e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 SLC43A2 2.48e-01 1.09e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 RAB4A 1.77e-01 1.09e-03 0.9893
NC_000005.9 PCDHGA2 1.42e-01 1.11e-03 0.9893
NC_000003.11 ACPL2 3.49e-01 1.12e-03 0.9893
NC_000015.9 UNC45A 2.17e-01 1.12e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 HDAC4 -1.30e-01 1.12e-03 0.9893
NC_000003.11 SELK 1.49e-01 1.12e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 CDK3 1.57e-01 1.12e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 GUSBL2 3.21e-01 1.12e-03 0.9893
NC_000007.13 ARMC10 1.37e-01 1.12e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 STK19 1.86e-01 1.14e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 RND2 2.90e-01 1.15e-03 0.9893
NC_000005.9 HAPLN1 2.12e-01 1.17e-03 0.9893
NC_000008.10 DLGAP2 1.61e-01 1.18e-03 0.9893
NC_000019.9 ZNF333 -2.94e-01 1.18e-03 0.9893
NC_000011.9 SBF2 2.77e-01 1.20e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 PPP1R1B 2.63e-01 1.20e-03 0.9893
NC_000019.9 MOBKL2A 1.87e-01 1.20e-03 0.9893
NC_000008.10 MYOM2 -2.73e-01 1.21e-03 0.9893
NC_000011.9 PAX6 2.43e-01 1.22e-03 0.9893
NC_000013.10 OXGR1 1.08e-01 1.22e-03 0.9893
NC_000007.13 TRIM4 1.30e-01 1.22e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 DUSP22 -1.80e-01 1.22e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 RNF5P1 1.23e-01 1.22e-03 0.9893
NC_000009.11 CARD9 1.33e-01 1.22e-03 0.9893
NC_000013.10 PABPC3 1.89e-01 1.22e-03 0.9893
NC_000010.10 CREM 1.97e-01 1.22e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 DHX40P -9.98e-02 1.23e-03 0.9893
NC_000019.9 ZNF714 4.26e-01 1.23e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 FARS2 -4.09e-01 1.23e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 ULBP1 3.00e-01 1.24e-03 0.9893
NC_000007.13 ADAP1 -6.23e-01 1.24e-03 0.9893
NC_000014.8 CCDC85C 1.05e-01 1.24e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 NTRK1 1.50e-01 1.24e-03 0.9893
NC_000015.9 TPM1 1.48e-01 1.25e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 HLA-DRB1 -4.42e-01 1.25e-03 0.9893
NC_000005.9 SFRS12 -1.33e-01 1.26e-03 0.9893
NC_000012.11 DPY19L2 1.36e-01 1.26e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 WDR45L 1.55e-01 1.29e-03 0.9893
NC_000008.10 LRRC14 2.54e-01 1.29e-03 0.9893
NC_000020.10 SLCO4A1 -1.02e-01 1.29e-03 0.9893
NC_000019.9 PSG1 -1.21e-01 1.29e-03 0.9893
NC_000013.10 PDX1 1.53e-01 1.29e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 HLA-DRB5 -1.10e-01 1.29e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 KCTD11 1.77e-01 1.29e-03 0.9893
NC_000007.13 ZNF273 1.43e-01 1.30e-03 0.9893
NC_000013.10 ZNF828 3.01e-01 1.30e-03 0.9893
NC_000008.10 MAL2 3.27e-01 1.31e-03 0.9893
NC_000004.11 NHEDC2 3.10e-01 1.31e-03 0.9893
NC_000011.9 PKNOX2 9.56e-02 1.32e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 MAP2 -1.15e-01 1.33e-03 0.9893
NC_000010.10 RSU1 1.02e-01 1.34e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 GTF2B 2.01e-01 1.34e-03 0.9893
NC_000004.11 ZNF876P 1.75e-01 1.34e-03 0.9893
NC_000013.10 OXGR1 1.42e-01 1.34e-03 0.9893
NC_000011.9 TEAD1 2.54e-01 1.34e-03 0.9893
NC_000022.10 LARGE 1.80e-01 1.35e-03 0.9893
NC_000007.13 ATXN7L1 1.23e-01 1.35e-03 0.9893
NC_000019.9 WDR18 1.09e-01 1.36e-03 0.9893
NC_000004.11 SHROOM3 1.08e-01 1.36e-03 0.9893
NC_000016.9 THUMPD1 1.04e-01 1.37e-03 0.9893
NC_000011.9 AQP11 2.20e-01 1.37e-03 0.9893
NC_000011.9 CREB3L1 1.05e-01 1.37e-03 0.9893
NC_000010.10 CYP26C1 2.15e-01 1.38e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 ALK 1.83e-01 1.39e-03 0.9893
NC_000012.11 DTX1 1.83e-01 1.40e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 C17orf108 2.66e-01 1.41e-03 0.9893
NC_000021.8 POFUT2 2.73e-01 1.42e-03 0.9893
NC_000005.9 PCDHGB1 1.18e-01 1.42e-03 0.9893
NC_000023.10 CA5B -1.59e-01 1.42e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 ZBTB12 1.17e-01 1.42e-03 0.9893
NC_000022.10 SBF1 1.27e-01 1.43e-03 0.9893
NC_000020.10 EBF4 1.77e-01 1.43e-03 0.9893
NC_000010.10 STK32C 1.34e-01 1.43e-03 0.9893
NC_000015.9 MYO1E -1.38e-01 1.43e-03 0.9893
NC_000011.9 ADRBK1 1.31e-01 1.44e-03 0.9893
NC_000016.9 TMC7 1.93e-01 1.44e-03 0.9893
NC_000015.9 RGMA 2.02e-01 1.44e-03 0.9893
NC_000012.11 LIN7A 2.99e-01 1.44e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 TXNDC5 -4.59e-01 1.45e-03 0.9893
NC_000012.11 NANOG -3.13e-01 1.45e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 MEGF6 1.20e-01 1.46e-03 0.9893
NC_000016.9 DECR2 3.76e-01 1.47e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 ABR 1.18e-01 1.48e-03 0.9893
NC_000004.11 PDLIM3 3.16e-01 1.48e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 ESPNP 1.48e-01 1.48e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 STX6 1.68e-01 1.49e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 C1orf170 2.66e-01 1.50e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 NTSR2 2.85e-01 1.50e-03 0.9893
NC_000013.10 ENOX1 2.27e-01 1.50e-03 0.9893
NC_000019.9 ATP8B3 -5.97e-01 1.51e-03 0.9893
NC_000022.10 C22orf27 2.61e-01 1.51e-03 0.9893
NC_000021.8 RUNX1 1.64e-01 1.51e-03 0.9893
NC_000011.9 GRM5 1.09e-01 1.51e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 HMGCS2 1.21e-01 1.51e-03 0.9893
NC_000023.10 AKAP14 1.74e-01 1.51e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 AGPAT1 1.75e-01 1.52e-03 0.9893
NC_000003.11 SDHAP2 3.14e-01 1.52e-03 0.9893
NC_000011.9 NDUFC2 1.51e-01 1.52e-03 0.9893
NC_000010.10 JAKMIP3 2.21e-01 1.54e-03 0.9893
NC_000013.10 MCF2L -2.48e-01 1.55e-03 0.9893
NC_000004.11 EPHA5 -1.67e-01 1.56e-03 0.9893
NC_000015.9 NR2F2 2.03e-01 1.57e-03 0.9893
NC_000022.10 WBP2NL 2.72e-01 1.58e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 HAX1 -9.15e-02 1.58e-03 0.9893
NC_000018.9 MYL12B -1.18e-01 1.59e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 STK19 2.14e-01 1.60e-03 0.9893
NC_000005.9 RAD17 3.04e-01 1.60e-03 0.9893
NC_000011.9 BIRC3 -3.85e-01 1.60e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 AGPAT1 1.80e-01 1.61e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 SRBD1 -3.79e-01 1.62e-03 0.9893
NC_000013.10 STK24 1.20e-01 1.62e-03 0.9893
NC_000010.10 MTG1 2.24e-01 1.63e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 KRTAP4-5 -1.53e-01 1.63e-03 0.9893
NC_000005.9 TNIP1 2.05e-01 1.63e-03 0.9893
NC_000004.11 MAP9 1.57e-01 1.63e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 RNF5P1 9.04e-02 1.64e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 YWHAQ 1.06e-01 1.64e-03 0.9893
NC_000011.9 TMEM86A -1.77e-01 1.64e-03 0.9893
NC_000022.10 CBX6 -2.02e-01 1.66e-03 0.9893
NC_000022.10 C22orf27 3.23e-01 1.66e-03 0.9893
NC_000013.10 ATP11A 1.14e-01 1.67e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 C2orf84 1.14e-01 1.68e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 TAP2 9.94e-02 1.68e-03 0.9893
NC_000012.11 ZNF385A 2.25e-01 1.68e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 ZBTB9 -1.00e-01 1.68e-03 0.9893
NC_000022.10 MEI1 1.53e-01 1.68e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 AGPAT1 2.12e-01 1.68e-03 0.9893
NC_000011.9 PAX6 1.40e-01 1.70e-03 0.9893
NC_000005.9 ZDHHC11 -1.39e-01 1.72e-03 0.9893
NC_000013.10 MCF2L -1.58e-01 1.73e-03 0.9893
NC_000009.11 EHMT1 2.09e-01 1.73e-03 0.9893
NC_000011.9 DCPS 1.76e-01 1.73e-03 0.9893
NC_000007.13 ZNF92 2.71e-01 1.73e-03 0.9893
NC_000004.11 ZNF509 -2.79e-01 1.73e-03 0.9893
NC_000014.8 C14orf38 1.12e-01 1.74e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 TAP2 2.66e-01 1.74e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 GJA1 1.59e-01 1.74e-03 0.9893
NC_000008.10 IL7 1.63e-01 1.74e-03 0.9893
NC_000019.9 LYL1 1.06e-01 1.74e-03 0.9893
NC_000010.10 PFKP -9.57e-02 1.75e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 PRDM16 -2.70e-01 1.75e-03 0.9893
NC_000020.10 MAP1LC3A 9.01e-02 1.75e-03 0.9893
NC_000020.10 BLCAP 1.41e-01 1.78e-03 0.9893
NC_000014.8 DPF3 1.41e-01 1.78e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 CDC42EP4 2.45e-01 1.80e-03 0.9893
NC_000023.10 ZCCHC16 -1.77e-01 1.80e-03 0.9893
NC_000010.10 CCDC147 9.95e-02 1.80e-03 0.9893
NC_000016.9 TMEM186 -3.18e-01 1.80e-03 0.9893
NC_000011.9 GALNTL4 2.09e-01 1.80e-03 0.9893
NC_000016.9 SOCS1 1.86e-01 1.81e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 C1orf55 2.12e-01 1.83e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 TCHH 1.02e-01 1.83e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 LOC100134259 1.28e-01 1.84e-03 0.9893
NC_000008.10 ERICH1 1.28e-01 1.85e-03 0.9893
NC_000012.11 NCOR2 1.81e-01 1.85e-03 0.9893
NC_000011.9 APOA1 1.01e-01 1.86e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 CASZ1 1.38e-01 1.87e-03 0.9893
NC_000013.10 OXGR1 1.16e-01 1.87e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 BRCA1 -8.66e-02 1.87e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 REPS1 1.45e-01 1.87e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 DIO1 1.73e-01 1.87e-03 0.9893
NC_000012.11 GALNT9 2.29e-01 1.88e-03 0.9893
NC_000013.10 STK24 2.23e-01 1.89e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 ABCA12 2.41e-01 1.90e-03 0.9893
NC_000016.9 MTHFSD 1.86e-01 1.91e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 AXIN2 2.54e-01 1.91e-03 0.9893
NC_000020.10 THBD 2.04e-01 1.92e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 TSTD1 1.77e-01 1.93e-03 0.9893
NC_000008.10 RBPMS 2.00e-01 1.94e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 GABBR1 2.38e-01 1.94e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 EPHA4 2.17e-01 1.95e-03 0.9893
NC_000009.11 RGP1 1.16e-01 1.95e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 ATL2 1.90e-01 1.96e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 ENGASE 2.10e-01 1.96e-03 0.9893
NC_000019.9 CRLF1 -1.17e-01 1.97e-03 0.9893
NC_000007.13 BRAF 2.05e-01 1.97e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 C4BPA 9.31e-02 1.98e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 HLA-DPA1 -3.14e-01 1.98e-03 0.9893
NC_000016.9 HAGHL 2.18e-01 1.99e-03 0.9893
NC_000020.10 KCNS1 1.21e-01 1.99e-03 0.9893
NC_000010.10 UBTD1 2.00e-01 1.99e-03 0.9893
NC_000011.9 MS4A8B 1.54e-01 1.99e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 RANBP9 1.07e-01 2.01e-03 0.9893
NC_000015.9 MORF4L1 -1.74e-01 2.01e-03 0.9893
NC_000011.9 PAX6 1.34e-01 2.01e-03 0.9893
NC_000012.11 HOXC4 -1.01e-01 2.02e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 UBL4B 1.72e-01 2.02e-03 0.9893
NC_000008.10 SDCBP 1.99e-01 2.02e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 LHCGR 1.02e-01 2.03e-03 0.9893
NC_000011.9 OPCML 1.09e-01 2.03e-03 0.9893
NC_000014.8 MTA1 8.61e-02 2.03e-03 0.9893
NC_000004.11 SORCS2 1.64e-01 2.04e-03 0.9893
NC_000019.9 ZNF429 9.59e-02 2.05e-03 0.9893
NC_000007.13 ZNF783 2.92e-01 2.05e-03 0.9893
NC_000012.11 HAL 1.37e-01 2.06e-03 0.9893
NC_000013.10 TUBA3C -1.41e-01 2.06e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 GPR177 -1.30e-01 2.09e-03 0.9893
NC_000019.9 ZNF490 1.95e-01 2.09e-03 0.9893
NC_000016.9 PLEKHG4 1.02e-01 2.10e-03 0.9893
NC_000011.9 SLC22A18AS 2.78e-01 2.10e-03 0.9893
NC_000022.10 C22orf39 3.11e-01 2.11e-03 0.9893
NC_000019.9 ZNF211 1.37e-01 2.11e-03 0.9893
NC_000015.9 ATP10A 1.61e-01 2.12e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 DUSP22 -2.27e-01 2.12e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 PRDM16 1.03e-01 2.14e-03 0.9893
NC_000004.11 SHROOM3 1.70e-01 2.15e-03 0.9893
NC_000005.9 GFPT2 -4.13e-01 2.15e-03 0.9893
NC_000011.9 CCDC86 9.05e-02 2.16e-03 0.9893
NC_000003.11 ALDH1L1 1.70e-01 2.16e-03 0.9893
NC_000011.9 LDHC -1.08e-01 2.16e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 OBSL1 1.93e-01 2.17e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 RPS6KA2 1.54e-01 2.18e-03 0.9893
NC_000003.11 SLC41A3 3.49e-01 2.20e-03 0.9893
NC_000008.10 IKBKB 2.92e-01 2.20e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 HLA-DPB2 -7.45e-01 2.20e-03 0.9893
NC_000005.9 LOX 1.19e-01 2.21e-03 0.9893
NC_000020.10 TP53RK 1.29e-01 2.22e-03 0.9893
NC_000019.9 AP3D1 9.62e-02 2.22e-03 0.9893
NC_000011.9 SYT8 1.14e-01 2.23e-03 0.9893
NC_000015.9 RGMA 1.85e-01 2.24e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 GLIS1 2.47e-01 2.24e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 SCN4A -8.67e-02 2.24e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 CACNA1G 2.09e-01 2.24e-03 0.9893
NC_000020.10 LPIN3 -1.61e-01 2.25e-03 0.9893
NC_000008.10 ZNF7 8.70e-02 2.25e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 PPIAL4B -6.04e-01 2.25e-03 0.9893
NC_000010.10 VENTX 1.38e-01 2.25e-03 0.9893
NC_000008.10 CYP11B1 -1.56e-01 2.26e-03 0.9893
NC_000011.9 DNAJB13 1.46e-01 2.28e-03 0.9893
NC_000005.9 ELOVL7 1.72e-01 2.29e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 AGPAT1 2.28e-01 2.29e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 HRNBP3 -1.25e-01 2.29e-03 0.9893
NC_000023.10 RAB41 8.92e-02 2.30e-03 0.9893
NC_000022.10 BCR 9.60e-02 2.30e-03 0.9893
NC_000019.9 ADAMTS10 8.94e-02 2.31e-03 0.9893
NC_000012.11 GOLGA3 3.08e-01 2.31e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 SYNGAP1 -9.21e-02 2.32e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 PACSIN1 1.71e-01 2.32e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 SOX9 -1.44e-01 2.34e-03 0.9893
NC_000009.11 PTAR1 1.07e-01 2.34e-03 0.9893
NC_000012.11 MDM2 -1.18e-01 2.35e-03 0.9893
NC_000009.11 LHX2 -2.43e-01 2.35e-03 0.9893
NC_000011.9 AHNAK 1.86e-01 2.36e-03 0.9893
NC_000012.11 SP7 1.82e-01 2.37e-03 0.9893
NC_000015.9 BCL2L10 1.73e-01 2.37e-03 0.9893
NC_000011.9 LDLRAD3 -1.03e-01 2.39e-03 0.9893
NC_000016.9 ZFHX3 2.25e-01 2.39e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 LOC401010 -3.24e-01 2.39e-03 0.9893
NC_000019.9 DPF1 -1.48e-01 2.39e-03 0.9893
NC_000023.10 DLG3 1.34e-01 2.40e-03 0.9893
NC_000003.11 MUC20 1.48e-01 2.41e-03 0.9893
NC_000023.10 SPANXC -1.84e-01 2.41e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 MED20 -1.30e-01 2.42e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 APLF -1.46e-01 2.42e-03 0.9893
NC_000003.11 LOC401052 9.43e-02 2.42e-03 0.9893
NC_000012.11 ERC1 1.43e-01 2.26e-03 0.9893
NC_000011.9 PHRF1 1.02e-01 2.44e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 ANKRD34A 1.66e-01 2.45e-03 0.9893
NC_000012.11 DYNLL1 -1.03e-01 2.46e-03 0.9893
NC_000003.11 FAM198A 2.31e-01 2.46e-03 0.9893
NC_000009.11 ENTPD2 2.11e-01 2.47e-03 0.9893
NC_000009.11 QRFP 1.67e-01 2.47e-03 0.9893
NC_000011.9 C11orf66 1.53e-01 2.47e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 LOC100132111 2.54e-01 2.48e-03 0.9893
NC_000003.11 LARS2 1.76e-01 2.48e-03 0.9893
NC_000010.10 C10orf140 -1.13e-01 2.48e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 HLA-DRB1 -7.52e-01 2.49e-03 0.9893
NC_000005.9 EGFLAM 2.40e-01 2.49e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 CSMD2 -2.30e-01 2.50e-03 0.9893
NC_000012.11 ABCB9 -1.11e-01 2.50e-03 0.9893
NC_000012.11 SH2B3 8.89e-02 2.50e-03 0.9893
NC_000003.11 LOC401052 8.61e-02 2.51e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 DUSP22 -2.55e-01 2.52e-03 0.9893
NC_000005.9 PCDHGA2 3.43e-01 2.53e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 SYTL1 -2.87e-01 2.53e-03 0.9893
NC_000010.10 SPOCK2 1.02e-01 2.54e-03 0.9893
NC_000005.9 NR2F1 1.78e-01 2.55e-03 0.9893
NC_000015.9 ETFA 1.47e-01 2.55e-03 0.9893
NC_000003.11 ERC2 -5.87e-01 2.56e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 C17orf44 2.06e-01 2.56e-03 0.9893
NC_000015.9 CCDC33 1.08e-01 2.57e-03 0.9893
NC_000011.9 AP2A2 -1.16e-01 2.57e-03 0.9893
NC_000007.13 SLC29A4 1.24e-01 2.57e-03 0.9893
NC_000015.9 IVD -1.79e-01 2.58e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 SERPINB9 -2.92e-01 2.59e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 OR2G6 1.57e-01 2.59e-03 0.9893
NC_000014.8 BMP4 1.70e-01 2.60e-03 0.9893
NC_000012.11 KDM2B 2.24e-01 2.60e-03 0.9893
NC_000008.10 DLC1 3.18e-01 2.60e-03 0.9893
NC_000019.9 MAST3 1.16e-01 2.60e-03 0.9893
NC_000013.10 MCF2L -2.75e-01 2.61e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 PIP5K1A 1.70e-01 2.61e-03 0.9893
NC_000004.11 TNIP2 1.77e-01 2.61e-03 0.9893
NC_000019.9 RPL18 -1.42e-01 2.62e-03 0.9893
NC_000007.13 LOC389493 1.36e-01 2.63e-03 0.9893
NC_000007.13 ATXN7L1 2.09e-01 2.63e-03 0.9893
NC_000010.10 GPR123 3.16e-01 2.63e-03 0.9893
NC_000005.9 PCDHB19P 1.39e-01 2.63e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 VPS53 2.92e-01 2.65e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 AGPAT1 1.19e-01 2.65e-03 0.9893
NC_000013.10 B3GALTL 1.38e-01 2.65e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 C1orf35 1.48e-01 2.65e-03 0.9893
NC_000019.9 RSPH6A 2.64e-01 2.65e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 NCRNA00116 2.89e-01 2.65e-03 0.9893
NC_000007.13 BAZ1B -2.04e-01 2.66e-03 0.9893
NC_000007.13 VOPP1 1.63e-01 2.66e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 LOC100132111 1.68e-01 2.69e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 MDFI 1.56e-01 2.70e-03 0.9893
NC_000008.10 PPP3CC 8.35e-02 2.71e-03 0.9893
NC_000007.13 ZPBP 1.31e-01 2.73e-03 0.9893
NC_000005.9 PCDHGA4 1.59e-01 2.74e-03 0.9893
NC_000003.11 PRSS45 -3.24e-01 2.74e-03 0.9893
NC_000005.9 IRX2 9.66e-02 2.76e-03 0.9893
NC_000005.9 TCF7 1.06e-01 2.76e-03 0.9893
NC_000007.13 GIMAP7 1.60e-01 2.76e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 MACF1 1.66e-01 2.76e-03 0.9893
NC_000016.9 PDIA2 1.32e-01 2.77e-03 0.9893
NC_000022.10 C22orf27 2.17e-01 2.77e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 STK38 -2.57e-01 2.79e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 XKR8 -1.78e-01 2.80e-03 0.9893
NC_000005.9 SLC12A7 -2.16e-01 2.83e-03 0.9893
NC_000004.11 FRAS1 -1.27e-01 2.87e-03 0.9893
NC_000007.13 IFRD1 1.81e-01 2.88e-03 0.9893
NC_000010.10 CTBP2 -8.43e-02 2.88e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 CRHR1 1.52e-01 2.88e-03 0.9893
NC_000019.9 ZSCAN1 -1.70e-01 2.88e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 NFYC 1.87e-01 2.88e-03 0.9893
NC_000019.9 MIR1470 1.23e-01 2.89e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 TULP4 1.21e-01 2.89e-03 0.9893
NC_000003.11 SLC6A6 1.13e-01 2.89e-03 0.9893
NC_000016.9 RPS15A 1.50e-01 2.90e-03 0.9893
NC_000016.9 DYNLRB2 1.56e-01 2.91e-03 0.9893
NC_000004.11 COPS4 1.67e-01 2.91e-03 0.9893
NC_000008.10 EPHX2 2.08e-01 2.92e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 HRNR -7.94e-02 2.93e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 MEGF6 1.14e-01 2.93e-03 0.9893
NC_000020.10 ZNF343 -9.23e-02 2.93e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 C2orf68 1.81e-01 2.93e-03 0.9893
NC_000015.9 SNORD115-35 -1.16e-01 2.94e-03 0.9893
NC_000015.9 CPEB1 8.47e-02 2.94e-03 0.9893
NC_000016.9 FOXL1 2.02e-01 2.94e-03 0.9893
NC_000009.11 PTCH1 1.23e-01 2.95e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 IGSF9 8.89e-02 2.96e-03 0.9893
NC_000003.11 SEMA5B 1.79e-01 2.97e-03 0.9893
NC_000019.9 TMEM190 2.20e-01 2.98e-03 0.9893
NC_000010.10 LOC729668 1.25e-01 3.03e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 HCG11 2.40e-01 3.03e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 RAB37 1.45e-01 3.04e-03 0.9893
NC_000009.11 ORM1 -1.09e-01 3.04e-03 0.9893
NC_000004.11 DOK7 1.19e-01 3.04e-03 0.9893
NC_000010.10 C10orf11 4.38e-01 3.05e-03 0.9893
NC_000009.11 CACNA1B 3.48e-01 3.05e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 RARA 2.54e-01 3.08e-03 0.9893
NC_000011.9 RASSF7 -1.04e-01 3.08e-03 0.9893
NC_000014.8 LOC100133469 1.26e-01 3.08e-03 0.9893
NC_000008.10 COL22A1 9.84e-02 3.08e-03 0.9893
NC_000022.10 CECR7 1.66e-01 3.08e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 VAX2 8.67e-02 3.09e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 GPN1 8.80e-02 3.09e-03 0.9893
NC_000015.9 SORD 1.58e-01 3.10e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 RNF25 1.28e-01 3.10e-03 0.9893
NC_000007.13 GUSB 1.15e-01 3.10e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 UBE2U -1.59e-01 3.13e-03 0.9893
NC_000011.9 ALDH3B2 1.78e-01 3.14e-03 0.9893
NC_000005.9 TRIM36 1.02e-01 3.14e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 MSH6 1.19e-01 3.14e-03 0.9893
NC_000008.10 ANK1 7.53e-02 3.16e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 LAMB3 4.25e-01 3.17e-03 0.9893
NC_000013.10 MCF2L -1.49e-01 3.17e-03 0.9893
NC_000022.10 CPT1B 3.61e-01 3.18e-03 0.9893
NC_000012.11 RAB21 1.08e-01 3.20e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 RPS6KA2 2.48e-01 3.20e-03 0.9893
NC_000012.11 KRT18 9.88e-02 3.20e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 HLA-DPB2 -2.09e-01 3.21e-03 0.9893
NC_000014.8 CTAGE5 1.37e-01 3.21e-03 0.9893
NC_000022.10 MEI1 1.61e-01 3.22e-03 0.9893
NC_000008.10 JRK 6.81e-01 3.23e-03 0.9893
NC_000008.10 ANK1 2.00e-01 3.23e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 RNGTT -3.03e-01 3.24e-03 0.9893
NC_000008.10 ARHGEF10 1.68e-01 3.24e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 TNR 3.21e-01 3.24e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 ZNF670 1.65e-01 3.27e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 RGPD4 3.04e-01 3.27e-03 0.9893
NC_000005.9 TCF7 2.05e-01 3.27e-03 0.9893
NC_000016.9 DCI 1.54e-01 3.27e-03 0.9893
NC_000011.9 DNAJB13 1.25e-01 3.28e-03 0.9893
NC_000010.10 PTER 1.26e-01 3.28e-03 0.9893
NC_000010.10 ZNF22 3.51e-01 3.28e-03 0.9893
NC_000005.9 CTNNA1 9.86e-02 3.28e-03 0.9893
NC_000005.9 SPOCK1 9.18e-02 3.29e-03 0.9893
NC_000005.9 ZNF300 8.63e-02 3.29e-03 0.9893
NC_000007.13 LOC650226 1.73e-01 3.30e-03 0.9893
NC_000012.11 TXNRD1 1.36e-01 3.30e-03 0.9893
NC_000005.9 FAM105A 8.49e-02 3.31e-03 0.9893
NC_000016.9 HAGH 1.32e-01 3.31e-03 0.9893
NC_000005.9 SPOCK1 -2.61e-01 3.31e-03 0.9893
NC_000022.10 RPS19BP1 -1.04e-01 3.32e-03 0.9893
NC_000012.11 KRT2 2.15e-01 3.32e-03 0.9893
NC_000003.11 DLEC1 2.22e-01 3.32e-03 0.9893
NC_000019.9 GNA11 1.99e-01 3.34e-03 0.9893
NC_000005.9 SLC25A2 1.17e-01 3.35e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 SH3BP5L -2.57e-01 3.36e-03 0.9893
NC_000003.11 FANCD2 9.70e-02 3.36e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 EN1 9.76e-02 3.37e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 MPZL1 1.97e-01 3.37e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 FGF11 1.77e-01 3.37e-03 0.9893
NC_000019.9 CGB1 -1.35e-01 3.38e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 GMDS 1.15e-01 3.38e-03 0.9893
NC_000003.11 PTPRG 1.32e-01 3.38e-03 0.9893
NC_000022.10 WBP2NL 1.19e-01 3.39e-03 0.9893
NC_000011.9 HCCA2 1.16e-01 3.39e-03 0.9893
NC_000005.9 SLC9A3 9.85e-02 3.39e-03 0.9893
NC_000014.8 DCAF4 -1.41e-01 3.39e-03 0.9893
NC_000005.9 PCDHB4 1.12e-01 3.40e-03 0.9893
NC_000012.11 TXNRD1 -1.04e-01 3.41e-03 0.9893
NC_000010.10 KIAA1598 -9.16e-02 3.41e-03 0.9893
NC_000007.13 C7orf50 1.42e-01 3.41e-03 0.9893
NC_000010.10 CAMK2G 1.31e-01 3.41e-03 0.9893
NC_000016.9 IRX3 -7.50e-02 3.41e-03 0.9893
NC_000019.9 APOE 1.42e-01 3.43e-03 0.9893
NC_000010.10 GRID1 1.02e-01 3.44e-03 0.9893
NC_000015.9 MIR548H4 1.51e-01 3.44e-03 0.9893
NC_000010.10 LOC728643 1.21e-01 3.45e-03 0.9893
NC_000009.11 ODF2 -9.77e-02 3.46e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 SNTG2 2.21e-01 3.47e-03 0.9893
NC_000015.9 RGMA 1.49e-01 3.48e-03 0.9893
NC_000012.11 SOCS2 1.15e-01 3.48e-03 0.9893
NC_000016.9 LOC100129637 1.22e-01 3.49e-03 0.9893
NC_000019.9 ZNF570 1.64e-01 3.50e-03 0.9893
NC_000003.11 ATP2B2 1.28e-01 3.50e-03 0.9893
NC_000010.10 SVIL -2.17e-01 3.50e-03 0.9893
NC_000011.9 IFITM1 3.04e-01 3.55e-03 0.9893
NC_000016.9 CCDC78 1.37e-01 3.55e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 SDCCAG8 1.03e-01 3.56e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 C2CD4D 2.29e-01 3.56e-03 0.9893
NC_000013.10 LOC100101938 3.23e-01 3.56e-03 0.9893
NC_000020.10 GCNT7 -1.65e-01 3.56e-03 0.9893
NC_000012.11 KRT7 9.01e-02 3.57e-03 0.9893
NC_000012.11 TMTC1 -5.49e-01 3.57e-03 0.9893
NC_000023.10 NHS 2.55e-01 3.57e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 CCDC74A 2.09e-01 3.57e-03 0.9893
NC_000005.9 SPOCK1 2.71e-01 3.58e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 HLA-DQB2 1.71e-01 3.60e-03 0.9893
NC_000012.11 KRT86 2.61e-01 3.60e-03 0.9893
NC_000005.9 PCDHGA4 2.22e-01 3.61e-03 0.9893
NC_000005.9 RGMB 2.87e-01 3.61e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 ASAP2 2.04e-01 3.62e-03 0.9893
NC_000010.10 TACC2 4.97e-01 3.62e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 CASZ1 3.54e-01 3.62e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 MSH2 1.37e-01 3.62e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 TBC1D26 -1.10e-01 3.63e-03 0.9893
NC_000022.10 SYN3 2.46e-01 3.63e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 CD247 1.89e-01 3.64e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 FBXO44 1.33e-01 3.64e-03 0.9893
NC_000021.8 AGPAT3 1.33e-01 3.65e-03 0.9893
NC_000005.9 TCF7 1.15e-01 3.65e-03 0.9893
NC_000005.9 PCDHGB4 8.93e-02 3.66e-03 0.9893
NC_000016.9 ANKRD11 1.89e-01 3.67e-03 0.9893
NC_000003.11 EIF5A2 1.75e-01 3.68e-03 0.9893
NC_000015.9 FANCI 1.73e-01 3.68e-03 0.9893
NC_000008.10 KIAA1688 -9.45e-02 3.70e-03 0.9893
NC_000023.10 ASFMR1 2.11e-01 3.71e-03 0.9893
NC_000007.13 GUSB 1.11e-01 3.71e-03 0.9893
NC_000011.9 ZBTB16 1.55e-01 3.72e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 RPS6KA2 8.05e-02 3.72e-03 0.9893
NC_000012.11 CCDC42B 2.25e-01 3.72e-03 0.9893
NC_000019.9 C19orf6 1.04e-01 3.73e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 MGC26597 -1.08e-01 3.76e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 CNST 1.72e-01 3.77e-03 0.9893
NC_000016.9 TRIM72 7.44e-02 3.78e-03 0.9893
NC_000007.13 PAPOLB 1.84e-01 3.78e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 NXN -4.22e-01 3.78e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 LAPTM5 8.71e-02 3.80e-03 0.9893
NC_000016.9 ZFPM1 -8.56e-02 3.81e-03 0.9893
NC_000007.13 STRA8 3.34e-01 3.82e-03 0.9893
NC_000023.10 AVPR2 -2.91e-01 3.82e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 PRDM16 1.77e-01 3.83e-03 0.9893
NC_000005.9 FLJ42709 1.18e-01 3.83e-03 0.9893
NC_000019.9 TSPAN16 1.36e-01 3.83e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 NRD1 8.69e-02 3.84e-03 0.9893
NC_000019.9 ZNF540 9.71e-02 3.84e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 OR10X1 1.92e-01 3.84e-03 0.9893
NC_000013.10 MCF2L -2.12e-01 3.85e-03 0.9893
NC_000005.9 ADAMTS2 1.35e-01 3.85e-03 0.9893
NC_000009.11 JAK2 2.09e-01 3.86e-03 0.9893
NC_000003.11 FOXP1 2.16e-01 3.86e-03 0.9893
NC_000016.9 DNASE1L2 9.87e-02 3.87e-03 0.9893
NC_000007.13 SLC29A4 2.45e-01 3.88e-03 0.9893
NC_000004.11 APBB2 8.50e-02 3.89e-03 0.9893
NC_000007.13 ATXN7L1 1.31e-01 3.89e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 CXCR2 1.58e-01 3.91e-03 0.9893
NC_000007.13 UNC84A 1.55e-01 3.91e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 RNF5P1 8.91e-02 3.92e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 HLA-DRB1 3.20e-01 3.92e-03 0.9893
NC_000005.9 EGFLAM 1.77e-01 3.92e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 CTNNA2 -6.52e-01 3.92e-03 0.9893
NC_000016.9 SPG7 -1.15e-01 3.92e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 ATP6V1G2 -8.09e-02 3.93e-03 0.9893
NC_000012.11 MRS2P2 1.68e-01 3.94e-03 0.9893
NC_000005.9 LOC255167 1.09e-01 3.96e-03 0.9893
NC_000012.11 CHST11 3.06e-01 3.96e-03 0.9893
NC_000021.8 RUNX1 1.39e-01 3.97e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 PIGL 1.56e-01 3.97e-03 0.9893
NC_000011.9 CRY2 -1.05e-01 3.98e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 SH2D5 1.40e-01 3.98e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 RORC 1.32e-01 3.98e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 NRN1 9.25e-02 3.98e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 ZNF643 -8.93e-02 4.01e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 CLCNKB -1.31e-01 4.01e-03 0.9893
NC_000007.13 LOC650226 2.98e-01 4.02e-03 0.9893
NC_000013.10 OXGR1 1.05e-01 4.02e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 PHF13 1.46e-01 4.02e-03 0.9893
NC_000004.11 GPR125 1.14e-01 4.02e-03 0.9893
NC_000007.13 ZNF727 1.71e-01 4.03e-03 0.9893
NC_000020.10 LRRN4 8.27e-02 4.06e-03 0.9893
NC_000004.11 PDE6B -2.12e-01 4.06e-03 0.9893
NC_000009.11 C9orf98 1.67e-01 4.07e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 TCP11 1.25e-01 4.07e-03 0.9893
NC_000004.11 SRD5A3 -3.97e-01 4.08e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 C2CD4D 2.87e-01 4.08e-03 0.9893
NC_000011.9 AP2A2 2.23e-01 4.10e-03 0.9893
NC_000010.10 HTR7 1.34e-01 4.11e-03 0.9893
NC_000020.10 NTSR1 1.57e-01 4.12e-03 0.9893
NC_000003.11 C3orf21 2.40e-01 4.12e-03 0.9893
NC_000007.13 ST7 -9.22e-02 4.13e-03 0.9893
NC_000011.9 CHID1 -3.19e-01 4.13e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 AHDC1 1.51e-01 4.13e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 C2CD4D 2.55e-01 4.15e-03 0.9893
NC_000005.9 PLCXD3 2.38e-01 4.15e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 ASB18 1.56e-01 4.16e-03 0.9893
NC_000016.9 IRX5 8.22e-02 4.17e-03 0.9893
NC_000023.10 ARX 1.94e-01 4.18e-03 0.9893
NC_000014.8 TRAPPC6B 1.31e-01 4.18e-03 0.9893
NC_000003.11 CCK 8.30e-02 4.20e-03 0.9893
NC_000022.10 MEI1 2.55e-01 4.20e-03 0.9893
NC_000014.8 LOC100133469 1.83e-01 4.20e-03 0.9893
NC_000010.10 VAX1 2.06e-01 4.21e-03 0.9893
NC_000007.13 PTPN12 1.39e-01 4.22e-03 0.9893
NC_000009.11 EHMT1 1.02e-01 4.23e-03 0.9893
NC_000004.11 PROM1 1.69e-01 4.23e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 CHI3L2 1.50e-01 4.25e-03 0.9893
NC_000022.10 C22orf27 3.12e-01 4.25e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 SMOC2 -1.32e-01 4.25e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 LASS6 1.84e-01 4.26e-03 0.9893
NC_000004.11 LARP1B 1.52e-01 4.26e-03 0.9893
NC_000007.13 UPP1 9.23e-02 4.26e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 FAM100B 1.54e-01 4.27e-03 0.9893
NC_000010.10 FAM21A -1.19e-01 4.27e-03 0.9893
NC_000022.10 APOL1 -1.59e-01 4.28e-03 0.9893
NC_000008.10 LSM1 9.15e-02 4.28e-03 0.9893
NC_000007.13 STX1A 8.45e-02 4.29e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 KLHDC9 1.46e-01 4.29e-03 0.9893
NC_000011.9 UCP3 1.80e-01 4.29e-03 0.9893
NC_000003.11 LAMP3 -2.15e-01 4.29e-03 0.9893
NC_000010.10 RBM20 1.50e-01 4.30e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 HDAC4 1.22e-01 4.31e-03 0.9893
NC_000008.10 LRRC24 1.56e-01 4.32e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 FABP3 1.71e-01 4.34e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 PODN 8.53e-02 4.34e-03 0.9893
NC_000012.11 RAB35 1.62e-01 4.34e-03 0.9893
NC_000005.9 IQGAP2 1.10e-01 4.36e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 SLC25A10 9.49e-02 4.37e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 KIF25 1.87e-01 4.37e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 LOC100133612 -7.12e-02 4.37e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 C2orf54 8.84e-02 4.37e-03 0.9893
NC_000022.10 USP18 1.08e-01 4.38e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 AJAP1 1.97e-01 4.38e-03 0.9893
NC_000015.9 RGMA 1.81e-01 4.38e-03 0.9893
NC_000012.11 GEFT -9.28e-02 4.38e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 AGPAT1 2.82e-01 4.38e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 S100A5 2.01e-01 4.39e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 HEYL 1.42e-01 4.39e-03 0.9893
NC_000023.10 BCOR 7.67e-02 4.39e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 ABR 9.01e-02 4.39e-03 0.9893
NC_000022.10 C22orf27 1.99e-01 4.40e-03 0.9893
NC_000003.11 CCDC48 1.14e-01 4.40e-03 0.9893
NC_000011.9 MRGPRE 1.75e-01 4.41e-03 0.9893
NC_000003.11 DGKG 1.86e-01 4.41e-03 0.9893
NC_000014.8 RPS6KA5 -1.23e-01 4.42e-03 0.9893
NC_000019.9 ZNF816A 1.16e-01 4.42e-03 0.9893
NC_000007.13 OSBPL3 3.84e-01 4.42e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 FLG -1.35e-01 4.43e-03 0.9893
NC_000003.11 LPP -3.22e-01 4.43e-03 0.9893
NC_000008.10 NPBWR1 1.01e-01 4.44e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 RHBDD1 1.76e-01 4.44e-03 0.9893
NC_000011.9 TMEM216 1.74e-01 4.44e-03 0.9893
NC_000004.11 AFF1 1.43e-01 4.45e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 BRCA1 1.17e-01 4.46e-03 0.9893
NC_000012.11 BTBD11 -1.83e-01 4.46e-03 0.9893
NC_000023.10 LAS1L -1.48e-01 4.47e-03 0.9893
NC_000009.11 LMX1B 1.63e-01 4.47e-03 0.9893
NC_000023.10 LRCH2 -1.56e-01 4.48e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 BUB1 9.09e-02 4.49e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 RPTOR -2.55e-01 4.50e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 AGPAT1 2.99e-01 4.50e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 NBPF1 -8.45e-02 4.50e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 KCNK5 2.12e-01 4.50e-03 0.9893
NC_000020.10 GSS 1.13e-01 4.51e-03 0.9893
NC_000022.10 AIFM3 1.08e-01 4.51e-03 0.9893
NC_000019.9 LYPD5 1.44e-01 4.51e-03 0.9893
NC_000008.10 XKR6 1.46e-01 4.54e-03 0.9893
NC_000019.9 F2RL3 1.36e-01 4.54e-03 0.9893
NC_000020.10 C20orf43 2.09e-01 4.56e-03 0.9893
NC_000019.9 DAPK3 -1.01e-01 4.56e-03 0.9893
NC_000007.13 ATXN7L1 1.04e-01 4.57e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 TMEM79 2.24e-01 4.57e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 KCNIP3 1.83e-01 4.58e-03 0.9893
NC_000010.10 TCF7L2 1.06e-01 4.59e-03 0.9893
NC_000010.10 CALML5 3.14e-01 4.60e-03 0.9893
NC_000012.11 ATP5G2 1.97e-01 4.60e-03 0.9893
NC_000004.11 ZNF721 -9.13e-02 4.60e-03 0.9893
NC_000005.9 HAPLN1 1.33e-01 4.61e-03 0.9893
NC_000003.11 NKTR -2.26e-01 4.61e-03 0.9893
NC_000003.11 VENTXP7 -1.62e-01 4.63e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 TNXB 1.13e-01 4.63e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 B3GNTL1 -1.25e-01 4.66e-03 0.9893
NC_000016.9 RRN3P2 -8.99e-02 4.66e-03 0.9893
NC_000014.8 C14orf184 1.58e-01 4.66e-03 0.9893
NC_000018.9 CCDC11 1.15e-01 4.67e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 TBCD 1.47e-01 4.67e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 PLCD3 9.42e-02 4.68e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 LOC91149 1.72e-01 4.68e-03 0.9893
NC_000009.11 NR4A3 2.30e-01 4.69e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 ARL5C 7.60e-02 4.69e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 NXN 1.91e-01 4.69e-03 0.9893
NC_000011.9 ADAMTS8 9.95e-02 4.69e-03 0.9893
NC_000019.9 NPAS1 -9.07e-02 4.69e-03 0.9893
NC_000012.11 EFCAB4B 8.91e-02 4.69e-03 0.9893
NC_000019.9 PLVAP 3.22e-01 4.70e-03 0.9893
NC_000019.9 NFIX -1.34e-01 4.70e-03 0.9893
NC_000010.10 CNNM1 1.63e-01 4.71e-03 0.9893
NC_000012.11 LRMP -1.18e-01 4.71e-03 0.9893
NC_000013.10 LOC100101938 1.47e-01 4.72e-03 0.9893
NC_000015.9 UNC45A 2.12e-01 4.72e-03 0.9893
NC_000005.9 LPCAT1 -1.06e-01 4.72e-03 0.9893
NC_000021.8 RRP1B 8.50e-02 4.73e-03 0.9893
NC_000019.9 PSG3 -1.22e-01 4.73e-03 0.9893
NC_000009.11 FREQ 8.08e-02 4.74e-03 0.9893
NC_000008.10 C8orf75 1.10e-01 4.74e-03 0.9893
NC_000004.11 CD38 1.82e-01 4.74e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 PPP1R11 -1.22e-01 4.75e-03 0.9893
NC_000008.10 FAM83H 2.81e-01 4.75e-03 0.9893
NC_000019.9 NFIC 1.48e-01 4.75e-03 0.9893
NC_000015.9 TJP1 3.24e-01 4.75e-03 0.9893
NC_000019.9 GATAD2A 9.93e-02 4.76e-03 0.9893
NC_000014.8 RAB2B -1.75e-01 4.77e-03 0.9893
NC_000005.9 WWC1 1.74e-01 4.77e-03 0.9893
NC_000020.10 EMILIN3 7.58e-02 4.78e-03 0.9893
NC_000011.9 CPT1A 3.21e-01 4.78e-03 0.9893
NC_000020.10 COL9A3 1.77e-01 4.78e-03 0.9893
NC_000015.9 GRAMD2 1.17e-01 4.78e-03 0.9893
NC_000019.9 C19orf56 1.05e-01 4.79e-03 0.9893
NC_000015.9 RTF1 -1.28e-01 4.93e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 EHMT2 -8.08e-02 4.79e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 CDKN1A -1.86e-01 4.80e-03 0.9893
NC_000003.11 SRGAP3 8.52e-02 4.80e-03 0.9893
NC_000016.9 SULT1A3 -1.55e-01 4.80e-03 0.9893
NC_000012.11 MED13L 1.25e-01 4.80e-03 0.9893
NC_000019.9 SLC17A7 1.67e-01 4.81e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 ALS2CR11 1.41e-01 4.81e-03 0.9893
NC_000013.10 RASA3 4.19e-01 4.81e-03 0.9893
NC_000010.10 ABLIM1 1.06e-01 4.84e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 ITPKB 3.00e-01 4.84e-03 0.9893
NC_000007.13 MAD1L1 -1.39e-01 4.86e-03 0.9893
NC_000005.9 NRG2 1.34e-01 4.87e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 COL11A2 2.06e-01 4.87e-03 0.9893
NC_000019.9 LAIR1 1.84e-01 4.88e-03 0.9893
NC_000021.8 MRPS6 1.01e-01 4.88e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 FLJ36000 -1.01e-01 4.88e-03 0.9893
NC_000019.9 AKAP8L 1.17e-01 4.91e-03 0.9893
NC_000005.9 GFPT2 -5.27e-01 4.91e-03 0.9893
NC_000014.8 BRF1 1.33e-01 4.91e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 LHX9 1.71e-01 4.91e-03 0.9893
NC_000016.9 VASN 2.17e-01 4.91e-03 0.9893
NC_000004.11 ZFYVE28 2.23e-01 4.92e-03 0.9893
NC_000008.10 MYBL1 9.72e-02 4.92e-03 0.9893
NC_000010.10 CASC2 2.21e-01 4.92e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 BAIAP2 1.49e-01 4.93e-03 0.9893
NC_000011.9 KDM2A 9.87e-02 4.93e-03 0.9893
NC_000011.9 B3GAT1 7.88e-02 4.94e-03 0.9893
NC_000020.10 SCRT2 2.03e-01 4.94e-03 0.9893
NC_000020.10 HNF4A 2.43e-01 4.94e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 LONRF2 2.19e-01 4.94e-03 0.9893
NC_000014.8 CLEC14A 2.37e-01 4.95e-03 0.9893
NC_000010.10 MYOF 1.60e-01 4.95e-03 0.9893
NC_000023.10 KLHL34 1.94e-01 4.96e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 PPY -8.44e-02 4.96e-03 0.9893
NC_000007.13 ZNF727 3.58e-01 4.96e-03 0.9893
NC_000013.10 COL4A2 1.31e-01 4.97e-03 0.9893
NC_000019.9 GPR108 -9.00e-02 4.97e-03 0.9893
NC_000003.11 TIGIT 1.37e-01 4.97e-03 0.9893
NC_000008.10 CA13 -1.76e-01 4.98e-03 0.9893
NC_000022.10 MOV10L1 -1.98e-01 4.99e-03 0.9893
NC_000022.10 ELFN2 1.37e-01 4.99e-03 0.9893
NC_000007.13 ZNF727 9.84e-02 4.99e-03 0.9893
NC_000004.11 GAK -2.21e-01 4.99e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 CLSTN1 9.26e-02 4.99e-03 0.9893
NC_000008.10 SNTG1 1.68e-01 4.99e-03 0.9893
NC_000011.9 FAM111B 3.49e-01 5.00e-03 0.9893
NC_000004.11 IGFBP7 7.86e-02 5.00e-03 0.9893
NC_000019.9 SBNO2 9.52e-02 5.00e-03 0.9893
NC_000012.11 ACCN2 1.79e-01 5.01e-03 0.9893
NC_000008.10 DLGAP2 1.27e-01 5.01e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 PASK 7.13e-02 5.02e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 XKR8 1.63e-01 5.03e-03 0.9893
NC_000005.9 BHMT2 1.35e-01 5.05e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 HPDL 1.45e-01 5.05e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 FAM59B 8.98e-02 5.07e-03 0.9893
NC_000007.13 SLC29A4 1.95e-01 5.08e-03 0.9893
NC_000007.13 CCL24 1.41e-01 5.09e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 HLA-F 1.08e-01 5.09e-03 0.9893
NC_000022.10 CECR1 -1.18e-01 5.10e-03 0.9893
NC_000015.9 NTRK3 7.82e-02 5.10e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 ZNF695 1.53e-01 5.11e-03 0.9893
NC_000007.13 PTN -2.43e-01 5.12e-03 0.9893
NC_000003.11 C3orf1 -1.83e-01 5.12e-03 0.9893
NC_000012.11 NOS1 1.24e-01 5.12e-03 0.9893
NC_000016.9 IRF8 6.88e-02 5.12e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 RER1 1.71e-01 5.15e-03 0.9893
NC_000011.9 PLEKHA7 2.47e-01 5.15e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 CROCC 9.83e-02 5.15e-03 0.9893
NC_000004.11 TMEM154 1.01e-01 5.16e-03 0.9893
