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Basic Information

The table below details the source and basic information of this item.

Title Content
iBAD ID iBAD_0000290
Karyotype Trisomy 21
Type Methylation profiling by array
Diseases Down syndrome
Organism Homo sapiens
Tissue Brain
Cell Line Cerebellum
Platform GPL13534
Accession GSE74486
GEO Title Trans-effects of chromosome aneuploidies on DNA methylation patterns: DNA methylation analysis of Down syndrome in human brain tissues and cells
PMID 26607552
Article Title Trans effects of chromosome aneuploidies on DNA methylation patterns in human Down syndrome and mouse models
Author Mendioroz M, Do C, Jiang X, Liu C, Darbary HK, Lang CF, Lin J, Thomas A, Abu-Amero S, Stanier P, Temkin A, Yale A, Liu MM, Li Y, Salas M, Kerkel K, Capone G, Silverman W, Yu YE, Moore G, Wegiel J, Tycko B
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Differentially Expressed Genes

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Gene ID Gene Name logFC P-value P-adj
NC_000019.9 ZNF573 -3.26e-01 2.00e-07 0.0969
NC_000015.9 LOC100132724 -2.62e-01 5.78e-07 0.1402
NC_000008.10 FAM83H 4.69e-01 3.90e-06 0.2068
NC_000010.10 KNDC1 3.60e-01 4.61e-06 0.2068
NC_000008.10 FAM83H 2.87e-01 6.93e-06 0.2182
NC_000006.11 LOC285733 -3.37e-01 8.14e-06 0.2182
NC_000012.11 DYRK4 -3.42e-01 9.27e-06 0.2182
NC_000001.10 FAM89A -1.76e-01 9.77e-06 0.2182
NC_000012.11 MCRS1 -1.67e-01 1.29e-05 0.2182
NC_000003.11 LOC100131551 2.00e-01 1.37e-05 0.2182
NC_000008.10 CSMD1 1.28e-01 1.47e-05 0.2182
NC_000001.10 ESRRG -2.41e-01 1.48e-05 0.2182
NC_000005.9 LOC728264 -1.33e-01 1.50e-05 0.2182
NC_000006.11 HLA-DQA1 1.82e-01 1.57e-05 0.2182
NC_000019.9 THEG 1.74e-01 1.64e-05 0.2182
NC_000001.10 RD3 -1.09e-01 1.72e-05 0.2182
NC_000002.11 ITGA6 -1.31e-01 1.81e-05 0.2182
NC_000001.10 MOSC2 -1.43e-01 1.86e-05 0.2182
NC_000019.9 DOCK6 1.62e-01 1.90e-05 0.2182
NC_000016.9 CACNA1H 1.49e-01 1.91e-05 0.2182
NC_000011.9 DDB2 -2.63e-01 1.97e-05 0.2182
NC_000005.9 DOK3 -1.31e-01 1.99e-05 0.2182
NC_000005.9 SH3PXD2B -1.75e-01 2.14e-05 0.2182
NC_000007.13 FOXK1 -1.86e-01 2.16e-05 0.2182
NC_000007.13 ESYT2 -1.48e-01 2.21e-05 0.2182
NC_000021.8 DNMT3L 1.64e-01 2.27e-05 0.2182
NC_000008.10 RGS22 -1.81e-01 2.29e-05 0.2182
NC_000011.9 LRP5 1.19e-01 2.29e-05 0.2182
NC_000011.9 NADSYN1 -2.72e-01 2.38e-05 0.2182
NC_000003.11 RPL39L 1.21e-01 2.44e-05 0.2182
NC_000006.11 DDR1 -1.30e-01 2.53e-05 0.2182
NC_000001.10 BCL2L15 -1.36e-01 2.58e-05 0.2182
NC_000002.11 PXDN -1.72e-01 2.68e-05 0.2182
NC_000005.9 TGFBI 2.68e-01 2.71e-05 0.2182
NC_000013.10 UFM1 -1.43e-01 2.73e-05 0.2182
NC_000014.8 RAD51L1 1.52e-01 2.82e-05 0.2182
NC_000002.11 WNT10A 1.53e-01 2.89e-05 0.2182
NC_000007.13 LOC154822 1.56e-01 3.00e-05 0.2182
NC_000010.10 ITPRIP -1.51e-01 3.00e-05 0.2182
NC_000018.9 FHOD3 3.48e-01 3.02e-05 0.2182
NC_000010.10 PFKP -1.98e-01 3.05e-05 0.2182
NC_000001.10 NFIA 1.46e-01 3.06e-05 0.2182
NC_000005.9 ARAP3 1.41e-01 3.23e-05 0.2243
NC_000008.10 ST18 -1.73e-01 3.30e-05 0.2243
NC_000016.9 WFDC1 2.28e-01 3.49e-05 0.2243
NC_000011.9 SHANK2 -2.27e-01 3.72e-05 0.2243
NC_000009.11 PRUNE2 -1.29e-01 3.75e-05 0.2243
NC_000010.10 DLG5 -1.06e-01 3.78e-05 0.2243
NC_000008.10 TMEM71 -1.06e-01 3.80e-05 0.2243
NC_000008.10 REEP4 -1.20e-01 3.83e-05 0.2243
NC_000012.11 FOXJ2 -1.31e-01 3.87e-05 0.2243
NC_000007.13 HEATR2 -1.69e-01 3.98e-05 0.2243
NC_000013.10 SPATA13 1.66e-01 4.06e-05 0.2243
NC_000015.9 POLG -1.15e-01 4.09e-05 0.2243
NC_000006.11 BAT3 -1.46e-01 4.31e-05 0.2243
NC_000011.9 C11orf9 -1.05e-01 4.35e-05 0.2243
NC_000001.10 OR10J3 1.03e-01 4.43e-05 0.2243
NC_000010.10 CHAT 9.84e-02 4.50e-05 0.2243
NC_000010.10 FLJ41350 -1.09e-01 4.54e-05 0.2243
NC_000006.11 HLA-DPB1 -1.12e-01 4.58e-05 0.2243
NC_000002.11 PLB1 1.11e-01 4.81e-05 0.2243
NC_000017.10 B3GNTL1 -1.44e-01 4.90e-05 0.2243
NC_000004.11 STK32B -9.43e-02 5.04e-05 0.2243
NC_000016.9 HEATR3 -1.75e-01 5.05e-05 0.2243
NC_000016.9 ATP2C2 -2.02e-01 5.17e-05 0.2243
NC_000007.13 CYP2W1 1.37e-01 5.27e-05 0.2243
NC_000010.10 COL17A1 -1.64e-01 5.32e-05 0.2243
NC_000007.13 KIAA1908 -1.06e-01 5.61e-05 0.2243
NC_000019.9 EHD2 -1.26e-01 5.68e-05 0.2243
NC_000019.9 NOSIP -1.41e-01 5.75e-05 0.2243
NC_000011.9 RTN4RL2 -1.67e-01 5.77e-05 0.2243
NC_000007.13 TBXAS1 -1.25e-01 5.80e-05 0.2243
NC_000006.11 HCG22 -9.88e-02 5.83e-05 0.2243
NC_000001.10 ISG15 -1.95e-01 2.16e-05 0.2182
NC_000006.11 C6orf10 -1.53e-01 5.91e-05 0.2243
NC_000006.11 TNXB 1.64e-01 5.96e-05 0.2243
NC_000013.10 STK24 -1.63e-01 6.05e-05 0.2243
NC_000006.11 NT5DC1 -1.62e-01 6.07e-05 0.2243
NC_000020.10 PET117 -1.92e-01 6.11e-05 0.2243
NC_000012.11 A2M 1.60e-01 6.18e-05 0.2243
NC_000001.10 DENND2D -1.29e-01 6.36e-05 0.2243
NC_000007.13 SKAP2 1.52e-01 6.47e-05 0.2243
NC_000014.8 RAD51L1 -9.18e-02 6.51e-05 0.2243
NC_000006.11 KIAA1949 -1.46e-01 6.64e-05 0.2243
NC_000006.11 RPS6KA2 -1.97e-01 6.65e-05 0.2243
NC_000004.11 CLRN2 -2.56e-01 6.71e-05 0.2243
NC_000004.11 CTBP1 9.00e-02 6.71e-05 0.2243
NC_000017.10 NXN -1.36e-01 6.75e-05 0.2243
NC_000011.9 NAALADL1 9.36e-02 6.78e-05 0.2243
NC_000001.10 ECE1 -2.36e-01 6.86e-05 0.2243
NC_000007.13 KCP 9.60e-02 6.89e-05 0.2243
NC_000008.10 DKK4 -1.46e-01 6.91e-05 0.2243
NC_000017.10 SOST -1.71e-01 6.96e-05 0.2243
NC_000016.9 C16orf54 2.15e-01 6.97e-05 0.2243
NC_000002.11 PLB1 -1.29e-01 6.99e-05 0.2243
NC_000020.10 PROCR -2.19e-01 7.14e-05 0.2243
NC_000011.9 KCNQ1 2.64e-01 7.32e-05 0.2243
NC_000011.9 PRG2 1.21e-01 7.36e-05 0.2243
NC_000006.11 C6orf10 -9.22e-02 7.52e-05 0.2243
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 1.73e-01 7.64e-05 0.2243
NC_000006.11 SIM1 -8.05e-02 7.71e-05 0.2243
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 -1.49e-01 7.86e-05 0.2243
NC_000007.13 TRRAP -1.45e-01 8.01e-05 0.2243
NC_000018.9 NFATC1 2.43e-01 8.06e-05 0.2243
NC_000007.13 CRYGN 1.34e-01 8.18e-05 0.2243
NC_000016.9 KCTD13 -2.27e-01 8.19e-05 0.2243
NC_000001.10 KPNA6 -1.31e-01 8.32e-05 0.2243
NC_000010.10 MGMT -3.13e-01 8.33e-05 0.2243
NC_000013.10 DOCK9 -1.39e-01 8.40e-05 0.2243
NC_000011.9 ROBO4 -1.59e-01 8.52e-05 0.2243
NC_000001.10 ABCA4 -2.15e-01 8.56e-05 0.2243
NC_000001.10 SDCCAG8 -1.39e-01 8.60e-05 0.2243
NC_000001.10 SELENBP1 1.46e-01 8.61e-05 0.2243
NC_000016.9 CTRB2 2.18e-01 8.61e-05 0.2243
NC_000016.9 CDH3 1.08e-01 8.62e-05 0.2243
NC_000001.10 FLJ40434 -1.54e-01 8.69e-05 0.2243
NC_000007.13 DNAJB6 2.58e-01 8.69e-05 0.2243
NC_000004.11 DOK7 2.73e-01 8.72e-05 0.2243
NC_000021.8 FTCD -1.64e-01 8.76e-05 0.2243
NC_000020.10 COL20A1 -1.10e-01 8.84e-05 0.2243
NC_000007.13 PRKAR1B -1.95e-01 8.98e-05 0.2243
NC_000006.11 STX7 -1.26e-01 9.11e-05 0.2243
NC_000019.9 UPF1 -8.37e-02 9.34e-05 0.2243
NC_000010.10 HKDC1 1.59e-01 9.40e-05 0.2243
NC_000014.8 RTN1 -1.66e-01 9.43e-05 0.2243
NC_000021.8 C2CD2 -1.56e-01 9.50e-05 0.2243
NC_000016.9 WFDC1 2.82e-01 9.58e-05 0.2243
NC_000015.9 MIR7-2 -1.56e-01 9.81e-05 0.2243
NC_000006.11 C6orf182 -1.26e-01 9.82e-05 0.2243
NC_000019.9 LGALS7B 9.62e-02 9.99e-05 0.2243
NC_000010.10 ANK3 -9.47e-02 1.00e-04 0.2243
NC_000012.11 CACNA1C -1.57e-01 1.00e-04 0.2243
NC_000006.11 DDAH2 8.35e-02 1.00e-04 0.2243
NC_000015.9 PCSK6 -1.60e-01 1.01e-04 0.2243
NC_000022.10 XPNPEP3 -1.66e-01 1.02e-04 0.2243
NC_000006.11 BTNL2 -1.28e-01 1.02e-04 0.2243
NC_000004.11 ODZ3 8.74e-02 1.02e-04 0.2243
NC_000005.9 TNFAIP8 -1.59e-01 1.02e-04 0.2243
NC_000020.10 SIGLEC1 1.41e-01 1.02e-04 0.2243
NC_000016.9 CRAMP1L -1.22e-01 1.03e-04 0.2243
NC_000006.11 TAP1 -1.52e-01 1.03e-04 0.2243
NC_000022.10 FLJ41941 -7.85e-02 1.05e-04 0.2243
NC_000014.8 KIAA1409 -1.62e-01 1.05e-04 0.2243
NC_000006.11 PSMB8 -8.73e-02 1.05e-04 0.2243
NC_000015.9 LOC283731 -2.01e-01 1.05e-04 0.2243
NC_000001.10 KIF26B 1.54e-01 1.05e-04 0.2243
NC_000020.10 C20orf141 8.77e-02 1.06e-04 0.2243
NC_000001.10 FAM129A -1.06e-01 1.06e-04 0.2243
NC_000012.11 KRT85 1.71e-01 1.07e-04 0.2243
NC_000019.9 ATP13A1 -2.29e-01 1.07e-04 0.2243
NC_000001.10 SDCCAG8 9.06e-02 1.08e-04 0.2243
NC_000010.10 PRKCQ -1.36e-01 1.08e-04 0.2243
NC_000006.11 LAMA4 -9.40e-02 1.09e-04 0.2243
NC_000001.10 CCDC17 -1.56e-01 1.09e-04 0.2243
NC_000002.11 CDC42EP3 -1.11e-01 1.10e-04 0.2243
NC_000010.10 PFKP -1.59e-01 1.11e-04 0.2243
NC_000008.10 SLC45A4 -1.70e-01 1.11e-04 0.2243
NC_000015.9 CATSPER2 -1.09e-01 1.11e-04 0.2243
NC_000007.13 CYP2W1 1.12e-01 1.11e-04 0.2243
NC_000007.13 CYTH3 -1.47e-01 1.11e-04 0.2243
NC_000006.11 TAPBP -9.40e-02 1.12e-04 0.2243
NC_000006.11 LAMA4 1.62e-01 1.13e-04 0.2243
NC_000001.10 PRDM16 2.86e-01 1.13e-04 0.2243
NC_000003.11 ABI3BP -8.62e-02 1.15e-04 0.2243
NC_000010.10 ASCC1 -1.63e-01 1.15e-04 0.2243
NC_000004.11 KIAA1530 -1.84e-01 1.15e-04 0.2243
NC_000004.11 COL25A1 -3.50e-01 1.15e-04 0.2243
NC_000020.10 BPI 8.29e-02 1.16e-04 0.2243
NC_000001.10 ARHGEF16 2.14e-01 1.16e-04 0.2243
NC_000005.9 LOC729080 -8.85e-02 1.17e-04 0.2251
NC_000012.11 DNAH10 -9.38e-02 1.18e-04 0.2257
NC_000016.9 IFT140 -1.56e-01 1.19e-04 0.2257
NC_000008.10 NCOA2 -1.69e-01 1.19e-04 0.2257
NC_000012.11 LACRT -1.15e-01 1.21e-04 0.2272
NC_000016.9 BANP -1.09e-01 1.22e-04 0.2273
NC_000015.9 IDH3A -1.60e-01 1.24e-04 0.2276
NC_000006.11 TNXB 7.88e-02 1.25e-04 0.2276
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 -1.68e-01 1.26e-04 0.2276
NC_000013.10 TRIM13 -9.52e-02 1.26e-04 0.2276
NC_000004.11 ENPP6 -1.46e-01 1.29e-04 0.2282
NC_000017.10 PDK2 -9.73e-02 1.29e-04 0.2282
NC_000001.10 KIRREL 9.24e-02 1.30e-04 0.2282
NC_000003.11 CACNA1D -8.12e-02 1.30e-04 0.2282
NC_000010.10 PFKP -3.26e-01 1.31e-04 0.2282
NC_000003.11 RFTN1 7.81e-02 1.32e-04 0.2282
NC_000011.9 ETS1 1.50e-01 1.32e-04 0.2282
NC_000006.11 LOC285830 1.24e-01 1.33e-04 0.2282
NC_000010.10 GJD4 9.27e-02 1.35e-04 0.2282
NC_000017.10 TIMP2 -1.48e-01 1.35e-04 0.2282
NC_000009.11 FAM166B -1.11e-01 1.35e-04 0.2282
NC_000003.11 C3orf45 -2.13e-01 1.36e-04 0.2282
NC_000004.11 GABRB1 -1.22e-01 1.36e-04 0.2282
NC_000005.9 SLC12A7 -1.24e-01 1.37e-04 0.2284
NC_000016.9 CREBBP -1.73e-01 1.37e-04 0.2284
NC_000019.9 KPTN -8.37e-02 1.38e-04 0.2287
NC_000018.9 CTDP1 -1.40e-01 1.39e-04 0.2289
NC_000003.11 PLXND1 -1.47e-01 1.40e-04 0.2298
NC_000006.11 PREP -1.14e-01 1.41e-04 0.2298
NC_000001.10 CSDE1 -1.08e-01 1.41e-04 0.2298
NC_000019.9 ZFR2 1.12e-01 1.42e-04 0.23
NC_000010.10 PFKP -4.82e-01 1.44e-04 0.23
NC_000008.10 ZNF696 -1.60e-01 1.45e-04 0.23
NC_000016.9 LMF1 -2.17e-01 1.45e-04 0.23
NC_000011.9 AHNAK -1.45e-01 1.47e-04 0.23
NC_000001.10 ASAP3 -1.02e-01 1.47e-04 0.23
NC_000012.11 TNFRSF1A 1.79e-01 1.47e-04 0.23
NC_000006.11 NFYA -1.13e-01 1.47e-04 0.23
NC_000006.11 DACT2 -9.00e-02 1.49e-04 0.23
NC_000001.10 PEAR1 -1.75e-01 1.50e-04 0.23
NC_000007.13 CYTH3 -8.02e-02 1.52e-04 0.23
NC_000011.9 SYT8 -1.20e-01 1.54e-04 0.23
NC_000020.10 TP53RK 9.52e-02 1.54e-04 0.23
NC_000006.11 EYA4 7.10e-02 1.55e-04 0.23
NC_000001.10 TRAF5 -1.33e-01 1.56e-04 0.23
NC_000001.10 USH2A -8.46e-02 1.56e-04 0.23
NC_000001.10 PRDM16 2.08e-01 1.58e-04 0.23
NC_000001.10 USP48 -1.87e-01 1.58e-04 0.23
NC_000002.11 EMILIN1 1.37e-01 1.58e-04 0.23
NC_000022.10 SGSM3 -1.01e-01 1.58e-04 0.23
NC_000016.9 IFT140 9.86e-02 1.61e-04 0.23
NC_000007.13 TNRC18 -1.73e-01 1.62e-04 0.23
NC_000019.9 C19orf6 2.54e-01 1.62e-04 0.23
NC_000019.9 CEACAM1 -2.15e-01 1.63e-04 0.23
NC_000001.10 RASSF5 -1.81e-01 1.64e-04 0.23
NC_000003.11 BOC -9.85e-02 1.64e-04 0.23
NC_000006.11 FUCA2 -1.14e-01 1.66e-04 0.23
NC_000005.9 SH3TC2 8.20e-02 1.66e-04 0.23
NC_000007.13 MICALL2 -1.56e-01 1.66e-04 0.23
NC_000003.11 GHRL -1.47e-01 1.67e-04 0.23
NC_000017.10 TIMP2 -7.95e-02 1.67e-04 0.23
NC_000011.9 NADSYN1 -1.22e-01 1.67e-04 0.23
NC_000016.9 MGRN1 -1.38e-01 1.67e-04 0.23
NC_000001.10 CSMD2 -9.25e-02 1.68e-04 0.23
NC_000009.11 SHB -2.07e-01 1.68e-04 0.23
NC_000010.10 ADAM12 2.77e-01 1.69e-04 0.23
NC_000007.13 PRKAR1B -1.74e-01 1.69e-04 0.23
NC_000019.9 ZNF546 -1.42e-01 1.69e-04 0.23
NC_000001.10 PEX19 -9.21e-02 1.70e-04 0.23
NC_000006.11 CCHCR1 -1.30e-01 1.70e-04 0.23
NC_000017.10 HCRT -9.42e-02 1.72e-04 0.23
NC_000015.9 BNC1 1.36e-01 1.72e-04 0.23
NC_000019.9 SYT5 1.67e-01 1.72e-04 0.23
NC_000009.11 LHX2 -9.14e-02 1.72e-04 0.23
NC_000002.11 PLB1 -9.15e-02 1.72e-04 0.23
NC_000003.11 RARB -1.33e-01 1.73e-04 0.23
NC_000021.8 MIR155HG -1.39e-01 1.76e-04 0.23
NC_000013.10 KLF12 -1.07e-01 1.76e-04 0.23
NC_000016.9 ZNF688 -1.28e-01 1.77e-04 0.23
NC_000009.11 LHX2 -1.81e-01 1.78e-04 0.23
NC_000011.9 RAPSN 1.29e-01 1.78e-04 0.23
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 -1.30e-01 1.78e-04 0.23
NC_000009.11 PPP2R4 -1.41e-01 1.78e-04 0.23
NC_000019.9 SAFB2 -8.43e-02 1.81e-04 0.2332
NC_000004.11 IRF2 -1.24e-01 1.82e-04 0.2332
NC_000016.9 LMF1 -2.30e-01 1.82e-04 0.2332
NC_000011.9 KCNQ1 2.18e-01 1.84e-04 0.2346
NC_000017.10 BCAS3 -1.06e-01 1.85e-04 0.2346
NC_000002.11 NRP2 -2.01e-01 1.86e-04 0.2346
NC_000011.9 ORAOV1 -1.07e-01 1.86e-04 0.2346
NC_000010.10 OPN4 -9.86e-02 1.87e-04 0.2346
NC_000002.11 KLHL29 -1.41e-01 1.88e-04 0.2346
NC_000006.11 HLA-J -1.13e-01 1.90e-04 0.2346
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 -1.77e-01 1.90e-04 0.2346
NC_000001.10 DOCK7 -1.39e-01 1.90e-04 0.2346
NC_000001.10 PRDM16 1.06e-01 1.92e-04 0.2346
NC_000012.11 C12orf27 -8.88e-02 1.94e-04 0.2346
NC_000001.10 ZYG11B -1.05e-01 1.94e-04 0.2346
NC_000021.8 PCNT 1.72e-01 1.95e-04 0.2346
NC_000015.9 PML -1.05e-01 1.95e-04 0.2346
NC_000007.13 BBS9 -1.41e-01 1.96e-04 0.2346
NC_000016.9 ZNF598 7.80e-02 1.96e-04 0.2346
NC_000006.11 KIAA1949 -1.01e-01 1.98e-04 0.2346
NC_000016.9 LMF1 -1.50e-01 1.98e-04 0.2346
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 -2.22e-01 1.98e-04 0.2346
NC_000002.11 SERPINE2 -1.36e-01 1.99e-04 0.2346
NC_000015.9 CRABP1 1.77e-01 1.99e-04 0.2346
NC_000011.9 HCCA2 2.02e-01 2.00e-04 0.2346
NC_000001.10 ADCY10 -1.08e-01 2.02e-04 0.2346
NC_000015.9 GPR176 -1.54e-01 2.03e-04 0.2346
NC_000010.10 LOC100188947 9.38e-02 2.03e-04 0.2346
NC_000002.11 C2orf64 -8.47e-02 2.03e-04 0.2346
NC_000003.11 RPL39L -1.59e-01 2.04e-04 0.2346
NC_000006.11 CDKN1A -9.97e-02 2.04e-04 0.2346
NC_000003.11 ZDHHC3 -9.14e-02 2.05e-04 0.2346
NC_000001.10 VANGL1 -8.90e-02 2.06e-04 0.2346
NC_000001.10 AGRN -2.46e-01 2.07e-04 0.2346
NC_000001.10 FDPS -9.17e-02 2.07e-04 0.2346
NC_000019.9 SGTA 1.57e-01 2.07e-04 0.2346
NC_000016.9 SNRNP25 -1.44e-01 2.11e-04 0.2346
NC_000006.11 BTBD9 -1.76e-01 2.13e-04 0.2346
NC_000016.9 TCF25 -2.05e-01 2.14e-04 0.2346
NC_000022.10 PITPNB -8.19e-02 2.14e-04 0.2346
NC_000013.10 ATP11A -1.54e-01 2.14e-04 0.2346
NC_000009.11 NOL8 1.14e-01 2.15e-04 0.2346
NC_000004.11 IRF2 -1.13e-01 2.15e-04 0.2346
NC_000008.10 PVT1 9.58e-02 2.15e-04 0.2346
NC_000017.10 RPTOR -1.84e-01 2.16e-04 0.2346
NC_000001.10 ECE1 -2.75e-01 2.16e-04 0.2346
NC_000010.10 PPRC1 -1.48e-01 2.17e-04 0.2346
NC_000006.11 HLA-DQA1 -5.88e-01 2.19e-04 0.2346
NC_000016.9 PDIA2 1.12e-01 2.20e-04 0.2346
NC_000011.9 AHNAK -1.34e-01 2.20e-04 0.2346
NC_000005.9 SYNPO -1.63e-01 2.20e-04 0.2346
NC_000014.8 RAD51L1 -1.01e-01 2.21e-04 0.2346
NC_000001.10 ISG20L2 -6.87e-02 2.21e-04 0.2346
NC_000020.10 ARFGAP1 -1.65e-01 2.22e-04 0.2346
NC_000004.11 MAEA 7.16e-02 2.22e-04 0.2346
NC_000009.11 MIR219-2 -8.31e-02 2.22e-04 0.2346
NC_000001.10 WDR8 1.48e-01 2.22e-04 0.2346
NC_000018.9 HSBP1L1 -1.29e-01 2.23e-04 0.2346
NC_000022.10 SCUBE1 -1.61e-01 2.24e-04 0.2346
NC_000001.10 C1orf106 -1.01e-01 2.25e-04 0.2346
NC_000022.10 POM121L8P -1.14e-01 2.25e-04 0.2346
NC_000011.9 PANX1 -1.89e-01 2.25e-04 0.2346
NC_000017.10 GUCY2D -1.43e-01 2.26e-04 0.2346
NC_000009.11 SLC34A3 -6.80e-02 2.26e-04 0.2346
NC_000015.9 HEXA -1.06e-01 2.26e-04 0.2346
NC_000018.9 LOC100192426 -1.50e-01 2.27e-04 0.2346
NC_000017.10 SEPT9 -1.01e-01 2.27e-04 0.2346
NC_000011.9 ODF3 -1.01e-01 2.27e-04 0.2346
NC_000004.11 SH3BP2 -1.43e-01 2.27e-04 0.2346
NC_000011.9 SHANK2 1.72e-01 2.29e-04 0.2346
NC_000003.11 IGF2BP2 -1.26e-01 2.30e-04 0.2346
NC_000010.10 HKDC1 1.74e-01 2.31e-04 0.2346
NC_000002.11 HDAC4 -1.33e-01 2.32e-04 0.2346
NC_000008.10 MATN2 1.23e-01 2.32e-04 0.2346
NC_000001.10 MGST3 -1.62e-01 2.33e-04 0.2346
NC_000007.13 SMURF1 -2.33e-01 2.33e-04 0.2346
NC_000022.10 TBC1D22A -1.64e-01 2.33e-04 0.2346
NC_000001.10 CCDC17 -2.84e-01 2.34e-04 0.2346
NC_000013.10 PROZ -1.64e-01 2.35e-04 0.2349
NC_000017.10 CD79B -2.06e-01 2.36e-04 0.2349
NC_000001.10 CCDC27 -1.77e-01 2.37e-04 0.2355
NC_000001.10 ESPNP -1.44e-01 2.39e-04 0.2355
NC_000006.11 CCHCR1 -1.38e-01 2.40e-04 0.2355
NC_000010.10 TUBAL3 4.46e-01 2.41e-04 0.2355
NC_000009.11 QRFP -1.57e-01 2.41e-04 0.2355
NC_000002.11 GKN1 1.95e-01 2.43e-04 0.2355
NC_000014.8 PPP4R4 -1.40e-01 2.44e-04 0.2355
NC_000003.11 GP5 -9.11e-02 2.45e-04 0.2355
NC_000011.9 AMPD3 -7.35e-02 2.45e-04 0.2355
NC_000011.9 CD3G 1.01e-01 2.47e-04 0.2355
NC_000020.10 KCNQ2 1.98e-01 2.47e-04 0.2355
NC_000015.9 UNC45A 1.68e-01 2.48e-04 0.2355
NC_000002.11 CYP27C1 -1.23e-01 2.49e-04 0.2355
NC_000012.11 AQP5 -1.18e-01 2.49e-04 0.2355
NC_000008.10 ARHGEF10 -1.38e-01 2.49e-04 0.2355
NC_000012.11 STAC3 -1.83e-01 2.50e-04 0.2355
NC_000006.11 HEY2 -9.03e-02 2.50e-04 0.2355
NC_000007.13 SDK1 7.67e-02 2.50e-04 0.2355
NC_000018.9 HSBP1L1 -1.34e-01 2.52e-04 0.2357
NC_000011.9 OPCML -1.34e-01 2.53e-04 0.2357
NC_000009.11 HSD17B3 9.37e-02 2.55e-04 0.2357
NC_000017.10 MYADML2 2.77e-01 2.56e-04 0.2357
NC_000022.10 IL17REL 9.89e-02 2.57e-04 0.2357
NC_000007.13 NDUFA5 -9.77e-02 2.57e-04 0.2357
NC_000011.9 ACTN3 1.06e-01 2.58e-04 0.2359
NC_000015.9 LOC145845 -1.15e-01 2.59e-04 0.2359
NC_000002.11 TANC1 -1.51e-01 2.59e-04 0.2359
NC_000017.10 PITPNC1 -1.04e-01 2.63e-04 0.237
NC_000001.10 ZSCAN20 -9.86e-02 2.63e-04 0.237
NC_000001.10 SPRR2D 8.82e-02 2.65e-04 0.237
NC_000001.10 SLC1A7 1.88e-01 2.65e-04 0.237
NC_000002.11 AGAP1 -1.61e-01 2.65e-04 0.237
NC_000005.9 LHFPL2 -1.60e-01 2.66e-04 0.237
NC_000002.11 ARHGEF4 -1.69e-01 2.67e-04 0.237
NC_000019.9 FZR1 -1.20e-01 2.67e-04 0.237
NC_000005.9 CTNNA1 -1.11e-01 2.68e-04 0.237
NC_000020.10 LBP 1.75e-01 2.69e-04 0.237
NC_000011.9 TP53AIP1 -7.45e-02 2.69e-04 0.237
NC_000007.13 TYW1 -9.67e-02 2.69e-04 0.237
NC_000006.11 BTN3A3 -7.42e-02 2.69e-04 0.237
NC_000006.11 MAS1 8.00e-02 2.70e-04 0.237
NC_000009.11 NDUFB6 -9.47e-02 2.73e-04 0.2384
NC_000019.9 WDR18 1.91e-01 2.75e-04 0.2384
NC_000011.9 SIDT2 -6.32e-02 2.75e-04 0.2384
NC_000022.10 BIK 1.51e-01 2.77e-04 0.2384
NC_000005.9 TNFAIP8 -8.86e-02 2.78e-04 0.2384
NC_000006.11 FKBP5 -1.09e-01 2.80e-04 0.2384
NC_000019.9 LAIR1 1.10e-01 2.80e-04 0.2384
NC_000001.10 C1orf174 1.07e-01 2.80e-04 0.2384
NC_000023.10 DDX26B 8.97e-02 2.81e-04 0.2384
NC_000019.9 S1PR5 1.12e-01 2.81e-04 0.2384
NC_000010.10 GRID1 -9.60e-02 2.81e-04 0.2384
NC_000001.10 MIR488 1.86e-01 2.81e-04 0.2384
NC_000006.11 GABBR1 -1.23e-01 2.83e-04 0.2392
NC_000011.9 FERMT3 -1.95e-01 2.84e-04 0.2396
NC_000020.10 MATN4 1.23e-01 2.86e-04 0.2396
NC_000019.9 DOCK6 9.55e-02 2.86e-04 0.2396
NC_000012.11 KDM2B -1.02e-01 2.87e-04 0.2396
NC_000010.10 PFKP -1.28e-01 2.88e-04 0.2399
NC_000022.10 TBC1D22A -2.81e-01 2.90e-04 0.2406
NC_000016.9 CCDC102A -9.74e-02 2.93e-04 0.2406
NC_000002.11 SLC30A3 1.42e-01 2.93e-04 0.2406
NC_000003.11 C3orf67 -8.51e-02 2.94e-04 0.2406
NC_000010.10 SRGN -8.62e-02 2.95e-04 0.2406
NC_000016.9 CCDC64B 1.03e-01 2.97e-04 0.2406
NC_000021.8 S100B 1.06e-01 2.99e-04 0.2406
NC_000010.10 SNCG -7.55e-02 3.00e-04 0.2406
NC_000015.9 PRTG 1.17e-01 3.00e-04 0.2406
NC_000002.11 C2orf72 -1.17e-01 3.01e-04 0.2406
NC_000006.11 KIF13A -8.19e-02 3.03e-04 0.2406
NC_000017.10 FLJ25006 -1.56e-01 3.04e-04 0.2406
NC_000020.10 TSHZ2 -1.63e-01 3.04e-04 0.2406
NC_000007.13 SDK1 1.29e-01 3.05e-04 0.2406
NC_000001.10 S100A14 -9.63e-02 3.05e-04 0.2406
NC_000001.10 PKP1 8.01e-02 3.06e-04 0.2406
NC_000007.13 BBS9 -1.70e-01 3.07e-04 0.2406
NC_000009.11 SARDH -8.77e-02 3.07e-04 0.2406
NC_000003.11 APOD -9.34e-02 3.08e-04 0.2406
NC_000016.9 ZFHX3 -8.28e-02 3.08e-04 0.2406
NC_000004.11 ABLIM2 -1.25e-01 3.08e-04 0.2406
NC_000017.10 TANC2 -1.33e-01 3.08e-04 0.2406
NC_000016.9 GPR114 -1.38e-01 3.10e-04 0.2406
NC_000005.9 SPRY4 -1.86e-01 3.11e-04 0.2406
NC_000016.9 CACNA1H 6.89e-02 3.12e-04 0.2406
NC_000001.10 COL16A1 -8.33e-02 3.13e-04 0.2406
NC_000017.10 PRCD 8.01e-02 3.13e-04 0.2406
NC_000019.9 CDC37 -7.81e-02 3.14e-04 0.2406
NC_000002.11 GREB1 -8.47e-02 3.14e-04 0.2406
NC_000014.8 SLC24A4 1.14e-01 3.15e-04 0.2406
NC_000007.13 STAG3 -8.97e-02 3.15e-04 0.2406
NC_000015.9 ADAMTS7 9.96e-02 3.15e-04 0.2406
NC_000014.8 ACTN1 -1.20e-01 3.16e-04 0.2406
NC_000004.11 SH3BP2 -2.73e-01 3.17e-04 0.2406
NC_000004.11 CLRN2 -1.86e-01 3.18e-04 0.2406
NC_000015.9 PSTPIP1 -7.40e-02 3.19e-04 0.2406
NC_000004.11 CLRN2 -1.96e-01 3.19e-04 0.2406
NC_000004.11 ARHGAP10 6.89e-02 3.19e-04 0.2406
NC_000001.10 PRDM16 1.41e-01 3.20e-04 0.2406
NC_000018.9 SERPINB10 -8.96e-02 3.21e-04 0.2406
NC_000017.10 ATP2A3 8.57e-02 3.21e-04 0.2406
NC_000004.11 GAK -1.79e-01 3.22e-04 0.2406
NC_000007.13 ADAP1 -1.29e-01 3.23e-04 0.2406
NC_000015.9 LOC283731 -1.27e-01 3.24e-04 0.2406
NC_000011.9 CTTN -9.87e-02 3.24e-04 0.2406
NC_000001.10 RNASEL 7.79e-02 3.25e-04 0.2406
NC_000002.11 KIAA1310 -1.47e-01 3.27e-04 0.2406
NC_000004.11 N4BP2 -7.39e-02 3.27e-04 0.2406
NC_000005.9 IL31RA -9.49e-02 3.27e-04 0.2406
NC_000006.11 NEU1 -8.37e-02 3.28e-04 0.2406
NC_000017.10 CCDC42 2.05e-01 3.29e-04 0.2406
NC_000008.10 FAM83H 2.79e-01 3.31e-04 0.2406
NC_000003.11 WNT5A -1.18e-01 3.33e-04 0.2406
NC_000001.10 PRDM16 2.83e-01 3.34e-04 0.2406
NC_000019.9 LRRC8E 1.36e-01 3.34e-04 0.2406
NC_000011.9 C11orf2 -1.52e-01 3.35e-04 0.2406
NC_000006.11 C6orf134 -1.55e-01 3.37e-04 0.2406
NC_000005.9 APC 6.40e-02 3.37e-04 0.2406
NC_000012.11 MYBPC1 -1.61e-01 3.37e-04 0.2406
NC_000009.11 PHF19 -1.69e-01 3.38e-04 0.2406
NC_000004.11 GRIA2 -1.19e-01 3.38e-04 0.2406
NC_000019.9 ZNF443 1.13e-01 3.38e-04 0.2406
NC_000001.10 TTC22 1.17e-01 3.40e-04 0.2406
NC_000014.8 RAD51L1 7.66e-02 3.40e-04 0.2406
NC_000019.9 PLEKHJ1 -6.60e-02 3.41e-04 0.2406
NC_000002.11 GLI2 -1.29e-01 3.41e-04 0.2406
NC_000012.11 DNAH10 -1.12e-01 3.42e-04 0.2409
NC_000012.11 PDZRN4 -1.08e-01 3.43e-04 0.2409
NC_000013.10 DGKH -2.15e-01 3.44e-04 0.2409
NC_000006.11 DDR1 -1.51e-01 3.44e-04 0.2409
NC_000006.11 KIFC1 -1.90e-01 3.46e-04 0.2409
NC_000002.11 GPR39 -1.04e-01 3.47e-04 0.2409
NC_000016.9 ZFHX3 -2.16e-01 3.48e-04 0.2409
NC_000017.10 SERPINF1 -1.35e-01 3.48e-04 0.2409
NC_000005.9 LRRC14B 7.35e-02 3.50e-04 0.2409
NC_000019.9 SHC2 -1.36e-01 3.50e-04 0.2409
NC_000011.9 FOXR1 1.88e-01 3.51e-04 0.2409
NC_000010.10 LOC619207 8.11e-02 3.52e-04 0.2409
NC_000020.10 GDF5 1.86e-01 3.53e-04 0.2409
NC_000017.10 SERPINF1 -5.91e-02 3.54e-04 0.2409
NC_000001.10 NUDT17 1.56e-01 3.54e-04 0.2409
NC_000001.10 JAK1 -1.38e-01 3.56e-04 0.2409
NC_000001.10 RCSD1 -2.24e-01 3.56e-04 0.2409
NC_000010.10 KCNMA1 -1.19e-01 3.56e-04 0.2409
NC_000003.11 LPP 1.59e-01 3.56e-04 0.241
NC_000002.11 DGKD -9.67e-02 3.57e-04 0.241
NC_000014.8 ASPG 7.60e-02 3.59e-04 0.2414
NC_000017.10 EIF4A1 -7.51e-02 3.60e-04 0.2414
NC_000008.10 ZFP41 -9.48e-02 3.61e-04 0.2414
NC_000016.9 CCDC64B 2.17e-01 3.62e-04 0.2415
NC_000001.10 S100A9 -6.88e-02 3.63e-04 0.2416
NC_000021.8 NCRNA00175 -2.26e-01 3.64e-04 0.2416
NC_000001.10 LCK 1.10e-01 3.67e-04 0.2421
NC_000020.10 DYNLRB1 -7.39e-02 3.68e-04 0.2421
NC_000017.10 FAM101B 1.16e-01 3.69e-04 0.2421
NC_000019.9 CD37 -1.40e-01 3.69e-04 0.2421
NC_000015.9 FANCI -1.15e-01 3.70e-04 0.2421
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 1.02e-01 3.71e-04 0.2421
NC_000004.11 KIAA1530 -9.95e-02 3.72e-04 0.2421
NC_000021.8 C21orf29 -1.27e-01 3.73e-04 0.2421
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 -1.68e-01 3.73e-04 0.2421
NC_000012.11 ZNF740 -9.04e-02 3.74e-04 0.2421
NC_000016.9 PALB2 -8.62e-02 3.74e-04 0.2421
NC_000001.10 GLIS1 -1.60e-01 3.75e-04 0.2421
NC_000018.9 INO80C -1.40e-01 3.75e-04 0.2421
NC_000006.11 SYNCRIP 1.00e-01 3.75e-04 0.2421
NC_000013.10 ZMYM5 1.16e-01 3.76e-04 0.2421
NC_000017.10 TRPV1 -1.35e-01 3.76e-04 0.2421
NC_000012.11 YARS2 -1.26e-01 3.77e-04 0.2421
NC_000004.11 SORCS2 -9.59e-02 3.78e-04 0.2421
NC_000002.11 C2orf85 -1.40e-01 3.79e-04 0.2421
NC_000002.11 ANKRD36B -1.15e-01 3.79e-04 0.2421
NC_000002.11 GDF7 -1.43e-01 3.82e-04 0.2426
NC_000018.9 ABHD3 1.03e-01 3.82e-04 0.2426
NC_000001.10 LMOD1 -9.96e-02 3.82e-04 0.2426
NC_000006.11 LYRM4 -1.86e-01 3.84e-04 0.2426
NC_000007.13 KDELR2 -7.42e-02 3.84e-04 0.2426
NC_000019.9 SBK2 -1.86e-01 3.84e-04 0.2426
NC_000007.13 TRIM50 -1.28e-01 3.85e-04 0.2426
NC_000001.10 C1orf85 -9.41e-02 3.85e-04 0.2426
NC_000010.10 ZMYND17 -1.01e-01 3.86e-04 0.2426
NC_000008.10 PEBP4 -2.87e-01 3.87e-04 0.2426
NC_000006.11 GMDS -1.82e-01 3.87e-04 0.2426
NC_000007.13 SMARCD3 -4.06e-01 3.87e-04 0.2426
NC_000019.9 CYP4F12 1.21e-01 3.87e-04 0.2426
NC_000001.10 OR2B11 -1.64e-01 3.88e-04 0.243
NC_000002.11 GPR55 1.32e-01 3.91e-04 0.2438
NC_000001.10 CYP4X1 -1.95e-01 3.92e-04 0.2438
NC_000004.11 STX18 -1.19e-01 3.94e-04 0.2442
NC_000003.11 PLSCR1 -1.25e-01 3.95e-04 0.2445
NC_000007.13 USP42 -9.77e-02 3.96e-04 0.2448
NC_000002.11 GLB1L 1.37e-01 3.96e-04 0.2448
NC_000001.10 FNDC7 -1.58e-01 4.00e-04 0.2458
NC_000017.10 ACOX1 8.07e-02 4.00e-04 0.2458
NC_000017.10 RPTOR 1.70e-01 4.00e-04 0.2458
NC_000003.11 OR5H6 7.99e-02 4.02e-04 0.2458
NC_000001.10 TCEA3 -1.73e-01 4.02e-04 0.2458
NC_000007.13 PRKAG2 1.73e-01 4.02e-04 0.2458
NC_000007.13 KIAA1324L -1.33e-01 4.03e-04 0.2461
NC_000011.9 RBMXL2 1.86e-01 4.04e-04 0.2461
NC_000007.13 CCM2 -1.02e-01 4.05e-04 0.2467
NC_000005.9 MAST4 1.52e-01 4.07e-04 0.2471
NC_000019.9 PGLYRP2 -1.48e-01 4.08e-04 0.2471
NC_000011.9 ASRGL1 -1.17e-01 4.10e-04 0.2471
NC_000001.10 DHRS3 1.03e-01 4.11e-04 0.2471
NC_000002.11 TNS1 9.00e-02 4.12e-04 0.2471
NC_000020.10 RBCK1 -1.20e-01 4.12e-04 0.2471
NC_000006.11 HDDC2 -2.52e-01 4.13e-04 0.2471
NC_000001.10 SLC1A7 8.40e-02 4.14e-04 0.2471
NC_000017.10 C17orf54 8.16e-02 4.16e-04 0.2473
NC_000004.11 GPR125 -7.39e-02 4.17e-04 0.2473
NC_000002.11 NPAS2 -9.08e-02 4.18e-04 0.2473
NC_000019.9 RASAL3 -6.60e-02 4.18e-04 0.2473
NC_000001.10 TAGLN2 9.07e-02 4.19e-04 0.2473
NC_000011.9 CHID1 2.20e-01 4.20e-04 0.2473
NC_000004.11 HTRA3 -1.76e-01 4.20e-04 0.2473
NC_000014.8 ADCY4 -8.79e-02 4.20e-04 0.2473
NC_000006.11 C6orf10 -1.12e-01 4.21e-04 0.2473
NC_000002.11 MTHFD2 1.96e-01 4.23e-04 0.2473
NC_000012.11 MLXIP -1.08e-01 4.23e-04 0.2473
NC_000008.10 EPB49 -1.29e-01 4.23e-04 0.2473
NC_000010.10 C10orf58 -1.32e-01 4.24e-04 0.2473
NC_000002.11 EFHD1 -1.55e-01 4.24e-04 0.2473
NC_000022.10 ZDHHC8 -1.33e-01 4.25e-04 0.2473
NC_000016.9 CFDP1 -1.81e-01 4.27e-04 0.2484
NC_000011.9 MAML2 8.97e-02 4.29e-04 0.249
NC_000020.10 MMP9 9.32e-02 4.30e-04 0.249
NC_000014.8 PRIMA1 -7.66e-02 4.30e-04 0.249
NC_000007.13 RADIL -1.49e-01 4.32e-04 0.2497
NC_000001.10 S100A3 -7.13e-02 4.35e-04 0.25
NC_000008.10 FAM83H 4.09e-01 4.35e-04 0.25
NC_000020.10 HM13 -7.12e-02 4.36e-04 0.2501
NC_000001.10 CAMTA1 -2.28e-01 4.38e-04 0.2501
NC_000019.9 GMIP -1.42e-01 4.39e-04 0.2501
NC_000001.10 TFAP2E -1.29e-01 4.40e-04 0.2501
NC_000004.11 ACOX3 -7.50e-02 4.40e-04 0.2501
NC_000001.10 AGRN -1.88e-01 4.41e-04 0.2501
NC_000022.10 KIAA1644 -7.48e-02 4.41e-04 0.2501
NC_000001.10 ICMT 8.79e-02 4.42e-04 0.2501
NC_000011.9 LRP5 1.05e-01 4.43e-04 0.2501
NC_000014.8 PNN -8.47e-02 4.44e-04 0.2501
NC_000011.9 PDE2A -1.38e-01 4.45e-04 0.2501
NC_000012.11 TMEM132C -1.39e-01 4.46e-04 0.2501
NC_000015.9 SEMA4B -1.37e-01 4.47e-04 0.2501
NC_000003.11 GRM2 -9.79e-02 4.48e-04 0.2501
NC_000005.9 FLJ37543 -1.05e-01 4.48e-04 0.2501
NC_000012.11 LOC100190940 -1.37e-01 4.49e-04 0.2501
NC_000011.9 IGHMBP2 1.69e-01 4.50e-04 0.2501
NC_000001.10 EPHA10 1.02e-01 4.51e-04 0.2501
NC_000004.11 CLRN2 -8.08e-02 4.52e-04 0.2501
NC_000012.11 ABCC9 1.02e-01 4.53e-04 0.2501
NC_000006.11 NR2E1 6.59e-02 4.54e-04 0.2501
NC_000010.10 ZNF32 -9.79e-02 4.54e-04 0.2501
NC_000016.9 SPN -2.69e-01 4.54e-04 0.2501
NC_000017.10 ACACA -1.90e-01 4.54e-04 0.2501
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 -8.67e-02 4.55e-04 0.2501
NC_000014.8 CDC42BPB -1.38e-01 4.55e-04 0.2501
NC_000011.9 MPZL3 -1.15e-01 4.56e-04 0.2501
NC_000005.9 LHFPL2 -3.37e-01 4.56e-04 0.2501
NC_000001.10 ATAD3A -1.11e-01 4.57e-04 0.2501
NC_000002.11 ANXA4 -1.62e-01 4.57e-04 0.2501
NC_000019.9 KANK2 -1.14e-01 4.59e-04 0.2501
NC_000019.9 PDE4C -1.65e-01 4.60e-04 0.2501
NC_000001.10 HSD3B1 9.41e-02 4.60e-04 0.2501
NC_000001.10 PRKCZ 1.07e-01 4.61e-04 0.2501
NC_000009.11 CD274 -1.94e-01 4.63e-04 0.2501
NC_000011.9 KCNQ1 1.75e-01 4.64e-04 0.2501
NC_000002.11 HDAC4 -7.24e-02 4.65e-04 0.2501
NC_000011.9 C11orf61 -6.55e-02 4.66e-04 0.2501
NC_000018.9 CTDP1 -8.36e-02 4.67e-04 0.2501
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 -1.07e-01 4.67e-04 0.2501
NC_000002.11 TMEM177 -1.08e-01 4.68e-04 0.2501
NC_000001.10 C1orf92 -1.25e-01 4.69e-04 0.2501
NC_000008.10 TRAPPC9 7.43e-02 4.71e-04 0.2501
NC_000003.11 HEG1 -1.13e-01 4.71e-04 0.2501
NC_000006.11 CNKSR3 -6.69e-02 4.71e-04 0.2501
NC_000009.11 OLFML2A -1.11e-01 4.72e-04 0.2501
NC_000007.13 MDH2 -1.03e-01 4.74e-04 0.2501
NC_000017.10 EPN3 -1.10e-01 4.75e-04 0.2501
