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Basic Information

The table below details the source and basic information of this item.

Title Content
iBAD ID iBAD_0000285
Karyotype Trisomy 21
Type Methylation profiling by array
Diseases Down syndrome with Alzheimer's disease
Organism Homo sapiens
Tissue Brain
Cell Line Cerebral cortex
Platform GPL13534
Accession GSE57360
GEO Title GeNme-scale profiling of the DNA methylation landscape in human neurological disorders (BeadChip)
PMID 26784972
Article Title Human DNA methylomes of neurodegenerative diseases show common epigeNmic patterns
Author Sanchez-Mut JV, Heyn H, Vidal E, Moran S, Sayols S, Delgado-Morales R, Schultz MD, Ansoleaga B, Garcia-Esparcia P, Pons-Espinal M, de Lagran MM, Dopazo J, RabaN A, Avila J, Dierssen M, Lott I, Ferrer I, Ecker JR, Esteller M
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Differentially Expressed Genes

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Gene ID Gene Name logFC P-value P-adj
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 6.72e-01 7.04e-08 0.0342
NC_000010.10 MGMT -3.26e-01 1.93e-07 0.0468
NC_000015.9 UNC45A 2.96e-01 3.64e-07 0.0484
NC_000011.9 AQP11 2.31e-01 3.99e-07 0.0484
NC_000002.11 CACNB4 -1.46e-01 1.07e-06 0.0788
NC_000019.9 JSRP1 1.79e-01 1.14e-06 0.0788
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 -1.64e-01 1.89e-06 0.1106
NC_000015.9 RAB27A -1.58e-01 2.28e-06 0.1106
NC_000013.10 HS6ST3 -2.78e-01 5.45e-06 0.1748
NC_000010.10 DIP2C -1.42e-01 6.20e-06 0.1748
NC_000020.10 COL20A1 -9.47e-02 6.58e-06 0.1748
NC_000008.10 FAM83H 3.72e-01 7.42e-06 0.1748
NC_000012.11 C12orf54 -1.14e-01 7.73e-06 0.1748
NC_000008.10 PKHD1L1 1.43e-01 7.92e-06 0.1748
NC_000011.9 IGSF22 1.16e-01 8.65e-06 0.1762
NC_000012.11 ETV6 -1.16e-01 8.71e-06 0.1762
NC_000010.10 MMP21 1.45e-01 9.97e-06 0.1937
NC_000002.11 NT5C1B 1.50e-01 1.24e-05 0.2076
NC_000010.10 ADARB2 -8.52e-02 1.24e-05 0.2076
NC_000006.11 TRIM31 1.26e-01 1.35e-05 0.2153
NC_000007.13 MAD1L1 1.29e-01 1.37e-05 0.2153
NC_000010.10 ANKRD2 1.20e-01 1.43e-05 0.2177
NC_000001.10 LOC148824 1.29e-01 1.59e-05 0.2281
NC_000004.11 ABCE1 8.41e-02 1.80e-05 0.2296
NC_000005.9 RXFP3 1.44e-01 1.81e-05 0.2296
NC_000009.11 MIR600 -1.67e-01 1.95e-05 0.2296
NC_000006.11 WDR27 5.82e-01 1.98e-05 0.2296
NC_000003.11 MAGI1 -7.96e-02 1.99e-05 0.2296
NC_000004.11 TSPAN5 -6.51e-02 2.04e-05 0.2296
NC_000001.10 SSU72 -1.65e-01 2.08e-05 0.2296
NC_000008.10 LRRC24 2.00e-01 2.16e-05 0.2296
NC_000005.9 FAM134B 3.05e-01 2.18e-05 0.2296
NC_000015.9 IGDCC4 -1.90e-01 2.32e-05 0.2367
NC_000001.10 C1orf86 7.78e-02 2.46e-05 0.2388
NC_000010.10 ANKRD2 1.42e-01 2.50e-05 0.2388
NC_000011.9 NPAS4 8.60e-02 2.51e-05 0.2388
NC_000001.10 C1orf94 -1.29e-01 2.78e-05 0.2547
NC_000021.8 DSCAM -1.39e-01 2.90e-05 0.2601
NC_000017.10 MAPT 2.60e-01 2.96e-05 0.2601
NC_000005.9 C5orf52 1.28e-01 3.00e-05 0.2601
NC_000016.9 SALL1 1.25e-01 3.13e-05 0.2612
NC_000005.9 FSTL4 6.39e-02 3.15e-05 0.2612
NC_000020.10 NOP56 -6.92e-02 3.26e-05 0.2612
NC_000006.11 HMGA1 -1.27e-01 3.30e-05 0.2612
NC_000017.10 VMO1 1.48e-01 3.34e-05 0.2612
NC_000002.11 SRD5A2 8.56e-02 3.39e-05 0.2612
NC_000006.11 HCP5 9.01e-02 3.45e-05 0.2619
NC_000006.11 NCRNA00171 -1.64e-01 3.58e-05 0.267
NC_000017.10 ABR -2.29e-01 3.77e-05 0.2689
NC_000002.11 RAD51AP2 5.39e-02 3.82e-05 0.2689
NC_000013.10 ARHGEF7 -1.54e-01 3.82e-05 0.2689
NC_000019.9 AMH 1.80e-01 4.04e-05 0.28
NC_000021.8 TMPRSS3 -1.03e-01 4.31e-05 0.287
NC_000016.9 NOXO1 8.84e-02 4.32e-05 0.287
NC_000002.11 C2orf27B 1.54e-01 4.41e-05 0.287
NC_000004.11 C4orf38 1.32e-01 4.43e-05 0.287
NC_000001.10 ESPN 1.19e-01 4.73e-05 0.3023
NC_000003.11 CHL1 1.78e-01 5.36e-05 0.3301
NC_000009.11 SLC46A2 -9.55e-02 5.46e-05 0.3301
NC_000015.9 OCA2 7.14e-02 5.66e-05 0.3301
NC_000012.11 TMEM132C -1.26e-01 5.81e-05 0.3301
NC_000004.11 MAPK10 -1.83e-01 5.87e-05 0.3301
NC_000018.9 CABLES1 -1.56e-01 5.97e-05 0.3301
NC_000003.11 SOX2OT 1.91e-01 6.21e-05 0.3301
NC_000020.10 ProSAPiP1 1.05e-01 6.22e-05 0.3301
NC_000006.11 HCP5 1.13e-01 6.32e-05 0.3301
NC_000019.9 JSRP1 1.51e-01 6.33e-05 0.3301
NC_000014.8 IRF9 -8.72e-02 6.37e-05 0.3301
NC_000012.11 ESYT1 -6.75e-02 6.43e-05 0.3301
NC_000010.10 ADARB2 -1.73e-01 6.43e-05 0.3301
NC_000003.11 ST6GAL1 -1.61e-01 6.74e-05 0.3328
NC_000006.11 UTRN -1.33e-01 6.93e-05 0.3328
NC_000002.11 SPEG 7.57e-02 6.96e-05 0.3328
NC_000022.10 CPT1B 2.48e-01 6.98e-05 0.3328
NC_000015.9 IGDCC4 1.35e-01 6.99e-05 0.3328
NC_000002.11 LIMS2 -7.46e-02 7.21e-05 0.3346
NC_000016.9 CCDC113 -6.73e-02 7.24e-05 0.3346
NC_000016.9 WWOX -1.49e-01 7.38e-05 0.338
NC_000017.10 PLCD3 5.19e-02 7.69e-05 0.3407
NC_000003.11 PRRT3 1.20e-01 7.70e-05 0.3407
NC_000022.10 CPT1B 3.70e-01 7.80e-05 0.3407
NC_000003.11 CHL1 1.85e-01 7.85e-05 0.3407
NC_000017.10 SPAG5 8.59e-02 7.94e-05 0.3407
NC_000015.9 ITPKA 1.12e-01 7.96e-05 0.3407
NC_000011.9 TSSC4 -6.79e-02 8.00e-05 0.3407
NC_000014.8 BTBD7 1.12e-01 8.13e-05 0.3431
NC_000017.10 SPNS2 1.49e-01 8.43e-05 0.3472
NC_000006.11 C6orf136 -8.11e-02 8.45e-05 0.3472
NC_000001.10 ESPNP 1.19e-01 8.52e-05 0.3472
NC_000004.11 FRG1 7.79e-02 8.58e-05 0.3472
NC_000013.10 ARHGEF7 -1.23e-01 8.74e-05 0.3478
NC_000012.11 CAMKK2 -1.23e-01 8.92e-05 0.351
NC_000005.9 SKP1 -9.64e-02 9.11e-05 0.351
NC_000005.9 GALNT10 -6.18e-01 9.24e-05 0.3534
NC_000022.10 TEF -1.58e-01 9.37e-05 0.3554
NC_000016.9 CMTM4 -1.01e-01 9.55e-05 0.3595
NC_000006.11 ARMC2 -5.05e-02 9.63e-05 0.3597
NC_000007.13 PRKAG2 -1.30e-01 9.74e-05 0.361
NC_000013.10 TMCO3 -1.45e-01 1.01e-04 0.3659
NC_000017.10 VMO1 1.14e-01 1.02e-04 0.3659
NC_000021.8 DNAJC28 -7.72e-02 1.03e-04 0.3659
NC_000007.13 WIPF3 1.16e-01 1.03e-04 0.3659
NC_000008.10 LOC100130274 1.19e-01 1.08e-04 0.3708
NC_000001.10 OR2T3 -2.24e-01 1.08e-04 0.3708
NC_000013.10 ERCC5 -6.60e-02 1.09e-04 0.3708
NC_000011.9 PPFIBP2 -1.73e-01 1.14e-04 0.3708
NC_000010.10 LOC100128811 -6.04e-02 1.14e-04 0.3708
NC_000010.10 ADARB2 -1.85e-01 1.15e-04 0.3708
NC_000019.9 ZNF653 8.39e-02 1.16e-04 0.3708
NC_000016.9 FTO -1.48e-01 1.17e-04 0.3708
NC_000017.10 FAM171A2 7.75e-02 1.18e-04 0.3708
NC_000004.11 GAK -9.60e-02 1.19e-04 0.3708
NC_000011.9 AQP11 2.09e-01 1.19e-04 0.3708
NC_000019.9 LRG1 -4.59e-02 1.20e-04 0.3708
NC_000022.10 CPT1B 3.22e-01 1.21e-04 0.3708
NC_000019.9 RYR1 1.04e-01 1.22e-04 0.3708
NC_000018.9 KCNG2 2.32e-01 1.22e-04 0.3708
NC_000013.10 ARHGEF7 -7.31e-02 1.25e-04 0.3708
NC_000019.9 BRUNOL5 9.17e-02 1.27e-04 0.3708
NC_000001.10 S100A13 1.11e-01 1.30e-04 0.3708
NC_000003.11 RPP14 -1.46e-01 1.31e-04 0.3708
NC_000001.10 TNFRSF8 8.06e-02 1.32e-04 0.3708
NC_000010.10 CDH23 1.11e-01 1.32e-04 0.3708
NC_000001.10 SYT6 1.27e-01 1.33e-04 0.3708
NC_000005.9 SFXN1 -1.81e-01 1.33e-04 0.3708
NC_000002.11 RSAD2 -1.09e-01 1.34e-04 0.3708
NC_000004.11 LOC344967 -6.23e-02 1.35e-04 0.3708
NC_000009.11 TRPM3 -1.12e-01 1.37e-04 0.3708
NC_000001.10 ESPNP 7.54e-02 1.37e-04 0.3708
NC_000001.10 NTNG1 1.32e-01 1.37e-04 0.3708
NC_000019.9 AMH 1.19e-01 1.39e-04 0.3726
NC_000015.9 LOC283731 1.26e-01 1.40e-04 0.3726
NC_000017.10 ACCN1 1.37e-01 1.41e-04 0.3726
NC_000007.13 MAD1L1 -7.41e-02 1.43e-04 0.3727
NC_000019.9 C19orf77 -3.46e-01 1.43e-04 0.3727
NC_000017.10 ANKFN1 -1.19e-01 1.44e-04 0.3727
NC_000019.9 CACNA1A -1.11e-01 1.44e-04 0.3727
NC_000001.10 FLJ42875 8.05e-02 1.46e-04 0.3743
NC_000020.10 DBNDD2 6.52e-02 1.47e-04 0.3746
NC_000007.13 FIGNL1 1.50e-01 1.50e-04 0.377
NC_000020.10 DLGAP4 -1.45e-01 1.52e-04 0.3772
NC_000017.10 ZNF232 1.10e-01 1.52e-04 0.3772
NC_000008.10 LRRC14 1.98e-01 1.52e-04 0.3772
NC_000017.10 RPTOR -6.51e-02 1.55e-04 0.379
NC_000014.8 ALKBH1 -1.58e-01 1.57e-04 0.3798
NC_000006.11 FLOT1 -1.17e-01 1.61e-04 0.3798
NC_000001.10 TMEM79 9.52e-02 1.62e-04 0.3798
NC_000004.11 RGS12 -1.20e-01 1.63e-04 0.3798
NC_000007.13 SHH 1.05e-01 1.65e-04 0.3798
NC_000003.11 PCCB -1.25e-01 1.65e-04 0.3798
NC_000007.13 LANCL2 8.73e-02 1.66e-04 0.3798
NC_000011.9 SNX19 -9.81e-02 1.68e-04 0.3798
NC_000003.11 LOC729375 8.37e-02 1.68e-04 0.3798
NC_000006.11 NRSN1 -8.71e-02 1.70e-04 0.3798
NC_000012.11 GPR133 -1.45e-01 1.70e-04 0.3798
NC_000011.9 PRKCDBP 1.65e-01 1.71e-04 0.3798
NC_000005.9 POLS 6.21e-02 1.73e-04 0.3798
NC_000001.10 SCNN1D 1.17e-01 1.73e-04 0.3798
NC_000006.11 HIST1H2AL 1.41e-01 1.74e-04 0.3798
NC_000001.10 MAP3K6 1.17e-01 1.74e-04 0.3798
NC_000017.10 CD300A 8.38e-02 1.75e-04 0.3798
NC_000016.9 JMJD8 1.14e-01 1.76e-04 0.3798
NC_000006.11 PACRG -8.78e-02 1.77e-04 0.3798
NC_000002.11 TMEM178 -5.10e-02 1.77e-04 0.3798
NC_000011.9 MYO7A 8.66e-02 1.80e-04 0.3798
NC_000007.13 PRKAR1B -1.39e-01 1.80e-04 0.3798
NC_000008.10 LRRC24 2.28e-01 1.80e-04 0.3798
NC_000019.9 HIF3A 9.53e-02 1.80e-04 0.3798
NC_000009.11 COL15A1 1.47e-01 1.81e-04 0.3798
NC_000009.11 CAMSAP1 -1.77e-01 1.82e-04 0.3798
NC_000022.10 RFPL2 9.10e-02 1.82e-04 0.3798
NC_000001.10 SYT11 -1.30e-01 1.84e-04 0.3803
NC_000011.9 CDC42BPG 7.52e-02 1.87e-04 0.3815
NC_000017.10 VMO1 9.24e-02 1.87e-04 0.3815
NC_000017.10 SEZ6 -5.02e-02 1.88e-04 0.3815
NC_000017.10 TMEM102 6.76e-02 1.89e-04 0.3815
NC_000011.9 SLC22A6 7.79e-02 1.89e-04 0.3815
NC_000016.9 CYBA 1.27e-01 1.90e-04 0.382
NC_000007.13 MAFK 8.21e-02 1.92e-04 0.3844
NC_000001.10 TTC24 7.69e-02 1.93e-04 0.3844
NC_000017.10 TEX14 1.02e-01 1.95e-04 0.3844
NC_000010.10 P4HA1 8.59e-02 1.97e-04 0.3844
NC_000006.11 NHSL1 -1.15e-01 1.99e-04 0.3844
NC_000012.11 PRICKLE1 -1.50e-01 2.00e-04 0.3844
NC_000019.9 TEX101 1.38e-01 2.00e-04 0.3844
NC_000019.9 ZNF835 9.23e-02 2.02e-04 0.3844
NC_000003.11 CCK 8.26e-02 2.02e-04 0.3844
NC_000015.9 CHAC1 8.81e-02 2.02e-04 0.3844
NC_000019.9 RDH8 -1.48e-01 2.03e-04 0.3855
NC_000003.11 COPB2 -8.44e-02 2.08e-04 0.3876
NC_000008.10 IMPAD1 -7.27e-02 2.08e-04 0.3876
NC_000014.8 NPAS3 1.35e-01 2.09e-04 0.3876
NC_000010.10 NKX1-2 1.18e-01 2.10e-04 0.3876
NC_000011.9 C11orf36 9.11e-02 2.12e-04 0.3876
NC_000005.9 IL6ST -5.33e-02 2.14e-04 0.3876
NC_000014.8 ALKBH1 -1.28e-01 2.16e-04 0.3876
NC_000010.10 GSTO2 -2.09e-01 2.18e-04 0.3876
NC_000005.9 ANKRD33B 8.97e-02 2.18e-04 0.3876
NC_000013.10 GJA3 9.38e-02 2.20e-04 0.3876
NC_000013.10 F10 7.25e-02 2.22e-04 0.3876
NC_000001.10 C1orf35 1.60e-01 2.22e-04 0.3876
NC_000005.9 STK10 -1.39e-01 2.23e-04 0.3876
NC_000019.9 AMH 8.90e-02 2.24e-04 0.3876
NC_000006.11 PPP2R5D -6.23e-02 2.27e-04 0.3876
NC_000003.11 SEMA3B 6.41e-02 2.27e-04 0.3876
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 1.11e-01 2.28e-04 0.3876
NC_000004.11 DRD5 7.71e-02 2.29e-04 0.3876
NC_000001.10 CCT3 -1.16e-01 2.30e-04 0.3876
NC_000003.11 CHL1 1.81e-01 2.30e-04 0.3876
NC_000005.9 RXFP3 1.45e-01 2.32e-04 0.3876
NC_000003.11 CACNA1D -2.12e-01 2.33e-04 0.3876
NC_000005.9 AMACR -7.02e-02 2.33e-04 0.3876
NC_000015.9 UNC45A 2.73e-01 2.33e-04 0.3876
NC_000001.10 FAM163A 1.17e-01 2.35e-04 0.3876
NC_000006.11 LCA5 -7.40e-02 2.36e-04 0.3876
NC_000021.8 WRB 6.97e-02 2.36e-04 0.3878
NC_000008.10 GDF6 1.81e-01 2.39e-04 0.3894
NC_000006.11 ESR1 -9.08e-02 2.40e-04 0.3894
NC_000019.9 LYPD5 7.41e-02 2.42e-04 0.3898
NC_000017.10 SLC16A3 8.53e-02 2.42e-04 0.3898
NC_000005.9 FAM53C -1.11e-01 2.42e-04 0.3898
NC_000001.10 FMN2 -8.64e-02 2.44e-04 0.3907
NC_000022.10 TTC28 8.02e-02 2.45e-04 0.3913
NC_000017.10 TEX2 -6.03e-02 2.47e-04 0.3937
NC_000002.11 VAX2 9.51e-02 2.50e-04 0.3958
NC_000015.9 C15orf58 -6.81e-02 2.51e-04 0.3961
NC_000002.11 AGAP1 -1.59e-01 2.52e-04 0.3961
NC_000014.8 DPF3 -1.38e-01 2.56e-04 0.3972
NC_000002.11 NT5C1B 1.38e-01 2.57e-04 0.3972
NC_000005.9 NSUN2 -4.54e-02 2.58e-04 0.3972
NC_000015.9 UNC45A 2.06e-01 2.59e-04 0.3972
NC_000011.9 FNBP4 -1.14e-01 2.61e-04 0.3972
NC_000008.10 GDF6 9.08e-02 2.61e-04 0.3972
NC_000010.10 DIP2C -1.49e-01 2.63e-04 0.3972
NC_000001.10 CCT3 -1.64e-01 2.63e-04 0.3972
NC_000008.10 RBPMS -6.11e-02 2.64e-04 0.3972
NC_000003.11 TNK2 -9.63e-02 2.64e-04 0.3972
NC_000015.9 PCSK6 -7.32e-02 2.65e-04 0.3972
NC_000015.9 FRMD5 -8.33e-02 2.66e-04 0.3972
NC_000022.10 DGCR6 -6.58e-02 2.67e-04 0.3972
NC_000007.13 MDFIC 1.25e-01 2.68e-04 0.3972
NC_000011.9 PHLDB1 -1.31e-01 2.74e-04 0.401
NC_000007.13 IQCE -1.37e-01 2.76e-04 0.401
NC_000019.9 VN1R1 -8.12e-02 2.77e-04 0.401
NC_000017.10 FAM171A2 1.18e-01 2.79e-04 0.401
NC_000022.10 TYMP -6.60e-02 2.81e-04 0.401
NC_000013.10 FARP1 -8.63e-02 2.81e-04 0.401
NC_000003.11 LAMP3 1.73e-01 2.82e-04 0.401
NC_000005.9 NEUROG1 1.06e-01 2.84e-04 0.4011
NC_000007.13 ZNF282 -4.55e-02 2.84e-04 0.4011
NC_000017.10 CXCL16 -1.68e-01 2.85e-04 0.4011
NC_000016.9 RBL2 5.81e-02 2.87e-04 0.4012
NC_000010.10 DIP2C -6.71e-02 2.89e-04 0.4012
NC_000012.11 CLEC12B -1.68e-01 2.89e-04 0.4012
NC_000008.10 FAM83H 3.27e-01 2.91e-04 0.4012
NC_000007.13 C7orf10 -9.48e-02 2.93e-04 0.4012
NC_000001.10 PEA15 -5.34e-02 2.94e-04 0.4012
NC_000017.10 FLOT2 -4.89e-02 2.96e-04 0.4012
NC_000019.9 CCDC155 1.58e-01 2.96e-04 0.4012
NC_000016.9 C16orf74 -2.16e-01 2.98e-04 0.4012
NC_000011.9 COX8A -7.78e-02 2.99e-04 0.4012
NC_000006.11 TRIM26 -1.40e-01 3.00e-04 0.4012
NC_000002.11 ORMDL1 -6.61e-02 3.01e-04 0.4012
NC_000006.11 PPP1R2P1 9.46e-02 3.02e-04 0.4012
NC_000008.10 PABPC1 6.69e-02 3.04e-04 0.4012
NC_000001.10 TNFRSF25 2.55e-01 3.05e-04 0.4012
NC_000011.9 TRIM44 -1.29e-01 3.05e-04 0.4012
NC_000005.9 SPATA24 1.19e-01 3.05e-04 0.4012
NC_000001.10 MFSD4 6.69e-02 3.07e-04 0.4012
NC_000007.13 DPP6 2.06e-01 3.08e-04 0.4012
NC_000009.11 CLIC3 2.02e-01 3.09e-04 0.4012
NC_000007.13 NOS3 8.31e-02 3.11e-04 0.4012
NC_000022.10 SEC14L4 8.04e-02 3.11e-04 0.4012
NC_000017.10 ICAM2 5.69e-02 3.12e-04 0.4012
NC_000004.11 TMEM128 -5.29e-02 3.14e-04 0.4012
NC_000010.10 PIP4K2A -7.27e-02 3.15e-04 0.4012
NC_000001.10 S100A13 8.47e-02 3.16e-04 0.4012
NC_000010.10 CUEDC2 -7.24e-02 3.16e-04 0.4012
NC_000016.9 IQCK -1.08e-01 3.18e-04 0.4012
NC_000011.9 AQP11 1.79e-01 3.18e-04 0.4012
NC_000016.9 RAB11FIP3 5.29e-02 3.18e-04 0.4012
NC_000003.11 CELSR3 1.59e-01 3.19e-04 0.4012
NC_000003.11 AMIGO3 1.02e-01 3.20e-04 0.4012
NC_000021.8 RUNX1 1.71e-01 3.21e-04 0.402
NC_000019.9 CYTH2 2.75e-01 3.22e-04 0.4022
NC_000011.9 PLEKHA7 1.29e-01 3.24e-04 0.4022
NC_000007.13 UFSP1 1.37e-01 3.26e-04 0.4022
NC_000004.11 STK32B -4.30e-02 3.27e-04 0.4022
NC_000017.10 SKAP1 8.78e-02 3.27e-04 0.4022
NC_000015.9 UNC45A 2.16e-01 3.29e-04 0.4022
NC_000017.10 WBP2 -4.85e-02 3.32e-04 0.4037
NC_000009.11 SHB -1.46e-01 3.37e-04 0.4081
NC_000023.10 MIR424 -8.72e-02 3.39e-04 0.4081
NC_000006.11 HLA-DOB 1.82e-01 3.39e-04 0.4081
NC_000007.13 MIR148A 9.77e-02 3.39e-04 0.4081
NC_000008.10 PEBP4 1.15e-01 3.42e-04 0.411
NC_000013.10 DGKH -7.34e-02 3.45e-04 0.4139
NC_000006.11 TNXB 8.15e-02 3.55e-04 0.4182
NC_000002.11 MYEOV2 1.09e-01 3.56e-04 0.4182
NC_000010.10 CHST15 -1.14e-01 3.58e-04 0.4182
NC_000011.9 KIRREL3 -1.24e-01 3.62e-04 0.4182
NC_000007.13 FOXK1 9.47e-02 3.63e-04 0.4182
NC_000013.10 PABPC3 2.43e-01 3.63e-04 0.4182
NC_000012.11 CACNA1C -7.49e-02 3.69e-04 0.4182
NC_000007.13 CALD1 -1.08e-01 3.71e-04 0.4182
NC_000003.11 PSMD6 -6.15e-02 3.71e-04 0.4182
NC_000013.10 TRPC4 -1.23e-01 3.73e-04 0.4182
NC_000001.10 UBXN10 1.03e-01 3.74e-04 0.4182
NC_000011.9 CDKN1C 1.03e-01 3.75e-04 0.4182
NC_000017.10 ITGAE -6.76e-02 3.75e-04 0.4182
NC_000002.11 TLX2 5.36e-02 3.77e-04 0.4182
NC_000012.11 FGD4 9.00e-02 3.78e-04 0.4182
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 5.53e-02 3.78e-04 0.4182
NC_000007.13 PON1 4.93e-02 3.79e-04 0.4182
NC_000008.10 CHD7 -5.10e-02 3.81e-04 0.4182
NC_000003.11 SGEF -1.06e-01 3.84e-04 0.4182
NC_000019.9 LPAR2 9.63e-02 3.84e-04 0.4182
NC_000011.9 KCNE3 1.38e-01 3.85e-04 0.4182
NC_000003.11 CELSR3 2.13e-01 3.86e-04 0.4182
NC_000011.9 BAD -6.06e-02 3.89e-04 0.4189
NC_000012.11 SFRS8 -1.68e-01 3.91e-04 0.4189
NC_000019.9 KLK7 1.25e-01 3.92e-04 0.4191
NC_000005.9 FAM151B -6.53e-02 3.96e-04 0.423
NC_000016.9 GPRC5B -6.23e-02 3.98e-04 0.4235
NC_000002.11 GORASP2 -1.45e-01 3.99e-04 0.4235
NC_000016.9 USP7 -1.68e-01 3.99e-04 0.4235
NC_000011.9 MTL5 1.53e-01 4.04e-04 0.4242
NC_000007.13 MAD1L1 -7.01e-02 4.05e-04 0.4242
NC_000002.11 ZEB2 -8.35e-02 4.05e-04 0.4242
NC_000008.10 PPP1R3B -1.16e-01 4.06e-04 0.4242
NC_000014.8 SLC7A8 -7.62e-02 4.07e-04 0.4242
NC_000010.10 TCF7L2 -1.68e-01 4.08e-04 0.4242
NC_000006.11 HLA-DMA 1.88e-01 4.09e-04 0.4242
NC_000010.10 SVIL -1.27e-01 4.10e-04 0.4242
NC_000015.9 MPI -4.25e-02 4.11e-04 0.4242
NC_000022.10 SEC14L4 7.72e-02 4.13e-04 0.4242
NC_000011.9 IGSF22 1.39e-01 4.17e-04 0.4242
NC_000004.11 SHISA3 -6.84e-02 4.17e-04 0.4242
NC_000005.9 XRCC4 -1.05e-01 4.19e-04 0.4242
NC_000022.10 TST -1.04e-01 4.19e-04 0.4242
NC_000005.9 RASGEF1C 9.28e-02 4.20e-04 0.4243
NC_000012.11 METTL7A 7.39e-02 4.23e-04 0.4253
NC_000011.9 VSIG2 -1.04e-01 4.27e-04 0.4273
NC_000022.10 SMC1B 1.15e-01 4.30e-04 0.4273
NC_000017.10 GGNBP2 -5.55e-02 4.30e-04 0.4273
NC_000010.10 ADARB2 -5.13e-02 4.31e-04 0.4273
NC_000016.9 TSC2 -1.05e-01 4.31e-04 0.4273
NC_000006.11 GFOD1 -1.07e-01 4.33e-04 0.4273
NC_000004.11 ZAR1 1.07e-01 4.33e-04 0.4273
NC_000001.10 GPR88 -4.40e-02 4.41e-04 0.4336
NC_000019.9 LMTK3 2.38e-01 4.44e-04 0.4343
NC_000019.9 MIR518F 1.83e-01 4.45e-04 0.4345
NC_000019.9 ADAMTSL5 1.11e-01 4.46e-04 0.4347
NC_000016.9 SULT1A1 1.18e-01 4.49e-04 0.4361
NC_000017.10 PIK3R6 1.01e-01 4.49e-04 0.4361
NC_000003.11 ZBTB20 -5.03e-02 4.56e-04 0.4404
NC_000002.11 NMS 8.65e-02 4.56e-04 0.4404
NC_000005.9 RMND5B -4.88e-02 4.57e-04 0.4406
NC_000016.9 ACSF3 -8.52e-02 4.58e-04 0.4408
NC_000011.9 RAB30 -7.69e-02 4.62e-04 0.4419
NC_000014.8 NID2 -4.19e-02 4.65e-04 0.4419
NC_000001.10 LHX8 1.28e-01 4.66e-04 0.442
NC_000001.10 PEX10 1.10e-01 4.68e-04 0.4427
NC_000014.8 ZFYVE1 -8.39e-02 4.73e-04 0.4444
NC_000008.10 LOC100130274 1.18e-01 4.74e-04 0.4444
NC_000010.10 ADARB2 -1.07e-01 4.76e-04 0.4444
NC_000007.13 GRID2IP 8.83e-02 4.77e-04 0.4444
NC_000003.11 EIF4G1 -1.00e-01 4.78e-04 0.4444
NC_000001.10 PADI4 1.07e-01 4.81e-04 0.4462
NC_000019.9 MYH14 2.07e-01 4.83e-04 0.4467
NC_000007.13 SSPO 7.84e-02 4.85e-04 0.4474
NC_000014.8 FOXN3 -6.65e-02 4.89e-04 0.449
NC_000019.9 KCNJ14 1.02e-01 4.91e-04 0.449
NC_000013.10 PABPC3 1.27e-01 4.93e-04 0.449
NC_000010.10 MMP21 1.43e-01 4.96e-04 0.4491
NC_000007.13 PMS2L11 1.29e-01 4.98e-04 0.4492
NC_000006.11 TNXB 5.13e-02 5.00e-04 0.4492
NC_000005.9 ISCA1L -7.26e-02 5.02e-04 0.4492
NC_000005.9 TMEM167A -7.61e-02 5.03e-04 0.4492
NC_000010.10 GPR123 9.71e-02 5.05e-04 0.4492
NC_000021.8 TMEM50B -4.96e-02 5.06e-04 0.4492
NC_000015.9 PTPLAD1 -1.08e-01 5.07e-04 0.4492
NC_000004.11 ZNF518B -5.78e-02 5.09e-04 0.4502
NC_000012.11 FBRSL1 -7.57e-02 5.12e-04 0.4512
NC_000011.9 ST5 -8.33e-02 5.13e-04 0.4512
NC_000012.11 CCDC41 -4.23e-02 5.15e-04 0.452
NC_000023.10 SLITRK4 -7.00e-02 5.17e-04 0.452
NC_000005.9 BTNL9 -8.84e-02 5.19e-04 0.452
NC_000017.10 SLFN12L 1.18e-01 5.20e-04 0.452
NC_000001.10 ZNF672 -8.27e-02 5.20e-04 0.452
NC_000005.9 OXCT1 1.34e-01 5.23e-04 0.4536
NC_000003.11 CLDN1 -1.52e-01 5.28e-04 0.4552
NC_000002.11 NCRNA00164 5.50e-02 5.29e-04 0.4552
NC_000001.10 HIST2H2BF -4.11e-02 5.31e-04 0.4553
NC_000007.13 FKBP6 7.16e-02 5.32e-04 0.4553
NC_000015.9 DUOX2 7.26e-02 5.35e-04 0.4553
NC_000004.11 OTOP1 1.59e-01 5.39e-04 0.4553
NC_000001.10 CNIH3 5.46e-02 5.39e-04 0.4553
NC_000016.9 C1QTNF8 1.01e-01 5.43e-04 0.4553
NC_000011.9 HTR3A 1.09e-01 5.43e-04 0.4553
NC_000021.8 HSF2BP 7.55e-02 5.44e-04 0.4553
NC_000008.10 WISP1 8.51e-02 5.47e-04 0.4553
NC_000011.9 PAX6 9.50e-02 5.50e-04 0.4553
NC_000006.11 HCP5 1.05e-01 5.52e-04 0.4553
NC_000013.10 MCF2L -1.23e-01 5.56e-04 0.4553
NC_000017.10 HOXB3 -6.48e-02 5.56e-04 0.4553
NC_000006.11 PFDN6 -5.81e-02 5.56e-04 0.4553
NC_000014.8 DAAM1 -1.12e-01 5.60e-04 0.4553
NC_000016.9 DOC2A 1.02e-01 5.63e-04 0.4553
NC_000014.8 TDRD9 1.28e-01 5.64e-04 0.4553
NC_000001.10 LIX1L -4.54e-02 5.65e-04 0.4553
NC_000001.10 RERE -1.03e-01 5.68e-04 0.4553
NC_000020.10 FER1L4 6.38e-02 5.68e-04 0.4553
NC_000002.11 ANTXR1 -1.72e-01 5.69e-04 0.4553
NC_000008.10 LOC100130274 1.71e-01 5.71e-04 0.4553
NC_000006.11 VPS52 -7.37e-02 5.73e-04 0.4553
NC_000004.11 MYL5 1.66e-01 5.73e-04 0.4553
NC_000012.11 GPR133 -1.25e-01 5.73e-04 0.4553
NC_000019.9 SPIB 1.02e-01 5.75e-04 0.4553
NC_000022.10 HPS4 -1.37e-01 5.76e-04 0.4553
NC_000014.8 C14orf183 -8.08e-02 5.76e-04 0.4553
NC_000008.10 TPD52 6.82e-02 5.77e-04 0.4553
NC_000022.10 CPT1B 2.49e-01 5.77e-04 0.4553
NC_000011.9 LOC494141 6.73e-02 5.81e-04 0.4553
NC_000010.10 CUGBP2 3.99e-02 5.86e-04 0.4553
NC_000001.10 GBP7 5.21e-02 5.87e-04 0.4553
NC_000017.10 PLD6 1.40e-01 5.88e-04 0.4553
NC_000006.11 BAT1 -1.64e-01 5.88e-04 0.4553
NC_000016.9 ERN2 1.11e-01 5.89e-04 0.4553
NC_000007.13 PDIA4 -5.79e-02 5.90e-04 0.4553
NC_000001.10 C1orf35 2.39e-01 5.91e-04 0.4553
NC_000019.9 SNAR-G2 6.44e-02 5.91e-04 0.4553
NC_000010.10 PFKFB3 -1.47e-01 5.92e-04 0.4553
NC_000007.13 ACHE 2.02e-01 5.92e-04 0.4553
NC_000010.10 CHST15 -1.11e-01 5.92e-04 0.4553
NC_000019.9 SNORD23 -3.91e-02 5.93e-04 0.4553
NC_000019.9 SGTA -6.11e-02 5.94e-04 0.4553
NC_000005.9 SHROOM1 1.16e-01 5.96e-04 0.4553
NC_000019.9 JSRP1 2.07e-01 5.97e-04 0.4553
NC_000010.10 DNAJB12 -6.59e-02 5.98e-04 0.4553
NC_000016.9 SPG7 -1.00e-01 5.99e-04 0.4553
NC_000002.11 ANKRD20B 6.87e-02 6.04e-04 0.4574
NC_000004.11 MYL5 1.62e-01 6.07e-04 0.4574
NC_000019.9 SF3A2 -2.16e-01 6.08e-04 0.4574
NC_000007.13 TRRAP -1.22e-01 6.08e-04 0.4574
NC_000016.9 MT1A -5.51e-02 6.09e-04 0.4574
NC_000004.11 KCNIP4 -9.86e-02 6.13e-04 0.4574
NC_000012.11 LHX5 1.37e-01 6.14e-04 0.4574
NC_000008.10 ST3GAL1 -9.80e-02 6.14e-04 0.4574
NC_000022.10 C22orf27 1.28e-01 6.14e-04 0.4574
NC_000004.11 RNF212 7.48e-02 6.17e-04 0.4583
NC_000012.11 EP400 -1.19e-01 6.22e-04 0.4599
NC_000015.9 SLC12A6 -7.04e-02 6.22e-04 0.4599
NC_000016.9 EDC4 -8.81e-02 6.27e-04 0.4613
NC_000008.10 REEP4 7.44e-02 6.28e-04 0.4613
NC_000002.11 ADRA2B 6.90e-02 6.29e-04 0.4613
NC_000001.10 MTMR11 -1.29e-01 6.33e-04 0.4613
NC_000010.10 DIP2C -2.29e-01 6.33e-04 0.4613
NC_000012.11 RAB35 -9.94e-02 6.35e-04 0.4614
NC_000015.9 GALK2 -3.48e-02 6.37e-04 0.4614
NC_000004.11 DCTD 1.38e-01 6.39e-04 0.4614
NC_000017.10 PLD6 2.30e-01 6.40e-04 0.4614
NC_000001.10 FAM54B -1.20e-01 6.41e-04 0.4618
NC_000001.10 PIGM -4.10e-02 6.43e-04 0.4623
NC_000006.11 TRIM27 -4.55e-02 6.46e-04 0.4625
NC_000004.11 TBC1D14 -1.05e-01 6.48e-04 0.4625
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 -1.28e-01 6.52e-04 0.4625
NC_000001.10 CDC14A -5.91e-02 6.52e-04 0.4625
NC_000017.10 VMO1 9.50e-02 6.57e-04 0.463
NC_000006.11 VARS2 4.69e-02 6.58e-04 0.463
NC_000009.11 KANK1 -1.24e-01 6.60e-04 0.463
NC_000017.10 FZD2 -3.78e-02 6.61e-04 0.463
NC_000001.10 AURKAIP1 -5.26e-02 6.63e-04 0.463
NC_000006.11 VARS2 4.43e-02 6.64e-04 0.463
NC_000022.10 CARD10 1.04e-01 6.64e-04 0.463
NC_000003.11 VGLL4 -6.18e-02 6.66e-04 0.463
NC_000016.9 SH2B1 -6.03e-02 6.69e-04 0.463
NC_000013.10 TMCO3 -2.29e-01 6.71e-04 0.463
NC_000005.9 FLJ33630 -1.64e-01 6.72e-04 0.463
NC_000008.10 C8orf41 -1.21e-01 6.75e-04 0.463
NC_000003.11 NCRNA00119 -3.72e-02 6.76e-04 0.463
NC_000006.11 DAXX -6.33e-02 6.77e-04 0.463
NC_000017.10 NME2 1.23e-01 6.79e-04 0.463
NC_000020.10 EMILIN3 7.06e-02 6.79e-04 0.463
NC_000006.11 PGC 7.05e-02 6.79e-04 0.463
NC_000011.9 RELA -5.96e-02 6.80e-04 0.463
NC_000011.9 CLNS1A 4.64e-02 6.81e-04 0.4633
NC_000010.10 FGFR2 -7.93e-02 6.83e-04 0.464
NC_000022.10 CYP2D6 1.39e-01 6.86e-04 0.4644
NC_000016.9 ADCY9 7.89e-02 6.87e-04 0.4644
NC_000005.9 TRIM36 1.04e-01 6.87e-04 0.4644
NC_000001.10 NFASC -6.61e-02 6.89e-04 0.4646
NC_000003.11 PRRT3 1.35e-01 6.90e-04 0.4647
NC_000003.11 TRNT1 -5.91e-02 6.94e-04 0.465
NC_000014.8 PELI2 -1.41e-01 6.98e-04 0.465
NC_000014.8 ESRRB -9.03e-02 6.98e-04 0.465
NC_000007.13 PRRT4 1.10e-01 6.99e-04 0.465
NC_000006.11 BRP44L -7.00e-02 6.99e-04 0.465
NC_000008.10 SFRP1 2.24e-01 7.00e-04 0.465
NC_000001.10 TRIM58 -7.34e-02 7.00e-04 0.465
NC_000015.9 MESDC1 9.85e-02 7.04e-04 0.4661
NC_000014.8 GMPR2 -1.13e-01 7.04e-04 0.4661
NC_000014.8 HHIPL1 1.07e-01 7.05e-04 0.4661
NC_000006.11 HLA-DQA2 5.04e-02 7.09e-04 0.4663
NC_000003.11 TUSC4 -3.71e-02 7.10e-04 0.4663
NC_000016.9 LONP2 -1.55e-01 7.11e-04 0.4663
NC_000011.9 OR10Q1 5.25e-02 7.11e-04 0.4663
NC_000005.9 DND1 1.22e-01 7.12e-04 0.4663
NC_000011.9 FADS1 -5.71e-02 7.13e-04 0.4663
NC_000003.11 PTPRG -7.19e-02 7.14e-04 0.4663
NC_000017.10 ALOX12 -1.13e-01 7.15e-04 0.4663
NC_000009.11 DAPK1 1.43e-01 7.16e-04 0.4663
NC_000008.10 GPR124 9.94e-02 7.18e-04 0.4663
NC_000005.9 GNB2L1 -5.26e-02 7.18e-04 0.4663
NC_000022.10 GP1BB 1.18e-01 7.19e-04 0.4663
NC_000002.11 STARD7 -1.26e-01 7.19e-04 0.4663
NC_000006.11 MICB 4.06e-02 7.19e-04 0.4663
NC_000004.11 PARM1 5.61e-02 7.20e-04 0.4663
NC_000010.10 PTCHD3 1.03e-01 7.23e-04 0.4663
NC_000013.10 F10 1.11e-01 7.24e-04 0.4663
NC_000005.9 NDUFS4 -1.16e-01 7.24e-04 0.4663
NC_000002.11 MTHFD2 -1.36e-01 7.34e-04 0.4695
NC_000014.8 MTA1 -1.28e-01 7.36e-04 0.4695
NC_000005.9 RXFP3 1.74e-01 7.37e-04 0.4695
NC_000002.11 EPB41L5 -9.86e-02 7.37e-04 0.4695
NC_000007.13 SLC26A4 8.68e-02 7.38e-04 0.4695
NC_000006.11 BAT2 -7.67e-02 7.39e-04 0.4695
NC_000007.13 MAD1L1 -1.09e-01 7.42e-04 0.4697
NC_000007.13 ATXN7L1 7.29e-02 7.46e-04 0.4697
NC_000001.10 C1orf100 1.09e-01 7.50e-04 0.4697
NC_000014.8 PSMA3 -1.14e-01 7.50e-04 0.4697
NC_000001.10 PRDM16 -1.24e-01 7.51e-04 0.4697
NC_000006.11 PLG 4.81e-02 7.51e-04 0.4697
NC_000011.9 ZNF195 -4.44e-02 7.53e-04 0.4697
NC_000012.11 KRT3 1.19e-01 7.53e-04 0.4697
NC_000016.9 THUMPD1 5.68e-02 7.54e-04 0.4697
NC_000007.13 TBXAS1 1.01e-01 7.54e-04 0.4697
NC_000018.9 ATP9B -5.76e-02 7.57e-04 0.4697
NC_000004.11 AADAT -3.57e-02 7.61e-04 0.4703
NC_000017.10 NAGLU -4.18e-02 7.62e-04 0.4703
NC_000016.9 HS3ST2 -1.33e-01 7.63e-04 0.4703
NC_000002.11 PLEKHH2 2.08e-01 7.64e-04 0.4703
NC_000007.13 IQUB -9.62e-02 7.66e-04 0.4703
NC_000023.10 PRKX 1.04e-01 7.68e-04 0.4703
NC_000007.13 MAFK 5.75e-02 7.70e-04 0.4703
NC_000019.9 LINGO3 7.87e-02 7.70e-04 0.4703
NC_000004.11 DRD5 7.54e-02 7.74e-04 0.4703
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 7.37e-02 7.74e-04 0.4703
NC_000001.10 LHX9 1.04e-01 7.75e-04 0.4703
NC_000016.9 CPNE7 -4.48e-02 7.79e-04 0.4715
NC_000012.11 ZNF740 -4.61e-02 7.80e-04 0.4715
NC_000016.9 DECR2 1.53e-01 7.81e-04 0.4715
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 7.74e-02 7.83e-04 0.4715
NC_000010.10 NODAL 1.04e-01 7.83e-04 0.4715
NC_000006.11 HCP5 8.38e-02 7.87e-04 0.4725
NC_000016.9 CCDC78 5.84e-02 7.95e-04 0.4741
NC_000012.11 GPR133 -2.48e-01 7.96e-04 0.4741
NC_000001.10 ZNF436 -6.54e-02 7.97e-04 0.4741
NC_000011.9 CYB5R2 -4.51e-02 7.97e-04 0.4741
NC_000018.9 DTNA -1.49e-01 7.99e-04 0.4741
NC_000001.10 MORN1 -3.86e-02 8.03e-04 0.4741
NC_000012.11 CCT2 -3.62e-02 8.03e-04 0.4741
NC_000012.11 ANKS1B 1.84e-01 8.03e-04 0.4741
NC_000015.9 MEGF11 -4.34e-02 8.04e-04 0.4741
NC_000021.8 UMODL1 -1.64e-01 8.06e-04 0.4746
NC_000016.9 ADAMTS18 -2.27e-01 8.07e-04 0.4746
NC_000001.10 SPSB1 -8.54e-02 8.09e-04 0.4746
NC_000002.11 PLEKHH2 1.15e-01 8.13e-04 0.4763
NC_000023.10 ZNF157 -4.70e-01 8.18e-04 0.4767
NC_000003.11 SOX2OT 7.61e-02 8.19e-04 0.4767
NC_000019.9 PAFAH1B3 -4.72e-02 8.20e-04 0.4767
NC_000019.9 BRUNOL5 7.79e-02 8.22e-04 0.4767
NC_000017.10 P4HB -1.59e-01 8.24e-04 0.4767
NC_000001.10 SDCCAG8 -1.31e-01 8.27e-04 0.4767
NC_000015.9 PLEKHO2 -9.24e-02 8.28e-04 0.4767
NC_000017.10 MIR193A 4.60e-02 8.28e-04 0.4767
NC_000017.10 TK1 -2.33e-01 8.28e-04 0.4767
NC_000019.9 ZNF180 -3.51e-02 8.29e-04 0.4767
NC_000001.10 PDE4DIP 6.35e-02 8.34e-04 0.4767
NC_000006.11 IER3 -7.42e-02 8.35e-04 0.4767
NC_000011.9 NPAS4 1.29e-01 8.35e-04 0.4767
NC_000005.9 TRIM41 -7.15e-02 8.36e-04 0.4767
NC_000006.11 COL11A2 6.91e-02 8.39e-04 0.4767
NC_000019.9 MBOAT7 7.81e-02 8.40e-04 0.4767
NC_000008.10 EXOSC4 -4.61e-02 8.42e-04 0.4767
NC_000006.11 ZBTB9 -8.37e-02 8.43e-04 0.4767
NC_000002.11 SRD5A2 1.46e-01 8.48e-04 0.4767
NC_000012.11 SPATS2 -4.96e-02 8.48e-04 0.4767
NC_000016.9 SPG7 -1.42e-01 8.48e-04 0.4767
NC_000001.10 PEX10 9.09e-02 8.50e-04 0.4767
NC_000016.9 SMG1 -1.14e-01 8.54e-04 0.4767
NC_000017.10 FAM171A2 1.50e-01 8.55e-04 0.4767
NC_000006.11 CDC5L -1.00e-01 8.57e-04 0.4767
NC_000017.10 MPRIP -1.24e-01 8.59e-04 0.4767
NC_000015.9 FAM169B 5.00e-02 8.59e-04 0.4767
NC_000013.10 KLHL1 9.58e-02 8.61e-04 0.4767
NC_000016.9 ZNF469 1.48e-01 8.62e-04 0.4767
NC_000005.9 FAM105B -1.11e-01 8.62e-04 0.4767
NC_000006.11 PACSIN1 8.21e-02 8.64e-04 0.4767
NC_000021.8 SIM2 7.73e-02 8.64e-04 0.4767
NC_000002.11 IMMT -6.26e-02 8.65e-04 0.4767
NC_000001.10 MSTO2P 7.09e-02 8.66e-04 0.4767
NC_000016.9 TEPP -6.55e-02 8.67e-04 0.4767
NC_000006.11 NFYA -1.30e-01 8.69e-04 0.4767
NC_000017.10 PEMT -1.24e-01 8.70e-04 0.4767
NC_000002.11 PLEKHH2 1.40e-01 8.71e-04 0.4767
NC_000004.11 KIAA1530 5.01e-02 8.72e-04 0.4767
NC_000014.8 CDC42BPB -7.91e-02 8.72e-04 0.4767
NC_000011.9 ALKBH3 -6.19e-02 8.73e-04 0.4767
