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Basic Information

The table below details the source and basic information of this item.

Title Content
iBAD ID iBAD_0000284
Karyotype Trisomy 21
Type Methylation profiling by array
Diseases Down syndrome
Organism Homo sapiens
Tissue Brain
Cell Line Cerebral cortex
Platform GPL13534
Accession GSE57360
GEO Title GeNme-scale profiling of the DNA methylation landscape in human neurological disorders (BeadChip)
PMID 26784972
Article Title Human DNA methylomes of neurodegenerative diseases show common epigeNmic patterns
Author Sanchez-Mut JV, Heyn H, Vidal E, Moran S, Sayols S, Delgado-Morales R, Schultz MD, Ansoleaga B, Garcia-Esparcia P, Pons-Espinal M, de Lagran MM, Dopazo J, RabaN A, Avila J, Dierssen M, Lott I, Ferrer I, Ecker JR, Esteller M
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Differentially Expressed Genes

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Gene ID Gene Name logFC P-value P-adj
NC_000008.10 ADAM3A -6.14e-01 1.42e-09 0.000688
NC_000001.10 ACOT11 3.81e-01 1.12e-08 0.002729
NC_000006.11 NCRNA00171 -3.34e-01 9.58e-08 0.012633
NC_000011.9 FLJ32810 4.44e-01 2.44e-07 0.019734
NC_000013.10 DGKH -3.79e-01 5.48e-07 0.038002
NC_000001.10 PM20D1 2.88e-01 1.56e-06 0.07203
NC_000006.11 EHMT2 -3.90e-01 1.63e-06 0.07203
NC_000006.11 FAM120B 2.53e-01 2.41e-06 0.089843
NC_000008.10 BAI1 5.82e-01 3.04e-06 0.098457
NC_000006.11 PPT2 2.17e-01 3.75e-06 0.111645
NC_000012.11 POLE -2.31e-01 3.91e-06 0.111645
NC_000011.9 CAT 1.67e-01 4.64e-06 0.11897
NC_000008.10 ZNF704 1.83e-01 4.66e-06 0.11897
NC_000021.8 RUNX1 3.76e-01 5.02e-06 0.121922
NC_000006.11 OR2H1 -3.25e-01 6.01e-06 0.138854
NC_000008.10 LRRC24 1.86e-01 7.37e-06 0.151788
NC_000016.9 AHSP -3.68e-01 7.43e-06 0.151788
NC_000007.13 MAD1L1 -1.84e-01 7.63e-06 0.151788
NC_000021.8 RUNX1 3.00e-01 7.82e-06 0.151788
NC_000019.9 RASIP1 1.24e-01 9.21e-06 0.172057
NC_000016.9 CHP2 -2.04e-01 1.12e-05 0.184517
NC_000012.11 KDM2B 2.14e-01 1.17e-05 0.184517
NC_000015.9 UNC45A 2.36e-01 1.17e-05 0.184517
NC_000003.11 LPP -3.45e-01 1.29e-05 0.184517
NC_000002.11 MGAT5 -1.25e-01 1.36e-05 0.184517
NC_000022.10 SMCR7L 1.12e-01 1.38e-05 0.184517
NC_000017.10 KCTD11 1.32e-01 1.48e-05 0.184517
NC_000002.11 TPO -4.15e-01 1.50e-05 0.184517
NC_000001.10 C1orf83 -2.08e-01 1.55e-05 0.184517
NC_000001.10 PM20D1 3.12e-01 1.55e-05 0.184517
NC_000003.11 SIDT1 -3.67e-01 1.56e-05 0.184517
NC_000001.10 PM20D1 3.64e-01 1.81e-05 0.202137
NC_000007.13 MAD1L1 -1.18e-01 1.83e-05 0.202137
NC_000002.11 PSD4 2.06e-01 1.99e-05 0.204913
NC_000013.10 CRYL1 1.31e-01 2.00e-05 0.204913
NC_000017.10 SPNS2 1.61e-01 2.01e-05 0.204913
NC_000016.9 COG7 1.08e-01 2.03e-05 0.204913
NC_000020.10 PPP1R16B -3.98e-01 2.17e-05 0.215498
NC_000003.11 CCK 1.11e-01 2.22e-05 0.215786
NC_000019.9 SNORD23 -2.08e-01 2.35e-05 0.220077
NC_000016.9 NDE1 -1.39e-01 2.46e-05 0.220077
NC_000017.10 VMO1 1.60e-01 2.63e-05 0.220077
NC_000003.11 STAG1 -1.23e-01 2.93e-05 0.233345
NC_000001.10 OR6N2 -2.99e-01 3.10e-05 0.234213
NC_000002.11 NT5C1B 1.80e-01 3.14e-05 0.234213
NC_000017.10 MSI2 -1.53e-01 3.28e-05 0.237828
NC_000007.13 TRIP6 1.50e-01 3.40e-05 0.237828
NC_000007.13 PHKG1 1.29e-01 3.44e-05 0.237828
NC_000006.11 ZDHHC14 -1.59e-01 3.50e-05 0.237828
NC_000019.9 CEBPA 1.03e-01 3.56e-05 0.237828
NC_000016.9 KIAA0895L 1.21e-01 3.58e-05 0.237828
NC_000006.11 IER3 -1.71e-01 3.66e-05 0.237828
NC_000011.9 EHD1 -1.10e-01 3.72e-05 0.237828
NC_000021.8 APP -1.56e-01 3.72e-05 0.237828
NC_000007.13 MDFIC 1.33e-01 3.91e-05 0.243739
NC_000014.8 ANKRD9 1.74e-01 4.03e-05 0.243739
NC_000007.13 PHKG1 1.48e-01 4.08e-05 0.243739
NC_000013.10 SLC15A1 1.48e-01 4.16e-05 0.243739
NC_000007.13 PHKG1 1.49e-01 4.24e-05 0.243739
NC_000015.9 OCA2 1.08e-01 4.28e-05 0.243739
NC_000022.10 CERK -2.05e-01 4.37e-05 0.243739
NC_000007.13 WDR60 -1.31e-01 4.45e-05 0.243739
NC_000015.9 TTC23 -6.72e-01 4.46e-05 0.243739
NC_000011.9 NRXN2 -1.59e-01 4.47e-05 0.243739
NC_000005.9 FAM172A 1.24e-01 4.66e-05 0.247969
NC_000012.11 EID3 1.21e-01 4.81e-05 0.247969
NC_000003.11 HYAL2 1.65e-01 4.90e-05 0.247969
NC_000012.11 EID3 1.34e-01 4.99e-05 0.247969
NC_000002.11 SH3RF3 -1.40e-01 5.19e-05 0.247969
NC_000012.11 NCKAP5L 2.11e-01 5.22e-05 0.247969
NC_000003.11 P2RY12 -1.21e-01 5.33e-05 0.248003
NC_000010.10 PRLHR 1.10e-01 5.43e-05 0.248003
NC_000012.11 DGKA -1.45e-01 5.47e-05 0.248003
NC_000006.11 DCBLD1 1.09e-01 5.47e-05 0.248003
NC_000008.10 HSF1 2.12e-01 5.67e-05 0.248003
NC_000021.8 C21orf125 -1.59e-01 5.72e-05 0.248003
NC_000017.10 RARA 1.33e-01 5.82e-05 0.248003
NC_000012.11 WSCD2 -4.58e-01 5.88e-05 0.248003
NC_000011.9 FIBIN 1.32e-01 5.94e-05 0.248003
NC_000014.8 AK7 1.82e-01 5.95e-05 0.248003
NC_000017.10 TEX14 1.37e-01 5.95e-05 0.248003
NC_000007.13 CUX1 -1.48e-01 5.97e-05 0.248003
NC_000003.11 PRRT3 2.01e-01 6.16e-05 0.248003
NC_000005.9 LMAN2 -2.17e-01 6.28e-05 0.248003
NC_000021.8 RUNX1 2.31e-01 6.28e-05 0.248003
NC_000001.10 HSP90B3P 3.39e-01 6.32e-05 0.248003
NC_000001.10 UBXN11 -1.24e-01 6.36e-05 0.248003
NC_000017.10 VMO1 1.63e-01 6.38e-05 0.248003
NC_000001.10 ABCA4 1.29e-01 6.40e-05 0.248003
NC_000006.11 NCRNA00171 -2.38e-01 6.56e-05 0.248003
NC_000003.11 C3orf72 -1.44e-01 6.57e-05 0.248003
NC_000011.9 MEN1 -1.12e-01 6.79e-05 0.248003
NC_000003.11 LZTFL1 1.29e-01 6.83e-05 0.248003
NC_000003.11 UTS2D 1.26e-01 6.83e-05 0.248003
NC_000006.11 VARS2 1.27e-01 6.86e-05 0.248003
NC_000001.10 CAMK1G 8.22e-02 6.96e-05 0.248003
NC_000009.11 EHMT1 1.12e-01 7.09e-05 0.248003
NC_000001.10 NTRK1 1.27e-01 7.10e-05 0.248003
NC_000009.11 LHX6 1.04e-01 7.17e-05 0.248003
NC_000006.11 NKAPL 2.52e-01 7.30e-05 0.248003
NC_000001.10 SSBP3 1.43e-01 7.31e-05 0.248003
NC_000005.9 SPATA24 1.91e-01 7.40e-05 0.248003
NC_000017.10 VMO1 1.70e-01 7.42e-05 0.248003
NC_000003.11 PDZRN3 1.57e-01 7.44e-05 0.248003
NC_000002.11 SFXN5 -3.36e-01 7.69e-05 0.249696
NC_000010.10 INPP5A -1.46e-01 7.82e-05 0.249696
NC_000020.10 NAPB -1.51e-01 7.90e-05 0.249696
NC_000009.11 TRPM3 1.58e-01 7.98e-05 0.249696
NC_000001.10 ZBTB7B -3.70e-01 8.10e-05 0.249696
NC_000003.11 CAMK1 9.10e-02 8.16e-05 0.249696
NC_000005.9 IL6ST 1.41e-01 8.30e-05 0.249696
NC_000012.11 CIT -1.00e-01 8.31e-05 0.249696
NC_000006.11 FILIP1 1.37e-01 8.35e-05 0.249696
NC_000023.10 PCDH11X 1.04e-01 8.39e-05 0.249696
NC_000017.10 SNORD1A -1.32e-01 8.41e-05 0.249696
NC_000007.13 MAD1L1 -1.92e-01 8.53e-05 0.249696
NC_000016.9 LDHD 1.42e-01 8.54e-05 0.249696
NC_000018.9 ATP5A1 1.72e-01 8.61e-05 0.249696
NC_000004.11 MAML3 -9.98e-02 8.67e-05 0.249696
NC_000017.10 SCARF1 -1.11e-01 8.73e-05 0.249696
NC_000008.10 MSRA -1.38e-01 8.97e-05 0.249696
NC_000016.9 FAM38A -1.54e-01 8.98e-05 0.249696
NC_000010.10 ANKRD2 1.70e-01 9.20e-05 0.249696
NC_000003.11 PRRT3 1.73e-01 9.23e-05 0.249696
NC_000019.9 ITPKC 1.04e-01 9.24e-05 0.249696
NC_000019.9 ZSCAN1 1.38e-01 9.41e-05 0.249696
NC_000002.11 PSD4 1.96e-01 9.50e-05 0.249696
NC_000006.11 PSORS1C1 1.39e-01 9.64e-05 0.249696
NC_000019.9 PPP1R14A 1.59e-01 9.68e-05 0.249696
NC_000019.9 CILP2 1.10e-01 9.80e-05 0.249696
NC_000001.10 MAN1C1 -1.38e-01 9.94e-05 0.249696
NC_000013.10 MBNL2 -2.85e-01 9.96e-05 0.249696
NC_000006.11 PPT2 1.53e-01 1.02e-04 0.249696
NC_000019.9 AMH 1.15e-01 1.02e-04 0.249696
NC_000020.10 SIGLEC1 1.58e-01 1.03e-04 0.249696
NC_000022.10 RNF185 -1.22e-01 1.04e-04 0.249696
NC_000014.8 CDC42BPB -2.82e-01 1.04e-04 0.249696
NC_000002.11 ZEB2 1.66e-01 1.05e-04 0.249696
NC_000014.8 BTBD7 1.09e-01 1.05e-04 0.249696
NC_000002.11 SPRED2 -1.50e-01 1.06e-04 0.249696
NC_000017.10 LLGL2 9.56e-02 1.06e-04 0.249696
NC_000014.8 KLHL28 1.62e-01 1.06e-04 0.249696
NC_000001.10 LDLRAP1 1.27e-01 1.06e-04 0.249696
NC_000004.11 CLNK -1.45e-01 1.09e-04 0.251753
NC_000001.10 NAV1 2.20e-01 1.13e-04 0.253136
NC_000004.11 ARHGAP24 -1.51e-01 1.13e-04 0.253136
NC_000023.10 PABPC5 2.01e-01 1.13e-04 0.253136
NC_000017.10 CSF3 -1.32e-01 1.14e-04 0.253136
NC_000003.11 LOC729375 8.95e-02 1.15e-04 0.253136
NC_000006.11 PRDM1 -1.19e-01 1.15e-04 0.253136
NC_000006.11 PPT2 1.48e-01 1.16e-04 0.253136
NC_000014.8 KLHL28 1.78e-01 1.17e-04 0.253136
NC_000003.11 TRNT1 -1.45e-01 1.19e-04 0.253136
NC_000012.11 NUAK1 1.03e-01 1.20e-04 0.253136
NC_000002.11 ESPNL -1.28e-01 1.20e-04 0.253136
NC_000007.13 PRR15 9.79e-02 1.21e-04 0.253136
NC_000002.11 MYO3B -1.24e-01 1.22e-04 0.253136
NC_000001.10 ATF3 -2.97e-01 1.22e-04 0.253136
NC_000014.8 MTA1 1.23e-01 1.25e-04 0.253136
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 1.07e-01 1.25e-04 0.253136
NC_000012.11 IFFO1 -1.54e-01 1.25e-04 0.253136
NC_000017.10 DHRS7C 1.29e-01 1.26e-04 0.253136
NC_000001.10 RUSC1 1.32e-01 1.26e-04 0.253136
NC_000013.10 ARHGEF7 -9.32e-02 1.28e-04 0.253136
NC_000013.10 PCCA -1.06e-01 1.28e-04 0.253136
NC_000017.10 GAA 1.20e-01 1.28e-04 0.253136
NC_000006.11 VARS2 1.14e-01 1.29e-04 0.253136
NC_000020.10 ZBTB46 1.60e-01 1.30e-04 0.253136
NC_000009.11 PRSS3 8.04e-02 1.31e-04 0.253136
NC_000005.9 PCDHGA4 6.72e-02 1.32e-04 0.253136
NC_000023.10 BCOR 2.25e-01 1.33e-04 0.253136
NC_000017.10 FOXK2 -1.53e-01 1.33e-04 0.253136
NC_000012.11 KCNA1 2.23e-01 1.33e-04 0.253136
NC_000017.10 VMO1 2.05e-01 1.36e-04 0.254596
NC_000010.10 HNRNPF 1.60e-01 1.37e-04 0.254928
NC_000007.13 ATG9B 1.59e-01 1.41e-04 0.260999
NC_000007.13 MAFK 1.15e-01 1.41e-04 0.260999
NC_000007.13 MAD1L1 -1.22e-01 1.42e-04 0.260999
NC_000001.10 ERRFI1 9.93e-02 1.42e-04 0.260999
NC_000006.11 KCNQ5 2.88e-01 1.43e-04 0.260999
NC_000001.10 DNM3 -1.26e-01 1.44e-04 0.260999
NC_000018.9 ZNF532 1.07e-01 1.44e-04 0.260999
NC_000016.9 CLEC18B 1.31e-01 1.45e-04 0.260999
NC_000014.8 RIN3 -1.38e-01 1.47e-04 0.260999
NC_000022.10 SEC14L4 8.27e-02 1.48e-04 0.260999
NC_000005.9 FAM53C -1.58e-01 1.48e-04 0.260999
NC_000002.11 SPTBN1 -1.26e-01 1.48e-04 0.260999
NC_000009.11 PRSS3 2.10e-01 1.49e-04 0.260999
NC_000006.11 CDYL -1.41e-01 1.49e-04 0.260999
NC_000007.13 FASTK 1.51e-01 1.51e-04 0.260999
NC_000001.10 ESPN 1.58e-01 1.51e-04 0.260999
NC_000022.10 RANBP1 1.06e-01 1.52e-04 0.260999
NC_000022.10 C22orf25 -1.23e-01 1.52e-04 0.260999
NC_000007.13 MAFK 1.54e-01 1.53e-04 0.260999
NC_000006.11 PPT2 1.57e-01 1.53e-04 0.260999
NC_000015.9 TLN2 1.92e-01 1.54e-04 0.260999
NC_000017.10 RPTOR -1.51e-01 1.55e-04 0.260999
NC_000011.9 ST5 1.45e-01 1.56e-04 0.260999
NC_000009.11 PTGDS 1.76e-01 1.56e-04 0.260999
NC_000014.8 CDC42BPB -9.90e-02 1.57e-04 0.260999
NC_000011.9 KLC2 1.44e-01 1.57e-04 0.260999
NC_000022.10 CPT1B 1.84e-01 1.58e-04 0.260999
NC_000006.11 PPT2 1.27e-01 1.59e-04 0.261429
NC_000014.8 IFI27 -1.17e-01 1.60e-04 0.261495
NC_000001.10 HCRTR1 1.00e-01 1.61e-04 0.261495
NC_000001.10 TMEM79 1.54e-01 1.62e-04 0.261495
NC_000007.13 WDR60 -1.12e-01 1.63e-04 0.261589
NC_000003.11 FOXP1 8.84e-02 1.63e-04 0.261589
NC_000021.8 RUNX1 2.41e-01 1.64e-04 0.262713
NC_000021.8 COL18A1 -2.03e-01 1.65e-04 0.262976
NC_000002.11 EPHA4 -1.56e-01 1.66e-04 0.262976
NC_000002.11 IL1RL2 1.87e-01 1.67e-04 0.262976
NC_000001.10 CDC14A -1.82e-01 1.67e-04 0.262976
NC_000008.10 PKHD1L1 1.50e-01 1.68e-04 0.262976
NC_000019.9 RYR1 1.23e-01 1.68e-04 0.262976
NC_000019.9 MIR518F 2.44e-01 1.68e-04 0.262976
NC_000011.9 WT1 1.06e-01 1.69e-04 0.262976
NC_000003.11 ATG7 -1.50e-01 1.69e-04 0.262976
NC_000011.9 CDON 1.43e-01 1.70e-04 0.262976
NC_000006.11 ARID1B -1.02e-01 1.71e-04 0.263119
NC_000008.10 LOC100130274 1.88e-01 1.71e-04 0.263119
NC_000012.11 ZNF605 -1.05e-01 1.71e-04 0.263119
NC_000019.9 MOBKL2A -1.25e-01 1.73e-04 0.263196
NC_000022.10 CPT1B 2.84e-01 1.73e-04 0.263196
NC_000017.10 P2RX5 1.25e-01 1.74e-04 0.263196
NC_000011.9 NPAS4 9.59e-02 1.75e-04 0.263196
NC_000006.11 EXOC2 1.80e-01 1.75e-04 0.263196
NC_000002.11 HK2 1.29e-01 1.75e-04 0.263196
NC_000006.11 SIM1 7.38e-02 1.76e-04 0.263196
NC_000001.10 FAIM3 -1.07e-01 1.77e-04 0.263196
NC_000001.10 CAMSAP1L1 -1.19e-01 1.78e-04 0.264378
NC_000008.10 FAM83H 3.02e-01 1.79e-04 0.2646
NC_000011.9 TIGD3 9.65e-02 1.80e-04 0.265011
NC_000017.10 LGALS9C -1.17e-01 1.83e-04 0.265394
NC_000006.11 HCRTR2 1.63e-01 1.83e-04 0.265394
NC_000015.9 LOXL1 9.83e-02 1.83e-04 0.265394
NC_000001.10 CD247 -1.48e-01 1.86e-04 0.267054
NC_000016.9 SLC5A2 1.76e-01 1.86e-04 0.267054
NC_000015.9 ALDH1A2 9.33e-02 1.88e-04 0.268085
NC_000015.9 IGDCC4 -1.46e-01 1.88e-04 0.268085
NC_000001.10 SKI 1.50e-01 1.90e-04 0.269273
NC_000001.10 KIAA1751 8.77e-02 1.91e-04 0.269273
NC_000007.13 RADIL 1.00e-01 1.91e-04 0.269273
NC_000002.11 PXDN 1.07e-01 1.92e-04 0.270387
NC_000012.11 STX2 -1.42e-01 1.98e-04 0.274437
NC_000014.8 RAD51L1 -9.55e-02 1.98e-04 0.274437
NC_000012.11 TMEM132D 7.33e-02 1.99e-04 0.27456
NC_000007.13 CUX1 7.77e-02 2.00e-04 0.27456
NC_000013.10 PHF11 -1.47e-01 2.00e-04 0.27456
NC_000001.10 C1orf162 -2.14e-01 2.01e-04 0.27456
NC_000013.10 EDNRB 1.27e-01 2.04e-04 0.276297
NC_000010.10 ADARB2 -2.19e-01 2.04e-04 0.276297
NC_000012.11 CCDC41 -7.06e-02 2.06e-04 0.276623
NC_000018.9 KLHL14 -1.16e-01 2.08e-04 0.276623
NC_000001.10 GBP3 -1.84e-01 2.09e-04 0.276623
NC_000017.10 AKAP10 -1.49e-01 2.09e-04 0.276623
NC_000019.9 KDM4B 1.28e-01 2.10e-04 0.276623
NC_000001.10 C1orf86 1.63e-01 2.10e-04 0.276623
NC_000005.9 C5orf52 1.11e-01 2.10e-04 0.276623
NC_000006.11 PTK7 1.29e-01 2.13e-04 0.276731
NC_000007.13 TPST1 -9.87e-02 2.13e-04 0.276731
NC_000020.10 TAF4 1.22e-01 2.16e-04 0.276731
NC_000017.10 LOC404266 1.43e-01 2.17e-04 0.276731
NC_000005.9 OXCT1 1.49e-01 2.17e-04 0.276731
NC_000008.10 MCPH1 -2.00e-01 2.17e-04 0.276731
NC_000003.11 ITPR1 -1.24e-01 2.17e-04 0.276731
NC_000010.10 DIP2C -1.79e-01 2.17e-04 0.276731
NC_000005.9 LIFR 1.79e-01 2.17e-04 0.276731
NC_000001.10 RSPO1 9.50e-02 2.18e-04 0.276731
NC_000016.9 USP7 -1.30e-01 2.19e-04 0.276731
NC_000011.9 BAD -7.26e-02 2.20e-04 0.276731
NC_000008.10 LRRC24 1.74e-01 2.20e-04 0.276731
NC_000001.10 DUSP27 1.19e-01 2.21e-04 0.276781
NC_000020.10 FOXS1 9.72e-02 2.24e-04 0.276891
NC_000017.10 C1QTNF1 1.30e-01 2.25e-04 0.276891
NC_000011.9 MICAL2 1.64e-01 2.26e-04 0.276891
NC_000005.9 IL3 -1.14e-01 2.28e-04 0.276891
NC_000016.9 CBFA2T3 -1.88e-01 2.28e-04 0.276891
NC_000001.10 PM20D1 3.26e-01 2.28e-04 0.276891
NC_000010.10 ADARB2 -2.73e-01 2.29e-04 0.276891
NC_000012.11 ACVRL1 -7.28e-02 2.30e-04 0.276891
NC_000017.10 ARHGAP23 -1.11e-01 2.31e-04 0.276891
NC_000016.9 DCI 1.32e-01 2.32e-04 0.276891
NC_000007.13 SNX8 -1.90e-01 2.32e-04 0.276891
NC_000017.10 SPNS2 2.16e-01 2.32e-04 0.276891
NC_000011.9 PLEKHA7 1.33e-01 2.33e-04 0.276891
NC_000004.11 PDGFC 1.59e-01 2.33e-04 0.276891
NC_000001.10 CR1 7.28e-02 2.33e-04 0.276891
NC_000010.10 VENTX 1.43e-01 2.34e-04 0.276938
NC_000011.9 ST5 -1.85e-01 2.34e-04 0.276938
NC_000007.13 GPER 1.63e-01 2.37e-04 0.277895
NC_000021.8 DNAJC28 -9.37e-02 2.39e-04 0.277895
NC_000017.10 ATP5H -6.09e-02 2.39e-04 0.277895
NC_000021.8 DYRK1A 1.29e-01 2.40e-04 0.277895
NC_000012.11 TPCN1 9.83e-02 2.41e-04 0.277895
NC_000005.9 MSH3 -7.35e-02 2.41e-04 0.277895
NC_000003.11 GRM2 1.00e-01 2.41e-04 0.277895
NC_000005.9 MGC29506 -1.03e-01 2.42e-04 0.277895
NC_000019.9 PRKACA 1.31e-01 2.42e-04 0.277895
NC_000016.9 PARN 1.63e-01 2.43e-04 0.278339
NC_000019.9 SSC5D 1.55e-01 2.45e-04 0.278339
NC_000017.10 RPTOR -1.98e-01 2.46e-04 0.278764
NC_000011.9 MRVI1 1.34e-01 2.48e-04 0.279769
NC_000001.10 PRDM16 1.43e-01 2.48e-04 0.279769
NC_000007.13 BRI3 1.56e-01 2.50e-04 0.279784
NC_000004.11 MIR574 1.15e-01 2.50e-04 0.279784
NC_000001.10 ESPNP 1.59e-01 2.51e-04 0.279784
NC_000017.10 SMYD4 -1.77e-01 2.51e-04 0.279784
NC_000021.8 URB1 1.19e-01 2.51e-04 0.279784
NC_000014.8 CEBPE -1.00e-01 2.56e-04 0.281342
NC_000003.11 TRIM71 1.06e-01 2.56e-04 0.281342
NC_000010.10 MMP21 1.36e-01 2.58e-04 0.281342
NC_000003.11 LOC348840 6.87e-02 2.58e-04 0.281342
NC_000010.10 CYP2C8 -1.23e-01 2.59e-04 0.281342
NC_000015.9 ATP10A -1.34e-01 2.59e-04 0.281342
NC_000003.11 PPP2R3A 1.50e-01 2.60e-04 0.281342
NC_000005.9 FGF1 9.69e-02 2.62e-04 0.281342
NC_000004.11 GAR1 -7.15e-02 2.63e-04 0.281342
NC_000002.11 ACMSD -1.44e-01 2.63e-04 0.281342
NC_000020.10 RASSF2 -1.68e-01 2.64e-04 0.281342
NC_000001.10 EPHX1 1.63e-01 2.65e-04 0.281342
NC_000017.10 TBCD -2.46e-01 2.65e-04 0.281342
NC_000020.10 FLRT3 1.25e-01 2.67e-04 0.281342
NC_000017.10 PLEKHH3 1.58e-01 2.68e-04 0.281342
NC_000004.11 LOC100130872 1.63e-01 2.69e-04 0.281342
NC_000006.11 GABBR1 9.04e-02 2.70e-04 0.281342
NC_000015.9 CHRNA5 -1.85e-01 2.70e-04 0.281342
NC_000010.10 INPP5A -1.38e-01 2.70e-04 0.281342
NC_000012.11 MIR196A2 1.22e-01 2.70e-04 0.281342
NC_000001.10 GRRP1 1.48e-01 2.71e-04 0.281342
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 -9.80e-02 2.71e-04 0.281342
NC_000005.9 PCDHGB1 1.17e-01 2.72e-04 0.281342
NC_000004.11 FAM114A1 1.71e-01 2.73e-04 0.281839
NC_000010.10 INPP5A -2.03e-01 2.75e-04 0.282717
NC_000011.9 NUMA1 1.05e-01 2.78e-04 0.285154
NC_000001.10 NLRP3 1.05e-01 2.80e-04 0.285908
NC_000011.9 CAT 1.36e-01 2.81e-04 0.285968
NC_000016.9 MIR365-1 -1.26e-01 2.82e-04 0.286264
NC_000006.11 HLA-A -2.12e-01 2.84e-04 0.286887
NC_000019.9 SLC8A2 1.02e-01 2.85e-04 0.286887
NC_000011.9 ODZ4 -8.34e-02 2.86e-04 0.286887
NC_000007.13 INMT 1.21e-01 2.86e-04 0.286887
NC_000013.10 CAB39L 1.28e-01 2.89e-04 0.287007
NC_000019.9 MYO9B -1.09e-01 2.89e-04 0.287007
NC_000013.10 TUBGCP3 -1.23e-01 2.89e-04 0.287007
NC_000007.13 ST7OT4 1.35e-01 2.90e-04 0.287007
NC_000002.11 KLHL23 -1.28e-01 2.91e-04 0.287007
NC_000001.10 LOC388692 6.51e-02 2.92e-04 0.287034
NC_000006.11 PSORS1C1 1.88e-01 2.93e-04 0.287692
NC_000011.9 CDC42BPG 1.06e-01 2.94e-04 0.287692
NC_000002.11 ARHGAP25 -1.58e-01 2.94e-04 0.287692
NC_000016.9 NARFL -1.01e-01 2.97e-04 0.288454
NC_000006.11 MICB 1.16e-01 2.97e-04 0.288454
NC_000022.10 CPT1B 1.89e-01 2.98e-04 0.288454
NC_000016.9 NDE1 -1.18e-01 3.00e-04 0.289232
NC_000001.10 HFE2 -9.77e-02 3.00e-04 0.289232
NC_000011.9 NUMA1 1.13e-01 3.01e-04 0.289232
NC_000002.11 VWA3B -1.38e-01 3.02e-04 0.289278
NC_000017.10 TMC8 -1.28e-01 3.06e-04 0.291935
NC_000006.11 NMBR 6.94e-02 3.07e-04 0.292182
NC_000001.10 KIAA0562 1.22e-01 3.08e-04 0.292182
NC_000010.10 SH3PXD2A 1.13e-01 3.10e-04 0.293345
NC_000005.9 ZNF366 -1.75e-01 3.11e-04 0.293345
NC_000014.8 C14orf102 1.68e-01 3.13e-04 0.293345
NC_000001.10 SLC25A33 -1.30e-01 3.14e-04 0.293345
NC_000007.13 PAPOLB 1.35e-01 3.14e-04 0.293345
NC_000007.13 FAM131B 6.14e-02 3.14e-04 0.293345
NC_000011.9 KIRREL3 1.59e-01 3.17e-04 0.293345
NC_000007.13 WIPI2 -1.46e-01 3.18e-04 0.293345
NC_000017.10 FAM171A2 1.19e-01 3.19e-04 0.293345
NC_000022.10 SAPS2 -1.27e-01 3.19e-04 0.293345
NC_000023.10 BCOR 1.35e-01 3.21e-04 0.294499
NC_000021.8 APP -1.30e-01 3.22e-04 0.294612
NC_000001.10 CNR2 -1.60e-01 3.24e-04 0.295399
NC_000001.10 ESPNP 1.44e-01 3.24e-04 0.295399
NC_000009.11 RXRA -8.24e-02 3.26e-04 0.295399
NC_000011.9 CCS 1.03e-01 3.27e-04 0.295399
NC_000016.9 ERN2 1.44e-01 3.28e-04 0.295399
NC_000001.10 TRAF5 -1.26e-01 3.28e-04 0.295399
NC_000020.10 RAB22A -7.76e-02 3.30e-04 0.295399
NC_000010.10 CACNB2 1.40e-01 3.30e-04 0.295399
NC_000005.9 RMND5B -5.98e-02 3.31e-04 0.295399
NC_000001.10 C1orf100 1.41e-01 3.31e-04 0.295399
NC_000001.10 GALNT2 1.42e-01 3.32e-04 0.295399
NC_000017.10 MAPT 2.65e-01 3.33e-04 0.295399
NC_000023.10 BCOR 1.30e-01 3.33e-04 0.295399
NC_000005.9 P4HA2 1.48e-01 3.33e-04 0.295399
NC_000005.9 GLRX -1.19e-01 3.36e-04 0.296256
NC_000016.9 NOXO1 1.45e-01 3.37e-04 0.296256
NC_000008.10 KIF13B -1.49e-01 3.38e-04 0.296256
NC_000012.11 LHX5 8.04e-02 3.39e-04 0.296256
NC_000002.11 CYP27A1 1.32e-01 3.40e-04 0.296256
NC_000010.10 ADARB2 -1.06e-01 3.40e-04 0.296256
NC_000003.11 EIF4G1 -1.16e-01 3.40e-04 0.296256
NC_000006.11 TRIM31 1.34e-01 3.42e-04 0.296803
NC_000007.13 MDFIC 1.45e-01 3.43e-04 0.296803
NC_000002.11 FMNL2 1.08e-01 3.43e-04 0.296803
NC_000009.11 COL27A1 1.37e-01 3.44e-04 0.297314
NC_000017.10 ELP2P 1.47e-01 3.45e-04 0.297735
NC_000011.9 PPP2R1B 1.42e-01 3.47e-04 0.298041
NC_000006.11 MICA 1.15e-01 3.47e-04 0.298041
NC_000004.11 SGMS2 -1.06e-01 3.50e-04 0.29895
NC_000012.11 LRRC23 1.25e-01 3.50e-04 0.29895
NC_000006.11 DUSP22 -1.06e-01 3.51e-04 0.29895
NC_000014.8 LGMN 7.90e-02 3.51e-04 0.29895
NC_000019.9 LGI4 1.54e-01 3.52e-04 0.29895
NC_000011.9 HIPK3 -8.30e-02 3.52e-04 0.29895
NC_000021.8 PRDM15 -1.18e-01 3.53e-04 0.29895
NC_000017.10 GABARAP 1.42e-01 3.54e-04 0.299074
NC_000010.10 C10orf72 1.09e-01 3.56e-04 0.300098
NC_000019.9 NLRP7 -1.22e-01 3.56e-04 0.300098
NC_000006.11 FAM26D 1.55e-01 3.57e-04 0.300098
NC_000012.11 LOC100130776 2.11e-01 3.58e-04 0.300098
NC_000016.9 BTBD12 -1.03e-01 3.61e-04 0.300098
NC_000009.11 FNBP1 -1.87e-01 3.61e-04 0.300098
NC_000012.11 SLC5A8 1.04e-01 3.61e-04 0.300098
NC_000009.11 MOBKL2B -1.55e-01 3.62e-04 0.300098
NC_000005.9 SEPP1 1.83e-01 3.62e-04 0.300098
NC_000016.9 TNFRSF17 1.21e-01 3.63e-04 0.300098
NC_000017.10 RAP1GAP2 -1.38e-01 3.63e-04 0.300098
NC_000007.13 C7orf50 1.41e-01 3.66e-04 0.301592
NC_000013.10 GPC5 1.07e-01 3.68e-04 0.301674
NC_000020.10 SYS1 -1.24e-01 3.69e-04 0.301674
NC_000001.10 HIVEP3 1.28e-01 3.69e-04 0.301674
NC_000008.10 PLAT 1.81e-01 3.70e-04 0.302319
NC_000019.9 ZNF841 1.22e-01 3.73e-04 0.302652
NC_000021.8 RUNX1 -2.02e-01 3.73e-04 0.302652
NC_000019.9 FCGBP 9.61e-02 3.75e-04 0.302877
NC_000015.9 APBA2 1.47e-01 3.76e-04 0.302877
NC_000019.9 HIF3A 1.36e-01 3.76e-04 0.302877
NC_000010.10 PFKP -1.99e-01 3.80e-04 0.302883
NC_000021.8 WRB 7.83e-02 3.81e-04 0.302883
NC_000013.10 FARP1 -1.47e-01 3.83e-04 0.302883
NC_000019.9 ZNF808 7.44e-02 3.83e-04 0.302883
NC_000009.11 APBA1 1.61e-01 3.84e-04 0.302883
NC_000022.10 LOC96610 7.14e-02 3.84e-04 0.302883
NC_000002.11 B3GNT7 -1.40e-01 3.87e-04 0.302883
NC_000001.10 SMYD3 -1.08e-01 3.87e-04 0.302883
NC_000002.11 PNKD 8.49e-02 3.87e-04 0.302883
NC_000010.10 SEPHS1 1.73e-01 3.89e-04 0.302883
NC_000011.9 LDHAL6A 1.32e-01 3.89e-04 0.302883
NC_000016.9 C16orf57 -7.48e-02 3.89e-04 0.302883
NC_000019.9 PPAP2C 1.01e-01 3.90e-04 0.303121
NC_000001.10 PADI6 7.96e-02 3.92e-04 0.303584
NC_000007.13 FLJ23834 -1.02e-01 3.92e-04 0.303584
NC_000017.10 TEX2 -5.73e-02 3.93e-04 0.303584
NC_000014.8 INF2 1.10e-01 3.94e-04 0.303925
NC_000002.11 PLEKHH2 8.05e-02 3.95e-04 0.303925
NC_000006.11 NOTCH4 1.51e-01 3.97e-04 0.303933
NC_000012.11 TESC -1.71e-01 4.00e-04 0.303933
NC_000018.9 C18orf25 9.76e-02 4.00e-04 0.303933
NC_000007.13 WDR60 -1.57e-01 4.01e-04 0.303933
NC_000002.11 NR4A2 -1.93e-01 4.01e-04 0.303933
NC_000019.9 PLK5P 9.10e-02 4.02e-04 0.303933
NC_000003.11 AMIGO3 1.57e-01 4.02e-04 0.303933
NC_000015.9 PIAS1 1.61e-01 4.03e-04 0.303933
NC_000011.9 PPFIBP2 -1.82e-01 4.03e-04 0.303933
NC_000008.10 KIAA0146 1.86e-01 4.07e-04 0.304201
NC_000001.10 SYT6 1.36e-01 4.09e-04 0.304201
NC_000005.9 TRIO 1.86e-01 4.10e-04 0.304201
NC_000001.10 C1orf115 6.39e-02 4.10e-04 0.304201
NC_000013.10 SPATA13 1.33e-01 4.11e-04 0.304201
NC_000007.13 ADAP1 1.23e-01 4.11e-04 0.304201
NC_000001.10 TP73 1.02e-01 4.12e-04 0.304201
NC_000016.9 KIF22 1.33e-01 4.12e-04 0.304201
NC_000014.8 PACS2 9.05e-02 4.13e-04 0.304201
NC_000010.10 LOC100188947 1.92e-01 4.13e-04 0.304201
NC_000003.11 CCR2 2.78e-01 4.14e-04 0.304201
NC_000005.9 COL23A1 1.47e-01 4.16e-04 0.304201
NC_000007.13 C7orf50 -1.94e-01 4.17e-04 0.304201
NC_000011.9 AP2A2 7.72e-02 4.19e-04 0.304201
NC_000014.8 GPR68 -1.35e-01 4.19e-04 0.304201
NC_000015.9 HAPLN3 1.18e-01 4.21e-04 0.304201
NC_000002.11 SH2D6 1.17e-01 4.21e-04 0.304201
NC_000019.9 TEX101 -2.05e-01 4.23e-04 0.304201
NC_000009.11 C9orf119 1.35e-01 4.25e-04 0.304201
NC_000016.9 ABCA17P 1.33e-01 4.25e-04 0.304201
NC_000006.11 SYNE1 1.37e-01 4.25e-04 0.304201
NC_000017.10 RECQL5 1.12e-01 4.26e-04 0.304201
NC_000001.10 C1orf51 1.65e-01 4.29e-04 0.304201
NC_000005.9 SLC12A7 -1.58e-01 4.29e-04 0.304201
NC_000001.10 SKI 1.95e-01 4.31e-04 0.304201
NC_000006.11 LY6G5C -1.87e-01 4.31e-04 0.304201
NC_000015.9 PAQR5 9.38e-02 4.33e-04 0.304201
NC_000002.11 CD8A 1.41e-01 4.34e-04 0.304201
NC_000006.11 DPCR1 1.37e-01 4.36e-04 0.304201
NC_000012.11 ITPR2 -1.07e-01 4.37e-04 0.304201
NC_000002.11 DNAH6 5.84e-02 4.37e-04 0.304201
NC_000001.10 NLRP3 1.32e-01 4.38e-04 0.304201
NC_000005.9 FAM151B -7.17e-02 4.38e-04 0.304201
NC_000012.11 TESC -1.49e-01 4.40e-04 0.304201
NC_000007.13 BAIAP2L1 1.68e-01 4.41e-04 0.304201
NC_000001.10 SYCP1 1.60e-01 4.43e-04 0.304201
NC_000006.11 HLA-F 1.81e-01 4.44e-04 0.304201
NC_000013.10 RNASEH2B -1.09e-01 4.44e-04 0.304201
NC_000005.9 FAM134B 2.32e-01 4.44e-04 0.304201
NC_000001.10 ESPNP 1.29e-01 4.44e-04 0.304201
NC_000016.9 USP10 -7.39e-02 4.44e-04 0.304201
NC_000002.11 CNGA3 7.45e-02 4.45e-04 0.304201
NC_000006.11 BAT2 9.48e-02 4.45e-04 0.304201
NC_000011.9 ADRBK1 -1.94e-01 4.45e-04 0.304201
NC_000021.8 ERG -1.67e-01 4.46e-04 0.304201
NC_000001.10 DIO1 -1.45e-01 4.47e-04 0.304201
NC_000005.9 ARHGAP26 -1.44e-01 4.47e-04 0.304201
NC_000018.9 DOK6 8.13e-02 4.47e-04 0.304201
NC_000014.8 PLEK2 1.26e-01 4.47e-04 0.304201
NC_000003.11 ABI3BP 1.94e-01 4.47e-04 0.304201
NC_000017.10 RAI1 -1.37e-01 4.48e-04 0.304201
NC_000011.9 CAT 1.29e-01 4.48e-04 0.304201
NC_000017.10 TBC1D16 1.46e-01 4.49e-04 0.304201
NC_000017.10 RPTOR -1.06e-01 4.50e-04 0.304201
NC_000004.11 ATP10D 1.29e-01 4.50e-04 0.304201
NC_000017.10 TBC1D16 -1.49e-01 4.50e-04 0.304201
NC_000002.11 WIPF1 -1.36e-01 4.51e-04 0.304274
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 1.33e-01 4.52e-04 0.304274
NC_000005.9 PCDHA6 8.02e-02 4.52e-04 0.304274
NC_000022.10 TTC28 9.68e-02 4.54e-04 0.304915
NC_000007.13 RABL5 7.56e-02 4.56e-04 0.305158
NC_000010.10 PIP4K2A 1.22e-01 4.56e-04 0.305158
NC_000001.10 ESPNP 1.03e-01 4.57e-04 0.305631
NC_000007.13 CALD1 1.35e-01 4.58e-04 0.305631
NC_000010.10 P4HA1 9.40e-02 4.58e-04 0.305677
NC_000018.9 NFATC1 -9.77e-02 4.60e-04 0.306275
NC_000004.11 HPGDS -1.57e-01 4.62e-04 0.306275
NC_000004.11 ARHGAP24 1.02e-01 4.63e-04 0.306296
NC_000006.11 TRIM15 -1.65e-01 4.64e-04 0.306296
NC_000015.9 CYP1A1 1.61e-01 4.66e-04 0.306885
NC_000018.9 DTNA 1.57e-01 4.67e-04 0.306885
NC_000003.11 GRM7 -8.81e-02 4.70e-04 0.306885
NC_000006.11 BACH2 1.15e-01 4.70e-04 0.306885
NC_000002.11 LAPTM4A -1.20e-01 4.71e-04 0.306885
NC_000020.10 EBF4 9.99e-02 4.74e-04 0.306885
NC_000017.10 EVPLL 1.07e-01 4.74e-04 0.306885
NC_000001.10 EPHA8 1.60e-01 4.75e-04 0.306885
NC_000016.9 CLEC16A -7.04e-02 4.75e-04 0.306885
NC_000022.10 CECR7 1.29e-01 4.76e-04 0.306885
NC_000017.10 PMP22 1.29e-01 4.79e-04 0.306885
NC_000008.10 LRRC14 1.68e-01 4.81e-04 0.306885
NC_000019.9 HIF3A 1.42e-01 4.81e-04 0.306885
NC_000001.10 ACOT11 1.15e-01 4.81e-04 0.306885
NC_000019.9 CSNK1G2 7.84e-02 4.82e-04 0.306885
NC_000003.11 UTS2D 1.08e-01 4.83e-04 0.306885
NC_000009.11 COBRA1 -1.54e-01 4.85e-04 0.306885
NC_000001.10 MPL 1.46e-01 4.85e-04 0.306885
NC_000016.9 NRN1L 1.20e-01 4.85e-04 0.306885
NC_000017.10 BCAS3 -1.30e-01 4.86e-04 0.306885
NC_000005.9 SNCAIP -9.18e-02 4.86e-04 0.306885
NC_000007.13 PGAM2 1.12e-01 4.86e-04 0.306885
NC_000011.9 NTM 9.24e-02 4.87e-04 0.306885
NC_000011.9 CCDC81 -1.06e-01 4.87e-04 0.306885
NC_000001.10 KIAA1324 -2.73e-01 4.87e-04 0.306885
NC_000013.10 FOXO1 -7.18e-02 4.88e-04 0.306885
NC_000019.9 TBCB 1.42e-01 4.88e-04 0.306885
NC_000021.8 MX2 -1.38e-01 4.89e-04 0.306885
NC_000016.9 A2BP1 1.68e-01 4.90e-04 0.306885
NC_000006.11 FOXO3 1.12e-01 4.91e-04 0.306885
NC_000015.9 ATP8B4 -1.77e-01 4.92e-04 0.306885
NC_000007.13 CNTNAP2 1.38e-01 4.93e-04 0.306885
NC_000019.9 SIX5 1.26e-01 4.93e-04 0.306885
NC_000007.13 IKZF1 1.11e-01 4.93e-04 0.306885
NC_000012.11 NCOR2 1.37e-01 4.94e-04 0.306885
NC_000002.11 NCRNA00116 1.21e-01 4.95e-04 0.306885
NC_000006.11 TULP1 -1.35e-01 4.95e-04 0.306885