NC_000004.11 APBB2 -9.35e-02 4.75e-04 0.2501
NC_000017.10 PRCD 7.46e-02 4.76e-04 0.2501
NC_000018.9 DSC2 -1.49e-01 4.76e-04 0.2501
NC_000016.9 ZNF423 -1.40e-01 4.76e-04 0.2501
NC_000006.11 GUCA1A 1.53e-01 4.77e-04 0.2501
NC_000004.11 TMEM154 -1.65e-01 4.77e-04 0.2501
NC_000013.10 STARD13 -1.20e-01 4.78e-04 0.2501
NC_000019.9 DOT1L 1.19e-01 4.79e-04 0.2501
NC_000019.9 CABP5 -6.53e-02 4.82e-04 0.2501
NC_000003.11 ACAD9 -7.96e-02 4.83e-04 0.2501
NC_000012.11 SFRS8 -1.56e-01 4.85e-04 0.2501
NC_000008.10 PEBP4 1.55e-01 4.88e-04 0.2501
NC_000011.9 PRR5L -2.08e-01 4.88e-04 0.2501
NC_000006.11 OR2J2 -9.02e-02 4.88e-04 0.2501
NC_000001.10 PLEKHM2 -1.05e-01 4.90e-04 0.2501
NC_000016.9 NFATC2IP 1.29e-01 4.91e-04 0.2501
NC_000003.11 PTPLB -1.17e-01 4.91e-04 0.2501
NC_000017.10 CCL18 1.11e-01 4.91e-04 0.2501
NC_000001.10 C1orf150 1.18e-01 4.91e-04 0.2501
NC_000020.10 FAM65C 9.38e-02 4.91e-04 0.2501
NC_000003.11 TAGLN3 -7.15e-02 4.91e-04 0.2501
NC_000002.11 KIF1A 2.66e-01 4.93e-04 0.2501
NC_000007.13 GIMAP8 9.03e-02 4.93e-04 0.2501
NC_000011.9 MUC5B -1.24e-01 4.93e-04 0.2501
NC_000022.10 HIC2 -1.76e-01 4.93e-04 0.2501
NC_000006.11 TAP1 -1.38e-01 4.93e-04 0.2501
NC_000001.10 FAF1 7.10e-02 4.94e-04 0.2501
NC_000010.10 CALHM1 -4.03e-01 4.95e-04 0.2501
NC_000020.10 COL20A1 -1.19e-01 4.95e-04 0.2501
NC_000017.10 LGALS9 -1.01e-01 4.96e-04 0.2501
NC_000006.11 C6orf174 -1.04e-01 4.96e-04 0.2501
NC_000001.10 SSU72 -1.57e-01 4.96e-04 0.2501
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 -1.77e-01 4.97e-04 0.2501
NC_000017.10 CARD14 1.14e-01 4.98e-04 0.2501
NC_000003.11 CPNE9 -8.90e-02 4.99e-04 0.2502
NC_000003.11 FGD5 1.22e-01 5.02e-04 0.2502
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 2.38e-01 5.02e-04 0.2502
NC_000006.11 RNF39 1.26e-01 5.04e-04 0.2502
NC_000019.9 CEACAM6 1.38e-01 5.05e-04 0.2502
NC_000007.13 IMPDH1 -5.92e-02 5.05e-04 0.2502
NC_000002.11 DHRS9 -1.07e-01 5.06e-04 0.2502
NC_000011.9 SLC36A4 -1.19e-01 5.06e-04 0.2502
NC_000015.9 AKAP13 8.45e-02 5.08e-04 0.2502
NC_000003.11 DALRD3 -1.01e-01 5.08e-04 0.2502
NC_000006.11 RPS6KA2 -2.50e-01 5.09e-04 0.2502
NC_000006.11 GMDS -1.05e-01 5.09e-04 0.2502
NC_000003.11 RTP3 -1.41e-01 5.10e-04 0.2502
NC_000001.10 LAMB3 -1.26e-01 5.12e-04 0.2502
NC_000011.9 INPPL1 -1.79e-01 5.13e-04 0.2502
NC_000020.10 NFATC2 -1.24e-01 5.13e-04 0.2502
NC_000019.9 CCDC114 -1.13e-01 5.13e-04 0.2502
NC_000004.11 CPE 8.77e-02 5.14e-04 0.2502
NC_000001.10 THEM4 -1.14e-01 5.14e-04 0.2502
NC_000006.11 TNXB 7.67e-02 5.14e-04 0.2502
NC_000011.9 TUB -1.76e-01 5.14e-04 0.2502
NC_000007.13 LOC154822 1.67e-01 5.15e-04 0.2502
NC_000002.11 HDAC4 -1.27e-01 5.16e-04 0.2502
NC_000011.9 KIAA1731 -1.10e-01 5.16e-04 0.2502
NC_000004.11 CLRN2 -2.01e-01 5.16e-04 0.2502
NC_000006.11 GPR115 -1.23e-01 5.17e-04 0.2502
NC_000011.9 POLR2G 7.65e-02 5.18e-04 0.2502
NC_000005.9 ADAMTS2 1.58e-01 5.19e-04 0.2502
NC_000001.10 MFAP2 -9.14e-02 5.19e-04 0.2502
NC_000006.11 BTN3A2 -7.35e-02 5.19e-04 0.2502
NC_000015.9 TGM7 -1.08e-01 5.20e-04 0.2502
NC_000006.11 RNF39 1.09e-01 5.20e-04 0.2502
NC_000002.11 AGXT 1.23e-01 5.21e-04 0.2502
NC_000002.11 CTNNA2 1.18e-01 5.21e-04 0.2502
NC_000006.11 TNXB -7.90e-02 5.21e-04 0.2502
NC_000014.8 SLC7A8 -1.45e-01 5.22e-04 0.2502
NC_000016.9 DPEP1 1.04e-01 5.24e-04 0.2502
NC_000004.11 ZNF732 -7.19e-02 5.26e-04 0.2502
NC_000011.9 P2RX3 1.21e-01 5.26e-04 0.2502
NC_000015.9 HAPLN3 -6.67e-02 5.27e-04 0.2502
NC_000009.11 GNG10 -1.50e-01 5.27e-04 0.2502
NC_000003.11 IL17RD -1.54e-01 5.27e-04 0.2502
NC_000010.10 WAPAL -8.57e-02 5.28e-04 0.2502
NC_000019.9 DEDD2 -5.84e-02 5.28e-04 0.2502
NC_000006.11 RPS6KA2 -1.01e-01 5.29e-04 0.2502
NC_000005.9 AHRR -1.63e-01 5.29e-04 0.2502
NC_000014.8 SAMD4A -1.10e-01 5.34e-04 0.2502
NC_000017.10 P4HB -1.26e-01 5.35e-04 0.2502
NC_000022.10 SH3BP1 -5.87e-02 5.35e-04 0.2502
NC_000022.10 MAFF -6.73e-02 5.35e-04 0.2502
NC_000004.11 SHROOM3 1.60e-01 5.37e-04 0.2502
NC_000019.9 MAST1 -1.13e-01 5.38e-04 0.2502
NC_000001.10 ECE1 -7.06e-02 5.38e-04 0.2502
NC_000006.11 HLA-DPB1 -7.13e-02 5.39e-04 0.2502
NC_000001.10 GFI1 1.89e-01 5.39e-04 0.2502
NC_000002.11 MTHFD2 -1.54e-01 5.41e-04 0.2502
NC_000001.10 KIAA0562 -2.46e-01 5.42e-04 0.2502
NC_000021.8 WRB 9.25e-02 5.42e-04 0.2502
NC_000014.8 TSHR 5.84e-02 5.43e-04 0.2502
NC_000013.10 TBC1D4 9.24e-02 5.44e-04 0.2502
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 -1.71e-01 5.44e-04 0.2502
NC_000002.11 CNGA3 -1.20e-01 5.44e-04 0.2502
NC_000006.11 HLA-DPB1 -1.53e-01 5.45e-04 0.2502
NC_000001.10 OR10J5 1.53e-01 5.46e-04 0.2502
NC_000001.10 AGBL4 1.44e-01 5.48e-04 0.2502
NC_000008.10 LY96 -1.40e-01 5.50e-04 0.2502
NC_000019.9 CRLF1 7.46e-02 5.50e-04 0.2502
NC_000003.11 CDCP1 -1.03e-01 5.50e-04 0.2502
NC_000001.10 ST6GALNAC3 -1.52e-01 5.51e-04 0.2502
NC_000014.8 INF2 1.48e-01 5.51e-04 0.2502
NC_000010.10 GFRA1 1.21e-01 5.51e-04 0.2502
NC_000001.10 LMOD1 1.30e-01 5.52e-04 0.2502
NC_000005.9 BHMT2 -1.03e-01 5.52e-04 0.2502
NC_000017.10 LRRC37B2 7.91e-02 5.52e-04 0.2502
NC_000016.9 TCF25 -9.30e-02 5.52e-04 0.2502
NC_000002.11 IL1R2 1.11e-01 5.52e-04 0.2502
NC_000006.11 IYD 9.91e-02 5.53e-04 0.2502
NC_000002.11 ARHGEF4 -1.27e-01 5.53e-04 0.2502
NC_000017.10 C17orf28 -8.88e-02 5.54e-04 0.2502
NC_000004.11 ALPK1 6.25e-02 5.55e-04 0.2502
NC_000011.9 KCNQ1 9.22e-02 5.56e-04 0.2502
NC_000001.10 PRDM16 1.55e-01 5.56e-04 0.2502
NC_000001.10 KCNK2 8.72e-02 5.57e-04 0.2502
NC_000002.11 THAP4 -2.59e-01 5.57e-04 0.2502
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 -7.09e-02 5.58e-04 0.2502
NC_000016.9 LMF1 -1.57e-01 5.58e-04 0.2502
NC_000010.10 LHPP -2.32e-01 5.58e-04 0.2502
NC_000023.10 BGN 1.21e-01 5.60e-04 0.2502
NC_000001.10 BGLAP -1.52e-01 5.60e-04 0.2502
NC_000002.11 MYT1L -8.04e-02 5.61e-04 0.2502
NC_000006.11 COL11A2 1.98e-01 5.61e-04 0.2502
NC_000003.11 IQCJ 7.01e-02 5.62e-04 0.2502
NC_000015.9 C15orf39 2.20e-01 5.62e-04 0.2502
NC_000016.9 SIAH1 -8.30e-02 5.63e-04 0.2502
NC_000001.10 IL22RA1 -1.11e-01 5.63e-04 0.2502
NC_000007.13 ZNF117 -7.17e-02 5.64e-04 0.2502
NC_000017.10 ZZEF1 1.06e-01 5.64e-04 0.2502
NC_000005.9 MCC 1.92e-01 5.66e-04 0.2502
NC_000017.10 P4HB -1.25e-01 5.67e-04 0.2502
NC_000003.11 DNAJB8 -1.28e-01 5.68e-04 0.2502
NC_000006.11 HGC6.3 1.56e-01 5.68e-04 0.2502
NC_000008.10 ZNF704 -1.36e-01 5.68e-04 0.2502
NC_000005.9 C5orf27 -1.27e-01 5.68e-04 0.2502
NC_000003.11 LRRC2 -5.94e-02 5.71e-04 0.2502
NC_000017.10 C17orf73 -1.62e-01 5.71e-04 0.2502
NC_000010.10 MYOZ1 9.32e-02 5.71e-04 0.2502
NC_000010.10 PFKP -2.09e-01 5.75e-04 0.2511
NC_000012.11 PUS7L -8.81e-02 5.75e-04 0.2511
NC_000005.9 FAM170A 9.58e-02 5.76e-04 0.2511
NC_000001.10 C1orf159 -1.08e-01 5.77e-04 0.2514
NC_000006.11 RDBP -5.71e-02 5.77e-04 0.2514
NC_000016.9 CCDC79 -1.43e-01 5.81e-04 0.2523
NC_000002.11 C2orf55 -1.02e-01 5.83e-04 0.2524
NC_000008.10 C8orf79 -1.63e-01 5.85e-04 0.2524
NC_000019.9 SF3A2 -3.01e-01 5.85e-04 0.2524
NC_000004.11 KIAA1530 -1.20e-01 5.85e-04 0.2524
NC_000003.11 RNF13 -7.73e-02 5.86e-04 0.2524
NC_000002.11 GPR17 1.35e-01 5.87e-04 0.2524
NC_000010.10 LRIT1 -6.50e-02 5.88e-04 0.2524
NC_000017.10 TMEM92 -1.87e-01 5.90e-04 0.2524
NC_000012.11 MARS -1.17e-01 5.90e-04 0.2524
NC_000005.9 LOC389333 1.47e-01 5.91e-04 0.2524
NC_000016.9 LITAF -1.53e-01 5.91e-04 0.2524
NC_000018.9 DLGAP1 -6.14e-02 5.92e-04 0.2524
NC_000007.13 RBM33 7.88e-02 5.92e-04 0.2524
NC_000011.9 TP53AIP1 -2.17e-01 5.93e-04 0.2524
NC_000014.8 EIF2B2 -9.36e-02 5.93e-04 0.2524
NC_000009.11 FAM78A -1.36e-01 5.94e-04 0.2524
NC_000016.9 LMF1 -1.05e-01 5.96e-04 0.2524
NC_000002.11 ALLC 1.62e-01 5.96e-04 0.2524
NC_000012.11 PDZRN4 -9.20e-02 5.97e-04 0.2524
NC_000011.9 IGSF22 1.39e-01 5.98e-04 0.2524
NC_000002.11 ANO7 1.33e-01 5.99e-04 0.2524
NC_000019.9 PTPRS 8.95e-02 5.99e-04 0.2524
NC_000011.9 THY1 -7.60e-02 6.01e-04 0.2524
NC_000020.10 JPH2 -1.60e-01 6.01e-04 0.2524
NC_000010.10 C10orf58 -2.08e-01 6.03e-04 0.2524
NC_000006.11 DCDC2 7.83e-02 6.03e-04 0.2524
NC_000016.9 NUBP1 5.44e-02 6.03e-04 0.2524
NC_000011.9 SYT8 1.19e-01 6.03e-04 0.2524
NC_000006.11 ZDHHC14 -1.44e-01 6.04e-04 0.2524
NC_000006.11 C6orf41 -7.16e-02 6.04e-04 0.2524
NC_000005.9 FLT4 9.96e-02 6.04e-04 0.2524
NC_000014.8 SLC24A4 2.31e-01 6.07e-04 0.2524
NC_000001.10 TINAGL1 1.85e-01 6.08e-04 0.2524
NC_000005.9 CDH10 -1.74e-01 6.08e-04 0.2524
NC_000010.10 ENTPD1 -7.38e-02 6.09e-04 0.2524
NC_000017.10 TIMP2 -1.55e-01 6.09e-04 0.2524
NC_000014.8 PGF -9.37e-02 6.10e-04 0.2524
NC_000009.11 GPSM1 1.30e-01 6.12e-04 0.2524
NC_000001.10 SLC44A3 -1.85e-01 6.13e-04 0.2524
NC_000002.11 POMC 9.66e-02 6.15e-04 0.2524
NC_000019.9 NLRP11 1.29e-01 6.15e-04 0.2524
NC_000008.10 TOP1MT -1.10e-01 6.15e-04 0.2524
NC_000017.10 MPP2 -1.51e-01 6.16e-04 0.2524
NC_000002.11 DIS3L2 -1.12e-01 6.18e-04 0.2524
NC_000011.9 CYB5R2 -1.20e-01 6.20e-04 0.2524
NC_000019.9 PPP1R13L 1.60e-01 6.21e-04 0.2524
NC_000013.10 ARHGEF7 2.21e-01 6.22e-04 0.2524
NC_000014.8 C14orf49 -1.13e-01 6.22e-04 0.2524
NC_000017.10 TRPV3 1.21e-01 6.23e-04 0.2524
NC_000008.10 BAI1 -5.91e-02 6.24e-04 0.2524
NC_000015.9 SNUPN -7.61e-02 6.25e-04 0.2524
NC_000014.8 SIX4 -7.29e-02 6.25e-04 0.2524
NC_000014.8 MDP1 -8.61e-02 6.26e-04 0.2524
NC_000017.10 TMEM104 -9.97e-02 6.26e-04 0.2524
NC_000015.9 LCTL 1.31e-01 6.26e-04 0.2524
NC_000002.11 CHN1 -1.74e-01 6.26e-04 0.2524
NC_000001.10 PBX1 -1.29e-01 6.26e-04 0.2524
NC_000014.8 THTPA -1.04e-01 6.28e-04 0.2524
NC_000006.11 HLA-DMB -9.09e-02 6.28e-04 0.2524
NC_000004.11 TBC1D14 -1.63e-01 6.28e-04 0.2524
NC_000003.11 TNFSF10 8.25e-02 6.29e-04 0.2524
NC_000009.11 EHMT1 -1.47e-01 6.30e-04 0.2524
NC_000001.10 ADORA3 8.85e-02 6.30e-04 0.2524
NC_000005.9 SLC12A7 5.56e-02 6.30e-04 0.2524
NC_000013.10 FARP1 -1.26e-01 6.31e-04 0.2524
NC_000012.11 PLEKHA5 -1.81e-01 6.32e-04 0.2524
NC_000001.10 EPHB2 -1.79e-01 6.34e-04 0.2525
NC_000001.10 ECE1 -1.76e-01 6.34e-04 0.2525
NC_000001.10 RGL1 -1.13e-01 6.34e-04 0.2525
NC_000016.9 TAOK2 -9.30e-02 6.34e-04 0.2525
NC_000003.11 EPHB3 -1.04e-01 6.36e-04 0.2526
NC_000018.9 ANKRD29 8.90e-02 6.38e-04 0.2528
NC_000001.10 CCDC24 -1.20e-01 6.38e-04 0.2528
NC_000002.11 CRIM1 -1.22e-01 6.40e-04 0.253
NC_000010.10 CXCL12 -1.47e-01 6.40e-04 0.253
NC_000004.11 GAK -6.01e-02 6.42e-04 0.2531
NC_000013.10 PROZ -8.70e-02 6.43e-04 0.2531
NC_000006.11 TNXB 8.19e-02 6.43e-04 0.2531
NC_000016.9 CHD9 -1.74e-01 6.44e-04 0.2531
NC_000007.13 MAGI2 -1.24e-01 6.45e-04 0.2531
NC_000009.11 RBM18 9.76e-02 6.45e-04 0.2531
NC_000003.11 LARS2 -6.08e-02 6.45e-04 0.2531
NC_000002.11 HS6ST1 -1.87e-01 6.46e-04 0.2531
NC_000019.9 SLC1A5 1.42e-01 6.46e-04 0.2531
NC_000007.13 ADCYAP1R1 -8.05e-02 6.47e-04 0.2532
NC_000007.13 SRPK2 -9.16e-02 6.50e-04 0.2539
NC_000006.11 CLIC1 1.25e-01 6.52e-04 0.254
NC_000011.9 SAPS3 7.42e-02 6.52e-04 0.254
NC_000007.13 SND1 -1.17e-01 6.53e-04 0.2541
NC_000017.10 PRKCA -1.02e-01 6.54e-04 0.2541
NC_000001.10 SOX13 1.27e-01 6.55e-04 0.2541
NC_000016.9 MBTPS1 -1.51e-01 6.55e-04 0.2541
NC_000006.11 TPD52L1 -9.64e-02 6.56e-04 0.2541
NC_000013.10 TUBGCP3 -1.77e-01 6.56e-04 0.2541
NC_000004.11 CPZ 8.94e-02 6.57e-04 0.2541
NC_000011.9 PTPRJ -1.02e-01 6.57e-04 0.2541
NC_000017.10 HEXDC -7.34e-02 6.57e-04 0.2541
NC_000012.11 RBM19 -1.45e-01 6.58e-04 0.2541
NC_000002.11 EHD3 -8.98e-02 6.60e-04 0.2544
NC_000015.9 TNFAIP8L3 -1.54e-01 6.61e-04 0.2547
NC_000001.10 KISS1 -1.07e-01 6.63e-04 0.255
NC_000011.9 PARVA -2.39e-01 6.63e-04 0.2551
NC_000008.10 C8orf76 -1.01e-01 6.66e-04 0.2558
NC_000013.10 COL4A2 -1.46e-01 6.67e-04 0.2561
NC_000010.10 ITIH5 -7.94e-02 6.68e-04 0.2561
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 -1.54e-01 6.69e-04 0.2561
NC_000001.10 KIF26B 9.75e-02 6.70e-04 0.2561
NC_000009.11 NOTCH1 1.87e-01 6.70e-04 0.2561
NC_000009.11 OLFML2A -9.86e-02 6.71e-04 0.2561
NC_000002.11 KLHL29 -1.22e-01 6.74e-04 0.2566
NC_000001.10 ARHGEF16 7.55e-02 6.74e-04 0.2566
NC_000019.9 SMARCA4 9.74e-02 6.76e-04 0.2568
NC_000002.11 C2orf40 1.20e-01 6.77e-04 0.2568
NC_000004.11 MARCH1 -1.25e-01 6.79e-04 0.2568
NC_000007.13 HECW1 -8.71e-02 6.79e-04 0.2568
NC_000006.11 TRERF1 -5.59e-02 6.80e-04 0.2568
NC_000018.9 SNRPD1 -1.24e-01 6.81e-04 0.2568
NC_000017.10 RHBDF2 -1.02e-01 6.82e-04 0.2568
NC_000016.9 CRAMP1L -1.68e-01 6.82e-04 0.2568
NC_000006.11 C6orf10 -9.76e-02 6.82e-04 0.2568
NC_000017.10 CDRT4 -1.31e-01 6.85e-04 0.2571
NC_000003.11 KCTD6 1.23e-01 6.87e-04 0.2573
NC_000002.11 HADHB -1.06e-01 6.87e-04 0.2573
NC_000023.10 TSPAN6 7.13e-02 6.88e-04 0.2574
NC_000017.10 ENPP7 -1.01e-01 6.89e-04 0.2574
NC_000004.11 DCUN1D4 -7.38e-02 6.93e-04 0.2576
NC_000016.9 SLC9A5 -9.04e-02 6.93e-04 0.2576
NC_000008.10 KCTD9 -8.10e-02 6.94e-04 0.2576
NC_000012.11 FAR2 -1.06e-01 6.95e-04 0.2576
NC_000017.10 C17orf70 -1.11e-01 6.95e-04 0.2576
NC_000009.11 ABL1 -1.04e-01 6.97e-04 0.2576
NC_000001.10 NTRK1 6.49e-02 6.97e-04 0.2576
NC_000001.10 S100A12 1.31e-01 6.97e-04 0.2576
NC_000003.11 WWTR1 -8.28e-02 6.98e-04 0.2576
NC_000002.11 RFX8 1.48e-01 7.01e-04 0.2576
NC_000019.9 KIAA0355 1.45e-01 7.01e-04 0.2576
NC_000003.11 SLMAP -5.43e-02 7.01e-04 0.2576
NC_000008.10 CNOT7 -9.90e-02 7.02e-04 0.2576
NC_000016.9 ARMC5 -1.02e-01 7.03e-04 0.2576
NC_000016.9 CACNG3 -8.78e-02 7.03e-04 0.2576
NC_000016.9 CBFA2T3 1.75e-01 7.03e-04 0.2576
NC_000022.10 MYH9 -6.19e-02 7.03e-04 0.2576
NC_000022.10 CLTCL1 -1.55e-01 7.05e-04 0.2576
NC_000002.11 BCS1L -1.11e-01 7.06e-04 0.2576
NC_000022.10 IL17REL -9.72e-02 7.06e-04 0.2576
NC_000001.10 TTLL10 -2.45e-01 7.07e-04 0.2576
NC_000014.8 CCDC85C -1.16e-01 7.07e-04 0.2576
NC_000002.11 BIN1 -1.82e-01 7.07e-04 0.2576
NC_000016.9 NOD2 -1.69e-01 7.08e-04 0.2576
NC_000002.11 SH3RF3 -8.52e-02 7.09e-04 0.2576
NC_000005.9 LHFPL2 -2.24e-01 7.09e-04 0.2576
NC_000001.10 PRDM16 1.90e-01 7.10e-04 0.2576
NC_000001.10 NEK7 1.76e-01 7.11e-04 0.2576
NC_000022.10 FBLN1 -5.39e-02 7.12e-04 0.2576
NC_000004.11 PDGFRA 1.06e-01 7.12e-04 0.2576
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 -2.71e-01 7.13e-04 0.2576
NC_000013.10 DOCK9 -1.25e-01 7.13e-04 0.2576
NC_000011.9 IGSF22 1.45e-01 7.14e-04 0.2576
NC_000003.11 C3orf50 8.87e-02 7.17e-04 0.258
NC_000001.10 GALNT2 1.33e-01 7.17e-04 0.258
NC_000016.9 MT1G 7.93e-02 7.18e-04 0.258
NC_000016.9 PHLPP2 -7.71e-02 7.21e-04 0.2583
NC_000010.10 CCDC3 -9.31e-02 7.22e-04 0.2583
NC_000010.10 FGFR2 1.23e-01 7.24e-04 0.2585
NC_000004.11 PCGF3 -1.52e-01 7.24e-04 0.2585
NC_000007.13 DLX6AS 6.68e-02 7.25e-04 0.2587
NC_000005.9 GRIA1 1.23e-01 7.26e-04 0.2587
NC_000002.11 IGFBP2 -8.20e-02 7.27e-04 0.2588
NC_000015.9 MIR548H4 6.51e-02 7.29e-04 0.2588
NC_000016.9 RPL3L 1.18e-01 7.29e-04 0.2588
NC_000001.10 HIST3H3 -1.12e-01 7.30e-04 0.2588
NC_000006.11 NRM -7.58e-02 7.30e-04 0.2588
NC_000017.10 PYY2 -1.64e-01 7.30e-04 0.2588
NC_000020.10 ADAM33 5.98e-02 7.31e-04 0.2588
NC_000007.13 C7orf40 -1.13e-01 7.31e-04 0.2588
NC_000015.9 ISLR2 -1.28e-01 7.32e-04 0.2588
NC_000011.9 SLC22A18AS -1.15e-01 7.33e-04 0.2588
NC_000001.10 CYP4Z1 7.74e-02 7.34e-04 0.2588
NC_000003.11 BRPF1 -6.81e-02 7.35e-04 0.2588
NC_000002.11 FAM124B -8.63e-02 7.36e-04 0.2588
NC_000016.9 SEC14L5 1.85e-01 7.36e-04 0.2588
NC_000011.9 RPLP0P2 8.93e-02 7.36e-04 0.2588
NC_000006.11 MDN1 -9.68e-02 7.36e-04 0.2588
NC_000006.11 NCR3 9.71e-02 7.37e-04 0.2588
NC_000009.11 UBAC1 -8.22e-02 7.37e-04 0.2588
NC_000001.10 LOR 2.22e-01 7.38e-04 0.259
NC_000014.8 MMP14 1.31e-01 7.39e-04 0.2591
NC_000002.11 CRIM1 6.77e-02 7.40e-04 0.2594
NC_000016.9 CCL22 -1.36e-01 7.43e-04 0.2599
NC_000007.13 COBL -1.29e-01 7.44e-04 0.26
NC_000014.8 GNG2 -9.74e-02 7.46e-04 0.26
NC_000001.10 CSF3R 1.30e-01 7.46e-04 0.26
NC_000016.9 SNX20 -5.33e-02 7.47e-04 0.2601
NC_000011.9 TRIM21 -1.12e-01 7.49e-04 0.2604
NC_000008.10 ATP6V1H -1.30e-01 7.52e-04 0.2612
NC_000007.13 AUTS2 -1.08e-01 7.53e-04 0.2613
NC_000016.9 LCMT1 -1.38e-01 7.54e-04 0.2617
NC_000014.8 CMTM5 1.03e-01 7.56e-04 0.2617
NC_000012.11 ACAD10 -8.23e-02 7.57e-04 0.2618
NC_000001.10 S100A11 1.75e-01 7.58e-04 0.2618
NC_000001.10 CDC42 -1.13e-01 7.60e-04 0.2625
NC_000003.11 GRM2 1.32e-01 7.63e-04 0.2627
NC_000002.11 TTC30A -1.25e-01 7.64e-04 0.2627
NC_000009.11 PCSK5 1.24e-01 7.64e-04 0.2627
NC_000017.10 TUSC5 5.66e-02 7.66e-04 0.2627
NC_000017.10 AURKB -8.06e-02 7.67e-04 0.2627
NC_000018.9 SLC14A1 -4.01e-01 7.68e-04 0.2627
NC_000002.11 ITM2C -1.68e-01 7.68e-04 0.2627
NC_000005.9 FYB 1.00e-01 7.70e-04 0.2627
NC_000020.10 EFCAB8 -7.00e-02 7.72e-04 0.2627
NC_000009.11 FIBCD1 -1.93e-01 7.72e-04 0.2627
NC_000020.10 TCEA2 -7.47e-02 7.72e-04 0.2627
NC_000004.11 RAPGEF2 -1.13e-01 7.74e-04 0.2627
NC_000017.10 GGT6 -1.08e-01 7.75e-04 0.2627
NC_000006.11 EDN1 8.76e-02 7.75e-04 0.2627
NC_000010.10 CHAT 1.00e-01 7.77e-04 0.2627
NC_000012.11 C12orf27 8.50e-02 7.78e-04 0.2627
NC_000010.10 KNDC1 9.04e-02 7.78e-04 0.2627
NC_000006.11 TREM1 1.71e-01 7.79e-04 0.2627
NC_000003.11 SRGAP3 -8.83e-02 7.79e-04 0.2627
NC_000011.9 ESAM -9.68e-02 7.81e-04 0.2627
NC_000019.9 RASAL3 9.11e-02 7.81e-04 0.2627
NC_000003.11 MCM2 2.49e-01 7.83e-04 0.2627
NC_000006.11 C6orf26 9.52e-02 7.84e-04 0.2627
NC_000014.8 LOC100133469 1.35e-01 7.84e-04 0.2627
NC_000001.10 DNAJC8 -5.62e-02 7.84e-04 0.2627
NC_000017.10 ITGAE -1.48e-01 7.84e-04 0.2627
NC_000004.11 ACOX3 -1.17e-01 7.86e-04 0.2627
NC_000017.10 HOXB2 1.20e-01 7.86e-04 0.2627
NC_000012.11 EP400 1.53e-01 7.86e-04 0.2627
NC_000004.11 PCGF3 9.81e-02 7.87e-04 0.2627
NC_000006.11 SCAND3 -1.21e-01 7.88e-04 0.2627
NC_000001.10 OBSCN -1.55e-01 7.88e-04 0.2627
NC_000004.11 SORCS2 -1.74e-01 7.88e-04 0.2627
NC_000008.10 EXTL3 -6.65e-02 7.89e-04 0.2627
NC_000011.9 PLA2G16 -1.96e-01 7.90e-04 0.2627
NC_000001.10 PRDM16 1.60e-01 7.91e-04 0.2627
NC_000016.9 MSLN 1.48e-01 7.91e-04 0.2627
NC_000004.11 ASB5 1.12e-01 7.92e-04 0.2627
NC_000001.10 ARHGEF16 1.53e-01 7.95e-04 0.2627
NC_000017.10 HIGD1B 9.98e-02 7.96e-04 0.2627
NC_000001.10 MANEAL -9.28e-02 7.96e-04 0.2627
NC_000020.10 NFATC2 1.27e-01 7.96e-04 0.2627
NC_000007.13 CLDN15 -1.10e-01 7.97e-04 0.2627
NC_000011.9 NLRP6 -9.05e-02 7.97e-04 0.2627
NC_000013.10 RASA3 -1.06e-01 7.97e-04 0.2627
NC_000003.11 ADCY5 -1.45e-01 7.98e-04 0.2627
NC_000002.11 C2orf80 8.48e-02 7.99e-04 0.2627
NC_000007.13 CCL24 8.55e-02 7.99e-04 0.2627
NC_000008.10 NPM2 -1.53e-01 7.99e-04 0.2627
NC_000007.13 LMBR1 -8.07e-02 8.00e-04 0.2627
NC_000003.11 BOC -8.50e-02 8.02e-04 0.2628
NC_000014.8 BDKRB1 -8.31e-02 8.03e-04 0.2628
NC_000014.8 ZFP36L1 -1.59e-01 8.03e-04 0.2628
NC_000017.10 B3GNTL1 -1.10e-01 8.05e-04 0.2628
NC_000008.10 MAF1 -5.34e-02 8.05e-04 0.2628
NC_000005.9 EDIL3 9.12e-02 8.05e-04 0.2628
NC_000001.10 RFWD2 -1.54e-01 8.88e-04 0.2631
NC_000010.10 KIAA1462 -1.51e-01 8.06e-04 0.2628
NC_000010.10 CACNB2 -1.34e-01 8.08e-04 0.2628
NC_000002.11 CNTNAP5 -1.20e-01 8.09e-04 0.2628
NC_000001.10 PRDM16 5.97e-02 8.09e-04 0.2628
NC_000009.11 LHX2 -1.28e-01 8.10e-04 0.2628
NC_000006.11 SCUBE3 -9.37e-02 8.15e-04 0.2628
NC_000003.11 PRKCD -2.75e-01 8.15e-04 0.2628
NC_000022.10 HMOX1 1.13e-01 8.15e-04 0.2628
NC_000001.10 ATP1A2 -1.15e-01 8.16e-04 0.2628
NC_000002.11 DOCK10 -1.16e-01 8.19e-04 0.2628
NC_000007.13 CADPS2 -2.16e-01 8.20e-04 0.2628
NC_000015.9 RGMA 6.83e-02 8.20e-04 0.2628
NC_000011.9 INTS4 -1.32e-01 8.21e-04 0.2628
NC_000006.11 RPS6KA2 -8.15e-02 8.22e-04 0.2628
NC_000001.10 LDLRAD2 -7.25e-02 8.23e-04 0.2628
NC_000014.8 LTBP2 1.63e-01 8.24e-04 0.2628
NC_000019.9 KDM4B 1.12e-01 8.24e-04 0.2628
NC_000001.10 DENND2D -1.61e-01 8.24e-04 0.2628
NC_000001.10 WASF2 -7.62e-02 8.24e-04 0.2628
NC_000014.8 C14orf177 -1.13e-01 8.26e-04 0.2628
NC_000001.10 CD84 8.20e-02 8.26e-04 0.2628
NC_000003.11 LOC100129550 -8.56e-02 8.26e-04 0.2628
NC_000011.9 MTL5 -1.34e-01 8.27e-04 0.2628
NC_000004.11 ARHGAP24 -7.24e-02 8.29e-04 0.2628
NC_000017.10 MSX2P1 -1.03e-01 8.30e-04 0.2628
NC_000003.11 LZTFL1 -5.60e-02 8.30e-04 0.2628
NC_000019.9 KLK8 1.11e-01 8.30e-04 0.2628
NC_000020.10 BASE -6.33e-02 8.32e-04 0.2628
NC_000001.10 MYCL1 8.42e-02 8.32e-04 0.2628
NC_000014.8 RAD51L1 -8.40e-02 8.33e-04 0.2628
NC_000005.9 RAI14 1.30e-01 8.34e-04 0.2628
NC_000022.10 PRR5 -6.10e-02 8.36e-04 0.2628
NC_000007.13 PON2 8.64e-02 8.37e-04 0.2628
NC_000003.11 ALDH1L1 7.78e-02 8.37e-04 0.2628
NC_000010.10 SEC23IP -1.14e-01 8.39e-04 0.2628
NC_000005.9 NR3C1 -1.89e-01 8.39e-04 0.2628
NC_000006.11 SMOC2 -9.96e-02 8.40e-04 0.2628
NC_000011.9 P2RX3 -7.13e-02 8.40e-04 0.2628
NC_000002.11 ACTR3 -1.67e-01 8.40e-04 0.2628
NC_000014.8 TC2N 1.94e-01 8.41e-04 0.2628
NC_000008.10 ST18 -1.68e-01 8.41e-04 0.2628
NC_000007.13 ABCB1 -9.24e-02 8.42e-04 0.2628
NC_000011.9 SWAP70 -1.31e-01 8.42e-04 0.2628
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 -1.04e-01 8.42e-04 0.2628
NC_000004.11 RNF150 1.03e-01 8.43e-04 0.2628
NC_000009.11 ADAMTSL1 8.83e-02 8.43e-04 0.2628
NC_000001.10 PANK4 -6.53e-02 8.43e-04 0.2628
NC_000002.11 R3HDM1 -1.47e-01 8.46e-04 0.2628
NC_000009.11 ZNF618 -8.63e-02 8.46e-04 0.2628
NC_000001.10 CR1 1.17e-01 8.46e-04 0.2628
NC_000010.10 LIPA -8.30e-02 8.46e-04 0.2628
NC_000002.11 TNS1 1.02e-01 8.46e-04 0.2628
NC_000001.10 PBX1 -8.48e-02 8.47e-04 0.2628
NC_000003.11 ATP13A4 -1.56e-01 8.47e-04 0.2628
NC_000016.9 CIITA -5.76e-02 8.49e-04 0.2628
NC_000016.9 BANP 1.20e-01 8.49e-04 0.2628
NC_000006.11 PTCRA 1.51e-01 8.51e-04 0.2628
NC_000012.11 TNFRSF1A 1.25e-01 8.51e-04 0.2628
NC_000016.9 NPW -1.04e-01 8.51e-04 0.2628
NC_000019.9 MADCAM1 -1.97e-01 8.51e-04 0.2628
NC_000010.10 STAMBPL1 -1.74e-01 8.52e-04 0.2628
NC_000006.11 ZSCAN12L1 7.65e-02 8.52e-04 0.2628
NC_000006.11 TAP1 -1.18e-01 8.53e-04 0.2628
NC_000007.13 WIPI2 -6.24e-02 8.53e-04 0.2628
NC_000002.11 ARMC9 -1.28e-01 8.54e-04 0.2628
NC_000018.9 CEP76 -1.57e-01 8.54e-04 0.2628
NC_000011.9 NDUFC2 1.10e-01 8.55e-04 0.2629
NC_000010.10 TIAL1 -7.62e-02 8.56e-04 0.2629
NC_000016.9 C16orf42 -1.56e-01 8.60e-04 0.263
NC_000011.9 PLEKHA7 6.37e-02 8.60e-04 0.263
NC_000005.9 PLEKHG4B -1.14e-01 8.61e-04 0.263
NC_000006.11 APOM -1.08e-01 8.61e-04 0.263
NC_000012.11 BRI3BP -1.52e-01 8.62e-04 0.263
NC_000016.9 ADCY9 -2.26e-01 8.62e-04 0.263
NC_000002.11 DES 9.92e-02 8.67e-04 0.263
NC_000006.11 ICK -1.15e-01 8.68e-04 0.263
NC_000011.9 TRIM29 -1.47e-01 8.70e-04 0.263
NC_000005.9 LHFPL2 -1.44e-01 8.70e-04 0.263
NC_000003.11 IRAK2 -7.12e-02 8.71e-04 0.263
NC_000014.8 WDR89 -8.69e-02 8.73e-04 0.263
NC_000012.11 TAC3 9.83e-02 8.74e-04 0.263
NC_000012.11 P2RX7 6.45e-02 8.75e-04 0.263
NC_000006.11 MOG 1.83e-01 8.75e-04 0.263
NC_000013.10 PCDH9 -1.17e-01 8.76e-04 0.263
NC_000008.10 C8orf73 -8.52e-02 8.76e-04 0.263
NC_000004.11 QDPR -1.19e-01 8.77e-04 0.263
NC_000007.13 KCNH2 1.36e-01 8.77e-04 0.263
NC_000007.13 ABCB4 -1.10e-01 8.77e-04 0.263
NC_000012.11 ASB8 1.38e-01 8.78e-04 0.263
NC_000015.9 CT62 -1.12e-01 8.78e-04 0.263
NC_000006.11 DTNBP1 -1.27e-01 8.79e-04 0.263
NC_000014.8 GPR68 -1.35e-01 8.81e-04 0.263
NC_000020.10 SSTR4 2.31e-01 8.81e-04 0.263
NC_000007.13 LOC100128542 1.04e-01 8.81e-04 0.263
NC_000013.10 PHF11 -1.21e-01 8.82e-04 0.263
NC_000006.11 C6orf10 -2.24e-01 8.82e-04 0.263
NC_000004.11 ZNF509 -1.48e-01 8.84e-04 0.263
NC_000005.9 LARP1 -1.12e-01 8.85e-04 0.263
NC_000014.8 BCL11B -1.42e-01 8.85e-04 0.263
NC_000002.11 CYP26B1 8.84e-02 8.85e-04 0.263
NC_000005.9 AGXT2L2 -1.31e-01 8.86e-04 0.263
NC_000007.13 UNC84A -1.24e-01 8.87e-04 0.2631
NC_000007.13 MAGI2 -1.18e-01 8.88e-04 0.2631
NC_000006.11 NCRNA00171 -8.64e-02 8.89e-04 0.2631
NC_000013.10 CUL4A -7.79e-02 8.90e-04 0.2632
NC_000002.11 SNAR-H 1.35e-01 8.91e-04 0.2633
NC_000019.9 ADAMTS10 2.77e-01 8.93e-04 0.2633
NC_000001.10 NPHP4 -1.88e-01 8.93e-04 0.2633
NC_000022.10 MFNG 1.15e-01 8.93e-04 0.2633
NC_000012.11 FBRSL1 6.15e-02 8.94e-04 0.2633
NC_000010.10 FBXO18 -7.04e-02 8.95e-04 0.2633
NC_000015.9 PLA2G4E -1.21e-01 8.96e-04 0.2633
NC_000006.11 LAMA4 9.40e-02 8.97e-04 0.2635
NC_000011.9 SHANK2 -1.35e-01 9.00e-04 0.2638
NC_000002.11 NHEJ1 -1.94e-01 9.03e-04 0.2643
NC_000017.10 CYTH1 -1.05e-01 9.04e-04 0.2643
NC_000020.10 MATN4 -2.40e-01 9.05e-04 0.2643
NC_000016.9 CLEC16A 1.70e-01 9.05e-04 0.2643
NC_000001.10 MGC4473 -1.30e-01 9.08e-04 0.2643
NC_000008.10 TMEM68 -1.18e-01 9.09e-04 0.2643
NC_000014.8 RPL36AL -1.34e-01 9.10e-04 0.2643
NC_000017.10 RAI1 -8.46e-02 9.10e-04 0.2643
NC_000003.11 STAG1 -8.16e-02 9.11e-04 0.2643
NC_000007.13 CNPY1 8.36e-02 9.11e-04 0.2643
NC_000022.10 CELSR1 -1.26e-01 9.12e-04 0.2643
NC_000002.11 DTNB -1.35e-01 9.13e-04 0.2643
NC_000001.10 LEFTY1 1.22e-01 9.13e-04 0.2643
NC_000010.10 GDF10 -1.14e-01 9.16e-04 0.2643
NC_000016.9 A2BP1 -2.24e-01 9.16e-04 0.2643
NC_000017.10 SARM1 -7.68e-02 9.17e-04 0.2643
NC_000007.13 DPP6 -1.24e-01 9.18e-04 0.2643
NC_000007.13 SDK1 -7.88e-02 9.19e-04 0.2643
NC_000003.11 CCDC48 -8.78e-02 9.19e-04 0.2643
NC_000010.10 RET -8.79e-02 9.20e-04 0.2643
NC_000017.10 PPY2 -9.51e-02 9.22e-04 0.2643
NC_000019.9 TNNT1 2.03e-01 9.23e-04 0.2643
NC_000007.13 SND1 -1.07e-01 9.23e-04 0.2643
NC_000014.8 KLHDC2 -1.12e-01 9.23e-04 0.2643
NC_000017.10 NXN 1.96e-01 9.24e-04 0.2643
NC_000009.11 APBA1 -1.90e-01 9.26e-04 0.2643
NC_000014.8 PROX2 -1.13e-01 9.28e-04 0.2643
NC_000008.10 TACC1 1.75e-01 9.28e-04 0.2643
NC_000003.11 SDHAP1 -1.17e-01 9.28e-04 0.2643
NC_000015.9 PCSK6 -2.05e-01 9.28e-04 0.2643
NC_000017.10 CYTSB 8.62e-02 9.30e-04 0.2643
NC_000012.11 TMEM119 1.31e-01 9.32e-04 0.2643
NC_000012.11 GPR133 -1.22e-01 9.33e-04 0.2643
NC_000003.11 MYNN -9.05e-02 9.34e-04 0.2643
NC_000013.10 FOXO1 -1.58e-01 9.36e-04 0.2643
NC_000022.10 IL2RB 1.50e-01 9.36e-04 0.2643
NC_000001.10 TAGLN2 8.12e-02 9.37e-04 0.2643
NC_000003.11 HLTF -9.81e-02 9.37e-04 0.2643
NC_000003.11 YEATS2 -9.97e-02 9.38e-04 0.2643
NC_000002.11 TRIM54 1.10e-01 9.38e-04 0.2643
NC_000003.11 SEMA5B -1.73e-01 9.40e-04 0.2643
NC_000014.8 C14orf165 -9.51e-02 9.40e-04 0.2643
NC_000017.10 RPH3AL -1.84e-01 9.41e-04 0.2643
NC_000015.9 MESP2 -7.58e-02 9.42e-04 0.2643
NC_000014.8 HEATR4 -1.53e-01 9.42e-04 0.2643
NC_000022.10 APOL1 -1.64e-01 9.44e-04 0.2643
NC_000006.11 GABRR1 -8.95e-02 9.45e-04 0.2643
NC_000001.10 NTRK1 2.04e-01 9.45e-04 0.2643
NC_000013.10 LOC646405 -9.01e-02 9.45e-04 0.2643
NC_000001.10 SERINC2 -1.22e-01 9.46e-04 0.2643
NC_000017.10 BCAS3 -1.22e-01 9.46e-04 0.2643
NC_000020.10 HRH3 8.31e-02 9.47e-04 0.2643
NC_000017.10 ACADVL -8.91e-02 9.48e-04 0.2643
NC_000005.9 TRIM7 -1.00e-01 9.48e-04 0.2643
NC_000008.10 ZFHX4 -7.91e-02 9.50e-04 0.2643
NC_000019.9 RYR1 1.10e-01 9.50e-04 0.2643
NC_000008.10 TRAPPC9 -1.21e-01 9.51e-04 0.2643
NC_000003.11 UBA7 -1.19e-01 9.51e-04 0.2643
NC_000011.9 MUC5B -7.17e-02 9.52e-04 0.2643
NC_000001.10 ZBTB37 -7.13e-02 9.52e-04 0.2643
NC_000002.11 NAT8B -2.02e-01 9.52e-04 0.2643
NC_000001.10 PPP1R15B -7.15e-02 9.52e-04 0.2643
NC_000016.9 SPN -1.71e-01 9.53e-04 0.2643
NC_000001.10 COL9A2 -1.12e-01 9.54e-04 0.2643
NC_000006.11 OPRM1 -1.27e-01 9.54e-04 0.2643
NC_000005.9 KIAA0141 -1.49e-01 9.55e-04 0.2644
NC_000008.10 SNTG1 -1.67e-01 9.55e-04 0.2644
NC_000003.11 CDCP1 1.56e-01 9.57e-04 0.2644
NC_000008.10 NSMCE2 -1.14e-01 9.59e-04 0.2644
NC_000010.10 LRRC27 -1.08e-01 9.61e-04 0.2644
NC_000017.10 DVL2 -9.95e-02 9.61e-04 0.2644
NC_000011.9 CABP4 -9.71e-02 9.61e-04 0.2644
NC_000016.9 TCF25 -2.54e-01 9.63e-04 0.2644
NC_000010.10 LRIT2 7.11e-02 9.63e-04 0.2644
NC_000010.10 ITPRIP -1.32e-01 9.64e-04 0.2644
NC_000002.11 CD8B 1.30e-01 9.66e-04 0.2644
NC_000016.9 RRN3P1 -1.82e-01 9.67e-04 0.2644
NC_000002.11 ANKMY1 -6.43e-02 9.68e-04 0.2644
NC_000017.10 WNK4 8.86e-02 9.70e-04 0.2644
NC_000006.11 TNXB -1.75e-01 9.70e-04 0.2644
NC_000014.8 KTN1 1.43e-01 9.72e-04 0.2644
NC_000006.11 BTN3A3 -1.55e-01 9.74e-04 0.2644
NC_000007.13 PLXNA4 -1.16e-01 9.74e-04 0.2644
NC_000016.9 C1QTNF8 7.38e-02 9.75e-04 0.2644
NC_000004.11 OTUD4 -1.18e-01 9.79e-04 0.2644
NC_000007.13 MAD1L1 -2.13e-01 9.80e-04 0.2644
NC_000019.9 ITGB1BP3 -6.52e-02 9.82e-04 0.2644
NC_000020.10 COL20A1 -1.03e-01 9.83e-04 0.2644
NC_000006.11 TCP10L2 6.13e-02 9.83e-04 0.2644
NC_000019.9 IL4I1 9.71e-02 9.84e-04 0.2644
NC_000016.9 CORO1A -1.25e-01 9.84e-04 0.2644
NC_000023.10 PAGE3 1.52e-01 9.85e-04 0.2644
NC_000012.11 KRT5 1.57e-01 9.87e-04 0.2644
NC_000017.10 CCDC40 -9.19e-02 9.87e-04 0.2644
NC_000014.8 KIF26A -1.33e-01 9.88e-04 0.2644
NC_000003.11 CLEC3B -8.41e-02 9.88e-04 0.2644
NC_000002.11 EPHA4 6.71e-02 9.91e-04 0.2644
NC_000003.11 IL17RD -2.10e-01 9.91e-04 0.2644
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 -1.42e-01 9.91e-04 0.2644
NC_000019.9 BRUNOL5 -8.09e-02 9.92e-04 0.2644
NC_000011.9 BRMS1 -1.36e-01 9.93e-04 0.2644
NC_000016.9 QPRT 1.10e-01 9.94e-04 0.2644
NC_000006.11 TNXB 2.24e-01 9.95e-04 0.2644
NC_000010.10 MIR146B 5.42e-02 9.96e-04 0.2644
NC_000010.10 UCN3 -9.47e-02 9.96e-04 0.2644
NC_000004.11 MAPK10 -9.93e-02 9.97e-04 0.2644
NC_000015.9 RGMA 8.17e-02 9.98e-04 0.2644
NC_000019.9 MADCAM1 -9.43e-02 9.98e-04 0.2644
NC_000002.11 DES 1.38e-01 9.99e-04 0.2644
NC_000017.10 ANKFY1 -8.54e-02 9.99e-04 0.2644
NC_000005.9 SYNPO -9.95e-02 1.00e-03 0.2644
NC_000007.13 ZP3 1.91e-01 1.00e-03 0.2644
NC_000001.10 PEAR1 5.93e-02 1.00e-03 0.2644
NC_000011.9 OR51E2 8.45e-02 1.00e-03 0.2644
NC_000012.11 C12orf32 -1.51e-01 1.01e-03 0.2644
NC_000002.11 KRCC1 -7.35e-02 1.01e-03 0.2644