NC_000019.9 MYBPC2 1.11e-01 8.73e-04 0.4767
NC_000010.10 COL13A1 6.59e-02 8.74e-04 0.4767
NC_000010.10 BNIP3 -7.04e-02 8.75e-04 0.4767
NC_000001.10 GRIK3 9.39e-02 8.80e-04 0.4769
NC_000005.9 FBXW11 -6.83e-02 8.82e-04 0.4769
NC_000016.9 FUS -1.48e-01 8.82e-04 0.4769
NC_000001.10 LOC339524 1.95e-01 8.83e-04 0.4769
NC_000008.10 GDF6 8.47e-02 8.88e-04 0.4769
NC_000008.10 DEFB104B -1.16e-01 8.90e-04 0.4769
NC_000008.10 NCOA2 -1.28e-01 8.91e-04 0.4769
NC_000003.11 WDR82 -9.25e-02 8.92e-04 0.4769
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 -2.90e-01 8.92e-04 0.4769
NC_000017.10 NXN -1.03e-01 8.92e-04 0.4769
NC_000015.9 TNFAIP8L3 -6.94e-02 8.94e-04 0.4769
NC_000022.10 IL2RB 1.74e-01 8.95e-04 0.4769
NC_000017.10 RECQL5 -7.25e-02 8.96e-04 0.4769
NC_000001.10 BMP8B 9.39e-02 8.98e-04 0.4769
NC_000018.9 CPLX4 6.11e-02 9.00e-04 0.4769
NC_000010.10 ANXA8 -1.53e-01 9.00e-04 0.4769
NC_000012.11 DBX2 -4.73e-02 9.01e-04 0.4769
NC_000003.11 PRRT3 1.48e-01 9.03e-04 0.4769
NC_000016.9 ANKRD11 -1.23e-01 9.09e-04 0.4769
NC_000019.9 CEBPA 4.70e-02 9.12e-04 0.4769
NC_000005.9 ZNF622 -5.28e-02 9.12e-04 0.4769
NC_000006.11 FAM65B 8.65e-02 9.17e-04 0.4769
NC_000016.9 GPR56 8.05e-02 9.18e-04 0.4769
NC_000016.9 WFIKKN1 6.05e-02 9.20e-04 0.4769
NC_000007.13 CNTNAP2 -1.23e-01 9.20e-04 0.4769
NC_000012.11 PCBP2 -6.87e-02 9.24e-04 0.4769
NC_000011.9 TMEM134 -5.53e-02 9.27e-04 0.4769
NC_000008.10 MRPS28 -1.01e-01 9.27e-04 0.4769
NC_000003.11 TNK2 -7.83e-02 9.29e-04 0.4769
NC_000019.9 AP3D1 -1.11e-01 9.31e-04 0.4769
NC_000017.10 RNF126P1 1.21e-01 9.31e-04 0.4769
NC_000007.13 BUD31 -5.94e-02 9.32e-04 0.4769
NC_000003.11 MSL2 -8.38e-02 9.33e-04 0.4769
NC_000007.13 FOXP2 -1.05e-01 9.34e-04 0.4769
NC_000002.11 COPS8 -3.26e-02 9.35e-04 0.4769
NC_000007.13 KCNH2 9.37e-02 9.36e-04 0.4769
NC_000015.9 SLC12A6 -7.68e-02 9.37e-04 0.4769
NC_000006.11 NHSL1 -1.62e-01 9.37e-04 0.4769
NC_000009.11 TTC39B -1.30e-01 9.41e-04 0.4769
NC_000011.9 FAM160A2 4.33e-02 9.42e-04 0.4769
NC_000017.10 NPEPPS 1.12e-01 9.44e-04 0.4769
NC_000007.13 PRKAR1B -1.19e-01 9.45e-04 0.4769
NC_000021.8 DNAJC28 -3.92e-02 9.53e-04 0.4769
NC_000001.10 CTSK -1.13e-01 9.56e-04 0.4769
NC_000002.11 FMNL2 -9.27e-02 9.57e-04 0.4769
NC_000022.10 CPT1B 1.76e-01 9.59e-04 0.4769
NC_000004.11 LNX1 -1.38e-01 9.59e-04 0.4769
NC_000007.13 RAC1 7.28e-02 9.61e-04 0.4769
NC_000004.11 DCLK2 -1.32e-01 9.61e-04 0.4769
NC_000019.9 ATP4A 8.13e-02 9.62e-04 0.4769
NC_000019.9 SPIB 1.09e-01 9.62e-04 0.4769
NC_000017.10 AATF -1.26e-01 9.62e-04 0.4769
NC_000016.9 SLC5A2 1.32e-01 9.63e-04 0.4769
NC_000004.11 GYPE -9.27e-02 9.65e-04 0.4769
NC_000022.10 PLXNB2 4.89e-02 9.67e-04 0.4769
NC_000003.11 MRPS25 1.31e-01 9.67e-04 0.4769
NC_000005.9 TTC23L -6.30e-02 9.68e-04 0.4769
NC_000011.9 PGM2L1 -4.38e-02 9.68e-04 0.4769
NC_000015.9 ALDH1A2 6.87e-02 9.70e-04 0.4769
NC_000001.10 ESPN 9.37e-02 9.71e-04 0.4769
NC_000001.10 MAP3K6 1.01e-01 9.71e-04 0.4769
NC_000017.10 EVPLL 9.06e-02 9.75e-04 0.4769
NC_000021.8 WRB 9.75e-02 9.76e-04 0.4769
NC_000001.10 NR5A2 6.72e-02 9.77e-04 0.4769
NC_000008.10 STAU2 1.06e-01 9.78e-04 0.4769
NC_000008.10 LY6D 3.75e-02 9.78e-04 0.4769
NC_000008.10 CLN8 -1.58e-01 9.80e-04 0.4769
NC_000012.11 FLJ12825 6.38e-02 9.81e-04 0.4769
NC_000010.10 SAR1A -5.37e-02 9.82e-04 0.4769
NC_000004.11 PCGF3 -7.40e-02 9.83e-04 0.4769
NC_000007.13 PODXL 9.72e-02 9.84e-04 0.4769
NC_000015.9 DNM1P35 -1.19e-01 9.85e-04 0.4769
NC_000006.11 ATG5 -4.17e-02 9.86e-04 0.4769
NC_000020.10 C20orf46 6.35e-02 9.87e-04 0.4769
NC_000009.11 EXD3 2.21e-01 9.91e-04 0.4769
NC_000007.13 DPP6 -9.74e-02 9.92e-04 0.4769
NC_000012.11 BCL7A 8.66e-02 9.93e-04 0.4769
NC_000011.9 CAT 9.58e-02 9.93e-04 0.4769
NC_000003.11 ARIH2 -3.78e-02 9.98e-04 0.4769
NC_000003.11 TMEM158 8.31e-02 9.98e-04 0.4769
NC_000020.10 C20orf12 -7.22e-02 1.00e-03 0.4769
NC_000003.11 PHLDB2 1.20e-01 1.00e-03 0.4769
NC_000006.11 PPP1R2P1 9.42e-02 1.01e-03 0.4769
NC_000016.9 C16orf80 -5.04e-02 1.01e-03 0.4769
NC_000012.11 LHX5 1.82e-01 1.01e-03 0.4769
NC_000015.9 UNC45A 1.91e-01 1.01e-03 0.4769
NC_000019.9 ZNF331 -4.45e-02 1.01e-03 0.4769
NC_000004.11 MYL5 1.39e-01 1.01e-03 0.4769
NC_000001.10 C1orf220 -4.09e-02 1.02e-03 0.4782
NC_000013.10 DLEU7 -8.01e-02 1.02e-03 0.4782
NC_000001.10 LOC339524 2.07e-01 1.02e-03 0.4782
NC_000016.9 IFT140 1.74e-01 1.02e-03 0.4782
NC_000010.10 C10orf11 -9.14e-02 1.03e-03 0.4791
NC_000016.9 KIAA0895L 6.16e-02 1.03e-03 0.4795
NC_000012.11 FAM19A2 -6.15e-02 1.03e-03 0.4795
NC_000012.11 TAS2R14 -3.72e-02 1.03e-03 0.4795
NC_000007.13 KLRG2 8.38e-02 1.03e-03 0.4796
NC_000002.11 ZFP36L2 1.40e-01 1.03e-03 0.4804
NC_000006.11 TCF19 5.05e-02 1.03e-03 0.4804
NC_000019.9 MAST1 -4.00e-02 1.04e-03 0.481
NC_000013.10 CAB39L 5.74e-02 1.04e-03 0.4813
NC_000011.9 PKP3 1.60e-01 1.04e-03 0.4813
NC_000011.9 ZFP91 -5.48e-02 1.04e-03 0.4813
NC_000006.11 PPP1R2P1 1.55e-01 1.04e-03 0.4813
NC_000017.10 PLD6 1.24e-01 1.04e-03 0.4813
NC_000006.11 C6orf138 -1.36e-01 1.04e-03 0.4813
NC_000020.10 CDH4 1.06e-01 1.05e-03 0.482
NC_000001.10 GREM2 1.08e-01 1.05e-03 0.4832
NC_000020.10 ZBTB46 1.06e-01 1.05e-03 0.4832
NC_000021.8 CXADR 1.03e-01 1.05e-03 0.4833
NC_000002.11 MYT1L -6.34e-02 1.06e-03 0.4843
NC_000007.13 EIF4H -8.33e-02 1.06e-03 0.4843
NC_000010.10 DIP2C -7.58e-02 1.07e-03 0.4843
NC_000001.10 CATSPER4 3.29e-01 1.07e-03 0.4843
NC_000001.10 C1orf123 -1.20e-01 1.07e-03 0.4843
NC_000017.10 ATP5H -4.48e-02 1.07e-03 0.4843
NC_000010.10 PFKFB3 -9.99e-02 1.07e-03 0.4843
NC_000006.11 PPP1R2P1 1.01e-01 1.07e-03 0.4843
NC_000003.11 SLC12A8 -8.69e-02 1.07e-03 0.4843
NC_000010.10 CAMK1D -4.48e-02 1.08e-03 0.4843
NC_000010.10 PFKFB3 -1.12e-01 1.08e-03 0.4843
NC_000003.11 LZTFL1 5.86e-02 1.08e-03 0.4843
NC_000001.10 C1orf210 6.79e-02 1.08e-03 0.4843
NC_000017.10 LRRC48 -1.51e-01 1.08e-03 0.4843
NC_000008.10 DEFB104B -1.33e-01 1.09e-03 0.4843
NC_000011.9 RPS6KA4 -4.95e-02 1.09e-03 0.4843
NC_000013.10 UGGT2 8.59e-02 1.09e-03 0.4843
NC_000005.9 C5orf32 -3.31e-02 1.09e-03 0.4843
NC_000015.9 TCF12 -3.66e-02 1.09e-03 0.4843
NC_000019.9 PNKP -1.10e-01 1.09e-03 0.4843
NC_000005.9 PCDH1 6.42e-02 1.09e-03 0.4843
NC_000020.10 DIDO1 -6.32e-02 1.09e-03 0.4843
NC_000016.9 PRSS22 8.81e-02 1.09e-03 0.4843
NC_000001.10 USP24 -1.40e-01 1.10e-03 0.4843
NC_000002.11 NT5C1B 1.26e-01 1.11e-03 0.4868
NC_000006.11 COL11A2 8.62e-02 1.11e-03 0.4868
NC_000007.13 NUP205 -3.38e-02 1.11e-03 0.4868
NC_000015.9 DNAJC17 -6.11e-01 1.11e-03 0.487
NC_000004.11 CCDC149 -2.17e-01 1.11e-03 0.487
NC_000003.11 WNT5A -1.26e-01 1.12e-03 0.487
NC_000020.10 ZNF831 9.48e-02 1.12e-03 0.4874
NC_000011.9 MS4A15 -1.25e-01 1.12e-03 0.4874
NC_000003.11 CHL1 1.23e-01 1.12e-03 0.4885
NC_000012.11 NINJ2 -5.74e-02 1.12e-03 0.4885
NC_000007.13 SLC26A5 9.63e-02 1.13e-03 0.4886
NC_000003.11 MITF -1.50e-01 1.13e-03 0.4886
NC_000005.9 ARHGAP26 -9.35e-02 1.13e-03 0.4886
NC_000012.11 TBK1 -7.67e-02 1.13e-03 0.4886
NC_000012.11 RPSAP52 3.94e-02 1.13e-03 0.4886
NC_000013.10 RB1 -4.44e-02 1.13e-03 0.4886
NC_000014.8 SNX6 -8.31e-02 1.14e-03 0.4886
NC_000005.9 PCDHGA4 4.91e-02 1.14e-03 0.4886
NC_000014.8 SERPINA9 -6.36e-01 1.14e-03 0.4886
NC_000005.9 RUFY1 -8.53e-02 1.14e-03 0.4888
NC_000018.9 C18orf2 9.19e-02 1.14e-03 0.489
NC_000002.11 SNX17 -4.24e-02 1.14e-03 0.489
NC_000015.9 IGF1R -1.75e-01 1.14e-03 0.489
NC_000011.9 KDM4DL 7.50e-02 1.14e-03 0.4893
NC_000003.11 GOLIM4 -9.03e-02 1.15e-03 0.4895
NC_000001.10 DBT -4.56e-02 1.15e-03 0.4895
NC_000016.9 IQCK -8.28e-02 1.15e-03 0.4895
NC_000006.11 OR2W1 1.62e-01 1.15e-03 0.4895
NC_000014.8 KLHL28 7.37e-02 1.15e-03 0.4895
NC_000008.10 C8orf59 -5.98e-02 1.15e-03 0.4895
NC_000002.11 BRE -5.00e-02 1.16e-03 0.4895
NC_000020.10 EDN3 4.25e-02 1.16e-03 0.4895
NC_000006.11 C6orf138 -8.52e-02 1.16e-03 0.4895
NC_000001.10 DUSP10 -6.05e-02 1.17e-03 0.4895
NC_000001.10 ESPN 1.59e-01 1.17e-03 0.4895
NC_000002.11 VAX2 7.49e-02 1.17e-03 0.4895
NC_000005.9 RGS14 8.57e-02 1.17e-03 0.4895
NC_000004.11 OTOP1 1.32e-01 1.17e-03 0.4895
NC_000011.9 MPPED2 -6.00e-02 1.17e-03 0.4895
NC_000013.10 DLEU7 -4.90e-02 1.17e-03 0.4895
NC_000008.10 C8orf75 1.19e-01 1.17e-03 0.4895
NC_000017.10 RAD51L3 -1.23e-01 1.18e-03 0.4895
NC_000017.10 TEX2 1.28e-01 1.18e-03 0.4895
NC_000016.9 JMJD8 9.39e-02 1.18e-03 0.4895
NC_000019.9 ZNF837 2.65e-01 1.18e-03 0.4895
NC_000011.9 SNORD30 -1.09e-01 1.18e-03 0.4895
NC_000002.11 SNTG2 -9.18e-02 1.19e-03 0.4895
NC_000002.11 SRD5A2 7.91e-02 1.19e-03 0.4895
NC_000017.10 MYO1C 9.12e-02 1.19e-03 0.4895
NC_000015.9 CHSY1 -3.98e-02 1.19e-03 0.4895
NC_000006.11 ATF6B -8.62e-02 1.19e-03 0.4895
NC_000001.10 ATF3 -6.52e-02 1.19e-03 0.4895
NC_000022.10 TSSK2 -5.13e-02 1.19e-03 0.4895
NC_000014.8 NIN -3.35e-02 1.20e-03 0.4895
NC_000008.10 GFRA2 6.64e-02 1.20e-03 0.4895
NC_000019.9 FKRP 2.19e-01 1.20e-03 0.4895
NC_000001.10 ALDH4A1 -7.46e-02 1.20e-03 0.4895
NC_000003.11 GTF2E1 -8.87e-02 1.20e-03 0.4895
NC_000008.10 DOCK5 -5.13e-02 1.20e-03 0.4895
NC_000019.9 ZNF570 1.01e-01 1.20e-03 0.4895
NC_000017.10 CRK -9.46e-02 1.20e-03 0.4895
NC_000012.11 PLBD1 1.42e-01 1.21e-03 0.4895
NC_000011.9 AHNAK 9.67e-02 1.21e-03 0.4895
NC_000004.11 PDGFC -1.26e-01 1.21e-03 0.4895
NC_000006.11 HIST1H4H -5.72e-02 1.21e-03 0.4895
NC_000005.9 PDLIM4 7.83e-02 1.21e-03 0.4895
NC_000011.9 BIRC2 -5.94e-02 1.21e-03 0.4895
NC_000010.10 SH3PXD2A 8.11e-02 1.21e-03 0.4895
NC_000003.11 GRM7 -8.43e-02 1.21e-03 0.4895
NC_000012.11 PTPN11 6.32e-02 1.22e-03 0.4895
NC_000019.9 U2AF2 -5.82e-02 1.22e-03 0.4895
NC_000005.9 KCNIP1 5.40e-02 1.22e-03 0.4895
NC_000003.11 C3orf51 -6.33e-02 1.22e-03 0.4895
NC_000017.10 TK1 -1.47e-01 1.22e-03 0.4895
NC_000010.10 CHST15 -1.11e-01 1.23e-03 0.4895
NC_000001.10 RABGAP1L 6.00e-02 1.23e-03 0.4895
NC_000019.9 NAPSA 1.34e-01 1.23e-03 0.4895
NC_000001.10 RUSC1 -4.83e-02 1.23e-03 0.4895
NC_000005.9 CPLX2 8.06e-02 1.23e-03 0.4895
NC_000017.10 TEKT3 6.74e-02 1.23e-03 0.4895
NC_000016.9 DECR2 2.20e-01 1.23e-03 0.4895
NC_000002.11 MOGAT1 -4.41e-02 1.23e-03 0.4895
NC_000008.10 C8ORFK29 1.05e-01 1.24e-03 0.4895
NC_000002.11 TBC1D8 9.74e-02 1.24e-03 0.4895
NC_000009.11 DAB2IP 5.58e-02 1.24e-03 0.4895
NC_000015.9 PLDN -6.42e-02 1.24e-03 0.4895
NC_000018.9 CXADRP3 1.22e-01 1.24e-03 0.4895
NC_000012.11 RPL6 -7.33e-02 1.24e-03 0.4895
NC_000017.10 TADA2A -5.82e-02 1.25e-03 0.4895
NC_000016.9 SLC5A2 8.81e-02 1.25e-03 0.4895
NC_000002.11 GPR113 -9.36e-02 1.25e-03 0.4895
NC_000012.11 SFRS8 -1.33e-01 1.25e-03 0.4895
NC_000008.10 DEFB135 5.80e-02 1.25e-03 0.4895
NC_000007.13 UFSP1 1.05e-01 1.25e-03 0.4895
NC_000022.10 CECR7 1.01e-01 1.25e-03 0.4895
NC_000017.10 ARHGAP23 -8.74e-02 1.25e-03 0.4895
NC_000007.13 CUX1 -6.82e-02 1.25e-03 0.4895
NC_000008.10 CSGALNACT1 -1.52e-01 1.26e-03 0.4895
NC_000001.10 GPX7 -3.37e-02 1.26e-03 0.4895
NC_000008.10 ERICH1 -9.26e-02 1.26e-03 0.4895
NC_000010.10 ANKRD30A 5.62e-02 1.26e-03 0.4895
NC_000019.9 LGALS13 6.49e-02 1.26e-03 0.4895
NC_000003.11 CLDN18 -5.51e-02 1.26e-03 0.4895
NC_000018.9 KIAA0802 -7.34e-02 1.26e-03 0.4895
NC_000019.9 ZNF700 -4.83e-02 1.26e-03 0.4895
NC_000008.10 BAI1 5.87e-02 1.26e-03 0.4895
NC_000017.10 MED24 -5.03e-02 1.27e-03 0.4895
NC_000007.13 SHH 6.87e-02 1.27e-03 0.4895
NC_000010.10 CH25H 6.19e-02 1.27e-03 0.4895
NC_000015.9 SNORD115-14 -5.12e-02 1.27e-03 0.4895
NC_000011.9 GLB1L3 1.01e-01 1.27e-03 0.4895
NC_000010.10 BLOC1S2 -7.08e-02 1.27e-03 0.4895
NC_000013.10 FOXO1 -5.98e-02 1.27e-03 0.4895
NC_000011.9 RCE1 -3.28e-02 1.27e-03 0.4895
NC_000002.11 SPATS2L -9.15e-02 1.27e-03 0.4895
NC_000001.10 ESRRG 1.14e-01 1.27e-03 0.4895
NC_000001.10 CSF1 3.71e-02 1.27e-03 0.4895
NC_000003.11 ARPP-21 1.16e-01 1.27e-03 0.4895
NC_000003.11 SCAP -7.24e-02 1.27e-03 0.4895
NC_000011.9 CAPN1 4.67e-02 1.27e-03 0.4895
NC_000005.9 C5orf32 -4.28e-02 1.27e-03 0.4895
NC_000008.10 PREX2 -8.19e-02 1.27e-03 0.4895
NC_000014.8 HHIPL1 9.93e-02 1.27e-03 0.4895
NC_000019.9 KCNK6 9.00e-02 1.28e-03 0.4895
NC_000001.10 C1orf109 2.75e-01 1.28e-03 0.4895
NC_000001.10 CSF1 -5.10e-02 1.28e-03 0.4895
NC_000002.11 WIPF1 -6.96e-02 1.28e-03 0.4895
NC_000008.10 MOS 1.35e-01 1.28e-03 0.4895
NC_000002.11 PAX3 7.02e-02 1.28e-03 0.4895
NC_000012.11 FBRSL1 -6.50e-02 1.28e-03 0.4895
NC_000015.9 CYFIP1 -5.06e-02 1.28e-03 0.4895
NC_000007.13 SLC25A13 -8.06e-02 1.29e-03 0.4895
NC_000017.10 ACCN1 -1.24e-01 1.29e-03 0.4895
NC_000017.10 ZMYND15 -5.49e-02 1.29e-03 0.4895
NC_000012.11 UBE2N 5.77e-02 1.29e-03 0.4895
NC_000001.10 RLF -5.26e-02 1.29e-03 0.4895
NC_000016.9 FAM173A -4.06e-02 1.29e-03 0.4895
NC_000007.13 ATP5J2 -1.98e-01 1.29e-03 0.4895
NC_000011.9 THRSP -8.65e-02 1.30e-03 0.4895
NC_000011.9 PRDM11 -1.41e-01 1.30e-03 0.4895
NC_000011.9 KCNK4 -6.05e-02 1.30e-03 0.4895
NC_000001.10 OR2B11 -3.96e-02 1.30e-03 0.4895
NC_000019.9 TSKS 1.03e-01 1.30e-03 0.4895
NC_000016.9 HSD17B2 -1.28e-01 1.30e-03 0.4895
NC_000008.10 FOXH1 1.25e-01 1.30e-03 0.4895
NC_000012.11 CD163L1 7.96e-02 1.30e-03 0.4895
NC_000023.10 PNPLA4 -5.35e-02 1.31e-03 0.4895
NC_000007.13 CUX1 -6.21e-02 1.31e-03 0.4895
NC_000019.9 INSR -9.39e-02 1.31e-03 0.4895
NC_000009.11 PRSS3 4.88e-02 1.31e-03 0.4895
NC_000012.11 RND1 -7.14e-02 1.31e-03 0.4895
NC_000005.9 SLC12A7 7.11e-02 1.31e-03 0.4895
NC_000008.10 ZNF34 -1.08e-01 1.32e-03 0.4895
NC_000001.10 KIF26B -2.18e-01 1.32e-03 0.4895
NC_000015.9 HAUS2 -1.10e-01 1.32e-03 0.4895
NC_000006.11 C6orf227 1.24e-01 1.32e-03 0.4895
NC_000008.10 CSMD1 1.16e-01 1.32e-03 0.4895
NC_000010.10 CHUK -7.75e-02 1.32e-03 0.4895
NC_000001.10 JTB -1.01e-01 1.33e-03 0.4895
NC_000008.10 RRM2B -5.12e-02 1.33e-03 0.4895
NC_000017.10 HOXB2 -4.46e-02 1.33e-03 0.4895
NC_000006.11 MRAP2 -8.36e-02 1.33e-03 0.4895
NC_000003.11 PRR23A 9.85e-02 1.33e-03 0.4895
NC_000002.11 SP9 4.95e-02 1.33e-03 0.4895
NC_000007.13 PGAM2 1.15e-01 1.33e-03 0.4895
NC_000006.11 RPS6KA2 -5.83e-02 1.33e-03 0.4895
NC_000006.11 KHDRBS2 -6.03e-02 1.34e-03 0.4895
NC_000004.11 TMEM128 -4.71e-02 1.34e-03 0.4895
NC_000016.9 ZNF75A -9.51e-02 1.34e-03 0.4895
NC_000010.10 SH3PXD2A 4.25e-02 1.34e-03 0.4895
NC_000002.11 NCRNA00116 1.11e-01 1.34e-03 0.4895
NC_000013.10 DCLK1 6.74e-02 1.34e-03 0.4895
NC_000019.9 NFIC 1.34e-01 1.34e-03 0.4895
NC_000007.13 MTPN -4.27e-02 1.34e-03 0.4896
NC_000009.11 SNORD36C -8.82e-02 1.34e-03 0.4897
NC_000011.9 AP2A2 -5.60e-02 1.35e-03 0.4897
NC_000006.11 NKAPL 1.83e-01 1.35e-03 0.4897
NC_000019.9 CDC34 -4.74e-02 1.35e-03 0.4897
NC_000019.9 ZNF540 7.66e-02 1.35e-03 0.4897
NC_000001.10 TMEM61 4.16e-02 1.35e-03 0.4897
NC_000006.11 BRD2 -5.57e-02 1.35e-03 0.4897
NC_000011.9 BDNFOS -1.23e-01 1.35e-03 0.4897
NC_000006.11 BRD2 -5.76e-02 1.35e-03 0.4897
NC_000012.11 ETV6 -1.22e-01 1.35e-03 0.4897
NC_000017.10 SLC25A19 9.95e-02 1.36e-03 0.4897
NC_000019.9 MAST1 1.15e-01 1.36e-03 0.49
NC_000011.9 C11orf10 -5.90e-02 1.36e-03 0.49
NC_000011.9 PDE2A 9.64e-02 1.36e-03 0.4903
NC_000004.11 STK32B -8.79e-02 1.36e-03 0.4903
NC_000014.8 ACOT6 3.65e-01 1.36e-03 0.4903
NC_000002.11 SGPP2 6.69e-02 1.37e-03 0.4903
NC_000001.10 RNF220 5.35e-02 1.37e-03 0.4903
NC_000007.13 ACHE -7.82e-02 1.37e-03 0.4903
NC_000010.10 UBE2D1 -6.70e-02 1.37e-03 0.4903
NC_000006.11 HLA-A -1.34e-01 1.37e-03 0.4904
NC_000001.10 C1QC 9.04e-02 1.37e-03 0.4904
NC_000017.10 GPRC5C 1.00e-01 1.38e-03 0.4904
NC_000010.10 FBXO18 -8.02e-02 1.38e-03 0.4904
NC_000003.11 AMOTL2 -6.48e-02 1.38e-03 0.4904
NC_000005.9 RXFP3 1.21e-01 1.38e-03 0.4904
NC_000006.11 FTSJD2 -5.03e-02 1.39e-03 0.4904
NC_000017.10 PLD6 2.05e-01 1.39e-03 0.4904
NC_000007.13 TRRAP -4.07e-02 1.39e-03 0.4904
NC_000013.10 PHF11 -9.87e-02 1.39e-03 0.4904
NC_000015.9 TGM7 9.45e-02 1.39e-03 0.4904
NC_000003.11 AMT 6.41e-02 1.39e-03 0.4904
NC_000017.10 NTN1 -1.51e-01 1.39e-03 0.4904
NC_000005.9 NKX2-5 1.00e-01 1.40e-03 0.4904
NC_000011.9 ACTN3 8.44e-02 1.40e-03 0.4904
NC_000020.10 GMEB2 -7.28e-02 1.40e-03 0.4904
NC_000014.8 PRO1768 -8.41e-02 1.40e-03 0.4904
NC_000007.13 MGC87042 7.89e-02 1.41e-03 0.4904
NC_000001.10 CAMSAP1L1 -6.51e-02 1.41e-03 0.4904
NC_000007.13 IKZF1 5.78e-02 1.41e-03 0.4904
NC_000022.10 DGCR6 -6.11e-02 1.41e-03 0.4904
NC_000009.11 CEP78 -5.95e-02 1.41e-03 0.4904
NC_000007.13 POR -6.78e-02 1.41e-03 0.4904
NC_000014.8 EML5 -1.03e-01 1.41e-03 0.4904
NC_000023.10 CTPS2 -4.00e-02 1.42e-03 0.4904
NC_000004.11 LRPAP1 -8.77e-02 1.42e-03 0.4904
NC_000020.10 ADRA1D 7.66e-02 1.42e-03 0.4904
NC_000007.13 JAZF1 -8.56e-02 1.42e-03 0.4904
NC_000010.10 DIP2C -1.71e-01 1.42e-03 0.4904
NC_000006.11 HIST1H2BH 5.03e-02 1.42e-03 0.4904
NC_000003.11 MAP3K13 -5.65e-02 1.42e-03 0.4904
NC_000015.9 GTF2A2 -1.85e-01 1.42e-03 0.4904
NC_000009.11 VAV2 -1.53e-01 1.43e-03 0.4904
NC_000019.9 SMARCA4 -4.05e-02 1.43e-03 0.4904
NC_000002.11 ZEB2 -6.45e-02 1.43e-03 0.4904
NC_000019.9 MAST1 1.06e-01 1.43e-03 0.4904
NC_000012.11 FBXL14 -1.01e-01 1.43e-03 0.4904
NC_000007.13 CUL1 -1.22e-01 1.43e-03 0.4904
NC_000001.10 NPL -2.29e-01 1.43e-03 0.4904
NC_000015.9 WDR72 1.34e-01 1.43e-03 0.4904
NC_000007.13 KCND2 -8.60e-02 1.43e-03 0.4904
NC_000022.10 CPT1B 2.36e-01 1.44e-03 0.4904
NC_000008.10 FAM83H 2.50e-01 1.44e-03 0.4904
NC_000016.9 HTA -1.67e-01 1.44e-03 0.4904
NC_000008.10 NECAB1 5.12e-02 1.44e-03 0.4904
NC_000011.9 CD82 -6.06e-02 1.44e-03 0.4904
NC_000010.10 CUGBP2 -9.31e-02 1.44e-03 0.4904
NC_000007.13 CUX1 -6.23e-02 1.45e-03 0.4927
NC_000021.8 PCNT -6.44e-02 1.45e-03 0.4938
NC_000003.11 C3orf21 -9.98e-02 1.46e-03 0.494
NC_000008.10 PCM1 -1.69e-01 1.46e-03 0.494
NC_000006.11 MAPK13 9.49e-02 1.46e-03 0.494
NC_000014.8 NRXN3 7.73e-02 1.47e-03 0.495
NC_000004.11 FRAS1 9.99e-02 1.47e-03 0.495
NC_000019.9 CYTH2 2.58e-01 1.47e-03 0.495
NC_000005.9 RASGEF1C 7.56e-02 1.47e-03 0.495
NC_000014.8 FOXN3 -1.41e-01 1.48e-03 0.495
NC_000001.10 AHCTF1 7.67e-02 1.48e-03 0.495
NC_000001.10 THEM5 -1.37e-01 1.48e-03 0.495
NC_000013.10 SPATA13 -1.81e-01 1.48e-03 0.495
NC_000007.13 SEPT7 -3.43e-02 1.48e-03 0.495
NC_000003.11 FYTTD1 4.29e-02 1.48e-03 0.495
NC_000018.9 PIAS2 -7.26e-02 1.48e-03 0.495
NC_000008.10 MAL2 7.35e-02 1.48e-03 0.495
NC_000022.10 CYP2D7P1 7.86e-02 1.48e-03 0.495
NC_000010.10 ZNF33B -4.86e-02 1.49e-03 0.495
NC_000004.11 MUC7 -1.02e-01 1.49e-03 0.495
NC_000006.11 EHMT2 -7.24e-02 1.49e-03 0.495
NC_000003.11 HYAL2 7.96e-02 1.49e-03 0.495
NC_000021.8 PRDM15 4.82e-02 1.49e-03 0.495
NC_000008.10 MFHAS1 -7.46e-02 1.49e-03 0.495
NC_000010.10 TCF7L2 -1.45e-01 1.49e-03 0.495
NC_000005.9 MAP3K1 -3.36e-02 1.49e-03 0.495
NC_000022.10 C22orf31 -1.10e-01 1.49e-03 0.495
NC_000010.10 TUBB8 1.23e-01 1.50e-03 0.495
NC_000020.10 CTSZ 8.76e-02 1.50e-03 0.495
NC_000019.9 LMTK3 1.77e-01 1.50e-03 0.495
NC_000006.11 FLOT1 -7.61e-02 1.50e-03 0.495
NC_000017.10 ABR -2.24e-01 1.50e-03 0.495
NC_000006.11 RPS6KA2 -1.14e-01 1.50e-03 0.495
NC_000020.10 C20orf7 -4.34e-02 1.51e-03 0.495
NC_000002.11 TMEM18 1.16e-01 1.51e-03 0.495
NC_000004.11 TEC 4.19e-02 1.51e-03 0.495
NC_000001.10 RGS5 -1.47e-01 1.51e-03 0.495
NC_000004.11 NPY5R 1.02e-01 1.51e-03 0.495
NC_000011.9 CAT 6.50e-02 1.51e-03 0.495
NC_000001.10 JAK1 5.21e-02 1.51e-03 0.495
NC_000007.13 ICA1 -1.60e-01 1.51e-03 0.495
NC_000001.10 EFCAB2 -1.25e-01 1.52e-03 0.495
NC_000002.11 LOC440839 9.55e-02 1.52e-03 0.495
NC_000008.10 ERICH1 -1.04e-01 1.52e-03 0.495
NC_000019.9 LTBP4 -1.83e-01 1.52e-03 0.495
NC_000020.10 STK35 -9.26e-02 1.52e-03 0.495
NC_000019.9 CTXN1 7.31e-02 1.52e-03 0.495
NC_000017.10 LOC100190938 9.63e-02 1.52e-03 0.495
NC_000006.11 B3GALT4 7.23e-02 1.52e-03 0.4951
NC_000012.11 SELPLG 1.01e-01 1.52e-03 0.4951
NC_000002.11 FLJ32063 7.21e-02 1.53e-03 0.4951
NC_000001.10 SDCCAG8 -1.06e-01 1.53e-03 0.4951
NC_000019.9 MIR519D 1.49e-01 1.53e-03 0.4951
NC_000011.9 ALKBH8 -8.50e-02 1.53e-03 0.4951
NC_000001.10 LAMC2 7.28e-02 1.53e-03 0.4951
NC_000001.10 ESPNP 1.24e-01 1.53e-03 0.4951
NC_000001.10 KIAA1751 4.63e-02 1.54e-03 0.4951
NC_000021.8 DSCAM -1.20e-01 1.54e-03 0.4951
NC_000017.10 TMEM100 -6.46e-02 1.54e-03 0.4951
NC_000012.11 ITPR2 -8.67e-02 1.54e-03 0.4951
NC_000008.10 EEF1D -2.52e-01 1.54e-03 0.4951
NC_000002.11 BIRC6 -4.67e-02 1.54e-03 0.4951
NC_000007.13 KLF14 7.98e-02 1.54e-03 0.4951
NC_000006.11 TMEM151B 1.48e-01 1.54e-03 0.4951
NC_000007.13 RAPGEF5 5.68e-02 1.55e-03 0.4951
NC_000010.10 CACNB2 -1.35e-01 1.55e-03 0.4951
NC_000016.9 SPG7 -1.46e-01 1.55e-03 0.4951
NC_000013.10 GJB6 8.93e-02 1.55e-03 0.4951
NC_000008.10 GDF6 1.21e-01 1.55e-03 0.4951
NC_000011.9 SLC22A20 4.68e-02 1.55e-03 0.4951
NC_000006.11 CPNE5 -1.14e-01 1.55e-03 0.4951
NC_000017.10 UNC45B 9.04e-02 1.55e-03 0.4951
NC_000002.11 STRADB -1.79e-01 1.55e-03 0.4953
NC_000005.9 KLHL3 -7.22e-02 1.55e-03 0.4953
NC_000007.13 PPP1R9A -1.47e-01 1.56e-03 0.4967
NC_000022.10 CPT1B 1.55e-01 1.56e-03 0.4969
NC_000004.11 FGFR3 -6.31e-02 1.57e-03 0.4969
NC_000003.11 AMIGO3 2.28e-01 1.57e-03 0.4969
NC_000022.10 LZTR1 -5.20e-02 1.57e-03 0.4969
NC_000007.13 RPL13AP17 -7.88e-02 1.57e-03 0.4969
NC_000015.9 SPINT1 -5.31e-02 1.57e-03 0.4969
NC_000017.10 FAM171A2 1.02e-01 1.57e-03 0.4969
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 1.01e-01 1.57e-03 0.4969
NC_000002.11 HADHB -3.54e-02 1.57e-03 0.4969
NC_000005.9 NKX2-5 5.23e-02 1.57e-03 0.4969
NC_000005.9 AHRR 1.19e-01 1.58e-03 0.4969
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 1.22e-01 1.58e-03 0.4969
NC_000016.9 CHP2 8.43e-02 1.58e-03 0.497
NC_000014.8 IRF9 -5.62e-02 1.58e-03 0.497
NC_000016.9 POLR3E 1.13e-01 1.58e-03 0.497
NC_000006.11 TJAP1 -6.85e-02 1.58e-03 0.497
NC_000002.11 TRIB2 -9.82e-02 1.58e-03 0.4971
NC_000019.9 IRF2BP1 1.27e-01 1.58e-03 0.4972
NC_000004.11 GYPB -8.88e-02 1.59e-03 0.4972
NC_000005.9 C5orf62 -9.19e-02 1.59e-03 0.4972
NC_000022.10 GGT1 -6.29e-02 1.59e-03 0.4972
NC_000020.10 DYNLRB1 -7.83e-02 1.59e-03 0.4972
NC_000019.9 ZNF154 6.16e-02 1.59e-03 0.4972
NC_000013.10 POLR1D -4.35e-02 1.60e-03 0.4977
NC_000003.11 RNF168 -6.61e-02 1.60e-03 0.4977
NC_000011.9 NPAS4 1.17e-01 1.60e-03 0.4977
NC_000009.11 ABCA1 -4.00e-02 1.60e-03 0.4977
NC_000006.11 C6orf174 -6.73e-02 1.60e-03 0.4977
NC_000007.13 C7orf28B -3.72e-02 1.60e-03 0.4977
NC_000004.11 LOC344967 -3.78e-02 1.60e-03 0.4977
NC_000017.10 CPD 6.94e-02 1.60e-03 0.4977
NC_000010.10 RASGEF1A 4.39e-02 1.61e-03 0.4977
NC_000002.11 C2orf63 -8.93e-02 1.61e-03 0.4977
NC_000012.11 CD63 -4.53e-02 1.61e-03 0.4977
NC_000016.9 KIF22 -4.79e-02 1.62e-03 0.4988
NC_000016.9 EEF2K -1.24e-01 1.62e-03 0.4988
NC_000001.10 GBP6 1.07e-01 1.62e-03 0.4988
NC_000005.9 NEUROG1 1.14e-01 1.62e-03 0.4988
NC_000017.10 SEZ6 -7.86e-02 1.62e-03 0.4988
NC_000001.10 LOC388588 1.08e-01 1.62e-03 0.499
NC_000001.10 PAX7 1.08e-01 1.62e-03 0.499
NC_000008.10 LY6H 4.69e-02 1.63e-03 0.5
NC_000001.10 CCNL2 -1.25e-01 1.63e-03 0.5
NC_000016.9 ZNF200 -6.19e-02 1.64e-03 0.501
NC_000019.9 PGLYRP1 -9.65e-02 1.64e-03 0.501
NC_000019.9 ZNF826 7.40e-02 1.64e-03 0.501
NC_000002.11 LOXL3 -6.64e-02 1.64e-03 0.501
NC_000006.11 TNXB 1.65e-01 1.65e-03 0.501
NC_000014.8 C14orf39 4.11e-02 1.65e-03 0.501
NC_000007.13 TYW1B -6.14e-02 1.65e-03 0.501
NC_000008.10 XKR4 -1.64e-01 1.65e-03 0.501
NC_000009.11 PPP6C -9.21e-02 1.65e-03 0.501
NC_000007.13 C7orf50 -7.56e-02 1.66e-03 0.501
NC_000018.9 NEDD4L -4.26e-02 1.66e-03 0.501
NC_000011.9 ARHGAP20 -4.07e-02 1.66e-03 0.501
NC_000019.9 MZF1 1.62e-01 1.66e-03 0.501
NC_000006.11 RXRB -9.99e-02 1.66e-03 0.501
NC_000023.10 FTSJ1 6.30e-02 1.66e-03 0.501
NC_000003.11 GAP43 -3.60e-02 1.66e-03 0.501
NC_000011.9 WT1 1.23e-01 1.67e-03 0.501
NC_000001.10 CTBS -7.98e-02 1.67e-03 0.501
NC_000011.9 MEN1 -5.11e-02 1.67e-03 0.501
NC_000003.11 MIR548A2 -7.42e-02 1.67e-03 0.501
NC_000001.10 TNFRSF25 1.18e-01 1.67e-03 0.501
NC_000019.9 ACP5 5.23e-02 1.67e-03 0.501
NC_000021.8 SIM2 5.90e-02 1.68e-03 0.501
NC_000012.11 PLBD1 1.18e-01 1.68e-03 0.501
NC_000006.11 GPR116 1.10e-01 1.68e-03 0.501
NC_000011.9 CXCR5 -1.12e-01 1.68e-03 0.501
NC_000017.10 DUSP3 -3.89e-02 1.68e-03 0.501
NC_000017.10 CCDC42 7.19e-02 1.68e-03 0.5014
NC_000011.9 RNF169 -1.12e-01 1.68e-03 0.5025
NC_000002.11 GLB1L 1.43e-01 1.69e-03 0.5025
NC_000009.11 OLFM1 -1.46e-01 1.69e-03 0.5025
NC_000019.9 ILF3 -1.62e-01 1.69e-03 0.5025
NC_000012.11 LEMD3 -9.60e-02 1.69e-03 0.503
NC_000014.8 FOXN3 -7.17e-02 1.70e-03 0.5032
NC_000022.10 TXNRD2 5.17e-02 1.70e-03 0.5032
NC_000009.11 PRUNE2 -1.06e-01 1.70e-03 0.5032
NC_000006.11 SNORA38 -5.64e-02 1.70e-03 0.5032
NC_000002.11 WIPF1 -1.34e-01 1.70e-03 0.5032
NC_000001.10 MTF2 7.12e-02 1.70e-03 0.5032
NC_000005.9 ZSWIM6 -9.67e-02 1.71e-03 0.5032
NC_000003.11 SEC61A1 -5.22e-02 1.71e-03 0.5032
NC_000002.11 PLB1 1.20e-01 1.71e-03 0.5032
NC_000011.9 PSMC3 2.40e-01 1.71e-03 0.5032
NC_000012.11 WDR51B 4.20e-02 1.71e-03 0.5032
NC_000016.9 PRSS27 6.06e-02 1.71e-03 0.5032
NC_000015.9 ITGA11 -4.46e-02 1.72e-03 0.5032
NC_000020.10 RBL1 -5.05e-02 1.72e-03 0.5032
NC_000004.11 LNX1 -1.20e-01 1.72e-03 0.5032
NC_000008.10 PRDM14 1.36e-01 1.72e-03 0.5032
NC_000006.11 KPNA5 -3.77e-02 1.72e-03 0.5032
NC_000003.11 EPHA6 1.17e-01 1.72e-03 0.5032
NC_000005.9 CCNI2 -8.81e-02 1.72e-03 0.5032
NC_000020.10 ANGPT4 3.48e-02 1.72e-03 0.5032
NC_000008.10 ZNF395 1.16e-01 1.72e-03 0.5032
NC_000011.9 PKP3 1.34e-01 1.72e-03 0.5032
NC_000022.10 SEC14L4 6.82e-02 1.73e-03 0.5032
NC_000017.10 KIAA1267 7.12e-02 1.73e-03 0.5032
NC_000016.9 ERN2 9.93e-02 1.73e-03 0.5032
NC_000005.9 FLJ37543 9.13e-02 1.73e-03 0.5032
NC_000010.10 DIP2C -1.50e-01 1.73e-03 0.5032
NC_000004.11 CXCL3 -5.32e-02 1.73e-03 0.5032
NC_000010.10 ZMIZ1 -4.23e-02 1.73e-03 0.5032
NC_000014.8 EFS -6.74e-02 1.73e-03 0.5032
NC_000001.10 PUM1 4.65e-02 1.74e-03 0.5032
NC_000001.10 C1orf177 -1.13e-01 1.74e-03 0.5032
NC_000014.8 NFATC4 1.51e-01 1.74e-03 0.5032
NC_000010.10 NODAL 9.49e-02 1.74e-03 0.5032
NC_000008.10 KIFC2 8.91e-02 1.74e-03 0.5032
NC_000012.11 C12orf76 -9.79e-02 1.75e-03 0.5032
NC_000011.9 PRKCDBP 1.27e-01 1.75e-03 0.5032
NC_000016.9 CDH15 9.66e-02 1.75e-03 0.5032
NC_000016.9 NECAB2 8.35e-02 1.75e-03 0.5032
NC_000006.11 HCG11 9.71e-02 1.76e-03 0.5032
NC_000001.10 STX12 1.53e-01 1.76e-03 0.5032
NC_000007.13 SLC29A4 4.73e-02 1.76e-03 0.5032
NC_000006.11 AGPAT1 -1.12e-01 1.76e-03 0.5032
NC_000004.11 MAEA -7.97e-02 1.76e-03 0.5032
NC_000012.11 PLXNC1 -2.57e-01 1.76e-03 0.5032
NC_000016.9 MGRN1 -1.48e-01 1.76e-03 0.5032
NC_000006.11 PACRG -8.37e-02 1.77e-03 0.5032
NC_000010.10 DNAJC1 -5.39e-02 1.77e-03 0.5032
NC_000002.11 DCAF17 -5.17e-02 1.77e-03 0.5032
NC_000004.11 FRAS1 -8.88e-02 1.77e-03 0.5032
NC_000006.11 TAGAP 6.27e-02 1.77e-03 0.5032
NC_000007.13 C7orf10 -6.50e-02 1.77e-03 0.5032
NC_000022.10 FAM109B 1.03e-01 1.78e-03 0.5032
NC_000001.10 NOTCH2NL -1.23e-01 1.78e-03 0.5032
NC_000015.9 C15orf38 -1.36e-01 1.78e-03 0.5032
NC_000013.10 MCF2L -1.01e-01 1.78e-03 0.5032
NC_000019.9 POLRMT -4.22e-02 1.78e-03 0.5032
NC_000016.9 TNRC6A -4.43e-02 1.78e-03 0.5032
NC_000006.11 HLA-DRB1 1.18e-01 1.78e-03 0.5032
NC_000006.11 C6orf27 8.19e-02 1.78e-03 0.5032
NC_000003.11 SENP5 -1.05e-01 1.78e-03 0.5032
NC_000002.11 VWA3B -8.88e-02 1.78e-03 0.5032
NC_000015.9 WHAMM -1.02e-01 1.79e-03 0.5032
NC_000003.11 CCDC36 1.26e-01 1.79e-03 0.5032
NC_000001.10 CD1D 1.52e-01 1.79e-03 0.5032
NC_000012.11 GNPTAB -5.95e-02 1.79e-03 0.5032
NC_000019.9 IER2 -6.52e-02 1.79e-03 0.5033
NC_000022.10 TTLL8 5.66e-02 1.79e-03 0.5033
NC_000006.11 HSD17B8 -7.15e-02 1.79e-03 0.5034
NC_000001.10 NTNG1 1.13e-01 1.80e-03 0.5036
NC_000002.11 GGT8P 6.45e-02 1.80e-03 0.5036
NC_000008.10 ZNF704 8.98e-02 1.80e-03 0.5036
NC_000013.10 MTIF3 -3.87e-02 1.80e-03 0.5036
NC_000008.10 WWP1 -1.96e-01 1.80e-03 0.5041
NC_000007.13 ZNF282 -4.73e-02 1.80e-03 0.5041
NC_000001.10 TMEM206 -1.68e-01 1.81e-03 0.5044
NC_000006.11 LSM2 -7.30e-02 1.81e-03 0.5044
NC_000013.10 MLNR 4.03e-02 1.81e-03 0.5044
NC_000011.9 LOC494141 1.39e-01 1.81e-03 0.5044
NC_000009.11 C9orf172 7.44e-02 1.81e-03 0.5044
NC_000003.11 PDZRN3 4.35e-02 1.81e-03 0.5044
NC_000017.10 RANGRF -3.64e-02 1.82e-03 0.505
NC_000011.9 C11orf16 5.74e-02 1.82e-03 0.505
NC_000006.11 OR11A1 6.70e-02 1.82e-03 0.505
NC_000008.10 NEIL2 -6.22e-02 1.82e-03 0.505
NC_000007.13 POU6F2 -1.03e-01 1.82e-03 0.505
NC_000007.13 AGK -2.96e-02 1.82e-03 0.505
NC_000019.9 NPAS1 6.52e-02 1.82e-03 0.505
NC_000002.11 MYT1L -9.20e-02 1.82e-03 0.505
NC_000006.11 FOXC1 -4.01e-02 1.83e-03 0.5061
NC_000003.11 LRRC15 1.12e-01 1.83e-03 0.5066
NC_000001.10 ABCB10 -5.54e-02 1.83e-03 0.5066
NC_000001.10 ESPNP 5.93e-02 1.84e-03 0.5066
NC_000021.8 CHAF1B -4.77e-02 1.84e-03 0.5066
NC_000001.10 C1orf122 -1.39e-01 1.84e-03 0.5066
NC_000010.10 MAPK8 -4.45e-02 1.84e-03 0.5066
NC_000017.10 SPNS2 1.71e-01 1.84e-03 0.5066
NC_000002.11 SPEG 8.47e-02 1.84e-03 0.5066
NC_000010.10 DIP2C -6.90e-02 1.85e-03 0.5066
NC_000003.11 PRKCI 3.21e-02 1.85e-03 0.5066
NC_000017.10 TBX2 4.58e-02 1.85e-03 0.5066
NC_000010.10 STAM -7.46e-02 1.85e-03 0.5066
NC_000002.11 RAPGEF4 -1.04e-01 1.85e-03 0.5066
NC_000013.10 PRHOXNB -5.03e-02 1.86e-03 0.5079
NC_000016.9 CPNE2 3.30e-02 1.86e-03 0.5086
NC_000006.11 HECA 9.32e-02 1.86e-03 0.5087