NC_000012.11 TEAD4 1.12e-01 4.95e-04 0.306885
NC_000010.10 CNNM1 7.93e-02 4.96e-04 0.306885
NC_000006.11 ITPR3 -1.41e-01 4.96e-04 0.306885
NC_000001.10 UCK2 -1.39e-01 4.97e-04 0.307076
NC_000003.11 GHRLOS -1.25e-01 5.02e-04 0.308469
NC_000004.11 ADRA2C 1.25e-01 5.07e-04 0.309925
NC_000018.9 NFATC1 -1.93e-01 5.08e-04 0.309925
NC_000001.10 CTSE -1.26e-01 5.10e-04 0.309925
NC_000016.9 NDE1 -1.07e-01 5.10e-04 0.309925
NC_000019.9 PRX 1.88e-01 5.10e-04 0.309925
NC_000007.13 TNRC18 -7.26e-02 5.11e-04 0.309925
NC_000015.9 ATP10A -1.28e-01 5.12e-04 0.309925
NC_000011.9 FNBP4 -1.11e-01 5.13e-04 0.309925
NC_000012.11 UNG 1.25e-01 5.14e-04 0.309925
NC_000016.9 KCTD5 -1.67e-01 5.14e-04 0.309925
NC_000001.10 AHDC1 1.20e-01 5.14e-04 0.309925
NC_000003.11 ZNF662 1.02e-01 5.14e-04 0.309925
NC_000023.10 PABPC5 2.66e-01 5.15e-04 0.309925
NC_000019.9 CD37 -1.11e-01 5.16e-04 0.309933
NC_000002.11 IL1B -1.40e-01 5.17e-04 0.309933
NC_000011.9 SYT9 -1.33e-01 5.18e-04 0.309933
NC_000005.9 VTRNA1-1 8.79e-02 5.18e-04 0.309933
NC_000008.10 FAM83H 2.76e-01 5.18e-04 0.309933
NC_000009.11 NELF 8.13e-02 5.18e-04 0.309933
NC_000019.9 HSH2D -1.29e-01 5.20e-04 0.310011
NC_000012.11 FAM19A2 -8.84e-02 5.24e-04 0.31195
NC_000007.13 KEL 1.62e-01 5.26e-04 0.312597
NC_000008.10 DENND3 -1.72e-01 5.28e-04 0.313133
NC_000013.10 DOCK9 1.52e-01 5.28e-04 0.313177
NC_000017.10 NTN1 -2.03e-01 5.31e-04 0.313565
NC_000005.9 TGFBI 1.42e-01 5.32e-04 0.313565
NC_000015.9 C15orf5 -9.90e-02 5.32e-04 0.313565
NC_000004.11 PHOX2B 1.16e-01 5.33e-04 0.313565
NC_000008.10 TRPS1 -6.34e-01 5.33e-04 0.313565
NC_000007.13 CNTNAP2 -8.76e-02 5.33e-04 0.313565
NC_000009.11 HRCT1 1.65e-01 5.35e-04 0.313993
NC_000016.9 TXNDC11 -9.09e-02 5.37e-04 0.314742
NC_000022.10 LOC400931 7.74e-02 5.39e-04 0.315438
NC_000012.11 RASSF3 -1.79e-01 5.40e-04 0.31552
NC_000016.9 NRN1L 1.16e-01 5.40e-04 0.31552
NC_000019.9 FBN3 -7.94e-02 5.41e-04 0.31552
NC_000008.10 LY6D 8.35e-02 5.47e-04 0.315739
NC_000001.10 CSRP1 1.53e-01 5.47e-04 0.315739
NC_000023.10 KCND1 -8.72e-02 5.47e-04 0.315739
NC_000008.10 DLC1 -1.11e-01 5.49e-04 0.315739
NC_000011.9 KCNQ1 1.18e-01 5.49e-04 0.315739
NC_000009.11 NELF 1.69e-01 5.50e-04 0.315739
NC_000022.10 C22orf33 -1.80e-01 5.51e-04 0.315739
NC_000001.10 PLEKHA6 -1.38e-01 5.51e-04 0.315739
NC_000005.9 ZNF300 1.68e-01 5.52e-04 0.315739
NC_000021.8 PRDM15 -9.12e-02 5.53e-04 0.315739
NC_000008.10 SLCO5A1 6.84e-02 5.54e-04 0.315739
NC_000001.10 PEA15 8.05e-02 5.54e-04 0.315739
NC_000012.11 HMGA2 1.33e-01 5.55e-04 0.315739
NC_000018.9 OSBPL1A 6.06e-02 5.56e-04 0.315739
NC_000009.11 ABCA2 1.59e-01 5.56e-04 0.315739
NC_000012.11 CIT 1.40e-01 5.57e-04 0.315739
NC_000022.10 CPT1B 3.26e-01 5.59e-04 0.315739
NC_000005.9 POLS 7.29e-02 5.62e-04 0.315739
NC_000017.10 SRCIN1 -9.21e-02 5.64e-04 0.315739
NC_000023.10 PABPC5 1.46e-01 5.65e-04 0.315739
NC_000014.8 CTSG -1.31e-01 5.66e-04 0.315739
NC_000019.9 DMPK 1.22e-01 5.66e-04 0.315739
NC_000014.8 C14orf102 3.28e-01 5.69e-04 0.315739
NC_000016.9 ZNF205 1.80e-01 5.71e-04 0.315739
NC_000004.11 PAPSS1 -1.44e-01 5.72e-04 0.315739
NC_000012.11 NINJ2 -8.59e-02 5.72e-04 0.315739
NC_000022.10 CPT1B 3.54e-01 5.73e-04 0.315739
NC_000016.9 CIITA 1.87e-01 5.74e-04 0.315739
NC_000001.10 TAS1R1 1.13e-01 5.74e-04 0.315739
NC_000002.11 IGFBP2 1.20e-01 5.74e-04 0.315739
NC_000021.8 NRIP1 -1.74e-01 5.75e-04 0.315739
NC_000022.10 GGT1 5.65e-02 5.75e-04 0.315739
NC_000006.11 TNXB 1.11e-01 5.75e-04 0.315739
NC_000012.11 C12orf5 -9.86e-02 5.77e-04 0.315739
NC_000006.11 CMAH 7.10e-02 5.77e-04 0.315739
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 -1.63e-01 5.78e-04 0.315739
NC_000011.9 SIPA1 1.12e-01 5.78e-04 0.315739
NC_000012.11 GNPTAB -8.41e-02 5.78e-04 0.315739
NC_000009.11 COL5A1 8.94e-02 5.80e-04 0.315739
NC_000019.9 LOC729991-MEF2B -1.97e-01 5.80e-04 0.315739
NC_000010.10 CH25H 9.84e-02 5.81e-04 0.315739
NC_000003.11 ZMYND10 -1.08e-01 5.83e-04 0.315739
NC_000001.10 FMN2 -5.90e-01 5.83e-04 0.315739
NC_000011.9 CUGBP1 -6.93e-02 5.84e-04 0.315739
NC_000023.10 UBA1 -1.49e-01 5.84e-04 0.315739
NC_000016.9 ANKRD11 -1.03e-01 5.85e-04 0.315739
NC_000001.10 ZNF692 -1.31e-01 5.85e-04 0.315739
NC_000006.11 NMBR 1.24e-01 5.85e-04 0.315739
NC_000009.11 TTLL11 1.67e-01 5.85e-04 0.315739
NC_000017.10 LLGL2 1.19e-01 5.85e-04 0.315739
NC_000010.10 FGFR2 1.37e-01 5.86e-04 0.315739
NC_000012.11 KRT72 9.07e-02 5.86e-04 0.315739
NC_000005.9 SLC25A2 2.43e-01 5.87e-04 0.315739
NC_000017.10 ARHGEF15 1.19e-01 5.87e-04 0.315739
NC_000013.10 PHF11 -1.26e-01 5.88e-04 0.315739
NC_000001.10 AHDC1 1.11e-01 5.88e-04 0.315739
NC_000022.10 PRR5 -1.20e-01 5.89e-04 0.315739
NC_000004.11 LOC348926 -8.93e-02 5.89e-04 0.315739
NC_000009.11 PRUNE2 1.37e-01 5.90e-04 0.315867
NC_000011.9 EPS8L2 8.06e-02 5.92e-04 0.316129
NC_000016.9 BRD7 7.27e-02 5.92e-04 0.316129
NC_000002.11 DNAH6 9.40e-02 5.94e-04 0.316239
NC_000022.10 TNFRSF13C -1.20e-01 5.95e-04 0.316239
NC_000008.10 NPM2 6.54e-02 5.98e-04 0.316808
NC_000006.11 MICB 1.55e-01 5.98e-04 0.316808
NC_000007.13 ATP6V0A4 1.69e-01 5.99e-04 0.316808
NC_000003.11 CCK 1.86e-01 6.00e-04 0.316848
NC_000006.11 TRAM2 1.49e-01 6.01e-04 0.316848
NC_000003.11 GPX1 7.65e-02 6.01e-04 0.316848
NC_000015.9 STOML1 -9.41e-02 6.02e-04 0.316848
NC_000006.11 FAM50B 1.07e-01 6.03e-04 0.316848
NC_000022.10 MED15 8.23e-02 6.04e-04 0.316848
NC_000002.11 MGAT5 -1.51e-01 6.05e-04 0.316848
NC_000010.10 ZCCHC24 1.11e-01 6.05e-04 0.316848
NC_000020.10 MAP1LC3A 1.23e-01 6.06e-04 0.316848
NC_000012.11 BIN2 -1.30e-01 6.07e-04 0.317012
NC_000001.10 C1orf100 1.93e-01 6.09e-04 0.317095
NC_000011.9 MRGPRF 1.01e-01 6.09e-04 0.317095
NC_000017.10 DNAH17 -9.10e-02 6.10e-04 0.317095
NC_000016.9 KIAA0513 -2.07e-01 6.11e-04 0.317095
NC_000017.10 PPP1R1B 1.18e-01 6.12e-04 0.317095
NC_000001.10 VANGL2 1.07e-01 6.13e-04 0.317095
NC_000006.11 TSPYL4 1.38e-01 6.15e-04 0.317095
NC_000001.10 LMO4 -7.30e-02 6.15e-04 0.317095
NC_000006.11 TRIM10 7.63e-02 6.16e-04 0.317095
NC_000011.9 LOC399959 1.24e-01 6.17e-04 0.317095
NC_000002.11 CLASP1 -1.15e-01 6.18e-04 0.317095
NC_000019.9 GDF15 9.21e-02 6.19e-04 0.317095
NC_000001.10 PLEKHG5 -1.27e-01 6.19e-04 0.317095
NC_000016.9 CBFA2T3 -2.13e-01 6.19e-04 0.317095
NC_000002.11 TTLL4 -1.71e-01 6.22e-04 0.317095
NC_000009.11 LPPR1 1.40e-01 6.22e-04 0.317095
NC_000012.11 IFFO1 6.97e-02 6.23e-04 0.317095
NC_000019.9 KCNJ14 1.43e-01 6.24e-04 0.317095
NC_000017.10 SNORD1A -1.21e-01 6.26e-04 0.317095
NC_000017.10 LRRC59 9.15e-02 6.27e-04 0.317095
NC_000012.11 TENC1 1.54e-01 6.27e-04 0.317095
NC_000016.9 RLTPR 1.42e-01 6.28e-04 0.317095
NC_000016.9 ZDHHC7 8.75e-02 6.29e-04 0.317095
NC_000001.10 NOS1AP -8.32e-02 6.29e-04 0.317095
NC_000019.9 TEX101 1.54e-01 6.29e-04 0.317095
NC_000002.11 TSSC1 -1.17e-01 6.30e-04 0.317095
NC_000017.10 NF1 -1.44e-01 6.31e-04 0.317095
NC_000007.13 MAD1L1 8.15e-02 6.32e-04 0.317095
NC_000006.11 VARS2 1.06e-01 6.32e-04 0.317095
NC_000006.11 CD109 -1.29e-01 6.33e-04 0.317095
NC_000016.9 WFIKKN1 6.48e-02 6.35e-04 0.317095
NC_000001.10 PM20D1 2.09e-01 6.35e-04 0.317095
NC_000017.10 SCARF1 -9.54e-02 6.38e-04 0.317095
NC_000014.8 TTLL5 2.37e-01 6.39e-04 0.317095
NC_000013.10 IL17D 1.42e-01 6.41e-04 0.317095
NC_000002.11 LCLAT1 -1.94e-01 6.41e-04 0.317095
NC_000010.10 PLAC9 6.00e-02 6.41e-04 0.317095
NC_000015.9 IGF1R -9.72e-02 6.41e-04 0.317095
NC_000003.11 SEMA3B 9.66e-02 6.41e-04 0.317095
NC_000004.11 MFSD10 -1.46e-01 6.44e-04 0.317095
NC_000016.9 CCDC154 8.77e-02 6.45e-04 0.317095
NC_000015.9 PLA2G4D 1.12e-01 6.45e-04 0.317095
NC_000018.9 CYB5A 7.38e-02 6.46e-04 0.317095
NC_000005.9 EPB41L4A -1.39e-01 6.46e-04 0.317095
NC_000016.9 KIAA0513 -1.91e-01 6.47e-04 0.317095
NC_000017.10 LOC100133991 -8.13e-02 6.48e-04 0.317095
NC_000015.9 LOXL1 9.54e-02 6.48e-04 0.317095
NC_000016.9 NRN1L 1.73e-01 6.48e-04 0.317095
NC_000011.9 ARHGEF17 1.18e-01 6.49e-04 0.317095
NC_000011.9 PANX1 -1.52e-01 6.49e-04 0.317095
NC_000002.11 DNAH6 7.02e-02 6.50e-04 0.317095
NC_000019.9 GP6 -2.91e-01 6.52e-04 0.317095
NC_000004.11 CYP2U1 1.62e-01 6.52e-04 0.317095
NC_000006.11 MRAP2 1.47e-01 6.52e-04 0.317095
NC_000003.11 PRRT3 1.82e-01 6.54e-04 0.317552
NC_000016.9 OSGIN1 1.41e-01 6.55e-04 0.317552
NC_000007.13 EEPD1 -6.41e-02 6.56e-04 0.317942
NC_000002.11 WIPF1 2.14e-01 6.58e-04 0.318724
NC_000013.10 SLC15A1 9.65e-02 6.60e-04 0.319175
NC_000016.9 TRIM72 -1.18e-01 6.61e-04 0.319286
NC_000010.10 RRP12 -1.70e-01 6.62e-04 0.319286
NC_000002.11 GPD2 -1.18e-01 6.64e-04 0.31943
NC_000023.10 PCDH11X 9.21e-02 6.67e-04 0.31943
NC_000002.11 COL6A3 1.38e-01 6.67e-04 0.31943
NC_000001.10 ATP1A1 -1.44e-01 6.68e-04 0.31943
NC_000017.10 FLOT2 -5.68e-02 6.70e-04 0.31943
NC_000017.10 TMEM132E 9.23e-02 6.70e-04 0.31943
NC_000004.11 GABRG1 6.49e-02 6.71e-04 0.31943
NC_000009.11 NPR2 1.54e-01 6.71e-04 0.31943
NC_000004.11 FRG1 8.02e-02 6.71e-04 0.31943
NC_000007.13 NPTX2 6.93e-02 6.72e-04 0.31943
NC_000011.9 LRTOMT -9.51e-02 6.72e-04 0.31943
NC_000008.10 PLAT 8.79e-02 6.75e-04 0.31943
NC_000006.11 AIF1 -1.38e-01 6.75e-04 0.31943
NC_000015.9 CCDC33 7.93e-02 6.76e-04 0.31943
NC_000012.11 PTPRB -8.73e-02 6.78e-04 0.31943
NC_000016.9 GAS8 -1.12e-01 6.78e-04 0.31943
NC_000003.11 CISH -8.91e-02 6.79e-04 0.31943
NC_000011.9 PATL1 1.12e-01 6.80e-04 0.31943
NC_000015.9 LYSMD4 1.23e-01 6.81e-04 0.31943
NC_000019.9 LGALS13 9.00e-02 6.81e-04 0.31943
NC_000006.11 PPARD -1.07e-01 6.84e-04 0.31943
NC_000006.11 FYN -1.60e-01 6.85e-04 0.31943
NC_000005.9 TRIO 1.66e-01 6.85e-04 0.31943
NC_000003.11 KAT2B 1.64e-01 6.86e-04 0.31943
NC_000010.10 KIAA1217 1.35e-01 6.88e-04 0.31943
NC_000003.11 ZMYND10 8.31e-02 6.90e-04 0.31943
NC_000003.11 PLCL2 -1.23e-01 6.91e-04 0.31943
NC_000023.10 PABPC5 1.88e-01 6.92e-04 0.31943
NC_000017.10 ABR 7.15e-02 6.93e-04 0.31943
NC_000016.9 MSLNL 1.22e-01 6.93e-04 0.31943
NC_000016.9 ADCY9 1.48e-01 6.94e-04 0.31943
NC_000002.11 ARID5A -1.13e-01 6.95e-04 0.31943
NC_000004.11 TRIM61 2.15e-01 6.96e-04 0.31943
NC_000004.11 STOX2 9.95e-02 6.97e-04 0.31943
NC_000017.10 LOC100190938 1.47e-01 6.98e-04 0.31943
NC_000002.11 SPRED2 -1.40e-01 6.99e-04 0.31943
NC_000001.10 NCF2 -1.46e-01 6.99e-04 0.31943
NC_000011.9 CADM1 -1.18e-01 6.99e-04 0.31943
NC_000010.10 FAM107B -1.19e-01 6.99e-04 0.31943
NC_000011.9 INSC 1.22e-01 7.00e-04 0.31943
NC_000002.11 DNAJB2 1.43e-01 7.01e-04 0.31943
NC_000006.11 BACH2 -1.36e-01 7.03e-04 0.31943
NC_000014.8 C14orf4 1.04e-01 7.04e-04 0.31943
NC_000016.9 RLTPR 1.10e-01 7.04e-04 0.31943
NC_000005.9 ADAMTS2 2.40e-01 7.06e-04 0.31943
NC_000006.11 PPARD 1.97e-01 7.06e-04 0.31943
NC_000011.9 CST6 9.36e-02 7.07e-04 0.31943
NC_000001.10 TNFRSF25 2.52e-01 7.08e-04 0.31943
NC_000006.11 FOXO3 1.09e-01 7.09e-04 0.31943
NC_000001.10 C1orf9 -1.09e-01 7.11e-04 0.31943
NC_000001.10 JTB -1.30e-01 7.12e-04 0.31943
NC_000003.11 PRICKLE2 1.38e-01 7.12e-04 0.31943
NC_000003.11 CCK 7.47e-02 7.13e-04 0.31943
NC_000017.10 PDK2 6.68e-02 7.14e-04 0.31943
NC_000010.10 C10orf41 1.31e-01 7.14e-04 0.31943
NC_000006.11 HSD17B8 -8.74e-02 7.15e-04 0.31943
NC_000016.9 IFT140 -1.22e-01 7.16e-04 0.319619
NC_000001.10 TP73 8.41e-02 7.18e-04 0.319952
NC_000010.10 CCNJ -7.35e-02 7.19e-04 0.320141
NC_000007.13 SRRM3 1.47e-01 7.21e-04 0.320313
NC_000022.10 CERK -1.83e-01 7.21e-04 0.320313
NC_000017.10 HOXB9 1.17e-01 7.22e-04 0.320581
NC_000008.10 SLURP1 -1.42e-01 7.25e-04 0.320823
NC_000019.9 FOSB 1.07e-01 7.26e-04 0.320823
NC_000016.9 ELMO3 8.25e-02 7.28e-04 0.320823
NC_000019.9 TMEM190 1.53e-01 7.29e-04 0.320823
NC_000007.13 KCP 1.47e-01 7.29e-04 0.320823
NC_000001.10 KIAA1026 -9.79e-02 7.30e-04 0.320823
NC_000022.10 FAM116B -1.31e-01 7.30e-04 0.320823
NC_000005.9 SGCD 1.62e-01 7.30e-04 0.320823
NC_000007.13 IGFBP1 5.52e-02 7.32e-04 0.320945
NC_000020.10 HSPA12B 5.96e-02 7.34e-04 0.320945
NC_000019.9 CEACAM16 -1.35e-01 7.35e-04 0.321094
NC_000002.11 UBE2E3 7.17e-02 7.36e-04 0.321141
NC_000022.10 SULT4A1 1.17e-01 7.37e-04 0.321141
NC_000017.10 CD300C -9.55e-02 7.38e-04 0.321141
NC_000006.11 LOC285830 9.91e-02 7.38e-04 0.321188
NC_000001.10 CLCN6 1.02e-01 7.40e-04 0.321675
NC_000016.9 CFDP1 -1.11e-01 7.42e-04 0.321959
NC_000007.13 TNS3 -1.04e-01 7.42e-04 0.321959
NC_000017.10 TMEM49 -1.20e-01 7.43e-04 0.321959
NC_000001.10 RNF220 1.25e-01 7.44e-04 0.321959
NC_000001.10 ATAD3B -1.64e-01 7.45e-04 0.321959
NC_000011.9 MIR125B1 1.89e-01 7.46e-04 0.32207
NC_000004.11 DRD5 8.24e-02 7.47e-04 0.322116
NC_000003.11 EDEM1 -1.39e-01 7.48e-04 0.322116
NC_000011.9 WT1 8.39e-02 7.49e-04 0.322455
NC_000013.10 DKFZp686A1627 7.84e-02 7.51e-04 0.322737
NC_000010.10 LOC282997 -1.71e-01 7.52e-04 0.322737
NC_000015.9 SPG21 -1.64e-01 7.53e-04 0.322737
NC_000007.13 HOXA5 1.40e-01 7.54e-04 0.322737
NC_000009.11 TTLL11 -1.79e-01 7.55e-04 0.322737
NC_000001.10 RERE -1.21e-01 7.56e-04 0.322737
NC_000019.9 ZNF653 8.24e-02 7.56e-04 0.322737
NC_000015.9 SMAD3 -1.04e-01 7.56e-04 0.322737
NC_000012.11 PLXNC1 -1.68e-01 7.57e-04 0.322737
NC_000002.11 TRIM54 9.73e-02 7.58e-04 0.322737
NC_000005.9 EBF1 -1.23e-01 7.59e-04 0.32285
NC_000013.10 COL4A2 -1.76e-01 7.61e-04 0.32285
NC_000006.11 UST -9.58e-02 7.61e-04 0.32285
NC_000001.10 TMEM79 1.72e-01 7.62e-04 0.32285
NC_000003.11 PPP2R3A 1.72e-01 7.63e-04 0.32285
NC_000007.13 HOXA5 1.42e-01 7.63e-04 0.32285
NC_000006.11 DDAH2 -1.17e-01 7.66e-04 0.323593
NC_000007.13 TYW1B -8.17e-02 7.66e-04 0.323593
NC_000012.11 CHFR 6.93e-02 7.66e-04 0.323593
NC_000003.11 B3GALNT1 2.10e-01 7.71e-04 0.32483
NC_000002.11 CACNB4 -1.47e-01 7.72e-04 0.32483
NC_000001.10 TDRD5 1.23e-01 7.72e-04 0.32483
NC_000005.9 PCDHGA4 8.34e-02 7.73e-04 0.32483
NC_000001.10 KIAA0562 1.24e-01 7.75e-04 0.32483
NC_000019.9 GNG7 -1.07e-01 7.78e-04 0.32483
NC_000016.9 RUNDC2A -1.61e-01 7.80e-04 0.32483
NC_000020.10 ZBTB46 1.31e-01 7.81e-04 0.32483
NC_000006.11 GABBR1 -1.52e-01 7.82e-04 0.32483
NC_000006.11 TREM1 -1.34e-01 7.82e-04 0.32483
NC_000006.11 LTA -9.03e-02 7.82e-04 0.32483
NC_000006.11 PSMB8 -1.81e-01 7.84e-04 0.32483
NC_000012.11 HOXC12 8.01e-02 7.85e-04 0.32483
NC_000001.10 VANGL1 -1.49e-01 7.87e-04 0.32483
NC_000001.10 LEFTY2 1.28e-01 7.88e-04 0.32483
NC_000019.9 MLLT1 1.33e-01 7.88e-04 0.32483
NC_000012.11 RAPGEF3 1.27e-01 7.89e-04 0.324919
NC_000017.10 TMEM102 7.14e-02 7.90e-04 0.324919
NC_000011.9 CREB3L1 1.37e-01 7.92e-04 0.325259
NC_000019.9 GP6 -1.05e-01 7.93e-04 0.325259
NC_000007.13 MAD1L1 -8.03e-02 7.94e-04 0.325259
NC_000005.9 GNB2L1 -1.22e-01 7.95e-04 0.325259
NC_000019.9 PPAN-P2RY11 -1.54e-01 7.96e-04 0.325259
NC_000002.11 FHL2 1.22e-01 7.96e-04 0.325259
NC_000006.11 ZDHHC14 -2.21e-01 7.97e-04 0.325259
NC_000015.9 NPTN -1.61e-01 8.01e-04 0.325281
NC_000022.10 CERK -1.29e-01 8.03e-04 0.325281
NC_000022.10 ZDHHC8P 7.35e-02 8.03e-04 0.325281
NC_000003.11 TPRA1 -9.63e-02 8.04e-04 0.325281
NC_000009.11 BICD2 -1.30e-01 8.04e-04 0.325281
NC_000015.9 PCSK6 1.34e-01 8.05e-04 0.325281
NC_000022.10 MN1 1.61e-01 8.06e-04 0.325281
NC_000017.10 ASGR1 6.19e-02 8.08e-04 0.325281
NC_000011.9 ST5 1.03e-01 8.10e-04 0.325281
NC_000003.11 CHCHD6 1.09e-01 8.11e-04 0.325281
NC_000015.9 MAP2K5 1.82e-01 8.12e-04 0.325281
NC_000002.11 PLEKHH2 1.08e-01 8.12e-04 0.325281
NC_000005.9 GRM6 1.99e-01 8.12e-04 0.325281
NC_000017.10 RAB37 1.23e-01 8.12e-04 0.325281
NC_000009.11 ANGPTL2 1.01e-01 8.13e-04 0.325281
NC_000013.10 RASA3 -1.69e-01 8.14e-04 0.325281
NC_000002.11 ANKRD39 8.60e-02 8.15e-04 0.325281
NC_000002.11 ITGA6 -1.06e-01 8.15e-04 0.325281
NC_000017.10 ASPSCR1 1.70e-01 8.16e-04 0.325281
NC_000011.9 FXYD2 -1.19e-01 8.17e-04 0.325281
NC_000008.10 LOC100130274 2.29e-01 8.17e-04 0.325281
NC_000010.10 UNC5B 1.41e-01 8.18e-04 0.325281
NC_000011.9 CAT 2.20e-01 8.18e-04 0.325281
NC_000008.10 GPT 1.29e-01 8.23e-04 0.325552
NC_000017.10 ZNF232 1.14e-01 8.24e-04 0.325552
NC_000002.11 VAX2 1.09e-01 8.24e-04 0.325552
NC_000006.11 BMP6 1.03e-01 8.24e-04 0.325552
NC_000017.10 ARHGAP27 8.36e-02 8.24e-04 0.325552
NC_000001.10 DNM3 9.81e-02 8.26e-04 0.325552
NC_000011.9 WT1 1.09e-01 8.28e-04 0.32576
NC_000023.10 BCOR 1.49e-01 8.29e-04 0.325874
NC_000007.13 SGCE -1.03e-01 8.30e-04 0.325874
NC_000006.11 C6orf103 8.82e-02 8.33e-04 0.325874
NC_000012.11 CAMKK2 -1.31e-01 8.34e-04 0.325874
NC_000020.10 C20orf85 -9.58e-02 8.34e-04 0.325874
NC_000007.13 PRKAR1B -1.39e-01 8.34e-04 0.325874
NC_000002.11 HADHB -6.26e-02 8.34e-04 0.325874
NC_000004.11 DCHS2 1.00e-01 8.36e-04 0.325874
NC_000014.8 JDP2 9.08e-02 8.36e-04 0.325874
NC_000007.13 TNS3 -1.21e-01 8.36e-04 0.325874
NC_000005.9 MAP3K1 -6.49e-02 8.38e-04 0.326298
NC_000005.9 CXXC5 9.07e-02 8.40e-04 0.326625
NC_000016.9 CBFA2T3 -1.52e-01 8.40e-04 0.326625
NC_000017.10 ALOX15B 1.23e-01 8.41e-04 0.32667
NC_000001.10 RERE -1.95e-01 8.44e-04 0.327541
NC_000010.10 TCF7L2 6.71e-02 8.46e-04 0.327973
NC_000022.10 SYN3 1.19e-01 8.47e-04 0.327973
NC_000001.10 GREM2 8.84e-02 8.47e-04 0.327973
NC_000019.9 BEST2 8.46e-02 8.48e-04 0.327973
NC_000006.11 ESR1 -9.69e-02 8.48e-04 0.327973
NC_000005.9 STK10 -1.65e-01 8.50e-04 0.328258
NC_000010.10 UNC5B 2.21e-01 8.51e-04 0.328389
NC_000016.9 FAM96B 1.21e-01 8.52e-04 0.328389
NC_000009.11 PRSS3 1.08e-01 8.52e-04 0.328389
NC_000011.9 GPR44 1.03e-01 8.60e-04 0.329911
NC_000019.9 CEACAM6 1.20e-01 8.61e-04 0.329911
NC_000019.9 NKPD1 1.05e-01 8.61e-04 0.329911
NC_000007.13 CNTNAP2 8.42e-02 8.63e-04 0.329911
NC_000012.11 TAOK3 2.07e-01 8.63e-04 0.329911
NC_000005.9 ATG10 -1.96e-01 8.63e-04 0.329911
NC_000003.11 PLCH1 1.22e-01 8.64e-04 0.32992
NC_000005.9 CSF1R -1.23e-01 8.66e-04 0.330085
NC_000013.10 DOCK9 -8.54e-02 8.66e-04 0.330085
NC_000001.10 C1orf25 1.57e-01 8.67e-04 0.330085
NC_000011.9 PTDSS2 -1.91e-01 8.67e-04 0.330085
NC_000010.10 LOC100188947 1.58e-01 8.68e-04 0.330085
NC_000007.13 ZNF777 1.07e-01 8.69e-04 0.330085
NC_000019.9 MZF1 2.16e-01 8.70e-04 0.330085
NC_000011.9 CCDC67 1.60e-01 8.73e-04 0.330085
NC_000006.11 HLA-DPB1 2.15e-01 8.74e-04 0.330085
NC_000019.9 KDM4B 1.66e-01 8.76e-04 0.330085
NC_000008.10 NUDCD1 9.21e-02 8.76e-04 0.330085
NC_000002.11 PIKFYVE -1.15e-01 8.78e-04 0.330085
NC_000011.9 PGM2L1 -5.47e-02 8.78e-04 0.330085
NC_000012.11 LRIG3 1.31e-01 8.81e-04 0.330085
NC_000001.10 SHISA4 1.81e-01 8.81e-04 0.330085
NC_000019.9 MAMSTR 1.62e-01 8.81e-04 0.330085
NC_000012.11 ANO2 -1.45e-01 8.82e-04 0.330085
NC_000007.13 HOXA5 1.26e-01 8.86e-04 0.330085
NC_000009.11 NELF 1.23e-01 8.87e-04 0.330085
NC_000017.10 ARHGAP27 -1.25e-01 8.88e-04 0.330085
NC_000007.13 HOXA4 1.45e-01 8.90e-04 0.330085
NC_000021.8 TRPM2 -9.08e-02 8.91e-04 0.330085
NC_000008.10 LOC401463 1.32e-01 8.92e-04 0.330085
NC_000001.10 NFIA 1.10e-01 8.93e-04 0.330085
NC_000008.10 GPT 1.50e-01 8.94e-04 0.330085
NC_000001.10 ASH1L -1.43e-01 8.94e-04 0.330085
NC_000019.9 FAM108A1 1.09e-01 8.94e-04 0.330085
NC_000003.11 LRRC2 6.27e-02 8.95e-04 0.330085
NC_000002.11 HDAC4 -9.08e-02 8.96e-04 0.330085
NC_000014.8 CTSG -8.55e-02 8.96e-04 0.330085
NC_000008.10 ADAM3A -1.81e-01 8.96e-04 0.330085
NC_000015.9 MIR184 -1.42e-01 8.97e-04 0.330085
NC_000002.11 ALS2CR11 1.50e-01 8.98e-04 0.330183
NC_000004.11 ARHGAP24 1.44e-01 9.00e-04 0.330621
NC_000009.11 COL15A1 1.43e-01 9.01e-04 0.330818
NC_000019.9 ZC3H4 -8.07e-02 9.03e-04 0.331024
NC_000005.9 NSUN2 -5.62e-02 9.04e-04 0.331287
NC_000020.10 ASXL1 9.81e-02 9.16e-04 0.333204
NC_000001.10 SLC9A1 -1.47e-01 9.18e-04 0.333204
NC_000015.9 CLK3 9.26e-02 9.19e-04 0.333204
NC_000001.10 PRDM16 1.32e-01 9.19e-04 0.333204
NC_000003.11 TMEM45A 1.14e-01 9.20e-04 0.333204
NC_000005.9 ABLIM3 1.36e-01 9.20e-04 0.333204
NC_000008.10 ADRA1A 1.13e-01 9.21e-04 0.333204
NC_000001.10 C1orf129 -1.08e-01 9.21e-04 0.333204
NC_000017.10 PPP1R9B 1.30e-01 9.21e-04 0.333204
NC_000005.9 PDE4D 5.53e-02 9.22e-04 0.333204
NC_000002.11 CSRNP3 1.45e-01 9.22e-04 0.333204
NC_000001.10 ATP2B4 -1.29e-01 9.23e-04 0.333204
NC_000020.10 DBNDD2 9.80e-02 9.26e-04 0.333204
NC_000011.9 TMEM109 1.19e-01 9.30e-04 0.333204
NC_000002.11 NR4A2 -1.33e-01 9.31e-04 0.333204
NC_000003.11 P2RY14 -1.10e-01 9.32e-04 0.333204
NC_000009.11 LHX6 1.33e-01 9.32e-04 0.333204
NC_000007.13 RPL13AP17 -1.47e-01 9.32e-04 0.333204
NC_000010.10 NOC3L 7.23e-02 9.33e-04 0.333204
NC_000011.9 UBE4A 9.78e-02 9.35e-04 0.333204
NC_000023.10 BCOR 1.32e-01 9.36e-04 0.333204
NC_000004.11 CPEB2 1.89e-01 9.36e-04 0.333204
NC_000007.13 FIGNL1 1.46e-01 9.36e-04 0.333204
NC_000022.10 GAS2L1 1.12e-01 9.36e-04 0.333204
NC_000002.11 SH2D6 1.74e-01 9.37e-04 0.333204
NC_000016.9 THAP11 1.08e-01 9.42e-04 0.333204
NC_000001.10 FAM163A 1.25e-01 9.43e-04 0.333204
NC_000017.10 TMC6 -1.41e-01 9.43e-04 0.333204
NC_000006.11 PSORS1C1 1.14e-01 9.44e-04 0.333204
NC_000007.13 CCL26 -1.46e-01 9.44e-04 0.333204
NC_000019.9 KDM4B 1.46e-01 9.44e-04 0.333204
NC_000020.10 RASSF2 -1.80e-01 9.49e-04 0.333666
NC_000010.10 LHPP -9.08e-02 9.50e-04 0.333666
NC_000007.13 COX19 1.58e-01 9.52e-04 0.333666
NC_000001.10 KIAA0907 -9.56e-02 9.55e-04 0.333666
NC_000019.9 NKPD1 8.11e-02 9.55e-04 0.333666
NC_000015.9 CSPG4 9.17e-02 9.56e-04 0.333666
NC_000016.9 ZNF598 1.17e-01 9.58e-04 0.333666
NC_000007.13 MIR148A 1.35e-01 9.59e-04 0.333666
NC_000022.10 CYP2D7P1 1.24e-01 9.60e-04 0.333666
NC_000022.10 CPT1B 2.39e-01 9.62e-04 0.333666
NC_000006.11 CDC40 -1.10e-01 9.63e-04 0.333666
NC_000017.10 DUSP3 -1.03e-01 9.65e-04 0.333666
NC_000005.9 PCDHGA4 9.07e-02 9.65e-04 0.333666
NC_000010.10 CALHM3 1.34e-01 9.66e-04 0.333666
NC_000020.10 EBF4 -9.89e-02 9.67e-04 0.333666
NC_000019.9 MAMSTR 1.01e-01 9.68e-04 0.333666
NC_000001.10 PRDM16 1.49e-01 9.69e-04 0.333666
NC_000017.10 C1QTNF1 1.29e-01 9.70e-04 0.333666
NC_000016.9 ABCC1 7.97e-02 9.70e-04 0.333666
NC_000022.10 CECR6 -1.27e-01 9.70e-04 0.333666
NC_000002.11 GGT8P 8.83e-02 9.71e-04 0.333666
NC_000003.11 LOC646498 -9.41e-02 9.73e-04 0.333666
NC_000012.11 RBM19 -1.83e-01 9.82e-04 0.333666
NC_000011.9 LUZP2 1.37e-01 9.82e-04 0.333666
NC_000008.10 ANK1 1.45e-01 9.83e-04 0.333666
NC_000019.9 FCHO1 -9.71e-02 9.83e-04 0.333666
NC_000004.11 C4orf42 1.55e-01 9.83e-04 0.333666
NC_000019.9 ZSCAN1 6.90e-02 9.84e-04 0.333666
NC_000022.10 BCR -1.45e-01 9.84e-04 0.333666
NC_000003.11 EPHB1 -6.82e-02 9.86e-04 0.333666
NC_000001.10 CD34 -1.33e-01 9.87e-04 0.333666
NC_000020.10 L3MBTL 5.93e-02 9.87e-04 0.333666
NC_000007.13 MESTIT1 -1.42e-01 9.87e-04 0.333666
NC_000011.9 DGKZ -1.32e-01 9.88e-04 0.333666
NC_000012.11 POLE 6.28e-02 9.88e-04 0.333666
NC_000013.10 GJA3 1.22e-01 9.88e-04 0.333666
NC_000001.10 AHDC1 1.31e-01 9.88e-04 0.333666
NC_000002.11 PRDXDD1P 7.42e-02 9.88e-04 0.333666
NC_000020.10 MC3R 7.78e-02 9.89e-04 0.333666
NC_000012.11 PXN 8.34e-02 9.92e-04 0.333666
NC_000001.10 ARHGEF16 1.47e-01 9.92e-04 0.333666
NC_000011.9 KCNQ1 -1.25e-01 9.93e-04 0.333666
NC_000008.10 BOP1 1.68e-01 9.93e-04 0.333666
NC_000022.10 APOL3 -1.04e-01 9.95e-04 0.333666
NC_000023.10 CDKL5 -1.18e-01 9.95e-04 0.333666
NC_000023.10 CAPN6 -1.30e-01 9.95e-04 0.333666
NC_000012.11 PIWIL1 9.36e-02 9.96e-04 0.333666
NC_000020.10 RBL1 -6.27e-02 9.98e-04 0.333666
NC_000010.10 ANKRD2 9.88e-02 9.98e-04 0.333666
NC_000002.11 EPHA4 -8.78e-02 1.00e-03 0.333666
NC_000001.10 SPSB1 9.43e-02 1.00e-03 0.333666
NC_000014.8 TDRD9 1.62e-01 1.01e-03 0.333666
NC_000011.9 SWAP70 -1.38e-01 1.01e-03 0.333666
NC_000011.9 C11orf95 1.20e-01 1.01e-03 0.333666
NC_000006.11 C6orf27 1.19e-01 1.01e-03 0.333666
NC_000018.9 RAB12 6.98e-02 1.01e-03 0.333666
NC_000007.13 HOXA6 1.42e-01 1.01e-03 0.333666
NC_000004.11 MIR572 1.34e-01 1.01e-03 0.333666
NC_000008.10 WISP1 9.91e-02 1.01e-03 0.333666
NC_000008.10 PRAGMIN -9.36e-02 1.01e-03 0.333666
NC_000016.9 SLC12A4 1.15e-01 1.01e-03 0.333666
NC_000007.13 SRRM3 9.06e-02 1.01e-03 0.333666
NC_000001.10 ARTN 6.10e-02 1.01e-03 0.333666
NC_000003.11 LOC100129354 1.51e-01 1.01e-03 0.333666
NC_000019.9 CCDC105 1.27e-01 1.01e-03 0.333666
NC_000022.10 CBX7 1.19e-01 1.01e-03 0.333666
NC_000001.10 PTGFR 7.14e-02 1.02e-03 0.333666
NC_000001.10 RYR2 -8.93e-02 1.02e-03 0.333666
NC_000016.9 DPEP1 1.16e-01 1.02e-03 0.333666
NC_000006.11 TREML2 -1.64e-01 1.02e-03 0.333666
NC_000019.9 MUM1 2.34e-01 1.02e-03 0.333666
NC_000006.11 GPR31 -1.36e-01 1.02e-03 0.333666
NC_000014.8 TTC7B 7.98e-02 1.02e-03 0.333666
NC_000019.9 MLLT1 1.10e-01 1.02e-03 0.333666
NC_000012.11 KIAA0748 -1.21e-01 1.02e-03 0.333666
NC_000011.9 EHD1 -1.72e-01 1.02e-03 0.333666
NC_000008.10 PABPC1 7.77e-02 1.02e-03 0.333666
NC_000017.10 FAM117A 1.47e-01 1.02e-03 0.333666
NC_000008.10 PPP3CC -2.22e-01 1.02e-03 0.333666
NC_000016.9 C16orf65 8.39e-02 1.03e-03 0.333666
NC_000020.10 INSM1 7.91e-02 1.03e-03 0.333666
NC_000002.11 NCRNA00164 6.36e-02 1.03e-03 0.333666
NC_000001.10 FHL3 -7.16e-02 1.03e-03 0.333666
NC_000019.9 S1PR2 -1.27e-01 1.03e-03 0.333666
NC_000018.9 LAMA3 -1.44e-01 1.03e-03 0.333666
NC_000021.8 KCNE1 1.29e-01 1.03e-03 0.333666
NC_000001.10 C1orf86 1.62e-01 1.03e-03 0.333666
NC_000022.10 DGCR6 -7.31e-02 1.03e-03 0.333666
NC_000019.9 MOBKL2A -1.24e-01 1.03e-03 0.333666
NC_000014.8 KLHL28 1.30e-01 1.03e-03 0.333666
NC_000017.10 BTBD17 7.98e-02 1.03e-03 0.333666
NC_000010.10 UNC5B 1.14e-01 1.04e-03 0.333666
NC_000023.10 BCOR 8.20e-02 1.04e-03 0.333666
NC_000007.13 FAM188B -1.49e-01 1.04e-03 0.333666
NC_000011.9 CD59 -1.45e-01 1.04e-03 0.333666
NC_000012.11 FAM60A -1.64e-01 1.04e-03 0.333666
NC_000011.9 BEST1 8.91e-02 1.04e-03 0.333666
NC_000001.10 TMEM206 -1.64e-01 1.04e-03 0.333666
NC_000009.11 DAPK1 -1.24e-01 1.04e-03 0.333666
NC_000017.10 HCRT 1.11e-01 1.04e-03 0.333666
NC_000010.10 FAM196A -8.17e-02 1.04e-03 0.333666
NC_000009.11 ZNF367 5.68e-02 1.05e-03 0.333992
NC_000006.11 RPS6KA2 -1.50e-01 1.05e-03 0.333992
NC_000017.10 TRPV3 1.26e-01 1.05e-03 0.333992
NC_000003.11 CAMK1 7.70e-02 1.05e-03 0.33404
NC_000011.9 CDKN1C 1.17e-01 1.05e-03 0.33404
NC_000001.10 PCSK9 -2.63e-01 1.05e-03 0.334135
NC_000016.9 WWOX 1.64e-01 1.05e-03 0.334861
NC_000008.10 RRS1 8.38e-02 1.06e-03 0.334861
NC_000001.10 NUAK2 1.25e-01 1.06e-03 0.334861
NC_000016.9 IRX6 1.59e-01 1.06e-03 0.334861
NC_000020.10 VSX1 7.35e-02 1.06e-03 0.334861
NC_000007.13 RADIL 7.78e-02 1.06e-03 0.334861
NC_000001.10 ADAR -1.40e-01 1.06e-03 0.334861
NC_000006.11 DDAH2 1.21e-01 1.06e-03 0.334861
NC_000001.10 GSTM1 -5.08e-01 1.06e-03 0.334861
NC_000002.11 VAMP5 -1.60e-01 1.06e-03 0.334861
NC_000017.10 TBC1D16 1.95e-01 1.07e-03 0.334861
NC_000013.10 CAB39L 1.47e-01 1.07e-03 0.334861
NC_000019.9 KCNK6 1.16e-01 1.07e-03 0.334861
NC_000003.11 SELT 1.20e-01 1.07e-03 0.334861
NC_000003.11 PLSCR4 1.21e-01 1.07e-03 0.334861
NC_000007.13 LEP 1.22e-01 1.07e-03 0.334861
NC_000005.9 ZFYVE16 -5.93e-02 1.07e-03 0.334861
NC_000012.11 CD163L1 1.43e-01 1.07e-03 0.334861
NC_000011.9 OR4A5 9.05e-02 1.07e-03 0.334861
NC_000002.11 MCFD2 -1.17e-01 1.07e-03 0.334861
NC_000001.10 PTPN14 -1.43e-01 1.07e-03 0.334861
NC_000018.9 NFATC1 1.48e-01 1.07e-03 0.334861
NC_000005.9 NEUROG1 1.11e-01 1.07e-03 0.334861
NC_000007.13 UNC84A 1.04e-01 1.07e-03 0.334861
NC_000019.9 TYK2 -7.87e-02 1.07e-03 0.334861
NC_000002.11 RAB10 -9.37e-02 1.07e-03 0.334861
NC_000001.10 NTNG1 1.30e-01 1.08e-03 0.334861
NC_000002.11 STK25 5.88e-02 1.08e-03 0.334861
NC_000001.10 TMEM9 6.83e-02 1.08e-03 0.334861
NC_000006.11 HLA-DMB -1.41e-01 1.08e-03 0.334861
NC_000002.11 EXOC6B 1.77e-01 1.08e-03 0.334861
NC_000007.13 ATXN7L1 -1.66e-01 1.08e-03 0.334861
NC_000001.10 CR1 8.41e-02 1.08e-03 0.334861
NC_000010.10 GPRIN2 -1.06e-01 1.08e-03 0.334861
NC_000019.9 DBP 1.08e-01 1.09e-03 0.334861
NC_000019.9 ABHD8 -5.59e-02 1.09e-03 0.334861
NC_000008.10 ADHFE1 -1.38e-01 1.09e-03 0.334861
NC_000001.10 RUNX3 -1.17e-01 1.09e-03 0.334861
NC_000012.11 PPP1R12A -1.44e-01 1.09e-03 0.334861
NC_000010.10 CUGBP2 -1.28e-01 1.09e-03 0.334861