NC_000005.9 PCDHGA4 1.33e-01 5.16e-03 0.9893
NC_000012.11 ACVRL1 1.53e-01 5.16e-03 0.9893
NC_000010.10 WDR37 1.68e-01 5.18e-03 0.9893
NC_000020.10 TOX2 9.98e-02 5.19e-03 0.9893
NC_000022.10 psiTPTE22 1.94e-01 5.19e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 HIST1H2BI 1.53e-01 5.19e-03 0.9893
NC_000011.9 ZNF215 1.86e-01 5.20e-03 0.9893
NC_000016.9 ZNF423 9.77e-02 5.20e-03 0.9893
NC_000023.10 MGC16121 2.46e-01 5.21e-03 0.9893
NC_000020.10 GNRH2 7.60e-02 5.22e-03 0.9893
NC_000008.10 GOLSYN 8.87e-02 5.23e-03 0.9893
NC_000022.10 GCAT 7.28e-02 5.23e-03 0.9893
NC_000015.9 MEIS2 1.90e-01 5.24e-03 0.9893
NC_000019.9 ZNF431 1.07e-01 5.24e-03 0.9893
NC_000007.13 SDK1 1.60e-01 5.24e-03 0.9893
NC_000021.8 RWDD2B 7.76e-02 5.25e-03 0.9893
NC_000011.9 GRM5 7.35e-02 5.26e-03 0.9893
NC_000016.9 BANP 3.44e-01 5.26e-03 0.9893
NC_000007.13 C7orf50 9.16e-02 5.29e-03 0.9893
NC_000015.9 AQR 1.36e-01 5.29e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 SFT2D1 2.07e-01 5.29e-03 0.9893
NC_000003.11 COL8A1 -8.62e-02 5.30e-03 0.9893
NC_000003.11 ABHD14B 1.11e-01 5.30e-03 0.9893
NC_000016.9 MPV17L 7.55e-02 5.30e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 GABBR1 1.93e-01 5.31e-03 0.9893
NC_000022.10 SMC1B 2.37e-01 5.32e-03 0.9893
NC_000013.10 MCF2L -2.12e-01 5.33e-03 0.9893
NC_000013.10 ATP11A 9.70e-02 5.34e-03 0.9893
NC_000014.8 ITPK1 3.39e-01 5.36e-03 0.9893
NC_000023.10 IRS4 1.48e-01 5.36e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 TANC1 -4.08e-01 5.36e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 HLA-DRB6 -2.44e-01 5.36e-03 0.9893
NC_000008.10 LOC100130274 2.39e-01 5.36e-03 0.9893
NC_000011.9 FEZ1 9.74e-02 5.36e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 SSBP3 -6.10e-01 5.37e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 GABBR1 -1.07e-01 5.37e-03 0.9893
NC_000020.10 ProSAPiP1 1.12e-01 5.37e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 CASZ1 2.25e-01 5.37e-03 0.9893
NC_000011.9 FLI1 1.38e-01 5.38e-03 0.9893
NC_000019.9 PKN1 1.20e-01 5.39e-03 0.9893
NC_000007.13 C7orf50 1.88e-01 5.39e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 RPH3AL 1.35e-01 5.39e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 ABR 1.03e-01 5.39e-03 0.9893
NC_000021.8 SUMO3 2.26e-01 5.40e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 OTOS 1.24e-01 5.41e-03 0.9893
NC_000014.8 TTC7B 9.05e-02 5.41e-03 0.9893
NC_000004.11 TBC1D14 8.15e-02 5.41e-03 0.9893
NC_000008.10 ERICH1 8.44e-02 5.42e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 LOC100132111 1.82e-01 5.42e-03 0.9893
NC_000007.13 MYL10 -1.04e-01 5.43e-03 0.9893
NC_000007.13 KCNH2 1.07e-01 5.44e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 LOC388588 -8.36e-02 5.44e-03 0.9893
NC_000010.10 BICC1 -8.65e-02 5.46e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 ALOX12B 1.44e-01 5.47e-03 0.9893
NC_000020.10 RPN2 1.62e-01 5.47e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 TACSTD2 1.54e-01 5.47e-03 0.9893
NC_000023.10 STARD8 3.98e-01 5.48e-03 0.9893
NC_000020.10 KCNS1 2.09e-01 5.48e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 CASZ1 1.63e-01 5.49e-03 0.9893
NC_000019.9 RAD23A 8.50e-02 5.49e-03 0.9893
NC_000011.9 AMBRA1 -8.88e-02 5.50e-03 0.9893
NC_000009.11 LAMC3 2.47e-01 5.50e-03 0.9893
NC_000013.10 MCF2L -1.40e-01 5.51e-03 0.9893
NC_000019.9 HNRNPM -1.17e-01 5.51e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 ANKMY1 1.12e-01 5.51e-03 0.9893
NC_000003.11 TEX264 1.23e-01 5.53e-03 0.9893
NC_000011.9 CCDC67 1.57e-01 5.53e-03 0.9893
NC_000012.11 RMST 8.44e-02 5.53e-03 0.9893
NC_000019.9 ZNF444 -1.07e-01 5.54e-03 0.9893
NC_000007.13 ACTR3C -6.13e-01 5.55e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 SNF8 9.10e-02 5.55e-03 0.9893
NC_000008.10 BAI1 1.36e-01 5.56e-03 0.9893
NC_000014.8 FOXN3 1.22e-01 5.57e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 TIMP2 -2.11e-01 5.57e-03 0.9893
NC_000022.10 XPNPEP3 1.27e-01 5.57e-03 0.9893
NC_000004.11 FGFBP1 1.46e-01 5.57e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 KIAA1614 1.67e-01 5.58e-03 0.9893
NC_000005.9 CCNJL 1.63e-01 5.58e-03 0.9893
NC_000008.10 MIR548I3 1.49e-01 5.58e-03 0.9893
NC_000003.11 CCDC48 1.03e-01 5.59e-03 0.9893
NC_000004.11 SOD3 -7.74e-02 5.59e-03 0.9893
NC_000016.9 WFDC1 9.90e-02 5.60e-03 0.9893
NC_000016.9 ACSF3 2.74e-01 5.60e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 HDAC4 1.10e-01 5.60e-03 0.9893
NC_000005.9 TRIM41 1.14e-01 5.60e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 SHBG 1.78e-01 5.62e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 PTPRU 1.08e-01 5.62e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 PGM1 2.03e-01 5.62e-03 0.9893
NC_000005.9 SNHG4 -1.09e-01 5.63e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 RNF5P1 8.54e-02 5.63e-03 0.9893
NC_000021.8 WRB 9.97e-02 5.65e-03 0.9893
NC_000003.11 C3orf30 9.02e-02 5.65e-03 0.9893
NC_000007.13 WIPI2 1.51e-01 5.66e-03 0.9893
NC_000012.11 DHH 1.10e-01 5.67e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 PRDM16 8.71e-02 5.68e-03 0.9893
NC_000010.10 TAF3 -8.26e-02 5.68e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 TREML2 -8.28e-02 5.69e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 HIVEP3 8.18e-02 5.70e-03 0.9893
NC_000007.13 ABCF2 1.24e-01 5.71e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 PRDM16 1.42e-01 5.72e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 RNF5P1 1.16e-01 5.74e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 MMP23A 1.43e-01 5.74e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 SKI 1.04e-01 5.75e-03 0.9893
NC_000016.9 WWOX 1.81e-01 5.75e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 OPRM1 1.39e-01 5.75e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 TNF 1.15e-01 5.76e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 RNF39 -1.72e-01 5.77e-03 0.9893
NC_000010.10 MGMT -9.54e-02 5.77e-03 0.9893
NC_000010.10 LHPP 1.64e-01 5.78e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 PRDM16 -5.65e-01 5.78e-03 0.9893
NC_000021.8 URB1 1.39e-01 5.79e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 E2F6 2.13e-01 5.79e-03 0.9893
NC_000015.9 C15orf2 -1.02e-01 5.80e-03 0.9893
NC_000020.10 PCK1 4.45e-01 5.80e-03 0.9893
NC_000011.9 USH1C 9.55e-02 5.80e-03 0.9893
NC_000011.9 CFL1 -1.22e-01 5.80e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 GLOD4 1.56e-01 5.81e-03 0.9893
NC_000019.9 MIR7-3 1.07e-01 5.81e-03 0.9893
NC_000019.9 PNMAL2 1.40e-01 5.81e-03 0.9893
NC_000005.9 DTWD2 1.55e-01 5.83e-03 0.9893
NC_000021.8 RWDD2B 1.71e-01 5.84e-03 0.9893
NC_000005.9 PCDHGA2 1.43e-01 5.85e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 SMYD3 1.30e-01 5.87e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 CACHD1 1.17e-01 5.87e-03 0.9893
NC_000005.9 PGGT1B 1.46e-01 5.87e-03 0.9893
NC_000010.10 INPP5A -1.84e-01 5.88e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 TMEM98 -1.25e-01 5.88e-03 0.9893
NC_000014.8 DLK1 3.89e-01 5.88e-03 0.9893
NC_000015.9 C15orf24 2.76e-01 5.90e-03 0.9893
NC_000007.13 HOXA2 -9.02e-02 5.90e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 HLA-DOB 2.30e-01 5.91e-03 0.9893
NC_000007.13 ATXN7L1 1.06e-01 5.91e-03 0.9893
NC_000004.11 CTBP1 1.70e-01 5.91e-03 0.9893
NC_000005.9 GRM6 1.27e-01 5.93e-03 0.9893
NC_000007.13 YWHAG 2.01e-01 5.93e-03 0.9893
NC_000008.10 SLC39A4 -1.05e-01 5.93e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 EN1 1.17e-01 5.93e-03 0.9893
NC_000004.11 ANK2 -1.74e-01 5.94e-03 0.9893
NC_000008.10 GTF2E2 7.37e-02 5.94e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 KIAA1614 1.82e-01 5.95e-03 0.9893
NC_000019.9 ZNF91 1.64e-01 5.95e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 NCRNA00164 1.02e-01 5.95e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 TCP11 1.42e-01 5.96e-03 0.9893
NC_000003.11 ATXN7 -2.77e-01 5.97e-03 0.9893
NC_000020.10 PRIC285 9.01e-02 5.97e-03 0.9893
NC_000014.8 SIPA1L1 8.87e-02 5.97e-03 0.9893
NC_000007.13 CLDN12 9.13e-02 5.97e-03 0.9893
NC_000003.11 IFT80 -8.21e-02 5.97e-03 0.9893
NC_000007.13 C7orf50 2.25e-01 5.99e-03 0.9893
NC_000003.11 POLQ 2.15e-01 6.00e-03 0.9893
NC_000010.10 CRTAC1 1.18e-01 6.01e-03 0.9893
NC_000003.11 LAMB2 -1.55e-01 6.01e-03 0.9893
NC_000004.11 LOC84740 1.68e-01 6.01e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 HLA-DRB1 2.45e-01 6.03e-03 0.9893
NC_000010.10 FAM196A 1.89e-01 6.03e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 NRXN1 1.74e-01 6.04e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 NTN1 1.73e-01 6.05e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 CLCC1 -1.04e-01 6.05e-03 0.9893
NC_000016.9 GAS8 2.33e-01 6.07e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 TGFA 3.98e-01 6.07e-03 0.9893
NC_000004.11 TSPAN5 -1.53e-01 6.08e-03 0.9893
NC_000021.8 OLIG1 -1.00e-01 6.08e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 ANTXR1 -2.26e-01 6.08e-03 0.9893
NC_000008.10 REXO1L2P -8.97e-02 6.11e-03 0.9893
NC_000022.10 TTC28 9.68e-02 6.11e-03 0.9893
NC_000010.10 PNLIPRP1 2.04e-01 6.11e-03 0.9893
NC_000019.9 ARID3A 1.06e-01 6.13e-03 0.9893
NC_000022.10 CPT1B 1.95e-01 6.14e-03 0.9893
NC_000015.9 RGMA 2.04e-01 6.14e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 PPP1R1B 1.03e-01 6.14e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 RNF5P1 8.46e-02 6.15e-03 0.9893
NC_000011.9 ZBTB16 2.70e-01 6.16e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 SKI 1.84e-01 6.17e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 STK40 9.71e-02 6.17e-03 0.9893
NC_000010.10 ADARB2 2.27e-01 6.17e-03 0.9893
NC_000011.9 NAV2 1.68e-01 6.18e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 FUBP1 1.75e-01 6.18e-03 0.9893
NC_000023.10 ZNF185 -5.11e-01 6.19e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 PRDM16 2.24e-01 6.19e-03 0.9893
NC_000004.11 SORCS2 -1.04e-01 6.20e-03 0.9893
NC_000010.10 SYCE1 2.10e-01 6.20e-03 0.9893
NC_000012.11 MSI1 -1.22e-01 6.20e-03 0.9893
NC_000012.11 DTX1 1.67e-01 6.20e-03 0.9893
NC_000023.10 PDK3 1.12e-01 6.21e-03 0.9893
NC_000016.9 CCDC64B 1.58e-01 6.21e-03 0.9893
NC_000020.10 GNAS 3.14e-01 6.21e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 CCDC74B 2.41e-01 6.22e-03 0.9893
NC_000022.10 DEPDC5 8.37e-02 6.22e-03 0.9893
NC_000011.9 MRVI1 1.40e-01 6.22e-03 0.9893
NC_000019.9 ZNF331 -1.21e-01 6.23e-03 0.9893
NC_000014.8 RALGAPA1 -1.36e-01 6.24e-03 0.9893
NC_000008.10 VPS28 1.21e-01 6.24e-03 0.9893
NC_000010.10 MGMT 1.28e-01 6.24e-03 0.9893
NC_000005.9 SLC12A7 8.47e-02 6.24e-03 0.9893
NC_000005.9 GPX3 -1.82e-01 6.25e-03 0.9893
NC_000003.11 BOC 2.12e-01 6.25e-03 0.9893
NC_000019.9 GLT25D1 3.00e-01 6.26e-03 0.9893
NC_000011.9 SNX19 -1.88e-01 6.26e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 PEAR1 8.10e-02 6.27e-03 0.9893
NC_000023.10 MAGEA4 1.35e-01 6.62e-03 0.9893
NC_000008.10 TSPYL5 1.38e-01 6.28e-03 0.9893
NC_000016.9 RRN3P3 8.63e-02 6.29e-03 0.9893
NC_000010.10 SLIT1 1.41e-01 6.30e-03 0.9893
NC_000007.13 TNS3 3.09e-01 6.31e-03 0.9893
NC_000007.13 DPY19L2P4 1.64e-01 6.32e-03 0.9893
NC_000010.10 SH3PXD2A -6.77e-01 6.32e-03 0.9893
NC_000019.9 ETFB -1.12e-01 6.33e-03 0.9893
NC_000012.11 VPS37B 2.52e-01 6.35e-03 0.9893
NC_000009.11 CLIC3 2.27e-01 6.36e-03 0.9893
NC_000020.10 COL9A3 1.06e-01 6.37e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 WNT3 2.12e-01 6.37e-03 0.9893
NC_000012.11 GALNT9 -4.80e-01 6.37e-03 0.9893
NC_000011.9 GRIK4 1.17e-01 6.38e-03 0.9893
NC_000009.11 SLC2A8 -4.49e-01 6.38e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 MRAP2 -1.30e-01 6.40e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 SLC27A3 7.76e-02 6.40e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 CARD14 9.80e-02 6.40e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 RSPH9 9.74e-02 6.41e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 C2orf55 1.68e-01 6.42e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 OBSL1 3.45e-01 6.42e-03 0.9893
NC_000011.9 LRP4 8.50e-02 6.43e-03 0.9893
NC_000005.9 ARSB 1.25e-01 6.43e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 RREB1 1.93e-01 6.43e-03 0.9893
NC_000012.11 GPR133 1.79e-01 6.43e-03 0.9893
NC_000012.11 RFX4 1.20e-01 6.43e-03 0.9893
NC_000016.9 USP7 1.54e-01 6.46e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 CGREF1 1.41e-01 6.46e-03 0.9893
NC_000020.10 RASSF2 1.12e-01 6.46e-03 0.9893
NC_000021.8 ATP5J 1.28e-01 6.46e-03 0.9893
NC_000019.9 B3GNT3 1.06e-01 6.47e-03 0.9893
NC_000022.10 TFIP11 8.32e-02 6.47e-03 0.9893
NC_000015.9 MTFMT 6.50e-02 6.47e-03 0.9893
NC_000004.11 TBC1D14 -6.72e-02 6.47e-03 0.9893
NC_000003.11 LPP 1.26e-01 6.47e-03 0.9893
NC_000010.10 GPR26 7.96e-02 6.50e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 NRXN1 2.19e-01 6.50e-03 0.9893
NC_000021.8 TFF3 -7.95e-02 6.52e-03 0.9893
NC_000004.11 SORCS2 7.69e-02 6.53e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 SLC43A2 1.38e-01 6.54e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 TNXB 1.16e-01 6.54e-03 0.9893
NC_000007.13 UNCX 1.48e-01 6.55e-03 0.9893
NC_000016.9 IRF8 7.84e-02 6.56e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 FAM59B 1.53e-01 6.56e-03 0.9893
NC_000010.10 ARHGAP19 9.87e-02 6.56e-03 0.9893
NC_000003.11 LRRC33 1.34e-01 6.57e-03 0.9893
NC_000003.11 GTPBP8 6.95e-02 6.57e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 NBR1 1.03e-01 6.57e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 KIAA1026 1.19e-01 6.59e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 HDAC4 1.14e-01 6.60e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 RCC2 1.00e-01 6.61e-03 0.9893
NC_000013.10 SPATA13 8.99e-02 6.62e-03 0.9893
NC_000014.8 KCNK10 -1.30e-01 6.62e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 GFAP 1.12e-01 6.62e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 PXDN -1.64e-01 6.62e-03 0.9893
NC_000016.9 SPIRE2 8.46e-02 6.63e-03 0.9893
NC_000019.9 RPS15 6.98e-02 6.63e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 CYP26B1 1.74e-01 6.64e-03 0.9893
NC_000011.9 SCT 1.66e-01 7.06e-03 0.9893
NC_000011.9 AP2A2 1.29e-01 6.66e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 HLA-DRB1 -5.28e-01 6.66e-03 0.9893
NC_000007.13 FOXP2 1.01e-01 6.67e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 NKAPL 1.14e-01 6.67e-03 0.9893
NC_000020.10 SRC 1.86e-01 6.69e-03 0.9893
NC_000014.8 FOXN3 2.21e-01 6.69e-03 0.9893
NC_000007.13 CHCHD2 8.93e-02 6.71e-03 0.9893
NC_000004.11 PROM1 -7.06e-02 6.71e-03 0.9893
NC_000003.11 APEH 1.07e-01 6.71e-03 0.9893
NC_000020.10 PLCG1 -1.12e-01 6.72e-03 0.9893
NC_000019.9 LAIR2 3.58e-01 6.72e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 TMEM104 6.84e-02 6.72e-03 0.9893
NC_000018.9 CCDC68 8.24e-02 6.72e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 XPO1 -1.04e-01 6.72e-03 0.9893
NC_000007.13 SLC29A4 8.97e-02 6.72e-03 0.9893
NC_000012.11 LOC400027 -9.18e-02 6.73e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 CEP170 1.70e-01 6.74e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 RPS7 8.17e-02 6.76e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 DNAH17 -1.05e-01 6.77e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 AATK -1.41e-01 6.79e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 NEURL3 1.48e-01 6.79e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 ASPSCR1 8.43e-02 6.79e-03 0.9893
NC_000011.9 HCCA2 1.80e-01 6.79e-03 0.9893
NC_000005.9 HTR1A 9.80e-02 6.80e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 KDM5B 2.54e-01 6.81e-03 0.9893
NC_000022.10 DGCR5 1.50e-01 6.81e-03 0.9893
NC_000004.11 LOC348926 -1.07e-01 6.83e-03 0.9893
NC_000007.13 CLCN1 6.72e-02 6.84e-03 0.9893
NC_000019.9 MUM1 9.76e-02 6.85e-03 0.9893
NC_000005.9 TERT 1.13e-01 6.87e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 HK2 -7.26e-02 6.87e-03 0.9893
NC_000019.9 NFIX 1.45e-01 6.88e-03 0.9893
NC_000015.9 MYO1E 7.19e-02 6.89e-03 0.9893
NC_000008.10 ZNF395 2.74e-01 6.89e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 GLI2 2.69e-01 6.90e-03 0.9893
NC_000005.9 PFN3 7.64e-02 6.90e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 KRT10 2.51e-01 6.90e-03 0.9893
NC_000023.10 IRS4 1.67e-01 6.90e-03 0.9893
NC_000009.11 FBXW5 1.20e-01 6.91e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 HCP5 2.20e-01 6.93e-03 0.9893
NC_000009.11 LOC100129034 1.40e-01 6.93e-03 0.9893
NC_000007.13 GLI3 3.03e-01 6.94e-03 0.9893
NC_000019.9 GRIN2D 1.80e-01 6.94e-03 0.9893
NC_000019.9 CYP4F2 7.44e-02 6.95e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 PPP1R2P1 -1.68e-01 6.95e-03 0.9893
NC_000010.10 AFAP1L2 -2.17e-01 6.97e-03 0.9893
NC_000022.10 TUBA8 7.11e-02 6.97e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 DISC1 1.32e-01 6.97e-03 0.9893
NC_000007.13 ZNF735 -1.44e-01 6.99e-03 0.9893
NC_000010.10 ACSL5 1.34e-01 6.99e-03 0.9893
NC_000014.8 AHNAK2 1.00e-01 7.00e-03 0.9893
NC_000007.13 ELFN1 1.05e-01 7.00e-03 0.9893
NC_000019.9 ZNF431 1.41e-01 7.01e-03 0.9893
NC_000005.9 KCNIP1 1.18e-01 7.01e-03 0.9893
NC_000007.13 MUC12 -9.14e-02 7.01e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 CFLAR 1.98e-01 7.01e-03 0.9893
NC_000015.9 UBE2QP1 1.08e-01 7.02e-03 0.9893
NC_000013.10 MTUS2 9.79e-02 7.03e-03 0.9893
NC_000014.8 G2E3 -1.40e-01 7.04e-03 0.9893
NC_000019.9 ASPDH -9.46e-02 7.04e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 SYNGAP1 -7.12e-02 7.04e-03 0.9893
NC_000003.11 FNDC3B 2.47e-01 7.05e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 HMGA1 1.01e-01 7.05e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 FAM189B 8.32e-02 7.06e-03 0.9893
NC_000010.10 HHEX 9.60e-02 7.06e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 ZNF638 -7.40e-02 7.06e-03 0.9893
NC_000011.9 DGKZ 8.81e-02 7.07e-03 0.9893
NC_000013.10 ATP11A 1.89e-01 7.08e-03 0.9893
NC_000019.9 LYPD5 1.76e-01 7.08e-03 0.9893
NC_000011.9 KCNQ1 1.00e-01 7.10e-03 0.9893
NC_000015.9 TTC23 2.34e-01 7.11e-03 0.9893
NC_000012.11 WSB2 9.49e-02 7.11e-03 0.9893
NC_000013.10 SPATA13 -1.83e-01 7.12e-03 0.9893
NC_000022.10 C22orf27 9.45e-02 7.13e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 HS1BP3 -1.11e-01 7.14e-03 0.9893
NC_000019.9 SNORD41 7.67e-02 7.14e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 GLI2 9.09e-02 7.15e-03 0.9893
NC_000010.10 DOCK1 -1.42e-01 7.15e-03 0.9893
NC_000019.9 CRTC1 7.65e-02 7.15e-03 0.9893
NC_000021.8 AGPAT3 -4.97e-01 7.16e-03 0.9893
NC_000011.9 IFITM1 2.24e-01 7.18e-03 0.9893
NC_000009.11 RAPGEF1 7.15e-02 7.18e-03 0.9893
NC_000022.10 PARVB 1.07e-01 7.19e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 MTO1 1.20e-01 7.19e-03 0.9893
NC_000021.8 ITGB2 2.13e-01 7.19e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 C1orf66 6.96e-02 7.19e-03 0.9893
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 -1.04e-01 7.20e-03 0.9893
NC_000016.9 NDRG4 1.87e-01 7.20e-03 0.9893
NC_000022.10 RAB36 -1.15e-01 7.20e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 APOM 7.37e-02 7.20e-03 0.9893
NC_000016.9 C16orf13 8.84e-02 7.21e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 ACOXL 6.60e-02 7.21e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 AURKAIP1 1.09e-01 7.23e-03 0.9893
NC_000010.10 NEURL 1.57e-01 7.24e-03 0.9893
NC_000009.11 CAMSAP1 1.23e-01 7.24e-03 0.9893
NC_000015.9 ZNF710 -2.06e-01 7.24e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 RPS6KA2 9.45e-02 7.25e-03 0.9893
NC_000005.9 TPPP -1.01e-01 7.25e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 NFKBIL1 -1.80e-01 7.26e-03 0.9893
NC_000005.9 MAP1B 6.67e-02 7.26e-03 0.9893
NC_000007.13 C7orf46 1.41e-01 7.27e-03 0.9893
NC_000009.11 KIAA1958 1.09e-01 7.28e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 NPEPPS 8.06e-02 7.28e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 DYSF 1.56e-01 7.29e-03 0.9893
NC_000013.10 COL4A2 1.80e-01 7.29e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 ZNF593 7.27e-02 7.29e-03 0.9893
NC_000008.10 CSMD1 -2.11e-01 7.30e-03 0.9893
NC_000007.13 COPS6 6.94e-02 7.30e-03 0.9893
NC_000008.10 FAM110B -1.30e-01 7.31e-03 0.9893
NC_000003.11 HSPBAP1 1.19e-01 7.32e-03 0.9893
NC_000014.8 C14orf138 1.14e-01 7.32e-03 0.9893
NC_000009.11 TLR4 1.71e-01 7.33e-03 0.9893
NC_000003.11 LSAMP -3.07e-01 7.33e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 MFSD2B 1.23e-01 7.33e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 DEF6 -1.48e-01 7.34e-03 0.9893
NC_000009.11 SOHLH1 1.08e-01 7.35e-03 0.9893
NC_000020.10 GNAS 1.73e-01 7.35e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 ANO7 8.19e-02 7.35e-03 0.9893
NC_000005.9 ADAM19 9.96e-02 7.36e-03 0.9893
NC_000019.9 C19orf46 1.30e-01 7.36e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 SPRED2 1.55e-01 7.36e-03 0.9893
NC_000010.10 MARCH8 1.91e-01 7.37e-03 0.9893
NC_000019.9 CCDC61 -1.65e-01 7.37e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 CCDC74B 3.48e-01 7.38e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 HOXD3 8.57e-02 7.38e-03 0.9893
NC_000009.11 COL15A1 1.02e-01 7.38e-03 0.9893
NC_000004.11 RBM47 1.32e-01 7.38e-03 0.9893
NC_000003.11 SSR3 -1.26e-01 7.39e-03 0.9893
NC_000022.10 SLC25A18 1.73e-01 7.39e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 CISD3 -9.66e-02 7.39e-03 0.9893
NC_000016.9 ZFHX3 -2.15e-01 7.39e-03 0.9893
NC_000016.9 GALNS -1.21e-01 7.40e-03 0.9893
NC_000015.9 SMAD3 1.95e-01 7.40e-03 0.9893
NC_000012.11 TESC 1.31e-01 7.41e-03 0.9893
NC_000007.13 TNRC18 1.28e-01 7.41e-03 0.9893
NC_000003.11 KLHL18 -2.00e-01 7.41e-03 0.9893
NC_000011.9 P2RY2 9.99e-02 7.42e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 TEKT1 -2.15e-01 7.43e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 L3MBTL3 9.44e-02 7.44e-03 0.9893
NC_000019.9 ZNF780B -1.01e-01 7.98e-03 0.9893
NC_000005.9 PCDHB4 -9.05e-02 7.46e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 PITPNM3 -1.08e-01 7.46e-03 0.9893
NC_000012.11 CORO1C 2.37e-01 7.46e-03 0.9893
NC_000003.11 LXN 1.01e-01 7.47e-03 0.9893
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 9.36e-02 7.47e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 LY6G5C 1.12e-01 7.48e-03 0.9893
NC_000016.9 RAB40C 2.30e-01 7.48e-03 0.9893
NC_000014.8 PRKD1 9.84e-02 7.48e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 HIST1H2AI 1.06e-01 7.50e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 SLC22A15 -1.68e-01 7.50e-03 0.9893
NC_000005.9 ARSI 1.78e-01 7.53e-03 0.9893
NC_000020.10 DLGAP4 9.52e-02 7.53e-03 0.9893
NC_000007.13 ACCN3 1.14e-01 7.53e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 FAM124B 2.08e-01 7.53e-03 0.9893
NC_000007.13 ACTL6B 3.76e-01 7.54e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 SOX9 1.87e-01 7.54e-03 0.9893
NC_000019.9 CACNG6 1.36e-01 7.56e-03 0.9893
NC_000010.10 BTBD16 -2.67e-01 7.56e-03 0.9893
NC_000005.9 SEPP1 -1.13e-01 7.58e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 SLC6A9 1.10e-01 7.58e-03 0.9893
NC_000011.9 ANO9 -6.67e-02 7.58e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 STK19 3.19e-01 7.60e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 RPE65 1.46e-01 7.61e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 TSNAX-DISC1 1.89e-01 7.61e-03 0.9893
NC_000014.8 LOC100133469 1.84e-01 7.61e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 SLC47A1 1.27e-01 7.62e-03 0.9893
NC_000021.8 AIRE -1.05e-01 7.62e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 EMX1 7.59e-02 7.64e-03 0.9893
NC_000022.10 PITPNB 2.27e-01 7.65e-03 0.9893
NC_000023.10 DIAPH2 1.71e-01 7.66e-03 0.9893
NC_000005.9 NSA2 1.05e-01 7.66e-03 0.9893
NC_000012.11 CABP1 3.91e-01 7.66e-03 0.9893
NC_000009.11 FNBP1 3.24e-01 7.67e-03 0.9893
NC_000010.10 ARHGAP19 -8.70e-02 7.69e-03 0.9893
NC_000004.11 ABLIM2 8.36e-02 7.69e-03 0.9893
NC_000003.11 LPP 2.27e-01 7.69e-03 0.9893
NC_000005.9 TNFAIP8 1.37e-01 7.70e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 EN1 1.71e-01 7.70e-03 0.9893
NC_000007.13 CDK13 1.12e-01 7.70e-03 0.9893
NC_000011.9 SYT7 6.81e-02 7.71e-03 0.9893
NC_000012.11 ZNF26 -4.01e-01 7.71e-03 0.9893
NC_000019.9 C19orf59 8.17e-02 7.72e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 STK19 1.23e-01 7.72e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 FAM50B 1.10e-01 7.72e-03 0.9893
NC_000018.9 SKA1 6.20e-02 7.73e-03 0.9893
NC_000007.13 SLC29A4 1.24e-01 7.74e-03 0.9893
NC_000007.13 ZNF467 -1.87e-01 7.74e-03 0.9893
NC_000005.9 PCDHGA4 2.47e-01 7.75e-03 0.9893
NC_000003.11 TRANK1 8.77e-02 7.76e-03 0.9893
NC_000004.11 MGST2 6.50e-02 7.76e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 LRRC16A 1.40e-01 7.77e-03 0.9893
NC_000003.11 EXOSC7 1.12e-01 7.77e-03 0.9893
NC_000004.11 SEPSECS 1.26e-01 7.77e-03 0.9893
NC_000005.9 FBXW11 -1.89e-01 7.78e-03 0.9893
NC_000010.10 SPRN 1.10e-01 7.79e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 KCNK16 -7.27e-01 7.80e-03 0.9893
NC_000010.10 GATA3 -8.96e-02 7.80e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 ZNF207 1.21e-01 7.82e-03 0.9893
NC_000022.10 AIFM3 -6.70e-02 7.83e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 ARTN 8.67e-02 7.83e-03 0.9893
NC_000003.11 FLNB -1.37e-01 7.83e-03 0.9893
NC_000003.11 NUP210 1.15e-01 7.83e-03 0.9893
NC_000019.9 ATP8B3 -9.79e-02 7.84e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 RPS6KA2 2.55e-01 7.84e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 HOXB3 -1.76e-01 7.84e-03 0.9893
NC_000011.9 PAX6 1.09e-01 7.84e-03 0.9893
NC_000008.10 PINX1 2.90e-01 7.84e-03 0.9893
NC_000010.10 CUBN 1.45e-01 7.86e-03 0.9893
NC_000011.9 LDHC -2.58e-01 7.86e-03 0.9893
NC_000016.9 JPH3 1.84e-01 7.87e-03 0.9893
NC_000012.11 GPR133 9.65e-02 7.88e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 SPATS1 1.39e-01 7.90e-03 0.9893
NC_000010.10 SIRT1 7.45e-02 7.91e-03 0.9893
NC_000015.9 PML 1.39e-01 7.92e-03 0.9893
NC_000003.11 CCR2 2.10e-01 7.92e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 CRYGD 1.35e-01 7.92e-03 0.9893
NC_000008.10 KIAA0146 -1.18e-01 7.93e-03 0.9893
NC_000004.11 RGS12 -8.36e-02 7.93e-03 0.9893
NC_000019.9 RAVER1 -1.11e-01 7.94e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 CCL16 -1.39e-01 7.95e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 D2HGDH -7.30e-02 7.95e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 TRIM26 1.14e-01 7.95e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 SLC9A4 -8.16e-02 7.96e-03 0.9893
NC_000019.9 EHD2 1.36e-01 7.97e-03 0.9893
NC_000012.11 GPR133 1.30e-01 7.97e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 DIS3L2 1.06e-01 7.99e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 TMEM201 6.98e-02 7.99e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 PNPO 6.13e-02 8.00e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 LOC654342 1.05e-01 8.00e-03 0.9893
NC_000012.11 HVCN1 1.05e-01 8.00e-03 0.9893
NC_000014.8 HHIPL1 1.25e-01 8.01e-03 0.9893
NC_000018.9 SETBP1 9.12e-02 8.02e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 LOXL3 1.03e-01 8.03e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 GRRP1 1.72e-01 8.03e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 ZC3H12D 1.95e-01 8.03e-03 0.9893
NC_000007.13 ABCB4 6.48e-02 8.05e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 C6orf129 1.62e-01 8.05e-03 0.9893
NC_000010.10 C10orf93 8.69e-02 8.06e-03 0.9893
NC_000007.13 YKT6 1.75e-01 8.06e-03 0.9893
NC_000021.8 KRTAP27-1 2.51e-01 8.07e-03 0.9893
NC_000007.13 HEATR2 7.26e-02 8.07e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 MCART3P -1.39e-01 8.08e-03 0.9893
NC_000008.10 KIAA1688 8.05e-02 8.09e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 C17orf101 -6.70e-02 8.09e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 ASB1 -1.06e-01 8.09e-03 0.9893
NC_000019.9 IER2 -1.32e-01 8.11e-03 0.9893
NC_000003.11 WNT7A 2.18e-01 8.11e-03 0.9893
NC_000011.9 TRAPPC4 -8.01e-02 8.11e-03 0.9893
NC_000003.11 CELSR3 1.40e-01 8.12e-03 0.9893
NC_000003.11 ZMYND10 1.14e-01 8.12e-03 0.9893
NC_000015.9 GOLGA9P -8.55e-02 8.12e-03 0.9893
NC_000007.13 C7orf20 1.91e-01 8.14e-03 0.9893
NC_000016.9 CASKIN1 2.63e-01 8.15e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 NID1 2.02e-01 8.16e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 HLA-C 1.31e-01 8.17e-03 0.9893
NC_000021.8 DSCR8 1.26e-01 8.17e-03 0.9893
NC_000010.10 DNA2 -6.87e-02 8.17e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 SPAG5 1.10e-01 8.18e-03 0.9893
NC_000013.10 MCF2L -2.86e-01 8.20e-03 0.9893
NC_000016.9 CACNA1H 1.71e-01 8.21e-03 0.9893
NC_000016.9 SSTR5 1.58e-01 8.21e-03 0.9893
NC_000008.10 GLI4 3.17e-01 8.22e-03 0.9893
NC_000019.9 ALDH16A1 2.08e-01 8.22e-03 0.9893
NC_000010.10 PFKP 1.10e-01 8.22e-03 0.9893
NC_000008.10 CSPP1 -1.08e-01 8.22e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 ACTR1B 1.33e-01 8.24e-03 0.9893
NC_000009.11 GPR144 8.87e-02 8.24e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 TBCD 2.12e-01 8.24e-03 0.9893
NC_000023.10 DUSP9 2.19e-01 8.24e-03 0.9893
NC_000019.9 VSTM2B 7.84e-02 8.27e-03 0.9893
NC_000008.10 PRAGMIN 1.48e-01 8.27e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 DAAM2 1.14e-01 8.28e-03 0.9893
NC_000008.10 PRAGMIN 9.15e-02 8.31e-03 0.9893
NC_000013.10 MCF2L -1.97e-01 8.31e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 NUFIP2 6.70e-02 8.31e-03 0.9893
NC_000008.10 FAM90A13 -8.06e-02 8.31e-03 0.9893
NC_000019.9 LYPD5 8.55e-02 8.32e-03 0.9893
NC_000014.8 CCDC88C 1.28e-01 8.32e-03 0.9893
NC_000021.8 SETD4 -3.96e-01 8.32e-03 0.9893
NC_000015.9 USP50 2.57e-01 8.33e-03 0.9893
NC_000010.10 HTRA1 1.48e-01 8.33e-03 0.9893
NC_000009.11 ANKRD18A 1.26e-01 8.34e-03 0.9893
NC_000011.9 TOLLIP 2.01e-01 8.34e-03 0.9893
NC_000011.9 TUB 1.75e-01 8.35e-03 0.9893
NC_000004.11 C4orf21 -7.54e-02 8.36e-03 0.9893
NC_000005.9 C5orf56 1.07e-01 8.38e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 BAIAP2 1.48e-01 8.39e-03 0.9893
NC_000011.9 TUB 2.56e-01 8.40e-03 0.9893
NC_000007.13 PHTF2 1.70e-01 8.40e-03 0.9893
NC_000016.9 CBFA2T3 1.15e-01 8.40e-03 0.9893
NC_000011.9 GRM5 1.06e-01 8.41e-03 0.9893
NC_000011.9 LOC255512 8.65e-02 8.41e-03 0.9893
NC_000009.11 BNC2 1.66e-01 8.41e-03 0.9893
NC_000014.8 C14orf49 -1.36e-01 8.42e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 C2orf69 2.54e-01 8.43e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 PRDM16 2.14e-01 8.45e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 CCDC74B 1.26e-01 8.46e-03 0.9893
NC_000014.8 TDRD9 2.10e-01 8.48e-03 0.9893
NC_000003.11 FXR1 3.05e-01 8.48e-03 0.9893
NC_000011.9 IRF7 -1.36e-01 8.48e-03 0.9893
NC_000012.11 SETD1B 2.04e-01 8.48e-03 0.9893
NC_000021.8 PCNT -1.07e-01 8.49e-03 0.9893
NC_000019.9 ZNF225 2.07e-01 8.49e-03 0.9893
NC_000010.10 DLG5 1.33e-01 8.51e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 RNF144A -1.24e-01 8.52e-03 0.9893
NC_000020.10 LRRN4 8.18e-02 8.52e-03 0.9893
NC_000015.9 CHP 1.23e-01 8.53e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 LLGL2 8.86e-02 8.53e-03 0.9893
NC_000003.11 RYK -1.03e-01 8.53e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 SATB2 1.08e-01 8.55e-03 0.9893
NC_000015.9 RGMA 1.41e-01 8.55e-03 0.9893
NC_000007.13 CUX1 1.68e-01 8.56e-03 0.9893
NC_000019.9 JSRP1 2.35e-01 8.56e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 ID3 1.60e-01 8.56e-03 0.9893
NC_000005.9 ODZ2 2.30e-01 8.57e-03 0.9893
NC_000012.11 AGAP2 1.12e-01 8.57e-03 0.9893
NC_000005.9 SLC9A3 9.99e-02 8.58e-03 0.9893
NC_000016.9 CDH13 -2.64e-01 8.58e-03 0.9893
NC_000016.9 RAB26 6.04e-02 8.59e-03 0.9893
NC_000021.8 CBS 1.69e-01 8.59e-03 0.9893
NC_000005.9 SLC36A1 7.57e-02 8.59e-03 0.9893
NC_000007.13 MBLAC1 1.03e-01 8.59e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 POMC 1.26e-01 8.60e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 PHC2 -6.71e-02 8.60e-03 0.9893
NC_000020.10 NOP56 1.10e-01 8.61e-03 0.9893
NC_000007.13 CALN1 -1.30e-01 8.62e-03 0.9893
NC_000012.11 NME2P1 -1.30e-01 8.62e-03 0.9893
NC_000005.9 HNRNPH1 -1.33e-01 8.63e-03 0.9893
NC_000019.9 ZNF837 1.59e-01 8.64e-03 0.9893
NC_000020.10 RBM38 1.35e-01 8.66e-03 0.9893
NC_000022.10 RTDR1 9.00e-02 8.67e-03 0.9893
NC_000015.9 FAM81A 7.53e-02 8.68e-03 0.9893
NC_000023.10 SHROOM2 2.12e-01 8.69e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 KIAA1949 9.21e-02 8.69e-03 0.9893
NC_000011.9 SIK2 2.83e-01 8.70e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 SETDB1 2.15e-01 8.70e-03 0.9893
NC_000016.9 A2BP1 1.61e-01 8.70e-03 0.9893
NC_000004.11 D4S234E 1.55e-01 8.71e-03 0.9893
NC_000005.9 PCDHGB1 1.68e-01 8.71e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 UBTF -1.14e-01 8.72e-03 0.9893
NC_000023.10 EIF2S3 2.46e-01 8.73e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 C2orf61 -1.53e-01 8.73e-03 0.9893
NC_000015.9 MIR548H4 5.90e-02 8.73e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 HDAC4 1.34e-01 8.74e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 PPP2R5A -9.39e-02 8.74e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 DDR2 3.08e-01 8.74e-03 0.9893
NC_000010.10 FLJ45983 9.16e-02 8.75e-03 0.9893
NC_000010.10 STK32C 1.69e-01 8.78e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 TGFBR3 -4.83e-01 8.78e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 SNTG2 7.80e-02 8.79e-03 0.9893
NC_000015.9 SNRPN 3.67e-01 8.79e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 LYG2 2.36e-01 8.80e-03 0.9893
NC_000007.13 ZPBP 2.42e-01 8.80e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 GLI2 1.83e-01 8.80e-03 0.9893
NC_000023.10 MXRA5 1.27e-01 8.80e-03 0.9893
NC_000012.11 NCOR2 3.03e-01 8.82e-03 0.9893
NC_000010.10 KIAA1217 2.98e-01 8.82e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 TEKT4 -1.10e-01 8.83e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 GTF2B 2.36e-01 8.83e-03 0.9893
NC_000011.9 RNF169 3.36e-01 8.83e-03 0.9893
NC_000016.9 FAM38A 7.42e-02 8.84e-03 0.9893
NC_000012.11 PITPNM2 1.84e-01 8.84e-03 0.9893
NC_000013.10 CUL4A -1.80e-01 8.84e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 YBX2 -6.00e-02 8.85e-03 0.9893
NC_000005.9 HTR4 2.89e-01 8.86e-03 0.9893
NC_000008.10 FAM66D -1.04e-01 8.86e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 TMEM201 1.41e-01 8.87e-03 0.9893
NC_000014.8 BTBD6 1.60e-01 8.88e-03 0.9893
NC_000004.11 CPLX1 1.13e-01 8.88e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 SYT6 1.22e-01 8.88e-03 0.9893
NC_000015.9 SHF 1.23e-01 8.89e-03 0.9893
NC_000010.10 HSPA12A 1.06e-01 8.89e-03 0.9893
NC_000022.10 SDC4P 8.08e-02 8.90e-03 0.9893
NC_000005.9 CDH18 -3.20e-01 8.90e-03 0.9893
NC_000023.10 RBMX -2.17e-01 8.91e-03 0.9893
NC_000007.13 THAP5 9.15e-02 8.91e-03 0.9893
NC_000014.8 SRP54 9.60e-02 8.92e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 AGPAT1 7.29e-02 8.95e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 NXN 1.59e-01 8.96e-03 0.9893
NC_000018.9 ZNF24 -1.39e-01 8.97e-03 0.9893
NC_000016.9 COX4NB 1.32e-01 8.99e-03 0.9893
NC_000020.10 C20orf123 7.52e-02 8.99e-03 0.9893
NC_000008.10 FAM83H 2.19e-01 8.99e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 NTN1 1.68e-01 8.99e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 MST1P2 9.77e-02 9.75e-03 0.9893
NC_000012.11 NOS1 1.54e-01 9.00e-03 0.9893
NC_000012.11 PLBD2 2.37e-01 9.01e-03 0.9893
NC_000003.11 TPRXL -7.61e-02 9.03e-03 0.9893
NC_000011.9 MUC2 1.70e-01 9.03e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 PGS1 -1.13e-01 9.03e-03 0.9893
NC_000023.10 MIR891A 1.97e-01 9.03e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 GDPD1 -6.83e-02 9.04e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 HAPLN2 2.41e-01 9.04e-03 0.9893
NC_000005.9 PCDHGA4 1.38e-01 9.05e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 NDUFB3 -8.73e-02 9.06e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 RAPGEFL1 -7.23e-02 9.07e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 DLL1 -9.60e-02 9.07e-03 0.9893
NC_000003.11 CPOX 7.18e-02 9.08e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 ZNF318 1.42e-01 9.09e-03 0.9893
NC_000003.11 UBA3 -1.49e-01 9.09e-03 0.9893
NC_000014.8 PPP1R13B 1.64e-01 9.10e-03 0.9893
NC_000015.9 OCA2 -1.93e-01 9.87e-03 0.9893
NC_000008.10 KIFC2 -1.81e-01 9.10e-03 0.9893
NC_000005.9 TMEM174 1.09e-01 9.11e-03 0.9893
NC_000004.11 FRG1 1.21e-01 9.12e-03 0.9893
NC_000023.10 BCOR 2.41e-01 9.13e-03 0.9893
NC_000013.10 LNX2 2.17e-01 9.13e-03 0.9893
NC_000022.10 SHANK3 9.03e-02 9.14e-03 0.9893
NC_000005.9 ANKRD33B -6.00e-02 9.15e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 ATG16L1 1.04e-01 9.15e-03 0.9893
NC_000019.9 HAMP 7.73e-02 9.16e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 P4HB 1.21e-01 9.18e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 ESPN 8.83e-02 9.19e-03 0.9893
NC_000005.9 SV2C -1.91e-01 9.19e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 CDK18 1.65e-01 9.19e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 LOC100128977 8.70e-02 9.20e-03 0.9893
NC_000015.9 FAM82A2 1.31e-01 9.21e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 VANGL1 1.52e-01 9.21e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 ABR 7.90e-02 9.23e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 ZBTB22 1.51e-01 9.23e-03 0.9893
NC_000005.9 SLC6A19 3.45e-01 9.23e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 MEGF6 1.46e-01 9.24e-03 0.9893
NC_000005.9 PCDHB14 1.79e-01 9.25e-03 0.9893
NC_000007.13 IRF5 1.05e-01 9.26e-03 0.9893
NC_000013.10 RCBTB1 1.09e-01 9.27e-03 0.9893
NC_000020.10 LOC647979 1.16e-01 9.28e-03 0.9893
NC_000007.13 ACTR3C 1.00e-01 9.28e-03 0.9893
NC_000007.13 NXPH1 7.65e-02 9.28e-03 0.9893
NC_000010.10 CUGBP2 3.37e-01 9.29e-03 0.9893
NC_000015.9 DIS3L 7.39e-02 9.29e-03 0.9893
NC_000003.11 TBL1XR1 3.06e-01 9.29e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 SFT2D1 1.82e-01 9.29e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 C1orf152 -1.55e-01 9.30e-03 0.9893
NC_000012.11 PTPRR 1.27e-01 9.30e-03 0.9893
NC_000005.9 AGGF1 1.13e-01 9.31e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 HLA-L -1.45e-01 9.32e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 RHBG 9.61e-02 9.32e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 HLA-DQB1 -3.67e-01 9.32e-03 0.9893
NC_000013.10 RASA3 1.72e-01 9.33e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 ANO7 7.39e-02 9.34e-03 0.9893
NC_000005.9 SNORA13 9.16e-02 9.34e-03 0.9893
NC_000019.9 ZNF274 7.06e-02 9.34e-03 0.9893
NC_000021.8 C21orf122 -1.23e-01 9.34e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 MLX -8.04e-02 9.34e-03 0.9893
NC_000007.13 ZPBP 1.07e-01 9.35e-03 0.9893
NC_000013.10 ATP8A2 -1.30e-01 9.35e-03 0.9893
NC_000019.9 OR10H1 7.62e-02 9.36e-03 0.9893
NC_000016.9 CBFA2T3 1.19e-01 9.36e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 DHX33 -6.35e-02 9.36e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 SGCA 1.73e-01 9.37e-03 0.9893
NC_000010.10 NODAL 1.06e-01 9.37e-03 0.9893
NC_000010.10 ADD3 -7.68e-02 9.38e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 NCRNA00171 -7.05e-02 9.40e-03 0.9893
NC_000014.8 ACTN1 -2.79e-01 9.41e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 ATP2B4 6.63e-02 9.41e-03 0.9893
NC_000007.13 HUS1 1.26e-01 9.42e-03 0.9893
NC_000008.10 REXO1L2P -7.12e-02 9.42e-03 0.9893
NC_000014.8 SNAPC1 2.40e-01 9.43e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 HIST1H3I 1.04e-01 9.43e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 PRDM16 7.12e-02 9.44e-03 0.9893