NC_000005.9 ATG10 -1.05e-01 1.01e-03 0.2644
NC_000006.11 SYTL3 -9.63e-02 1.01e-03 0.2644
NC_000019.9 ARRDC2 -1.20e-01 1.01e-03 0.2644
NC_000017.10 TEX14 -2.26e-01 1.01e-03 0.2644
NC_000011.9 CTNND1 -1.64e-01 1.01e-03 0.2644
NC_000011.9 FAU -7.47e-02 1.01e-03 0.2644
NC_000017.10 VPS53 -1.35e-01 1.02e-03 0.2644
NC_000002.11 LIMS1 1.01e-01 1.02e-03 0.2644
NC_000012.11 CHFR -7.52e-02 1.02e-03 0.2644
NC_000007.13 UBN2 -9.42e-02 1.02e-03 0.2644
NC_000021.8 TRPM2 1.20e-01 1.02e-03 0.2644
NC_000003.11 CAND2 1.45e-01 1.02e-03 0.2644
NC_000010.10 EBF3 -1.26e-01 1.02e-03 0.2644
NC_000012.11 PDZRN4 -1.05e-01 1.02e-03 0.2644
NC_000022.10 NCRNA00207 -2.09e-01 1.02e-03 0.2644
NC_000017.10 SERPINF1 -9.29e-02 1.02e-03 0.2644
NC_000001.10 NTRK1 6.05e-02 1.02e-03 0.2644
NC_000002.11 MYT1L -8.66e-02 1.02e-03 0.2644
NC_000016.9 VAC14 -7.43e-02 1.02e-03 0.2644
NC_000006.11 GCM1 6.02e-02 1.02e-03 0.2644
NC_000002.11 NMS 1.07e-01 1.02e-03 0.2644
NC_000019.9 TCF3 7.45e-02 1.02e-03 0.2644
NC_000023.10 SPANXN5 7.61e-02 1.03e-03 0.2644
NC_000001.10 ZNHIT6 -8.51e-02 1.03e-03 0.2644
NC_000007.13 TRIM50 -5.82e-02 1.03e-03 0.2644
NC_000017.10 WNT3 8.55e-02 1.03e-03 0.2644
NC_000012.11 GLS2 5.26e-02 1.03e-03 0.2644
NC_000017.10 IKZF3 1.28e-01 1.03e-03 0.2644
NC_000003.11 KIAA1257 -8.38e-02 1.03e-03 0.2644
NC_000016.9 ABCC11 -1.48e-01 1.03e-03 0.2644
NC_000001.10 SPRR3 6.07e-02 1.03e-03 0.2644
NC_000011.9 ASRGL1 -7.50e-02 1.03e-03 0.2644
NC_000009.11 ENTPD8 7.28e-02 1.03e-03 0.2644
NC_000008.10 SLC45A4 -1.18e-01 1.03e-03 0.2644
NC_000016.9 ITGAL 6.45e-02 1.04e-03 0.2644
NC_000002.11 WDFY1 5.77e-02 1.04e-03 0.2644
NC_000002.11 METTL8 -1.28e-01 1.04e-03 0.2644
NC_000018.9 APCDD1 8.29e-02 1.04e-03 0.2644
NC_000007.13 JAZF1 -1.19e-01 1.04e-03 0.2644
NC_000004.11 PRDM8 -5.12e-02 1.04e-03 0.2644
NC_000017.10 LOC162632 -9.36e-02 1.04e-03 0.2644
NC_000008.10 PGCP -1.21e-01 1.04e-03 0.2644
NC_000001.10 SLC2A5 1.82e-01 1.04e-03 0.2644
NC_000006.11 FLOT1 -1.18e-01 1.04e-03 0.2644
NC_000017.10 PCTP -9.78e-02 1.04e-03 0.2644
NC_000006.11 HBS1L -7.20e-02 1.04e-03 0.2644
NC_000012.11 USP44 7.38e-02 1.04e-03 0.2644
NC_000004.11 CDS1 -1.13e-01 1.04e-03 0.2644
NC_000005.9 ADAMTS12 2.14e-01 1.04e-03 0.2644
NC_000001.10 PTAFR -1.20e-01 1.04e-03 0.2644
NC_000017.10 RPTOR -1.17e-01 1.04e-03 0.2644
NC_000007.13 GRM8 1.38e-01 1.04e-03 0.2644
NC_000014.8 C14orf138 -1.24e-01 1.04e-03 0.2644
NC_000007.13 TNRC18 -1.56e-01 1.05e-03 0.2644
NC_000016.9 HAS3 -1.57e-01 1.05e-03 0.2644
NC_000017.10 KRT19 1.36e-01 1.05e-03 0.2644
NC_000003.11 WNT5A -7.69e-02 1.05e-03 0.2644
NC_000001.10 MIR429 1.50e-01 1.05e-03 0.2644
NC_000005.9 BRD9 -1.89e-01 1.05e-03 0.2644
NC_000001.10 PLEKHG5 -1.50e-01 1.05e-03 0.2644
NC_000011.9 ADAMTS15 8.71e-02 1.05e-03 0.2644
NC_000006.11 EYA4 -9.12e-02 1.05e-03 0.2644
NC_000005.9 VDAC1 6.19e-02 1.05e-03 0.2644
NC_000016.9 RHBDF1 8.25e-02 1.05e-03 0.2644
NC_000019.9 SF3A2 -1.41e-01 1.05e-03 0.2644
NC_000016.9 ANKRD11 5.82e-02 1.05e-03 0.2644
NC_000006.11 BTN3A3 -1.86e-01 1.20e-03 0.2684
NC_000006.11 TNXB -1.36e-01 1.05e-03 0.2644
NC_000019.9 GAPDHS -1.32e-01 1.06e-03 0.2644
NC_000007.13 WDR86 -1.05e-01 1.20e-03 0.2684
NC_000010.10 PHYH -1.16e-01 1.06e-03 0.2644
NC_000006.11 HCG22 1.06e-01 1.06e-03 0.2644
NC_000017.10 TANC2 -1.54e-01 1.06e-03 0.2644
NC_000003.11 NCBP2 -6.97e-02 1.06e-03 0.2644
NC_000009.11 CAMSAP1 -1.33e-01 1.06e-03 0.2644
NC_000002.11 SNTG2 -8.85e-02 1.06e-03 0.2644
NC_000021.8 COL18A1 -1.28e-01 1.06e-03 0.2644
NC_000017.10 TBX4 -6.25e-02 1.06e-03 0.2644
NC_000006.11 HLA-DMA -1.14e-01 1.06e-03 0.2644
NC_000003.11 H1FOO 6.98e-02 1.06e-03 0.2644
NC_000009.11 GRIN3A -8.45e-02 1.06e-03 0.2644
NC_000009.11 COBRA1 -1.75e-01 1.06e-03 0.2644
NC_000012.11 LOC100133893 -5.37e-02 1.06e-03 0.2644
NC_000011.9 OSBPL5 -1.73e-01 1.06e-03 0.2644
NC_000009.11 ADAMTS13 -5.66e-02 1.06e-03 0.2644
NC_000003.11 CNTN4 -9.84e-02 1.07e-03 0.2644
NC_000003.11 FBXO40 1.19e-01 1.07e-03 0.2644
NC_000011.9 LSP1 5.40e-02 1.07e-03 0.2644
NC_000003.11 CCR9 -5.72e-02 1.07e-03 0.2644
NC_000004.11 FAM13A -8.53e-02 1.07e-03 0.2644
NC_000011.9 KCNQ1 8.48e-02 1.07e-03 0.2644
NC_000005.9 FGFR4 1.46e-01 1.07e-03 0.2644
NC_000017.10 TBC1D16 1.61e-01 1.07e-03 0.2644
NC_000018.9 TNFRSF11A -1.19e-01 1.07e-03 0.2644
NC_000005.9 ODZ2 -7.93e-02 1.07e-03 0.2644
NC_000001.10 MMP23A -5.42e-02 1.07e-03 0.2644
NC_000021.8 PCNT -2.40e-01 1.07e-03 0.2644
NC_000003.11 GPD1L -2.19e-01 1.07e-03 0.2644
NC_000016.9 MGRN1 -9.99e-02 1.07e-03 0.2644
NC_000001.10 SPEN 2.05e-01 1.07e-03 0.2644
NC_000008.10 SAMD12 7.80e-02 1.07e-03 0.2644
NC_000012.11 SCN8A -1.18e-01 1.07e-03 0.2644
NC_000014.8 MIR656 -1.29e-01 1.08e-03 0.2644
NC_000004.11 MANBA -8.78e-02 1.08e-03 0.2644
NC_000001.10 COL11A1 1.18e-01 1.08e-03 0.2644
NC_000007.13 TNRC18 7.89e-02 1.08e-03 0.2644
NC_000001.10 PRDM16 -5.70e-02 1.08e-03 0.2644
NC_000001.10 CSF3R 1.41e-01 1.08e-03 0.2644
NC_000006.11 FAM65B -1.12e-01 1.08e-03 0.2644
NC_000011.9 NLRP14 -1.14e-01 1.08e-03 0.2644
NC_000019.9 ZNF835 -1.74e-01 1.09e-03 0.2644
NC_000004.11 WDR1 -1.24e-01 1.09e-03 0.2644
NC_000004.11 PCGF3 1.29e-01 1.09e-03 0.2644
NC_000003.11 GPD1L -6.52e-02 1.09e-03 0.2644
NC_000003.11 CCR2 -9.31e-02 1.09e-03 0.2644
NC_000006.11 RPF2 -7.35e-02 1.09e-03 0.2644
NC_000004.11 ACOX3 -1.10e-01 1.09e-03 0.2644
NC_000005.9 WWC1 5.98e-02 1.09e-03 0.2644
NC_000002.11 STON1-GTF2A1L -1.52e-01 1.09e-03 0.2644
NC_000002.11 FHL2 1.74e-01 1.09e-03 0.2644
NC_000002.11 TUBA3E -1.14e-01 1.09e-03 0.2644
NC_000012.11 TPCN1 -1.78e-01 1.09e-03 0.2644
NC_000009.11 CCL27 -9.71e-02 1.09e-03 0.2644
NC_000006.11 HLA-DMB -9.82e-02 1.09e-03 0.2644
NC_000001.10 PLCH2 4.92e-02 1.09e-03 0.2644
NC_000016.9 C16orf7 8.50e-02 1.09e-03 0.2644
NC_000003.11 ZNF445 -1.22e-01 1.09e-03 0.2644
NC_000011.9 PDE2A -1.25e-01 1.09e-03 0.2644
NC_000009.11 FXN -1.17e-01 1.09e-03 0.2644
NC_000015.9 LOC145845 -1.40e-01 1.25e-03 0.2713
NC_000015.9 SLC27A2 -1.32e-01 1.10e-03 0.2644
NC_000017.10 PIRT 1.01e-01 1.10e-03 0.2644
NC_000020.10 LAMA5 2.21e-01 1.10e-03 0.2644
NC_000017.10 ABR -8.92e-02 1.10e-03 0.2644
NC_000012.11 APOLD1 -1.12e-01 1.10e-03 0.2644
NC_000017.10 AATK 7.13e-02 1.10e-03 0.2644
NC_000017.10 RPTOR -1.54e-01 1.10e-03 0.2644
NC_000011.9 NRXN2 5.27e-02 1.10e-03 0.2644
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 -6.87e-02 1.10e-03 0.2644
NC_000016.9 AGRP -1.00e-01 1.10e-03 0.2645
NC_000002.11 ANO7 1.19e-01 1.10e-03 0.2645
NC_000016.9 RNF40 -8.09e-02 1.10e-03 0.2645
NC_000017.10 FASN -1.75e-01 1.10e-03 0.2645
NC_000009.11 ABO -1.07e-01 1.10e-03 0.2645
NC_000018.9 FECH -1.68e-01 1.11e-03 0.2645
NC_000004.11 APBB2 -1.72e-01 1.11e-03 0.2645
NC_000014.8 RIN3 -1.16e-01 1.11e-03 0.2645
NC_000007.13 CARD11 1.13e-01 1.11e-03 0.2645
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 -1.28e-01 1.11e-03 0.2645
NC_000011.9 P2RX3 9.69e-02 1.11e-03 0.2645
NC_000020.10 ProSAPiP1 -7.19e-02 1.11e-03 0.2645
NC_000019.9 RASGRP4 1.14e-01 1.11e-03 0.2645
NC_000006.11 PI16 1.74e-01 1.11e-03 0.2645
NC_000016.9 KCTD5 -1.08e-01 1.11e-03 0.2645
NC_000016.9 CASKIN1 -7.35e-02 1.11e-03 0.2645
NC_000002.11 ASB1 -1.01e-01 1.11e-03 0.2645
NC_000008.10 ERICH1 -1.30e-01 1.12e-03 0.2649
NC_000007.13 LOC285954 9.07e-02 1.12e-03 0.2653
NC_000002.11 TSSC1 -1.88e-01 1.12e-03 0.2653
NC_000010.10 ERCC6 -1.16e-01 1.12e-03 0.2653
NC_000004.11 FAM53A -1.02e-01 1.12e-03 0.2653
NC_000017.10 AMZ2 -5.76e-02 1.12e-03 0.2653
NC_000007.13 PHF14 -1.25e-01 1.12e-03 0.2653
NC_000003.11 DHX30 -1.16e-01 1.12e-03 0.2654
NC_000013.10 C13orf16 -1.45e-01 1.12e-03 0.2654
NC_000016.9 DCTPP1 -7.94e-02 1.12e-03 0.2654
NC_000005.9 H2AFY 9.72e-02 1.12e-03 0.2654
NC_000016.9 IFT140 1.07e-01 1.13e-03 0.2654
NC_000006.11 TNXB -6.98e-02 1.13e-03 0.2654
NC_000019.9 SBNO2 -2.31e-01 1.13e-03 0.2654
NC_000001.10 F3 -5.99e-02 1.13e-03 0.2654
NC_000014.8 KIF26A -1.39e-01 1.13e-03 0.2654
NC_000006.11 PRR3 -1.06e-01 1.13e-03 0.2654
NC_000022.10 SEC14L3 8.33e-02 1.13e-03 0.2656
NC_000016.9 LOC652276 -2.37e-01 1.13e-03 0.2658
NC_000003.11 CRYGS 1.26e-01 1.13e-03 0.2659
NC_000002.11 AGAP1 -1.02e-01 1.14e-03 0.2664
NC_000007.13 AIMP2 6.48e-02 1.14e-03 0.2664
NC_000023.10 DRP2 8.04e-02 1.14e-03 0.2664
NC_000010.10 TCF7L2 9.16e-02 1.14e-03 0.2665
NC_000007.13 LOC402644 -8.57e-02 1.14e-03 0.2665
NC_000008.10 RAD54B -1.22e-01 1.14e-03 0.2665
NC_000010.10 DIP2C -1.32e-01 1.15e-03 0.2665
NC_000007.13 FLJ43663 -9.99e-02 1.15e-03 0.2665
NC_000005.9 CEP72 -1.09e-01 1.15e-03 0.2665
NC_000007.13 HECW1 -1.10e-01 1.15e-03 0.2665
NC_000012.11 LRTM2 -9.89e-02 1.15e-03 0.2665
NC_000005.9 PDLIM4 -1.49e-01 1.15e-03 0.2665
NC_000011.9 EHF -7.84e-02 1.15e-03 0.2665
NC_000002.11 HS6ST1 1.44e-01 1.15e-03 0.2665
NC_000009.11 ABL1 -1.43e-01 1.15e-03 0.2665
NC_000008.10 GDF6 6.79e-02 1.15e-03 0.2665
NC_000002.11 AGAP1 -1.53e-01 1.15e-03 0.2665
NC_000008.10 CLN8 -1.58e-01 1.15e-03 0.2665
NC_000002.11 C1QL2 6.17e-02 1.15e-03 0.2665
NC_000001.10 CLIC4 -5.76e-02 1.16e-03 0.2665
NC_000007.13 FSCN3 7.27e-02 1.16e-03 0.2665
NC_000007.13 LRWD1 -7.69e-02 1.16e-03 0.2665
NC_000021.8 KCNJ15 1.03e-01 1.16e-03 0.2665
NC_000004.11 NDST3 -7.43e-02 1.16e-03 0.2665
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 -1.68e-01 1.16e-03 0.2665
NC_000010.10 GBF1 -5.22e-02 1.16e-03 0.2665
NC_000023.10 TEX28 -1.66e-01 1.16e-03 0.2665
NC_000006.11 HCG4 -1.08e-01 1.16e-03 0.2665
NC_000014.8 PLEK2 -1.28e-01 1.16e-03 0.2665
NC_000013.10 USP12 -1.46e-01 1.16e-03 0.2665
NC_000007.13 RADIL -1.70e-01 1.16e-03 0.2665
NC_000008.10 PHYHIP -1.16e-01 1.16e-03 0.2665
NC_000020.10 SRC -7.25e-02 1.16e-03 0.2665
NC_000012.11 CDK2AP1 2.12e-01 1.16e-03 0.2666
NC_000009.11 EXOSC2 -6.22e-02 1.17e-03 0.2669
NC_000008.10 GPT 6.86e-02 1.17e-03 0.2669
NC_000019.9 C19orf41 -1.58e-01 1.17e-03 0.267
NC_000001.10 NAV1 -1.30e-01 1.17e-03 0.267
NC_000010.10 TUBGCP2 -1.02e-01 1.17e-03 0.267
NC_000009.11 AKNA 7.20e-02 1.17e-03 0.267
NC_000008.10 ARHGEF10 -6.20e-02 1.17e-03 0.2674
NC_000001.10 VWA1 -1.05e-01 1.17e-03 0.2676
NC_000008.10 SDC2 -7.26e-02 1.18e-03 0.2682
NC_000023.10 RBMXL3 -8.78e-02 1.36e-03 0.2742
NC_000006.11 PSMB8 -9.66e-02 1.18e-03 0.2682
NC_000017.10 CCL1 1.13e-01 1.18e-03 0.2682
NC_000001.10 UBXN11 8.71e-02 1.18e-03 0.2682
NC_000003.11 CCR2 1.16e-01 1.18e-03 0.2682
NC_000011.9 PACS1 -8.27e-02 1.18e-03 0.2682
NC_000014.8 OTX2OS1 -8.70e-02 1.18e-03 0.2682
NC_000004.11 ARHGAP24 1.11e-01 1.19e-03 0.2684
NC_000004.11 CTBP1 1.21e-01 1.19e-03 0.2684
NC_000004.11 TXK -1.91e-01 1.19e-03 0.2684
NC_000006.11 TAPBP -1.37e-01 1.19e-03 0.2684
NC_000006.11 C6orf27 1.25e-01 1.19e-03 0.2684
NC_000008.10 LOC340357 1.21e-01 1.19e-03 0.2684
NC_000010.10 SVIL -7.77e-02 1.19e-03 0.2684
NC_000006.11 WDR27 -9.35e-02 1.19e-03 0.2684
NC_000017.10 C17orf85 -2.53e-01 1.19e-03 0.2684
NC_000002.11 ABCG5 6.14e-02 1.20e-03 0.2684
NC_000012.11 ERP27 -6.72e-02 1.20e-03 0.2684
NC_000003.11 ERC2 -1.97e-01 1.20e-03 0.2684
NC_000017.10 NXN 1.70e-01 1.20e-03 0.2684
NC_000019.9 ZFR2 2.52e-01 1.20e-03 0.2684
NC_000015.9 CPEB1 1.86e-01 1.20e-03 0.2684
NC_000020.10 DBNDD2 -8.77e-02 1.20e-03 0.2684
NC_000001.10 NPHP4 -1.68e-01 1.20e-03 0.2684
NC_000019.9 SEMA6B -7.98e-02 1.20e-03 0.2684
NC_000005.9 SLC12A7 -1.43e-01 1.20e-03 0.2684
NC_000018.9 DSG3 -8.26e-02 1.20e-03 0.2684
NC_000008.10 ERICH1 -2.56e-01 1.20e-03 0.2684
NC_000019.9 SF3A2 -7.42e-02 1.20e-03 0.2684
NC_000019.9 CREB3L3 6.65e-02 1.20e-03 0.2684
NC_000004.11 LETM1 -5.39e-02 1.20e-03 0.2684
NC_000001.10 RASSF5 -1.43e-01 1.20e-03 0.2684
NC_000006.11 COL11A2 6.55e-02 1.21e-03 0.2684
NC_000014.8 KIAA0284 1.64e-01 1.21e-03 0.2685
NC_000001.10 PSMA5 7.51e-02 1.21e-03 0.2687
NC_000007.13 MAD1L1 -1.20e-01 1.21e-03 0.2689
NC_000004.11 COL25A1 1.10e-01 1.21e-03 0.2689
NC_000015.9 EHD4 -1.07e-01 1.21e-03 0.2689
NC_000014.8 NUMB -7.25e-02 1.21e-03 0.2689
NC_000015.9 MPI -7.01e-02 1.21e-03 0.2689
NC_000003.11 BCHE -1.33e-01 1.21e-03 0.2689
NC_000013.10 GUCY1B2 1.17e-01 1.22e-03 0.269
NC_000011.9 PVRL1 -8.56e-02 1.22e-03 0.269
NC_000006.11 TAF8 -8.49e-02 1.22e-03 0.269
NC_000001.10 NFIA -1.66e-01 1.22e-03 0.2691
NC_000001.10 NOC2L -1.55e-01 1.22e-03 0.2691
NC_000019.9 DEDD2 -6.57e-02 1.22e-03 0.2692
NC_000002.11 COL6A3 -1.03e-01 1.22e-03 0.2692
NC_000010.10 CPXM2 6.51e-02 1.22e-03 0.2694
NC_000014.8 NEK9 -1.22e-01 1.22e-03 0.2697
NC_000016.9 CBFA2T3 1.80e-01 1.22e-03 0.2699
NC_000017.10 RAI1 -6.02e-02 1.23e-03 0.2699
NC_000016.9 RNF40 -1.47e-01 1.23e-03 0.27
NC_000006.11 TNF 1.43e-01 1.23e-03 0.2704
NC_000010.10 GDF2 -1.17e-01 1.23e-03 0.2704
NC_000007.13 ZNF800 -1.31e-01 1.23e-03 0.2705
NC_000018.9 MBP -1.05e-01 1.23e-03 0.2705
NC_000001.10 COL11A1 4.67e-02 1.23e-03 0.2705
NC_000018.9 C18orf62 -6.33e-02 1.23e-03 0.2705
NC_000019.9 CACNG8 6.54e-02 1.23e-03 0.2705
NC_000017.10 DHX58 9.29e-02 1.24e-03 0.2705
NC_000002.11 DTYMK 1.28e-01 1.24e-03 0.2705
NC_000010.10 TLX1NB 1.76e-01 1.24e-03 0.271
NC_000007.13 C7orf70 -1.37e-01 1.24e-03 0.2711
NC_000004.11 RELL1 -1.49e-01 1.24e-03 0.2711
NC_000002.11 RBMS1 -3.65e-01 1.24e-03 0.2711
NC_000002.11 MERTK 9.69e-02 1.24e-03 0.2711
NC_000010.10 ZNF248 -1.13e-01 1.24e-03 0.2713
NC_000014.8 ACOT6 -8.12e-02 1.25e-03 0.2713
NC_000006.11 GFOD1 -1.94e-01 1.25e-03 0.2713
NC_000016.9 HSF4 1.00e-01 1.25e-03 0.2713
NC_000002.11 MYO3B 1.24e-01 1.25e-03 0.2713
NC_000009.11 SLC34A3 1.83e-01 1.25e-03 0.2713
NC_000002.11 FAM176A -8.10e-02 1.25e-03 0.2713
NC_000002.11 ITGA4 -1.36e-01 1.25e-03 0.2713
NC_000006.11 RPS6KA2 -9.69e-02 1.25e-03 0.2713
NC_000002.11 TSSC1 -9.44e-02 1.25e-03 0.2713
NC_000008.10 ADAM9 -2.10e-01 1.25e-03 0.2713
NC_000011.9 FERMT3 -6.69e-02 1.25e-03 0.2717
NC_000008.10 COL22A1 -1.59e-01 1.26e-03 0.2718
NC_000007.13 BRAF -1.04e-01 1.26e-03 0.2718
NC_000020.10 C20orf166 8.94e-02 1.26e-03 0.2718
NC_000011.9 RAPSN 1.33e-01 1.26e-03 0.2718
NC_000008.10 TERF1 -1.05e-01 1.26e-03 0.2719
NC_000010.10 CHST15 1.16e-01 1.26e-03 0.2719
NC_000018.9 CABYR -1.04e-01 1.26e-03 0.2719
NC_000002.11 TANC1 -1.47e-01 1.26e-03 0.2719
NC_000002.11 CFC1B -1.70e-01 1.26e-03 0.2719
NC_000015.9 PEX11A -1.36e-01 1.26e-03 0.2719
NC_000003.11 EIF5A2 6.16e-02 1.26e-03 0.2719
NC_000019.9 DACT3 -1.09e-01 1.27e-03 0.2724
NC_000002.11 SULT1C4 2.37e-01 1.27e-03 0.2724
NC_000003.11 EPHA6 -8.93e-02 1.27e-03 0.2724
NC_000013.10 RASA3 -2.37e-01 1.27e-03 0.2724
NC_000022.10 GGT1 -6.44e-02 1.27e-03 0.2724
NC_000012.11 SLC6A12 -1.10e-01 1.27e-03 0.2725
NC_000001.10 EPHA8 -1.15e-01 1.27e-03 0.2725
NC_000008.10 ANGPT1 -1.32e-01 1.27e-03 0.2725
NC_000023.10 FAM47A 6.98e-02 1.27e-03 0.2725
NC_000013.10 NEK3 -1.97e-01 1.28e-03 0.2726
NC_000019.9 LENG8 -1.85e-01 1.28e-03 0.2726
NC_000005.9 HMGCS1 -8.29e-02 1.28e-03 0.2726
NC_000015.9 TRIM69 -1.08e-01 1.28e-03 0.2729
NC_000019.9 APOC1 -1.13e-01 1.28e-03 0.2729
NC_000001.10 ECM1 9.46e-02 1.29e-03 0.2729
NC_000016.9 RUNDC2C -1.75e-01 1.29e-03 0.2729
NC_000010.10 ACSL5 1.45e-01 1.29e-03 0.2729
NC_000001.10 PLCH2 8.88e-02 1.29e-03 0.2729
NC_000008.10 MTUS1 -5.24e-02 1.29e-03 0.2729
NC_000003.11 C3orf26 -2.23e-01 1.29e-03 0.2729
NC_000001.10 NPHP4 9.07e-02 1.29e-03 0.2729
NC_000004.11 AFAP1 1.49e-01 1.29e-03 0.2729
NC_000003.11 DNAJC13 -1.02e-01 1.29e-03 0.2729
NC_000006.11 PRSS16 1.13e-01 1.29e-03 0.2729
NC_000003.11 RPN1 -6.34e-02 1.29e-03 0.2729
NC_000007.13 MPP6 8.52e-02 1.29e-03 0.2729
NC_000001.10 LMOD1 -1.04e-01 1.29e-03 0.2729
NC_000011.9 UBASH3B -1.24e-01 1.29e-03 0.2729
NC_000008.10 ATP6V1H -1.52e-01 1.29e-03 0.2729
NC_000005.9 FGF18 -1.33e-01 1.30e-03 0.2732
NC_000016.9 ZG16B 6.79e-02 1.30e-03 0.2732
NC_000010.10 UCN3 -1.25e-01 1.30e-03 0.2732
NC_000016.9 CTRB2 1.88e-01 1.30e-03 0.2732
NC_000017.10 MGC102966 7.03e-02 1.30e-03 0.2732
NC_000014.8 DIO2 -1.09e-01 1.30e-03 0.2732
NC_000022.10 ARHGAP8 8.15e-02 1.30e-03 0.2732
NC_000005.9 TRIO 6.06e-02 1.30e-03 0.2732
NC_000019.9 U2AF2 -1.28e-01 1.30e-03 0.2732
NC_000003.11 PLOD2 -9.87e-02 1.30e-03 0.2732
NC_000006.11 ZNF311 -1.30e-01 1.30e-03 0.2732
NC_000016.9 MSLNL 1.06e-01 1.30e-03 0.2732
NC_000001.10 CSF3R 8.86e-02 1.30e-03 0.2732
NC_000014.8 SLC7A7 8.10e-02 1.30e-03 0.2732
NC_000015.9 ETFA -1.55e-01 1.31e-03 0.2732
NC_000001.10 HSPB11 -1.30e-01 1.31e-03 0.2732
NC_000001.10 TTLL10 2.02e-01 1.31e-03 0.2732
NC_000006.11 C6orf10 -2.49e-01 1.31e-03 0.2732
NC_000011.9 VWA5A 1.04e-01 1.31e-03 0.2732
NC_000004.11 GPR78 1.43e-01 1.31e-03 0.2732
NC_000006.11 AGPAT1 -1.55e-01 1.31e-03 0.2732
NC_000012.11 ANO4 6.87e-02 1.31e-03 0.2732
NC_000002.11 STEAP3 -1.27e-01 1.31e-03 0.2732
NC_000006.11 RAET1G -6.36e-02 1.31e-03 0.2732
NC_000007.13 SND1 -6.92e-02 1.32e-03 0.2732
NC_000002.11 GREB1 -1.27e-01 1.32e-03 0.2732
NC_000005.9 FBXL7 -9.72e-02 1.32e-03 0.2733
NC_000004.11 BEND4 8.06e-02 1.32e-03 0.2733
NC_000007.13 FOXK1 -1.14e-01 1.32e-03 0.2733
NC_000014.8 AMN -5.28e-02 1.32e-03 0.2733
NC_000022.10 LZTR1 -1.35e-01 1.32e-03 0.2733
NC_000016.9 RAB11FIP3 6.53e-02 1.32e-03 0.2733
NC_000002.11 PXDN 9.42e-02 1.32e-03 0.2733
NC_000002.11 NTSR2 -8.79e-02 1.32e-03 0.2736
NC_000006.11 ZSCAN12L1 8.42e-02 1.32e-03 0.2737
NC_000001.10 MEGF6 1.23e-01 1.32e-03 0.2737
NC_000001.10 MMEL1 1.63e-01 1.33e-03 0.2737
NC_000012.11 GALNT9 -8.96e-02 1.33e-03 0.2737
NC_000001.10 CNST -2.40e-01 1.33e-03 0.2737
NC_000010.10 ARID5B -1.20e-01 1.33e-03 0.2737
NC_000006.11 CLIC1 1.05e-01 1.33e-03 0.2737
NC_000002.11 BIN1 -1.38e-01 1.33e-03 0.2737
NC_000004.11 SORCS2 -2.40e-01 1.33e-03 0.2737
NC_000002.11 NCRNA00164 9.11e-02 1.33e-03 0.2737
NC_000006.11 TAP1 -1.07e-01 1.33e-03 0.2737
NC_000003.11 SLC7A14 -5.50e-02 1.33e-03 0.2737
NC_000005.9 SLC9A3 -1.87e-01 1.33e-03 0.2737
NC_000009.11 ZNF484 -1.23e-01 1.33e-03 0.2737
NC_000004.11 ASB5 -1.17e-01 1.33e-03 0.2737
NC_000011.9 BRSK2 -7.31e-02 1.34e-03 0.2737
NC_000010.10 EXOC6 -7.57e-02 1.34e-03 0.2737
NC_000003.11 HRH1 1.21e-01 1.34e-03 0.2737
NC_000012.11 LIMA1 -1.27e-01 1.34e-03 0.2737
NC_000013.10 GJB2 6.12e-02 1.34e-03 0.2737
NC_000008.10 PSCA -1.18e-01 1.34e-03 0.2737
NC_000006.11 TCTE1 -1.56e-01 1.34e-03 0.2737
NC_000002.11 EMX1 -6.43e-02 1.34e-03 0.2737
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 -1.56e-01 1.34e-03 0.2737
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 -9.88e-02 1.34e-03 0.2737
NC_000012.11 NAV3 -1.31e-01 1.34e-03 0.2737
NC_000010.10 UBTD1 4.65e-02 1.34e-03 0.2737
NC_000011.9 TRPM5 1.48e-01 1.35e-03 0.274
NC_000001.10 SLC1A7 1.38e-01 1.35e-03 0.274
NC_000017.10 PIGS -1.39e-01 1.35e-03 0.274
NC_000022.10 MCM5 -6.19e-02 1.35e-03 0.274
NC_000005.9 LRRC14B 9.93e-02 1.35e-03 0.274
NC_000016.9 MVP 8.91e-02 1.35e-03 0.2741
NC_000020.10 SALL4 -1.63e-01 1.35e-03 0.2741
NC_000021.8 ABCG1 5.94e-02 1.35e-03 0.2742
NC_000016.9 SPNS1 -6.46e-02 1.36e-03 0.2742
NC_000006.11 TRIM10 7.88e-02 1.36e-03 0.2742
NC_000011.9 IFITM1 1.52e-01 1.36e-03 0.2742
NC_000015.9 MYO1E 1.24e-01 1.36e-03 0.2742
NC_000017.10 FOXK2 -1.90e-01 1.36e-03 0.2742
NC_000006.11 UNC5CL -9.86e-02 1.36e-03 0.2742
NC_000001.10 FAAH -5.94e-02 1.36e-03 0.2742
NC_000015.9 OCA2 -2.57e-01 1.36e-03 0.2742
NC_000008.10 ZNF696 -8.54e-02 1.36e-03 0.2742
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 -8.56e-02 1.36e-03 0.2742
NC_000007.13 RAB19 5.78e-02 1.36e-03 0.2742
NC_000020.10 ZBTB46 -1.10e-01 1.36e-03 0.2743
NC_000001.10 PIK3CD 9.47e-02 1.36e-03 0.2745
NC_000006.11 BAT5 -1.30e-01 1.36e-03 0.2745
NC_000016.9 TCF25 -1.40e-01 1.37e-03 0.2745
NC_000002.11 GPR45 1.05e-01 1.37e-03 0.2748
NC_000006.11 TPD52L1 1.55e-01 1.37e-03 0.2748
NC_000008.10 FGF17 -1.21e-01 1.37e-03 0.2748
NC_000012.11 PDZRN4 5.17e-02 1.37e-03 0.2751
NC_000002.11 CTNNA2 -1.22e-01 1.37e-03 0.2751
NC_000002.11 INPP5D -1.10e-01 1.38e-03 0.2755
NC_000002.11 GTDC1 -1.25e-01 1.38e-03 0.2755
NC_000003.11 SEMA3F -9.02e-02 1.38e-03 0.2755
NC_000015.9 AGBL1 -6.41e-02 1.38e-03 0.2755
NC_000019.9 MYO9B 7.63e-02 1.38e-03 0.2755
NC_000015.9 CGNL1 -1.35e-01 1.38e-03 0.2755
NC_000023.10 SLITRK2 -7.53e-02 1.38e-03 0.2755
NC_000001.10 UBE2J2 -1.61e-01 1.38e-03 0.2755
NC_000007.13 C7orf51 -6.50e-02 1.38e-03 0.2755
NC_000018.9 CTDP1 2.27e-01 1.38e-03 0.2755
NC_000012.11 GLT1D1 -1.67e-01 1.38e-03 0.2755
NC_000002.11 OBFC2A -9.89e-02 1.38e-03 0.2755
NC_000017.10 ABI3 -9.30e-02 1.39e-03 0.2755
NC_000012.11 SRRM4 -8.01e-02 1.39e-03 0.2755
NC_000010.10 CHST15 7.40e-02 1.39e-03 0.2755
NC_000001.10 RD3 2.17e-01 1.39e-03 0.2755
NC_000015.9 IGF1R -1.10e-01 1.39e-03 0.2755
NC_000003.11 LRRC58 -1.04e-01 1.39e-03 0.2755
NC_000016.9 MPG -1.13e-01 1.39e-03 0.2755
NC_000019.9 HAS1 -1.65e-01 1.39e-03 0.2755
NC_000010.10 ARHGAP19 -1.17e-01 1.39e-03 0.2755
NC_000008.10 ASAP1 -5.87e-02 1.39e-03 0.2755
NC_000013.10 CARS2 -1.22e-01 1.40e-03 0.2755
NC_000007.13 CDK6 -7.79e-02 1.40e-03 0.2755
NC_000010.10 CCDC3 -1.13e-01 1.40e-03 0.2755
NC_000019.9 UHRF1 -8.21e-02 1.40e-03 0.2755
NC_000016.9 LMF1 -1.31e-01 1.40e-03 0.2755
NC_000010.10 PTCHD3 4.80e-02 1.40e-03 0.2755
NC_000009.11 LOC158376 8.05e-02 1.40e-03 0.2755
NC_000002.11 SH3RF3 -1.70e-01 1.40e-03 0.2755
NC_000017.10 FAM18B2 -1.57e-01 1.40e-03 0.2755
NC_000009.11 GSN 1.33e-01 1.40e-03 0.2755
NC_000013.10 ATP11A -1.12e-01 1.41e-03 0.2755
NC_000019.9 PRX -1.67e-01 1.41e-03 0.2755
NC_000008.10 PCMTD1 -1.66e-01 1.41e-03 0.2755
NC_000001.10 CYP4X1 -1.30e-01 1.41e-03 0.2755
NC_000008.10 EXT1 -1.26e-01 1.41e-03 0.2755
NC_000019.9 RNF126 -9.13e-02 1.41e-03 0.2755
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 -7.25e-02 1.41e-03 0.2755
NC_000001.10 RUNX3 1.18e-01 1.41e-03 0.2755
NC_000019.9 TNPO2 -1.34e-01 1.41e-03 0.2755
NC_000002.11 KLF7 1.10e-01 1.41e-03 0.2755
NC_000005.9 PCDHA6 -5.59e-02 1.42e-03 0.2755
NC_000010.10 PRKCQ 8.74e-02 1.42e-03 0.2755
NC_000012.11 ACRBP -1.49e-01 1.42e-03 0.2755
NC_000011.9 TIMM10 -7.31e-02 1.42e-03 0.2755
NC_000005.9 SLIT3 -7.74e-02 1.42e-03 0.2755
NC_000012.11 GRIP1 -9.03e-02 1.42e-03 0.2755
NC_000005.9 PHAX -9.98e-02 1.42e-03 0.2755
NC_000016.9 RAB40C 7.65e-02 1.42e-03 0.2755
NC_000019.9 TMEM161A -9.04e-02 1.42e-03 0.2755
NC_000011.9 SHANK2 -9.73e-02 1.42e-03 0.2755
NC_000016.9 OTOA -8.85e-02 1.42e-03 0.2755
NC_000017.10 CCL1 1.60e-01 1.42e-03 0.2755
NC_000015.9 MAGEL2 4.73e-02 1.42e-03 0.2755
NC_000001.10 SLC45A1 -1.24e-01 1.42e-03 0.2755
NC_000008.10 ZNF395 -1.34e-01 1.42e-03 0.2755
NC_000015.9 MEGF11 7.53e-02 1.42e-03 0.2755
NC_000005.9 ABLIM3 2.34e-01 1.43e-03 0.2755
NC_000005.9 LPCAT1 -6.62e-02 1.43e-03 0.2755
NC_000002.11 UGT1A10 1.06e-01 1.43e-03 0.2755
NC_000016.9 TELO2 -1.10e-01 1.43e-03 0.2755
NC_000017.10 MYST2 -1.11e-01 1.43e-03 0.2755
NC_000005.9 TIFAB -1.05e-01 1.44e-03 0.2755
NC_000002.11 FAM179A 7.37e-02 1.44e-03 0.2755
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 8.89e-02 1.44e-03 0.2755
NC_000002.11 IL1F6 -5.04e-02 1.44e-03 0.2755
NC_000002.11 DNAJB2 -8.10e-02 1.44e-03 0.2755
NC_000016.9 IL27 1.43e-01 1.44e-03 0.2755
NC_000017.10 DUSP14 -1.39e-01 1.44e-03 0.2755
NC_000001.10 KLF17 -5.25e-02 1.44e-03 0.2755
NC_000020.10 SCRT2 -7.27e-02 1.44e-03 0.2755
NC_000011.9 AMICA1 -1.23e-01 1.44e-03 0.2755
NC_000002.11 MPP4 -1.25e-01 1.44e-03 0.2755
NC_000012.11 SPPL3 -9.14e-02 1.44e-03 0.2755
NC_000012.11 DNAH10 -1.08e-01 1.44e-03 0.2755
NC_000005.9 ARSI 6.36e-02 1.44e-03 0.2755
NC_000016.9 CBFA2T3 1.64e-01 1.44e-03 0.2755
NC_000019.9 FPR2 -7.87e-02 1.45e-03 0.2755
NC_000002.11 LIMS1 -1.29e-01 1.45e-03 0.2755
NC_000014.8 NDRG2 8.60e-02 1.45e-03 0.2755
NC_000017.10 TIMP2 -6.42e-02 1.45e-03 0.2755
NC_000006.11 EGFL8 -2.00e-01 1.45e-03 0.2755
NC_000011.9 CEP164 -7.48e-02 1.45e-03 0.2755
NC_000008.10 SLC30A8 -8.86e-02 1.45e-03 0.2755
NC_000008.10 LYN -9.91e-02 1.45e-03 0.2755
NC_000011.9 HCCA2 9.35e-02 1.45e-03 0.2756
NC_000016.9 APOB48R -1.06e-01 1.45e-03 0.2757
NC_000004.11 JAKMIP1 1.24e-01 1.45e-03 0.2757
NC_000019.9 LRFN1 -9.97e-02 1.45e-03 0.2758
NC_000019.9 PDE4A 7.48e-02 1.45e-03 0.2758
NC_000001.10 PADI4 1.25e-01 1.46e-03 0.2761
NC_000023.10 FMR1NB -1.36e-01 1.46e-03 0.2763
NC_000007.13 C7orf28A -1.09e-01 1.46e-03 0.2763
NC_000007.13 ESYT2 -1.14e-01 1.46e-03 0.2763
NC_000007.13 MAD1L1 -8.00e-02 1.46e-03 0.2763
NC_000001.10 NR5A2 4.99e-02 1.46e-03 0.2763
NC_000011.9 KCNQ1 1.43e-01 1.46e-03 0.2763
NC_000012.11 TMEM132B -9.44e-02 1.46e-03 0.2763
NC_000007.13 LAMB1 7.87e-02 1.46e-03 0.2763
NC_000001.10 LQK1 5.49e-02 1.47e-03 0.2766
NC_000002.11 GPC1 1.16e-01 1.47e-03 0.2766
NC_000019.9 GNG7 -1.10e-01 1.47e-03 0.2766
NC_000019.9 LIPE -7.58e-02 1.47e-03 0.2766
NC_000010.10 SVIL -6.40e-02 1.47e-03 0.2766
NC_000010.10 MORN4 -6.29e-02 1.48e-03 0.2766
NC_000017.10 LPO -6.01e-02 1.48e-03 0.2766
NC_000014.8 MIR770 -1.01e-01 1.48e-03 0.2766
NC_000008.10 NFKBIL2 -1.33e-01 1.48e-03 0.2766
NC_000013.10 RASA3 -6.69e-02 1.48e-03 0.2766
NC_000016.9 CDH13 -1.03e-01 1.48e-03 0.2766
NC_000011.9 FGF19 -8.96e-02 1.48e-03 0.2766
NC_000019.9 MED29 -1.15e-01 1.48e-03 0.2766
NC_000016.9 SPN -2.70e-01 1.48e-03 0.2766
NC_000012.11 CCDC63 -8.23e-02 1.48e-03 0.2766
NC_000019.9 PHLDB3 1.50e-01 1.48e-03 0.2766
NC_000015.9 KIAA1370 -9.94e-02 1.48e-03 0.2766
NC_000010.10 ADARB2 1.35e-01 1.48e-03 0.2766
NC_000007.13 C7orf10 -9.22e-02 1.48e-03 0.2766
NC_000012.11 ANO4 -6.46e-02 1.49e-03 0.2766
NC_000006.11 IGF2R -1.41e-01 1.49e-03 0.2766
NC_000015.9 GABRB3 -1.28e-01 1.49e-03 0.2766
NC_000004.11 TRIM75 9.09e-02 1.49e-03 0.2766
NC_000014.8 TMEM90A 1.12e-01 1.49e-03 0.2766
NC_000005.9 MAST4 -8.63e-02 1.49e-03 0.2766
NC_000007.13 KRBA1 4.95e-02 1.49e-03 0.2766
NC_000004.11 GPR78 -7.18e-02 1.49e-03 0.2766
NC_000010.10 DNAJC1 -1.66e-01 1.49e-03 0.2766
NC_000017.10 C17orf77 -7.89e-02 1.49e-03 0.2766
NC_000018.9 DTNA -5.58e-02 1.49e-03 0.2766
NC_000022.10 ELFN2 1.43e-01 1.50e-03 0.2766
NC_000005.9 SQSTM1 7.33e-02 1.50e-03 0.2766
NC_000010.10 GPR26 -1.18e-01 1.50e-03 0.2766
NC_000004.11 MFAP3L -1.65e-01 1.50e-03 0.2766
NC_000011.9 POLD3 -1.71e-01 1.50e-03 0.2766
NC_000001.10 PTCHD2 -1.24e-01 1.50e-03 0.2766
NC_000011.9 CREB3L1 -1.27e-01 1.50e-03 0.2766
NC_000003.11 CHDH -1.83e-01 1.50e-03 0.2766
NC_000016.9 CRISPLD2 -6.56e-02 1.50e-03 0.2766
NC_000002.11 LRRFIP1 -1.48e-01 1.50e-03 0.2766
NC_000008.10 MIR1208 -1.13e-01 1.50e-03 0.2766
NC_000008.10 SLC7A2 -1.31e-01 1.51e-03 0.2766
NC_000017.10 LRRC37B -1.81e-01 1.51e-03 0.2766
NC_000012.11 HMGA2 -8.43e-02 1.51e-03 0.2766
NC_000001.10 PANK4 -7.76e-02 1.51e-03 0.2766
NC_000011.9 ATG2A -9.13e-02 1.51e-03 0.2766
NC_000004.11 ALB -1.81e-01 1.51e-03 0.2766
NC_000003.11 PLSCR1 -1.58e-01 1.51e-03 0.2766
NC_000007.13 IQUB -7.71e-02 1.51e-03 0.2766
NC_000003.11 FHIT -1.40e-01 1.51e-03 0.2766
NC_000009.11 HEMGN 8.29e-02 1.51e-03 0.2766
NC_000012.11 KDM2B -2.23e-01 1.52e-03 0.2766
NC_000006.11 HIST1H3D 6.02e-02 1.52e-03 0.2766
NC_000006.11 PTCRA 8.55e-02 1.52e-03 0.2766
NC_000013.10 ENOX1 -1.44e-01 1.52e-03 0.2766
NC_000006.11 NOTCH4 -1.12e-01 1.52e-03 0.2766
NC_000009.11 TOR1A -6.40e-02 1.52e-03 0.2766
NC_000022.10 CDC42EP1 -1.45e-01 1.52e-03 0.2766
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 -1.43e-01 1.52e-03 0.2766
NC_000001.10 S100A7A 9.86e-02 1.52e-03 0.2766
NC_000014.8 ZNF219 -1.28e-01 1.52e-03 0.2766
NC_000002.11 LOC401010 2.02e-01 1.52e-03 0.2766
NC_000001.10 TAGLN2 -1.68e-01 1.53e-03 0.2766
NC_000007.13 TOMM7 -1.08e-01 1.53e-03 0.2766
NC_000021.8 CYYR1 1.02e-01 1.53e-03 0.2766
NC_000007.13 GRID2IP -1.22e-01 1.53e-03 0.2766
NC_000006.11 VPS52 -9.51e-02 1.53e-03 0.2766
NC_000001.10 DIO1 1.49e-01 1.53e-03 0.2766
NC_000001.10 UBIAD1 -8.72e-02 1.53e-03 0.2766
NC_000002.11 ATP6V1E2 -1.18e-01 1.53e-03 0.2766
NC_000008.10 CTSB -1.15e-01 1.53e-03 0.2766
NC_000012.11 RFC5 -5.52e-02 1.53e-03 0.2766
NC_000001.10 LUZP1 -1.70e-01 1.53e-03 0.2766
NC_000014.8 RGS6 1.02e-01 1.53e-03 0.2766
NC_000019.9 TTYH1 -1.52e-01 1.53e-03 0.2766
NC_000014.8 DNAL1 -1.17e-01 1.53e-03 0.2766
NC_000006.11 C6orf26 -7.31e-02 1.53e-03 0.2766
NC_000006.11 PSMB8 -1.40e-01 1.53e-03 0.2766
NC_000005.9 MYO10 -9.96e-02 1.53e-03 0.2766
NC_000020.10 R3HDML 2.03e-01 1.53e-03 0.2766
NC_000016.9 NTAN1 -1.26e-01 1.53e-03 0.2766
NC_000015.9 ISG20 9.19e-02 1.54e-03 0.2766
NC_000006.11 ZSCAN12L1 1.47e-01 1.54e-03 0.2766
NC_000011.9 MMP8 9.14e-02 1.54e-03 0.2766
NC_000007.13 C7orf69 -1.30e-01 1.54e-03 0.2766
NC_000001.10 PRDM16 -6.69e-02 1.54e-03 0.2766
NC_000003.11 GYG1 -9.41e-02 1.54e-03 0.2766
NC_000019.9 ZNF274 8.01e-02 1.54e-03 0.2766
NC_000002.11 LRP2 5.95e-02 1.54e-03 0.2766
NC_000001.10 CD247 -6.91e-02 1.54e-03 0.2766
NC_000021.8 COL18A1 -1.57e-01 1.54e-03 0.2767
NC_000003.11 MRPS25 -8.75e-02 1.55e-03 0.2771
NC_000015.9 LRRK1 -1.26e-01 1.55e-03 0.2775
NC_000006.11 FARS2 -1.04e-01 1.55e-03 0.2775
NC_000004.11 AFF1 -1.48e-01 1.55e-03 0.2775
NC_000013.10 KIAA0564 -9.37e-02 1.55e-03 0.2775
NC_000002.11 VIT 5.74e-02 1.55e-03 0.2775
NC_000020.10 BMP7 1.57e-01 1.56e-03 0.2775
NC_000001.10 AMPD2 -1.02e-01 1.56e-03 0.2775
NC_000016.9 ZG16B 1.06e-01 1.56e-03 0.2775
NC_000022.10 KDELR3 -8.14e-02 1.56e-03 0.2777
NC_000001.10 CAMTA1 -1.31e-01 1.56e-03 0.2777
NC_000001.10 KCNN3 5.73e-02 1.56e-03 0.2777
NC_000006.11 KCTD20 8.20e-02 1.56e-03 0.2778
NC_000022.10 TBC1D22A -1.12e-01 1.56e-03 0.2778
NC_000013.10 STK24 -9.05e-02 1.56e-03 0.2778
NC_000017.10 SEPT9 -1.25e-01 1.56e-03 0.2778