NC_000001.10 TP73 5.09e-02 1.09e-03 0.334861
NC_000007.13 LOC100287834 6.93e-02 1.09e-03 0.334861
NC_000006.11 TRIM39 -5.43e-02 1.09e-03 0.334861
NC_000002.11 BOK 1.41e-01 1.09e-03 0.334861
NC_000002.11 BRE -6.57e-02 1.10e-03 0.334861
NC_000001.10 GSTM5 -6.54e-02 1.10e-03 0.334861
NC_000015.9 B2M -1.05e-01 1.10e-03 0.334861
NC_000012.11 TBK1 -8.16e-02 1.10e-03 0.334861
NC_000002.11 LOC100130691 -6.18e-02 1.10e-03 0.334861
NC_000004.11 CPLX1 6.50e-02 1.10e-03 0.334861
NC_000012.11 GRASP 1.17e-01 1.10e-03 0.334861
NC_000012.11 LOH12CR1 -1.35e-01 1.10e-03 0.334861
NC_000007.13 PRKAR1B -1.59e-01 1.10e-03 0.334861
NC_000011.9 LDHAL6A 2.10e-01 1.10e-03 0.334861
NC_000001.10 SCP2 1.43e-01 1.10e-03 0.334861
NC_000019.9 ERCC2 1.28e-01 1.11e-03 0.334861
NC_000016.9 LDHD 1.27e-01 1.11e-03 0.334861
NC_000011.9 NDUFC2 -7.87e-02 1.11e-03 0.334861
NC_000011.9 PPFIBP2 1.12e-01 1.11e-03 0.334861
NC_000001.10 TNFRSF25 1.05e-01 1.11e-03 0.334861
NC_000012.11 AGAP2 1.58e-01 1.11e-03 0.334861
NC_000012.11 GPD1 1.28e-01 1.11e-03 0.334861
NC_000019.9 PKN1 7.60e-02 1.11e-03 0.334861
NC_000006.11 C6orf138 -8.41e-02 1.11e-03 0.334861
NC_000017.10 ACAP1 1.84e-01 1.11e-03 0.334861
NC_000023.10 PLS3 1.23e-01 1.11e-03 0.334861
NC_000009.11 FAM166B 1.23e-01 1.11e-03 0.334861
NC_000002.11 LOC643387 1.81e-01 1.11e-03 0.334861
NC_000017.10 SMG6 1.37e-01 1.11e-03 0.334861
NC_000005.9 PCDHGA2 1.29e-01 1.11e-03 0.334861
NC_000003.11 TMEM108 1.41e-01 1.11e-03 0.334861
NC_000017.10 RARA 8.26e-02 1.11e-03 0.334861
NC_000019.9 MGC2752 1.04e-01 1.11e-03 0.334861
NC_000006.11 GPR6 1.18e-01 1.11e-03 0.334861
NC_000001.10 PADI4 1.25e-01 1.12e-03 0.334861
NC_000014.8 INF2 7.75e-02 1.12e-03 0.334861
NC_000006.11 HCRTR2 -9.80e-02 1.12e-03 0.334861
NC_000008.10 C8orf59 -7.97e-02 1.12e-03 0.334861
NC_000020.10 FAM83D -6.62e-02 1.12e-03 0.334861
NC_000001.10 ALX3 7.69e-02 1.12e-03 0.334861
NC_000020.10 LOC100127888 9.72e-02 1.12e-03 0.334861
NC_000011.9 ROBO3 7.07e-02 1.12e-03 0.334861
NC_000005.9 LOC257358 -1.66e-01 1.12e-03 0.334861
NC_000012.11 ERC1 -1.33e-01 1.12e-03 0.334861
NC_000002.11 LIMS2 -9.87e-02 1.12e-03 0.334861
NC_000021.8 PDE9A 9.52e-02 1.12e-03 0.335036
NC_000008.10 CLU 1.47e-01 1.13e-03 0.335036
NC_000001.10 C1orf86 1.47e-01 1.13e-03 0.335816
NC_000003.11 ZNF717 1.10e-01 1.13e-03 0.335816
NC_000019.9 RAB3D -1.24e-01 1.13e-03 0.335816
NC_000017.10 PRKCA 1.39e-01 1.13e-03 0.335816
NC_000006.11 HSPA1L 1.05e-01 1.13e-03 0.335816
NC_000004.11 TMEM128 -5.61e-02 1.14e-03 0.335816
NC_000010.10 ADARB2 -8.46e-02 1.14e-03 0.335816
NC_000005.9 NSUN2 -6.96e-02 1.14e-03 0.335816
NC_000006.11 C6orf41 1.40e-01 1.14e-03 0.335816
NC_000019.9 FBXO17 1.34e-01 1.14e-03 0.335816
NC_000017.10 KSR1 8.23e-02 1.14e-03 0.335816
NC_000001.10 ZNF672 -9.63e-02 1.14e-03 0.335816
NC_000005.9 ISCA1L -6.08e-02 1.14e-03 0.335816
NC_000019.9 PDE4A 6.92e-02 1.14e-03 0.336003
NC_000011.9 POLD3 9.65e-02 1.15e-03 0.336011
NC_000014.8 MIR487B -9.43e-02 1.15e-03 0.336596
NC_000010.10 OAT 8.30e-02 1.15e-03 0.336596
NC_000015.9 CYFIP1 1.31e-01 1.15e-03 0.336596
NC_000009.11 SLC46A2 1.42e-01 1.15e-03 0.336837
NC_000017.10 PIK3R6 1.11e-01 1.15e-03 0.337135
NC_000005.9 PCDHA6 1.24e-01 1.15e-03 0.337135
NC_000015.9 GOLGA8A 1.29e-01 1.16e-03 0.337135
NC_000015.9 ONECUT1 6.96e-02 1.16e-03 0.337135
NC_000022.10 SMC1B 1.20e-01 1.16e-03 0.337135
NC_000007.13 HECW1 8.71e-02 1.16e-03 0.337135
NC_000008.10 GATA4 5.88e-02 1.16e-03 0.337135
NC_000012.11 GRASP 1.37e-01 1.16e-03 0.337135
NC_000005.9 PCDHGA2 1.43e-01 1.16e-03 0.337135
NC_000012.11 TXNRD1 1.51e-01 1.16e-03 0.337135
NC_000004.11 SHROOM3 -9.98e-02 1.16e-03 0.337135
NC_000016.9 A2BP1 1.73e-01 1.17e-03 0.337135
NC_000014.8 CCDC88C -1.61e-01 1.17e-03 0.337135
NC_000020.10 BLCAP 1.06e-01 1.17e-03 0.337135
NC_000021.8 TRPM2 1.17e-01 1.17e-03 0.337135
NC_000016.9 LITAF -1.91e-01 1.17e-03 0.337135
NC_000010.10 LDB3 1.11e-01 1.17e-03 0.337135
NC_000010.10 ZMIZ1 -5.07e-02 1.17e-03 0.337135
NC_000017.10 SEPT9 -1.45e-01 1.17e-03 0.337135
NC_000014.8 ZFYVE1 -9.07e-02 1.18e-03 0.337135
NC_000012.11 RARG 1.15e-01 1.18e-03 0.337135
NC_000011.9 SYT12 8.43e-02 1.18e-03 0.337135
NC_000017.10 ABR 1.89e-01 1.18e-03 0.337135
NC_000017.10 SHBG -1.14e-01 1.18e-03 0.337135
NC_000010.10 CACNB2 1.60e-01 1.18e-03 0.337135
NC_000005.9 IL6ST -5.48e-02 1.18e-03 0.337135
NC_000005.9 PCDHB4 8.71e-02 1.18e-03 0.337135
NC_000023.10 CHRDL1 1.40e-01 1.18e-03 0.337135
NC_000001.10 PEA15 -5.96e-02 1.18e-03 0.337135
NC_000012.11 DGKA -1.31e-01 1.19e-03 0.337135
NC_000019.9 DMWD -1.33e-01 1.19e-03 0.337135
NC_000001.10 GRRP1 5.51e-02 1.19e-03 0.337135
NC_000014.8 NAA30 -8.16e-02 1.19e-03 0.337135
NC_000021.8 MX1 -6.13e-02 1.19e-03 0.337135
NC_000007.13 MAD1L1 1.07e-01 1.19e-03 0.337135
NC_000022.10 MEI1 1.15e-01 1.20e-03 0.337135
NC_000010.10 KIAA1274 -1.18e-01 1.20e-03 0.337135
NC_000017.10 RHBDF2 1.34e-01 1.20e-03 0.337135
NC_000019.9 CD22 -1.68e-01 1.20e-03 0.337135
NC_000003.11 NDUFB4 7.36e-02 1.20e-03 0.337135
NC_000020.10 ANGPT4 6.51e-02 1.20e-03 0.337135
NC_000012.11 TENC1 1.41e-01 1.20e-03 0.337135
NC_000007.13 MYO1G 1.24e-01 1.20e-03 0.337135
NC_000001.10 CD160 -6.80e-02 1.20e-03 0.337135
NC_000007.13 GRM3 1.30e-01 1.20e-03 0.337135
NC_000017.10 SLC16A11 7.53e-02 1.20e-03 0.337135
NC_000017.10 SPATA20 1.19e-01 1.20e-03 0.337135
NC_000001.10 PQLC2 -1.45e-01 1.21e-03 0.337135
NC_000005.9 GRM6 1.60e-01 1.21e-03 0.337135
NC_000017.10 SRCIN1 1.11e-01 1.21e-03 0.337135
NC_000021.8 ERG -1.49e-01 1.21e-03 0.337135
NC_000011.9 ZBTB16 -9.10e-02 1.21e-03 0.337135
NC_000001.10 ABL2 -7.94e-02 1.21e-03 0.337135
NC_000006.11 SYNE1 1.45e-01 1.21e-03 0.337197
NC_000020.10 DBNDD2 2.10e-01 1.21e-03 0.337197
NC_000006.11 TRIM40 -1.04e-01 1.21e-03 0.337197
NC_000005.9 RANBP3L 1.12e-01 1.21e-03 0.337197
NC_000008.10 CSMD1 6.00e-02 1.21e-03 0.337197
NC_000013.10 GUCY1B2 -1.11e-01 1.21e-03 0.337197
NC_000019.9 RAVER1 1.96e-01 1.21e-03 0.337197
NC_000022.10 DGCR10 -1.63e-01 1.22e-03 0.337284
NC_000014.8 ZFP36L1 1.43e-01 1.22e-03 0.338
NC_000019.9 MZF1 8.87e-02 1.22e-03 0.338067
NC_000012.11 HEBP1 2.07e-01 1.22e-03 0.338067
NC_000001.10 WNT2B -6.30e-02 1.22e-03 0.338067
NC_000016.9 TPPP3 1.32e-01 1.22e-03 0.338067
NC_000009.11 WNK2 6.46e-02 1.23e-03 0.338087
NC_000003.11 UTS2D 1.29e-01 1.23e-03 0.338087
NC_000001.10 HFM1 7.42e-02 1.23e-03 0.338087
NC_000012.11 CYP27B1 1.34e-01 1.23e-03 0.338087
NC_000016.9 GNAO1 -3.35e-01 1.23e-03 0.338263
NC_000016.9 LAT -1.63e-01 1.23e-03 0.338621
NC_000017.10 FAM195B 5.57e-02 1.23e-03 0.338621
NC_000002.11 ZFP36L2 1.21e-01 1.23e-03 0.338621
NC_000016.9 LOC100129637 9.84e-02 1.23e-03 0.338621
NC_000022.10 MOV10L1 8.29e-02 1.24e-03 0.339232
NC_000012.11 NCOR2 1.12e-01 1.24e-03 0.33971
NC_000006.11 RPS6KA2 -1.45e-01 1.24e-03 0.33971
NC_000003.11 COL29A1 1.48e-01 1.25e-03 0.33971
NC_000023.10 PJA1 -7.28e-02 1.25e-03 0.33971
NC_000010.10 NKX1-2 1.07e-01 1.25e-03 0.33971
NC_000016.9 CBFA2T3 -1.69e-01 1.25e-03 0.33971
NC_000003.11 ZNF662 -1.02e-01 1.25e-03 0.33971
NC_000006.11 MUC21 -6.91e-02 1.25e-03 0.33971
NC_000014.8 EFS 2.03e-01 1.25e-03 0.33971
NC_000015.9 RGMA 1.61e-01 1.25e-03 0.33971
NC_000006.11 MOG 1.46e-01 1.25e-03 0.33971
NC_000012.11 ORAI1 -1.75e-01 1.25e-03 0.33971
NC_000012.11 AGAP2 2.05e-01 1.25e-03 0.33971
NC_000017.10 FTSJ3 -2.00e-01 1.25e-03 0.33971
NC_000016.9 NRN1L 1.55e-01 1.25e-03 0.33971
NC_000016.9 SEC14L5 1.16e-01 1.25e-03 0.33971
NC_000016.9 ZNF205 1.40e-01 1.25e-03 0.33971
NC_000014.8 KIAA0247 1.32e-01 1.26e-03 0.339935
NC_000007.13 LOC389493 1.10e-01 1.26e-03 0.339935
NC_000020.10 C20orf166 7.95e-02 1.26e-03 0.339935
NC_000011.9 EFEMP2 7.42e-02 1.26e-03 0.339935
NC_000017.10 IGF2BP1 1.71e-01 1.26e-03 0.340718
NC_000010.10 NODAL 1.16e-01 1.27e-03 0.340718
NC_000019.9 LYPD5 1.19e-01 1.27e-03 0.340718
NC_000010.10 VENTX 1.04e-01 1.27e-03 0.340718
NC_000002.11 RANBP2 6.24e-02 1.27e-03 0.340718
NC_000019.9 RASAL3 1.28e-01 1.27e-03 0.340718
NC_000012.11 MGAT4C 7.50e-02 1.27e-03 0.341017
NC_000008.10 C8orf73 1.06e-01 1.27e-03 0.341017
NC_000015.9 GCNT3 1.74e-01 1.27e-03 0.341017
NC_000003.11 PPP2R3A 1.41e-01 1.27e-03 0.341017
NC_000016.9 SNN -5.68e-02 1.28e-03 0.341017
NC_000001.10 NOTCH2 -7.32e-02 1.28e-03 0.341097
NC_000011.9 PPFIBP2 1.51e-01 1.28e-03 0.341097
NC_000005.9 SLC27A6 1.39e-01 1.28e-03 0.341218
NC_000017.10 BZRAP1 1.74e-01 1.28e-03 0.341417
NC_000017.10 SLC38A10 -1.97e-01 1.28e-03 0.341417
NC_000006.11 TRIM15 -8.13e-02 1.28e-03 0.341595
NC_000015.9 ZFP106 1.66e-01 1.29e-03 0.343368
NC_000014.8 CEBPE -1.51e-01 1.30e-03 0.34391
NC_000011.9 TAF6L 6.57e-02 1.30e-03 0.34391
NC_000010.10 SEPHS1 1.75e-01 1.30e-03 0.34391
NC_000006.11 PPT2 1.26e-01 1.30e-03 0.344045
NC_000012.11 PPM1H 1.64e-01 1.30e-03 0.344045
NC_000011.9 RARRES3 -1.39e-01 1.30e-03 0.344045
NC_000008.10 SLC39A4 1.94e-01 1.31e-03 0.344641
NC_000007.13 ZNF815 1.05e-01 1.31e-03 0.344668
NC_000006.11 HCG9 8.39e-02 1.31e-03 0.345212
NC_000007.13 KCP 1.08e-01 1.31e-03 0.345414
NC_000019.9 CCL25 -9.07e-02 1.31e-03 0.345584
NC_000001.10 AVPR1B -5.90e-02 1.32e-03 0.345705
NC_000002.11 PARD3B -1.06e-01 1.32e-03 0.345915
NC_000012.11 MIR196A2 9.37e-02 1.32e-03 0.345915
NC_000005.9 NEUROG1 1.20e-01 1.32e-03 0.345915
NC_000007.13 HOXA5 1.64e-01 1.32e-03 0.346229
NC_000003.11 PDCD6IP -1.07e-01 1.32e-03 0.346229
NC_000022.10 PPM1F -1.10e-01 1.32e-03 0.346229
NC_000002.11 INPP5D -1.17e-01 1.33e-03 0.346229
NC_000012.11 CS 8.48e-02 1.33e-03 0.346229
NC_000017.10 ICT1 8.66e-02 1.33e-03 0.346229
NC_000010.10 DIP2C -8.77e-02 1.33e-03 0.346229
NC_000001.10 FLJ42875 7.74e-02 1.33e-03 0.346229
NC_000014.8 INF2 1.17e-01 1.33e-03 0.346229
NC_000017.10 PIK3R6 7.37e-02 1.33e-03 0.346229
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 -1.03e-01 1.33e-03 0.346229
NC_000007.13 LOC349114 -9.18e-02 1.33e-03 0.346229
NC_000006.11 TAAR3 -8.67e-02 1.33e-03 0.346229
NC_000001.10 DARC -7.57e-02 1.33e-03 0.346229
NC_000007.13 HOXA5 1.10e-01 1.33e-03 0.346229
NC_000001.10 MATN1 -6.86e-02 1.33e-03 0.346229
NC_000001.10 ZNF648 -6.02e-02 1.34e-03 0.346343
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 7.86e-02 1.34e-03 0.346343
NC_000002.11 PLEKHH2 1.48e-01 1.34e-03 0.346343
NC_000022.10 A4GALT -1.07e-01 1.34e-03 0.346343
NC_000011.9 ALX4 6.97e-02 1.34e-03 0.346343
NC_000005.9 RGS14 1.23e-01 1.35e-03 0.346343
NC_000007.13 C7orf50 -9.70e-02 1.35e-03 0.346343
NC_000002.11 UCN 8.63e-02 1.35e-03 0.346343
NC_000003.11 ZDHHC19 8.04e-02 1.35e-03 0.346343
NC_000017.10 ARHGAP23 -8.89e-02 1.35e-03 0.346343
NC_000019.9 SAPS1 -1.31e-01 1.35e-03 0.346343
NC_000016.9 SPSB3 5.95e-02 1.35e-03 0.346343
NC_000001.10 RAG1AP1 1.03e-01 1.35e-03 0.346343
NC_000017.10 NFE2L1 1.51e-01 1.35e-03 0.346343
NC_000016.9 CBFA2T3 -1.59e-01 1.35e-03 0.346343
NC_000012.11 PKP2 8.20e-02 1.36e-03 0.346343
NC_000012.11 TROAP 1.38e-01 1.36e-03 0.346343
NC_000002.11 UCN 9.87e-02 1.36e-03 0.346343
NC_000006.11 ATF6B 1.02e-01 1.36e-03 0.346343
NC_000021.8 APP -1.85e-01 1.36e-03 0.346343
NC_000003.11 PDZRN3 -1.75e-01 1.36e-03 0.346628
NC_000023.10 HTR2C 1.00e-01 1.36e-03 0.346628
NC_000001.10 LMOD1 1.23e-01 1.36e-03 0.346628
NC_000004.11 SH3BP2 1.16e-01 1.36e-03 0.346628
NC_000005.9 AMACR -7.54e-02 1.36e-03 0.346628
NC_000001.10 PEX10 1.15e-01 1.36e-03 0.346628
NC_000007.13 TTC26 8.21e-02 1.37e-03 0.346628
NC_000016.9 ZNF75A 1.10e-01 1.37e-03 0.346628
NC_000016.9 ZFPM1 9.60e-02 1.37e-03 0.346628
NC_000005.9 C5orf56 -1.43e-01 1.37e-03 0.346628
NC_000012.11 TMED2 1.10e-01 1.37e-03 0.346628
NC_000007.13 MAD1L1 -1.16e-01 1.37e-03 0.346628
NC_000017.10 HOXB3 1.40e-01 1.37e-03 0.346628
NC_000010.10 ZNF365 6.01e-02 1.37e-03 0.346628
NC_000012.11 CACNA2D4 1.38e-01 1.37e-03 0.346628
NC_000023.10 BCOR 6.71e-02 1.37e-03 0.346628
NC_000020.10 RASSF2 -1.18e-01 1.37e-03 0.346628
NC_000010.10 KIAA1274 -1.24e-01 1.38e-03 0.346628
NC_000005.9 ZNF300 8.92e-02 1.38e-03 0.346628
NC_000001.10 MEF2D 9.54e-02 1.38e-03 0.347075
NC_000006.11 HLA-DMB 8.97e-02 1.38e-03 0.347075
NC_000011.9 WT1 6.26e-02 1.38e-03 0.347704
NC_000019.9 GEMIN7 1.78e-01 1.39e-03 0.347704
NC_000016.9 ANKRD11 -1.62e-01 1.39e-03 0.347706
NC_000001.10 DSTYK -7.79e-02 1.39e-03 0.348237
NC_000020.10 ANGPT4 4.93e-02 1.39e-03 0.348237
NC_000022.10 SSTR3 9.28e-02 1.40e-03 0.348406
NC_000017.10 VMO1 1.23e-01 1.40e-03 0.348406
NC_000006.11 HLA-DPB1 1.74e-01 1.40e-03 0.348406
NC_000005.9 ZNF622 -6.50e-02 1.40e-03 0.348406
NC_000021.8 USP25 -1.34e-01 1.40e-03 0.348406
NC_000021.8 C21orf125 -1.27e-01 1.40e-03 0.348406
NC_000008.10 PVT1 1.24e-01 1.40e-03 0.348406
NC_000016.9 CA5A 7.77e-02 1.41e-03 0.348406
NC_000002.11 WNT6 6.21e-02 1.41e-03 0.348406
NC_000004.11 LOC441046 8.72e-02 1.41e-03 0.348406
NC_000017.10 SPATA20 1.57e-01 1.41e-03 0.348406
NC_000011.9 FADS2 -8.70e-02 1.41e-03 0.348406
NC_000010.10 SH3PXD2A -1.55e-01 1.42e-03 0.348406
NC_000011.9 NPAS4 1.45e-01 1.42e-03 0.348406
NC_000001.10 RAD54L -8.51e-02 1.42e-03 0.348406
NC_000017.10 TTYH2 1.38e-01 1.42e-03 0.348406
NC_000011.9 ATHL1 -1.67e-01 1.42e-03 0.348406
NC_000024.9 PCDH11Y 6.80e-02 1.42e-03 0.348406
NC_000011.9 DLG2 1.73e-01 1.42e-03 0.348406
NC_000002.11 PSD4 1.13e-01 1.42e-03 0.348406
NC_000002.11 ID2 -1.11e-01 1.42e-03 0.348406
NC_000012.11 ACACB 5.45e-02 1.42e-03 0.348406
NC_000007.13 RUNDC3B 1.75e-01 1.42e-03 0.348406
NC_000007.13 MAD1L1 -5.94e-02 1.42e-03 0.348406
NC_000010.10 ADK -8.89e-02 1.42e-03 0.348406
NC_000001.10 PAX7 8.51e-02 1.42e-03 0.348406
NC_000005.9 HK3 -9.04e-02 1.42e-03 0.348406
NC_000006.11 MOCS1 1.36e-01 1.43e-03 0.348406
NC_000011.9 CAT 1.32e-01 1.43e-03 0.348406
NC_000019.9 BRUNOL5 8.78e-02 1.43e-03 0.348614
NC_000003.11 PA2G4P4 1.12e-01 1.43e-03 0.34862
NC_000023.10 KLHL4 1.82e-01 1.43e-03 0.34862
NC_000014.8 ZFP36L1 1.42e-01 1.43e-03 0.34862
NC_000016.9 MIR365-1 -1.48e-01 1.43e-03 0.348752
NC_000003.11 SLC7A14 -6.44e-02 1.44e-03 0.349487
NC_000004.11 RBPJ -1.27e-01 1.44e-03 0.349487
NC_000013.10 PABPC3 1.94e-01 1.44e-03 0.349487
NC_000002.11 UCN 9.78e-02 1.44e-03 0.349487
NC_000006.11 PPT2 8.31e-02 1.44e-03 0.349875
NC_000019.9 BST2 -1.27e-01 1.44e-03 0.350009
NC_000001.10 PRKCZ -1.50e-01 1.45e-03 0.350208
NC_000017.10 ITGAE 9.47e-02 1.45e-03 0.35039
NC_000011.9 TMEM134 -7.06e-02 1.45e-03 0.350577
NC_000001.10 PM20D1 2.97e-01 1.45e-03 0.350795
NC_000008.10 PKIA -1.13e-01 1.46e-03 0.350795
NC_000006.11 PTCRA 7.09e-02 1.46e-03 0.350795
NC_000017.10 CCDC42 -1.04e-01 1.46e-03 0.351192
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 1.21e-01 1.46e-03 0.351192
NC_000017.10 BAIAP2 1.24e-01 1.46e-03 0.351192
NC_000001.10 MUTYH -9.67e-02 1.46e-03 0.351192
NC_000001.10 HLX 7.24e-02 1.46e-03 0.351192
NC_000011.9 API5 5.00e-02 1.46e-03 0.351192
NC_000016.9 NDE1 -1.17e-01 1.46e-03 0.351192
NC_000019.9 SLC44A2 1.70e-01 1.46e-03 0.351227
NC_000015.9 TCF12 -4.64e-02 1.47e-03 0.351371
NC_000003.11 SEC61A1 1.02e-01 1.47e-03 0.351371
NC_000016.9 CCDC78 7.01e-02 1.47e-03 0.351371
NC_000002.11 AHSA2 1.28e-01 1.47e-03 0.351371
NC_000017.10 MFSD6L 9.64e-02 1.47e-03 0.351371
NC_000006.11 DAAM2 1.85e-01 1.47e-03 0.351371
NC_000015.9 THBS1 1.88e-01 1.48e-03 0.351371
NC_000010.10 CAMK1D -6.30e-02 1.48e-03 0.351371
NC_000017.10 ACCN1 1.33e-01 1.48e-03 0.351371
NC_000008.10 ANK1 -8.32e-02 1.48e-03 0.351371
NC_000015.9 IGF1R -1.16e-01 1.48e-03 0.351371
NC_000002.11 SH3RF3 -8.98e-02 1.48e-03 0.351371
NC_000003.11 KLF15 1.41e-01 1.48e-03 0.351371
NC_000023.10 PABPC5 2.36e-01 1.48e-03 0.351371
NC_000019.9 PTPRS 9.02e-02 1.48e-03 0.351371
NC_000007.13 C7orf50 6.43e-02 1.48e-03 0.351371
NC_000019.9 SPHK2 8.74e-02 1.48e-03 0.351371
NC_000003.11 ALG1L2 -1.09e-01 1.48e-03 0.351371
NC_000019.9 LAIR1 -1.37e-01 1.48e-03 0.351371
NC_000001.10 PCSK9 -2.14e-01 1.49e-03 0.351371
NC_000016.9 RNF166 -1.79e-01 1.49e-03 0.351371
NC_000007.13 TSPAN13 -1.71e-01 1.49e-03 0.351371
NC_000004.11 AFAP1 -1.39e-01 1.49e-03 0.351371
NC_000021.8 PDE9A 1.20e-01 1.49e-03 0.351371
NC_000017.10 TMC8 -1.13e-01 1.49e-03 0.351371
NC_000021.8 WRB 9.76e-02 1.49e-03 0.351371
NC_000004.11 TRIM61 1.52e-01 1.49e-03 0.351579
NC_000006.11 PPIL1 -8.16e-02 1.49e-03 0.351881
NC_000004.11 SLC7A11 9.22e-02 1.49e-03 0.351881
NC_000008.10 LOC100130274 1.60e-01 1.50e-03 0.353072
NC_000011.9 PATL1 1.75e-01 1.50e-03 0.353139
NC_000012.11 PTMS 1.28e-01 1.51e-03 0.353139
NC_000003.11 CELSR3 2.20e-01 1.51e-03 0.353139
NC_000008.10 ZC3H3 -1.22e-01 1.51e-03 0.353319
NC_000006.11 GABBR1 7.67e-02 1.51e-03 0.353319
NC_000013.10 RNF6 1.75e-01 1.51e-03 0.353319
NC_000009.11 C9orf98 -8.33e-02 1.51e-03 0.353351
NC_000012.11 ERC1 -1.08e-01 1.51e-03 0.353351
NC_000002.11 FAM49A -1.28e-01 1.51e-03 0.353351
NC_000017.10 B3GNTL1 -1.77e-01 1.51e-03 0.353351
NC_000005.9 PCDHA6 1.28e-01 1.51e-03 0.353351
NC_000011.9 AQP11 1.37e-01 1.52e-03 0.353351
NC_000011.9 PAX6 1.63e-01 1.52e-03 0.353351
NC_000012.11 FGD4 1.17e-01 1.52e-03 0.353351
NC_000017.10 P2RX1 -1.01e-01 1.52e-03 0.353702
NC_000007.13 ADAM22 9.70e-02 1.52e-03 0.353717
NC_000023.10 PHF16 -1.04e-01 1.52e-03 0.353829
NC_000001.10 ESPN 1.32e-01 1.52e-03 0.354206
NC_000019.9 LYPD5 -4.65e-02 1.53e-03 0.354665
NC_000008.10 FAM92A1 1.16e-01 1.53e-03 0.355109
NC_000006.11 COL11A2 -1.24e-01 1.53e-03 0.355109
NC_000008.10 RAD21 -5.47e-02 1.53e-03 0.355109
NC_000010.10 FANK1 6.06e-02 1.53e-03 0.355109
NC_000002.11 FMNL2 1.35e-01 1.54e-03 0.355143
NC_000011.9 SYT7 1.38e-01 1.54e-03 0.355143
NC_000010.10 LIPA 1.26e-01 1.54e-03 0.355143
NC_000014.8 CBLN3 1.10e-01 1.54e-03 0.355143
NC_000019.9 LYPD3 1.30e-01 1.54e-03 0.355143
NC_000017.10 FLJ32065 -9.55e-02 1.54e-03 0.355143
NC_000006.11 STK19 1.20e-01 1.54e-03 0.355143
NC_000008.10 ANGPT2 1.05e-01 1.54e-03 0.355143
NC_000016.9 SLC12A4 8.26e-02 1.54e-03 0.355143
NC_000012.11 OGFOD2 4.55e-02 1.55e-03 0.355143
NC_000009.11 GNAQ -5.56e-02 1.55e-03 0.355143
NC_000001.10 RGS7 1.56e-01 1.55e-03 0.356124
NC_000007.13 C7orf50 -1.08e-01 1.55e-03 0.356264
NC_000013.10 DGKH -7.00e-02 1.56e-03 0.356264
NC_000011.9 SYT7 9.10e-02 1.56e-03 0.356264
NC_000015.9 PLA2G4D 7.33e-02 1.56e-03 0.356264
NC_000001.10 HIST2H2BA 1.23e-01 1.56e-03 0.356264
NC_000005.9 ZNF300 2.12e-01 1.56e-03 0.356264
NC_000019.9 GEMIN7 1.59e-01 1.56e-03 0.356264
NC_000017.10 SLC43A2 -1.09e-01 1.56e-03 0.356264
NC_000001.10 ESPNP 1.45e-01 1.56e-03 0.356264
NC_000001.10 VCAM1 1.86e-01 1.56e-03 0.356264
NC_000017.10 CSNK1D 3.24e-01 1.56e-03 0.356264
NC_000017.10 HOXB7 7.74e-02 1.57e-03 0.356722
NC_000010.10 KNDC1 5.76e-02 1.57e-03 0.357109
NC_000022.10 SMCR7L 1.07e-01 1.57e-03 0.357109
NC_000001.10 TNFRSF8 8.99e-02 1.57e-03 0.357344
NC_000016.9 SMPD3 1.12e-01 1.58e-03 0.357575
NC_000007.13 GTPBP10 9.61e-02 1.58e-03 0.357585
NC_000013.10 F7 9.86e-02 1.58e-03 0.357585
NC_000008.10 ANKRD46 -1.26e-01 1.58e-03 0.357585
NC_000002.11 TIGD1 -8.80e-02 1.58e-03 0.357585
NC_000011.9 TRPC6 1.96e-01 1.58e-03 0.357585
NC_000002.11 TRIB2 -9.97e-02 1.58e-03 0.35769
NC_000004.11 C4orf38 1.07e-01 1.59e-03 0.35769
NC_000010.10 PFKFB3 -8.28e-02 1.59e-03 0.35769
NC_000018.9 APCDD1 7.61e-02 1.59e-03 0.35769
NC_000017.10 FZD2 -7.11e-02 1.59e-03 0.35769
NC_000019.9 MYO9B 1.15e-01 1.59e-03 0.358155
NC_000013.10 SPERT 6.77e-02 1.59e-03 0.358226
NC_000007.13 MAD1L1 -1.24e-01 1.59e-03 0.358226
NC_000012.11 MDM2 -6.96e-02 1.60e-03 0.358495
NC_000004.11 SH3TC1 -1.20e-01 1.60e-03 0.358495
NC_000017.10 TNFSF12 1.16e-01 1.60e-03 0.358591
NC_000004.11 DCK -1.20e-01 1.60e-03 0.358591
NC_000019.9 NFIC 1.01e-01 1.60e-03 0.358767
NC_000003.11 TMCC1 2.06e-01 1.60e-03 0.358767
NC_000017.10 TBC1D3H 1.09e-01 1.60e-03 0.358767
NC_000015.9 PLCB2 1.07e-01 1.61e-03 0.360353
NC_000016.9 CCDC113 -8.17e-02 1.61e-03 0.360353
NC_000006.11 TNXB -1.59e-01 1.61e-03 0.360353
NC_000019.9 MYO1F 1.76e-01 1.61e-03 0.360353
NC_000016.9 C16orf13 6.86e-02 1.61e-03 0.360353
NC_000011.9 CDKN1C -6.35e-02 1.62e-03 0.360353
NC_000016.9 GPT2 7.73e-02 1.62e-03 0.360353
NC_000017.10 C17orf55 1.32e-01 1.62e-03 0.360353
NC_000003.11 MED12L -1.45e-01 1.62e-03 0.360353
NC_000002.11 UCN 1.12e-01 1.62e-03 0.360353
NC_000010.10 INPP5A -1.12e-01 1.62e-03 0.360353
NC_000013.10 BRCA2 6.77e-02 1.62e-03 0.360353
NC_000012.11 C1S 1.44e-01 1.63e-03 0.360353
NC_000012.11 DGKA -1.33e-01 1.63e-03 0.360353
NC_000007.13 MAD1L1 -9.82e-02 1.63e-03 0.360353
NC_000009.11 EGFL7 8.64e-02 1.63e-03 0.360353
NC_000008.10 GINS4 1.59e-01 1.63e-03 0.360353
NC_000005.9 RGS14 1.27e-01 1.63e-03 0.360353
NC_000009.11 FAM154A 1.13e-01 1.63e-03 0.360353
NC_000002.11 MYT1L -1.17e-01 1.63e-03 0.360353
NC_000017.10 SOX9 -1.58e-01 1.63e-03 0.360353
NC_000019.9 EGLN2 1.33e-01 1.63e-03 0.360387
NC_000011.9 CAT 7.83e-02 1.63e-03 0.360657
NC_000011.9 RCE1 9.05e-02 1.63e-03 0.360657
NC_000004.11 SORBS2 7.71e-02 1.64e-03 0.36204
NC_000004.11 SORCS2 -1.11e-01 1.64e-03 0.362241
NC_000010.10 ADARB2 -6.90e-02 1.64e-03 0.362241
NC_000006.11 LY6G5C -2.16e-01 1.65e-03 0.362241
NC_000001.10 PUSL1 6.66e-02 1.65e-03 0.3623
NC_000014.8 TECPR2 1.28e-01 1.65e-03 0.3623
NC_000002.11 TRAF3IP1 -7.92e-02 1.65e-03 0.36271
NC_000002.11 ASAP2 -1.50e-01 1.65e-03 0.36271
NC_000016.9 NRN1L 1.22e-01 1.65e-03 0.36271
NC_000011.9 ODZ4 1.48e-01 1.66e-03 0.36271
NC_000006.11 PPT2 6.75e-02 1.66e-03 0.36271
NC_000005.9 DUSP1 1.17e-01 1.66e-03 0.36271
NC_000011.9 ROBO4 -7.49e-02 1.66e-03 0.36271
NC_000012.11 ESYT1 -5.76e-02 1.66e-03 0.36271
NC_000001.10 DNALI1 7.95e-02 1.66e-03 0.36271
NC_000005.9 H2AFY -1.40e-01 1.66e-03 0.36271
NC_000016.9 KIAA0895L 1.09e-01 1.66e-03 0.36271
NC_000016.9 ANKRD11 -1.33e-01 1.66e-03 0.36271
NC_000004.11 LOC100130872-SPON2 1.25e-01 1.67e-03 0.36271
NC_000008.10 KIAA0146 -5.56e-02 1.67e-03 0.36271
NC_000016.9 BCAR1 1.14e-01 1.67e-03 0.36271
NC_000010.10 GSTO2 5.57e-02 1.67e-03 0.36271
NC_000011.9 CALCA 1.47e-01 1.67e-03 0.36271
NC_000017.10 LOC404266 1.64e-01 1.67e-03 0.36271
NC_000017.10 ARSG 1.70e-01 1.67e-03 0.36271
NC_000016.9 CORO1A -1.21e-01 1.67e-03 0.36271
NC_000005.9 PCDHGA4 9.52e-02 1.68e-03 0.36271
NC_000017.10 USP22 -1.29e-01 1.68e-03 0.36271
NC_000011.9 MUC2 9.86e-02 1.68e-03 0.36271
NC_000011.9 SHANK2 1.90e-01 1.68e-03 0.36271
NC_000008.10 XKR6 -1.87e-01 1.68e-03 0.36271
NC_000015.9 UNC45A 1.85e-01 1.68e-03 0.36271
NC_000007.13 GPR37 9.60e-02 1.68e-03 0.36271
NC_000018.9 USP14 1.67e-01 1.68e-03 0.36271
NC_000006.11 GRM1 1.17e-01 1.68e-03 0.36271
NC_000003.11 SOX2OT 9.83e-02 1.68e-03 0.36271
NC_000008.10 GPR124 1.40e-01 1.68e-03 0.36271
NC_000002.11 ASTL 8.88e-02 1.69e-03 0.36271
NC_000001.10 C1orf157 1.56e-01 1.69e-03 0.36271
NC_000017.10 AXIN2 1.08e-01 1.69e-03 0.36271
NC_000001.10 CD34 -1.38e-01 1.69e-03 0.36271
NC_000007.13 ZNF467 1.87e-01 1.69e-03 0.36271
NC_000001.10 MFSD4 8.80e-02 1.69e-03 0.36271
NC_000001.10 PEX14 -8.84e-02 1.69e-03 0.36271
NC_000002.11 DNAH6 7.08e-02 1.69e-03 0.36271
NC_000012.11 HOXC4 5.94e-02 1.69e-03 0.36271
NC_000016.9 SPIRE2 7.14e-02 1.69e-03 0.36271
NC_000012.11 ITPR2 -9.91e-02 1.69e-03 0.36271
NC_000017.10 NCRNA00188 -1.22e-01 1.69e-03 0.36271
NC_000004.11 TACR3 1.67e-01 1.70e-03 0.36271
NC_000010.10 XPNPEP1 -6.91e-02 1.70e-03 0.36271
NC_000002.11 PLCD4 1.10e-01 1.70e-03 0.36271
NC_000003.11 AMOTL2 -8.21e-02 1.70e-03 0.36271
NC_000007.13 HOXA5 1.29e-01 1.70e-03 0.36271
NC_000016.9 ACSF3 7.56e-02 1.70e-03 0.36271
NC_000002.11 TEKT4 6.86e-02 1.70e-03 0.36271
NC_000016.9 C16orf68 -2.43e-01 1.70e-03 0.36271
NC_000014.8 DCAF4 6.39e-02 1.70e-03 0.36271
NC_000001.10 XPR1 -1.01e-01 1.70e-03 0.36271
NC_000013.10 ABCC4 -9.35e-02 1.70e-03 0.36271
NC_000009.11 ADAMTSL2 -1.04e-01 1.71e-03 0.36271
NC_000017.10 HSPB9 1.00e-01 1.71e-03 0.36271
NC_000008.10 RRM2B -6.10e-02 1.71e-03 0.36271
NC_000023.10 BCOR 5.96e-02 1.71e-03 0.36271
NC_000005.9 TCF7 -1.82e-01 1.71e-03 0.36271
NC_000006.11 KIF6 7.64e-02 1.71e-03 0.36271
NC_000006.11 TRIM26 1.60e-01 1.71e-03 0.36271
NC_000016.9 SLC38A7 1.32e-01 1.71e-03 0.36271
NC_000007.13 HOXA10 8.59e-02 1.71e-03 0.36271
NC_000001.10 MAN1C1 -1.22e-01 1.71e-03 0.36271
NC_000006.11 PBX2 -9.77e-02 1.71e-03 0.36271
NC_000019.9 CACNA1A 8.64e-02 1.72e-03 0.36271
NC_000001.10 AGRN 7.83e-02 1.72e-03 0.36271
NC_000010.10 CUGBP2 7.50e-02 1.72e-03 0.36271
NC_000011.9 HTR3A 1.32e-01 1.72e-03 0.36271
NC_000003.11 CPA3 -1.13e-01 1.72e-03 0.36271
NC_000001.10 ESPNP 9.63e-02 1.72e-03 0.36271
NC_000016.9 IGFALS 1.32e-01 1.72e-03 0.36271
NC_000004.11 ZNF518B -6.49e-02 1.72e-03 0.36271
NC_000021.8 TMEM50B -5.26e-02 1.72e-03 0.36271
NC_000006.11 TNXB 7.88e-02 1.73e-03 0.36271
NC_000002.11 SPOPL -1.77e-01 1.73e-03 0.36271
NC_000016.9 SLC5A2 1.48e-01 1.73e-03 0.36271
NC_000007.13 CALD1 8.77e-02 1.73e-03 0.36271
NC_000002.11 TLK1 -1.04e-01 1.73e-03 0.36271
NC_000016.9 GABARAPL2 8.67e-02 1.73e-03 0.36271
NC_000021.8 PCP4 -6.80e-02 1.73e-03 0.36271
NC_000020.10 MC3R 6.24e-02 1.73e-03 0.36271
NC_000006.11 DAAM2 1.10e-01 1.73e-03 0.36271
NC_000002.11 AGAP1 1.25e-01 1.74e-03 0.36271
NC_000003.11 GAP43 3.11e-01 1.74e-03 0.362719
NC_000011.9 SHANK2 5.91e-02 1.74e-03 0.362887
NC_000012.11 GRASP 1.33e-01 1.74e-03 0.362961
NC_000007.13 CALD1 1.12e-01 1.74e-03 0.362961
NC_000007.13 INTS1 -1.11e-01 1.74e-03 0.362961
NC_000001.10 HIST2H2BF 8.47e-02 1.74e-03 0.363209
NC_000004.11 SH3BP2 1.03e-01 1.75e-03 0.363573
NC_000008.10 GPR124 1.25e-01 1.75e-03 0.363573
NC_000001.10 KIF26B 1.63e-01 1.75e-03 0.363573
NC_000017.10 ACAP1 2.50e-01 1.75e-03 0.363573
NC_000016.9 DCTN5 7.26e-02 1.75e-03 0.363664
NC_000001.10 TMEM61 5.73e-02 1.75e-03 0.363694
NC_000016.9 PARN 9.19e-02 1.76e-03 0.363694
NC_000005.9 ANKRD33B 8.13e-02 1.76e-03 0.363694
NC_000004.11 CCDC96 1.32e-01 1.76e-03 0.363694
NC_000009.11 TRAF1 -8.47e-02 1.76e-03 0.363694
NC_000001.10 OR10Z1 6.73e-02 1.76e-03 0.363694
NC_000023.10 FOXO4 6.46e-02 1.76e-03 0.363694
NC_000009.11 PTCH1 1.23e-01 1.76e-03 0.363694
NC_000007.13 IRF5 -1.95e-01 1.76e-03 0.363897
NC_000011.9 ODZ4 5.94e-02 1.77e-03 0.364031
NC_000004.11 TLR1 -1.81e-01 1.77e-03 0.364031
NC_000016.9 FAM86A 6.11e-02 1.77e-03 0.364031
NC_000006.11 KIF13A 1.57e-01 1.77e-03 0.364031
NC_000013.10 OXGR1 2.20e-01 1.77e-03 0.364031
NC_000011.9 GUCY1A2 8.42e-02 1.77e-03 0.364031
NC_000006.11 C6orf27 1.49e-01 1.77e-03 0.364063
NC_000022.10 CPT1B 2.25e-01 1.77e-03 0.364063
NC_000023.10 SRPK3 1.38e-01 1.78e-03 0.364419
NC_000012.11 CIT 9.66e-02 1.78e-03 0.364604
NC_000010.10 GFRA1 -4.92e-02 1.78e-03 0.364604
NC_000002.11 VAX2 1.02e-01 1.78e-03 0.364604
NC_000005.9 SLC12A7 -1.04e-01 1.78e-03 0.364604
NC_000002.11 PTH2R 8.99e-02 1.78e-03 0.364604
NC_000001.10 CTNNBIP1 8.08e-02 1.78e-03 0.364604
NC_000001.10 TRIM67 1.28e-01 1.78e-03 0.364604
NC_000018.9 SYT4 -1.13e-01 1.79e-03 0.364604
NC_000003.11 CDCP1 -8.72e-02 1.79e-03 0.364604
NC_000018.9 C18orf21 -6.90e-02 1.79e-03 0.364604
NC_000012.11 NCOR2 1.39e-01 1.79e-03 0.364604
NC_000007.13 FASTK 1.39e-01 1.79e-03 0.364604
NC_000022.10 CHADL 9.76e-02 1.79e-03 0.364844
NC_000011.9 MIR194-2 -1.42e-01 1.79e-03 0.364849
NC_000012.11 CUX2 -7.14e-02 1.79e-03 0.364849
NC_000002.11 SH3RF3 -1.00e-01 1.80e-03 0.364849
NC_000014.8 SNX6 -9.56e-02 1.80e-03 0.364849
NC_000007.13 PAPOLB 2.33e-01 1.80e-03 0.364849
NC_000006.11 LRP11 8.66e-02 1.80e-03 0.364849
NC_000019.9 C19orf45 -1.25e-01 1.80e-03 0.364849
NC_000007.13 ABP1 -1.79e-01 1.80e-03 0.364849
NC_000016.9 CENPBD1 1.36e-01 1.80e-03 0.364849
NC_000004.11 CEP135 -1.05e-01 1.80e-03 0.364849
NC_000011.9 SYTL2 -1.30e-01 1.80e-03 0.364849
NC_000006.11 TRIM27 -5.38e-02 1.81e-03 0.364849
NC_000006.11 C6orf136 6.32e-02 1.81e-03 0.364849
NC_000019.9 TGFB1 9.81e-02 1.81e-03 0.364849
NC_000001.10 VPS13D 1.20e-01 1.81e-03 0.364849
NC_000016.9 RRN3P2 8.37e-02 1.81e-03 0.364849