NC_000012.11 CACNA1C -4.63e-02 1.87e-03 0.5088
NC_000003.11 PDCD6IP -8.08e-02 1.87e-03 0.5088
NC_000010.10 CUGBP2 5.90e-02 1.87e-03 0.5088
NC_000006.11 GPX6 1.84e-01 1.87e-03 0.5091
NC_000006.11 AKAP7 -1.49e-01 1.87e-03 0.5091
NC_000012.11 COQ5 -3.92e-02 1.87e-03 0.5091
NC_000001.10 C1orf111 -1.29e-01 1.88e-03 0.5091
NC_000006.11 C6orf186 1.33e-01 1.88e-03 0.5091
NC_000012.11 GPR133 5.74e-02 1.88e-03 0.5091
NC_000016.9 NRN1L -4.52e-02 1.88e-03 0.5091
NC_000001.10 LHX8 1.15e-01 1.89e-03 0.5091
NC_000019.9 RPL36 1.31e-01 1.89e-03 0.5091
NC_000001.10 LMO4 -3.41e-02 1.89e-03 0.5091
NC_000003.11 VENTXP7 7.91e-02 1.89e-03 0.5091
NC_000020.10 LOC284798 7.51e-02 1.89e-03 0.5091
NC_000001.10 GBAP1 1.12e-01 1.90e-03 0.5091
NC_000014.8 C14orf166B 6.96e-02 1.90e-03 0.5091
NC_000016.9 CCDC64B 1.25e-01 1.90e-03 0.5091
NC_000003.11 PRKCI -6.46e-02 1.90e-03 0.5091
NC_000002.11 CDCA7 -5.35e-02 1.91e-03 0.5091
NC_000016.9 PKD1L2 -1.41e-01 1.91e-03 0.5091
NC_000002.11 DIRC3 5.00e-02 1.91e-03 0.5091
NC_000006.11 PSMB1 -1.67e-01 1.91e-03 0.5091
NC_000007.13 IKZF1 1.51e-01 1.91e-03 0.5091
NC_000003.11 MIR548G -7.36e-02 1.91e-03 0.5091
NC_000002.11 C2orf27B 1.26e-01 1.91e-03 0.5091
NC_000006.11 FNDC1 1.08e-01 1.92e-03 0.5091
NC_000007.13 CLEC2L -5.39e-02 1.92e-03 0.5091
NC_000012.11 KCNH3 4.82e-02 1.92e-03 0.5091
NC_000016.9 UBN1 -1.04e-01 1.92e-03 0.5091
NC_000010.10 LCOR -1.50e-01 1.92e-03 0.5091
NC_000005.9 MAP3K1 -3.34e-02 1.92e-03 0.5091
NC_000015.9 STRA6 1.28e-01 1.92e-03 0.5091
NC_000011.9 LOC494141 6.91e-02 1.93e-03 0.5091
NC_000008.10 MTSS1 -1.43e-01 1.93e-03 0.5091
NC_000011.9 MARK2 1.19e-01 1.93e-03 0.5091
NC_000001.10 PKLR 9.95e-02 1.93e-03 0.5091
NC_000003.11 LRRN1 -8.09e-02 1.93e-03 0.5091
NC_000013.10 PCDH8 -3.12e-02 1.93e-03 0.5091
NC_000017.10 MIR21 1.07e-01 1.93e-03 0.5091
NC_000012.11 GPR19 -8.97e-02 1.94e-03 0.5102
NC_000001.10 MED8 -5.31e-02 1.95e-03 0.5105
NC_000014.8 RAD51L1 -9.49e-02 1.95e-03 0.5105
NC_000019.9 ZFR2 8.70e-02 1.95e-03 0.5106
NC_000017.10 DHX33 -5.19e-02 1.95e-03 0.5106
NC_000001.10 C1orf21 -9.59e-02 1.95e-03 0.5106
NC_000006.11 ARID1B -5.22e-02 1.96e-03 0.5106
NC_000006.11 LEMD2 -9.26e-02 1.96e-03 0.5106
NC_000017.10 C17orf80 -4.98e-02 1.96e-03 0.5106
NC_000010.10 ANKRD22 3.42e-02 1.96e-03 0.5106
NC_000001.10 NAV1 -7.99e-02 1.96e-03 0.5106
NC_000017.10 MYO18A -1.50e-01 1.96e-03 0.5106
NC_000010.10 DUPD1 5.87e-02 1.96e-03 0.5106
NC_000013.10 UTP14C 8.25e-02 1.97e-03 0.5106
NC_000016.9 KREMEN2 1.93e-01 1.98e-03 0.5108
NC_000009.11 LRRC26 1.26e-01 1.98e-03 0.5108
NC_000021.8 RUNX1 9.51e-02 1.98e-03 0.5108
NC_000003.11 OGG1 -6.77e-02 1.98e-03 0.5108
NC_000001.10 S100A13 7.99e-02 1.98e-03 0.5108
NC_000015.9 MEF2A -1.07e-01 1.98e-03 0.5108
NC_000010.10 UNC5B 4.92e-02 1.98e-03 0.5108
NC_000001.10 KCNA10 -1.41e-01 1.98e-03 0.5108
NC_000008.10 INTS9 -8.19e-02 1.98e-03 0.5108
NC_000019.9 KLK7 1.11e-01 1.98e-03 0.5108
NC_000006.11 ARID1B -1.22e-01 1.99e-03 0.5108
NC_000016.9 RSPRY1 -8.27e-02 1.99e-03 0.5108
NC_000011.9 MUC2 9.33e-02 1.99e-03 0.5108
NC_000006.11 HLA-DQB2 1.04e-01 1.99e-03 0.5108
NC_000011.9 WNT11 4.34e-02 1.99e-03 0.5108
NC_000001.10 GBP4 1.53e-01 1.99e-03 0.5108
NC_000003.11 CEP70 -1.09e-01 1.99e-03 0.5108
NC_000010.10 MEIG1 5.16e-02 1.99e-03 0.5108
NC_000010.10 CUGBP2 3.13e-02 1.99e-03 0.5108
NC_000001.10 ALDH9A1 -4.26e-02 1.99e-03 0.5108
NC_000015.9 CT62 1.29e-01 1.99e-03 0.5108
NC_000010.10 ADARB2 -2.17e-01 2.00e-03 0.5113
NC_000001.10 GPSM2 -1.28e-01 2.00e-03 0.512
NC_000002.11 PAX8 -1.15e-01 2.01e-03 0.5132
NC_000017.10 KIF19 1.13e-01 2.01e-03 0.5135
NC_000006.11 NOL7 -1.27e-01 2.01e-03 0.5135
NC_000019.9 CHST8 9.00e-02 2.02e-03 0.5144
NC_000006.11 MCM9 -2.87e-02 2.02e-03 0.5145
NC_000005.9 SLC12A2 -5.54e-02 2.02e-03 0.5145
NC_000019.9 RYR1 1.41e-01 2.02e-03 0.5145
NC_000007.13 CAMK2B 1.88e-01 2.02e-03 0.5145
NC_000006.11 TFAP2B 4.16e-02 2.02e-03 0.5147
NC_000011.9 SLC37A4 -5.60e-02 2.03e-03 0.5151
NC_000006.11 ZBTB22 9.55e-02 2.03e-03 0.5151
NC_000006.11 BAT5 -1.53e-01 2.03e-03 0.5151
NC_000008.10 EYA1 5.63e-02 2.03e-03 0.5151
NC_000001.10 TMEM79 1.05e-01 2.03e-03 0.5151
NC_000007.13 COX19 7.22e-02 2.04e-03 0.5151
NC_000006.11 KIAA1949 7.53e-02 2.04e-03 0.5151
NC_000019.9 ETV2 8.17e-02 2.04e-03 0.5152
NC_000021.8 GABPA -4.61e-02 2.04e-03 0.5152
NC_000016.9 RHBDF1 -6.72e-02 2.04e-03 0.5152
NC_000008.10 ZNF34 -8.82e-02 2.04e-03 0.5155
NC_000003.11 GRM2 4.68e-02 2.04e-03 0.5155
NC_000021.8 DSCR3 -7.70e-02 2.05e-03 0.5164
NC_000015.9 BNC1 9.84e-02 2.06e-03 0.5178
NC_000014.8 SLC22A17 -3.51e-02 2.06e-03 0.5178
NC_000011.9 SHANK2 -1.13e-01 2.06e-03 0.5178
NC_000003.11 IGSF11 4.27e-02 2.06e-03 0.518
NC_000021.8 S100B -1.59e-01 2.06e-03 0.518
NC_000011.9 TRIM6 -1.93e-01 2.06e-03 0.518
NC_000019.9 KISS1R 6.15e-02 2.07e-03 0.518
NC_000003.11 SOX2OT -1.20e-01 2.07e-03 0.5183
NC_000003.11 C3orf50 -3.02e-02 2.07e-03 0.5183
NC_000016.9 NDRG4 -1.49e-01 2.07e-03 0.5183
NC_000005.9 PDE6A -7.75e-02 2.07e-03 0.5183
NC_000011.9 IGSF22 1.23e-01 2.07e-03 0.5183
NC_000011.9 TIGD3 5.68e-02 2.08e-03 0.5183
NC_000008.10 RNF19A -1.68e-01 2.08e-03 0.5183
NC_000015.9 TUBGCP5 1.27e-01 2.08e-03 0.5187
NC_000011.9 GRM5 7.50e-02 2.08e-03 0.5187
NC_000022.10 CLTCL1 3.19e-02 2.08e-03 0.5187
NC_000007.13 IKZF1 7.17e-02 2.08e-03 0.5187
NC_000012.11 UNG 8.03e-02 2.09e-03 0.5187
NC_000001.10 ZNF672 -7.14e-02 2.09e-03 0.5187
NC_000005.9 GRM6 3.57e-02 2.09e-03 0.5187
NC_000019.9 MUM1 -1.96e-01 2.09e-03 0.5187
NC_000012.11 APOLD1 -3.26e-02 2.10e-03 0.5187
NC_000002.11 C2orf48 -9.90e-02 2.10e-03 0.5187
NC_000001.10 BOLA1 -4.76e-02 2.10e-03 0.5187
NC_000001.10 C1orf115 4.58e-02 2.10e-03 0.5187
NC_000013.10 EEF1DP3 6.33e-02 2.10e-03 0.5187
NC_000018.9 DCC -1.03e-01 2.10e-03 0.5187
NC_000007.13 GRB10 6.76e-02 2.11e-03 0.5187
NC_000005.9 SLC25A2 1.14e-01 2.11e-03 0.5187
NC_000005.9 CD74 7.36e-02 2.11e-03 0.5187
NC_000001.10 MYBPH -7.14e-02 2.11e-03 0.5187
NC_000016.9 C16orf59 -8.92e-02 2.11e-03 0.5187
NC_000017.10 ABR -4.52e-02 2.11e-03 0.5187
NC_000007.13 CAV2 4.74e-02 2.11e-03 0.5187
NC_000001.10 RBM34 -6.82e-02 2.12e-03 0.5187
NC_000021.8 PCNT -6.82e-02 2.12e-03 0.5187
NC_000001.10 LHX4 5.99e-02 2.12e-03 0.5187
NC_000005.9 MYO10 -1.89e-01 2.12e-03 0.5187
NC_000008.10 MFHAS1 -7.50e-02 2.12e-03 0.5187
NC_000017.10 SLC16A3 8.52e-02 2.12e-03 0.5187
NC_000008.10 SDC2 -9.79e-02 2.13e-03 0.5187
NC_000011.9 CALCA 5.60e-02 2.13e-03 0.5187
NC_000010.10 PCDH21 1.06e-01 2.13e-03 0.5187
NC_000005.9 RXFP3 1.90e-01 2.13e-03 0.5187
NC_000011.9 GPR137 -4.20e-02 2.13e-03 0.5187
NC_000001.10 MST1P9 9.26e-02 2.13e-03 0.5187
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 -2.05e-01 2.13e-03 0.5187
NC_000002.11 SEPT10 7.41e-02 2.14e-03 0.5187
NC_000011.9 NTM -9.58e-02 2.14e-03 0.5187
NC_000012.11 DDX11 -6.23e-02 2.14e-03 0.5187
NC_000016.9 WDR24 7.58e-02 2.14e-03 0.5187
NC_000022.10 SYN3 -1.36e-01 2.14e-03 0.5187
NC_000008.10 MTMR9 2.10e-01 2.14e-03 0.5187
NC_000011.9 MRGPRD 4.95e-02 2.14e-03 0.5187
NC_000006.11 TMEM151B 1.31e-01 2.14e-03 0.5187
NC_000004.11 SCFD2 -3.67e-02 2.14e-03 0.5187
NC_000012.11 ZNF384 -5.67e-02 2.15e-03 0.5187
NC_000020.10 BMP7 -5.74e-02 2.15e-03 0.5187
NC_000001.10 CSMD2 -3.28e-02 2.15e-03 0.5187
NC_000022.10 SEC14L4 7.71e-02 2.15e-03 0.5187
NC_000022.10 C22orf26 -3.64e-02 2.15e-03 0.5187
NC_000011.9 CPT1A -4.91e-02 2.15e-03 0.5187
NC_000002.11 NCKAP5 -4.90e-02 2.16e-03 0.5187
NC_000016.9 CASKIN1 8.61e-02 2.16e-03 0.5187
NC_000001.10 NMNAT2 3.96e-02 2.16e-03 0.5187
NC_000002.11 CLASP1 -5.79e-02 2.16e-03 0.5187
NC_000016.9 ARL6IP1 -3.69e-02 2.16e-03 0.5187
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 7.44e-02 2.16e-03 0.5187
NC_000002.11 PXDN -7.23e-02 2.16e-03 0.5187
NC_000015.9 CYP1A1 6.64e-02 2.16e-03 0.5187
NC_000001.10 GPR25 1.30e-01 2.16e-03 0.5187
NC_000005.9 MAP1B -1.00e-01 2.16e-03 0.5187
NC_000017.10 RPTOR 5.06e-02 2.17e-03 0.5187
NC_000008.10 SCRIB -4.47e-02 2.17e-03 0.5187
NC_000006.11 TRIM27 -7.49e-02 2.17e-03 0.5187
NC_000007.13 IMMP2L 7.91e-02 2.17e-03 0.5187
NC_000008.10 FOXH1 6.11e-02 2.17e-03 0.5187
NC_000004.11 CCRN4L -4.73e-02 2.18e-03 0.5187
NC_000006.11 UTRN 8.10e-02 2.18e-03 0.5187
NC_000003.11 TKT 1.11e-01 2.18e-03 0.5187
NC_000007.13 PRKAR1B -5.95e-02 2.18e-03 0.5189
NC_000004.11 TRPC3 1.17e-01 2.19e-03 0.5189
NC_000007.13 PHKG1 -1.04e-01 2.19e-03 0.5189
NC_000022.10 C22orf40 1.24e-01 2.19e-03 0.5191
NC_000019.9 AP3D1 3.89e-02 2.19e-03 0.5191
NC_000016.9 CCDC64B 4.78e-02 2.19e-03 0.5191
NC_000009.11 C9orf140 5.72e-02 2.19e-03 0.5191
NC_000012.11 WIBG -6.88e-02 2.20e-03 0.5191
NC_000019.9 AMH 1.50e-01 2.20e-03 0.5191
NC_000001.10 HCRTR1 6.82e-02 2.20e-03 0.5191
NC_000006.11 C6orf227 9.10e-02 2.20e-03 0.5191
NC_000009.11 KIAA1432 8.95e-02 2.20e-03 0.5191
NC_000001.10 SDCCAG8 -5.19e-02 2.20e-03 0.5191
NC_000011.9 GDPD5 8.19e-02 2.20e-03 0.5191
NC_000012.11 LOC144571 1.11e-01 2.21e-03 0.5191
NC_000001.10 ZNF672 -4.41e-02 2.21e-03 0.5191
NC_000016.9 LOC440354 -4.65e-02 2.21e-03 0.5191
NC_000015.9 CORO2B -5.50e-02 2.21e-03 0.5191
NC_000002.11 SRBD1 -8.56e-02 2.21e-03 0.5191
NC_000006.11 HCP5 8.86e-02 2.21e-03 0.5191
NC_000010.10 ZMIZ1 -4.03e-02 2.21e-03 0.5191
NC_000020.10 ZNF335 7.20e-02 2.21e-03 0.5191
NC_000022.10 RNF185 -1.01e-01 2.21e-03 0.5191
NC_000017.10 LOC92659 8.22e-02 2.22e-03 0.5193
NC_000011.9 LOC221122 1.03e-01 2.22e-03 0.52
NC_000004.11 PAPSS1 -6.71e-02 2.22e-03 0.52
NC_000017.10 SLC2A4 5.56e-02 2.22e-03 0.52
NC_000001.10 CHRM3 -9.43e-02 2.23e-03 0.5207
NC_000005.9 BTNL9 -6.94e-02 2.23e-03 0.5209
NC_000022.10 GRAMD4 9.06e-02 2.23e-03 0.521
NC_000003.11 CCRL2 8.93e-02 2.24e-03 0.521
NC_000002.11 KLF11 1.13e-01 2.24e-03 0.521
NC_000003.11 PPP1R2 6.76e-02 2.24e-03 0.521
NC_000007.13 DLX5 4.19e-02 2.24e-03 0.521
NC_000006.11 ZBTB22 7.57e-02 2.24e-03 0.521
NC_000004.11 C1QTNF7 -7.90e-02 2.24e-03 0.521
NC_000011.9 FXYD2 -8.60e-02 2.25e-03 0.521
NC_000004.11 CYP2U1 -3.82e-02 2.25e-03 0.521
NC_000003.11 PA2G4P4 9.47e-02 2.25e-03 0.521
NC_000014.8 DPF3 -8.07e-02 2.25e-03 0.521
NC_000014.8 MIA2 7.26e-02 2.25e-03 0.521
NC_000006.11 GPR111 6.94e-02 2.25e-03 0.521
NC_000002.11 ESPNL 7.61e-02 2.25e-03 0.521
NC_000012.11 FAM19A2 9.92e-02 2.25e-03 0.521
NC_000007.13 RHEB -4.43e-02 2.25e-03 0.521
NC_000002.11 NAGK -4.62e-02 2.26e-03 0.521
NC_000012.11 MBD6 -7.72e-02 2.26e-03 0.521
NC_000001.10 NPHS2 5.57e-02 2.26e-03 0.521
NC_000010.10 KIAA1462 -9.39e-02 2.26e-03 0.521
NC_000016.9 AMFR -8.87e-02 2.26e-03 0.521
NC_000016.9 TMPRSS8 6.08e-02 2.26e-03 0.5212
NC_000012.11 AMDHD1 8.23e-02 2.27e-03 0.5214
NC_000008.10 KIAA1875 1.23e-01 2.27e-03 0.5214
NC_000007.13 SRRM3 1.06e-01 2.28e-03 0.5228
NC_000001.10 WNT3A -4.40e-02 2.28e-03 0.5228
NC_000022.10 TSPO 8.11e-02 2.28e-03 0.5228
NC_000003.11 A4GNT 7.66e-02 2.29e-03 0.5228
NC_000008.10 SNHG6 -5.70e-02 2.29e-03 0.5228
NC_000011.9 CCDC87 -3.33e-02 2.29e-03 0.5228
NC_000016.9 GRIN2A -3.22e-02 2.29e-03 0.5228
NC_000002.11 ESPNL 9.24e-02 2.29e-03 0.5228
NC_000002.11 KCNK3 -1.31e-01 2.29e-03 0.5228
NC_000004.11 TEC 8.31e-02 2.29e-03 0.5228
NC_000001.10 GNG4 -2.11e-01 2.29e-03 0.5228
NC_000006.11 NCRNA00171 -1.02e-01 2.30e-03 0.5235
NC_000019.9 NLRP4 -3.70e-02 2.30e-03 0.5236
NC_000006.11 FBXO5 -3.31e-02 2.30e-03 0.5236
NC_000006.11 HLA-DQB1 1.65e-01 2.30e-03 0.5236
NC_000002.11 ZNF513 -5.90e-02 2.31e-03 0.5241
NC_000003.11 WDR6 7.50e-02 2.31e-03 0.5242
NC_000016.9 UBE2MP1 5.51e-02 2.31e-03 0.5242
NC_000010.10 PCGF5 -1.18e-01 2.31e-03 0.5242
NC_000016.9 KIAA0513 -1.52e-01 2.31e-03 0.5242
NC_000020.10 BLCAP 5.38e-02 2.31e-03 0.5242
NC_000020.10 C20orf107 -1.14e-01 2.32e-03 0.5252
NC_000008.10 C8ORFK29 1.98e-01 2.32e-03 0.5252
NC_000006.11 BTBD9 -2.95e-02 2.33e-03 0.5252
NC_000007.13 AMZ1 -6.97e-02 2.33e-03 0.5252
NC_000014.8 KLHDC2 -9.59e-02 2.33e-03 0.5252
NC_000004.11 MED28 -3.07e-02 2.33e-03 0.5252
NC_000022.10 PARVB -3.56e-02 2.33e-03 0.5252
NC_000012.11 RAD52 -8.87e-02 2.34e-03 0.5252
NC_000012.11 CAMKK2 -5.91e-02 2.34e-03 0.5252
NC_000006.11 PTK7 5.54e-02 2.34e-03 0.5252
NC_000019.9 GNA11 -4.83e-02 2.34e-03 0.5252
NC_000001.10 IFI16 7.93e-02 2.34e-03 0.5252
NC_000006.11 HIST1H4L 5.24e-02 2.35e-03 0.5252
NC_000015.9 GCNT3 1.51e-01 2.35e-03 0.5252
NC_000008.10 PI15 6.87e-02 2.35e-03 0.5252
NC_000015.9 ANKDD1A -3.43e-02 2.35e-03 0.5252
NC_000001.10 EGLN1 -1.15e-01 2.35e-03 0.5252
NC_000001.10 ALPL 3.96e-02 2.35e-03 0.5252
NC_000003.11 LAMP3 9.35e-02 2.36e-03 0.5252
NC_000006.11 BTNL2 -9.35e-02 2.36e-03 0.5252
NC_000012.11 SLC11A2 -5.78e-02 2.36e-03 0.5252
NC_000001.10 MTMR9L -1.16e-01 2.36e-03 0.5252
NC_000003.11 PTPRG -8.24e-02 2.36e-03 0.5252
NC_000006.11 FRS3 -4.29e-02 2.36e-03 0.5252
NC_000006.11 UBR2 -3.77e-02 2.36e-03 0.5252
NC_000012.11 MTERFD3 -3.27e-02 2.36e-03 0.5252
NC_000002.11 PLEKHH2 7.79e-02 2.36e-03 0.5252
NC_000017.10 PIK3R5 7.21e-02 2.36e-03 0.5252
NC_000013.10 DLEU2 -4.16e-02 2.36e-03 0.5252
NC_000016.9 CARHSP1 4.54e-02 2.37e-03 0.5252
NC_000001.10 GJC2 1.32e-01 2.37e-03 0.5252
NC_000013.10 COG3 -7.89e-02 2.37e-03 0.5252
NC_000004.11 HPGD -3.90e-02 2.37e-03 0.5252
NC_000001.10 TAL1 6.36e-02 2.37e-03 0.5252
NC_000005.9 LVRN 1.49e-01 2.37e-03 0.5252
NC_000017.10 NT5C 3.75e-02 2.37e-03 0.5252
NC_000015.9 C2CD4A -5.12e-02 2.38e-03 0.5254
NC_000012.11 CUX2 1.56e-01 2.38e-03 0.5254
NC_000005.9 RELL2 6.68e-02 2.38e-03 0.5256
NC_000002.11 LOC729234 1.02e-01 2.38e-03 0.5256
NC_000005.9 TRIO -5.25e-02 2.38e-03 0.5256
NC_000006.11 MUTED 8.88e-02 2.38e-03 0.5256
NC_000012.11 ITFG2 -5.95e-02 2.39e-03 0.5256
NC_000014.8 EIF5 -7.75e-02 2.39e-03 0.5256
NC_000019.9 ZNF446 -4.01e-02 2.39e-03 0.5256
NC_000017.10 CNTNAP1 -5.97e-02 2.39e-03 0.5256
NC_000012.11 FBRSL1 -5.89e-02 2.39e-03 0.5256
NC_000002.11 KIF1A 6.93e-02 2.39e-03 0.5256
NC_000003.11 AMOTL2 5.04e-02 2.39e-03 0.5257
NC_000006.11 PRIM2 6.59e-02 2.39e-03 0.5261
NC_000016.9 BANP 1.35e-01 2.40e-03 0.5261
NC_000007.13 PON3 7.59e-02 2.40e-03 0.5265
NC_000006.11 PBOV1 -6.58e-02 2.40e-03 0.5265
NC_000010.10 ZNF32 -3.64e-02 2.40e-03 0.5265
NC_000019.9 GRLF1 -6.48e-02 2.41e-03 0.5269
NC_000006.11 C6orf138 -1.39e-01 2.41e-03 0.5269
NC_000001.10 SLC26A9 4.74e-02 2.41e-03 0.5272
NC_000015.9 ADAMTS17 -1.78e-01 2.41e-03 0.5272
NC_000012.11 SFRS8 -1.87e-01 2.42e-03 0.5276
NC_000021.8 WRB 5.00e-02 2.42e-03 0.5276
NC_000014.8 NRXN3 9.34e-02 2.42e-03 0.5276
NC_000008.10 DENND3 -4.41e-02 2.42e-03 0.5276
NC_000007.13 HDAC9 6.77e-02 2.42e-03 0.5276
NC_000011.9 C11orf2 -4.16e-02 2.43e-03 0.5276
NC_000010.10 KCNMA1 -5.17e-02 2.43e-03 0.5276
NC_000007.13 POU6F2 -6.23e-02 2.43e-03 0.5276
NC_000016.9 TCEB2 1.17e-01 2.43e-03 0.5278
NC_000017.10 HES7 -3.76e-02 2.43e-03 0.5278
NC_000019.9 JSRP1 2.06e-01 2.44e-03 0.5278
NC_000021.8 DSCAM -1.76e-01 2.44e-03 0.5278
NC_000003.11 CPNE9 -8.56e-02 2.44e-03 0.5278
NC_000019.9 BRUNOL5 5.13e-02 2.44e-03 0.5278
NC_000010.10 ADO -9.49e-02 2.44e-03 0.5278
NC_000007.13 SEMA3A 8.55e-02 2.44e-03 0.5278
NC_000018.9 ST8SIA3 1.09e-01 2.44e-03 0.5278
NC_000002.11 TMEM214 -6.41e-02 2.44e-03 0.5278
NC_000016.9 SULT1A1 1.13e-01 2.45e-03 0.5278
NC_000012.11 SMUG1 4.57e-02 2.45e-03 0.5278
NC_000018.9 CCBE1 -8.07e-02 2.45e-03 0.5278
NC_000004.11 C4orf10 -3.39e-02 2.46e-03 0.5278
NC_000006.11 ABCF1 -8.96e-02 2.46e-03 0.5278
NC_000016.9 C16orf57 -5.31e-02 2.46e-03 0.5278
NC_000016.9 CTF1 9.19e-02 2.46e-03 0.5278
NC_000001.10 MIR92B -6.00e-02 2.46e-03 0.5278
NC_000010.10 SH3PXD2A 5.61e-02 2.46e-03 0.5278
NC_000019.9 PIP5K1C 1.18e-01 2.47e-03 0.5278
NC_000004.11 GRK4 -1.05e-01 2.47e-03 0.5278
NC_000011.9 CCND1 5.37e-02 2.47e-03 0.5278
NC_000001.10 TDRD10 4.91e-02 2.47e-03 0.5278
NC_000011.9 HIPK3 -7.40e-02 2.47e-03 0.5278
NC_000007.13 TSPAN12 -4.48e-02 2.47e-03 0.5278
NC_000016.9 SMPD3 -7.11e-02 2.47e-03 0.5278
NC_000014.8 KIAA0831 -4.23e-02 2.48e-03 0.5278
NC_000006.11 ZDHHC14 -1.06e-01 2.48e-03 0.5278
NC_000006.11 HLA-L -6.25e-02 2.48e-03 0.5278
NC_000005.9 IL17B -9.37e-02 2.48e-03 0.5278
NC_000019.9 ZNF77 -3.19e-02 2.48e-03 0.5278
NC_000012.11 ATXN2 -3.71e-02 2.48e-03 0.5278
NC_000003.11 SOX2OT 1.22e-01 2.48e-03 0.5278
NC_000017.10 RAB5C -1.37e-01 2.48e-03 0.5278
NC_000011.9 GRM5 -7.91e-02 2.48e-03 0.5278
NC_000017.10 SMCR7 -4.84e-02 2.48e-03 0.5278
NC_000007.13 RPL13AP17 -6.46e-02 2.49e-03 0.5278
NC_000002.11 STAT1 -4.12e-02 2.49e-03 0.5278
NC_000011.9 C11orf9 6.11e-02 2.49e-03 0.5278
NC_000007.13 TNS3 1.19e-01 2.49e-03 0.5278
NC_000002.11 SPATS2L -4.78e-02 2.49e-03 0.5278
NC_000013.10 RASA3 -1.38e-01 2.49e-03 0.5278
NC_000002.11 KBTBD10 6.33e-02 2.49e-03 0.5278
NC_000010.10 FGF8 -6.83e-02 2.49e-03 0.5278
NC_000001.10 MORN1 -1.01e-01 2.50e-03 0.5278
NC_000006.11 TRIM26 7.72e-02 2.50e-03 0.5278
NC_000010.10 CPEB3 1.10e-01 2.50e-03 0.5281
NC_000004.11 LNX1 1.04e-01 2.51e-03 0.529
NC_000007.13 FLJ43663 -1.65e-01 2.51e-03 0.529
NC_000007.13 PON1 1.02e-01 2.51e-03 0.529
NC_000001.10 MFN2 -5.95e-02 2.51e-03 0.529
NC_000014.8 AK7 -1.34e-01 2.52e-03 0.529
NC_000022.10 KDELR3 9.44e-02 2.52e-03 0.529
NC_000005.9 GRAMD3 -6.98e-02 2.52e-03 0.529
NC_000005.9 CCNO 1.02e-01 2.52e-03 0.529
NC_000015.9 ITGA11 -1.49e-01 2.52e-03 0.529
NC_000006.11 T -5.40e-02 2.52e-03 0.529
NC_000006.11 PPIL1 -7.77e-02 2.52e-03 0.529
NC_000002.11 OSBPL6 -3.99e-02 2.52e-03 0.529
NC_000002.11 PXDN -1.05e-01 2.52e-03 0.529
NC_000017.10 CHMP6 -3.03e-02 2.53e-03 0.5301
NC_000002.11 KCNS3 9.17e-02 2.54e-03 0.5305
NC_000007.13 ZNF394 -1.24e-01 2.54e-03 0.5305
NC_000016.9 SPSB3 5.13e-02 2.54e-03 0.5305
NC_000016.9 ARHGAP17 -1.13e-01 2.54e-03 0.5305
NC_000012.11 BRI3BP 5.39e-02 2.55e-03 0.5305
NC_000005.9 SEPP1 -1.04e-01 2.55e-03 0.5305
NC_000004.11 COQ2 -5.54e-02 2.55e-03 0.5305
NC_000011.9 TPCN2 -2.94e-02 2.55e-03 0.5305
NC_000003.11 OXNAD1 -1.11e-01 2.55e-03 0.5305
NC_000004.11 SORCS2 -6.67e-02 2.55e-03 0.5305
NC_000015.9 ZSCAN2 -3.23e-02 2.55e-03 0.5305
NC_000019.9 SF3A2 -1.01e-01 2.55e-03 0.5305
NC_000001.10 TRIM58 7.02e-02 2.55e-03 0.5305
NC_000016.9 TCF25 -8.75e-02 2.56e-03 0.5305
NC_000001.10 CD58 -6.01e-02 2.56e-03 0.5305
NC_000002.11 FAM82A1 -4.02e-02 2.56e-03 0.5305
NC_000015.9 CCNDBP1 -3.62e-02 2.56e-03 0.5305
NC_000006.11 TRAF3IP2 -8.03e-02 2.57e-03 0.5305
NC_000001.10 LOC339524 8.85e-02 2.57e-03 0.5305
NC_000019.9 ZNF846 -4.24e-02 2.57e-03 0.5305
NC_000011.9 KIAA1826 -1.35e-01 2.57e-03 0.5305
NC_000008.10 CHMP4C 5.42e-02 2.57e-03 0.5305
NC_000017.10 MAP2K3 -1.50e-01 2.57e-03 0.5305
NC_000012.11 ACRBP 8.24e-02 2.57e-03 0.5305
NC_000007.13 C7orf50 -5.93e-02 2.57e-03 0.5308
NC_000018.9 ADNP2 -7.64e-02 2.58e-03 0.531
NC_000012.11 HMGA2 -3.96e-02 2.58e-03 0.531
NC_000006.11 OLIG3 6.05e-02 2.58e-03 0.531
NC_000019.9 ZNF776 -6.10e-02 2.58e-03 0.531
NC_000002.11 LYPD6 -5.22e-02 2.58e-03 0.531
NC_000020.10 SLC4A11 9.66e-02 2.58e-03 0.531
NC_000011.9 CAPRIN1 -8.27e-02 2.58e-03 0.531
NC_000003.11 SOX2OT 1.53e-01 2.59e-03 0.531
NC_000006.11 FAM50B 6.11e-02 2.59e-03 0.531
NC_000018.9 RNMT -7.61e-02 2.59e-03 0.5316
NC_000001.10 GREM2 1.07e-01 2.60e-03 0.5316
NC_000006.11 TNXB 1.06e-01 2.60e-03 0.5316
NC_000018.9 C18orf26 9.43e-02 2.60e-03 0.5316
NC_000001.10 TMEM79 -5.26e-02 2.61e-03 0.5316
NC_000004.11 GAK -3.97e-02 2.61e-03 0.5316
NC_000010.10 SLC25A16 -3.60e-02 2.61e-03 0.5316
NC_000001.10 TSTD1 1.26e-01 2.61e-03 0.5316
NC_000019.9 C19orf23 -7.21e-02 2.61e-03 0.5316
NC_000001.10 KRTCAP2 -4.30e-02 2.61e-03 0.5316
NC_000001.10 LMO4 -5.63e-02 2.61e-03 0.5316
NC_000015.9 ANPEP 1.02e-01 2.61e-03 0.5316
NC_000006.11 CDC40 -1.39e-01 2.62e-03 0.5316
NC_000011.9 WT1 3.31e-02 2.62e-03 0.5316
NC_000018.9 C18orf32 6.98e-02 2.62e-03 0.5316
NC_000014.8 XRCC3 -1.25e-01 2.62e-03 0.5316
NC_000005.9 NEUROG1 1.46e-01 2.62e-03 0.5316
NC_000017.10 DYNLL2 -1.72e-01 2.62e-03 0.5316
NC_000022.10 ACO2 5.34e-02 2.62e-03 0.5316
NC_000004.11 USP53 7.01e-02 2.62e-03 0.5316
NC_000002.11 DGKD -6.70e-02 2.63e-03 0.5316
NC_000019.9 TIMM44 4.20e-02 2.63e-03 0.5316
NC_000020.10 EIF2S2 -4.10e-02 2.63e-03 0.5316
NC_000002.11 SLC9A2 9.05e-02 2.63e-03 0.5316
NC_000006.11 DDR1 -7.25e-02 2.63e-03 0.5316
NC_000019.9 RBM42 -4.53e-02 2.63e-03 0.5321
NC_000020.10 LOC149837 1.96e-01 2.64e-03 0.5323
NC_000007.13 YWHAG -1.98e-01 2.64e-03 0.5323
NC_000019.9 CYTH2 1.10e-01 2.65e-03 0.5332
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 3.68e-02 2.65e-03 0.5332
NC_000023.10 FGF16 1.15e-01 2.65e-03 0.5332
NC_000007.13 FLJ45340 6.61e-02 2.65e-03 0.5332
NC_000002.11 SF3B14 5.61e-02 2.65e-03 0.5332
NC_000003.11 KY -6.72e-02 2.65e-03 0.5336
NC_000003.11 C3orf57 -7.85e-02 2.66e-03 0.5336
NC_000017.10 C17orf39 -1.84e-01 2.66e-03 0.5336
NC_000003.11 ARIH2 -1.19e-01 2.66e-03 0.5336
NC_000005.9 GALNT10 -1.44e-01 2.66e-03 0.5336
NC_000010.10 TCF7L2 -1.04e-01 2.67e-03 0.5336
NC_000016.9 LOC652276 9.23e-02 2.67e-03 0.5336
NC_000019.9 SPIB 1.85e-01 2.67e-03 0.5336
NC_000003.11 SRGAP3 -7.49e-02 2.68e-03 0.5336
NC_000001.10 NPPA -6.84e-02 2.68e-03 0.5336
NC_000016.9 CCDC154 4.26e-02 2.68e-03 0.5336
NC_000006.11 MDC1 -5.28e-02 2.68e-03 0.5336
NC_000013.10 C13orf29 1.24e-01 2.69e-03 0.5336
NC_000008.10 KIAA1875 1.64e-01 2.69e-03 0.5336
NC_000004.11 NEK1 -1.06e-01 2.69e-03 0.5336
NC_000002.11 IDH1 -7.23e-02 2.69e-03 0.5336
NC_000020.10 GNAS 5.03e-02 2.69e-03 0.5336
NC_000015.9 CHRNA3 1.22e-01 2.69e-03 0.5336
NC_000002.11 OR6B3 6.13e-02 2.70e-03 0.5336
NC_000009.11 MCART1 -8.23e-02 2.70e-03 0.5336
NC_000006.11 HCG4 -5.58e-02 2.70e-03 0.5336
NC_000007.13 PON3 4.92e-02 2.70e-03 0.5336
NC_000017.10 SLC16A3 9.04e-02 2.70e-03 0.5336
NC_000007.13 PRKAR1B -1.28e-01 2.70e-03 0.5336
NC_000002.11 LCLAT1 -1.28e-01 2.70e-03 0.5336
NC_000017.10 FASN -5.07e-02 2.70e-03 0.5336
NC_000005.9 DOCK2 9.19e-02 2.70e-03 0.5336
NC_000001.10 PAX7 9.29e-02 2.70e-03 0.5336
NC_000010.10 PNLIPRP2 5.47e-02 2.70e-03 0.5336
NC_000002.11 NCKAP5 -8.47e-02 2.71e-03 0.5336
NC_000022.10 EIF4ENIF1 -1.47e-01 2.71e-03 0.5341
NC_000002.11 NEUROD1 -6.63e-02 2.71e-03 0.5341
NC_000003.11 CRTAP -9.59e-02 2.71e-03 0.5341
NC_000012.11 RBM19 -9.62e-02 2.72e-03 0.5351
NC_000016.9 ZSCAN10 4.70e-02 2.72e-03 0.5351
NC_000013.10 HSPH1 -2.94e-02 2.72e-03 0.5351
NC_000004.11 NR3C2 -1.57e-01 2.72e-03 0.5351
NC_000012.11 CHST11 -1.06e-01 2.72e-03 0.5352
NC_000012.11 ANKLE2 -8.74e-02 2.73e-03 0.5355
NC_000005.9 TERT 6.53e-02 2.73e-03 0.5355
NC_000002.11 MORN2 -5.91e-02 2.73e-03 0.5355
NC_000011.9 FOLR2 9.45e-02 2.73e-03 0.5355
NC_000001.10 KIF26B -1.12e-01 2.73e-03 0.5355
NC_000015.9 LOC145783 -3.77e-02 2.73e-03 0.5355
NC_000001.10 MAD2L2 7.52e-02 2.73e-03 0.5355
NC_000010.10 ATE1 -6.69e-02 2.74e-03 0.5358
NC_000017.10 NCRNA00188 -6.42e-02 2.74e-03 0.5358
NC_000022.10 RANBP1 7.19e-02 2.74e-03 0.5358
NC_000011.9 ME3 -3.77e-02 2.74e-03 0.5358
NC_000012.11 TMBIM6 -4.39e-02 2.74e-03 0.5358
NC_000011.9 DNAJC24 -5.94e-01 2.75e-03 0.5358
NC_000001.10 JAK1 -5.03e-02 2.75e-03 0.5358
NC_000011.9 MUC6 -4.22e-02 2.75e-03 0.5358
NC_000020.10 C20orf195 1.02e-01 2.75e-03 0.5358
NC_000001.10 GFI1 -6.69e-02 2.75e-03 0.536
NC_000017.10 MSL1 -4.15e-02 2.75e-03 0.536
NC_000012.11 CACNA2D4 1.17e-01 2.76e-03 0.5362
NC_000019.9 APC2 -6.81e-02 2.76e-03 0.5364
NC_000005.9 PCDHGB1 7.24e-02 2.76e-03 0.5364
NC_000015.9 TMOD2 -3.85e-02 2.76e-03 0.5364
NC_000006.11 SCAND3 -9.19e-02 2.76e-03 0.5365
NC_000020.10 SYS1 -3.77e-02 2.77e-03 0.5365
NC_000018.9 RAB12 4.43e-02 2.77e-03 0.5365
NC_000002.11 LOC100302652 -4.16e-02 2.77e-03 0.5365
NC_000012.11 HNRNPA1 -6.52e-02 2.77e-03 0.5365
NC_000011.9 API5 -3.15e-02 2.77e-03 0.5365
NC_000003.11 C3orf58 -3.60e-02 2.77e-03 0.5365
NC_000003.11 MRPS22 -1.69e-01 2.77e-03 0.5365
NC_000007.13 MYO1G 7.46e-02 2.78e-03 0.5365
NC_000016.9 KARS -3.99e-02 2.78e-03 0.5365
NC_000019.9 ZNF606 -7.63e-02 2.78e-03 0.5365
NC_000006.11 NKAPL 1.61e-01 2.78e-03 0.5365
NC_000013.10 FARP1 -8.52e-02 2.79e-03 0.5368
NC_000008.10 TCEB1 3.65e-02 2.79e-03 0.5368
NC_000006.11 PARK2 -1.40e-01 2.79e-03 0.5368
NC_000006.11 HIST1H4G -3.54e-02 2.79e-03 0.5368
NC_000002.11 C2orf63 1.12e-01 2.79e-03 0.5368
NC_000002.11 FAM136A 9.78e-02 2.79e-03 0.5369
NC_000007.13 RAC1 1.17e-01 2.80e-03 0.5371
NC_000006.11 CAGE1 -4.06e-02 2.80e-03 0.5375
NC_000015.9 RASGRP1 7.51e-02 2.81e-03 0.5381
NC_000005.9 FST 4.37e-02 2.81e-03 0.5381
NC_000001.10 PEX10 1.23e-01 2.81e-03 0.5381
NC_000015.9 OCA2 3.83e-02 2.81e-03 0.5381
NC_000014.8 TSHR 1.07e-01 2.81e-03 0.5381
NC_000012.11 ZNF605 -4.23e-02 2.81e-03 0.5384
NC_000019.9 MATK 9.91e-02 2.81e-03 0.5384
NC_000006.11 PHACTR1 -2.94e-02 2.82e-03 0.5384
NC_000006.11 PHF10 -6.23e-02 2.82e-03 0.5389
NC_000010.10 FAM196A -3.54e-02 2.82e-03 0.5389
NC_000021.8 PDXK -8.53e-02 2.82e-03 0.5389
NC_000005.9 KCNMB1 7.29e-02 2.82e-03 0.5389
NC_000009.11 ASS1 8.50e-02 2.83e-03 0.5389
NC_000015.9 FANCI 1.80e-01 2.83e-03 0.5389
NC_000018.9 DCC -1.89e-01 2.83e-03 0.5389
NC_000001.10 IGSF3 -4.81e-02 2.83e-03 0.5391
NC_000010.10 GAD2 6.31e-02 2.84e-03 0.5396
NC_000006.11 SLC35A1 -1.11e-01 2.84e-03 0.5396
NC_000016.9 TMC5 8.53e-02 2.84e-03 0.5396
NC_000010.10 GSTO2 -8.95e-02 2.85e-03 0.5396
NC_000001.10 PADI2 2.75e-01 2.85e-03 0.5396
NC_000007.13 PGAM2 7.61e-02 2.85e-03 0.5396
NC_000001.10 PRDM16 -1.91e-01 2.86e-03 0.5396
NC_000019.9 TSKS 1.30e-01 2.86e-03 0.5396
NC_000001.10 ARHGEF16 6.08e-02 2.86e-03 0.5396
NC_000003.11 AZI2 -4.75e-02 2.86e-03 0.5396
NC_000017.10 ZNF207 -3.48e-02 2.87e-03 0.5396
NC_000010.10 FUT11 -2.89e-02 2.87e-03 0.5396
NC_000006.11 KIFC1 -2.99e-02 2.87e-03 0.5396
NC_000010.10 JAKMIP3 -8.29e-02 2.88e-03 0.5396
NC_000002.11 SLC25A12 -1.30e-01 2.88e-03 0.5396
NC_000015.9 MAGEL2 -1.79e-01 2.88e-03 0.5396
NC_000012.11 CYP27B1 -4.84e-02 2.88e-03 0.5396
NC_000011.9 GRM5 -1.45e-01 2.88e-03 0.5396
NC_000002.11 LASS6 3.90e-02 2.89e-03 0.5396
NC_000011.9 PTPN5 -5.79e-02 2.89e-03 0.5396
NC_000010.10 DLG5 -8.94e-02 2.89e-03 0.5396
NC_000006.11 TREM1 -1.46e-01 2.89e-03 0.5396
NC_000011.9 TMPRSS13 6.61e-02 2.89e-03 0.5396
NC_000008.10 C8orf84 -5.03e-02 2.89e-03 0.5396
NC_000006.11 LTB 9.42e-02 2.89e-03 0.5396
NC_000022.10 PI4KA 5.98e-02 2.89e-03 0.5396
NC_000003.11 SKIL -6.79e-02 2.89e-03 0.5396
NC_000010.10 C10orf76 -8.99e-02 2.89e-03 0.5396
NC_000007.13 PAPOLB 7.99e-02 2.89e-03 0.5396
NC_000007.13 UNCX -5.32e-02 2.90e-03 0.5396
NC_000015.9 ASB7 -3.35e-02 2.90e-03 0.5396
NC_000007.13 WBSCR27 -3.54e-02 2.90e-03 0.5396
NC_000002.11 TSSC1 -7.64e-02 2.90e-03 0.5396
NC_000013.10 UGGT2 6.28e-02 2.90e-03 0.5396
NC_000016.9 CYB5B 5.01e-02 2.90e-03 0.5396
NC_000001.10 PTGFRN -1.27e-01 2.90e-03 0.5396
NC_000005.9 KIAA0141 -3.14e-02 2.90e-03 0.5396
NC_000010.10 C10orf79 9.12e-02 2.91e-03 0.5396
NC_000020.10 MC3R 9.50e-02 2.91e-03 0.5396
NC_000010.10 C10orf41 7.24e-02 2.91e-03 0.5396
NC_000005.9 MIR449C 3.52e-02 2.91e-03 0.5396
NC_000016.9 DNASE1 1.09e-01 2.91e-03 0.5396
NC_000014.8 TCL1A 8.47e-02 2.91e-03 0.5396
NC_000002.11 SEPT2 -6.42e-02 2.91e-03 0.5396
NC_000003.11 MKRN2 2.31e-01 2.91e-03 0.5396
NC_000002.11 COL4A3 -1.10e-01 2.91e-03 0.5396
NC_000011.9 IGSF22 6.29e-02 2.92e-03 0.5396
NC_000012.11 KLRC2 -8.48e-02 2.92e-03 0.5396
NC_000017.10 MGAT5B 5.85e-02 2.92e-03 0.5396
NC_000011.9 CAT 4.53e-02 2.92e-03 0.5396
NC_000002.11 CGREF1 -5.94e-02 2.92e-03 0.5396
NC_000015.9 C15orf44 -3.36e-02 2.92e-03 0.5396
NC_000005.9 CSNK1A1 -1.46e-01 2.92e-03 0.5396
NC_000005.9 RGS7BP -6.22e-02 2.93e-03 0.5396
NC_000007.13 SDK1 -9.02e-02 2.93e-03 0.5396
NC_000021.8 PRDM15 -6.10e-02 2.93e-03 0.5396
NC_000011.9 P2RY6 6.35e-02 2.93e-03 0.5396
NC_000012.11 KLHDC5 -1.01e-01 2.93e-03 0.5396
NC_000009.11 RUSC2 -7.70e-02 2.93e-03 0.5396
NC_000007.13 THAP5 -3.56e-02 2.93e-03 0.5396
NC_000008.10 LY6D 6.91e-02 2.93e-03 0.5396
NC_000001.10 PDIA3P 1.24e-01 2.93e-03 0.5396
NC_000022.10 HPS4 -1.38e-01 2.93e-03 0.5396
NC_000001.10 MATN1 -5.38e-02 2.93e-03 0.5396
NC_000019.9 SPTBN4 5.64e-02 2.94e-03 0.5396
NC_000017.10 DDX5 -9.39e-02 2.94e-03 0.5396
NC_000020.10 FITM2 -3.88e-02 2.94e-03 0.5396
NC_000017.10 TRPV2 5.86e-02 2.94e-03 0.5396
NC_000007.13 C7orf61 -6.38e-02 2.94e-03 0.5396
NC_000008.10 LRP12 -4.66e-02 2.94e-03 0.5396
NC_000016.9 N4BP1 -1.18e-01 2.94e-03 0.5396
NC_000001.10 TP73 7.50e-02 2.94e-03 0.5396
NC_000010.10 XPNPEP1 -4.36e-02 2.95e-03 0.5396
NC_000020.10 C20orf95 1.06e-01 2.95e-03 0.5396
NC_000002.11 DNER -5.42e-02 2.95e-03 0.5396
NC_000011.9 CST6 5.41e-02 2.95e-03 0.5396
NC_000017.10 NTN1 -1.62e-01 2.95e-03 0.5396
NC_000019.9 ZNF208 5.99e-02 2.95e-03 0.5396
NC_000017.10 EVPL 8.75e-02 2.95e-03 0.5396
NC_000001.10 PADI6 5.68e-02 2.95e-03 0.5396
NC_000014.8 FANCM -4.83e-02 2.96e-03 0.5398
NC_000013.10 F10 7.39e-02 2.96e-03 0.5398
NC_000020.10 STMN3 3.88e-02 2.96e-03 0.5398
NC_000009.11 ZNF79 -3.93e-02 2.96e-03 0.54
NC_000010.10 ALOX5 1.02e-01 2.96e-03 0.54
NC_000005.9 HSPA4 -1.25e-01 2.96e-03 0.54
NC_000008.10 KCNK9 -4.15e-02 2.97e-03 0.54
NC_000012.11 ALG10B 1.26e-01 2.97e-03 0.54
NC_000001.10 RHBG 7.56e-02 2.97e-03 0.54
NC_000001.10 ELTD1 1.13e-01 2.97e-03 0.54