NC_000001.10 AGRN -2.39e-01 1.56e-03 0.2778
NC_000020.10 WFDC9 6.40e-02 1.57e-03 0.2779
NC_000022.10 APOL1 -1.36e-01 1.57e-03 0.2781
NC_000003.11 LPP -1.42e-01 1.57e-03 0.2781
NC_000012.11 SSH1 -1.46e-01 1.57e-03 0.2781
NC_000011.9 PGAP2 -1.27e-01 1.57e-03 0.2783
NC_000020.10 CST7 -1.37e-01 1.57e-03 0.2783
NC_000010.10 UCN3 -8.56e-02 1.57e-03 0.2783
NC_000014.8 ASPG 8.81e-02 1.57e-03 0.2783
NC_000009.11 FAM120A 6.06e-02 1.58e-03 0.2783
NC_000001.10 CCT3 -7.26e-02 1.58e-03 0.2783
NC_000015.9 IGF1R -1.88e-01 1.58e-03 0.2783
NC_000015.9 FMN1 1.04e-01 1.58e-03 0.2783
NC_000023.10 DMD 5.30e-02 1.58e-03 0.2783
NC_000001.10 GALNT2 -1.70e-01 1.58e-03 0.2783
NC_000022.10 GP1BB -1.07e-01 1.58e-03 0.2784
NC_000002.11 C2orf69 9.91e-02 1.58e-03 0.2785
NC_000003.11 BOC -9.49e-02 1.58e-03 0.2785
NC_000006.11 IMPG1 -1.23e-01 1.58e-03 0.2785
NC_000002.11 C2orf85 5.28e-02 1.58e-03 0.2785
NC_000017.10 ASPSCR1 -1.57e-01 1.58e-03 0.2785
NC_000002.11 C2orf3 -6.45e-02 1.58e-03 0.2785
NC_000018.9 SERPINB7 -7.66e-02 1.59e-03 0.2787
NC_000012.11 ZNF605 -1.13e-01 1.59e-03 0.2787
NC_000010.10 MMP21 -1.36e-01 1.59e-03 0.279
NC_000011.9 SIPA1 -7.12e-02 1.59e-03 0.279
NC_000017.10 PRCD 1.08e-01 1.59e-03 0.279
NC_000019.9 FCER2 -1.11e-01 1.60e-03 0.279
NC_000005.9 GFPT2 -2.55e-01 1.60e-03 0.279
NC_000002.11 NTSR2 1.01e-01 1.60e-03 0.279
NC_000018.9 ZNF236 -7.39e-02 1.60e-03 0.279
NC_000017.10 ACCN1 -9.98e-02 1.60e-03 0.279
NC_000007.13 SDK1 7.27e-02 1.60e-03 0.279
NC_000001.10 EPHA8 -1.08e-01 1.60e-03 0.279
NC_000008.10 RGS20 8.01e-02 1.60e-03 0.279
NC_000008.10 TACC1 -7.47e-02 1.60e-03 0.2792
NC_000015.9 SLC24A5 -5.97e-02 1.60e-03 0.2792
NC_000019.9 HIF3A 1.02e-01 1.60e-03 0.2792
NC_000019.9 LOC643719 -1.18e-01 1.60e-03 0.2792
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 -2.68e-01 1.60e-03 0.2792
NC_000020.10 C20orf29 -1.14e-01 1.60e-03 0.2792
NC_000002.11 COL6A3 6.51e-02 1.61e-03 0.2795
NC_000007.13 TAS2R38 -1.22e-01 1.61e-03 0.2795
NC_000001.10 TNFAIP8L2 -9.87e-02 1.61e-03 0.2795
NC_000006.11 MYCT1 1.02e-01 1.61e-03 0.2795
NC_000010.10 LDB3 -1.68e-01 1.61e-03 0.2796
NC_000008.10 MYOM2 -2.72e-01 1.61e-03 0.2797
NC_000006.11 PNLDC1 -9.93e-02 1.62e-03 0.2797
NC_000016.9 CBFA2T3 1.86e-01 1.62e-03 0.2797
NC_000017.10 TEX14 -1.12e-01 1.62e-03 0.2799
NC_000006.11 SCAND3 -1.18e-01 1.62e-03 0.2803
NC_000009.11 C9orf96 -7.59e-02 1.62e-03 0.2804
NC_000009.11 GLIS3 -6.06e-02 1.63e-03 0.2805
NC_000012.11 MAPKAPK5 8.04e-02 1.63e-03 0.2806
NC_000019.9 SHKBP1 -7.28e-02 1.63e-03 0.2813
NC_000014.8 DYNC1H1 -1.28e-01 1.63e-03 0.2813
NC_000008.10 PLEC1 -1.46e-01 1.64e-03 0.2816
NC_000013.10 FOXO1 -1.36e-01 1.64e-03 0.2816
NC_000002.11 LOC151300 1.03e-01 1.64e-03 0.2816
NC_000018.9 CPLX4 -1.15e-01 1.64e-03 0.2816
NC_000005.9 HARS -7.30e-02 1.64e-03 0.2817
NC_000001.10 S100A9 -9.92e-02 1.64e-03 0.2817
NC_000015.9 SIN3A -1.51e-01 1.64e-03 0.2817
NC_000011.9 MUPCDH -7.58e-02 1.64e-03 0.2817
NC_000004.11 LPHN3 -1.30e-01 1.64e-03 0.2817
NC_000019.9 SDHAF1 5.87e-02 1.65e-03 0.2817
NC_000019.9 TNFAIP8L1 -1.01e-01 1.65e-03 0.2817
NC_000012.11 ZNF605 -7.55e-02 1.65e-03 0.2817
NC_000005.9 CDC20B 1.28e-01 1.65e-03 0.2817
NC_000017.10 PRCD 6.89e-02 1.65e-03 0.2817
NC_000010.10 CAMK2G -2.00e-01 1.65e-03 0.2817
NC_000019.9 PIP5K1C -8.69e-02 1.65e-03 0.2817
NC_000006.11 RPS6KA2 -1.75e-01 1.65e-03 0.2817
NC_000015.9 ATP10A -7.67e-02 1.65e-03 0.2817
NC_000001.10 NTRK1 -1.52e-01 1.65e-03 0.2817
NC_000002.11 TRIM54 1.55e-01 1.65e-03 0.2817
NC_000002.11 PROC -7.60e-02 1.66e-03 0.2817
NC_000004.11 USP53 -7.29e-02 1.66e-03 0.2817
NC_000021.8 TPTE 6.82e-02 1.66e-03 0.2817
NC_000017.10 KRT24 -8.54e-02 1.66e-03 0.2817
NC_000019.9 MYH14 -2.05e-01 1.66e-03 0.2817
NC_000004.11 STX18 -1.53e-01 1.66e-03 0.2817
NC_000001.10 CLCN6 -7.38e-02 1.66e-03 0.2817
NC_000001.10 VASH2 -1.56e-01 1.66e-03 0.2817
NC_000002.11 EPHA4 1.34e-01 1.66e-03 0.2817
NC_000019.9 FXYD7 1.49e-01 1.66e-03 0.2817
NC_000009.11 CRB2 -8.57e-02 1.66e-03 0.2817
NC_000022.10 FAM19A5 1.26e-01 1.67e-03 0.2817
NC_000014.8 IFI27 -2.72e-01 1.67e-03 0.2817
NC_000019.9 MIER2 -2.33e-01 1.67e-03 0.2817
NC_000016.9 SPN -1.49e-01 1.67e-03 0.2817
NC_000017.10 ABR -8.55e-02 1.67e-03 0.2817
NC_000008.10 TSPYL5 -7.38e-02 1.67e-03 0.2817
NC_000020.10 APCDD1L -1.07e-01 1.67e-03 0.2817
NC_000008.10 MAL2 -1.63e-01 1.67e-03 0.2817
NC_000001.10 SLC9A1 -7.82e-02 1.67e-03 0.2817
NC_000005.9 FBXL7 -1.21e-01 1.67e-03 0.2817
NC_000006.11 TRIM26 -8.68e-02 1.68e-03 0.2817
NC_000006.11 VPS52 -1.02e-01 1.68e-03 0.2817
NC_000012.11 GRASP -8.48e-02 1.68e-03 0.2817
NC_000017.10 SLC38A10 -8.34e-02 1.68e-03 0.2817
NC_000019.9 CRTC1 1.23e-01 1.68e-03 0.2817
NC_000010.10 PFKP -2.39e-01 1.68e-03 0.2817
NC_000015.9 ADAMTS7 -5.85e-02 1.68e-03 0.2817
NC_000016.9 LMF1 -1.36e-01 1.68e-03 0.2818
NC_000019.9 KHSRP -1.13e-01 1.68e-03 0.2818
NC_000010.10 ARID5B -2.11e-01 1.69e-03 0.2818
NC_000003.11 ACPP -7.78e-02 1.69e-03 0.2818
NC_000001.10 C1orf170 1.79e-01 1.69e-03 0.2818
NC_000016.9 USP31 -1.93e-01 1.69e-03 0.2818
NC_000019.9 PPP5C -8.62e-02 1.69e-03 0.2818
NC_000001.10 CSMD2 -1.65e-01 1.69e-03 0.2819
NC_000020.10 LBP 1.02e-01 1.69e-03 0.2819
NC_000006.11 PPP1R2P1 7.78e-02 1.69e-03 0.2819
NC_000006.11 NOTCH4 7.94e-02 1.69e-03 0.2819
NC_000017.10 SDK2 -8.86e-02 1.69e-03 0.2819
NC_000016.9 HS3ST4 -8.07e-02 1.69e-03 0.2819
NC_000006.11 COL11A2 -1.07e-01 1.69e-03 0.282
NC_000001.10 PRDM16 -1.65e-01 1.69e-03 0.282
NC_000006.11 KIAA1949 -1.16e-01 1.70e-03 0.282
NC_000004.11 GC 1.04e-01 1.70e-03 0.282
NC_000009.11 LAMC3 -9.25e-02 1.70e-03 0.282
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 -2.02e-01 1.70e-03 0.282
NC_000005.9 SLC9A3 -1.74e-01 1.70e-03 0.282
NC_000016.9 SPN -1.48e-01 1.70e-03 0.2821
NC_000004.11 CHRNA9 8.12e-02 1.70e-03 0.2824
NC_000006.11 GLO1 -1.30e-01 1.70e-03 0.2824
NC_000014.8 AKT1 6.80e-02 1.70e-03 0.2824
NC_000012.11 HVCN1 -1.32e-01 1.70e-03 0.2824
NC_000005.9 BTNL3 1.09e-01 1.71e-03 0.2826
NC_000014.8 SAMD4A -1.42e-01 1.71e-03 0.2826
NC_000001.10 EFCAB2 -1.97e-01 1.71e-03 0.283
NC_000002.11 SULT1C4 1.82e-01 1.71e-03 0.283
NC_000021.8 C21orf7 -9.59e-02 1.71e-03 0.283
NC_000004.11 GABRB1 -7.89e-02 1.71e-03 0.283
NC_000001.10 TGFB2 1.14e-01 1.71e-03 0.2832
NC_000004.11 KIAA1530 -5.75e-02 1.71e-03 0.2832
NC_000008.10 ANGPT1 -9.99e-02 1.72e-03 0.2832
NC_000019.9 DACT3 -1.00e-01 1.72e-03 0.2832
NC_000017.10 DLX4 5.69e-02 1.72e-03 0.2832
NC_000001.10 RCC2 1.05e-01 1.72e-03 0.2834
NC_000006.11 FYN 5.56e-02 1.72e-03 0.2835
NC_000014.8 SFRS5 -8.06e-02 1.72e-03 0.2835
NC_000002.11 ADI1 -1.51e-01 1.72e-03 0.2835
NC_000002.11 TRIM54 2.13e-01 1.72e-03 0.2835
NC_000003.11 LPP -1.33e-01 1.72e-03 0.2835
NC_000001.10 UFC1 -7.50e-02 1.73e-03 0.2835
NC_000014.8 C14orf143 -8.85e-02 1.73e-03 0.2837
NC_000011.9 ASAM -1.22e-01 1.73e-03 0.2837
NC_000002.11 BIRC6 -9.50e-02 1.73e-03 0.2837
NC_000004.11 CPZ 1.96e-01 1.73e-03 0.2837
NC_000002.11 ADI1 -9.73e-02 1.73e-03 0.2837
NC_000016.9 JPH3 -6.71e-02 1.73e-03 0.2837
NC_000019.9 CAPN12 1.10e-01 1.73e-03 0.2837
NC_000012.11 DTX1 9.57e-02 1.74e-03 0.2838
NC_000016.9 TK2 -1.45e-01 1.74e-03 0.2838
NC_000021.8 COL18A1 -1.26e-01 1.74e-03 0.2838
NC_000019.9 DAZAP1 9.05e-02 1.74e-03 0.2838
NC_000005.9 RASA1 -1.07e-01 1.74e-03 0.2838
NC_000002.11 TRIM54 5.28e-02 1.74e-03 0.2838
NC_000011.9 FGF19 -1.07e-01 1.74e-03 0.2838
NC_000012.11 AACS -4.33e-01 1.74e-03 0.2838
NC_000007.13 ABCB5 9.75e-02 1.75e-03 0.2838
NC_000009.11 PHF19 -4.85e-02 1.75e-03 0.2838
NC_000001.10 EIF2C1 -8.68e-02 1.75e-03 0.2838
NC_000001.10 HSPG2 -9.90e-02 1.75e-03 0.2838
NC_000003.11 ALS2CL -1.16e-01 1.75e-03 0.2838
NC_000019.9 UNC13A -1.07e-01 1.75e-03 0.2838
NC_000005.9 C5orf20 -1.14e-01 1.75e-03 0.2838
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 -7.00e-02 1.75e-03 0.2838
NC_000011.9 SRPR -1.29e-01 1.75e-03 0.2838
NC_000019.9 ABHD8 5.60e-02 1.76e-03 0.2838
NC_000014.8 ABHD12B -1.57e-01 1.76e-03 0.2838
NC_000008.10 TRAPPC9 1.94e-01 1.76e-03 0.2838
NC_000006.11 DHX16 -1.16e-01 1.76e-03 0.2838
NC_000017.10 PRR15L 1.04e-01 1.76e-03 0.2838
NC_000017.10 TEX2 5.95e-02 1.76e-03 0.2838
NC_000007.13 TRRAP -9.13e-02 1.76e-03 0.2838
NC_000001.10 TMEM52 -5.75e-02 1.76e-03 0.2838
NC_000016.9 IFT140 -6.97e-02 1.76e-03 0.2838
NC_000009.11 ST6GALNAC4 5.33e-02 1.76e-03 0.2838
NC_000010.10 BTAF1 1.77e-01 1.76e-03 0.2838
NC_000012.11 CABP1 6.88e-02 1.77e-03 0.2838
NC_000005.9 ODZ2 -9.56e-02 1.77e-03 0.2838
NC_000002.11 CNTNAP5 2.41e-01 1.77e-03 0.2838
NC_000001.10 HMGCL -7.10e-02 1.77e-03 0.2838
NC_000005.9 SERINC5 -1.83e-01 1.77e-03 0.2838
NC_000010.10 ZNF511 -1.58e-01 1.77e-03 0.2838
NC_000004.11 FAM149A -3.17e-01 1.77e-03 0.2838
NC_000001.10 KIAA0090 -9.71e-02 1.77e-03 0.2838
NC_000011.9 WT1 9.18e-02 1.77e-03 0.2838
NC_000002.11 CHRND 6.62e-02 1.77e-03 0.2838
NC_000014.8 RIN3 -1.18e-01 1.77e-03 0.2838
NC_000001.10 BCL9 -1.40e-01 1.78e-03 0.2838
NC_000009.11 PCSK5 4.77e-02 1.78e-03 0.2838
NC_000017.10 KCNH4 7.60e-02 1.78e-03 0.2838
NC_000002.11 SLC23A3 -1.53e-01 1.78e-03 0.2838
NC_000006.11 NCRNA00171 -1.14e-01 1.78e-03 0.2838
NC_000012.11 ANKS1B -5.79e-02 1.78e-03 0.2838
NC_000019.9 LDLR -8.28e-02 1.78e-03 0.2838
NC_000019.9 CSNK1G2 -9.47e-02 1.78e-03 0.2838
NC_000011.9 MYO7A -8.36e-02 1.78e-03 0.2838
NC_000016.9 ATP2C2 -8.69e-02 1.78e-03 0.284
NC_000002.11 RASGRP3 8.61e-02 1.78e-03 0.284
NC_000002.11 AGAP1 -2.11e-01 1.79e-03 0.284
NC_000020.10 NKAIN4 -1.32e-01 1.79e-03 0.284
NC_000011.9 ABTB2 -8.69e-02 1.79e-03 0.284
NC_000018.9 EMILIN2 -7.65e-02 1.79e-03 0.2846
NC_000016.9 RAB40C -1.66e-01 1.79e-03 0.2847
NC_000001.10 MTMR11 5.25e-02 1.79e-03 0.2848
NC_000007.13 ITGB8 1.72e-01 1.80e-03 0.2848
NC_000019.9 CCDC61 -1.05e-01 1.80e-03 0.285
NC_000011.9 PANX3 8.43e-02 1.80e-03 0.285
NC_000014.8 BEGAIN 7.32e-02 1.80e-03 0.285
NC_000016.9 IFT140 -5.60e-02 1.80e-03 0.285
NC_000008.10 R3HCC1 -9.08e-02 1.80e-03 0.285
NC_000003.11 KIAA0226 -5.81e-02 1.81e-03 0.285
NC_000006.11 EPM2A -1.57e-01 1.81e-03 0.285
NC_000005.9 SLC9A3 -3.66e-01 1.81e-03 0.285
NC_000015.9 NPTN -1.43e-01 1.81e-03 0.285
NC_000001.10 TTLL10 -1.21e-01 1.81e-03 0.285
NC_000007.13 TECPR1 -1.00e-01 1.81e-03 0.285
NC_000005.9 CDX1 9.19e-02 1.81e-03 0.285
NC_000019.9 ZNF649 6.57e-02 1.81e-03 0.285
NC_000010.10 ADAM8 -1.31e-01 1.81e-03 0.285
NC_000020.10 GNAS -2.31e-01 1.81e-03 0.285
NC_000014.8 RIN3 -1.28e-01 1.81e-03 0.285
NC_000020.10 NCOA6 -8.82e-02 1.81e-03 0.285
NC_000016.9 C16orf11 1.80e-01 1.81e-03 0.285
NC_000013.10 C13orf35 -8.61e-02 1.81e-03 0.285
NC_000007.13 MIR671 -8.05e-02 1.81e-03 0.2853
NC_000001.10 ARHGEF16 -7.28e-02 1.82e-03 0.2853
NC_000002.11 RTKN -1.19e-01 1.82e-03 0.2855
NC_000016.9 TMC5 -5.92e-02 1.82e-03 0.2856
NC_000016.9 CTRB2 1.50e-01 1.82e-03 0.2858
NC_000017.10 SLC13A2 -7.13e-02 1.82e-03 0.2858
NC_000017.10 ABCA8 -5.00e-02 1.82e-03 0.2858
NC_000016.9 IFT140 -1.21e-01 1.83e-03 0.2858
NC_000017.10 RND2 7.46e-02 1.83e-03 0.2858
NC_000014.8 RNF31 -7.49e-02 1.83e-03 0.2858
NC_000001.10 FAM177B 9.71e-02 1.83e-03 0.2858
NC_000004.11 FAM149A -1.46e-01 1.83e-03 0.2858
NC_000022.10 C22orf33 8.43e-02 1.83e-03 0.2858
NC_000016.9 JPH3 -1.09e-01 1.84e-03 0.2858
NC_000003.11 MYLK 8.09e-02 1.84e-03 0.2858
NC_000017.10 MYO15A 7.08e-02 1.84e-03 0.2858
NC_000004.11 CORIN -7.34e-02 1.84e-03 0.2858
NC_000012.11 GPN3 -5.86e-02 1.84e-03 0.2858
NC_000002.11 CTNNA2 -7.53e-02 1.84e-03 0.2858
NC_000013.10 FARP1 -2.55e-01 1.84e-03 0.2858
NC_000011.9 NLRX1 -1.34e-01 1.84e-03 0.2858
NC_000011.9 LGALS12 -1.22e-01 1.84e-03 0.2858
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 -6.91e-02 1.84e-03 0.2858
NC_000017.10 TBCD -6.38e-02 1.84e-03 0.2858
NC_000020.10 SYCP2 6.82e-02 1.85e-03 0.2858
NC_000010.10 INPP5A -1.77e-01 1.85e-03 0.2858
NC_000010.10 CALHM1 -2.44e-01 1.85e-03 0.2858
NC_000007.13 WIPI2 -2.25e-01 1.85e-03 0.2858
NC_000015.9 FBN1 1.16e-01 1.85e-03 0.2858
NC_000019.9 PRTN3 1.66e-01 1.85e-03 0.2858
NC_000010.10 CALHM1 -2.43e-01 1.85e-03 0.2858
NC_000004.11 SPARCL1 -8.31e-02 1.86e-03 0.2859
NC_000012.11 C12orf35 -1.06e-01 1.86e-03 0.2859
NC_000014.8 PPP2R5C -2.24e-01 1.86e-03 0.2859
NC_000006.11 ZBTB12 -4.85e-02 1.86e-03 0.2859
NC_000014.8 EIF2B2 -7.56e-02 1.86e-03 0.2859
NC_000004.11 CTBP1 7.87e-02 1.86e-03 0.2859
NC_000017.10 TRPV1 -1.57e-01 1.86e-03 0.2859
NC_000015.9 BNC1 9.67e-02 1.87e-03 0.2863
NC_000006.11 C6orf10 -8.86e-02 1.87e-03 0.2863
NC_000010.10 EBF3 -4.92e-02 1.87e-03 0.2863
NC_000017.10 ACCN1 -1.22e-01 1.87e-03 0.2863
NC_000016.9 ABCC1 -2.02e-01 1.87e-03 0.2863
NC_000016.9 PMFBP1 1.21e-01 1.87e-03 0.2863
NC_000006.11 SKIV2L -5.57e-02 1.87e-03 0.2863
NC_000003.11 IL17RE -1.63e-01 1.88e-03 0.2863
NC_000015.9 SMAD3 -1.58e-01 1.88e-03 0.2863
NC_000005.9 TTC37 8.42e-02 1.88e-03 0.2863
NC_000009.11 MAPKAP1 6.28e-02 1.88e-03 0.2863
NC_000017.10 FAM18B2 -1.77e-01 1.88e-03 0.2863
NC_000005.9 TCF7 8.09e-02 1.88e-03 0.2863
NC_000020.10 RBL1 6.30e-02 1.88e-03 0.2863
NC_000012.11 CD4 7.53e-02 1.89e-03 0.2863
NC_000001.10 IARS2 -1.14e-01 1.89e-03 0.2863
NC_000003.11 HEG1 1.18e-01 1.89e-03 0.2863
NC_000008.10 CLN8 -1.24e-01 1.89e-03 0.2863
NC_000019.9 KCNK6 8.84e-02 1.89e-03 0.2863
NC_000012.11 NOS1 -7.81e-02 1.89e-03 0.2863
NC_000001.10 PADI6 8.05e-02 1.89e-03 0.2863
NC_000016.9 NFAT5 -7.06e-02 1.89e-03 0.2863
NC_000001.10 FHL3 -1.33e-01 1.89e-03 0.2863
NC_000003.11 CNTN4 -8.73e-02 1.89e-03 0.2863
NC_000006.11 COQ3 -1.04e-01 1.89e-03 0.2863
NC_000005.9 MAST4 -1.04e-01 1.89e-03 0.2863
NC_000018.9 MRO -7.98e-02 1.89e-03 0.2863
NC_000010.10 C10orf35 -6.39e-02 1.89e-03 0.2863
NC_000007.13 MAGI2 -9.48e-02 1.90e-03 0.2863
NC_000005.9 NEURL1B -1.02e-01 1.90e-03 0.2863
NC_000006.11 BAT2 -1.44e-01 1.90e-03 0.2863
NC_000007.13 EVX1 -6.27e-02 1.90e-03 0.2863
NC_000019.9 ZNF787 1.09e-01 1.90e-03 0.2863
NC_000017.10 METRNL -1.04e-01 1.90e-03 0.2863
NC_000012.11 POLE 9.27e-02 1.90e-03 0.2863
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 -1.59e-01 1.90e-03 0.2863
NC_000001.10 SLFNL1 -9.33e-02 1.90e-03 0.2863
NC_000017.10 STXBP4 -1.02e-01 1.90e-03 0.2863
NC_000004.11 PDE6B -1.28e-01 1.90e-03 0.2863
NC_000006.11 OSTCL -1.06e-01 1.90e-03 0.2863
NC_000011.9 CTTN 6.94e-02 1.90e-03 0.2863
NC_000001.10 FAM41C 7.13e-02 1.90e-03 0.2863
NC_000019.9 LMTK3 2.29e-01 1.91e-03 0.2863
NC_000011.9 DLG2 1.21e-01 1.91e-03 0.2863
NC_000010.10 RGS10 -1.34e-01 1.91e-03 0.2863
NC_000002.11 RTKN 1.10e-01 1.91e-03 0.2863
NC_000014.8 C14orf49 -9.40e-02 1.91e-03 0.2863
NC_000005.9 LOC728264 -8.39e-02 1.91e-03 0.2864
NC_000016.9 FTSJD1 -1.23e-01 1.91e-03 0.2864
NC_000010.10 POLR3A 5.98e-02 1.92e-03 0.2865
NC_000022.10 MPPED1 -1.32e-01 1.92e-03 0.2865
NC_000006.11 CCHCR1 -6.67e-02 1.92e-03 0.2865
NC_000001.10 KCNK2 -1.70e-01 1.92e-03 0.2865
NC_000003.11 FYCO1 -9.10e-02 1.92e-03 0.2865
NC_000011.9 MADD -1.41e-01 1.92e-03 0.2865
NC_000005.9 C5orf37 -8.64e-02 1.92e-03 0.2865
NC_000004.11 MANBA -1.53e-01 1.92e-03 0.2867
NC_000017.10 TMEM106A -7.76e-02 1.92e-03 0.2867
NC_000016.9 SNX29 -1.88e-01 1.92e-03 0.2867
NC_000006.11 CSNK2B -1.14e-01 1.92e-03 0.2867
NC_000001.10 CCDC17 1.17e-01 1.92e-03 0.2868
NC_000004.11 FGFR3 -1.09e-01 1.93e-03 0.2869
NC_000004.11 MAEA -7.09e-02 1.93e-03 0.2869
NC_000007.13 MAD1L1 -2.58e-01 1.93e-03 0.2872
NC_000008.10 PARP10 -1.77e-01 1.94e-03 0.2876
NC_000017.10 SLC2A4 1.64e-01 1.94e-03 0.2876
NC_000016.9 WDR90 -1.46e-01 1.94e-03 0.2876
NC_000022.10 SBF1 -6.83e-02 1.94e-03 0.2876
NC_000022.10 CRYBB1 9.54e-02 1.94e-03 0.2876
NC_000011.9 FAM180B 7.82e-02 1.94e-03 0.2876
NC_000006.11 RPS6KA2 1.41e-01 1.94e-03 0.2876
NC_000003.11 CX3CR1 -1.16e-01 1.94e-03 0.2876
NC_000018.9 DTNA 9.84e-02 1.94e-03 0.2876
NC_000001.10 C1orf111 -5.98e-02 1.94e-03 0.2876
NC_000012.11 ZNF385A -1.15e-01 1.94e-03 0.2876
NC_000006.11 FLOT1 -1.94e-01 1.95e-03 0.2877
NC_000016.9 ANKRD11 9.87e-02 1.95e-03 0.2877
NC_000002.11 SULT1C4 1.08e-01 1.95e-03 0.2877
NC_000003.11 SATB1 -4.46e-02 1.95e-03 0.2877
NC_000004.11 ZFYVE28 -8.12e-02 1.95e-03 0.2877
NC_000001.10 EPHA2 -9.46e-02 1.95e-03 0.2877
NC_000008.10 GATA4 -8.14e-02 1.95e-03 0.2877
NC_000011.9 CHST1 7.29e-02 1.95e-03 0.2877
NC_000014.8 JUB 1.03e-01 1.95e-03 0.2877
NC_000013.10 C13orf30 1.53e-01 1.96e-03 0.2881
NC_000011.9 PGAP2 -7.81e-02 1.96e-03 0.2881
NC_000019.9 TSHZ3 -1.33e-01 1.96e-03 0.2881
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 -9.95e-02 1.96e-03 0.2881
NC_000008.10 FLJ14107 -1.20e-01 1.96e-03 0.2881
NC_000008.10 TMEM74 -1.14e-01 1.96e-03 0.2882
NC_000001.10 PAX7 1.30e-01 1.96e-03 0.2882
NC_000002.11 COLEC11 -1.80e-01 1.96e-03 0.2882
NC_000021.8 COL6A1 1.38e-01 1.96e-03 0.2882
NC_000006.11 C6orf10 -9.64e-02 1.97e-03 0.2882
NC_000019.9 PGLYRP2 9.26e-02 1.97e-03 0.2882
NC_000006.11 NEDD9 -1.15e-01 1.97e-03 0.2882
NC_000006.11 HCG22 1.24e-01 1.97e-03 0.2882
NC_000012.11 IL23A -7.61e-02 1.97e-03 0.2882
NC_000008.10 DENND3 -1.87e-01 1.97e-03 0.2882
NC_000019.9 ZNF317 -1.06e-01 1.97e-03 0.2882
NC_000015.9 AKAP13 -1.59e-01 1.97e-03 0.2882
NC_000011.9 LRP5 6.42e-02 1.97e-03 0.2882
NC_000001.10 NPHP4 -1.29e-01 1.97e-03 0.2882
NC_000010.10 LOC619207 5.81e-02 1.97e-03 0.2883
NC_000012.11 HDAC7 -1.38e-01 1.97e-03 0.2883
NC_000001.10 ECE1 -1.39e-01 1.97e-03 0.2883
NC_000011.9 TEAD1 -1.09e-01 1.97e-03 0.2883
NC_000006.11 TRIM40 1.17e-01 1.98e-03 0.2883
NC_000002.11 WNT6 -5.39e-02 1.98e-03 0.2883
NC_000006.11 GUCA1A 8.88e-02 1.98e-03 0.2883
NC_000016.9 LMF1 -9.46e-02 1.98e-03 0.2883
NC_000019.9 MAST3 -1.67e-01 1.98e-03 0.2883
NC_000020.10 DSTN 7.59e-02 1.98e-03 0.2883
NC_000019.9 ZNF333 -8.11e-02 1.98e-03 0.2883
NC_000011.9 STIM1 -1.58e-01 1.98e-03 0.2883
NC_000001.10 S100A9 -2.35e-01 1.98e-03 0.2883
NC_000013.10 COL4A2 -1.27e-01 1.98e-03 0.2883
NC_000003.11 SEC13 -9.41e-02 1.98e-03 0.2883
NC_000011.9 FAM168A 1.01e-01 1.98e-03 0.2883
NC_000021.8 KRTAP19-8 7.22e-02 1.99e-03 0.2883
NC_000001.10 BCL10 -6.89e-02 1.99e-03 0.2885
NC_000004.11 MFSD7 -1.46e-01 1.99e-03 0.2885
NC_000006.11 SKIV2L -7.55e-02 1.99e-03 0.2885
NC_000020.10 CPNE1 1.01e-01 1.99e-03 0.2885
NC_000003.11 TM4SF19 2.52e-01 1.99e-03 0.2885
NC_000002.11 CXCR1 9.95e-02 1.99e-03 0.2885
NC_000016.9 WDR90 -7.57e-02 1.99e-03 0.2885
NC_000012.11 EP400NL 7.86e-02 1.99e-03 0.2885
NC_000006.11 TRIM15 5.50e-02 1.99e-03 0.2885
NC_000002.11 TANC1 -1.35e-01 1.99e-03 0.2885
NC_000015.9 ADAMTSL3 -1.09e-01 1.99e-03 0.2885
NC_000013.10 TUBGCP3 -2.03e-01 2.00e-03 0.2886
NC_000007.13 LMBR1 -8.29e-02 2.00e-03 0.2886
NC_000010.10 ZMIZ1 -4.72e-02 2.00e-03 0.2886
NC_000019.9 HOMER3 -1.00e-01 2.00e-03 0.2886
NC_000002.11 TTC15 1.01e-01 2.00e-03 0.2886
NC_000010.10 IFIT1L -1.72e-01 2.00e-03 0.2886
NC_000013.10 SACS -1.23e-01 2.00e-03 0.2886
NC_000014.8 SLC8A3 -7.07e-02 2.00e-03 0.2886
NC_000007.13 FLJ43663 -1.25e-01 2.00e-03 0.2887
NC_000005.9 SYNPO -7.91e-02 2.00e-03 0.2887
NC_000019.9 SH3GL1 4.90e-02 2.00e-03 0.2887
NC_000011.9 TRIM21 -1.26e-01 2.00e-03 0.2887
NC_000014.8 C14orf129 -1.35e-01 2.00e-03 0.2888
NC_000016.9 ITFG3 -5.11e-02 2.01e-03 0.2891
NC_000014.8 SERPINA12 8.31e-02 2.01e-03 0.2891
NC_000019.9 HAPLN4 -3.21e-01 2.01e-03 0.2891
NC_000012.11 TMEM106C -1.06e-01 2.01e-03 0.2891
NC_000022.10 POM121L9P -6.84e-02 2.01e-03 0.2891
NC_000012.11 ATXN2 1.17e-01 2.01e-03 0.2891
NC_000015.9 LOC254559 9.11e-02 2.01e-03 0.2891
NC_000012.11 TIMELESS -1.61e-01 2.02e-03 0.2891
NC_000020.10 OPRL1 1.16e-01 2.02e-03 0.2891
NC_000015.9 SEMA6D -5.57e-02 2.02e-03 0.2892
NC_000016.9 LITAF -1.56e-01 2.02e-03 0.2894
NC_000011.9 LRP5 1.38e-01 2.02e-03 0.2894
NC_000016.9 SLC12A4 -9.11e-02 2.02e-03 0.2894
NC_000010.10 CYP2E1 1.42e-01 2.02e-03 0.2894
NC_000019.9 CIB3 9.92e-02 2.03e-03 0.2894
NC_000014.8 TRAF3 -1.53e-01 2.03e-03 0.2894
NC_000010.10 SORBS1 -1.33e-01 2.03e-03 0.2894
NC_000001.10 SLC30A10 -1.02e-01 2.03e-03 0.2895
NC_000011.9 ARAP1 -7.03e-02 2.03e-03 0.2895
NC_000011.9 ARNTL 5.66e-02 2.03e-03 0.2895
NC_000010.10 ST8SIA6 -8.44e-02 2.03e-03 0.2897
NC_000017.10 FMNL1 5.15e-02 2.03e-03 0.2897
NC_000002.11 D2HGDH -1.03e-01 2.03e-03 0.2897
NC_000001.10 NTRK1 -2.21e-01 2.45e-03 0.2972
NC_000006.11 C6orf123 7.75e-02 2.04e-03 0.29
NC_000010.10 C10orf46 -7.99e-02 2.04e-03 0.29
NC_000010.10 CCDC109A -1.34e-01 2.04e-03 0.29
NC_000006.11 CFB -8.20e-02 2.04e-03 0.29
NC_000015.9 PARP6 -9.91e-02 2.04e-03 0.29
NC_000012.11 FGF23 4.91e-02 2.04e-03 0.29
NC_000005.9 LOC285696 1.00e-01 2.04e-03 0.29
NC_000001.10 ARPC5 -5.94e-02 2.05e-03 0.29
NC_000001.10 SLC1A7 9.39e-02 2.05e-03 0.29
NC_000001.10 SOX13 -8.56e-02 2.05e-03 0.29
NC_000009.11 NOTCH1 -1.25e-01 2.05e-03 0.29
NC_000007.13 HEATR2 -5.24e-02 2.05e-03 0.29
NC_000002.11 SDPR -1.23e-01 2.05e-03 0.29
NC_000011.9 DNHD1 -1.14e-01 2.05e-03 0.29
NC_000005.9 CAST -1.09e-01 2.05e-03 0.29
NC_000007.13 ASB10 1.63e-01 2.05e-03 0.29
NC_000017.10 FSCN2 1.14e-01 2.06e-03 0.29
NC_000004.11 ZNF718 -2.72e-01 2.06e-03 0.29
NC_000016.9 USP10 -7.77e-02 2.06e-03 0.29
NC_000002.11 AFF3 -2.59e-01 2.06e-03 0.29
NC_000002.11 STAT1 -1.08e-01 2.06e-03 0.29
NC_000013.10 NEK3 -9.83e-02 2.06e-03 0.29
NC_000014.8 SPTLC2 1.78e-01 2.06e-03 0.29
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 -7.63e-02 2.06e-03 0.29
NC_000012.11 LRTM2 -1.31e-01 2.06e-03 0.29
NC_000019.9 PRX 1.39e-01 2.06e-03 0.29
NC_000016.9 PDXDC1 -2.01e-01 2.06e-03 0.29
NC_000006.11 TRIM27 -8.27e-02 2.06e-03 0.29
NC_000014.8 C14orf166B 8.88e-02 2.06e-03 0.29
NC_000008.10 GML -1.05e-01 2.06e-03 0.29
NC_000016.9 PYDC1 -5.95e-02 2.06e-03 0.29
NC_000010.10 PDLIM1 -1.38e-01 2.06e-03 0.29
NC_000001.10 BGLAP -1.46e-01 2.06e-03 0.29
NC_000011.9 DEAF1 -1.08e-01 2.06e-03 0.29
NC_000005.9 LOC134466 1.13e-01 2.07e-03 0.29
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 -1.58e-01 2.07e-03 0.29
NC_000005.9 MAST4 -2.58e-01 2.07e-03 0.29
NC_000001.10 TAS1R3 -1.05e-01 2.07e-03 0.29
NC_000008.10 RNF170 -1.17e-01 2.07e-03 0.29
NC_000012.11 CHST11 -1.33e-01 2.07e-03 0.29
NC_000003.11 RFT1 -1.26e-01 2.07e-03 0.29
NC_000012.11 FBRSL1 4.58e-02 2.07e-03 0.29
NC_000006.11 TRIM27 -9.02e-02 2.07e-03 0.2901
NC_000008.10 DENND3 -8.64e-02 2.07e-03 0.2901
NC_000021.8 PRDM15 -1.87e-01 2.08e-03 0.2901
NC_000015.9 CYFIP1 -5.74e-02 2.08e-03 0.2901
NC_000001.10 EPHA10 -2.19e-01 2.08e-03 0.2901
NC_000016.9 CA5A -5.88e-02 2.08e-03 0.2901
NC_000006.11 PRIM2 -1.03e-01 2.08e-03 0.2901
NC_000011.9 ALDH3B1 6.22e-02 2.08e-03 0.2901
NC_000019.9 KDM4B -1.11e-01 2.08e-03 0.2901
NC_000005.9 KCNIP1 -1.22e-01 2.08e-03 0.2901
NC_000002.11 TCF7L1 -1.23e-01 2.08e-03 0.2901
NC_000014.8 CGRRF1 -9.03e-02 2.08e-03 0.2901
NC_000008.10 LY6D 1.21e-01 2.08e-03 0.2901
NC_000007.13 CYP2W1 9.76e-02 2.08e-03 0.2901
NC_000004.11 CLRN2 -2.07e-01 2.08e-03 0.2901
NC_000021.8 KCNE1 4.94e-02 2.09e-03 0.2901
NC_000008.10 SLC45A4 -1.50e-01 2.09e-03 0.2901
NC_000012.11 GALNT9 1.69e-01 2.09e-03 0.2901
NC_000017.10 LOC388387 -7.45e-02 2.09e-03 0.2901
NC_000001.10 S100A2 -1.28e-01 2.09e-03 0.2901
NC_000011.9 PLEKHA7 -8.79e-02 2.09e-03 0.2901
NC_000011.9 ST14 -1.04e-01 2.09e-03 0.2901
NC_000001.10 FAAH -6.99e-02 2.09e-03 0.2901
NC_000016.9 ST3GAL2 -2.10e-01 2.09e-03 0.2901
NC_000002.11 CRIM1 -1.24e-01 2.09e-03 0.2901
NC_000020.10 SULF2 1.86e-01 2.10e-03 0.2901
NC_000005.9 SYNPO -1.72e-01 2.10e-03 0.2901
NC_000009.11 RAD23B 1.19e-01 2.10e-03 0.2901
NC_000009.11 PBX3 -1.51e-01 2.10e-03 0.2901
NC_000008.10 SQLE -1.74e-01 2.10e-03 0.2901
NC_000016.9 WWOX -1.32e-01 2.10e-03 0.2903
NC_000010.10 CAMK2G -1.29e-01 2.10e-03 0.2904
NC_000006.11 SLC22A2 -2.01e-01 2.10e-03 0.2904
NC_000009.11 C9orf98 5.96e-02 2.10e-03 0.2904
NC_000002.11 NTSR2 5.64e-02 2.10e-03 0.2904
NC_000010.10 KIAA1217 -1.14e-01 2.10e-03 0.2904
NC_000017.10 BRCA1 -9.05e-02 2.10e-03 0.2904
NC_000003.11 TREX1 -9.17e-02 2.11e-03 0.2904
NC_000019.9 KANK2 -1.32e-01 2.11e-03 0.2904
NC_000017.10 NLRP1 -1.33e-01 2.11e-03 0.2904
NC_000017.10 ABR -9.80e-02 2.11e-03 0.2904
NC_000001.10 TSPAN1 -7.49e-02 2.11e-03 0.2904
NC_000003.11 PRKCI 4.43e-02 2.11e-03 0.2904
NC_000002.11 PP14571 -9.13e-02 2.11e-03 0.2904
NC_000010.10 C10orf28 -7.54e-02 2.11e-03 0.2904
NC_000006.11 ZSCAN12 -1.22e-01 2.12e-03 0.2904
NC_000023.10 DMD 7.79e-02 2.12e-03 0.2904
NC_000017.10 HELZ 1.42e-01 2.12e-03 0.2904
NC_000005.9 CAST -8.83e-02 2.12e-03 0.2904
NC_000015.9 GOLGA6L1 5.43e-02 2.12e-03 0.2904
NC_000010.10 SORCS1 1.44e-01 2.12e-03 0.2904
NC_000012.11 LOC100240735 6.94e-02 2.12e-03 0.2904
NC_000019.9 MYH14 1.96e-01 2.12e-03 0.2904
NC_000017.10 ZMYND15 1.19e-01 2.12e-03 0.2904
NC_000021.8 UMODL1 1.36e-01 2.12e-03 0.2904
NC_000016.9 SOLH 1.93e-01 2.12e-03 0.2904
NC_000001.10 ZBTB40 7.30e-02 2.12e-03 0.2904
NC_000005.9 LCP2 -1.39e-01 2.12e-03 0.2904
NC_000002.11 CPSF3 -9.44e-02 2.13e-03 0.2904
NC_000019.9 ZIM3 -8.81e-02 2.13e-03 0.2904
NC_000007.13 FOXK1 -1.63e-01 2.13e-03 0.2904
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 -9.88e-02 2.13e-03 0.2904
NC_000001.10 TP73 -1.29e-01 2.13e-03 0.2904
NC_000001.10 LDLRAD2 7.57e-02 2.13e-03 0.2904
NC_000017.10 GOSR2 -8.84e-02 2.13e-03 0.2904
NC_000010.10 ZDHHC6 -1.51e-01 2.13e-03 0.2904
NC_000010.10 GRK5 -1.82e-01 2.13e-03 0.2904
NC_000020.10 PDRG1 -8.69e-02 2.13e-03 0.2904
NC_000007.13 MAD1L1 -1.19e-01 2.13e-03 0.2904
NC_000004.11 C4orf37 -8.29e-02 2.13e-03 0.2905
NC_000017.10 CCDC40 -7.63e-02 2.13e-03 0.2905
NC_000006.11 C6orf115 6.71e-02 2.13e-03 0.2905
NC_000008.10 ARHGEF10 -1.33e-01 2.14e-03 0.2905
NC_000007.13 MAD1L1 -1.67e-01 2.14e-03 0.2905
NC_000012.11 MFSD5 -1.37e-01 2.14e-03 0.2906
NC_000005.9 ADAMTS2 -1.17e-01 2.14e-03 0.2907
NC_000001.10 NAV1 -9.26e-02 2.14e-03 0.2908
NC_000007.13 DENND2A 1.10e-01 2.14e-03 0.2908
NC_000002.11 GPR39 1.19e-01 2.14e-03 0.2908
NC_000017.10 METRNL -1.83e-01 2.14e-03 0.2908
NC_000003.11 IL12A -9.56e-02 2.14e-03 0.2908
NC_000017.10 ACCN1 -1.48e-01 2.14e-03 0.2908
NC_000007.13 TMEM176B -1.15e-01 2.14e-03 0.2908
NC_000001.10 IL6R -1.28e-01 2.15e-03 0.2913
NC_000005.9 CAPSL 9.86e-02 2.15e-03 0.2913
NC_000010.10 PFKP -1.53e-01 2.15e-03 0.2913
NC_000019.9 FFAR2 -1.00e-01 2.15e-03 0.2913
NC_000006.11 NFKBIE 5.70e-02 2.16e-03 0.2913
NC_000022.10 TBC1D22A -1.23e-01 2.16e-03 0.2913
NC_000008.10 WISP1 1.01e-01 2.16e-03 0.2913
NC_000007.13 ATXN7L1 -1.26e-01 2.16e-03 0.2913
NC_000003.11 MTMR14 -1.42e-01 2.16e-03 0.2913
NC_000020.10 ZNF335 -6.71e-02 2.16e-03 0.2913
NC_000010.10 DIP2C -1.17e-01 2.16e-03 0.2913
NC_000018.9 BCL2 -6.43e-02 2.16e-03 0.2913
NC_000009.11 NR4A3 -9.97e-02 2.16e-03 0.2913
NC_000014.8 C14orf162 4.67e-02 2.16e-03 0.2913
NC_000019.9 POU2F2 8.75e-02 2.16e-03 0.2913
NC_000010.10 DIP2C -2.15e-01 2.16e-03 0.2913
NC_000020.10 SRC -1.16e-01 2.16e-03 0.2913
NC_000011.9 LOC100130987 -8.70e-02 2.16e-03 0.2913
NC_000006.11 HCG4 -7.15e-02 2.16e-03 0.2914
NC_000016.9 GGA2 -1.04e-01 2.17e-03 0.2915
NC_000002.11 C2orf34 7.54e-02 2.17e-03 0.2915
NC_000004.11 PCGF3 9.84e-02 2.17e-03 0.2917
NC_000022.10 CCDC116 -1.21e-01 2.17e-03 0.2917
NC_000006.11 KIAA1244 -1.69e-01 2.18e-03 0.2918
NC_000005.9 EMB -2.50e-01 2.18e-03 0.2918
NC_000006.11 C6orf142 4.83e-02 2.18e-03 0.2918
NC_000003.11 PRICKLE2 1.08e-01 2.18e-03 0.2922
NC_000001.10 GLUL -9.26e-02 2.18e-03 0.2922
NC_000019.9 POU2F2 5.91e-02 2.18e-03 0.2922
NC_000006.11 SCAND3 -7.26e-02 2.18e-03 0.2923
NC_000012.11 LRP1 -2.23e-01 2.19e-03 0.2923
NC_000014.8 ZBTB42 5.46e-02 2.19e-03 0.2923
NC_000005.9 CYFIP2 8.56e-02 2.19e-03 0.2924
NC_000016.9 CTRB2 1.75e-01 2.19e-03 0.2926
NC_000001.10 C4BPA 8.01e-02 2.19e-03 0.2926
NC_000020.10 TP53INP2 -6.12e-02 2.20e-03 0.2927
NC_000002.11 SH3BP4 9.66e-02 2.20e-03 0.2927
NC_000016.9 LMF1 -9.71e-02 2.20e-03 0.2928
NC_000017.10 KIAA1267 5.34e-02 2.20e-03 0.2928
NC_000020.10 CDH4 -7.76e-02 2.20e-03 0.2928
NC_000019.9 PPAN-P2RY11 -7.97e-02 2.20e-03 0.2928
NC_000019.9 SMARCA4 2.63e-01 2.20e-03 0.2928
NC_000011.9 ACER3 -2.02e-01 2.20e-03 0.2928
NC_000016.9 SRL -1.34e-01 2.21e-03 0.2928
NC_000003.11 GHRLOS -1.34e-01 2.21e-03 0.2928
NC_000010.10 ADARB2 -8.37e-02 2.21e-03 0.2928
NC_000017.10 C17orf101 -9.78e-02 2.21e-03 0.2928
NC_000012.11 KRT82 -2.67e-01 2.21e-03 0.2928
NC_000005.9 NEURL1B -1.49e-01 2.21e-03 0.2928
NC_000006.11 VPS52 -1.02e-01 2.21e-03 0.2928
NC_000002.11 AGAP1 -1.67e-01 2.21e-03 0.2928
NC_000007.13 TPST1 -5.96e-02 2.21e-03 0.2928
NC_000017.10 IGFBP4 -8.16e-02 2.21e-03 0.2928
NC_000001.10 ERRFI1 -8.03e-02 2.21e-03 0.2928
NC_000001.10 NTRK1 -1.55e-01 2.21e-03 0.2928
NC_000001.10 FAM63A -1.14e-01 2.21e-03 0.2928
NC_000015.9 GABRA5 -1.46e-01 2.22e-03 0.2929
NC_000010.10 C10orf91 -1.26e-01 2.22e-03 0.2929
NC_000012.11 PPFIA2 -4.94e-02 2.22e-03 0.2929
NC_000017.10 NXN -1.27e-01 2.22e-03 0.293
NC_000017.10 MGAT5B -1.50e-01 2.22e-03 0.293
NC_000003.11 GNAI2 -1.12e-01 2.22e-03 0.2931
NC_000016.9 A2BP1 -7.93e-02 2.22e-03 0.2931
NC_000002.11 HDAC4 -1.48e-01 2.23e-03 0.2932
NC_000006.11 FYN 1.37e-01 2.23e-03 0.2932
NC_000006.11 HCG4 -9.53e-02 2.23e-03 0.2933
NC_000011.9 TMEM218 -1.61e-01 2.23e-03 0.2933
NC_000013.10 HMGB1 7.83e-02 2.23e-03 0.2933
NC_000011.9 LDLRAD3 -6.00e-02 2.23e-03 0.2933
NC_000022.10 BIK 7.92e-02 2.23e-03 0.2933
NC_000002.11 TUBA3E -9.81e-02 2.23e-03 0.2933
NC_000006.11 PRSS16 7.24e-02 2.24e-03 0.2933
NC_000002.11 FAM49A -1.31e-01 2.24e-03 0.2933
NC_000012.11 POU6F1 -1.00e-01 2.24e-03 0.2933