NC_000007.13 HOXA10 1.21e-01 1.81e-03 0.364849
NC_000016.9 NUPR1 1.05e-01 1.81e-03 0.364849
NC_000007.13 PIK3CG -1.39e-01 1.81e-03 0.364849
NC_000019.9 CD37 1.18e-01 1.81e-03 0.364849
NC_000003.11 EHHADH 1.69e-01 1.81e-03 0.364849
NC_000002.11 SLC38A11 1.23e-01 1.81e-03 0.364849
NC_000008.10 EXT1 1.36e-01 1.82e-03 0.365008
NC_000014.8 AK7 2.16e-01 1.82e-03 0.365008
NC_000002.11 VAX2 7.77e-02 1.82e-03 0.365008
NC_000002.11 FEV 6.01e-02 1.82e-03 0.365008
NC_000019.9 BCL3 8.65e-02 1.82e-03 0.365008
NC_000006.11 PSMB8 -1.46e-01 1.82e-03 0.365072
NC_000002.11 PSD4 1.81e-01 1.82e-03 0.365072
NC_000012.11 SLC26A10 -1.22e-01 1.83e-03 0.365137
NC_000007.13 ZNF467 1.59e-01 1.83e-03 0.365229
NC_000007.13 AP4M1 -5.93e-02 1.83e-03 0.365406
NC_000011.9 MRGPRE 1.15e-01 1.83e-03 0.365406
NC_000009.11 STRBP 7.41e-02 1.83e-03 0.365406
NC_000001.10 DENND2D -1.06e-01 1.83e-03 0.365406
NC_000002.11 OR6B2 5.58e-02 1.84e-03 0.365406
NC_000003.11 CCDC52 6.47e-02 1.84e-03 0.365406
NC_000003.11 NUP210 -6.66e-02 1.84e-03 0.365406
NC_000014.8 ZFP36L1 2.01e-01 1.84e-03 0.365406
NC_000016.9 DECR2 1.56e-01 1.84e-03 0.365406
NC_000001.10 FMO6P -1.33e-01 1.84e-03 0.365406
NC_000006.11 HCP5 5.62e-02 1.84e-03 0.365406
NC_000019.9 RPL28 1.18e-01 1.84e-03 0.365406
NC_000020.10 PROCR 8.77e-02 1.84e-03 0.365406
NC_000002.11 CGREF1 -8.70e-02 1.84e-03 0.365406
NC_000011.9 API5 -4.60e-02 1.84e-03 0.365406
NC_000016.9 FAM18A -1.03e-01 1.84e-03 0.365406
NC_000017.10 SPAG5 5.99e-02 1.85e-03 0.365406
NC_000012.11 AVPR1A 1.17e-01 1.85e-03 0.365406
NC_000019.9 LOC643719 9.47e-02 1.85e-03 0.365406
NC_000013.10 NALCN 1.39e-01 1.85e-03 0.365406
NC_000016.9 IRX6 1.29e-01 1.85e-03 0.365406
NC_000008.10 CHMP7 -1.14e-01 1.86e-03 0.365406
NC_000023.10 BCOR 1.60e-01 1.86e-03 0.365406
NC_000011.9 ABTB2 9.28e-02 1.86e-03 0.365406
NC_000006.11 ZBTB24 -5.06e-02 1.86e-03 0.365406
NC_000006.11 MICB 8.38e-02 1.86e-03 0.365406
NC_000017.10 HLF 1.09e-01 1.86e-03 0.365406
NC_000001.10 LINGO4 -1.37e-01 1.86e-03 0.365406
NC_000003.11 TNK2 -1.29e-01 1.86e-03 0.365406
NC_000007.13 CAMK2B 7.91e-02 1.86e-03 0.365406
NC_000006.11 PSORS1C1 1.71e-01 1.86e-03 0.365406
NC_000003.11 RFTN1 -1.05e-01 1.86e-03 0.365406
NC_000001.10 NTNG1 1.22e-01 1.87e-03 0.365406
NC_000003.11 CSPG5 8.66e-02 1.87e-03 0.365406
NC_000003.11 SKIL -9.79e-02 1.87e-03 0.365406
NC_000011.9 CD82 -8.20e-02 1.87e-03 0.365406
NC_000011.9 CD5 -7.38e-02 1.87e-03 0.365406
NC_000011.9 DIXDC1 1.48e-01 1.87e-03 0.365406
NC_000002.11 NAT8 -6.33e-02 1.87e-03 0.365406
NC_000012.11 GPD1 1.45e-01 1.87e-03 0.365406
NC_000001.10 KIAA1026 -1.64e-01 1.87e-03 0.365406
NC_000005.9 PCBD2 1.65e-01 1.88e-03 0.365406
NC_000015.9 LOXL1 8.72e-02 1.88e-03 0.365406
NC_000014.8 PLD4 1.46e-01 1.88e-03 0.365406
NC_000001.10 PRDX1 -6.80e-02 1.88e-03 0.365406
NC_000006.11 ABT1 -8.59e-02 1.88e-03 0.365406
NC_000005.9 RXFP3 1.84e-01 1.88e-03 0.365406
NC_000020.10 SLC4A11 1.32e-01 1.88e-03 0.365406
NC_000007.13 ZNF783 -8.63e-02 1.88e-03 0.365406
NC_000009.11 UBAP2 1.11e-01 1.89e-03 0.365406
NC_000002.11 TNS1 9.16e-02 1.89e-03 0.365406
NC_000003.11 ABI3BP 1.11e-01 1.89e-03 0.365406
NC_000011.9 CD5 -1.43e-01 1.89e-03 0.365406
NC_000016.9 DOC2A 6.23e-02 1.89e-03 0.365406
NC_000014.8 ZDHHC22 5.26e-02 1.89e-03 0.365406
NC_000022.10 BID -1.60e-01 1.89e-03 0.365406
NC_000009.11 PTGDS 1.68e-01 1.89e-03 0.365406
NC_000007.13 DAGLB -1.05e-01 1.89e-03 0.365406
NC_000009.11 MAPKAP1 8.33e-02 1.89e-03 0.365406
NC_000019.9 ZNF846 -5.64e-02 1.89e-03 0.365406
NC_000014.8 MIR487B -1.11e-01 1.89e-03 0.365406
NC_000008.10 MAPK15 1.40e-01 1.90e-03 0.365406
NC_000004.11 TBC1D14 -1.28e-01 1.90e-03 0.365406
NC_000007.13 MAGI2 1.44e-01 1.90e-03 0.365406
NC_000001.10 CCDC28B -5.57e-02 1.90e-03 0.365406
NC_000005.9 SEPT8 1.54e-01 1.90e-03 0.365406
NC_000001.10 NLRP3 2.24e-01 1.90e-03 0.365406
NC_000001.10 FAF1 2.03e-01 1.90e-03 0.365406
NC_000010.10 COL17A1 7.13e-02 1.90e-03 0.365406
NC_000001.10 GFI1 1.42e-01 1.90e-03 0.365406
NC_000005.9 PCDHA6 8.63e-02 1.90e-03 0.365406
NC_000009.11 PCSK5 -1.01e-01 1.90e-03 0.365406
NC_000008.10 MAF1 1.21e-01 1.90e-03 0.365406
NC_000020.10 ADNP -6.79e-02 1.90e-03 0.365406
NC_000002.11 CRYGD -1.09e-01 1.90e-03 0.365406
NC_000020.10 C20orf123 -1.54e-01 1.90e-03 0.365456
NC_000002.11 METTL8 -1.40e-01 1.90e-03 0.365456
NC_000015.9 TRPM1 -1.33e-01 1.90e-03 0.365456
NC_000003.11 FSTL1 -1.24e-01 1.91e-03 0.365576
NC_000017.10 AOC3 6.69e-02 1.91e-03 0.365576
NC_000012.11 B4GALNT1 -9.05e-02 1.91e-03 0.365576
NC_000018.9 RALBP1 8.70e-02 1.91e-03 0.365576
NC_000004.11 SPON2 -5.54e-02 1.91e-03 0.365576
NC_000001.10 WASF2 9.17e-02 1.91e-03 0.365919
NC_000008.10 COX6C -9.73e-02 1.92e-03 0.366063
NC_000005.9 MAP1B 1.13e-01 1.92e-03 0.366063
NC_000008.10 LOC100130274 1.17e-01 1.92e-03 0.366063
NC_000001.10 ACAP3 5.74e-02 1.92e-03 0.366063
NC_000022.10 CECR7 7.36e-02 1.92e-03 0.366063
NC_000018.9 CHMP1B 1.66e-01 1.92e-03 0.366063
NC_000011.9 CAT 1.43e-01 1.92e-03 0.366063
NC_000020.10 FASTKD5 6.32e-02 1.93e-03 0.366063
NC_000005.9 LOC257358 -1.23e-01 1.93e-03 0.366063
NC_000023.10 BCOR 1.57e-01 1.93e-03 0.366063
NC_000011.9 YAP1 9.53e-02 1.93e-03 0.366063
NC_000017.10 SP6 1.49e-01 1.93e-03 0.366063
NC_000010.10 SH3PXD2A 1.60e-01 1.93e-03 0.366063
NC_000019.9 CPAMD8 -8.15e-02 1.93e-03 0.366063
NC_000012.11 KCNH3 8.27e-02 1.93e-03 0.366063
NC_000013.10 GUCY1B2 -1.41e-01 1.93e-03 0.366063
NC_000006.11 MICB 1.17e-01 1.93e-03 0.366063
NC_000006.11 NCRNA00171 -1.21e-01 1.93e-03 0.366063
NC_000005.9 SLC12A7 -1.28e-01 1.93e-03 0.366063
NC_000010.10 TACC2 7.18e-02 1.94e-03 0.366063
NC_000021.8 TMPRSS3 -8.44e-02 1.94e-03 0.366063
NC_000002.11 PLEKHH2 1.13e-01 1.94e-03 0.366063
NC_000012.11 NRIP2 9.79e-02 1.94e-03 0.366063
NC_000007.13 CYP2W1 1.25e-01 1.94e-03 0.366063
NC_000017.10 SLC39A11 -1.72e-01 1.94e-03 0.366063
NC_000011.9 C11orf45 -1.12e-01 1.94e-03 0.366063
NC_000023.10 TGIF2LX -1.05e-01 1.94e-03 0.366063
NC_000010.10 PAOX -1.28e-01 1.94e-03 0.366063
NC_000010.10 ZNF487 1.11e-01 1.94e-03 0.366063
NC_000013.10 RCBTB2 -1.38e-01 1.95e-03 0.366083
NC_000010.10 RET 5.86e-02 1.95e-03 0.366083
NC_000002.11 SESTD1 -1.32e-01 1.95e-03 0.366191
NC_000007.13 TMEM176B 1.25e-01 1.95e-03 0.366191
NC_000006.11 CAP2 6.20e-02 1.95e-03 0.366191
NC_000017.10 GP1BA -2.01e-01 1.95e-03 0.366349
NC_000011.9 SLC22A6 -1.38e-01 1.95e-03 0.366404
NC_000020.10 KCNQ2 1.00e-01 1.96e-03 0.366404
NC_000002.11 IKZF2 -1.25e-01 1.96e-03 0.366404
NC_000001.10 TTLL10 7.47e-02 1.96e-03 0.366404
NC_000006.11 SERPINB6 -1.72e-01 1.96e-03 0.366404
NC_000006.11 NHSL1 1.48e-01 1.96e-03 0.36647
NC_000019.9 GAPDHS 1.23e-01 1.96e-03 0.36647
NC_000012.11 CIT -7.08e-02 1.96e-03 0.36647
NC_000001.10 TDRD5 1.45e-01 1.96e-03 0.36647
NC_000019.9 NAPSA 9.61e-02 1.96e-03 0.36647
NC_000008.10 ADAM3A -1.08e-01 1.96e-03 0.36647
NC_000007.13 MKRN1 1.04e-01 1.97e-03 0.36647
NC_000019.9 CPT1C 1.20e-01 1.97e-03 0.366725
NC_000006.11 PPT2 1.50e-01 1.97e-03 0.366725
NC_000015.9 CYP1A1 9.75e-02 1.97e-03 0.366969
NC_000003.11 SOX2OT 1.43e-01 1.97e-03 0.366969
NC_000003.11 KALRN -6.72e-02 1.97e-03 0.366969
NC_000005.9 POLS 5.28e-02 1.98e-03 0.366969
NC_000017.10 TP53I13 1.14e-01 1.98e-03 0.367664
NC_000020.10 SLC4A11 1.30e-01 1.98e-03 0.367831
NC_000011.9 DDX10 -1.58e-01 1.98e-03 0.367831
NC_000003.11 ZNF717 7.74e-02 1.99e-03 0.367831
NC_000003.11 ARHGEF3 -1.69e-01 1.99e-03 0.367831
NC_000003.11 MAGI1 -5.99e-02 1.99e-03 0.367831
NC_000012.11 ARHGDIB -1.42e-01 1.99e-03 0.367831
NC_000015.9 TNFAIP8L3 -1.01e-01 1.99e-03 0.368002
NC_000001.10 CFHR5 1.51e-01 1.99e-03 0.368002
NC_000023.10 BCOR 5.08e-02 1.99e-03 0.368016
NC_000001.10 ESPNP 1.24e-01 1.99e-03 0.368195
NC_000008.10 ARHGEF10 1.03e-01 1.99e-03 0.368286
NC_000007.13 MAFK 6.44e-02 2.00e-03 0.368392
NC_000005.9 RXFP3 1.43e-01 2.00e-03 0.368994
NC_000013.10 CARS2 9.87e-02 2.00e-03 0.368994
NC_000008.10 NPM2 1.27e-01 2.00e-03 0.368994
NC_000002.11 SFXN5 1.41e-01 2.01e-03 0.369249
NC_000008.10 C8orf44 -1.24e-01 2.01e-03 0.369249
NC_000018.9 PARD6G 9.31e-02 2.01e-03 0.369249
NC_000002.11 CD28 -1.13e-01 2.01e-03 0.369249
NC_000006.11 DDAH2 1.37e-01 2.01e-03 0.369267
NC_000022.10 LDOC1L 1.25e-01 2.01e-03 0.369267
NC_000003.11 TNFSF10 -9.50e-02 2.01e-03 0.369267
NC_000003.11 ABI3BP 1.49e-01 2.01e-03 0.369267
NC_000012.11 AGAP2 1.20e-01 2.01e-03 0.369267
NC_000014.8 PACS2 -9.59e-02 2.01e-03 0.369267
NC_000014.8 NPAS3 8.57e-02 2.01e-03 0.369295
NC_000006.11 SYNGAP1 -1.21e-01 2.02e-03 0.369346
NC_000002.11 PTMA 1.17e-01 2.02e-03 0.369359
NC_000017.10 ASPA 1.09e-01 2.02e-03 0.369359
NC_000006.11 TNXB 1.12e-01 2.02e-03 0.369455
NC_000017.10 PRKCA 1.42e-01 2.02e-03 0.369921
NC_000010.10 INPP5A -1.17e-01 2.02e-03 0.369921
NC_000019.9 AES -7.24e-02 2.03e-03 0.369987
NC_000014.8 KIF26A 8.65e-02 2.03e-03 0.370042
NC_000004.11 LOC100130872 -1.07e-01 2.03e-03 0.370042
NC_000001.10 PEX14 -6.13e-02 2.03e-03 0.370208
NC_000017.10 RPH3AL 1.45e-01 2.03e-03 0.370252
NC_000001.10 ERRFI1 -1.15e-01 2.04e-03 0.370508
NC_000016.9 LMF1 1.06e-01 2.04e-03 0.370508
NC_000004.11 SH3BP2 -8.73e-02 2.04e-03 0.370539
NC_000015.9 MAP2K1 -1.37e-01 2.04e-03 0.370539
NC_000002.11 GPN1 6.85e-02 2.04e-03 0.370539
NC_000002.11 TGFA 6.38e-02 2.04e-03 0.370539
NC_000010.10 PARD3 -1.03e-01 2.04e-03 0.370539
NC_000006.11 ZBTB12 7.44e-02 2.04e-03 0.370539
NC_000008.10 RUNX1T1 1.56e-01 2.05e-03 0.370539
NC_000009.11 LHX6 8.51e-02 2.05e-03 0.370572
NC_000016.9 ZNF267 1.71e-01 2.05e-03 0.370572
NC_000016.9 CMTM2 -1.77e-01 2.05e-03 0.370572
NC_000015.9 MPI -4.85e-02 2.05e-03 0.370841
NC_000001.10 PADI2 3.30e-01 2.05e-03 0.370841
NC_000002.11 RHBDD1 1.07e-01 2.06e-03 0.371101
NC_000011.9 LRRN4CL 9.38e-02 2.06e-03 0.371118
NC_000012.11 MLXIP -6.40e-02 2.06e-03 0.371118
NC_000012.11 LOC100240735 9.76e-02 2.06e-03 0.371189
NC_000001.10 CROCCL1 7.68e-02 2.06e-03 0.371189
NC_000005.9 TRIO 1.00e-01 2.06e-03 0.371189
NC_000012.11 PCBP2 -6.74e-02 2.06e-03 0.371189
NC_000005.9 STK10 -1.50e-01 2.06e-03 0.371189
NC_000015.9 MEGF11 -4.71e-02 2.07e-03 0.371434
NC_000002.11 KCNF1 -9.14e-02 2.07e-03 0.371434
NC_000015.9 TP53BP1 9.40e-02 2.07e-03 0.371536
NC_000016.9 RRN3P3 -5.93e-02 2.07e-03 0.371536
NC_000004.11 JAKMIP1 1.49e-01 2.07e-03 0.371536
NC_000006.11 TSPYL1 1.10e-01 2.07e-03 0.371549
NC_000006.11 PLAGL1 8.38e-02 2.07e-03 0.371549
NC_000009.11 ABCA2 1.30e-01 2.07e-03 0.371549
NC_000024.9 TGIF2LY -4.57e-02 2.08e-03 0.371549
NC_000002.11 SPEG 8.36e-02 2.08e-03 0.371549
NC_000006.11 HLA-DPB1 1.57e-01 2.08e-03 0.371549
NC_000014.8 DPF3 1.00e-01 2.08e-03 0.371549
NC_000004.11 KIAA1712 -7.39e-02 2.08e-03 0.371549
NC_000020.10 ADRA1D 7.33e-02 2.08e-03 0.371549
NC_000010.10 SYNPO2L -7.58e-02 2.08e-03 0.371549
NC_000006.11 MSH5 1.02e-01 2.08e-03 0.371549
NC_000010.10 PCGF5 -1.49e-01 2.08e-03 0.371549
NC_000004.11 LETM1 9.61e-02 2.08e-03 0.371549
NC_000012.11 FLJ12825 1.06e-01 2.09e-03 0.372195
NC_000007.13 STX1A -8.93e-02 2.09e-03 0.372602
NC_000002.11 LYPD6 -9.56e-02 2.09e-03 0.372716
NC_000010.10 BMPR1A -9.69e-02 2.09e-03 0.372724
NC_000013.10 ATP11A -1.48e-01 2.09e-03 0.372887
NC_000012.11 FBXL14 -1.24e-01 2.10e-03 0.37302
NC_000010.10 PFKFB3 1.24e-01 2.10e-03 0.373116
NC_000007.13 SLC4A2 5.99e-02 2.10e-03 0.373116
NC_000001.10 SELP -7.73e-02 2.10e-03 0.373116
NC_000006.11 FNDC1 9.23e-02 2.10e-03 0.373116
NC_000001.10 UBXN10 1.33e-01 2.10e-03 0.373116
NC_000022.10 SMC1B 1.38e-01 2.10e-03 0.373116
NC_000001.10 PALMD 1.51e-01 2.10e-03 0.373116
NC_000006.11 DUSP22 -4.88e-02 2.10e-03 0.373116
NC_000011.9 KCNQ1 8.57e-02 2.10e-03 0.373116
NC_000017.10 WFIKKN2 1.30e-01 2.10e-03 0.373116
NC_000002.11 DGKD 1.76e-01 2.11e-03 0.37313
NC_000002.11 RANBP2 7.49e-02 2.11e-03 0.37313
NC_000022.10 CECR7 7.71e-02 2.11e-03 0.37313
NC_000001.10 PCSK9 -7.29e-01 2.11e-03 0.37313
NC_000011.9 NCAPD3 1.32e-01 2.11e-03 0.373138
NC_000017.10 RPH3AL -6.49e-02 2.11e-03 0.373138
NC_000001.10 ESPNP 1.24e-01 2.11e-03 0.37322
NC_000007.13 ST7OT2 -8.66e-02 2.11e-03 0.37322
NC_000011.9 SNX19 -1.20e-01 2.12e-03 0.37326
NC_000011.9 TSPAN4 1.51e-01 2.12e-03 0.37326
NC_000021.8 SIM2 8.44e-02 2.12e-03 0.37326
NC_000011.9 MAML2 -1.43e-01 2.12e-03 0.37326
NC_000020.10 SLC17A9 -1.12e-01 2.12e-03 0.37326
NC_000007.13 ZMIZ2 1.40e-01 2.13e-03 0.37326
NC_000012.11 PXN -1.05e-01 2.13e-03 0.37326
NC_000005.9 PCDHGB4 1.34e-01 2.13e-03 0.37326
NC_000017.10 SLFN12L 9.38e-02 2.13e-03 0.37326
NC_000008.10 MCPH1 -1.76e-01 2.13e-03 0.37326
NC_000004.11 CLNK -1.33e-01 2.13e-03 0.37326
NC_000007.13 CDK14 1.13e-01 2.13e-03 0.37326
NC_000016.9 LOC100129637 -1.12e-01 2.13e-03 0.37326
NC_000002.11 YPEL5 -1.17e-01 2.13e-03 0.37326
NC_000009.11 VAV2 -1.82e-01 2.13e-03 0.37326
NC_000016.9 NAT15 1.03e-01 2.13e-03 0.37326
NC_000019.9 ILVBL -9.46e-02 2.13e-03 0.37326
NC_000008.10 COLEC10 1.07e-01 2.13e-03 0.37326
NC_000003.11 CD47 -1.16e-01 2.13e-03 0.37326
NC_000022.10 XPNPEP3 1.06e-01 2.14e-03 0.37326
NC_000014.8 OXA1L -5.72e-02 2.14e-03 0.37326
NC_000001.10 PIGV 4.89e-02 2.14e-03 0.37326
NC_000003.11 LRRC15 1.55e-01 2.14e-03 0.373457
NC_000009.11 PSMD5 2.61e-01 2.14e-03 0.373457
NC_000017.10 CYGB -1.06e-01 2.14e-03 0.373457
NC_000011.9 DLG2 6.70e-02 2.15e-03 0.373585
NC_000015.9 UNC45A 1.89e-01 2.15e-03 0.373585
NC_000008.10 EBF2 1.17e-01 2.15e-03 0.373585
NC_000005.9 ABLIM3 1.12e-01 2.15e-03 0.373734
NC_000001.10 C1QA 5.15e-02 2.15e-03 0.373734
NC_000003.11 RBP1 1.17e-01 2.15e-03 0.373734
NC_000016.9 IGFALS 1.18e-01 2.15e-03 0.373734
NC_000016.9 TMC7 9.05e-02 2.16e-03 0.37416
NC_000020.10 THBD 1.29e-01 2.16e-03 0.37416
NC_000017.10 SH3D20 9.65e-02 2.16e-03 0.374578
NC_000001.10 PDIA3P 1.51e-01 2.16e-03 0.374735
NC_000017.10 TEX2 8.37e-02 2.16e-03 0.375158
NC_000004.11 SYNPO2 -1.26e-01 2.17e-03 0.375262
NC_000002.11 PLCD4 8.55e-02 2.17e-03 0.375262
NC_000001.10 SYNC 6.22e-02 2.17e-03 0.375262
NC_000008.10 ARHGEF10 -8.46e-02 2.17e-03 0.375262
NC_000004.11 PHF17 -1.30e-01 2.17e-03 0.375262
NC_000002.11 BUB1 -1.34e-01 2.17e-03 0.37542
NC_000011.9 WT1 1.22e-01 2.17e-03 0.37542
NC_000021.8 DSCR3 -9.62e-02 2.17e-03 0.37542
NC_000005.9 CXXC5 1.47e-01 2.18e-03 0.37542
NC_000021.8 PDE9A 4.42e-02 2.18e-03 0.37542
NC_000007.13 TMEM120A 1.80e-01 2.18e-03 0.37542
NC_000012.11 PXMP2 -1.37e-01 2.18e-03 0.37542
NC_000006.11 PAQR8 5.26e-02 2.18e-03 0.375567
NC_000002.11 LOC100302652 -5.50e-02 2.18e-03 0.375567
NC_000009.11 PAX5 6.92e-02 2.18e-03 0.375567
NC_000021.8 UMODL1 -1.52e-01 2.18e-03 0.375625
NC_000014.8 CBLN3 1.37e-01 2.18e-03 0.375725
NC_000002.11 MAP4K3 5.32e-02 2.19e-03 0.37576
NC_000007.13 MESTIT1 9.04e-02 2.19e-03 0.375804
NC_000003.11 PSMD6 -5.51e-02 2.19e-03 0.375852
NC_000002.11 IAH1 1.50e-01 2.19e-03 0.375852
NC_000002.11 CNRIP1 1.09e-01 2.19e-03 0.375852
NC_000006.11 MARCKS 1.53e-01 2.19e-03 0.375863
NC_000011.9 PSMC3 2.28e-01 2.20e-03 0.376434
NC_000017.10 ATPAF2 -5.67e-02 2.20e-03 0.376434
NC_000019.9 NDUFA7 5.12e-02 2.20e-03 0.376434
NC_000017.10 TADA2A -6.99e-02 2.20e-03 0.376434
NC_000001.10 TMEM63A 1.49e-01 2.20e-03 0.376434
NC_000011.9 FIBIN 1.15e-01 2.20e-03 0.376434
NC_000014.8 NUDT14 -1.36e-01 2.20e-03 0.376434
NC_000002.11 KLHL29 -8.50e-02 2.20e-03 0.376434
NC_000022.10 MLC1 1.32e-01 2.20e-03 0.376434
NC_000005.9 KCNIP1 1.08e-01 2.20e-03 0.376434
NC_000011.9 CLNS1A 5.32e-02 2.21e-03 0.376434
NC_000008.10 EIF2C2 -1.71e-01 2.21e-03 0.376434
NC_000015.9 THBS1 1.69e-01 2.21e-03 0.376434
NC_000006.11 SYNE1 1.55e-01 2.21e-03 0.376434
NC_000001.10 FOXD2 7.48e-02 2.21e-03 0.376434
NC_000017.10 ASPSCR1 1.25e-01 2.21e-03 0.376434
NC_000005.9 CAST -1.10e-01 2.21e-03 0.376434
NC_000003.11 CBLB 6.65e-02 2.21e-03 0.376434
NC_000013.10 POLR1D -4.90e-02 2.21e-03 0.376434
NC_000010.10 CASC2 1.26e-01 2.21e-03 0.376434
NC_000011.9 ATPGD1 9.81e-02 2.22e-03 0.376434
NC_000003.11 SCAP -7.82e-02 2.22e-03 0.376434
NC_000013.10 OXGR1 5.52e-02 2.22e-03 0.376434
NC_000002.11 AGAP1 -6.99e-02 2.22e-03 0.376434
NC_000001.10 RPRD2 -7.55e-02 2.22e-03 0.376434
NC_000017.10 VMO1 1.24e-01 2.22e-03 0.376434
NC_000019.9 VN1R1 1.48e-01 2.23e-03 0.376434
NC_000005.9 FGF1 9.16e-02 2.23e-03 0.376434
NC_000007.13 BUD31 -6.26e-02 2.23e-03 0.376434
NC_000016.9 CACNA1H 8.31e-02 2.23e-03 0.376434
NC_000013.10 FLT1 8.30e-02 2.23e-03 0.376434
NC_000017.10 LOC440461 8.22e-02 2.23e-03 0.376434
NC_000006.11 TAP1 -1.42e-01 2.23e-03 0.376434
NC_000017.10 KRTAP4-4 1.30e-01 2.23e-03 0.376434
NC_000004.11 FAM13A -1.35e-01 2.23e-03 0.376434
NC_000017.10 GRN -1.38e-01 2.23e-03 0.376434
NC_000007.13 HECW1 1.09e-01 2.23e-03 0.376567
NC_000001.10 LMX1A 1.23e-01 2.23e-03 0.376631
NC_000010.10 LOC283050 1.58e-01 2.24e-03 0.376766
NC_000016.9 AMDHD2 9.58e-02 2.24e-03 0.376766
NC_000019.9 UQCRFS1 -7.09e-02 2.24e-03 0.376766
NC_000019.9 ZNF274 1.31e-01 2.24e-03 0.376854
NC_000001.10 CD164L2 6.18e-02 2.24e-03 0.377041
NC_000016.9 NFATC2IP -5.20e-02 2.25e-03 0.377041
NC_000020.10 ZNF335 8.73e-02 2.25e-03 0.37743
NC_000022.10 PIK3IP1 -1.14e-01 2.25e-03 0.37743
NC_000010.10 PPP1R3C 1.19e-01 2.25e-03 0.37743
NC_000003.11 SGEF 1.28e-01 2.25e-03 0.37743
NC_000012.11 WIBG -9.37e-02 2.25e-03 0.37743
NC_000017.10 DHRS7C -1.06e-01 2.25e-03 0.37743
NC_000005.9 SSBP2 -1.17e-01 2.26e-03 0.377706
NC_000003.11 ZNF35 7.97e-02 2.26e-03 0.377706
NC_000023.10 BCOR 2.29e-01 2.26e-03 0.377706
NC_000007.13 GUSB 5.71e-02 2.27e-03 0.377706
NC_000006.11 PPT2 1.39e-01 2.27e-03 0.377706
NC_000003.11 ADCY5 1.19e-01 2.27e-03 0.377706
NC_000004.11 ZNF876P 8.95e-02 2.27e-03 0.377706
NC_000019.9 PLEKHF1 -5.56e-02 2.27e-03 0.377706
NC_000005.9 BTNL3 8.13e-02 2.27e-03 0.377706
NC_000005.9 HBEGF -1.41e-01 2.27e-03 0.377706
NC_000011.9 FADS1 -6.42e-02 2.27e-03 0.377706
NC_000003.11 SEMA3B 1.53e-01 2.27e-03 0.377706
NC_000001.10 RUSC1 -5.26e-02 2.27e-03 0.377706
NC_000015.9 AP4E1 -4.23e-02 2.28e-03 0.377706
NC_000002.11 SOX11 1.13e-01 2.28e-03 0.377706
NC_000019.9 NDUFA3 6.81e-02 2.28e-03 0.377706
NC_000007.13 RABL5 7.25e-02 2.28e-03 0.377706
NC_000022.10 RANBP1 8.21e-02 2.28e-03 0.377706
NC_000011.9 PRR5L -1.70e-01 2.28e-03 0.377706
NC_000003.11 BBX -7.07e-02 2.28e-03 0.377706
NC_000010.10 LOC100169752 -4.74e-02 2.28e-03 0.377706
NC_000016.9 JMJD8 1.30e-01 2.28e-03 0.377706
NC_000007.13 KCTD7 -1.46e-01 2.29e-03 0.377706
NC_000001.10 PLD5 1.36e-01 2.29e-03 0.377706
NC_000007.13 C7orf57 1.06e-01 2.29e-03 0.377706
NC_000020.10 SIRPB2 -1.29e-01 2.29e-03 0.377706
NC_000002.11 NEURL3 8.64e-02 2.29e-03 0.377706
NC_000002.11 ZEB2 1.78e-01 2.29e-03 0.377706
NC_000002.11 C2orf55 1.24e-01 2.29e-03 0.377706
NC_000017.10 DUS1L 1.13e-01 2.29e-03 0.377706
NC_000004.11 MAML3 -6.65e-02 2.29e-03 0.377706
NC_000001.10 GALNT2 -1.39e-01 2.29e-03 0.377706
NC_000019.9 PNMAL2 1.31e-01 2.29e-03 0.377706
NC_000009.11 PTGDS 1.24e-01 2.30e-03 0.377706
NC_000011.9 CYB5R2 1.43e-01 2.30e-03 0.377706
NC_000009.11 GARNL3 1.32e-01 2.30e-03 0.377706
NC_000007.13 GNA12 -1.19e-01 2.30e-03 0.377706
NC_000011.9 KCNC1 8.72e-02 2.30e-03 0.377706
NC_000008.10 NCALD -7.74e-02 2.30e-03 0.377706
NC_000019.9 ZNF180 -4.19e-02 2.30e-03 0.377706
NC_000001.10 FAM159A -9.06e-02 2.30e-03 0.377706
NC_000002.11 ANKRD20B 7.33e-02 2.30e-03 0.377706
NC_000001.10 SELENBP1 9.60e-02 2.30e-03 0.377706
NC_000009.11 PPP6C -9.73e-02 2.30e-03 0.377706
NC_000006.11 HLA-C 4.31e-01 2.31e-03 0.378145
NC_000019.9 MLLT1 8.65e-02 2.31e-03 0.378175
NC_000003.11 RAB7A -1.34e-01 2.31e-03 0.378227
NC_000002.11 STRN 6.08e-02 2.31e-03 0.378227
NC_000022.10 PRR5 -1.50e-01 2.31e-03 0.378317
NC_000006.11 GCNT2 1.85e-01 2.31e-03 0.378317
NC_000011.9 MRVI1 8.90e-02 2.31e-03 0.378559
NC_000009.11 COL5A1 -7.61e-02 2.32e-03 0.378587
NC_000015.9 UNC45A -4.90e-02 2.32e-03 0.378864
NC_000006.11 FLOT1 -1.34e-01 2.32e-03 0.378864
NC_000004.11 ELOVL6 -1.59e-01 2.32e-03 0.378864
NC_000001.10 ACOT7 -6.32e-02 2.32e-03 0.379303
NC_000015.9 THBS1 1.64e-01 2.33e-03 0.37968
NC_000021.8 SIM2 9.16e-02 2.33e-03 0.379901
NC_000005.9 PCDHGA2 5.02e-02 2.33e-03 0.38001
NC_000012.11 WNT5B -1.51e-01 2.33e-03 0.38001
NC_000010.10 RTKN2 1.02e-01 2.33e-03 0.38001
NC_000012.11 ETV6 -1.48e-01 2.34e-03 0.380049
NC_000019.9 ICAM5 2.34e-01 2.34e-03 0.380049
NC_000013.10 MCF2L 1.28e-01 2.34e-03 0.380049
NC_000010.10 DIP2C -6.00e-02 2.34e-03 0.380137
NC_000006.11 HLA-G 9.05e-02 2.34e-03 0.380137
NC_000006.11 SYNGAP1 -6.40e-02 2.34e-03 0.380306
NC_000021.8 ABCG1 1.31e-01 2.35e-03 0.380306
NC_000009.11 PAX5 5.02e-02 2.35e-03 0.380306
NC_000001.10 LDLRAP1 7.15e-02 2.35e-03 0.380306
NC_000001.10 ATPIF1 1.38e-01 2.35e-03 0.380306
NC_000011.9 HYOU1 -5.58e-02 2.35e-03 0.380306
NC_000006.11 DDAH2 8.82e-02 2.35e-03 0.380306
NC_000014.8 REM2 8.00e-02 2.35e-03 0.380306
NC_000011.9 PTDSS2 -1.01e-01 2.35e-03 0.380306
NC_000001.10 RCSD1 -9.48e-02 2.35e-03 0.380306
NC_000011.9 PHRF1 7.66e-02 2.35e-03 0.380306
NC_000012.11 BTBD11 1.37e-01 2.36e-03 0.380306
NC_000023.10 SASH3 -1.06e-01 2.36e-03 0.380306
NC_000019.9 FBXO17 1.45e-01 2.36e-03 0.380306
NC_000012.11 SYT10 1.33e-01 2.36e-03 0.380306
NC_000016.9 LRRC29 -9.50e-02 2.36e-03 0.380315
NC_000013.10 LRCH1 -5.79e-02 2.36e-03 0.380683
NC_000022.10 IL17REL 1.51e-01 2.36e-03 0.380683
NC_000007.13 MAGI2 9.83e-02 2.36e-03 0.380683
NC_000016.9 ANKRD26P1 1.01e-01 2.37e-03 0.380881
NC_000023.10 PCDH11X -2.10e-01 2.37e-03 0.380881
NC_000001.10 ENO1 -1.38e-01 2.37e-03 0.380881
NC_000017.10 TBCD 8.99e-02 2.37e-03 0.380881
NC_000002.11 TSSC1 -4.63e-02 2.37e-03 0.380881
NC_000006.11 NHSL1 1.13e-01 2.37e-03 0.380881
NC_000020.10 TMEM90B 5.07e-02 2.37e-03 0.380881
NC_000005.9 PCDHGA2 9.43e-02 2.37e-03 0.380881
NC_000008.10 PREX2 -6.66e-02 2.38e-03 0.381119
NC_000001.10 EGLN1 -1.11e-01 2.38e-03 0.381131
NC_000002.11 AAK1 -5.43e-02 2.38e-03 0.381435
NC_000007.13 MAD1L1 9.66e-02 2.38e-03 0.381531
NC_000004.11 ARHGAP24 1.28e-01 2.39e-03 0.381531
NC_000011.9 SHANK2 -9.07e-02 2.39e-03 0.381531
NC_000011.9 LOC494141 7.74e-02 2.39e-03 0.381531
NC_000015.9 NR2F2 1.41e-01 2.39e-03 0.381531
NC_000017.10 RAI1 1.05e-01 2.39e-03 0.381531
NC_000020.10 STMN3 7.27e-02 2.39e-03 0.381531
NC_000010.10 NMT2 -9.86e-02 2.39e-03 0.381531
NC_000020.10 ZMYND8 1.15e-01 2.39e-03 0.381531
NC_000016.9 ZNF598 8.76e-02 2.39e-03 0.381531
NC_000019.9 PNKP 5.88e-02 2.39e-03 0.381531
NC_000011.9 FXYD2 -3.41e-01 2.40e-03 0.381531
NC_000001.10 TTC39A 8.85e-02 2.40e-03 0.381531
NC_000006.11 ITPR3 7.53e-02 2.40e-03 0.381531
NC_000020.10 SIRPA -1.61e-01 2.40e-03 0.381531
NC_000001.10 TRIM58 -8.01e-02 2.40e-03 0.381531
NC_000009.11 CKS2 8.70e-02 2.40e-03 0.381531
NC_000002.11 PLEKHH2 2.44e-01 2.40e-03 0.381531
NC_000017.10 CA10 1.04e-01 2.40e-03 0.381539
NC_000019.9 FKRP 2.34e-01 2.40e-03 0.381539
NC_000015.9 TBC1D2B 8.00e-02 2.41e-03 0.381745
NC_000020.10 RP5-1022P6.2 9.52e-02 2.41e-03 0.381745
NC_000016.9 PSMB10 1.09e-01 2.41e-03 0.381745
NC_000001.10 PLEKHN1 9.53e-02 2.41e-03 0.381745
NC_000001.10 CD244 -8.81e-02 2.41e-03 0.381745
NC_000012.11 HOXC4 1.10e-01 2.41e-03 0.381745
NC_000001.10 PRDM2 -1.56e-01 2.41e-03 0.381745
NC_000001.10 GUCA2A 1.10e-01 2.41e-03 0.381745
NC_000013.10 MYCBP2 -1.56e-01 2.41e-03 0.381745
NC_000005.9 IL31RA -1.18e-01 2.41e-03 0.381745
NC_000012.11 LOC100130776 1.48e-01 2.41e-03 0.381745
NC_000007.13 BAIAP2L1 -1.14e-01 2.41e-03 0.381745
NC_000007.13 NOD1 -8.74e-02 2.41e-03 0.381745
NC_000003.11 ZXDC -7.63e-02 2.41e-03 0.381745
NC_000006.11 C6orf154 1.38e-01 2.42e-03 0.381869
NC_000005.9 DOK3 -1.18e-01 2.42e-03 0.381869
NC_000001.10 TNFRSF18 1.06e-01 2.42e-03 0.381884
NC_000005.9 CDH12 1.05e-01 2.42e-03 0.3822
NC_000017.10 SLC16A3 5.32e-02 2.42e-03 0.3822
NC_000005.9 ANKRD33B -7.70e-02 2.43e-03 0.3822
NC_000012.11 CD63 -5.67e-02 2.43e-03 0.3822
NC_000015.9 IGDCC4 -1.92e-01 2.43e-03 0.3822
NC_000001.10 CAMTA1 9.80e-02 2.43e-03 0.3822
NC_000006.11 IPCEF1 -1.20e-01 2.43e-03 0.3822
NC_000001.10 LOR -8.65e-02 2.43e-03 0.3822
NC_000013.10 TMCO3 -1.03e-01 2.43e-03 0.3822
NC_000010.10 HSPA12A 1.29e-01 2.43e-03 0.3822
NC_000003.11 BOC 1.40e-01 2.43e-03 0.3822
NC_000001.10 ZNF496 1.26e-01 2.44e-03 0.3822
NC_000006.11 PPT2 1.62e-01 2.44e-03 0.3822
NC_000002.11 DGKD 1.48e-01 2.44e-03 0.3822
NC_000001.10 C1orf123 -8.25e-02 2.44e-03 0.3822
NC_000019.9 DDA1 -4.15e-02 2.44e-03 0.3822
NC_000006.11 RPS6KA2 -1.62e-01 2.44e-03 0.3822
NC_000020.10 MKKS 9.86e-02 2.44e-03 0.3822
NC_000001.10 SCNM1 1.42e-01 2.45e-03 0.3822
NC_000005.9 MXD3 -1.61e-01 2.45e-03 0.3822
NC_000019.9 PAK4 9.38e-02 2.45e-03 0.3822
NC_000001.10 RNPEP 5.85e-02 2.45e-03 0.3822
NC_000007.13 VIPR2 -6.24e-02 2.45e-03 0.3822
NC_000015.9 CHSY1 -4.87e-02 2.45e-03 0.3822
NC_000002.11 CALCRL 9.85e-02 2.45e-03 0.3822
NC_000003.11 MCF2L2 -8.03e-02 2.45e-03 0.3822
NC_000001.10 GPR177 1.01e-01 2.45e-03 0.3822
NC_000009.11 KCNT1 1.08e-01 2.45e-03 0.3822
NC_000001.10 PDE4B -1.25e-01 2.45e-03 0.3822
NC_000019.9 PBX4 1.71e-01 2.46e-03 0.3822
NC_000001.10 FAM5B 7.41e-02 2.46e-03 0.3822
NC_000012.11 STX2 9.73e-02 2.46e-03 0.3822
NC_000009.11 RAPGEF1 -1.55e-01 2.46e-03 0.3822
NC_000020.10 GNASAS 1.14e-01 2.46e-03 0.3822
NC_000011.9 NAV2 -1.08e-01 2.46e-03 0.3822
NC_000016.9 MT1M -1.03e-01 2.46e-03 0.3822
NC_000019.9 DENND1C 1.28e-01 2.46e-03 0.3822
NC_000003.11 TMCC1 1.73e-01 2.46e-03 0.3822
NC_000009.11 PTGDS 1.25e-01 2.46e-03 0.3822
NC_000004.11 PPARGC1A 1.33e-01 2.46e-03 0.3822
NC_000006.11 PSMB9 6.51e-02 2.46e-03 0.3822
NC_000002.11 COPS8 -4.14e-02 2.47e-03 0.3822
NC_000005.9 FBXW11 -7.71e-02 2.47e-03 0.3822
NC_000008.10 FOXH1 1.02e-01 2.47e-03 0.3822
NC_000023.10 CITED1 7.79e-02 2.47e-03 0.3822
NC_000017.10 SEPT9 4.14e-02 2.47e-03 0.3822
NC_000006.11 NMBR 9.15e-02 2.47e-03 0.3822
NC_000004.11 CC2D2A 1.38e-01 2.47e-03 0.3822
NC_000001.10 GRRP1 1.40e-01 2.48e-03 0.3822
NC_000001.10 TLR5 7.53e-02 2.48e-03 0.3822
NC_000023.10 BCOR 1.42e-01 2.48e-03 0.3822
NC_000010.10 ZNF33B -6.75e-02 2.48e-03 0.3822
NC_000015.9 HERC2 -2.21e-01 2.48e-03 0.3822
NC_000002.11 HS6ST1 2.07e-01 2.48e-03 0.3822
NC_000011.9 RCN1 9.70e-02 2.48e-03 0.3822
NC_000004.11 ANTXR2 1.90e-01 2.48e-03 0.3822
NC_000001.10 WNT3A -6.64e-02 2.48e-03 0.3822
NC_000012.11 LOC338799 1.60e-01 2.48e-03 0.3822
NC_000017.10 CCDC57 1.80e-01 2.49e-03 0.3822
NC_000019.9 SHKBP1 1.20e-01 2.49e-03 0.3822
NC_000003.11 DCP1A -6.70e-02 2.49e-03 0.3822
NC_000003.11 KIAA2018 7.47e-02 2.49e-03 0.3822
NC_000005.9 F2RL1 8.51e-02 2.49e-03 0.3822
NC_000009.11 CRB2 -5.15e-02 2.49e-03 0.3822
NC_000010.10 UBE2D1 -7.43e-02 2.49e-03 0.3822
NC_000010.10 VDAC2 5.75e-02 2.49e-03 0.3822
NC_000006.11 LEMD2 1.26e-01 2.50e-03 0.3822
NC_000001.10 LDLRAP1 1.96e-01 2.50e-03 0.3822
NC_000017.10 RPTOR -2.06e-01 2.50e-03 0.3822
NC_000007.13 PLXNA4 -6.65e-02 2.50e-03 0.3822
NC_000011.9 AQP11 1.12e-01 2.50e-03 0.3822
NC_000006.11 TCF19 8.24e-02 2.50e-03 0.3822
NC_000002.11 FARP2 1.46e-01 2.50e-03 0.3822
NC_000011.9 DGKZ -6.35e-02 2.50e-03 0.3822
NC_000017.10 CA10 1.60e-01 2.50e-03 0.3822
NC_000008.10 ZNF395 -7.20e-02 2.51e-03 0.3822
NC_000011.9 FTH1 8.79e-02 2.51e-03 0.3822
NC_000003.11 ARHGEF3 6.38e-02 2.51e-03 0.3822
NC_000019.9 ICAM3 -1.36e-01 2.51e-03 0.3822
NC_000012.11 KDM2B 1.85e-01 2.51e-03 0.3822
NC_000007.13 GNA12 1.41e-01 2.51e-03 0.3822
NC_000019.9 TEX101 -1.05e-01 2.51e-03 0.3822
NC_000001.10 ATAD3C -8.11e-02 2.51e-03 0.3822
NC_000011.9 ZNF195 -5.13e-02 2.51e-03 0.3822
NC_000010.10 NEBL 1.01e-01 2.51e-03 0.3822
NC_000011.9 CATSPER1 7.02e-02 2.51e-03 0.3822
NC_000016.9 WWOX 1.23e-01 2.51e-03 0.3822
NC_000005.9 TARS 6.51e-02 2.51e-03 0.3822
NC_000015.9 UNC45A 2.06e-01 2.52e-03 0.3822
NC_000018.9 ZNF532 1.37e-01 2.52e-03 0.3822
NC_000021.8 AGPAT3 8.79e-02 2.52e-03 0.3822
NC_000020.10 RPN2 -7.48e-02 2.52e-03 0.3822
NC_000012.11 NCKAP1L -1.13e-01 2.52e-03 0.3822