NC_000010.10 MIR346 -2.28e-01 9.45e-03 0.9893
NC_000022.10 CPT1B 1.52e-01 9.46e-03 0.9893
NC_000009.11 WNK2 2.94e-01 9.47e-03 0.9893
NC_000010.10 FLJ45983 7.69e-02 9.48e-03 0.9893
NC_000011.9 PAX6 1.91e-01 9.48e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 SDK2 1.28e-01 9.49e-03 0.9893
NC_000019.9 REEP6 -8.19e-02 9.50e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 LRRIQ3 1.18e-01 9.51e-03 0.9893
NC_000011.9 NCAM1 1.97e-01 9.51e-03 0.9893
NC_000019.9 PAFAH1B3 8.85e-02 9.52e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 METRNL 1.74e-01 9.52e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 LRRC37B2 -1.16e-01 9.53e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 NCRNA00116 2.07e-01 9.54e-03 0.9893
NC_000011.9 SFRS2B 8.07e-02 9.55e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 MMP28 1.57e-01 9.55e-03 0.9893
NC_000003.11 SKIL 1.46e-01 9.56e-03 0.9893
NC_000003.11 FAM3D 1.21e-01 9.58e-03 0.9893
NC_000005.9 F2R 1.08e-01 9.58e-03 0.9893
NC_000007.13 AGAP3 1.61e-01 9.59e-03 0.9893
NC_000003.11 ZMYND10 9.05e-02 9.59e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 DNAJC8 6.27e-02 9.59e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 DUSP14 -9.24e-02 9.59e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 HPCAL4 1.28e-01 9.60e-03 0.9893
NC_000008.10 LYN 1.22e-01 9.61e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 CROCCL2 -1.34e-01 9.61e-03 0.9893
NC_000014.8 C14orf132 -1.51e-01 9.62e-03 0.9893
NC_000012.11 CLEC4C -9.50e-02 9.63e-03 0.9893
NC_000020.10 NOP56 3.40e-01 9.63e-03 0.9893
NC_000016.9 CA5A -1.07e-01 9.64e-03 0.9893
NC_000012.11 NCOR2 -6.46e-02 9.66e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 EXOC2 3.18e-01 9.66e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 KCNAB2 1.03e-01 9.67e-03 0.9893
NC_000021.8 PCP4 1.28e-01 9.68e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 SYT2 2.99e-01 9.69e-03 0.9893
NC_000016.9 ZCCHC14 1.48e-01 9.69e-03 0.9893
NC_000019.9 ZNF615 -1.16e-01 9.69e-03 0.9893
NC_000007.13 SLC29A4 1.96e-01 9.70e-03 0.9893
NC_000005.9 UBE2QL1 -8.13e-02 9.71e-03 0.9893
NC_000004.11 APBB2 -1.77e-01 9.71e-03 0.9893
NC_000016.9 ZFPM1 1.44e-01 9.71e-03 0.9893
NC_000007.13 COBL -1.72e-01 9.71e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 ESRRG 8.27e-02 9.71e-03 0.9893
NC_000013.10 MCF2L 1.36e-01 9.71e-03 0.9893
NC_000011.9 TMEM136 1.83e-01 9.72e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 ATOH8 1.21e-01 9.74e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 MDS2 8.94e-02 9.74e-03 0.9893
NC_000006.11 TAPBP 7.94e-02 9.75e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 IL1RL2 8.42e-02 9.75e-03 0.9893
NC_000003.11 ZNF502 2.10e-01 9.76e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 UGGT1 2.81e-01 9.76e-03 0.9893
NC_000003.11 ZDHHC23 9.01e-02 9.77e-03 0.9893
NC_000005.9 FLJ42709 1.02e-01 9.78e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 LRRN2 9.38e-02 9.78e-03 0.9893
NC_000015.9 TM6SF1 -1.59e-01 9.78e-03 0.9893
NC_000010.10 ADARB2 2.28e-01 9.79e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 PCGF2 3.27e-01 9.80e-03 0.9893
NC_000009.11 GABBR2 6.55e-02 9.81e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 NAT9 -1.68e-01 9.81e-03 0.9893
NC_000023.10 BCOR 2.77e-01 9.82e-03 0.9893
NC_000003.11 RAB43 -1.47e-01 9.82e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 PYCR2 2.14e-01 9.82e-03 0.9893
NC_000015.9 UNC45A 1.26e-01 9.83e-03 0.9893
NC_000004.11 ZNF827 -2.80e-01 9.83e-03 0.9893
NC_000023.10 CXorf36 1.22e-01 9.83e-03 0.9893
NC_000007.13 C7orf50 2.11e-01 9.83e-03 0.9893
NC_000002.11 AGAP1 1.05e-01 9.83e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 RAB5C 8.25e-02 9.83e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 OTUD7B -2.09e-01 9.85e-03 0.9893
NC_000020.10 GNAS -8.65e-02 9.85e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 HMGCS2 9.28e-02 9.86e-03 0.9893
NC_000008.10 CLN8 6.59e-02 9.86e-03 0.9893
NC_000015.9 RGMA 1.53e-01 9.87e-03 0.9893
NC_000012.11 ST8SIA1 8.07e-02 9.88e-03 0.9893
NC_000020.10 CST3 1.28e-01 9.89e-03 0.9893
NC_000019.9 NFIC 1.14e-01 9.90e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 CTSS 3.37e-01 9.91e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 PLA2G2C 8.92e-02 9.91e-03 0.9893
NC_000017.10 SOX9 1.44e-01 9.91e-03 0.9893
NC_000004.11 TTC29 1.47e-01 9.92e-03 0.9893
NC_000008.10 PBK -9.01e-02 9.93e-03 0.9893
NC_000001.10 SH3BGRL3 9.98e-02 9.96e-03 0.9893
NC_000004.11 DHX15 -6.97e-02 9.96e-03 0.9893
NC_000022.10 KIAA1671 1.88e-01 9.99e-03 0.9893
NC_000007.13 C7orf65 8.69e-02 1.00e-02 0.9893
NC_000018.9 NOL4 -2.13e-01 1.00e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 MAP3K10 9.39e-02 1.00e-02 0.9893
NC_000023.10 CACNA1F 2.68e-01 1.00e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 PTCHD3 9.19e-02 1.00e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 TRIM50 6.96e-02 1.00e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 RNF220 -1.96e-01 1.00e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 C8orf55 7.05e-02 1.00e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 AQP11 2.82e-01 1.00e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 CELA2A 1.70e-01 1.00e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 GABRB1 -6.97e-01 1.01e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 SHANK2 9.42e-02 1.01e-02 0.9893
NC_000020.10 PROKR2 -9.38e-02 1.01e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 RASSF5 1.49e-01 1.01e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 RCC2 1.16e-01 1.01e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 GUK1 -7.21e-02 1.01e-02 0.9893
NC_000020.10 ZSWIM1 -2.37e-01 1.01e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 AFAP1 7.91e-02 1.01e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 ZMYND10 1.11e-01 1.01e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 CHST1 -8.05e-02 1.01e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 GRM4 7.36e-02 1.01e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 PRDM16 1.21e-01 1.01e-02 0.9893
NC_000013.10 GRTP1 2.55e-01 1.01e-02 0.9893
NC_000022.10 KCNJ4 8.32e-02 1.01e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 RPL31 1.09e-01 1.02e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 STX12 1.13e-01 1.02e-02 0.9893
NC_000009.11 KLF4 8.61e-02 1.02e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 ECE1 9.54e-02 1.02e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 TNXB 7.86e-02 1.02e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 YWHAG 1.57e-01 1.02e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 SSBP3 1.45e-01 1.02e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 IMPDH1 1.48e-01 1.02e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 TRIT1 3.02e-01 1.02e-02 0.9893
NC_000018.9 KATNAL2 -6.86e-02 1.02e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 SENP5 -8.93e-02 1.02e-02 0.9893
NC_000023.10 TLR8 3.28e-01 1.02e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 ZNF28 9.29e-02 1.02e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 SLC1A5 1.27e-01 1.02e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 SORBS2 1.68e-01 1.02e-02 0.9893
NC_000020.10 COL20A1 -2.82e-01 1.02e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 HOXA2 -9.65e-02 1.02e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 CDKAL1 3.79e-01 1.02e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 DTX1 1.13e-01 1.02e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 C3orf14 2.58e-01 1.02e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 KLK7 1.56e-01 1.03e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 SYCE1 2.27e-01 1.03e-02 0.9893
NC_000018.9 LOC284233 -1.06e-01 1.03e-02 0.9893
NC_000022.10 CPT1B 3.66e-01 1.03e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 B3GALT4 -1.03e-01 1.03e-02 0.9893
NC_000009.11 GLDC 1.52e-01 1.03e-02 0.9893
NC_000009.11 ENTPD2 7.86e-02 1.03e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 PITPNM1 1.18e-01 1.03e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 ATP2C2 2.00e-01 1.03e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 RNF5P1 9.75e-02 1.03e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 SPTBN1 1.11e-01 1.04e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 EPHA5 5.97e-02 1.04e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 LOC404266 1.43e-01 1.04e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 VAMP2 2.11e-01 1.04e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 CTDSPL2 2.09e-01 1.04e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 MIR29B2 3.64e-01 1.04e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 EXT1 1.20e-01 1.04e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 LY6E 2.17e-01 1.04e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 LOC285205 1.32e-01 1.04e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 YIF1B -1.00e-01 1.04e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 ARHGEF10 1.48e-01 1.04e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 PRSS50 1.75e-01 1.04e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 MMP19 1.37e-01 1.04e-02 0.9893
NC_000020.10 CDH26 2.10e-01 1.04e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 HELQ 9.79e-02 1.05e-02 0.9893
NC_000014.8 CDC42BPB 1.45e-01 1.05e-02 0.9893
NC_000018.9 CTDP1 7.36e-02 1.05e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 ARHGAP20 -1.72e-01 1.05e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 FKBP5 1.18e-01 1.14e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 RAB11FIP4 5.94e-02 1.05e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 KLHL29 8.86e-02 1.05e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 CRHR1 6.51e-02 1.05e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 C1orf130 9.35e-02 1.05e-02 0.9893
NC_000023.10 SHROOM2 -1.30e-01 1.05e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 FHOD1 3.78e-01 1.05e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 MRPL45 2.08e-01 1.05e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 NOS1AP 1.19e-01 1.05e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 NFASC -8.41e-02 1.06e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 PWWP2B 1.26e-01 1.06e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 TSNARE1 -1.03e-01 1.06e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 MEF2A -8.47e-02 1.06e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 MORN1 1.17e-01 1.06e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 RUNDC2A -7.54e-02 1.06e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 CACNA1G -5.99e-02 1.06e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 PSMG3 8.39e-02 1.06e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 UBE2CBP 8.10e-02 1.06e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 TMEM132E 1.76e-01 1.06e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 TMBIM1 3.00e-01 1.06e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 ZBTB32 -1.13e-01 1.06e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 SPTBN4 6.60e-01 1.06e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 BCAR1 -1.34e-01 1.06e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 LOC399744 9.69e-02 1.06e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 ALKBH2 1.37e-01 1.06e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 MYT1L -1.51e-01 1.07e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 GPSM3 1.35e-01 1.07e-02 0.9893
NC_000013.10 SPATA13 -5.24e-01 1.07e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 FZD6 1.66e-01 1.07e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 SELT -1.03e-01 1.07e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 SORCS2 2.05e-01 1.07e-02 0.9893
NC_000013.10 MIR548F5 1.37e-01 1.07e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 TOM1L2 -2.27e-01 1.07e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 ERN1 2.19e-01 1.07e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 GTF2IRD1 7.05e-02 1.07e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 ESPNP -1.43e-01 1.07e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 ADARB2 1.63e-01 1.07e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 SH3BP5 -7.61e-01 1.07e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 HERV-FRD -1.48e-01 1.07e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 MAEA 8.39e-02 1.08e-02 0.9893
NC_000023.10 GEMIN8 -7.92e-02 1.08e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 ARRB1 1.11e-01 1.08e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 ZNF716 -1.01e-01 1.08e-02 0.9893
NC_000022.10 RRP7A -7.60e-02 1.08e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 NHSL1 7.47e-02 1.08e-02 0.9893
NC_000018.9 CYB5A 1.12e-01 1.08e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 IFITM1 2.18e-01 1.08e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 ROBO3 1.56e-01 1.08e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 SLC6A18 1.49e-01 1.08e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 PNKP 6.15e-02 1.08e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 GPSM3 8.92e-02 1.08e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 ETV6 1.59e-01 1.08e-02 0.9893
NC_000023.10 EIF1AX 1.67e-01 1.08e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 CLCN7 1.10e-01 1.08e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 PCDHGA4 1.16e-01 1.08e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 EVPLL -1.38e-01 1.08e-02 0.9893
NC_000013.10 ATP11A -9.91e-02 1.09e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 RNF5P1 7.62e-02 1.09e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 RNF5P1 7.58e-02 1.09e-02 0.9893
NC_000013.10 ATP11A 1.29e-01 1.09e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 NFIX 3.98e-01 1.09e-02 0.9893
NC_000014.8 EML1 7.90e-02 1.09e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 PPFIA1 2.05e-01 1.09e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 ADAMTS7 9.19e-02 1.09e-02 0.9893
NC_000013.10 MYO16 1.25e-01 1.09e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 RFX8 1.53e-01 1.09e-02 0.9893
NC_000014.8 CDC42BPB 2.80e-01 1.09e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 RYR2 -6.47e-02 1.09e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 ELAVL4 2.24e-01 1.09e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 NTM 7.26e-02 1.09e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 SLC22A3 -1.39e-01 1.09e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 BSN 1.38e-01 1.09e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 FBXO47 -1.03e-01 1.09e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 RASSF1 1.37e-01 1.09e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 PPT2 -9.18e-02 1.09e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 FAM108A1 1.33e-01 1.09e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 LOC100132215 1.44e-01 1.09e-02 0.9893
NC_000022.10 CECR7 1.15e-01 1.09e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 SMYD3 -1.59e-01 1.10e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 PDE4DIP -1.06e-01 1.10e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 C1orf198 -1.05e-01 1.10e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 TUBD1 -1.61e-01 1.10e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 PAQR6 -7.87e-02 1.10e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 PAX6 1.37e-01 1.10e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 TTBK1 2.07e-01 1.10e-02 0.9893
NC_000009.11 NELF 1.72e-01 1.10e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 VAX2 1.35e-01 1.10e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 ABI1 2.05e-01 1.10e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 CES2 7.36e-02 1.10e-02 0.9893
NC_000013.10 STARD13 3.47e-01 1.10e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 UBR4 1.42e-01 1.10e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 LDLRAP1 1.00e-01 1.10e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 ACSF3 1.22e-01 1.11e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 ZFAND3 1.45e-01 1.11e-02 0.9893
NC_000018.9 C18orf1 2.24e-01 1.11e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 MECOM 1.37e-01 1.11e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 ASB18 2.82e-01 1.11e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 CXCR7 2.39e-01 1.11e-02 0.9893
NC_000014.8 LOC100133469 1.17e-01 1.11e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 CHST6 8.40e-02 1.11e-02 0.9893
NC_000018.9 TWSG1 -7.91e-02 1.11e-02 0.9893
NC_000014.8 FLRT2 1.49e-01 1.11e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 IFT140 2.40e-01 1.11e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 PRKAR1B 2.08e-01 1.11e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 ERC2 7.56e-02 1.11e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 C8orf75 9.21e-02 1.12e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 ZCCHC24 1.34e-01 1.12e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 NTN1 1.35e-01 1.12e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 TMEM138 -9.15e-02 1.12e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 CYP1A1 8.82e-02 1.12e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 LOC254559 9.16e-02 1.12e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 DKK3 -1.49e-01 1.12e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 GLI2 2.05e-01 1.12e-02 0.9893
NC_000013.10 STARD13 -2.51e-01 1.12e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 RING1 9.28e-02 1.12e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 PRMT8 2.38e-01 1.12e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 ZNF536 -2.29e-01 1.12e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 CCDC87 1.78e-01 1.12e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 HSD3B7 -6.44e-02 1.12e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 GAK 1.64e-01 1.12e-02 0.9893
NC_000018.9 OSBPL1A -2.14e-01 1.13e-02 0.9893
NC_000020.10 LOC284798 -1.15e-01 1.13e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 COL11A2 6.71e-02 1.13e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 ZFHX3 1.95e-01 1.13e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 ARL8B 6.03e-02 1.13e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 CACNA2D3 2.02e-01 1.13e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 IGSF8 -2.52e-01 1.13e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 IPO8 -1.88e-01 1.13e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 ADORA3 2.08e-01 1.13e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 DNM2 2.20e-01 1.13e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 COL11A2 1.39e-01 1.13e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 KLF2 6.89e-02 1.13e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 TLE6 -9.25e-02 1.13e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 NIT2 9.55e-02 1.13e-02 0.9893
NC_000014.8 C14orf73 6.86e-02 1.13e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 MAML2 1.25e-01 1.13e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 KIAA0195 2.10e-01 1.13e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 PHF14 8.67e-02 1.13e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 USP13 -1.64e-01 1.13e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 ZBTB7B 1.29e-01 1.24e-02 0.9893
NC_000013.10 TUBGCP3 1.93e-01 1.13e-02 0.9893
NC_000014.8 PPP2R5C 1.52e-01 1.13e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 HCCA2 1.37e-01 1.13e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 TCP10 -3.31e-01 1.13e-02 0.9893
NC_000022.10 GAB4 2.16e-01 1.14e-02 0.9893
NC_000022.10 MGAT3 -9.13e-02 1.14e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 JAZF1 -1.43e-01 1.14e-02 0.9893
NC_000021.8 MX2 9.19e-02 1.14e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 SHROOM1 1.80e-01 1.14e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 BAHCC1 1.75e-01 1.14e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 GAST 7.55e-02 1.14e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 AIF1 2.12e-01 1.14e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 SLC17A8 1.08e-01 1.14e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 LYNX1 1.77e-01 1.14e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 PRCP 2.71e-01 1.14e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 FGD6 1.97e-01 1.14e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 PSORS1C1 -1.71e-01 1.14e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 WWOX 2.44e-01 1.15e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 FRMD4A 1.32e-01 1.15e-02 0.9893
NC_000013.10 LOC374491 -1.27e-01 1.15e-02 0.9893
NC_000014.8 TMEM30B 6.40e-02 1.15e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 ZBTB44 7.68e-02 1.15e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 CAMTA1 1.08e-01 1.15e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 FCGBP -9.56e-02 1.15e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 HLA-DPB1 2.78e-01 1.15e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 PRKG2 -4.98e-01 1.15e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 KLF10 -1.05e-01 1.26e-02 0.9893
NC_000023.10 CLDN2 1.59e-01 1.15e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 TBKBP1 8.72e-02 1.15e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 UST 8.58e-02 1.15e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 GNA12 1.61e-01 1.15e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 C11orf87 3.20e-01 1.15e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 TCP11 1.12e-01 1.15e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 NTM 2.08e-01 1.15e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 KIAA1026 -7.03e-02 1.15e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 HLA-DPB2 -6.78e-01 1.16e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 OBSL1 8.04e-02 1.16e-02 0.9893
NC_000014.8 CLMN -1.52e-01 1.16e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 ACBD4 2.17e-01 1.16e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 SORBS1 1.66e-01 1.16e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 KCNQ3 -8.88e-02 1.16e-02 0.9893
NC_000014.8 FLJ43390 5.99e-02 1.16e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 TNXB -1.01e-01 1.16e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 FOXK1 -9.33e-02 1.16e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 LOC127841 -9.68e-02 1.16e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 SLC5A5 -7.39e-02 1.16e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 MSX1 6.89e-02 1.16e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 SOBP 1.34e-01 1.16e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 NOS1 1.47e-01 1.16e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 ARSJ 1.34e-01 1.16e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 BAI1 1.03e-01 1.17e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 TSPYL5 5.93e-02 1.17e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 NFIX 2.00e-01 1.17e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 DERL1 6.84e-02 1.17e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 AGPAT1 1.10e-01 1.17e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 BEND4 1.76e-01 1.17e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 MACF1 -1.11e-01 1.17e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 C6orf204 8.56e-02 1.17e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 BLOC1S1 1.09e-01 1.17e-02 0.9893
NC_000018.9 TMX3 1.50e-01 1.17e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 HOXB3 -8.38e-02 1.17e-02 0.9893
NC_000013.10 STK24 1.35e-01 1.17e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 LAMA4 -2.29e-01 1.17e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 CCNG2 -8.76e-02 1.17e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 PLK5P 1.52e-01 1.17e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 ATG7 1.04e-01 1.17e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 GIYD1 7.26e-02 1.17e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 C1QTNF1 1.11e-01 1.18e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 NR2F2 9.70e-02 1.18e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 ASAP2 7.29e-02 1.18e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 ATP5G2 1.15e-01 1.18e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 TTLL6 -4.32e-01 1.18e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 PLEC1 1.44e-01 1.18e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 PTGES3 1.17e-01 1.18e-02 0.9893
NC_000020.10 SRC 2.06e-01 1.18e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 AMPD3 -1.03e-01 1.18e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 WDR72 1.07e-01 1.18e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 FABP5 1.55e-01 1.18e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 SLC26A11 7.10e-02 1.18e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 PRDM11 7.95e-02 1.18e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 ERI3 2.03e-01 1.18e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 MAP4 2.28e-01 1.18e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 PYY -1.64e-01 1.18e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 C3orf63 1.12e-01 1.18e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 ANKRD23 7.69e-02 1.18e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 PTPRS -1.71e-01 1.19e-02 0.9893
NC_000009.11 DMRT1 1.67e-01 1.19e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 HIGD1A 8.24e-02 1.19e-02 0.9893
NC_000009.11 NOTCH1 2.63e-01 1.19e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 CAPN10 1.36e-01 1.19e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 FXYD1 -1.31e-01 1.19e-02 0.9893
NC_000009.11 BSPRY 2.12e-01 1.19e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 RAP1GAP 7.25e-02 1.19e-02 0.9893
NC_000009.11 TOMM5 1.85e-01 1.19e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 FLYWCH1 -7.67e-02 1.19e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 ANO10 -2.09e-01 1.19e-02 0.9893
NC_000014.8 PAPOLA 9.74e-02 1.19e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 EIF4EBP1 -1.01e-01 1.19e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 ANKRD11 8.09e-02 1.19e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 TOLLIP 8.57e-02 1.19e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 PHF1 8.85e-02 1.19e-02 0.9893
NC_000014.8 FOXN3 1.42e-01 1.19e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 FGFR2 1.79e-01 1.31e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 APBB2 -2.31e-01 1.31e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 RPS6KA2 1.96e-01 1.19e-02 0.9893
NC_000023.10 NHSL2 1.12e-01 1.19e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 NUPR1 -1.33e-01 1.19e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 ALX4 8.42e-02 1.19e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 MTERFD1 -1.27e-01 1.19e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 EFHD2 1.14e-01 1.19e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 PCDHGA2 8.37e-02 1.19e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 HLA-DQB2 -2.39e-01 1.19e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 HLA-E 8.95e-02 1.19e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 LRP8 1.08e-01 1.20e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 TOLLIP -4.42e-01 1.20e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 LOC100130691 -9.28e-02 1.20e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 SH3PXD2A 1.47e-01 1.20e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 SNORD115-41 -1.15e-01 1.20e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 SLC16A3 6.99e-02 1.20e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 TLCD1 1.64e-01 1.20e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 PTRF -1.42e-01 1.20e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 WIPI2 9.69e-02 1.20e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 SPTBN1 9.73e-02 1.20e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 LOC729603 -9.90e-02 1.20e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 MAD1L1 5.85e-02 1.21e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 CMTM4 7.87e-02 1.21e-02 0.9893
NC_000013.10 TUBA3C -9.40e-02 1.21e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 FBXO17 2.68e-01 1.21e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 CILP2 2.58e-01 1.21e-02 0.9893
NC_000020.10 COL9A3 1.90e-01 1.21e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 RGMA 1.20e-01 1.21e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 LOC401010 -8.13e-02 1.21e-02 0.9893
NC_000020.10 SLC4A11 1.52e-01 1.21e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 BTBD9 2.12e-01 1.21e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 VPS53 1.04e-01 1.21e-02 0.9893
NC_000022.10 FAM19A5 1.31e-01 1.21e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 ABLIM1 1.95e-01 1.21e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 SCMH1 1.94e-01 1.21e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 GLRX3 1.35e-01 1.21e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 SLC39A14 3.10e-01 1.21e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 DPYSL4 -1.20e-01 1.22e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 HOXD11 -1.51e-01 1.22e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 DCLRE1B 1.73e-01 1.22e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 MST1P2 1.39e-01 1.22e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 CLN8 -2.25e-01 1.22e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 FAM120B 9.38e-02 1.22e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 PCGF2 1.22e-01 1.22e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 LTBP4 1.82e-01 1.22e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 LFNG 1.00e-01 1.22e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 FAM178B -1.57e-01 1.22e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 SIL1 1.81e-01 1.22e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 MAP7 -1.48e-01 1.22e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 CNTD2 1.66e-01 1.22e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 RORA 1.30e-01 1.22e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 CDKN1A -1.75e-01 1.22e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 SLC5A10 -9.16e-02 1.22e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 SLC7A11 1.39e-01 1.22e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 ZMYND10 1.11e-01 1.22e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 KIAA1530 1.58e-01 1.22e-02 0.9893
NC_000009.11 PIP5K1B 1.41e-01 1.22e-02 0.9893
NC_000009.11 PRSS3 5.38e-02 1.23e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 DENND2C -8.38e-02 1.23e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 TSPAN9 1.35e-01 1.23e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 GAP43 3.97e-01 1.23e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 C3orf72 1.12e-01 1.23e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 GREB1 1.65e-01 1.23e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 S100A11 7.07e-02 1.23e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 PROCA1 1.05e-01 1.23e-02 0.9893
NC_000021.8 BTG3 9.33e-02 1.23e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 ODF2L 9.73e-02 1.23e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 TNXB 2.09e-01 1.23e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 RXRB -8.89e-02 1.23e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 C11orf95 9.31e-02 1.23e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 BAIAP2 2.64e-01 1.23e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 EFCAB4B 1.06e-01 1.23e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 HIST1H2BD 1.01e-01 1.23e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 CCDC64B 9.78e-02 1.23e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 PRKAG2 1.36e-01 1.24e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 SORBS3 -7.00e-02 1.24e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 ZNF415 -7.47e-02 1.24e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 MYH14 -7.91e-02 1.24e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 FLJ25006 -1.12e-01 1.24e-02 0.9893
NC_000013.10 FARP1 1.79e-01 1.24e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 DGKG 7.08e-02 1.24e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 ZNF148 8.38e-02 1.24e-02 0.9893
NC_000023.10 EGFL6 1.70e-01 1.24e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 PLXND1 2.53e-01 1.24e-02 0.9893
NC_000022.10 SHANK3 1.42e-01 1.25e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 PAK1 8.03e-02 1.25e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 GALNT11 6.83e-02 1.25e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 TRIP10 1.44e-01 1.25e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 OR56A3 1.47e-01 1.25e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 ALKBH3 5.90e-02 1.25e-02 0.9893
NC_000020.10 C20orf123 1.95e-01 1.25e-02 0.9893
NC_000020.10 ZFP64 -1.64e-01 1.25e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 LOC285768 -7.34e-02 1.25e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 LARP1 3.86e-01 1.25e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 XAB2 9.29e-02 1.25e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 ATP6V1C1 -1.99e-01 1.25e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 NUDCD3 1.59e-01 1.25e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 TSPYL5 1.04e-01 1.25e-02 0.9893
NC_000013.10 RNF113B 2.64e-01 1.25e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 ATXN7L1 2.23e-01 1.25e-02 0.9893
NC_000013.10 RASA3 1.88e-01 1.25e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 MRPL28 6.33e-02 1.25e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 LMOD2 -9.46e-02 1.25e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 TPD52 -1.02e-01 1.25e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 GRHL3 9.53e-02 1.25e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 ACTL6B 7.70e-02 1.25e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 N4BP3 8.34e-02 1.25e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 HYI -1.98e-01 1.25e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 KIRREL 1.62e-01 1.26e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 CUX1 2.21e-01 1.26e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 TRH 1.12e-01 1.26e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 TRRAP 5.86e-02 1.26e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 ZNF787 2.01e-01 1.26e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 ATP5J2 -1.01e-01 1.26e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 PTPRN 9.23e-02 1.26e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 SORCS2 -5.60e-02 1.26e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 RPL23AP53 -1.31e-01 1.26e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 LRRFIP1 1.41e-01 1.26e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 HLA-E 7.23e-02 1.26e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 COL12A1 1.76e-01 1.26e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 SH3GL3 1.16e-01 1.26e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 FUT4 1.19e-01 1.26e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 PLD3 1.53e-01 1.26e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 PRSS27 6.11e-02 1.26e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 FAM86A -7.87e-02 1.26e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 PSORS1C1 2.66e-01 1.27e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 TMEM97 -1.31e-01 1.27e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 C1orf35 2.27e-01 1.27e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 ZBTB22 1.31e-01 1.27e-02 0.9893
NC_000009.11 PHYHD1 7.72e-02 1.27e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 CYTH2 1.10e-01 1.27e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 MATK -8.06e-02 1.27e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 JSRP1 1.55e-01 1.27e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 FAM151B 1.18e-01 1.27e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 PPP1R16A 1.70e-01 1.27e-02 0.9893
NC_000021.8 TFF2 1.83e-01 1.27e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 CDH9 -9.73e-02 1.27e-02 0.9893
NC_000020.10 CPXM1 -7.79e-02 1.27e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 ZNF708 1.80e-01 1.27e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 SYCE1 2.06e-01 1.27e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 FRMD4A 2.33e-01 1.27e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 RING1 7.77e-02 1.27e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 NCRNA00116 2.03e-01 1.28e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 HLA-DRB1 -1.27e-01 1.28e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 GCNT2 1.96e-01 1.28e-02 0.9893
NC_000020.10 MATN4 1.31e-01 1.28e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 VAC14 1.22e-01 1.28e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 AXIN2 1.62e-01 1.28e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 RAPGEF5 8.82e-02 1.28e-02 0.9893
NC_000023.10 CA5BP -1.52e-01 1.28e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 RNU5E -1.15e-01 1.28e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 TSTD1 1.63e-01 1.28e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 ZNF718 1.52e-01 1.28e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 MIR1910 -1.31e-01 1.28e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 KIAA1026 1.97e-01 1.29e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 MYH10 1.06e-01 1.29e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 MAPK14 -1.97e-01 1.29e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 SH3TC1 8.72e-02 1.29e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 RAI1 1.00e-01 1.29e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 C2orf49 1.97e-01 1.29e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 PLEKHO1 1.13e-01 1.29e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 ADAMTS19 2.12e-01 1.29e-02 0.9893
NC_000009.11 SURF4 7.60e-02 1.29e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 RPS19 2.49e-01 1.29e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 ABLIM1 1.23e-01 1.29e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 PAX6 2.41e-01 1.29e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 WWP2 -8.88e-02 1.29e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 FSCN1 1.32e-01 1.29e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 ANKRD11 -1.23e-01 1.29e-02 0.9893
NC_000014.8 C14orf43 1.02e-01 1.29e-02 0.9893
NC_000020.10 MAP1LC3A 2.11e-01 1.30e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 BRE 2.53e-01 1.30e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 TNXB -8.81e-02 1.30e-02 0.9893