NC_000017.10 ABR -1.03e-01 2.24e-03 0.2935
NC_000003.11 PEX5L 1.12e-01 2.24e-03 0.2935
NC_000020.10 PTPRA -1.08e-01 2.24e-03 0.2935
NC_000008.10 GFRA2 -1.02e-01 2.24e-03 0.2936
NC_000006.11 HFE -1.11e-01 2.25e-03 0.2936
NC_000014.8 C14orf49 -1.83e-01 2.25e-03 0.2936
NC_000014.8 HOMEZ -1.08e-01 2.25e-03 0.2936
NC_000014.8 CCDC88C 9.47e-02 2.25e-03 0.2936
NC_000004.11 CTBP1 1.61e-01 2.25e-03 0.2936
NC_000019.9 PTPRS -1.53e-01 2.25e-03 0.2936
NC_000010.10 CTBP2 4.91e-02 2.25e-03 0.2936
NC_000003.11 CDH29 -9.77e-02 2.25e-03 0.2936
NC_000001.10 C1orf175 -9.01e-02 2.25e-03 0.2936
NC_000010.10 SYCE1 1.75e-01 2.25e-03 0.2936
NC_000011.9 AP2A2 1.74e-01 2.25e-03 0.2936
NC_000008.10 EIF2C2 4.18e-02 2.25e-03 0.2936
NC_000011.9 PPFIA1 -7.96e-02 2.26e-03 0.2936
NC_000017.10 GAS7 4.27e-02 2.26e-03 0.2936
NC_000001.10 OR10J5 1.12e-01 2.26e-03 0.2936
NC_000017.10 MEOX1 -1.70e-01 2.26e-03 0.2936
NC_000001.10 NTRK1 1.27e-01 2.26e-03 0.2936
NC_000002.11 STARD7 -8.88e-02 2.26e-03 0.2936
NC_000004.11 ALB -1.02e-01 2.26e-03 0.2936
NC_000019.9 TICAM1 -7.20e-02 2.26e-03 0.2936
NC_000017.10 DNAH17 -1.75e-01 2.26e-03 0.2936
NC_000009.11 RGS3 -1.37e-01 2.26e-03 0.2936
NC_000004.11 SORCS2 -9.62e-02 2.26e-03 0.2936
NC_000006.11 TULP4 -5.35e-02 2.26e-03 0.2936
NC_000008.10 PSD3 -1.92e-01 2.26e-03 0.2936
NC_000016.9 CNTNAP4 -1.15e-01 2.27e-03 0.2936
NC_000010.10 WDR37 -1.19e-01 2.27e-03 0.2936
NC_000021.8 TPTE 6.14e-02 2.27e-03 0.2936
NC_000010.10 PARD3 7.16e-02 2.27e-03 0.2936
NC_000011.9 OR2AG1 6.97e-02 2.27e-03 0.2936
NC_000005.9 SEMA6A -5.11e-02 2.27e-03 0.2936
NC_000004.11 TLR2 -1.16e-01 2.27e-03 0.2936
NC_000003.11 GHRLOS -1.89e-01 2.27e-03 0.2936
NC_000007.13 UNCX 1.35e-01 2.27e-03 0.2936
NC_000023.10 YIPF6 -7.88e-02 2.27e-03 0.2936
NC_000020.10 MATN4 6.62e-02 2.27e-03 0.2936
NC_000020.10 MACROD2 5.20e-02 2.27e-03 0.2936
NC_000010.10 CHAT 7.41e-02 2.27e-03 0.2936
NC_000007.13 GLI3 6.26e-02 2.27e-03 0.2936
NC_000021.8 TFF2 1.27e-01 2.28e-03 0.2936
NC_000004.11 SORCS2 -1.14e-01 2.28e-03 0.2936
NC_000022.10 MCHR1 -1.68e-01 2.28e-03 0.2936
NC_000017.10 PROCA1 5.88e-02 2.28e-03 0.2936
NC_000009.11 ST6GALNAC4 -1.28e-01 2.28e-03 0.2936
NC_000006.11 FAM184A -1.95e-01 2.28e-03 0.2936
NC_000017.10 DNAH2 -9.62e-02 2.28e-03 0.2936
NC_000011.9 EHBP1L1 -1.54e-01 2.28e-03 0.2936
NC_000019.9 ZNF526 -5.76e-02 2.28e-03 0.2936
NC_000006.11 BAT1 -4.34e-02 2.28e-03 0.2936
NC_000002.11 STON1-GTF2A1L -1.34e-01 2.28e-03 0.2936
NC_000009.11 CTSL2 -1.75e-01 2.29e-03 0.2936
NC_000015.9 ANXA2 1.74e-01 2.29e-03 0.2936
NC_000006.11 EGFL8 -7.26e-02 2.29e-03 0.2936
NC_000016.9 NTN3 1.71e-01 2.29e-03 0.2936
NC_000007.13 CRYGN 8.01e-02 2.29e-03 0.2936
NC_000016.9 CDH13 6.79e-02 2.29e-03 0.2936
NC_000014.8 SERPINA12 6.06e-02 2.29e-03 0.2936
NC_000022.10 OSM -1.42e-01 2.29e-03 0.2936
NC_000019.9 ZNF554 7.76e-02 2.29e-03 0.2936
NC_000012.11 SETD1B 1.79e-01 2.29e-03 0.2936
NC_000010.10 PRKG1 -7.74e-02 2.29e-03 0.2936
NC_000006.11 SFRS18 -1.33e-01 2.29e-03 0.2936
NC_000016.9 C16orf91 -1.59e-01 2.29e-03 0.2936
NC_000010.10 DOCK1 -5.86e-02 2.29e-03 0.2936
NC_000002.11 PARD3B -7.80e-02 2.30e-03 0.2938
NC_000015.9 PIAS1 -9.61e-02 2.30e-03 0.2938
NC_000015.9 SLCO3A1 -6.03e-02 2.30e-03 0.2938
NC_000014.8 MIR496 6.35e-02 2.30e-03 0.2938
NC_000019.9 SGTA 9.35e-02 2.30e-03 0.2938
NC_000022.10 CACNA1I 9.74e-02 2.30e-03 0.2938
NC_000017.10 SECTM1 8.18e-02 2.30e-03 0.2938
NC_000016.9 PLEKHG4 -4.86e-02 2.30e-03 0.2939
NC_000006.11 BAT2 -1.22e-01 2.30e-03 0.2939
NC_000001.10 PRDM16 -8.44e-02 2.30e-03 0.2939
NC_000022.10 FAM83F -9.79e-02 2.30e-03 0.2939
NC_000016.9 LMF1 -1.76e-01 2.30e-03 0.2939
NC_000002.11 FAM179A 5.16e-02 2.31e-03 0.294
NC_000004.11 FGFR3 -1.13e-01 2.31e-03 0.2942
NC_000006.11 NT5DC1 -7.73e-02 2.31e-03 0.2942
NC_000002.11 GPR39 1.69e-01 2.31e-03 0.2942
NC_000012.11 KRT8 -6.78e-02 2.31e-03 0.2942
NC_000004.11 MGC45800 1.14e-01 2.31e-03 0.2945
NC_000008.10 MIR1322 6.04e-02 2.31e-03 0.2945
NC_000001.10 ESRRG -1.88e-01 2.32e-03 0.2945
NC_000002.11 COPS7B -8.32e-02 2.32e-03 0.2945
NC_000023.10 MAGED1 -8.46e-02 2.32e-03 0.2946
NC_000007.13 AUTS2 -6.08e-02 2.32e-03 0.2946
NC_000006.11 ZC3H12D -7.33e-02 2.32e-03 0.2947
NC_000001.10 LCK -1.21e-01 2.32e-03 0.2947
NC_000002.11 GPR39 6.17e-02 2.32e-03 0.2947
NC_000013.10 FARP1 -1.39e-01 2.32e-03 0.2947
NC_000003.11 CLEC3B -8.00e-02 2.32e-03 0.2947
NC_000002.11 NEU4 1.69e-01 2.33e-03 0.2947
NC_000023.10 EFNB1 8.50e-02 2.33e-03 0.2947
NC_000010.10 SH3PXD2A -1.54e-01 2.33e-03 0.2947
NC_000020.10 JAG1 -2.09e-01 2.33e-03 0.2948
NC_000016.9 IFT140 -1.21e-01 2.33e-03 0.2948
NC_000017.10 PYY2 -1.09e-01 2.33e-03 0.2948
NC_000014.8 DYNC1H1 -1.65e-01 2.33e-03 0.2948
NC_000012.11 RASAL1 1.03e-01 2.33e-03 0.2948
NC_000012.11 CASC1 -6.43e-02 2.33e-03 0.2948
NC_000005.9 AACSL 1.22e-01 2.33e-03 0.2948
NC_000001.10 RERE -6.93e-02 2.34e-03 0.2948
NC_000014.8 RAD51L1 -1.93e-01 2.34e-03 0.2948
NC_000002.11 ARHGEF4 -8.01e-02 2.34e-03 0.2948
NC_000005.9 CCL28 7.44e-02 2.34e-03 0.2948
NC_000012.11 CUX2 -1.41e-01 2.34e-03 0.2948
NC_000001.10 CCDC17 -1.53e-01 2.34e-03 0.2948
NC_000017.10 MRPL10 -7.41e-02 2.34e-03 0.2948
NC_000011.9 DGKZ -1.97e-01 2.34e-03 0.2948
NC_000001.10 NCSTN -1.29e-01 2.34e-03 0.2949
NC_000015.9 CHRNA7 1.32e-01 2.34e-03 0.2949
NC_000001.10 TNFRSF9 -1.06e-01 2.35e-03 0.295
NC_000016.9 RAB11FIP3 -7.69e-02 2.35e-03 0.295
NC_000013.10 C13orf16 -1.79e-01 2.35e-03 0.295
NC_000020.10 NFATC2 6.59e-02 2.35e-03 0.295
NC_000010.10 TACR2 7.03e-02 2.35e-03 0.295
NC_000009.11 C9orf171 5.86e-02 2.35e-03 0.295
NC_000015.9 ACSBG1 1.03e-01 2.35e-03 0.295
NC_000008.10 DLC1 -9.41e-02 2.35e-03 0.2952
NC_000006.11 C6orf134 -9.90e-02 2.35e-03 0.2953
NC_000001.10 AK3L1 -4.62e-02 2.35e-03 0.2954
NC_000004.11 SH3D19 -1.66e-01 2.36e-03 0.2954
NC_000021.8 TRPM2 -9.30e-02 2.36e-03 0.2954
NC_000022.10 MYH9 -2.12e-01 2.36e-03 0.2954
NC_000008.10 SLC26A7 -7.42e-02 2.36e-03 0.2955
NC_000001.10 RCC2 -1.11e-01 2.36e-03 0.2955
NC_000010.10 SLC29A3 -1.12e-01 2.36e-03 0.2955
NC_000001.10 YY1AP1 -1.52e-01 2.36e-03 0.2955
NC_000018.9 CDH2 7.80e-02 2.36e-03 0.2955
NC_000002.11 LYG1 -9.37e-02 2.36e-03 0.2955
NC_000001.10 ISG15 -1.54e-01 2.37e-03 0.2955
NC_000012.11 TMCC3 -1.45e-01 2.37e-03 0.2955
NC_000016.9 HBQ1 -2.92e-01 2.37e-03 0.2955
NC_000006.11 NCRNA00171 -6.85e-02 2.37e-03 0.2957
NC_000002.11 TFPI -4.45e-02 2.37e-03 0.2957
NC_000017.10 CCDC40 -8.19e-02 2.37e-03 0.2957
NC_000015.9 SMAD3 -8.07e-02 2.37e-03 0.2959
NC_000014.8 RNASE4 1.17e-01 2.37e-03 0.296
NC_000016.9 TEPP 1.53e-01 2.38e-03 0.2961
NC_000010.10 CYP26C1 -2.52e-01 2.38e-03 0.2961
NC_000020.10 R3HDML 5.91e-02 2.38e-03 0.2961
NC_000001.10 EPHA10 9.75e-02 2.38e-03 0.2961
NC_000019.9 JSRP1 1.22e-01 2.38e-03 0.2961
NC_000020.10 TMEM189 -2.47e-01 2.38e-03 0.2963
NC_000011.9 LMO1 -1.71e-01 2.38e-03 0.2963
NC_000007.13 SMURF1 -1.73e-01 2.39e-03 0.2963
NC_000005.9 HAPLN1 -1.09e-01 2.39e-03 0.2963
NC_000003.11 OSTalpha -2.51e-01 2.39e-03 0.2963
NC_000017.10 AZI1 -1.63e-01 2.39e-03 0.2963
NC_000017.10 AZI1 -1.21e-01 2.39e-03 0.2965
NC_000002.11 SERPINE2 -1.44e-01 2.39e-03 0.2965
NC_000011.9 ATHL1 -1.17e-01 2.39e-03 0.2965
NC_000006.11 ZNF292 -1.25e-01 2.39e-03 0.2965
NC_000011.9 ACER3 -8.35e-02 2.39e-03 0.2965
NC_000016.9 PRSS27 -1.13e-01 2.39e-03 0.2965
NC_000005.9 FLJ42709 7.35e-02 2.39e-03 0.2965
NC_000019.9 MYH14 -1.30e-01 2.39e-03 0.2965
NC_000012.11 EPS8 -1.13e-01 2.40e-03 0.2965
NC_000016.9 MKL2 -9.95e-02 2.40e-03 0.2965
NC_000001.10 PCP4L1 -1.59e-01 2.40e-03 0.2965
NC_000023.10 OPHN1 1.02e-01 2.40e-03 0.2965
NC_000010.10 CCNY -6.08e-02 2.40e-03 0.2968
NC_000008.10 LOC401463 -1.24e-01 2.41e-03 0.2968
NC_000017.10 MYOCD -8.85e-02 2.41e-03 0.2968
NC_000010.10 FRMPD2 5.70e-02 2.41e-03 0.2968
NC_000008.10 SPAG1 -1.78e-01 2.41e-03 0.2968
NC_000002.11 BIN1 -2.21e-01 2.41e-03 0.2968
NC_000004.11 C4orf22 -9.47e-02 2.41e-03 0.2968
NC_000003.11 TNK2 -2.02e-01 2.41e-03 0.2968
NC_000003.11 FAM55C 4.40e-02 2.41e-03 0.2968
NC_000007.13 DLX6AS -1.23e-01 2.41e-03 0.2968
NC_000006.11 HTR1E -7.96e-02 2.41e-03 0.2968
NC_000022.10 SUSD2 -2.12e-01 2.41e-03 0.2968
NC_000014.8 C14orf184 -1.83e-01 2.41e-03 0.2968
NC_000007.13 C7orf51 -9.62e-02 2.41e-03 0.2968
NC_000017.10 DPH1 -1.75e-01 2.42e-03 0.2968
NC_000001.10 MEGF6 1.40e-01 2.42e-03 0.2968
NC_000001.10 ARHGEF16 -1.27e-01 2.42e-03 0.2968
NC_000020.10 FITM2 -1.72e-01 2.42e-03 0.2968
NC_000008.10 PRDM14 -8.45e-02 2.42e-03 0.2968
NC_000011.9 RASGRP2 -1.07e-01 2.42e-03 0.2968
NC_000016.9 CDK10 -7.01e-02 2.42e-03 0.2968
NC_000001.10 FCAMR 1.53e-01 2.42e-03 0.2968
NC_000020.10 CD93 -8.82e-02 2.42e-03 0.2968
NC_000017.10 ASGR2 1.11e-01 2.42e-03 0.2968
NC_000003.11 LOC152225 5.29e-02 2.42e-03 0.2968
NC_000017.10 NXN -8.01e-02 2.42e-03 0.2968
NC_000010.10 SAMD8 -1.59e-01 2.43e-03 0.2968
NC_000010.10 MGMT -9.75e-02 2.43e-03 0.2968
NC_000010.10 KCNMA1 9.17e-02 2.43e-03 0.2968
NC_000017.10 TM4SF5 8.50e-02 2.43e-03 0.2968
NC_000017.10 CHMP6 7.23e-02 2.43e-03 0.2968
NC_000017.10 KRT33A -6.13e-02 2.43e-03 0.2968
NC_000001.10 LY9 1.06e-01 2.43e-03 0.2968
NC_000011.9 GRIK4 4.43e-02 2.43e-03 0.2968
NC_000006.11 TRIM27 -8.75e-02 2.43e-03 0.2968
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 -5.77e-02 2.43e-03 0.2968
NC_000005.9 FLT4 1.45e-01 2.43e-03 0.2968
NC_000014.8 SLC7A8 -9.93e-02 2.43e-03 0.297
NC_000013.10 RASA3 -9.23e-02 2.44e-03 0.2972
NC_000019.9 LTBP4 -1.41e-01 2.44e-03 0.2972
NC_000006.11 NCRNA00171 -1.43e-01 2.44e-03 0.2972
NC_000003.11 SENP7 -1.35e-01 2.44e-03 0.2972
NC_000010.10 ZCCHC24 -2.28e-01 2.44e-03 0.2972
NC_000014.8 PELI2 -1.04e-01 2.44e-03 0.2972
NC_000004.11 C1QTNF7 -1.36e-01 2.44e-03 0.2972
NC_000015.9 ACTC1 -1.44e-01 2.44e-03 0.2972
NC_000002.11 ITM2C -2.14e-01 2.44e-03 0.2972
NC_000019.9 FGF21 9.89e-02 2.44e-03 0.2972
NC_000019.9 TSSK6 -1.73e-01 2.45e-03 0.2972
NC_000014.8 FERMT2 -1.35e-01 2.45e-03 0.2972
NC_000019.9 FLT3LG 8.40e-02 2.45e-03 0.2972
NC_000001.10 HES2 9.29e-02 2.45e-03 0.2972
NC_000003.11 CLDN11 -1.30e-01 2.45e-03 0.2972
NC_000003.11 UBP1 -1.30e-01 2.45e-03 0.2972
NC_000007.13 INTS1 -1.98e-01 2.45e-03 0.2972
NC_000007.13 FOXK1 -1.28e-01 2.45e-03 0.2972
NC_000007.13 CHCHD3 -1.36e-01 2.45e-03 0.2972
NC_000008.10 ARHGEF10 -1.22e-01 2.45e-03 0.2972
NC_000001.10 PPFIA4 5.25e-02 2.45e-03 0.2972
NC_000010.10 LOC283050 -1.07e-01 2.45e-03 0.2972
NC_000011.9 C11orf64 -1.06e-01 2.46e-03 0.2972
NC_000014.8 TCL1A 8.31e-02 2.46e-03 0.2972
NC_000017.10 CCDC144C -1.05e-01 2.46e-03 0.2972
NC_000007.13 CHST12 -1.16e-01 2.46e-03 0.2972
NC_000007.13 ATP6V0A4 9.58e-02 2.46e-03 0.2972
NC_000010.10 UCN3 -9.37e-02 2.46e-03 0.2972
NC_000005.9 GABRP -1.18e-01 2.46e-03 0.2972
NC_000010.10 MMRN2 1.17e-01 2.46e-03 0.2972
NC_000019.9 ZNF682 -6.64e-02 2.46e-03 0.2972
NC_000002.11 UNC80 -1.09e-01 2.46e-03 0.2972
NC_000002.11 ALPI 1.13e-01 2.46e-03 0.2972
NC_000006.11 MAN1A1 -1.10e-01 2.46e-03 0.2972
NC_000021.8 ABCC13 -1.60e-01 2.46e-03 0.2972
NC_000003.11 DZIP1L -8.39e-02 2.46e-03 0.2972
NC_000006.11 SLC22A2 8.49e-02 2.47e-03 0.2974
NC_000017.10 SMYD4 -1.79e-01 2.47e-03 0.2975
NC_000017.10 ARHGDIA 5.36e-02 2.47e-03 0.2975
NC_000016.9 CBFA2T3 4.68e-02 2.47e-03 0.2975
NC_000003.11 EIF4G1 -6.15e-02 2.47e-03 0.2975
NC_000017.10 WNT3 6.72e-02 2.47e-03 0.2975
NC_000017.10 C17orf101 -1.60e-01 2.48e-03 0.2975
NC_000001.10 SORT1 -1.51e-01 2.48e-03 0.2975
NC_000012.11 MLL2 1.84e-01 2.48e-03 0.2975
NC_000008.10 ANGPT1 5.35e-02 2.48e-03 0.2975
NC_000001.10 PRDM16 -1.31e-01 2.48e-03 0.2975
NC_000012.11 TPH2 -7.55e-02 2.48e-03 0.2975
NC_000015.9 LOC145814 -9.92e-02 2.48e-03 0.2975
NC_000004.11 STOX2 -1.54e-01 2.48e-03 0.2975
NC_000001.10 LAX1 -8.17e-02 2.48e-03 0.2975
NC_000020.10 JPH2 -1.30e-01 2.48e-03 0.2975
NC_000015.9 NARG2 9.39e-02 2.48e-03 0.2975
NC_000001.10 GPR177 -9.40e-02 2.48e-03 0.2975
NC_000007.13 GRB10 7.94e-02 2.48e-03 0.2975
NC_000005.9 MARVELD2 -1.94e-01 2.48e-03 0.2975
NC_000008.10 PLEKHA2 7.02e-02 2.49e-03 0.2975
NC_000019.9 KANK2 -8.10e-02 2.49e-03 0.2975
NC_000017.10 FAM171A2 1.03e-01 2.49e-03 0.2975
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 -6.91e-02 2.49e-03 0.2975
NC_000019.9 PRX 8.93e-02 2.49e-03 0.2975
NC_000016.9 KIAA0513 6.48e-02 2.49e-03 0.2975
NC_000017.10 LOC404266 7.32e-02 2.49e-03 0.2975
NC_000011.9 TSKU 1.65e-01 2.49e-03 0.2975
NC_000001.10 FGGY -1.54e-01 2.49e-03 0.2975
NC_000006.11 FRS3 -2.21e-01 2.50e-03 0.2975
NC_000012.11 POLE 1.28e-01 2.50e-03 0.2975
NC_000006.11 STK19 4.57e-02 2.50e-03 0.2975
NC_000019.9 ANO8 -1.34e-01 2.50e-03 0.2975
NC_000007.13 DPP6 -2.04e-01 2.50e-03 0.2975
NC_000002.11 G6PC2 6.53e-02 2.50e-03 0.2975
NC_000010.10 DLG5 -7.24e-02 2.50e-03 0.2975
NC_000010.10 PRKCQ 1.03e-01 2.50e-03 0.2975
NC_000005.9 COL23A1 -6.89e-02 2.50e-03 0.2978
NC_000017.10 ACCN1 -9.47e-02 2.51e-03 0.2978
NC_000010.10 DIP2C 7.54e-02 2.51e-03 0.2978
NC_000001.10 APITD1 1.56e-01 2.51e-03 0.2978
NC_000011.9 RAB38 4.88e-02 2.51e-03 0.2978
NC_000011.9 USP2 -5.75e-02 2.51e-03 0.2978
NC_000022.10 ARFGAP3 1.01e-01 2.51e-03 0.2979
NC_000002.11 ALPPL2 -8.99e-02 2.51e-03 0.2979
NC_000007.13 LMTK2 -1.64e-01 2.51e-03 0.2979
NC_000014.8 SYNE2 -1.60e-01 2.51e-03 0.298
NC_000007.13 RAB19 9.96e-02 2.52e-03 0.298
NC_000023.10 DMD 1.10e-01 2.52e-03 0.298
NC_000010.10 PTPRE -2.29e-01 2.52e-03 0.2982
NC_000007.13 SOSTDC1 1.13e-01 2.52e-03 0.2982
NC_000019.9 SEMA6B -1.46e-01 2.52e-03 0.2982
NC_000010.10 KIAA1462 1.43e-01 2.52e-03 0.2982
NC_000003.11 LRRC2 -1.26e-01 2.52e-03 0.2986
NC_000021.8 NCRNA00114 -1.40e-01 2.53e-03 0.2987
NC_000011.9 CCDC34 -2.44e-01 2.53e-03 0.2989
NC_000013.10 KLF12 -1.13e-01 2.53e-03 0.2989
NC_000007.13 TFAMP1 -1.23e-01 2.53e-03 0.2989
NC_000006.11 MRPL14 -2.05e-01 2.53e-03 0.2989
NC_000012.11 TMEM233 -4.98e-02 2.53e-03 0.2989
NC_000006.11 TULP4 -2.12e-01 2.53e-03 0.2989
NC_000005.9 SLC30A5 1.75e-01 2.53e-03 0.2989
NC_000015.9 THSD4 1.09e-01 2.54e-03 0.2989
NC_000001.10 DHRS3 -1.31e-01 2.54e-03 0.2989
NC_000017.10 ALDH3A1 1.51e-01 2.54e-03 0.2989
NC_000001.10 ZNF644 -5.52e-02 2.54e-03 0.299
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 -5.53e-02 2.54e-03 0.299
NC_000012.11 ANO2 9.61e-02 2.54e-03 0.299
NC_000013.10 LCP1 -1.22e-01 2.54e-03 0.299
NC_000007.13 MAD1L1 -9.93e-02 2.54e-03 0.299
NC_000002.11 EXOC6B -8.76e-02 2.54e-03 0.299
NC_000006.11 DCBLD1 -7.22e-02 2.55e-03 0.299
NC_000012.11 RBM19 4.69e-02 2.55e-03 0.299
NC_000017.10 GPATCH8 -1.94e-01 2.55e-03 0.299
NC_000006.11 GUCA1A 1.41e-01 2.55e-03 0.299
NC_000001.10 KIF17 -1.39e-01 2.55e-03 0.299
NC_000001.10 PPP1R12B -1.10e-01 2.55e-03 0.299
NC_000009.11 LAMC3 1.04e-01 2.55e-03 0.299
NC_000002.11 DPYSL5 -1.40e-01 2.55e-03 0.299
NC_000020.10 ADAM33 -7.27e-02 2.56e-03 0.299
NC_000006.11 CAPN11 -1.20e-01 2.56e-03 0.299
NC_000001.10 PEX14 -1.88e-01 2.56e-03 0.299
NC_000004.11 D4S234E -1.81e-01 2.56e-03 0.299
NC_000020.10 TCF15 -1.13e-01 2.56e-03 0.299
NC_000006.11 COL12A1 -1.13e-01 2.56e-03 0.299
NC_000001.10 KIF17 6.78e-02 2.56e-03 0.299
NC_000003.11 NEK4 5.37e-02 2.56e-03 0.299
NC_000015.9 SMAD3 -9.47e-02 2.56e-03 0.299
NC_000007.13 KEL 8.89e-02 2.56e-03 0.299
NC_000017.10 PRR15L 1.37e-01 2.56e-03 0.299
NC_000019.9 RRAS 7.48e-02 2.56e-03 0.299
NC_000011.9 DNHD1 -1.02e-01 2.56e-03 0.299
NC_000011.9 IFITM1 9.11e-02 2.56e-03 0.299
NC_000003.11 TTC14 -6.58e-02 2.56e-03 0.299
NC_000001.10 SOX13 -3.91e-02 2.57e-03 0.299
NC_000017.10 RPTOR -1.45e-01 2.57e-03 0.299
NC_000015.9 SLCO3A1 7.73e-02 2.57e-03 0.299
NC_000016.9 CD19 -1.53e-01 2.57e-03 0.299
NC_000012.11 LOC374443 -6.44e-02 2.57e-03 0.299
NC_000016.9 LMF1 -7.99e-02 2.57e-03 0.299
NC_000008.10 ERICH1 -6.33e-02 2.57e-03 0.299
NC_000006.11 DHX16 -2.82e-01 2.57e-03 0.299
NC_000008.10 FAM83H 2.78e-01 2.57e-03 0.2991
NC_000012.11 SLCO1A2 -1.16e-01 2.57e-03 0.2991
NC_000012.11 EFCAB4B -1.06e-01 2.57e-03 0.2991
NC_000008.10 MYOM2 -1.18e-01 2.57e-03 0.2991
NC_000007.13 NRF1 -1.27e-01 2.57e-03 0.2991
NC_000005.9 SPARC -6.06e-02 2.58e-03 0.2991
NC_000020.10 ZNF341 -1.20e-01 2.58e-03 0.2994
NC_000002.11 OXER1 -1.08e-01 2.58e-03 0.2994
NC_000001.10 UBR4 -1.00e-01 2.59e-03 0.2994
NC_000010.10 SLC18A3 1.03e-01 2.59e-03 0.2994
NC_000009.11 FAM189A2 -1.75e-01 2.59e-03 0.2994
NC_000003.11 LRRC2 1.94e-01 2.59e-03 0.2994
NC_000003.11 AP2M1 -9.86e-02 2.59e-03 0.2994
NC_000006.11 FILIP1 8.29e-02 2.59e-03 0.2994
NC_000005.9 SLIT3 -8.41e-02 2.59e-03 0.2994
NC_000020.10 SGK2 -1.54e-01 2.59e-03 0.2994
NC_000008.10 ERICH1 -9.78e-02 2.59e-03 0.2994
NC_000015.9 ULK3 -1.00e-01 2.59e-03 0.2994
NC_000017.10 PDE6G -2.83e-01 2.59e-03 0.2994
NC_000012.11 LPCAT3 -1.48e-01 2.59e-03 0.2994
NC_000010.10 KNDC1 1.08e-01 2.59e-03 0.2994
NC_000021.8 CHAF1B 1.60e-01 2.59e-03 0.2994
NC_000002.11 HEATR5B -1.17e-01 2.59e-03 0.2994
NC_000003.11 SYN2 -9.45e-02 2.59e-03 0.2995
NC_000019.9 GNG7 -1.27e-01 2.60e-03 0.2995
NC_000001.10 TMEM63A -5.99e-02 2.60e-03 0.2995
NC_000008.10 KIF13B -1.86e-01 2.60e-03 0.2995
NC_000013.10 ALOX5AP -1.32e-01 2.60e-03 0.2995
NC_000002.11 CWC22 -1.24e-01 2.60e-03 0.2995
NC_000010.10 EGR2 4.06e-02 2.60e-03 0.2995
NC_000002.11 FMNL2 9.75e-02 2.60e-03 0.2995
NC_000012.11 ZNF740 9.80e-02 2.60e-03 0.2995
NC_000005.9 CENPH -9.95e-02 2.60e-03 0.2995
NC_000008.10 EIF2C2 6.31e-02 2.61e-03 0.2995
NC_000011.9 SLC1A2 5.05e-02 2.61e-03 0.2995
NC_000007.13 NOD1 9.10e-02 2.61e-03 0.2995
NC_000014.8 MIA2 -1.11e-01 2.61e-03 0.2995
NC_000006.11 SKIV2L -6.81e-02 2.61e-03 0.2995
NC_000021.8 PCNT -5.14e-02 2.61e-03 0.2995
NC_000012.11 SSPN -6.62e-02 2.61e-03 0.2995
NC_000012.11 CACNA2D4 -9.48e-02 2.61e-03 0.2995
NC_000016.9 SCNN1B 1.44e-01 2.61e-03 0.2995
NC_000009.11 LMX1B -1.85e-01 2.61e-03 0.2995
NC_000001.10 IGSF9 -7.40e-02 2.61e-03 0.2995
NC_000005.9 LOC134466 1.01e-01 2.61e-03 0.2995
NC_000010.10 PFKFB3 -1.03e-01 2.61e-03 0.2995
NC_000001.10 PRDM16 1.77e-01 2.62e-03 0.2995
NC_000003.11 GRIP2 -5.18e-02 2.62e-03 0.2995
NC_000010.10 EIF3A -8.45e-02 2.62e-03 0.2995
NC_000006.11 C6orf225 -4.11e-02 2.62e-03 0.2995
NC_000004.11 ARHGAP24 1.13e-01 2.62e-03 0.2995
NC_000011.9 AHNAK -1.39e-01 2.62e-03 0.2995
NC_000018.9 FECH -6.01e-02 2.62e-03 0.2995
NC_000016.9 ANKRD11 -8.91e-02 2.62e-03 0.2995
NC_000019.9 SULT2A1 -1.34e-01 2.62e-03 0.2995
NC_000012.11 DUSP6 -1.80e-01 2.62e-03 0.2995
NC_000012.11 YAF2 8.78e-02 2.63e-03 0.2996
NC_000006.11 TNXB 9.51e-02 2.63e-03 0.2996
NC_000004.11 TSPAN5 1.70e-01 2.63e-03 0.2997
NC_000011.9 CD6 -2.54e-01 2.63e-03 0.2997
NC_000016.9 CPNE2 -1.12e-01 2.63e-03 0.2997
NC_000015.9 APBA2 9.40e-02 2.63e-03 0.3001
NC_000008.10 TPD52 7.02e-02 2.63e-03 0.3002
NC_000003.11 GOLGA4 1.20e-01 2.64e-03 0.3002
NC_000017.10 COL1A1 -8.46e-02 2.64e-03 0.3002
NC_000005.9 SIL1 -1.30e-01 2.64e-03 0.3002
NC_000002.11 GRHL1 -7.20e-02 2.64e-03 0.3003
NC_000022.10 CHADL -1.44e-01 2.64e-03 0.3004
NC_000006.11 FOXC1 4.65e-02 2.64e-03 0.3004
NC_000016.9 JPH3 -7.18e-02 2.64e-03 0.3004
NC_000019.9 ZNF480 -5.36e-02 2.64e-03 0.3004
NC_000011.9 FEZ1 -9.14e-02 2.65e-03 0.3006
NC_000020.10 SRMS 7.75e-02 2.65e-03 0.3006
NC_000006.11 HLA-DMA -7.09e-02 2.65e-03 0.3007
NC_000011.9 ALX4 5.56e-02 2.65e-03 0.3009
NC_000006.11 AKIRIN2 4.93e-02 2.65e-03 0.3009
NC_000020.10 RBPJL -9.17e-02 2.65e-03 0.3009
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 -1.29e-01 2.65e-03 0.301
NC_000001.10 CASZ1 -1.84e-01 2.66e-03 0.3011
NC_000021.8 MX1 -1.21e-01 2.66e-03 0.3011
NC_000005.9 PDZD2 -1.20e-01 2.66e-03 0.3011
NC_000001.10 LMNA -2.72e-01 2.66e-03 0.3012
NC_000016.9 N4BP1 -8.23e-02 2.66e-03 0.3012
NC_000008.10 PDE7A -5.00e-02 2.66e-03 0.3012
NC_000001.10 ZNF670 -7.39e-02 2.67e-03 0.3012
NC_000017.10 GNGT2 6.94e-02 2.67e-03 0.3012
NC_000010.10 LDB1 -5.30e-02 2.67e-03 0.3012
NC_000010.10 SYCE1 1.93e-01 2.67e-03 0.3012
NC_000010.10 GDF2 -8.00e-02 2.67e-03 0.3012
NC_000015.9 ABHD2 6.77e-02 2.67e-03 0.3012
NC_000001.10 OR6F1 8.58e-02 2.67e-03 0.3012
NC_000014.8 KIF26A -1.27e-01 2.67e-03 0.3012
NC_000019.9 ZSWIM4 -1.11e-01 2.67e-03 0.3012
NC_000006.11 TAPBP 8.37e-02 2.67e-03 0.3012
NC_000006.11 BTBD9 -8.67e-02 2.68e-03 0.3015
NC_000004.11 ZFYVE28 8.23e-02 2.68e-03 0.3015
NC_000011.9 FAM168A -9.60e-02 2.68e-03 0.3016
NC_000015.9 LOC145837 1.47e-01 2.68e-03 0.3016
NC_000001.10 TNFRSF8 1.25e-01 2.68e-03 0.3017
NC_000012.11 CABP1 1.63e-01 2.68e-03 0.3019
NC_000012.11 IFFO1 -1.53e-01 2.68e-03 0.3019
NC_000001.10 TINAGL1 6.99e-02 2.68e-03 0.3019
NC_000017.10 TBCD -1.07e-01 2.69e-03 0.3019
NC_000017.10 ALDH3A1 6.40e-02 2.69e-03 0.3019
NC_000016.9 ZC3H18 -1.62e-01 2.69e-03 0.3019
NC_000017.10 PLCD3 -9.93e-02 2.69e-03 0.3019
NC_000001.10 PRDM16 -9.90e-02 2.69e-03 0.3019
NC_000015.9 BNC1 1.17e-01 2.69e-03 0.3019
NC_000022.10 PARVB -2.35e-01 2.69e-03 0.3019
NC_000016.9 ACSF3 -1.58e-01 2.69e-03 0.3019
NC_000007.13 MEST -8.17e-02 2.69e-03 0.3019
NC_000015.9 EPB42 -1.11e-01 2.70e-03 0.3019
NC_000011.9 TUB -5.18e-02 2.70e-03 0.3019
NC_000002.11 IGFBP2 7.35e-02 2.70e-03 0.3019
NC_000006.11 EXOC2 6.77e-02 2.70e-03 0.3019
NC_000013.10 GPR18 -7.54e-02 2.70e-03 0.3019
NC_000001.10 C1orf210 6.57e-02 2.70e-03 0.3019
NC_000004.11 PIGY 1.07e-01 2.70e-03 0.3019
NC_000014.8 SNW1 -6.74e-02 2.70e-03 0.3019
NC_000003.11 TMEM40 -9.46e-02 2.70e-03 0.3019
NC_000007.13 ARL4A -1.28e-01 2.70e-03 0.3019
NC_000004.11 TRIM2 -1.34e-01 2.70e-03 0.3019
NC_000007.13 C7orf50 -1.27e-01 2.70e-03 0.302
NC_000017.10 CCR7 1.65e-01 2.70e-03 0.302
NC_000016.9 BEAN 8.90e-02 2.71e-03 0.302
NC_000002.11 KLHL29 -7.36e-02 2.71e-03 0.302
NC_000006.11 EHMT2 -7.34e-02 2.71e-03 0.302
NC_000014.8 BEGAIN 1.24e-01 2.71e-03 0.302
NC_000001.10 PIK3CD 1.31e-01 2.71e-03 0.302
NC_000001.10 MTHFR 9.66e-02 2.71e-03 0.302
NC_000003.11 UBA5 -9.25e-02 2.71e-03 0.302
NC_000008.10 PRKDC 1.17e-01 2.71e-03 0.302
NC_000006.11 C6orf27 1.35e-01 2.71e-03 0.302
NC_000016.9 ABCA3 -1.27e-01 2.71e-03 0.302
NC_000010.10 INPP5A -1.24e-01 2.72e-03 0.302
NC_000003.11 ZNF717 4.70e-02 2.72e-03 0.302
NC_000016.9 PKD1L2 9.93e-02 2.72e-03 0.302
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 1.26e-01 2.72e-03 0.302
NC_000006.11 PHACTR2 -9.15e-02 2.72e-03 0.302
NC_000005.9 ADAMTS2 -1.22e-01 2.72e-03 0.302
NC_000015.9 CYFIP1 -1.06e-01 2.72e-03 0.302
NC_000001.10 FGR -1.77e-01 2.72e-03 0.302
NC_000004.11 WHSC2 1.41e-01 2.72e-03 0.302
NC_000022.10 C1QTNF6 -6.62e-02 2.72e-03 0.302
NC_000001.10 LEFTY2 7.68e-02 2.72e-03 0.302
NC_000017.10 STARD3 -8.22e-02 2.72e-03 0.302
NC_000003.11 COL6A6 -8.73e-02 2.73e-03 0.302
NC_000002.11 MYO7B 1.17e-01 2.73e-03 0.302
NC_000017.10 PIK3R5 6.81e-02 2.73e-03 0.302
NC_000017.10 TMEM99 -6.80e-02 2.73e-03 0.302
NC_000022.10 MPPED1 -1.41e-01 2.73e-03 0.302
NC_000006.11 GABBR1 -1.25e-01 2.73e-03 0.302
NC_000015.9 FAM189A1 -8.90e-02 2.73e-03 0.302
NC_000001.10 RGS16 -1.26e-01 2.73e-03 0.302
NC_000001.10 SETDB1 -7.53e-02 2.73e-03 0.302
NC_000004.11 FGB 8.20e-02 2.73e-03 0.302
NC_000012.11 NR4A1 7.34e-02 2.74e-03 0.302
NC_000019.9 C19orf45 7.63e-02 2.74e-03 0.302
NC_000009.11 OLFML2A 1.60e-01 2.74e-03 0.302
NC_000018.9 TMEM200C -6.45e-02 2.74e-03 0.302
NC_000019.9 SLC27A1 -1.22e-01 2.74e-03 0.302
NC_000012.11 A2ML1 -8.57e-02 2.74e-03 0.302
NC_000017.10 METRNL -2.47e-01 2.74e-03 0.302
NC_000010.10 LIPK 7.18e-02 2.74e-03 0.302
NC_000007.13 GCK 6.50e-02 2.74e-03 0.302
NC_000009.11 ZNF484 -1.41e-01 2.74e-03 0.302
NC_000006.11 DUSP22 -1.27e-01 2.74e-03 0.302
NC_000001.10 CR1 -9.20e-02 2.74e-03 0.302
NC_000017.10 TACO1 -8.14e-02 2.74e-03 0.302
NC_000015.9 LOC390594 -1.36e-01 2.75e-03 0.3022
NC_000001.10 SLC1A7 -1.24e-01 2.75e-03 0.3022
NC_000011.9 STK33 -1.46e-01 2.75e-03 0.3022
NC_000017.10 ODF4 7.44e-02 2.75e-03 0.3022
NC_000002.11 WDR33 -1.05e-01 2.75e-03 0.3022
NC_000009.11 PRRX2 5.39e-02 2.75e-03 0.3023
NC_000015.9 EHD4 -2.78e-01 2.75e-03 0.3023
NC_000016.9 AQP8 -1.41e-01 2.76e-03 0.3023
NC_000014.8 OR4N2 9.56e-02 2.76e-03 0.3023
NC_000012.11 POLE -7.89e-02 2.76e-03 0.3026
NC_000002.11 OTOF -7.37e-02 2.76e-03 0.3026
NC_000019.9 MAP1S 1.62e-01 2.77e-03 0.3026
NC_000013.10 PARP4 4.03e-02 2.77e-03 0.3026
NC_000002.11 ANKRD36 -1.33e-01 2.77e-03 0.3026
NC_000012.11 MGAT4C 7.69e-02 2.77e-03 0.3026
NC_000011.9 NLRP14 9.36e-02 2.77e-03 0.3026
NC_000012.11 PSMD9 6.51e-02 2.77e-03 0.3026
NC_000019.9 MARK4 1.22e-01 2.77e-03 0.3026
NC_000012.11 RNF41 -1.15e-01 2.77e-03 0.3026
NC_000006.11 HCP5 -1.22e-01 2.77e-03 0.3026
NC_000004.11 HELQ -4.30e-02 2.77e-03 0.3026
NC_000003.11 ACPL2 -1.03e-01 2.77e-03 0.3026
NC_000004.11 CTSO -4.70e-02 2.77e-03 0.3026
NC_000002.11 REEP1 -1.72e-01 2.77e-03 0.3026
NC_000008.10 XKR5 4.37e-02 2.78e-03 0.3026
NC_000003.11 IQCF1 -1.86e-01 2.78e-03 0.3026
NC_000001.10 PRDM2 5.28e-02 2.78e-03 0.3026
NC_000020.10 ANGPT4 1.57e-01 2.78e-03 0.3026
NC_000001.10 AKR7L -2.28e-01 2.78e-03 0.3026
NC_000016.9 AXIN1 -1.29e-01 2.78e-03 0.3026
NC_000017.10 AZI1 -9.76e-02 2.78e-03 0.3026
NC_000013.10 DCUN1D2 -1.86e-01 2.78e-03 0.3026
NC_000011.9 PLA2G16 -2.44e-01 2.78e-03 0.3026
NC_000008.10 LRRC24 5.86e-02 2.78e-03 0.3026
NC_000002.11 TNS1 7.45e-02 2.79e-03 0.3026
NC_000001.10 CAMTA1 -8.04e-02 2.79e-03 0.3026
NC_000001.10 LOC728448 -1.36e-01 2.79e-03 0.3026
NC_000013.10 CAB39L -1.31e-01 2.79e-03 0.3026
NC_000001.10 MIR1976 -1.19e-01 2.79e-03 0.3026
NC_000019.9 SHC2 -1.81e-01 2.79e-03 0.3029
NC_000015.9 STOML1 -1.20e-01 2.79e-03 0.303
NC_000019.9 MORG1 -4.23e-02 2.79e-03 0.303
NC_000022.10 TTLL12 5.49e-02 2.79e-03 0.303
NC_000002.11 STAT1 -1.07e-01 2.79e-03 0.303
NC_000022.10 CPT1B 1.08e-01 2.80e-03 0.303
NC_000014.8 INF2 1.40e-01 2.80e-03 0.303
NC_000011.9 PRDM11 -6.04e-02 2.80e-03 0.303
NC_000001.10 SLC5A9 -1.98e-01 2.80e-03 0.3031
NC_000022.10 OSM -7.62e-02 2.80e-03 0.3031
NC_000007.13 TMEM184A -8.84e-02 2.80e-03 0.3031
NC_000004.11 ARHGAP10 7.23e-02 2.81e-03 0.3033
NC_000019.9 ZFR2 -7.07e-02 2.81e-03 0.3038
NC_000020.10 SCRT2 1.52e-01 2.81e-03 0.3038
NC_000011.9 ZNF143 -5.58e-02 2.81e-03 0.3039
NC_000001.10 SPRR2A -1.88e-01 2.81e-03 0.304
NC_000017.10 TRPV1 -1.85e-01 2.82e-03 0.3041
NC_000009.11 LRSAM1 -8.34e-02 2.82e-03 0.3041
NC_000006.11 TRIM10 8.56e-02 2.82e-03 0.3042
NC_000001.10 MIR1182 -1.64e-01 2.82e-03 0.3042
NC_000011.9 NLRX1 -1.68e-01 2.82e-03 0.3042
NC_000017.10 BCAS3 7.16e-02 2.82e-03 0.3042
NC_000006.11 EXOC2 -7.14e-02 2.82e-03 0.3042
NC_000015.9 TRPM1 1.04e-01 2.82e-03 0.3042
NC_000013.10 FARP1 -9.61e-02 2.82e-03 0.3042
NC_000005.9 HSPA9 6.67e-02 2.83e-03 0.3043
NC_000007.13 SRRT -5.05e-02 2.83e-03 0.3043
NC_000011.9 FOXR1 1.48e-01 2.83e-03 0.3043
NC_000019.9 AMH 1.22e-01 2.83e-03 0.3043
NC_000003.11 IQSEC1 -9.15e-02 2.83e-03 0.3043
NC_000001.10 GREM2 -8.54e-02 2.83e-03 0.3045
NC_000011.9 FERMT3 5.08e-02 2.83e-03 0.3045
NC_000003.11 CNTN4 -8.26e-02 2.84e-03 0.3045
NC_000007.13 ASB10 1.51e-01 2.84e-03 0.3045
NC_000022.10 MCHR1 -9.81e-02 2.84e-03 0.3045
NC_000020.10 SYCP2 -1.18e-01 2.84e-03 0.3045
NC_000001.10 AGRN -2.13e-01 2.84e-03 0.3045
NC_000006.11 E2F3 -1.47e-01 2.84e-03 0.3045
NC_000011.9 PANX3 7.44e-02 2.85e-03 0.3046
NC_000002.11 EFHD1 -4.41e-02 2.85e-03 0.3046
NC_000001.10 VPS13D -1.00e-01 2.85e-03 0.3046
NC_000008.10 TMEM71 1.53e-01 2.85e-03 0.3046
NC_000017.10 USP36 -7.55e-02 2.85e-03 0.3046
NC_000005.9 TMCO6 -1.08e-01 2.85e-03 0.3046
NC_000005.9 HRH2 -6.42e-02 2.85e-03 0.3046
NC_000009.11 PGM5 -1.08e-01 2.85e-03 0.3046
NC_000001.10 KCNC4 -9.64e-02 2.86e-03 0.3046
NC_000015.9 PML -1.80e-01 2.86e-03 0.3046
NC_000017.10 HOXB2 1.04e-01 2.86e-03 0.3046
NC_000010.10 STK32C -7.95e-02 2.86e-03 0.3046
NC_000020.10 SGK2 -8.28e-02 2.86e-03 0.3046
NC_000008.10 MYOM2 -1.07e-01 2.86e-03 0.3046
NC_000011.9 DRD4 1.17e-01 2.86e-03 0.3046
NC_000017.10 ARSG -1.19e-01 2.86e-03 0.3046
NC_000011.9 NAP1L4 4.74e-02 2.86e-03 0.3046
NC_000001.10 PDZK1IP1 7.03e-02 2.86e-03 0.3046
NC_000011.9 PATE3 1.08e-01 2.86e-03 0.3046
NC_000001.10 ZBTB17 -2.12e-01 2.86e-03 0.3046
NC_000010.10 LOXL4 7.60e-02 2.86e-03 0.3046
NC_000006.11 TAP1 -1.85e-01 2.86e-03 0.3046
NC_000014.8 MIR300 -2.48e-01 2.87e-03 0.3046
NC_000008.10 SLCO5A1 -1.81e-01 2.87e-03 0.3046
NC_000006.11 TAP1 -6.71e-02 2.87e-03 0.3046
NC_000009.11 LHX2 -1.16e-01 2.87e-03 0.3046
NC_000019.9 ARID3A -2.50e-01 2.87e-03 0.3046
NC_000012.11 FOXM1 -9.13e-02 2.87e-03 0.3048
NC_000002.11 THSD7B 6.82e-02 2.87e-03 0.3048
NC_000016.9 ADCY9 -1.76e-01 2.88e-03 0.305
NC_000019.9 LTBP4 -1.27e-01 2.88e-03 0.305
NC_000005.9 ARL15 1.39e-01 2.88e-03 0.305
NC_000010.10 GPR123 -1.00e-01 2.88e-03 0.305
NC_000001.10 OTUD7B -8.71e-02 2.88e-03 0.305
NC_000016.9 ZFHX3 1.45e-01 2.88e-03 0.3051
NC_000019.9 C19orf12 -1.05e-01 2.88e-03 0.3051
NC_000003.11 ITIH4 7.06e-02 2.88e-03 0.3052
NC_000005.9 DOCK2 -1.93e-01 2.89e-03 0.3053
NC_000011.9 ODZ4 4.98e-02 2.89e-03 0.3053
NC_000006.11 TNXB -7.92e-02 2.89e-03 0.3053
NC_000003.11 SNORA4 -6.94e-02 2.89e-03 0.3053
NC_000014.8 JAG2 -1.00e-01 2.89e-03 0.3053
NC_000003.11 SLC6A1 -1.29e-01 2.89e-03 0.3054
NC_000006.11 VPS52 -1.69e-01 2.89e-03 0.3054
NC_000003.11 PHF7 -1.58e-01 2.89e-03 0.3054
NC_000006.11 LRRC1 -2.02e-01 2.90e-03 0.3055
NC_000016.9 MSLN 9.65e-02 2.90e-03 0.3055
NC_000011.9 C11orf57 -1.14e-01 2.90e-03 0.3055
NC_000015.9 LOC145845 -1.28e-01 2.90e-03 0.3055
NC_000004.11 FNIP2 1.15e-01 2.90e-03 0.3056