NC_000016.9 ZSCAN10 9.31e-02 2.52e-03 0.3822
NC_000002.11 TSSC1 -8.76e-02 2.52e-03 0.3822
NC_000005.9 PCDHGA2 1.03e-01 2.53e-03 0.3822
NC_000014.8 KIAA0247 7.56e-02 2.53e-03 0.3822
NC_000017.10 CYTSB 1.12e-01 2.53e-03 0.3822
NC_000019.9 PALM -1.45e-01 2.53e-03 0.3822
NC_000011.9 LSP1 -1.18e-01 2.53e-03 0.3822
NC_000002.11 MYT1L 1.14e-01 2.53e-03 0.3822
NC_000001.10 LCK -6.30e-02 2.53e-03 0.382221
NC_000002.11 HOXD11 9.32e-02 2.53e-03 0.382221
NC_000006.11 BRP44L -6.74e-02 2.53e-03 0.382224
NC_000006.11 BTBD9 -2.43e-01 2.53e-03 0.382233
NC_000017.10 NTN1 -1.75e-01 2.54e-03 0.382233
NC_000001.10 SLC2A5 -1.52e-01 2.54e-03 0.3823
NC_000004.11 ZNF718 9.37e-02 2.54e-03 0.382331
NC_000003.11 ZNF717 8.28e-02 2.54e-03 0.382331
NC_000006.11 HLA-DPB2 1.14e-01 2.54e-03 0.382331
NC_000006.11 DDAH2 1.21e-01 2.54e-03 0.382331
NC_000001.10 HHLA3 -1.79e-01 2.54e-03 0.382331
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 -1.70e-01 2.55e-03 0.382331
NC_000001.10 AHDC1 1.57e-01 2.55e-03 0.382331
NC_000003.11 MGLL -1.00e-01 2.55e-03 0.382331
NC_000001.10 GNG12 -1.06e-01 2.55e-03 0.382331
NC_000010.10 ZNF487 -1.60e-01 2.55e-03 0.382331
NC_000007.13 ZNF12 6.78e-02 2.55e-03 0.382331
NC_000005.9 FGF1 1.34e-01 2.55e-03 0.382331
NC_000001.10 IGSF21 6.39e-02 2.55e-03 0.382331
NC_000013.10 N4BP2L1 1.08e-01 2.55e-03 0.38235
NC_000004.11 CLNK -1.13e-01 2.56e-03 0.382527
NC_000002.11 PARD3B -6.51e-02 2.56e-03 0.382527
NC_000017.10 MAPK7 1.67e-01 2.56e-03 0.382527
NC_000015.9 RAB8B -1.31e-01 2.56e-03 0.382527
NC_000014.8 SFTA3 6.57e-02 2.56e-03 0.382527
NC_000009.11 SNHG7 6.13e-02 2.56e-03 0.382527
NC_000001.10 MAP3K6 9.92e-02 2.56e-03 0.382527
NC_000005.9 CCNO 1.26e-01 2.57e-03 0.382527
NC_000010.10 PIP4K2A 1.32e-01 2.57e-03 0.382527
NC_000016.9 IRX6 2.09e-01 2.57e-03 0.382527
NC_000010.10 ZNF485 9.58e-02 2.57e-03 0.382527
NC_000015.9 NR2F2 1.29e-01 2.57e-03 0.382527
NC_000014.8 CBLN3 1.05e-01 2.57e-03 0.382527
NC_000014.8 C14orf43 1.50e-01 2.57e-03 0.382527
NC_000012.11 LOC144571 1.22e-01 2.57e-03 0.382527
NC_000008.10 ANGPT2 1.33e-01 2.57e-03 0.382527
NC_000004.11 STK32B -7.62e-02 2.57e-03 0.382527
NC_000001.10 ALDH4A1 -7.85e-02 2.57e-03 0.382527
NC_000006.11 GCNT2 1.67e-01 2.58e-03 0.382527
NC_000014.8 TMEM30B 6.38e-02 2.58e-03 0.382527
NC_000017.10 ASGR2 -1.44e-01 2.58e-03 0.382527
NC_000016.9 ELMO3 1.36e-01 2.58e-03 0.382527
NC_000011.9 C11orf48 -8.06e-02 2.58e-03 0.382527
NC_000006.11 OR12D2 1.82e-01 2.58e-03 0.382624
NC_000019.9 ZNF177 -1.21e-01 2.58e-03 0.382624
NC_000011.9 PVRL1 -1.07e-01 2.58e-03 0.382624
NC_000014.8 PRKCH -7.42e-02 2.59e-03 0.382624
NC_000001.10 DBT -5.12e-02 2.59e-03 0.382624
NC_000006.11 FLOT1 -5.53e-02 2.59e-03 0.382624
NC_000014.8 BRF1 1.18e-01 2.59e-03 0.382624
NC_000011.9 NADSYN1 -1.15e-01 2.59e-03 0.382624
NC_000005.9 TERT 7.07e-02 2.59e-03 0.382624
NC_000004.11 LPHN3 7.36e-02 2.59e-03 0.382624
NC_000007.13 NOD1 -9.71e-02 2.59e-03 0.382624
NC_000004.11 TACR3 1.17e-01 2.60e-03 0.382624
NC_000017.10 FADS6 9.61e-02 2.60e-03 0.382624
NC_000020.10 THBD 9.06e-02 2.60e-03 0.382624
NC_000019.9 RINL -7.18e-02 2.60e-03 0.382624
NC_000003.11 ARHGEF3 -1.01e-01 2.60e-03 0.382624
NC_000015.9 RAB27A -1.32e-01 2.60e-03 0.382624
NC_000002.11 FAM126B -5.52e-02 2.60e-03 0.382624
NC_000017.10 BZRAP1 7.80e-02 2.60e-03 0.382624
NC_000020.10 EPB41L1 1.39e-01 2.60e-03 0.382624
NC_000001.10 BOLA1 -1.14e-01 2.60e-03 0.382624
NC_000015.9 MIR7-2 9.68e-02 2.60e-03 0.382624
NC_000020.10 DIDO1 -6.60e-02 2.60e-03 0.382624
NC_000001.10 KIAA0040 8.91e-02 2.60e-03 0.382624
NC_000006.11 C6orf136 -5.78e-02 2.61e-03 0.382624
NC_000019.9 ZFP112 1.65e-01 2.61e-03 0.382624
NC_000022.10 FOXRED2 -1.53e-01 2.61e-03 0.382624
NC_000007.13 C7orf63 1.75e-01 2.61e-03 0.382624
NC_000001.10 PRDM16 1.10e-01 2.61e-03 0.382624
NC_000011.9 LDHAL6A 2.26e-01 2.61e-03 0.382624
NC_000002.11 NFU1 -6.28e-02 2.61e-03 0.382624
NC_000001.10 PRDM16 9.91e-02 2.61e-03 0.382624
NC_000017.10 HRNBP3 9.97e-02 2.61e-03 0.382624
NC_000002.11 ACOXL 4.40e-02 2.61e-03 0.382624
NC_000014.8 BRF1 -1.31e-01 2.61e-03 0.382624
NC_000019.9 LGI4 9.82e-02 2.61e-03 0.382624
NC_000003.11 LRRC2 -1.31e-01 2.62e-03 0.382624
NC_000012.11 YEATS4 -6.87e-02 2.62e-03 0.382624
NC_000011.9 OR4D9 -7.21e-02 2.62e-03 0.382624
NC_000006.11 DDAH2 1.19e-01 2.62e-03 0.382624
NC_000021.8 KCNJ6 1.78e-01 2.62e-03 0.382624
NC_000011.9 WT1 9.98e-02 2.62e-03 0.382624
NC_000001.10 AGTRAP 6.97e-02 2.63e-03 0.382624
NC_000001.10 TNFRSF18 -1.05e-01 2.63e-03 0.382624
NC_000009.11 GRIN1 1.21e-01 2.63e-03 0.382624
NC_000008.10 PVT1 -1.14e-01 2.63e-03 0.382624
NC_000011.9 KDM4DL 7.56e-02 2.63e-03 0.382624
NC_000013.10 TRIM13 -1.35e-01 2.63e-03 0.382624
NC_000010.10 CDH23 -7.77e-02 2.63e-03 0.382624
NC_000019.9 ZNF837 3.02e-01 2.63e-03 0.382624
NC_000001.10 LEFTY1 9.08e-02 2.63e-03 0.382624
NC_000019.9 ADAMTS10 1.87e-01 2.63e-03 0.382624
NC_000019.9 BTBD2 -1.50e-01 2.63e-03 0.382624
NC_000006.11 TRIM26 -6.80e-02 2.63e-03 0.382624
NC_000006.11 PSMB8 -6.70e-02 2.63e-03 0.382624
NC_000007.13 CAPZA2 -1.30e-01 2.63e-03 0.382624
NC_000022.10 CLDN5 8.55e-02 2.63e-03 0.382624
NC_000011.9 DLG2 1.77e-01 2.64e-03 0.382624
NC_000017.10 ATP1B2 9.51e-02 2.64e-03 0.382624
NC_000019.9 HMHA1 1.05e-01 2.64e-03 0.382624
NC_000022.10 TEF 2.02e-01 2.64e-03 0.382624
NC_000002.11 NEURL3 9.60e-02 2.64e-03 0.382684
NC_000019.9 C19orf34 8.16e-02 2.64e-03 0.382684
NC_000014.8 KIAA0247 1.07e-01 2.64e-03 0.382684
NC_000011.9 ST5 1.14e-01 2.64e-03 0.382764
NC_000012.11 PIWIL1 1.13e-01 2.64e-03 0.382764
NC_000011.9 UBE4A 1.22e-01 2.64e-03 0.382895
NC_000017.10 BTBD17 8.44e-02 2.65e-03 0.383376
NC_000004.11 SORCS2 -1.62e-01 2.65e-03 0.383376
NC_000003.11 ETV5 -9.91e-02 2.65e-03 0.383409
NC_000004.11 RGS12 -1.19e-01 2.65e-03 0.383409
NC_000006.11 HLA-G 8.85e-02 2.66e-03 0.383485
NC_000012.11 CTDSP2 -1.02e-01 2.66e-03 0.383772
NC_000012.11 FBXL14 -6.04e-02 2.66e-03 0.383772
NC_000004.11 RCHY1 -1.38e-01 2.67e-03 0.384116
NC_000011.9 SLC22A18AS 8.35e-02 2.67e-03 0.384116
NC_000021.8 DOPEY2 -1.40e-01 2.67e-03 0.384329
NC_000002.11 DNAH6 4.80e-02 2.67e-03 0.384329
NC_000019.9 PIK3R2 -1.02e-01 2.67e-03 0.384329
NC_000004.11 PROM1 -1.18e-01 2.68e-03 0.384329
NC_000017.10 SCPEP1 -5.56e-02 2.68e-03 0.384329
NC_000011.9 ATHL1 -1.48e-01 2.68e-03 0.384329
NC_000022.10 HORMAD2 1.19e-01 2.68e-03 0.384329
NC_000015.9 ALDH1A2 5.04e-02 2.68e-03 0.384329
NC_000011.9 ST5 6.76e-02 2.68e-03 0.384329
NC_000001.10 KIAA1026 1.48e-01 2.68e-03 0.384329
NC_000004.11 ODZ3 9.79e-02 2.68e-03 0.384329
NC_000017.10 NTN1 5.93e-02 2.68e-03 0.384329
NC_000018.9 LOC728606 -1.15e-01 2.68e-03 0.384329
NC_000011.9 LTBP3 7.58e-02 2.68e-03 0.384329
NC_000009.11 SH2D3C -1.14e-01 2.68e-03 0.384329
NC_000006.11 PPT2 1.72e-01 2.69e-03 0.384544
NC_000017.10 SEPT9 -7.08e-02 2.69e-03 0.384544
NC_000016.9 ZFHX3 -8.17e-02 2.69e-03 0.384651
NC_000011.9 CCDC88B 1.09e-01 2.69e-03 0.384651
NC_000002.11 PTPN18 -4.48e-02 2.69e-03 0.384651
NC_000017.10 SRCIN1 9.59e-02 2.69e-03 0.384651
NC_000014.8 ZFP36L1 1.44e-01 2.69e-03 0.384651
NC_000001.10 LOR -6.76e-02 2.69e-03 0.384651
NC_000005.9 NR2F1 8.18e-02 2.69e-03 0.384651
NC_000003.11 NBEAL2 -7.30e-02 2.70e-03 0.384651
NC_000007.13 TFR2 -1.27e-01 2.70e-03 0.384758
NC_000019.9 C3 -1.04e-01 2.70e-03 0.384758
NC_000019.9 LINGO3 1.22e-01 2.70e-03 0.384758
NC_000006.11 VARS2 1.17e-01 2.70e-03 0.384802
NC_000001.10 CFHR5 -5.26e-02 2.71e-03 0.384802
NC_000001.10 SMYD2 -1.25e-01 2.71e-03 0.384802
NC_000013.10 LAMP1 4.85e-02 2.71e-03 0.384802
NC_000003.11 ITIH1 -1.36e-01 2.71e-03 0.384802
NC_000017.10 KSR1 -1.03e-01 2.71e-03 0.384802
NC_000009.11 ANKRD20A2 7.19e-02 2.71e-03 0.384861
NC_000003.11 KCNMB3 1.90e-01 2.71e-03 0.384901
NC_000011.9 CYB5R2 4.10e-02 2.71e-03 0.384997
NC_000005.9 ATP10B -1.40e-01 2.72e-03 0.385016
NC_000017.10 VMO1 1.09e-01 2.72e-03 0.385016
NC_000017.10 RPTOR -1.22e-01 2.72e-03 0.385016
NC_000016.9 BCAR1 8.60e-02 2.72e-03 0.385016
NC_000005.9 MATR3 -1.09e-01 2.72e-03 0.385016
NC_000022.10 RIBC2 1.15e-01 2.72e-03 0.385016
NC_000022.10 ZDHHC8 4.33e-02 2.73e-03 0.385016
NC_000014.8 SLC8A3 1.61e-01 2.73e-03 0.385016
NC_000001.10 FOXE3 -1.46e-01 2.73e-03 0.385016
NC_000023.10 BCOR 1.49e-01 2.73e-03 0.385016
NC_000006.11 MAP3K5 -1.18e-01 2.73e-03 0.385016
NC_000005.9 GFM2 -5.62e-02 2.73e-03 0.385016
NC_000016.9 TMC5 1.19e-01 2.74e-03 0.385016
NC_000006.11 COL21A1 7.79e-02 2.74e-03 0.385016
NC_000010.10 ARID5B 1.97e-01 2.74e-03 0.385016
NC_000016.9 CX3CL1 1.70e-01 2.74e-03 0.385016
NC_000001.10 DNALI1 1.64e-01 2.74e-03 0.385016
NC_000019.9 CCDC123 1.54e-01 2.74e-03 0.385016
NC_000006.11 PRIM2 -1.11e-01 2.74e-03 0.385016
NC_000019.9 ZNF540 9.79e-02 2.75e-03 0.385016
NC_000002.11 SLC25A12 -1.58e-01 2.75e-03 0.385016
NC_000001.10 SLC22A15 -1.21e-01 2.75e-03 0.385016
NC_000002.11 DNPEP 5.64e-02 2.75e-03 0.385016
NC_000006.11 FAM120B -5.06e-02 2.75e-03 0.385016
NC_000017.10 GALR2 6.44e-02 2.75e-03 0.385016
NC_000010.10 C10orf140 5.20e-02 2.75e-03 0.385016
NC_000002.11 ALS2CR8 8.95e-02 2.75e-03 0.385016
NC_000011.9 THY1 -6.50e-02 2.76e-03 0.385016
NC_000001.10 ARL8A 7.80e-02 2.76e-03 0.385016
NC_000003.11 LOC348840 4.57e-02 2.76e-03 0.385016
NC_000016.9 LOC728276 -7.36e-02 2.76e-03 0.385016
NC_000007.13 NSUN5 -1.73e-01 2.76e-03 0.385016
NC_000022.10 TUG1 9.39e-02 2.76e-03 0.385016
NC_000007.13 KCNH2 6.27e-02 2.76e-03 0.385016
NC_000015.9 ADPGK 1.44e-01 2.76e-03 0.385016
NC_000004.11 ABCE1 9.95e-02 2.76e-03 0.385016
NC_000001.10 CHD5 9.53e-02 2.76e-03 0.385016
NC_000006.11 DDAH2 -1.64e-01 2.76e-03 0.385016
NC_000002.11 HOXD12 8.94e-02 2.76e-03 0.385016
NC_000019.9 AP2A1 7.83e-02 2.76e-03 0.385016
NC_000006.11 ZC3H12D 6.15e-02 2.76e-03 0.385016
NC_000006.11 C6orf27 -1.26e-01 2.76e-03 0.385016
NC_000015.9 CYP1A1 7.18e-02 2.77e-03 0.385016
NC_000007.13 C7orf10 -5.76e-02 2.77e-03 0.385016
NC_000017.10 KRT19 8.44e-02 2.77e-03 0.385016
NC_000007.13 IQCE -1.28e-01 2.77e-03 0.385016
NC_000012.11 ARHGDIB -1.45e-01 2.77e-03 0.385016
NC_000001.10 TSPAN1 -1.33e-01 2.77e-03 0.385016
NC_000013.10 BIVM -7.19e-02 2.77e-03 0.385016
NC_000022.10 PARVG -9.61e-02 2.77e-03 0.385016
NC_000005.9 ACSL6 1.01e-01 2.77e-03 0.385016
NC_000019.9 ERF 1.72e-01 2.78e-03 0.385016
NC_000007.13 DLX5 6.32e-02 2.78e-03 0.385016
NC_000022.10 RTN4R 1.18e-01 2.78e-03 0.385016
NC_000017.10 EPN2 1.35e-01 2.78e-03 0.385016
NC_000015.9 TGM5 -1.22e-01 2.78e-03 0.385016
NC_000005.9 RAD50 1.01e-01 2.78e-03 0.385016
NC_000015.9 BMF 1.38e-01 2.78e-03 0.385016
NC_000001.10 PRDM16 1.13e-01 2.78e-03 0.385016
NC_000005.9 PCDHGA4 1.52e-01 2.78e-03 0.385016
NC_000017.10 ARHGEF15 1.35e-01 2.79e-03 0.385041
NC_000006.11 SASH1 1.16e-01 2.79e-03 0.385041
NC_000007.13 PARP12 -1.07e-01 2.79e-03 0.385041
NC_000001.10 ARHGEF11 -8.35e-02 2.79e-03 0.385041
NC_000003.11 CCDC48 1.26e-01 2.79e-03 0.385041
NC_000012.11 CS -1.27e-01 2.79e-03 0.385041
NC_000010.10 DIP2C -6.29e-02 2.79e-03 0.385041
NC_000001.10 SLAMF1 -1.08e-01 2.79e-03 0.385041
NC_000007.13 MDFIC 1.09e-01 2.79e-03 0.385041
NC_000001.10 CD58 -8.26e-02 2.79e-03 0.385041
NC_000014.8 LTBP2 1.46e-01 2.80e-03 0.385041
NC_000001.10 SELENBP1 1.28e-01 2.80e-03 0.385041
NC_000023.10 FAM46D 7.33e-02 2.80e-03 0.385041
NC_000006.11 TAP1 -1.24e-01 2.80e-03 0.385041
NC_000017.10 NPB 6.18e-02 2.80e-03 0.385041
NC_000004.11 CLNK -1.44e-01 2.80e-03 0.385041
NC_000005.9 GLRA1 8.62e-02 2.80e-03 0.385041
NC_000008.10 PEBP4 -1.26e-01 2.80e-03 0.385041
NC_000005.9 GRIA1 -1.62e-01 2.80e-03 0.385041
NC_000017.10 IGF2BP1 1.55e-01 2.81e-03 0.385041
NC_000011.9 CRYAB 1.20e-01 2.81e-03 0.385041
NC_000004.11 CRMP1 8.15e-02 2.81e-03 0.385041
NC_000002.11 LOC151174 8.73e-02 2.81e-03 0.385041
NC_000022.10 WBP2NL 1.45e-01 2.81e-03 0.385041
NC_000001.10 PRDM16 1.47e-01 2.81e-03 0.385041
NC_000020.10 KCNB1 9.40e-02 2.81e-03 0.385041
NC_000012.11 CDK2AP1 1.23e-01 2.81e-03 0.385041
NC_000006.11 NCRNA00171 -1.04e-01 2.81e-03 0.385041
NC_000021.8 DOPEY2 -7.26e-02 2.82e-03 0.385041
NC_000009.11 KCNT1 -9.51e-02 2.82e-03 0.385041
NC_000022.10 CDC42EP1 1.39e-01 2.82e-03 0.385446
NC_000012.11 PDZRN4 -4.91e-02 2.82e-03 0.385446
NC_000006.11 WDR27 5.88e-02 2.82e-03 0.385446
NC_000011.9 SORL1 -1.28e-01 2.82e-03 0.385446
NC_000002.11 PSME4 7.18e-02 2.82e-03 0.385446
NC_000002.11 HNMT 1.78e-01 2.83e-03 0.38554
NC_000016.9 ZNF48 1.04e-01 2.83e-03 0.38554
NC_000021.8 C21orf125 -5.32e-02 2.83e-03 0.38554
NC_000005.9 CSF2 -1.11e-01 2.83e-03 0.385652
NC_000011.9 ZNHIT2 1.48e-01 2.83e-03 0.385652
NC_000011.9 H19 5.30e-02 2.83e-03 0.385652
NC_000017.10 CD300LB -1.05e-01 2.83e-03 0.385652
NC_000017.10 GRB2 -4.55e-02 2.83e-03 0.385652
NC_000004.11 STBD1 -9.88e-02 2.83e-03 0.385652
NC_000019.9 TMED1 9.01e-02 2.84e-03 0.385764
NC_000012.11 SLC41A2 -9.04e-02 2.84e-03 0.385764
NC_000003.11 APOD -5.67e-02 2.84e-03 0.385866
NC_000007.13 PION -1.63e-01 2.85e-03 0.386185
NC_000009.11 SNORD36C -5.16e-02 2.85e-03 0.386456
NC_000007.13 LOC389493 1.06e-01 2.85e-03 0.386456
NC_000005.9 NR3C1 -1.54e-01 2.85e-03 0.386456
NC_000011.9 MUC5B 8.18e-02 2.86e-03 0.386456
NC_000022.10 CECR1 1.82e-01 2.86e-03 0.386456
NC_000021.8 CBS 9.82e-02 2.86e-03 0.386456
NC_000001.10 LDLRAP1 1.21e-01 2.86e-03 0.386456
NC_000009.11 PTGR1 1.11e-01 2.86e-03 0.386456
NC_000008.10 SDCBP -5.52e-02 2.86e-03 0.386456
NC_000005.9 GRM6 2.52e-01 2.87e-03 0.386456
NC_000004.11 DAPP1 -1.44e-01 2.87e-03 0.386456
NC_000015.9 CGNL1 -5.35e-02 2.87e-03 0.386456
NC_000005.9 GRK6 -1.37e-01 2.87e-03 0.386456
NC_000019.9 ZNF83 4.68e-02 2.87e-03 0.386456
NC_000001.10 LCK -1.32e-01 2.87e-03 0.386456
NC_000014.8 CLMN 1.29e-01 2.87e-03 0.386456
NC_000004.11 LOC344967 -4.76e-02 2.87e-03 0.386456
NC_000015.9 CPEB1 1.62e-01 2.87e-03 0.386456
NC_000007.13 ICA1 -5.76e-02 2.88e-03 0.386456
NC_000002.11 POU3F3 7.64e-02 2.88e-03 0.386456
NC_000024.9 ZFY 2.88e-01 2.88e-03 0.386456
NC_000010.10 CALHM1 -2.02e-01 2.88e-03 0.386456
NC_000001.10 FGGY 2.04e-01 2.88e-03 0.386456
NC_000004.11 LNX1 1.44e-01 2.88e-03 0.386582
NC_000007.13 C7orf61 6.98e-02 2.88e-03 0.386583
NC_000001.10 NR5A2 8.55e-02 2.88e-03 0.386583
NC_000010.10 NEURL 7.23e-02 2.88e-03 0.386583
NC_000016.9 LMF1 -1.81e-01 2.89e-03 0.386761
NC_000004.11 ENPP6 1.64e-01 2.89e-03 0.386761
NC_000010.10 ARID5B 1.89e-01 2.89e-03 0.386761
NC_000002.11 LANCL1 1.48e-01 2.89e-03 0.386761
NC_000008.10 PLEKHA2 1.22e-01 2.89e-03 0.386761
NC_000016.9 KLHDC4 1.01e-01 2.89e-03 0.386761
NC_000001.10 MEGF6 1.23e-01 2.89e-03 0.386761
NC_000017.10 SEC14L1 1.31e-01 2.90e-03 0.386761
NC_000016.9 NRN1L 1.42e-01 2.90e-03 0.386761
NC_000008.10 KCNV1 7.71e-02 2.90e-03 0.386761
NC_000007.13 GIMAP1 5.14e-01 2.90e-03 0.386761
NC_000016.9 BBS2 8.98e-02 2.90e-03 0.386761
NC_000017.10 LOC404266 1.41e-01 2.90e-03 0.386761
NC_000017.10 FAM171A2 9.64e-02 2.90e-03 0.386761
NC_000018.9 ENOSF1 9.57e-02 2.90e-03 0.386761
NC_000007.13 ATP6V0E2 7.32e-02 2.90e-03 0.386761
NC_000006.11 ULBP1 6.28e-02 2.90e-03 0.386761
NC_000017.10 ALOXE3 7.01e-02 2.90e-03 0.386761
NC_000001.10 RCC2 -1.26e-01 2.91e-03 0.386761
NC_000017.10 SMG6 2.09e-01 2.91e-03 0.386761
NC_000006.11 SLC44A4 -1.00e-01 2.91e-03 0.386761
NC_000007.13 SMURF1 1.35e-01 2.91e-03 0.386761
NC_000022.10 C22orf42 1.31e-01 2.91e-03 0.386761
NC_000019.9 TMEM150B -9.23e-02 2.91e-03 0.386761
NC_000015.9 SNORD116-5 -8.69e-02 2.91e-03 0.386761
NC_000014.8 C14orf64 1.44e-01 2.91e-03 0.386761
NC_000019.9 HSPB6 8.89e-02 2.91e-03 0.386761
NC_000012.11 LMBR1L -1.20e-01 2.92e-03 0.386761
NC_000012.11 GPR133 -7.08e-02 2.92e-03 0.386761
NC_000007.13 SDK1 1.71e-01 2.92e-03 0.386761
NC_000001.10 DNALI1 1.48e-01 2.92e-03 0.386761
NC_000011.9 ARHGEF17 -2.36e-01 2.92e-03 0.386761
NC_000010.10 CUGBP2 -1.07e-01 2.92e-03 0.386761
NC_000011.9 YAP1 -8.97e-02 2.92e-03 0.386761
NC_000016.9 CX3CL1 2.14e-01 2.92e-03 0.386761
NC_000011.9 RPS6KA4 -6.02e-02 2.92e-03 0.386761
NC_000013.10 MCF2L -4.67e-02 2.93e-03 0.386761
NC_000001.10 TMEM9 5.42e-02 2.93e-03 0.386761
NC_000016.9 ITGAL 1.65e-01 2.93e-03 0.386761
NC_000008.10 ZNF704 1.54e-01 2.93e-03 0.386761
NC_000006.11 DLL1 1.11e-01 2.93e-03 0.386761
NC_000001.10 NDUFS2 1.40e-01 2.93e-03 0.386761
NC_000007.13 LHFPL3 1.04e-01 2.93e-03 0.386761
NC_000003.11 CCK 1.30e-01 2.93e-03 0.386761
NC_000017.10 EFCAB5 1.78e-01 2.93e-03 0.386761
NC_000006.11 FYN -1.40e-01 2.93e-03 0.386971
NC_000004.11 CCRN4L -5.26e-02 2.93e-03 0.386979
NC_000012.11 FAM60A 7.09e-02 2.93e-03 0.386979
NC_000017.10 TBCD -8.16e-02 2.94e-03 0.387048
NC_000019.9 NLRP7 7.79e-02 2.94e-03 0.387048
NC_000008.10 ZNF704 1.21e-01 2.94e-03 0.387214
NC_000010.10 FAM190B -8.46e-02 2.95e-03 0.387624
NC_000001.10 LIN9 7.95e-02 2.95e-03 0.387698
NC_000001.10 TACSTD2 1.74e-01 2.95e-03 0.387698
NC_000009.11 LHX6 8.42e-02 2.95e-03 0.388031
NC_000015.9 FAH -5.10e-02 2.95e-03 0.388031
NC_000019.9 PEG3 6.13e-02 2.95e-03 0.388031
NC_000003.11 PTPN23 1.03e-01 2.95e-03 0.388031
NC_000010.10 ADARB2 -5.70e-02 2.96e-03 0.388239
NC_000011.9 ALKBH3 -5.51e-02 2.96e-03 0.388241
NC_000008.10 ZFAT -1.65e-01 2.96e-03 0.388296
NC_000013.10 KATNAL1 -1.42e-01 2.96e-03 0.388296
NC_000004.11 ZFYVE28 8.55e-02 2.96e-03 0.388296
NC_000016.9 RLTPR 1.13e-01 2.96e-03 0.388296
NC_000019.9 CD97 7.25e-02 2.96e-03 0.388296
NC_000017.10 DHX33 -6.37e-02 2.96e-03 0.388296
NC_000017.10 WFIKKN2 1.67e-01 2.97e-03 0.388463
NC_000001.10 BRP44 7.08e-02 2.97e-03 0.388463
NC_000015.9 SNX33 7.72e-02 2.97e-03 0.388463
NC_000017.10 LOC404266 1.40e-01 2.97e-03 0.388463
NC_000016.9 SMG1 -1.24e-01 2.98e-03 0.388463
NC_000003.11 VWA5B2 1.13e-01 2.98e-03 0.388463
NC_000019.9 PLAC2 9.46e-02 2.98e-03 0.388463
NC_000017.10 RAP1GAP2 -1.54e-01 2.98e-03 0.388463
NC_000016.9 FAM96B 1.31e-01 2.98e-03 0.388463
NC_000006.11 TNXB 1.45e-01 2.98e-03 0.388463
NC_000013.10 DOCK9 1.51e-01 2.98e-03 0.388463
NC_000005.9 SLC9A3 6.25e-02 2.98e-03 0.388463
NC_000016.9 C16orf70 1.21e-01 2.98e-03 0.388463
NC_000014.8 EVL -1.42e-01 2.98e-03 0.388463
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 1.03e-01 2.99e-03 0.388463
NC_000009.11 UGCG -7.19e-02 2.99e-03 0.388463
NC_000004.11 LOC344967 -9.48e-02 2.99e-03 0.388463
NC_000005.9 MIR145 -1.33e-01 2.99e-03 0.388463
NC_000007.13 MET -7.29e-02 2.99e-03 0.388463
NC_000019.9 RHPN2 4.63e-02 2.99e-03 0.388463
NC_000001.10 KIF26B 8.93e-02 2.99e-03 0.388463
NC_000007.13 SH2B2 -1.15e-01 2.99e-03 0.388463
NC_000007.13 RUNDC3B -1.04e-01 2.99e-03 0.388581
NC_000008.10 SLA -1.24e-01 2.99e-03 0.388581
NC_000002.11 BIRC6 -5.67e-02 3.00e-03 0.388702
NC_000001.10 GABRD 8.81e-02 3.00e-03 0.388702
NC_000016.9 CDK10 1.36e-01 3.00e-03 0.388702
NC_000009.11 GABBR2 4.26e-02 3.00e-03 0.388702
NC_000011.9 FOLH1 1.11e-01 3.00e-03 0.388883
NC_000018.9 SALL3 -9.45e-02 3.01e-03 0.388883
NC_000021.8 KRTAP12-3 -1.30e-01 3.01e-03 0.388883
NC_000006.11 PKHD1 1.25e-01 3.01e-03 0.388883
NC_000005.9 IRX4 7.91e-02 3.01e-03 0.388883
NC_000004.11 NOP14 -1.22e-01 3.01e-03 0.388883
NC_000022.10 CDC42EP1 1.33e-01 3.01e-03 0.388883
NC_000002.11 TRPM8 1.37e-01 3.01e-03 0.388883
NC_000023.10 DIAPH2 5.56e-02 3.02e-03 0.389106
NC_000019.9 MEX3D 9.22e-02 3.02e-03 0.389106
NC_000003.11 EPHB1 8.64e-02 3.02e-03 0.389106
NC_000019.9 ETV2 9.49e-02 3.02e-03 0.389106
NC_000016.9 DEF8 1.70e-01 3.02e-03 0.389106
NC_000001.10 PFKFB2 -4.66e-02 3.02e-03 0.389106
NC_000013.10 COL4A2 -4.88e-02 3.03e-03 0.389292
NC_000005.9 GLRA1 1.10e-01 3.03e-03 0.389437
NC_000017.10 PHF12 -6.21e-02 3.03e-03 0.389473
NC_000003.11 RFT1 -9.79e-02 3.03e-03 0.389473
NC_000001.10 NAV1 -1.27e-01 3.03e-03 0.389473
NC_000005.9 TRIM41 -6.93e-02 3.03e-03 0.389473
NC_000007.13 HOXA5 1.41e-01 3.04e-03 0.389473
NC_000012.11 FAM60A -1.10e-01 3.04e-03 0.389473
NC_000019.9 CRTC1 8.33e-02 3.04e-03 0.389473
NC_000015.9 MESDC1 8.48e-02 3.04e-03 0.389473
NC_000021.8 URB1 -1.02e-01 3.04e-03 0.389473
NC_000018.9 HMSD 7.20e-02 3.04e-03 0.389473
NC_000005.9 TPPP 1.30e-01 3.04e-03 0.389473
NC_000017.10 LOC404266 6.33e-02 3.04e-03 0.389473
NC_000002.11 MYO7B -4.48e-02 3.04e-03 0.389473
NC_000022.10 TPST2 -9.16e-02 3.04e-03 0.389498
NC_000008.10 C8orf73 1.05e-01 3.05e-03 0.389498
NC_000007.13 HOXA5 1.20e-01 3.05e-03 0.389498
NC_000007.13 ZNF282 -5.13e-02 3.05e-03 0.389498
NC_000007.13 SGCE -7.40e-02 3.05e-03 0.389498
NC_000018.9 CXADRP3 1.28e-01 3.05e-03 0.389498
NC_000013.10 ZIC2 7.13e-02 3.05e-03 0.389555
NC_000012.11 SLC17A8 7.76e-02 3.05e-03 0.389555
NC_000006.11 C6orf174 -6.96e-02 3.05e-03 0.389616
NC_000002.11 SNX17 -4.66e-02 3.06e-03 0.389616
NC_000003.11 FEZF2 8.07e-02 3.06e-03 0.389616
NC_000003.11 GCET2 -7.96e-02 3.06e-03 0.389616
NC_000008.10 GATA4 9.00e-02 3.06e-03 0.389616
NC_000011.9 AMBRA1 -1.20e-01 3.06e-03 0.389616
NC_000010.10 FAM45B -1.46e-01 3.06e-03 0.389616
NC_000011.9 ROBO3 1.15e-01 3.06e-03 0.389616
NC_000015.9 ADPGK -7.26e-02 3.06e-03 0.389616
NC_000001.10 TP73 7.01e-02 3.06e-03 0.389616
NC_000001.10 GFI1 -9.28e-02 3.06e-03 0.389616
NC_000010.10 ADAMTS14 9.88e-02 3.07e-03 0.389841
NC_000007.13 JAZF1 1.06e-01 3.07e-03 0.389855
NC_000001.10 USP24 -1.84e-01 3.07e-03 0.389855
NC_000007.13 TMEM120A 1.67e-01 3.07e-03 0.389855
NC_000019.9 RYR1 2.39e-01 3.07e-03 0.389855
NC_000022.10 DGCR6 -5.96e-02 3.07e-03 0.389855
NC_000003.11 SLC12A8 1.31e-01 3.07e-03 0.389862
NC_000010.10 CDH23 1.08e-01 3.08e-03 0.389862
NC_000016.9 ZNF469 7.30e-02 3.08e-03 0.389862
NC_000010.10 EMX2OS -1.34e-01 3.08e-03 0.389862
NC_000010.10 SUFU -9.05e-02 3.08e-03 0.389862
NC_000011.9 CTTN -1.40e-01 3.08e-03 0.389862
NC_000019.9 ZNF763 5.95e-02 3.08e-03 0.389862
NC_000009.11 FAM125B 1.28e-01 3.08e-03 0.389862
NC_000010.10 GSTO2 4.75e-02 3.08e-03 0.389862
NC_000015.9 GABRG3 -9.30e-02 3.09e-03 0.389862
NC_000012.11 SOX5 -6.07e-02 3.09e-03 0.389862
NC_000017.10 MPRIP 6.59e-02 3.09e-03 0.389862
NC_000022.10 RIBC2 3.88e-02 3.09e-03 0.389862
NC_000002.11 ADRA2B 7.29e-02 3.09e-03 0.389862
NC_000006.11 PTCRA 8.45e-02 3.09e-03 0.389862
NC_000011.9 PHLDB1 9.72e-02 3.09e-03 0.389862
NC_000003.11 CTNNB1 4.25e-02 3.09e-03 0.389862
NC_000016.9 ANKRD11 -1.50e-01 3.09e-03 0.389862
NC_000011.9 PPP1R14B 1.64e-01 3.09e-03 0.389862
NC_000002.11 NT5C1B 1.09e-01 3.10e-03 0.389862
NC_000009.11 GGTA1 5.90e-02 3.10e-03 0.389862
NC_000021.8 ERG -1.20e-01 3.10e-03 0.389862
NC_000017.10 RAP1GAP2 -1.37e-01 3.10e-03 0.389862
NC_000003.11 SGEF -8.68e-02 3.10e-03 0.389862
NC_000006.11 GPSM3 -1.37e-01 3.10e-03 0.389862
NC_000011.9 CST6 8.90e-02 3.10e-03 0.389862
NC_000021.8 C21orf99 6.80e-02 3.10e-03 0.389862
NC_000002.11 SFXN5 1.41e-01 3.10e-03 0.389862
NC_000012.11 AGAP2 1.84e-01 3.10e-03 0.389862
NC_000003.11 PRR23A 1.23e-01 3.11e-03 0.389862
NC_000011.9 AMBRA1 -7.15e-02 3.11e-03 0.389862
NC_000019.9 TSPAN16 -1.10e-01 3.11e-03 0.389862
NC_000003.11 DNAH12 1.48e-01 3.11e-03 0.389862
NC_000003.11 SOX2OT 1.43e-01 3.11e-03 0.389862
NC_000011.9 BTBD18 1.55e-01 3.12e-03 0.389862
NC_000014.8 C14orf80 6.14e-02 3.12e-03 0.389862
NC_000002.11 SLC11A1 9.46e-02 3.12e-03 0.389862
NC_000011.9 MIR100 -4.94e-02 3.12e-03 0.389862
NC_000004.11 DRD5 6.40e-02 3.12e-03 0.389862
NC_000020.10 SPATA2 1.22e-01 3.12e-03 0.389862
NC_000003.11 AMIGO3 1.85e-01 3.12e-03 0.389862
NC_000022.10 CELSR1 -1.11e-01 3.12e-03 0.389862
NC_000002.11 RHOB 1.58e-01 3.12e-03 0.389862
NC_000006.11 TIAM2 -1.28e-01 3.13e-03 0.389862
NC_000012.11 MLEC -6.60e-02 3.13e-03 0.389862
NC_000001.10 PLCH2 1.00e-01 3.13e-03 0.389862
NC_000008.10 ADHFE1 6.87e-02 3.13e-03 0.389862
NC_000009.11 GSN 1.52e-01 3.13e-03 0.389862
NC_000006.11 GPR126 -1.27e-01 3.13e-03 0.389862
NC_000005.9 TMEM167A -6.30e-02 3.13e-03 0.389862
NC_000019.9 MAMSTR 1.51e-01 3.13e-03 0.389862
NC_000001.10 CHD5 6.44e-02 3.13e-03 0.389862
NC_000014.8 SPTB 7.60e-02 3.13e-03 0.389862
NC_000014.8 TMX1 -1.17e-01 3.13e-03 0.389862
NC_000003.11 MST1 6.30e-02 3.14e-03 0.389862
NC_000016.9 TRADD -5.40e-02 3.14e-03 0.389862
NC_000006.11 DAAM2 1.31e-01 3.14e-03 0.389862
NC_000016.9 TRIM72 1.22e-01 3.14e-03 0.389862
NC_000006.11 LAMA2 6.72e-02 3.14e-03 0.389862
NC_000017.10 LOC404266 1.55e-01 3.14e-03 0.389862
NC_000011.9 OSBPL5 -6.88e-02 3.14e-03 0.389862
NC_000006.11 DDR1 1.37e-01 3.15e-03 0.389862
NC_000012.11 FAM60A 7.44e-02 3.15e-03 0.389862
NC_000002.11 ANTXR1 1.61e-01 3.15e-03 0.389862
NC_000023.10 BCOR 1.17e-01 3.15e-03 0.389862
NC_000002.11 HK2 -1.24e-01 3.15e-03 0.389862
NC_000017.10 SLC43A2 -1.29e-01 3.15e-03 0.389862
NC_000016.9 CA5A 8.46e-02 3.15e-03 0.389862
NC_000017.10 CA10 1.18e-01 3.15e-03 0.389862
NC_000020.10 NCRNA00176 9.94e-02 3.15e-03 0.389862
NC_000014.8 LTB4R2 -1.08e-01 3.15e-03 0.389862
NC_000008.10 BOP1 8.76e-02 3.15e-03 0.389862
NC_000004.11 MAPK10 -1.44e-01 3.16e-03 0.389862
NC_000001.10 LOC284688 1.46e-01 3.16e-03 0.389862
NC_000017.10 WBP2 -4.71e-02 3.16e-03 0.389862
NC_000003.11 NCRNA00119 -4.11e-02 3.16e-03 0.389862
NC_000017.10 NR1D1 4.62e-02 3.16e-03 0.389862
NC_000001.10 GPR177 6.45e-02 3.16e-03 0.389862
NC_000019.9 NCRNA00085 -1.38e-01 3.16e-03 0.389862
NC_000006.11 TRIM27 -4.41e-02 3.16e-03 0.389862
NC_000003.11 BDH1 1.25e-01 3.16e-03 0.389862
NC_000014.8 TINF2 1.33e-01 3.16e-03 0.389862
NC_000002.11 LCLAT1 -1.07e-01 3.17e-03 0.390061
NC_000011.9 APLP2 -1.06e-01 3.17e-03 0.390061
NC_000005.9 C5orf33 6.27e-02 3.17e-03 0.390061
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 -5.58e-02 3.17e-03 0.390061
NC_000017.10 STAT5A -8.94e-02 3.17e-03 0.390061
NC_000005.9 ZNF300 1.42e-01 3.17e-03 0.390061
NC_000019.9 CSNK1G2 -1.76e-01 3.17e-03 0.390061
NC_000011.9 MAML2 -1.49e-01 3.17e-03 0.390273
NC_000001.10 RWDD3 7.75e-02 3.18e-03 0.390273
NC_000016.9 C16orf46 -4.69e-02 3.18e-03 0.390273
NC_000007.13 GTF2IRD2P -1.18e-01 3.18e-03 0.390273
NC_000011.9 PHF21A -1.71e-01 3.18e-03 0.390273
NC_000018.9 CCBE1 1.03e-01 3.18e-03 0.390273
NC_000012.11 RHOF -1.49e-01 3.18e-03 0.390273
NC_000006.11 SYNJ2 1.76e-01 3.18e-03 0.390273
NC_000019.9 ZNF611 1.08e-01 3.18e-03 0.390273
NC_000007.13 ELN 1.94e-01 3.18e-03 0.390273
NC_000010.10 CHAT 5.74e-02 3.19e-03 0.390273
NC_000005.9 C5orf13 -1.56e-01 3.19e-03 0.390273
NC_000006.11 COL11A2 9.20e-02 3.19e-03 0.390273
NC_000008.10 EPHX2 5.77e-02 3.19e-03 0.390273
NC_000016.9 NOXO1 1.20e-01 3.19e-03 0.390273
NC_000007.13 UNC84A 1.23e-01 3.19e-03 0.390273
NC_000004.11 MSX1 6.42e-02 3.19e-03 0.390273
NC_000004.11 WDR1 -7.26e-02 3.19e-03 0.390273
NC_000010.10 C10orf11 6.49e-02 3.19e-03 0.390273
NC_000008.10 EIF2C2 -1.62e-01 3.20e-03 0.390273
NC_000001.10 C1orf150 -1.14e-01 3.20e-03 0.390273
NC_000005.9 GFRA3 1.17e-01 3.20e-03 0.390273
NC_000022.10 CRELD2 9.22e-02 3.20e-03 0.390273
NC_000004.11 CTBP1 -1.24e-01 3.20e-03 0.390273
NC_000017.10 RPH3AL 9.37e-02 3.20e-03 0.390273
NC_000023.10 KCNE1L -6.04e-02 3.20e-03 0.390273
NC_000010.10 PNLIPRP2 8.22e-02 3.20e-03 0.390273
NC_000010.10 LOXL4 -1.70e-01 3.20e-03 0.390273
NC_000001.10 ALDH9A1 -5.30e-02 3.20e-03 0.390273
NC_000017.10 SECTM1 9.57e-02 3.21e-03 0.390273
NC_000011.9 SLC25A45 9.72e-02 3.21e-03 0.390273
NC_000010.10 GRK5 -1.57e-01 3.21e-03 0.390273
NC_000007.13 HOXA3 1.24e-01 3.21e-03 0.390273
NC_000016.9 VAT1L 1.30e-01 3.21e-03 0.390273
NC_000009.11 C9orf91 9.10e-02 3.21e-03 0.390273
NC_000016.9 LUC7L 6.21e-02 3.21e-03 0.390273
NC_000012.11 ARHGAP9 -9.63e-02 3.21e-03 0.390273
NC_000006.11 PDE10A -9.68e-02 3.21e-03 0.390273
NC_000002.11 ARHGAP15 1.69e-01 3.21e-03 0.390273
NC_000001.10 PRDM16 1.64e-01 3.22e-03 0.39032
NC_000003.11 PLCH1 1.64e-01 3.22e-03 0.39032
NC_000001.10 GLIS1 -1.65e-01 3.22e-03 0.390386
NC_000019.9 CD177 -1.50e-01 3.22e-03 0.390448
NC_000017.10 SECTM1 1.35e-01 3.22e-03 0.390594
NC_000017.10 RPTOR -8.65e-02 3.22e-03 0.390596
NC_000010.10 CALHM3 1.53e-01 3.23e-03 0.390596
NC_000014.8 DIO2 1.00e-01 3.23e-03 0.390596