NC_000020.10 ACSS1 1.95e-01 1.30e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 MTOR 1.71e-01 1.30e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 MLN -8.24e-02 1.30e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 CYP7B1 1.98e-01 1.30e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 CUGBP1 3.21e-01 1.30e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 TOLLIP 9.47e-02 1.30e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 UNKL 8.88e-02 1.30e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 KY 1.44e-01 1.30e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 DCDC1 8.36e-02 1.30e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 BNIP3 1.10e-01 1.30e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 ACCN1 2.03e-01 1.30e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 9.44e-02 1.30e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 HDAC4 -8.92e-02 1.30e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 SCARA5 1.62e-01 1.31e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 DIP2C -1.42e-01 1.31e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 NT5C2 1.70e-01 1.31e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 ZBTB4 7.05e-02 1.31e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 PIPOX 9.86e-02 1.31e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 MT1E 9.16e-02 1.31e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 GRIN2D 1.89e-01 1.31e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 MATN1 6.99e-02 1.31e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 SBNO2 1.32e-01 1.31e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 FABP5 1.14e-01 1.31e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 TMCO7 -7.41e-02 1.31e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 PCBD1 1.11e-01 1.31e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 IRX2 2.11e-01 1.31e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 PRKAR1B -7.84e-02 1.31e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 SUCLG1 -1.65e-01 1.31e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 CTBS 9.56e-02 1.31e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 C3orf66 1.34e-01 1.31e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 PP14571 1.65e-01 1.31e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 TCF7L2 1.47e-01 1.31e-02 0.9893
NC_000014.8 ZC3H14 6.15e-02 1.31e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 GIPR 9.89e-02 1.32e-02 0.9893
NC_000014.8 NID2 1.60e-01 1.32e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 PCDHB13 1.17e-01 1.32e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 PCDHA6 9.62e-02 1.32e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 PARP6 1.33e-01 1.32e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 ARHGEF4 2.20e-01 1.32e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 ZC3H3 -9.30e-02 1.32e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 ARHGEF10 9.21e-02 1.32e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 WAPAL -9.49e-02 1.32e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 CDC42EP2 -1.70e-01 1.32e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 LOC283999 5.42e-02 1.32e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 ARL9 -1.44e-01 1.32e-02 0.9893
NC_000014.8 RAD51L1 1.82e-01 1.32e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 SCRIB 9.95e-02 1.32e-02 0.9893
NC_000023.10 TKTL1 -2.66e-01 1.32e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 MYADML 1.27e-01 1.32e-02 0.9893
NC_000013.10 STK24 9.37e-02 1.32e-02 0.9893
NC_000013.10 MCF2L 1.29e-01 1.32e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 MANBA 2.44e-01 1.32e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 C6orf223 1.52e-01 1.32e-02 0.9893
NC_000014.8 RALGAPA1 6.98e-02 1.32e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 CDH3 7.84e-02 1.32e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 BRCA1 -1.09e-01 1.32e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 TSPAN4 2.17e-01 1.32e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 KIAA1826 -1.07e-01 1.33e-02 0.9893
NC_000020.10 BLCAP 1.51e-01 1.33e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 KCNIP1 -1.07e-01 1.33e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 ACACA 2.42e-01 1.33e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 UNC119B 7.52e-02 1.33e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 KLRC3 -1.00e-01 1.33e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 STK19 1.26e-01 1.33e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 P4HB -1.04e-01 1.33e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 ATP2B2 2.53e-01 1.33e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 BRSK2 1.00e-01 1.33e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 LOC100233209 2.66e-01 1.33e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 SLC48A1 -1.02e-01 1.33e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 HLA-DQB1 -1.60e-01 1.34e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 BCL11A 1.60e-01 1.34e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 C7orf41 1.26e-01 1.34e-02 0.9893
NC_000023.10 GPKOW -1.07e-01 1.34e-02 0.9893
NC_000013.10 SACS 1.77e-01 1.34e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 KDM4B 7.69e-02 1.34e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 KIAA0182 1.98e-01 1.34e-02 0.9893
NC_000022.10 CPT1B 2.57e-01 1.34e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 C11orf63 9.77e-02 1.34e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 PPP2R2D -1.37e-01 1.34e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 WHSC1 1.76e-01 1.34e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 GOT1L1 1.35e-01 1.34e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 GPR26 1.44e-01 1.35e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 C10orf105 1.77e-01 1.35e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 MUM1 -1.22e-01 1.35e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 LSR 6.90e-02 1.35e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 ADARB2 2.78e-01 1.35e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 ARSJ 6.78e-02 1.35e-02 0.9893
NC_000020.10 CDH22 1.13e-01 1.35e-02 0.9893
NC_000013.10 MYO16 1.37e-01 1.35e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 KIAA1143 1.44e-01 1.35e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 HLA-J -1.10e-01 1.35e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 SIGLEC11 1.03e-01 1.35e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 CHRNE 8.38e-02 1.35e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 ERC2 -2.01e-01 1.35e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 FAM124B 1.27e-01 1.35e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 NUPR1 -1.57e-01 1.35e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 CCDC3 1.01e-01 1.35e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 CHST6 7.82e-02 1.35e-02 0.9893
NC_000021.8 TTC3 6.80e-02 1.35e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 FN1 1.73e-01 1.35e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 MEIS1 9.35e-02 1.35e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 FGFR4 -1.13e-01 1.36e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 C2orf88 3.06e-01 1.36e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 DLG2 1.54e-01 1.36e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 LRRC43 1.78e-01 1.36e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 KCNQ4 1.54e-01 1.36e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 IGF1R -1.44e-01 1.36e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 TRIM72 5.60e-02 1.36e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 RBP7 6.85e-02 1.36e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 FLJ45983 9.05e-02 1.36e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 SKI 1.00e-01 1.36e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 SRD5A1 7.17e-02 1.36e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 SEMA6B 1.09e-01 1.36e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 RRM2B 1.66e-01 1.36e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 PCDHGA2 8.76e-02 1.36e-02 0.9893
NC_000022.10 GRAMD4 2.03e-01 1.37e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 ANKRD34A 5.78e-02 1.37e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 GOLPH3L 1.77e-01 1.37e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 LRIG3 8.38e-02 1.37e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 TMEM177 1.85e-01 1.37e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 LPCAT1 8.71e-02 1.37e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 ATG7 2.55e-01 1.37e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 BCAT1 -2.06e-01 1.37e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 BCL2L11 1.38e-01 1.37e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 LOC339524 2.13e-01 1.37e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 ANKMY2 1.86e-01 1.37e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 SYTL3 9.97e-02 1.37e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 NEDD9 1.26e-01 1.52e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 STAU2 3.04e-01 1.37e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 KIAA1949 -8.53e-02 1.38e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 CTRB2 1.29e-01 1.38e-02 0.9893
NC_000023.10 PLP2 1.49e-01 1.38e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 PIK3R2 5.33e-02 1.38e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 IGF1R -2.03e-01 1.38e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 MPRIP -1.67e-01 1.38e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 PAX6 1.97e-01 1.38e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 EDEM1 9.90e-02 1.52e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 RIN1 -1.89e-01 1.38e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 STMN2 2.41e-01 1.38e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 TFCP2 1.01e-01 1.38e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 DNPEP 1.21e-01 1.38e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 MAN1C1 6.15e-02 1.38e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 SEPT9 7.72e-02 1.38e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 TFPI2 1.21e-01 1.38e-02 0.9893
NC_000013.10 C13orf1 5.73e-02 1.38e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 SNORA14B 5.77e-02 1.38e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 LGTN 1.19e-01 1.39e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 POLR2A 1.42e-01 1.39e-02 0.9893
NC_000018.9 MBD2 1.56e-01 1.39e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 CDC42EP4 1.20e-01 1.39e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 DULLARD 1.56e-01 1.39e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 SLCO4C1 6.27e-02 1.39e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 PCGF6 8.24e-02 1.39e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 ZNF518A 2.07e-01 1.39e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 ST3GAL1 -1.84e-01 1.39e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 LRRC4B 1.87e-01 1.39e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 IRF8 1.42e-01 1.39e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 PLSCR1 1.43e-01 1.40e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 FGF18 1.22e-01 1.40e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 C1orf174 -3.24e-01 1.40e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 NXPH1 9.33e-02 1.40e-02 0.9893
NC_000014.8 BEGAIN 9.92e-02 1.40e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 ENTPD7 -8.73e-02 1.40e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 WIBG -9.38e-02 1.40e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 FMO5 1.63e-01 1.40e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 CIT 1.95e-01 1.40e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 TLR6 -1.46e-01 1.40e-02 0.9893
NC_000023.10 IDS -1.98e-01 1.40e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 MIR548A2 9.37e-02 1.40e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 C2orf64 1.95e-01 1.40e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 FAM69A -2.00e-01 1.40e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 KLHL29 1.25e-01 1.40e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 NCOR2 1.82e-01 1.40e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 ABR 1.20e-01 1.40e-02 0.9893
NC_000014.8 FLJ10357 -7.30e-02 1.40e-02 0.9893
NC_000013.10 MCF2L -1.75e-01 1.40e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 NECAB1 5.61e-02 1.41e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 SNRPG 3.49e-01 1.41e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 FARS2 -3.13e-01 1.41e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 CRTC1 2.30e-01 1.41e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 LOC154822 -1.35e-01 1.41e-02 0.9893
NC_000014.8 JPH4 7.14e-02 1.41e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 HOXA13 1.29e-01 1.41e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 METTL11B 1.44e-01 1.41e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 AMH 3.06e-01 1.41e-02 0.9893
NC_000013.10 CLYBL 9.56e-02 1.41e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 HLA-DOB 1.82e-01 1.41e-02 0.9893
NC_000013.10 PHF11 6.26e-02 1.41e-02 0.9893
NC_000009.11 C9orf66 1.45e-01 1.41e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 DNHD1 1.62e-01 1.41e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 SORCS2 6.89e-02 1.41e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 BAI1 7.08e-02 1.41e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 RIN1 1.15e-01 1.41e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 GRIN2D 6.79e-02 1.41e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 LRRC33 7.30e-02 1.41e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 CNTN4 -5.46e-02 1.41e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 PRDM16 6.19e-02 1.41e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 FAM41C 1.02e-01 1.42e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 SDR16C5 -8.51e-02 1.42e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 MYT1L 1.39e-01 1.42e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 ADCK4 2.10e-01 1.42e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 SLC12A7 8.80e-02 1.42e-02 0.9893
NC_000013.10 RASA3 9.28e-02 1.42e-02 0.9893
NC_000009.11 LOC100128076 7.44e-02 1.42e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 CLIP2 2.05e-01 1.42e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 THAP4 1.09e-01 1.42e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 GPR133 1.58e-01 1.42e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 PEG3 1.00e-01 1.42e-02 0.9893
NC_000013.10 PABPC3 1.61e-01 1.42e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 CD96 -1.11e-01 1.42e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 APBA2 1.44e-01 1.42e-02 0.9893
NC_000014.8 FBXO34 2.51e-01 1.42e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 SIGIRR 1.05e-01 1.42e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 ZNF433 5.29e-02 1.42e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 TMEM132D 1.23e-01 1.42e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 SRL -2.23e-01 1.42e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 RNF145 -1.46e-01 1.42e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 MIR451 6.70e-02 1.42e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 NES -1.45e-01 1.42e-02 0.9893
NC_000022.10 SAMM50 2.55e-01 1.43e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 C10orf10 1.06e-01 1.43e-02 0.9893
NC_000014.8 GNG2 1.20e-01 1.43e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 MGC13005 1.75e-01 1.43e-02 0.9893
NC_000014.8 SCFD1 -1.18e-01 1.43e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 C1orf69 -1.26e-01 1.43e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 ATP10A 1.17e-01 1.43e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 SULT1A1 1.27e-01 1.43e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 TNNT3 1.56e-01 1.43e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 CXCR7 1.53e-01 1.43e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 FAM176B 1.51e-01 1.43e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 BNIP2 1.16e-01 1.43e-02 0.9893
NC_000013.10 ATP11A 6.98e-02 1.43e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 VGLL4 2.26e-01 1.43e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 PCDHGB1 1.64e-01 1.43e-02 0.9893
NC_000022.10 MEI1 9.44e-02 1.43e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 SLC12A4 1.66e-01 1.44e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 TSSC1 1.89e-01 1.44e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 TBX15 1.24e-01 1.44e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 TPO -1.06e-01 1.44e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 GDF6 1.72e-01 1.44e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 LARP1 3.22e-01 1.44e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 STIM1 1.22e-01 1.44e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 GPR113 -2.43e-01 1.44e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 COMMD3 1.73e-01 1.44e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 TACC1 6.62e-02 1.44e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 ANK1 1.14e-01 1.44e-02 0.9893
NC_000022.10 KIAA1644 1.38e-01 1.44e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 HTRA1 7.21e-02 1.44e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 C7orf57 5.25e-02 1.44e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 PRKCA 8.47e-02 1.44e-02 0.9893
NC_000020.10 OGFR -7.81e-02 1.45e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 SHANK1 2.44e-01 1.45e-02 0.9893
NC_000023.10 TMEM35 2.97e-01 1.45e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 DIP2C 2.49e-01 1.45e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 TBCD 1.16e-01 1.45e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 CIB4 1.17e-01 1.45e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 ELK4 2.09e-01 1.45e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 RAB3IL1 1.39e-01 1.45e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 FAM105A 5.74e-02 1.45e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 PALM 2.09e-01 1.45e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 MIR149 1.38e-01 1.45e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 LMO4 1.41e-01 1.45e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 GPR113 -1.76e-01 1.45e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 G3BP1 5.33e-02 1.46e-02 0.9893
NC_000013.10 C13orf35 1.45e-01 1.46e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 ALG1L2 1.17e-01 1.46e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 RNF166 8.70e-02 1.46e-02 0.9893
NC_000009.11 TNFSF8 9.94e-02 1.46e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 THAP4 -2.33e-01 1.46e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 HLA-DQB2 -3.20e-01 1.46e-02 0.9893
NC_000023.10 NCRNA00182 4.25e-01 1.46e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 LGR6 6.43e-02 1.46e-02 0.9893
NC_000022.10 SHANK3 -1.11e-01 1.46e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 TTBK1 9.80e-02 1.46e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 SDC2 2.19e-01 1.46e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 CDH13 8.27e-02 1.46e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 CASZ1 1.50e-01 1.46e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 PDE10A 1.65e-01 1.46e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 PON2 -9.37e-02 1.46e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 EMB 1.91e-01 1.46e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 DBNL 1.85e-01 1.46e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 TPO 1.67e-01 1.46e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 FAM178A -7.75e-02 1.47e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 MIR548H4 8.56e-02 1.47e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 MUC2 9.71e-02 1.47e-02 0.9893
NC_000022.10 C22orf27 9.92e-02 1.47e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 CNTROB -7.63e-02 1.47e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 CUGBP2 6.75e-02 1.47e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 OSCP1 -6.00e-02 1.47e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 MIR548A2 1.63e-01 1.47e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 MBTPS1 1.01e-01 1.47e-02 0.9893
NC_000013.10 MCF2L 3.98e-01 1.47e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 ACTN3 1.47e-01 1.47e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 PTH1R 9.19e-02 1.47e-02 0.9893
NC_000014.8 AKT1 1.59e-01 1.47e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 PSAP 1.80e-01 1.47e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 AKAP12 1.07e-01 1.47e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 KIAA0415 1.10e-01 1.48e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 SPPL3 1.24e-01 1.48e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 SEMA5A 1.43e-01 1.63e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 ID3 1.08e-01 1.48e-02 0.9893
NC_000020.10 NPEPL1 1.30e-01 1.48e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 LOC283314 1.75e-01 1.48e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 FBXW7 -9.81e-02 1.48e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 ARHGAP17 9.22e-02 1.48e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 TPRA1 1.05e-01 1.48e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 WIZ 1.58e-01 1.48e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 MRAS 1.06e-01 1.48e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 TTLL10 9.82e-02 1.48e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 LOC285830 -1.41e-01 1.48e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 ALKBH3 6.50e-02 1.48e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 PAIP2B -1.33e-01 1.48e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 TNXB 9.09e-02 1.48e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 GIMAP1 9.40e-02 1.48e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 RGS12 2.28e-01 1.49e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 PLEKHG4B 9.38e-02 1.49e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 PCDHGA4 8.71e-02 1.49e-02 0.9893
NC_000022.10 ARHGAP8 6.15e-02 1.49e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 HDAC4 2.86e-01 1.49e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 METTL10 -6.43e-02 1.49e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 SLC34A2 -9.70e-02 1.49e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 CES4 1.31e-01 1.49e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 DGKG 2.24e-01 1.49e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 DCTN5 6.65e-02 1.49e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 LPCAT1 -5.83e-02 1.49e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 C1orf111 1.11e-01 1.49e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 PDLIM4 1.18e-01 1.49e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 SUPT3H 1.08e-01 1.49e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 HCCA2 1.02e-01 1.49e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 TNXB 1.14e-01 1.49e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 OR2J3 -1.36e-01 1.49e-02 0.9893
NC_000021.8 ETS2 9.07e-02 1.49e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 RUNX2 8.63e-02 1.49e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 ADAMTS20 1.18e-01 1.49e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 ZBTB16 1.04e-01 1.65e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 COL7A1 -7.91e-02 1.50e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 AHR 7.85e-02 1.50e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 POLRMT 1.15e-01 1.50e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 C1QL2 -6.91e-02 1.50e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 ZC3H12D 9.65e-02 1.50e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 EIF2C2 2.82e-01 1.50e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 ZNF527 -1.08e-01 1.50e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 IRX4 1.16e-01 1.50e-02 0.9893
NC_000014.8 MIR493 1.80e-01 1.50e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 ZNF80 9.66e-02 1.50e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 RGMA 2.47e-01 1.50e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 GPR97 3.04e-01 1.50e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 NPAS4 1.24e-01 1.50e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 USP46 7.43e-02 1.50e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 TJAP1 -1.45e-01 1.50e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 HLA-DRB6 -5.34e-01 1.50e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 TP73 -7.10e-02 1.50e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 HDAC4 8.42e-02 1.50e-02 0.9893
NC_000022.10 MTMR3 -1.51e-01 1.50e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 MIR548H4 7.68e-02 1.50e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 SAMD4B -8.82e-02 1.50e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 RASSF5 7.40e-02 1.50e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 ATXN1 -9.44e-02 1.51e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 ADCY6 -8.13e-02 1.51e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 KCNMA1 1.69e-01 1.51e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 HRH1 1.96e-01 1.51e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 ARSI 1.25e-01 1.51e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 SPTBN1 1.15e-01 1.51e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 SGK3 -1.18e-01 1.51e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 RPL13AP5 -1.87e-01 1.51e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 COL23A1 1.00e-01 1.51e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 NSMAF -1.37e-01 1.51e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 ADCYAP1R1 7.71e-02 1.51e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 CYP2E1 1.12e-01 1.51e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 THRB 2.31e-01 1.51e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 PSG8 -6.45e-02 1.51e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 DAB1 -6.26e-02 1.51e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 ADARB2 6.64e-02 1.51e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 RNF5P1 1.19e-01 1.51e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 CASC3 -6.80e-02 1.51e-02 0.9893
NC_000013.10 ATP8A2 9.85e-02 1.52e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 SP8 6.17e-02 1.52e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 KIAA0240 9.18e-02 1.52e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 SDC2 1.87e-01 1.52e-02 0.9893
NC_000023.10 IQSEC2 1.47e-01 1.52e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 RDBP -1.08e-01 1.52e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 CD58 9.03e-02 1.52e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 KIAA0895L 6.82e-02 1.52e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 PRDM16 -1.37e-01 1.52e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 GMIP 8.29e-02 1.52e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 ABTB2 6.34e-02 1.52e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 CNPY1 1.48e-01 1.52e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 PXDN -1.79e-01 1.52e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 PPAN-P2RY11 6.73e-02 1.52e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 HK1 1.38e-01 1.52e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 OCA2 -1.64e-01 1.53e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 P4HA3 1.09e-01 1.53e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 EFTUD1 -1.29e-01 1.53e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 PLEC1 -9.42e-02 1.53e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 AGFG2 -1.24e-01 1.53e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 RANBP3L 2.82e-01 1.53e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 RFX4 2.11e-01 1.53e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 CDYL 1.47e-01 1.53e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 C6orf126 -1.72e-01 1.53e-02 0.9893
NC_000018.9 MBP -2.73e-01 1.70e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 SLC26A11 8.72e-02 1.53e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 RP1L1 1.13e-01 1.53e-02 0.9893
NC_000009.11 ERMP1 -1.18e-01 1.53e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 PLCD3 3.04e-01 1.53e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 LYL1 1.21e-01 1.53e-02 0.9893
NC_000023.10 MAGEA12 6.53e-02 1.53e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 PKHD1L1 9.01e-02 1.53e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 HBQ1 6.79e-02 1.54e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 PRDM7 2.23e-01 1.54e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 SORCS2 7.69e-02 1.54e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 IGFBP1 1.02e-01 1.54e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 NKAPL 7.00e-02 1.54e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 ZNF580 8.83e-02 1.54e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 ESPN 7.68e-02 1.54e-02 0.9893
NC_000022.10 SMTN -2.20e-01 1.54e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 ZNF44 1.19e-01 1.54e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 ISCA1L 1.17e-01 1.54e-02 0.9893
NC_000009.11 AQP7P1 -9.90e-02 1.54e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 ILF3 1.06e-01 1.54e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 LOC642587 1.20e-01 1.54e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 ADAM15 9.30e-02 1.54e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 ASNS 3.73e-01 1.54e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 VPS13D 6.39e-02 1.54e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 SLC26A9 1.63e-01 1.54e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 PCDHGA4 1.28e-01 1.54e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 EN1 6.96e-02 1.54e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 C19orf21 -7.46e-02 1.54e-02 0.9893
NC_000020.10 B4GALT5 5.71e-02 1.54e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 RPS6KA2 1.86e-01 1.54e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 CUX1 9.15e-02 1.54e-02 0.9893
NC_000014.8 ITPK1 9.30e-02 1.71e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 VSTM2B 1.36e-01 1.55e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 RAI1 1.30e-01 1.71e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 CHMP1A 7.11e-02 1.55e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 BTBD11 -2.08e-01 1.71e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 ZNF660 -6.37e-02 1.55e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 C1orf159 9.99e-02 1.55e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 RNF39 8.60e-02 1.55e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 SLC16A5 9.65e-02 1.55e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 PDZRN3 1.76e-01 1.55e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 LOC146880 8.22e-02 1.55e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 KCNA2 2.66e-01 1.55e-02 0.9893
NC_000009.11 RANBP6 -1.20e-01 1.55e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 PRR5L 6.85e-02 1.55e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 FGFR2 6.63e-02 1.55e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 DIP2C -1.74e-01 1.55e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 HSDL1 -9.45e-02 1.56e-02 0.9893
NC_000021.8 URB1 1.03e-01 1.56e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 PGS1 1.46e-01 1.56e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 PTPN6 8.75e-02 1.56e-02 0.9893
NC_000023.10 SCML2 8.14e-02 1.56e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 HLA-C 2.69e-01 1.56e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 CAMK2G 1.58e-01 1.56e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 LCE1D 1.80e-01 1.56e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 PARP11 1.25e-01 1.56e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 PSTPIP1 8.03e-02 1.56e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 SDCCAG8 7.14e-02 1.56e-02 0.9893
NC_000022.10 FAM118A 1.05e-01 1.56e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 MORN1 8.08e-02 1.56e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 SCARNA2 6.64e-02 1.56e-02 0.9893
NC_000022.10 RFPL3 1.00e-01 1.73e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 ZNF480 -1.44e-01 1.56e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 SEPT9 2.29e-01 1.57e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 FZD6 1.38e-01 1.57e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 PTPN12 -1.05e-01 1.57e-02 0.9893
NC_000014.8 VSX2 6.21e-02 1.57e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 KLRG2 1.00e-01 1.57e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 STMN2 -3.32e-01 1.57e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 PDCD5 8.75e-02 1.57e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 TOM1L1 3.06e-01 1.57e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 H19 1.03e-01 1.57e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 PRPF4B -9.39e-02 1.57e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 HRNBP3 -2.20e-01 1.57e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 PCDHB13 9.68e-02 1.57e-02 0.9893
NC_000013.10 CCDC122 3.23e-01 1.57e-02 0.9893
NC_000013.10 LECT1 9.84e-02 1.57e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 SGMS2 -6.29e-02 1.57e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 CRISPLD2 1.39e-01 1.57e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 CNRIP1 5.77e-02 1.57e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 THAP4 -2.34e-01 1.57e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 HLA-DMB 8.59e-02 1.57e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 HYAL3 -7.12e-02 1.57e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 PLCD3 1.01e-01 1.57e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 TXNIP -1.73e-01 1.57e-02 0.9893
NC_000020.10 BPI 1.49e-01 1.57e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 SNORD116-17 -8.44e-02 1.57e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 SNORA10 -1.20e-01 1.57e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 APOA1 7.57e-02 1.57e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 GPR133 1.66e-01 1.57e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 PARD3 -6.44e-02 1.58e-02 0.9893
NC_000013.10 ABCC4 8.40e-02 1.58e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 LYNX1 1.95e-01 1.58e-02 0.9893
NC_000014.8 ESRRB -4.86e-01 1.58e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 SATB2 9.00e-02 1.58e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 UBR3 1.07e-01 1.58e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 MEGF6 8.21e-02 1.58e-02 0.9893
NC_000022.10 GP1BB 1.08e-01 1.58e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 SLC12A2 5.85e-02 1.58e-02 0.9893
NC_000013.10 RASA3 1.65e-01 1.58e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 TCP11L1 -5.88e-02 1.58e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 LOC100130872-SPON2 2.51e-01 1.58e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 CHKA 3.18e-01 1.58e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 LTB -1.42e-01 1.58e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 MAS1L 6.39e-02 1.58e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 RBPMS 2.63e-01 1.58e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 ACRBP 1.71e-01 1.58e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 ZNF229 5.39e-02 1.59e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 PCDHGA4 2.20e-01 1.59e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 FAM164A 1.95e-01 1.59e-02 0.9893
NC_000021.8 MIRLET7C 2.19e-01 1.59e-02 0.9893
NC_000009.11 EHMT1 1.84e-01 1.59e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 MDGA1 -6.74e-02 1.59e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 C6orf25 2.82e-01 1.59e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 MIR548F3 -1.15e-01 1.59e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 RP9 2.66e-01 1.59e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 EEF1D 1.21e-01 1.59e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 MMP15 -1.09e-01 1.59e-02 0.9893
NC_000013.10 MCF2L -1.07e-01 1.59e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 PPP2CA 8.21e-02 1.59e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 6.97e-02 1.59e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 VTRNA1-2 -9.69e-02 1.59e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 HIVEP3 1.27e-01 1.59e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 URGCP 1.63e-01 1.59e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 CD37 -8.02e-02 1.59e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 TCF25 -7.40e-02 1.59e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 PECI -1.65e-01 1.59e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 LOC145814 3.41e-01 1.59e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 CAPN5 9.62e-02 1.60e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 SLC2A1 -1.40e-01 1.60e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 HOXD10 8.01e-02 1.60e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 AMZ1 5.47e-02 1.60e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 ADCYAP1R1 1.79e-01 1.60e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 SMARCD3 -6.81e-02 1.60e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 MAL2 1.57e-01 1.60e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 SART1 2.61e-01 1.60e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 HIVEP3 1.62e-01 1.60e-02 0.9893
NC_000023.10 CLDN2 2.48e-01 1.60e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 TBCD 5.39e-01 1.60e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 ARSG 2.07e-01 1.60e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 OPTC -1.42e-01 1.60e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 SLC20A2 -1.01e-01 1.60e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 TMEM190 8.76e-02 1.61e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 EIF2C2 8.94e-02 1.61e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 CEACAM8 -1.11e-01 1.61e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 TNXB 8.09e-02 1.61e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 GCOM1 9.10e-02 1.61e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 LOC285033 1.33e-01 1.61e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 RGS10 1.56e-01 1.61e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 LOC84856 1.10e-01 1.61e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 PRKCA 2.34e-01 1.61e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 FAM66A -6.46e-02 1.61e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 DKK4 7.77e-02 1.61e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 TBC1D16 -7.75e-02 1.61e-02 0.9893