NC_000002.11 HDAC4 7.33e-02 2.97e-03 0.54
NC_000007.13 CRCP -6.66e-02 2.97e-03 0.5401
NC_000001.10 PIK3CD -3.69e-02 2.97e-03 0.5403
NC_000016.9 SMPD3 -1.06e-01 2.98e-03 0.5408
NC_000014.8 C14orf182 1.74e-01 2.98e-03 0.5408
NC_000019.9 TMEM145 8.58e-02 2.98e-03 0.5408
NC_000004.11 MAML3 -7.28e-02 2.98e-03 0.541
NC_000004.11 LRPAP1 -1.02e-01 2.99e-03 0.541
NC_000019.9 IFI30 -4.23e-02 2.99e-03 0.541
NC_000007.13 MDFIC 8.97e-02 2.99e-03 0.541
NC_000020.10 SLMO2 1.20e-01 2.99e-03 0.541
NC_000010.10 PNLIP 7.96e-02 3.00e-03 0.541
NC_000022.10 GAB4 1.82e-01 3.00e-03 0.541
NC_000009.11 RUSC2 -1.75e-01 3.00e-03 0.541
NC_000016.9 MTHFSD -2.94e-02 3.00e-03 0.541
NC_000013.10 EDNRB -1.60e-01 3.00e-03 0.541
NC_000006.11 B3GAT2 -1.22e-01 3.01e-03 0.541
NC_000002.11 PLEK -1.26e-01 3.01e-03 0.541
NC_000008.10 GDF6 1.74e-01 3.01e-03 0.541
NC_000008.10 MTMR9 1.04e-01 3.01e-03 0.541
NC_000002.11 FOXD4L1 -6.66e-02 3.01e-03 0.541
NC_000019.9 ZFP36 9.32e-02 3.02e-03 0.541
NC_000007.13 MNX1 5.13e-02 3.02e-03 0.541
NC_000016.9 RUNDC2A 7.50e-02 3.02e-03 0.541
NC_000002.11 PTH2R 6.21e-02 3.02e-03 0.541
NC_000014.8 NAA30 -6.16e-02 3.02e-03 0.541
NC_000001.10 C1orf109 1.86e-01 3.02e-03 0.541
NC_000001.10 C1orf157 9.68e-02 3.02e-03 0.541
NC_000004.11 RCHY1 -1.09e-01 3.02e-03 0.541
NC_000016.9 HEATR3 -3.53e-02 3.02e-03 0.541
NC_000020.10 GTPBP5 -1.42e-01 3.03e-03 0.541
NC_000004.11 LRBA -7.19e-02 3.03e-03 0.541
NC_000019.9 ITGB1BP3 4.38e-02 3.03e-03 0.541
NC_000008.10 EIF2C2 -3.76e-02 3.03e-03 0.541
NC_000001.10 KCNA3 8.94e-02 3.04e-03 0.541
NC_000001.10 TNFRSF8 4.38e-02 3.04e-03 0.541
NC_000010.10 ADARB2 -1.21e-01 3.04e-03 0.541
NC_000017.10 B9D1 -5.09e-02 3.05e-03 0.541
NC_000013.10 MCF2L -1.11e-01 3.05e-03 0.541
NC_000002.11 LRRFIP1 -1.01e-01 3.05e-03 0.541
NC_000017.10 RPL23A -1.28e-01 3.05e-03 0.541
NC_000004.11 CASP6 7.79e-02 3.05e-03 0.541
NC_000010.10 C10orf11 -9.41e-02 3.05e-03 0.541
NC_000007.13 NOM1 9.87e-02 3.05e-03 0.5412
NC_000010.10 RSU1 -1.27e-01 3.05e-03 0.5412
NC_000009.11 C9orf68 8.69e-02 3.05e-03 0.5412
NC_000011.9 WT1 1.08e-01 3.05e-03 0.5412
NC_000017.10 MKS1 -4.94e-02 3.06e-03 0.5415
NC_000016.9 PYCARD 9.14e-02 3.06e-03 0.5424
NC_000018.9 NOL4 -1.44e-01 3.06e-03 0.5425
NC_000021.8 KCNE1 7.92e-02 3.07e-03 0.5426
NC_000016.9 CCDC101 -2.99e-02 3.07e-03 0.5428
NC_000001.10 LOC148824 1.51e-01 3.07e-03 0.5428
NC_000020.10 MC3R 1.28e-01 3.07e-03 0.5428
NC_000008.10 RGS20 9.72e-02 3.07e-03 0.5428
NC_000001.10 SLC2A5 5.85e-02 3.07e-03 0.5428
NC_000011.9 MAP3K11 -3.17e-02 3.08e-03 0.5428
NC_000003.11 LEPREL1 -1.25e-01 3.08e-03 0.5428
NC_000001.10 C1orf83 -7.24e-02 3.08e-03 0.5428
NC_000012.11 COX6A1 -9.64e-02 3.08e-03 0.5428
NC_000010.10 ADARB2 9.43e-02 3.08e-03 0.5428
NC_000011.9 HSPA8 -1.19e-01 3.08e-03 0.5428
NC_000022.10 ADRBK2 -3.36e-02 3.09e-03 0.5428
NC_000016.9 ADCY9 -1.78e-01 3.09e-03 0.5428
NC_000002.11 TPO 3.41e-02 3.09e-03 0.5434
NC_000015.9 MAP2K1 -9.49e-02 3.09e-03 0.5435
NC_000011.9 MAP6 -4.06e-02 3.10e-03 0.5435
NC_000017.10 ITGAE -5.11e-02 3.10e-03 0.5435
NC_000003.11 TNIK -1.72e-01 3.10e-03 0.5435
NC_000001.10 PTPRU 6.90e-02 3.10e-03 0.5435
NC_000004.11 DCHS2 9.31e-02 3.10e-03 0.5435
NC_000017.10 LLGL2 7.15e-02 3.11e-03 0.5436
NC_000017.10 MGAT5B 1.16e-01 3.11e-03 0.5437
NC_000014.8 DICER1 -5.83e-02 3.11e-03 0.5438
NC_000016.9 ZG16B 2.99e-01 3.11e-03 0.5438
NC_000008.10 SFRP1 1.30e-01 3.12e-03 0.5447
NC_000012.11 IL22 8.03e-02 3.12e-03 0.5449
NC_000011.9 LDLRAD3 -1.50e-01 3.12e-03 0.5449
NC_000022.10 GGT1 -3.39e-02 3.12e-03 0.5452
NC_000001.10 ARHGEF10L -4.62e-02 3.13e-03 0.5452
NC_000009.11 ABCA2 9.66e-02 3.13e-03 0.5452
NC_000008.10 FAM83A 2.41e-01 3.14e-03 0.5452
NC_000016.9 NFATC2IP -4.90e-02 3.14e-03 0.5452
NC_000016.9 KIAA0182 -5.80e-02 3.14e-03 0.5452
NC_000009.11 FBXO10 -6.85e-02 3.14e-03 0.5452
NC_000001.10 USH2A -1.19e-01 3.14e-03 0.5452
NC_000001.10 NIPAL3 -6.43e-02 3.15e-03 0.5452
NC_000002.11 TGFA 4.57e-02 3.15e-03 0.5458
NC_000020.10 SLCO4A1 4.35e-02 3.15e-03 0.5458
NC_000004.11 MYL5 9.15e-02 3.15e-03 0.5458
NC_000017.10 PDK2 -1.41e-01 3.16e-03 0.5458
NC_000005.9 ZSWIM6 -1.33e-01 3.16e-03 0.5458
NC_000010.10 GPAM -1.14e-01 3.16e-03 0.5458
NC_000008.10 CLDN23 -4.85e-02 3.16e-03 0.5458
NC_000003.11 MIR568 -3.27e-02 3.16e-03 0.5458
NC_000003.11 CAMK1 3.31e-02 3.16e-03 0.5458
NC_000011.9 ARL2 -8.36e-02 3.16e-03 0.5458
NC_000011.9 BRMS1 2.22e-01 3.16e-03 0.5458
NC_000004.11 YTHDC1 -4.96e-02 3.17e-03 0.5458
NC_000003.11 CBLB 6.25e-02 3.17e-03 0.5458
NC_000002.11 HOXD4 5.54e-02 3.18e-03 0.546
NC_000014.8 ANGEL1 8.06e-02 3.18e-03 0.546
NC_000011.9 KCNJ11 -3.82e-02 3.18e-03 0.546
NC_000017.10 SLC46A1 -2.79e-02 3.18e-03 0.546
NC_000017.10 HN1 -4.68e-02 3.19e-03 0.546
NC_000016.9 GALNS 3.87e-02 3.19e-03 0.546
NC_000022.10 CACNG2 9.00e-02 3.19e-03 0.546
NC_000008.10 ZNF7 -6.56e-02 3.19e-03 0.546
NC_000003.11 PCYT1A -1.03e-01 3.19e-03 0.546
NC_000006.11 RUNX2 5.79e-02 3.19e-03 0.546
NC_000019.9 GRIN3B 4.41e-02 3.19e-03 0.546
NC_000002.11 C2orf63 1.26e-01 3.20e-03 0.546
NC_000001.10 ERI3 -1.07e-01 3.20e-03 0.546
NC_000015.9 SEMA4B -2.86e-01 3.20e-03 0.546
NC_000004.11 CBR4 -5.30e-02 3.20e-03 0.546
NC_000001.10 ACADM -1.06e-01 3.21e-03 0.546
NC_000002.11 PXDN -1.18e-01 3.21e-03 0.546
NC_000011.9 REXO2 -1.40e-01 3.21e-03 0.546
NC_000001.10 TMEM222 -6.20e-02 3.21e-03 0.546
NC_000007.13 COBL 7.07e-02 3.21e-03 0.546
NC_000003.11 YEATS2 -9.49e-02 3.21e-03 0.546
NC_000012.11 VAMP1 -3.85e-02 3.21e-03 0.546
NC_000004.11 RAPGEF2 -1.55e-01 3.21e-03 0.546
NC_000004.11 PITX2 -6.76e-02 3.21e-03 0.546
NC_000012.11 CACNA2D4 5.87e-02 3.21e-03 0.5461
NC_000019.9 SUPT5H -4.56e-02 3.22e-03 0.5466
NC_000016.9 TCF25 -5.38e-02 3.22e-03 0.5466
NC_000001.10 RAG1AP1 -3.20e-02 3.22e-03 0.5466
NC_000007.13 MKRN1 -6.70e-02 3.22e-03 0.5466
NC_000001.10 PDIK1L -9.41e-02 3.23e-03 0.5467
NC_000012.11 GALNT8 9.04e-02 3.23e-03 0.5467
NC_000003.11 PRKCI -3.43e-02 3.23e-03 0.547
NC_000019.9 SPTBN4 8.59e-02 3.24e-03 0.547
NC_000003.11 GNL3 7.29e-02 3.24e-03 0.547
NC_000017.10 GAA -5.85e-02 3.24e-03 0.547
NC_000006.11 PNRC1 1.11e-01 3.24e-03 0.5472
NC_000007.13 COX19 1.03e-01 3.25e-03 0.5472
NC_000010.10 LOC283050 -1.03e-01 3.25e-03 0.5472
NC_000010.10 KIAA1217 -7.80e-02 3.25e-03 0.5472
NC_000002.11 NFU1 -5.49e-02 3.25e-03 0.5472
NC_000015.9 SLC28A2 4.77e-02 3.25e-03 0.5472
NC_000019.9 NAPSA 1.19e-01 3.25e-03 0.5472
NC_000016.9 FAM38A 1.61e-01 3.25e-03 0.5472
NC_000009.11 KIAA0020 -1.45e-01 3.25e-03 0.5472
NC_000004.11 CSN2 8.93e-02 3.25e-03 0.5474
NC_000012.11 EIF2B1 -8.09e-02 3.25e-03 0.5474
NC_000010.10 DIP2C -1.28e-01 3.26e-03 0.5475
NC_000006.11 C6orf186 5.50e-02 3.26e-03 0.5475
NC_000001.10 ESRRG 1.41e-01 3.26e-03 0.5475
NC_000014.8 OXA1L -4.10e-02 3.26e-03 0.5475
NC_000016.9 C16orf87 -4.77e-02 3.27e-03 0.5475
NC_000005.9 PRDM9 7.42e-02 3.27e-03 0.5475
NC_000008.10 EEF1D -4.67e-02 3.27e-03 0.5475
NC_000003.11 SETD2 -5.43e-02 3.27e-03 0.5475
NC_000011.9 EXT2 -4.17e-02 3.27e-03 0.5475
NC_000012.11 EFCAB4B 6.03e-02 3.27e-03 0.5475
NC_000017.10 YBX2 8.56e-02 3.28e-03 0.5475
NC_000012.11 GPR133 -1.37e-01 3.28e-03 0.5475
NC_000013.10 TPTE2 5.89e-02 3.28e-03 0.5476
NC_000012.11 VPS37B 1.23e-01 3.28e-03 0.5476
NC_000020.10 C20orf177 -1.15e-01 3.29e-03 0.5476
NC_000011.9 OPCML -5.62e-02 3.29e-03 0.5476
NC_000002.11 RPS7 -6.76e-02 3.29e-03 0.5476
NC_000007.13 DDC 4.93e-02 3.29e-03 0.5476
NC_000001.10 AHCTF1 4.56e-02 3.29e-03 0.5476
NC_000020.10 RBPJL 1.09e-01 3.29e-03 0.5476
NC_000003.11 CCDC13 -3.85e-02 3.29e-03 0.5476
NC_000015.9 CAPN3 7.67e-02 3.29e-03 0.5476
NC_000011.9 OR5A1 1.14e-01 3.29e-03 0.5476
NC_000007.13 LUZP6 -8.33e-02 3.30e-03 0.5476
NC_000002.11 PARD3B -1.06e-01 3.30e-03 0.5476
NC_000017.10 SOX9 -1.27e-01 3.30e-03 0.5476
NC_000001.10 CSF3R -1.88e-01 3.30e-03 0.5476
NC_000001.10 ST3GAL3 6.30e-02 3.30e-03 0.5476
NC_000011.9 OR52W1 5.83e-02 3.30e-03 0.5476
NC_000010.10 PFKFB3 -1.31e-01 3.30e-03 0.5476
NC_000020.10 MYT1 -1.19e-01 3.30e-03 0.5477
NC_000011.9 CREB3L1 -1.97e-01 3.31e-03 0.5481
NC_000003.11 RBP2 4.65e-02 3.31e-03 0.5481
NC_000018.9 C18orf21 -4.96e-02 3.31e-03 0.5481
NC_000014.8 KCNK10 -6.17e-02 3.31e-03 0.5481
NC_000015.9 LOC390594 5.54e-02 3.31e-03 0.5481
NC_000017.10 SMARCE1 -7.58e-02 3.31e-03 0.5481
NC_000001.10 FAM72B -4.56e-02 3.31e-03 0.5481
NC_000020.10 CRLS1 -3.25e-02 3.31e-03 0.5481
NC_000017.10 EFNB3 -5.05e-02 3.32e-03 0.5484
NC_000003.11 PLCL2 1.23e-01 3.32e-03 0.5487
NC_000004.11 MFAP3L -4.88e-02 3.33e-03 0.5488
NC_000006.11 BAT2 -1.02e-01 3.33e-03 0.5488
NC_000004.11 OTOP1 1.42e-01 3.33e-03 0.5488
NC_000014.8 KIAA0247 5.55e-02 3.33e-03 0.5488
NC_000008.10 PHYHIP -3.88e-02 3.33e-03 0.5488
NC_000007.13 CCDC146 -7.26e-02 3.34e-03 0.5488
NC_000010.10 NSMCE4A 1.35e-01 3.34e-03 0.5488
NC_000019.9 FXYD1 -9.13e-02 3.34e-03 0.5488
NC_000010.10 DOCK1 -1.09e-01 3.34e-03 0.5488
NC_000011.9 CDC42BPG 4.99e-02 3.34e-03 0.5488
NC_000017.10 LOC404266 7.96e-02 3.34e-03 0.5488
NC_000006.11 SIM1 7.44e-02 3.35e-03 0.5488
NC_000019.9 GIPR -5.25e-02 3.35e-03 0.5488
NC_000015.9 FAM174B 4.16e-02 3.35e-03 0.5488
NC_000019.9 FBXO17 1.04e-01 3.35e-03 0.5488
NC_000002.11 LOC100302652 -6.78e-02 3.35e-03 0.5488
NC_000020.10 DBNDD2 5.92e-02 3.35e-03 0.5488
NC_000019.9 LINGO3 9.76e-02 3.35e-03 0.5488
NC_000011.9 ACAD8 -8.31e-02 3.36e-03 0.5488
NC_000020.10 CD40 -7.92e-02 3.37e-03 0.5488
NC_000005.9 ADRB2 -7.44e-02 3.37e-03 0.5488
NC_000019.9 CD177 2.00e-01 3.37e-03 0.5488
NC_000005.9 FER 5.36e-02 3.37e-03 0.5488
NC_000008.10 ZFAT -9.11e-02 3.37e-03 0.5488
NC_000001.10 UBIAD1 -3.94e-02 3.37e-03 0.5488
NC_000011.9 GTF2H1 -5.28e-02 3.37e-03 0.5488
NC_000002.11 DLX2 4.46e-02 3.37e-03 0.5488
NC_000001.10 LOC642587 -7.07e-02 3.37e-03 0.5488
NC_000017.10 ABR -1.64e-01 3.38e-03 0.5488
NC_000019.9 PPP5C 1.04e-01 3.38e-03 0.5488
NC_000009.11 EXOSC2 -5.09e-02 3.39e-03 0.5488
NC_000001.10 ST6GALNAC5 -1.67e-01 3.39e-03 0.5488
NC_000005.9 FAF2 -1.28e-01 3.39e-03 0.5488
NC_000008.10 AGPAT6 -1.68e-01 3.39e-03 0.5488
NC_000020.10 MAFB -5.06e-02 3.39e-03 0.5488
NC_000003.11 TMEM41A 4.09e-02 3.39e-03 0.5488
NC_000004.11 PALLD -6.47e-02 3.39e-03 0.5488
NC_000020.10 SEC23B -3.65e-02 3.39e-03 0.5488
NC_000021.8 DSCAM -5.39e-02 3.39e-03 0.5488
NC_000016.9 ANKRD11 -8.35e-02 3.39e-03 0.5488
NC_000017.10 FAM134C -4.64e-02 3.40e-03 0.5489
NC_000010.10 CAMK1D -3.72e-02 3.40e-03 0.549
NC_000008.10 CYP7B1 1.84e-01 3.40e-03 0.549
NC_000007.13 USP42 9.65e-02 3.40e-03 0.549
NC_000006.11 TNF 8.14e-02 3.40e-03 0.549
NC_000016.9 CRAMP1L -5.29e-02 3.40e-03 0.5492
NC_000007.13 TSPAN13 -3.48e-02 3.40e-03 0.5492
NC_000008.10 PKHD1L1 1.17e-01 3.41e-03 0.5494
NC_000006.11 PHACTR2 8.28e-02 3.41e-03 0.5494
NC_000022.10 CELSR1 -2.97e-02 3.42e-03 0.5498
NC_000022.10 FAM19A5 -6.44e-02 3.42e-03 0.5498
NC_000009.11 BICD2 -9.75e-02 3.42e-03 0.5498
NC_000015.9 GOLGA6D -2.38e-01 3.42e-03 0.5498
NC_000005.9 GFM2 -4.01e-02 3.42e-03 0.5498
NC_000013.10 TUBA3C -5.33e-02 3.43e-03 0.5498
NC_000015.9 SERF2 -8.71e-02 3.43e-03 0.5498
NC_000006.11 HLA-DQA2 5.48e-02 3.43e-03 0.5498
NC_000022.10 ATXN10 -1.40e-01 3.43e-03 0.5498
NC_000019.9 PEG3 -3.19e-02 3.43e-03 0.5498
NC_000019.9 ADCK4 1.74e-01 3.43e-03 0.5498
NC_000016.9 LMF1 -9.83e-02 3.44e-03 0.5498
NC_000017.10 GLP2R 9.12e-02 3.44e-03 0.5498
NC_000019.9 KEAP1 -3.32e-02 3.44e-03 0.5498
NC_000005.9 CYFIP2 -1.42e-01 3.44e-03 0.5498
NC_000014.8 C14orf23 1.03e-01 3.44e-03 0.55
NC_000010.10 CNNM1 8.36e-02 3.45e-03 0.5503
NC_000001.10 AVPR1B -4.04e-02 3.45e-03 0.5503
NC_000017.10 CACNB1 -1.19e-01 3.45e-03 0.5503
NC_000017.10 RASL10B 1.33e-01 3.45e-03 0.5503
NC_000006.11 SIM1 4.72e-02 3.46e-03 0.5503
NC_000001.10 LRRN2 -1.32e-01 3.46e-03 0.5503
NC_000019.9 NDUFB7 -6.89e-02 3.46e-03 0.5503
NC_000011.9 SBF2 -2.71e-02 3.46e-03 0.5503
NC_000011.9 NTM 6.11e-02 3.46e-03 0.5503
NC_000011.9 RELA -3.88e-02 3.46e-03 0.5503
NC_000002.11 TPO -7.38e-02 3.47e-03 0.5503
NC_000010.10 TLL2 -3.89e-02 3.47e-03 0.5503
NC_000012.11 UBE2N -1.62e-01 3.47e-03 0.5503
NC_000001.10 GNG4 -7.06e-02 3.47e-03 0.5503
NC_000017.10 CD300C 6.22e-02 3.47e-03 0.5503
NC_000004.11 ABLIM2 5.36e-02 3.47e-03 0.5503
NC_000017.10 IKZF3 6.85e-02 3.48e-03 0.5503
NC_000002.11 TTC15 -1.52e-01 3.48e-03 0.5503
NC_000016.9 FAM86A 9.32e-02 3.48e-03 0.5503
NC_000001.10 ZSCAN20 -5.12e-02 3.48e-03 0.5503
NC_000017.10 PSME3 -6.31e-02 3.48e-03 0.5503
NC_000014.8 BTBD7 -3.04e-02 3.48e-03 0.5503
NC_000002.11 WNT10A 7.96e-02 3.49e-03 0.5503
NC_000011.9 NTM -5.91e-02 3.49e-03 0.5503
NC_000001.10 GBP4 1.26e-01 3.49e-03 0.5503
NC_000011.9 OPCML -1.20e-01 3.50e-03 0.5503
NC_000008.10 TTC35 -4.28e-02 3.50e-03 0.5503
NC_000011.9 CAT 8.82e-02 3.50e-03 0.5503
NC_000020.10 THBD 9.10e-02 3.50e-03 0.5503
NC_000001.10 CATSPER4 2.02e-01 3.50e-03 0.5503
NC_000019.9 GAPDHS 1.11e-01 3.50e-03 0.5503
NC_000010.10 DUSP5 9.64e-02 3.50e-03 0.5503
NC_000001.10 RGS2 -4.35e-02 3.50e-03 0.5503
NC_000016.9 UMOD 1.44e-01 3.50e-03 0.5503
NC_000007.13 SMURF1 -1.63e-01 3.51e-03 0.5503
NC_000001.10 ABCB10 -1.78e-01 3.51e-03 0.5503
NC_000019.9 LRFN3 1.04e-01 3.51e-03 0.5503
NC_000003.11 ATP1B3 -1.66e-01 3.51e-03 0.5503
NC_000015.9 ACTC1 5.54e-02 3.51e-03 0.5503
NC_000019.9 ZNF878 9.71e-02 3.51e-03 0.5503
NC_000007.13 C7orf52 1.68e-01 3.51e-03 0.5503
NC_000015.9 USP50 -4.31e-02 3.52e-03 0.5503
NC_000002.11 PRDXDD1P 5.00e-02 3.52e-03 0.5503
NC_000006.11 SPDEF 7.34e-02 3.52e-03 0.5503
NC_000019.9 NR2C2AP 5.31e-02 3.52e-03 0.5503
NC_000013.10 B3GALTL 1.02e-01 3.52e-03 0.5503
NC_000005.9 AGGF1 -1.05e-01 3.53e-03 0.5503
NC_000002.11 R3HDM1 4.59e-02 3.53e-03 0.5503
NC_000022.10 MEI1 7.09e-02 3.53e-03 0.5503
NC_000008.10 PTK2 -6.85e-02 3.53e-03 0.5503
NC_000019.9 SPTBN4 9.36e-02 3.53e-03 0.5503
NC_000009.11 ZNF462 -1.25e-01 3.53e-03 0.5503
NC_000001.10 PKLR 1.20e-01 3.53e-03 0.5503
NC_000006.11 KIF6 4.99e-02 3.54e-03 0.5503
NC_000006.11 GPX6 7.27e-02 3.54e-03 0.5503
NC_000004.11 RAPGEF2 -8.76e-02 3.54e-03 0.5503
NC_000016.9 IL17C 8.68e-02 3.54e-03 0.5503
NC_000015.9 UNC45A 1.84e-01 3.54e-03 0.5503
NC_000015.9 AP4E1 -3.64e-02 3.54e-03 0.5503
NC_000011.9 PHRF1 7.65e-02 3.55e-03 0.5503
NC_000019.9 VASP -4.70e-02 3.55e-03 0.5503
NC_000011.9 KCNJ1 6.60e-02 3.55e-03 0.5503
NC_000010.10 C10orf75 -5.93e-02 3.55e-03 0.5503
NC_000002.11 SH3RF3 -1.51e-01 3.55e-03 0.5503
NC_000003.11 KIAA0226 6.80e-02 3.55e-03 0.5503
NC_000004.11 DCLK2 -1.21e-01 3.55e-03 0.5503
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 -9.62e-02 3.55e-03 0.5503
NC_000012.11 TCP11L2 5.73e-02 3.56e-03 0.5503
NC_000004.11 GAK -6.25e-02 3.56e-03 0.5503
NC_000019.9 ZNF416 -3.67e-02 3.56e-03 0.5503
NC_000020.10 LOC284798 1.06e-01 3.57e-03 0.5503
NC_000006.11 RAET1L 5.37e-02 3.57e-03 0.5503
NC_000001.10 KLHDC8A 8.73e-02 3.57e-03 0.5503
NC_000002.11 SCG2 -3.55e-02 3.57e-03 0.5503
NC_000017.10 TAC4 -1.02e-01 3.57e-03 0.5503
NC_000010.10 NRBF2 -7.28e-02 3.57e-03 0.5503
NC_000011.9 MUC2 1.03e-01 3.57e-03 0.5503
NC_000008.10 ATP6V1H -1.07e-01 3.58e-03 0.5503
NC_000003.11 MAP3K13 -9.36e-02 3.58e-03 0.5503
NC_000017.10 LOC653653 1.58e-01 3.58e-03 0.5503
NC_000002.11 MYO1B 1.04e-01 3.58e-03 0.5503
NC_000016.9 RLTPR 7.88e-02 3.58e-03 0.5503
NC_000010.10 FZD8 -5.02e-02 3.58e-03 0.5503
NC_000002.11 SLC5A6 -4.51e-02 3.58e-03 0.5503
NC_000016.9 CBFA2T3 7.60e-02 3.58e-03 0.5503
NC_000002.11 FAHD2A -4.53e-02 3.58e-03 0.5503
NC_000017.10 ACBD4 7.00e-02 3.58e-03 0.5503
NC_000012.11 LMO3 -1.06e-01 3.58e-03 0.5503
NC_000006.11 TAGAP 5.59e-02 3.59e-03 0.5503
NC_000007.13 FOXK1 -1.90e-01 3.59e-03 0.5503
NC_000018.9 THOC1 -5.03e-02 3.59e-03 0.5503
NC_000016.9 MSLNL 4.25e-02 3.59e-03 0.5503
NC_000006.11 HLA-C 1.81e-01 3.59e-03 0.5503
NC_000010.10 SUFU -9.98e-02 3.59e-03 0.5503
NC_000002.11 PSME4 -4.85e-02 3.59e-03 0.5505
NC_000001.10 PRDM16 7.79e-02 3.59e-03 0.5505
NC_000006.11 HCG11 -6.54e-02 3.59e-03 0.5505
NC_000011.9 CALCB 8.72e-02 3.60e-03 0.5505
NC_000006.11 C6orf1 -4.42e-02 3.60e-03 0.5509
NC_000006.11 PPIL4 -5.54e-02 3.60e-03 0.551
NC_000003.11 ALS2CL 8.75e-02 3.60e-03 0.551
NC_000008.10 TOX -4.25e-02 3.60e-03 0.551
NC_000012.11 KRT78 5.05e-02 3.61e-03 0.5518
NC_000010.10 CLRN3 1.08e-01 3.61e-03 0.5518
NC_000002.11 VAX2 6.55e-02 3.62e-03 0.5521
NC_000019.9 ZNF497 1.38e-01 3.62e-03 0.5521
NC_000019.9 LOC643719 6.44e-02 3.62e-03 0.5521
NC_000006.11 BEND6 -6.66e-02 3.63e-03 0.5521
NC_000012.11 C12orf49 -8.16e-02 3.63e-03 0.5521
NC_000006.11 CDKAL1 1.99e-01 3.63e-03 0.5521
NC_000021.8 KCNE1 1.29e-01 3.63e-03 0.5521
NC_000003.11 ATP6V1A -5.43e-02 3.64e-03 0.5521
NC_000011.9 GRIK4 4.80e-02 3.64e-03 0.5521
NC_000007.13 GRID2IP -3.58e-02 3.64e-03 0.5521
NC_000003.11 EXOG 1.00e-01 3.64e-03 0.5521
NC_000013.10 ADPRHL1 5.48e-02 3.64e-03 0.5521
NC_000010.10 ASAH2 -6.81e-02 3.64e-03 0.5521
NC_000012.11 ZNF384 -5.72e-02 3.65e-03 0.5521
NC_000001.10 MCOLN3 3.80e-02 3.65e-03 0.5521
NC_000020.10 ADNP -6.74e-02 3.65e-03 0.5521
NC_000005.9 SDHAP3 -1.50e-01 3.65e-03 0.5521
NC_000002.11 TNS1 8.62e-02 3.65e-03 0.5521
NC_000012.11 BCL7A 8.00e-02 3.65e-03 0.5521
NC_000009.11 AGPAT2 5.35e-02 3.65e-03 0.5521
NC_000016.9 TESSP1 1.05e-01 3.65e-03 0.5521
NC_000004.11 PALLD 4.33e-02 3.66e-03 0.5521
NC_000003.11 TGFBR2 -3.83e-02 3.66e-03 0.5521
NC_000011.9 PHF21A -4.50e-02 3.66e-03 0.5521
NC_000011.9 MTCH2 -2.72e-02 3.66e-03 0.5521
NC_000020.10 THBD 1.17e-01 3.66e-03 0.5521
NC_000008.10 C8orf71 1.67e-01 3.66e-03 0.5521
NC_000006.11 HINT3 5.02e-02 3.67e-03 0.5523
NC_000010.10 ADARB2 8.14e-02 3.67e-03 0.5523
NC_000013.10 RASA3 4.66e-02 3.68e-03 0.5536
NC_000007.13 PRRT4 8.31e-02 3.69e-03 0.5536
NC_000012.11 ATN1 5.55e-02 3.69e-03 0.5536
NC_000006.11 COL19A1 -3.07e-02 3.69e-03 0.5544
NC_000023.10 CT45A4 8.73e-02 3.69e-03 0.5544
NC_000003.11 MBNL1 -1.40e-01 3.70e-03 0.5548
NC_000001.10 CR1 5.51e-02 3.70e-03 0.5548
NC_000015.9 MIR548H4 6.51e-02 3.71e-03 0.5548
NC_000017.10 SHBG -6.57e-02 3.71e-03 0.5548
NC_000020.10 MYL9 1.34e-01 3.71e-03 0.5548
NC_000002.11 WIPF1 -1.17e-01 3.71e-03 0.5548
NC_000011.9 GUCY1A2 -6.00e-02 3.71e-03 0.5548
NC_000017.10 C17orf100 -5.34e-02 3.71e-03 0.5548
NC_000019.9 ATP8B3 1.19e-01 3.71e-03 0.5548
NC_000007.13 C7orf50 1.10e-01 3.71e-03 0.5548
NC_000015.9 TYRO3 -1.62e-01 3.71e-03 0.5548
NC_000002.11 TMEM194B -6.50e-02 3.72e-03 0.5549
NC_000001.10 GNG4 -7.32e-02 3.72e-03 0.5553
NC_000001.10 COL24A1 1.10e-01 3.72e-03 0.5553
NC_000022.10 RPL3 -1.11e-01 3.72e-03 0.5553
NC_000002.11 CMPK2 -5.53e-02 3.73e-03 0.5559
NC_000012.11 C12orf5 -1.35e-01 3.73e-03 0.5559
NC_000004.11 C4orf51 2.15e-01 3.74e-03 0.5559
NC_000006.11 TAP2 -4.16e-02 3.74e-03 0.5559
NC_000010.10 ZNF365 7.60e-02 3.74e-03 0.5559
NC_000001.10 MACF1 -5.11e-02 3.74e-03 0.5559
NC_000010.10 DIP2C -9.60e-02 3.74e-03 0.5559
NC_000017.10 LOC100128977 1.07e-01 3.74e-03 0.5559
NC_000002.11 LOC339788 -1.34e-01 3.74e-03 0.5559
NC_000001.10 SCARNA3 -1.20e-01 3.75e-03 0.5559
NC_000005.9 COL23A1 -5.19e-02 3.75e-03 0.5559
NC_000001.10 DCAF6 -5.33e-02 3.75e-03 0.556
NC_000012.11 MLEC -6.27e-02 3.75e-03 0.556
NC_000006.11 HIVEP2 -1.95e-01 3.75e-03 0.556
NC_000003.11 VIPR1 7.34e-02 3.75e-03 0.556
NC_000020.10 GCNT7 -9.31e-02 3.75e-03 0.556
NC_000012.11 SNRNP35 -5.61e-02 3.76e-03 0.5561
NC_000021.8 HLCS -1.90e-01 3.76e-03 0.5561
NC_000007.13 ZNF273 7.69e-02 3.76e-03 0.5561
NC_000001.10 PPP2R5A -2.92e-02 3.77e-03 0.5561
NC_000011.9 OR10G7 -9.56e-02 3.77e-03 0.5561
NC_000022.10 COMT -1.58e-01 3.77e-03 0.5561
NC_000003.11 LRRN1 -1.05e-01 3.77e-03 0.5561
NC_000017.10 SNF8 -5.50e-02 3.77e-03 0.5561
NC_000016.9 FLYWCH2 -3.52e-02 3.77e-03 0.5561
NC_000001.10 MPZL1 -3.02e-02 3.77e-03 0.5561
NC_000002.11 CTNNA2 -3.68e-02 3.77e-03 0.5561
NC_000011.9 IGSF9B 5.46e-02 3.78e-03 0.5561
NC_000022.10 C22orf27 1.34e-01 3.78e-03 0.5561
NC_000011.9 KBTBD4 -2.95e-02 3.78e-03 0.5561
NC_000007.13 ITGB8 -1.34e-01 3.79e-03 0.5561
NC_000001.10 RUSC1 1.19e-01 3.79e-03 0.5561
NC_000014.8 C14orf132 -4.06e-02 3.79e-03 0.5561
NC_000008.10 PXDNL 2.46e-01 3.79e-03 0.5561
NC_000012.11 RAD52 -5.35e-02 3.79e-03 0.5561
NC_000012.11 LOC144571 1.24e-01 3.80e-03 0.5561
NC_000006.11 HIST1H2AJ 5.21e-02 3.80e-03 0.5561
NC_000003.11 HYAL2 8.07e-02 3.81e-03 0.5561
NC_000001.10 ZNF697 1.02e-01 3.81e-03 0.5561
NC_000016.9 PRSS22 1.09e-01 3.81e-03 0.5561
NC_000003.11 ST6GAL1 1.51e-01 3.81e-03 0.5561
NC_000012.11 IRAK3 9.97e-02 3.81e-03 0.5561
NC_000006.11 SLC17A3 5.01e-02 3.81e-03 0.5561
NC_000016.9 JMJD8 1.46e-01 3.81e-03 0.5561
NC_000004.11 SCOC -9.72e-02 3.81e-03 0.5561
NC_000001.10 SNRNP40 -7.39e-02 3.81e-03 0.5561
NC_000011.9 SSSCA1 -3.71e-02 3.81e-03 0.5561
NC_000004.11 PHOX2B 6.53e-02 3.81e-03 0.5561
NC_000010.10 CTBP2 -6.64e-02 3.82e-03 0.5561
NC_000018.9 MBP -1.61e-01 3.82e-03 0.5561
NC_000019.9 ALKBH7 1.50e-01 3.82e-03 0.5561
NC_000014.8 HNRNPC -6.66e-02 3.82e-03 0.5561
NC_000001.10 C1orf111 -8.17e-02 3.82e-03 0.5561
NC_000001.10 NPR1 -3.96e-02 3.82e-03 0.5561
NC_000004.11 LPHN3 6.15e-02 3.82e-03 0.5561
NC_000010.10 TACC2 -1.02e-01 3.82e-03 0.5561
NC_000007.13 CCDC129 5.57e-02 3.82e-03 0.5561
NC_000006.11 HIST1H3G 4.85e-02 3.83e-03 0.5561
NC_000019.9 C19orf29 -1.07e-01 3.83e-03 0.5561
NC_000021.8 ADAMTS1 -1.14e-01 3.83e-03 0.5561
NC_000017.10 FTSJ3 -1.31e-01 3.83e-03 0.5561
NC_000007.13 SCIN 6.38e-02 3.83e-03 0.5561
NC_000009.11 KIAA1161 1.48e-01 3.83e-03 0.5561
NC_000012.11 ITGB7 -7.61e-02 3.84e-03 0.5561
NC_000019.9 ZNF570 9.70e-02 3.84e-03 0.5561
NC_000020.10 NCOA3 -1.43e-01 3.84e-03 0.5561
NC_000003.11 CLDN1 5.71e-02 3.84e-03 0.5561
NC_000009.11 GPR144 8.23e-02 3.84e-03 0.5561
NC_000014.8 SMOC1 7.67e-02 3.84e-03 0.5561
NC_000003.11 IP6K1 -9.39e-02 3.84e-03 0.5561
NC_000019.9 C19orf28 4.25e-02 3.84e-03 0.5561
NC_000020.10 C20orf24 8.77e-02 3.84e-03 0.5561
NC_000001.10 PEX10 -3.02e-02 3.85e-03 0.5565
NC_000017.10 LOC100133991 4.79e-02 3.85e-03 0.5565
NC_000011.9 HEPACAM 1.37e-01 3.86e-03 0.5565
NC_000016.9 DCI 6.60e-02 3.86e-03 0.5565
NC_000007.13 C7orf16 -1.34e-01 3.86e-03 0.5565
NC_000008.10 MIR596 1.14e-01 3.86e-03 0.5565
NC_000016.9 ORC6L -3.49e-02 3.86e-03 0.5565
NC_000005.9 SNORA47 -8.67e-02 3.86e-03 0.5565
NC_000006.11 BACH2 -8.44e-02 3.86e-03 0.5565
NC_000017.10 MYH10 -4.53e-02 3.87e-03 0.5565
NC_000008.10 SGCZ -9.97e-02 3.87e-03 0.5565
NC_000008.10 ST3GAL1 -1.51e-01 3.87e-03 0.5565
NC_000017.10 TRAF4 -5.75e-02 3.87e-03 0.5565
NC_000003.11 SEMA3B 5.34e-02 3.87e-03 0.5565
NC_000001.10 RAD54L -5.78e-02 3.87e-03 0.5565
NC_000022.10 MIR130B -6.71e-02 3.88e-03 0.5565
NC_000001.10 ESPNP 9.08e-02 3.88e-03 0.5565
NC_000001.10 ESPN 9.26e-02 3.88e-03 0.5565
NC_000016.9 CCDC101 1.23e-01 3.88e-03 0.5565
NC_000004.11 AFF1 1.11e-01 3.88e-03 0.5565
NC_000012.11 HOXC11 -7.04e-02 3.88e-03 0.5565
NC_000001.10 TMEM222 3.95e-02 3.88e-03 0.5565
NC_000003.11 ZFYVE20 -9.39e-02 3.89e-03 0.5565
NC_000011.9 ALKBH3 -4.04e-02 3.89e-03 0.5565
NC_000008.10 LOC100130274 2.33e-01 3.89e-03 0.5565
NC_000020.10 MKKS -5.10e-02 3.89e-03 0.5565
NC_000005.9 SDHA -7.14e-02 3.89e-03 0.5565
NC_000019.9 HAPLN4 1.52e-01 3.89e-03 0.5565
NC_000001.10 PRKCZ -7.15e-02 3.89e-03 0.5565
NC_000003.11 IFRD2 -2.90e-02 3.90e-03 0.5565
NC_000010.10 MGMT 9.08e-02 3.90e-03 0.5565
NC_000007.13 POM121 5.14e-02 3.90e-03 0.5565
NC_000020.10 RTEL1 4.63e-02 3.90e-03 0.5565
NC_000004.11 ZFP42 -6.16e-02 3.90e-03 0.5565
NC_000020.10 KCNQ2 -1.43e-01 3.90e-03 0.5565
NC_000002.11 FAM138B 9.26e-02 3.90e-03 0.5565
NC_000012.11 KNTC1 3.37e-02 3.90e-03 0.5565
NC_000006.11 CDYL -1.10e-01 3.91e-03 0.5565
NC_000006.11 FOXC1 -3.98e-02 3.91e-03 0.5565
NC_000008.10 CHRAC1 2.97e-02 3.91e-03 0.5565
NC_000010.10 SORCS3 -1.21e-01 3.91e-03 0.5565
NC_000020.10 SSTR4 -1.10e-01 3.92e-03 0.5565
NC_000007.13 RADIL -3.71e-02 3.92e-03 0.5565
NC_000016.9 ACSF3 -6.12e-02 3.92e-03 0.5565
NC_000005.9 TRIO -8.13e-02 3.92e-03 0.5565
NC_000001.10 ZDHHC18 7.56e-02 3.92e-03 0.5565
NC_000011.9 TRIM34 5.72e-02 3.93e-03 0.5565
NC_000017.10 CACNG4 -1.01e-01 3.93e-03 0.5565
NC_000011.9 HEPN1 -1.00e-01 3.93e-03 0.5565
NC_000013.10 COG3 -4.60e-02 3.93e-03 0.5565
NC_000015.9 ABHD2 -9.48e-02 3.93e-03 0.5565
NC_000017.10 FBXO47 1.64e-01 3.93e-03 0.5565
NC_000013.10 FOXO1 4.23e-02 3.93e-03 0.5565
NC_000004.11 ZFYVE28 8.08e-02 3.94e-03 0.5565
NC_000005.9 UNC5A 9.34e-02 3.94e-03 0.5565
NC_000005.9 PCDHGA4 4.93e-02 3.94e-03 0.5565
NC_000007.13 SDK1 -3.89e-02 3.95e-03 0.5565
NC_000019.9 CD177 1.91e-01 3.95e-03 0.5565
NC_000010.10 WAC -4.74e-02 3.95e-03 0.5565
NC_000015.9 HAPLN3 7.38e-02 3.95e-03 0.5565
NC_000011.9 ATM -7.34e-02 3.95e-03 0.5565
NC_000017.10 SHBG 8.18e-02 3.95e-03 0.5565
NC_000014.8 MEG3 -9.42e-02 3.95e-03 0.5565
NC_000018.9 KCNG2 1.60e-01 3.95e-03 0.5565
NC_000005.9 PCDHA1 9.72e-02 3.96e-03 0.5565
NC_000013.10 RB1 -8.98e-02 3.96e-03 0.5565
NC_000012.11 SLC17A8 -1.50e-01 3.96e-03 0.5565
NC_000005.9 DNAJC18 -4.25e-02 3.96e-03 0.5565
NC_000014.8 CPSF2 -3.14e-02 3.96e-03 0.5565
NC_000010.10 UNC5B -1.27e-01 3.96e-03 0.5565
NC_000003.11 CADPS 3.75e-02 3.96e-03 0.5565
NC_000003.11 HDAC11 4.52e-02 3.96e-03 0.5565
NC_000001.10 PRKCZ -9.15e-02 3.96e-03 0.5565
NC_000019.9 AMH 1.94e-01 3.96e-03 0.5565
NC_000019.9 ZNF274 1.02e-01 3.97e-03 0.5566
NC_000001.10 LYPLAL1 -5.38e-02 3.97e-03 0.5566
NC_000002.11 LOC100302652 -1.06e-01 3.97e-03 0.5566
NC_000005.9 DOCK2 1.24e-01 3.97e-03 0.5567
NC_000013.10 MCF2L -1.16e-01 3.98e-03 0.557
NC_000003.11 ATG7 -4.33e-02 3.98e-03 0.557
NC_000015.9 PSTPIP1 7.41e-02 3.98e-03 0.557
NC_000001.10 PTPRF 7.60e-02 3.98e-03 0.557
NC_000013.10 GUCY1B2 -8.07e-02 3.98e-03 0.557
NC_000016.9 DNAH3 -3.73e-02 3.98e-03 0.557
NC_000015.9 MYO5A -6.86e-02 3.99e-03 0.5575
NC_000001.10 GBP4 1.15e-01 3.99e-03 0.5575
NC_000018.9 GRP 9.51e-02 3.99e-03 0.5575
NC_000011.9 FGF3 4.11e-02 3.99e-03 0.5576
NC_000022.10 PEX26 -3.20e-02 4.00e-03 0.5578
NC_000020.10 PRIC285 7.96e-02 4.00e-03 0.5578
NC_000012.11 AICDA 1.18e-01 4.00e-03 0.5578
NC_000006.11 ANKS1A -9.34e-02 4.00e-03 0.5579
NC_000010.10 INPP5A -6.59e-02 4.00e-03 0.5579
NC_000019.9 TMEM190 7.39e-02 4.00e-03 0.558
NC_000015.9 ITGA11 -1.10e-01 4.00e-03 0.558
NC_000007.13 CAV2 1.23e-01 4.01e-03 0.558
NC_000004.11 PIGY -3.43e-02 4.01e-03 0.5583
NC_000001.10 PLXNA2 -1.18e-01 4.01e-03 0.5583
NC_000010.10 C10orf41 9.22e-02 4.01e-03 0.5583
NC_000017.10 PLD6 1.08e-01 4.01e-03 0.5583
NC_000007.13 PRKAR1B -4.81e-02 4.02e-03 0.5583
NC_000001.10 CD164L2 4.52e-02 4.02e-03 0.5583
NC_000002.11 HJURP -3.61e-02 4.03e-03 0.5583
NC_000016.9 UBE2I 4.95e-02 4.03e-03 0.5583
NC_000011.9 TUB -8.11e-02 4.03e-03 0.5583
NC_000012.11 TSPAN9 -2.95e-02 4.03e-03 0.5583
NC_000001.10 MAP3K6 9.51e-02 4.03e-03 0.5583
NC_000012.11 NCAPD2 -9.05e-02 4.03e-03 0.5583
NC_000012.11 BAZ2A -8.69e-02 4.03e-03 0.5583
NC_000006.11 SLC17A5 -2.92e-02 4.04e-03 0.5583
NC_000008.10 RHPN1 7.61e-02 4.04e-03 0.5583
NC_000007.13 HOXA9 9.89e-02 4.04e-03 0.5583
NC_000021.8 KCNE1 1.95e-01 4.04e-03 0.5583
NC_000005.9 PLEKHG4B -7.22e-02 4.04e-03 0.5583
NC_000016.9 NAT15 7.04e-02 4.05e-03 0.5583
NC_000022.10 CHEK2 -3.44e-02 4.05e-03 0.5583
NC_000015.9 SIN3A -2.70e-02 4.05e-03 0.5583
NC_000001.10 PRDM16 -1.39e-01 4.05e-03 0.5583
NC_000007.13 MEST 1.32e-01 4.05e-03 0.5583
NC_000013.10 EEF1DP3 -9.59e-02 4.05e-03 0.5583
NC_000012.11 FAM113B 7.10e-02 4.06e-03 0.5583
NC_000006.11 TCF19 -4.19e-02 4.06e-03 0.5583
NC_000021.8 BACH1 5.57e-02 4.06e-03 0.5583
NC_000016.9 SNN -3.92e-02 4.06e-03 0.5583
NC_000010.10 ZNF518A 6.58e-02 4.06e-03 0.5583
NC_000009.11 GPSM1 4.65e-02 4.06e-03 0.5583
NC_000002.11 C2orf27A 6.54e-02 4.06e-03 0.5583
NC_000013.10 C13orf29 1.19e-01 4.06e-03 0.5583
NC_000003.11 SACM1L -7.14e-02 4.07e-03 0.5583
NC_000019.9 MYH14 7.98e-02 4.07e-03 0.5583
NC_000011.9 MAML2 -3.73e-02 4.07e-03 0.5583
NC_000010.10 MYOF 7.85e-02 4.07e-03 0.5583
NC_000003.11 ALS2CL 1.20e-01 4.07e-03 0.5583
NC_000014.8 FUT8 -3.04e-02 4.07e-03 0.5583
NC_000011.9 PHRF1 -3.94e-02 4.08e-03 0.5583
NC_000016.9 WWP2 8.91e-02 4.08e-03 0.5583
NC_000014.8 IRF9 -5.87e-02 4.08e-03 0.5583
NC_000017.10 LRRC48 1.05e-01 4.08e-03 0.5583
NC_000001.10 RUSC1 -3.61e-02 4.08e-03 0.5583
NC_000015.9 RORA -5.82e-02 4.08e-03 0.5583
NC_000017.10 FXR2 -7.03e-02 4.08e-03 0.5583
NC_000005.9 ARAP3 8.19e-02 4.09e-03 0.5583
NC_000006.11 MICB -1.11e-01 4.09e-03 0.5583
NC_000019.9 HRC 9.76e-02 4.09e-03 0.5584
NC_000023.10 GABRQ -7.68e-02 4.09e-03 0.5586
NC_000007.13 KLHL7 -1.03e-01 4.09e-03 0.5586
NC_000007.13 PLXNA4 -8.78e-02 4.10e-03 0.559
NC_000019.9 C19orf46 7.48e-02 4.10e-03 0.559
NC_000006.11 RSPH4A -3.24e-02 4.11e-03 0.5592
NC_000019.9 ZFR2 1.32e-01 4.11e-03 0.5594
NC_000008.10 ANK1 -4.01e-02 4.12e-03 0.56
NC_000008.10 LOC401463 4.79e-02 4.12e-03 0.5602
NC_000016.9 C16orf46 -3.89e-02 4.12e-03 0.5602
NC_000001.10 DDX20 -3.68e-02 4.13e-03 0.5602
NC_000005.9 TRIM41 -5.19e-02 4.13e-03 0.5602
NC_000017.10 FMNL1 -8.37e-02 4.13e-03 0.5603
NC_000011.9 CDKN1C -4.50e-02 4.13e-03 0.5603
NC_000013.10 UPF3A -3.06e-02 4.13e-03 0.5604
NC_000003.11 PPM1M 7.61e-02 4.13e-03 0.5604