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 -6.12e-02 3.23e-03 0.390596
NC_000003.11 EPHA6 1.34e-01 3.23e-03 0.390614
NC_000012.11 CIT 1.49e-01 3.23e-03 0.390914
NC_000002.11 HOXD4 1.40e-01 3.23e-03 0.390914
NC_000016.9 IRX6 1.24e-01 3.23e-03 0.390919
NC_000001.10 KIF26B -1.42e-01 3.23e-03 0.39098
NC_000019.9 MUM1 5.08e-02 3.25e-03 0.391781
NC_000006.11 MAPK13 1.09e-01 3.25e-03 0.391781
NC_000007.13 PIK3CG -1.40e-01 3.25e-03 0.391781
NC_000001.10 S100A5 -1.22e-01 3.25e-03 0.391781
NC_000020.10 PCK1 1.80e-01 3.25e-03 0.391781
NC_000007.13 CALD1 1.20e-01 3.25e-03 0.391781
NC_000011.9 TSKU 8.16e-02 3.25e-03 0.391781
NC_000010.10 SORCS1 1.10e-01 3.25e-03 0.391781
NC_000001.10 PQLC2 -1.05e-01 3.25e-03 0.391781
NC_000017.10 AOC2 -1.39e-01 3.26e-03 0.391781
NC_000019.9 ADAMTSL5 5.90e-02 3.26e-03 0.391781
NC_000022.10 C22orf25 -1.12e-01 3.26e-03 0.391781
NC_000017.10 KIAA1267 6.02e-02 3.26e-03 0.391781
NC_000014.8 BCL11B 1.10e-01 3.26e-03 0.391781
NC_000017.10 CLDN7 5.62e-02 3.26e-03 0.391781
NC_000013.10 ZIC5 8.69e-02 3.26e-03 0.391781
NC_000014.8 DHRS4L2 -1.56e-01 3.27e-03 0.391781
NC_000013.10 MCF2L -5.37e-02 3.27e-03 0.391781
NC_000016.9 IRX6 1.73e-01 3.27e-03 0.391885
NC_000019.9 MZF1 1.25e-01 3.27e-03 0.391885
NC_000002.11 SLC3A1 6.98e-02 3.27e-03 0.391885
NC_000001.10 ZNF644 6.52e-02 3.27e-03 0.391885
NC_000020.10 ZNF512B 8.06e-02 3.27e-03 0.391885
NC_000007.13 GRB10 -1.27e-01 3.28e-03 0.391885
NC_000008.10 KIFC2 1.02e-01 3.28e-03 0.391885
NC_000009.11 SMARCA2 9.27e-02 3.28e-03 0.391885
NC_000002.11 TMEM37 -1.29e-01 3.28e-03 0.391885
NC_000004.11 MIR574 8.44e-02 3.28e-03 0.391885
NC_000001.10 C1orf83 -1.52e-01 3.28e-03 0.391885
NC_000003.11 LIMD1 1.04e-01 3.29e-03 0.391885
NC_000006.11 ESR1 -1.53e-01 3.29e-03 0.391885
NC_000003.11 EPHB3 1.19e-01 3.29e-03 0.391885
NC_000008.10 CHMP7 -1.64e-01 3.29e-03 0.391885
NC_000011.9 FOLR3 -9.02e-02 3.29e-03 0.391885
NC_000016.9 TNRC6A -5.29e-02 3.29e-03 0.391885
NC_000007.13 NPTX2 9.29e-02 3.29e-03 0.391885
NC_000011.9 BCL9L 8.84e-02 3.29e-03 0.391885
NC_000011.9 PHRF1 6.94e-02 3.29e-03 0.391885
NC_000006.11 BEND3 1.11e-01 3.29e-03 0.391885
NC_000013.10 THSD1 -6.10e-02 3.30e-03 0.391885
NC_000001.10 GJC2 8.88e-02 3.30e-03 0.391885
NC_000004.11 SLBP -4.27e-02 3.30e-03 0.391885
NC_000003.11 SEC61A1 -5.43e-02 3.30e-03 0.391885
NC_000007.13 PILRB -1.07e-01 3.30e-03 0.391885
NC_000007.13 KCNH2 5.94e-02 3.30e-03 0.391885
NC_000009.11 RAPGEF1 -1.33e-01 3.30e-03 0.391885
NC_000004.11 MAML3 -1.28e-01 3.30e-03 0.391885
NC_000007.13 RP9P -1.67e-01 3.31e-03 0.391885
NC_000019.9 KDM4B 1.30e-01 3.31e-03 0.391885
NC_000011.9 NTM 6.67e-02 3.31e-03 0.391885
NC_000016.9 ZNF75A 9.35e-02 3.31e-03 0.391885
NC_000005.9 P4HA2 1.41e-01 3.31e-03 0.391885
NC_000018.9 NEDD4L -4.65e-02 3.31e-03 0.391885
NC_000021.8 COL18A1 1.09e-01 3.31e-03 0.391885
NC_000016.9 HSF4 -1.04e-01 3.31e-03 0.391885
NC_000006.11 TRIM15 -7.44e-02 3.31e-03 0.391885
NC_000015.9 HCN4 1.16e-01 3.31e-03 0.391885
NC_000001.10 BCAR3 -1.33e-01 3.32e-03 0.392277
NC_000002.11 RAMP1 -1.24e-01 3.32e-03 0.392277
NC_000012.11 HOXC4 9.09e-02 3.32e-03 0.392277
NC_000019.9 ELAVL3 9.76e-02 3.32e-03 0.392277
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 -1.33e-01 3.32e-03 0.392277
NC_000006.11 C6orf1 -5.29e-02 3.32e-03 0.392277
NC_000014.8 MIA2 8.85e-02 3.32e-03 0.392277
NC_000006.11 ELOVL5 -1.36e-01 3.33e-03 0.39243
NC_000017.10 ASPA 1.29e-01 3.33e-03 0.392477
NC_000015.9 MYO5C -2.56e-01 3.33e-03 0.392477
NC_000010.10 ZNF32 -4.77e-02 3.33e-03 0.392477
NC_000010.10 TRDMT1 1.05e-01 3.33e-03 0.392522
NC_000018.9 RAX 1.57e-01 3.33e-03 0.392522
NC_000002.11 SLC38A11 1.74e-01 3.34e-03 0.392522
NC_000011.9 ACY3 1.23e-01 3.34e-03 0.392522
NC_000012.11 GALNT9 8.12e-02 3.34e-03 0.392703
NC_000004.11 HGFAC -8.42e-02 3.34e-03 0.393046
NC_000012.11 NCOR2 1.15e-01 3.35e-03 0.393046
NC_000015.9 SORD 8.77e-02 3.35e-03 0.393046
NC_000016.9 ZC3H18 5.71e-02 3.35e-03 0.393046
NC_000002.11 LOC100189589 1.78e-01 3.35e-03 0.393046
NC_000005.9 SLC25A2 1.21e-01 3.35e-03 0.393046
NC_000013.10 C13orf37 -6.66e-02 3.35e-03 0.393046
NC_000001.10 ZDHHC18 4.81e-02 3.35e-03 0.393046
NC_000008.10 ZFAT -4.83e-02 3.35e-03 0.393046
NC_000002.11 DCAF17 -5.28e-02 3.36e-03 0.393046
NC_000012.11 NCOR2 9.91e-02 3.36e-03 0.393046
NC_000013.10 DOCK9 1.61e-01 3.36e-03 0.393046
NC_000015.9 SNORD116-1 -5.44e-02 3.36e-03 0.393046
NC_000013.10 EFNB2 -8.89e-02 3.36e-03 0.393288
NC_000011.9 PPFIA1 -2.08e-01 3.36e-03 0.393376
NC_000017.10 LASP1 -7.85e-02 3.37e-03 0.393642
NC_000016.9 FAM173A -5.55e-02 3.37e-03 0.393642
NC_000019.9 JSRP1 4.69e-02 3.37e-03 0.393965
NC_000008.10 LY6D 4.43e-02 3.37e-03 0.393997
NC_000007.13 TRRAP 5.38e-02 3.38e-03 0.393997
NC_000003.11 KY -1.11e-01 3.38e-03 0.393997
NC_000008.10 NRG1 -6.80e-02 3.38e-03 0.394142
NC_000016.9 RGS11 1.09e-01 3.38e-03 0.394191
NC_000004.11 SLC2A9 1.57e-01 3.38e-03 0.394191
NC_000004.11 TRIM2 1.58e-01 3.38e-03 0.394191
NC_000007.13 COX19 8.43e-02 3.38e-03 0.394283
NC_000019.9 VASP -5.45e-02 3.39e-03 0.394382
NC_000001.10 ABCB10 -6.13e-02 3.39e-03 0.394382
NC_000008.10 GFRA2 7.44e-02 3.39e-03 0.394382
NC_000020.10 STK35 -5.26e-02 3.39e-03 0.394382
NC_000003.11 GAP43 -4.20e-02 3.39e-03 0.394382
NC_000010.10 SEC31B 8.71e-02 3.39e-03 0.394382
NC_000003.11 TRAK1 1.03e-01 3.39e-03 0.394382
NC_000022.10 TOP1P2 1.48e-01 3.39e-03 0.394382
NC_000016.9 ELMO3 1.08e-01 3.40e-03 0.394382
NC_000017.10 GGA3 2.28e-01 3.40e-03 0.394382
NC_000016.9 CES8 9.41e-02 3.40e-03 0.394436
NC_000022.10 GRAMD4 7.16e-02 3.40e-03 0.394436
NC_000008.10 NECAB1 6.55e-02 3.41e-03 0.394436
NC_000002.11 MORN2 -7.37e-02 3.41e-03 0.394436
NC_000021.8 UBE2G2 7.59e-02 3.41e-03 0.394436
NC_000009.11 LCNL1 1.48e-01 3.41e-03 0.394436
NC_000017.10 KIF19 5.97e-02 3.41e-03 0.394436
NC_000011.9 CAPN1 4.66e-02 3.41e-03 0.394436
NC_000013.10 DLEU7 -7.37e-02 3.41e-03 0.394436
NC_000019.9 TMEM149 -9.83e-02 3.41e-03 0.394436
NC_000019.9 SNAR-G2 7.65e-02 3.41e-03 0.394436
NC_000009.11 ZNF658 1.09e-01 3.41e-03 0.394436
NC_000001.10 UBR4 -1.29e-01 3.42e-03 0.394436
NC_000014.8 RAGE 7.97e-02 3.42e-03 0.394436
NC_000008.10 GFRA2 -1.28e-01 3.42e-03 0.394436
NC_000009.11 GPSM1 5.77e-02 3.42e-03 0.394436
NC_000019.9 ZNF649 8.58e-02 3.42e-03 0.394436
NC_000001.10 GMEB1 1.10e-01 3.42e-03 0.394436
NC_000010.10 GDI2 -1.46e-01 3.42e-03 0.394436
NC_000013.10 RASA3 1.11e-01 3.42e-03 0.394436
NC_000020.10 FRG1B 7.77e-02 3.42e-03 0.394436
NC_000010.10 CHST3 9.12e-02 3.42e-03 0.394436
NC_000022.10 SLC5A4 -1.45e-01 3.42e-03 0.394436
NC_000008.10 ZFAT 5.88e-02 3.42e-03 0.394436
NC_000007.13 POU6F2 8.46e-02 3.42e-03 0.394436
NC_000004.11 C4orf51 2.74e-01 3.43e-03 0.394436
NC_000016.9 SNORA30 -1.76e-01 3.43e-03 0.394512
NC_000011.9 FEZ1 1.60e-01 3.43e-03 0.394512
NC_000013.10 RASA3 1.65e-01 3.43e-03 0.394953
NC_000006.11 LSM2 -1.42e-01 3.43e-03 0.394966
NC_000008.10 MTMR9 1.98e-01 3.43e-03 0.394966
NC_000001.10 TTC22 1.23e-01 3.44e-03 0.395057
NC_000011.9 ESRRA -8.67e-02 3.44e-03 0.395057
NC_000001.10 FCGR1B -1.01e-01 3.44e-03 0.395145
NC_000008.10 C8orf74 9.06e-02 3.44e-03 0.395192
NC_000001.10 CNKSR1 8.95e-02 3.44e-03 0.395214
NC_000010.10 C10orf93 7.21e-02 3.44e-03 0.395214
NC_000020.10 PCSK2 1.01e-01 3.45e-03 0.395214
NC_000006.11 HSD17B8 -8.00e-02 3.45e-03 0.395214
NC_000011.9 RCN1 9.33e-02 3.45e-03 0.395214
NC_000012.11 FLJ12825 1.48e-01 3.45e-03 0.395214
NC_000007.13 RARRES2 8.27e-02 3.45e-03 0.395214
NC_000006.11 HIST1H3G 6.67e-02 3.45e-03 0.395214
NC_000006.11 PHACTR1 1.23e-01 3.45e-03 0.395214
NC_000019.9 MYO1F 9.12e-02 3.45e-03 0.395214
NC_000008.10 BOP1 1.43e-01 3.46e-03 0.395214
NC_000012.11 SFRS8 -1.04e-01 3.46e-03 0.395214
NC_000001.10 TMEM63A -1.55e-01 3.46e-03 0.395214
NC_000005.9 C5orf32 -4.66e-02 3.46e-03 0.395214
NC_000001.10 SH3BP5L -1.72e-01 3.46e-03 0.395214
NC_000020.10 NECAB3 7.76e-02 3.46e-03 0.395214
NC_000017.10 HOXB6 1.39e-01 3.46e-03 0.395214
NC_000011.9 ROBO4 -1.23e-01 3.46e-03 0.395214
NC_000010.10 MCM10 -8.82e-02 3.46e-03 0.395338
NC_000012.11 USP44 -9.14e-02 3.46e-03 0.395338
NC_000020.10 RASSF2 1.11e-01 3.46e-03 0.395338
NC_000016.9 ACSF3 -1.15e-01 3.47e-03 0.395418
NC_000017.10 GAS2L2 8.32e-02 3.47e-03 0.395418
NC_000007.13 HYAL4 1.00e-01 3.47e-03 0.395746
NC_000012.11 TMEM120B 1.13e-01 3.47e-03 0.395746
NC_000020.10 FOXS1 8.92e-02 3.47e-03 0.395763
NC_000009.11 C9orf3 1.46e-01 3.47e-03 0.395763
NC_000005.9 PFN3 1.65e-01 3.47e-03 0.395769
NC_000007.13 HOXA9 1.08e-01 3.48e-03 0.395808
NC_000001.10 PRDM16 1.33e-01 3.48e-03 0.395808
NC_000007.13 MNX1 7.39e-02 3.48e-03 0.395808
NC_000015.9 TMEM87A 4.42e-02 3.48e-03 0.395808
NC_000011.9 ZNF215 -6.23e-02 3.48e-03 0.39594
NC_000016.9 WWOX 1.13e-01 3.48e-03 0.39594
NC_000017.10 RASL10B 1.07e-01 3.48e-03 0.395951
NC_000006.11 HLA-A -1.34e-01 3.48e-03 0.395951
NC_000019.9 EMR3 -8.96e-02 3.49e-03 0.395966
NC_000019.9 NDUFB7 -8.10e-02 3.49e-03 0.395966
NC_000005.9 PCDHB2 1.07e-01 3.49e-03 0.395966
NC_000020.10 C20orf96 -1.60e-01 3.49e-03 0.395966
NC_000006.11 GABBR1 1.27e-01 3.49e-03 0.396301
NC_000016.9 TRIM72 1.03e-01 3.50e-03 0.396721
NC_000011.9 BCL9L 1.40e-01 3.50e-03 0.396721
NC_000004.11 THAP6 5.25e-02 3.50e-03 0.396721
NC_000003.11 GLB1 -7.26e-02 3.51e-03 0.396721
NC_000001.10 CENPF 7.64e-02 3.51e-03 0.396721
NC_000018.9 NFATC1 -6.61e-02 3.51e-03 0.396721
NC_000005.9 GRAMD3 -9.99e-02 3.51e-03 0.396721
NC_000004.11 GABRG1 1.24e-01 3.51e-03 0.396721
NC_000021.8 KRTAP10-1 -1.18e-01 3.51e-03 0.396721
NC_000001.10 GNG4 -7.41e-02 3.51e-03 0.396721
NC_000021.8 ITGB2 -1.14e-01 3.51e-03 0.396721
NC_000003.11 TMEM108 -5.03e-02 3.51e-03 0.396721
NC_000003.11 TNNC1 -7.33e-02 3.52e-03 0.396721
NC_000006.11 COL11A2 -9.67e-02 3.52e-03 0.396721
NC_000017.10 WFIKKN2 1.12e-01 3.52e-03 0.396721
NC_000003.11 UROC1 1.29e-01 3.52e-03 0.396721
NC_000010.10 SLC25A16 -4.87e-02 3.52e-03 0.396721
NC_000012.11 SLC15A4 8.45e-02 3.53e-03 0.396721
NC_000012.11 TBX3 4.96e-02 3.53e-03 0.396721
NC_000002.11 SLC11A1 -1.75e-01 3.53e-03 0.396721
NC_000016.9 CMTM3 4.50e-02 3.53e-03 0.396721
NC_000018.9 BRUNOL4 5.47e-02 3.53e-03 0.396721
NC_000009.11 CLIC3 1.76e-01 3.53e-03 0.396721
NC_000009.11 OR1B1 6.86e-02 3.53e-03 0.396721
NC_000019.9 F2RL3 5.56e-02 3.53e-03 0.396721
NC_000003.11 GRK7 1.17e-01 3.54e-03 0.396721
NC_000018.9 MBP 2.02e-01 3.54e-03 0.396721
NC_000003.11 RFTN1 -8.75e-02 3.54e-03 0.396721
NC_000017.10 TMEM93 1.11e-01 3.54e-03 0.396721
NC_000015.9 NIPA1 9.96e-02 3.54e-03 0.396721
NC_000002.11 SPTBN1 -1.22e-01 3.54e-03 0.396721
NC_000002.11 ATG4B 6.49e-02 3.55e-03 0.396721
NC_000005.9 KIAA0947 -5.33e-02 3.55e-03 0.396721
NC_000016.9 SH2B1 5.56e-02 3.55e-03 0.396721
NC_000002.11 MSL3L2 1.16e-01 3.55e-03 0.396721
NC_000003.11 KCNMB3 -1.10e-01 3.55e-03 0.396721
NC_000014.8 SLC38A6 7.83e-02 3.55e-03 0.396721
NC_000020.10 SLA2 -1.17e-01 3.55e-03 0.396721
NC_000006.11 BTN2A3 9.89e-02 3.55e-03 0.396721
NC_000012.11 SLC35E3 -1.39e-01 3.56e-03 0.396721
NC_000023.10 XAGE5 -6.25e-02 3.56e-03 0.396721
NC_000020.10 SLMO2 1.13e-01 3.56e-03 0.396721
NC_000005.9 SPRY4 -5.95e-02 3.56e-03 0.396721
NC_000016.9 LONP2 7.60e-02 3.56e-03 0.396721
NC_000015.9 EIF2AK4 -6.93e-02 3.56e-03 0.396721
NC_000016.9 FBXL16 5.04e-02 3.56e-03 0.396721
NC_000002.11 ARHGAP25 -1.02e-01 3.56e-03 0.396721
NC_000012.11 SCNN1A -1.71e-01 3.56e-03 0.396721
NC_000009.11 SPIN1 -1.43e-01 3.57e-03 0.396721
NC_000003.11 LRRC33 -1.30e-01 3.57e-03 0.396721
NC_000001.10 PAQR7 -6.88e-02 3.57e-03 0.396721
NC_000010.10 UBTD1 9.29e-02 3.57e-03 0.396721
NC_000008.10 C8orf84 -6.79e-02 3.57e-03 0.396721
NC_000011.9 CRYAB 1.20e-01 3.57e-03 0.396721
NC_000019.9 ZNF486 6.70e-02 3.57e-03 0.396721
NC_000017.10 RAP1GAP2 -4.33e-02 3.57e-03 0.396721
NC_000017.10 FAM171A2 8.45e-02 3.57e-03 0.396721
NC_000011.9 SBF2 7.26e-02 3.57e-03 0.396721
NC_000019.9 MEX3D 1.27e-01 3.58e-03 0.396721
NC_000019.9 LMTK3 2.12e-01 3.58e-03 0.396721
NC_000011.9 TTC12 8.61e-02 3.58e-03 0.396721
NC_000013.10 GTF3A 1.62e-01 3.58e-03 0.396721
NC_000017.10 NTN1 -1.29e-01 3.58e-03 0.396721
NC_000017.10 GAS7 1.10e-01 3.58e-03 0.396721
NC_000019.9 DMPK 1.17e-01 3.58e-03 0.396721
NC_000020.10 PCK1 1.33e-01 3.58e-03 0.396721
NC_000006.11 PI16 -1.07e-01 3.58e-03 0.396721
NC_000004.11 DCK 1.38e-01 3.58e-03 0.396721
NC_000002.11 MAP4K4 9.28e-02 3.58e-03 0.396721
NC_000019.9 ZNF324B 5.35e-02 3.58e-03 0.396721
NC_000014.8 MMP14 5.64e-02 3.58e-03 0.396721
NC_000019.9 C19orf77 -2.65e-01 3.58e-03 0.396721
NC_000001.10 PDE4DIP -6.01e-02 3.59e-03 0.396721
NC_000001.10 FAM5B 1.45e-01 3.59e-03 0.396721
NC_000007.13 DPY19L2P4 5.53e-02 3.59e-03 0.396721
NC_000008.10 MSC 9.93e-02 3.59e-03 0.396721
NC_000011.9 SLC3A2 7.65e-02 3.59e-03 0.396721
NC_000009.11 WDR38 9.34e-02 3.59e-03 0.396721
NC_000022.10 USP18 9.46e-02 3.59e-03 0.396721
NC_000013.10 DLEU2 -4.63e-02 3.59e-03 0.396721
NC_000004.11 GABRG1 8.65e-02 3.59e-03 0.396721
NC_000015.9 AGBL1 -8.31e-02 3.59e-03 0.396721
NC_000017.10 C17orf50 -2.09e-01 3.59e-03 0.396721
NC_000015.9 DAPK2 1.39e-01 3.60e-03 0.396721
NC_000004.11 KIAA1530 5.71e-02 3.60e-03 0.39695
NC_000016.9 IGFALS 1.42e-01 3.60e-03 0.39695
NC_000004.11 IDUA -4.08e-02 3.60e-03 0.39695
NC_000016.9 TRAP1 1.28e-01 3.60e-03 0.39695
NC_000019.9 IRGQ -8.68e-02 3.60e-03 0.39695
NC_000017.10 CYTH1 1.62e-01 3.61e-03 0.397162
NC_000007.13 GRB10 -1.42e-01 3.61e-03 0.397162
NC_000014.8 KCNK10 1.17e-01 3.61e-03 0.397162
NC_000001.10 CCDC21 -1.30e-01 3.61e-03 0.397162
NC_000003.11 PRKCI -6.93e-02 3.61e-03 0.397198
NC_000002.11 TLK1 -1.45e-01 3.61e-03 0.397198
NC_000020.10 HM13 -9.88e-02 3.62e-03 0.397198
NC_000019.9 SLC8A2 1.14e-01 3.62e-03 0.397198
NC_000012.11 DTX1 -5.14e-02 3.62e-03 0.397294
NC_000002.11 CD8A 8.33e-02 3.62e-03 0.397474
NC_000011.9 ZNF195 -6.40e-02 3.62e-03 0.397474
NC_000015.9 CORO2B -6.95e-02 3.62e-03 0.397474
NC_000007.13 GATS 8.59e-02 3.62e-03 0.397474
NC_000012.11 AGAP2 1.88e-01 3.63e-03 0.397572
NC_000009.11 RALGPS1 1.26e-01 3.63e-03 0.397572
NC_000002.11 HDAC4 -1.23e-01 3.63e-03 0.397629
NC_000011.9 C11orf52 1.62e-01 3.63e-03 0.397645
NC_000001.10 AVPR1B -6.99e-02 3.63e-03 0.397719
NC_000001.10 FAM73A 7.43e-02 3.63e-03 0.397719
NC_000023.10 BRCC3 -7.74e-02 3.63e-03 0.397719
NC_000005.9 ZNF300 1.15e-01 3.64e-03 0.397719
NC_000008.10 FOXH1 6.29e-02 3.64e-03 0.397719
NC_000002.11 AGAP1 -9.52e-02 3.64e-03 0.397771
NC_000021.8 ADARB1 -5.99e-02 3.64e-03 0.397771
NC_000010.10 CUGBP2 7.20e-02 3.64e-03 0.397771
NC_000003.11 GRM2 8.98e-02 3.64e-03 0.397771
NC_000008.10 ARHGEF10 8.55e-02 3.64e-03 0.397775
NC_000011.9 CAPRIN1 -7.50e-02 3.64e-03 0.397961
NC_000014.8 MDGA2 -8.58e-02 3.64e-03 0.397961
NC_000007.13 C7orf68 8.86e-02 3.64e-03 0.397993
NC_000003.11 RBP1 1.87e-01 3.65e-03 0.398124
NC_000006.11 TREML2 -8.59e-02 3.65e-03 0.398124
NC_000001.10 ANGEL2 8.18e-02 3.65e-03 0.398124
NC_000005.9 ATP10B -1.32e-01 3.65e-03 0.398124
NC_000003.11 HYAL2 7.76e-02 3.65e-03 0.398124
NC_000008.10 NPM2 1.09e-01 3.65e-03 0.398124
NC_000002.11 SULT1C4 1.41e-01 3.65e-03 0.398124
NC_000002.11 CNNM4 -1.03e-01 3.65e-03 0.398124
NC_000011.9 WT1 1.11e-01 3.65e-03 0.398124
NC_000019.9 ZNF331 -4.92e-02 3.66e-03 0.398124
NC_000012.11 POLE -1.19e-01 3.66e-03 0.398124
NC_000003.11 SOX2OT 1.52e-01 3.66e-03 0.398343
NC_000019.9 TNFAIP8L1 -8.86e-02 3.66e-03 0.398412
NC_000002.11 CYTIP -1.21e-01 3.66e-03 0.398412
NC_000001.10 COL11A1 7.85e-02 3.66e-03 0.398412
NC_000012.11 C1R 5.99e-02 3.67e-03 0.398546
NC_000016.9 DECR2 1.21e-01 3.67e-03 0.398546
NC_000017.10 RPH3AL -6.13e-02 3.67e-03 0.398604
NC_000019.9 RASAL3 1.44e-01 3.67e-03 0.398604
NC_000017.10 SEPT9 1.48e-01 3.67e-03 0.398604
NC_000015.9 KIAA0101 5.45e-02 3.67e-03 0.398604
NC_000017.10 LOC404266 1.47e-01 3.67e-03 0.398604
NC_000017.10 C17orf51 -8.66e-02 3.68e-03 0.398611
NC_000006.11 UBD 8.71e-02 3.68e-03 0.398727
NC_000001.10 LMNA 6.14e-02 3.69e-03 0.399284
NC_000016.9 LOC100132247 -6.74e-02 3.69e-03 0.399284
NC_000018.9 NFATC1 -1.31e-01 3.69e-03 0.399284
NC_000010.10 ANKRD2 1.83e-01 3.69e-03 0.399284
NC_000002.11 C2orf61 -1.15e-01 3.69e-03 0.399285
NC_000004.11 TRAM1L1 8.85e-02 3.69e-03 0.399512
NC_000012.11 SLC39A5 7.30e-02 3.70e-03 0.39969
NC_000006.11 RGL2 5.90e-02 3.70e-03 0.39969
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 6.92e-02 3.70e-03 0.39969
NC_000006.11 ZNF311 -6.24e-02 3.70e-03 0.39969
NC_000006.11 TNFRSF21 -9.42e-02 3.70e-03 0.39969
NC_000001.10 CD48 -9.38e-02 3.70e-03 0.39969
NC_000016.9 WFDC1 -1.65e-01 3.71e-03 0.399856
NC_000009.11 ADAMTSL2 7.12e-02 3.71e-03 0.399856
NC_000015.9 LINGO1 -5.13e-02 3.71e-03 0.399856
NC_000003.11 TUSC4 -3.99e-02 3.71e-03 0.399856
NC_000014.8 EFS 1.43e-01 3.72e-03 0.399856
NC_000024.9 ZFY 3.08e-01 3.72e-03 0.399856
NC_000003.11 ZIC1 1.09e-01 3.72e-03 0.399856
NC_000004.11 HSPA4L 1.57e-01 3.72e-03 0.399856
NC_000018.9 CCDC102B -6.44e-02 3.72e-03 0.399856
NC_000003.11 OXTR 1.19e-01 3.72e-03 0.399856
NC_000002.11 LCT -1.19e-01 3.72e-03 0.399856
NC_000012.11 CIT 1.53e-01 3.72e-03 0.399856
NC_000013.10 GPR180 -6.16e-02 3.72e-03 0.399856
NC_000017.10 KCTD11 8.33e-02 3.72e-03 0.399904
NC_000002.11 SLC8A1 9.02e-02 3.73e-03 0.399904
NC_000009.11 ABCA1 -4.55e-02 3.73e-03 0.399904
NC_000022.10 CPT1B 1.85e-01 3.73e-03 0.399904
NC_000011.9 BEST1 7.90e-02 3.73e-03 0.399904
NC_000006.11 RUNX2 -1.49e-01 3.73e-03 0.399904
NC_000004.11 CCDC96 1.00e-01 3.73e-03 0.399904
NC_000012.11 LRIG3 1.20e-01 3.73e-03 0.399904
NC_000003.11 GPR128 -1.04e-01 3.73e-03 0.399904
NC_000003.11 FAIM 5.29e-02 3.73e-03 0.399904
NC_000012.11 B4GALNT1 -1.25e-01 3.73e-03 0.399904
NC_000009.11 RXRA 1.27e-01 3.73e-03 0.399904
NC_000013.10 COG3 -5.76e-02 3.73e-03 0.399934
NC_000006.11 HIST1H4H -5.53e-02 3.74e-03 0.400004
NC_000001.10 NSUN4 6.53e-02 3.74e-03 0.400004
NC_000002.11 NMS 8.10e-02 3.74e-03 0.400014
NC_000011.9 RAPSN 1.33e-01 3.74e-03 0.400014
NC_000011.9 ASCL2 1.47e-01 3.74e-03 0.400014
NC_000004.11 PPP2R2C -9.66e-02 3.74e-03 0.400014
NC_000017.10 CCDC144C 6.66e-02 3.74e-03 0.400018
NC_000002.11 CACNB4 -3.70e-02 3.74e-03 0.400098
NC_000017.10 NXN 8.79e-02 3.75e-03 0.400098
NC_000008.10 EIF2C2 1.22e-01 3.75e-03 0.400098
NC_000002.11 BZW1 9.53e-02 3.75e-03 0.400098
NC_000023.10 MXRA5 1.18e-01 3.75e-03 0.400098
NC_000006.11 PSMB9 -7.55e-02 3.75e-03 0.400098
NC_000015.9 THBS1 1.51e-01 3.75e-03 0.400146
NC_000017.10 CCL3 -1.38e-01 3.75e-03 0.400146
NC_000012.11 ANKS1B 1.39e-01 3.76e-03 0.400372
NC_000020.10 KIAA1755 9.26e-02 3.76e-03 0.400476
NC_000011.9 SYT7 -9.06e-02 3.76e-03 0.400476
NC_000008.10 WISP1 1.87e-01 3.76e-03 0.400476
NC_000006.11 LOC100270746 1.57e-01 3.77e-03 0.400758
NC_000002.11 NCRNA00116 1.02e-01 3.77e-03 0.400758
NC_000003.11 DUSP7 1.03e-01 3.77e-03 0.400758
NC_000017.10 CAMTA2 1.10e-01 3.77e-03 0.400758
NC_000007.13 HOXA6 7.44e-02 3.77e-03 0.400758
NC_000010.10 UNC5B 1.34e-01 3.77e-03 0.400758
NC_000007.13 ZNF498 -4.27e-02 3.78e-03 0.400758
NC_000015.9 ADAMTS17 -5.82e-02 3.78e-03 0.400758
NC_000019.9 MZF1 1.36e-01 3.78e-03 0.400758
NC_000017.10 CLDN7 5.98e-02 3.78e-03 0.400758
NC_000008.10 HSF1 1.60e-01 3.78e-03 0.400758
NC_000011.9 PRKCDBP 1.43e-01 3.78e-03 0.400758
NC_000015.9 MCTP2 -1.05e-01 3.78e-03 0.400819
NC_000008.10 TG -1.01e-01 3.78e-03 0.400819
NC_000001.10 RNF220 1.69e-01 3.78e-03 0.400834
NC_000003.11 FNDC3B -5.16e-02 3.78e-03 0.400834
NC_000004.11 SLC34A2 -6.17e-02 3.78e-03 0.400834
NC_000012.11 C12orf56 -5.62e-02 3.79e-03 0.400984
NC_000002.11 PLCD4 1.57e-01 3.79e-03 0.400984
NC_000006.11 VARS2 1.44e-01 3.79e-03 0.401158
NC_000017.10 AANAT -9.25e-02 3.79e-03 0.401177
NC_000010.10 CDK1 -4.07e-02 3.80e-03 0.401177
NC_000016.9 CORO1A -9.08e-02 3.80e-03 0.4012
NC_000003.11 IGF2BP2 -1.42e-01 3.80e-03 0.401287
NC_000016.9 RUNDC2A 1.69e-01 3.80e-03 0.401341
NC_000012.11 STK38L -6.97e-02 3.80e-03 0.401341
NC_000019.9 ZNF846 -7.52e-02 3.80e-03 0.401341
NC_000010.10 MYPN 1.07e-01 3.80e-03 0.401341
NC_000010.10 LOC283050 1.46e-01 3.81e-03 0.401341
NC_000012.11 IFLTD1 1.24e-01 3.81e-03 0.401341
NC_000012.11 CCDC92 -5.49e-02 3.81e-03 0.401341
NC_000021.8 PCBP3 -6.78e-02 3.81e-03 0.401341
NC_000001.10 ACAP3 1.00e-01 3.81e-03 0.401341
NC_000005.9 RNU5E -1.29e-01 3.81e-03 0.401341
NC_000004.11 PDLIM3 1.35e-01 3.81e-03 0.401341
NC_000006.11 FUCA2 9.94e-02 3.81e-03 0.401509
NC_000017.10 RECQL5 6.16e-02 3.81e-03 0.401509
NC_000020.10 ARFGEF2 4.30e-02 3.82e-03 0.401761
NC_000019.9 LPAR2 1.02e-01 3.82e-03 0.401774
NC_000001.10 C1orf86 1.94e-01 3.82e-03 0.401774
NC_000001.10 SNHG3-RCC1 -5.48e-02 3.82e-03 0.401774
NC_000019.9 PLVAP -1.17e-01 3.82e-03 0.401774
NC_000017.10 ABR 9.53e-02 3.83e-03 0.401793
NC_000016.9 MGRN1 -1.42e-01 3.83e-03 0.401799
NC_000003.11 MGC2889 5.84e-02 3.83e-03 0.401799
NC_000015.9 LOC145814 1.16e-01 3.83e-03 0.401799
NC_000015.9 CILP 1.33e-01 3.83e-03 0.401799
NC_000011.9 PHF21A -5.71e-02 3.83e-03 0.401799
NC_000014.8 SERPINA10 -8.80e-02 3.83e-03 0.401799
NC_000007.13 ZNF212 -9.38e-02 3.83e-03 0.401871
NC_000001.10 BEST4 7.59e-02 3.84e-03 0.402189
NC_000011.9 C11orf36 1.32e-01 3.84e-03 0.402189
NC_000015.9 TUBGCP5 -6.31e-02 3.84e-03 0.402193
NC_000002.11 COL6A3 1.57e-01 3.84e-03 0.402193
NC_000002.11 LOC643387 7.97e-02 3.85e-03 0.402572
NC_000004.11 LOC100192379 9.57e-02 3.85e-03 0.402572
NC_000001.10 NPPA 8.17e-02 3.85e-03 0.402572
NC_000005.9 STK10 1.65e-01 3.85e-03 0.402572
NC_000001.10 GPR25 1.24e-01 3.85e-03 0.402572
NC_000007.13 MESTIT1 6.90e-02 3.85e-03 0.402572
NC_000005.9 CYFIP2 -1.25e-01 3.85e-03 0.402572
NC_000006.11 FTSJD2 -5.14e-02 3.86e-03 0.402572
NC_000006.11 PRR3 6.35e-02 3.86e-03 0.402572
NC_000017.10 SEPT9 1.15e-01 3.86e-03 0.402572
NC_000016.9 GPT2 5.39e-02 3.87e-03 0.402572
NC_000004.11 TSPAN5 1.06e-01 3.87e-03 0.402572
NC_000001.10 ADAM30 -1.35e-01 3.87e-03 0.402572
NC_000023.10 BCOR 4.82e-02 3.87e-03 0.402572
NC_000001.10 HIST2H2BF 1.34e-01 3.87e-03 0.402572
NC_000017.10 MRC2 1.02e-01 3.87e-03 0.402628
NC_000019.9 ZNF264 1.57e-01 3.87e-03 0.402782
NC_000013.10 SMAD9 1.20e-01 3.88e-03 0.40292
NC_000002.11 TNS1 9.09e-02 3.88e-03 0.40292
NC_000016.9 SNN -4.79e-02 3.88e-03 0.40292
NC_000016.9 IFT140 -1.69e-01 3.88e-03 0.403107
NC_000001.10 AURKAIP1 1.07e-01 3.89e-03 0.403107
NC_000019.9 GRIN3B 5.23e-02 3.89e-03 0.403107
NC_000019.9 PBX4 1.18e-01 3.89e-03 0.403107
NC_000017.10 TUSC5 1.69e-01 3.89e-03 0.403107
NC_000006.11 VARS2 4.97e-02 3.89e-03 0.403269
NC_000001.10 FAIM3 -1.00e-01 3.89e-03 0.403399
NC_000006.11 ZDHHC14 -2.14e-01 3.90e-03 0.403399
NC_000017.10 MAPT -7.26e-02 3.90e-03 0.403399
NC_000002.11 SRD5A2 5.58e-02 3.90e-03 0.403399
NC_000002.11 EPAS1 -1.46e-01 3.90e-03 0.403399
NC_000019.9 LRFN3 1.22e-01 3.90e-03 0.403399
NC_000004.11 PPA2 -3.78e-02 3.90e-03 0.403399
NC_000003.11 CMTM7 -8.45e-02 3.90e-03 0.403399
NC_000023.10 TCEAL3 1.66e-01 3.90e-03 0.403399
NC_000001.10 ALPL -7.70e-02 3.91e-03 0.403399
NC_000007.13 RAC1 1.12e-01 3.91e-03 0.403401
NC_000010.10 STK32C 4.90e-02 3.91e-03 0.403487
NC_000015.9 MYO5A -9.22e-02 3.91e-03 0.403487
NC_000012.11 IFLTD1 1.39e-01 3.91e-03 0.403495
NC_000008.10 GPAA1 1.01e-01 3.91e-03 0.403495
NC_000019.9 ZNF563 9.53e-02 3.92e-03 0.403495
NC_000023.10 DIAPH2 2.20e-01 3.92e-03 0.403495
NC_000013.10 ADPRHL1 -8.96e-02 3.92e-03 0.403495
NC_000010.10 ARHGAP22 1.08e-01 3.92e-03 0.403495
NC_000003.11 GP9 -1.49e-01 3.92e-03 0.403495
NC_000020.10 RIN2 1.31e-01 3.92e-03 0.403588
NC_000004.11 SLC2A9 -1.18e-01 3.92e-03 0.403768
NC_000001.10 RASSF5 9.65e-02 3.93e-03 0.403768
NC_000008.10 PENK 4.98e-02 3.93e-03 0.403803
NC_000002.11 BRE -1.02e-01 3.93e-03 0.404168
NC_000011.9 TIMM8B 9.17e-02 3.93e-03 0.404168
NC_000005.9 PCDHA6 6.44e-02 3.93e-03 0.404168
NC_000001.10 PLEKHA6 -5.53e-02 3.94e-03 0.404176
NC_000001.10 VANGL1 9.26e-02 3.94e-03 0.404512
NC_000016.9 UBE2I -5.42e-02 3.94e-03 0.404528
NC_000017.10 RND2 1.45e-01 3.94e-03 0.404528
NC_000016.9 BAIAP3 9.52e-02 3.94e-03 0.404528
NC_000020.10 PMEPA1 4.07e-02 3.95e-03 0.404528
NC_000001.10 CD58 -1.20e-01 3.95e-03 0.404528
NC_000004.11 CORIN -7.12e-02 3.95e-03 0.404528
NC_000012.11 FLJ12825 1.32e-01 3.95e-03 0.404528
NC_000003.11 TRNT1 1.73e-01 3.95e-03 0.404528
NC_000019.9 LGI4 1.07e-01 3.95e-03 0.404528
NC_000019.9 LMTK3 1.90e-01 3.96e-03 0.404528
NC_000006.11 PTPRK -8.84e-02 3.96e-03 0.404528
NC_000019.9 C19orf24 8.61e-02 3.96e-03 0.404528
NC_000014.8 SERPINA1 -9.49e-02 3.96e-03 0.404528
NC_000010.10 NPM3 -9.16e-02 3.96e-03 0.404528
NC_000012.11 GPR162 1.10e-01 3.96e-03 0.404557
NC_000012.11 GPR81 1.02e-01 3.96e-03 0.404568
NC_000012.11 TSPAN8 9.40e-02 3.96e-03 0.404606
NC_000001.10 CROCCL2 7.98e-02 3.96e-03 0.404734
NC_000012.11 KCNA5 7.40e-02 3.97e-03 0.404853
NC_000008.10 PEBP4 8.60e-02 3.97e-03 0.404853
NC_000008.10 DLC1 -7.60e-02 3.97e-03 0.404853
NC_000005.9 PCDHGB1 7.85e-02 3.97e-03 0.404962
NC_000016.9 TMPRSS8 7.72e-02 3.97e-03 0.405149
NC_000022.10 ADORA2A -7.78e-02 3.97e-03 0.405214
NC_000002.11 UXS1 -1.30e-01 3.97e-03 0.405214
NC_000002.11 PLB1 -1.30e-01 3.98e-03 0.405219
NC_000002.11 PCDP1 1.03e-01 3.98e-03 0.405223
NC_000007.13 SUNC1 8.48e-02 3.98e-03 0.405329
NC_000007.13 ST7 1.72e-01 3.98e-03 0.405453
NC_000017.10 ARHGAP23 -9.55e-02 3.98e-03 0.405472
NC_000012.11 CDK17 4.48e-02 3.98e-03 0.405472
NC_000001.10 USH2A 1.50e-01 3.98e-03 0.405472
NC_000017.10 SP6 -1.25e-01 3.99e-03 0.405674
NC_000011.9 ASCL2 1.68e-01 3.99e-03 0.405677
NC_000017.10 FLJ25006 -1.06e-01 3.99e-03 0.405677
NC_000014.8 SIX1 5.12e-02 3.99e-03 0.405677
NC_000019.9 ZNF234 -2.41e-01 3.99e-03 0.405677
NC_000014.8 GNG2 -7.20e-02 3.99e-03 0.405677
NC_000015.9 FBXO22OS -8.80e-02 3.99e-03 0.405677
NC_000017.10 TNFSF12 -1.81e-01 3.99e-03 0.405677
NC_000014.8 LGMN 7.27e-02 4.00e-03 0.405777
NC_000015.9 SCAMP5 1.16e-01 4.00e-03 0.405822
NC_000001.10 NUCKS1 7.48e-02 4.00e-03 0.405926
NC_000002.11 TNS1 5.76e-02 4.01e-03 0.405926
NC_000009.11 FAM73B 7.72e-02 4.01e-03 0.405926
NC_000021.8 HLCS -1.46e-01 4.01e-03 0.405926
NC_000011.9 FIBIN 1.57e-01 4.01e-03 0.405926
NC_000012.11 IFFO1 1.31e-01 4.01e-03 0.405926
NC_000022.10 SBF1 1.40e-01 4.01e-03 0.405926
NC_000016.9 LMF1 5.84e-02 4.01e-03 0.405926
NC_000019.9 JSRP1 8.35e-02 4.01e-03 0.405926
NC_000001.10 CAMK2N1 1.42e-01 4.02e-03 0.405926
NC_000001.10 CCT3 -1.08e-01 4.02e-03 0.405926
NC_000007.13 LOC493754 7.72e-02 4.02e-03 0.405926
NC_000006.11 RAB23 -5.61e-02 4.02e-03 0.405926
NC_000002.11 SLC5A6 -5.38e-02 4.02e-03 0.405926
NC_000006.11 SLC39A7 8.39e-02 4.02e-03 0.405926
NC_000005.9 DOK3 -1.01e-01 4.02e-03 0.405926
NC_000022.10 RIMBP3 -6.60e-02 4.02e-03 0.405926
NC_000019.9 LASS4 -4.72e-02 4.02e-03 0.405926
NC_000019.9 CPT1C 2.07e-01 4.02e-03 0.405926
NC_000016.9 IGFALS 1.00e-01 4.02e-03 0.405926
NC_000010.10 BAG3 -1.13e-01 4.03e-03 0.405926
NC_000001.10 MORN1 1.19e-01 4.03e-03 0.405926
NC_000001.10 LAMC2 8.61e-02 4.03e-03 0.405926
NC_000017.10 MYO1D 5.01e-02 4.03e-03 0.405926
NC_000015.9 TMOD2 -4.64e-02 4.03e-03 0.405926
NC_000016.9 CA7 -1.40e-01 4.03e-03 0.405926
NC_000016.9 BANP 1.21e-01 4.03e-03 0.405926
NC_000001.10 ST6GALNAC3 -9.54e-02 4.03e-03 0.405926
NC_000001.10 ACOT7 1.20e-01 4.03e-03 0.405926
NC_000002.11 IL1F10 -1.24e-01 4.03e-03 0.405926
NC_000007.13 ZC3HAV1 -1.02e-01 4.03e-03 0.405926
NC_000011.9 CHRDL2 8.05e-02 4.03e-03 0.405926
NC_000015.9 ATP8B4 -1.35e-01 4.03e-03 0.405926
NC_000019.9 OPA3 7.85e-02 4.04e-03 0.405926
NC_000012.11 LOC283392 6.33e-02 4.04e-03 0.405926
NC_000017.10 LOC728392 1.22e-01 4.04e-03 0.405939
NC_000009.11 PSMD5 1.90e-01 4.04e-03 0.405939
NC_000008.10 GPT 1.14e-01 4.04e-03 0.405939
NC_000001.10 S100A10 7.15e-02 4.04e-03 0.405939
NC_000002.11 LPIN1 -8.25e-02 4.04e-03 0.405939
NC_000001.10 RHBDL2 1.52e-01 4.04e-03 0.405939