NC_000012.11 PIK3C2G 6.75e-02 2.90e-03 0.3056
NC_000001.10 AGRN -2.21e-01 2.90e-03 0.3056
NC_000015.9 DAPK2 -8.16e-02 2.91e-03 0.3056
NC_000003.11 CSPG5 6.63e-02 2.91e-03 0.3056
NC_000019.9 MIR24-2 -7.64e-02 2.91e-03 0.3056
NC_000015.9 HERC2 -1.02e-01 2.91e-03 0.3056
NC_000022.10 MYH9 -7.97e-02 2.91e-03 0.3056
NC_000017.10 MGC16275 -1.13e-01 2.91e-03 0.3056
NC_000017.10 KSR1 -9.87e-02 2.91e-03 0.3056
NC_000013.10 C13orf34 -8.87e-02 2.91e-03 0.3056
NC_000011.9 THY1 -1.10e-01 2.91e-03 0.3056
NC_000003.11 PTH1R 6.37e-02 2.91e-03 0.3056
NC_000003.11 MIR548A2 -7.28e-02 2.91e-03 0.3056
NC_000001.10 CASZ1 -1.12e-01 2.91e-03 0.3056
NC_000022.10 TMEM184B -1.14e-01 2.92e-03 0.3056
NC_000011.9 KIRREL3 -8.57e-02 2.92e-03 0.3056
NC_000021.8 ITGB2 -4.66e-02 2.92e-03 0.3056
NC_000001.10 AJAP1 -1.27e-01 2.92e-03 0.3056
NC_000001.10 SOX13 -1.49e-01 2.92e-03 0.3056
NC_000007.13 CREB3L2 -9.79e-02 2.92e-03 0.3056
NC_000021.8 RRP1B 1.22e-01 2.92e-03 0.3056
NC_000001.10 ITPKB -1.11e-01 2.92e-03 0.3056
NC_000022.10 TSSK2 -9.79e-02 2.92e-03 0.3056
NC_000011.9 AMPD3 -1.54e-01 2.92e-03 0.3056
NC_000012.11 WNT10B -1.02e-01 2.92e-03 0.3056
NC_000019.9 KIAA0355 -1.06e-01 2.92e-03 0.3056
NC_000019.9 SLC1A5 7.13e-02 2.92e-03 0.3056
NC_000011.9 STIM1 -1.06e-01 2.92e-03 0.3056
NC_000001.10 HSPG2 -1.64e-01 2.92e-03 0.3056
NC_000017.10 POLR2A -1.12e-01 2.93e-03 0.3056
NC_000016.9 CES8 -1.22e-01 2.93e-03 0.3056
NC_000017.10 SHISA6 6.75e-02 2.93e-03 0.3056
NC_000011.9 GLB1L2 8.96e-02 2.93e-03 0.3056
NC_000002.11 KIAA1841 -1.99e-01 2.93e-03 0.3056
NC_000016.9 SPG7 -6.02e-02 2.93e-03 0.3056
NC_000005.9 MIR145 -7.67e-02 2.93e-03 0.3056
NC_000004.11 C4orf32 -1.28e-01 2.93e-03 0.3056
NC_000003.11 DLEC1 -4.12e-02 2.93e-03 0.3056
NC_000002.11 CXCR7 -1.16e-01 2.93e-03 0.3056
NC_000008.10 KIAA1875 1.10e-01 2.93e-03 0.3056
NC_000020.10 PCK1 1.12e-01 2.94e-03 0.3056
NC_000002.11 TCF7L1 -9.67e-02 2.94e-03 0.3056
NC_000012.11 IGF1 -6.77e-02 2.94e-03 0.3056
NC_000011.9 PATL1 -7.54e-02 2.94e-03 0.3056
NC_000004.11 WHSC1 -1.33e-01 2.94e-03 0.3056
NC_000006.11 TULP4 -1.13e-01 2.94e-03 0.3056
NC_000004.11 RFC1 -1.57e-01 2.94e-03 0.3056
NC_000002.11 SULT1C4 1.03e-01 2.94e-03 0.3056
NC_000003.11 CDGAP 1.20e-01 2.94e-03 0.3056
NC_000001.10 RCSD1 -1.43e-01 2.94e-03 0.3056
NC_000015.9 IGF1R -9.25e-02 2.94e-03 0.3056
NC_000001.10 PEAR1 6.31e-02 2.95e-03 0.3056
NC_000010.10 ADARB2 1.25e-01 2.95e-03 0.3056
NC_000008.10 CA3 -1.43e-01 2.95e-03 0.3056
NC_000009.11 NOTCH1 -1.26e-01 2.95e-03 0.3056
NC_000017.10 STAT3 6.46e-02 2.95e-03 0.3056
NC_000011.9 ODZ4 1.08e-01 2.95e-03 0.3056
NC_000021.8 MX1 -5.39e-02 2.95e-03 0.3056
NC_000020.10 CST2 6.57e-02 2.95e-03 0.3056
NC_000010.10 ADAM12 7.40e-02 2.96e-03 0.3056
NC_000009.11 CACNA1B -2.42e-01 2.96e-03 0.3056
NC_000002.11 CRIM1 -1.08e-01 2.96e-03 0.3056
NC_000002.11 HDAC4 -8.87e-02 2.96e-03 0.3056
NC_000010.10 PFKP -2.30e-01 2.96e-03 0.3056
NC_000007.13 ARL4A -9.66e-02 2.96e-03 0.3056
NC_000006.11 TAP2 -1.52e-01 2.96e-03 0.3056
NC_000022.10 C22orf33 1.16e-01 2.96e-03 0.3056
NC_000017.10 MYOCD -7.78e-02 2.96e-03 0.3056
NC_000005.9 MARVELD2 -2.41e-01 2.96e-03 0.3056
NC_000022.10 SERHL -7.16e-02 2.96e-03 0.3056
NC_000001.10 TAS1R1 1.22e-01 2.97e-03 0.3057
NC_000007.13 FIS1 -1.35e-01 2.97e-03 0.3059
NC_000002.11 GAD1 6.09e-02 2.97e-03 0.3059
NC_000009.11 OR1B1 9.32e-02 2.97e-03 0.3059
NC_000020.10 BANF2 -1.16e-01 2.97e-03 0.3059
NC_000008.10 NIPAL2 -6.15e-02 2.97e-03 0.3059
NC_000007.13 PRKAR1B -8.61e-02 2.97e-03 0.3059
NC_000012.11 C12orf27 6.02e-02 2.97e-03 0.3061
NC_000008.10 SCARA5 -8.47e-02 2.97e-03 0.3061
NC_000001.10 ITPKB -7.54e-02 2.98e-03 0.3061
NC_000003.11 TMF1 -9.08e-02 2.98e-03 0.3061
NC_000006.11 GTF2H4 -1.23e-01 2.98e-03 0.3061
NC_000012.11 GOLGA3 -1.15e-01 2.98e-03 0.3061
NC_000011.9 HYLS1 -8.57e-02 2.98e-03 0.3061
NC_000001.10 PRKAA2 -7.63e-02 2.98e-03 0.3061
NC_000003.11 LEPREL1 -7.37e-02 2.98e-03 0.3062
NC_000007.13 TMEM213 -7.56e-02 2.98e-03 0.3062
NC_000007.13 CYP2W1 1.03e-01 2.98e-03 0.3062
NC_000019.9 SEMA6B -2.03e-01 2.98e-03 0.3062
NC_000007.13 SND1 -1.35e-01 2.98e-03 0.3062
NC_000002.11 KIAA1310 1.08e-01 2.99e-03 0.3062
NC_000001.10 MORN1 7.35e-02 2.99e-03 0.3062
NC_000010.10 GJD4 8.89e-02 2.99e-03 0.3062
NC_000003.11 ZDHHC19 -2.55e-01 2.99e-03 0.3062
NC_000005.9 NAIP 3.90e-02 2.99e-03 0.3062
NC_000012.11 PXN -1.20e-01 2.99e-03 0.3062
NC_000019.9 KIR2DL3 1.02e-01 2.99e-03 0.3062
NC_000011.9 AP2A2 1.13e-01 3.00e-03 0.3062
NC_000022.10 CACNA1I 9.95e-02 3.00e-03 0.3062
NC_000009.11 NOTCH1 -1.39e-01 3.00e-03 0.3062
NC_000015.9 RGMA 6.64e-02 3.00e-03 0.3062
NC_000021.8 KCNE1 8.07e-02 3.00e-03 0.3062
NC_000012.11 MIR492 -1.08e-01 3.00e-03 0.3062
NC_000011.9 LOC399959 -9.13e-02 3.00e-03 0.3062
NC_000008.10 ZNF34 6.66e-02 3.00e-03 0.3062
NC_000019.9 TBXA2R -2.06e-01 3.00e-03 0.3062
NC_000003.11 CCDC51 -9.53e-02 3.01e-03 0.3062
NC_000016.9 TSC2 -9.78e-02 3.01e-03 0.3062
NC_000001.10 TAF1A -7.92e-02 3.01e-03 0.3062
NC_000008.10 BAI1 -7.80e-02 3.01e-03 0.3062
NC_000010.10 IFIT3 -6.35e-02 3.01e-03 0.3062
NC_000017.10 LASP1 4.07e-02 3.01e-03 0.3062
NC_000001.10 PANK4 -4.71e-02 3.01e-03 0.3062
NC_000006.11 ZBTB24 -9.15e-02 3.01e-03 0.3062
NC_000007.13 TBRG4 -8.00e-02 3.01e-03 0.3062
NC_000016.9 LMF1 -3.41e-01 3.01e-03 0.3062
NC_000009.11 C9orf46 -2.08e-01 3.01e-03 0.3062
NC_000019.9 LMTK3 2.10e-01 3.01e-03 0.3062
NC_000022.10 RASD2 -8.96e-02 3.02e-03 0.3062
NC_000011.9 RSF1 1.23e-01 3.02e-03 0.3062
NC_000019.9 ARID3A 5.52e-02 3.02e-03 0.3062
NC_000011.9 NR1H3 -1.80e-01 3.02e-03 0.3062
NC_000007.13 PMS2 -7.49e-02 3.02e-03 0.3062
NC_000001.10 GLTPD1 -1.26e-01 3.02e-03 0.3062
NC_000008.10 GPR20 8.81e-02 3.02e-03 0.3062
NC_000011.9 TNNT3 -8.88e-02 3.02e-03 0.3062
NC_000004.11 TRIM2 1.30e-01 3.02e-03 0.3062
NC_000019.9 LIM2 6.97e-02 3.02e-03 0.3062
NC_000019.9 CDC37 -1.22e-01 3.02e-03 0.3062
NC_000014.8 TNFAIP2 -1.36e-01 3.02e-03 0.3062
NC_000001.10 PRDM16 1.13e-01 3.03e-03 0.3063
NC_000014.8 RIN3 -6.25e-02 3.03e-03 0.3063
NC_000023.10 IL1RAPL2 5.43e-02 3.03e-03 0.3063
NC_000021.8 C21orf56 8.21e-02 3.03e-03 0.3063
NC_000001.10 DIRAS3 -6.60e-02 3.03e-03 0.3063
NC_000019.9 PRAM1 1.51e-01 3.03e-03 0.3063
NC_000006.11 TPD52L1 -1.05e-01 3.03e-03 0.3063
NC_000008.10 NOV -1.29e-01 3.03e-03 0.3063
NC_000005.9 EFNA5 -1.38e-01 3.03e-03 0.3063
NC_000014.8 SNORD114-4 -5.89e-02 3.04e-03 0.3063
NC_000012.11 B4GALNT3 1.32e-01 3.04e-03 0.3063
NC_000017.10 RCVRN -1.06e-01 3.04e-03 0.3063
NC_000002.11 MRPL44 -1.17e-01 3.04e-03 0.3063
NC_000007.13 GRB10 -1.25e-01 3.04e-03 0.3063
NC_000010.10 RAB18 -9.99e-02 3.04e-03 0.3063
NC_000011.9 NR1H3 -7.82e-02 3.04e-03 0.3063
NC_000011.9 KCNJ5 -1.10e-01 3.04e-03 0.3063
NC_000011.9 FOXR1 2.12e-01 3.05e-03 0.3065
NC_000016.9 CACNA1H 8.08e-02 3.05e-03 0.3065
NC_000010.10 C10orf131 -9.83e-02 3.05e-03 0.3065
NC_000001.10 TGFBR3 -9.80e-02 3.05e-03 0.3065
NC_000006.11 LOC442245 -8.35e-02 3.05e-03 0.3065
NC_000005.9 ARAP3 -7.22e-02 3.05e-03 0.3065
NC_000011.9 H19 8.03e-02 3.05e-03 0.3065
NC_000016.9 C16orf58 -1.12e-01 3.05e-03 0.3065
NC_000001.10 TP73 -1.28e-01 3.05e-03 0.3065
NC_000006.11 KIAA1244 -6.37e-02 3.06e-03 0.3066
NC_000010.10 NEBL 1.91e-01 3.06e-03 0.3067
NC_000003.11 ZDHHC19 -6.94e-02 3.06e-03 0.3067
NC_000019.9 ETV2 9.11e-02 3.06e-03 0.3067
NC_000001.10 TXNIP 4.48e-02 3.06e-03 0.3067
NC_000016.9 TEPP -8.84e-02 3.06e-03 0.3067
NC_000001.10 CAMTA1 -1.02e-01 3.06e-03 0.3067
NC_000013.10 WDFY2 1.20e-01 3.07e-03 0.3067
NC_000006.11 TAF11 -7.67e-02 3.07e-03 0.3067
NC_000019.9 RPL13AP5 -5.90e-02 3.07e-03 0.3067
NC_000006.11 WDR27 -5.25e-02 3.07e-03 0.3067
NC_000007.13 HECW1 -1.03e-01 3.07e-03 0.3067
NC_000017.10 C17orf98 1.79e-01 3.07e-03 0.3067
NC_000009.11 CAMSAP1 1.12e-01 3.07e-03 0.3067
NC_000016.9 CBFA2T3 9.35e-02 3.07e-03 0.3067
NC_000001.10 ASH1L -1.12e-01 3.07e-03 0.3067
NC_000001.10 FMN2 -1.47e-01 3.08e-03 0.3067
NC_000006.11 TNXB 1.12e-01 3.08e-03 0.3067
NC_000001.10 MEGF6 1.81e-01 3.08e-03 0.3067
NC_000007.13 INSIG1 -6.92e-02 3.08e-03 0.3067
NC_000005.9 MYO10 -9.43e-02 3.08e-03 0.3067
NC_000001.10 VPS13D -9.77e-02 3.08e-03 0.3067
NC_000019.9 SAMD4B -1.02e-01 3.09e-03 0.3067
NC_000012.11 PRPF40B -1.52e-01 3.09e-03 0.3067
NC_000003.11 ARL6IP5 -7.94e-02 3.09e-03 0.3067
NC_000004.11 TACC3 -9.30e-02 3.09e-03 0.3067
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 -1.24e-01 3.09e-03 0.3067
NC_000020.10 C20orf160 -1.16e-01 3.09e-03 0.3067
NC_000017.10 HEXDC -6.56e-02 3.09e-03 0.3067
NC_000023.10 MAGEC1 6.87e-02 3.09e-03 0.3067
NC_000002.11 TANK -6.29e-02 3.09e-03 0.3067
NC_000015.9 FSIP1 -1.06e-01 3.09e-03 0.3067
NC_000019.9 JSRP1 9.57e-02 3.09e-03 0.3067
NC_000011.9 LOC283174 1.99e-01 3.09e-03 0.3067
NC_000019.9 C19orf30 -1.93e-01 3.10e-03 0.3067
NC_000012.11 GALNT6 -8.86e-02 3.10e-03 0.3067
NC_000007.13 SLC29A4 -7.23e-02 3.10e-03 0.3067
NC_000011.9 TEX12 -1.09e-01 3.10e-03 0.3067
NC_000005.9 FCHSD1 6.47e-02 3.10e-03 0.3067
NC_000001.10 PLEKHN1 1.15e-01 3.10e-03 0.3067
NC_000001.10 THAP3 5.44e-02 3.10e-03 0.3067
NC_000005.9 PROP1 -1.10e-01 3.10e-03 0.3067
NC_000002.11 NEU4 -1.67e-01 3.10e-03 0.3067
NC_000007.13 NOM1 -7.17e-02 3.10e-03 0.3067
NC_000015.9 SMAD3 7.41e-02 3.10e-03 0.3067
NC_000003.11 TXNRD3IT1 -6.69e-02 3.10e-03 0.3067
NC_000008.10 RGS20 -5.88e-02 3.10e-03 0.3067
NC_000010.10 MYPN -9.83e-02 3.10e-03 0.3067
NC_000006.11 ZBTB22 1.43e-01 3.10e-03 0.3067
NC_000016.9 ZFPM1 -7.55e-02 3.10e-03 0.3067
NC_000014.8 RIN3 -8.20e-02 3.10e-03 0.3067
NC_000011.9 OVOL1 -9.73e-02 3.10e-03 0.3067
NC_000009.11 ADAMTSL1 -5.93e-02 3.10e-03 0.3067
NC_000009.11 PTPN3 -8.74e-02 3.10e-03 0.3067
NC_000021.8 TRPM2 -4.97e-02 3.10e-03 0.3067
NC_000011.9 DGKZ -8.00e-02 3.11e-03 0.3067
NC_000001.10 CTRC -1.02e-01 3.11e-03 0.3067
NC_000006.11 TAP2 -7.85e-02 3.11e-03 0.3068
NC_000013.10 SPG20 8.98e-02 3.11e-03 0.3068
NC_000003.11 C3orf74 1.33e-01 3.11e-03 0.307
NC_000006.11 BAT2 -8.01e-02 3.11e-03 0.307
NC_000006.11 FYN 6.68e-02 3.11e-03 0.307
NC_000019.9 MIER2 1.00e-01 3.11e-03 0.307
NC_000016.9 C16orf70 -1.34e-01 3.12e-03 0.307
NC_000011.9 MDK 4.94e-02 3.12e-03 0.3072
NC_000005.9 OXCT1 -1.07e-01 3.12e-03 0.3072
NC_000010.10 PFKP -2.00e-01 3.12e-03 0.3072
NC_000022.10 SEC14L3 5.78e-02 3.12e-03 0.3072
NC_000020.10 C20orf114 -7.21e-02 3.12e-03 0.3072
NC_000002.11 SH3RF3 -1.05e-01 3.12e-03 0.3072
NC_000020.10 PPP4R1L -5.39e-02 3.13e-03 0.3072
NC_000001.10 WDR78 -9.88e-02 3.13e-03 0.3072
NC_000007.13 CUX1 8.56e-02 3.13e-03 0.3072
NC_000008.10 BAI1 1.03e-01 3.13e-03 0.3072
NC_000011.9 JAM3 -8.64e-02 3.13e-03 0.3072
NC_000011.9 OSBPL5 -7.26e-02 3.13e-03 0.3072
NC_000004.11 RAP1GDS1 -8.81e-02 3.13e-03 0.3074
NC_000011.9 CREB3L1 6.83e-02 3.14e-03 0.3074
NC_000007.13 HIBADH 8.79e-02 3.14e-03 0.3074
NC_000003.11 TM4SF1 1.22e-01 3.14e-03 0.3076
NC_000016.9 DECR2 -9.16e-02 3.14e-03 0.3076
NC_000002.11 MGC13005 -5.56e-02 3.14e-03 0.3076
NC_000007.13 CCDC126 4.50e-02 3.14e-03 0.3076
NC_000010.10 CALHM1 -2.01e-01 3.15e-03 0.3077
NC_000006.11 C6orf132 -1.92e-01 3.15e-03 0.3077
NC_000019.9 BCAT2 -1.14e-01 3.15e-03 0.3077
NC_000002.11 ATG4B -1.56e-01 3.15e-03 0.3077
NC_000010.10 TACR2 -9.88e-02 3.15e-03 0.3077
NC_000011.9 SHANK2 1.68e-01 3.15e-03 0.3077
NC_000023.10 FAM46D 9.55e-02 3.15e-03 0.3079
NC_000007.13 ADAP1 1.18e-01 3.16e-03 0.3081
NC_000014.8 ASPG -1.23e-01 3.16e-03 0.3081
NC_000015.9 NDN 4.75e-02 3.16e-03 0.3081
NC_000016.9 PLLP 8.40e-02 3.16e-03 0.3081
NC_000011.9 WT1 1.12e-01 3.16e-03 0.3081
NC_000005.9 ISOC1 6.62e-02 3.16e-03 0.3081
NC_000021.8 COL18A1 -1.78e-01 3.16e-03 0.3081
NC_000020.10 CDS2 -7.74e-02 3.16e-03 0.3081
NC_000007.13 EZH2 1.12e-01 3.16e-03 0.3081
NC_000011.9 EPS8L2 -6.30e-02 3.16e-03 0.3081
NC_000011.9 MRVI1 -7.14e-02 3.17e-03 0.3084
NC_000019.9 GIPC3 -8.11e-02 3.17e-03 0.3085
NC_000014.8 GMPR2 -7.53e-02 3.17e-03 0.3085
NC_000006.11 TNFAIP3 -9.70e-02 3.17e-03 0.3085
NC_000003.11 PLXNA1 1.32e-01 3.18e-03 0.3085
NC_000006.11 HLA-DMB -1.65e-01 3.18e-03 0.3085
NC_000017.10 MXRA7 -2.24e-01 3.18e-03 0.3085
NC_000010.10 ADARB2 -5.48e-02 3.18e-03 0.3085
NC_000019.9 RTN2 -1.07e-01 3.18e-03 0.3085
NC_000013.10 TMCO3 -1.13e-01 3.18e-03 0.3085
NC_000017.10 ACACA -1.62e-01 3.18e-03 0.3085
NC_000005.9 HMGXB3 -8.88e-02 3.18e-03 0.3085
NC_000007.13 FOXK1 1.34e-01 3.18e-03 0.3085
NC_000011.9 MS4A10 -1.14e-01 3.18e-03 0.3085
NC_000008.10 KIF13B -7.44e-02 3.18e-03 0.3085
NC_000014.8 MIR329-2 -1.12e-01 3.18e-03 0.3085
NC_000015.9 MPI -9.57e-02 3.18e-03 0.3085
NC_000001.10 PEX19 -1.12e-01 3.19e-03 0.3085
NC_000003.11 CCDC48 -1.23e-01 3.19e-03 0.3085
NC_000007.13 MDFIC 6.83e-02 3.19e-03 0.3085
NC_000009.11 SLC46A2 -1.17e-01 3.19e-03 0.3085
NC_000023.10 XPNPEP2 2.27e-01 3.19e-03 0.3088
NC_000022.10 CPT1B 1.48e-01 3.19e-03 0.3089
NC_000010.10 DIP2C -2.17e-01 3.20e-03 0.3093
NC_000017.10 DLG4 -5.09e-02 3.20e-03 0.3093
NC_000017.10 TMEM49 1.22e-01 3.20e-03 0.3093
NC_000001.10 ALPL -1.14e-01 3.20e-03 0.3093
NC_000020.10 ZBP1 6.85e-02 3.20e-03 0.3093
NC_000002.11 MYT1L -1.08e-01 3.20e-03 0.3093
NC_000005.9 TRIO -1.43e-01 3.20e-03 0.3094
NC_000016.9 ITGAM -6.98e-02 3.20e-03 0.3094
NC_000010.10 CDK1 7.13e-02 3.21e-03 0.3094
NC_000011.9 TRIM21 -1.02e-01 3.21e-03 0.3094
NC_000010.10 PPYR1 -1.79e-01 3.21e-03 0.3094
NC_000019.9 KLK1 1.02e-01 3.21e-03 0.3094
NC_000010.10 ADARB2 6.02e-02 3.21e-03 0.3094
NC_000001.10 LCE3D 7.41e-02 3.21e-03 0.3094
NC_000015.9 HCN4 -7.74e-02 3.21e-03 0.3094
NC_000006.11 RPS6KA2 -1.41e-01 3.21e-03 0.3094
NC_000004.11 CRMP1 8.13e-02 3.21e-03 0.3094
NC_000011.9 TMEM216 6.48e-02 3.21e-03 0.3094
NC_000008.10 PVT1 -1.48e-01 3.21e-03 0.3094
NC_000009.11 TMEM8B -9.90e-02 3.21e-03 0.3094
NC_000011.9 KCNQ1 1.92e-01 3.21e-03 0.3094
NC_000002.11 INHA 6.52e-02 3.21e-03 0.3094
NC_000011.9 OR52N2 9.18e-02 3.22e-03 0.3096
NC_000023.10 CLDN2 1.24e-01 3.22e-03 0.3096
NC_000002.11 C2orf55 -4.85e-02 3.22e-03 0.3097
NC_000019.9 KLK15 7.42e-02 3.22e-03 0.3099
NC_000005.9 SERINC5 -8.48e-02 3.22e-03 0.3099
NC_000016.9 C16orf91 -7.19e-02 3.22e-03 0.3099
NC_000019.9 KLK11 6.82e-02 3.23e-03 0.31
NC_000001.10 TTC24 6.05e-02 3.23e-03 0.31
NC_000008.10 FAM150A -6.41e-02 3.23e-03 0.3104
NC_000003.11 PRICKLE2 -8.25e-02 3.24e-03 0.3104
NC_000007.13 DNAJB6 -6.58e-02 3.24e-03 0.3104
NC_000001.10 LRRC8D -7.96e-02 3.24e-03 0.3104
NC_000003.11 EIF2A -1.03e-01 3.24e-03 0.3104
NC_000017.10 ALDH3A1 9.56e-02 3.24e-03 0.3104
NC_000013.10 ATP11A -8.95e-02 3.25e-03 0.3104
NC_000001.10 GPR177 -5.37e-02 3.25e-03 0.3104
NC_000012.11 HAL 1.68e-01 3.25e-03 0.3104
NC_000016.9 A2BP1 -1.39e-01 3.25e-03 0.3104
NC_000002.11 LOC150527 -7.18e-02 3.25e-03 0.3104
NC_000006.11 PFDN6 -5.13e-02 3.25e-03 0.3104
NC_000016.9 SPATA2L 1.22e-01 3.25e-03 0.3104
NC_000011.9 SLC1A2 4.41e-02 3.25e-03 0.3104
NC_000008.10 TSNARE1 -1.47e-01 3.25e-03 0.3105
NC_000006.11 TULP4 -8.34e-02 3.25e-03 0.3105
NC_000003.11 BBX -1.29e-01 3.25e-03 0.3105
NC_000018.9 TMEM200C -1.75e-01 3.25e-03 0.3105
NC_000003.11 CCDC50 -1.15e-01 3.26e-03 0.3105
NC_000007.13 FAM20C -1.15e-01 3.26e-03 0.3105
NC_000006.11 CFB -7.01e-02 3.26e-03 0.3105
NC_000013.10 ARHGEF7 -1.07e-01 3.26e-03 0.3105
NC_000005.9 ADAMTS2 1.02e-01 3.26e-03 0.3105
NC_000022.10 TBC1D22A -1.63e-01 3.26e-03 0.3105
NC_000022.10 CECR5 -1.25e-01 3.27e-03 0.3105
NC_000003.11 RAD18 -9.45e-02 3.27e-03 0.3105
NC_000022.10 LOC91316 -6.86e-02 3.27e-03 0.3105
NC_000002.11 GPC1 7.43e-02 3.27e-03 0.3105
NC_000002.11 DIS3L2 -1.20e-01 3.27e-03 0.3105
NC_000016.9 TERF2 -1.12e-01 3.27e-03 0.3105
NC_000010.10 CCNY -2.02e-01 3.27e-03 0.3105
NC_000010.10 VTI1A -1.47e-01 3.27e-03 0.3105
NC_000020.10 C20orf54 -7.99e-02 3.28e-03 0.3105
NC_000006.11 EYA4 -1.53e-01 3.28e-03 0.3105
NC_000006.11 SYTL3 -1.22e-01 3.28e-03 0.3105
NC_000008.10 BRF2 -5.17e-02 3.28e-03 0.3105
NC_000019.9 TMPRSS9 -1.19e-01 3.28e-03 0.3105
NC_000022.10 TPST2 -1.01e-01 3.28e-03 0.3105
NC_000005.9 ARL15 -1.76e-01 3.28e-03 0.3105
NC_000007.13 CCM2 -1.01e-01 3.28e-03 0.3105
NC_000018.9 KIAA1632 -9.06e-02 3.28e-03 0.3105
NC_000007.13 MAD1L1 -2.83e-01 3.28e-03 0.3105
NC_000019.9 LENG8 -2.30e-01 3.28e-03 0.3105
NC_000002.11 RPL23AP7 -9.24e-02 3.28e-03 0.3105
NC_000001.10 EPHB2 -1.22e-01 3.28e-03 0.3105
NC_000002.11 CASP10 -8.89e-02 3.28e-03 0.3105
NC_000017.10 STAT5A -9.09e-02 3.29e-03 0.3105
NC_000006.11 C6orf136 -8.47e-02 3.29e-03 0.3105
NC_000008.10 ZNF623 -1.62e-01 3.29e-03 0.3105
NC_000017.10 ITGB3 1.01e-01 3.29e-03 0.3105
NC_000010.10 PIPSL -5.20e-02 3.29e-03 0.3105
NC_000021.8 TRPM2 6.92e-02 3.29e-03 0.3105
NC_000008.10 NKAIN3 -7.11e-02 3.29e-03 0.3105
NC_000021.8 RWDD2B -5.74e-02 3.29e-03 0.3105
NC_000007.13 WDR60 -1.93e-01 3.29e-03 0.3105
NC_000005.9 LOC340094 -2.31e-01 3.29e-03 0.3105
NC_000003.11 TMEM44 -1.63e-01 3.29e-03 0.3105
NC_000001.10 DNAJC6 -1.42e-01 3.29e-03 0.3105
NC_000014.8 SPTB -7.97e-02 3.29e-03 0.3105
NC_000007.13 AUTS2 -1.35e-01 3.29e-03 0.3105
NC_000016.9 LMF1 -8.10e-02 3.29e-03 0.3105
NC_000010.10 GDF10 -2.22e-01 3.30e-03 0.3105
NC_000002.11 DUSP2 -7.02e-02 3.30e-03 0.3105
NC_000012.11 FBXW8 -6.08e-02 3.30e-03 0.3105
NC_000005.9 HMGXB3 -9.24e-02 3.30e-03 0.3105
NC_000006.11 CDYL -1.28e-01 3.30e-03 0.3105
NC_000002.11 MYT1L 6.17e-02 3.30e-03 0.3106
NC_000012.11 GPR133 -8.40e-02 3.30e-03 0.3106
NC_000018.9 KCNG2 -5.16e-02 3.30e-03 0.3108
NC_000016.9 ARHGAP17 -1.01e-01 3.30e-03 0.3109
NC_000003.11 LEKR1 -1.08e-01 3.31e-03 0.3111
NC_000008.10 FAM110B -6.72e-02 3.31e-03 0.3111
NC_000002.11 ECEL1 -1.24e-01 3.31e-03 0.3111
NC_000002.11 AFF3 -1.26e-01 3.31e-03 0.3111
NC_000009.11 EHMT1 -1.18e-01 3.31e-03 0.3111
NC_000011.9 DLG2 -1.02e-01 3.31e-03 0.3111
NC_000016.9 LONP2 9.01e-02 3.31e-03 0.3111
NC_000001.10 C1orf26 -7.85e-02 3.31e-03 0.3111
NC_000006.11 GABBR1 -7.38e-02 3.32e-03 0.3112
NC_000001.10 GFI1 8.32e-02 3.32e-03 0.3112
NC_000022.10 PLXNB2 1.97e-01 3.32e-03 0.3115
NC_000015.9 C2CD4A -1.93e-01 3.32e-03 0.3116
NC_000004.11 HOPX -1.19e-01 3.33e-03 0.3117
NC_000015.9 GCOM1 7.75e-02 3.33e-03 0.3117
NC_000010.10 PDLIM1 -1.92e-01 3.33e-03 0.3117
NC_000018.9 KLHL14 -1.52e-01 3.33e-03 0.3117
NC_000017.10 ABR -1.27e-01 3.33e-03 0.3117
NC_000006.11 C6orf136 -7.88e-02 3.34e-03 0.3117
NC_000006.11 DDR1 -1.63e-01 3.34e-03 0.3117
NC_000002.11 NXPH2 -1.26e-01 3.34e-03 0.3117
NC_000001.10 TINAGL1 1.76e-01 3.34e-03 0.3117
NC_000001.10 RNF220 8.52e-02 3.34e-03 0.3117
NC_000009.11 MUSK 4.89e-02 3.34e-03 0.3117
NC_000014.8 SNORD114-20 -9.85e-02 3.34e-03 0.3117
NC_000002.11 KCNK3 -9.92e-02 3.34e-03 0.3117
NC_000001.10 PHGDH -7.84e-02 3.34e-03 0.3117
NC_000013.10 CARKD -1.68e-01 3.34e-03 0.3117
NC_000006.11 PHACTR1 -1.32e-01 3.34e-03 0.3117
NC_000016.9 CDT1 1.43e-01 3.34e-03 0.3118
NC_000001.10 MEGF6 -8.54e-02 3.35e-03 0.3118
NC_000014.8 FRMD6 -1.73e-01 3.35e-03 0.3118
NC_000003.11 TLR9 1.81e-01 3.35e-03 0.3118
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 -1.20e-01 3.35e-03 0.3118
NC_000012.11 IQSEC3 -9.73e-02 3.35e-03 0.3118
NC_000003.11 C3orf22 -1.14e-01 3.35e-03 0.3118
NC_000015.9 CRABP1 8.63e-02 3.35e-03 0.3118
NC_000006.11 MICB -1.19e-01 3.36e-03 0.3118
NC_000007.13 DOCK4 6.70e-02 3.36e-03 0.3118
NC_000013.10 COL4A2 -2.69e-01 3.36e-03 0.3118
NC_000016.9 ZNF434 -1.44e-01 3.36e-03 0.3118
NC_000017.10 SPATA22 1.64e-01 3.36e-03 0.3118
NC_000006.11 STXBP5 -1.46e-01 3.36e-03 0.3118
NC_000008.10 PLEC1 -9.15e-02 3.36e-03 0.3118
NC_000005.9 FAM13B 1.56e-01 3.36e-03 0.3118
NC_000007.13 TECPR1 -1.12e-01 3.36e-03 0.3118
NC_000007.13 CPA2 1.38e-01 3.36e-03 0.3118
NC_000001.10 RAP1A -9.21e-02 3.37e-03 0.3118
NC_000016.9 XPO6 -2.05e-01 3.37e-03 0.3118
NC_000017.10 GPS1 -4.07e-02 3.37e-03 0.3118
NC_000002.11 GPN1 -8.75e-02 3.37e-03 0.3118
NC_000012.11 CCT2 -1.06e-01 3.37e-03 0.3118
NC_000005.9 IL12B 1.73e-01 3.37e-03 0.3118
NC_000002.11 CLASP1 -4.35e-02 3.37e-03 0.3118
NC_000010.10 SVIL -5.59e-02 3.37e-03 0.3118
NC_000001.10 COG2 7.27e-02 3.37e-03 0.3118
NC_000017.10 CCDC57 -1.08e-01 3.37e-03 0.3118
NC_000002.11 PRKAG3 8.85e-02 3.37e-03 0.3118
NC_000001.10 ZNF692 -9.69e-02 3.37e-03 0.3118
NC_000007.13 MAD1L1 -1.07e-01 3.38e-03 0.312
NC_000003.11 ILDR1 -8.70e-02 3.38e-03 0.3121
NC_000022.10 TBX1 -8.02e-02 3.38e-03 0.3121
NC_000002.11 SDC1 7.07e-02 3.38e-03 0.3121
NC_000002.11 PRKAG3 8.28e-02 3.38e-03 0.3121
NC_000012.11 ANKS1B -9.86e-02 3.38e-03 0.3121
NC_000001.10 FAIM3 -5.82e-02 3.38e-03 0.3121
NC_000002.11 KCNG3 1.62e-01 3.38e-03 0.3121
NC_000001.10 MEGF6 1.29e-01 3.39e-03 0.3121
NC_000001.10 ECE1 -1.10e-01 3.39e-03 0.3121
NC_000012.11 SELPLG 5.12e-02 3.39e-03 0.3121
NC_000016.9 CACNA1H -9.05e-02 3.39e-03 0.3121
NC_000011.9 KCNK7 1.54e-01 3.39e-03 0.3121
NC_000001.10 S100A11 -7.33e-02 3.39e-03 0.3121
NC_000002.11 TNS1 8.15e-02 3.39e-03 0.3121
NC_000006.11 BAT3 -1.06e-01 3.39e-03 0.3121
NC_000003.11 DCLK3 -1.18e-01 3.39e-03 0.3121
NC_000005.9 COL23A1 -2.35e-01 3.39e-03 0.3121
NC_000012.11 C1S -1.86e-01 3.39e-03 0.3121
NC_000007.13 AZGP1 8.54e-02 3.39e-03 0.3121
NC_000010.10 EXOC6 -1.94e-01 3.40e-03 0.3121
NC_000002.11 MBOAT2 -1.40e-01 3.40e-03 0.3121
NC_000001.10 KCNN3 -8.32e-02 3.40e-03 0.3121
NC_000010.10 SFRP5 -1.22e-01 3.40e-03 0.3121
NC_000006.11 BRD2 -8.24e-02 3.40e-03 0.3121
NC_000017.10 DNAH17 -1.31e-01 3.40e-03 0.3121
NC_000001.10 SYTL1 5.80e-02 3.40e-03 0.3121
NC_000011.9 TRIM44 5.19e-02 3.40e-03 0.3121
NC_000006.11 PHF1 -8.51e-02 3.40e-03 0.3121
NC_000007.13 GATAD1 -1.60e-01 3.41e-03 0.3121
NC_000001.10 LAMC2 -4.68e-02 3.41e-03 0.3121
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 -7.56e-02 3.41e-03 0.3121
NC_000006.11 WDR46 -8.15e-02 3.41e-03 0.3121
NC_000004.11 LOC84740 -1.08e-01 4.19e-03 0.3242
NC_000006.11 EGFL8 -1.29e-01 3.41e-03 0.3121
NC_000010.10 FRAT1 -5.62e-02 3.41e-03 0.3121
NC_000011.9 SERPING1 -6.34e-02 3.41e-03 0.3121
NC_000007.13 WDR86 -1.62e-01 3.41e-03 0.3121
NC_000003.11 MUC4 9.07e-02 3.41e-03 0.3121
NC_000019.9 LAIR1 -1.14e-01 3.41e-03 0.3121
NC_000002.11 ADRA2B 9.37e-02 3.41e-03 0.3121
NC_000002.11 KLHL29 -7.52e-02 3.41e-03 0.3121
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 -1.66e-01 3.41e-03 0.3121
NC_000016.9 SPN -2.02e-01 3.41e-03 0.3121
NC_000012.11 TMEM132C -9.83e-02 3.41e-03 0.3121
NC_000019.9 ZNF415 -7.08e-02 3.41e-03 0.3121
NC_000001.10 CLCA4 8.38e-02 3.42e-03 0.3121
NC_000002.11 CCDC141 8.05e-02 3.42e-03 0.3121
NC_000006.11 THBS2 -2.01e-01 3.42e-03 0.3121
NC_000011.9 TPH1 -1.06e-01 3.42e-03 0.3121
NC_000003.11 TTLL3 -9.07e-02 3.42e-03 0.3121
NC_000010.10 MYO3A -5.87e-02 3.42e-03 0.3121
NC_000009.11 ABL1 -2.56e-01 3.42e-03 0.3121
NC_000014.8 ACTN1 -1.25e-01 3.42e-03 0.3121
NC_000002.11 CDK15 -1.35e-01 3.42e-03 0.3121
NC_000015.9 ANXA2 -1.25e-01 3.42e-03 0.3121
NC_000018.9 GATA6 -1.18e-01 3.42e-03 0.3121
NC_000019.9 TIMM50 -6.76e-02 3.42e-03 0.3121
NC_000006.11 HLA-DMB -8.08e-02 3.43e-03 0.3121
NC_000006.11 SCAND3 -6.14e-02 3.43e-03 0.3121
NC_000011.9 TRPM5 1.04e-01 3.43e-03 0.3121
NC_000011.9 TEAD1 -9.47e-02 3.43e-03 0.3121
NC_000002.11 ING5 -7.22e-02 3.43e-03 0.3121
NC_000016.9 ZNF423 4.44e-02 3.43e-03 0.3121
NC_000002.11 LOC151534 -6.79e-02 3.43e-03 0.3121
NC_000008.10 DOCK5 -1.29e-01 3.43e-03 0.3121
NC_000022.10 SGSM1 -6.14e-02 3.44e-03 0.3123
NC_000004.11 TMEM175 6.23e-02 3.44e-03 0.3124
NC_000003.11 LRRC15 8.78e-02 3.44e-03 0.3124
NC_000001.10 TAF1A -5.39e-02 3.44e-03 0.3125
NC_000007.13 LOC100124692 8.75e-02 3.44e-03 0.3125
NC_000019.9 FZR1 -1.13e-01 3.44e-03 0.3125
NC_000011.9 SHANK2 -1.42e-01 3.44e-03 0.3125
NC_000006.11 PSMB9 9.73e-02 3.44e-03 0.3126
NC_000011.9 SYTL2 -1.11e-01 3.45e-03 0.3127
NC_000019.9 DOCK6 -9.73e-02 3.45e-03 0.3127
NC_000002.11 CRYBA2 -2.09e-01 3.45e-03 0.3127
NC_000006.11 RXRB -6.23e-02 3.45e-03 0.3127
NC_000001.10 MIB2 -1.55e-01 3.45e-03 0.3127
NC_000008.10 MIR1205 -1.09e-01 3.45e-03 0.3127
NC_000003.11 KALRN -1.42e-01 3.45e-03 0.3127
NC_000012.11 HAL -8.91e-02 3.45e-03 0.3127
NC_000001.10 SLC35F3 -1.39e-01 3.46e-03 0.3127
NC_000014.8 TRMT61A -1.29e-01 3.46e-03 0.3127
NC_000007.13 RAC1 -5.23e-02 3.46e-03 0.3127
NC_000005.9 PLCXD3 -5.19e-02 3.46e-03 0.3127
NC_000012.11 MYO1H -1.13e-01 3.46e-03 0.3127
NC_000019.9 IGLON5 5.15e-02 3.46e-03 0.3127
NC_000016.9 CRISPLD2 -1.90e-01 3.46e-03 0.3127
NC_000010.10 ACBD7 -7.94e-02 3.46e-03 0.3127
NC_000001.10 BGLAP -2.50e-01 3.46e-03 0.3127
NC_000016.9 ATP2C2 4.12e-02 3.47e-03 0.3127
NC_000007.13 C7orf65 -2.13e-01 3.47e-03 0.3127
NC_000017.10 MYH13 8.41e-02 3.47e-03 0.3127
NC_000017.10 ALOX12 -9.07e-02 3.47e-03 0.3127
NC_000001.10 S100A9 -7.30e-02 3.47e-03 0.3127
NC_000017.10 P4HB -1.20e-01 3.47e-03 0.3127
NC_000016.9 ITGAM -9.76e-02 3.47e-03 0.3127
NC_000011.9 STIM1 8.10e-02 3.47e-03 0.3127
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 -1.18e-01 3.47e-03 0.3127
NC_000003.11 TRANK1 -9.68e-02 3.47e-03 0.3127
NC_000003.11 CAND2 4.86e-02 3.47e-03 0.3127
NC_000011.9 STARD10 -7.05e-02 3.47e-03 0.3127
NC_000023.10 GYG2 5.90e-02 3.47e-03 0.3127
NC_000016.9 WWOX -1.05e-01 3.47e-03 0.3127
NC_000008.10 BOP1 -8.95e-02 3.47e-03 0.3127
NC_000006.11 TNXB 8.17e-02 3.47e-03 0.3127
NC_000003.11 CDGAP -6.28e-02 3.47e-03 0.3127
NC_000001.10 LMX1A 8.24e-02 3.48e-03 0.3128
NC_000003.11 SEMA3B 8.95e-02 3.48e-03 0.3128
NC_000006.11 TRIM27 -1.43e-01 3.48e-03 0.3128
NC_000006.11 LOC285830 1.18e-01 3.48e-03 0.3128
NC_000012.11 HOXC11 4.60e-02 3.48e-03 0.3128
NC_000002.11 NCKAP5 1.21e-01 3.48e-03 0.3128
NC_000010.10 RSU1 -5.13e-02 3.48e-03 0.3128
NC_000004.11 MFSD7 5.07e-02 3.49e-03 0.3128
NC_000003.11 ZBTB38 -6.89e-02 3.49e-03 0.3128
NC_000013.10 RAB20 -1.95e-01 3.49e-03 0.3128
NC_000002.11 KIF1A 9.82e-02 3.49e-03 0.3128
NC_000012.11 SOCS2 9.44e-02 3.49e-03 0.3128
NC_000004.11 PIGY -1.03e-01 3.49e-03 0.3128
NC_000003.11 GPR160 8.17e-02 3.49e-03 0.3128
NC_000017.10 ARHGAP23 -6.65e-02 3.49e-03 0.3128
NC_000005.9 GEMIN5 -1.18e-01 3.49e-03 0.3129
NC_000006.11 C6orf10 -1.90e-01 3.50e-03 0.3129
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 1.19e-01 3.50e-03 0.3129
NC_000002.11 LRRFIP1 4.77e-02 3.50e-03 0.3129
NC_000014.8 TECPR2 -8.45e-02 3.50e-03 0.3129
NC_000017.10 DLX3 1.60e-01 3.50e-03 0.3129
NC_000017.10 CHMP6 -1.53e-01 3.50e-03 0.3129
NC_000019.9 ACTN4 -1.39e-01 3.50e-03 0.3129
NC_000011.9 MS4A6A 6.99e-02 3.50e-03 0.3129
NC_000005.9 MRPS27 -9.28e-02 3.50e-03 0.3129
NC_000004.11 PDE6B -9.39e-02 3.50e-03 0.3129
NC_000006.11 ZNF192 -9.70e-02 3.50e-03 0.3129
NC_000017.10 TOP2A -5.99e-02 3.50e-03 0.3129
NC_000001.10 C1orf192 -1.62e-01 3.51e-03 0.3129
NC_000018.9 ATP9B -1.74e-01 3.51e-03 0.3129
NC_000013.10 SPG20 -9.01e-02 3.51e-03 0.3129
NC_000017.10 MKS1 -6.60e-02 3.51e-03 0.3129
NC_000011.9 IMMP1L -7.90e-02 3.51e-03 0.3129
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 -1.47e-01 3.51e-03 0.3131
NC_000010.10 SFRP5 -1.09e-01 3.51e-03 0.3132
NC_000011.9 TNNI2 4.15e-02 3.51e-03 0.3132
NC_000023.10 HTR2C 9.02e-02 3.51e-03 0.3132
NC_000002.11 CAB39 -8.36e-02 3.52e-03 0.3133
NC_000001.10 FHAD1 -1.24e-01 3.52e-03 0.3133
NC_000016.9 ERN2 1.07e-01 3.52e-03 0.3133
NC_000016.9 GDE1 -7.86e-02 3.52e-03 0.3133
NC_000019.9 MIR526B 6.40e-02 3.52e-03 0.3133
NC_000014.8 PABPN1 -1.00e-01 3.52e-03 0.3133
NC_000011.9 SHANK2 8.89e-02 3.52e-03 0.3133
NC_000005.9 SPARC 1.20e-01 3.52e-03 0.3133
NC_000007.13 LOC154822 1.25e-01 3.53e-03 0.3133
NC_000006.11 TRIM39 -7.86e-02 3.53e-03 0.3133
NC_000011.9 ALX4 -5.42e-02 3.53e-03 0.3133
NC_000019.9 BCL3 -2.39e-01 3.53e-03 0.3133
NC_000001.10 KCNQ4 -8.74e-02 3.53e-03 0.3133
NC_000019.9 CGB8 6.73e-02 3.53e-03 0.3133
NC_000011.9 GLB1L2 -6.47e-02 3.53e-03 0.3133
NC_000010.10 SORCS3 6.93e-02 3.53e-03 0.3133
NC_000012.11 CHD4 -1.33e-01 3.53e-03 0.3133
NC_000001.10 CA6 -8.02e-02 3.54e-03 0.3133
NC_000017.10 C17orf98 1.16e-01 3.54e-03 0.3133
NC_000017.10 KDM6B -1.75e-01 3.54e-03 0.3133
NC_000001.10 PUM1 -9.31e-02 3.54e-03 0.3133
NC_000007.13 MIR183 1.19e-01 3.54e-03 0.3133
NC_000013.10 CAB39L -1.37e-01 3.54e-03 0.3136
NC_000017.10 PRPF8 1.28e-01 3.55e-03 0.3138
NC_000003.11 PIGZ -9.88e-02 3.55e-03 0.3139
NC_000019.9 IZUMO1 3.84e-02 3.55e-03 0.3139
NC_000007.13 GRID2IP -1.03e-01 3.56e-03 0.3139
NC_000001.10 CD1B 1.04e-01 3.56e-03 0.3139
NC_000003.11 GRM2 1.21e-01 3.56e-03 0.3139
NC_000022.10 HMGXB4 9.15e-02 3.56e-03 0.3139
NC_000001.10 DENND1B -1.01e-01 3.56e-03 0.3139
NC_000006.11 FAM26D 9.08e-02 3.56e-03 0.3139
NC_000012.11 OSBPL8 -1.16e-01 3.56e-03 0.3139
NC_000015.9 IGF1R -1.33e-01 3.56e-03 0.314
NC_000009.11 MIR219-2 -8.87e-02 3.56e-03 0.314
NC_000004.11 ODZ3 -7.96e-02 3.57e-03 0.314
NC_000007.13 BUD31 -1.99e-01 3.57e-03 0.314
NC_000007.13 GNA12 -1.69e-01 3.57e-03 0.314
NC_000012.11 FAM19A2 7.94e-02 3.57e-03 0.314
NC_000017.10 GHDC -1.03e-01 3.57e-03 0.314
NC_000007.13 CACNA2D1 -1.23e-01 3.57e-03 0.314
NC_000005.9 CLPTM1L -1.18e-01 3.57e-03 0.3141
NC_000012.11 IFFO1 -9.12e-02 3.57e-03 0.3143
NC_000006.11 CSNK2B -1.25e-01 3.57e-03 0.3143
NC_000018.9 MYL12A -1.16e-01 3.57e-03 0.3143
NC_000014.8 LTB4R2 -1.05e-01 3.58e-03 0.3146
NC_000007.13 MYO1G -1.37e-01 3.58e-03 0.3146
NC_000006.11 CLIC1 1.19e-01 3.58e-03 0.3146
NC_000008.10 STAU2 -9.67e-02 3.58e-03 0.3146
NC_000016.9 ELMO3 -6.34e-02 3.58e-03 0.3146
NC_000011.9 DSCAML1 -1.52e-01 3.58e-03 0.3147
NC_000001.10 MEAF6 5.36e-02 3.59e-03 0.3147
NC_000011.9 UBE4A -6.63e-02 3.59e-03 0.3148