NC_000022.10 CECR7 5.27e-02 4.14e-03 0.5604
NC_000006.11 GPSM3 -3.54e-02 4.14e-03 0.5604
NC_000010.10 MXI1 -6.30e-02 4.14e-03 0.5604
NC_000008.10 TMEM65 -5.31e-02 4.15e-03 0.5604
NC_000010.10 FAM24A 1.09e-01 4.15e-03 0.5604
NC_000002.11 NCKAP5 -1.24e-01 4.15e-03 0.5604
NC_000008.10 PVT1 -8.45e-02 4.15e-03 0.5604
NC_000001.10 MIR1977 1.68e-01 4.16e-03 0.5604
NC_000013.10 WBP4 -3.04e-02 4.16e-03 0.5604
NC_000020.10 PARD6B 5.64e-02 4.16e-03 0.5604
NC_000021.8 HMGN1 -5.69e-02 4.16e-03 0.5604
NC_000001.10 TOR1AIP1 -4.93e-02 4.17e-03 0.5604
NC_000006.11 PKHD1 6.31e-02 4.17e-03 0.5604
NC_000006.11 C6orf27 8.89e-02 4.17e-03 0.5604
NC_000001.10 MEGF6 3.81e-02 4.17e-03 0.5604
NC_000006.11 IER3 6.34e-02 4.18e-03 0.5604
NC_000017.10 TMEM11 -8.04e-02 4.18e-03 0.5604
NC_000016.9 RNF40 -2.68e-02 4.19e-03 0.5604
NC_000012.11 CD9 -1.34e-01 4.19e-03 0.5604
NC_000021.8 S100B -1.55e-01 4.19e-03 0.5604
NC_000018.9 HMSD 5.39e-02 4.19e-03 0.5604
NC_000019.9 CLEC17A 8.72e-02 4.19e-03 0.5604
NC_000001.10 CLDN19 1.17e-01 4.19e-03 0.5604
NC_000020.10 MIR941-3 -1.47e-01 4.19e-03 0.5604
NC_000014.8 SERPINA1 5.37e-02 4.20e-03 0.5604
NC_000005.9 FAF2 -1.46e-01 4.20e-03 0.5604
NC_000017.10 WSCD1 -2.96e-02 4.20e-03 0.5604
NC_000003.11 ARL6IP5 -1.22e-01 4.20e-03 0.5604
NC_000006.11 PDE7B -1.08e-01 4.20e-03 0.5604
NC_000015.9 FAM174B 9.73e-02 4.20e-03 0.5604
NC_000001.10 MTMR11 -1.92e-01 4.20e-03 0.5604
NC_000012.11 CAPS2 8.87e-02 4.20e-03 0.5604
NC_000015.9 AKAP13 -6.24e-02 4.20e-03 0.5604
NC_000008.10 CDH17 -1.29e-01 4.20e-03 0.5604
NC_000012.11 APOLD1 8.95e-02 4.20e-03 0.5604
NC_000005.9 ZFYVE16 -4.03e-02 4.20e-03 0.5604
NC_000015.9 IREB2 -2.08e-01 4.21e-03 0.5604
NC_000006.11 TNXB 8.73e-02 4.21e-03 0.5604
NC_000017.10 ALOX15B 7.25e-02 4.21e-03 0.5604
NC_000013.10 DHRS12 -5.51e-02 4.21e-03 0.5604
NC_000001.10 C1orf190 -7.39e-02 4.21e-03 0.5604
NC_000010.10 DIP2C -9.66e-02 4.21e-03 0.5604
NC_000009.11 MIRLET7D -7.00e-02 4.22e-03 0.5604
NC_000006.11 JARID2 -1.53e-01 4.22e-03 0.5604
NC_000016.9 JMJD8 8.47e-02 4.22e-03 0.5604
NC_000022.10 MPST -1.07e-01 4.22e-03 0.5604
NC_000012.11 DYNLL1 4.83e-02 4.22e-03 0.5604
NC_000010.10 RSU1 8.06e-02 4.22e-03 0.5604
NC_000002.11 C2orf27B 1.09e-01 4.22e-03 0.5604
NC_000003.11 VENTXP7 1.49e-01 4.23e-03 0.5604
NC_000012.11 KCNA5 8.81e-02 4.23e-03 0.5604
NC_000002.11 HOXD9 9.78e-02 4.23e-03 0.5604
NC_000002.11 MYEOV2 1.34e-01 4.23e-03 0.5604
NC_000008.10 MTMR9 1.48e-01 4.23e-03 0.5604
NC_000002.11 DGKD 4.16e-02 4.23e-03 0.5604
NC_000022.10 GRAMD4 6.30e-02 4.23e-03 0.5604
NC_000006.11 FLJ22536 4.69e-02 4.23e-03 0.5604
NC_000008.10 IMPAD1 -4.28e-02 4.23e-03 0.5604
NC_000001.10 NSUN4 7.13e-02 4.23e-03 0.5604
NC_000016.9 ANKRD11 -4.80e-02 4.24e-03 0.5604
NC_000022.10 CPT1B 1.64e-01 4.24e-03 0.5604
NC_000005.9 NDUFS6 9.68e-02 4.24e-03 0.5604
NC_000011.9 RIN1 7.32e-02 4.24e-03 0.5606
NC_000011.9 TPP1 -3.99e-02 4.24e-03 0.5606
NC_000006.11 PHACTR2 5.81e-02 4.24e-03 0.5606
NC_000010.10 DIP2C -1.16e-01 4.25e-03 0.561
NC_000015.9 CHRNA3 -7.15e-02 4.25e-03 0.561
NC_000015.9 DPP8 -4.36e-02 4.25e-03 0.561
NC_000004.11 ZNF827 -1.02e-01 4.26e-03 0.561
NC_000001.10 USH2A 1.22e-01 4.26e-03 0.561
NC_000017.10 TOM1L1 8.49e-02 4.26e-03 0.561
NC_000008.10 ANK1 1.01e-01 4.26e-03 0.561
NC_000008.10 PVT1 3.46e-02 4.26e-03 0.561
NC_000013.10 THSD1P 1.33e-01 4.26e-03 0.561
NC_000015.9 TLN2 5.78e-02 4.26e-03 0.5611
NC_000001.10 C1orf96 5.81e-02 4.27e-03 0.5616
NC_000002.11 LYPD1 1.04e-01 4.27e-03 0.5616
NC_000010.10 BAG3 2.94e-02 4.27e-03 0.5617
NC_000001.10 SPSB1 -1.17e-01 4.27e-03 0.5618
NC_000014.8 TMEM121 9.81e-02 4.28e-03 0.5619
NC_000006.11 STK19 1.61e-01 4.29e-03 0.5619
NC_000008.10 RPL8 -4.29e-02 4.29e-03 0.5619
NC_000008.10 BEYLA -1.46e-01 4.29e-03 0.5619
NC_000005.9 SFRS12 -3.07e-02 4.29e-03 0.5619
NC_000003.11 DOCK3 -8.92e-02 4.29e-03 0.5619
NC_000002.11 DGKD -1.54e-01 4.29e-03 0.5619
NC_000013.10 KATNAL1 -6.13e-02 4.29e-03 0.5619
NC_000003.11 SOX2OT 8.89e-02 4.29e-03 0.5619
NC_000007.13 FLJ40852 -6.35e-02 4.29e-03 0.5619
NC_000003.11 SUCNR1 -4.22e-02 4.30e-03 0.5619
NC_000017.10 KLHL11 -6.02e-02 4.30e-03 0.5619
NC_000005.9 KCNMB1 1.33e-01 4.30e-03 0.5619
NC_000017.10 EIF4A1 -7.10e-02 4.30e-03 0.5619
NC_000001.10 ST3GAL3 -7.30e-02 4.30e-03 0.5619
NC_000016.9 CYBA -8.16e-02 4.30e-03 0.5619
NC_000012.11 GPR133 -1.13e-01 4.30e-03 0.5619
NC_000014.8 EGLN3 -3.25e-02 4.30e-03 0.5619
NC_000001.10 C1orf220 -3.15e-02 4.30e-03 0.5619
NC_000002.11 WDSUB1 -3.13e-02 4.31e-03 0.5619
NC_000020.10 ADRM1 -5.93e-02 4.31e-03 0.5619
NC_000019.9 MZF1 1.97e-01 4.31e-03 0.5619
NC_000007.13 NSUN5B -8.09e-02 4.31e-03 0.5619
NC_000006.11 TNXB 7.07e-02 4.31e-03 0.5619
NC_000015.9 TP53BP1 -7.24e-02 4.31e-03 0.5619
NC_000015.9 TMEM87A 8.50e-02 4.31e-03 0.5619
NC_000011.9 WEE1 5.39e-02 4.32e-03 0.5619
NC_000007.13 LOC728927 -3.77e-02 4.32e-03 0.5619
NC_000010.10 KIAA1279 -5.74e-02 4.32e-03 0.5619
NC_000001.10 S100A10 1.23e-01 4.32e-03 0.5619
NC_000015.9 DNAJC17 2.56e-01 4.32e-03 0.5619
NC_000007.13 CDK14 -7.29e-02 4.32e-03 0.5621
NC_000001.10 C4BPA 5.40e-02 4.33e-03 0.5623
NC_000008.10 MOS 3.01e-02 4.33e-03 0.5626
NC_000001.10 CAMTA1 9.81e-02 4.33e-03 0.5627
NC_000003.11 MYNN -7.75e-02 4.33e-03 0.5627
NC_000008.10 LOC100130274 1.24e-01 4.34e-03 0.5627
NC_000003.11 MITF -1.44e-01 4.34e-03 0.5627
NC_000001.10 TMEM206 -1.05e-01 4.34e-03 0.5627
NC_000016.9 SYCE1L 6.84e-02 4.34e-03 0.5627
NC_000001.10 ZNF643 -2.76e-02 4.35e-03 0.5627
NC_000019.9 NFIC 3.67e-02 4.35e-03 0.5627
NC_000017.10 SPAG9 8.41e-02 4.35e-03 0.5627
NC_000012.11 RAN -8.00e-02 4.35e-03 0.5627
NC_000021.8 U2AF1 2.97e-02 4.35e-03 0.5627
NC_000016.9 CSDAP1 9.08e-02 4.35e-03 0.5627
NC_000002.11 RAPH1 -4.31e-02 4.36e-03 0.5627
NC_000009.11 PAX5 3.94e-02 4.36e-03 0.5627
NC_000019.9 FKRP 1.03e-01 4.36e-03 0.5627
NC_000023.10 HNRNPH2 -4.20e-02 4.36e-03 0.5627
NC_000001.10 THRAP3 3.98e-02 4.37e-03 0.5627
NC_000004.11 CD38 -4.56e-02 4.37e-03 0.5627
NC_000016.9 KREMEN2 9.55e-02 4.37e-03 0.5627
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 -1.15e-01 4.37e-03 0.5627
NC_000001.10 C1orf35 5.99e-02 4.37e-03 0.5627
NC_000007.13 C7orf44 -3.48e-02 4.37e-03 0.5627
NC_000010.10 ITGA8 1.19e-01 4.37e-03 0.5627
NC_000010.10 PGAM1 1.32e-01 4.37e-03 0.5627
NC_000001.10 PRKCZ 5.22e-02 4.37e-03 0.5627
NC_000002.11 LOC150622 -1.77e-01 4.38e-03 0.5627
NC_000006.11 SRF -5.06e-02 4.38e-03 0.5627
NC_000006.11 EFHC1 -9.28e-02 4.38e-03 0.5627
NC_000009.11 C9orf5 -5.37e-02 4.38e-03 0.5627
NC_000017.10 ARHGAP23 -1.25e-01 4.38e-03 0.5627
NC_000005.9 DND1 1.99e-01 4.38e-03 0.5627
NC_000004.11 MAN2B2 -5.44e-02 4.38e-03 0.5627
NC_000003.11 DCP1A -4.74e-02 4.38e-03 0.5627
NC_000016.9 IGFALS 5.44e-02 4.39e-03 0.5627
NC_000007.13 SDK1 6.04e-02 4.39e-03 0.5627
NC_000022.10 PEX26 -4.73e-02 4.39e-03 0.5627
NC_000004.11 CXCL13 -1.28e-01 4.39e-03 0.5627
NC_000012.11 ETNK1 -3.22e-02 4.39e-03 0.5627
NC_000019.9 CD79A 6.71e-02 4.39e-03 0.5627
NC_000001.10 RGS7 -6.40e-02 4.39e-03 0.5627
NC_000019.9 FLJ40125 -4.82e-02 4.40e-03 0.5627
NC_000012.11 SARNP -1.18e-01 4.40e-03 0.5627
NC_000020.10 CHD6 -3.66e-02 4.40e-03 0.5627
NC_000016.9 MGRN1 -6.06e-02 4.40e-03 0.5627
NC_000010.10 PHYHIPL -3.68e-02 4.40e-03 0.5627
NC_000003.11 EPHB1 -5.68e-02 4.41e-03 0.5627
NC_000019.9 C19orf77 7.35e-02 4.41e-03 0.5627
NC_000006.11 KCTD20 -7.46e-02 4.41e-03 0.5627
NC_000015.9 CGNL1 -2.64e-02 4.41e-03 0.5627
NC_000020.10 ProSAPiP1 1.27e-01 4.41e-03 0.5627
NC_000003.11 DGKG 1.46e-01 4.41e-03 0.5627
NC_000005.9 LOC255167 9.74e-02 4.42e-03 0.5627
NC_000011.9 OR4A5 4.84e-02 4.42e-03 0.5627
NC_000006.11 SAMD3 6.04e-02 4.42e-03 0.5627
NC_000020.10 PCK1 1.56e-01 4.42e-03 0.5627
NC_000019.9 BST2 8.78e-02 4.42e-03 0.5627
NC_000015.9 RGMA 9.51e-02 4.42e-03 0.5627
NC_000002.11 AGAP1 -1.64e-01 4.42e-03 0.5627
NC_000001.10 KIF26B -1.86e-01 4.42e-03 0.5627
NC_000005.9 SNCAIP -4.22e-02 4.43e-03 0.5627
NC_000010.10 ZCCHC24 -8.67e-02 4.43e-03 0.5627
NC_000006.11 QKI -3.56e-02 4.43e-03 0.5627
NC_000015.9 NIPA1 -5.81e-02 4.43e-03 0.5627
NC_000003.11 MBNL1 -8.07e-02 4.43e-03 0.5627
NC_000003.11 MBNL1 4.71e-02 4.43e-03 0.5627
NC_000002.11 PQLC3 2.60e-02 4.44e-03 0.5627
NC_000009.11 CNTFR 1.08e-01 4.44e-03 0.5627
NC_000017.10 P4HB -1.15e-01 4.44e-03 0.5627
NC_000021.8 KCNJ15 -7.91e-02 4.44e-03 0.5627
NC_000007.13 DYNC1I1 3.96e-02 4.44e-03 0.5627
NC_000002.11 CERKL 9.47e-02 4.44e-03 0.5627
NC_000016.9 CCDC154 5.59e-02 4.44e-03 0.5627
NC_000001.10 RPRD2 -5.74e-02 4.44e-03 0.5627
NC_000014.8 ZC3H14 -3.08e-02 4.44e-03 0.5627
NC_000014.8 GALNTL1 7.82e-02 4.44e-03 0.5627
NC_000016.9 SNN -4.32e-02 4.45e-03 0.5627
NC_000007.13 STAG3 -3.86e-02 4.45e-03 0.5627
NC_000012.11 TMEM132C -1.56e-01 4.45e-03 0.5627
NC_000019.9 POU2F2 1.04e-01 4.45e-03 0.5627
NC_000022.10 PARVB 2.95e-02 4.45e-03 0.5627
NC_000017.10 LGALS3BP 7.59e-02 4.45e-03 0.5627
NC_000008.10 NEFL 4.97e-02 4.45e-03 0.5627
NC_000010.10 ANKRD2 1.33e-01 4.46e-03 0.5627
NC_000001.10 SEC22B -6.30e-02 4.46e-03 0.5627
NC_000004.11 MIR218-1 1.05e-01 4.46e-03 0.5628
NC_000008.10 COX6C -5.67e-02 4.46e-03 0.5628
NC_000003.11 PCYT1A -5.07e-02 4.46e-03 0.5628
NC_000017.10 SPNS2 1.70e-01 4.46e-03 0.5629
NC_000013.10 PDX1 4.88e-02 4.46e-03 0.5629
NC_000018.9 MIR133A1 -9.50e-02 4.47e-03 0.563
NC_000007.13 FZD1 8.33e-02 4.47e-03 0.563
NC_000006.11 HIST1H2AI 7.09e-02 4.47e-03 0.5632
NC_000008.10 WRN -3.80e-02 4.47e-03 0.5634
NC_000002.11 WIPF1 -8.48e-02 4.48e-03 0.5634
NC_000021.8 ABCG1 2.17e-01 4.48e-03 0.5634
NC_000002.11 SF3B14 8.49e-02 4.48e-03 0.5635
NC_000006.11 C6orf138 -8.51e-02 4.48e-03 0.5635
NC_000019.9 PSG3 5.23e-02 4.48e-03 0.5635
NC_000007.13 RBM33 -1.02e-01 4.49e-03 0.5635
NC_000001.10 SKI -4.97e-02 4.49e-03 0.5635
NC_000007.13 MCM7 -1.41e-01 4.49e-03 0.5635
NC_000007.13 MET -1.23e-01 4.49e-03 0.5635
NC_000002.11 GPR45 -1.16e-01 4.49e-03 0.5635
NC_000001.10 SPOCD1 -5.89e-02 4.49e-03 0.5635
NC_000010.10 RPP38 -3.85e-02 4.49e-03 0.5635
NC_000002.11 ANTXR1 4.49e-02 4.49e-03 0.5635
NC_000015.9 ARRDC4 -3.94e-02 4.49e-03 0.5635
NC_000003.11 BCL6 -1.65e-01 4.50e-03 0.5635
NC_000017.10 CCDC103 -3.31e-02 4.50e-03 0.5635
NC_000010.10 TET1 -4.60e-02 4.50e-03 0.5635
NC_000008.10 RHPN1 6.03e-02 4.50e-03 0.5635
NC_000018.9 TXNL4A 7.85e-02 4.50e-03 0.5635
NC_000001.10 FUBP1 -5.29e-02 4.50e-03 0.5635
NC_000017.10 CCDC42 6.42e-02 4.51e-03 0.5635
NC_000004.11 SLC39A8 -4.32e-02 4.51e-03 0.5635
NC_000020.10 ADNP -4.41e-02 4.51e-03 0.5636
NC_000011.9 MPEG1 6.39e-02 4.51e-03 0.5636
NC_000001.10 TRIM45 -8.83e-02 4.52e-03 0.5636
NC_000002.11 PPM1B -7.67e-02 4.52e-03 0.5639
NC_000014.8 TMEM229B -9.87e-02 4.52e-03 0.5641
NC_000002.11 CD207 -8.49e-02 4.52e-03 0.5641
NC_000012.11 PXN 4.78e-02 4.53e-03 0.5649
NC_000006.11 MLLT4 -6.53e-02 4.54e-03 0.5651
NC_000020.10 CST7 8.18e-02 4.54e-03 0.5652
NC_000004.11 SETD7 2.85e-02 4.55e-03 0.5652
NC_000005.9 PLCXD3 1.61e-01 4.55e-03 0.5652
NC_000001.10 ACTN2 -7.40e-02 4.55e-03 0.5652
NC_000004.11 KLHL5 8.86e-02 4.55e-03 0.5652
NC_000017.10 ATPAF2 -4.55e-02 4.55e-03 0.5652
NC_000010.10 NODAL 8.24e-02 4.55e-03 0.5652
NC_000004.11 CCDC109B 1.39e-01 4.56e-03 0.5652
NC_000004.11 MTNR1A 2.92e-02 4.56e-03 0.5652
NC_000001.10 C1orf26 -9.86e-02 4.56e-03 0.5652
NC_000019.9 IL28A 8.37e-02 4.56e-03 0.5652
NC_000002.11 NEU4 -1.28e-01 4.57e-03 0.5652
NC_000007.13 WIPF3 1.21e-01 4.57e-03 0.5652
NC_000001.10 LHX8 1.15e-01 4.57e-03 0.5652
NC_000001.10 DENND2C -3.93e-02 4.57e-03 0.5652
NC_000013.10 ATP11A 4.48e-02 4.57e-03 0.5652
NC_000003.11 VEPH1 5.84e-02 4.58e-03 0.5652
NC_000001.10 KCNH1 -5.36e-02 4.58e-03 0.5652
NC_000012.11 RND1 -2.89e-02 4.58e-03 0.5652
NC_000002.11 GMCL1 -6.11e-02 4.58e-03 0.5652
NC_000016.9 CP110 -3.84e-02 4.58e-03 0.5652
NC_000016.9 JPH3 7.84e-02 4.58e-03 0.5652
NC_000002.11 TMEM127 -6.47e-02 4.58e-03 0.5652
NC_000016.9 BEAN 4.59e-02 4.59e-03 0.5652
NC_000006.11 GPR31 6.69e-02 4.59e-03 0.5652
NC_000011.9 KCNQ1 -8.16e-02 4.59e-03 0.5652
NC_000001.10 VCAM1 5.30e-02 4.59e-03 0.5652
NC_000006.11 TULP4 -8.14e-02 4.59e-03 0.5652
NC_000006.11 IER3 1.07e-01 4.59e-03 0.5652
NC_000019.9 MZF1 1.34e-01 4.60e-03 0.5652
NC_000001.10 LRRC8D -7.74e-02 4.60e-03 0.5652
NC_000022.10 SEPT5 7.89e-02 4.60e-03 0.5652
NC_000006.11 PLAGL1 5.55e-02 4.60e-03 0.5652
NC_000018.9 RTTN -3.53e-02 4.60e-03 0.5652
NC_000012.11 UBC -5.19e-02 4.60e-03 0.5652
NC_000020.10 HSPA12B 4.03e-02 4.61e-03 0.5652
NC_000002.11 STK11IP -3.61e-02 4.61e-03 0.5652
NC_000006.11 COL11A2 9.36e-02 4.61e-03 0.5652
NC_000019.9 ZNF430 6.44e-02 4.61e-03 0.5652
NC_000012.11 FKBP11 -7.87e-02 4.61e-03 0.5652
NC_000019.9 HAPLN4 -3.01e-02 4.62e-03 0.5652
NC_000006.11 TNXB 6.88e-02 4.62e-03 0.5652
NC_000017.10 ABR -7.57e-02 4.62e-03 0.5652
NC_000001.10 ZNF683 4.65e-02 4.62e-03 0.5652
NC_000015.9 SEMA6D -1.44e-01 4.62e-03 0.5652
NC_000006.11 C6orf27 6.20e-02 4.63e-03 0.5652
NC_000010.10 C10orf75 -5.88e-02 4.63e-03 0.5652
NC_000019.9 LMTK3 7.31e-02 4.63e-03 0.5652
NC_000004.11 TADA2B -1.64e-01 4.63e-03 0.5652
NC_000004.11 WFS1 -1.39e-01 4.63e-03 0.5652
NC_000019.9 C19orf12 -1.06e-01 4.63e-03 0.5652
NC_000013.10 MCF2L -1.08e-01 4.65e-03 0.567
NC_000007.13 SHH 1.38e-01 4.65e-03 0.5672
NC_000005.9 ADAMTS2 7.39e-02 4.65e-03 0.5672
NC_000013.10 PABPC3 1.35e-01 4.66e-03 0.5672
NC_000008.10 ZNF395 -5.17e-02 4.66e-03 0.5672
NC_000019.9 ZNF846 -5.45e-02 4.66e-03 0.5673
NC_000006.11 STK19 -5.73e-02 4.67e-03 0.5676
NC_000010.10 DIP2C -1.31e-01 4.67e-03 0.5676
NC_000001.10 MEX3A 7.45e-02 4.67e-03 0.5676
NC_000018.9 RNF165 -1.54e-01 4.67e-03 0.5677
NC_000012.11 CNTN1 -3.79e-02 4.68e-03 0.5679
NC_000004.11 DCLK2 -5.97e-02 4.68e-03 0.5679
NC_000017.10 NEURL4 -5.52e-02 4.68e-03 0.5679
NC_000020.10 CDH22 1.26e-01 4.68e-03 0.5679
NC_000007.13 IGF2BP3 3.90e-02 4.69e-03 0.5686
NC_000012.11 KRT77 8.83e-02 4.69e-03 0.569
NC_000017.10 EPN2 -1.08e-01 4.69e-03 0.569
NC_000008.10 HGSNAT -5.66e-02 4.69e-03 0.569
NC_000015.9 SHC4 -4.28e-02 4.70e-03 0.5691
NC_000007.13 PDIA4 -2.70e-02 4.70e-03 0.5692
NC_000022.10 MCM5 -4.62e-02 4.70e-03 0.5692
NC_000019.9 MEGF8 -3.23e-02 4.70e-03 0.5692
NC_000015.9 GABRG3 4.68e-02 4.71e-03 0.5697
NC_000001.10 KIAA1614 5.92e-02 4.71e-03 0.5697
NC_000014.8 TBPL2 4.23e-02 4.72e-03 0.5697
NC_000001.10 ALDH4A1 -3.46e-02 4.72e-03 0.5697
NC_000012.11 KDM5A -6.23e-02 4.72e-03 0.5697
NC_000014.8 SNW1 -8.74e-02 4.72e-03 0.5697
NC_000007.13 ZNF138 -3.47e-02 4.72e-03 0.5697
NC_000011.9 SLC25A45 1.11e-01 4.72e-03 0.5697
NC_000016.9 MTHFSD 1.37e-01 4.72e-03 0.5697
NC_000002.11 TLK1 -1.30e-01 4.72e-03 0.5697
NC_000007.13 MUC12 6.84e-02 4.72e-03 0.5699
NC_000022.10 FAM109B 1.12e-01 4.72e-03 0.5699
NC_000017.10 TRPV2 1.42e-01 4.74e-03 0.571
NC_000009.11 PDCD1LG2 9.06e-02 4.74e-03 0.571
NC_000004.11 TAPT1 5.30e-02 4.74e-03 0.5711
NC_000008.10 COL22A1 1.09e-01 4.75e-03 0.5717
NC_000017.10 TIMP2 -5.68e-02 4.75e-03 0.5718
NC_000003.11 ITGB5 1.12e-01 4.76e-03 0.572
NC_000001.10 C1orf223 -3.72e-02 4.76e-03 0.572
NC_000022.10 CPT1B 1.45e-01 4.76e-03 0.572
NC_000005.9 TRIO -5.40e-02 4.76e-03 0.572
NC_000010.10 ANXA11 1.38e-01 4.77e-03 0.572
NC_000010.10 RHOBTB1 -4.30e-02 4.77e-03 0.572
NC_000013.10 SLITRK5 -3.33e-02 4.77e-03 0.5721
NC_000006.11 COL19A1 7.67e-02 4.77e-03 0.5721
NC_000006.11 ZNF76 6.00e-02 4.77e-03 0.5721
NC_000003.11 LRRC15 1.01e-01 4.78e-03 0.5723
NC_000010.10 FRMD4A -1.24e-01 4.79e-03 0.5729
NC_000010.10 C10orf78 -4.74e-02 4.79e-03 0.5729
NC_000006.11 TRIM39 -3.82e-02 4.79e-03 0.5729
NC_000006.11 SMOC2 -3.45e-02 4.79e-03 0.5729
NC_000006.11 PRPH2 1.15e-01 4.79e-03 0.5729
NC_000023.10 SASH3 6.39e-02 4.79e-03 0.5731
NC_000012.11 ITPR2 3.69e-02 4.80e-03 0.5732
NC_000015.9 MIR548H4 1.38e-01 4.80e-03 0.5732
NC_000016.9 HSDL1 -7.16e-02 4.80e-03 0.5732
NC_000014.8 ADAM6 -8.74e-02 4.81e-03 0.5737
NC_000006.11 HIST1H4L 7.46e-02 4.81e-03 0.5737
NC_000011.9 RDX -1.61e-01 4.81e-03 0.5737
NC_000004.11 JAKMIP1 7.31e-02 4.81e-03 0.5737
NC_000006.11 TNF 9.13e-02 4.82e-03 0.5737
NC_000005.9 NEUROG1 1.60e-01 4.82e-03 0.5737
NC_000005.9 CD74 8.94e-02 4.82e-03 0.5737
NC_000008.10 KIFC2 3.47e-02 4.82e-03 0.5737
NC_000001.10 RBBP4 -1.27e-01 4.82e-03 0.5737
NC_000001.10 CPSF3L 5.43e-02 4.82e-03 0.5738
NC_000017.10 LHX1 -3.55e-02 4.83e-03 0.5741
NC_000022.10 DEPDC5 -6.37e-02 4.83e-03 0.5748
NC_000001.10 TMOD4 -1.00e-01 4.83e-03 0.5748
NC_000006.11 SCAND3 3.84e-02 4.85e-03 0.5749
NC_000001.10 SKI -1.07e-01 4.85e-03 0.5749
NC_000020.10 OXT 6.99e-02 4.85e-03 0.5749
NC_000015.9 PLA2G4D 4.89e-02 4.85e-03 0.5749
NC_000006.11 STK19 1.85e-01 4.85e-03 0.5749
NC_000008.10 TOP1MT -1.18e-01 4.85e-03 0.5749
NC_000019.9 CD209 7.58e-02 4.85e-03 0.5749
NC_000006.11 PGC -5.32e-02 4.86e-03 0.5753
NC_000014.8 SYNE2 -1.04e-01 4.86e-03 0.5754
NC_000015.9 FAM7A3 -3.49e-02 4.86e-03 0.5754
NC_000010.10 MGMT -1.03e-01 4.88e-03 0.5754
NC_000005.9 PCDHGA2 1.09e-01 4.88e-03 0.5754
NC_000020.10 MIR1259 -1.16e-01 4.88e-03 0.5754
NC_000006.11 ADAT2 -3.93e-02 4.88e-03 0.5754
NC_000018.9 KATNAL2 -1.13e-01 4.88e-03 0.5754
NC_000008.10 LOC401463 -9.34e-02 4.88e-03 0.5754
NC_000017.10 SCPEP1 -4.52e-02 4.89e-03 0.5754
NC_000001.10 BCAR3 1.15e-01 4.89e-03 0.5754
NC_000017.10 TAX1BP3 -9.52e-02 4.89e-03 0.5754
NC_000010.10 CDH23 5.55e-02 4.89e-03 0.5754
NC_000014.8 TOMM20L 8.22e-02 4.89e-03 0.5754
NC_000022.10 SOX10 -1.04e-01 4.90e-03 0.5754
NC_000010.10 DIP2C -1.32e-01 4.90e-03 0.5754
NC_000003.11 RAD54L2 -5.05e-02 4.90e-03 0.5754
NC_000009.11 DBH 5.97e-02 4.90e-03 0.5754
NC_000010.10 ADARB2 8.80e-02 4.90e-03 0.5754
NC_000017.10 CLDN7 -4.34e-02 4.90e-03 0.5754
NC_000003.11 SNORA4 -1.21e-01 4.91e-03 0.5754
NC_000005.9 ADAM19 -4.43e-02 4.91e-03 0.5754
NC_000003.11 EXOG -3.09e-02 4.91e-03 0.5754
NC_000013.10 N4BP2L1 -5.72e-02 4.91e-03 0.5754
NC_000022.10 RAC2 4.89e-02 4.91e-03 0.5754
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 8.47e-02 4.91e-03 0.5754
NC_000021.8 TRAPPC10 -3.33e-02 4.91e-03 0.5754
NC_000002.11 ANAPC1 -4.63e-02 4.91e-03 0.5754
NC_000001.10 C1orf144 7.03e-02 4.91e-03 0.5754
NC_000016.9 C16orf74 -1.29e-01 4.91e-03 0.5754
NC_000019.9 EXOC3L2 -8.77e-02 4.92e-03 0.5755
NC_000004.11 EVC2 8.74e-02 4.92e-03 0.5757
NC_000015.9 TTBK2 3.43e-02 4.93e-03 0.5757
NC_000017.10 CCR10 7.83e-02 4.93e-03 0.5757
NC_000012.11 LOC283392 -5.71e-02 4.93e-03 0.5757
NC_000011.9 DBX1 7.55e-02 4.93e-03 0.5757
NC_000016.9 KIAA0513 -1.04e-01 4.93e-03 0.5757
NC_000003.11 SLC41A3 -7.66e-02 4.93e-03 0.5757
NC_000010.10 PNLIPRP2 8.94e-02 4.93e-03 0.5757
NC_000002.11 C2orf88 -6.17e-02 4.93e-03 0.5757
NC_000012.11 P2RX4 5.93e-02 4.94e-03 0.5759
NC_000009.11 BRD3 -3.92e-02 4.94e-03 0.5759
NC_000006.11 PRRT1 1.01e-01 4.94e-03 0.5759
NC_000017.10 ARHGEF15 4.14e-02 4.94e-03 0.5759
NC_000013.10 SACS -4.82e-02 4.94e-03 0.5759
NC_000014.8 DYNC1H1 -1.47e-01 4.95e-03 0.5759
NC_000003.11 GPX1 7.11e-02 4.95e-03 0.5759
NC_000003.11 STAG1 -6.04e-02 4.95e-03 0.5759
NC_000019.9 TOMM40 -3.11e-02 4.95e-03 0.5759
NC_000019.9 WTIP 5.25e-02 4.96e-03 0.5763
NC_000019.9 UQCRFS1 -6.10e-02 4.96e-03 0.5763
NC_000018.9 MALT1 3.92e-02 4.96e-03 0.5763
NC_000015.9 SPPL2A -3.45e-02 4.96e-03 0.5763
NC_000014.8 MNAT1 -1.57e-01 4.96e-03 0.5763
NC_000020.10 MYT1 -8.61e-02 4.97e-03 0.5764
NC_000006.11 RXRB -5.77e-02 4.97e-03 0.5764
NC_000007.13 KDELR2 -3.23e-02 4.97e-03 0.5764
NC_000016.9 NOXO1 1.23e-01 4.98e-03 0.5766
NC_000005.9 PDLIM7 9.00e-02 4.98e-03 0.5766
NC_000011.9 TRIM22 9.47e-02 4.98e-03 0.5766
NC_000017.10 TBCD -4.68e-02 4.98e-03 0.5766
NC_000004.11 PCGF3 -6.46e-02 4.98e-03 0.5767
NC_000010.10 DIP2C -1.12e-01 4.98e-03 0.5767
NC_000012.11 GLT1D1 -3.87e-02 4.98e-03 0.5767
NC_000022.10 WBP2NL 8.83e-02 4.99e-03 0.5767
NC_000022.10 WNT7B 8.98e-02 4.99e-03 0.5767
NC_000001.10 ADAR -1.30e-01 4.99e-03 0.5769
NC_000019.9 C19orf41 1.24e-01 4.99e-03 0.5769
NC_000018.9 SOCS6 -2.57e-02 4.99e-03 0.5769
NC_000018.9 SALL3 -1.19e-01 5.00e-03 0.5776
NC_000011.9 HEPHL1 -1.45e-01 5.00e-03 0.5776
NC_000002.11 GBX2 -3.98e-02 5.00e-03 0.5776
NC_000019.9 QTRT1 -2.92e-02 5.01e-03 0.5779
NC_000011.9 MMP27 7.99e-02 5.01e-03 0.5779
NC_000010.10 C10orf99 -8.34e-02 5.02e-03 0.5782
NC_000001.10 NPHP4 -1.32e-01 5.02e-03 0.5782
NC_000006.11 FKBP5 8.90e-02 5.02e-03 0.5782
NC_000022.10 UBE2L3 5.52e-02 5.03e-03 0.5782
NC_000010.10 FAM190B -7.90e-02 5.03e-03 0.5782
NC_000001.10 CNIH4 -4.41e-02 5.03e-03 0.5782
NC_000007.13 HBP1 -9.73e-02 5.03e-03 0.5782
NC_000011.9 PDE2A 9.32e-02 5.03e-03 0.5782
NC_000007.13 FIGNL1 1.31e-01 5.03e-03 0.5782
NC_000011.9 RAB3IL1 6.61e-02 5.03e-03 0.5782
NC_000006.11 ABCF1 -5.89e-02 5.04e-03 0.5783
NC_000007.13 PRKAG2 -6.98e-02 5.04e-03 0.5783
NC_000019.9 U2AF2 -7.61e-02 5.04e-03 0.5783
NC_000007.13 LOC493754 5.66e-02 5.04e-03 0.5783
NC_000002.11 MIR217 2.11e-01 5.04e-03 0.5783
NC_000009.11 COL5A1 5.70e-02 5.04e-03 0.5783
NC_000001.10 COL11A1 5.75e-02 5.04e-03 0.5783
NC_000014.8 NKX2-8 -2.96e-02 5.05e-03 0.5783
NC_000017.10 DHRS7C 6.72e-02 5.05e-03 0.5783
NC_000004.11 ODZ3 -2.31e-01 5.05e-03 0.5783
NC_000001.10 NCDN -3.60e-02 5.05e-03 0.5783
NC_000012.11 PTGES3 7.77e-02 5.05e-03 0.5783
NC_000002.11 DPY30 -3.07e-02 5.05e-03 0.5783
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 -5.12e-02 5.06e-03 0.5783
NC_000007.13 PHKG1 5.18e-02 5.06e-03 0.5783
NC_000007.13 ZNF735 -5.74e-02 5.06e-03 0.5783
NC_000011.9 SNX19 9.75e-02 5.06e-03 0.5783
NC_000013.10 ARHGEF7 -7.53e-02 5.07e-03 0.5783
NC_000012.11 KRT72 6.55e-02 5.07e-03 0.5783
NC_000007.13 EIF3B -3.10e-02 5.07e-03 0.5783
NC_000020.10 TOP1 -1.13e-01 5.07e-03 0.5783
NC_000007.13 CHRM2 -3.32e-02 5.07e-03 0.5783
NC_000006.11 B3GALT4 7.55e-02 5.07e-03 0.5783
NC_000001.10 NFIA 4.24e-02 5.07e-03 0.5783
NC_000004.11 PDGFC -5.56e-02 5.07e-03 0.5783
NC_000012.11 NR2C1 8.74e-02 5.07e-03 0.5783
NC_000003.11 COL8A1 -1.04e-01 5.07e-03 0.5783
NC_000006.11 HIST1H2BI 4.69e-02 5.08e-03 0.5783
NC_000020.10 STK35 -4.66e-02 5.08e-03 0.5783
NC_000008.10 SLC45A4 6.72e-02 5.08e-03 0.5783
NC_000004.11 PPA2 -3.10e-02 5.09e-03 0.5783
NC_000002.11 C2orf27A 1.65e-01 5.09e-03 0.5783
NC_000011.9 ZNF215 -4.30e-02 5.09e-03 0.5783
NC_000002.11 COLEC11 6.71e-02 5.09e-03 0.5783
NC_000007.13 NT5C3 -3.18e-02 5.09e-03 0.5783
NC_000005.9 TRIO -8.75e-02 5.09e-03 0.5783
NC_000006.11 CSNK2B -3.71e-02 5.10e-03 0.5783
NC_000003.11 SGEF -4.47e-02 5.10e-03 0.5783
NC_000018.9 DCC -1.08e-01 5.10e-03 0.5783
NC_000016.9 ZNF423 5.47e-02 5.10e-03 0.5783
NC_000002.11 SPTBN1 -4.69e-02 5.10e-03 0.5783
NC_000006.11 CUL7 4.13e-02 5.10e-03 0.5783
NC_000011.9 RNF214 -3.80e-02 5.10e-03 0.5783
NC_000007.13 SMURF1 -1.25e-01 5.10e-03 0.5783
NC_000004.11 ADAD1 6.07e-02 5.11e-03 0.5783
NC_000010.10 INPP5A -6.09e-02 5.11e-03 0.5783
NC_000011.9 RPS3 -8.93e-02 5.11e-03 0.5783
NC_000011.9 EEF1G 1.07e-01 5.11e-03 0.5783
NC_000001.10 C1orf213 -4.69e-02 5.11e-03 0.5783
NC_000016.9 CYBA -7.48e-02 5.11e-03 0.5783
NC_000010.10 PWWP2B 7.38e-02 5.11e-03 0.5783
NC_000007.13 SGCE -5.16e-02 5.11e-03 0.5783
NC_000010.10 HNRNPF -9.35e-02 5.11e-03 0.5783
NC_000020.10 GDF5 6.25e-02 5.12e-03 0.5783
NC_000022.10 CBX6 -4.30e-02 5.12e-03 0.5783
NC_000016.9 TUFM -4.07e-02 5.12e-03 0.5783
NC_000009.11 C9orf119 9.38e-02 5.13e-03 0.5788
NC_000017.10 PLD6 1.98e-01 5.13e-03 0.5788
NC_000003.11 CD86 5.49e-02 5.13e-03 0.579
NC_000010.10 SEC24C -1.42e-01 5.14e-03 0.579
NC_000019.9 ZNF548 -2.83e-02 5.14e-03 0.579
NC_000001.10 MARK1 -6.25e-02 5.14e-03 0.579
NC_000006.11 LOC285780 -2.69e-01 5.14e-03 0.579
NC_000010.10 NODAL 6.42e-02 5.14e-03 0.579
NC_000001.10 SNIP1 -8.25e-02 5.15e-03 0.579
NC_000004.11 SLC10A4 1.07e-01 5.15e-03 0.579
NC_000003.11 TRANK1 8.85e-02 5.15e-03 0.579
NC_000019.9 RAVER1 -9.15e-02 5.15e-03 0.579
NC_000011.9 NLRP6 1.01e-01 5.16e-03 0.579
NC_000022.10 TOP3B -4.86e-02 5.16e-03 0.579
NC_000003.11 MOBP 7.53e-02 5.16e-03 0.579
NC_000016.9 ACSM5 -1.00e-01 5.16e-03 0.579
NC_000011.9 DDX10 -9.42e-02 5.16e-03 0.579
NC_000011.9 CDON 1.34e-01 5.17e-03 0.579
NC_000007.13 MESTIT1 8.29e-02 5.17e-03 0.579
NC_000011.9 PDGFD 6.67e-02 5.17e-03 0.579
NC_000013.10 C13orf33 7.36e-02 5.18e-03 0.579
NC_000002.11 TFCP2L1 -5.39e-02 5.18e-03 0.579
NC_000008.10 C8orf74 5.84e-02 5.18e-03 0.579
NC_000022.10 GCAT 6.46e-02 5.18e-03 0.579
NC_000002.11 HDAC4 -1.82e-01 5.18e-03 0.579
NC_000006.11 C6orf132 -1.07e-01 5.18e-03 0.579
NC_000001.10 CA14 5.02e-02 5.18e-03 0.579
NC_000006.11 PPP1R2P1 1.04e-01 5.18e-03 0.579
NC_000016.9 RNPS1 -3.06e-02 5.18e-03 0.579
NC_000002.11 CRIM1 6.49e-02 5.19e-03 0.579
NC_000006.11 BAT2 -8.80e-02 5.19e-03 0.579
NC_000019.9 ICAM4 1.02e-01 5.19e-03 0.579
NC_000005.9 PCDHB16 4.57e-02 5.19e-03 0.579
NC_000006.11 HLA-DPB2 1.14e-01 5.19e-03 0.579
NC_000004.11 CPEB2 5.30e-02 5.19e-03 0.579
NC_000001.10 AADACL3 6.41e-02 5.19e-03 0.579
NC_000021.8 APP -8.41e-02 5.20e-03 0.579
NC_000001.10 PTGFRN -1.04e-01 5.20e-03 0.579
NC_000001.10 PTP4A2 -4.48e-02 5.20e-03 0.579
NC_000022.10 RASD2 9.40e-02 5.20e-03 0.579
NC_000003.11 MASP1 -1.27e-01 5.20e-03 0.579
NC_000013.10 C13orf37 -4.89e-02 5.21e-03 0.579
NC_000012.11 KRT72 6.08e-02 5.21e-03 0.579
NC_000006.11 BAT1 -1.29e-01 5.21e-03 0.579
NC_000021.8 C21orf59 -1.49e-01 5.21e-03 0.579
NC_000004.11 CPLX1 4.07e-02 5.21e-03 0.579
NC_000006.11 PSMB8 -1.33e-01 5.22e-03 0.579
NC_000001.10 CAMTA1 4.92e-02 5.22e-03 0.579
NC_000016.9 ZNF423 -1.53e-01 5.22e-03 0.579
NC_000003.11 SELT -2.88e-02 5.22e-03 0.579
NC_000014.8 DYNC1H1 -5.92e-02 5.22e-03 0.579
NC_000004.11 USP38 -1.25e-01 5.22e-03 0.579
NC_000012.11 CAMKK2 9.66e-02 5.22e-03 0.579
NC_000022.10 C22orf41 8.81e-02 5.22e-03 0.579
NC_000007.13 MIR96 -8.74e-02 5.22e-03 0.579
NC_000006.11 JARID2 -1.12e-01 5.23e-03 0.579
NC_000012.11 SLC38A2 -2.64e-02 5.23e-03 0.579
NC_000004.11 SEL1L3 -1.03e-01 5.23e-03 0.579
NC_000022.10 KIAA1671 4.00e-02 5.23e-03 0.579
NC_000004.11 MSX1 4.68e-02 5.24e-03 0.579
NC_000014.8 RAD51L1 -6.42e-02 5.24e-03 0.579
NC_000011.9 OR4D6 6.31e-02 5.24e-03 0.579
NC_000007.13 ZNF815 -3.36e-02 5.24e-03 0.579
NC_000015.9 FEM1B -1.88e-01 5.25e-03 0.579
NC_000012.11 MLXIP -4.97e-02 5.25e-03 0.579
NC_000007.13 PRR15 6.43e-02 5.25e-03 0.579
NC_000001.10 DPH2 -5.55e-02 5.25e-03 0.579
NC_000006.11 C6orf27 1.07e-01 5.25e-03 0.579
NC_000009.11 NR6A1 6.13e-02 5.26e-03 0.579
NC_000001.10 MKNK1 7.89e-02 5.26e-03 0.579
NC_000004.11 RHOH 3.70e-02 5.26e-03 0.579
NC_000017.10 WDR45L -1.01e-01 5.26e-03 0.579
NC_000015.9 COPS2 -5.90e-02 5.26e-03 0.579
NC_000014.8 C14orf101 -2.98e-02 5.26e-03 0.579
NC_000004.11 ADAM29 5.97e-02 5.26e-03 0.579
NC_000012.11 ITPR2 -4.15e-02 5.26e-03 0.579
NC_000002.11 NCAPH -4.46e-02 5.26e-03 0.579
NC_000003.11 C3orf27 6.95e-02 5.27e-03 0.579
NC_000011.9 STX3 -2.68e-02 5.27e-03 0.579
NC_000002.11 ARHGEF4 9.81e-02 5.27e-03 0.579
NC_000007.13 STEAP4 6.29e-02 5.27e-03 0.579
NC_000019.9 KANK3 -3.85e-02 5.27e-03 0.579
NC_000001.10 FAM176B 7.35e-02 5.27e-03 0.579
NC_000020.10 ZNF831 -4.79e-02 5.28e-03 0.579
NC_000001.10 OBSCN 6.82e-02 5.28e-03 0.579
NC_000002.11 SNTG2 -1.26e-01 5.28e-03 0.579
NC_000001.10 NENF 1.03e-01 5.28e-03 0.5793
NC_000008.10 SDCBP -4.43e-02 5.28e-03 0.5793
NC_000017.10 TMEM132E 9.65e-02 5.29e-03 0.5794
NC_000016.9 RAB11FIP3 -9.03e-02 5.29e-03 0.5794
NC_000001.10 PINK1 -5.12e-02 5.29e-03 0.5795
NC_000001.10 PDPN -3.92e-02 5.30e-03 0.5798
NC_000002.11 ARHGAP15 9.73e-02 5.30e-03 0.5798
NC_000002.11 TBR1 7.31e-02 5.30e-03 0.5798
NC_000014.8 BCL11B -9.14e-02 5.30e-03 0.58
NC_000006.11 WDR27 1.14e-01 5.30e-03 0.58
NC_000019.9 ZNF177 -8.66e-02 5.30e-03 0.58
NC_000019.9 ZNF808 5.24e-02 5.31e-03 0.58
NC_000012.11 IPO8 -1.13e-01 5.32e-03 0.58
NC_000002.11 NRXN1 -1.88e-01 5.32e-03 0.58
NC_000001.10 GJC2 6.14e-02 5.32e-03 0.58
NC_000001.10 PARK7 -1.37e-01 5.32e-03 0.58
NC_000009.11 DMRT1 6.62e-02 5.32e-03 0.58
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 3.67e-02 5.32e-03 0.58
NC_000006.11 AIM1 4.90e-02 5.32e-03 0.58
NC_000006.11 SCAND3 3.09e-02 5.33e-03 0.58
NC_000019.9 PSG6 7.89e-02 5.33e-03 0.58
NC_000007.13 HIPK2 -6.44e-02 5.33e-03 0.58
NC_000002.11 AGAP1 -4.95e-02 5.33e-03 0.58
NC_000006.11 SLC22A3 8.46e-02 5.33e-03 0.58
NC_000007.13 PLOD3 -3.17e-02 5.33e-03 0.58
NC_000001.10 OBSCN 8.84e-02 5.33e-03 0.58
NC_000019.9 NKPD1 4.45e-02 5.34e-03 0.58
NC_000004.11 GRID2 -5.66e-02 5.34e-03 0.58
NC_000019.9 ZNF581 -4.00e-02 5.34e-03 0.58
NC_000007.13 BBS9 4.55e-02 5.34e-03 0.58
NC_000019.9 DOCK6 -4.90e-02 5.35e-03 0.58
NC_000010.10 SEC24C -3.59e-02 5.35e-03 0.58
NC_000006.11 TINAG 8.29e-02 5.35e-03 0.58
NC_000003.11 SLC9A9 -9.14e-02 5.35e-03 0.58
NC_000005.9 CCDC127 -5.33e-02 5.35e-03 0.58
NC_000006.11 FOXP4 1.01e-01 5.35e-03 0.58
NC_000016.9 ACSF3 -3.71e-02 5.35e-03 0.58
NC_000006.11 GABBR1 -9.05e-02 5.35e-03 0.58
NC_000017.10 PLD6 9.25e-02 5.35e-03 0.58
NC_000004.11 GAK 1.03e-01 5.35e-03 0.58
NC_000003.11 TEX264 5.62e-02 5.36e-03 0.58
NC_000008.10 EXTL3 -3.78e-02 5.36e-03 0.58
NC_000002.11 CCDC104 -4.51e-02 5.36e-03 0.58
NC_000019.9 MYBPC2 1.30e-01 5.36e-03 0.58
NC_000007.13 RHEB -5.69e-02 5.36e-03 0.58