NC_000011.9 POLD4 -5.06e-02 4.04e-03 0.406033
NC_000008.10 KLF10 -1.09e-01 4.05e-03 0.406033
NC_000013.10 UPF3A -4.03e-02 4.05e-03 0.406033
NC_000001.10 TNFRSF18 -7.50e-02 4.05e-03 0.406033
NC_000001.10 MMEL1 1.00e-01 4.05e-03 0.406033
NC_000011.9 BCL9L 1.71e-01 4.05e-03 0.406033
NC_000010.10 GPR123 3.77e-02 4.05e-03 0.406033
NC_000007.13 DLX5 6.75e-02 4.05e-03 0.406033
NC_000009.11 LHX6 1.04e-01 4.05e-03 0.406033
NC_000005.9 FBXL7 1.22e-01 4.05e-03 0.406033
NC_000003.11 SIDT1 -1.48e-01 4.06e-03 0.406033
NC_000012.11 P2RX2 6.07e-02 4.06e-03 0.406033
NC_000002.11 STAT1 -4.77e-02 4.06e-03 0.406058
NC_000020.10 C20orf195 7.09e-02 4.06e-03 0.406058
NC_000013.10 ITGBL1 -7.87e-02 4.06e-03 0.406058
NC_000001.10 EPHA10 1.43e-01 4.06e-03 0.406058
NC_000009.11 PPP3R2 9.52e-02 4.06e-03 0.406058
NC_000001.10 AHDC1 6.40e-02 4.07e-03 0.406058
NC_000002.11 XRCC5 8.73e-02 4.07e-03 0.406058
NC_000005.9 RXFP3 1.23e-01 4.07e-03 0.406058
NC_000019.9 CD37 1.00e-01 4.07e-03 0.406058
NC_000010.10 CUGBP2 -8.16e-02 4.07e-03 0.406058
NC_000021.8 ADAMTS5 8.84e-02 4.07e-03 0.406058
NC_000006.11 C6orf182 -6.94e-02 4.07e-03 0.406058
NC_000006.11 C6orf27 -1.45e-01 4.07e-03 0.406138
NC_000009.11 DAB2IP 1.37e-01 4.07e-03 0.406138
NC_000017.10 MPRIP -1.14e-01 4.07e-03 0.406138
NC_000008.10 RAB11FIP1 -2.15e-01 4.08e-03 0.406516
NC_000017.10 LGALS3BP 1.38e-01 4.08e-03 0.406516
NC_000016.9 TPPP3 6.82e-02 4.08e-03 0.406516
NC_000004.11 CXCL3 -1.07e-01 4.08e-03 0.406516
NC_000007.13 CREB5 5.41e-02 4.08e-03 0.406516
NC_000017.10 GPS1 9.41e-02 4.09e-03 0.406516
NC_000007.13 COL1A2 1.13e-01 4.09e-03 0.406516
NC_000016.9 CLDN6 1.26e-01 4.09e-03 0.406516
NC_000017.10 RAB37 -1.44e-01 4.09e-03 0.406516
NC_000016.9 CDH13 1.03e-01 4.09e-03 0.406516
NC_000002.11 IL1A -1.04e-01 4.09e-03 0.406516
NC_000002.11 LRRFIP1 -8.12e-02 4.09e-03 0.406516
NC_000012.11 METTL7A 6.32e-02 4.09e-03 0.406516
NC_000017.10 SREBF1 6.85e-02 4.09e-03 0.406516
NC_000016.9 ITGAX -7.71e-02 4.09e-03 0.406516
NC_000009.11 GRIN1 8.21e-02 4.10e-03 0.40678
NC_000006.11 LOC100270746 6.85e-02 4.10e-03 0.407044
NC_000005.9 PCDHGB4 8.12e-02 4.11e-03 0.407044
NC_000006.11 SFRS3 -7.25e-02 4.11e-03 0.407044
NC_000011.9 CCDC67 8.24e-02 4.11e-03 0.407044
NC_000019.9 TIMM50 1.12e-01 4.11e-03 0.407044
NC_000015.9 KIAA1370 1.84e-01 4.11e-03 0.407044
NC_000001.10 APOA2 -1.53e-01 4.12e-03 0.407044
NC_000008.10 EXT1 1.10e-01 4.12e-03 0.407044
NC_000018.9 LOC100130522 -1.59e-01 4.12e-03 0.407044
NC_000001.10 LAPTM5 -1.38e-01 4.12e-03 0.407044
NC_000015.9 ZNF710 1.44e-01 4.12e-03 0.407044
NC_000009.11 KDM4C -5.59e-02 4.12e-03 0.407044
NC_000010.10 ARHGAP22 1.05e-01 4.13e-03 0.407044
NC_000009.11 AK1 6.58e-02 4.13e-03 0.407044
NC_000011.9 KDELC2 1.40e-01 4.13e-03 0.407044
NC_000015.9 ANP32A -1.60e-01 4.13e-03 0.407044
NC_000012.11 DHH 8.25e-02 4.13e-03 0.407044
NC_000010.10 PRF1 8.24e-02 4.13e-03 0.407044
NC_000010.10 C10orf68 7.79e-02 4.13e-03 0.407044
NC_000010.10 C10orf95 -1.09e-01 4.13e-03 0.407044
NC_000010.10 TUBB8 1.41e-01 4.14e-03 0.407044
NC_000005.9 SLC9A3 6.01e-02 4.14e-03 0.407044
NC_000016.9 TESSP1 1.42e-01 4.14e-03 0.407044
NC_000010.10 TCF7L2 -1.76e-01 4.14e-03 0.407044
NC_000001.10 SYTL1 1.90e-01 4.14e-03 0.407044
NC_000010.10 TLX1 9.06e-02 4.14e-03 0.407044
NC_000010.10 FLJ41350 6.74e-02 4.14e-03 0.407044
NC_000020.10 TOX2 1.35e-01 4.14e-03 0.407044
NC_000016.9 ADCY9 8.42e-02 4.15e-03 0.407044
NC_000019.9 ZNF790 1.03e-01 4.15e-03 0.407044
NC_000003.11 SLC7A14 1.19e-01 4.15e-03 0.407044
NC_000012.11 CBX5 1.56e-01 4.15e-03 0.407044
NC_000003.11 ERC2 -8.97e-02 4.15e-03 0.407044
NC_000011.9 CALCA 6.18e-02 4.15e-03 0.407044
NC_000022.10 CPT1B 2.59e-01 4.15e-03 0.407044
NC_000019.9 LOC400696 9.79e-02 4.15e-03 0.407044
NC_000013.10 RASA3 -1.35e-01 4.16e-03 0.407044
NC_000007.13 FBXL13 1.80e-01 4.16e-03 0.407044
NC_000011.9 FEZ1 1.83e-01 4.16e-03 0.407044
NC_000006.11 LTA -1.96e-01 4.16e-03 0.407044
NC_000002.11 HOXD4 7.05e-02 4.16e-03 0.407044
NC_000004.11 MYL5 1.47e-01 4.16e-03 0.407044
NC_000007.13 CLDN3 6.84e-02 4.16e-03 0.407044
NC_000022.10 CECR5 5.61e-02 4.16e-03 0.407044
NC_000017.10 TMEM49 1.33e-01 4.17e-03 0.407044
NC_000007.13 ACTB -4.15e-02 4.17e-03 0.407044
NC_000022.10 FAM109B 1.14e-01 4.17e-03 0.407044
NC_000001.10 LAD1 8.86e-02 4.17e-03 0.407044
NC_000019.9 C19orf24 1.08e-01 4.17e-03 0.407044
NC_000019.9 CHMP2A 1.19e-01 4.17e-03 0.407044
NC_000008.10 EIF2C2 -1.52e-01 4.17e-03 0.407044
NC_000004.11 ZNF721 7.27e-02 4.17e-03 0.407044
NC_000011.9 NPAS4 6.73e-02 4.17e-03 0.407044
NC_000009.11 C9orf173 8.54e-02 4.17e-03 0.407044
NC_000001.10 CD160 1.10e-01 4.17e-03 0.407044
NC_000019.9 ZNF57 -4.34e-02 4.17e-03 0.407044
NC_000016.9 ZNF205 1.73e-01 4.17e-03 0.407044
NC_000005.9 CLK4 9.23e-02 4.17e-03 0.407044
NC_000002.11 DNAH6 7.03e-02 4.17e-03 0.407075
NC_000016.9 ARMC5 -7.18e-02 4.18e-03 0.407139
NC_000017.10 TOM1L2 1.26e-01 4.18e-03 0.407139
NC_000001.10 PGBD2 4.42e-02 4.18e-03 0.407265
NC_000016.9 NUP93 -7.35e-02 4.18e-03 0.407313
NC_000007.13 MEST 5.70e-02 4.18e-03 0.407315
NC_000016.9 CDH1 -1.05e-01 4.18e-03 0.407315
NC_000016.9 CFDP1 1.51e-01 4.18e-03 0.407315
NC_000022.10 OSM -1.04e-01 4.18e-03 0.407315
NC_000001.10 XKR8 7.54e-02 4.18e-03 0.407315
NC_000010.10 CCDC147 1.50e-01 4.19e-03 0.407549
NC_000022.10 NHP2L1 4.70e-02 4.19e-03 0.407549
NC_000009.11 GRIN1 8.00e-02 4.19e-03 0.407549
NC_000011.9 SIGIRR 1.88e-01 4.19e-03 0.407572
NC_000003.11 LOC100302640 1.40e-01 4.19e-03 0.407821
NC_000001.10 C1orf112 5.59e-02 4.20e-03 0.407905
NC_000015.9 CAPN3 -1.83e-01 4.20e-03 0.407905
NC_000004.11 GYPB -7.77e-02 4.20e-03 0.407939
NC_000017.10 MIR497 -1.33e-01 4.20e-03 0.408048
NC_000001.10 DCAF6 -6.35e-02 4.20e-03 0.408048
NC_000004.11 WWC2 1.43e-01 4.20e-03 0.408066
NC_000008.10 C8orf41 -1.50e-01 4.21e-03 0.408271
NC_000007.13 ARPC1B 1.01e-01 4.21e-03 0.408271
NC_000003.11 CCK 6.21e-02 4.21e-03 0.408271
NC_000006.11 LY6G6E -9.09e-02 4.21e-03 0.408271
NC_000003.11 GHRLOS -9.64e-02 4.21e-03 0.408271
NC_000007.13 HOXA5 1.34e-01 4.22e-03 0.408271
NC_000023.10 PGRMC1 1.68e-01 4.22e-03 0.408271
NC_000015.9 C15orf23 1.19e-01 4.22e-03 0.408271
NC_000018.9 THOC1 -5.63e-02 4.22e-03 0.408426
NC_000007.13 PAPOLB 1.02e-01 4.22e-03 0.408543
NC_000015.9 FMN1 -1.10e-01 4.22e-03 0.408605
NC_000019.9 ZNF415 7.94e-02 4.23e-03 0.408777
NC_000011.9 CARS 9.97e-02 4.23e-03 0.408777
NC_000016.9 CSDAP1 1.17e-01 4.23e-03 0.408777
NC_000004.11 STK32B -3.94e-02 4.23e-03 0.408805
NC_000006.11 HIST1H2BE 4.28e-02 4.23e-03 0.408805
NC_000018.9 FHOD3 -1.58e-01 4.23e-03 0.408805
NC_000016.9 NARFL -9.00e-02 4.23e-03 0.408805
NC_000009.11 ZNF79 -4.46e-02 4.23e-03 0.408805
NC_000011.9 FLI1 -1.44e-01 4.24e-03 0.408886
NC_000017.10 TBX2 5.67e-02 4.24e-03 0.408886
NC_000002.11 DCAF17 -1.18e-01 4.24e-03 0.408886
NC_000019.9 ZNF132 9.48e-02 4.24e-03 0.408886
NC_000002.11 ITM2C -1.41e-01 4.25e-03 0.408886
NC_000007.13 C7orf63 2.65e-01 4.25e-03 0.408886
NC_000007.13 DNAJB6 1.36e-01 4.25e-03 0.408886
NC_000008.10 PLEC1 8.61e-02 4.25e-03 0.408886
NC_000016.9 MT1A -5.40e-02 4.25e-03 0.408886
NC_000020.10 TCFL5 1.17e-01 4.25e-03 0.408886
NC_000001.10 SLAMF1 1.77e-01 4.25e-03 0.408886
NC_000016.9 LOC100129637 1.23e-01 4.26e-03 0.408886
NC_000007.13 HOXA10 1.11e-01 4.26e-03 0.408886
NC_000013.10 DCLK1 -6.94e-02 4.26e-03 0.408886
NC_000002.11 FAM82A1 -4.70e-02 4.26e-03 0.408886
NC_000010.10 BNIP3 7.43e-02 4.26e-03 0.408886
NC_000017.10 HES7 -4.65e-02 4.26e-03 0.408886
NC_000007.13 MAD1L1 -1.09e-01 4.26e-03 0.408886
NC_000008.10 LYNX1 9.35e-02 4.26e-03 0.408886
NC_000013.10 COG3 -9.19e-02 4.26e-03 0.408886
NC_000006.11 JARID2 -1.09e-01 4.26e-03 0.408886
NC_000007.13 IGFBP3 8.75e-02 4.26e-03 0.408886
NC_000004.11 GPR125 -1.14e-01 4.26e-03 0.408886
NC_000012.11 ANKS1B 1.14e-01 4.27e-03 0.409251
NC_000002.11 TTLL4 -6.06e-02 4.27e-03 0.409251
NC_000010.10 FZD8 -6.16e-02 4.27e-03 0.409251
NC_000023.10 TMEM27 -6.56e-02 4.28e-03 0.409251
NC_000013.10 CAB39L 1.16e-01 4.28e-03 0.409251
NC_000002.11 DHRS9 -1.81e-01 4.28e-03 0.409251
NC_000008.10 PKHD1L1 1.28e-01 4.28e-03 0.409251
NC_000001.10 TRIM62 1.41e-01 4.28e-03 0.409251
NC_000015.9 C15orf54 -1.20e-01 4.28e-03 0.409251
NC_000011.9 TRIM6 -2.19e-01 4.29e-03 0.409251
NC_000012.11 VWF -6.89e-02 4.29e-03 0.409251
NC_000020.10 PTK6 8.44e-02 4.29e-03 0.409251
NC_000004.11 PIGY -4.51e-02 4.29e-03 0.409251
NC_000012.11 HOXC8 7.77e-02 4.29e-03 0.409251
NC_000016.9 ELMO3 1.13e-01 4.29e-03 0.409251
NC_000019.9 DMPK 5.34e-02 4.29e-03 0.409251
NC_000015.9 TLN2 -5.15e-02 4.29e-03 0.409251
NC_000005.9 LPCAT1 -1.71e-01 4.30e-03 0.409251
NC_000019.9 FEM1A 5.32e-02 4.30e-03 0.409251
NC_000010.10 ZNF239 9.50e-02 4.30e-03 0.409251
NC_000019.9 RASIP1 8.22e-02 4.30e-03 0.409251
NC_000007.13 TNRC18 -7.17e-02 4.30e-03 0.409251
NC_000007.13 SUMF2 -6.33e-02 4.30e-03 0.409251
NC_000007.13 PEX1 -5.68e-02 4.30e-03 0.409251
NC_000017.10 NMT1 -4.41e-02 4.30e-03 0.409251
NC_000019.9 A1BG 1.10e-01 4.31e-03 0.409251
NC_000011.9 MPPED2 -1.04e-01 4.31e-03 0.409251
NC_000003.11 ARL8B 1.18e-01 4.31e-03 0.409251
NC_000017.10 BAHCC1 -1.12e-01 4.31e-03 0.409251
NC_000006.11 MICB 1.32e-01 4.31e-03 0.409251
NC_000006.11 RUNX2 -7.68e-02 4.31e-03 0.409251
NC_000011.9 SLC22A18AS -1.06e-01 4.32e-03 0.409251
NC_000001.10 MPZL1 -6.19e-02 4.32e-03 0.409251
NC_000021.8 TRPM2 8.48e-02 4.32e-03 0.409251
NC_000010.10 ACADSB -1.17e-01 4.32e-03 0.409251
NC_000002.11 RND3 1.29e-01 4.32e-03 0.409251
NC_000019.9 PSG6 9.74e-02 4.32e-03 0.409317
NC_000006.11 KIF13A -6.64e-02 4.32e-03 0.409317
NC_000005.9 IQGAP2 -1.20e-01 4.32e-03 0.409317
NC_000014.8 DNAL1 1.76e-01 4.33e-03 0.409489
NC_000022.10 OSBP2 8.64e-02 4.33e-03 0.409534
NC_000016.9 BBS2 1.05e-01 4.33e-03 0.409626
NC_000004.11 NPY2R 1.03e-01 4.33e-03 0.409742
NC_000004.11 ARAP2 -7.92e-02 4.33e-03 0.409742
NC_000021.8 DSCAM -9.56e-02 4.34e-03 0.409742
NC_000001.10 SERINC2 -4.27e-02 4.34e-03 0.409742
NC_000012.11 SOX5 1.40e-01 4.34e-03 0.409833
NC_000015.9 UNC45A 2.20e-01 4.34e-03 0.409833
NC_000023.10 MIR424 -1.02e-01 4.34e-03 0.409833
NC_000015.9 ONECUT1 1.36e-01 4.34e-03 0.409833
NC_000013.10 SLC15A1 1.19e-01 4.34e-03 0.409887
NC_000005.9 ARSB 7.96e-02 4.35e-03 0.410336
NC_000017.10 LOC651250 1.02e-01 4.35e-03 0.410345
NC_000003.11 SKIL -1.02e-01 4.35e-03 0.410354
NC_000015.9 DAPK2 1.21e-01 4.35e-03 0.410383
NC_000003.11 SEMA3B 1.02e-01 4.35e-03 0.410383
NC_000006.11 SNRNP48 -1.16e-01 4.35e-03 0.410383
NC_000007.13 FOXP2 1.04e-01 4.36e-03 0.41039
NC_000016.9 SALL1 8.52e-02 4.36e-03 0.41039
NC_000016.9 RSPRY1 -1.15e-01 4.36e-03 0.41039
NC_000001.10 OBSCN 4.90e-02 4.36e-03 0.41039
NC_000013.10 LRCH1 -6.69e-02 4.36e-03 0.41039
NC_000019.9 TTYH1 1.60e-01 4.36e-03 0.41039
NC_000003.11 ZBTB20 1.83e-01 4.36e-03 0.41039
NC_000005.9 RNU5E 1.24e-01 4.37e-03 0.41039
NC_000003.11 GP9 -1.47e-01 4.37e-03 0.41039
NC_000017.10 HNF1B -6.98e-02 4.37e-03 0.41039
NC_000002.11 ARL5A -8.08e-02 4.37e-03 0.41039
NC_000015.9 FAM189A1 8.38e-02 4.37e-03 0.41039
NC_000004.11 C4orf51 1.92e-01 4.37e-03 0.41039
NC_000007.13 LOC285954 -1.42e-01 4.37e-03 0.41039
NC_000011.9 YAP1 1.28e-01 4.37e-03 0.41039
NC_000002.11 HOXD10 -5.19e-02 4.38e-03 0.410556
NC_000011.9 SLC6A5 7.13e-02 4.38e-03 0.410556
NC_000001.10 MAST2 1.42e-01 4.38e-03 0.410556
NC_000012.11 SLC38A1 -1.34e-01 4.38e-03 0.41057
NC_000009.11 C9orf170 8.54e-02 4.38e-03 0.41057
NC_000007.13 RAB19 -8.43e-02 4.38e-03 0.410641
NC_000006.11 HIST1H2BI 1.41e-01 4.38e-03 0.410641
NC_000006.11 C6orf64 8.83e-02 4.39e-03 0.410642
NC_000002.11 HDAC4 -1.33e-01 4.39e-03 0.410642
NC_000007.13 CRYGN 9.57e-02 4.39e-03 0.410976
NC_000002.11 TRPM8 1.69e-01 4.39e-03 0.410976
NC_000021.8 C2CD2 -1.02e-01 4.39e-03 0.410976
NC_000013.10 C13orf26 1.25e-01 4.39e-03 0.410976
NC_000019.9 KCNN4 9.69e-02 4.40e-03 0.411064
NC_000012.11 KCNH3 8.52e-02 4.40e-03 0.411064
NC_000017.10 CYTSB 1.26e-01 4.40e-03 0.411064
NC_000008.10 DEPDC6 1.72e-01 4.40e-03 0.411064
NC_000013.10 RASA3 -1.46e-01 4.40e-03 0.41117
NC_000001.10 PADI3 -1.14e-01 4.40e-03 0.41117
NC_000019.9 ARID3A -1.57e-01 4.40e-03 0.41117
NC_000008.10 SPATC1 -1.05e-01 4.40e-03 0.41117
NC_000001.10 CCDC28B 1.14e-01 4.41e-03 0.41117
NC_000001.10 GRRP1 1.22e-01 4.41e-03 0.41117
NC_000007.13 HDAC9 -8.41e-02 4.41e-03 0.41117
NC_000016.9 CTRB2 -1.31e-01 4.41e-03 0.411199
NC_000021.8 KCNE1 1.63e-01 4.42e-03 0.411382
NC_000002.11 LASS6 4.70e-02 4.42e-03 0.411382
NC_000014.8 OR4N5 9.25e-02 4.42e-03 0.411382
NC_000021.8 RWDD2B 2.31e-01 4.42e-03 0.411382
NC_000007.13 C7orf44 -4.28e-02 4.42e-03 0.411382
NC_000008.10 SLC18A1 1.36e-01 4.42e-03 0.411382
NC_000022.10 KIAA1644 -8.30e-02 4.42e-03 0.411382
NC_000005.9 PPARGC1B 6.27e-02 4.42e-03 0.411382
NC_000005.9 ELL2 1.56e-01 4.42e-03 0.411382
NC_000017.10 PLD6 1.82e-01 4.43e-03 0.411382
NC_000006.11 B3GALT4 -8.81e-02 4.43e-03 0.411382
NC_000016.9 MSLN 2.39e-01 4.43e-03 0.411382
NC_000005.9 IL3 -4.98e-02 4.43e-03 0.411382
NC_000017.10 CAMKK1 1.10e-01 4.43e-03 0.411382
NC_000018.9 DSG2 -9.59e-02 4.43e-03 0.411382
NC_000001.10 CASQ1 1.23e-01 4.43e-03 0.411382
NC_000008.10 SCRIB -5.27e-02 4.43e-03 0.411382
NC_000001.10 SLC35F3 1.17e-01 4.43e-03 0.411382
NC_000002.11 LTBP1 6.17e-02 4.43e-03 0.411382
NC_000014.8 CKB 1.36e-01 4.43e-03 0.41146
NC_000019.9 MKNK2 -1.21e-01 4.44e-03 0.411466
NC_000010.10 DLG5 -9.78e-02 4.44e-03 0.411466
NC_000010.10 RPP38 -5.30e-02 4.44e-03 0.411466
NC_000018.9 MBP 1.60e-01 4.44e-03 0.411466
NC_000011.9 ASAM 8.31e-02 4.44e-03 0.411466
NC_000005.9 PRDM9 9.25e-02 4.45e-03 0.41181
NC_000004.11 AFAP1 1.00e-01 4.45e-03 0.41181
NC_000006.11 C6orf154 1.46e-01 4.45e-03 0.41181
NC_000015.9 ZNF710 1.33e-01 4.45e-03 0.41181
NC_000008.10 MTMR9 2.28e-01 4.45e-03 0.41181
NC_000016.9 CDH15 -1.39e-01 4.45e-03 0.411857
NC_000008.10 OSGIN2 -5.23e-02 4.45e-03 0.411926
NC_000003.11 CAMK1 6.17e-02 4.45e-03 0.411926
NC_000003.11 ATP6V1A -4.97e-02 4.46e-03 0.411926
NC_000008.10 DOK2 -1.64e-01 4.46e-03 0.411926
NC_000002.11 SRD5A2 1.15e-01 4.46e-03 0.411926
NC_000005.9 SLC12A2 -5.40e-02 4.46e-03 0.411926
NC_000017.10 C17orf104 8.89e-02 4.46e-03 0.411926
NC_000001.10 ZNF670 -7.13e-02 4.46e-03 0.411926
NC_000010.10 KCNMA1 9.07e-02 4.46e-03 0.411997
NC_000021.8 TRPM2 -1.17e-01 4.47e-03 0.412235
NC_000019.9 RINL -9.22e-02 4.47e-03 0.412254
NC_000020.10 SYS1 -4.50e-02 4.47e-03 0.412296
NC_000019.9 PRKCG 6.65e-02 4.47e-03 0.412296
NC_000010.10 CNNM2 1.47e-01 4.48e-03 0.412296
NC_000012.11 GPR19 4.17e-02 4.48e-03 0.412296
NC_000011.9 KCNQ1 1.02e-01 4.48e-03 0.412296
NC_000005.9 DNAJC18 -4.88e-02 4.48e-03 0.412296
NC_000012.11 SLC26A10 -6.20e-02 4.48e-03 0.412296
NC_000007.13 MYO1G 2.25e-01 4.48e-03 0.412296
NC_000002.11 HDAC4 1.28e-01 4.48e-03 0.412382
NC_000004.11 ACOX3 9.50e-02 4.48e-03 0.412382
NC_000021.8 CHAF1B -7.56e-02 4.48e-03 0.412382
NC_000023.10 TCEAL7 -6.86e-02 4.49e-03 0.412396
NC_000019.9 ZNF577 1.01e-01 4.49e-03 0.412402
NC_000007.13 C7orf46 -5.08e-02 4.49e-03 0.412565
NC_000005.9 GDNF -6.34e-02 4.49e-03 0.412693
NC_000012.11 WNT5B -1.25e-01 4.50e-03 0.4131
NC_000006.11 UST -1.30e-01 4.51e-03 0.413423
NC_000010.10 C10orf105 -1.26e-01 4.51e-03 0.413949
NC_000021.8 KCNJ15 -8.12e-02 4.51e-03 0.413949
NC_000001.10 OLFM3 9.36e-02 4.52e-03 0.414122
NC_000011.9 GPR137 -4.81e-02 4.52e-03 0.414146
NC_000011.9 ST5 1.01e-01 4.52e-03 0.414174
NC_000007.13 FLJ23834 -1.08e-01 4.52e-03 0.414197
NC_000006.11 PNRC1 1.22e-01 4.53e-03 0.414545
NC_000016.9 IRF8 -9.20e-02 4.53e-03 0.414545
NC_000012.11 SLC38A4 9.05e-02 4.53e-03 0.414545
NC_000001.10 RERE -1.19e-01 4.53e-03 0.414754
NC_000004.11 CDKN2AIP -1.07e-01 4.53e-03 0.414981
NC_000011.9 FERMT3 -1.06e-01 4.53e-03 0.414981
NC_000007.13 ATP6V0A4 9.32e-02 4.54e-03 0.414992
NC_000010.10 SORCS3 -1.17e-01 4.54e-03 0.415017
NC_000019.9 ELAVL3 -6.79e-02 4.54e-03 0.415017
NC_000001.10 HIST2H2BF 1.38e-01 4.54e-03 0.415063
NC_000017.10 ACACA 1.51e-01 4.54e-03 0.415063
NC_000010.10 ZNF485 9.70e-02 4.54e-03 0.415063
NC_000001.10 CA14 9.40e-02 4.54e-03 0.415204
NC_000007.13 TOMM7 9.77e-02 4.55e-03 0.415231
NC_000017.10 SMG6 -1.36e-01 4.55e-03 0.415231
NC_000006.11 RREB1 -1.27e-01 4.55e-03 0.415231
NC_000006.11 NUDT3 -6.79e-02 4.55e-03 0.415231
NC_000003.11 LOC285205 5.94e-02 4.55e-03 0.415231
NC_000013.10 EDNRB -7.24e-02 4.55e-03 0.415231
NC_000003.11 MRAS -1.20e-01 4.55e-03 0.415231
NC_000021.8 DSCR8 -5.55e-02 4.56e-03 0.415231
NC_000021.8 BACE2 1.51e-01 4.56e-03 0.415231
NC_000019.9 PDE4C 6.34e-02 4.56e-03 0.415231
NC_000009.11 NTNG2 -4.54e-02 4.56e-03 0.415231
NC_000008.10 PURG 1.01e-01 4.56e-03 0.415231
NC_000005.9 RNU5E 1.05e-01 4.56e-03 0.415231
NC_000006.11 ATG5 -4.47e-02 4.56e-03 0.415231
NC_000013.10 RASA3 1.19e-01 4.56e-03 0.415231
NC_000016.9 MLST8 8.03e-02 4.56e-03 0.415231
NC_000006.11 TRIM31 1.14e-01 4.56e-03 0.415231
NC_000006.11 BTN1A1 -9.03e-02 4.57e-03 0.415231
NC_000012.11 DIABLO -5.94e-02 4.57e-03 0.415231
NC_000008.10 MTMR7 -1.56e-01 4.57e-03 0.415231
NC_000002.11 FAM136A 1.03e-01 4.57e-03 0.415231
NC_000006.11 NT5E 1.15e-01 4.57e-03 0.415231
NC_000017.10 ASPSCR1 8.17e-02 4.57e-03 0.415231
NC_000010.10 TRIM8 1.16e-01 4.57e-03 0.415231
NC_000010.10 C1QL3 -6.66e-02 4.58e-03 0.415231
NC_000020.10 C20orf166 1.01e-01 4.58e-03 0.415231
NC_000001.10 LDLRAP1 -1.49e-01 4.58e-03 0.415231
NC_000007.13 C7orf50 1.08e-01 4.58e-03 0.415231
NC_000007.13 AAA1 -6.99e-02 4.58e-03 0.415231
NC_000008.10 EIF2C2 9.51e-02 4.58e-03 0.415231
NC_000002.11 BOK 9.56e-02 4.58e-03 0.415391
NC_000001.10 KCNN3 -8.15e-02 4.58e-03 0.415391
NC_000021.8 ITGB2 -1.03e-01 4.59e-03 0.415391
NC_000016.9 SPNS1 -8.62e-02 4.59e-03 0.415391
NC_000010.10 DIP2C -6.10e-02 4.59e-03 0.415391
NC_000017.10 PLD6 2.11e-01 4.59e-03 0.415391
NC_000002.11 LOXL3 -7.02e-02 4.59e-03 0.415391
NC_000019.9 IL4I1 9.96e-02 4.59e-03 0.415391
NC_000007.13 GIMAP7 -1.38e-01 4.59e-03 0.415418
NC_000001.10 NFIA 3.61e-02 4.59e-03 0.415447
NC_000005.9 GRAMD3 -7.83e-02 4.59e-03 0.415447
NC_000014.8 C14orf45 1.16e-01 4.59e-03 0.415447
NC_000012.11 ALDH2 -4.51e-02 4.60e-03 0.415508
NC_000011.9 ATHL1 1.39e-01 4.60e-03 0.415508
NC_000007.13 CUX1 -4.69e-02 4.60e-03 0.415508
NC_000016.9 SBK1 1.27e-01 4.60e-03 0.415508
NC_000001.10 ZNF697 -7.58e-02 4.60e-03 0.415516
NC_000021.8 RUNX1 1.29e-01 4.61e-03 0.415714
NC_000011.9 EHF 1.67e-01 4.61e-03 0.415724
NC_000010.10 MKX 4.15e-02 4.61e-03 0.415856
NC_000011.9 PRR5L -1.51e-01 4.61e-03 0.415856
NC_000001.10 CNIH3 7.22e-02 4.61e-03 0.415877
NC_000017.10 SHBG -6.61e-02 4.61e-03 0.415877
NC_000012.11 NCOR2 6.17e-02 4.62e-03 0.415877
NC_000006.11 KLHDC3 -6.65e-02 4.62e-03 0.415877
NC_000003.11 PRICKLE2 -1.17e-01 4.62e-03 0.415877
NC_000005.9 TNFAIP8 -1.39e-01 4.62e-03 0.415877
NC_000014.8 GSC -1.43e-01 4.62e-03 0.415877
NC_000010.10 SH3PXD2A 1.16e-01 4.62e-03 0.415877
NC_000002.11 NGEF 8.94e-02 4.62e-03 0.415877
NC_000011.9 MAML2 -4.49e-02 4.62e-03 0.415877
NC_000022.10 CCDC134 1.28e-01 4.62e-03 0.415877
NC_000001.10 RUSC1 7.50e-02 4.63e-03 0.415965
NC_000019.9 KLC3 6.97e-02 4.63e-03 0.415965
NC_000006.11 ZDHHC14 -1.30e-01 4.63e-03 0.415965
NC_000011.9 UCP2 5.28e-02 4.63e-03 0.415965
NC_000019.9 MIR1283-2 1.04e-01 4.63e-03 0.415965
NC_000001.10 SELENBP1 2.02e-01 4.63e-03 0.415965
NC_000006.11 DDAH2 9.17e-02 4.63e-03 0.415965
NC_000012.11 SNORA2B 6.37e-02 4.63e-03 0.415965
NC_000017.10 ZNF232 2.12e-01 4.63e-03 0.415965
NC_000002.11 CD8A 4.15e-02 4.64e-03 0.415965
NC_000007.13 FAM71F2 -6.30e-02 4.64e-03 0.416163
NC_000006.11 SLC44A4 5.91e-02 4.64e-03 0.416214
NC_000003.11 ERC2 -9.34e-02 4.64e-03 0.416367
NC_000001.10 KIF14 -5.55e-02 4.64e-03 0.416367
NC_000022.10 ATF4 7.08e-02 4.64e-03 0.416367
NC_000007.13 GATS 1.02e-01 4.65e-03 0.41637
NC_000014.8 C14orf93 -1.01e-01 4.65e-03 0.41637
NC_000007.13 PRKAR1B 6.62e-02 4.65e-03 0.41638
NC_000015.9 ARRDC4 -5.34e-02 4.65e-03 0.416394
NC_000001.10 SAMD11 1.09e-01 4.65e-03 0.416394
NC_000007.13 PTN 4.18e-02 4.65e-03 0.41663
NC_000003.11 CDC25A 7.19e-02 4.65e-03 0.416684
NC_000005.9 ODZ2 -1.49e-01 4.66e-03 0.416771
NC_000023.10 ARSE -7.17e-02 4.66e-03 0.416771
NC_000002.11 SNRPG -5.21e-02 4.66e-03 0.416771
NC_000010.10 FAM160B1 4.25e-02 4.66e-03 0.416771
NC_000021.8 FAM165B -1.47e-01 4.66e-03 0.416771
NC_000005.9 MIR143 -2.14e-01 4.67e-03 0.416771
NC_000019.9 RGL3 8.11e-02 4.67e-03 0.416771
NC_000001.10 PABPC4 9.42e-02 4.67e-03 0.416771
NC_000004.11 ACSL1 -1.05e-01 4.67e-03 0.416771
NC_000003.11 C3orf22 8.34e-02 4.67e-03 0.416771
NC_000002.11 PDE1A -4.77e-02 4.67e-03 0.416771
NC_000022.10 C22orf45 7.05e-02 4.67e-03 0.416771
NC_000009.11 GNA14 9.05e-02 4.67e-03 0.416771
NC_000022.10 NEFH 8.90e-02 4.67e-03 0.416771
NC_000006.11 TNF -9.96e-02 4.67e-03 0.416771
NC_000011.9 PNPLA2 -1.35e-01 4.67e-03 0.416771
NC_000011.9 LOC341056 6.95e-02 4.68e-03 0.416847
NC_000008.10 COL14A1 5.48e-02 4.68e-03 0.417029
NC_000008.10 GDF6 6.84e-02 4.68e-03 0.417029
NC_000002.11 FN1 4.39e-02 4.68e-03 0.417029
NC_000011.9 SIDT2 -6.18e-02 4.68e-03 0.417138
NC_000010.10 WNT8B 2.07e-01 4.69e-03 0.417172
NC_000019.9 AXL 1.93e-01 4.69e-03 0.417197
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 -1.01e-01 4.69e-03 0.417266
NC_000019.9 TMEM149 -9.79e-02 4.69e-03 0.417266
NC_000010.10 ARHGAP22 -6.20e-02 4.69e-03 0.417266
NC_000021.8 C21orf128 -1.57e-01 4.69e-03 0.417266
NC_000011.9 GDPD5 1.08e-01 4.69e-03 0.417286
NC_000005.9 B4GALT7 7.02e-02 4.70e-03 0.417339
NC_000001.10 C1orf65 1.73e-01 4.70e-03 0.417636
NC_000001.10 ESPNP 5.21e-02 4.71e-03 0.417888
NC_000012.11 ARHGAP9 1.24e-01 4.71e-03 0.417888
NC_000007.13 C7orf50 8.58e-02 4.71e-03 0.417888
NC_000008.10 ADCY8 8.04e-02 4.71e-03 0.417888
NC_000003.11 TP63 1.51e-01 4.71e-03 0.418008
NC_000002.11 KLHL29 -8.09e-02 4.72e-03 0.418118
NC_000014.8 LGALS3 1.34e-01 4.72e-03 0.418276
NC_000009.11 SURF6 9.60e-02 4.72e-03 0.41828
NC_000013.10 DOCK9 -1.32e-01 4.72e-03 0.418411
NC_000012.11 FAM113B -1.35e-01 4.73e-03 0.418501
NC_000007.13 DGKB 1.19e-01 4.73e-03 0.418501
NC_000012.11 FOXN4 -2.43e-01 4.73e-03 0.418501
NC_000001.10 ELTD1 9.46e-02 4.73e-03 0.418501
NC_000008.10 RHOBTB2 -9.76e-02 4.73e-03 0.418516
NC_000004.11 SPOCK3 1.22e-01 4.73e-03 0.418618
NC_000006.11 NOTCH4 5.16e-02 4.73e-03 0.418669
NC_000015.9 CRABP1 5.88e-02 4.74e-03 0.418669
NC_000002.11 MTHFD2 -7.63e-02 4.74e-03 0.418717
NC_000002.11 TMEM214 -6.94e-02 4.74e-03 0.418717
NC_000018.9 GALNT1 -1.04e-01 4.74e-03 0.418755
NC_000004.11 RBPJ -7.11e-02 4.74e-03 0.418755
NC_000001.10 RUNX3 8.48e-02 4.74e-03 0.418755
NC_000011.9 SCN4B -9.89e-02 4.74e-03 0.418755
NC_000011.9 C11orf21 -1.74e-01 4.75e-03 0.418793
NC_000001.10 TBX19 7.51e-02 4.75e-03 0.418793
NC_000015.9 MIR548H4 2.10e-01 4.75e-03 0.418793
NC_000022.10 HORMAD2 7.10e-02 4.75e-03 0.418793
NC_000001.10 RHBG -7.76e-02 4.75e-03 0.418793
NC_000015.9 EHD4 -4.72e-02 4.75e-03 0.418793
NC_000010.10 HNRNPA3P1 9.27e-02 4.76e-03 0.418793
NC_000019.9 LILRB1 5.91e-02 4.76e-03 0.418793
NC_000010.10 DOCK1 6.83e-02 4.76e-03 0.418793
NC_000017.10 SECTM1 -1.46e-01 4.76e-03 0.418793
NC_000017.10 ABR -1.23e-01 4.76e-03 0.418793
NC_000005.9 MTMR12 8.09e-02 4.76e-03 0.418919
NC_000007.13 WIPF3 8.03e-02 4.76e-03 0.418919
NC_000001.10 MACF1 1.24e-01 4.76e-03 0.418919
NC_000019.9 ZNF418 1.17e-01 4.77e-03 0.418946
NC_000016.9 RRN3P2 1.17e-01 4.77e-03 0.418946
NC_000002.11 CRIM1 1.42e-01 4.77e-03 0.418946
NC_000014.8 LRP10 -3.90e-02 4.77e-03 0.418946
NC_000012.11 FKBP11 6.29e-02 4.77e-03 0.418946
NC_000001.10 PTGFRN 1.22e-01 4.78e-03 0.419016
NC_000019.9 EEF2 -8.72e-02 4.78e-03 0.419116
NC_000019.9 ZNF471 9.71e-02 4.78e-03 0.419116
NC_000002.11 SLC9A2 7.54e-02 4.78e-03 0.419116
NC_000010.10 C10orf67 7.44e-02 4.78e-03 0.419118
NC_000017.10 ALDH3A1 1.32e-01 4.78e-03 0.419118
NC_000019.9 ZNF613 -6.67e-02 4.78e-03 0.419118
NC_000005.9 BHMT2 -1.72e-01 4.78e-03 0.419118
NC_000018.9 KIAA1012 4.91e-02 4.79e-03 0.419118
NC_000003.11 ROBO1 9.32e-02 4.79e-03 0.419118
NC_000002.11 POMC -1.51e-01 4.79e-03 0.419118
NC_000010.10 DIP2C -3.94e-02 4.79e-03 0.419405
NC_000017.10 BAHCC1 1.22e-01 4.79e-03 0.419465
NC_000012.11 SYT10 5.52e-02 4.79e-03 0.419465
NC_000007.13 MTPN -4.83e-02 4.80e-03 0.419465
NC_000014.8 CCDC88C -5.66e-02 4.80e-03 0.419465
NC_000001.10 SLC41A1 -1.15e-01 4.80e-03 0.419465
NC_000016.9 ANKRD11 -6.49e-02 4.80e-03 0.419465
NC_000007.13 ZNF92 4.70e-02 4.80e-03 0.419465
NC_000011.9 OR10Q1 4.99e-02 4.81e-03 0.419465
NC_000014.8 ZFP36L1 1.96e-01 4.81e-03 0.419465
NC_000001.10 ACOT7 1.60e-01 4.81e-03 0.419465
NC_000013.10 DCUN1D2 6.96e-02 4.81e-03 0.419465
NC_000017.10 ZNF652 -1.53e-01 4.81e-03 0.419465
NC_000004.11 MARCH1 1.76e-01 4.81e-03 0.419465
NC_000013.10 MCF2L -8.17e-02 4.81e-03 0.419465
NC_000005.9 PLEKHG4B 1.03e-01 4.82e-03 0.419465
NC_000007.13 TSPAN12 -5.31e-02 4.82e-03 0.419465
NC_000022.10 HORMAD2 1.17e-01 4.82e-03 0.419465
NC_000017.10 FOXK2 -5.96e-02 4.82e-03 0.419465
NC_000018.9 LAMA3 -4.93e-02 4.82e-03 0.419465
NC_000006.11 HLA-DMB -1.32e-01 4.82e-03 0.419465
NC_000002.11 DIRC3 1.72e-01 4.82e-03 0.419465
NC_000006.11 MYLK4 -1.26e-01 4.82e-03 0.419465
NC_000007.13 C7orf23 1.55e-01 4.82e-03 0.419465
NC_000008.10 ZFP41 1.34e-01 4.83e-03 0.419465
NC_000017.10 ACACA 1.46e-01 4.83e-03 0.419465
NC_000023.10 PCDH11X 7.02e-02 4.83e-03 0.419465
NC_000001.10 MIR92B -6.77e-02 4.83e-03 0.419465
NC_000008.10 KIAA1875 1.55e-01 4.83e-03 0.419465
NC_000007.13 HOXA5 1.06e-01 4.83e-03 0.419465
NC_000006.11 WDR46 4.86e-02 4.83e-03 0.419465
NC_000004.11 HTRA3 -2.04e-01 4.83e-03 0.419465
NC_000008.10 C8ORFK29 1.81e-01 4.84e-03 0.419465
NC_000020.10 SRC 5.88e-02 4.84e-03 0.419465
NC_000005.9 C5orf51 -4.35e-02 4.84e-03 0.419465
NC_000006.11 HSPA1B -4.26e-02 4.84e-03 0.41962
NC_000006.11 TRIM39 -8.00e-02 4.84e-03 0.41962
NC_000017.10 GGNBP2 -5.88e-02 4.85e-03 0.41962
NC_000003.11 NT5DC2 1.14e-01 4.85e-03 0.41962
NC_000015.9 LOXL1 1.23e-01 4.85e-03 0.41962
NC_000007.13 PLXNA4 -1.26e-01 4.85e-03 0.41962
NC_000008.10 MCM4 3.63e-02 4.85e-03 0.41962
NC_000012.11 CUX2 1.05e-01 4.85e-03 0.41962
NC_000020.10 COL9A3 -1.35e-01 4.85e-03 0.41962
NC_000002.11 C2orf81 1.24e-01 4.85e-03 0.41962
NC_000002.11 TANC1 1.94e-01 4.85e-03 0.41962
NC_000019.9 ZNF528 1.47e-01 4.86e-03 0.41962
NC_000001.10 LOC100130331 -5.59e-02 4.86e-03 0.41962
NC_000001.10 USP21 9.42e-02 4.86e-03 0.41962
NC_000018.9 GALR1 7.43e-02 4.86e-03 0.41962
NC_000001.10 CD48 -1.14e-01 4.86e-03 0.41962
NC_000017.10 TMEM11 1.08e-01 4.86e-03 0.41962
NC_000001.10 JAK1 -5.90e-02 4.86e-03 0.41962
NC_000001.10 AMPD2 -6.00e-02 4.86e-03 0.41962
NC_000022.10 CPT1B 1.63e-01 4.86e-03 0.41962
NC_000001.10 ID3 4.62e-02 4.86e-03 0.41962
NC_000013.10 TRIM13 -1.71e-01 4.87e-03 0.41962
NC_000017.10 RPTOR -2.79e-01 4.87e-03 0.41962
NC_000006.11 ADAT2 -4.53e-02 4.87e-03 0.419657
NC_000006.11 PSMB8 -1.24e-01 4.87e-03 0.419657
NC_000019.9 SBNO2 6.00e-02 4.87e-03 0.419657
NC_000022.10 CCDC116 -9.17e-02 4.87e-03 0.419657
NC_000005.9 PCDHB3 6.08e-02 4.87e-03 0.419668
NC_000016.9 ATP2C2 -1.30e-01 4.88e-03 0.419797
NC_000013.10 NALCN 8.37e-02 4.88e-03 0.419876
NC_000017.10 LOC404266 6.20e-02 4.88e-03 0.419876
NC_000022.10 GRAP2 -1.58e-01 4.89e-03 0.419876
NC_000001.10 NBL1 6.13e-02 4.89e-03 0.419876
NC_000006.11 DST 1.15e-01 4.89e-03 0.419876
NC_000011.9 NAV2 -6.30e-02 4.89e-03 0.419876
NC_000002.11 TGOLN2 5.77e-02 4.89e-03 0.419876
NC_000007.13 SMURF1 1.30e-01 4.89e-03 0.419876
NC_000006.11 BCKDHB -1.49e-01 4.89e-03 0.419876
NC_000002.11 ATOH8 2.09e-01 4.89e-03 0.419876
NC_000008.10 EXOSC4 -4.81e-02 4.89e-03 0.419876
NC_000004.11 SORCS2 -4.79e-02 4.89e-03 0.419876
NC_000010.10 CALHM3 1.26e-01 4.89e-03 0.419876
NC_000016.9 ARL6IP1 -5.18e-02 4.90e-03 0.419876