NC_000007.13 LOC407835 5.89e-02 3.59e-03 0.3148
NC_000012.11 GALNT9 1.10e-01 3.59e-03 0.3148
NC_000008.10 BAI1 1.64e-01 3.59e-03 0.3148
NC_000013.10 STK24 -4.91e-02 3.59e-03 0.3148
NC_000010.10 CDH23 8.21e-02 3.59e-03 0.3148
NC_000004.11 ABLIM2 -1.27e-01 3.60e-03 0.3149
NC_000010.10 PFKP -1.48e-01 3.60e-03 0.3149
NC_000011.9 FOXR1 1.80e-01 3.60e-03 0.3149
NC_000001.10 GUCA2B -8.45e-02 3.60e-03 0.3149
NC_000019.9 ZNF317 -1.43e-01 3.60e-03 0.3149
NC_000019.9 SPHK2 8.55e-02 3.60e-03 0.3149
NC_000002.11 NPAS2 -9.43e-02 3.60e-03 0.315
NC_000002.11 DTNB -1.15e-01 3.61e-03 0.3152
NC_000016.9 TRAP1 -5.29e-02 3.61e-03 0.3154
NC_000021.8 RUNX1 -6.18e-02 3.61e-03 0.3154
NC_000002.11 ATP6V1B1 -8.97e-02 3.61e-03 0.3154
NC_000007.13 THSD7A -2.09e-01 3.61e-03 0.3155
NC_000015.9 C15orf55 -1.10e-01 3.61e-03 0.3155
NC_000005.9 HK3 8.78e-02 3.61e-03 0.3155
NC_000006.11 COL12A1 -4.19e-02 3.61e-03 0.3155
NC_000016.9 PKD1L2 1.33e-01 3.61e-03 0.3155
NC_000008.10 C8orf44 -1.34e-01 3.62e-03 0.3155
NC_000023.10 PCYT1B 1.15e-01 3.62e-03 0.3155
NC_000001.10 XPR1 -8.40e-02 3.62e-03 0.3155
NC_000004.11 RHOH -6.26e-02 3.62e-03 0.3155
NC_000010.10 PTCHD3 1.25e-01 3.62e-03 0.3155
NC_000012.11 GRIN2B -7.25e-02 3.62e-03 0.3155
NC_000003.11 C3orf45 -1.47e-01 3.62e-03 0.3156
NC_000017.10 UBE2O -8.77e-02 3.62e-03 0.3156
NC_000010.10 BICC1 5.85e-02 3.62e-03 0.3156
NC_000001.10 FUCA1 -1.32e-01 3.62e-03 0.3156
NC_000015.9 C15orf32 -1.49e-01 3.63e-03 0.3156
NC_000002.11 KLHL29 -8.25e-02 3.63e-03 0.3156
NC_000016.9 UNKL -1.93e-01 3.63e-03 0.3158
NC_000006.11 LY86 -1.11e-01 3.63e-03 0.3158
NC_000015.9 HCN4 -6.51e-02 3.63e-03 0.3158
NC_000001.10 RASAL2 -5.30e-02 3.63e-03 0.3158
NC_000006.11 NOTCH4 1.00e-01 3.63e-03 0.3158
NC_000017.10 USP43 -1.61e-01 3.63e-03 0.3158
NC_000017.10 MYH10 -4.84e-02 3.63e-03 0.3158
NC_000020.10 SS18L1 -1.41e-01 3.64e-03 0.3158
NC_000011.9 FAT3 -1.11e-01 3.64e-03 0.3161
NC_000017.10 SREBF1 -7.63e-02 3.64e-03 0.3162
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 -1.73e-01 3.64e-03 0.3164
NC_000016.9 CTRB1 1.07e-01 3.65e-03 0.3164
NC_000010.10 SFXN3 -9.50e-02 3.65e-03 0.3164
NC_000001.10 SIPA1L2 -1.12e-01 3.65e-03 0.3164
NC_000001.10 CLK2 -1.27e-01 3.65e-03 0.3164
NC_000002.11 LOC151174 -6.24e-02 3.65e-03 0.3164
NC_000002.11 HDAC4 -1.22e-01 3.65e-03 0.3164
NC_000010.10 KIAA1462 -1.52e-01 3.65e-03 0.3164
NC_000005.9 ZMAT2 -9.86e-02 3.65e-03 0.3164
NC_000003.11 LOC90246 6.54e-02 3.65e-03 0.3164
NC_000017.10 C17orf101 -2.19e-01 3.65e-03 0.3164
NC_000011.9 PACS1 -1.73e-01 3.66e-03 0.3166
NC_000001.10 KIAA0467 -9.45e-02 3.66e-03 0.3166
NC_000008.10 C8orf33 6.48e-02 3.66e-03 0.3166
NC_000001.10 GLIS1 -1.24e-01 3.66e-03 0.3166
NC_000016.9 PLCG2 -6.71e-02 3.66e-03 0.3166
NC_000005.9 CD74 -8.15e-02 3.66e-03 0.3166
NC_000001.10 LOC100133612 -1.21e-01 3.66e-03 0.3166
NC_000008.10 KCNB2 -8.07e-02 3.66e-03 0.3166
NC_000019.9 NAT14 7.17e-02 3.67e-03 0.3166
NC_000012.11 APOLD1 -1.20e-01 3.67e-03 0.3166
NC_000001.10 TRNAU1AP -6.16e-02 3.67e-03 0.3166
NC_000016.9 ITGAD 5.48e-02 3.67e-03 0.3166
NC_000012.11 FLJ12825 -8.92e-02 3.67e-03 0.3166
NC_000001.10 NAV1 -1.08e-01 3.67e-03 0.3166
NC_000014.8 DHRS4L2 -5.39e-02 3.67e-03 0.3166
NC_000016.9 ATP6V0D1 5.04e-02 3.67e-03 0.3166
NC_000006.11 DUSP22 -1.19e-01 3.67e-03 0.3166
NC_000006.11 TRIM27 -7.90e-02 3.67e-03 0.3166
NC_000002.11 GALM 5.91e-02 3.67e-03 0.3166
NC_000017.10 WDR45L -1.53e-01 3.67e-03 0.3166
NC_000019.9 FLJ40125 1.01e-01 3.67e-03 0.3166
NC_000006.11 VPS52 -7.29e-02 3.67e-03 0.3166
NC_000001.10 TRIM46 -1.45e-01 3.68e-03 0.3166
NC_000005.9 PART1 -1.09e-01 3.68e-03 0.3166
NC_000014.8 SNORD9 -1.34e-01 3.68e-03 0.3166
NC_000005.9 ATOX1 -1.37e-01 3.68e-03 0.3166
NC_000002.11 SPEG 2.16e-01 3.68e-03 0.3168
NC_000014.8 SLC7A7 1.35e-01 3.68e-03 0.3168
NC_000010.10 ZNF32 -1.02e-01 3.68e-03 0.3168
NC_000001.10 SLC2A7 1.24e-01 3.68e-03 0.3168
NC_000016.9 GSG1L -1.30e-01 3.69e-03 0.3169
NC_000017.10 HOXB4 3.83e-02 3.69e-03 0.3169
NC_000015.9 GPR176 -7.14e-02 3.69e-03 0.3169
NC_000003.11 SRGAP3 5.42e-02 3.69e-03 0.3169
NC_000006.11 HINT3 3.71e-02 3.69e-03 0.3169
NC_000002.11 LHCGR 9.52e-02 3.69e-03 0.317
NC_000001.10 LDLRAD1 1.02e-01 3.69e-03 0.317
NC_000019.9 RASIP1 -7.36e-02 3.69e-03 0.317
NC_000010.10 KIAA0913 -1.26e-01 3.70e-03 0.317
NC_000001.10 PTPN14 3.13e-01 3.70e-03 0.317
NC_000003.11 LPP -5.39e-02 3.70e-03 0.317
NC_000010.10 ZMIZ1 -9.07e-02 3.70e-03 0.317
NC_000010.10 INPP5F -9.24e-02 3.70e-03 0.317
NC_000004.11 WDR1 -1.33e-01 3.70e-03 0.317
NC_000007.13 IQCE 1.64e-01 3.70e-03 0.317
NC_000001.10 KIF26B 1.09e-01 3.70e-03 0.317
NC_000003.11 TM4SF19 -9.65e-02 3.70e-03 0.317
NC_000015.9 TLN2 -8.02e-02 4.56e-03 0.3288
NC_000014.8 RAD51L1 -5.74e-02 3.70e-03 0.317
NC_000016.9 RAB11FIP3 5.47e-02 3.70e-03 0.317
NC_000011.9 SMTNL1 -1.64e-01 3.71e-03 0.3171
NC_000004.11 NAA15 7.72e-02 3.71e-03 0.3173
NC_000011.9 CASP1 -1.08e-01 3.71e-03 0.3173
NC_000006.11 PTCRA 1.62e-01 3.71e-03 0.3173
NC_000011.9 FERMT3 -1.51e-01 3.71e-03 0.3173
NC_000017.10 CCDC57 -1.20e-01 3.71e-03 0.3173
NC_000015.9 MKRN3 6.25e-02 3.72e-03 0.3174
NC_000016.9 LMF1 -1.12e-01 3.72e-03 0.3174
NC_000017.10 RNF135 -9.13e-02 3.72e-03 0.3174
NC_000006.11 C6orf132 -1.11e-01 3.72e-03 0.3174
NC_000006.11 HEY2 -7.44e-02 3.72e-03 0.3174
NC_000017.10 MGAT5B -7.91e-02 3.72e-03 0.3174
NC_000005.9 LOC255167 9.24e-02 3.72e-03 0.3174
NC_000011.9 SIGIRR 1.20e-01 3.72e-03 0.3174
NC_000016.9 IFT140 -9.60e-02 3.72e-03 0.3174
NC_000006.11 E2F3 -1.31e-01 3.72e-03 0.3174
NC_000006.11 SCUBE3 -1.11e-01 3.72e-03 0.3174
NC_000004.11 ARHGAP10 -1.51e-01 3.72e-03 0.3174
NC_000006.11 HIST1H2BK 7.50e-02 3.72e-03 0.3174
NC_000010.10 WNT8B 1.54e-01 3.72e-03 0.3174
NC_000002.11 SH3RF3 -9.61e-02 3.73e-03 0.3174
NC_000003.11 CNTN3 1.13e-01 3.73e-03 0.3174
NC_000002.11 COLEC11 6.08e-02 3.73e-03 0.3176
NC_000015.9 IGF1R -9.75e-02 3.73e-03 0.3176
NC_000017.10 BAIAP2 6.17e-02 3.74e-03 0.3177
NC_000011.9 PKP3 -7.14e-02 3.74e-03 0.3177
NC_000006.11 HLA-DQA2 -2.58e-01 3.74e-03 0.3177
NC_000016.9 CDT1 1.45e-01 3.74e-03 0.3177
NC_000001.10 ILDR2 7.95e-02 3.74e-03 0.3177
NC_000017.10 B3GNTL1 -8.56e-02 3.74e-03 0.3177
NC_000007.13 IGF2BP3 -7.99e-02 3.74e-03 0.3177
NC_000002.11 NGEF 2.25e-01 3.74e-03 0.3177
NC_000015.9 MESP2 -8.83e-02 3.74e-03 0.3177
NC_000014.8 RAGE -5.27e-02 3.74e-03 0.3177
NC_000002.11 ACVR1 -1.01e-01 3.75e-03 0.3178
NC_000019.9 EGLN2 -6.07e-02 3.75e-03 0.3178
NC_000022.10 PHF21B -4.70e-02 3.75e-03 0.3178
NC_000017.10 TBC1D16 1.33e-01 3.75e-03 0.3178
NC_000001.10 C1QA -6.11e-02 3.75e-03 0.3178
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 -7.26e-02 3.75e-03 0.3178
NC_000007.13 UPK3B 1.16e-01 3.75e-03 0.3178
NC_000004.11 MAEA -4.88e-02 3.75e-03 0.3178
NC_000008.10 MCPH1 -7.49e-02 3.75e-03 0.3178
NC_000006.11 TNXB 5.35e-02 3.75e-03 0.3178
NC_000003.11 CDGAP -8.85e-02 3.76e-03 0.3179
NC_000010.10 FGFR2 -1.08e-01 3.76e-03 0.3182
NC_000001.10 NOS1AP -1.07e-01 3.76e-03 0.3184
NC_000008.10 NCOA2 -8.94e-02 3.76e-03 0.3185
NC_000002.11 SLC19A3 -8.73e-02 3.76e-03 0.3185
NC_000012.11 P2RX2 1.71e-01 3.77e-03 0.3185
NC_000002.11 TRIM54 1.27e-01 3.77e-03 0.3187
NC_000005.9 VCAN 9.53e-02 3.77e-03 0.3187
NC_000017.10 SLC43A2 3.79e-02 3.77e-03 0.3187
NC_000016.9 FAM38A -9.19e-02 3.77e-03 0.3188
NC_000019.9 RYR1 6.41e-02 3.77e-03 0.3188
NC_000001.10 PGLYRP4 -1.16e-01 3.78e-03 0.3188
NC_000002.11 LOC440839 -9.93e-02 3.78e-03 0.3188
NC_000003.11 PDZRN3 6.28e-02 3.78e-03 0.3188
NC_000012.11 TMEM119 1.36e-01 3.78e-03 0.3188
NC_000006.11 GABBR1 -7.68e-02 3.78e-03 0.3191
NC_000016.9 TEPP 7.58e-02 3.78e-03 0.3191
NC_000019.9 SHANK1 -6.30e-02 3.78e-03 0.3191
NC_000001.10 ESRRG -1.36e-01 3.78e-03 0.3191
NC_000003.11 LOC285370 9.60e-02 3.78e-03 0.3191
NC_000010.10 PARD3 -8.72e-02 3.79e-03 0.3191
NC_000022.10 APOBEC3F 5.59e-02 3.79e-03 0.3191
NC_000003.11 ITIH1 4.29e-02 3.79e-03 0.3191
NC_000006.11 C6orf25 1.12e-01 3.79e-03 0.3192
NC_000002.11 XDH 9.80e-02 3.79e-03 0.3194
NC_000008.10 TOP1MT -1.37e-01 3.79e-03 0.3194
NC_000001.10 C1orf106 -8.78e-02 3.80e-03 0.3194
NC_000012.11 SLC48A1 6.99e-02 3.80e-03 0.3194
NC_000006.11 MDGA1 -8.57e-02 3.80e-03 0.3194
NC_000004.11 UCP1 -9.46e-02 3.80e-03 0.3194
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 -1.28e-01 3.80e-03 0.3194
NC_000011.9 DCHS1 1.55e-01 3.80e-03 0.3194
NC_000021.8 COL18A1 -9.96e-02 3.80e-03 0.3194
NC_000017.10 C17orf85 -1.35e-01 3.80e-03 0.3194
NC_000011.9 SWAP70 -1.54e-01 3.80e-03 0.3194
NC_000021.8 FAM165B 7.79e-02 3.81e-03 0.3195
NC_000006.11 DCBLD1 -5.27e-02 3.81e-03 0.3195
NC_000009.11 DBC1 -2.33e-01 3.81e-03 0.3195
NC_000014.8 C14orf184 -1.20e-01 3.81e-03 0.3195
NC_000003.11 VGLL4 -6.90e-02 3.81e-03 0.3195
NC_000011.9 SERPING1 -1.38e-01 3.81e-03 0.3195
NC_000014.8 RAD51L1 -1.52e-01 3.81e-03 0.3195
NC_000022.10 C22orf45 -1.23e-01 3.81e-03 0.3195
NC_000003.11 ERC2 -9.57e-02 3.81e-03 0.3196
NC_000010.10 NDST2 -8.56e-02 3.81e-03 0.3196
NC_000007.13 VIPR2 -7.73e-02 3.82e-03 0.3197
NC_000005.9 FAM105A -4.45e-02 3.82e-03 0.3197
NC_000019.9 AP3D1 7.45e-02 3.82e-03 0.3197
NC_000017.10 TNK1 -1.08e-01 3.82e-03 0.3197
NC_000010.10 KCNMA1 -7.68e-02 3.82e-03 0.3197
NC_000011.9 ACTN3 5.17e-02 3.82e-03 0.3197
NC_000021.8 CLDN14 4.45e-02 3.83e-03 0.3197
NC_000003.11 HTR3D 9.10e-02 3.83e-03 0.3197
NC_000002.11 GAL3ST2 -1.61e-01 3.83e-03 0.3197
NC_000015.9 SNX22 -1.62e-01 3.83e-03 0.3197
NC_000007.13 ASB10 1.30e-01 3.83e-03 0.3197
NC_000006.11 PSMB8 -1.34e-01 3.83e-03 0.3197
NC_000012.11 RNFT2 5.95e-02 3.83e-03 0.3197
NC_000010.10 CTNNA3 7.08e-02 3.83e-03 0.3197
NC_000019.9 PTPRS 1.49e-01 3.84e-03 0.3197
NC_000007.13 EXOC4 -5.82e-02 3.84e-03 0.3197
NC_000017.10 SREBF1 -8.70e-02 3.84e-03 0.3197
NC_000001.10 FMOD -8.76e-02 3.84e-03 0.3197
NC_000011.9 KCNQ1 1.09e-01 3.84e-03 0.3197
NC_000009.11 SMARCA2 -9.28e-02 3.84e-03 0.3197
NC_000004.11 TMEM192 -7.17e-02 3.84e-03 0.3197
NC_000004.11 PPP3CA 4.70e-02 3.84e-03 0.3197
NC_000010.10 LOC619207 2.40e-01 3.84e-03 0.3197
NC_000015.9 ZNF710 -1.75e-01 3.84e-03 0.3197
NC_000019.9 ZNF177 -1.30e-01 3.84e-03 0.3197
NC_000023.10 MAGIX 8.18e-02 3.84e-03 0.3197
NC_000003.11 CCDC52 -9.06e-02 3.84e-03 0.3198
NC_000003.11 ULK4 -8.92e-02 3.85e-03 0.3199
NC_000022.10 TST -8.65e-02 3.85e-03 0.3199
NC_000017.10 ATP2A3 -5.16e-02 3.85e-03 0.3199
NC_000001.10 SNORA42 -5.24e-02 3.85e-03 0.3199
NC_000015.9 OCA2 6.44e-02 3.85e-03 0.3199
NC_000012.11 KIAA0748 1.45e-01 3.85e-03 0.32
NC_000002.11 SDPR -5.70e-02 3.85e-03 0.32
NC_000006.11 PSMB9 -7.06e-02 3.86e-03 0.3201
NC_000008.10 KIAA1875 -8.08e-02 3.86e-03 0.3201
NC_000014.8 PRKD1 5.90e-02 3.86e-03 0.3201
NC_000001.10 PRDM16 6.88e-02 3.86e-03 0.3201
NC_000013.10 GRTP1 -1.04e-01 3.86e-03 0.3201
NC_000019.9 SLC1A5 1.61e-01 3.86e-03 0.3201
NC_000015.9 ALDH1A3 -1.03e-01 3.86e-03 0.3201
NC_000022.10 KLHDC7B -1.54e-01 3.86e-03 0.3201
NC_000004.11 GPRIN3 -8.80e-02 3.86e-03 0.3201
NC_000006.11 DNAH8 1.52e-01 3.87e-03 0.3202
NC_000006.11 TTBK1 -5.30e-02 3.87e-03 0.3202
NC_000022.10 BAIAP2L2 -2.62e-01 3.87e-03 0.3202
NC_000003.11 MST1R -2.05e-01 3.87e-03 0.3202
NC_000004.11 WWC2 -1.09e-01 3.87e-03 0.3202
NC_000001.10 CSRP1 -1.54e-01 3.87e-03 0.3202
NC_000009.11 PNPLA7 -2.34e-01 3.87e-03 0.3203
NC_000017.10 ASPSCR1 -1.84e-01 3.87e-03 0.3203
NC_000007.13 HEATR2 9.23e-02 3.87e-03 0.3203
NC_000006.11 MOG -9.76e-02 3.87e-03 0.3203
NC_000017.10 SLFN5 -1.27e-01 3.88e-03 0.3204
NC_000001.10 MOV10 -1.14e-01 3.88e-03 0.3204
NC_000011.9 LOC100133545 5.40e-02 3.88e-03 0.3204
NC_000001.10 KIAA1026 -1.89e-01 3.88e-03 0.3206
NC_000002.11 UPP2 -6.20e-02 3.88e-03 0.3206
NC_000007.13 FAM71F2 -1.45e-01 3.88e-03 0.3207
NC_000013.10 UBAC2 -1.19e-01 3.88e-03 0.3207
NC_000011.9 TH 9.15e-02 3.89e-03 0.3207
NC_000016.9 NOXO1 6.95e-02 3.89e-03 0.3207
NC_000011.9 TAF6L -9.89e-02 3.89e-03 0.3207
NC_000005.9 DNAJC18 -7.78e-02 3.89e-03 0.3207
NC_000014.8 RAD51L1 -9.12e-02 3.89e-03 0.3207
NC_000003.11 PCBP4 8.25e-02 3.89e-03 0.3207
NC_000012.11 FBRSL1 -5.25e-02 3.89e-03 0.3207
NC_000008.10 PRAGMIN -6.09e-02 3.89e-03 0.3207
NC_000019.9 PTPRS 1.13e-01 3.89e-03 0.3207
NC_000001.10 PRDM16 1.00e-01 3.89e-03 0.3207
NC_000004.11 SH3D19 -1.30e-01 3.89e-03 0.3207
NC_000005.9 ADAMTS2 1.46e-01 3.89e-03 0.3207
NC_000022.10 FAM19A5 -7.76e-02 3.89e-03 0.3207
NC_000017.10 SPDYE4 -7.06e-02 3.90e-03 0.3207
NC_000022.10 GRAMD4 -1.13e-01 3.90e-03 0.3207
NC_000002.11 PARD3B -8.45e-02 3.90e-03 0.3209
NC_000001.10 AGL -9.67e-02 3.90e-03 0.3209
NC_000002.11 SLC9A2 -6.53e-02 3.90e-03 0.3209
NC_000012.11 TAC3 1.15e-01 3.90e-03 0.3209
NC_000006.11 ZFAND3 5.27e-02 3.91e-03 0.3209
NC_000015.9 IGF1R -7.57e-02 3.91e-03 0.3209
NC_000016.9 MSLN 1.14e-01 3.91e-03 0.3209
NC_000005.9 AHRR 8.16e-02 3.91e-03 0.3209
NC_000011.9 TUB -1.04e-01 3.91e-03 0.3212
NC_000005.9 MYOT -7.59e-02 3.91e-03 0.3212
NC_000006.11 AKAP7 1.15e-01 3.91e-03 0.3212
NC_000016.9 IFT140 -1.29e-01 3.91e-03 0.3212
NC_000001.10 HSPG2 -1.21e-01 3.91e-03 0.3212
NC_000002.11 LRRFIP1 -1.21e-01 3.92e-03 0.3212
NC_000011.9 MS4A10 -9.79e-02 3.92e-03 0.3212
NC_000012.11 ACVRL1 -7.50e-02 3.92e-03 0.3212
NC_000001.10 CD34 -1.04e-01 3.92e-03 0.3212
NC_000010.10 SLC18A3 -1.21e-01 3.92e-03 0.3212
NC_000002.11 PLB1 -1.37e-01 3.92e-03 0.3212
NC_000004.11 RPL34 4.05e-02 3.92e-03 0.3212
NC_000003.11 SLC9A10 -7.55e-02 3.92e-03 0.3212
NC_000001.10 MEF2D -4.13e-02 3.92e-03 0.3212
NC_000006.11 TRERF1 -1.07e-01 3.93e-03 0.3212
NC_000011.9 NRGN -1.04e-01 3.93e-03 0.3212
NC_000006.11 ZBTB12 -8.22e-02 3.93e-03 0.3212
NC_000021.8 RBM11 -1.31e-01 3.93e-03 0.3212
NC_000006.11 MOG 1.17e-01 3.93e-03 0.3212
NC_000010.10 MIR202 7.53e-02 3.93e-03 0.3212
NC_000014.8 LGMN -1.19e-01 3.93e-03 0.3212
NC_000016.9 C1QTNF8 6.70e-02 3.94e-03 0.3212
NC_000022.10 SH3BP1 -5.69e-02 3.94e-03 0.3212
NC_000015.9 TLN2 -6.07e-02 3.94e-03 0.3212
NC_000007.13 SNX8 -1.52e-01 3.94e-03 0.3212
NC_000019.9 MAP2K7 1.44e-01 3.94e-03 0.3212
NC_000001.10 SLC45A1 -1.37e-01 3.94e-03 0.3212
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 -1.16e-01 3.94e-03 0.3212
NC_000008.10 BAI1 2.11e-01 3.94e-03 0.3212
NC_000001.10 ECE1 -6.39e-02 3.95e-03 0.3212
NC_000013.10 GPC6 -6.90e-02 3.95e-03 0.3212
NC_000005.9 DOK3 9.85e-02 3.95e-03 0.3212
NC_000018.9 CABLES1 7.66e-02 3.95e-03 0.3212
NC_000006.11 WDR46 -1.39e-01 3.95e-03 0.3212
NC_000022.10 CERK -5.56e-02 3.95e-03 0.3212
NC_000007.13 ESYT2 -5.57e-02 3.95e-03 0.3212
NC_000005.9 PDE6A 1.24e-01 3.95e-03 0.3212
NC_000001.10 TNNI1 8.45e-02 3.95e-03 0.3212
NC_000001.10 KCNK2 9.27e-02 3.95e-03 0.3212
NC_000005.9 PDE4D -1.21e-01 3.95e-03 0.3212
NC_000017.10 BAIAP2 1.04e-01 3.95e-03 0.3212
NC_000016.9 IFT140 -2.11e-01 3.95e-03 0.3212
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 -1.51e-01 3.96e-03 0.3212
NC_000007.13 TMEM184A -9.75e-02 3.96e-03 0.3212
NC_000001.10 ATF3 -5.56e-02 3.96e-03 0.3212
NC_000006.11 MRAP2 -7.27e-02 3.96e-03 0.3212
NC_000003.11 CHCHD6 -6.35e-02 3.96e-03 0.3212
NC_000006.11 LRRC1 -1.18e-01 3.96e-03 0.3212
NC_000001.10 SLAMF8 -9.46e-02 3.96e-03 0.3212
NC_000006.11 C6orf122 -1.18e-01 3.96e-03 0.3212
NC_000006.11 SMAP1 -1.41e-01 3.96e-03 0.3212
NC_000016.9 DPEP1 6.67e-02 3.96e-03 0.3212
NC_000001.10 FMO2 -6.00e-02 3.96e-03 0.3212
NC_000009.11 FGD3 -1.59e-01 3.96e-03 0.3212
NC_000011.9 OR6Q1 1.17e-01 3.96e-03 0.3212
NC_000006.11 SYNGAP1 -8.47e-02 3.96e-03 0.3212
NC_000002.11 RAPGEF4 -5.18e-02 3.96e-03 0.3212
NC_000006.11 RPS6KA2 -1.97e-01 3.97e-03 0.3212
NC_000017.10 SMCR8 -4.74e-02 3.97e-03 0.3212
NC_000018.9 IMPA2 -6.29e-02 3.97e-03 0.3212
NC_000010.10 ITGA8 -1.04e-01 3.97e-03 0.3214
NC_000011.9 SPTBN2 -3.90e-01 3.97e-03 0.3214
NC_000011.9 SNX19 1.05e-01 3.98e-03 0.3214
NC_000001.10 ACOT7 -1.53e-01 3.98e-03 0.3214
NC_000006.11 DAXX 5.92e-02 3.98e-03 0.3214
NC_000003.11 CHCHD6 -1.43e-01 3.98e-03 0.3214
NC_000012.11 PITPNM2 2.00e-01 3.98e-03 0.3214
NC_000007.13 HIPK2 -7.94e-02 3.98e-03 0.3214
NC_000019.9 C2CD4C 1.25e-01 3.98e-03 0.3214
NC_000015.9 GABRB3 -4.91e-02 3.98e-03 0.3214
NC_000017.10 CPSF4L -9.64e-02 3.98e-03 0.3215
NC_000003.11 KIAA1407 -8.28e-02 3.98e-03 0.3215
NC_000011.9 ALG9 -1.06e-01 3.98e-03 0.3215
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 1.57e-01 3.98e-03 0.3215
NC_000008.10 TAF2 -1.95e-01 3.98e-03 0.3215
NC_000019.9 DMWD -1.08e-01 3.99e-03 0.3215
NC_000010.10 LOC619207 1.92e-01 3.99e-03 0.3215
NC_000008.10 RIMS2 -6.98e-02 3.99e-03 0.3215
NC_000017.10 GAS7 6.03e-02 3.99e-03 0.3215
NC_000010.10 FAM13C -2.00e-01 3.99e-03 0.3215
NC_000010.10 DYDC2 4.59e-02 3.99e-03 0.3216
NC_000005.9 SPOCK1 -9.92e-02 4.00e-03 0.3216
NC_000011.9 USH1C -5.74e-02 4.00e-03 0.3216
NC_000019.9 EXOC3L2 3.94e-02 4.00e-03 0.3216
NC_000001.10 DENND2D -7.50e-02 4.00e-03 0.3216
NC_000012.11 KRT6C 5.88e-02 4.00e-03 0.3216
NC_000011.9 KRTAP5-11 -9.15e-02 4.00e-03 0.3216
NC_000005.9 LHFPL2 -1.15e-01 4.00e-03 0.3216
NC_000017.10 KSR1 -1.54e-01 4.00e-03 0.3216
NC_000007.13 MPP6 7.38e-02 4.00e-03 0.3216
NC_000002.11 VAMP8 1.10e-01 4.00e-03 0.3216
NC_000017.10 ASPSCR1 3.83e-02 4.00e-03 0.3217
NC_000023.10 HTR2C 1.31e-01 4.01e-03 0.3217
NC_000008.10 CHRNA6 6.89e-02 4.01e-03 0.3217
NC_000017.10 FLJ36000 2.06e-01 4.01e-03 0.3217
NC_000007.13 POM121C -1.53e-01 4.01e-03 0.3217
NC_000011.9 TOLLIP -7.59e-02 4.01e-03 0.3218
NC_000007.13 LOC100128542 -6.93e-02 4.01e-03 0.3219
NC_000016.9 CDH5 1.07e-01 4.01e-03 0.3219
NC_000001.10 PPP1R12B 6.17e-02 4.02e-03 0.322
NC_000018.9 MAPK4 9.48e-02 4.02e-03 0.322
NC_000006.11 FAM184A 8.22e-02 4.02e-03 0.322
NC_000011.9 ALX4 4.48e-02 4.02e-03 0.322
NC_000006.11 VPS52 -7.56e-02 4.02e-03 0.322
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 -1.59e-01 4.02e-03 0.322
NC_000020.10 UCKL1 -1.54e-01 4.03e-03 0.3222
NC_000011.9 HTR3B 1.73e-01 4.03e-03 0.3222
NC_000015.9 PTPLAD1 -8.81e-02 4.03e-03 0.3222
NC_000003.11 SETMAR -1.35e-01 4.03e-03 0.3222
NC_000006.11 LHFPL5 -1.07e-01 4.03e-03 0.3222
NC_000021.8 PDE9A 1.33e-01 4.03e-03 0.3223
NC_000003.11 MIR564 -4.06e-02 4.03e-03 0.3223
NC_000002.11 ACCN4 -4.77e-02 4.03e-03 0.3223
NC_000007.13 SSPO -5.94e-02 4.03e-03 0.3223
NC_000004.11 ANTXR2 1.86e-01 4.03e-03 0.3223
NC_000014.8 RAD51L1 -1.18e-01 4.03e-03 0.3223
NC_000012.11 STX2 -9.80e-02 4.04e-03 0.3224
NC_000012.11 LRRK2 -1.08e-01 4.04e-03 0.3224
NC_000011.9 LOC221122 4.59e-02 4.04e-03 0.3224
NC_000004.11 WFS1 -9.90e-02 4.04e-03 0.3224
NC_000004.11 GAK -9.59e-02 4.04e-03 0.3224
NC_000001.10 SMYD2 -1.03e-01 4.04e-03 0.3224
NC_000017.10 MYO15A 4.15e-02 4.04e-03 0.3224
NC_000007.13 CHCHD2 -6.28e-02 4.04e-03 0.3224
NC_000003.11 C3orf25 -7.89e-02 4.04e-03 0.3225
NC_000014.8 DYNC1H1 -1.98e-01 4.05e-03 0.3226
NC_000020.10 MYLK2 9.96e-02 4.05e-03 0.3226
NC_000010.10 SFMBT2 -6.07e-02 4.05e-03 0.3226
NC_000016.9 SPN -1.74e-01 4.05e-03 0.3226
NC_000016.9 ZNF423 -9.85e-02 4.05e-03 0.3226
NC_000015.9 JMJD7-PLA2G4B -7.36e-02 4.05e-03 0.3226
NC_000005.9 RGNEF -1.11e-01 4.05e-03 0.3226
NC_000017.10 HIC1 -8.03e-02 4.05e-03 0.3226
NC_000008.10 PLEKHA2 9.98e-02 4.05e-03 0.3226
NC_000005.9 ENC1 -1.51e-01 4.05e-03 0.3226
NC_000014.8 EGLN3 -6.03e-02 4.05e-03 0.3226
NC_000001.10 GPR153 1.28e-01 4.06e-03 0.3226
NC_000023.10 ASB9 5.38e-02 4.06e-03 0.3226
NC_000007.13 LEP -1.20e-01 4.06e-03 0.3226
NC_000017.10 KRT13 1.13e-01 4.06e-03 0.3226
NC_000007.13 HOXA9 7.12e-02 4.06e-03 0.3226
NC_000022.10 CSF2RB 1.19e-01 4.06e-03 0.3226
NC_000020.10 SDCBP2 -8.25e-02 4.06e-03 0.3226
NC_000003.11 SEMA3B -7.23e-02 4.06e-03 0.3226
NC_000015.9 GABARAPL3 -6.86e-02 4.06e-03 0.3226
NC_000019.9 THOP1 5.99e-02 4.07e-03 0.3226
NC_000017.10 STAT5A 4.50e-02 4.07e-03 0.3226
NC_000016.9 CCDC64B 7.45e-02 4.07e-03 0.3226
NC_000008.10 DLGAP2 -7.45e-02 4.07e-03 0.3226
NC_000001.10 FCGR3B 8.16e-02 4.07e-03 0.3226
NC_000022.10 TBX1 1.23e-01 4.07e-03 0.3226
NC_000022.10 WNT7B -1.38e-01 4.07e-03 0.3226
NC_000010.10 KNDC1 1.16e-01 4.07e-03 0.3226
NC_000017.10 TBCD 9.53e-02 4.07e-03 0.3226
NC_000010.10 LHPP -2.05e-01 4.07e-03 0.3226
NC_000019.9 JSRP1 -6.64e-02 4.08e-03 0.3226
NC_000002.11 APOB 9.69e-02 4.08e-03 0.3226
NC_000023.10 MIR510 3.96e-01 4.08e-03 0.3226
NC_000020.10 CDH4 -9.37e-02 4.08e-03 0.3226
NC_000002.11 RAPGEF4 -9.07e-02 4.08e-03 0.3226
NC_000019.9 TYK2 1.72e-01 4.08e-03 0.3226
NC_000006.11 NCRNA00171 -1.02e-01 4.08e-03 0.3226
NC_000017.10 PIK3R5 2.04e-01 4.08e-03 0.3226
NC_000015.9 LRRK1 -1.32e-01 4.09e-03 0.3226
NC_000007.13 BAIAP2L1 -9.75e-02 4.09e-03 0.3226
NC_000012.11 FAM109A -8.04e-02 4.09e-03 0.3226
NC_000001.10 RAB4A -8.77e-02 4.09e-03 0.3226
NC_000002.11 RFX8 -1.07e-01 4.09e-03 0.3226
NC_000005.9 IL4 -6.96e-02 4.09e-03 0.3226
NC_000003.11 ITGB5 -1.91e-01 4.09e-03 0.3226
NC_000016.9 CCDC154 -7.33e-02 4.09e-03 0.3226
NC_000017.10 TBC1D16 1.20e-01 4.09e-03 0.3226
NC_000007.13 YWHAG 7.95e-02 4.09e-03 0.3226
NC_000003.11 BSN 1.00e-01 4.09e-03 0.3226
NC_000007.13 PRKAR1B -6.93e-02 4.10e-03 0.3226
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 -6.89e-02 4.10e-03 0.3226
NC_000002.11 EPC2 -1.15e-01 4.10e-03 0.3226
NC_000010.10 IDE -8.34e-02 4.10e-03 0.3226
NC_000005.9 SV2C -5.24e-02 4.10e-03 0.3226
NC_000023.10 SSX7 1.31e-01 4.10e-03 0.3226
NC_000023.10 CA5B -5.48e-02 4.10e-03 0.3226
NC_000016.9 LOC100130015 4.36e-02 4.10e-03 0.3226
NC_000009.11 MED27 -1.04e-01 4.10e-03 0.3226
NC_000011.9 PRR5L -1.17e-01 4.10e-03 0.3226
NC_000002.11 SPC25 4.36e-02 4.10e-03 0.3226
NC_000003.11 PARP9 5.35e-02 4.10e-03 0.3226
NC_000001.10 PVRL4 6.00e-02 4.11e-03 0.3226
NC_000006.11 HLA-B -7.60e-02 4.11e-03 0.3226
NC_000002.11 C2orf82 -2.87e-01 4.11e-03 0.3226
NC_000016.9 PMM2 8.31e-02 4.11e-03 0.3227
NC_000006.11 FAM162B -1.12e-01 4.11e-03 0.3228
NC_000003.11 MIR135A1 9.79e-02 4.11e-03 0.3228
NC_000019.9 CHST8 7.63e-02 4.11e-03 0.3228
NC_000012.11 CACNA1C -1.88e-01 4.11e-03 0.3228
NC_000005.9 PDCD6 -6.98e-02 4.11e-03 0.3228
NC_000007.13 PION 4.94e-02 4.11e-03 0.3228
NC_000006.11 NOTCH4 1.20e-01 4.12e-03 0.3228
NC_000006.11 TRIM39 -1.34e-01 4.12e-03 0.3228
NC_000006.11 NCR3 1.36e-01 4.12e-03 0.3228
NC_000019.9 INSL3 -7.53e-02 4.12e-03 0.3228
NC_000014.8 SAMD4A -8.56e-02 4.12e-03 0.3228
NC_000008.10 HGSNAT 4.12e-02 4.12e-03 0.3228
NC_000011.9 RAB3IL1 -1.11e-01 4.12e-03 0.3228
NC_000017.10 CCL2 -1.16e-01 4.12e-03 0.3228
NC_000011.9 SLC22A9 5.72e-02 4.12e-03 0.3228
NC_000022.10 TOP3B 8.37e-02 4.12e-03 0.3228
NC_000008.10 TRAPPC9 7.49e-02 4.12e-03 0.3228
NC_000015.9 WDR73 -8.47e-02 4.12e-03 0.3228
NC_000002.11 TUBA3E -8.69e-02 4.12e-03 0.3229
NC_000017.10 TBX2 -1.12e-01 4.13e-03 0.323
NC_000006.11 MICB -6.87e-02 4.13e-03 0.3231
NC_000008.10 POP1 -8.89e-02 4.13e-03 0.3231
NC_000001.10 ECE1 -8.98e-02 4.13e-03 0.3231
NC_000017.10 DNAH17 -9.88e-02 4.13e-03 0.3231
NC_000016.9 NOD2 -9.00e-02 4.13e-03 0.3231
NC_000019.9 CCDC9 -4.21e-02 4.13e-03 0.3232
NC_000007.13 CUX1 5.80e-02 4.14e-03 0.3233
NC_000020.10 RIN2 -2.93e-01 4.14e-03 0.3234
NC_000001.10 AK5 -1.06e-01 4.14e-03 0.3235
NC_000003.11 C3orf17 -9.64e-02 4.14e-03 0.3235
NC_000019.9 TULP2 -7.31e-02 4.14e-03 0.3235
NC_000002.11 MFSD2B -1.27e-01 4.15e-03 0.3235
NC_000016.9 NFAT5 8.98e-02 4.15e-03 0.3235
NC_000017.10 WNT3 -5.45e-02 4.15e-03 0.3235
NC_000016.9 LOC283922 -6.46e-02 4.15e-03 0.3235
NC_000015.9 AEN -1.08e-01 4.15e-03 0.3235
NC_000011.9 OR4X1 5.35e-02 4.15e-03 0.3235
NC_000020.10 GDF5 1.10e-01 4.15e-03 0.3235
NC_000015.9 GPR176 -7.07e-02 4.15e-03 0.3235
NC_000010.10 PPP2R2D -8.42e-02 4.16e-03 0.3236
NC_000016.9 ABCC12 -6.85e-02 4.16e-03 0.3237
NC_000019.9 GATAD2A 6.78e-02 4.16e-03 0.3237
NC_000004.11 SORCS2 -1.81e-01 4.16e-03 0.3237
NC_000011.9 ME3 -9.83e-02 4.16e-03 0.3237
NC_000012.11 WNT5B -6.60e-02 4.16e-03 0.3237
NC_000015.9 HCN4 5.11e-02 4.16e-03 0.3237
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 -8.08e-02 4.16e-03 0.3237
NC_000005.9 SLC12A7 1.09e-01 4.16e-03 0.3237
NC_000014.8 CCNK 1.00e-01 4.17e-03 0.3237
NC_000017.10 IGFBP4 5.59e-02 4.17e-03 0.3237
NC_000021.8 PRDM15 -8.57e-02 4.17e-03 0.3238
NC_000016.9 MAPK3 -1.21e-01 4.17e-03 0.3239
NC_000003.11 MASP1 8.10e-02 4.17e-03 0.324
NC_000006.11 AGPAT1 -9.83e-02 4.18e-03 0.324
NC_000003.11 LRRC2 2.49e-01 4.18e-03 0.324
NC_000006.11 TRIM15 8.61e-02 4.18e-03 0.324
NC_000011.9 CYB5R2 -1.22e-01 4.18e-03 0.324
NC_000001.10 PARP1 -1.09e-01 4.18e-03 0.324
NC_000001.10 CPSF3L -1.78e-01 4.18e-03 0.324
NC_000019.9 ICAM4 9.79e-02 4.18e-03 0.324
NC_000003.11 ATP13A4 -1.39e-01 4.18e-03 0.3241
NC_000001.10 COL9A2 -4.88e-02 4.18e-03 0.3241
NC_000022.10 IL2RB -8.97e-02 4.19e-03 0.3241
NC_000007.13 ATXN7L1 -9.68e-02 4.19e-03 0.3242
NC_000002.11 GMPPA 7.42e-02 4.19e-03 0.3243
NC_000017.10 ITGB3 5.13e-02 4.19e-03 0.3243
NC_000001.10 ALG6 -8.57e-02 4.19e-03 0.3244
NC_000002.11 ATP6V1B1 -1.43e-01 4.20e-03 0.3244
NC_000009.11 VAV2 -1.38e-01 4.20e-03 0.3244
NC_000007.13 SLC4A2 8.80e-02 4.20e-03 0.3244
NC_000015.9 DUOX1 1.19e-01 4.20e-03 0.3244
NC_000005.9 NR3C1 -9.83e-02 4.20e-03 0.3244
NC_000013.10 ATP11A -1.69e-01 4.20e-03 0.3244
NC_000010.10 MKX -1.03e-01 4.20e-03 0.3244
NC_000007.13 CREB5 -1.06e-01 4.20e-03 0.3244
NC_000010.10 PRKG1 -3.75e-02 4.20e-03 0.3244
NC_000001.10 LMNA -2.10e-01 4.20e-03 0.3245
NC_000006.11 RANBP9 -5.70e-02 4.20e-03 0.3245
NC_000004.11 ANKRD17 -1.09e-01 4.21e-03 0.3246
NC_000022.10 RFPL2 1.19e-01 4.21e-03 0.3246
NC_000005.9 SPATA9 7.26e-02 4.21e-03 0.3246
NC_000005.9 BHMT -1.19e-01 4.21e-03 0.3246
NC_000017.10 RPTOR 1.36e-01 4.21e-03 0.3246
NC_000006.11 RPS6KA2 -7.76e-02 4.21e-03 0.3246
NC_000014.8 TDRD9 1.14e-01 4.21e-03 0.3246
NC_000007.13 KIAA1324L -6.02e-02 4.21e-03 0.3246
NC_000019.9 PDE4A 6.82e-02 4.21e-03 0.3246
NC_000008.10 FAM164A -8.54e-02 4.21e-03 0.3246
NC_000011.9 C11orf21 -8.71e-02 4.21e-03 0.3247
NC_000016.9 SLC6A2 -9.42e-02 4.22e-03 0.3247
NC_000007.13 LOC154822 7.55e-02 4.22e-03 0.3247
NC_000001.10 S100PBP -1.12e-01 4.22e-03 0.3247
NC_000001.10 SNORA55 -5.44e-02 4.22e-03 0.3247
NC_000020.10 SCRT2 -6.53e-02 4.22e-03 0.3247
NC_000002.11 TSSC1 -6.88e-02 4.22e-03 0.3249
NC_000011.9 FADS3 -1.96e-01 4.22e-03 0.3249
NC_000001.10 C1orf21 -1.43e-01 4.23e-03 0.3249
NC_000014.8 TECPR2 6.76e-02 4.23e-03 0.3249
NC_000016.9 CNGB1 8.95e-02 4.23e-03 0.3249
NC_000010.10 TDRD1 -8.44e-02 4.23e-03 0.3249
NC_000008.10 CLN8 -1.39e-01 4.23e-03 0.3249
NC_000020.10 WFDC2 -8.01e-02 4.23e-03 0.3249
NC_000021.8 CLIC6 4.07e-02 4.23e-03 0.3249
NC_000002.11 ZNF512 -1.22e-01 4.23e-03 0.3249
NC_000006.11 KLHL32 -7.37e-02 4.23e-03 0.3249
NC_000015.9 RASGRF1 -6.27e-02 4.23e-03 0.3249
NC_000019.9 TIMM44 -7.29e-02 4.23e-03 0.3249
NC_000001.10 CPT2 -8.76e-02 4.23e-03 0.3249
NC_000002.11 FAM117B -5.31e-02 4.23e-03 0.3249
NC_000003.11 RPL14 -4.72e-02 4.23e-03 0.3249
NC_000001.10 RERE -2.26e-01 4.24e-03 0.3249
NC_000017.10 C17orf70 -8.71e-02 4.24e-03 0.3249
NC_000014.8 RBM25 6.16e-02 4.24e-03 0.3249
NC_000019.9 IGLON5 -1.07e-01 4.24e-03 0.3249
NC_000020.10 NCRNA00029 6.14e-02 4.24e-03 0.3249
NC_000019.9 FCGRT -2.20e-01 4.24e-03 0.3249
NC_000015.9 IGF1R -7.68e-02 4.24e-03 0.3249
NC_000005.9 MIR580 -6.93e-02 4.25e-03 0.3252
NC_000003.11 SEMA3F 7.18e-02 4.25e-03 0.3252
NC_000004.11 SPINK2 -1.06e-01 4.25e-03 0.3253
NC_000011.9 HSD17B12 -1.35e-01 4.25e-03 0.3254
NC_000010.10 DIP2C -1.10e-01 4.25e-03 0.3254
NC_000017.10 PDE6G 5.34e-02 4.25e-03 0.3254
NC_000006.11 LRRC1 -1.30e-01 4.26e-03 0.3254
NC_000001.10 GADD45A -5.28e-02 4.26e-03 0.3255
NC_000011.9 LRRC4C -9.32e-02 4.26e-03 0.3255
NC_000011.9 NLRP6 -8.79e-02 4.26e-03 0.3255
NC_000008.10 LOC286094 4.47e-02 4.26e-03 0.3255
NC_000019.9 MIR125A -4.33e-02 4.26e-03 0.3255
NC_000017.10 KCNJ16 -1.31e-01 4.26e-03 0.3255
NC_000002.11 INHBB -1.38e-01 4.26e-03 0.3255
NC_000012.11 FGF23 4.82e-02 4.27e-03 0.3256
NC_000016.9 LMF1 -1.48e-01 4.27e-03 0.3259
NC_000007.13 IQCE 1.94e-01 4.27e-03 0.326
NC_000011.9 IRF7 -1.08e-01 4.27e-03 0.3261
NC_000004.11 WFS1 1.07e-01 4.28e-03 0.3262
NC_000014.8 KTN1 -1.44e-01 4.28e-03 0.3262
NC_000008.10 FAM110B -7.31e-02 4.28e-03 0.3262
NC_000019.9 SLC7A9 -6.42e-02 4.28e-03 0.3262
NC_000001.10 PSRC1 9.59e-02 4.28e-03 0.3262
NC_000006.11 RPS6KA2 -1.22e-01 4.28e-03 0.3262
NC_000017.10 MARCH10 1.59e-01 4.29e-03 0.3262
NC_000001.10 PPP1R8 -1.20e-01 4.29e-03 0.3262
NC_000002.11 LRP1B -6.38e-02 4.29e-03 0.3262
NC_000001.10 GON4L -6.00e-02 4.29e-03 0.3262
NC_000018.9 ZNF516 -1.55e-01 4.29e-03 0.3262
NC_000005.9 EXOC3 -5.51e-02 4.29e-03 0.3262
NC_000008.10 TRAPPC9 1.10e-01 4.29e-03 0.3262
NC_000019.9 JSRP1 -1.39e-01 4.29e-03 0.3262
NC_000017.10 RHBDF2 -1.82e-01 4.29e-03 0.3262
NC_000020.10 SERINC3 -7.43e-02 4.29e-03 0.3262
NC_000017.10 FAM101B -1.61e-01 4.29e-03 0.3262
NC_000015.9 SNAP23 -7.19e-02 4.29e-03 0.3262
NC_000012.11 BLOC1S1 1.05e-01 4.30e-03 0.3263
NC_000021.8 PRMT2 1.37e-01 4.30e-03 0.3264
NC_000003.11 MYLK -5.39e-02 4.30e-03 0.3264
NC_000020.10 MYL9 -1.64e-01 4.30e-03 0.3264
NC_000001.10 NBPF15 -7.61e-02 4.30e-03 0.3264
NC_000003.11 ZIC4 -4.33e-02 4.30e-03 0.3264
NC_000021.8 KCNE1 -8.37e-02 4.31e-03 0.3264
NC_000002.11 LRRFIP1 -9.64e-02 4.31e-03 0.3264
NC_000006.11 RNF39 1.85e-01 4.31e-03 0.3264
NC_000006.11 C6orf25 -1.17e-01 4.31e-03 0.3264
NC_000019.9 MYH14 -1.15e-01 4.31e-03 0.3264
NC_000016.9 GTF3C1 -6.10e-02 4.31e-03 0.3264
NC_000001.10 ATP2B4 -1.04e-01 4.31e-03 0.3264