NC_000012.11 LHX5 -3.28e-02 5.36e-03 0.58
NC_000011.9 NAP1L4 -3.94e-02 5.37e-03 0.58
NC_000001.10 KIF17 -1.37e-01 5.37e-03 0.58
NC_000010.10 OAT -5.46e-02 5.37e-03 0.58
NC_000009.11 LOC442421 3.60e-02 5.37e-03 0.58
NC_000001.10 PRDM16 -2.62e-02 5.37e-03 0.58
NC_000004.11 ZNF509 -1.06e-01 5.37e-03 0.58
NC_000006.11 SNAP91 -5.09e-02 5.37e-03 0.58
NC_000007.13 PRKAR1B 1.36e-01 5.37e-03 0.58
NC_000011.9 CCDC88B 8.37e-02 5.37e-03 0.58
NC_000002.11 PTPN18 -3.51e-02 5.38e-03 0.58
NC_000012.11 YEATS4 -5.01e-02 5.38e-03 0.58
NC_000010.10 LZTS2 -2.38e-02 5.38e-03 0.58
NC_000010.10 DIP2C -1.32e-01 5.38e-03 0.58
NC_000011.9 P2RY6 4.76e-02 5.38e-03 0.58
NC_000006.11 C6orf186 6.24e-02 5.38e-03 0.58
NC_000012.11 PRPF40B -3.54e-02 5.38e-03 0.58
NC_000010.10 LCOR 6.60e-02 5.38e-03 0.58
NC_000006.11 TRAM2 4.67e-02 5.38e-03 0.58
NC_000002.11 SNRNP200 -7.01e-02 5.38e-03 0.58
NC_000019.9 CILP2 1.25e-01 5.39e-03 0.58
NC_000001.10 C1orf112 4.03e-02 5.39e-03 0.58
NC_000007.13 PTPRZ1 -4.35e-02 5.39e-03 0.58
NC_000011.9 MUC6 1.28e-01 5.39e-03 0.58
NC_000001.10 TPR -2.63e-02 5.39e-03 0.58
NC_000002.11 COLEC11 -9.73e-02 5.40e-03 0.58
NC_000007.13 FOXK1 -5.11e-02 5.40e-03 0.58
NC_000014.8 AKT1 -5.60e-02 5.40e-03 0.58
NC_000015.9 ATP10A 5.42e-02 5.40e-03 0.58
NC_000001.10 C1orf189 -7.49e-02 5.40e-03 0.58
NC_000018.9 CABLES1 -7.00e-02 5.40e-03 0.58
NC_000017.10 SKAP1 5.91e-02 5.40e-03 0.58
NC_000022.10 GRAMD4 5.47e-02 5.40e-03 0.58
NC_000019.9 CLIP3 -3.36e-02 5.41e-03 0.58
NC_000001.10 MAP1LC3C 8.63e-02 5.41e-03 0.58
NC_000020.10 KCNG1 1.36e-01 5.41e-03 0.58
NC_000021.8 COL18A1 9.06e-02 5.41e-03 0.58
NC_000001.10 GREM2 1.19e-01 5.41e-03 0.58
NC_000003.11 TAGLN3 8.87e-02 5.41e-03 0.58
NC_000020.10 CTSZ 1.16e-01 5.42e-03 0.58
NC_000016.9 NOMO2 -1.47e-01 5.42e-03 0.58
NC_000010.10 MIR1915 -3.49e-02 5.42e-03 0.58
NC_000001.10 PPT1 6.49e-02 5.42e-03 0.58
NC_000020.10 FOXA2 5.21e-02 5.42e-03 0.58
NC_000004.11 SLC34A2 -4.56e-02 5.43e-03 0.58
NC_000017.10 TP53 -3.42e-02 5.43e-03 0.58
NC_000003.11 CHL1 1.33e-01 5.43e-03 0.58
NC_000002.11 HK2 4.99e-02 5.43e-03 0.58
NC_000001.10 GLIS1 -1.73e-01 5.43e-03 0.58
NC_000006.11 HSF2 -6.17e-02 5.43e-03 0.58
NC_000014.8 BTBD6 6.75e-02 5.44e-03 0.58
NC_000017.10 COIL -4.45e-02 5.44e-03 0.58
NC_000001.10 ZNF678 -5.10e-02 5.44e-03 0.58
NC_000011.9 VPS37C 7.82e-02 5.44e-03 0.58
NC_000010.10 GOT1 -2.76e-02 5.44e-03 0.58
NC_000001.10 PTGER3 1.69e-01 5.44e-03 0.58
NC_000011.9 C11orf61 -1.38e-01 5.45e-03 0.58
NC_000019.9 LYPD5 4.29e-02 5.45e-03 0.58
NC_000002.11 ANKMY1 8.72e-02 5.45e-03 0.58
NC_000019.9 ZNF256 -6.77e-02 5.45e-03 0.58
NC_000011.9 CTTN -2.69e-02 5.45e-03 0.58
NC_000016.9 TESSP1 1.37e-01 5.45e-03 0.58
NC_000020.10 POFUT1 -1.56e-01 5.45e-03 0.58
NC_000012.11 RILPL1 6.65e-02 5.46e-03 0.5801
NC_000006.11 TULP4 -5.61e-02 5.46e-03 0.5801
NC_000010.10 HHEX 6.09e-02 5.46e-03 0.5801
NC_000002.11 SGPP2 1.35e-01 5.46e-03 0.5801
NC_000001.10 SLC25A33 4.10e-02 5.47e-03 0.5801
NC_000010.10 ADAM12 -9.10e-02 5.47e-03 0.5801
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 4.00e-02 5.47e-03 0.5801
NC_000002.11 KCNIP3 -7.26e-02 5.47e-03 0.5801
NC_000001.10 ZBTB7B 8.48e-02 5.47e-03 0.5801
NC_000002.11 C2orf81 1.05e-01 5.47e-03 0.5801
NC_000002.11 SCLY -1.89e-01 5.47e-03 0.5801
NC_000011.9 PPME1 -3.02e-02 5.47e-03 0.5801
NC_000006.11 FOXP4 -1.22e-01 5.48e-03 0.5801
NC_000011.9 TOLLIP -4.43e-02 5.48e-03 0.5801
NC_000019.9 CD177 1.21e-01 5.48e-03 0.5801
NC_000001.10 PRCC -5.71e-02 5.49e-03 0.5803
NC_000002.11 LOC401010 7.69e-02 5.49e-03 0.5803
NC_000001.10 S100A10 6.08e-02 5.49e-03 0.5803
NC_000006.11 PPARD -5.63e-02 5.49e-03 0.5803
NC_000018.9 CNDP2 -1.32e-01 5.50e-03 0.5803
NC_000005.9 ADAMTS2 5.24e-02 5.51e-03 0.5803
NC_000007.13 RELN -3.49e-02 5.51e-03 0.5803
NC_000006.11 TNFRSF21 -4.39e-02 5.51e-03 0.5803
NC_000012.11 PRMT8 6.63e-02 5.51e-03 0.5803
NC_000001.10 LCE2B 5.42e-02 5.51e-03 0.5803
NC_000004.11 AFAP1 -1.21e-01 5.51e-03 0.5803
NC_000001.10 CCDC163P 9.27e-02 5.51e-03 0.5803
NC_000020.10 C20orf186 9.42e-02 5.51e-03 0.5803
NC_000011.9 ESRRA -1.62e-01 5.51e-03 0.5803
NC_000002.11 TUBA3E 3.23e-02 5.52e-03 0.5803
NC_000003.11 ERC2 -7.67e-02 5.52e-03 0.5803
NC_000006.11 HEY2 -1.32e-01 5.52e-03 0.5803
NC_000007.13 MAGI2 1.04e-01 5.53e-03 0.5803
NC_000005.9 HK3 -5.20e-02 5.53e-03 0.5803
NC_000006.11 LOC442245 7.68e-02 5.53e-03 0.5803
NC_000013.10 THSD1P 8.92e-02 5.53e-03 0.5803
NC_000009.11 KDM4C 1.14e-01 5.53e-03 0.5803
NC_000017.10 ALOXE3 7.92e-02 5.54e-03 0.5803
NC_000018.9 CCDC102B -4.79e-02 5.54e-03 0.5803
NC_000013.10 MCF2L -2.01e-01 5.54e-03 0.5803
NC_000012.11 NOS1 4.75e-02 5.54e-03 0.5803
NC_000006.11 HIST1H3G 6.19e-02 5.54e-03 0.5803
NC_000014.8 C14orf43 7.05e-02 5.54e-03 0.5803
NC_000012.11 METTL1 -2.48e-02 5.54e-03 0.5803
NC_000017.10 PLD6 8.66e-02 5.55e-03 0.5803
NC_000008.10 REEP4 -3.07e-02 5.55e-03 0.5803
NC_000016.9 ANKRD11 -8.48e-02 5.55e-03 0.5803
NC_000019.9 GNA15 5.74e-02 5.55e-03 0.5803
NC_000017.10 SCARNA16 -4.51e-02 5.55e-03 0.5803
NC_000007.13 HYAL4 6.23e-02 5.55e-03 0.5803
NC_000010.10 C10orf46 4.18e-02 5.55e-03 0.5803
NC_000017.10 RPTOR -3.44e-02 5.56e-03 0.5803
NC_000023.10 MIR374A 1.99e-01 5.56e-03 0.5803
NC_000015.9 FAM103A1 -3.75e-02 5.56e-03 0.5803
NC_000003.11 MAP6D1 -1.16e-01 5.56e-03 0.5803
NC_000009.11 C9orf24 1.42e-01 5.57e-03 0.5803
NC_000007.13 C7orf42 -1.68e-01 5.57e-03 0.5803
NC_000001.10 CMPK1 5.50e-02 5.57e-03 0.5803
NC_000008.10 FOXH1 9.51e-02 5.57e-03 0.5803
NC_000003.11 EPHA6 -3.70e-02 5.57e-03 0.5803
NC_000004.11 PHOX2B 4.80e-02 5.57e-03 0.5803
NC_000010.10 FLJ41350 7.48e-02 5.57e-03 0.5803
NC_000011.9 IPO7 -8.30e-02 5.57e-03 0.5803
NC_000007.13 IL6 7.37e-02 5.57e-03 0.5803
NC_000004.11 AADAT 1.03e-01 5.58e-03 0.5803
NC_000009.11 RFX3 -3.01e-02 5.58e-03 0.5803
NC_000022.10 IL2RB 6.83e-02 5.58e-03 0.5803
NC_000003.11 C3orf37 -4.92e-02 5.58e-03 0.5803
NC_000005.9 MAML1 -6.61e-02 5.58e-03 0.5803
NC_000001.10 ESPN 9.47e-02 5.59e-03 0.5803
NC_000020.10 C20orf54 5.69e-02 5.59e-03 0.5803
NC_000015.9 ONECUT1 5.63e-02 5.59e-03 0.5803
NC_000005.9 REEP2 -3.91e-02 5.59e-03 0.5803
NC_000019.9 TSHZ3 -5.79e-02 5.60e-03 0.5803
NC_000004.11 ZNF827 -5.25e-02 5.60e-03 0.5803
NC_000008.10 GINS4 -6.03e-02 5.60e-03 0.5803
NC_000013.10 OXGR1 1.45e-01 5.60e-03 0.5803
NC_000016.9 WDR24 -4.02e-02 5.60e-03 0.5803
NC_000010.10 RPS24 -7.38e-02 5.60e-03 0.5803
NC_000008.10 CHMP4C 6.04e-02 5.60e-03 0.5803
NC_000018.9 KIAA1012 -1.85e-01 5.61e-03 0.5803
NC_000020.10 CASS4 8.84e-02 5.61e-03 0.5803
NC_000006.11 TRAM2 -9.48e-02 5.61e-03 0.5803
NC_000022.10 MGAT3 -9.65e-02 5.61e-03 0.5803
NC_000002.11 LIMS2 8.12e-02 5.61e-03 0.5803
NC_000008.10 DUSP4 5.02e-02 5.61e-03 0.5803
NC_000006.11 C6orf10 6.86e-02 5.61e-03 0.5803
NC_000001.10 CYR61 -1.39e-01 5.61e-03 0.5803
NC_000010.10 INPP5A -2.88e-02 5.61e-03 0.5803
NC_000006.11 HIST1H4F 4.57e-02 5.62e-03 0.5803
NC_000001.10 MTR -4.23e-02 5.62e-03 0.5803
NC_000002.11 SNORD11B -3.62e-02 5.62e-03 0.5803
NC_000001.10 GPR89B -2.73e-02 5.62e-03 0.5803
NC_000009.11 C9orf144B -1.23e-01 5.63e-03 0.5803
NC_000012.11 CDK2 -4.91e-02 5.63e-03 0.5803
NC_000011.9 SIK3 -1.05e-01 5.63e-03 0.5803
NC_000015.9 PCSK6 6.20e-02 5.63e-03 0.5803
NC_000006.11 PLEKHG1 9.40e-02 5.63e-03 0.5803
NC_000020.10 EEF1A2 9.44e-02 5.63e-03 0.5803
NC_000015.9 LOC723972 4.20e-02 5.63e-03 0.5803
NC_000019.9 ZNF835 4.59e-02 5.63e-03 0.5803
NC_000013.10 SLITRK1 -3.29e-02 5.64e-03 0.5803
NC_000007.13 CACNA2D1 5.51e-02 5.64e-03 0.5803
NC_000013.10 RASA3 -3.77e-02 5.64e-03 0.5803
NC_000001.10 OLFM3 7.58e-02 5.64e-03 0.5805
NC_000011.9 TAF1D -3.45e-02 5.64e-03 0.5805
NC_000003.11 TSEN2 -3.28e-02 5.65e-03 0.5805
NC_000005.9 NPR3 -9.42e-02 5.65e-03 0.5805
NC_000012.11 CLIP1 1.27e-01 5.65e-03 0.5807
NC_000011.9 ATM -1.01e-01 5.65e-03 0.5807
NC_000018.9 DSC3 5.80e-02 5.66e-03 0.5807
NC_000020.10 PLK1S1 -1.22e-01 5.66e-03 0.5808
NC_000019.9 CACNA1A 8.90e-02 5.66e-03 0.5808
NC_000019.9 TOMM40 7.31e-02 5.66e-03 0.5808
NC_000001.10 NBL1 1.23e-01 5.66e-03 0.5808
NC_000002.11 AGAP1 -1.52e-01 5.67e-03 0.5808
NC_000010.10 PTER 3.33e-02 5.67e-03 0.5808
NC_000006.11 VPS52 6.60e-02 5.67e-03 0.5808
NC_000001.10 HLX -4.95e-02 5.67e-03 0.5808
NC_000017.10 C17orf64 -1.52e-01 5.67e-03 0.5808
NC_000007.13 KEL 8.56e-02 5.67e-03 0.5808
NC_000001.10 AJAP1 -5.37e-02 5.68e-03 0.5808
NC_000010.10 CCNJ -4.95e-02 5.68e-03 0.5808
NC_000012.11 SOX5 -5.38e-02 5.68e-03 0.5808
NC_000011.9 ST3GAL4 -3.05e-02 5.68e-03 0.5808
NC_000006.11 HLA-DQB2 1.04e-01 5.68e-03 0.5808
NC_000019.9 CEACAM6 6.68e-02 5.68e-03 0.5808
NC_000005.9 SEMA5A 9.02e-02 5.69e-03 0.5808
NC_000017.10 ALDH3A1 1.16e-01 5.69e-03 0.5808
NC_000002.11 ATF2 -3.59e-02 5.69e-03 0.5808
NC_000019.9 ZIM3 4.46e-02 5.69e-03 0.5808
NC_000017.10 FASN -6.81e-02 5.69e-03 0.5808
NC_000017.10 ASGR1 3.42e-02 5.69e-03 0.5808
NC_000002.11 SH3BP4 -1.64e-01 5.69e-03 0.5808
NC_000009.11 OR1B1 4.35e-02 5.69e-03 0.5808
NC_000005.9 CAMK2A 1.22e-01 5.69e-03 0.5808
NC_000001.10 TMEM79 7.35e-02 5.69e-03 0.5808
NC_000011.9 CDC42BPG 6.88e-02 5.69e-03 0.5808
NC_000011.9 MACROD1 -2.93e-02 5.69e-03 0.5808
NC_000002.11 ARHGAP15 7.90e-02 5.70e-03 0.5808
NC_000011.9 NEU3 -3.59e-02 5.70e-03 0.5811
NC_000009.11 ZNF484 -2.69e-02 5.71e-03 0.5811
NC_000010.10 ARMS2 -9.78e-02 5.71e-03 0.5811
NC_000010.10 PCDH21 6.96e-02 5.71e-03 0.5811
NC_000022.10 SMCR7L -3.22e-02 5.72e-03 0.5811
NC_000001.10 RHBG 1.15e-01 5.72e-03 0.5811
NC_000003.11 ZBTB20 -1.09e-01 5.72e-03 0.5811
NC_000004.11 OCIAD1 -2.66e-02 5.72e-03 0.5811
NC_000004.11 LRPAP1 -6.91e-02 5.72e-03 0.5811
NC_000017.10 KIF19 9.05e-02 5.72e-03 0.5811
NC_000017.10 PHOSPHO1 -1.19e-01 5.72e-03 0.5811
NC_000018.9 DSC3 -6.23e-02 5.72e-03 0.5811
NC_000001.10 ZNF648 5.60e-02 5.73e-03 0.5811
NC_000011.9 CAPRIN1 -5.29e-02 5.73e-03 0.5811
NC_000004.11 S100P -1.15e-01 5.73e-03 0.5811
NC_000006.11 AGER -6.00e-02 5.73e-03 0.5811
NC_000002.11 SPTBN1 -9.82e-02 5.74e-03 0.5811
NC_000010.10 ZEB1 -4.60e-02 5.74e-03 0.5811
NC_000004.11 DOK7 -1.08e-01 5.74e-03 0.5811
NC_000005.9 C5orf33 4.71e-02 5.74e-03 0.5811
NC_000009.11 VAV2 -1.19e-01 5.74e-03 0.5811
NC_000016.9 PRM3 5.13e-02 5.74e-03 0.5811
NC_000006.11 STX7 -2.65e-02 5.74e-03 0.5811
NC_000012.11 LOC253724 6.50e-02 5.74e-03 0.5811
NC_000017.10 GRN -5.00e-02 5.74e-03 0.5811
NC_000015.9 CLN6 -2.92e-02 5.74e-03 0.5811
NC_000017.10 SOX9 -8.90e-02 5.75e-03 0.5811
NC_000001.10 TXNDC12 6.72e-02 5.75e-03 0.5811
NC_000018.9 MYL12B -2.66e-02 5.75e-03 0.5811
NC_000017.10 TBCD -7.73e-02 5.75e-03 0.5811
NC_000015.9 ADAMTS17 -2.84e-02 5.75e-03 0.5811
NC_000010.10 TDRD1 6.69e-02 5.75e-03 0.5811
NC_000003.11 PRSS50 9.87e-02 5.75e-03 0.5811
NC_000014.8 C14orf33 -4.45e-02 5.75e-03 0.5811
NC_000001.10 UBR4 -1.78e-01 5.75e-03 0.5811
NC_000001.10 SEC22B -3.71e-02 5.76e-03 0.5811
NC_000019.9 ZNF649 6.04e-02 5.76e-03 0.5811
NC_000003.11 TNIK -6.39e-02 5.76e-03 0.5812
NC_000004.11 GSTCD 4.05e-02 5.77e-03 0.5819
NC_000019.9 NFKBIB -6.48e-02 5.77e-03 0.5819
NC_000013.10 MCF2L -3.33e-02 5.77e-03 0.5819
NC_000012.11 TMEM132C -1.48e-01 5.77e-03 0.582
NC_000001.10 KIAA1026 -7.35e-02 5.78e-03 0.5822
NC_000001.10 MAP3K6 1.09e-01 5.78e-03 0.5825
NC_000019.9 VSIG10L -1.50e-01 5.78e-03 0.5825
NC_000022.10 MN1 -1.46e-01 5.79e-03 0.5827
NC_000019.9 IL4I1 6.82e-02 5.79e-03 0.5827
NC_000016.9 CACNA1H 5.48e-02 5.80e-03 0.5829
NC_000003.11 CCNL1 -1.19e-01 5.80e-03 0.5829
NC_000006.11 DAXX -5.32e-02 5.80e-03 0.5829
NC_000002.11 LTBP1 7.77e-02 5.80e-03 0.5829
NC_000022.10 FAM19A5 -4.70e-02 5.81e-03 0.5829
NC_000023.10 HS6ST2 1.23e-01 5.81e-03 0.5829
NC_000008.10 MAF1 7.84e-02 5.82e-03 0.5829
NC_000011.9 NELL1 -1.25e-01 5.82e-03 0.5829
NC_000001.10 PRDM16 1.02e-01 5.82e-03 0.5829
NC_000006.11 UST 1.58e-01 5.82e-03 0.5829
NC_000001.10 SMAP2 -1.24e-01 5.82e-03 0.5829
NC_000019.9 POU2F2 7.41e-02 5.82e-03 0.5829
NC_000005.9 FAM151B -4.49e-02 5.83e-03 0.5829
NC_000002.11 IRS1 -3.71e-02 5.83e-03 0.5829
NC_000011.9 AMBRA1 -8.35e-02 5.83e-03 0.5829
NC_000006.11 STK19 8.83e-02 5.83e-03 0.5829
NC_000006.11 THBS2 -4.65e-02 5.83e-03 0.5829
NC_000016.9 C16orf91 -4.95e-02 5.83e-03 0.5829
NC_000006.11 RUNX2 -3.11e-02 5.83e-03 0.5829
NC_000002.11 NFE2L2 -1.21e-01 5.83e-03 0.5829
NC_000010.10 RASGEF1A 4.85e-02 5.83e-03 0.5829
NC_000012.11 NCOR2 6.21e-02 5.84e-03 0.5829
NC_000011.9 TOLLIP -1.40e-01 5.84e-03 0.5829
NC_000016.9 ZNF597 6.85e-02 5.84e-03 0.5829
NC_000019.9 RSPH6A -7.02e-02 5.84e-03 0.5829
NC_000007.13 AGFG2 -4.23e-02 5.84e-03 0.5829
NC_000005.9 PCDHGA2 7.05e-02 5.84e-03 0.5829
NC_000006.11 SLC39A7 -5.94e-02 5.84e-03 0.5829
NC_000007.13 MEST 9.22e-02 5.84e-03 0.5829
NC_000009.11 TLR4 -6.40e-02 5.84e-03 0.5829
NC_000015.9 CYP1A1 1.07e-01 5.84e-03 0.5829
NC_000017.10 TBX2 6.69e-02 5.84e-03 0.5829
NC_000020.10 ADNP -2.66e-02 5.84e-03 0.5829
NC_000022.10 LOC730668 3.27e-02 5.85e-03 0.5829
NC_000007.13 PRKAR1B 5.19e-02 5.85e-03 0.5829
NC_000021.8 SLC19A1 -6.53e-02 5.85e-03 0.5829
NC_000005.9 RASGRF2 -1.82e-01 5.86e-03 0.5832
NC_000006.11 FBXO30 -8.31e-02 5.86e-03 0.5832
NC_000001.10 RNF115 6.08e-02 5.86e-03 0.5832
NC_000011.9 DSCAML1 -1.41e-01 5.86e-03 0.5832
NC_000021.8 TTC3 -6.43e-02 5.86e-03 0.5832
NC_000006.11 TNFAIP3 -3.15e-02 5.86e-03 0.5832
NC_000022.10 NAGA 6.02e-02 5.86e-03 0.5832
NC_000012.11 NELL2 -4.06e-02 5.86e-03 0.5832
NC_000008.10 GDF6 6.77e-02 5.86e-03 0.5832
NC_000006.11 PHF1 -5.23e-02 5.86e-03 0.5832
NC_000012.11 HOXC4 4.87e-02 5.87e-03 0.5833
NC_000016.9 SEPX1 -4.39e-02 5.87e-03 0.5833
NC_000019.9 ZNF414 5.07e-02 5.87e-03 0.5833
NC_000001.10 TSTD1 1.33e-01 5.88e-03 0.5837
NC_000022.10 RRP7A -8.03e-02 5.88e-03 0.5837
NC_000017.10 AOC3 4.83e-02 5.88e-03 0.5837
NC_000022.10 XPNPEP3 7.76e-02 5.88e-03 0.5837
NC_000008.10 GSDMD 7.99e-02 5.89e-03 0.5837
NC_000008.10 UBE2V2 -2.94e-02 5.89e-03 0.5837
NC_000001.10 PFKFB2 -3.55e-02 5.89e-03 0.5837
NC_000019.9 LRRC8E 8.82e-02 5.89e-03 0.5837
NC_000019.9 PSMC4 7.97e-02 5.89e-03 0.5837
NC_000016.9 BAIAP3 -4.66e-02 5.89e-03 0.5837
NC_000016.9 VAT1L -2.94e-02 5.89e-03 0.5837
NC_000005.9 PPP1R2P3 7.12e-02 5.89e-03 0.5837
NC_000010.10 JAKMIP3 -4.71e-01 5.89e-03 0.5837
NC_000016.9 LMF1 -1.03e-01 5.90e-03 0.5839
NC_000017.10 YWHAE 9.54e-02 5.90e-03 0.584
NC_000011.9 FGF3 -5.86e-02 5.91e-03 0.5842
NC_000006.11 BAT2 -6.12e-02 5.91e-03 0.5844
NC_000006.11 ICK -7.02e-02 5.91e-03 0.5844
NC_000019.9 AURKC 1.47e-01 5.91e-03 0.5844
NC_000005.9 LRRC14B 9.29e-02 5.91e-03 0.5844
NC_000016.9 SH2B1 -5.83e-02 5.92e-03 0.585
NC_000006.11 STK19 1.08e-01 5.93e-03 0.5851
NC_000006.11 GSTA5 4.60e-02 5.93e-03 0.5853
NC_000010.10 PLAC9 -4.92e-02 5.93e-03 0.5855
NC_000006.11 VPS52 8.92e-02 5.94e-03 0.5858
NC_000002.11 R3HDM1 -4.27e-02 5.94e-03 0.5858
NC_000007.13 AGAP3 -4.40e-02 5.94e-03 0.5858
NC_000006.11 LAMA4 9.15e-02 5.94e-03 0.5858
NC_000019.9 AMH 2.08e-01 5.95e-03 0.5861
NC_000011.9 RAB39 -2.69e-02 5.95e-03 0.5861
NC_000004.11 SOD3 -7.53e-02 5.96e-03 0.5862
NC_000011.9 TAF1D -1.49e-01 5.96e-03 0.5864
NC_000012.11 CRADD -5.77e-02 5.96e-03 0.5864
NC_000010.10 DIP2C -9.89e-02 5.97e-03 0.587
NC_000003.11 SOX2OT 7.30e-02 5.98e-03 0.587
NC_000003.11 MKRN2 -1.39e-01 5.98e-03 0.587
NC_000010.10 UNC5B 5.48e-02 5.98e-03 0.587
NC_000005.9 NDUFS4 -5.52e-02 5.98e-03 0.587
NC_000016.9 CLEC16A -6.38e-02 5.99e-03 0.587
NC_000001.10 SYCP1 9.59e-02 5.99e-03 0.587
NC_000004.11 SLC10A4 6.60e-02 5.99e-03 0.587
NC_000001.10 C1orf168 1.32e-01 5.99e-03 0.587
NC_000011.9 CCDC67 4.20e-02 6.00e-03 0.587
NC_000001.10 CCT3 -1.33e-01 6.00e-03 0.587
NC_000023.10 MCF2 5.04e-01 6.00e-03 0.587
NC_000018.9 RAX 8.86e-02 6.00e-03 0.587
NC_000004.11 RNF212 1.19e-01 6.00e-03 0.587
NC_000006.11 BAT2 -9.35e-02 6.00e-03 0.587
NC_000006.11 MED20 -3.97e-02 6.00e-03 0.587
NC_000002.11 STAT1 -3.38e-02 6.00e-03 0.587
NC_000003.11 BCL6 -3.03e-02 6.00e-03 0.587
NC_000010.10 HTRA1 -1.53e-01 6.00e-03 0.587
NC_000019.9 PSG7 1.16e-01 6.00e-03 0.587
NC_000011.9 ARRB1 8.27e-02 6.01e-03 0.5873
NC_000022.10 SYN3 -6.82e-02 6.01e-03 0.5873
NC_000012.11 PLBD1 9.83e-02 6.02e-03 0.5873
NC_000008.10 ZFHX4 -2.04e-01 6.02e-03 0.5873
NC_000006.11 GRM4 6.58e-02 6.02e-03 0.5873
NC_000011.9 MAML2 -1.13e-01 6.02e-03 0.5873
NC_000021.8 COL18A1 -1.06e-01 6.03e-03 0.5873
NC_000016.9 CALB2 3.73e-02 6.03e-03 0.5873
NC_000016.9 CENPBD1 1.45e-01 6.03e-03 0.5873
NC_000006.11 EGFL8 -8.29e-02 6.03e-03 0.5873
NC_000017.10 TIMP2 -7.70e-02 6.03e-03 0.5873
NC_000002.11 DLX2 5.11e-02 6.03e-03 0.5873
NC_000005.9 KIAA0947 5.26e-02 6.03e-03 0.5874
NC_000010.10 CTBP2 -7.61e-02 6.03e-03 0.5875
NC_000016.9 CMTM2 -5.21e-02 6.04e-03 0.5875
NC_000012.11 COQ10A -1.15e-01 6.04e-03 0.5875
NC_000017.10 FLJ25006 -8.08e-02 6.04e-03 0.5875
NC_000001.10 BCAR3 -3.58e-02 6.04e-03 0.5875
NC_000016.9 ESRP2 -8.66e-02 6.05e-03 0.5875
NC_000002.11 CTNNA2 -6.47e-02 6.05e-03 0.5875
NC_000002.11 EPAS1 -9.19e-02 6.05e-03 0.5875
NC_000001.10 RHD -1.29e-01 6.05e-03 0.5875
NC_000023.10 MIR450A1 1.06e-01 6.05e-03 0.5875
NC_000022.10 DGCR2 -1.21e-01 6.05e-03 0.5875
NC_000019.9 ZNF77 -6.95e-02 6.05e-03 0.5875
NC_000015.9 EHD4 -3.70e-02 6.05e-03 0.5877
NC_000009.11 CLIC3 1.39e-01 6.06e-03 0.5877
NC_000017.10 RND2 1.31e-01 6.06e-03 0.5877
NC_000016.9 PLCG2 -2.06e-01 6.06e-03 0.5877
NC_000008.10 ZFHX4 -1.70e-01 6.06e-03 0.5877
NC_000008.10 TOP1MT -7.93e-02 6.07e-03 0.5878
NC_000006.11 B3GALT4 7.34e-02 6.07e-03 0.5882
NC_000016.9 ANKRD11 1.34e-01 6.08e-03 0.5882
NC_000003.11 ILDR1 4.49e-02 6.08e-03 0.5882
NC_000007.13 GATS -6.35e-02 6.08e-03 0.5882
NC_000020.10 ISM1 2.50e-02 6.08e-03 0.5882
NC_000010.10 C10orf90 -6.15e-02 6.08e-03 0.5886
NC_000012.11 DPPA3 7.73e-02 6.09e-03 0.5888
NC_000004.11 QDPR -1.28e-01 6.10e-03 0.5889
NC_000006.11 BAT3 -7.86e-02 6.10e-03 0.5889
NC_000009.11 PTPN3 5.27e-02 6.10e-03 0.5889
NC_000010.10 UPF2 6.44e-02 6.10e-03 0.5889
NC_000013.10 DKFZp686A1627 5.80e-02 6.10e-03 0.5889
NC_000012.11 ERP29 -2.35e-01 6.10e-03 0.5889
NC_000001.10 CCDC19 -1.09e-01 6.10e-03 0.5889
NC_000023.10 SRPK3 8.19e-02 6.10e-03 0.5889
NC_000010.10 DIP2C -1.35e-01 6.10e-03 0.589
NC_000007.13 SLC12A9 5.99e-02 6.11e-03 0.5893
NC_000013.10 WASF3 -2.73e-02 6.11e-03 0.5893
NC_000010.10 ADARB2 8.11e-02 6.11e-03 0.5893
NC_000019.9 TYK2 -6.13e-02 6.12e-03 0.5893
NC_000012.11 PTPRR -3.19e-02 6.12e-03 0.5893
NC_000006.11 AGPAT1 -3.50e-02 6.12e-03 0.5893
NC_000003.11 FOXP1 -1.00e-01 6.12e-03 0.5893
NC_000015.9 DUOXA1 7.83e-02 6.13e-03 0.5893
NC_000014.8 CLEC14A 7.56e-02 6.13e-03 0.5893
NC_000006.11 ZNF311 8.63e-02 6.13e-03 0.5893
NC_000019.9 CD3EAP 5.56e-02 6.13e-03 0.5893
NC_000014.8 DYNC1H1 -1.02e-01 6.13e-03 0.5893
NC_000008.10 MOS 1.20e-01 6.13e-03 0.5893
NC_000001.10 KIF17 5.50e-02 6.14e-03 0.5893
NC_000003.11 SLC25A20 1.25e-01 6.14e-03 0.5893
NC_000016.9 TERF2 -4.58e-02 6.14e-03 0.5893
NC_000011.9 P2RY2 3.70e-02 6.14e-03 0.5893
NC_000007.13 SDK1 3.92e-02 6.14e-03 0.5893
NC_000001.10 SSU72 -1.47e-01 6.15e-03 0.5896
NC_000017.10 FOXJ1 1.09e-01 6.15e-03 0.5896
NC_000020.10 DYNLRB1 -3.40e-02 6.15e-03 0.5896
NC_000012.11 TMEM132D -1.58e-01 6.15e-03 0.5896
NC_000012.11 ARF3 -8.62e-02 6.15e-03 0.5896
NC_000020.10 GCNT7 -3.14e-02 6.16e-03 0.5899
NC_000007.13 LOC389493 6.17e-02 6.16e-03 0.5899
NC_000019.9 TNPO2 -5.11e-02 6.16e-03 0.59
NC_000013.10 RPL21 -6.41e-02 6.17e-03 0.59
NC_000013.10 MBNL2 -5.14e-02 6.17e-03 0.59
NC_000019.9 ZNF45 -8.79e-02 6.17e-03 0.59
NC_000013.10 SGCG 8.80e-02 6.17e-03 0.59
NC_000007.13 FLJ45340 -4.30e-02 6.17e-03 0.59
NC_000002.11 KIAA1310 5.36e-02 6.17e-03 0.59
NC_000001.10 C1orf77 -1.79e-01 6.18e-03 0.5902
NC_000014.8 PIGH 9.54e-02 6.18e-03 0.5902
NC_000009.11 STRBP 4.44e-02 6.18e-03 0.5902
NC_000022.10 MOV10L1 7.78e-02 6.18e-03 0.5902
NC_000006.11 BET3L -8.99e-02 6.19e-03 0.5902
NC_000007.13 HUS1 -2.60e-02 6.19e-03 0.5902
NC_000009.11 C9orf66 2.01e-01 6.19e-03 0.5902
NC_000017.10 SLC13A5 7.67e-02 6.19e-03 0.5902
NC_000003.11 SELK 4.94e-02 6.19e-03 0.5902
NC_000022.10 MAPK1 -5.61e-02 6.19e-03 0.5902
NC_000019.9 NAPSA 1.31e-01 6.19e-03 0.5902
NC_000007.13 TNRC18 -6.48e-02 6.19e-03 0.5902
NC_000020.10 CD40 1.12e-01 6.19e-03 0.5902
NC_000017.10 SUMO2 -4.02e-02 6.19e-03 0.5902
NC_000017.10 YWHAE -3.50e-02 6.20e-03 0.5903
NC_000016.9 NOXO1 2.17e-01 6.20e-03 0.5906
NC_000017.10 LOC146880 5.13e-02 6.20e-03 0.5906
NC_000014.8 DHRS4L2 1.58e-01 6.21e-03 0.5908
NC_000011.9 PDE2A 1.24e-01 6.21e-03 0.5908
NC_000005.9 IPO11 -8.79e-02 6.21e-03 0.5908
NC_000017.10 TRIM65 -2.47e-02 6.22e-03 0.5908
NC_000001.10 ZNF697 4.15e-02 6.22e-03 0.5908
NC_000006.11 PPP1R3G -3.12e-02 6.22e-03 0.5908
NC_000013.10 DCUN1D2 5.18e-02 6.22e-03 0.5908
NC_000017.10 TAC4 -5.33e-02 6.22e-03 0.5908
NC_000011.9 PVRL1 -4.18e-02 6.22e-03 0.5908
NC_000012.11 PHB2 -2.91e-02 6.23e-03 0.5908
NC_000017.10 MARCH10 -1.03e-01 6.23e-03 0.5908
NC_000001.10 WNT9A 9.28e-02 6.23e-03 0.5908
NC_000006.11 C6orf27 7.02e-02 6.23e-03 0.5908
NC_000010.10 CDH23 -2.73e-02 6.23e-03 0.5908
NC_000007.13 ALKBH4 -3.71e-02 6.23e-03 0.5908
NC_000011.9 LRDD -8.53e-02 6.23e-03 0.5908
NC_000005.9 CDC42SE2 4.66e-02 6.24e-03 0.591
NC_000001.10 LHX8 6.46e-02 6.24e-03 0.5911
NC_000011.9 TBCEL -2.58e-02 6.24e-03 0.5911
NC_000002.11 PID1 -1.06e-01 6.25e-03 0.5911
NC_000002.11 MYT1L 3.81e-02 6.25e-03 0.5911
NC_000009.11 SCAI 7.75e-02 6.25e-03 0.5911
NC_000001.10 HES3 4.18e-02 6.25e-03 0.5913
NC_000007.13 GIGYF1 -4.08e-02 6.26e-03 0.5914
NC_000013.10 NDFIP2 -8.61e-02 6.26e-03 0.5916
NC_000008.10 GSDMD 9.71e-02 6.27e-03 0.5916
NC_000011.9 ABTB2 -1.63e-01 6.27e-03 0.5916
NC_000013.10 MCF2L -1.07e-01 6.27e-03 0.5916
NC_000021.8 RWDD2B 1.24e-01 6.27e-03 0.5916
NC_000008.10 ANK1 1.05e-01 6.27e-03 0.5916
NC_000017.10 PLD6 1.08e-01 6.27e-03 0.5916
NC_000016.9 CORO1A 4.06e-02 6.28e-03 0.5916
NC_000006.11 ZBTB9 -4.08e-02 6.28e-03 0.5916
NC_000001.10 ADAR -5.39e-02 6.28e-03 0.5916
NC_000003.11 GNAT1 1.65e-01 6.28e-03 0.5916
NC_000001.10 MORN1 -6.01e-02 6.28e-03 0.5916
NC_000015.9 MIR548H4 1.27e-01 6.28e-03 0.5916
NC_000014.8 MAPK1IP1L -3.66e-02 6.29e-03 0.5916
NC_000013.10 IL17D 1.35e-01 6.29e-03 0.5916
NC_000001.10 LMOD1 5.48e-02 6.29e-03 0.592
NC_000002.11 SNRPG -4.03e-02 6.30e-03 0.592
NC_000013.10 PCID2 4.72e-02 6.30e-03 0.592
NC_000017.10 CD300LB 6.37e-02 6.30e-03 0.592
NC_000012.11 FGFR1OP2 1.48e-01 6.30e-03 0.5922
NC_000012.11 C1QL4 7.77e-02 6.30e-03 0.5922
NC_000019.9 SLC7A10 -7.39e-02 6.31e-03 0.5923
NC_000007.13 PMS2L11 3.86e-01 6.31e-03 0.5923
NC_000011.9 NDUFS8 -3.13e-02 6.31e-03 0.5923
NC_000003.11 MCF2L2 7.43e-02 6.31e-03 0.5924
NC_000003.11 SEMA5B 6.99e-02 6.31e-03 0.5924
NC_000007.13 GLI3 -1.14e-01 6.31e-03 0.5924
NC_000003.11 ALDH1L1 5.27e-02 6.32e-03 0.5924
NC_000012.11 KRT76 6.79e-02 6.32e-03 0.5924
NC_000007.13 NCF1C 7.06e-02 6.32e-03 0.5924
NC_000001.10 SSBP3 1.55e-01 6.32e-03 0.5924
NC_000005.9 RNASEN 1.21e-01 6.33e-03 0.5924
NC_000011.9 FIBIN 5.16e-02 6.33e-03 0.5924
NC_000008.10 GPT 1.41e-01 6.33e-03 0.5924
NC_000012.11 CYP27B1 4.02e-02 6.33e-03 0.5924
NC_000007.13 TPST1 -6.99e-02 6.33e-03 0.5924
NC_000007.13 DTX2 -2.87e-01 6.33e-03 0.5924
NC_000011.9 NOX4 7.34e-02 6.33e-03 0.5924
NC_000017.10 TMEM92 -3.37e-02 6.33e-03 0.5924
NC_000019.9 MIDN -1.05e-01 6.34e-03 0.5926
NC_000016.9 DCTN5 7.10e-02 6.34e-03 0.5926
NC_000007.13 AMZ1 -6.97e-02 6.34e-03 0.5926
NC_000010.10 DIP2C -5.51e-02 6.34e-03 0.5926
NC_000009.11 APTX -1.02e-01 6.35e-03 0.5926
NC_000011.9 EIF3F -3.63e-02 6.35e-03 0.5929
NC_000007.13 ATP5J2 -1.44e-01 6.35e-03 0.5929
NC_000015.9 USP3 -2.38e-02 6.36e-03 0.5929
NC_000002.11 FAM176A 5.38e-02 6.36e-03 0.5929
NC_000013.10 CARKD -4.08e-02 6.37e-03 0.5929
NC_000003.11 LOC401052 5.28e-02 6.37e-03 0.5929
NC_000012.11 DDN 1.16e-01 6.37e-03 0.5929
NC_000012.11 RAB3IP -4.46e-02 6.37e-03 0.5929
NC_000009.11 CKS2 6.27e-02 6.37e-03 0.5929
NC_000007.13 TRIM24 -1.43e-01 6.37e-03 0.5929
NC_000001.10 PTCHD2 5.55e-02 6.38e-03 0.5929
NC_000022.10 COMT -1.65e-01 6.38e-03 0.5929
NC_000002.11 PSD4 8.51e-02 6.39e-03 0.5929
NC_000006.11 ULBP1 1.09e-01 6.39e-03 0.5929
NC_000019.9 IGLON5 1.47e-01 6.39e-03 0.5929
NC_000019.9 TNNI3 6.59e-02 6.39e-03 0.5929
NC_000005.9 ARRDC3 -4.40e-02 6.39e-03 0.5929
NC_000013.10 LNX2 1.06e-01 6.39e-03 0.5929
NC_000006.11 KAAG1 1.09e-01 6.39e-03 0.5929
NC_000003.11 FNDC3B 4.19e-02 6.40e-03 0.5929
NC_000008.10 RGS20 5.67e-02 6.40e-03 0.5929
NC_000015.9 CSNK1A1P 2.88e-02 6.41e-03 0.5929
NC_000010.10 PDZD8 -1.30e-01 6.41e-03 0.5929
NC_000006.11 TRIM26 -5.31e-02 6.41e-03 0.5929
NC_000011.9 MYO7A 1.01e-01 6.41e-03 0.5929
NC_000006.11 C6orf27 8.74e-02 6.41e-03 0.5929
NC_000005.9 ZFR -2.61e-02 6.41e-03 0.5929
NC_000011.9 LDLRAD3 -8.97e-02 6.41e-03 0.5929
NC_000019.9 EFNA2 6.13e-02 6.41e-03 0.5929
NC_000002.11 ALK 4.71e-02 6.41e-03 0.5929
NC_000017.10 ABR 4.59e-02 6.41e-03 0.5929
NC_000016.9 WWOX -8.46e-02 6.41e-03 0.5929
NC_000016.9 C16orf72 -1.26e-01 6.41e-03 0.5929
NC_000008.10 LY6K 2.37e-01 6.42e-03 0.5929
NC_000011.9 SLC22A18 6.35e-02 6.42e-03 0.5929
NC_000002.11 LOC84931 1.01e-01 6.42e-03 0.5929
NC_000020.10 KCNB1 8.41e-02 6.42e-03 0.5929
NC_000004.11 GAR1 -4.09e-02 6.42e-03 0.5929
NC_000002.11 UGP2 -2.73e-02 6.42e-03 0.5929
NC_000002.11 OTOF 9.88e-02 6.42e-03 0.5929
NC_000006.11 BTN3A3 8.53e-02 6.43e-03 0.5929
NC_000008.10 GDF6 1.24e-01 6.43e-03 0.5929
NC_000016.9 AQP8 -9.61e-02 6.43e-03 0.5929
NC_000015.9 UNC45A -4.08e-02 6.43e-03 0.5929
NC_000007.13 MAD1L1 -9.27e-02 6.43e-03 0.5929
NC_000012.11 GLT1D1 6.79e-02 6.43e-03 0.5929
NC_000020.10 C20orf20 -8.26e-02 6.44e-03 0.5929
NC_000011.9 DCUN1D5 -6.81e-02 6.44e-03 0.5929
NC_000017.10 ARL17A -3.49e-02 6.44e-03 0.5929
NC_000006.11 SCGN -3.48e-02 6.44e-03 0.5929
NC_000012.11 P2RX2 9.01e-02 6.44e-03 0.5929
NC_000005.9 POLR3G -3.20e-02 6.44e-03 0.5929
NC_000011.9 SMPD1 -2.85e-02 6.44e-03 0.5929
NC_000006.11 PRR3 -4.49e-02 6.44e-03 0.5929
NC_000014.8 MDGA2 -6.84e-02 6.45e-03 0.5929
NC_000007.13 TRIM56 -1.24e-01 6.45e-03 0.5929
NC_000011.9 RRAS2 -3.72e-02 6.45e-03 0.5929
NC_000001.10 ATP2B4 5.65e-02 6.45e-03 0.5929
NC_000019.9 ZNF837 1.78e-01 6.45e-03 0.5929
NC_000003.11 ST6GAL1 -1.40e-01 6.46e-03 0.5929
NC_000003.11 ZDHHC3 -5.16e-02 6.46e-03 0.5929
NC_000017.10 TMC8 9.69e-02 6.46e-03 0.5929
NC_000019.9 SPTBN4 -7.59e-02 6.46e-03 0.5929
NC_000007.13 LOC285954 -5.99e-02 6.47e-03 0.5929
NC_000007.13 TSPAN12 -9.70e-02 6.47e-03 0.5929
NC_000012.11 EMP1 -8.78e-02 6.47e-03 0.5929
NC_000006.11 GABBR1 -9.28e-02 6.47e-03 0.5929
NC_000011.9 GPR44 7.02e-02 6.47e-03 0.5929
NC_000017.10 TMEM93 7.45e-02 6.47e-03 0.5929
NC_000001.10 C1orf56 -1.33e-01 6.47e-03 0.5929
NC_000001.10 TNFRSF8 6.59e-02 6.47e-03 0.5929
NC_000012.11 KRT73 3.54e-02 6.48e-03 0.5929
NC_000003.11 BDH1 -1.38e-01 6.48e-03 0.5929
NC_000008.10 PTK2 -1.07e-01 6.48e-03 0.5929
NC_000012.11 KNTC1 4.52e-02 6.48e-03 0.5929
NC_000013.10 DNAJC3 9.85e-02 6.48e-03 0.5929
NC_000016.9 CCDC64B 1.29e-01 6.48e-03 0.5929
NC_000005.9 CD74 9.57e-02 6.48e-03 0.5929
NC_000017.10 EIF1 1.17e-01 6.49e-03 0.5929
NC_000015.9 CYFIP1 7.41e-02 6.49e-03 0.5929
NC_000017.10 ABR -1.08e-01 6.49e-03 0.5929
NC_000004.11 ABLIM2 -1.42e-01 6.49e-03 0.5931
NC_000004.11 CDS1 -6.59e-02 6.50e-03 0.5932
NC_000010.10 LOC728190 -5.75e-02 6.50e-03 0.5933
NC_000002.11 RNASEH1 6.21e-02 6.50e-03 0.5933
NC_000014.8 PAPLN 5.65e-02 6.50e-03 0.5935
NC_000020.10 FAM83D -4.68e-02 6.51e-03 0.5936
NC_000003.11 DLEC1 4.14e-02 6.51e-03 0.5936
NC_000020.10 SMOX -5.15e-02 6.52e-03 0.5936
NC_000020.10 PTPN1 -3.28e-02 6.52e-03 0.5936
NC_000015.9 RBPMS2 7.53e-02 6.52e-03 0.5936
NC_000004.11 TTC29 -4.73e-02 6.52e-03 0.5936
NC_000015.9 IGF1R -1.09e-01 6.52e-03 0.5936
NC_000019.9 RFX2 4.61e-02 6.52e-03 0.5936
NC_000002.11 ACTR3 -2.71e-01 6.53e-03 0.5936
NC_000007.13 LRRC61 5.09e-02 6.53e-03 0.5936
NC_000006.11 TNXB 4.62e-02 6.53e-03 0.5936
NC_000016.9 DNAH3 1.06e-01 6.53e-03 0.5936
NC_000019.9 MZF1 9.49e-02 6.53e-03 0.5936
NC_000017.10 TMEM102 9.46e-02 6.53e-03 0.5936
NC_000003.11 EHHADH 4.68e-02 6.54e-03 0.5936
NC_000003.11 SH3BP5 7.20e-02 6.54e-03 0.5936
NC_000003.11 ST6GAL1 4.91e-02 6.54e-03 0.5936
NC_000008.10 SULF1 5.93e-02 6.54e-03 0.5936
NC_000017.10 COASY 7.07e-02 6.54e-03 0.5938
NC_000001.10 PIK3R3 -3.51e-02 6.55e-03 0.5938
NC_000006.11 POPDC3 6.24e-02 6.55e-03 0.5938
NC_000001.10 ADORA1 -4.12e-02 6.56e-03 0.5942
NC_000005.9 MSH3 -2.83e-02 6.56e-03 0.5942
NC_000001.10 ORC1L -4.06e-02 6.57e-03 0.5945
NC_000003.11 CHST13 7.71e-02 6.57e-03 0.5945
NC_000008.10 ZHX2 -1.51e-01 6.57e-03 0.5945
NC_000012.11 CACNA2D4 2.24e-01 6.57e-03 0.5945
NC_000004.11 SMAD1 -8.99e-02 6.57e-03 0.5945
NC_000020.10 GNASAS -1.52e-01 6.58e-03 0.5945
NC_000019.9 TSSK6 5.38e-02 6.58e-03 0.5945
NC_000017.10 MPRIP 6.25e-02 6.58e-03 0.5945
NC_000001.10 PRDM16 7.68e-02 6.58e-03 0.5945
NC_000002.11 DGKD 4.30e-02 6.58e-03 0.5945
NC_000010.10 LCOR -1.57e-01 6.58e-03 0.5945
NC_000014.8 FOXN3 -9.50e-02 6.58e-03 0.5945
NC_000001.10 C1orf35 1.42e-01 6.58e-03 0.5945
NC_000016.9 VPS4A -1.50e-01 6.59e-03 0.5945