NC_000021.8 C21orf94 7.27e-02 1.61e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 TACC1 -9.47e-02 1.61e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 FAM53A 1.20e-01 1.61e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 RABGEF1 -8.09e-02 1.61e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 RPTOR -7.06e-02 1.61e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 CPA2 1.79e-01 1.61e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 EML4 1.70e-01 1.61e-02 0.9893
NC_000014.8 ASB2 -8.31e-02 1.62e-02 0.9893
NC_000018.9 PQLC1 9.43e-02 1.62e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 ZC3H6 1.29e-01 1.62e-02 0.9893
NC_000014.8 OR10G2 -1.56e-01 1.62e-02 0.9893
NC_000023.10 MAGEB3 1.16e-01 1.62e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 REXO1L2P -6.52e-02 1.62e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 MYO1E -1.35e-01 1.62e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 MIR1910 6.17e-02 1.62e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 GPR39 8.53e-02 1.62e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 RBM46 1.37e-01 1.62e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 TRIO 8.67e-02 1.62e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 SUDS3 3.40e-01 1.62e-02 0.9893
NC_000018.9 ANKRD30B -1.05e-01 1.62e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 ISOC2 6.83e-02 1.62e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 TAS1R1 1.81e-01 1.62e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 DGKD 1.79e-01 1.62e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 INPP5A 1.07e-01 1.62e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 PRSS45 1.13e-01 1.62e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 GMIP 1.16e-01 1.62e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 MRPL49 1.74e-01 1.62e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 HCG11 8.68e-02 1.63e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 RFTN1 -1.18e-01 1.63e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 CPEB3 -2.06e-01 1.63e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 VAX1 1.22e-01 1.63e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 GABBR1 2.10e-01 1.63e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 CTBP2 -7.43e-02 1.63e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 LOC441208 1.88e-01 1.63e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 CCDC36 1.08e-01 1.63e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 CD7 9.70e-02 1.63e-02 0.9893
NC_000021.8 PCBP3 1.10e-01 1.63e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 ACAA1 -1.45e-01 1.63e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 PELI3 -6.03e-02 1.63e-02 0.9893
NC_000014.8 BRF1 1.45e-01 1.63e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 SH2D7 5.72e-02 1.63e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 RXRB -7.57e-02 1.63e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 SIGLEC5 1.32e-01 1.63e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 CPLX2 1.47e-01 1.63e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 MYO7A -1.69e-01 1.63e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 LOC100132111 2.10e-01 1.63e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 DPYS 1.65e-01 1.64e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 LOC100132215 1.45e-01 1.64e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 ADRBK1 1.41e-01 1.64e-02 0.9893
NC_000014.8 BCL11B 2.71e-01 1.64e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 RIC3 8.99e-02 1.64e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 NKAPL 1.44e-01 1.64e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 NMI 1.90e-01 1.64e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 ACVR2A -2.59e-01 1.64e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 MIR196A1 -9.34e-02 1.64e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 PLXNA4 1.59e-01 1.64e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 KDM4B 1.50e-01 1.64e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 PRICKLE2 1.86e-01 1.64e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 KIAA0146 9.15e-02 1.64e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 XRCC2 -9.04e-02 1.64e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 MAP3K12 1.62e-01 1.64e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 RGMA 1.71e-01 1.64e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 C5orf32 1.64e-01 1.64e-02 0.9893
NC_000013.10 TSC22D1 -1.15e-01 1.64e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 KLHL36 1.40e-01 1.64e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 HLA-DPB2 6.02e-02 1.64e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 PHIP 1.16e-01 1.64e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 SERPINE2 1.08e-01 1.64e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 TIFAB 7.87e-02 1.64e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 LDB3 -2.14e-01 1.64e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 ADAMTS2 7.27e-02 1.64e-02 0.9893
NC_000023.10 MGC16121 2.53e-01 1.65e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 ZNF366 1.02e-01 1.65e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 MDN1 2.38e-01 1.65e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 GMPR 1.35e-01 1.65e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 HIP1R -1.39e-01 1.83e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 KIAA1244 -6.93e-02 1.65e-02 0.9893
NC_000020.10 UCKL1 1.14e-01 1.65e-02 0.9893
NC_000022.10 FAM116B 1.09e-01 1.65e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 LOC143666 -7.26e-02 1.65e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 PRKCE 2.22e-01 1.83e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 GPR125 9.46e-02 1.65e-02 0.9893
NC_000009.11 C9orf98 9.18e-02 1.65e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 INPP5K -9.95e-02 1.65e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 CADPS 3.05e-01 1.65e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 RARRES1 1.19e-01 1.65e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 LOC154822 8.70e-02 1.66e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 HLTF 7.82e-02 1.66e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 BAHCC1 1.01e-01 1.66e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 CHDH 6.13e-02 1.66e-02 0.9893
NC_000022.10 FAM116B 9.63e-02 1.66e-02 0.9893
NC_000009.11 NR4A3 -7.71e-02 1.66e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 TMEM109 1.57e-01 1.66e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 RREB1 2.56e-01 1.66e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 POU3F1 1.24e-01 1.66e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 SBNO2 8.02e-02 1.66e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 C1orf55 2.02e-01 1.66e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 VPS28 9.13e-02 1.66e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 AHSP -6.85e-01 1.67e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 NTSR2 1.23e-01 1.67e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 DCUN1D4 -1.48e-01 1.67e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 LSM14A -6.67e-02 1.67e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 NDUFV1 8.06e-02 1.67e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 TCP10L2 -1.34e-01 1.67e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 SLC47A1 5.69e-02 1.67e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 SH3PXD2A 7.39e-02 1.67e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 ZNF423 1.31e-01 1.67e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 LPP 1.54e-01 1.67e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 TMEM190 6.85e-02 1.67e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 SRPK2 -1.63e-01 1.67e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 ZKSCAN1 2.15e-01 1.67e-02 0.9893
NC_000013.10 FOXO1 6.50e-02 1.67e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 ANXA9 7.26e-02 1.67e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 SCN4A 1.50e-01 1.67e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 CASZ1 1.51e-01 1.67e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 FLJ23867 1.22e-01 1.67e-02 0.9893
NC_000020.10 MIR124-3 6.82e-02 1.67e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 CYFIP1 5.74e-02 1.67e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 CPNE7 1.23e-01 1.67e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 RPTOR 7.38e-02 1.68e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 SPATA16 -1.64e-01 1.68e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 PARK2 2.54e-01 1.68e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 TNXB 8.09e-02 1.68e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 DAZAP1 -6.02e-02 1.68e-02 0.9893
NC_000020.10 ZFP64 -9.07e-02 1.68e-02 0.9893
NC_000013.10 FARP1 1.25e-01 1.68e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 THNSL2 3.03e-01 1.68e-02 0.9893
NC_000020.10 TOX2 7.49e-02 1.68e-02 0.9893
NC_000013.10 MCF2L -9.35e-02 1.68e-02 0.9893
NC_000020.10 BCL2L1 -1.13e-01 1.68e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 ZNF423 2.24e-01 1.68e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 MZF1 1.75e-01 1.68e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 VWF 1.53e-01 1.68e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 MIR181D -1.34e-01 1.68e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 GNA12 -2.65e-01 1.87e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 RHPN1 5.03e-01 1.68e-02 0.9893
NC_000021.8 ITSN1 1.72e-01 1.68e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 ZNF710 1.42e-01 1.68e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 CNN2 2.58e-01 1.68e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 ITGAE 7.54e-02 1.68e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 WWOX 2.25e-01 1.68e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 VDR -9.82e-02 1.68e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 SYCP1 1.94e-01 1.68e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 KRT3 1.10e-01 1.68e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 PTH2R 1.27e-01 1.68e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 FAM193B 5.47e-02 1.68e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 SMOC2 -1.38e-01 1.68e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 CAPZB 1.26e-01 1.68e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 GCK 1.63e-01 1.68e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 SLC39A11 1.55e-01 1.68e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 PCDHB1 8.30e-02 1.69e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 ELP2P -9.80e-02 1.69e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 OAF 8.08e-02 1.69e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 RALGPS2 2.02e-01 1.69e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 MIR183 5.32e-02 1.69e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 C1QTNF8 1.14e-01 1.69e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 TRIM26 -1.06e-01 1.69e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 SYNJ2 -1.49e-01 1.69e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 THBS2 -5.70e-02 1.69e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 MTSS1 -6.33e-02 1.69e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 INTS1 -8.77e-02 1.69e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 LEPR 1.81e-01 1.69e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 PARD3 1.69e-01 1.69e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 PEPD 9.80e-02 1.69e-02 0.9893
NC_000021.8 IFNGR2 8.80e-02 1.69e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 GAS8 1.81e-01 1.69e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 PPT2 1.21e-01 1.70e-02 0.9893
NC_000018.9 AQP4 1.09e-01 1.88e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 ARHGEF10 1.56e-01 1.70e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 SNX18 8.77e-02 1.70e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 ZNF846 -2.45e-01 1.70e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 RAB19 1.36e-01 1.70e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 PGBD5 1.82e-01 1.70e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 STK32C 6.38e-02 1.70e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 PRRT3 7.66e-02 1.70e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 NCAPG2 8.74e-02 1.70e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 HJURP -7.87e-02 1.70e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 RNF212 1.60e-01 1.70e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 CPLX2 -1.54e-01 1.70e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 LGR6 1.15e-01 1.70e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 ATXN7L1 1.49e-01 1.71e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 CDH13 1.06e-01 1.71e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 HEG1 1.64e-01 1.71e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 C3orf37 -8.91e-02 1.71e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 PLEKHF1 1.23e-01 1.71e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 GCNT3 1.26e-01 1.71e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 FAM169A 1.24e-01 1.71e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 MFSD7 6.87e-02 1.71e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 CHD9 -2.45e-01 1.71e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 ZNF534 8.16e-02 1.71e-02 0.9893
NC_000009.11 GFI1B 1.73e-01 1.71e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 ACSF3 6.99e-02 1.71e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 MUC6 8.05e-02 1.71e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 C11orf24 -1.36e-01 1.90e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 TPD52 -7.93e-02 1.71e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 NCRNA00164 6.55e-02 1.71e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 CTNNB1 1.49e-01 1.72e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 KIF18B 2.32e-01 1.72e-02 0.9893
NC_000009.11 BRD3 8.22e-02 1.72e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 B3GNTL1 -2.01e-01 1.72e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 RUFY3 -9.17e-02 1.72e-02 0.9893
NC_000014.8 KLHDC2 -1.34e-01 1.72e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 ADAM19 9.91e-02 1.72e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 TRAPPC9 1.52e-01 1.72e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 C7orf50 8.78e-02 1.72e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 ITGA6 1.61e-01 1.72e-02 0.9893
NC_000009.11 KCNT1 8.47e-02 1.72e-02 0.9893
NC_000014.8 NFATC4 -1.05e-01 1.72e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 PLEKHH3 1.07e-01 1.72e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 FCGR1C 5.40e-02 1.72e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 OGFRL1 6.86e-02 1.72e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 PLCD1 9.60e-02 1.72e-02 0.9893
NC_000014.8 PACS2 -7.19e-02 1.72e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 RASSF1 1.82e-01 1.72e-02 0.9893
NC_000009.11 LOC441455 -6.45e-02 1.72e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 ARMC2 1.60e-01 1.73e-02 0.9893
NC_000013.10 ATP11A 1.49e-01 1.73e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 PRDM16 3.22e-01 1.73e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 GPD1L -8.74e-02 1.73e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 MTHFSD -1.19e-01 1.73e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 HLA-C 5.04e-01 1.73e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 AGFG1 7.39e-02 1.73e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 C7orf50 7.69e-02 1.73e-02 0.9893
NC_000022.10 CRYBB3 1.28e-01 1.92e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 SPTBN1 1.04e-01 1.73e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 SKP1 -1.51e-01 1.73e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 GALNT9 9.91e-02 1.73e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 KALRN 2.26e-01 1.73e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 SPNS2 -1.43e-01 1.73e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 MARK4 1.05e-01 1.73e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 CCDC109A 8.44e-02 1.73e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 SFRS8 -1.69e-01 1.73e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 NOD1 -1.11e-01 1.74e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 PDE4A 1.93e-01 1.74e-02 0.9893
NC_000013.10 FARP1 1.09e-01 1.74e-02 0.9893
NC_000018.9 FHOD3 -4.20e-01 1.74e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 NGEF 1.45e-01 1.74e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 LOC100133612 1.55e-01 1.74e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 EBF3 -7.10e-02 1.74e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 ABR 1.02e-01 1.74e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 DECR2 1.47e-01 1.74e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 HCN2 2.04e-01 1.74e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 MPV17L 7.03e-02 1.74e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 FGF1 -8.43e-02 1.74e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 OR2A7 -8.63e-02 1.74e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 MLN 1.77e-01 1.74e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 ACRBP 6.00e-02 1.74e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 SHROOM1 1.73e-01 1.74e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 SPEM1 1.11e-01 1.75e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 NDUFS2 -1.53e-01 1.75e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 CILP2 5.91e-02 1.75e-02 0.9893
NC_000013.10 ATP11A 1.42e-01 1.75e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 C19orf53 1.73e-01 1.75e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 FOXP1 2.07e-01 1.75e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 VTI1A 1.77e-01 1.75e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 FAM43A 2.28e-01 1.75e-02 0.9893
NC_000013.10 DIAPH3 2.14e-01 1.75e-02 0.9893
NC_000023.10 RAI2 -1.31e-01 1.75e-02 0.9893
NC_000023.10 PLAC1 1.40e-01 1.75e-02 0.9893
NC_000014.8 MTA1 5.62e-02 1.75e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 AIP 8.11e-02 1.76e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 NKX2-5 7.37e-02 1.76e-02 0.9893
NC_000021.8 TRAPPC10 1.38e-01 1.76e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 LASS4 7.15e-02 1.76e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 CIB1 9.45e-02 1.76e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 PPAP2B 3.27e-01 1.76e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 MZF1 5.58e-02 1.76e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 PDE4A 5.99e-02 1.76e-02 0.9893
NC_000023.10 WWC3 1.00e-01 1.76e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 NINJ2 2.04e-01 1.76e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 C7orf50 -7.81e-02 1.76e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 PFKP 1.32e-01 1.76e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 NOX3 2.95e-01 1.96e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 C6orf114 -1.25e-01 1.76e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 C10orf11 2.58e-01 1.76e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 LOC348840 1.10e-01 1.76e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 PCDHGB1 1.77e-01 1.77e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 LOC254559 1.19e-01 1.96e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 PTGFRN 2.89e-01 1.77e-02 0.9893
NC_000014.8 RIN3 8.59e-02 1.77e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 TNNT3 1.74e-01 1.77e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 7.55e-02 1.77e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 BIRC2 -6.13e-02 1.77e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 RPH3AL 8.18e-02 1.77e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 ZNF212 1.63e-01 1.77e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 SILV -5.96e-02 1.77e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 GNG7 -1.10e-01 1.77e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 CHCHD6 7.54e-02 1.77e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 CASZ1 1.12e-01 1.77e-02 0.9893
NC_000021.8 C21orf29 -6.54e-02 1.77e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 GLI3 2.35e-01 1.77e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 UST 3.32e-01 1.77e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 CACNG1 1.15e-01 1.77e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 CSPP1 1.44e-01 1.77e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 GNB4 6.53e-02 1.77e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 KIFC1 1.22e-01 1.78e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 PRSS16 -1.29e-01 1.78e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 TRIP6 1.33e-01 1.78e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 SLC9A1 1.62e-01 1.78e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 CCR5 -3.35e-01 1.78e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 KIF22 -1.50e-01 1.78e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 RGMA 1.75e-01 1.78e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 ATXN7L1 -7.91e-02 1.78e-02 0.9893
NC_000013.10 COG3 3.32e-01 1.78e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 KRT19 -6.52e-02 1.78e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 AMH 2.32e-01 1.78e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 LARP4 -6.46e-02 1.78e-02 0.9893
NC_000020.10 THBD 5.66e-02 1.78e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 VASN 9.73e-02 1.78e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 DIRAS1 9.00e-02 1.78e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 AXIN2 2.13e-01 1.79e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 ACSL6 1.52e-01 1.79e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 TOR3A 5.89e-02 1.79e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 POU3F3 8.12e-02 1.79e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 PPOX -1.46e-01 1.79e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 BCMO1 7.96e-02 1.79e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 NINJ2 1.42e-01 1.79e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 HLA-DRB1 2.23e-01 1.79e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 BAHCC1 7.57e-02 1.79e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 ZEB1 6.98e-02 1.79e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 BRUNOL6 -7.34e-02 1.79e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 DIRC3 -2.26e-01 1.79e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 JAKMIP1 1.93e-01 1.79e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 RORA 2.13e-01 1.79e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 IRX2 1.63e-01 1.79e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 RASGRP1 1.10e-01 1.79e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 ALKBH3 5.24e-02 1.80e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 RAB40B 1.02e-01 1.80e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 AHCYL2 2.41e-01 1.80e-02 0.9893
NC_000022.10 XPNPEP3 9.19e-02 1.80e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 TGFB2 9.17e-02 1.80e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 BAI1 1.30e-01 1.80e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 MSI2 1.10e-01 1.80e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 PCDHGA2 1.02e-01 1.80e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 APLP2 9.74e-02 1.80e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 LOC84931 -1.19e-01 1.80e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 GRID1 -1.46e-01 1.80e-02 0.9893
NC_000020.10 CHMP4B 1.29e-01 1.80e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 SBF2 -1.02e-01 1.80e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 WIPI2 -7.32e-02 1.80e-02 0.9893
NC_000014.8 ASB2 8.70e-02 1.80e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 PRR12 1.22e-01 1.80e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 PXN -1.24e-01 1.80e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 MARVELD1 1.44e-01 1.81e-02 0.9893
NC_000013.10 SPATA13 -8.79e-02 1.81e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 NSF -9.14e-02 1.81e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 5.84e-02 1.81e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 YIPF4 1.38e-01 1.81e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 C11orf49 1.35e-01 1.81e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 TPRA1 6.69e-02 1.81e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 C10orf93 1.39e-01 1.81e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 TJP3 -1.17e-01 1.81e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 EIF4EBP2 1.21e-01 1.81e-02 0.9893
NC_000009.11 SARDH 1.66e-01 1.81e-02 0.9893
NC_000021.8 ERG 7.57e-02 1.81e-02 0.9893
NC_000013.10 PCCA 1.31e-01 1.81e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 SHH 1.60e-01 1.81e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 DNAJC17 1.18e-01 1.81e-02 0.9893
NC_000009.11 VAV2 1.29e-01 1.81e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 PCDHB13 3.41e-01 1.81e-02 0.9893
NC_000014.8 GCH1 1.43e-01 1.81e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 ITFG3 6.77e-02 1.81e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 GABBR1 2.44e-01 1.81e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 PNMAL2 1.16e-01 1.81e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 SERPINE2 2.16e-01 1.81e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 PUF60 1.74e-01 1.81e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 LOC649395 -7.79e-02 1.82e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 MDFIC 9.42e-02 1.82e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 MSI2 1.65e-01 1.82e-02 0.9893
NC_000013.10 GPC6 3.31e-01 1.82e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 SYT2 1.16e-01 1.82e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 ODZ3 9.58e-02 1.82e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 SLCO3A1 2.04e-01 1.82e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 PRAMEF22 -1.08e-01 1.82e-02 0.9893
NC_000021.8 C21orf121 -1.69e-01 1.82e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 RGS8 1.72e-01 1.82e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 ADRA2A 2.10e-01 1.82e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 AMPD2 1.20e-01 1.82e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 PPARD -7.79e-02 1.82e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 ULK2 2.02e-01 1.82e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 CISD1 1.45e-01 1.82e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 AP2A2 1.93e-01 1.83e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 CNOT1 1.43e-01 1.83e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 DNAJA4 -8.40e-02 1.83e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 SIX5 1.01e-01 1.83e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 LARS2 1.13e-01 1.83e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 PGAM1 5.27e-02 1.83e-02 0.9893
NC_000014.8 ASPG 1.81e-01 1.83e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 PHLDA2 5.53e-02 1.83e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 KIRREL2 9.43e-02 1.83e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 FAM50B 8.28e-02 1.83e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 CLEC3B 1.48e-01 1.83e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 DHH 6.54e-02 1.83e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 COL11A2 6.36e-02 1.83e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 SYT5 -5.51e-02 1.84e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 FARP2 -5.81e-02 1.84e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 IL3 6.98e-02 1.84e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 ARSI 1.65e-01 1.84e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 ROPN1L 7.51e-02 1.84e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 PRKAR1B 6.51e-02 1.84e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 LOC440040 5.23e-02 1.84e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 ANTXR2 1.24e-01 1.84e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 DARC 5.85e-02 1.84e-02 0.9893
NC_000013.10 MYCBP2 1.21e-01 1.84e-02 0.9893
NC_000014.8 MTA1 5.98e-02 1.84e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 ARL4A 6.02e-02 1.84e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 CXCR2 1.21e-01 1.84e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 STK32C 1.38e-01 1.84e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 USP2 1.86e-01 1.84e-02 0.9893
NC_000020.10 SEC23B 1.37e-01 1.84e-02 0.9893
NC_000009.11 UCK1 8.37e-02 1.84e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 PIK3R6 -6.50e-02 1.84e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 COX5B -1.43e-01 1.84e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 HPCA 1.33e-01 1.84e-02 0.9893
NC_000014.8 TMEM30B 1.95e-01 1.84e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 NRSN1 6.69e-02 1.84e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 NKIRAS2 6.99e-02 1.84e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 MICAL2 1.04e-01 1.85e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 ECHDC3 -8.92e-02 1.85e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 DTWD2 6.16e-02 1.85e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 TOX 8.80e-02 1.85e-02 0.9893
NC_000009.11 MTAP 1.62e-01 1.85e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 MTG1 1.41e-01 1.85e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 VAX2 6.08e-02 1.85e-02 0.9893
NC_000009.11 VAV2 1.89e-01 1.85e-02 0.9893
NC_000014.8 C14orf50 1.09e-01 1.85e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 VWA3A -8.17e-02 1.85e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 CELSR3 9.46e-02 1.85e-02 0.9893
NC_000014.8 FLVCR2 1.34e-01 1.85e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 TCP11L1 1.54e-01 1.85e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 STOX2 -2.12e-01 1.85e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 NAPRT1 3.07e-01 1.85e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 PAAF1 1.14e-01 1.85e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 FER1L6 5.94e-02 1.85e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 SDC3 9.53e-02 1.85e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 C6orf136 9.62e-02 1.85e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 TTLL6 7.65e-02 1.85e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 C10orf41 7.01e-02 1.85e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 TGM5 1.45e-01 1.85e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 RALGPS2 9.68e-02 1.85e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 PRPH 8.20e-02 1.85e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 GDEP -1.31e-01 1.85e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 ACSL1 -9.66e-02 1.86e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 BAIAP2 1.08e-01 1.86e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 NFIX -1.77e-01 1.86e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 HRK -7.36e-02 1.86e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 KDM4B -6.63e-02 1.86e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 TMEM192 1.32e-01 1.86e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 FAHD2A 1.19e-01 1.86e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 DOM3Z 5.26e-02 1.86e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 COL11A2 1.36e-01 1.86e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 ADAMTS2 -7.22e-02 1.86e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 BCAT2 -7.19e-02 1.86e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 LINGO3 -1.81e-01 1.86e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 UBXN11 1.27e-01 1.86e-02 0.9893
NC_000013.10 MCF2L -9.61e-02 1.86e-02 0.9893
NC_000020.10 C20orf96 7.01e-02 1.86e-02 0.9893
NC_000013.10 RNF219 1.13e-01 1.86e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 SNTG1 -7.33e-02 1.86e-02 0.9893
NC_000013.10 FREM2 -5.15e-02 1.87e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 ITPR1 8.42e-02 1.87e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 CCR7 1.28e-01 1.87e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 IGSF22 1.05e-01 1.87e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 SCRN2 1.24e-01 1.87e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 INTS1 -1.21e-01 1.87e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 SORCS2 1.05e-01 1.87e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 SMTNL2 1.31e-01 1.87e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 PYY 1.10e-01 1.87e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 KRT79 1.21e-01 1.87e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 SYNE1 1.25e-01 1.87e-02 0.9893
NC_000023.10 CXorf58 1.75e-01 1.87e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 GLT1D1 2.90e-01 1.87e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 CCDC71 5.35e-02 1.87e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 SMYD3 5.91e-02 1.88e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 PKNOX2 5.70e-02 1.88e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 FAM167B 1.09e-01 1.88e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 ANO6 1.39e-01 1.88e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 MAEA 1.16e-01 1.88e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 C2orf81 2.12e-01 1.88e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 CYTH2 1.40e-01 1.88e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 LIMD1 1.78e-01 1.88e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 CHST6 6.94e-02 1.88e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 ZC3H3 9.81e-02 1.88e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 TBXA2R 1.90e-01 1.88e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 PHF15 -7.52e-02 1.88e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 RPTOR 1.29e-01 1.88e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 MAP3K11 -5.62e-02 1.88e-02 0.9893
NC_000022.10 BRD1 9.89e-02 1.88e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 C17orf93 1.46e-01 1.88e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 GREB1 7.81e-02 1.88e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 WWC2 1.27e-01 1.88e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 GAD1 1.58e-01 1.88e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 FGF1 -1.15e-01 1.88e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 CACNA2D4 1.71e-01 1.89e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 SMCP 8.31e-02 1.89e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 KLHL18 2.45e-01 1.89e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 MED20 -1.02e-01 1.89e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 FXYD1 1.98e-01 1.89e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 NME2 -1.78e-01 1.89e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 NGFR -6.29e-02 1.89e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 CCDC159 1.52e-01 1.89e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 LPL 1.38e-01 1.89e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 PCGF3 -3.13e-01 1.89e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 NBPF3 1.27e-01 1.90e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 ANKLE2 1.58e-01 1.90e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 COX4NB 2.66e-01 1.90e-02 0.9893
NC_000014.8 ASPG 1.40e-01 1.90e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 PCDHGA4 1.10e-01 1.90e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 NT5DC2 -1.66e-01 1.90e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 TMEM232 9.32e-02 1.90e-02 0.9893
NC_000014.8 JAG2 -7.31e-02 1.90e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 P4HA2 1.17e-01 1.90e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 HAND1 -5.00e-02 1.90e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 DPP10 -1.28e-01 1.90e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 DLX3 7.59e-02 1.90e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 SPTBN5 6.37e-02 1.90e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 PRRT1 1.11e-01 1.90e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 IFI16 1.61e-01 1.90e-02 0.9893
NC_000009.11 C9orf79 8.82e-02 1.91e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 TSTD1 1.68e-01 1.91e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 AGAP1 1.41e-01 1.91e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 UBE2QL1 -4.56e-01 1.91e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 C11orf90 1.59e-01 1.91e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 TSSK6 9.10e-02 1.91e-02 0.9893
NC_000020.10 FRG1B 6.81e-02 1.91e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 CACNA1A 1.23e-01 1.91e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 MAFG 9.67e-02 1.91e-02 0.9893
NC_000021.8 C21orf57 8.64e-02 1.91e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 C11orf80 3.85e-01 1.91e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 DTX3 -7.08e-02 1.91e-02 0.9893
NC_000022.10 SYN3 9.87e-02 1.91e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 AANAT 1.42e-01 1.91e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 GPR152 1.15e-01 1.91e-02 0.9893
NC_000013.10 ATP4B 2.10e-01 1.91e-02 0.9893
NC_000020.10 MMP9 1.83e-01 1.91e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 DGKI 2.52e-01 1.91e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 GIMAP1 -8.22e-02 1.91e-02 0.9893
NC_000020.10 PLCG1 1.06e-01 1.91e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 CCDC49 1.57e-01 1.91e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 MCART3P -8.18e-02 1.91e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 OPCML 1.64e-01 1.91e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 KRTAP3-2 -8.92e-02 1.92e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 IL28RA 1.27e-01 1.92e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 CMTM7 8.17e-02 1.92e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 SULT1A1 9.08e-02 1.92e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 1.59e-01 1.92e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 LMO4 1.70e-01 1.92e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 KIF5C 9.26e-02 1.92e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 AXIN2 1.30e-01 1.92e-02 0.9893