NC_000017.10 FAM134C -1.04e-01 4.31e-03 0.3264
NC_000022.10 GRAMD4 -1.84e-01 4.31e-03 0.3264
NC_000001.10 EPHB2 -1.90e-01 4.31e-03 0.3265
NC_000019.9 UHRF1 -8.44e-02 4.31e-03 0.3265
NC_000015.9 THSD4 8.15e-02 4.32e-03 0.3265
NC_000014.8 ESRRB 8.43e-02 4.32e-03 0.3265
NC_000008.10 ST3GAL1 7.31e-02 4.32e-03 0.3265
NC_000002.11 CPS1 4.77e-02 4.32e-03 0.3265
NC_000017.10 GALK1 -1.02e-01 4.32e-03 0.3265
NC_000003.11 PTH1R -9.39e-02 4.32e-03 0.3265
NC_000017.10 TBCD 9.90e-02 4.32e-03 0.3265
NC_000001.10 BTBD19 -6.23e-02 4.32e-03 0.3265
NC_000001.10 MIR548D1 6.41e-02 4.32e-03 0.3265
NC_000013.10 C13orf35 -4.53e-02 4.32e-03 0.3265
NC_000002.11 GGCX -4.24e-02 4.33e-03 0.3265
NC_000001.10 ACOT11 1.40e-01 4.33e-03 0.3265
NC_000005.9 ITGA2 -1.68e-01 4.33e-03 0.3265
NC_000001.10 KNCN 5.59e-02 4.33e-03 0.3265
NC_000001.10 GRIK3 8.17e-02 4.33e-03 0.3265
NC_000020.10 LRRN4 -6.47e-02 4.33e-03 0.3265
NC_000006.11 FAM120B 4.24e-02 4.33e-03 0.3265
NC_000022.10 TCN2 -1.11e-01 4.33e-03 0.3265
NC_000012.11 GPR133 1.23e-01 4.33e-03 0.3266
NC_000002.11 ARHGEF4 -1.20e-01 4.33e-03 0.3266
NC_000012.11 RAPGEF3 -1.11e-01 4.34e-03 0.3266
NC_000016.9 RBL2 -5.35e-02 4.34e-03 0.3266
NC_000010.10 UCN3 -9.15e-02 4.34e-03 0.3266
NC_000013.10 ENOX1 6.05e-02 4.34e-03 0.3266
NC_000006.11 VARS -2.26e-01 4.34e-03 0.3266
NC_000019.9 LTBP4 -6.77e-02 4.34e-03 0.3266
NC_000001.10 LSM10 -5.73e-02 4.34e-03 0.3267
NC_000017.10 SLC39A11 -4.74e-02 4.34e-03 0.3267
NC_000001.10 YIPF1 -1.12e-01 4.34e-03 0.3267
NC_000016.9 CBFA2T3 1.99e-01 4.34e-03 0.3267
NC_000007.13 CLDN15 -1.01e-01 4.34e-03 0.3267
NC_000002.11 EFHD1 -1.05e-01 4.35e-03 0.3267
NC_000004.11 FGFR3 -8.46e-02 4.35e-03 0.3267
NC_000014.8 C14orf50 -5.00e-02 4.35e-03 0.3267
NC_000010.10 LOC283050 6.11e-02 4.35e-03 0.3267
NC_000005.9 PROP1 -6.72e-02 4.35e-03 0.3267
NC_000005.9 TRIM7 8.85e-02 4.35e-03 0.3267
NC_000021.8 SIM2 -1.28e-01 4.35e-03 0.3267
NC_000011.9 NDUFS8 -7.94e-02 4.35e-03 0.3267
NC_000009.11 C9orf140 1.11e-01 4.35e-03 0.3267
NC_000015.9 C2CD4A -1.21e-01 4.35e-03 0.3267
NC_000016.9 MT1H 5.80e-02 4.36e-03 0.3267
NC_000009.11 HIATL1 -5.90e-02 4.36e-03 0.3269
NC_000001.10 MORN1 7.96e-02 4.36e-03 0.3269
NC_000001.10 KIF17 -8.56e-02 4.36e-03 0.3269
NC_000012.11 SH2B3 -1.82e-01 4.36e-03 0.3269
NC_000007.13 TRRAP -1.69e-01 4.36e-03 0.3269
NC_000011.9 PGAP2 -1.32e-01 4.36e-03 0.3269
NC_000015.9 FLJ42289 -8.03e-02 4.37e-03 0.3269
NC_000015.9 FAM103A1 -8.93e-02 4.37e-03 0.3269
NC_000016.9 DOC2A 7.65e-02 4.37e-03 0.3269
NC_000001.10 PRDM16 -1.27e-01 4.37e-03 0.3269
NC_000006.11 TNXB -5.38e-02 4.37e-03 0.3269
NC_000009.11 PTPN3 -1.06e-01 4.37e-03 0.3269
NC_000004.11 KIAA1530 1.18e-01 4.37e-03 0.3269
NC_000002.11 GPR39 -1.74e-01 4.37e-03 0.3269
NC_000010.10 C10orf105 -1.60e-01 4.37e-03 0.3269
NC_000015.9 IGDCC4 7.67e-02 4.37e-03 0.3269
NC_000016.9 FAM38A -1.12e-01 4.37e-03 0.3269
NC_000001.10 HMGCL -9.80e-02 4.37e-03 0.3269
NC_000010.10 C10orf120 7.38e-02 4.38e-03 0.3269
NC_000020.10 CDH4 -1.16e-01 4.38e-03 0.3269
NC_000016.9 QPRT 4.32e-02 4.38e-03 0.3269
NC_000011.9 SYTL2 6.79e-02 4.38e-03 0.3269
NC_000001.10 PRDM16 -2.33e-01 4.38e-03 0.327
NC_000012.11 CCND2 6.87e-02 4.38e-03 0.327
NC_000006.11 TRDN -9.21e-02 4.39e-03 0.3271
NC_000005.9 TRIM7 8.47e-02 4.39e-03 0.3271
NC_000016.9 SNX29 -7.00e-02 4.39e-03 0.3271
NC_000002.11 RFX8 1.41e-01 4.39e-03 0.3271
NC_000008.10 KIAA1688 -1.00e-01 4.39e-03 0.3271
NC_000020.10 RASSF2 -1.15e-01 4.39e-03 0.3271
NC_000019.9 ZNF431 -8.74e-02 4.39e-03 0.3271
NC_000020.10 NFATC2 -1.32e-01 4.39e-03 0.3271
NC_000001.10 RCOR3 5.32e-02 4.39e-03 0.3271
NC_000006.11 CSNK2B -9.16e-02 4.39e-03 0.3271
NC_000016.9 IFT140 -1.25e-01 4.40e-03 0.3271
NC_000002.11 TTL -1.38e-01 4.40e-03 0.3271
NC_000011.9 IL18BP -6.76e-02 4.40e-03 0.3271
NC_000004.11 BEND4 6.13e-02 4.40e-03 0.3271
NC_000016.9 C16orf91 -1.37e-01 4.40e-03 0.3271
NC_000019.9 GMFG 9.81e-02 4.40e-03 0.3271
NC_000019.9 ZNF493 -7.40e-02 4.40e-03 0.3271
NC_000010.10 KIAA1274 -1.52e-01 4.41e-03 0.3271
NC_000013.10 IRS2 1.23e-01 4.41e-03 0.3271
NC_000006.11 PPT2 -1.06e-01 4.41e-03 0.3271
NC_000017.10 C17orf64 -1.76e-01 4.41e-03 0.3271
NC_000010.10 HPSE2 -4.55e-02 4.41e-03 0.3271
NC_000019.9 ITGB1BP3 5.09e-02 4.41e-03 0.3271
NC_000006.11 EGFL8 -8.32e-02 4.41e-03 0.3271
NC_000007.13 KIAA0415 -1.15e-01 4.41e-03 0.3271
NC_000019.9 ZNF473 -1.26e-01 4.41e-03 0.3271
NC_000014.8 PLEKHG3 -9.77e-02 4.41e-03 0.3271
NC_000005.9 PCDHA6 1.24e-01 4.41e-03 0.3271
NC_000011.9 KCNQ1DN 9.06e-02 4.41e-03 0.3271
NC_000002.11 TRAF3IP1 -1.22e-01 4.41e-03 0.3271
NC_000012.11 SLC2A3 -7.41e-02 4.42e-03 0.3271
NC_000001.10 PRDM16 9.56e-02 4.42e-03 0.3271
NC_000001.10 KIRREL 6.76e-02 4.42e-03 0.3271
NC_000015.9 SMAD3 1.04e-01 4.42e-03 0.3271
NC_000006.11 RGL2 -9.24e-02 4.42e-03 0.3271
NC_000016.9 HS3ST6 1.40e-01 4.42e-03 0.3271
NC_000016.9 MAPK8IP3 -1.56e-01 4.42e-03 0.3271
NC_000019.9 ODF3L2 1.46e-01 4.42e-03 0.3271
NC_000018.9 RPL17 -9.37e-02 4.42e-03 0.3271
NC_000004.11 DOK7 1.26e-01 4.42e-03 0.3271
NC_000001.10 CHD5 -7.71e-02 4.42e-03 0.3271
NC_000006.11 VPS52 -5.48e-02 4.42e-03 0.3271
NC_000001.10 KIF2C 7.38e-02 4.42e-03 0.3271
NC_000019.9 C19orf56 3.49e-02 4.42e-03 0.3271
NC_000011.9 C11orf58 7.35e-02 4.43e-03 0.3271
NC_000011.9 SIPA1 -1.25e-01 4.43e-03 0.3271
NC_000004.11 MND1 8.88e-02 4.43e-03 0.3271
NC_000015.9 CHD2 5.09e-02 4.43e-03 0.3271
NC_000010.10 PKD2L1 9.92e-02 4.43e-03 0.3271
NC_000016.9 SLC38A8 -7.19e-02 4.43e-03 0.3272
NC_000014.8 C14orf153 -1.15e-01 4.43e-03 0.3272
NC_000001.10 PRDM16 6.57e-02 4.43e-03 0.3272
NC_000001.10 RIMKLA -1.24e-01 4.43e-03 0.3272
NC_000005.9 FLT4 7.22e-02 4.43e-03 0.3273
NC_000006.11 RREB1 1.57e-01 4.44e-03 0.3273
NC_000001.10 DFFB -5.66e-02 4.44e-03 0.3273
NC_000008.10 ANKRD46 -8.07e-02 4.44e-03 0.3273
NC_000007.13 BAIAP2L1 4.28e-02 4.44e-03 0.3273
NC_000003.11 PTPRG -1.77e-01 4.44e-03 0.3273
NC_000003.11 CCRL2 -1.00e-01 4.44e-03 0.3273
NC_000005.9 CXCL14 6.49e-02 4.44e-03 0.3273
NC_000005.9 ODZ2 -1.27e-01 4.45e-03 0.3273
NC_000004.11 JAKMIP1 1.47e-01 4.45e-03 0.3273
NC_000016.9 HYDIN 4.19e-02 4.45e-03 0.3273
NC_000007.13 CACNA2D1 4.35e-02 4.45e-03 0.3273
NC_000004.11 TBC1D9 -6.16e-02 4.45e-03 0.3275
NC_000003.11 HEG1 -9.61e-02 4.46e-03 0.3276
NC_000003.11 WNT5A -6.38e-02 4.46e-03 0.3276
NC_000007.13 C7orf50 -1.85e-01 4.46e-03 0.3276
NC_000019.9 SIGLEC10 7.62e-02 4.46e-03 0.3277
NC_000019.9 CEACAM6 9.69e-02 4.46e-03 0.3277
NC_000001.10 KIF2C 1.60e-01 4.46e-03 0.3278
NC_000020.10 PREX1 -8.19e-02 4.46e-03 0.3278
NC_000011.9 KLC2 -1.32e-01 4.46e-03 0.3278
NC_000019.9 FBN3 -8.73e-02 4.46e-03 0.3278
NC_000022.10 UPB1 -1.41e-01 4.47e-03 0.3279
NC_000008.10 C8orf74 -2.66e-01 4.47e-03 0.328
NC_000001.10 SH2D5 -7.56e-02 4.47e-03 0.328
NC_000008.10 RIPK2 -7.00e-02 4.48e-03 0.3281
NC_000011.9 MOGAT2 -6.52e-02 4.48e-03 0.3281
NC_000003.11 SEMA5B -9.75e-02 4.48e-03 0.3281
NC_000016.9 BANP -6.16e-02 4.48e-03 0.3281
NC_000005.9 TRIO 5.66e-02 4.48e-03 0.3281
NC_000008.10 CSMD1 -1.95e-01 4.48e-03 0.3281
NC_000001.10 RER1 -9.15e-02 4.48e-03 0.3281
NC_000018.9 FHOD3 -1.48e-01 4.49e-03 0.3281
NC_000013.10 MLNR 1.16e-01 4.49e-03 0.3281
NC_000017.10 ATP2A3 9.12e-02 4.49e-03 0.3281
NC_000004.11 GAK 7.60e-02 4.49e-03 0.3281
NC_000012.11 ARL1 -6.72e-02 4.49e-03 0.3281
NC_000021.8 PCNT -1.16e-01 4.49e-03 0.3281
NC_000001.10 PRDM16 7.77e-02 4.49e-03 0.3281
NC_000012.11 GALNT9 6.38e-02 4.49e-03 0.3281
NC_000010.10 PKD2L1 1.31e-01 4.49e-03 0.3281
NC_000008.10 PVT1 -2.77e-01 4.50e-03 0.3281
NC_000007.13 CLDN15 -9.57e-02 4.50e-03 0.3281
NC_000004.11 KIAA1530 4.22e-02 4.50e-03 0.3281
NC_000011.9 C11orf75 -7.98e-02 4.50e-03 0.3281
NC_000015.9 MYO1E 1.35e-01 4.50e-03 0.3281
NC_000005.9 CD74 1.14e-01 4.50e-03 0.3281
NC_000011.9 C11orf93 -5.71e-02 4.50e-03 0.3281
NC_000022.10 RANBP1 -1.87e-01 4.50e-03 0.3281
NC_000006.11 FKBP5 -9.97e-02 4.50e-03 0.3281
NC_000011.9 LOC100133545 5.84e-02 4.50e-03 0.3281
NC_000001.10 MEGF6 1.21e-01 4.51e-03 0.3281
NC_000006.11 TRIM39 -1.27e-01 4.51e-03 0.3281
NC_000019.9 LOC55908 6.06e-02 4.51e-03 0.3281
NC_000017.10 FBF1 -8.96e-02 4.51e-03 0.3281
NC_000003.11 PLS1 1.71e-01 4.51e-03 0.3281
NC_000005.9 C5orf4 1.01e-01 4.51e-03 0.3281
NC_000001.10 NBPF9 -9.42e-02 4.52e-03 0.3281
NC_000006.11 CNKSR3 8.42e-02 4.52e-03 0.3281
NC_000005.9 SYNPO -8.13e-02 4.52e-03 0.3281
NC_000014.8 C14orf183 -7.30e-02 4.52e-03 0.3282
NC_000012.11 NCKAP1L 1.35e-01 4.52e-03 0.3282
NC_000003.11 FBLN2 -1.60e-01 4.52e-03 0.3282
NC_000006.11 E2F3 1.18e-01 4.52e-03 0.3282
NC_000005.9 GAPT 9.52e-02 4.52e-03 0.3283
NC_000009.11 FIBCD1 2.07e-01 4.53e-03 0.3284
NC_000011.9 FLJ32810 1.58e-01 4.53e-03 0.3284
NC_000022.10 TTLL8 1.24e-01 4.53e-03 0.3284
NC_000001.10 SFRS4 -3.80e-02 4.53e-03 0.3285
NC_000001.10 TTLL10 1.07e-01 4.53e-03 0.3285
NC_000022.10 SYNGR1 -1.21e-01 4.54e-03 0.3287
NC_000005.9 C5orf33 -4.38e-02 4.54e-03 0.3287
NC_000002.11 ACVR1 6.72e-02 4.54e-03 0.3287
NC_000005.9 AFAP1L1 -2.25e-01 4.54e-03 0.3288
NC_000022.10 TBX1 5.31e-02 4.54e-03 0.3288
NC_000015.9 CYFIP1 -1.31e-01 4.54e-03 0.3288
NC_000014.8 PRIMA1 -1.54e-01 4.54e-03 0.3288
NC_000015.9 IGF1R -1.47e-01 4.54e-03 0.3288
NC_000001.10 PRDM16 1.36e-01 4.54e-03 0.3288
NC_000016.9 WFDC1 1.03e-01 4.55e-03 0.3288
NC_000005.9 GFPT2 -1.59e-01 4.55e-03 0.3288
NC_000018.9 ZNF397 4.74e-02 4.55e-03 0.3288
NC_000014.8 NID2 -1.47e-01 4.55e-03 0.3288
NC_000013.10 LATS2 -6.42e-02 4.55e-03 0.3288
NC_000011.9 TMEM132A -1.37e-01 4.55e-03 0.3288
NC_000004.11 PDE5A -6.86e-02 4.55e-03 0.3288
NC_000001.10 C1orf70 7.68e-02 4.55e-03 0.3288
NC_000011.9 MAML2 -1.12e-01 4.55e-03 0.3288
NC_000010.10 MTG1 -1.43e-01 4.55e-03 0.3288
NC_000020.10 HAR1A 4.26e-02 4.55e-03 0.3288
NC_000015.9 DLL4 4.93e-02 4.56e-03 0.3288
NC_000017.10 CBX8 -9.13e-02 4.56e-03 0.3288
NC_000011.9 SLC22A8 -9.66e-02 4.56e-03 0.3288
NC_000011.9 MIR192 1.21e-01 4.56e-03 0.3288
NC_000007.13 C7orf23 -1.09e-01 4.56e-03 0.3288
NC_000002.11 MPP4 3.57e-02 4.56e-03 0.3288
NC_000021.8 PCNT 7.14e-02 4.56e-03 0.3288
NC_000012.11 CCND2 8.26e-02 4.56e-03 0.3288
NC_000016.9 FBXL19 -1.50e-01 4.56e-03 0.3289
NC_000002.11 POLR1B -1.26e-01 4.56e-03 0.3289
NC_000012.11 ULK1 -1.25e-01 4.56e-03 0.3289
NC_000009.11 CAMSAP1 -7.48e-02 4.57e-03 0.3289
NC_000019.9 EVI5L -1.13e-01 4.57e-03 0.3289
NC_000008.10 CSMD1 -9.55e-02 4.57e-03 0.3289
NC_000006.11 C6orf10 -1.58e-01 4.57e-03 0.3289
NC_000018.9 KCTD1 -5.32e-02 4.57e-03 0.3289
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 -1.52e-01 4.57e-03 0.3289
NC_000020.10 LBP -8.30e-02 4.57e-03 0.3289
NC_000002.11 SGOL2 -1.54e-01 4.57e-03 0.3289
NC_000009.11 NOTCH1 -1.75e-01 4.58e-03 0.3289
NC_000014.8 LTBP2 6.94e-02 4.58e-03 0.3289
NC_000011.9 PC 9.39e-02 4.58e-03 0.3289
NC_000012.11 LIMA1 -4.59e-02 4.58e-03 0.3289
NC_000009.11 DBH -7.25e-02 4.58e-03 0.3289
NC_000005.9 PRR16 -7.88e-02 4.58e-03 0.3289
NC_000014.8 LGALS3 -1.16e-01 4.58e-03 0.3289
NC_000001.10 TMCO4 -8.44e-02 4.58e-03 0.3289
NC_000013.10 SLAIN1 -1.02e-01 4.58e-03 0.3289
NC_000005.9 STK10 6.11e-02 4.58e-03 0.3289
NC_000007.13 GNAI1 -7.87e-02 4.59e-03 0.3289
NC_000019.9 MAST1 -9.78e-02 4.59e-03 0.3289
NC_000004.11 EVC2 9.77e-02 4.59e-03 0.3289
NC_000007.13 BRAF -6.46e-02 4.59e-03 0.3289
NC_000001.10 PRDM16 -8.89e-02 4.59e-03 0.3289
NC_000006.11 PARK2 -1.60e-01 4.59e-03 0.3289
NC_000011.9 EPS8L2 -8.39e-02 4.59e-03 0.3289
NC_000001.10 LGR6 4.26e-02 4.59e-03 0.3289
NC_000004.11 TBC1D14 -1.37e-01 4.59e-03 0.3289
NC_000002.11 STK25 -9.43e-02 4.60e-03 0.3289
NC_000010.10 PFKFB3 -8.95e-02 4.60e-03 0.3289
NC_000006.11 SASH1 -9.58e-02 4.60e-03 0.3289
NC_000002.11 TMEM131 -1.35e-01 4.60e-03 0.3289
NC_000019.9 EFNA2 -2.19e-01 4.60e-03 0.3289
NC_000016.9 GLIS2 6.04e-02 4.60e-03 0.3289
NC_000005.9 COL23A1 -6.58e-02 4.60e-03 0.3289
NC_000006.11 TNXB -4.02e-02 4.60e-03 0.3289
NC_000001.10 DIRAS3 5.93e-02 4.60e-03 0.3289
NC_000009.11 CACNA1B -2.04e-01 4.60e-03 0.3289
NC_000016.9 RRN3P3 -1.12e-01 4.60e-03 0.3289
NC_000011.9 TRIM29 -8.15e-02 4.61e-03 0.3289
NC_000005.9 SPINK5 7.93e-02 4.61e-03 0.3289
NC_000008.10 EFHA2 -8.57e-02 4.61e-03 0.3289
NC_000006.11 F13A1 -2.19e-01 4.61e-03 0.3289
NC_000016.9 FOXL1 6.37e-02 4.61e-03 0.3289
NC_000016.9 CLEC16A -9.99e-02 4.61e-03 0.3289
NC_000020.10 TASP1 -1.10e-01 4.61e-03 0.3289
NC_000003.11 BOC -9.89e-02 4.61e-03 0.3289
NC_000005.9 EBF1 8.10e-02 4.61e-03 0.3289
NC_000008.10 COLEC10 -1.83e-01 4.61e-03 0.3289
NC_000009.11 FBP2 9.52e-02 4.61e-03 0.3289
NC_000019.9 MAG 7.07e-02 4.62e-03 0.329
NC_000008.10 TACC1 6.52e-02 4.62e-03 0.329
NC_000011.9 ANO1 7.94e-02 4.62e-03 0.329
NC_000003.11 KIAA0226 -9.15e-02 4.62e-03 0.329
NC_000002.11 SRD5A2 -6.83e-02 4.62e-03 0.329
NC_000012.11 EP400NL -7.20e-02 4.62e-03 0.329
NC_000002.11 SLC11A1 4.98e-02 4.62e-03 0.329
NC_000006.11 CLIC5 -6.62e-02 4.62e-03 0.329
NC_000009.11 LAMC3 -4.86e-02 4.62e-03 0.329
NC_000002.11 STAT1 6.65e-02 4.62e-03 0.329
NC_000023.10 MIR1256 5.89e-02 4.62e-03 0.329
NC_000007.13 ZNF107 -1.13e-01 4.63e-03 0.3292
NC_000003.11 MTMR14 -1.04e-01 4.63e-03 0.3293
NC_000007.13 CYP3A5 -8.59e-02 4.63e-03 0.3293
NC_000003.11 FBLN2 -1.34e-01 4.64e-03 0.3295
NC_000003.11 MAPKAPK3 -8.49e-02 4.64e-03 0.3296
NC_000002.11 C2orf65 -4.87e-02 4.64e-03 0.3296
NC_000005.9 HNRNPAB 5.59e-02 4.64e-03 0.3296
NC_000007.13 CCDC136 -9.69e-02 4.64e-03 0.3296
NC_000001.10 SYT6 1.11e-01 4.64e-03 0.3296
NC_000013.10 MIR548F5 -1.09e-01 4.64e-03 0.3297
NC_000007.13 OR6V1 1.29e-01 4.65e-03 0.3297
NC_000017.10 UNC13D 4.21e-02 4.65e-03 0.3297
NC_000016.9 LOC342346 -1.90e-01 4.65e-03 0.3297
NC_000006.11 HLA-DMA -1.90e-01 4.65e-03 0.3297
NC_000008.10 PHYHIP -4.10e-02 4.65e-03 0.3297
NC_000002.11 KLHL29 -7.12e-02 4.65e-03 0.3297
NC_000006.11 TRIM39 -1.15e-01 4.65e-03 0.3297
NC_000022.10 APOL6 -8.72e-02 4.65e-03 0.3297
NC_000010.10 GPR158 -7.03e-02 4.66e-03 0.3298
NC_000006.11 LEMD2 -6.35e-02 4.66e-03 0.3298
NC_000020.10 SNX21 -9.15e-02 4.66e-03 0.3298
NC_000022.10 SF3A1 -1.34e-01 4.66e-03 0.3298
NC_000003.11 FNDC3B -8.02e-02 4.66e-03 0.3298
NC_000012.11 MMP17 -1.05e-01 4.66e-03 0.3298
NC_000001.10 EPHA10 -9.00e-02 4.66e-03 0.3298
NC_000004.11 KLKB1 -5.70e-02 4.66e-03 0.3298
NC_000003.11 MBNL1 -1.68e-01 4.66e-03 0.3298
NC_000006.11 CCHCR1 -6.72e-02 4.67e-03 0.3298
NC_000011.9 SLC3A2 -1.13e-01 4.67e-03 0.3298
NC_000008.10 SNTB1 4.14e-02 4.67e-03 0.3298
NC_000016.9 MSLN -8.60e-02 4.67e-03 0.3298
NC_000006.11 DDX43 -1.63e-01 4.67e-03 0.3298
NC_000005.9 SLIT3 -8.56e-02 4.67e-03 0.3298
NC_000012.11 TCTN1 -1.37e-01 4.67e-03 0.3298
NC_000002.11 MGC13005 -1.10e-01 4.68e-03 0.3298
NC_000021.8 MRPS6 -1.15e-01 4.68e-03 0.3298
NC_000002.11 LIMS2 -6.81e-02 4.68e-03 0.3298
NC_000013.10 SPERT 1.47e-01 4.68e-03 0.3298
NC_000002.11 SNED1 -7.14e-02 4.68e-03 0.3298
NC_000001.10 SAMD11 -6.76e-02 4.68e-03 0.3298
NC_000003.11 FHIT -1.07e-01 4.68e-03 0.3298
NC_000012.11 FAM101A -1.54e-01 4.68e-03 0.3298
NC_000002.11 GALNT13 -7.73e-02 4.68e-03 0.3298
NC_000001.10 TMEM51 -1.07e-01 4.69e-03 0.3298
NC_000017.10 KIF18B -1.09e-01 4.69e-03 0.3298
NC_000015.9 AGBL1 -1.42e-01 4.69e-03 0.3298
NC_000015.9 OCA2 -8.46e-02 4.69e-03 0.3298
NC_000010.10 ZCCHC24 -9.47e-02 4.69e-03 0.3298
NC_000014.8 ESRRB -7.66e-02 4.69e-03 0.3298
NC_000016.9 PKD1 2.03e-01 4.69e-03 0.3298
NC_000004.11 TBC1D1 -9.92e-02 4.69e-03 0.3298
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 -9.62e-02 4.69e-03 0.3298
NC_000002.11 FAM49A -2.21e-01 4.69e-03 0.3298
NC_000001.10 MFN2 -4.51e-02 4.69e-03 0.3298
NC_000012.11 TAOK3 -1.42e-01 4.69e-03 0.3298
NC_000006.11 ABT1 -6.07e-02 4.70e-03 0.3298
NC_000021.8 PCNT 6.82e-02 4.70e-03 0.3298
NC_000019.9 GPR4 5.79e-02 4.70e-03 0.3298
NC_000022.10 C22orf46 6.68e-02 4.70e-03 0.3298
NC_000018.9 CIDEA 1.11e-01 4.70e-03 0.3298
NC_000001.10 PCNXL2 -9.04e-02 4.70e-03 0.3298
NC_000012.11 CPSF6 -8.98e-02 4.70e-03 0.3298
NC_000017.10 RPTOR -9.22e-02 4.70e-03 0.3298
NC_000016.9 SLC7A5 6.55e-02 4.70e-03 0.3298
NC_000001.10 PRDM16 1.10e-01 4.71e-03 0.3299
NC_000011.9 NTM 9.94e-02 4.71e-03 0.3299
NC_000019.9 MYH14 -1.45e-01 4.71e-03 0.3299
NC_000022.10 PARVG -8.74e-02 4.71e-03 0.3299
NC_000004.11 LAP3 -1.75e-01 4.71e-03 0.3299
NC_000001.10 C1orf69 -1.32e-01 4.71e-03 0.33
NC_000006.11 OR2H1 9.92e-02 4.71e-03 0.33
NC_000019.9 MADCAM1 -1.09e-01 4.72e-03 0.33
NC_000011.9 PANX3 6.82e-02 4.72e-03 0.33
NC_000019.9 GRIN2D 9.54e-02 4.72e-03 0.33
NC_000011.9 NDUFV1 -7.80e-02 4.72e-03 0.33
NC_000002.11 GTF2A1L -7.88e-02 4.72e-03 0.33
NC_000013.10 DOCK9 -1.71e-01 4.72e-03 0.33
NC_000016.9 GPRC5B -7.93e-02 4.72e-03 0.33
NC_000008.10 DOK2 -7.97e-02 4.72e-03 0.33
NC_000002.11 UNC50 -1.54e-01 4.72e-03 0.33
NC_000011.9 ALDH3B2 1.42e-01 4.72e-03 0.33
NC_000006.11 CFB -5.99e-02 4.72e-03 0.33
NC_000021.8 ITGB2 -1.65e-01 4.72e-03 0.33
NC_000006.11 PTPRK -9.18e-02 4.73e-03 0.33
NC_000016.9 CLUAP1 -1.10e-01 4.73e-03 0.33
NC_000011.9 BACE1 -4.14e-02 4.73e-03 0.33
NC_000002.11 REEP1 -4.14e-02 4.73e-03 0.33
NC_000002.11 C2orf88 8.18e-02 4.73e-03 0.33
NC_000001.10 LAPTM5 9.24e-02 4.73e-03 0.33
NC_000008.10 PLEC1 -1.08e-01 4.73e-03 0.3301
NC_000016.9 DCI -1.12e-01 4.73e-03 0.3302
NC_000010.10 SEPHS1 -8.41e-02 4.74e-03 0.3302
NC_000006.11 GABBR1 -6.78e-02 4.74e-03 0.3302
NC_000007.13 YWHAG -4.10e-02 4.74e-03 0.3302
NC_000012.11 NCOR2 -7.60e-02 4.74e-03 0.3302
NC_000007.13 PMS2L11 -1.26e-01 4.74e-03 0.3302
NC_000007.13 SDK1 6.16e-02 4.74e-03 0.3302
NC_000001.10 S100A2 -9.21e-02 4.74e-03 0.3302
NC_000011.9 FADS2 -1.47e-01 4.74e-03 0.3302
NC_000015.9 ADAMTS17 -1.04e-01 4.74e-03 0.3302
NC_000015.9 SCAMP2 -1.11e-01 4.74e-03 0.3302
NC_000019.9 CTU1 -2.63e-01 4.74e-03 0.3302
NC_000011.9 YAP1 7.07e-02 4.74e-03 0.3302
NC_000023.10 MIR509-2 1.00e-01 4.74e-03 0.3302
NC_000022.10 CARD10 9.03e-02 4.75e-03 0.3302
NC_000012.11 LGR5 -1.03e-01 4.75e-03 0.3302
NC_000006.11 C6orf10 1.43e-01 4.75e-03 0.3304
NC_000011.9 SPTBN2 -1.10e-01 4.75e-03 0.3304
NC_000007.13 FOXK1 7.02e-02 4.75e-03 0.3304
NC_000014.8 ACIN1 -1.25e-01 4.75e-03 0.3304
NC_000007.13 DPP6 -2.10e-01 4.75e-03 0.3304
NC_000022.10 PICK1 -8.40e-02 4.75e-03 0.3304
NC_000007.13 ABCB4 -9.91e-02 4.76e-03 0.3304
NC_000006.11 CDSN -7.15e-02 4.76e-03 0.3304
NC_000016.9 AQP8 -2.15e-01 4.76e-03 0.3304
NC_000003.11 CCR2 -7.89e-02 4.76e-03 0.3304
NC_000006.11 PPT2 -6.75e-02 4.76e-03 0.3304
NC_000001.10 AKR7L -7.60e-02 4.76e-03 0.3304
NC_000008.10 RBPMS 4.69e-02 4.76e-03 0.3304
NC_000016.9 C16orf52 -9.94e-02 4.76e-03 0.3304
NC_000008.10 MYC -2.25e-01 4.76e-03 0.3304
NC_000017.10 MYO1C -1.73e-01 4.77e-03 0.3305
NC_000001.10 NPHP4 -1.38e-01 4.77e-03 0.3305
NC_000017.10 AATK 3.02e-01 4.77e-03 0.3305
NC_000012.11 TMEM132D -6.56e-02 4.77e-03 0.3305
NC_000017.10 BAHCC1 7.34e-02 4.77e-03 0.3305
NC_000012.11 TMEM106C -1.34e-01 4.77e-03 0.3305
NC_000001.10 COL24A1 7.33e-02 4.77e-03 0.3305
NC_000023.10 TMEM27 7.48e-02 4.77e-03 0.3305
NC_000016.9 ACSF3 -1.72e-01 4.77e-03 0.3305
NC_000006.11 TAPBP -1.04e-01 4.78e-03 0.3305
NC_000008.10 ERICH1 -6.27e-02 4.78e-03 0.3306
NC_000019.9 ZNF780B 4.56e-02 4.78e-03 0.3307
NC_000012.11 HMGA2 -9.94e-02 4.78e-03 0.3307
NC_000008.10 C8orf80 1.10e-01 4.78e-03 0.3307
NC_000005.9 IQGAP2 -6.44e-02 4.78e-03 0.3307
NC_000022.10 PARVB -1.08e-01 4.79e-03 0.3307
NC_000016.9 KLHDC4 6.37e-02 4.79e-03 0.3307
NC_000005.9 FER -1.12e-01 4.79e-03 0.3307
NC_000001.10 CD1D -1.09e-01 4.79e-03 0.3307
NC_000012.11 VWF -7.52e-02 4.79e-03 0.3307
NC_000011.9 LRP5 1.56e-01 4.79e-03 0.3308
NC_000007.13 TNRC18 -1.72e-01 4.79e-03 0.3309
NC_000016.9 SNORA10 -8.08e-02 4.80e-03 0.3309
NC_000007.13 MAD1L1 -8.25e-02 4.80e-03 0.3309
NC_000002.11 CTNNA2 -9.52e-02 4.80e-03 0.3309
NC_000003.11 GFM1 -1.44e-01 4.80e-03 0.331
NC_000001.10 SLC35F3 -1.34e-01 4.80e-03 0.3311
NC_000017.10 UBB -1.60e-01 4.80e-03 0.3311
NC_000017.10 ACCN1 -8.05e-02 4.80e-03 0.3311
NC_000019.9 CEACAM4 9.51e-02 4.80e-03 0.3311
NC_000010.10 VAX1 -5.79e-02 4.80e-03 0.3311
NC_000019.9 DOT1L -1.62e-01 4.80e-03 0.3311
NC_000001.10 MAPKAPK2 -1.07e-01 4.81e-03 0.3312
NC_000004.11 UGT8 -1.03e-01 4.81e-03 0.3312
NC_000017.10 SLC13A2 -9.91e-02 4.81e-03 0.3312
NC_000001.10 PRDM16 -1.29e-01 4.81e-03 0.3313
NC_000005.9 PDZD2 9.27e-02 4.81e-03 0.3313
NC_000001.10 CCDC17 -1.07e-01 4.81e-03 0.3313
NC_000003.11 GPR87 -8.90e-02 4.81e-03 0.3313
NC_000017.10 SPNS2 -7.07e-02 4.81e-03 0.3313
NC_000019.9 RPL13AP5 -6.57e-02 4.81e-03 0.3313
NC_000006.11 TRIM26 -4.71e-02 4.81e-03 0.3313
NC_000007.13 EGFR -5.26e-02 4.82e-03 0.3314
NC_000005.9 THOC3 -1.21e-01 4.82e-03 0.3315
NC_000001.10 PRDM16 8.09e-02 4.82e-03 0.3316
NC_000016.9 ZNF75A -1.37e-01 4.82e-03 0.3316
NC_000019.9 FIZ1 -2.14e-01 4.83e-03 0.3317
NC_000007.13 PODXL 6.94e-02 4.83e-03 0.3317
NC_000010.10 KAZALD1 -1.25e-01 4.83e-03 0.3319
NC_000006.11 C6orf223 -9.57e-02 4.83e-03 0.3319
NC_000004.11 SEC24D -1.21e-01 4.84e-03 0.3321
NC_000002.11 FZD5 1.41e-01 4.84e-03 0.3321
NC_000001.10 WDR64 1.15e-01 4.84e-03 0.3321
NC_000016.9 PDPR -5.44e-02 4.84e-03 0.3322
NC_000010.10 NDUFB8 -8.60e-02 4.84e-03 0.3322
NC_000011.9 KCNQ1 -6.01e-02 4.85e-03 0.3322
NC_000019.9 ARRDC5 -1.40e-01 4.85e-03 0.3322
NC_000001.10 LCE3E 4.23e-02 4.85e-03 0.3322
NC_000001.10 GJB3 1.27e-01 4.85e-03 0.3322
NC_000004.11 NR3C2 -1.07e-01 4.85e-03 0.3322
NC_000006.11 PSMB8 -8.91e-02 4.85e-03 0.3322
NC_000001.10 OR10K2 -8.07e-02 4.85e-03 0.3322
NC_000009.11 ROR2 6.53e-02 4.85e-03 0.3322
NC_000009.11 ADAMTSL1 -1.51e-01 4.85e-03 0.3322
NC_000015.9 MNS1 -1.38e-01 4.85e-03 0.3323
NC_000011.9 ABTB2 -5.10e-02 4.85e-03 0.3323
NC_000001.10 PTCHD2 -1.41e-01 4.86e-03 0.3323
NC_000005.9 MAPK9 5.76e-02 4.86e-03 0.3323
NC_000019.9 PHLDB3 -1.20e-01 4.86e-03 0.3323
NC_000006.11 TAP1 -9.12e-02 4.86e-03 0.3323
NC_000010.10 ADARB2 -1.14e-01 4.86e-03 0.3323
NC_000016.9 ACSF3 -4.67e-02 4.86e-03 0.3324
NC_000017.10 KRTAP4-4 -1.18e-01 4.86e-03 0.3324
NC_000007.13 TECPR1 -2.38e-01 4.86e-03 0.3324
NC_000006.11 ATG5 -7.88e-02 4.87e-03 0.3325
NC_000022.10 KIAA1671 -1.67e-01 4.87e-03 0.3325
NC_000010.10 CDH23 -9.49e-02 4.87e-03 0.3325
NC_000011.9 NRXN2 4.57e-02 4.87e-03 0.3327
NC_000002.11 RFX8 1.70e-01 4.87e-03 0.3327
NC_000001.10 ADAR -6.51e-02 4.88e-03 0.3327
NC_000001.10 DNM3 -1.01e-01 4.88e-03 0.3327
NC_000006.11 TTBK1 -1.76e-01 4.88e-03 0.3327
NC_000012.11 C1RL -1.13e-01 4.88e-03 0.3327
NC_000011.9 NAV2 1.06e-01 4.88e-03 0.3327
NC_000006.11 MOG 8.27e-02 4.88e-03 0.3327
NC_000007.13 C7orf10 5.68e-02 4.88e-03 0.3327
NC_000004.11 SRD5A3 -1.40e-01 4.88e-03 0.3327
NC_000022.10 SLC25A18 -1.23e-01 4.88e-03 0.3327
NC_000001.10 SLC1A7 1.51e-01 4.88e-03 0.3327
NC_000006.11 NFKBIL1 -8.17e-02 4.88e-03 0.3327
NC_000007.13 MAD1L1 -9.44e-02 4.89e-03 0.3327
NC_000017.10 RPH3AL -1.29e-01 4.89e-03 0.3327
NC_000021.8 KCNE1 -1.25e-01 4.89e-03 0.3327
NC_000017.10 C17orf37 -7.42e-02 4.89e-03 0.3327
NC_000004.11 FLJ39653 -1.02e-01 4.89e-03 0.3327
NC_000006.11 BAT3 -8.38e-02 4.89e-03 0.3327
NC_000020.10 BLCAP -9.70e-02 4.89e-03 0.3327
NC_000006.11 TAPBP -5.21e-02 4.89e-03 0.3329
NC_000023.10 DMD 9.22e-02 4.89e-03 0.3329
NC_000017.10 PYY 5.66e-02 4.90e-03 0.3329
NC_000006.11 C6orf186 -7.43e-02 4.90e-03 0.3331
NC_000008.10 PXDNL 7.14e-02 4.90e-03 0.3331
NC_000001.10 MAD2L2 -1.23e-01 4.90e-03 0.3331
NC_000020.10 SLC4A11 3.66e-02 4.90e-03 0.3332
NC_000001.10 HTR6 8.38e-02 4.90e-03 0.3332
NC_000001.10 VPS13D -8.28e-02 4.91e-03 0.3332
NC_000019.9 PGLYRP1 -1.01e-01 4.91e-03 0.3332
NC_000011.9 NELL1 7.71e-02 4.91e-03 0.3333
NC_000012.11 RIMBP2 3.73e-02 4.91e-03 0.3333
NC_000015.9 FAM98B -1.10e-01 4.91e-03 0.3333
NC_000001.10 AADACL4 1.38e-01 4.92e-03 0.3333
NC_000005.9 TRIO -1.46e-01 4.92e-03 0.3333
NC_000001.10 ALG6 -1.16e-01 4.92e-03 0.3333
NC_000001.10 CLDN19 5.40e-02 4.92e-03 0.3333
NC_000009.11 SETX 1.88e-01 4.92e-03 0.3333
NC_000016.9 FBRS -8.62e-02 4.92e-03 0.3333
NC_000017.10 RPTOR 1.19e-01 4.92e-03 0.3333
NC_000014.8 FOXN3 -2.22e-01 4.92e-03 0.3333
NC_000007.13 LOC154822 1.53e-01 4.92e-03 0.3333
NC_000019.9 CNFN 1.02e-01 4.92e-03 0.3333
NC_000012.11 GPR133 9.63e-02 4.92e-03 0.3333
NC_000007.13 TNPO3 -8.06e-02 4.92e-03 0.3333
NC_000019.9 MYH14 -7.70e-02 4.93e-03 0.3333
NC_000004.11 OTUD4 -7.01e-02 4.93e-03 0.3333
NC_000005.9 DMXL1 -1.38e-01 4.93e-03 0.3333
NC_000012.11 TSPAN9 -6.15e-02 4.93e-03 0.3333
NC_000006.11 RPS6KA2 -1.71e-01 4.93e-03 0.3334
NC_000005.9 COL23A1 -9.17e-02 4.93e-03 0.3334
NC_000001.10 LIX1L -4.89e-02 4.93e-03 0.3334
NC_000017.10 MRM1 8.09e-02 4.93e-03 0.3334
NC_000006.11 HLA-DRA 1.24e-01 4.93e-03 0.3334
NC_000001.10 USP48 -9.52e-02 4.94e-03 0.3334
NC_000005.9 PLEKHG4B -9.14e-02 4.94e-03 0.3334
NC_000020.10 HAR1B 9.01e-02 4.94e-03 0.3334
NC_000008.10 PXDNL -9.08e-02 4.94e-03 0.3334
NC_000003.11 TGFBR2 -4.72e-02 4.94e-03 0.3334
NC_000012.11 TAS2R7 1.09e-01 4.94e-03 0.3334
NC_000004.11 SEC24D -1.00e-01 4.94e-03 0.3335
NC_000008.10 TRAPPC9 -1.43e-01 4.94e-03 0.3335
NC_000021.8 COL18A1 4.77e-02 4.94e-03 0.3336
NC_000012.11 C12orf42 6.42e-02 4.94e-03 0.3336
NC_000010.10 ZNF239 -1.39e-01 4.95e-03 0.3336
NC_000006.11 NOTCH4 -5.66e-02 4.95e-03 0.3336
NC_000001.10 CCDC23 3.79e-02 4.95e-03 0.3336
NC_000011.9 ALDH3B2 8.84e-02 4.95e-03 0.3336
NC_000008.10 XKR4 -8.00e-02 4.95e-03 0.3337
NC_000010.10 OAT 1.39e-01 4.96e-03 0.334
NC_000011.9 ALX4 -6.31e-02 4.96e-03 0.334
NC_000006.11 MICA -1.23e-01 4.96e-03 0.334
NC_000001.10 AGBL4 -1.09e-01 4.96e-03 0.334
NC_000007.13 TMEM176B -1.59e-01 4.96e-03 0.3341
NC_000002.11 SPHKAP -9.81e-02 4.96e-03 0.3341
NC_000018.9 RTTN -7.67e-02 4.96e-03 0.3341
NC_000023.10 GPM6B -1.75e-01 4.96e-03 0.3341
NC_000006.11 TNXB -4.69e-02 4.97e-03 0.3342
NC_000001.10 CASZ1 -7.16e-02 4.97e-03 0.3343
NC_000016.9 LCMT1 -7.18e-02 4.97e-03 0.3343
NC_000009.11 CIZ1 -9.90e-02 4.97e-03 0.3343
NC_000015.9 SMAD6 9.52e-02 4.98e-03 0.3343
NC_000002.11 HK2 -6.45e-02 4.98e-03 0.3343
NC_000008.10 TSNARE1 -1.01e-01 4.98e-03 0.3343
NC_000001.10 CTPS 6.85e-02 4.98e-03 0.3343
NC_000017.10 NXN -1.15e-01 4.98e-03 0.3343
NC_000016.9 LMF1 -5.62e-02 4.98e-03 0.3343
NC_000011.9 FOXR1 6.80e-02 4.98e-03 0.3343
NC_000003.11 TRPC1 -8.85e-02 4.98e-03 0.3343
NC_000001.10 OBSCN 5.99e-02 4.98e-03 0.3343
NC_000002.11 ANKMY1 -1.58e-01 4.98e-03 0.3343
NC_000011.9 LTBP3 -4.38e-02 4.98e-03 0.3343
NC_000006.11 MAP3K5 1.03e-01 4.99e-03 0.3343
NC_000001.10 BEND5 3.85e-02 4.99e-03 0.3343
NC_000020.10 C20orf54 -5.79e-02 4.99e-03 0.3343
NC_000009.11 TRIM14 -1.51e-01 4.99e-03 0.3343
NC_000001.10 NES 6.94e-02 4.99e-03 0.3343
NC_000006.11 MICB -2.24e-01 4.99e-03 0.3343
NC_000001.10 TNNI1 1.33e-01 4.99e-03 0.3343
NC_000017.10 THOC4 -1.13e-01 4.99e-03 0.3343
NC_000019.9 MAP4K1 -8.48e-02 4.99e-03 0.3343
NC_000006.11 SLC22A23 -7.07e-02 4.99e-03 0.3343
NC_000005.9 EFNA5 -1.82e-01 4.99e-03 0.3343
NC_000001.10 PPIE 7.49e-02 4.99e-03 0.3343
NC_000007.13 LOC723809 -8.37e-02 5.00e-03 0.3345
NC_000002.11 ANO7 7.54e-02 5.00e-03 0.3345
NC_000008.10 RHPN1 9.07e-02 5.00e-03 0.3345
NC_000001.10 CCDC21 -1.57e-01 5.00e-03 0.3346
NC_000006.11 NR2E1 -5.15e-02 5.00e-03 0.3346
NC_000017.10 TBC1D16 9.30e-02 5.00e-03 0.3346
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 -1.12e-01 5.00e-03 0.3346
NC_000010.10 LRRC20 3.92e-02 5.00e-03 0.3347
NC_000011.9 MPPED2 -8.09e-02 5.01e-03 0.3347
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 -9.98e-02 5.01e-03 0.3349
NC_000015.9 SH2D7 1.11e-01 5.01e-03 0.3349
NC_000001.10 PRDM16 1.34e-01 5.01e-03 0.3349
NC_000001.10 CSRP1 -8.86e-02 5.01e-03 0.3349
NC_000014.8 PNP -5.20e-02 5.01e-03 0.3349
NC_000015.9 FAM174B 1.19e-01 5.02e-03 0.3353
NC_000006.11 C6orf10 -1.04e-01 5.02e-03 0.3353
NC_000017.10 HIGD1B 7.78e-02 5.02e-03 0.3353
NC_000001.10 FMO9P -3.88e-02 5.03e-03 0.3353
NC_000002.11 ACYP2 -9.89e-02 5.03e-03 0.3353
NC_000022.10 PDGFB -1.35e-01 5.03e-03 0.3353
NC_000004.11 SH3BP2 -9.99e-02 5.03e-03 0.3353
NC_000008.10 TSNARE1 -9.13e-02 5.03e-03 0.3353
NC_000006.11 C6orf89 -5.05e-02 5.03e-03 0.3353
NC_000012.11 CMKLR1 -1.17e-01 5.03e-03 0.3353
NC_000003.11 FAM55C -7.50e-02 5.03e-03 0.3353
NC_000023.10 AKAP14 -3.98e-02 5.03e-03 0.3353
NC_000004.11 SORBS2 -2.31e-01 5.03e-03 0.3353
NC_000019.9 GRIN2D -1.69e-01 5.03e-03 0.3353
NC_000010.10 THNSL1 -9.95e-02 5.03e-03 0.3353
NC_000001.10 CA6 -7.41e-02 5.04e-03 0.3353
NC_000019.9 SUV420H2 -6.11e-02 5.04e-03 0.3353
NC_000011.9 C1QTNF5 -7.43e-02 5.04e-03 0.3353
NC_000007.13 TMEM106B -1.52e-01 5.04e-03 0.3353
NC_000001.10 PRDM16 1.24e-01 5.04e-03 0.3353
NC_000002.11 EEF1B2 -6.69e-02 5.04e-03 0.3353
NC_000002.11 MOGS -1.14e-01 5.04e-03 0.3353
NC_000012.11 FAM90A1 -9.69e-02 5.04e-03 0.3353
NC_000007.13 MYH16 -1.36e-01 5.04e-03 0.3353
NC_000015.9 MCTP2 5.35e-02 5.04e-03 0.3353
NC_000016.9 OSGIN1 -8.12e-02 5.05e-03 0.3353
NC_000008.10 EPPK1 1.04e-01 5.05e-03 0.3353
NC_000002.11 TNS1 1.18e-01 5.05e-03 0.3353
NC_000017.10 TBX2 -1.03e-01 5.05e-03 0.3353
NC_000007.13 GLI3 -1.64e-01 5.05e-03 0.3353
NC_000003.11 ITIH3 6.13e-02 5.05e-03 0.3353
NC_000022.10 RPL3 -3.59e-02 5.06e-03 0.3353
NC_000008.10 ARHGEF10 -1.14e-01 5.06e-03 0.3353
NC_000001.10 TAF12 -8.11e-02 5.06e-03 0.3353
NC_000012.11 SCARNA12 -6.05e-02 5.06e-03 0.3353
NC_000008.10 TSNARE1 -9.73e-02 5.06e-03 0.3353
NC_000003.11 IL5RA 6.68e-02 5.06e-03 0.3353
NC_000002.11 MYT1L