NC_000001.10 CCDC21 -2.52e-02 6.59e-03 0.5945
NC_000008.10 C8orf71 1.72e-01 6.59e-03 0.5945
NC_000008.10 TNKS -7.28e-02 6.59e-03 0.5945
NC_000012.11 SFRS8 -7.90e-02 6.59e-03 0.5947
NC_000015.9 ADAM10 -2.43e-02 6.61e-03 0.5951
NC_000011.9 TH 9.73e-02 6.61e-03 0.5951
NC_000011.9 TRIM48 4.73e-02 6.62e-03 0.5951
NC_000011.9 CALCB 9.29e-02 6.62e-03 0.5951
NC_000007.13 IFRD1 -5.71e-02 6.62e-03 0.5951
NC_000008.10 CSMD1 -6.98e-02 6.63e-03 0.5951
NC_000006.11 BACH2 4.45e-02 6.63e-03 0.5951
NC_000022.10 CPT1B 9.68e-02 6.63e-03 0.5951
NC_000005.9 UBTD2 -9.38e-02 6.63e-03 0.5951
NC_000008.10 YWHAZ -2.85e-02 6.63e-03 0.5951
NC_000004.11 RNF175 -5.58e-02 6.64e-03 0.5951
NC_000012.11 PRR13 -5.09e-02 6.64e-03 0.5951
NC_000019.9 EEF2 -1.24e-01 6.64e-03 0.5951
NC_000019.9 RYR1 1.72e-01 6.64e-03 0.5951
NC_000001.10 TAF12 -1.16e-01 6.64e-03 0.5951
NC_000011.9 TAF1D -6.83e-02 6.64e-03 0.5951
NC_000002.11 ABI2 -9.05e-02 6.64e-03 0.5951
NC_000019.9 U2AF2 -7.63e-02 6.65e-03 0.5951
NC_000015.9 PAK6 -4.23e-02 6.65e-03 0.5951
NC_000003.11 MOBP 7.24e-02 6.65e-03 0.5951
NC_000015.9 LOC283731 5.34e-02 6.65e-03 0.5951
NC_000011.9 CLPB -5.81e-02 6.65e-03 0.5951
NC_000002.11 BRE -9.67e-02 6.66e-03 0.5951
NC_000002.11 SGOL2 1.81e-01 6.66e-03 0.5951
NC_000002.11 NCRNA00116 1.16e-01 6.66e-03 0.5951
NC_000012.11 STK38L -1.14e-01 6.67e-03 0.5951
NC_000015.9 CHRNA3 3.31e-02 6.67e-03 0.5951
NC_000005.9 APC -4.98e-02 6.67e-03 0.5951
NC_000008.10 MAPK15 4.29e-02 6.67e-03 0.5951
NC_000005.9 EFNA5 5.69e-02 6.67e-03 0.5951
NC_000001.10 CHI3L1 -1.87e-01 6.67e-03 0.5951
NC_000005.9 ODZ2 1.23e-01 6.68e-03 0.5951
NC_000018.9 ZNF236 -1.04e-01 6.68e-03 0.5951
NC_000020.10 LOC149837 1.74e-01 6.68e-03 0.5951
NC_000003.11 SEMA3G 7.35e-02 6.68e-03 0.5951
NC_000006.11 NDUFAF4 -1.06e-01 6.68e-03 0.5951
NC_000001.10 PAQR7 -4.41e-02 6.68e-03 0.5951
NC_000017.10 CASC3 -8.22e-02 6.68e-03 0.5951
NC_000011.9 VPS26B -4.57e-02 6.68e-03 0.5951
NC_000010.10 PCDH21 7.56e-02 6.68e-03 0.5951
NC_000001.10 ZBTB17 -4.32e-02 6.69e-03 0.5951
NC_000010.10 JAKMIP3 -3.86e-01 6.69e-03 0.5951
NC_000006.11 CYP21A2 -9.76e-02 6.69e-03 0.5951
NC_000014.8 CCDC88C 4.83e-02 6.69e-03 0.5951
NC_000007.13 CNTNAP2 7.07e-02 6.70e-03 0.5951
NC_000017.10 KPNA2 -4.68e-02 6.70e-03 0.5951
NC_000016.9 TRADD -3.96e-02 6.70e-03 0.5951
NC_000011.9 DNAJC4 -4.00e-02 6.70e-03 0.5951
NC_000012.11 ANKLE2 2.99e-02 6.70e-03 0.5951
NC_000002.11 ANKRD44 -8.23e-02 6.70e-03 0.5951
NC_000002.11 PAIP2B -1.20e-01 6.70e-03 0.5951
NC_000021.8 KCNJ15 -5.48e-02 6.71e-03 0.5951
NC_000012.11 ANKLE2 -7.47e-02 6.71e-03 0.5951
NC_000019.9 LONP1 -6.76e-02 6.71e-03 0.5951
NC_000015.9 SCAMP2 -4.62e-02 6.71e-03 0.5951
NC_000004.11 UBE2D3 -6.47e-02 6.71e-03 0.5951
NC_000006.11 BAT2 -3.38e-02 6.72e-03 0.5951
NC_000021.8 RWDD2B 7.50e-02 6.72e-03 0.5951
NC_000017.10 HEXIM1 -1.19e-01 6.72e-03 0.5951
NC_000001.10 S100A10 7.29e-02 6.72e-03 0.5951
NC_000006.11 PPP1R2P1 8.11e-02 6.72e-03 0.5951
NC_000010.10 UBTD1 -7.36e-02 6.72e-03 0.5951
NC_000002.11 REEP1 6.07e-02 6.73e-03 0.5951
NC_000001.10 LHX8 3.70e-02 6.73e-03 0.5951
NC_000012.11 DCTN2 -6.04e-02 6.73e-03 0.5951
NC_000001.10 C1orf109 2.46e-01 6.73e-03 0.5951
NC_000010.10 PAOX -1.56e-01 6.73e-03 0.5951
NC_000019.9 JAK3 -9.94e-02 6.74e-03 0.5951
NC_000003.11 PLSCR1 2.56e-02 6.74e-03 0.5951
NC_000016.9 SLC5A2 5.04e-02 6.74e-03 0.5951
NC_000005.9 TMED7-TICAM2 -7.22e-02 6.74e-03 0.5951
NC_000014.8 FLRT2 -1.26e-01 6.74e-03 0.5951
NC_000001.10 C1orf95 -3.04e-02 6.74e-03 0.5951
NC_000017.10 ELP2P 8.54e-02 6.75e-03 0.5951
NC_000009.11 DNM1 3.44e-02 6.75e-03 0.5951
NC_000020.10 LOC149837 1.86e-01 6.75e-03 0.5951
NC_000002.11 TRIP12 -7.86e-02 6.75e-03 0.5951
NC_000006.11 JARID2 8.88e-02 6.75e-03 0.5951
NC_000001.10 QSOX1 -1.09e-01 6.75e-03 0.5951
NC_000020.10 SLC12A5 -6.03e-02 6.75e-03 0.5951
NC_000005.9 C1QTNF3 -7.92e-02 6.75e-03 0.5951
NC_000003.11 CACNA2D2 9.50e-02 6.76e-03 0.5951
NC_000007.13 CNPY1 3.94e-02 6.76e-03 0.5951
NC_000020.10 ZMYND8 1.39e-01 6.76e-03 0.5951
NC_000002.11 PLEKHH2 6.03e-02 6.76e-03 0.5951
NC_000012.11 DCTN2 4.14e-02 6.76e-03 0.5951
NC_000001.10 MCOLN2 5.31e-02 6.77e-03 0.5951
NC_000014.8 HNRNPC -1.15e-01 6.77e-03 0.5951
NC_000010.10 DIP2C -5.12e-02 6.77e-03 0.5951
NC_000010.10 FAM53B 6.50e-02 6.77e-03 0.5951
NC_000012.11 CACNA2D4 1.72e-01 6.77e-03 0.5951
NC_000008.10 ZNF707 -3.32e-02 6.78e-03 0.5951
NC_000012.11 LOC100240735 1.25e-01 6.78e-03 0.5951
NC_000001.10 TP73 1.10e-01 6.78e-03 0.5951
NC_000005.9 MGAT1 7.16e-02 6.78e-03 0.5951
NC_000001.10 TRIM58 -6.22e-02 6.78e-03 0.5951
NC_000006.11 CDYL -9.20e-02 6.78e-03 0.5951
NC_000002.11 CASP8 1.42e-01 6.78e-03 0.5951
NC_000019.9 ZNF613 -5.65e-02 6.79e-03 0.5951
NC_000016.9 RRN3 5.25e-02 6.79e-03 0.5951
NC_000017.10 NPLOC4 -7.83e-02 6.79e-03 0.5951
NC_000001.10 ACP6 -2.83e-02 6.79e-03 0.5951
NC_000013.10 SOHLH2 1.23e-01 6.80e-03 0.5951
NC_000009.11 WDR85 8.02e-02 6.80e-03 0.5951
NC_000010.10 SRGN -4.69e-02 6.80e-03 0.5951
NC_000001.10 FAM78B -2.69e-02 6.80e-03 0.5951
NC_000015.9 NDNL2 -3.54e-02 6.80e-03 0.5951
NC_000001.10 DMBX1 4.32e-02 6.80e-03 0.5951
NC_000023.10 NLGN4X 6.90e-02 6.80e-03 0.5951
NC_000017.10 EXOC7 6.52e-02 6.80e-03 0.5951
NC_000008.10 TOP1MT -6.46e-02 6.81e-03 0.5951
NC_000015.9 FSIP1 -1.04e-01 6.81e-03 0.5951
NC_000019.9 SIGLEC12 -3.79e-02 6.81e-03 0.5951
NC_000017.10 EFTUD2 -3.12e-02 6.81e-03 0.5951
NC_000016.9 DPEP2 7.90e-02 6.82e-03 0.5951
NC_000015.9 MIR184 -9.90e-02 6.82e-03 0.5951
NC_000011.9 ABCG4 -6.24e-02 6.82e-03 0.5951
NC_000017.10 ICT1 -3.85e-02 6.82e-03 0.5951
NC_000016.9 NAE1 -2.39e-02 6.82e-03 0.5951
NC_000008.10 FAM66D -1.49e-01 6.82e-03 0.5951
NC_000007.13 CRCP -6.89e-02 6.82e-03 0.5951
NC_000017.10 CHRNE 1.56e-01 6.83e-03 0.5951
NC_000002.11 APOB 9.44e-02 6.83e-03 0.5951
NC_000017.10 NTN1 1.59e-01 6.83e-03 0.5951
NC_000001.10 LHX8 1.27e-01 6.83e-03 0.5951
NC_000002.11 CFC1B 1.84e-01 6.83e-03 0.5951
NC_000008.10 PURG -2.84e-02 6.83e-03 0.5951
NC_000005.9 TRIM7 6.78e-02 6.83e-03 0.5951
NC_000009.11 CAMSAP1 -3.50e-01 6.83e-03 0.5951
NC_000001.10 ESPNP 8.08e-02 6.84e-03 0.5951
NC_000004.11 MAPK10 -5.45e-02 6.84e-03 0.5951
NC_000013.10 ATP8A2 -2.47e-02 6.84e-03 0.5951
NC_000017.10 SLFN12 1.59e-01 6.84e-03 0.5951
NC_000003.11 TGFBR2 9.75e-02 6.84e-03 0.5951
NC_000007.13 REPIN1 -1.47e-01 6.84e-03 0.5951
NC_000001.10 CACNA1E 1.30e-01 6.85e-03 0.5951
NC_000020.10 SIGLEC1 8.80e-02 6.85e-03 0.5951
NC_000015.9 PAK6 8.86e-02 6.85e-03 0.5951
NC_000019.9 SCAMP4 -4.95e-02 6.85e-03 0.5951
NC_000019.9 CNN2 5.24e-02 6.85e-03 0.5952
NC_000001.10 C1orf159 3.12e-02 6.85e-03 0.5952
NC_000007.13 GLI3 5.54e-02 6.86e-03 0.5952
NC_000011.9 NLRP6 7.13e-02 6.86e-03 0.5952
NC_000001.10 TSNAX-DISC1 -1.22e-01 6.86e-03 0.5952
NC_000006.11 BAT1 -5.30e-02 6.86e-03 0.5952
NC_000016.9 NECAB2 1.78e-01 6.86e-03 0.5952
NC_000010.10 COX15 -3.26e-02 6.86e-03 0.5952
NC_000019.9 MYO9B -2.51e-02 6.87e-03 0.5952
NC_000010.10 PGAM1 1.63e-01 6.87e-03 0.5952
NC_000002.11 KIF5C -4.27e-02 6.87e-03 0.5952
NC_000014.8 NEK9 -4.30e-02 6.87e-03 0.5952
NC_000017.10 DCAKD -2.57e-02 6.87e-03 0.5952
NC_000015.9 CHRNA7 -3.45e-02 6.87e-03 0.5952
NC_000003.11 ZBTB20 -9.48e-02 6.87e-03 0.5952
NC_000008.10 DPY19L4 -2.67e-02 6.88e-03 0.5956
NC_000011.9 UBE4A 4.84e-02 6.89e-03 0.5959
NC_000016.9 USP7 -8.27e-02 6.90e-03 0.5962
NC_000001.10 MYBPHL -5.64e-02 6.90e-03 0.5962
NC_000006.11 TRIM39 -5.59e-02 6.90e-03 0.5962
NC_000008.10 PXDNL 1.87e-01 6.91e-03 0.5962
NC_000012.11 PHC1 -2.48e-02 6.91e-03 0.5962
NC_000011.9 RPS13 -7.02e-02 6.91e-03 0.5962
NC_000007.13 AVL9 1.36e-01 6.91e-03 0.5962
NC_000014.8 CLMN 3.97e-02 6.91e-03 0.5962
NC_000020.10 LOC284798 6.39e-02 6.91e-03 0.5962
NC_000019.9 PEPD 9.07e-02 6.92e-03 0.5962
NC_000022.10 PNPLA5 -6.44e-02 6.92e-03 0.5962
NC_000014.8 PRKCH -5.02e-02 6.92e-03 0.5962
NC_000016.9 SRCAP -4.55e-02 6.92e-03 0.5962
NC_000010.10 FRMD4A 1.10e-01 6.92e-03 0.5962
NC_000020.10 RBPJL 6.80e-02 6.92e-03 0.5962
NC_000012.11 KCNA1 1.32e-01 6.93e-03 0.5962
NC_000008.10 RRS1 -3.39e-02 6.93e-03 0.5962
NC_000003.11 KBTBD12 7.49e-02 6.93e-03 0.5962
NC_000003.11 IQCB1 -2.91e-02 6.93e-03 0.5962
NC_000007.13 KLRG2 -9.87e-02 6.93e-03 0.5962
NC_000010.10 ARHGAP22 4.33e-02 6.93e-03 0.5962
NC_000007.13 SPDYE6 -5.53e-02 6.93e-03 0.5962
NC_000011.9 SLC15A3 2.01e-01 6.94e-03 0.5962
NC_000017.10 RUNDC3A -2.87e-02 6.94e-03 0.5962
NC_000004.11 KCNIP4 -6.18e-02 6.95e-03 0.5962
NC_000020.10 PANK2 -1.37e-01 6.95e-03 0.5962
NC_000017.10 AOC3 3.59e-02 6.95e-03 0.5962
NC_000019.9 LYPD5 8.80e-02 6.95e-03 0.5962
NC_000017.10 MAP2K3 3.56e-02 6.95e-03 0.5962
NC_000001.10 PPFIA4 8.54e-02 6.95e-03 0.5962
NC_000007.13 MBLAC1 -3.68e-02 6.95e-03 0.5962
NC_000006.11 HSPA1A 5.87e-02 6.96e-03 0.5962
NC_000007.13 STX1A -6.20e-02 6.96e-03 0.5962
NC_000016.9 ITGAX 1.25e-01 6.96e-03 0.5962
NC_000011.9 ARHGEF12 -3.87e-02 6.96e-03 0.5962
NC_000006.11 RAB23 -4.59e-02 6.96e-03 0.5962
NC_000011.9 VEGFB -5.61e-02 6.97e-03 0.5962
NC_000020.10 DNMT3B -3.46e-02 6.97e-03 0.5962
NC_000002.11 LOC729234 4.47e-02 6.97e-03 0.5962
NC_000016.9 STX1B 8.60e-02 6.97e-03 0.5962
NC_000012.11 KCNH3 5.32e-02 6.97e-03 0.5962
NC_000006.11 HLA-DQB2 9.27e-02 6.98e-03 0.5962
NC_000001.10 ZC3H11A -6.43e-02 6.98e-03 0.5962
NC_000016.9 XYLT1 -6.84e-02 6.98e-03 0.5962
NC_000011.9 USP47 -5.37e-02 6.98e-03 0.5962
NC_000016.9 PHKB -1.17e-01 6.98e-03 0.5962
NC_000011.9 NAV2 -8.11e-02 6.98e-03 0.5962
NC_000023.10 DNASE1L1 7.19e-02 6.99e-03 0.5962
NC_000011.9 ARAP1 9.07e-02 6.99e-03 0.5962
NC_000003.11 LRRC15 8.23e-02 6.99e-03 0.5962
NC_000006.11 TNXB 3.88e-02 6.99e-03 0.5962
NC_000002.11 ANO7 1.47e-01 6.99e-03 0.5962
NC_000001.10 BRP44 -3.01e-02 7.00e-03 0.5962
NC_000012.11 ERGIC2 5.50e-02 7.00e-03 0.5962
NC_000002.11 FAM59B 1.27e-01 7.00e-03 0.5962
NC_000019.9 KIAA1543 7.21e-02 7.00e-03 0.5962
NC_000005.9 PRR16 -2.68e-02 7.00e-03 0.5962
NC_000020.10 CDH22 1.88e-01 7.00e-03 0.5962
NC_000005.9 ARL15 8.56e-02 7.00e-03 0.5962
NC_000016.9 DHX38 -3.72e-02 7.01e-03 0.5962
NC_000001.10 RWDD3 -2.81e-02 7.01e-03 0.5962
NC_000013.10 C1QTNF9B 7.27e-02 7.01e-03 0.5962
NC_000001.10 SDCCAG8 -5.27e-02 7.01e-03 0.5962
NC_000019.9 CCDC159 8.63e-02 7.01e-03 0.5962
NC_000019.9 SSBP4 1.42e-01 7.01e-03 0.5962
NC_000016.9 TESSP1 1.39e-01 7.02e-03 0.5962
NC_000009.11 LHX6 6.17e-02 7.02e-03 0.5962
NC_000016.9 MMP2 5.92e-02 7.02e-03 0.5962
NC_000008.10 TRMT12 -1.01e-01 7.02e-03 0.5962
NC_000019.9 LMNB2 6.09e-02 7.02e-03 0.5962
NC_000013.10 DGKH -4.34e-02 7.02e-03 0.5962
NC_000019.9 ELAVL3 6.09e-02 7.02e-03 0.5962
NC_000020.10 MIR1257 -3.74e-02 7.02e-03 0.5962
NC_000010.10 MEIG1 -1.33e-01 7.03e-03 0.5962
NC_000002.11 RQCD1 -7.81e-02 7.03e-03 0.5962
NC_000002.11 C2orf60 -2.34e-02 7.03e-03 0.5962
NC_000003.11 ZNF619 -3.75e-02 7.03e-03 0.5962
NC_000006.11 UBE2CBP -3.80e-02 7.03e-03 0.5962
NC_000008.10 FAM49B -8.47e-02 7.03e-03 0.5962
NC_000007.13 CNTNAP2 -4.99e-02 7.04e-03 0.5962
NC_000022.10 MYO18B 9.20e-02 7.04e-03 0.5962
NC_000020.10 MIR124-3 7.26e-02 7.04e-03 0.5962
NC_000007.13 WBSCR17 -5.79e-02 7.04e-03 0.5962
NC_000006.11 RNF39 1.94e-01 7.04e-03 0.5962
NC_000016.9 SYCE1L 6.40e-02 7.04e-03 0.5962
NC_000022.10 NCAPH2 -3.87e-02 7.04e-03 0.5962
NC_000019.9 ZNF808 5.63e-02 7.04e-03 0.5962
NC_000002.11 GALNT3 -8.12e-02 7.05e-03 0.5962
NC_000005.9 DND1 1.04e-01 7.05e-03 0.5962
NC_000005.9 RNU5E -6.89e-02 7.05e-03 0.5962
NC_000010.10 ADARB2 -2.09e-01 7.05e-03 0.5962
NC_000020.10 PMEPA1 3.25e-02 7.05e-03 0.5962
NC_000002.11 HADHB -7.46e-02 7.06e-03 0.5962
NC_000007.13 EPHA1 5.38e-02 7.06e-03 0.5962
NC_000020.10 TOX2 4.35e-02 7.06e-03 0.5962
NC_000002.11 ANKRD23 1.30e-01 7.06e-03 0.5962
NC_000015.9 OCA2 5.58e-02 7.06e-03 0.5962
NC_000012.11 GALNT9 8.84e-02 7.06e-03 0.5962
NC_000014.8 C14orf148 3.37e-02 7.06e-03 0.5962
NC_000012.11 EP400 4.69e-02 7.06e-03 0.5962
NC_000005.9 SLC27A6 4.49e-02 7.06e-03 0.5962
NC_000015.9 BCL2A1 -3.84e-02 7.06e-03 0.5962
NC_000004.11 KIAA1211 -1.05e-01 7.06e-03 0.5962
NC_000005.9 PANK3 -2.76e-02 7.07e-03 0.5962
NC_000006.11 HIST1H2AL 6.12e-02 7.07e-03 0.5965
NC_000023.10 FLJ30058 1.25e-01 7.07e-03 0.5966
NC_000013.10 NALCN -5.81e-02 7.08e-03 0.5967
NC_000001.10 BTG2 2.96e-02 7.08e-03 0.5967
NC_000019.9 ANKRD24 -6.52e-02 7.09e-03 0.5969
NC_000001.10 TMEM51 -4.90e-02 7.09e-03 0.5969
NC_000007.13 PDIA4 8.05e-02 7.09e-03 0.5969
NC_000014.8 MLH3 -3.16e-02 7.09e-03 0.5969
NC_000023.10 TMSB15A -7.81e-02 7.09e-03 0.5969
NC_000017.10 RAB37 5.25e-02 7.09e-03 0.5969
NC_000017.10 ACSF2 -6.63e-02 7.10e-03 0.5971
NC_000015.9 ALPK3 -8.76e-02 7.10e-03 0.5972
NC_000006.11 B3GALT4 -5.49e-02 7.11e-03 0.5976
NC_000003.11 LOC285359 -9.60e-02 7.12e-03 0.598
NC_000011.9 TIGD3 5.71e-02 7.12e-03 0.598
NC_000001.10 MCOLN3 4.70e-02 7.12e-03 0.598
NC_000020.10 SPINLW1 9.29e-02 7.12e-03 0.5981
NC_000007.13 CREB3L2 -8.10e-02 7.12e-03 0.5981
NC_000016.9 JMJD8 8.49e-02 7.13e-03 0.5984
NC_000019.9 ZNF709 8.96e-02 7.13e-03 0.5984
NC_000008.10 RAB11FIP1 -1.24e-01 7.13e-03 0.5984
NC_000009.11 SUGT1P1 5.31e-02 7.13e-03 0.5984
NC_000016.9 GFER -3.62e-02 7.14e-03 0.5985
NC_000006.11 EYA4 7.48e-02 7.14e-03 0.5985
NC_000001.10 ATAD3B -6.11e-02 7.14e-03 0.5985
NC_000015.9 PTPLAD1 -3.11e-02 7.15e-03 0.5986
NC_000001.10 THEM4 -2.80e-02 7.16e-03 0.5986
NC_000002.11 ARHGEF4 4.46e-02 7.16e-03 0.5986
NC_000017.10 CENPV 9.74e-02 7.16e-03 0.5986
NC_000005.9 LOC202181 5.41e-02 7.16e-03 0.5986
NC_000001.10 NFASC -5.96e-02 7.16e-03 0.5986
NC_000019.9 SLC7A9 7.00e-02 7.16e-03 0.5986
NC_000005.9 C5orf56 -3.50e-02 7.17e-03 0.5986
NC_000009.11 TMEM141 6.96e-02 7.17e-03 0.5986
NC_000011.9 RBM4B -9.92e-02 7.17e-03 0.5986
NC_000015.9 MNS1 8.95e-02 7.17e-03 0.5986
NC_000002.11 GULP1 1.18e-01 7.17e-03 0.5986
NC_000001.10 LOR -6.49e-02 7.17e-03 0.5986
NC_000008.10 ZFHX4 -1.52e-01 7.18e-03 0.599
NC_000004.11 LRPAP1 -6.12e-02 7.18e-03 0.599
NC_000002.11 TRPM8 5.22e-02 7.19e-03 0.5991
NC_000011.9 SERGEF -8.68e-02 7.19e-03 0.5991
NC_000005.9 PCDHGA2 7.30e-02 7.19e-03 0.5991
NC_000008.10 SCARA5 8.78e-02 7.19e-03 0.5992
NC_000002.11 CCDC142 1.07e-01 7.20e-03 0.5992
NC_000007.13 LFNG 9.84e-02 7.20e-03 0.5992
NC_000006.11 AGER -6.11e-02 7.20e-03 0.5992
NC_000005.9 ADRB2 -3.72e-02 7.20e-03 0.5992
NC_000019.9 TNFSF9 7.07e-02 7.21e-03 0.5994
NC_000007.13 ATP6V0A4 8.30e-02 7.21e-03 0.5994
NC_000006.11 TAPBP -3.86e-02 7.21e-03 0.5994
NC_000003.11 DGKG 9.41e-02 7.21e-03 0.5996
NC_000014.8 SERPINA12 9.44e-02 7.22e-03 0.5996
NC_000008.10 PENK -3.48e-02 7.22e-03 0.5998
NC_000009.11 NOTCH1 -1.33e-01 7.23e-03 0.6
NC_000006.11 FOXO3 -1.12e-01 7.23e-03 0.6
NC_000003.11 SENP7 5.26e-02 7.23e-03 0.6
NC_000011.9 OPCML -7.21e-02 7.23e-03 0.6
NC_000009.11 GARNL3 -1.38e-01 7.24e-03 0.6
NC_000008.10 CHRNA2 2.63e-02 7.24e-03 0.6
NC_000006.11 CPNE5 1.14e-01 7.24e-03 0.6
NC_000005.9 GLRX -7.35e-02 7.24e-03 0.6
NC_000007.13 SLC13A1 4.97e-02 7.24e-03 0.6
NC_000002.11 AGAP1 -9.78e-02 7.24e-03 0.6
NC_000016.9 CHTF18 2.60e-02 7.24e-03 0.6
NC_000008.10 LOC100130274 1.86e-01 7.24e-03 0.6
NC_000006.11 NCRNA00171 -1.34e-01 7.25e-03 0.6
NC_000010.10 EBF3 -6.45e-02 7.25e-03 0.6
NC_000001.10 C1orf109 1.61e-01 7.25e-03 0.6
NC_000022.10 LOC339674 -6.80e-02 7.25e-03 0.6
NC_000011.9 BDNF -4.41e-02 7.25e-03 0.6
NC_000005.9 RANBP17 1.25e-01 7.26e-03 0.6003
NC_000004.11 SGCB -4.28e-02 7.26e-03 0.6003
NC_000002.11 NEURL3 7.70e-02 7.26e-03 0.6003
NC_000001.10 SLAMF9 -8.32e-02 7.26e-03 0.6003
NC_000002.11 GTF2A1L -1.15e-01 7.27e-03 0.6003
NC_000017.10 LOC92659 3.57e-02 7.27e-03 0.6003
NC_000006.11 SMOC2 6.80e-02 7.27e-03 0.6003
NC_000012.11 KRT75 6.37e-02 7.27e-03 0.6003
NC_000019.9 KLK11 6.15e-02 7.28e-03 0.6003
NC_000002.11 MYEOV2 1.43e-01 7.28e-03 0.6003
NC_000003.11 SKIL -5.11e-02 7.28e-03 0.6003
NC_000014.8 TSHR 1.35e-01 7.28e-03 0.6003
NC_000010.10 SYNPO2L 4.43e-02 7.28e-03 0.6003
NC_000004.11 IL15 -3.70e-02 7.28e-03 0.6003
NC_000006.11 TNXB 1.33e-01 7.28e-03 0.6003
NC_000022.10 SLC7A4 2.79e-02 7.28e-03 0.6003
NC_000011.9 LRRC10B 6.69e-02 7.28e-03 0.6003
NC_000010.10 ZNF248 -3.44e-02 7.28e-03 0.6003
NC_000012.11 PLBD1 1.21e-01 7.29e-03 0.6003
NC_000003.11 LPP -1.66e-01 7.29e-03 0.6007
NC_000007.13 ZNF783 -4.52e-02 7.29e-03 0.6007
NC_000012.11 FGF6 6.85e-02 7.30e-03 0.6007
NC_000017.10 TBCD -6.93e-02 7.30e-03 0.6007
NC_000016.9 ZNF771 -3.42e-02 7.30e-03 0.6007
NC_000017.10 DUS1L 7.39e-02 7.30e-03 0.6007
NC_000014.8 ZBTB25 -2.46e-02 7.31e-03 0.6009
NC_000011.9 SIGIRR -4.41e-02 7.32e-03 0.6009
NC_000008.10 LRP12 -1.45e-01 7.32e-03 0.6009
NC_000019.9 MPND -3.08e-02 7.32e-03 0.6009
NC_000018.9 RAB27B 4.80e-02 7.32e-03 0.6009
NC_000010.10 USP6NL -1.05e-01 7.32e-03 0.6009
NC_000014.8 PACS2 8.09e-02 7.33e-03 0.6009
NC_000018.9 LAMA3 -3.81e-02 7.33e-03 0.6009
NC_000006.11 C6orf226 -7.15e-02 7.33e-03 0.6009
NC_000006.11 C6orf162 -1.06e-01 7.33e-03 0.6009
NC_000010.10 TUBGCP2 -3.87e-02 7.33e-03 0.6009
NC_000016.9 CLEC16A -6.63e-02 7.33e-03 0.6009
NC_000005.9 HNRNPA0 -2.62e-02 7.33e-03 0.6009
NC_000021.8 HUNK -1.95e-01 7.34e-03 0.6009
NC_000017.10 MAPT 1.50e-01 7.34e-03 0.6009
NC_000017.10 ATP5H -2.44e-02 7.34e-03 0.6009
NC_000010.10 DIP2C -8.59e-02 7.34e-03 0.6009
NC_000004.11 C4orf44 5.37e-02 7.34e-03 0.6009
NC_000007.13 TOMM7 -8.42e-02 7.34e-03 0.6009
NC_000003.11 ABI3BP 8.69e-02 7.34e-03 0.6009
NC_000002.11 NCRNA00164 6.58e-02 7.35e-03 0.6009
NC_000005.9 ST8SIA4 2.65e-02 7.35e-03 0.6009
NC_000008.10 DLC1 -7.06e-02 7.35e-03 0.6009
NC_000011.9 GPR137 7.80e-02 7.36e-03 0.6009
NC_000019.9 ZNF257 3.19e-02 7.36e-03 0.6009
NC_000010.10 MCM10 -6.03e-02 7.36e-03 0.6009
NC_000001.10 DHRS3 9.19e-02 7.36e-03 0.6009
NC_000005.9 HARS -3.65e-02 7.36e-03 0.6009
NC_000017.10 WFIKKN2 7.65e-02 7.36e-03 0.601
NC_000006.11 MAPK14 -3.63e-02 7.37e-03 0.6012
NC_000001.10 FAM41C 1.26e-01 7.37e-03 0.6012
NC_000009.11 C9orf171 1.27e-01 7.37e-03 0.6012
NC_000001.10 ERRFI1 -7.75e-02 7.37e-03 0.6012
NC_000020.10 LAMA5 4.33e-02 7.38e-03 0.6012
NC_000014.8 C14orf132 -2.53e-02 7.38e-03 0.6012
NC_000007.13 PLXNA4 7.52e-02 7.38e-03 0.6012
NC_000019.9 APOC2 -1.66e-01 7.38e-03 0.6012
NC_000016.9 OSGIN1 -7.51e-02 7.38e-03 0.6012
NC_000001.10 PER3 -3.79e-02 7.39e-03 0.6012
NC_000004.11 SCD5 -1.69e-01 7.39e-03 0.6012
NC_000005.9 PDE4D -6.72e-02 7.39e-03 0.6012
NC_000007.13 IGF2BP3 5.68e-02 7.39e-03 0.6012
NC_000011.9 HCCA2 -5.98e-02 7.39e-03 0.6012
NC_000015.9 FLJ42289 4.45e-02 7.39e-03 0.6012
NC_000001.10 LDLRAP1 5.44e-02 7.39e-03 0.6012
NC_000014.8 PPIL5 -7.16e-02 7.39e-03 0.6012
NC_000005.9 UNC5A 1.04e-01 7.40e-03 0.6012
NC_000006.11 MDGA1 -6.98e-02 7.40e-03 0.6013
NC_000019.9 USP29 1.42e-01 7.40e-03 0.6013
NC_000007.13 LOC286016 6.17e-02 7.40e-03 0.6015
NC_000005.9 OSMR 9.74e-02 7.41e-03 0.6015
NC_000001.10 KIF21B -7.33e-02 7.41e-03 0.6015
NC_000016.9 KCTD5 -2.61e-02 7.41e-03 0.6015
NC_000010.10 PAX2 4.99e-02 7.41e-03 0.6015
NC_000012.11 PPP1R12A -9.92e-02 7.41e-03 0.6015
NC_000002.11 AGAP1 -2.86e-02 7.41e-03 0.6015
NC_000001.10 UBIAD1 -3.20e-02 7.41e-03 0.6015
NC_000021.8 WRB -9.16e-02 7.42e-03 0.6016
NC_000007.13 USP42 -5.20e-02 7.42e-03 0.6016
NC_000006.11 KIAA1949 -9.86e-02 7.42e-03 0.6016
NC_000011.9 RPS3 -8.80e-02 7.42e-03 0.6017
NC_000013.10 ZIC5 3.24e-02 7.42e-03 0.6017
NC_000016.9 ZFHX3 -1.41e-01 7.43e-03 0.602
NC_000006.11 HCP5 8.05e-02 7.43e-03 0.6025
NC_000001.10 PCSK9 7.21e-02 7.44e-03 0.6025
NC_000008.10 LOC100130274 1.28e-01 7.44e-03 0.6025
NC_000008.10 GDF6 1.15e-01 7.44e-03 0.6025
NC_000020.10 NAPB -6.59e-02 7.44e-03 0.6025
NC_000007.13 WBSCR17 -1.44e-01 7.45e-03 0.6025
NC_000010.10 PRKG1 -4.46e-02 7.45e-03 0.6025
NC_000003.11 PLCL2 -1.10e-01 7.45e-03 0.6025
NC_000010.10 FAM175B 5.32e-02 7.45e-03 0.6025
NC_000011.9 P4HA3 8.71e-02 7.45e-03 0.6025
NC_000020.10 C20orf165 -5.18e-02 7.45e-03 0.6026
NC_000015.9 ALDH1A2 1.15e-01 7.45e-03 0.6026
NC_000014.8 TRAF3 -4.35e-02 7.45e-03 0.6026
NC_000003.11 GLB1 -7.50e-02 7.46e-03 0.6026
NC_000001.10 LOC284578 1.27e-01 7.46e-03 0.6026
NC_000020.10 TP53TG5 2.41e-02 7.46e-03 0.6026
NC_000002.11 UGT1A10 3.63e-02 7.46e-03 0.6027
NC_000002.11 RUFY4 4.82e-02 7.47e-03 0.603
NC_000007.13 OSBPL3 -1.78e-01 7.47e-03 0.603
NC_000016.9 ANKRD11 -9.69e-02 7.47e-03 0.603
NC_000016.9 CSNK2A2 -5.54e-02 7.47e-03 0.6031
NC_000009.11 EPB41L4B 7.91e-02 7.48e-03 0.6031
NC_000012.11 UBE2N 2.84e-02 7.48e-03 0.6031
NC_000012.11 NUAK1 9.64e-02 7.48e-03 0.6031
NC_000010.10 CPXM2 9.09e-02 7.48e-03 0.6031
NC_000008.10 XPO7 -1.33e-01 7.48e-03 0.6031
NC_000003.11 DZIP1L -9.68e-02 7.49e-03 0.6031
NC_000017.10 HOXB2 -3.74e-02 7.49e-03 0.6031
NC_000007.13 EGFR 6.93e-02 7.49e-03 0.6031
NC_000005.9 OTP 5.49e-02 7.49e-03 0.6031
NC_000004.11 CCDC149 -1.20e-01 7.49e-03 0.6031
NC_000003.11 LRRC2 4.77e-02 7.49e-03 0.6031
NC_000007.13 ZNF815 1.29e-01 7.49e-03 0.6031
NC_000014.8 ARG2 -3.56e-02 7.49e-03 0.6031
NC_000004.11 OTOP1 8.77e-02 7.50e-03 0.6034
NC_000013.10 RFC3 -4.47e-02 7.50e-03 0.6034
NC_000002.11 SOX11 -4.95e-02 7.50e-03 0.6034
NC_000019.9 KLK4 7.87e-02 7.50e-03 0.6034
NC_000012.11 AEBP2 -2.77e-02 7.51e-03 0.6034
NC_000006.11 IMPG1 1.27e-01 7.51e-03 0.6034
NC_000011.9 SLC35C1 -7.39e-02 7.51e-03 0.6035
NC_000003.11 CHDH -3.74e-02 7.52e-03 0.6035
NC_000016.9 CENPBD1 1.27e-01 7.52e-03 0.6035
NC_000017.10 CHRNB1 -7.35e-02 7.53e-03 0.6035
NC_000001.10 KCNA3 9.75e-02 7.53e-03 0.6035
NC_000012.11 PTHLH 6.18e-02 7.53e-03 0.6035
NC_000019.9 SLC7A9 8.54e-02 7.54e-03 0.6035
NC_000017.10 CRYBA1 6.27e-02 7.54e-03 0.6035
NC_000019.9 PEG3 -8.17e-02 7.54e-03 0.6035
NC_000011.9 C11orf90 -4.47e-02 7.54e-03 0.6035
NC_000003.11 KNG1 1.03e-01 7.54e-03 0.6035
NC_000008.10 MYOM2 -1.24e-01 7.54e-03 0.6035
NC_000001.10 PTPRF 1.45e-01 7.54e-03 0.6035
NC_000016.9 MGRN1 -7.89e-02 7.54e-03 0.6035
NC_000016.9 AKTIP -4.05e-02 7.55e-03 0.6035
NC_000001.10 KCNJ10 -2.75e-02 7.55e-03 0.6035
NC_000003.11 IGF2BP2 -2.99e-02 7.55e-03 0.6035
NC_000006.11 CD109 -8.33e-02 7.55e-03 0.6035
NC_000003.11 CCDC48 -1.04e-01 7.55e-03 0.6035
NC_000020.10 TAF4 1.61e-01 7.55e-03 0.6035
NC_000019.9 TBC1D17 6.27e-02 7.55e-03 0.6035
NC_000010.10 UNC5B 1.12e-01 7.55e-03 0.6035
NC_000001.10 C1orf9 2.75e-02 7.56e-03 0.6035
NC_000011.9 CXCR5 -5.90e-02 7.56e-03 0.6035
NC_000004.11 UNC5C 6.94e-02 7.56e-03 0.6035
NC_000020.10 FRG1B 3.81e-02 7.56e-03 0.6035
NC_000007.13 CNTNAP2 -5.65e-02 7.56e-03 0.6035
NC_000007.13 CAMK2B 7.23e-02 7.56e-03 0.6035
NC_000010.10 CDK1 -2.81e-02 7.56e-03 0.6035
NC_000014.8 C14orf37 -5.17e-02 7.56e-03 0.6035
NC_000001.10 CR2 -3.22e-02 7.57e-03 0.6035
NC_000010.10 UTF1 5.13e-02 7.57e-03 0.6035
NC_000006.11 EHMT2 -3.62e-02 7.57e-03 0.6035
NC_000001.10 FOXE3 -1.35e-01 7.57e-03 0.6035
NC_000001.10 BSDC1 -6.78e-02 7.57e-03 0.6035
NC_000012.11 HSP90B1 -6.79e-02 7.57e-03 0.6035
NC_000015.9 OR4F6 -3.20e-02 7.58e-03 0.6035
NC_000014.8 PAX9 8.63e-02 7.58e-03 0.6035
NC_000017.10 KRT19 5.18e-02 7.58e-03 0.6035
NC_000001.10 CR1 8.21e-02 7.58e-03 0.6035
NC_000007.13 AUTS2 2.67e-02 7.58e-03 0.6035
NC_000016.9 ZNF768 -3.31e-02 7.58e-03 0.6035
NC_000003.11 ESYT3 7.68e-02 7.58e-03 0.6035
NC_000010.10 CUL2 -6.17e-02 7.58e-03 0.6035
NC_000006.11 MICB 3.54e-02 7.58e-03 0.6035
NC_000015.9 MIR7-2 9.44e-02 7.58e-03 0.6035
NC_000003.11 CELSR3 1.22e-01 7.59e-03 0.6035
NC_000005.9 CCL28 7.87e-02 7.59e-03 0.6035
NC_000007.13 CCDC146 -3.09e-02 7.59e-03 0.6036
NC_000006.11 BTBD9 -1.12e-01 7.60e-03 0.6038
NC_000004.11 GRK4 -1.05e-01 7.60e-03 0.6038
NC_000017.10 HOXB7 -3.78e-02 7.60e-03 0.6038
NC_000017.10 GPRC5C -2.88e-02 7.60e-03 0.6038
NC_000015.9 TM2D3 -2.48e-02 7.60e-03 0.6038
NC_000002.11 NOL10 -3.12e-02 7.60e-03 0.6038
NC_000001.10 RASAL2 -3.71e-02 7.61e-03 0.6038
NC_000005.9 CDX1 6.33e-02 7.61e-03 0.6038
NC_000011.9 OVOL1 -1.34e-01 7.61e-03 0.6038
NC_000022.10 C22orf46 7.27e-02 7.61e-03 0.6038
NC_000002.11 HNRPLL -1.22e-01 7.61e-03 0.6038
NC_000012.11 KRT83 7.96e-02 7.61e-03 0.6038
NC_000002.11 HDAC4 -9.93e-02 7.61e-03 0.6038
NC_000005.9 SMAD5 -6.37e-02 7.62e-03 0.6038
NC_000006.11 KAAG1 1.20e-01 7.62e-03 0.6038
NC_000007.13 MAGI2 8.97e-02 7.62e-03 0.6039
NC_000004.11 NDUFC1 -2.53e-02 7.62e-03 0.6039
NC_000002.11 MRPS9 1.06e-01 7.63e-03 0.6039
NC_000020.10 C20orf166 5.28e-02 7.63e-03 0.6039
NC_000005.9 PCDHGA4 4.91e-02 7.63e-03 0.6039
NC_000005.9 C5orf62 6.55e-02 7.63e-03 0.6039
NC_000004.11 PPP3CA -2.41e-02 7.64e-03 0.6039
NC_000003.11 TRIM71 8.76e-02 7.64e-03 0.6039
NC_000011.9 GPR83 1.14e-01 7.64e-03 0.6039
NC_000012.11 LOC144571 1.13e-01 7.64e-03 0.6039
NC_000001.10 EIF2C1 -2.73e-02 7.64e-03 0.6039
NC_000006.11 ZBTB22 7.54e-02 7.64e-03 0.6039
NC_000008.10 OC90 -1.76e-01 7.65e-03 0.6039
NC_000001.10 CD46 8.11e-02 7.65e-03 0.6039
NC_000019.9 ZNF431 5.93e-02 7.65e-03 0.6039
NC_000007.13 WDR60 4.25e-02 7.65e-03 0.6039
NC_000013.10 ERCC5 -2.51e-02 7.65e-03 0.6039
NC_000010.10 DIP2C -7.36e-02 7.65e-03 0.6039
NC_000010.10 C10orf28 3.39e-02 7.67e-03 0.6043
NC_000002.11 DNAH6 4.85e-02 7.67e-03 0.6043
NC_000017.10 SMURF2 5.78e-02 7.67e-03 0.6043
NC_000012.11 PWP1 -9.37e-02 7.67e-03 0.6043
NC_000012.11 MLXIP 4.87e-02 7.67e-03 0.6043
NC_000005.9 ITGA2 2.74e-02 7.67e-03 0.6043
NC_000016.9 NAT15 1.05e-01 7.68e-03 0.6044
NC_000001.10 TRIM17 1.26e-01 7.68e-03 0.6045
NC_000011.9 ROBO4 9.70e-02 7.68e-03 0.6045
NC_000008.10 LY6E -2.97e-02 7.68e-03 0.6045
NC_000001.10 DCDC2B 1.26e-01 7.68e-03 0.6045
NC_000007.13 FOXK1 -1.46e-01 7.68e-03 0.6045
NC_000003.11 EPHB1 5.37e-02 7.69e-03 0.6045
NC_000005.9 SQSTM1 4.12e-02 7.69e-03 0.6045
NC_000001.10 HSPA6 7.20e-02 7.69e-03 0.6045
NC_000003.11 SCHIP1 -1.53e-01 7.69e-03 0.6045
NC_000001.10 PLEKHM2 3.26e-02 7.69e-03 0.6045
NC_000005.9 RAB9P1 -3.48e-02 7.69e-03 0.6045
NC_000019.9 LRFN1 7.08e-02 7.70e-03 0.6045
NC_000003.11 CCK 1.01e-01 7.70e-03 0.6045
NC_000002.11 PTCD3 -5.79e-02 7.70e-03 0.6045
NC_000019.9 EVI5L 5.25e-02 7.70e-03 0.6045
NC_000019.9 CYTH2 2.03e-01 7.70e-03 0.6045
NC_000007.13 BBS9 3.45e-02 7.71e-03 0.6045
NC_000011.9 SLC22A18AS 7.19e-02 7.71e-03 0.6045
NC_000016.9 C16orf52 -4.14e-02 7.71e-03 0.6045
NC_000001.10 KISS1 7.77e-02 7.71e-03 0.6045
NC_000010.10 EBF3 -3.90e-02 7.71e-03 0.6045
NC_000004.11 CAMK2D -2.77e-02 7.71e-03 0.6046
NC_000007.13 C7orf46 -3.73e-02 7.72e-03 0.6046
NC_000003.11 GPD1L -1.40e-01 7.72e-03 0.6046
NC_000006.11 C6orf150 9.21e-02 7.72e-03 0.6046
NC_000017.10 SPAG5 9.83e-02 7.72e-03 0.6046
NC_000014.8 TMEM121 8.78e-02 7.72e-03 0.6046
NC_000006.11 SLC22A23 -1.08e-01 7.73e-03 0.6046
NC_000019.9 NCAN 9.29e-02 7.73e-03 0.6046
NC_000020.10 ZHX3 -3.98e-02 7.73e-03 0.6046
NC_000008.10 GRHL2 -1.58e-01 7.73e-03 0.6046
NC_000004.11 NAAA -7.27e-02 7.73e-03 0.6046
NC_000006.11 TRIM27 -6.32e-02 7.74e-03 0.6046
NC_000003.11 AMT -3.34e-02 7.74e-03 0.6046
NC_000002.11 C2orf65 -8.87e-02 7.74e-03 0.6046
NC_000012.11 SSPN -4.11e-02 7.74e-03 0.6046
NC_000001.10 UHMK1 -2.97e-02 7.74e-03 0.6046
NC_000001.10 RAB42 4.80e-02 7.74e-03 0.6046
NC_000006.11 PEX3 -4.25e-02 7.74e-03 0.6046
NC_000005.9 CXXC5 -9.12e-02 7.74e-03 0.6046
NC_000007.13 HNRNPA2B1 -8.63e-02 7.74e-03 0.6046
NC_000007.13 RABL5 4.91e-02 7.74e-03 0.6046
NC_000010.10 ZNF487 9.23e-02 7.75e-03 0.6046
NC_000015.9 CSPG4 6.69e-02 7.75e-03 0.6046
NC_000006.11 NCRNA00171 6.38e-02 7.75e-03 0.6046
NC_000003.11 NKTR -3.69e-02 7.75e-03 0.6046
NC_000018.9 DSC2 5.95e-02 7.75e-03 0.6046
NC_000022.10 DGCR11 -4.19e-02 7.76e-03 0.6046
NC_000022.10 OSM 8.92e-02 7.76e-03 0.6046
NC_000015.9 SHC4 -6.72e-02 7.76e-03 0.6046
NC_000011.9 SYT7 -3.45e-02 7.76e-03 0.6046
NC_000010.10 PPIF 3.72e-02 7.76e-03 0.6046
NC_000013.10 F10 9.19e-02 7.76e-03 0.6046
NC_000019.9 CPAMD8 -1.55e-01 7.76e-03 0.6046
NC_000002.11 NCK2 -6.07e-02 7.76e-03 0.6046
NC_000001.10 PPP1R12B -5.77e-02 7.76e-03 0.6046
NC_000011.9 KCNQ1 8.34e-02 7.76e-03 0.6046
NC_000001.10 CHRM3 -1.81e-01 7.76e-03 0.6046
NC_000002.11 GPR75 -8.56e-02 7.76e-03 0.6046
NC_000004.11 TEC 5.73e-02 7.77e-03 0.6047
NC_000004.11 CCDC109B -1.29e-01 7.77e-03 0.6047
NC_000015.9 SPINT1 6.64e-02 7.77e-03 0.6047
NC_000013.10 B3GALTL 1.18e-01 7.78e-03 0.6047
NC_000002.11 ANKAR 1.03e-01 7.78e-03 0.6047
NC_000010.10 KIAA1274 5.88e-02 7.78e-03 0.6047
NC_000008.10 LY96 3.81e-02 7.78e-03 0.6047
NC_000011.9 THYN1 -2.97e-02 7.78e-03 0.6047
NC_000012.11 TMEM233 -6.62e-02 7.79e-03 0.6047
NC_000008.10 FABP5 7.43e-02 7.79e-03 0.6047
NC_000008.10 LYNX1 -2.69e-02 7.79e-03 0.6047
NC_000017.10 PRKCA -9.75e-02 7.79e-03 0.6047
NC_000005.9 SPOCK1 -1.04e-01 7.79e-03 0.6047
NC_000010.10 ITGB1 -1.11e-01 7.79e-03 0.6047
NC_000002.11 C2orf27A 1.13e-01 7.79e-03 0.6047
NC_000012.11 IFNG 7.30e-02 7.80e-03 0.6048
NC_000011.9 NRXN2 -8.24e-02 7.80e-03 0.6048
NC_000001.10 RPRD2 -9.02e-02 7.80e-03 0.6048
NC_000015.9 RHCG 1.07e-01 7.80e-03 0.6048
NC_000004.11 ZFYVE28 5.64e-02 7.81e-03 0.6048
NC_000005.9 TLX3 3.08e-02 7.81e-03 0.6048
NC_000006.11 C6orf27 1.06e-01 7.81e-03 0.6048
NC_000017.10 NT5C 6.43e-02 7.81e-03 0.6049
NC_000011.9 WT1 1.52e-01 7.81e-03 0.605
NC_000003.11 ECE2 -1.09e-01 7.81e-03 0.605