NC_000014.8 TBPL2 -1.09e-01 1.92e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 TMED2 -1.04e-01 1.92e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 CTBP1 7.52e-02 1.92e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 RAB7L1 1.54e-01 1.92e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 DISP2 6.24e-02 1.92e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 C10orf107 -7.08e-02 1.93e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 NMNAT1 -2.09e-01 1.93e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 AFG3L1 1.10e-01 1.93e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 PM20D1 1.85e-01 1.93e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 PECAM1 1.26e-01 1.93e-02 0.9893
NC_000013.10 MTUS2 1.48e-01 1.93e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 EFCAB4B 6.14e-02 2.15e-02 0.9893
NC_000023.10 SRPX2 3.58e-01 1.93e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 MED16 -7.69e-02 1.93e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 PTPRF 1.60e-01 1.93e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 DFNA5 2.07e-01 1.93e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 CDC5L 1.07e-01 1.93e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 SPSB1 -1.32e-01 1.93e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 IDE 1.80e-01 1.93e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 OAZ3 9.91e-02 1.93e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 PEBP4 1.24e-01 1.94e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 PGR -1.49e-01 1.94e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 HIP1 1.02e-01 1.94e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 KCNN1 -8.26e-02 1.94e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 HDAC4 -9.49e-02 1.94e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 LPP 1.90e-01 1.94e-02 0.9893
NC_000021.8 C21orf29 1.76e-01 1.94e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 CAMP 7.88e-02 1.94e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 STK19 7.23e-02 1.94e-02 0.9893
NC_000009.11 NEK6 1.16e-01 1.94e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 DCPS 1.18e-01 1.94e-02 0.9893
NC_000009.11 IKBKAP -2.12e-01 1.94e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 KNDC1 9.83e-02 1.94e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 TRIM15 9.30e-02 1.94e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 KHSRP -6.37e-02 1.94e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 GABBR1 6.29e-02 1.94e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 TFAP2B 4.88e-02 1.94e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 IMMP2L 2.69e-01 1.94e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 COLEC11 -1.01e-01 1.94e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 CPNE5 9.33e-02 1.94e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 CENPV 1.26e-01 1.94e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 BMF 2.27e-01 1.95e-02 0.9893
NC_000020.10 CHRNA4 1.81e-01 2.46e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 ANK1 1.44e-01 1.95e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 HGS -6.93e-02 1.95e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 SECISBP2L 1.58e-01 1.95e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 MIR516A2 1.20e-01 1.95e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 CCDC78 8.30e-02 1.95e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 MAP3K14 2.73e-01 1.95e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 C6orf186 1.08e-01 1.95e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 APBB1IP 1.63e-01 1.95e-02 0.9893
NC_000009.11 PTRH1 1.41e-01 1.95e-02 0.9893
NC_000014.8 BRF1 1.26e-01 1.95e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 PCDHA2 -1.01e-01 1.95e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 DCLRE1A -1.01e-01 1.95e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 POLD2 1.82e-01 1.96e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 COX19 1.33e-01 1.96e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 NTM 2.10e-01 1.96e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 POLR3D -6.62e-02 1.96e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 GRM5 1.66e-01 1.96e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 SLC35C1 6.66e-02 1.96e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 ATP5G2 1.14e-01 1.96e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 DDX51 1.38e-01 1.96e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 PROK2 -7.76e-02 1.96e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 KCTD7 -5.31e-02 1.96e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 SAMD14 2.60e-01 1.96e-02 0.9893
NC_000018.9 ANKRD12 1.39e-01 1.96e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 LOC646999 1.13e-01 1.96e-02 0.9893
NC_000022.10 PPM1F 8.86e-02 1.96e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 NCK2 1.87e-01 1.97e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 KLHL17 9.63e-02 1.97e-02 0.9893
NC_000014.8 PAPLN 3.13e-01 1.97e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 KCNQ1 1.91e-01 1.97e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 ACSBG1 1.76e-01 1.97e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 MAPT 1.31e-01 1.97e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 SHANK2 2.35e-01 1.97e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 EHBP1 -1.44e-01 1.97e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 BNIPL -1.23e-01 1.97e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 FNDC3B 1.35e-01 1.97e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 MRVI1 1.86e-01 1.97e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 PRRT1 1.62e-01 1.97e-02 0.9893
NC_000022.10 CLTCL1 1.15e-01 1.97e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 VAT1 9.72e-02 1.97e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 RBM45 1.08e-01 1.97e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 COLEC11 -8.54e-02 1.97e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 C2CD4A 6.26e-02 1.97e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 FOXB1 2.04e-01 1.97e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 CALD1 2.83e-01 1.98e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 TUSC3 -8.78e-02 1.98e-02 0.9893
NC_000013.10 RASA3 7.78e-02 1.98e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 HLTF 7.04e-02 1.98e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 RALB -7.91e-02 1.98e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 AP2A2 9.06e-02 1.98e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 SLC11A1 1.17e-01 1.98e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 TRIM4 6.38e-02 1.98e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 1.09e-01 1.98e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 CLEC2L 9.40e-02 1.98e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 SLIT3 -8.40e-02 1.98e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 LEAP2 -1.10e-01 1.98e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 PAX6 1.70e-01 1.98e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 SPSB4 9.65e-02 1.98e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 FLJ43663 1.41e-01 1.99e-02 0.9893
NC_000018.9 BRUNOL4 1.01e-01 1.99e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 SERGEF 1.78e-01 1.99e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 HSD17B1 1.33e-01 1.99e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 CYP2F1 1.57e-01 1.99e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 MAD1L1 1.05e-01 1.99e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 RNF5P1 6.56e-02 1.99e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 IRX2 2.13e-01 1.99e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 KLHL8 2.03e-01 1.99e-02 0.9893
NC_000013.10 PARP4 1.74e-01 1.99e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 LPHN1 1.05e-01 1.99e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 OPCML 8.63e-02 1.99e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 ZNF575 1.79e-01 1.99e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 SLC22A18 4.78e-02 1.99e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 MLLT6 -9.39e-02 2.00e-02 0.9893
NC_000014.8 NAA30 7.52e-02 2.00e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 PCDHGA4 5.65e-02 2.00e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 GFPT2 5.77e-02 2.00e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 CDC42EP4 1.19e-01 2.00e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 UBA7 2.23e-01 2.00e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 BCL9 2.63e-01 2.00e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 TNXB 5.73e-02 2.00e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 ZNF570 -1.50e-01 2.00e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 GPR162 9.24e-02 2.00e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 SOSTDC1 1.50e-01 2.00e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 MIR365-1 2.01e-01 2.01e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 ATP1A1 5.54e-02 2.01e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 CACNA2D4 2.20e-01 2.01e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 ANO1 -1.22e-01 2.01e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 ARTN 6.94e-02 2.01e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 UTRN 2.67e-01 2.01e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 IFI30 1.37e-01 2.01e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 HLA-C 8.68e-02 2.01e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 ARHGEF10L 5.12e-02 2.01e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 LOC100132707 1.69e-01 2.01e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 ADAD2 -9.41e-02 2.01e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 TF 6.86e-02 2.01e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 COL8A2 6.28e-02 2.01e-02 0.9893
NC_000022.10 USP18 1.27e-01 2.01e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 NPC1L1 -7.98e-02 2.01e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 KIAA1462 7.38e-02 2.01e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 F2RL2 1.52e-01 2.01e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 PCDP1 -1.16e-01 2.01e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 CA7 8.16e-02 2.02e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 SH3BP4 -1.26e-01 2.02e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 PCDHGA2 1.85e-01 2.02e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 ZNF415 7.02e-02 2.02e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 LIN7A -1.02e-01 2.02e-02 0.9893
NC_000022.10 PDGFB 8.34e-02 2.02e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 MAD1L1 -9.68e-02 2.02e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 COG7 5.09e-02 2.02e-02 0.9893
NC_000021.8 IL10RB -1.02e-01 2.02e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 C2CD4A 4.32e-01 2.02e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 TRIM27 -7.79e-02 2.02e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 FAT1 1.01e-01 2.02e-02 0.9893
NC_000020.10 COL9A3 1.25e-01 2.02e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 HIVEP3 7.37e-02 2.25e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 MUPCDH -5.80e-02 2.02e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 ENPP3 8.20e-02 2.02e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 CCND1 -8.15e-02 2.03e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 CARHSP1 1.04e-01 2.03e-02 0.9893
NC_000020.10 CTSZ 1.08e-01 2.03e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 LFNG 6.72e-02 2.03e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 USP13 -1.62e-01 2.03e-02 0.9893
NC_000018.9 NEDD4L 9.37e-02 2.03e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 LDHC -1.86e-01 2.03e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 FAM83B 5.70e-02 2.03e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 GALNTL4 6.91e-02 2.03e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 VAX1 9.28e-02 2.03e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 TET1 1.21e-01 2.03e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 BCAR3 9.29e-02 2.03e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 NMB 1.48e-01 2.03e-02 0.9893
NC_000022.10 TTLL8 -1.39e-01 2.03e-02 0.9893
NC_000014.8 KIAA0586 -2.86e-01 2.03e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 AUTS2 1.52e-01 2.03e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 TEAD1 7.37e-02 2.03e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 HIVEP3 8.38e-02 2.03e-02 0.9893
NC_000014.8 NFKBIA 1.77e-01 2.03e-02 0.9893
NC_000014.8 BCL11B 9.22e-02 2.04e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 SH3BP5 1.16e-01 2.04e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 STK16 7.99e-02 2.04e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 PRR5L 1.64e-01 2.04e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 SPPL2A 1.78e-01 2.04e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 AAGAB 2.60e-01 2.04e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 C10orf41 1.73e-01 2.04e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 TG -9.70e-02 2.04e-02 0.9893
NC_000020.10 C20orf43 1.46e-01 2.04e-02 0.9893
NC_000022.10 TMEM191A -5.73e-02 2.04e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 SEMA4C -1.00e-01 2.04e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 LMF1 5.16e-02 2.04e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 FAM59B 2.29e-01 2.04e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 SUPT3H -1.12e-01 2.04e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 SEZ6L2 1.17e-01 2.04e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 HLA-E 1.04e-01 2.28e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 VPS37B 1.36e-01 2.04e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 IK -1.25e-01 2.04e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 TAGLN2 1.88e-01 2.04e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 NLRP11 -8.31e-02 2.04e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 ZMYND10 1.19e-01 2.04e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 DNASE1L2 8.01e-02 2.04e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 DPT -1.77e-01 2.04e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 ADAMTS7 -9.84e-02 2.04e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 OXSR1 -6.51e-02 2.04e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 LPCAT1 5.68e-02 2.04e-02 0.9893
NC_000022.10 C22orf27 1.71e-01 2.05e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 MAD1L1 2.73e-01 2.05e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 FLJ25363 -1.46e-01 2.05e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 HOXA4 6.36e-02 2.05e-02 0.9893
NC_000020.10 BLCAP 1.11e-01 2.05e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 THRB 4.04e-01 2.05e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 RAB11FIP3 1.37e-01 2.05e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 IMPA1 6.01e-02 2.05e-02 0.9893
NC_000022.10 JOSD1 9.62e-02 2.05e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 PDP2 -1.90e-01 2.05e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 SH3D19 2.27e-01 2.05e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 SGCE -2.95e-01 2.05e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 ZYG11B -9.13e-02 2.05e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 FOXD4L1 -1.48e-01 2.05e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 EXOC2 5.09e-02 2.05e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 COL13A1 -8.76e-02 2.05e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 EBF3 8.43e-02 2.05e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 SPPL3 -1.66e-01 2.05e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 FAM53A 7.39e-02 2.05e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 GPBP1L1 1.57e-01 2.05e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 PAX6 2.26e-01 2.05e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 GAS2 1.00e-01 2.06e-02 0.9893
NC_000013.10 LOC100190939 1.56e-01 2.06e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 ELOVL2 1.49e-01 2.06e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 C6orf105 1.52e-01 2.06e-02 0.9893
NC_000013.10 PCCA -9.49e-02 2.06e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 TMEM208 2.05e-01 2.06e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 C2orf62 9.08e-02 2.06e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 STK3 2.63e-01 2.06e-02 0.9893
NC_000014.8 OR11H4 6.81e-02 2.06e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 TGFBR3 -9.61e-02 2.07e-02 0.9893
NC_000009.11 KCNT1 6.83e-02 2.07e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 RHPN1 1.52e-01 2.07e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 HSPG2 1.34e-01 2.07e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 DAP 6.72e-02 2.07e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 UBE3C -6.78e-02 2.07e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 BAHCC1 1.12e-01 2.07e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 PRKCZ 5.85e-02 2.07e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 BAT2 -1.14e-01 2.07e-02 0.9893
NC_000009.11 CACNA1B -1.23e-01 2.07e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 KLK7 1.63e-01 2.07e-02 0.9893
NC_000021.8 KRTAP24-1 -7.49e-02 2.07e-02 0.9893
NC_000014.8 RAD51L1 1.12e-01 2.07e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 CAMK2B 8.36e-02 2.07e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 CACNG1 1.02e-01 2.07e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 TNXB -6.86e-02 2.07e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 NR2F1 1.63e-01 2.07e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 BAI1 1.60e-01 2.07e-02 0.9893
NC_000014.8 FBXO34 6.35e-02 2.07e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 ITPR1 1.51e-01 2.07e-02 0.9893
NC_000022.10 PI4KAP2 9.94e-02 2.07e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 RECQL5 -1.52e-01 2.08e-02 0.9893
NC_000022.10 SLC7A4 -6.47e-02 2.08e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 STK32C 1.12e-01 2.08e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 CCNJL 1.64e-01 2.08e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 SLC27A2 1.26e-01 2.08e-02 0.9893
NC_000009.11 SLC1A1 1.42e-01 2.08e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 C15orf40 1.30e-01 2.08e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 TCIRG1 8.46e-02 2.08e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 ALS2CR12 1.11e-01 2.08e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 ROBO4 6.20e-02 2.08e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 TM4SF5 6.37e-02 2.08e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 GTF2H3 -1.21e-01 2.08e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 C4orf26 2.31e-01 2.08e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 CENPT 2.34e-01 2.09e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 YWHAG -1.80e-01 2.09e-02 0.9893
NC_000021.8 GART -1.08e-01 2.09e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 EMX2 9.66e-02 2.09e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 GH1 -1.38e-01 2.09e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 C2orf81 -9.07e-02 2.09e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 PCDHGA2 8.23e-02 2.09e-02 0.9893
NC_000009.11 PHYHD1 -1.32e-01 2.09e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 PAX6 1.84e-01 2.09e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 ALMS1P -6.65e-02 2.09e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 CDYL 2.81e-01 2.09e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 DDIT3 6.89e-02 2.09e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 NRG2 2.27e-01 2.09e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 D2HGDH 6.89e-02 2.09e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 RAET1E 1.87e-01 2.09e-02 0.9893
NC_000020.10 SLC12A5 1.18e-01 2.09e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 BRD9 5.24e-02 2.09e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 FKBP11 5.18e-02 2.09e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 TULP3 2.28e-01 2.09e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 ZFP62 2.59e-01 2.09e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 EGR2 1.04e-01 2.09e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 KIAA1324 -1.29e-01 2.10e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 FAM46B -7.78e-02 2.10e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 ACER3 1.16e-01 2.10e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 C7orf20 -9.59e-02 2.10e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 TIMM44 -6.22e-02 2.10e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 DAB1 -9.10e-02 2.10e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 USP17 -1.23e-01 2.10e-02 0.9893
NC_000022.10 WBP2NL 9.55e-02 2.10e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 DARC 7.42e-02 2.10e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 NEURL3 8.61e-02 2.10e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 GPR157 -7.91e-02 2.10e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 UNC80 3.14e-01 2.10e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 TNFRSF8 2.20e-01 2.10e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 ITK -2.23e-01 2.10e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 IQSEC3 -8.95e-02 2.10e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 ANO8 2.61e-01 2.11e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 VGLL4 1.79e-01 2.11e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 LOC100128164 -7.53e-02 2.11e-02 0.9893
NC_000009.11 APTX -5.08e-02 2.11e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 CDC34 -4.69e-02 2.11e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 CCDC88B 6.02e-02 2.11e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 ULK2 1.49e-01 2.11e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 C10orf108 1.55e-01 2.11e-02 0.9893
NC_000014.8 CYP46A1 -9.17e-02 2.11e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 STMN4 1.63e-01 2.11e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 GNAT2 1.01e-01 2.11e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 ST7 -1.08e-01 2.11e-02 0.9893
NC_000014.8 SUPT16H 8.59e-02 2.11e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 DMXL1 5.74e-02 2.11e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 SLC16A11 1.43e-01 2.11e-02 0.9893
NC_000014.8 RIN3 1.88e-01 2.11e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 LIMD1 1.10e-01 2.11e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 DDR2 9.64e-02 2.11e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 BNC1 9.46e-02 2.11e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 C7orf50 1.14e-01 2.11e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 MALL 5.13e-02 2.11e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 SGTA 6.32e-02 2.11e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 HLA-DQB1 1.91e-01 2.11e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 TKT -1.73e-01 2.11e-02 0.9893
NC_000023.10 ZNF185 1.28e-01 2.11e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 FZD5 6.60e-02 2.12e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 CIC -5.38e-02 2.12e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 ZBTB16 1.33e-01 2.12e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 TBCD -5.06e-02 2.12e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 PCDHGB4 1.98e-01 2.12e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 IL12RB1 1.39e-01 2.12e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 TMEM89 1.44e-01 2.12e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 SLC16A3 1.78e-01 2.12e-02 0.9893
NC_000014.8 BMP4 -1.17e-01 2.12e-02 0.9893
NC_000013.10 LATS2 8.38e-02 2.12e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 PAQR6 -6.15e-02 2.12e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 TBC1D16 1.33e-01 2.12e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 TTC24 7.47e-02 2.12e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 ZNF141 8.54e-02 2.12e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 BUB1 -6.45e-02 2.12e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 ASAP2 2.00e-01 2.12e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 ARHGEF2 -1.11e-01 2.12e-02 0.9893
NC_000014.8 FLVCR2 2.12e-01 2.12e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 ART1 9.19e-02 2.12e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 GPD2 1.50e-01 2.13e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 KIAA0182 1.18e-01 2.13e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 DDX6 -1.16e-01 2.13e-02 0.9893
NC_000009.11 UAP1L1 1.44e-01 2.13e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 PPM1H 4.16e-01 2.13e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 SLC22A11 1.36e-01 2.13e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 HLA-DOA 8.25e-02 2.13e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 FYB 6.82e-02 2.13e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 SLC16A14 7.49e-02 2.13e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 CCK 5.35e-02 2.13e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 GALNTL4 8.42e-02 2.13e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 AMICA1 1.09e-01 2.13e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 MSX1 9.14e-02 2.13e-02 0.9893
NC_000023.10 XAGE3 1.35e-01 2.13e-02 0.9893
NC_000020.10 BPI 1.70e-01 2.13e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 BRD2 -9.48e-02 2.13e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 RGPD3 -1.27e-01 2.13e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 FLJ41350 1.66e-01 2.14e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 CASC3 -5.90e-02 2.14e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 NR2E1 2.38e-01 2.14e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 SH3BP4 -1.08e-01 2.14e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 TMCC2 1.23e-01 2.14e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 CUX1 1.00e-01 2.14e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 MED9 8.74e-02 2.14e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 DNASE1L2 1.14e-01 2.14e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 TG 1.23e-01 2.14e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 WFS1 -9.85e-02 2.14e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 GJC1 7.75e-02 2.14e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 LOC285419 1.57e-01 2.14e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 SOST 6.59e-02 2.14e-02 0.9893
NC_000023.10 PAK3 1.19e-01 2.14e-02 0.9893
NC_000009.11 ARRDC1 1.16e-01 2.14e-02 0.9893
NC_000020.10 BMP7 6.50e-02 2.14e-02 0.9893
NC_000022.10 FAM19A5 -9.56e-02 2.14e-02 0.9893
NC_000013.10 GPC6 1.77e-01 2.15e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 BOC 2.57e-01 2.15e-02 0.9893
NC_000013.10 FARP1 7.77e-02 2.15e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 SNIP1 8.39e-02 2.15e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 ST7 -6.38e-02 2.15e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 C6orf132 7.29e-02 2.15e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 CPXM2 -6.27e-02 2.15e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 FRMPD2 1.97e-01 2.15e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 RNF144A -1.91e-01 2.15e-02 0.9893
NC_000014.8 CRIP2 1.52e-01 2.15e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 PRDX1 -1.31e-01 2.15e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 GRM4 1.42e-01 2.15e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 ADORA3 5.79e-02 2.15e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 RYR1 1.01e-01 2.15e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 SSH1 1.15e-01 2.15e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 DIP2C 2.06e-01 2.15e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 UVRAG -1.24e-01 2.15e-02 0.9893
NC_000020.10 SDCBP2 1.12e-01 2.16e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 C17orf101 -9.66e-02 2.16e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 PHACTR1 1.39e-01 2.16e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 LOC284551 -4.73e-01 2.16e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 MMP17 8.40e-02 2.16e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 MYO15B -9.28e-02 2.16e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 TRPV1 9.26e-02 2.16e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 ARHGEF10 7.91e-02 2.16e-02 0.9893
NC_000014.8 PACS2 -8.62e-02 2.16e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 AP2A2 1.09e-01 2.16e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 ZNF259 -8.38e-02 2.16e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 SLC5A7 -7.74e-02 2.16e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 BAIAP2L1 8.28e-02 2.16e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 TYW1 1.78e-01 2.16e-02 0.9893
NC_000013.10 MCF2L 1.76e-01 2.16e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 3.45e-01 2.16e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 KCNMB1 2.09e-01 2.16e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 LTBP4 1.25e-01 2.16e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 ABR 1.19e-01 2.16e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 EEF1D -5.73e-02 2.16e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 GPR19 5.08e-02 2.16e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 LY6G6E 9.95e-02 2.16e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 C1orf124 1.67e-01 2.16e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 ATIC 1.41e-01 2.16e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 ZNF469 2.16e-01 2.17e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 LYNX1 1.70e-01 2.17e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 GLB1L2 -1.54e-01 2.17e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 KIAA1199 1.10e-01 2.17e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 ALKBH3 5.25e-02 2.17e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 BAHCC1 1.82e-01 2.17e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 LYN 1.66e-01 2.17e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 DPP6 2.37e-01 2.17e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 GPHA2 1.33e-01 2.17e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 SCRIB -9.62e-02 2.17e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 KIAA1026 5.90e-02 2.17e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 GPR151 -9.89e-02 2.17e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 BTC 5.38e-02 2.17e-02 0.9893
NC_000020.10 TM9SF4 -1.02e-01 2.17e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 PFKFB3 1.73e-01 2.17e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 ANPEP -1.08e-01 2.17e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 PPAP2C -5.10e-02 2.17e-02 0.9893
NC_000020.10 NFATC2 1.61e-01 2.17e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 TRERF1 1.47e-01 2.18e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 TBCD 2.17e-01 2.18e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 VPS37B 1.24e-01 2.18e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 BOC 1.50e-01 2.18e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 PNPLA6 -7.73e-02 2.18e-02 0.9893
NC_000023.10 DYNLT3 1.97e-01 2.18e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 BEST3 -2.33e-01 2.18e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 SOX7 1.65e-01 2.18e-02 0.9893
NC_000014.8 KLHDC2 1.23e-01 2.18e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 ANGPT2 1.76e-01 2.18e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 NXN 2.77e-01 2.18e-02 0.9893
NC_000009.11 NPR2 9.06e-02 2.18e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 ATP2C2 8.95e-02 2.18e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 CPT1A 1.66e-01 2.18e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 SIK3 1.55e-01 2.18e-02 0.9893
NC_000020.10 SLC13A3 8.12e-02 2.18e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 INPP5A 1.07e-01 2.18e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 TRAK1 8.32e-02 2.18e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 PRR15 -7.37e-02 2.18e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 LAD1 9.06e-02 2.18e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 STK32C 1.30e-01 2.19e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 ZC3H12D 1.38e-01 2.19e-02 0.9893
NC_000013.10 DCLK1 1.74e-01 2.19e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 SLC9A3 6.13e-02 2.19e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 C10orf58 6.13e-02 2.19e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 PRKCZ 2.60e-01 2.19e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 NNT 1.64e-01 2.19e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 FGFR1 7.45e-02 2.19e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 BRSK2 1.15e-01 2.19e-02 0.9893
NC_000020.10 EFCAB8 -8.45e-02 2.19e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 METRN 1.96e-01 2.19e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 PPP2R5A -9.15e-02 2.44e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 ITM2C 8.65e-02 2.19e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 FAM179A 1.12e-01 2.19e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 RUFY1 7.70e-02 2.19e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 PIKFYVE -1.03e-01 2.19e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 RDBP 1.12e-01 2.19e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 SDR42E1 2.74e-01 2.19e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 MAD1L1 1.57e-01 2.20e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 C19orf76 1.67e-01 2.20e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 HTRA1 1.50e-01 2.20e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 JSRP1 1.60e-01 2.20e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 LYPD5 1.34e-01 2.20e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 PDCD7 -9.75e-02 2.20e-02 0.9893
NC_000013.10 PCCA 1.56e-01 2.20e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 ZNF442 2.37e-01 2.20e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 NECAB2 1.61e-01 2.20e-02 0.9893
NC_000021.8 PRDM15 2.34e-01 2.20e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 NEU4 9.17e-02 2.20e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 FAM126A -6.25e-02 2.21e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 PRDM16 9.77e-02 2.21e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 PRKAR1B 2.09e-01 2.21e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 AFF1 1.59e-01 2.21e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 ZNF816A 7.81e-02 2.21e-02 0.9893
NC_000018.9 TGIF1 2.68e-01 2.21e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 ATG7 6.70e-02 2.21e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 FAM150A -8.07e-02 2.21e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 PLIN1 1.90e-01 2.46e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 SYNE1 -1.02e-01 2.21e-02 0.9893
NC_000023.10 IRS4 2.16e-01 2.21e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 RIT1 3.01e-01 2.21e-02 0.9893
NC_000021.8 C21orf129 1.08e-01 2.21e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 LEPRE1 1.47e-01 2.21e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 TNXB 1.15e-01 2.21e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 SNORD115-9 -9.99e-02 2.21e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 AMOTL1 2.02e-01 2.21e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 PTK2B 1.70e-01 2.21e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 FAM20C 1.02e-01 2.21e-02 0.9893
NC_000020.10 GNAS 1.20e-01 2.21e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 AGPAT1 -7.08e-02 2.21e-02 0.9893
NC_000023.10 SH3KBP1 -2.09e-01 2.22e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 ERBB2 -1.11e-01 2.22e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 MXD4 7.69e-02 2.22e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 ZSCAN12 5.99e-02 2.22e-02 0.9893
NC_000020.10 CHMP4B 8.39e-02 2.22e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 EDN2 1.35e-01 2.22e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 CTDSP1 9.74e-02 2.22e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 LONP1 -1.43e-01 2.22e-02 0.9893
NC_000014.8 CCDC88C 2.99e-01 2.22e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 PCDHGA4 1.39e-01 2.22e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 PDE5A -8.96e-02 2.22e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 DAG1 -1.37e-01 2.22e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 CRTAC1 -1.20e-01 2.22e-02 0.9893
NC_000021.8 SLC19A1 1.03e-01 2.22e-02 0.9893
NC_000020.10 HMGB1L1 -1.19e-01 2.22e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 CCDC24 -7.77e-02 2.23e-02 0.9893
NC_000022.10 RASD2 1.15e-01 2.23e-02 0.9893
NC_000013.10 TMCO3 5.47e-02 2.23e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 LRRFIP1 1.03e-01 2.23e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 SLC7A5 6.40e-02 2.23e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 ROBO1 1.14e-01 2.23e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 UBE3A -9.64e-02 2.23e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 DNAH8 1.32e-01 2.23e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 GAL3ST2 7.47e-02 2.23e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 RPS6KA2 5.08e-02 2.23e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 NFIX 1.32e-01 2.23e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 CTSH 1.12e-01 2.23e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 EPHA1 1.49e-01 2.23e-02 0.9893
NC_000013.10 SLC25A30 5.77e-02 2.23e-02 0.9893
NC_000013.10 LOC220115 -1.80e-01 2.23e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 HSD11B2 5.57e-02 2.23e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 NGF 6.59e-02 2.23e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 GAK 2.12e-01 2.23e-02 0.9893
NC_000014.8 FOXN3 2.55e-01 2.23e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 FGF20 8.67e-02 2.23e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 CXCL2 1.49e-01 2.23e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 TMEM45B 1.32e-01 2.23e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 PRDM16 5.46e-02 2.23e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 GPR113 -1.66e-01 2.23e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 PDIA4 9.85e-02 2.23e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 SORCS3 5.80e-02 2.23e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 SETD1B 5.73e-02 2.23e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 UMPS -6.26e-02 2.23e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 PADI4 2.60e-01 2.24e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 OTUD7B -9.84e-02 2.24e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 ALKBH3 4.83e-02 2.24e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 NPHP4 9.54e-02 2.24e-02 0.9893
NC_000018.9 NFATC1 8.61e-02 2.24e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 VGLL2 2.49e-01 2.24e-02 0.9893