NC_000017.10 CHRNE 1.40e-01 7.82e-03 0.6052
NC_000001.10 PTGER3 -4.02e-02 7.82e-03 0.6052
NC_000003.11 MIR548I1 6.78e-02 7.83e-03 0.6052
NC_000010.10 SGMS1 -3.84e-02 7.83e-03 0.6052
NC_000017.10 B3GNTL1 -4.92e-02 7.83e-03 0.6052
NC_000007.13 C7orf10 -6.24e-02 7.83e-03 0.6052
NC_000004.11 UGT2B15 1.00e-01 7.83e-03 0.6052
NC_000002.11 SCN1A -8.38e-02 7.83e-03 0.6052
NC_000016.9 C16orf74 1.16e-01 7.84e-03 0.6052
NC_000006.11 NOTCH4 6.79e-02 7.84e-03 0.6052
NC_000021.8 SLC19A1 -6.62e-02 7.84e-03 0.6054
NC_000001.10 SHISA4 -1.02e-01 7.84e-03 0.6054
NC_000007.13 CUX1 -6.06e-02 7.84e-03 0.6054
NC_000008.10 ANXA13 -5.26e-02 7.84e-03 0.6054
NC_000001.10 UBXN10 7.79e-02 7.84e-03 0.6054
NC_000015.9 RPS27L -3.12e-02 7.85e-03 0.6056
NC_000006.11 PHACTR2 1.48e-01 7.86e-03 0.6059
NC_000002.11 FBXO41 1.07e-01 7.86e-03 0.6059
NC_000002.11 MAT2A -1.35e-01 7.86e-03 0.6062
NC_000007.13 GLI3 -6.23e-02 7.86e-03 0.6062
NC_000007.13 MAD1L1 1.26e-01 7.87e-03 0.6065
NC_000010.10 USP6NL -2.40e-02 7.88e-03 0.6065
NC_000011.9 UBE4A 7.47e-02 7.88e-03 0.6065
NC_000002.11 PXDN -4.88e-02 7.88e-03 0.6065
NC_000007.13 PDGFA -3.14e-02 7.88e-03 0.6066
NC_000012.11 LOC144571 1.13e-01 7.89e-03 0.6066
NC_000012.11 COL2A1 4.21e-02 7.89e-03 0.6066
NC_000006.11 ALDH8A1 3.70e-02 7.89e-03 0.6066
NC_000020.10 PRIC285 1.51e-01 7.89e-03 0.6066
NC_000001.10 PGBD5 -9.84e-02 7.89e-03 0.6066
NC_000014.8 SDR39U1 -8.11e-02 7.89e-03 0.6066
NC_000006.11 MCHR2 7.75e-02 7.90e-03 0.6067
NC_000011.9 TRIM22 1.58e-01 7.90e-03 0.6068
NC_000019.9 CD209 4.80e-02 7.91e-03 0.6068
NC_000006.11 CDYL 3.83e-02 7.91e-03 0.6068
NC_000017.10 CYTSB 8.38e-02 7.91e-03 0.6068
NC_000007.13 AUTS2 -6.42e-02 7.91e-03 0.6068
NC_000002.11 AGAP1 -2.85e-02 7.91e-03 0.6068
NC_000021.8 MRPS6 -1.10e-01 7.91e-03 0.6068
NC_000007.13 CUX1 3.78e-02 7.92e-03 0.6073
NC_000003.11 RPN1 -1.08e-01 7.92e-03 0.6074
NC_000020.10 PET117 -9.32e-02 7.92e-03 0.6074
NC_000005.9 PCDHA1 8.87e-02 7.93e-03 0.6076
NC_000006.11 COL11A2 -6.29e-02 7.93e-03 0.6076
NC_000020.10 HSPC072 -6.33e-02 7.93e-03 0.6076
NC_000017.10 NCRNA00188 -2.98e-02 7.94e-03 0.6078
NC_000014.8 ANKRD9 5.10e-02 7.94e-03 0.6078
NC_000015.9 FANCI 1.01e-01 7.94e-03 0.6078
NC_000013.10 BRCA2 1.06e-01 7.94e-03 0.6078
NC_000013.10 ATP11A 6.94e-02 7.95e-03 0.6078
NC_000001.10 CAPZB 5.24e-02 7.95e-03 0.6078
NC_000001.10 RBM34 -7.02e-02 7.95e-03 0.6078
NC_000003.11 PHLDB2 1.81e-01 7.95e-03 0.6079
NC_000005.9 LOX 7.94e-02 7.95e-03 0.6079
NC_000022.10 CACNA1I 3.89e-02 7.96e-03 0.6081
NC_000020.10 WFDC5 9.18e-02 7.96e-03 0.6081
NC_000022.10 C22orf41 -4.61e-02 7.96e-03 0.6081
NC_000016.9 LYRM1 -2.90e-02 7.96e-03 0.6081
NC_000001.10 FNDC7 1.08e-01 7.97e-03 0.6081
NC_000007.13 TNS3 -1.55e-01 7.97e-03 0.6081
NC_000011.9 FADS2 -4.57e-02 7.97e-03 0.6081
NC_000003.11 LOC348840 6.08e-02 7.97e-03 0.6081
NC_000004.11 LDB2 -1.02e-01 7.97e-03 0.6081
NC_000019.9 DACT3 -2.40e-02 7.98e-03 0.6081
NC_000001.10 SNHG12 -9.77e-02 7.98e-03 0.6081
NC_000004.11 ZNF595 -5.32e-02 7.98e-03 0.6081
NC_000001.10 WNT9A 4.89e-02 7.98e-03 0.6081
NC_000019.9 CALR -7.83e-02 7.98e-03 0.6081
NC_000011.9 LDHA 2.94e-02 7.98e-03 0.6081
NC_000007.13 METTL2B -3.76e-02 7.98e-03 0.6081
NC_000015.9 AGBL1 -6.75e-02 7.98e-03 0.6081
NC_000007.13 SMURF1 -1.03e-01 7.98e-03 0.6081
NC_000001.10 PLCH2 8.66e-02 7.98e-03 0.6081
NC_000001.10 OSBPL9 -7.70e-02 7.99e-03 0.6081
NC_000009.11 MIR147 1.13e-01 7.99e-03 0.6081
NC_000011.9 CALCB 3.89e-02 7.99e-03 0.6081
NC_000015.9 RASGRF1 -6.98e-02 7.99e-03 0.6081
NC_000003.11 PLXNB1 -1.42e-01 7.99e-03 0.6081
NC_000019.9 TRPM4 -1.17e-01 8.00e-03 0.6083
NC_000005.9 PRDM6 -8.69e-02 8.00e-03 0.6084
NC_000001.10 HHAT -2.52e-02 8.00e-03 0.6084
NC_000017.10 GPRC5C -3.11e-02 8.00e-03 0.6084
NC_000002.11 AGAP1 -1.08e-01 8.01e-03 0.6085
NC_000002.11 EVX2 4.47e-02 8.01e-03 0.6085
NC_000011.9 MAPK8IP1 -4.08e-02 8.01e-03 0.6085
NC_000007.13 MKLN1 -2.98e-02 8.01e-03 0.6085
NC_000019.9 KLK5 -9.86e-02 8.02e-03 0.6085
NC_000001.10 DAB1 -1.01e-01 8.02e-03 0.6085
NC_000009.11 SLC28A3 1.58e-01 8.02e-03 0.6087
NC_000001.10 SLC2A1 -2.61e-02 8.02e-03 0.6087
NC_000002.11 RPL31 6.73e-02 8.02e-03 0.6087
NC_000001.10 PRDM16 7.82e-02 8.03e-03 0.6087
NC_000007.13 WIPI2 -1.24e-01 8.03e-03 0.6087
NC_000008.10 E2F5 -1.25e-01 8.03e-03 0.6088
NC_000013.10 KBTBD6 -3.67e-02 8.04e-03 0.6088
NC_000007.13 MAD1L1 -4.49e-02 8.04e-03 0.6088
NC_000004.11 SLBP -2.84e-02 8.04e-03 0.6088
NC_000005.9 PPARGC1B -3.77e-02 8.04e-03 0.6088
NC_000017.10 RTN4RL1 1.71e-01 8.04e-03 0.6088
NC_000004.11 ANAPC10 -1.05e-01 8.04e-03 0.6089
NC_000007.13 EXOC4 4.80e-02 8.05e-03 0.6089
NC_000002.11 OSGEPL1 -2.70e-02 8.05e-03 0.6089
NC_000010.10 LGI1 -3.73e-02 8.05e-03 0.6089
NC_000003.11 MIR128-2 -7.13e-02 8.05e-03 0.6089
NC_000010.10 ECHDC3 6.16e-02 8.06e-03 0.6091
NC_000003.11 WWTR1 -5.69e-02 8.06e-03 0.6091
NC_000019.9 GLTSCR1 -4.37e-02 8.06e-03 0.6091
NC_000010.10 ECHDC3 1.61e-01 8.06e-03 0.6091
NC_000011.9 GRM5 6.35e-02 8.07e-03 0.6093
NC_000017.10 FADS6 6.23e-02 8.07e-03 0.6093
NC_000011.9 KCNA4 6.73e-02 8.07e-03 0.6093
NC_000022.10 APOL4 1.33e-01 8.07e-03 0.6093
NC_000006.11 RAET1L 4.66e-02 8.07e-03 0.6094
NC_000007.13 C7orf44 -2.75e-02 8.08e-03 0.6094
NC_000014.8 PPM1A -3.22e-02 8.08e-03 0.6095
NC_000002.11 NCL -9.54e-02 8.08e-03 0.6095
NC_000006.11 SCAND3 3.96e-02 8.09e-03 0.6095
NC_000007.13 AGAP3 8.53e-02 8.09e-03 0.6095
NC_000011.9 SYT9 -5.79e-02 8.09e-03 0.6095
NC_000004.11 PCGF3 -7.58e-02 8.09e-03 0.6095
NC_000019.9 ZNF93 6.79e-02 8.09e-03 0.6095
NC_000006.11 BAT2 -5.10e-02 8.09e-03 0.6095
NC_000004.11 SC4MOL -9.66e-02 8.10e-03 0.6099
NC_000016.9 BANP 4.61e-02 8.11e-03 0.6101
NC_000016.9 CARHSP1 -2.49e-02 8.11e-03 0.6101
NC_000006.11 ARID1B -5.79e-02 8.11e-03 0.6102
NC_000001.10 BMP8B 4.71e-02 8.12e-03 0.6107
NC_000019.9 DNASE2 -4.12e-02 8.13e-03 0.6107
NC_000013.10 UTP14C -2.98e-02 8.13e-03 0.6107
NC_000008.10 MMP16 -1.46e-01 8.13e-03 0.6107
NC_000009.11 WNK2 8.13e-02 8.13e-03 0.6107
NC_000012.11 BCL7A -1.15e-01 8.13e-03 0.6107
NC_000001.10 PKP1 9.91e-02 8.14e-03 0.6107
NC_000010.10 NANOS1 8.64e-02 8.14e-03 0.6107
NC_000019.9 GNG7 -1.18e-01 8.14e-03 0.6107
NC_000012.11 LRIG3 4.01e-02 8.14e-03 0.6107
NC_000012.11 E2F7 -3.22e-02 8.15e-03 0.6107
NC_000008.10 DLGAP2 3.75e-02 8.15e-03 0.6107
NC_000005.9 CTNND2 -9.83e-02 8.15e-03 0.6107
NC_000015.9 CCDC33 1.07e-01 8.16e-03 0.6107
NC_000012.11 H3F3C 1.00e-01 8.16e-03 0.6107
NC_000003.11 CHST13 2.66e-02 8.16e-03 0.6107
NC_000008.10 ARHGEF10 4.33e-02 8.17e-03 0.6107
NC_000006.11 ZBTB22 1.20e-01 8.17e-03 0.6107
NC_000002.11 PPP1CB -7.08e-02 8.17e-03 0.6107
NC_000006.11 LSM2 6.32e-02 8.17e-03 0.6107
NC_000019.9 TRMT1 -4.82e-02 8.18e-03 0.6107
NC_000019.9 ADAMTS10 5.53e-02 8.18e-03 0.6107
NC_000001.10 LOC339524 1.61e-01 8.19e-03 0.6107
NC_000017.10 PHOSPHO1 4.16e-02 8.19e-03 0.6107
NC_000004.11 SEC24B -1.21e-01 8.19e-03 0.6107
NC_000017.10 TMEM220 -9.27e-02 8.19e-03 0.6107
NC_000001.10 RERE -8.64e-02 8.19e-03 0.6107
NC_000003.11 CCDC52 -3.53e-02 8.19e-03 0.6107
NC_000001.10 SLC25A33 -9.89e-02 8.19e-03 0.6107
NC_000002.11 HDAC4 -8.97e-02 8.19e-03 0.6107
NC_000009.11 CARD9 1.28e-01 8.20e-03 0.6107
NC_000007.13 PSPH -2.25e-02 8.20e-03 0.6107
NC_000016.9 SRRM2 -9.06e-02 8.20e-03 0.6107
NC_000017.10 NPEPPS 6.57e-02 8.20e-03 0.6107
NC_000011.9 OVOL1 -3.34e-02 8.20e-03 0.6107
NC_000004.11 RAPGEF2 -6.80e-02 8.21e-03 0.6107
NC_000010.10 TET1 -3.61e-02 8.21e-03 0.6107
NC_000019.9 RASIP1 9.99e-02 8.21e-03 0.6107
NC_000009.11 EXD3 1.06e-01 8.21e-03 0.6107
NC_000022.10 IL2RB 1.15e-01 8.21e-03 0.6107
NC_000006.11 SIM1 3.09e-02 8.21e-03 0.6107
NC_000011.9 C11orf52 6.11e-02 8.21e-03 0.6107
NC_000018.9 CNDP2 -1.19e-01 8.21e-03 0.6107
NC_000017.10 PRKCA 5.48e-02 8.21e-03 0.6107
NC_000011.9 UBE4A -4.05e-02 8.21e-03 0.6107
NC_000017.10 TBCD -5.82e-02 8.22e-03 0.6107
NC_000019.9 ZNF266 -1.07e-01 8.22e-03 0.6107
NC_000017.10 FN3KRP -2.64e-02 8.22e-03 0.6107
NC_000015.9 ACTC1 2.15e-01 8.22e-03 0.6107
NC_000002.11 MYT1L -6.32e-02 8.22e-03 0.6107
NC_000011.9 POLD4 -3.87e-02 8.23e-03 0.6107
NC_000022.10 MOV10L1 1.40e-01 8.23e-03 0.6107
NC_000002.11 SH3BP4 -8.09e-02 8.23e-03 0.6107
NC_000009.11 EXD3 2.19e-01 8.23e-03 0.6107
NC_000015.9 ZNF710 4.76e-02 8.23e-03 0.6107
NC_000022.10 GRAP2 8.08e-02 8.24e-03 0.6107
NC_000011.9 RCOR2 4.32e-02 8.24e-03 0.6107
NC_000019.9 PRKD2 5.63e-02 8.24e-03 0.6107
NC_000006.11 HLA-B 5.05e-02 8.24e-03 0.6107
NC_000002.11 CLASP1 -1.11e-01 8.24e-03 0.6107
NC_000021.8 PDE9A 3.17e-02 8.25e-03 0.6107
NC_000004.11 IL15 -3.76e-02 8.25e-03 0.6107
NC_000003.11 C3orf77 5.27e-02 8.25e-03 0.6107
NC_000022.10 CYP2D6 1.07e-01 8.25e-03 0.6107
NC_000013.10 LOC121952 -7.91e-02 8.25e-03 0.6107
NC_000006.11 SIM1 6.54e-02 8.26e-03 0.6107
NC_000002.11 PLEKHH2 6.18e-02 8.27e-03 0.6107
NC_000017.10 RAP1GAP2 9.59e-02 8.27e-03 0.6107
NC_000011.9 BRSK2 6.91e-02 8.27e-03 0.6107
NC_000003.11 CCDC37 7.80e-02 8.27e-03 0.6107
NC_000004.11 RNF212 -6.62e-02 8.27e-03 0.6107
NC_000016.9 CHST6 6.32e-02 8.27e-03 0.6107
NC_000017.10 NXN 6.57e-02 8.28e-03 0.6107
NC_000016.9 ZNF843 3.34e-02 8.28e-03 0.6107
NC_000006.11 IFITM4P 4.47e-02 8.28e-03 0.6107
NC_000016.9 PRDM7 8.47e-02 8.28e-03 0.6107
NC_000012.11 CORO1C -1.14e-01 8.28e-03 0.6107
NC_000001.10 UBE2Q1 -1.40e-01 8.28e-03 0.6107
NC_000011.9 KCNQ1 5.71e-02 8.29e-03 0.6107
NC_000019.9 ERCC2 8.57e-02 8.29e-03 0.6107
NC_000016.9 VAT1L 5.40e-02 8.29e-03 0.6107
NC_000001.10 CACYBP -2.48e-02 8.30e-03 0.6107
NC_000016.9 GTF3C1 -8.70e-02 8.30e-03 0.6107
NC_000019.9 SPIB 1.59e-01 8.30e-03 0.6107
NC_000017.10 SHISA6 6.75e-02 8.30e-03 0.6107
NC_000019.9 ZNF530 -2.79e-02 8.30e-03 0.6107
NC_000017.10 CRHR1 9.50e-02 8.30e-03 0.6107
NC_000004.11 TRPC3 1.12e-01 8.30e-03 0.6107
NC_000006.11 HSPA1L 6.13e-02 8.31e-03 0.6107
NC_000002.11 ANKMY1 -1.09e-01 8.31e-03 0.6107
NC_000003.11 TNNC1 -3.13e-02 8.31e-03 0.6107
NC_000001.10 MORN1 5.43e-02 8.31e-03 0.6107
NC_000007.13 IGF2BP3 3.08e-02 8.31e-03 0.6107
NC_000002.11 DQX1 -2.54e-02 8.31e-03 0.6107
NC_000014.8 SFTA3 4.52e-02 8.31e-03 0.6107
NC_000003.11 TRIM71 1.39e-01 8.32e-03 0.6107
NC_000002.11 SLC30A6 -2.91e-02 8.32e-03 0.6107
NC_000004.11 RBPJ -9.99e-02 8.32e-03 0.6107
NC_000002.11 SOCS5 1.05e-01 8.32e-03 0.6107
NC_000002.11 DNMT3A 9.94e-02 8.33e-03 0.6107
NC_000001.10 ARHGEF10L -7.28e-02 8.33e-03 0.6107
NC_000011.9 CST6 6.00e-02 8.33e-03 0.6107
NC_000001.10 RTCD1 -2.44e-02 8.33e-03 0.6107
NC_000011.9 LUZP2 3.67e-02 8.33e-03 0.6107
NC_000017.10 PLSCR3 -2.51e-02 8.34e-03 0.6107
NC_000004.11 FBXW7 -7.06e-02 8.34e-03 0.6107
NC_000016.9 ZNF263 -7.41e-02 8.34e-03 0.6107
NC_000007.13 CUX1 5.72e-02 8.34e-03 0.6107
NC_000002.11 KIF1A -3.60e-02 8.34e-03 0.6107
NC_000006.11 UNC5CL -8.73e-02 8.34e-03 0.6107
NC_000003.11 MAGI1 -1.03e-01 8.35e-03 0.6107
NC_000020.10 TOX2 6.90e-02 8.35e-03 0.6107
NC_000001.10 LOC642587 -4.91e-02 8.35e-03 0.6107
NC_000016.9 TGFB1I1 1.29e-01 8.35e-03 0.6107
NC_000016.9 SRL -8.07e-02 8.35e-03 0.6107
NC_000005.9 C5orf51 -3.26e-02 8.36e-03 0.6107
NC_000016.9 C16orf59 -2.89e-02 8.36e-03 0.6107
NC_000021.8 DSCR8 -4.93e-02 8.36e-03 0.6107
NC_000001.10 MRTO4 3.06e-01 8.36e-03 0.6107
NC_000007.13 PAPOLB 1.26e-01 8.36e-03 0.6107
NC_000010.10 PCGF5 -3.21e-02 8.36e-03 0.6107
NC_000019.9 TIMM50 -2.70e-02 8.37e-03 0.6107
NC_000003.11 SGEF -3.23e-02 8.37e-03 0.6107
NC_000016.9 B3GNT9 9.79e-02 8.37e-03 0.6107
NC_000011.9 JAM3 8.47e-02 8.37e-03 0.6107
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 7.83e-02 8.37e-03 0.6107
NC_000019.9 JSRP1 4.73e-02 8.37e-03 0.6107
NC_000011.9 ART5 -3.42e-02 8.37e-03 0.6107
NC_000017.10 SLC47A1 1.18e-01 8.38e-03 0.6107
NC_000007.13 ADCK2 3.77e-02 8.38e-03 0.6107
NC_000014.8 DDHD1 -3.18e-02 8.38e-03 0.6107
NC_000008.10 ASAP1 -1.63e-01 8.38e-03 0.6107
NC_000015.9 FBN1 -5.88e-02 8.38e-03 0.6107
NC_000012.11 NT5DC3 -3.38e-02 8.38e-03 0.6107
NC_000014.8 CHD8 7.68e-02 8.38e-03 0.6107
NC_000020.10 EIF2S2 -2.46e-02 8.39e-03 0.6107
NC_000011.9 UEVLD -3.40e-02 8.39e-03 0.6107
NC_000018.9 IMPA2 7.26e-02 8.40e-03 0.6107
NC_000019.9 CACNG6 5.19e-02 8.40e-03 0.6107
NC_000009.11 VAV2 -7.11e-02 8.40e-03 0.6107
NC_000015.9 BNIP2 6.37e-02 8.40e-03 0.6107
NC_000001.10 CAMTA1 -3.30e-02 8.40e-03 0.6107
NC_000005.9 RGNEF -1.01e-01 8.40e-03 0.6107
NC_000006.11 TUBB -6.16e-02 8.40e-03 0.6107
NC_000010.10 ITPRIP 1.19e-01 8.40e-03 0.6107
NC_000006.11 VGLL2 -3.70e-02 8.40e-03 0.6107
NC_000019.9 HAS1 1.02e-01 8.41e-03 0.6107
NC_000001.10 TNFRSF25 1.42e-01 8.41e-03 0.6107
NC_000002.11 MYO7B -8.17e-02 8.41e-03 0.6107
NC_000020.10 SALL4 -5.92e-02 8.41e-03 0.6107
NC_000016.9 SEPX1 4.66e-02 8.42e-03 0.6107
NC_000012.11 RIMBP2 5.77e-02 8.42e-03 0.6107
NC_000018.9 NFATC1 7.70e-02 8.42e-03 0.6107
NC_000003.11 PCYT1A -6.41e-02 8.42e-03 0.6107
NC_000001.10 TRIM67 -3.97e-02 8.42e-03 0.6107
NC_000002.11 TPO 1.22e-01 8.42e-03 0.6107
NC_000023.10 HTR2C 6.66e-02 8.42e-03 0.6107
NC_000017.10 WBP2 -3.61e-02 8.42e-03 0.6107
NC_000023.10 TLR7 7.73e-02 8.43e-03 0.6107
NC_000007.13 PRKAG2 -1.68e-01 8.43e-03 0.6107
NC_000015.9 WHAMML1 6.59e-02 8.44e-03 0.6107
NC_000014.8 BMP4 3.06e-02 8.44e-03 0.6107
NC_000003.11 EOMES -6.71e-02 8.44e-03 0.6107
NC_000011.9 HCCA2 3.49e-02 8.44e-03 0.6107
NC_000001.10 FCGR2C 2.28e-02 8.44e-03 0.6107
NC_000005.9 LOC285692 5.69e-02 8.44e-03 0.6107
NC_000011.9 PKNOX2 6.14e-02 8.44e-03 0.6107
NC_000001.10 LCE3A 7.15e-02 8.44e-03 0.6107
NC_000015.9 ZNF592 9.33e-02 8.44e-03 0.6107
NC_000002.11 IWS1 -6.64e-02 8.44e-03 0.6107
NC_000011.9 SLC25A45 6.03e-02 8.45e-03 0.6107
NC_000008.10 IMPAD1 -6.48e-02 8.45e-03 0.6107
NC_000004.11 C4orf31 -3.60e-02 8.45e-03 0.6107
NC_000019.9 EPHX3 -5.09e-02 8.45e-03 0.6107
NC_000002.11 PRKCE 5.94e-02 8.45e-03 0.6107
NC_000007.13 ARMC10 -3.62e-02 8.46e-03 0.6107
NC_000010.10 JAKMIP3 -6.30e-02 8.46e-03 0.6107
NC_000010.10 BMPR1A -8.28e-02 8.46e-03 0.6107
NC_000021.8 PCBP3 -5.43e-02 8.46e-03 0.6107
NC_000006.11 TNFAIP3 -2.61e-02 8.46e-03 0.6107
NC_000022.10 CPT1B 1.23e-01 8.46e-03 0.6107
NC_000015.9 PLA2G4E -4.22e-02 8.46e-03 0.6107
NC_000017.10 GPRC5C 1.10e-01 8.46e-03 0.6107
NC_000019.9 NCRNA00181 7.01e-02 8.46e-03 0.6107
NC_000010.10 TCERG1L -9.96e-02 8.46e-03 0.6107
NC_000010.10 GLRX3 -2.98e-02 8.46e-03 0.6107
NC_000019.9 KLC3 6.55e-02 8.46e-03 0.6107
NC_000001.10 FGR -8.62e-02 8.47e-03 0.6107
NC_000014.8 MIR495 2.57e-02 8.47e-03 0.6107
NC_000009.11 ERMP1 -5.58e-02 8.47e-03 0.6108
NC_000008.10 FAM49B -2.65e-02 8.47e-03 0.611
NC_000018.9 SEH1L -3.02e-02 8.48e-03 0.611
NC_000006.11 KIF25 -1.59e-01 8.48e-03 0.611
NC_000004.11 ELF2 -1.03e-01 8.49e-03 0.611
NC_000001.10 PRKCZ -9.88e-02 8.49e-03 0.611
NC_000007.13 PDGFA -4.81e-02 8.50e-03 0.611
NC_000012.11 PHB2 -1.25e-01 8.50e-03 0.611
NC_000005.9 IL17B -1.15e-01 8.50e-03 0.611
NC_000013.10 FLT1 4.49e-02 8.50e-03 0.611
NC_000011.9 NUDT22 -9.19e-02 8.50e-03 0.611
NC_000012.11 FAM19A2 -6.49e-02 8.50e-03 0.611
NC_000006.11 AGPAT1 -8.23e-02 8.50e-03 0.611
NC_000008.10 MATN2 9.94e-02 8.51e-03 0.611
NC_000014.8 CTAGE5 -2.82e-02 8.51e-03 0.611
NC_000020.10 R3HDML 7.11e-02 8.51e-03 0.611
NC_000005.9 AFAP1L1 3.90e-02 8.51e-03 0.611
NC_000004.11 TADA2B -3.42e-02 8.51e-03 0.611
NC_000008.10 FOXH1 -3.22e-02 8.51e-03 0.611
NC_000022.10 SMC1B 9.24e-02 8.51e-03 0.611
NC_000009.11 SLC2A8 -2.56e-02 8.52e-03 0.611
NC_000019.9 SSBP4 -1.00e-01 8.52e-03 0.611
NC_000005.9 ATOX1 -3.75e-02 8.52e-03 0.611
NC_000016.9 SLC12A4 -3.68e-02 8.52e-03 0.611
NC_000019.9 OR7D4 3.76e-02 8.52e-03 0.611
NC_000006.11 DHX16 6.69e-02 8.53e-03 0.611
NC_000006.11 SLC17A4 -8.34e-02 8.53e-03 0.611
NC_000013.10 RCBTB1 -3.14e-02 8.53e-03 0.611
NC_000013.10 TUBGCP3 -1.02e-01 8.53e-03 0.611
NC_000006.11 C6orf136 -4.09e-02 8.53e-03 0.611
NC_000007.13 HIP1 -3.88e-02 8.54e-03 0.611
NC_000019.9 KHSRP -4.59e-02 8.54e-03 0.611
NC_000019.9 ZNF234 -2.04e-01 8.54e-03 0.611
NC_000005.9 SRP19 -4.79e-02 8.54e-03 0.611
NC_000019.9 PEPD -3.93e-02 8.54e-03 0.611
NC_000015.9 NR2F2 1.09e-01 8.54e-03 0.611
NC_000005.9 GNB2L1 -3.25e-02 8.54e-03 0.611
NC_000009.11 UBAC1 -4.31e-02 8.55e-03 0.611
NC_000011.9 HMBS -2.29e-02 8.55e-03 0.611
NC_000018.9 DSC2 -7.85e-02 8.55e-03 0.611
NC_000010.10 CPXM2 1.23e-01 8.55e-03 0.611
NC_000002.11 ABCG5 -5.45e-02 8.55e-03 0.611
NC_000021.8 KCNJ15 -4.95e-02 8.55e-03 0.611
NC_000020.10 SLC35C2 -2.49e-02 8.55e-03 0.611
NC_000019.9 EVI5L -7.94e-02 8.55e-03 0.611
NC_000006.11 JARID2 -3.60e-02 8.55e-03 0.611
NC_000004.11 ADRA2C 4.55e-02 8.56e-03 0.611
NC_000002.11 TSSC1 -3.76e-02 8.56e-03 0.611
NC_000007.13 SLC29A4 1.30e-01 8.56e-03 0.611
NC_000001.10 LPPR4 9.80e-02 8.57e-03 0.611
NC_000002.11 PSD4 8.71e-02 8.57e-03 0.611
NC_000019.9 RPL13AP5 -1.67e-01 8.57e-03 0.611
NC_000011.9 TM7SF2 -3.16e-02 8.57e-03 0.611
NC_000012.11 VWF -9.56e-02 8.57e-03 0.611
NC_000011.9 TSPAN4 6.18e-02 8.57e-03 0.611
NC_000004.11 ARHGAP24 -9.14e-02 8.58e-03 0.611
NC_000022.10 KREMEN1 6.26e-02 8.58e-03 0.611
NC_000010.10 MYPN 2.12e-01 8.58e-03 0.611
NC_000004.11 MAML3 -2.79e-02 8.58e-03 0.611
NC_000009.11 MLANA -5.27e-02 8.59e-03 0.611
NC_000001.10 ZNF648 9.33e-02 8.59e-03 0.611
NC_000007.13 C7orf50 -1.34e-01 8.59e-03 0.611
NC_000012.11 BCDIN3D -3.05e-02 8.59e-03 0.611
NC_000017.10 PIGS -9.85e-02 8.59e-03 0.611
NC_000006.11 FNDC1 -1.38e-01 8.59e-03 0.611
NC_000002.11 ANXA4 9.02e-02 8.59e-03 0.611
NC_000014.8 FOXN3 6.35e-02 8.60e-03 0.611
NC_000018.9 SERPINB3 5.94e-02 8.60e-03 0.611
NC_000011.9 PPP2R1B -4.75e-02 8.60e-03 0.611
NC_000006.11 BAT4 -4.45e-02 8.60e-03 0.611
NC_000008.10 XKR6 -2.96e-02 8.60e-03 0.611
NC_000007.13 MAD1L1 -6.05e-02 8.60e-03 0.611
NC_000006.11 STX11 1.11e-01 8.61e-03 0.611
NC_000001.10 KIAA0562 8.68e-02 8.61e-03 0.611
NC_000018.9 DCC -1.03e-01 8.61e-03 0.611
NC_000008.10 PTK2B 7.79e-02 8.61e-03 0.611
NC_000007.13 MAD1L1 -3.28e-02 8.62e-03 0.611
NC_000010.10 FAM171A1 -2.76e-02 8.62e-03 0.611
NC_000007.13 FAM20C -6.17e-02 8.62e-03 0.611
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 -1.15e-01 8.62e-03 0.611
NC_000006.11 TIAM2 -1.42e-01 8.62e-03 0.611
NC_000001.10 BMP8A -3.88e-02 8.62e-03 0.611
NC_000006.11 C6orf227 6.47e-02 8.62e-03 0.611
NC_000005.9 SLC6A18 -5.33e-01 8.62e-03 0.611
NC_000007.13 NOD1 1.25e-01 8.63e-03 0.6111
NC_000006.11 PSMB1 -8.14e-02 8.63e-03 0.6111
NC_000012.11 NELL2 -6.19e-02 8.63e-03 0.6112
NC_000017.10 RARA 4.27e-02 8.63e-03 0.6112
NC_000011.9 ALX4 -3.20e-02 8.63e-03 0.6112
NC_000012.11 PEX5 6.07e-02 8.64e-03 0.6112
NC_000001.10 POGK -7.32e-02 8.64e-03 0.6114
NC_000001.10 AGTRAP 4.20e-02 8.64e-03 0.6114
NC_000019.9 LYPD4 8.31e-02 8.64e-03 0.6116
NC_000003.11 XPC -4.35e-02 8.65e-03 0.6116
NC_000007.13 ZNF655 -2.81e-02 8.65e-03 0.6116
NC_000021.8 NCRNA00114 -5.59e-02 8.65e-03 0.6117
NC_000007.13 MUC17 4.81e-02 8.65e-03 0.6117
NC_000004.11 SCD5 -3.89e-02 8.65e-03 0.6117
NC_000015.9 THSD4 -1.73e-01 8.66e-03 0.6118
NC_000008.10 EFR3A -2.40e-02 8.67e-03 0.6118
NC_000011.9 WT1 -3.56e-02 8.67e-03 0.6118
NC_000012.11 PHB2 -2.60e-02 8.67e-03 0.6118
NC_000007.13 C7orf50 7.50e-02 8.67e-03 0.6118
NC_000001.10 TAF12 -3.16e-02 8.67e-03 0.6118
NC_000003.11 TRIM71 6.42e-02 8.68e-03 0.6118
NC_000004.11 TRPC3 1.22e-01 8.68e-03 0.6118
NC_000015.9 NARG2 6.13e-02 8.68e-03 0.6118
NC_000006.11 AGER -3.84e-02 8.68e-03 0.6118
NC_000012.11 CACNA2D4 1.11e-01 8.68e-03 0.6118
NC_000001.10 SPSB1 -1.65e-01 8.68e-03 0.6118
NC_000001.10 MMP23A 1.28e-01 8.69e-03 0.6118
NC_000012.11 E2F7 -3.38e-02 8.69e-03 0.6118
NC_000005.9 MRPS27 -3.27e-02 8.69e-03 0.6118
NC_000006.11 PLAGL1 5.38e-02 8.69e-03 0.6118
NC_000012.11 ZDHHC17 -2.39e-02 8.70e-03 0.6118
NC_000017.10 TRPV1 -1.74e-01 8.70e-03 0.6118
NC_000001.10 ERMAP 5.19e-02 8.70e-03 0.6118
NC_000001.10 TOR1AIP1 -2.58e-02 8.70e-03 0.6118
NC_000011.9 B4GALNT4 -3.87e-02 8.70e-03 0.6118
NC_000001.10 PRELP 6.90e-02 8.70e-03 0.6118
NC_000006.11 SYNCRIP -7.57e-02 8.70e-03 0.6118
NC_000011.9 WT1 1.05e-01 8.70e-03 0.6118
NC_000017.10 GGNBP2 -2.74e-02 8.70e-03 0.6118
NC_000012.11 NTN4 -1.31e-01 8.70e-03 0.6118
NC_000002.11 GEMIN6 1.13e-01 8.71e-03 0.6118
NC_000008.10 SCARA5 2.24e-01 8.71e-03 0.6118
NC_000001.10 HNRNPCL1 -4.23e-02 8.71e-03 0.6119
NC_000002.11 ALS2CR11 -9.28e-02 8.71e-03 0.6119
NC_000017.10 ITGA2B 1.21e-01 8.71e-03 0.6119
NC_000012.11 WNT5B 4.90e-02 8.72e-03 0.6121
NC_000016.9 TEKT5 8.75e-02 8.72e-03 0.6121
NC_000001.10 PDE4DIP -9.21e-02 8.72e-03 0.6121
NC_000007.13 COL1A2 -3.87e-02 8.72e-03 0.6122
NC_000022.10 NF2 -1.20e-01 8.72e-03 0.6122
NC_000012.11 GEFT 1.62e-01 8.72e-03 0.6122
NC_000008.10 MCM4 2.80e-02 8.73e-03 0.6122
NC_000006.11 THBS2 -1.01e-01 8.73e-03 0.6122
NC_000004.11 ENOPH1 5.44e-02 8.73e-03 0.6122
NC_000008.10 DLGAP2 5.77e-02 8.73e-03 0.6123
NC_000007.13 VIPR2 -6.15e-02 8.73e-03 0.6123
NC_000011.9 SYT8 4.08e-02 8.73e-03 0.6123
NC_000020.10 SPATA2 -6.53e-02 8.74e-03 0.6124
NC_000012.11 TMEM132D 3.48e-02 8.74e-03 0.6126
NC_000007.13 JAZF1 -2.65e-02 8.74e-03 0.6126
NC_000006.11 QRSL1 -5.68e-02 8.74e-03 0.6126
NC_000002.11 COL6A3 -1.72e-01 8.75e-03 0.6126
NC_000009.11 GABBR2 -2.94e-02 8.75e-03 0.6126
NC_000011.9 WT1 1.06e-01 8.75e-03 0.6126
NC_000010.10 FANK1 6.83e-02 8.75e-03 0.6126
NC_000001.10 C1orf100 8.38e-02 8.75e-03 0.6126
NC_000001.10 MTOR 1.63e-01 8.75e-03 0.6126
NC_000009.11 FAM157B 1.02e-01 8.76e-03 0.6126
NC_000019.9 MAST1 1.13e-01 8.76e-03 0.6126
NC_000013.10 ZIC5 2.30e-01 8.76e-03 0.6126
NC_000019.9 ZNF333 -4.52e-02 8.76e-03 0.6126
NC_000013.10 ATP7B 1.40e-01 8.76e-03 0.6126
NC_000019.9 ZNF274 6.52e-02 8.76e-03 0.6126
NC_000001.10 BMP8B -6.25e-02 8.77e-03 0.6126
NC_000002.11 MATN3 9.61e-02 8.77e-03 0.6126
NC_000007.13 CALD1 -1.87e-01 8.77e-03 0.6126
NC_000004.11 LARP1B -7.04e-02 8.77e-03 0.6126
NC_000010.10 RHOBTB1 -8.15e-02 8.78e-03 0.6126
NC_000002.11 SCTR 6.35e-02 8.78e-03 0.6126
NC_000002.11 CD8A 6.06e-02 8.78e-03 0.6126
NC_000011.9 CEP164 -4.25e-02 8.78e-03 0.6126
NC_000011.9 EFCAB4A 5.83e-02 8.79e-03 0.6128
NC_000001.10 KIAA0495 -4.34e-01 8.79e-03 0.6128
NC_000001.10 NFASC -8.18e-02 8.79e-03 0.6128
NC_000020.10 TRMT6 4.33e-02 8.79e-03 0.6131
NC_000016.9 FLYWCH2 -3.79e-02 8.80e-03 0.6134
NC_000010.10 STK32C -1.45e-01 8.81e-03 0.6135
NC_000017.10 ZNHIT3 -1.06e-01 8.81e-03 0.6135
NC_000016.9 HMOX2 -9.12e-02 8.81e-03 0.6135
NC_000006.11 BRD2 -5.82e-02 8.81e-03 0.6135
NC_000011.9 SHANK2 -3.96e-02 8.82e-03 0.6135
NC_000011.9 CTR9 -1.26e-01 8.82e-03 0.6135
NC_000004.11 IL15 -1.19e-01 8.82e-03 0.6136
NC_000011.9 LDHAL6A 8.80e-02 8.82e-03 0.6137
NC_000005.9 NSA2 1.02e-01 8.83e-03 0.6137
NC_000007.13 TYW1 -4.87e-02 8.83e-03 0.6138
NC_000019.9 CD209 1.11e-01 8.83e-03 0.6138
NC_000010.10 EMX2OS 8.71e-02 8.83e-03 0.6138
NC_000009.11 FBXW5 7.84e-02 8.84e-03 0.614
NC_000001.10 CADM3 -1.02e-01 8.84e-03 0.614
NC_000019.9 USF2 -2.84e-02 8.84e-03 0.614
NC_000001.10 CCDC28B -2.98e-02 8.84e-03 0.614
NC_000019.9 ZNF137 7.08e-02 8.84e-03 0.6141
NC_000010.10 JAKMIP3 -8.03e-02 8.85e-03 0.6141
NC_000009.11 ABO 8.66e-02 8.85e-03 0.6141
NC_000003.11 CMTM7 -1.24e-01 8.85e-03 0.6141
NC_000009.11 SNORD24 -2.46e-02 8.85e-03 0.6141
NC_000015.9 SLTM 4.42e-02 8.85e-03 0.6141
NC_000001.10 DFFB -2.78e-02 8.85e-03 0.6141
NC_000010.10 DUSP5 6.99e-02 8.86e-03 0.6143
NC_000019.9 FOSB 1.19e-01 8.87e-03 0.6143
NC_000006.11 HIVEP1 -3.78e-02 8.87e-03 0.6143
NC_000003.11 DCUN1D1 1.20e-01 8.87e-03 0.6143
NC_000020.10 WFDC5 6.82e-02 8.87e-03 0.6143
NC_000017.10 TTC19 -2.48e-01 8.87e-03 0.6143
NC_000011.9 CHRM1 -8.04e-02 8.87e-03 0.6143
NC_000011.9 MLL -1.16e-01 8.87e-03 0.6143
NC_000019.9 PPAN-P2RY11 1.55e-01 8.88e-03 0.6144
NC_000009.11 PMPCA -4.33e-02 8.88e-03 0.6144
NC_000007.13 KRIT1 -1.02e-01 8.88e-03 0.6144
NC_000013.10 MTUS2 4.79e-02 8.88e-03 0.6145
NC_000023.10 MAP7D2 1.18e-01 8.88e-03 0.6145
NC_000011.9 OR8B12 1.03e-01 8.89e-03 0.6145
NC_000021.8 COL18A1 -8.06e-02 8.89e-03 0.6145
NC_000019.9 JAK3 -3.64e-02 8.89e-03 0.6145
NC_000003.11 KIAA0226 9.02e-02 8.90e-03 0.6146
NC_000019.9 ZNF134 4.07e-02 8.90e-03 0.6149
NC_000016.9 LRRC29 7.12e-02 8.90e-03 0.6149
NC_000001.10 SUSD4 -6.80e-02 8.90e-03 0.6149
NC_000020.10 SLC12A5 1.15e-01 8.91e-03 0.6152
NC_000005.9 C5orf41 -2.56e-02 8.91e-03 0.6152
NC_000011.9 TNNT3 1.32e-01 8.91e-03 0.6152
NC_000009.11 PCSK5 -5.45e-02 8.92e-03 0.6152
NC_000009.11 KCNT1 9.59e-02 8.92e-03 0.6152
NC_000020.10 ERGIC3 -4.07e-02 8.92e-03 0.6152
NC_000002.11 AFF3 6.72e-02 8.92e-03 0.6152
NC_000017.10 DNAH9 1.00e-01 8.92e-03 0.6152
NC_000019.9 FAM108A1 7.57e-02 8.92e-03 0.6152
NC_000021.8 OLIG2 4.66e-02 8.93e-03 0.6152
NC_000001.10 OR14A16 -3.95e-02 8.93e-03 0.6152
NC_000003.11 ITGA9 3.71e-02 8.93e-03 0.6152
NC_000005.9 PFN3 1.05e-01 8.93e-03 0.6152
NC_000007.13 CYP2W1 7.38e-02 8.93e-03 0.6152
NC_000003.11 RFTN1 1.00e-01 8.94e-03 0.6152
NC_000019.9 SNRNP70 -6.85e-02 8.94e-03 0.6152
NC_000004.11 PDE6B 6.72e-02 8.94e-03 0.6152
NC_000001.10 HBXIP 1.32e-01 8.94e-03 0.6152
NC_000009.11 MRRF -4.84e-02 8.94e-03 0.6152
NC_000014.8 MPP5 -8.38e-02 8.94e-03 0.6152
NC_000001.10 BMP8A 7.41e-02 8.94e-03 0.6152
NC_000014.8 NRXN3 1.29e-01 8.95e-03 0.6153
NC_000002.11 FAHD2B 7.20e-02 8.95e-03 0.6153
NC_000016.9 A2BP1 -1.11e-01 8.95e-03 0.6153
NC_000010.10 POLL -2.88e-02 8.95e-03 0.6153
NC_000012.11 IL23A 2.18e-01 8.96e-03 0.6153
NC_000008.10 TNFRSF10A 6.28e-02 8.96e-03 0.6153
NC_000005.9 SH3PXD2B -6.97e-02 8.96e-03 0.6153
NC_000012.11 DTX1 1.12e-01 8.96e-03 0.6154
NC_000001.10 FBXO42 8.28e-02 8.96e-03 0.6155
NC_000019.9 GDF1 7.77e-02 8.97e-03 0.6155
NC_000013.10 PRHOXNB 5.25e-02 8.97e-03 0.6155
NC_000001.10 TOR3A -5.67e-02 8.97e-03 0.6155
NC_000012.11 H3F3C 1.51e-01 8.97e-03 0.6155
NC_000023.10 UBA1 -3.41e-02 8.98e-03 0.6155
NC_000012.11 ALG10 9.97e-02 8.98e-03 0.6155
NC_000013.10 IRS2 -5.86e-02 8.98e-03 0.6155
NC_000004.11 IL15 -4.34e-02 8.98e-03 0.6155
NC_000001.10 FAM159A 5.03e-02 8.98e-03 0.6155
NC_000022.10 CPT1B 1.65e-01 8.98e-03 0.6155
NC_000012.11 MIR492 6.63e-02 8.99e-03 0.6155
NC_000017.10 MED13 -2.52e-02 8.99e-03 0.6155
NC_000005.9 RASGEF1C 1.53e-01 8.99e-03 0.6155
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 3.10e-02 9.00e-03 0.6155
NC_000001.10 LEFTY2 6.66e-02 9.00e-03 0.6155
NC_000017.10 KRTAP4-3 1.00e-01 9.00e-03 0.6155
NC_000019.9 CILP2 8.73e-02 9.01e-03 0.6155
NC_000019.9 ZNF233 -3.10e-02 9.01e-03 0.6155
NC_000002.11 GPR45 -1.59e-01 9.01e-03 0.6155
NC_000004.11 RUFY3 -4.83e-02 9.01e-03 0.6155
NC_000005.9 SIL1 -3.13e-02 9.02e-03 0.6155
NC_000008.10 WWP1 1.34e-01 9.02e-03 0.6155
NC_000011.9 CD5 5.76e-02 9.02e-03 0.6155
NC_000001.10 CLCA4 2.99e-02 9.02e-03 0.6155
NC_000004.11 MAML3 4.48e-02 9.02e-03 0.6155
NC_000019.9 ZNF345 -5.93e-02 9.02e-03 0.6155
NC_000020.10 NAA20 -3.74e-02 9.02e-03 0.6155
NC_000015.9 HDDC3 -5.79e-02 9.02e-03 0.6155
NC_000008.10 ZNF250 -3.51e-02 9.03e-03 0.6155
NC_000011.9 KIAA1826 -2.36e-02 9.03e-03 0.6155
NC_000007.13 TBX20 4.44e-02 9.03e-03 0.6155
NC_000014.8 C14orf143 7.13e-02 9.03e-03 0.6155
NC_000023.10 MIR98 -1.22e-01 9.03e-03 0.6155
NC_000014.8 ISM2 8.63e-02 9.03e-03 0.6155
NC_000001.10 C1orf198 -3.40e-02 9.03e-03 0.6155
NC_000014.8 FOXN3 -1.30e-01 9.03e-03 0.6155
NC_000006.11 OOEP -2.34e-02 9.04e-03 0.6155
NC_000007.13 C7orf33 8.51e-02 9.04e-03 0.6155
NC_000016.9 KLHL36 -6.24e-02 9.04e-03 0.6155
NC_000006.11 L3MBTL3 -4.22e-02 9.04e-03 0.6155
NC_000001.10 ACBD3 -3.13e-02 9.04e-03 0.6155
NC_000002.11 APOB 5.58e-02 9.04e-03 0.6155
NC_000004.11 MTHFD2L -3.44e-02 9.05e-03 0.6155
NC_000002.11 KCTD18 -2.14e-02 9.05e-03 0.6155
NC_000007.13 GARS -3.18e-02 9.05e-03 0.6155
NC_000006.11 BAT3 -3.50e-02 9.05e-03 0.6155
NC_000019.9 ARID3A 7.75e-02 9.05e-03 0.6157
NC_000018.9 SETBP1 4.64e-02 9.06e-03 0.6157
NC_000001.10 KCNQ4 3.40e-02 9.06e-03 0.6157
NC_000015.9 NR2E3 4.42e-02 9.06e-03 0.6157
NC_000015.9 SPINT1 6.58e-02 9.06e-03 0.6157
NC_000004.11 SYT14L 1.50e-01 9.06e-03 0.6157
NC_000003.11 VWA5B2 8.42e-02 9.06e-03 0.6157
NC_000011.9 CXCR5 -9.97e-02 9.07e-03 0.6157
NC_000020.10 MYL9 1.20e-01 9.07e-03 0.6157
NC_000003.11 GRIP2 5.61e-02 9.07e-03 0.6157
NC_000019.9 ZFR2 9.87e-02 9.07e-03 0.6157
NC_000019.9 LOC113230 -3.29e-02 9.07e-03 0.6157
NC_000002.11 HOXD3 1.14e-01 9.07e-03 0.6157
NC_000007.13 DPY19L2P4 3.01e-02 9.08e-03 0.6157
NC_000012.11 MFSD5 5.91e-02 9.08e-03 0.6157
NC_000001.10 LAPTM5 4.36e-02 9.08e-03 0.6157
NC_000002.11 CXCR2 1.25e-01 9.08e-03 0.6157
NC_000006.11 E2F3 -1.65e-01 9.09e-03 0.6157
NC_000001.10 MYCL1 -4.22e-02 9.09e-03 0.6157
NC_000003.11 HDAC11 -1.27e-01 9.09e-03 0.6157
NC_000011.9 DKFZp779M0652 6.08e-02 9.09e-03 0.6157
NC_000008.10 FAM86B1 -9.82e-02 9.10e-03 0.6157
NC_000007.13 LOC407835 -9.92e-02 9.10e-03 0.6157
NC_000001.10 LCE3E 6.77e-02 9.10e-03 0.6157
NC_000003.11 SPSB4 -4.40e-02 9.10e-03 0.6157
NC_000011.9 OPCML 8.93e-02 9.10e-03 0.6157
NC_000014.8 FRMD6 -2.86e-02 9.10e-03 0.6157
NC_000007.13 ZPBP 1.25e-01 9.10e-03 0.6157
NC_000008.10 ADAM5P -5.52e-02 9.11e-03 0.6157
NC_000007.13 HOXA7 7.61e-02 9.11e-03 0.6157
NC_000007.13 SND1 -8.77e-02 9.11e-03 0.6157