NC_000014.8 HSPA2 -8.15e-02 2.24e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 LOC100130872 6.17e-02 2.24e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 CAMK2G 5.38e-02 2.24e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 APOB 7.48e-02 2.24e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 OAS2 9.33e-02 2.24e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 CYC1 1.28e-01 2.24e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 ARHGEF10 1.05e-01 2.24e-02 0.9893
NC_000009.11 FNBP1 1.51e-01 2.24e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 APC2 1.96e-01 2.25e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 RGL2 9.43e-02 2.25e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 CCDC40 1.40e-01 2.25e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 CAPZA1 3.09e-01 2.25e-02 0.9893
NC_000009.11 RXRA 7.47e-02 2.25e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 AGL 5.25e-02 2.25e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 CCDC155 6.62e-02 2.25e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 SEC31B 3.00e-01 2.25e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 CAMTA1 7.90e-02 2.25e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 CNO -5.35e-02 2.25e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 VEGFC 4.87e-02 2.25e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 CEP68 1.32e-01 2.25e-02 0.9893
NC_000021.8 TPTE 1.02e-01 2.25e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 ELP2P -9.96e-02 2.25e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 LOC80054 1.91e-01 2.25e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 PNPO 6.10e-02 2.25e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 SFRP1 1.50e-01 2.25e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 ZFHX3 2.34e-01 2.51e-02 0.9893
NC_000020.10 SCRT2 3.65e-01 2.25e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 LOC84856 9.59e-02 2.25e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 C6orf47 6.20e-02 2.26e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 CMTM7 1.04e-01 2.26e-02 0.9893
NC_000023.10 DMD -1.29e-01 2.26e-02 0.9893
NC_000021.8 C21orf81 8.48e-02 2.26e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 SLIT1 -1.64e-01 2.26e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 MIS12 9.16e-02 2.26e-02 0.9893
NC_000021.8 KRTAP10-3 1.17e-01 2.26e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 NTN1 1.06e-01 2.26e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 ZBTB4 -8.12e-02 2.26e-02 0.9893
NC_000020.10 GNAS -6.97e-02 2.26e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 PMF1 6.48e-01 2.26e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 GTF2IRD1 2.06e-01 2.26e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 PPFIA4 3.34e-01 2.26e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 GUSB 5.67e-02 2.26e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 C5orf32 -1.69e-01 2.26e-02 0.9893
NC_000009.11 ADAMTSL1 2.87e-01 2.26e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 BAT2 -1.24e-01 2.26e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 INADL 9.95e-02 2.26e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 MIR1205 1.04e-01 2.26e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 CSPP1 1.11e-01 2.26e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 FKBP5 -1.19e-01 2.26e-02 0.9893
NC_000013.10 PARP4 2.50e-01 2.26e-02 0.9893
NC_000023.10 TBC1D8B -1.73e-01 2.26e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 GABRG3 1.98e-01 2.27e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 CACNA1E 8.66e-02 2.27e-02 0.9893
NC_000022.10 BRD1 1.93e-01 2.27e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 SMYD4 7.48e-02 2.27e-02 0.9893
NC_000018.9 C18orf1 1.96e-01 2.27e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 PLEC1 9.29e-02 2.27e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 SLC6A5 -1.03e-01 2.27e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 RAI14 1.08e-01 2.27e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 TEKT4 2.67e-01 2.27e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 GULP1 9.98e-02 2.27e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 VPS37B 9.04e-02 2.28e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 AURKB -7.88e-02 2.28e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 MRPL48 9.08e-02 2.28e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 REEP1 8.73e-02 2.28e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 ZC3H3 1.94e-01 2.28e-02 0.9893
NC_000014.8 CDC42BPB 1.80e-01 2.28e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 LOC642006 -7.66e-02 2.28e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 LMTK2 1.11e-01 2.28e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 UTP6 -1.19e-01 2.28e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 C5orf32 7.66e-02 2.28e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 SPG7 7.07e-02 2.28e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 KIAA1614 2.04e-01 2.29e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 LOC731789 -2.54e-01 2.29e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 ANKS1A 8.13e-02 2.29e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 AATK -1.41e-01 2.29e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 TBCD 1.37e-01 2.29e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 CD84 1.41e-01 2.29e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 TNXB 1.75e-01 2.29e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 HLA-J -2.24e-01 2.29e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 FABP5 8.54e-02 2.29e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 ADARB2 6.59e-02 2.29e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 FZD5 9.46e-02 2.29e-02 0.9893
NC_000013.10 ADPRHL1 3.16e-01 2.29e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 BCL7C 1.39e-01 2.29e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 TMEM190 1.30e-01 2.29e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 UPF1 1.12e-01 2.29e-02 0.9893
NC_000023.10 TCEAL6 1.94e-01 2.29e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 PPP2R5A -1.09e-01 2.29e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 MARVELD3 7.66e-02 2.30e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 HCCA2 8.54e-02 2.30e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 ANP32A -6.77e-02 2.30e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 TRIM72 5.52e-02 2.30e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 KCNK2 -1.66e-01 2.30e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 TBC1D14 -1.58e-01 2.30e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 MAG 1.17e-01 2.30e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 VPS37B 1.82e-01 2.30e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 THSD4 1.15e-01 2.30e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 SRGAP3 -5.84e-02 2.30e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 RPS12 1.49e-01 2.30e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 BAHCC1 5.74e-02 2.30e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 ZNF668 -1.26e-01 2.30e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 ZNF701 6.63e-02 2.30e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 KSR1 1.41e-01 2.30e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 BCL7A 9.62e-02 2.31e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 SCG5 -7.58e-02 2.31e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 KCNMA1 1.10e-01 2.31e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 C19orf34 1.11e-01 2.31e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 RDBP -6.17e-02 2.31e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 LMTK2 7.34e-02 2.31e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 YWHAG 1.69e-01 2.31e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 PRKAR1B 1.03e-01 2.58e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 SNORD116-20 -1.09e-01 2.31e-02 0.9893
NC_000014.8 CLEC14A 1.44e-01 2.31e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 NXN 9.69e-02 2.31e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 RER1 8.41e-02 2.31e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 TIMM50 -7.34e-02 2.31e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 FMO4 -1.15e-01 2.32e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 USP29 2.15e-01 2.32e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 HOXD3 6.62e-02 2.32e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 EGFLAM 1.31e-01 2.32e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 AP1M2 7.37e-02 2.32e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 PRKAG2 1.81e-01 2.32e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 CADM1 7.73e-02 2.32e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 FAM65B 1.59e-01 2.32e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 SLC38A7 -8.73e-02 2.32e-02 0.9893
NC_000018.9 LOXHD1 7.63e-02 2.32e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 ARHGAP25 1.35e-01 2.32e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 HLA-DPB1 1.65e-01 2.32e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 PDAP1 -1.07e-01 2.32e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 GCK 1.66e-01 2.32e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 TIAM2 -6.47e-02 2.32e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 NCOA4 -9.35e-02 2.32e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 FAM167B 1.68e-01 2.32e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 NTM 1.72e-01 2.32e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 AGGF1 -1.52e-01 2.32e-02 0.9893
NC_000022.10 CRYBA4 6.72e-02 2.32e-02 0.9893
NC_000020.10 TMEM90B 1.49e-01 2.32e-02 0.9893
NC_000018.9 DLGAP1 1.67e-01 2.33e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 DDR1 -1.33e-01 2.33e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 PCDHGA4 1.31e-01 2.33e-02 0.9893
NC_000009.11 GTF3C5 -1.80e-01 2.33e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 KLK7 1.08e-01 2.33e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 RREB1 1.80e-01 2.33e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 PGCP 1.69e-01 2.33e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 RGMA 1.40e-01 2.33e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 KCMF1 8.72e-02 2.33e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 MYLPF 8.84e-02 2.33e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 CTAGE9 -1.61e-01 2.33e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 BCL9L 1.21e-01 2.33e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 CFD 1.88e-01 2.33e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 DHDDS -5.09e-02 2.33e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 FAM19A3 9.27e-02 2.33e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 ATP8B3 4.98e-02 2.34e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 EPHA7 1.45e-01 2.34e-02 0.9893
NC_000009.11 DAPK1 1.41e-01 2.34e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 LOC642846 1.63e-01 2.34e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 ZNF778 -8.71e-02 2.34e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 BTBD9 7.89e-02 2.34e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 TCF25 6.82e-02 2.34e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 WNT11 1.24e-01 2.34e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 SEPT9 1.20e-01 2.34e-02 0.9893
NC_000009.11 COL27A1 2.13e-01 2.34e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 NOXO1 9.92e-02 2.34e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 MICALL2 1.26e-01 2.34e-02 0.9893
NC_000023.10 OTUD6A 1.13e-01 2.34e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 ALG14 1.73e-01 2.34e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 EXOC3 2.63e-01 2.34e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 VENTXP7 6.64e-02 2.34e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 ABR 1.01e-01 2.35e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 POGZ -1.18e-01 2.35e-02 0.9893
NC_000022.10 LOC150185 1.25e-01 2.35e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 CDK5R1 -7.31e-02 2.35e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 FCGBP 1.58e-01 2.35e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 ALDH1A2 6.20e-02 2.35e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 CCK 1.17e-01 2.35e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 NRXN2 6.62e-02 2.35e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 SKI 2.14e-01 2.35e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 LHFPL4 2.58e-01 2.35e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 TGFBR2 2.35e-01 2.35e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 CCHCR1 4.95e-02 2.35e-02 0.9893
NC_000022.10 SERHL 5.07e-02 2.35e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 C6orf134 -6.06e-02 2.35e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 FRG2C -1.29e-01 2.63e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 LOC650226 1.52e-01 2.35e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 PANK4 1.54e-01 2.35e-02 0.9893
NC_000009.11 RXRA 7.57e-02 2.35e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 OBSL1 1.49e-01 2.35e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 RPTOR 8.62e-02 2.35e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 SNORD116-8 -6.80e-02 2.36e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 SFMBT2 -1.27e-01 2.36e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 DGKZ 6.35e-02 2.36e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 UBQLN4 -1.33e-01 2.36e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 CRISP1 1.39e-01 2.36e-02 0.9893
NC_000009.11 PAX5 8.72e-02 2.36e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 PRDM16 1.58e-01 2.36e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 YTHDF3 7.00e-02 2.36e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 PRDM16 6.28e-02 2.36e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 TANK 1.60e-01 2.36e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 ARSI 9.39e-02 2.36e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 ANKRD13A -2.11e-01 2.36e-02 0.9893
NC_000022.10 DGCR2 5.34e-02 2.36e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 UBE2J2 1.64e-01 2.36e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 RTN4 -9.31e-02 2.36e-02 0.9893
NC_000022.10 CPT1B 6.33e-02 2.36e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 RHOG -5.16e-02 2.37e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 LMTK3 6.96e-02 2.37e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 KNDC1 5.02e-02 2.37e-02 0.9893
NC_000018.9 KATNAL2 -9.51e-02 2.37e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 PLXNA1 9.14e-02 2.37e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 OBFC1 -8.59e-02 2.37e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 ZNF815 1.31e-01 2.37e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 HMGB2 1.60e-01 2.37e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 LY6K 2.19e-01 2.37e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 FLI1 8.84e-02 2.37e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 ARHGAP19 1.40e-01 2.37e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 SKI -1.15e-01 2.37e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 IQSEC3 1.04e-01 2.37e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 GDF6 7.97e-02 2.37e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 TRIM10 -9.42e-02 2.37e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 LOC404266 -1.64e-01 2.37e-02 0.9893
NC_000022.10 LOC391322 -6.10e-02 2.38e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 ELL2 -1.07e-01 2.38e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 FHL2 3.47e-01 2.38e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 ANKRD20B 1.14e-01 2.38e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 PAMR1 9.94e-02 2.38e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 EPC2 -6.07e-02 2.38e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 RPTOR 9.94e-02 2.38e-02 0.9893
NC_000009.11 NACC2 1.05e-01 2.38e-02 0.9893
NC_000023.10 DDX26B -2.16e-01 2.38e-02 0.9893
NC_000009.11 SOHLH1 -9.29e-02 2.38e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 HACL1 -9.83e-02 2.38e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 BCAR1 -2.45e-01 2.38e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 TRIM8 2.20e-01 2.38e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 HUS1 3.17e-01 2.38e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 JAKMIP3 9.69e-02 2.38e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 HIST1H2BG 4.76e-02 2.39e-02 0.9893
NC_000020.10 PSMF1 6.58e-02 2.39e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 LOC154822 1.52e-01 2.39e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 CTBP2 2.72e-01 2.39e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 C5orf36 2.06e-01 2.39e-02 0.9893
NC_000023.10 MAGEA10 2.64e-01 2.39e-02 0.9893
NC_000022.10 PRR5 1.08e-01 2.39e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 ZNF781 -6.73e-02 2.39e-02 0.9893
NC_000013.10 CARS2 2.29e-01 2.39e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 CXCR4 1.69e-01 2.39e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 LIMD1 -1.13e-01 2.39e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 C3orf64 1.48e-01 2.39e-02 0.9893
NC_000021.8 PRDM15 1.86e-01 2.39e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 GTF2B 7.20e-02 2.39e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 LYNX1 1.57e-01 2.40e-02 0.9893
NC_000023.10 NHS 2.49e-01 2.40e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 KIAA1026 -6.82e-02 2.40e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 CCDC37 2.86e-01 2.40e-02 0.9893
NC_000021.8 AGPAT3 1.50e-01 2.40e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 JARID2 -7.77e-02 2.40e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 HSF1 1.03e-01 2.40e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 CNTNAP1 1.28e-01 2.40e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 GRM4 -9.96e-02 2.40e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 ZNF426 5.16e-02 2.40e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 CLDN3 6.78e-02 2.40e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 CELSR3 1.11e-01 2.40e-02 0.9893
NC_000013.10 UGGT2 -9.74e-02 2.40e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 LCLAT1 2.95e-01 2.40e-02 0.9893
NC_000013.10 MCF2L -6.02e-02 2.40e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 HDAC4 -1.68e-01 2.40e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 GLDN 1.45e-01 2.40e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 GOLGA6D -8.44e-02 2.40e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 FLJ42875 9.09e-02 2.40e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 TRIM39 1.32e-01 2.41e-02 0.9893
NC_000022.10 SLC16A8 8.84e-02 2.41e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 AMH 3.39e-01 2.41e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 HRAS 8.63e-02 2.41e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 MGRN1 6.75e-02 2.41e-02 0.9893
NC_000013.10 DNAJC3 1.19e-01 2.41e-02 0.9893
NC_000021.8 PCBP3 -1.09e-01 2.41e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 DMBT1 2.78e-01 2.41e-02 0.9893
NC_000020.10 RBM38 1.02e-01 2.41e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 LSAMP 9.78e-02 2.41e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 COPS7B -9.10e-02 2.41e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 ALPK3 2.43e-01 2.41e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 SELENBP1 2.96e-01 2.41e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 TANC1 4.88e-02 2.41e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 KLKP1 6.87e-02 2.41e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 KLHL29 8.80e-02 2.41e-02 0.9893
NC_000022.10 MIR1306 2.70e-01 2.41e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 ID2 1.32e-01 2.41e-02 0.9893
NC_000014.8 KIF26A 1.49e-01 2.41e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 TSPAN4 -1.13e-01 2.41e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 MMP23B 1.15e-01 2.41e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 KLHDC9 2.22e-01 2.41e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 NDUFS6 -1.05e-01 2.42e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 LOC254559 1.76e-01 2.42e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 PFKFB3 1.11e-01 2.42e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 TSPAN9 5.76e-02 2.42e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 LIMD1 1.52e-01 2.42e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 ZNF85 -1.15e-01 2.42e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 MADD -1.17e-01 2.42e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 TRIM71 9.83e-02 2.42e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 TBC1D16 1.17e-01 2.42e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 CD2AP 3.42e-01 2.42e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 APOA1 -1.78e-01 2.42e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 VASN 1.29e-01 2.42e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 SPEG 1.02e-01 2.42e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 PAPOLB 1.37e-01 2.42e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 HERC3 4.83e-02 2.42e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 KCNC4 6.91e-02 2.42e-02 0.9893
NC_000023.10 SEPT6 -1.66e-01 2.42e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 TMEM49 1.14e-01 2.43e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 ARNT 3.01e-01 2.43e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 ITGB5 1.48e-01 2.43e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 GPR110 1.45e-01 2.43e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 TERF2 -1.15e-01 2.43e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 SCARB1 -1.52e-01 2.43e-02 0.9893
NC_000009.11 WNK2 8.30e-02 2.43e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 CNNM2 -5.84e-02 2.43e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 THAP4 2.22e-01 2.43e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 MSX1 1.19e-01 2.43e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 TIE1 -1.94e-01 2.43e-02 0.9893
NC_000014.8 ADSSL1 2.23e-01 2.43e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 EVC2 1.36e-01 2.43e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 FCAR -9.01e-02 2.43e-02 0.9893
NC_000014.8 TDRD9 1.89e-01 2.43e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 ZNF549 2.02e-01 2.43e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 RASGEF1C 8.30e-02 2.43e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 EMX1 5.12e-02 2.43e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 FAM134B 5.60e-01 2.43e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 CHCHD6 1.37e-01 2.44e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 EN1 1.04e-01 2.44e-02 0.9893
NC_000020.10 SCRT2 2.47e-01 2.44e-02 0.9893
NC_000009.11 AK3 -1.37e-01 2.44e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 ENSA 7.51e-02 2.44e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 CCL25 -6.87e-02 2.44e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 AHDC1 6.63e-02 2.44e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 ZNF28 -6.78e-02 2.44e-02 0.9893
NC_000022.10 CPT1B 3.27e-01 2.44e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 ALB -2.53e-01 2.44e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 ANGPTL4 1.23e-01 2.44e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 KRT27 1.74e-01 2.44e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 FAM19A3 6.99e-02 2.44e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 MIR330 1.12e-01 2.44e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 DES 9.66e-02 2.44e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 RSPH10B 1.22e-01 2.44e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 PPFIA1 2.39e-01 2.44e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 IGF2BP1 5.07e-02 2.44e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 ZFHX4 -9.82e-02 2.44e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 PAX6 1.73e-01 2.44e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 RCCD1 9.97e-02 2.44e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 DNAI2 -1.34e-01 2.44e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 PLEKHN1 1.05e-01 2.44e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 SLC7A5 9.03e-02 2.44e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 CENPF 5.38e-02 2.44e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 EIF4G1 -1.16e-01 2.45e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 CDH23 3.38e-01 2.45e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 PCDHGB4 1.53e-01 2.45e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 ELMO1 -7.01e-02 2.45e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 SBF2 2.48e-01 2.45e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 LOC100130093 4.76e-02 2.45e-02 0.9893
NC_000009.11 C9orf71 1.02e-01 2.45e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 TAF1B 8.79e-02 2.45e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 DCHS1 -7.96e-02 2.45e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 CAST 2.10e-01 2.45e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 WWTR1 7.43e-02 2.45e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 ACSL5 6.93e-02 2.45e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 KLHDC8A 1.44e-01 2.45e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 HRNBP3 -7.86e-02 2.45e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 HAPLN2 6.88e-02 2.45e-02 0.9893
NC_000020.10 C20orf20 9.44e-02 2.45e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 SH3BP4 -1.69e-01 2.45e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 FNDC4 8.04e-02 2.45e-02 0.9893
NC_000013.10 WBP4 -1.02e-01 2.45e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 CLCN7 -1.47e-01 2.46e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 HDAC7 -1.02e-01 2.46e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 TCF12 2.10e-01 2.46e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 CUGBP2 2.19e-01 2.46e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 DMPK 1.32e-01 2.46e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 GSTA4 -5.86e-02 2.46e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 AP2A2 2.27e-01 2.46e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 FIGNL1 7.67e-02 2.46e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 PLD3 -9.12e-02 2.46e-02 0.9893
NC_000020.10 CASS4 1.22e-01 2.46e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 SV2C 1.53e-01 2.46e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 P2RY2 7.09e-02 2.46e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 GALNS 1.02e-01 2.46e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 FOXP1 2.83e-01 2.46e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 PXN 1.47e-01 2.46e-02 0.9893
NC_000022.10 TSSK2 -1.40e-01 2.46e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 TOLLIP 2.07e-01 2.46e-02 0.9893
NC_000014.8 RNASE13 9.95e-02 2.46e-02 0.9893
NC_000013.10 EFNB2 6.70e-02 2.47e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 PGAP1 3.53e-01 2.47e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 RPP21 -5.17e-02 2.47e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 ZNF527 -7.71e-02 2.47e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 HTT 6.02e-02 2.47e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 AZI1 6.30e-02 2.47e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 WWC2 -8.47e-02 2.47e-02 0.9893
NC_000022.10 TPST2 7.64e-02 2.47e-02 0.9893
NC_000014.8 SLC25A21 7.93e-02 2.47e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 OR5B3 2.17e-01 2.47e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 ACAN -6.52e-02 2.47e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 GIGYF2 -5.96e-02 2.47e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 PTPRU 1.10e-01 2.47e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 LEPREL1 2.45e-01 2.47e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 CIITA 1.76e-01 2.47e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 SNX24 -1.82e-01 2.47e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 TLN2 1.62e-01 2.47e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 GBX1 9.22e-02 2.47e-02 0.9893
NC_000013.10 SLAIN1 -1.32e-01 2.47e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 MEGF6 1.08e-01 2.47e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 PPP1R1B 2.10e-01 2.47e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 BAIAP2 6.64e-02 2.47e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 FGR 1.32e-01 2.48e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 C10orf55 1.59e-01 2.48e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 PEG3 -6.92e-02 2.48e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 PRDX5 7.04e-02 2.48e-02 0.9893
NC_000013.10 RASA3 1.12e-01 2.48e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 CYP2A6 -1.71e-01 2.48e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 MEF2D -1.42e-01 2.48e-02 0.9893
NC_000013.10 ATP11A 1.82e-01 2.48e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 PCDHGA4 1.40e-01 2.48e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 MTUS1 -1.55e-01 2.48e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 SLC9A10 3.82e-01 2.48e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 C8orf74 7.85e-02 2.48e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 KIAA1967 6.60e-02 2.48e-02 0.9893
NC_000013.10 ARHGEF7 3.49e-01 2.48e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 ZNF608 -1.39e-01 2.48e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 NRN1 6.02e-02 2.48e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 LOC644145 1.64e-01 2.48e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 CNTNAP1 1.08e-01 2.48e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 TSTD1 1.39e-01 2.48e-02 0.9893
NC_000009.11 WNK2 1.34e-01 2.49e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 DFNA5 1.20e-01 2.49e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 FAM124B 1.84e-01 2.49e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 CPN1 1.03e-01 2.49e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 TNXB 2.35e-01 2.49e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 CCDC152 8.99e-02 2.49e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 FAM178B -1.02e-01 2.49e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 PLK5P 7.24e-02 2.49e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 ZNF837 9.72e-02 2.49e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 LYPD5 2.22e-01 2.49e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 OSTBETA 7.55e-02 2.49e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 CYP21A2 -8.09e-02 2.49e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 ZPBP 1.75e-01 2.49e-02 0.9893
NC_000023.10 FGF13 2.48e-01 2.49e-02 0.9893
NC_000020.10 POFUT1 -7.23e-02 2.49e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 ZYG11B 2.84e-01 2.49e-02 0.9893
NC_000018.9 ELAC1 6.85e-02 2.49e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 SLC45A4 2.08e-01 2.50e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 RIC3 1.01e-01 2.50e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 CTDSP2 1.30e-01 2.50e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 C7orf33 9.35e-02 2.50e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 HSPG2 8.60e-02 2.50e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 MIR563 2.43e-01 2.50e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 SLC2A5 1.27e-01 2.50e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 IRF8 5.14e-02 2.50e-02 0.9893
NC_000023.10 DGAT2L6 2.25e-01 2.50e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 PHRF1 6.61e-02 2.50e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 INPP5A 1.06e-01 2.50e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 AKAP13 7.39e-02 2.50e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 MEGF6 1.17e-01 2.50e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 STRA13 9.40e-02 2.50e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 DLX6AS 6.52e-02 2.50e-02 0.9893
NC_000013.10 RASA3 1.42e-01 2.50e-02 0.9893
NC_000013.10 GPC5 1.46e-01 2.51e-02 0.9893
NC_000022.10 ARHGAP8 -1.30e-01 2.51e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 TUBGCP2 7.07e-02 2.51e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 BCAR1 -1.30e-01 2.51e-02 0.9893
NC_000014.8 PACS2 1.28e-01 2.51e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 SNX31 1.27e-01 2.51e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 STK3 -8.80e-02 2.51e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 STX2 -1.31e-01 2.51e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 VAX1 8.32e-02 2.51e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 FKBP5 1.65e-01 2.51e-02 0.9893
NC_000022.10 MICAL3 6.48e-02 2.51e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 FRMD4A 2.36e-01 2.51e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 FAM176A 1.46e-01 2.51e-02 0.9893
NC_000014.8 GPR135 6.57e-02 2.52e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 STK38L 8.18e-02 2.52e-02 0.9893
NC_000022.10 C1QTNF6 8.01e-02 2.52e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 C5orf47 1.27e-01 2.52e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 USP47 2.29e-01 2.52e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 RNLS 5.60e-02 2.52e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 HLA-DRB5 3.03e-01 2.52e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 DDAH2 7.27e-02 2.52e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 PAPOLB 1.99e-01 2.52e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 FAM25A 8.32e-02 2.52e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 REXO1 -1.07e-01 2.52e-02 0.9893
NC_000013.10 FAM155A 5.88e-02 2.52e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 SMPD4 2.07e-01 2.52e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 VAX2 1.63e-01 2.52e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 SCN5A 1.35e-01 2.52e-02 0.9893
NC_000020.10 ZFP64 7.22e-02 2.52e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 HBXIP 1.38e-01 2.52e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 ZBTB22 5.10e-02 2.52e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 TANC1 -2.01e-01 2.52e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 EPS8L2 5.14e-02 2.52e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 MACF1 1.08e-01 2.52e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 PNPLA6 -7.73e-02 2.52e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 ACACA 1.99e-01 2.52e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 VCL 1.97e-01 2.52e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 ATP2C2 1.06e-01 2.53e-02 0.9893
NC_000018.9 DSG3 1.78e-01 2.53e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 HES5 4.54e-02 2.53e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 ADCY9 2.35e-01 2.53e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 AARS2 5.33e-02 2.53e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 C19orf6 7.45e-02 2.53e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 REST -9.62e-02 2.53e-02 0.9893
NC_000020.10 PPP1R16B -1.10e-01 2.53e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 MSX1 7.73e-02 2.53e-02 0.9893
NC_000021.8 ABCC13 2.01e-01 2.53e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 ZNF790 -7.95e-02 2.53e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 NAB1 -5.54e-02 2.53e-02 0.9893
NC_000022.10 PLXNB2 6.96e-02 2.53e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 NTRK1 1.05e-01 2.53e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 ZNF438 8.17e-02 2.53e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 ABR 1.37e-01 2.53e-02 0.9893
NC_000014.8 HEATR5A 1.18e-01 2.53e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 KIRREL3 1.13e-01 2.54e-02 0.9893
NC_000021.8 CBS 1.40e-01 2.54e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 KCNN3 1.50e-01 2.54e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 ZNF248 -1.70e-01 2.54e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 SORCS2 9.81e-02 2.54e-02 0.9893
NC_000022.10 MKL1 3.40e-01 2.54e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 SIX5 1.36e-01 2.54e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 CD1D 1.88e-01 2.54e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 CCDC113 7.65e-02 2.54e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 CHRFAM7A 1.68e-01 2.54e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 MYT1L 2.41e-01 2.54e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 ELMO1 -2.02e-01 2.54e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 HOMER2 1.89e-01 2.54e-02 0.9893
NC_000014.8 HSP90AA1 1.30e-01 2.54e-02 0.9893
NC_000013.10 ZMYM5 -8.98e-02 2.54e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 FOXJ2 -9.01e-02 2.54e-02 0.9893
NC_000023.10 PRAF2 1.14e-01 2.54e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 TKT 1.12e-01 2.54e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 SCRT1 2.33e-01 2.55e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 CACNA1E 8.27e-02 2.55e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 LIMD1 5.47e-02 2.55e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 TTC12 6.05e-02 2.55e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 PCDHA1 -6.31e-02 2.55e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 KCNMB3 8.11e-02 2.55e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 ABCF1 -5.46e-02 2.55e-02 0.9893
NC_000013.10 PCCA 5.73e-01 2.55e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 LTK 6.41e-02 2.55e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 AXIN2 2.83e-01 2.55e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 AVL9 -2.91e-01 2.55e-02 0.9893
NC_000022.10 SHANK3 6.69e-02 2.55e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 ZNF34 8.66e-02 2.55e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 ZNF251 1.30e-01 2.55e-02 0.9893
NC_000014.8 VRK1 1.51e-01 2.55e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 POLR1A 6.41e-02 2.55e-02 0.9893
NC_000021.8 HSF2BP 6.09e-02 2.55e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 FLJ42709 1.63e-01 2.55e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 MPP3 -8.65e-02 2.55e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 MYT1L 1.47e-01 2.55e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 CLEC3B 2.34e-01 2.55e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 ZNF300 5.38e-02 2.55e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 HIST1H4A 5.69e-02 2.55e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 ITFG3 8.97e-02 2.55e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 TRIM71 4.94e-02 2.55e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 OBSCN 6.52e-02 2.55e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 KLHL36 -5.57e-01 2.55e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 C6orf147 1.98e-01 2.55e-02 0.9893
NC_000020.10 FAM110A 1.37e-01 2.55e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 SNORD115-40 -7.43e-02 2.55e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 PCBP4 -5.27e-02 2.55e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 NBL1 4.97e-02 2.56e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 MYO1D 1.34e-01 2.56e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 PRRT1 -1.01e-01 2.56e-02 0.9893
NC_000021.8 APP 1.10e-01 2.56e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 BCAS3 -2.06e-01 2.56e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 BAG3 6.26e-02 2.56e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 GABBR1 2.06e-01 2.56e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 MAS1L 6.11e-02 2.56e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 TNFRSF8 1.59e-01 2.56e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 PSD3 -6.86e-02 2.56e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 LOC285830 -1.74e-01 2.56e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 NXPH1 6.23e-02 2.56e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 LYRM4 1.82e-01 2.56e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 SLC12A4 1.65e-01 2.56e-02 0.9893
NC_000009.11 RPSAP9 1.33e-01 2.56e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 LGR4 2.25e-01 2.56e-02 0.9893
NC_000014.8 DPF3 7.11e-02 2.56e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 C5orf33 -6.39e-02 2.56e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 MAGOHB 9.76e-02 2.56e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 KIF1C 1.04e-01 2.56e-02 0.9893
NC_000020.10 EMILIN3 4.92e-02 2.57e-02 0.9893
NC_000018.9 KATNAL2 -1.01e-01 2.57e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 NOTCH4 1.42e-01 2.57e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 AUTS2 2.38e-01 2.57e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 MARCH10 6.28e-02 2.57e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 GLUL 2.87e-01 2.57e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 HSPG2 -9.17e-02 2.57e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 MFHAS1 1.51e-01 2.57e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 MYEOV 1.67e-01 2.57e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 BAI1 2.12e-01 2.57e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 TEX14 1.45e-01 2.57e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 MGC72080 6.45e-02 2.57e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 HIF3A -7.73e-02 2.57e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 ST3GAL2 6.43e-02 2.57e-02 0.9893
NC_000009.11 WDR85 1.22e-01 2.57e-02 0.9893
NC_000009.11 FLJ35024 -1.50e-01 2.57e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 PUM1 1.49e-01 2.58e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 MAS1L 1.34e-01 2.58e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 ZNF438 9.78e-02 2.88e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 AFAP1 8.11e-02 2.58e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 SPTBN5 1.02e-01 2.58e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 PYROXD1 -9.73e-02 2.58e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 HOXD3 8.78e-02 2.58e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 PRIM1 1.15e-01 2.58e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 TPM1 2.08e-01 2.58e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 TRAK2 1.23e-01 2.58e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 SAFB2 1.20e-01 2.58e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 DNAJB1 -9.25e-02 2.58e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 CDCA8 8.15e-02 2.58e-02 0.9893
NC_000009.11 CAMSAP1 8.75e-02 2.89e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 VARS2 5.06e-02 2.58e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 LHCGR 4.58e-02 2.58e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 PTAFR 1.10e-01 2.58e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 CASZ1 9.46e-02 2.59e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 HCN3 2.53e-01 2.59e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 CCBL2 -1.91e-01 2.59e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 LOC154822 -8.74e-02 2.59e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 CSF2 1.45e-01 2.59e-02 0.9893
NC_000018.9 WBP11P1 -9.67e-02 2.59e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 VIM -5.48e-02 2.59e-02 0.9893
NC_000013.10 RASA3 9.96e-02 2.59e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 FAM71F2 8.21e-02 2.59e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 C5orf30 2.60e-01 2.59e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 ZZZ3 -8.40e-02 2.59e-02 0.9893
NC_000021.8 KRTAP10-11 -9.34e-02 2.59e-02 0.9893
NC_000023.10 ARX 1.83e-01 2.59e-02 0.9893
NC_000009.11 CRB2 -1.36e-01 2.60e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 FAM83H 1.91e-01 2.60e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 SLC45A1 5.67e-02 2.60e-02 0.9893
NC_000009.11 TJP2 3.16e-01 2.60e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 PBX4 6.46e-02 2.60e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 ERBB4 -1.22e-01 2.60e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 DKK3 8.98e-02 2.60e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 KIF1A -7.21e-02 2.60e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 FHIT -7.99e-02 2.60e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 LRGUK 1.14e-01 2.60e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 KIAA1614 8.61e-02 2.60e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 EPHB2 1.94e-01 2.60e-02 0.9893
NC_000009.11 KCNT1 -8.47e-02 2.60e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 TAS2R30 4.49e-01 2.60e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 AMMECR1L 1.17e-01 2.60e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 ZPBP 5.49e-02 2.60e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 DBNL 1.13e-01 2.60e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 TPM4 8.20e-02 2.61e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 GAB1 -2.21e-01 2.61e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 SERPINE2 1.78e-01 2.61e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 LOC728392 6.84e-02 2.61e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 SSH1 -6.41e-02 2.61e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 TNS3 1.60e-01 2.61e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 MPO 6.90e-02 2.61e-02 0.9893
NC_000023.10 CXorf61 1.30e-01 2.61e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 PHACTR2 8.55e-02 2.61e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 RASGRP2 -1.13e-01 2.61e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 WDR88 7.70e-02 2.61e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 PRR23B 1.03e-01 2.61e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 DLL4 1.12e-01 2.61e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 SH3RF3 3.22e-01 2.61e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 SPAM1 1.05e-01 2.61e-02 0.9893
NC_000020.10 DBNDD2 -2.05e-01 2.61e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 SCAP 5.49e-02 2.61e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 BAI1 1.06e-01 2.61e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 TRAPPC1 -6.41e-02 2.61e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 ADD1 5.19e-02 2.62e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 SATB2 1.67e-01 2.62e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 DAO 7.59e-02 2.62e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 C1orf230 8.00e-02 2.62e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 SPTBN4 9.45e-02 2.62e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 UNKL 1.90e-01 2.62e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 KIFC1 -8.36e-02 2.62e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 LXN 1.72e-01 2.62e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 PTPN22 2.46e-01 2.62e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 CTBS -8.95e-02 2.62e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 DNER -7.95e-02 2.62e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 AFAP1 1.23e-01 2.62e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 MAP3K7 -6.94e-02 2.62e-02 0.9893
NC_000009.11 VAV2 1.07e-01 2.62e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 ZMIZ1 1.88e-01 2.93e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 MUPCDH 1.93e-01 2.62e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 METRNL 1.61e-01 2.62e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 RUNX3 -7.65e-02 2.62e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 HCCA2 1.01e-01 2.62e-02 0.9893
NC_000022.10 GP1BB 9.04e-02 2.62e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 FAM53B 8.06e-02 2.62e-02 0.9893
NC_000020.10 GNAS -1.05e-01 2.62e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 NOL10 2.02e-01 2.62e-02 0.9893
NC_000013.10 MIR548F5 2.14e-01 2.63e-02 0.9893
NC_000009.11 GFI1B 1.18e-01 2.63e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 LOC401010 -4.63e-02 2.63e-02 0.9893
NC_000021.8 TRPM2 1.54e-01 2.63e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 PTK7 5.56e-02 2.63e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 TMPRSS7 2.96e-01 2.63e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 KLHDC9 8.97e-02 2.63e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 HRNR 5.49e-02 2.63e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 MASP2 5.94e-02 2.63e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 SCNN1A 1.01e-01 2.63e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 GNG7 9.64e-02 2.63e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 NLRP13 -8.57e-02 2.63e-02 0.9893
NC_000020.10 SCRT2 2.64e-01 2.63e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 PRKAG2 -6.36e-02 2.63e-02 0.9893
NC_000021.8 CHAF1B 9.56e-02 2.63e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 CELSR3 5.10e-02 2.63e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 SCP2 -1.06e-01 2.63e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 TMEM22 2.49e-01 2.63e-02 0.9893
NC_000014.8 TCL1A 1.11e-01 2.63e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 LSM11 -2.58e-01 2.63e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 VKORC1 -1.03e-01 2.63e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 GH2 -1.73e-01 2.63e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 RPL6 -1.00e-01 2.64e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 CBFA2T3 -1.51e-01 2.64e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 EN2 1.72e-01 2.64e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 DUPD1 1.46e-01 2.64e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 TRIM31 -1.46e-01 2.64e-02 0.9893
NC_000014.8 ITPK1 -7.65e-02 2.64e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 TAX1BP1 1.78e-01 2.64e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 BCKDHA -9.60e-02 2.64e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 SEPX1 -5.85e-02 2.64e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 PALM 1.04e-01 2.64e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 PFDN6 -9.71e-02 2.64e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 TNKS2 -1.27e-01 2.65e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 EID2 -3.07e-01 2.65e-02 0.9893
NC_000013.10 CARS2 3.11e-01 2.65e-02 0.9893
NC_000014.8 DHRS4L1 8.72e-02 2.65e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 KLF1 8.53e-02 2.65e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 LTBP1 6.18e-02 2.65e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 CUL5 -7.21e-02 2.65e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 SEZ6 6.63e-02 2.65e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 TGFBR2 1.37e-01 2.65e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 SH3PXD2A 9.47e-02 2.65e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 MYH14 1.33e-01 2.65e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 HDAC4 1.78e-01 2.65e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 LHPP 1.04e-01 2.65e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 PLEC1 9.31e-02 2.65e-02 0.9893
NC_000018.9 TAF4B 6.22e-02 2.65e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 HACE1 1.33e-01 2.65e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 CAMTA1 1.13e-01 2.65e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 FAM192A -2.08e-01 2.65e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 ZNF423 -1.10e-01 2.65e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 TBX2 6.75e-02 2.65e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 RBPJ -1.12e-01 2.65e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 TNXB 7.49e-02 2.65e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 SLC26A8 6.36e-02 2.65e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 INTS3 1.09e-01 2.65e-02 0.9893
NC_000020.10 SEMG1 9.89e-02 2.65e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 SPATA17 1.60e-01 2.65e-02 0.9893
NC_000023.10 PTCHD1 2.08e-01 2.65e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 SSH3 -5.87e-02 2.66e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 ZNF385A 1.39e-01 2.66e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 GSTM2 6.96e-02 2.66e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 C19orf61 -6.69e-02 2.66e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 CROCC 1.79e-01 2.66e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 HDAC4 6.96e-02 2.66e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 NHSL1 2.76e-01 2.66e-02 0.9893
NC_000013.10 ZC3H13 5.30e-02 2.66e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 SLC6A15 -6.00e-02 2.66e-02 0.9893
NC_000013.10 PCCA 1.91e-01 2.66e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 NDUFS8 -5.84e-02 2.66e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 8.60e-02 2.66e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 CRYGA 7.32e-02 2.66e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 LASS4 -1.58e-01 2.66e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 EHMT2 -7.50e-02 2.67e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 ZNF394 1.65e-01 2.67e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 FBXO3 -5.67e-02 2.67e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 GPRIN3 8.74e-02 2.67e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 TRPM8 5.70e-02 2.67e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 HYAL1 9.74e-02 2.67e-02 0.9893
NC_000013.10 MCF2L 9.41e-02 2.67e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 GTF2H1 2.76e-01 2.67e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 ADARB2 5.40e-02 2.67e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 DYNLL1 3.77e-01 2.67e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 MYEF2 6.43e-02 2.67e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 VGLL3 1.16e-01 2.67e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 TXNRD1 7.61e-02 2.67e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 TUBB3 8.57e-02 2.68e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 IRF7 -9.65e-02 2.68e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 GALNT3 1.57e-01 2.68e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 KLHL26 -6.57e-02 2.68e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 TSNARE1 -7.33e-02 2.68e-02 0.9893
NC_000023.10 FAM48B2 1.10e-01 2.68e-02 0.9893
NC_000014.8 OR10G3 -8.77e-02 2.68e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 VEZF1 9.99e-02 2.68e-02 0.9893
NC_000020.10 ZNF512B -6.61e-02 2.68e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 PWWP2B 8.00e-02 2.68e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 LCK -7.02e-02 2.68e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 RAB43 -2.13e-01 2.68e-02 0.9893
NC_000009.11 RXRA 8.77e-02 2.68e-02 0.9893
NC_000020.10 NOP56 -7.63e-02 2.68e-02 0.9893
NC_000020.10 DLGAP4 1.01e-01 2.68e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 SORCS2 1.22e-01 2.68e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 ZFHX3 1.64e-01 2.68e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 TCF7 7.31e-02 2.68e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 TATDN1 2.86e-01 2.68e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 C8orf73 7.46e-02 2.68e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 EPHA6 -8.42e-02 2.68e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 PDZD7 2.46e-01 2.68e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 LOC100240735 1.29e-01 2.68e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 DDX5 2.33e-01 2.69e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 ZFAT 2.36e-01 2.69e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 DLX1 5.76e-02 2.69e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 HIST1H1D -1.80e-01 2.69e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 C1orf107 1.12e-01 2.69e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 DIP2C 7.66e-02 2.69e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 KCTD3 1.60e-01 2.69e-02 0.9893
NC_000018.9 C18orf1 1.38e-01 2.69e-02 0.9893
NC_000020.10 PRIC285 7.31e-02 2.69e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 RAB37 9.51e-02 2.69e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 TRPM4 9.46e-02 2.69e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 MTMR7 1.02e-01 2.69e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 UPP1 1.04e-01 2.69e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 LRP1B 1.21e-01 2.69e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 FAM126A -5.50e-02 2.69e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 PI15 8.11e-02 2.69e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 CHRM1 1.60e-01 2.69e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 DBF4 7.43e-02 2.69e-02 0.9893
NC_000020.10 C20orf151 1.43e-01 2.69e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 PRKAG2 -1.29e-01 2.70e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 BRD9 1.29e-01 2.70e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 KDR 2.83e-01 2.70e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 UGT1A10 9.06e-02 2.70e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 P2RY2 6.36e-02 2.70e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 MLLT6 1.91e-01 2.70e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 PITPNM2 8.22e-02 2.70e-02 0.9893
NC_000023.10 MIR20B 1.32e-01 2.70e-02 0.9893
NC_000014.8 LTBP2 8.14e-02 2.70e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 SLC11A2 2.61e-01 2.70e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 DAO 1.42e-01 2.70e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 MEN1 -1.30e-01 2.70e-02 0.9893
NC_000014.8 RPL10L -6.92e-02 2.70e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 CD247 -9.90e-02 2.70e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 TRIM47 4.57e-02 2.70e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 CCDC57 -7.31e-02 2.70e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 PGM3 -8.08e-02 2.70e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 NUDT6 -1.05e-01 2.71e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 LYPD1 8.43e-02 2.71e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 FOXK2 8.69e-02 2.71e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 IGSF9B -2.36e-01 2.71e-02 0.9893
NC_000018.9 SMAD7 -1.38e-01 2.71e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 AIPL1 7.93e-02 2.71e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 NANOS3 1.26e-01 2.71e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 MAML2 1.62e-01 2.71e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 PHKB 3.01e-01 2.71e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 OR2W5 -1.10e-01 2.71e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 ITFG3 1.27e-01 2.71e-02 0.9893
NC_000022.10 GRAMD4 -2.47e-01 2.71e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 DDR1 2.58e-01 2.71e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 SRGN 1.45e-01 2.71e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 IGSF22 1.10e-01 2.71e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 ZNF469 1.08e-01 2.71e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 HLA-DQB2 8.59e-02 2.71e-02 0.9893
NC_000013.10 ATP12A 6.78e-02 2.71e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 FBXL18 -6.19e-02 2.71e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 ASAP2 1.49e-01 2.71e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 CACNB3 6.77e-02 2.71e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 ARHGAP27 9.92e-02 2.71e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 NXN 1.71e-01 2.72e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 GPR142 1.10e-01 2.72e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 FOXP1 1.80e-01 2.72e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 MAML3 1.16e-01 2.72e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 GMDS 2.73e-01 2.72e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 HLA-DRB6 2.63e-01 2.72e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 MEIS3P1 -5.25e-02 2.72e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 PLK4 -8.19e-02 2.72e-02 0.9893
NC_000013.10 ADPRHL1 1.21e-01 2.72e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 IGF2 1.00e-01 2.72e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 GIGYF1 2.13e-01 2.72e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 TBX2 7.93e-02 2.72e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 LIMD1 1.07e-01 2.72e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 FAM134B 1.93e-01 2.72e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 UNC119B 2.03e-01 2.72e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 CDRT15P -7.62e-02 2.72e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 OBSCN 5.15e-02 2.72e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 HPCAL1 1.13e-01 2.72e-02 0.9893
NC_000020.10 GNAS 2.85e-01 2.72e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 TALDO1 -3.21e-01 2.72e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 NTN3 7.69e-02 2.72e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 AP3D1 1.25e-01 2.72e-02 0.9893
NC_000022.10 RASL10A -8.72e-02 2.72e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 HRNR -8.06e-02 2.72e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 GPRC5C 1.15e-01 2.72e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 ANKRD30A -6.84e-02 2.72e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 ANK1 8.02e-02 2.73e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 SNORD74 -1.17e-01 2.73e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 PCDHGB4 1.05e-01 2.73e-02 0.9893
NC_000020.10 ANGPT4 6.05e-02 2.73e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 CHPF2 -6.05e-02 2.73e-02 0.9893
NC_000021.8 COL18A1 -5.09e-02 2.73e-02 0.9893
NC_000014.8 BEGAIN 2.19e-01 2.73e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 MFHAS1 3.24e-01 2.73e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 CD58 1.27e-01 2.73e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 ZNF727 1.05e-01 2.73e-02 0.9893
NC_000014.8 FERMT2 2.73e-01 2.73e-02 0.9893
NC_000020.10 ZNF217 2.85e-01 2.73e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 GNL3 -9.53e-02 2.73e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 STK38 -8.73e-02 2.73e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 DIP2C -1.59e-01 2.73e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 RGL2 7.08e-02 2.74e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 HIST3H2BB 4.64e-02 2.74e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 ST18 1.79e-01 2.74e-02 0.9893
NC_000009.11 RGS3 -4.51e-02 2.74e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 TMEM165 -9.36e-02 2.74e-02 0.9893
NC_000014.8 SERPINA12 1.11e-01 2.74e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 WDR60 2.57e-01 2.74e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 KLHL29 1.06e-01 2.74e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 SCHIP1 1.86e-01 2.74e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 SNORD115-38 -5.14e-02 2.74e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 NODAL 9.85e-02 2.74e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 TFCP2 -9.04e-02 2.74e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 IGF2BP1 -1.06e-01 2.74e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 RELT -1.47e-01 2.74e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 DAB2 2.06e-01 2.74e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 NTRK3 1.06e-01 2.74e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 ABCA17P 2.12e-01 2.74e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 SPIB 4.50e-02 2.74e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 ITPKB 2.16e-01 2.74e-02 0.9893
NC_000020.10 MAPRE1 -9.71e-02 2.74e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 ZC3H3 -5.08e-02 2.74e-02 0.9893
NC_000020.10 ZNF343 -1.79e-01 2.74e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 RIMBP2 5.07e-02 2.75e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 STRADA -7.91e-02 2.75e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 RPS6KA2 1.58e-01 2.75e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 CMTM4 2.40e-01 2.75e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 APBA2 2.48e-01 2.75e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 MAD1L1 9.04e-02 2.75e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 ZNF597 1.10e-01 2.75e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 TBC1D14 4.98e-02 2.75e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 HCG4P6 5.21e-02 2.75e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 ERF -6.17e-02 2.75e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 FGF11 1.39e-01 2.75e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 PCDHGA1 2.49e-01 2.75e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 NRD1 1.66e-01 2.75e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 SMYD3 1.56e-01 2.75e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 NCALD 3.81e-01 2.75e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 C19orf35 1.33e-01 2.75e-02 0.9893
NC_000021.8 MIR802 -7.55e-02 2.75e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 PACRG 1.63e-01 2.75e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 TM6SF2 1.29e-01 2.76e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 OAS3 7.97e-02 2.76e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 COQ7 8.26e-02 2.76e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 RAC1 6.40e-02 2.76e-02 0.9893
NC_000013.10 KIAA0564 -7.49e-02 2.76e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 LOC285045 -9.84e-02 2.76e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 YWHAE -1.21e-01 2.76e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 C3orf50 -3.37e-01 2.76e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 DGKI 4.94e-02 2.76e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 OSBPL9 7.25e-02 2.76e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 SCGB1D1 -1.36e-01 2.76e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 BRE 1.88e-01 2.76e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 VAX1 1.25e-01 2.76e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 ACER1 1.25e-01 2.76e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 HDAC4 5.98e-02 2.76e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 NAT8L 1.37e-01 2.76e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 REXO1 -8.33e-02 2.76e-02 0.9893
NC_000014.8 LTBP2 2.61e-01 2.76e-02 0.9893
NC_000009.11 FSD1L -5.89e-02 2.76e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 CYP51A1 6.05e-02 2.76e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 RNF144B 2.64e-01 2.77e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 CDK4 5.49e-02 2.77e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 REXO1L2P -6.48e-02 2.77e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 TBC1D16 2.05e-01 2.77e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 PLEKHH3 6.70e-02 2.77e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 ATXN2 -5.86e-02 2.77e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 BICC1 -7.96e-02 2.77e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 HIST1H3B 4.94e-02 2.77e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 FAM184A 2.15e-01 2.77e-02 0.9893
NC_000009.11 FIBCD1 9.61e-02 2.77e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 PRDM1 1.36e-01 2.77e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 MEOX1 1.94e-01 2.77e-02 0.9893
NC_000023.10 BCYRN1 -2.35e-01 2.77e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 EXOC2 1.91e-01 2.77e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 OTOP1 7.01e-02 2.77e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 FAM160B1 1.47e-01 2.77e-02 0.9893
NC_000014.8 ESR2 7.26e-02 2.77e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 KDM6B -5.55e-02 2.77e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 TLL2 1.32e-01 2.77e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 C3orf57 -7.69e-02 2.78e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 FLJ42875 7.97e-02 2.78e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 IMMP2L -7.30e-02 2.78e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 TATDN1 1.63e-01 2.78e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 AFAP1 5.22e-02 2.78e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 HJURP -5.67e-02 2.78e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 MAPK8IP3 -8.55e-02 2.78e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 TULP4 -2.01e-01 2.78e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 CYB5RL 8.30e-02 2.78e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 SGCE -5.16e-02 2.78e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 ORC5L 2.20e-01 2.78e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 ACOX3 5.55e-02 2.78e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 KIAA1967 1.64e-01 2.78e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 AFMID -1.11e-01 2.79e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 KIAA1274 1.85e-01 2.79e-02 0.9893
NC_000013.10 ANKRD10 -1.11e-01 2.79e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 MAL2 2.08e-01 2.79e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 NAPSB -5.68e-01 2.79e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 NMU 1.21e-01 2.79e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 HOXD11 7.01e-02 2.79e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 C10orf131 -1.28e-01 2.79e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 CNST 5.60e-02 2.79e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 ADRA1B -4.98e-02 2.79e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 SPTBN5 5.85e-02 2.79e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 ANKRD20B 1.80e-01 2.79e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 WDR74 -8.91e-02 2.79e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 USP31 3.19e-01 2.80e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 DPF1 -6.65e-02 2.80e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 LOC146336 -9.27e-02 2.80e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 PRICKLE1 -1.17e-01 2.80e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 ESPNP 5.61e-02 2.80e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 COL11A2 -1.08e-01 2.80e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 CHRNA5 4.74e-02 2.80e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 SLC8A1 1.49e-01 2.80e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 BRSK2 9.05e-02 2.80e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 SPATA3 8.36e-02 2.80e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 TOP1MT 5.36e-02 2.80e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 ACTR3C 7.61e-02 2.80e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 USP3 -8.44e-02 2.80e-02 0.9893
NC_000014.8 GPHN -1.12e-01 2.80e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 CHST11 1.67e-01 2.80e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 LOC100289673 4.96e-02 2.80e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 NNT 1.18e-01 2.80e-02 0.9893
NC_000009.11 LOC572558 7.36e-02 3.13e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 NRIP2 -7.55e-02 2.80e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 HLA-DPB2 8.65e-02 2.80e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 ADCK2 1.98e-01 2.80e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 CRLF1 -6.29e-02 2.80e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 EFR3A -1.27e-01 2.80e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 GRAMD3 1.53e-01 2.80e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 RABL5 1.21e-01 2.80e-02 0.9893
NC_000009.11 RAPGEF1 2.62e-01 2.81e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 BANP -6.91e-02 2.81e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 PRRT1 1.34e-01 2.81e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 IFFO2 1.64e-01 2.81e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 RARG 8.08e-02 2.81e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 TRIM72 5.97e-02 2.81e-02 0.9893
NC_000021.8 BAGE4 -1.13e-01 2.81e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 ITM2C 1.26e-01 2.81e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 DGKD 1.02e-01 2.81e-02 0.9893
NC_000009.11 ENTPD2 1.60e-01 2.81e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 TMEM132D 7.68e-02 2.81e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 ZNF274 5.69e-02 2.81e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 TMEM8A 1.62e-01 2.81e-02 0.9893
NC_000013.10 RASA3 1.10e-01 2.81e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 MIR641 -1.29e-01 2.81e-02 0.9893
NC_000021.8 ZNF295 9.96e-02 2.81e-02 0.9893
NC_000021.8 NCRNA00111 -9.30e-02 2.82e-02 0.9893
NC_000020.10 DBNDD2 -2.07e-01 2.82e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 EN1 8.98e-02 2.82e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 C12orf41 1.36e-01 2.82e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 CCHCR1 -1.14e-01 2.82e-02 0.9893
NC_000013.10 ATP11A 1.27e-01 2.82e-02 0.9893
NC_000009.11 ENTPD8 -7.26e-02 2.82e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 LRRC24 1.20e-01 2.82e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 FAM169B 1.96e-01 2.82e-02 0.9893
NC_000022.10 SYNGR1 -5.90e-02 2.82e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 PGAM1 1.05e-01 2.82e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 PCDHGA2 1.81e-01 2.83e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 EPHA10 -1.71e-01 2.83e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 DNAJC8 -1.06e-01 2.83e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 ZFAND1 5.36e-02 2.83e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 MYO15A 7.11e-02 2.83e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 HCG11 7.60e-02 2.83e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 PC -3.61e-01 2.83e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 BANP 6.06e-02 2.83e-02 0.9893
NC_000014.8 RGS6 9.48e-02 2.83e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 ATP6V0D1 7.69e-02 2.83e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 COL14A1 -1.26e-01 2.83e-02 0.9893
NC_000022.10 CABIN1 1.19e-01 2.83e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 -6.19e-02 2.83e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 ZNF480 -8.29e-02 2.83e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 MAP2K6 -5.28e-02 2.83e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 LRRCC1 1.57e-01 2.84e-02 0.9893
NC_000008.10 KBTBD11 -1.22e-01 2.84e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 MAPK8IP1 4.45e-02 2.84e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 SLC2A1 1.95e-01 2.84e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 DNMBP -7.83e-02 2.84e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 CAPN10 1.05e-01 2.84e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 PRR25 1.04e-01 2.84e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 FOXO3 8.68e-02 2.84e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 LRRC34 1.02e-01 2.84e-02 0.9893
NC_000014.8 ZBTB42 -8.39e-02 2.84e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 PRDM16 7.94e-02 2.84e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 PCDHB7 7.65e-02 2.84e-02 0.9893
NC_000013.10 ATP11A 1.53e-01 2.84e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 EIF4E1B 1.59e-01 2.84e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 C15orf50 6.38e-02 2.85e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 ETV1 -1.04e-01 2.85e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 ARHGAP22 7.60e-02 2.85e-02 0.9893
NC_000005.9 SGCD -1.02e-01 2.85e-02 0.9893
NC_000015.9 SMAD3 2.83e-01 2.85e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 NXPH1 7.56e-02 2.85e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 SIGIRR 1.63e-01 2.85e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 C4orf32 -9.59e-02 2.85e-02 0.9893
NC_000014.8 DCAF4 -1.16e-01 2.85e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 IL1RL2 7.67e-02 2.85e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 FBXL12 -7.20e-02 2.85e-02 0.9893
NC_000020.10 CYP24A1 -6.86e-02 2.85e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 RNPEP 5.34e-02 2.85e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 ZMIZ1 -1.98e-01 2.85e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 SBNO2 1.16e-01 2.85e-02 0.9893
NC_000007.13 CCDC136 1.02e-01 2.85e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 MYT1L 9.64e-02 2.85e-02 0.9893
NC_000009.11 KIAA1161 2.00e-01 2.85e-02 0.9893
NC_000012.11 PKP2 7.27e-02 2.85e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 NXN 8.93e-02 2.85e-02 0.9893
NC_000003.11 WWTR1 1.71e-01 2.86e-02 0.9893
NC_000019.9 IL29 1.55e-01 2.86e-02 0.9893
NC_000004.11 SH3RF1 -5.30e-02 2.86e-02 0.9893
NC_000010.10 PAX2 -6.12e-02 2.86e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 ECHDC2 -8.06e-02 2.86e-02 0.9893
NC_000016.9 RAB40C 5.71e-02 2.86e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 C1orf21 2.61e-01 2.86e-02 0.9893
NC_000002.11 OBSL1 2.05e-01 2.86e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 SPI1 1.97e-01 2.86e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 CD300LD 5.13e-02 2.86e-02 0.9893
NC_000006.11 RXRB -1.65e-01 2.86e-02 0.9893
NC_000001.10 TNFRSF1B 1.14e-01 2.86e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 SYNGR2 5.02e-02 2.86e-02 0.9893
NC_000011.9 NUDT8 9.34e-02 2.86e-02 0.9893
NC_000017.10 RPTOR