NC_000007.13 CDK6 1.02e-01 4.90e-03 0.419876
NC_000011.9 LRFN4 7.94e-02 4.90e-03 0.419876
NC_000012.11 NCOR2 1.68e-01 4.90e-03 0.419876
NC_000014.8 CCDC85C 7.94e-02 4.90e-03 0.419876
NC_000019.9 CD37 1.53e-01 4.90e-03 0.419876
NC_000014.8 RHOJ 1.23e-01 4.90e-03 0.419876
NC_000014.8 SIX1 5.32e-02 4.91e-03 0.419876
NC_000011.9 FZD4 -7.86e-02 4.91e-03 0.419876
NC_000009.11 ABCA2 1.09e-01 4.91e-03 0.419876
NC_000006.11 PNLDC1 -1.10e-01 4.91e-03 0.419876
NC_000006.11 C6orf122 1.80e-01 4.91e-03 0.419876
NC_000014.8 INF2 1.55e-01 4.91e-03 0.419876
NC_000003.11 MAGI1 -7.43e-02 4.91e-03 0.419876
NC_000003.11 DPPA4 -1.72e-01 4.91e-03 0.419876
NC_000022.10 MAPK8IP2 9.57e-02 4.91e-03 0.419876
NC_000019.9 JAK3 -1.43e-01 4.91e-03 0.419876
NC_000011.9 NLRP6 6.30e-02 4.91e-03 0.419876
NC_000011.9 FIBIN 1.55e-01 4.91e-03 0.419876
NC_000020.10 C20orf46 8.42e-02 4.91e-03 0.419876
NC_000016.9 NTAN1 -4.45e-02 4.91e-03 0.419876
NC_000006.11 RBM24 5.97e-02 4.92e-03 0.419876
NC_000005.9 ADAMTS2 -5.10e-02 4.92e-03 0.419876
NC_000010.10 DHTKD1 -4.67e-02 4.92e-03 0.419876
NC_000014.8 TMEM121 9.67e-02 4.92e-03 0.419876
NC_000004.11 KIAA0232 -3.93e-02 4.92e-03 0.419876
NC_000007.13 C7orf57 8.79e-02 4.92e-03 0.419876
NC_000003.11 C3orf52 -1.15e-01 4.92e-03 0.419876
NC_000017.10 THRA 9.06e-02 4.92e-03 0.419876
NC_000010.10 ACSL5 -1.15e-01 4.92e-03 0.419876
NC_000002.11 C2orf88 8.71e-02 4.92e-03 0.419945
NC_000010.10 ARID5B 1.75e-01 4.92e-03 0.419956
NC_000011.9 SLC22A18 8.43e-02 4.93e-03 0.419968
NC_000021.8 TIAM1 -3.81e-02 4.93e-03 0.419968
NC_000003.11 PRKCI -4.19e-02 4.93e-03 0.419968
NC_000017.10 TMEM88 1.48e-01 4.93e-03 0.420025
NC_000007.13 SLC12A9 6.93e-02 4.94e-03 0.420093
NC_000007.13 FLJ43663 -1.23e-01 4.94e-03 0.420093
NC_000020.10 SLC32A1 7.33e-02 4.94e-03 0.420093
NC_000003.11 PRRT3 1.72e-01 4.94e-03 0.420352
NC_000012.11 CHST11 -9.48e-02 4.94e-03 0.420361
NC_000002.11 KLHL30 -1.11e-01 4.95e-03 0.420446
NC_000005.9 MYO10 1.27e-01 4.95e-03 0.420594
NC_000022.10 RIMBP3 5.52e-02 4.95e-03 0.420814
NC_000010.10 MMRN2 1.35e-01 4.96e-03 0.420814
NC_000006.11 TREML2 -1.05e-01 4.96e-03 0.420814
NC_000018.9 C18orf34 6.64e-02 4.96e-03 0.420814
NC_000009.11 DFNB31 9.47e-02 4.96e-03 0.420814
NC_000020.10 TOX2 1.39e-01 4.96e-03 0.420814
NC_000006.11 ZSCAN16 -1.39e-01 4.96e-03 0.420814
NC_000013.10 TMTC4 1.65e-01 4.96e-03 0.420814
NC_000009.11 LCN6 -1.04e-01 4.96e-03 0.420814
NC_000011.9 PTPN5 9.64e-02 4.96e-03 0.420814
NC_000003.11 UBE2E2 9.22e-02 4.96e-03 0.420827
NC_000012.11 LRMP -1.65e-01 4.97e-03 0.420872
NC_000017.10 SP2 9.65e-02 4.97e-03 0.420872
NC_000006.11 C6orf227 1.17e-01 4.97e-03 0.420872
NC_000011.9 NAV2 -1.21e-01 4.97e-03 0.420872
NC_000004.11 GPRIN3 -1.42e-01 4.97e-03 0.420872
NC_000011.9 MS4A10 9.58e-02 4.97e-03 0.420872
NC_000001.10 VANGL2 1.37e-01 4.97e-03 0.420872
NC_000017.10 HOXB9 1.48e-01 4.97e-03 0.420872
NC_000002.11 HDAC4 -1.05e-01 4.97e-03 0.420872
NC_000007.13 CREB5 1.30e-01 4.98e-03 0.420981
NC_000016.9 DCUN1D3 1.37e-01 4.98e-03 0.42105
NC_000011.9 C11orf9 6.32e-02 4.99e-03 0.42105
NC_000005.9 GRK6 -2.22e-01 4.99e-03 0.421177
NC_000003.11 FAM198A -6.74e-02 4.99e-03 0.421177
NC_000011.9 LUZP2 9.51e-02 4.99e-03 0.421177
NC_000022.10 PI4KAP2 5.05e-02 4.99e-03 0.421184
NC_000019.9 FBXO17 4.89e-02 4.99e-03 0.421184
NC_000022.10 CHADL 1.12e-01 4.99e-03 0.421184
NC_000004.11 PHF17 9.53e-02 5.00e-03 0.421184
NC_000021.8 C21orf96 -1.68e-01 5.00e-03 0.421184
NC_000021.8 RNF160 -1.47e-01 5.00e-03 0.421184
NC_000017.10 ABCA5 1.00e-01 5.00e-03 0.421184
NC_000006.11 ATF6B 8.50e-02 5.00e-03 0.421241
NC_000011.9 ODF3 5.49e-02 5.00e-03 0.421306
NC_000010.10 ZNF438 6.34e-02 5.01e-03 0.42154
NC_000016.9 CHP2 8.05e-02 5.01e-03 0.42154
NC_000003.11 GPR27 6.80e-02 5.01e-03 0.42154
NC_000010.10 CAMK1D -5.51e-02 5.01e-03 0.42154
NC_000022.10 LZTR1 -5.33e-02 5.01e-03 0.42154
NC_000015.9 C15orf52 9.94e-02 5.01e-03 0.42154
NC_000007.13 DAGLB -1.01e-01 5.02e-03 0.421642
NC_000016.9 WDR90 4.43e-02 5.02e-03 0.421642
NC_000008.10 TTPA 1.09e-01 5.02e-03 0.421642
NC_000012.11 FRS2 1.37e-01 5.02e-03 0.421642
NC_000023.10 SASH3 -8.83e-02 5.03e-03 0.421803
NC_000020.10 PAX1 7.88e-02 5.03e-03 0.421803
NC_000019.9 MARK4 1.03e-01 5.03e-03 0.421803
NC_000011.9 DHCR7 1.35e-01 5.03e-03 0.421803
NC_000012.11 CUX2 -1.76e-01 5.03e-03 0.421803
NC_000011.9 CAT 7.04e-02 5.03e-03 0.421803
NC_000001.10 GFI1 -8.82e-02 5.03e-03 0.421803
NC_000016.9 RPUSD1 9.72e-02 5.04e-03 0.421803
NC_000017.10 FOXK2 1.14e-01 5.04e-03 0.421803
NC_000012.11 MYL6B -5.17e-02 5.04e-03 0.421803
NC_000007.13 PRR15 1.03e-01 5.05e-03 0.421842
NC_000009.11 IL11RA 7.58e-02 5.05e-03 0.421842
NC_000005.9 C5orf56 -4.54e-02 5.05e-03 0.421842
NC_000006.11 TNXB 1.11e-01 5.05e-03 0.421842
NC_000006.11 C6orf227 1.40e-01 5.05e-03 0.421842
NC_000001.10 S100A7A -1.18e-01 5.05e-03 0.421842
NC_000011.9 CDC42BPG 8.93e-02 5.05e-03 0.421842
NC_000017.10 C17orf55 6.11e-02 5.05e-03 0.421842
NC_000004.11 ZNF141 4.95e-02 5.06e-03 0.421842
NC_000007.13 THAP5 -4.44e-02 5.06e-03 0.421842
NC_000019.9 SIGLEC14 -7.18e-02 5.06e-03 0.421842
NC_000008.10 SNTG1 -7.10e-02 5.06e-03 0.421842
NC_000001.10 TRAF3IP3 -1.24e-01 5.06e-03 0.421842
NC_000019.9 ARRDC2 -1.31e-01 5.06e-03 0.421842
NC_000017.10 MGAT5B 1.24e-01 5.06e-03 0.421876
NC_000011.9 P4HA3 1.23e-01 5.06e-03 0.421876
NC_000008.10 MAPK15 1.24e-01 5.06e-03 0.421876
NC_000003.11 SEMA5B 6.32e-02 5.06e-03 0.421876
NC_000003.11 NR2C2 7.08e-02 5.06e-03 0.421876
NC_000012.11 BTBD11 1.07e-01 5.06e-03 0.421876
NC_000017.10 BZRAP1 1.20e-01 5.07e-03 0.421951
NC_000012.11 PPM1H 1.30e-01 5.07e-03 0.421951
NC_000005.9 C1QTNF2 9.69e-02 5.07e-03 0.421951
NC_000010.10 SUFU -6.82e-02 5.07e-03 0.421951
NC_000016.9 MIR328 5.51e-02 5.07e-03 0.421951
NC_000005.9 MATR3 4.66e-02 5.08e-03 0.421951
NC_000001.10 DENND2C -5.76e-02 5.08e-03 0.421951
NC_000007.13 MEOX2 6.70e-02 5.08e-03 0.421951
NC_000019.9 SIX5 5.58e-02 5.08e-03 0.421951
NC_000008.10 LY6H 4.57e-02 5.08e-03 0.421951
NC_000014.8 KLHL33 1.09e-01 5.08e-03 0.421951
NC_000010.10 COL13A1 1.31e-01 5.08e-03 0.421951
NC_000011.9 OPCML -6.85e-02 5.08e-03 0.421951
NC_000007.13 HOXA5 1.31e-01 5.09e-03 0.421951
NC_000018.9 CABLES1 -9.01e-02 5.09e-03 0.421951
NC_000017.10 LRRC37B2 7.36e-02 5.09e-03 0.421951
NC_000005.9 SGCD 9.39e-02 5.09e-03 0.421951
NC_000019.9 CAPS 9.37e-02 5.09e-03 0.421951
NC_000003.11 ESYT3 1.08e-01 5.09e-03 0.421951
NC_000006.11 TIAM2 1.04e-01 5.09e-03 0.421951
NC_000009.11 GABBR2 1.03e-01 5.09e-03 0.421951
NC_000007.13 ARF5 9.58e-02 5.09e-03 0.421951
NC_000016.9 CPNE7 -4.56e-02 5.10e-03 0.422119
NC_000016.9 C16orf68 -6.76e-02 5.10e-03 0.422119
NC_000014.8 PTPN21 1.01e-01 5.10e-03 0.422119
NC_000012.11 PRPF40B -4.04e-02 5.10e-03 0.422119
NC_000017.10 MEIS3P1 1.11e-01 5.10e-03 0.422156
NC_000009.11 BNC2 1.09e-01 5.10e-03 0.422173
NC_000007.13 SLC26A4 -1.29e-01 5.10e-03 0.422173
NC_000016.9 ABCC12 -7.24e-02 5.10e-03 0.422173
NC_000008.10 ASAP1IT1 -1.27e-01 5.11e-03 0.422173
NC_000015.9 ABHD2 1.21e-01 5.11e-03 0.422173
NC_000017.10 NTN1 1.21e-01 5.11e-03 0.422173
NC_000006.11 PSMB8 -1.27e-01 5.11e-03 0.422173
NC_000002.11 SEMA4C 1.23e-01 5.11e-03 0.422173
NC_000014.8 HHIPL1 1.09e-01 5.11e-03 0.422173
NC_000005.9 ZMAT2 1.01e-01 5.11e-03 0.422173
NC_000017.10 FBXO47 1.36e-01 5.11e-03 0.422244
NC_000005.9 FER 6.42e-02 5.11e-03 0.422321
NC_000019.9 ADAMTS10 1.52e-01 5.12e-03 0.422321
NC_000002.11 CYTIP -1.45e-01 5.12e-03 0.422321
NC_000002.11 HDAC4 1.22e-01 5.12e-03 0.422321
NC_000017.10 LOC146880 -9.41e-02 5.12e-03 0.422321
NC_000023.10 CHM 4.66e-02 5.12e-03 0.422321
NC_000021.8 DYRK1A 9.16e-02 5.12e-03 0.422321
NC_000012.11 B4GALNT1 -1.52e-01 5.12e-03 0.422321
NC_000016.9 CACNA1H 8.03e-02 5.12e-03 0.422321
NC_000001.10 FAIM3 -1.52e-01 5.12e-03 0.422321
NC_000010.10 MYOF 1.59e-01 5.13e-03 0.422321
NC_000003.11 TNFSF10 -5.57e-02 5.13e-03 0.422321
NC_000020.10 GSS 6.12e-02 5.13e-03 0.422321
NC_000006.11 PPT2 1.18e-01 5.13e-03 0.422321
NC_000015.9 TMEM87A 1.13e-01 5.13e-03 0.422321
NC_000019.9 CD177 2.30e-01 5.13e-03 0.422321
NC_000001.10 FCAMR -1.68e-01 5.14e-03 0.422321
NC_000014.8 LGMN 4.68e-02 5.14e-03 0.422321
NC_000006.11 TDRG1 -1.14e-01 5.14e-03 0.422321
NC_000017.10 MFSD6L 6.42e-02 5.14e-03 0.422321
NC_000001.10 CR1 4.56e-02 5.14e-03 0.422321
NC_000001.10 FAM63A 8.59e-02 5.14e-03 0.422321
NC_000019.9 CNOT3 1.05e-01 5.14e-03 0.422321
NC_000022.10 TTLL8 -1.45e-01 5.14e-03 0.422321
NC_000011.9 MAP3K11 1.43e-01 5.15e-03 0.422321
NC_000002.11 PXDN -5.86e-02 5.15e-03 0.422321
NC_000017.10 CYTH1 -1.18e-01 5.15e-03 0.422321
NC_000002.11 CNRIP1 1.92e-01 5.15e-03 0.422321
NC_000016.9 USP10 -8.59e-02 5.15e-03 0.422321
NC_000005.9 PCDHGA4 1.05e-01 5.15e-03 0.422321
NC_000013.10 PCDH17 1.00e-01 5.15e-03 0.422321
NC_000006.11 LEMD2 9.96e-02 5.15e-03 0.422492
NC_000012.11 TMCC3 1.95e-01 5.15e-03 0.422503
NC_000011.9 CHKA 4.11e-02 5.16e-03 0.422503
NC_000006.11 MRAP2 -1.10e-01 5.16e-03 0.422503
NC_000018.9 DCC 6.46e-02 5.16e-03 0.422503
NC_000015.9 SNORD115-10 5.56e-02 5.16e-03 0.422503
NC_000017.10 MPO 7.94e-02 5.16e-03 0.422503
NC_000002.11 CLK1 7.50e-02 5.16e-03 0.422503
NC_000011.9 SIGIRR 9.28e-02 5.17e-03 0.422503
NC_000019.9 MBOAT7 1.03e-01 5.17e-03 0.422503
NC_000003.11 VENTXP7 7.07e-02 5.17e-03 0.422503
NC_000006.11 HIST1H3H -8.23e-02 5.17e-03 0.422503
NC_000012.11 FOXJ2 -1.11e-01 5.17e-03 0.422503
NC_000002.11 ASAP2 -6.28e-02 5.17e-03 0.422503
NC_000019.9 VSTM1 -1.01e-01 5.17e-03 0.422503
NC_000006.11 TNF -1.55e-01 5.17e-03 0.422503
NC_000008.10 GPT 1.04e-01 5.17e-03 0.422503
NC_000011.9 LDLRAD3 1.20e-01 5.17e-03 0.422503
NC_000013.10 NEK5 -5.03e-02 5.18e-03 0.422847
NC_000006.11 RUNX2 5.10e-02 5.18e-03 0.422847
NC_000012.11 ZNF740 -6.26e-02 5.18e-03 0.422847
NC_000009.11 POLR1E 1.01e-01 5.18e-03 0.422847
NC_000010.10 CALHM3 1.24e-01 5.18e-03 0.422847
NC_000008.10 MFHAS1 1.91e-01 5.19e-03 0.422847
NC_000020.10 DBNDD2 1.45e-01 5.19e-03 0.422847
NC_000007.13 GRB10 -1.70e-01 5.19e-03 0.422847
NC_000008.10 TNFRSF10B -8.84e-02 5.19e-03 0.422847
NC_000005.9 GLRA1 1.73e-01 5.19e-03 0.422847
NC_000006.11 JARID2 -1.14e-01 5.19e-03 0.422847
NC_000011.9 DGAT2 -5.48e-02 5.19e-03 0.422847
NC_000007.13 PHKG1 1.53e-01 5.19e-03 0.422847
NC_000016.9 CDH3 -1.75e-01 5.20e-03 0.422847
NC_000004.11 PLA2G12A 3.93e-02 5.20e-03 0.422847
NC_000011.9 NTM -1.13e-01 5.20e-03 0.422847
NC_000017.10 SLC38A10 -1.17e-01 5.20e-03 0.422847
NC_000005.9 F12 5.29e-02 5.20e-03 0.422847
NC_000015.9 DTWD1 5.58e-02 5.20e-03 0.422847
NC_000004.11 HELT 6.60e-02 5.20e-03 0.422847
NC_000001.10 ADAMTSL4 9.29e-02 5.20e-03 0.422847
NC_000006.11 TNXB 8.89e-02 5.20e-03 0.422881
NC_000020.10 C20orf12 -7.04e-02 5.21e-03 0.42305
NC_000021.8 RIPK4 8.86e-02 5.21e-03 0.42305
NC_000011.9 WT1 6.24e-02 5.21e-03 0.423061
NC_000008.10 GSDMD 9.89e-02 5.21e-03 0.42314
NC_000019.9 JAK3 1.80e-01 5.21e-03 0.42314
NC_000011.9 LGALS12 -1.64e-01 5.21e-03 0.423267
NC_000017.10 MSL1 -4.75e-02 5.22e-03 0.423302
NC_000003.11 AMOTL2 1.47e-01 5.22e-03 0.423302
NC_000002.11 PDCD1 1.06e-01 5.22e-03 0.423302
NC_000011.9 ODZ4 1.37e-01 5.22e-03 0.423302
NC_000002.11 OSBPL6 -4.55e-02 5.23e-03 0.423412
NC_000011.9 AHNAK 9.89e-02 5.23e-03 0.423412
NC_000003.11 C3orf26 -8.00e-02 5.23e-03 0.423412
NC_000008.10 PKHD1L1 9.89e-02 5.23e-03 0.423412
NC_000014.8 C14orf43 9.08e-02 5.23e-03 0.423412
NC_000012.11 GALNT9 1.05e-01 5.23e-03 0.423412
NC_000012.11 WDR66 -8.29e-02 5.24e-03 0.423412
NC_000013.10 LHFP -1.04e-01 5.24e-03 0.423412
NC_000014.8 FANCM -5.60e-02 5.24e-03 0.423412
NC_000015.9 C15orf52 1.42e-01 5.24e-03 0.423412
NC_000017.10 PIGL -4.47e-02 5.24e-03 0.423412
NC_000011.9 NPAS4 1.02e-01 5.24e-03 0.423412
NC_000021.8 PRDM15 -9.56e-02 5.24e-03 0.423412
NC_000007.13 FASTK 1.29e-01 5.25e-03 0.423412
NC_000019.9 SLC25A23 5.73e-02 5.25e-03 0.423412
NC_000008.10 XKR6 -9.85e-02 5.25e-03 0.423412
NC_000006.11 LST1 -1.31e-01 5.25e-03 0.423412
NC_000011.9 CHID1 5.76e-02 5.25e-03 0.423412
NC_000015.9 OCA2 -1.19e-01 5.26e-03 0.423412
NC_000002.11 FBLN7 -6.94e-02 5.26e-03 0.423412
NC_000003.11 ESYT3 4.98e-02 5.26e-03 0.423412
NC_000007.13 AUTS2 -1.65e-01 5.26e-03 0.423412
NC_000005.9 SIL1 9.63e-02 5.26e-03 0.423412
NC_000003.11 KCNMB3 -1.64e-01 5.26e-03 0.423412
NC_000007.13 C7orf10 -1.19e-01 5.26e-03 0.423412
NC_000001.10 SHC1 8.33e-02 5.27e-03 0.423412
NC_000011.9 KCNQ1OT1 7.82e-02 5.27e-03 0.423412
NC_000008.10 FOXH1 1.20e-01 5.27e-03 0.423412
NC_000011.9 ACRV1 -1.25e-01 5.27e-03 0.423412
NC_000022.10 C22orf27 1.48e-01 5.27e-03 0.423412
NC_000017.10 ALOX15 1.10e-01 5.27e-03 0.423412
NC_000010.10 FGFR2 7.11e-02 5.27e-03 0.423412
NC_000014.8 TTC7B 1.20e-01 5.27e-03 0.423412
NC_000007.13 MAD1L1 -1.41e-01 5.27e-03 0.423412
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 6.49e-02 5.27e-03 0.423412
NC_000016.9 AP1G1 -5.10e-02 5.27e-03 0.423412
NC_000002.11 NT5C1B 1.27e-01 5.27e-03 0.423412
NC_000022.10 LGALS1 8.39e-02 5.27e-03 0.423412
NC_000006.11 ATG5 -1.53e-01 5.27e-03 0.423412
NC_000001.10 RUNX3 4.55e-02 5.28e-03 0.423412
NC_000011.9 HCCA2 -1.13e-01 5.28e-03 0.423412
NC_000019.9 ZNF71 6.59e-02 5.28e-03 0.423412
NC_000001.10 ERRFI1 8.70e-02 5.28e-03 0.423412
NC_000010.10 GRK5 1.10e-01 5.28e-03 0.423412
NC_000001.10 PIK3CD -1.33e-01 5.28e-03 0.423412
NC_000017.10 DNAH17 -7.25e-02 5.28e-03 0.423412
NC_000006.11 DCBLD1 -1.52e-01 5.28e-03 0.423412
NC_000012.11 USP30 1.09e-01 5.28e-03 0.423412
NC_000017.10 ORMDL3 1.00e-01 5.28e-03 0.423412
NC_000020.10 ProSAPiP1 8.92e-02 5.28e-03 0.423412
NC_000020.10 IFT52 1.00e-01 5.28e-03 0.423412
NC_000017.10 MIR193A 9.03e-02 5.29e-03 0.423412
NC_000016.9 MYLPF 6.33e-02 5.29e-03 0.423412
NC_000016.9 OR1F1 7.82e-02 5.29e-03 0.423412
NC_000011.9 P2RY6 8.23e-02 5.29e-03 0.423412
NC_000011.9 FEZ1 1.62e-01 5.29e-03 0.423412
NC_000009.11 AK1 1.40e-01 5.29e-03 0.423412
NC_000008.10 OXR1 -1.05e-01 5.29e-03 0.423412
NC_000019.9 ZNF808 7.71e-02 5.29e-03 0.423412
NC_000006.11 PACSIN1 8.81e-02 5.29e-03 0.423412
NC_000007.13 MAD1L1 -6.58e-02 5.29e-03 0.423412
NC_000006.11 HLA-DQB2 1.64e-01 5.29e-03 0.423412
NC_000004.11 TMSL3 6.24e-02 5.30e-03 0.423441
NC_000017.10 SPHK1 1.07e-01 5.30e-03 0.423441
NC_000003.11 RPL32P3 -5.50e-02 5.30e-03 0.423441
NC_000019.9 AXL 1.21e-01 5.30e-03 0.423441
NC_000010.10 CACNB2 1.32e-01 5.30e-03 0.423512
NC_000006.11 CD109 -1.17e-01 5.30e-03 0.423512
NC_000008.10 TSPYL5 1.41e-01 5.30e-03 0.423512
NC_000008.10 MYC -4.62e-02 5.31e-03 0.423851
NC_000017.10 LOC440461 8.05e-02 5.32e-03 0.424255
NC_000005.9 PCDH1 7.46e-02 5.32e-03 0.42433
NC_000021.8 ERG -1.06e-01 5.32e-03 0.42433
NC_000001.10 LOC400794 1.26e-01 5.32e-03 0.42433
NC_000019.9 SLC44A2 -1.42e-01 5.33e-03 0.42433
NC_000016.9 SALL1 9.10e-02 5.33e-03 0.42433
NC_000007.13 CNOT4 9.45e-02 5.33e-03 0.42433
NC_000001.10 LPPR5 8.92e-02 5.33e-03 0.42433
NC_000001.10 CRB1 -6.39e-02 5.33e-03 0.424363
NC_000017.10 FLCN -7.68e-02 5.33e-03 0.424363
NC_000011.9 GPR137 3.88e-02 5.33e-03 0.424363
NC_000003.11 IQSEC1 -1.25e-01 5.33e-03 0.424363
NC_000008.10 ARHGEF10 -1.44e-01 5.33e-03 0.424363
NC_000017.10 SDK2 1.10e-01 5.34e-03 0.424363
NC_000002.11 CLASP1 -6.38e-02 5.34e-03 0.424363
NC_000001.10 RUNX3 1.25e-01 5.34e-03 0.424363
NC_000010.10 ZNF485 1.10e-01 5.34e-03 0.424363
NC_000014.8 BCL11B 1.04e-01 5.34e-03 0.424363
NC_000011.9 FKBP2 -1.10e-01 5.34e-03 0.424363
NC_000001.10 SPSB1 -6.63e-02 5.35e-03 0.424363
NC_000005.9 LOC257358 -1.31e-01 5.35e-03 0.424363
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 7.98e-02 5.35e-03 0.424363
NC_000002.11 MALL 8.69e-02 5.35e-03 0.424363
NC_000001.10 GFI1 1.33e-01 5.35e-03 0.42445
NC_000019.9 ZNF283 8.72e-02 5.35e-03 0.42445
NC_000002.11 KIF1A 7.74e-02 5.35e-03 0.424567
NC_000010.10 CYP26A1 5.23e-02 5.35e-03 0.424567
NC_000009.11 POLR1E 1.31e-01 5.36e-03 0.424642
NC_000009.11 SECISBP2 3.74e-02 5.36e-03 0.424727
NC_000012.11 TSPAN19 4.96e-02 5.36e-03 0.424727
NC_000012.11 HRK 9.58e-02 5.36e-03 0.424819
NC_000022.10 SHANK3 1.23e-01 5.36e-03 0.424819
NC_000010.10 ARHGAP22 9.76e-02 5.36e-03 0.424819
NC_000022.10 CECR7 5.29e-02 5.37e-03 0.424952
NC_000023.10 SEPT6 -1.03e-01 5.37e-03 0.424952
NC_000020.10 PAK7 1.30e-01 5.38e-03 0.424952
NC_000005.9 N4BP3 7.84e-02 5.38e-03 0.424952
NC_000001.10 KMO -1.77e-01 5.38e-03 0.424952
NC_000020.10 ZBTB46 5.91e-02 5.38e-03 0.424952
NC_000012.11 DPPA3 9.70e-02 5.38e-03 0.424952
NC_000001.10 TP73 9.43e-02 5.38e-03 0.42515
NC_000012.11 FBRSL1 1.53e-01 5.38e-03 0.42515
NC_000011.9 TCN1 -1.09e-01 5.38e-03 0.42515
NC_000008.10 AP3M2 -4.22e-02 5.39e-03 0.42515
NC_000012.11 CACNA1C -1.34e-01 5.39e-03 0.42515
NC_000001.10 TSNAX-DISC1 -1.29e-01 5.39e-03 0.42515
NC_000010.10 NEURL 9.81e-02 5.39e-03 0.42515
NC_000001.10 MIB2 9.75e-02 5.39e-03 0.425254
NC_000007.13 MAD1L1 -1.00e-01 5.39e-03 0.425254
NC_000020.10 DNMT3B -9.62e-02 5.39e-03 0.425254
NC_000009.11 KDM4C -6.80e-02 5.40e-03 0.425277
NC_000001.10 GREM2 1.24e-01 5.40e-03 0.425277
NC_000016.9 RAB11FIP3 1.66e-01 5.40e-03 0.425339
NC_000011.9 TNKS1BP1 1.69e-01 5.40e-03 0.425385
NC_000010.10 PDZD8 5.81e-02 5.40e-03 0.425414
NC_000003.11 C3orf21 -1.31e-01 5.41e-03 0.425569
NC_000017.10 C17orf62 -1.42e-01 5.41e-03 0.425585
NC_000011.9 ACY3 7.15e-02 5.41e-03 0.425585
NC_000017.10 ITGAE -1.45e-01 5.41e-03 0.425585
NC_000017.10 DHRS11 -3.83e-02 5.41e-03 0.425585
NC_000002.11 LOC151174 1.12e-01 5.41e-03 0.425585
NC_000017.10 CCL1 -4.08e-02 5.41e-03 0.425585
NC_000012.11 POLE -1.75e-01 5.41e-03 0.425651
NC_000014.8 TCL1A 9.21e-02 5.42e-03 0.425651
NC_000001.10 TRIM58 -7.51e-02 5.42e-03 0.425693
NC_000017.10 ITGAE -6.90e-02 5.42e-03 0.425693
NC_000016.9 TNFRSF17 1.85e-01 5.42e-03 0.425693
NC_000002.11 LYPD6B 1.24e-01 5.42e-03 0.425693
NC_000001.10 MIR1977 1.32e-01 5.43e-03 0.425849
NC_000012.11 PRR13 -6.60e-02 5.43e-03 0.425849
NC_000006.11 BAT3 -1.05e-01 5.43e-03 0.425849
NC_000006.11 UTRN -1.31e-01 5.43e-03 0.425849
NC_000002.11 OTOS 1.14e-01 5.43e-03 0.425849
NC_000002.11 CNNM3 1.01e-01 5.43e-03 0.425849
NC_000003.11 AMT 9.08e-02 5.43e-03 0.425849
NC_000019.9 ONECUT3 7.50e-02 5.43e-03 0.425849
NC_000019.9 ARRDC5 -1.05e-01 5.44e-03 0.426064
NC_000022.10 SAPS2 -6.42e-02 5.44e-03 0.42613
NC_000007.13 HTR5A 9.69e-02 5.44e-03 0.42613
NC_000019.9 CCDC105 1.35e-01 5.44e-03 0.42613
NC_000011.9 MRVI1 1.08e-01 5.44e-03 0.42613
NC_000005.9 MIER3 1.14e-01 5.45e-03 0.426172
NC_000017.10 USP36 -7.75e-02 5.45e-03 0.426193
NC_000003.11 PDZRN3 7.80e-02 5.45e-03 0.426298
NC_000007.13 DLX5 1.91e-01 5.45e-03 0.426413
NC_000011.9 PITPNM1 4.78e-02 5.45e-03 0.426413
NC_000023.10 BCOR 2.00e-01 5.45e-03 0.426422
NC_000005.9 PCDHGA4 8.09e-02 5.46e-03 0.426588
NC_000011.9 INSC 7.32e-02 5.46e-03 0.426588
NC_000002.11 BIN1 -1.35e-01 5.46e-03 0.426588
NC_000006.11 TRIM27 -9.86e-02 5.46e-03 0.426588
NC_000001.10 TMEM79 1.24e-01 5.46e-03 0.426588
NC_000011.9 SLC22A18 1.32e-01 5.46e-03 0.426588
NC_000019.9 C19orf28 5.05e-02 5.47e-03 0.426588
NC_000021.8 PDE9A -1.61e-01 5.47e-03 0.426588
NC_000007.13 PRKAR1B -9.56e-02 5.47e-03 0.426588
NC_000020.10 BFSP1 -1.63e-01 5.47e-03 0.426588
NC_000012.11 LRP1 8.36e-02 5.47e-03 0.426588
NC_000012.11 LRRC43 6.29e-02 5.47e-03 0.426588
NC_000011.9 ATG2A 7.37e-02 5.47e-03 0.426588
NC_000016.9 ZP2 -9.12e-02 5.47e-03 0.426588
NC_000006.11 SMOC2 9.90e-02 5.48e-03 0.4267
NC_000006.11 HLA-G 6.67e-02 5.48e-03 0.426717
NC_000022.10 C22orf9 2.15e-01 5.48e-03 0.426717
NC_000005.9 RANBP17 1.45e-01 5.48e-03 0.426717
NC_000017.10 LOC146880 8.37e-02 5.48e-03 0.426717
NC_000002.11 GALNT13 1.22e-01 5.48e-03 0.426717
NC_000008.10 DEFB135 5.96e-02 5.48e-03 0.426723
NC_000009.11 PTGS1 1.18e-01 5.49e-03 0.426723
NC_000006.11 JARID2 -1.21e-01 5.49e-03 0.426723
NC_000017.10 NLK 1.22e-01 5.49e-03 0.426723
NC_000021.8 PRMT2 1.59e-01 5.49e-03 0.426723
NC_000002.11 LOC285033 -8.90e-02 5.49e-03 0.426723
NC_000019.9 LMNB2 1.73e-01 5.49e-03 0.426828
NC_000002.11 TTC30A 1.99e-01 5.49e-03 0.426828
NC_000016.9 CX3CL1 1.21e-01 5.50e-03 0.426828
NC_000009.11 CTSL1 6.96e-02 5.50e-03 0.426828
NC_000023.10 MAP3K15 -1.13e-01 5.50e-03 0.426828
NC_000017.10 C17orf72 -7.12e-02 5.50e-03 0.426828
NC_000019.9 ZNF542 9.74e-02 5.50e-03 0.426828
NC_000005.9 ANKRD33B -1.25e-01 5.50e-03 0.426828
NC_000019.9 ILF3 1.50e-01 5.50e-03 0.426828
NC_000004.11 PLAC8 -1.20e-01 5.50e-03 0.426828
NC_000010.10 KIAA1598 1.21e-01 5.50e-03 0.426828
NC_000005.9 HTR1A 4.19e-02 5.51e-03 0.426828
NC_000017.10 DLG4 1.41e-01 5.51e-03 0.426828
NC_000017.10 TMEM98 8.94e-02 5.51e-03 0.426828
NC_000008.10 TOX -7.16e-02 5.51e-03 0.426936
NC_000003.11 GATA2 1.21e-01 5.51e-03 0.426936
NC_000022.10 DEPDC5 -8.81e-02 5.51e-03 0.427044
NC_000019.9 PPAP2C 4.35e-02 5.52e-03 0.427046
NC_000003.11 CADM2 -9.08e-02 5.52e-03 0.427046
NC_000001.10 ESPNP 1.25e-01 5.52e-03 0.427046
NC_000012.11 LYRM5 7.63e-02 5.52e-03 0.427046
NC_000011.9 TSPAN18 1.55e-01 5.52e-03 0.427046
NC_000020.10 SIRPG -1.55e-01 5.52e-03 0.427046
NC_000001.10 TNN -4.84e-02 5.52e-03 0.427079
NC_000011.9 MAP4K2 -4.82e-02 5.53e-03 0.427178
NC_000005.9 SRD5A1 -4.70e-02 5.53e-03 0.427178
NC_000013.10 PABPC3 2.65e-01 5.53e-03 0.427178
NC_000002.11 TSSC1 1.02e-01 5.53e-03 0.427178
NC_000006.11 TUBE1 1.21e-01 5.53e-03 0.427449
NC_000017.10 ALOX15B 1.02e-01 5.53e-03 0.427449
NC_000007.13 HOXA4 1.34e-01 5.54e-03 0.427449
NC_000017.10 TNK1 1.18e-01 5.54e-03 0.427449
NC_000005.9 GRIA1 9.79e-02 5.54e-03 0.427595
NC_000019.9 ZNF506 9.79e-02 5.54e-03 0.427595
NC_000011.9 TAF1D -4.96e-02 5.54e-03 0.427727
NC_000001.10 PAQR6 1.12e-01 5.54e-03 0.427727
NC_000006.11 RREB1 -1.12e-01 5.55e-03 0.427727
NC_000019.9 PALM 1.29e-01 5.55e-03 0.427727
NC_000010.10 GRK5 -1.68e-01 5.55e-03 0.427727
NC_000020.10 CHRNA4 1.11e-01 5.55e-03 0.427727
NC_000001.10 LCK -1.14e-01 5.55e-03 0.427727
NC_000016.9 FAM195A 6.52e-02 5.55e-03 0.427963
NC_000003.11 ZNF662 -6.43e-02 5.56e-03 0.428128
NC_000002.11 LIMS2 1.02e-01 5.56e-03 0.428159
NC_000003.11 SLCO2A1 -6.98e-02 5.56e-03 0.428159
NC_000015.9 SPTBN5 1.07e-01 5.56e-03 0.428159
NC_000006.11 DLL1 1.12e-01 5.56e-03 0.428159
NC_000010.10 MYOF 8.62e-02 5.56e-03 0.428159
NC_000002.11 FAM171B -2.17e-01 5.57e-03 0.428205
NC_000004.11 TRPC3 1.32e-01 5.57e-03 0.428293
NC_000016.9 SLC38A7 -4.81e-02 5.57e-03 0.428293
NC_000014.8 DIO2 -7.19e-02 5.58e-03 0.428293
NC_000001.10 LHX8 1.65e-01 5.58e-03 0.428293
NC_000010.10 DIP2C -1.22e-01 5.58e-03 0.428293
NC_000022.10 DRG1 7.03e-02 5.58e-03 0.428293
NC_000017.10 HEXIM1 -4.07e-02 5.58e-03 0.428293
NC_000005.9 MYO10 -1.25e-01 5.58e-03 0.42835
NC_000011.9 NTM 7.17e-02 5.58e-03 0.42835
NC_000004.11 LARP1B 7.32e-02 5.59e-03 0.428459
NC_000005.9 HTR1A 7.25e-02 5.59e-03 0.428459
NC_000001.10 MEGF6 4.81e-02 5.59e-03 0.428588
NC_000020.10 SLC12A5 -6.49e-02 5.59e-03 0.428588
NC_000019.9 C19orf34 8.94e-02 5.59e-03 0.428651
NC_000010.10 ADK -5.70e-02 5.60e-03 0.428855
NC_000004.11 MAN2B2 -5.81e-02 5.60e-03 0.428897
NC_000002.11 FEV 6.55e-02 5.60e-03 0.428897
NC_000007.13 HOXA7 7.21e-02 5.60e-03 0.428897
NC_000008.10 INTS9 -9.97e-02 5.60e-03 0.428897
NC_000012.11 STK38L -1.05e-01 5.61e-03 0.428897
NC_000011.9 FXYD6 1.15e-01 5.61e-03 0.428897
NC_000013.10 ENOX1 -1.02e-01 5.61e-03 0.428897
NC_000001.10 SKI 5.18e-02 5.61e-03 0.428897
NC_000013.10 DLEU2 -9.75e-02 5.61e-03 0.428897
NC_000010.10 HK1 -5.40e-02 5.61e-03 0.428897
NC_000006.11 LAMA2 -4.32e-02 5.61e-03 0.428897
NC_000005.9 TRIM41 -1.20e-01 5.61e-03 0.428897
NC_000016.9 FBXO31 -1.30e-01 5.62e-03 0.428897
NC_000010.10 EXOC6 6.41e-02 5.62e-03 0.428897
NC_000010.10 ZCCHC24 1.33e-01 5.62e-03 0.428897
NC_000003.11 FOXP1 -1.08e-01 5.62e-03 0.428897
NC_000017.10 RAI1 -3.45e-02 5.62e-03 0.428897
NC_000006.11 DDAH2 7.52e-02 5.62e-03 0.428897
NC_000004.11 SORCS2 1.05e-01 5.63e-03 0.428897
NC_000012.11 HOXC11 -8.68e-02 5.63e-03 0.428897
NC_000013.10 STOML3 1.46e-01 5.63e-03 0.428897
NC_000010.10 UTF1 1.40e-01 5.63e-03 0.428897
NC_000012.11 MAP1LC3B2 -9.94e-02 5.63e-03 0.428897
NC_000001.10 RUNX3 -8.72e-02 5.63e-03 0.428897
NC_000002.11 SERPINE2 -5.41e-02 5.63e-03 0.428897
NC_000009.11 C9orf106 9.13e-02 5.63e-03 0.428897
NC_000017.10 SP6 1.38e-01 5.63e-03 0.428897
NC_000006.11 PPT2 1.00e-01 5.64e-03 0.428897
NC_000011.9 MIR125B1 5.76e-02 5.64e-03 0.428897
NC_000011.9 CRYAB 4.25e-02 5.64e-03 0.428897
NC_000001.10 LHX9 9.44e-02 5.64e-03 0.428897
NC_000012.11 ZNF385A 2.17e-01 5.64e-03 0.428897
NC_000011.9 FIBIN 1.13e-01 5.64e-03 0.428897
NC_000004.11 CYP2U1 -4.26e-02 5.64e-03 0.428897
NC_000010.10 ADD3 9.88e-02 5.64e-03 0.428897
NC_000017.10 CCDC144NL 1.54e-01 5.64e-03 0.428949
NC_000016.9 DPEP1 1.34e-01 5.65e-03 0.429059
NC_000002.11 SH3BP4 8.07e-02 5.65e-03 0.429192
NC_000012.11 NCOR2 8.82e-02 5.65e-03 0.429192
NC_000005.9 PCDHGA2 1.04e-01 5.65e-03 0.429192
NC_000023.10 FAM46D 1.97e-01 5.65e-03 0.429192
NC_000007.13 HOXA4 1.33e-01 5.66e-03 0.429192
NC_000016.9 C16orf5 8.51e-02 5.66e-03 0.429192
NC_000001.10 PDPN 9.20e-02 5.66e-03 0.429192
NC_000008.10 NSMCE2 -1.17e-01 5.66e-03 0.429234
NC_000019.9 SSC5D 9.30e-02 5.66e-03 0.429234
NC_000001.10 TNRC4 8.50e-02 5.66e-03 0.429234
NC_000005.9 CRHBP 1.19e-01 5.66e-03 0.429234
NC_000022.10 CARD10 8.53e-02 5.66e-03 0.429234
NC_000019.9 TMEM190 1.06e-01 5.66e-03 0.429286
NC_000002.11 C2orf76 9.32e-02 5.67e-03 0.429418
NC_000009.11 ZNF484 -4.42e-02 5.67e-03 0.429418
NC_000011.9 KCNQ1 -1.09e-01 5.67e-03 0.429471
NC_000016.9 SYCE1L 7.92e-02 5.67e-03 0.429471
NC_000008.10 CLN8 9.79e-02 5.67e-03 0.429471
NC_000010.10 HNRNPF -1.17e-01 5.68e-03 0.429568
NC_000004.11 USP38 -1.56e-01 5.68e-03 0.429568
NC_000022.10 SHANK3 8.61e-02 5.68e-03 0.429568
NC_000012.11 AGAP2 1.26e-01 5.68e-03 0.429587
NC_000019.9 SIX5 1.53e-01 5.68e-03 0.429587
NC_000006.11 LAMA4 1.43e-01 5.69e-03 0.429587
NC_000009.11 CARD9 1.71e-01 5.69e-03 0.429587
NC_000011.9 MRPL23 8.95e-02 5.69e-03 0.429587
NC_000007.13 UFSP1 1.07e-01 5.69e-03 0.429765
NC_000004.11 PITX2 5.94e-02 5.69e-03 0.429765
NC_000009.11 OR2S2 4.97e-02 5.69e-03 0.429824
NC_000014.8 DCAF5 6.76e-02 5.69e-03 0.429855
NC_000002.11 NAT8B -9.27e-02 5.69e-03 0.429855
NC_000003.11 GK5 -6.81e-02 5.70e-03 0.430239
NC_000020.10 CST7 -8.97e-02 5.70e-03 0.430239
NC_000001.10 PTP4A2 -5.30e-02 5.71e-03 0.430284
NC_000018.9 NFATC1 -8.27e-02 5.71e-03 0.430379
NC_000007.13 RAC1 1.43e-01 5.71e-03 0.430479
NC_000003.11 PLXND1 1.01e-01 5.71e-03 0.430479
NC_000020.10 OGFR -9.00e-02 5.71e-03 0.430479
NC_000015.9 RORA -5.19e-02 5.72e-03 0.430479
NC_000008.10 NEIL2 -8.83e-02 5.72e-03 0.430479
NC_000019.9 HPN 8.74e-02 5.72e-03 0.430479
NC_000008.10 NEFL 1.14e-01 5.72e-03 0.430479
NC_000022.10 AIFM3 1.14e-01 5.72e-03 0.430479
NC_000004.11 ANK2 9.25e-02 5.72e-03 0.430479
NC_000008.10 NDRG1 -1.12e-01 5.73e-03 0.430846
NC_000003.11 SOX2OT 6.52e-02 5.73e-03 0.430932
NC_000005.9 IL3 -9.89e-02 5.73e-03 0.431131
NC_000015.9 PAK6 8.71e-02 5.74e-03 0.431131
NC_000011.9 CALCA 1.04e-01 5.74e-03 0.431131
NC_000011.9 NTM 7.67e-02 5.74e-03 0.431131
NC_000021.8 RUNX1 -1.24e-01 5.74e-03 0.431131
NC_000004.11 TACR3 1.92e-01 5.74e-03 0.431131
NC_000007.13 RHBDD2 1.11e-01 5.74e-03 0.431131
NC_000011.9 ODZ4 -4.72e-02 5.74e-03 0.431135
NC_000020.10 RBPJL 1.35e-01 5.74e-03 0.431135
NC_000020.10 BTBD3 1.16e-01 5.74e-03 0.431135
NC_000019.9 ZNF700 -6.61e-02 5.75e-03 0.431135
NC_000019.9 SEPW1 4.48e-02 5.75e-03 0.431135
NC_000009.11 TRAF1 -1.63e-01 5.75e-03 0.431135
NC_000012.11 LRP6 8.19e-02 5.75e-03 0.431135
NC_000006.11 KIFC1 -3.58e-02 5.75e-03 0.431135
NC_000012.11 MAGOHB 6.00e-02 5.76e-03 0.431135
NC_000008.10 EEF1D 7.31e-02 5.76e-03 0.431135
NC_000007.13 KLRG2 1.01e-01 5.76e-03 0.431135
NC_000012.11 WDR51B 6.93e-02 5.76e-03 0.431135
NC_000005.9 TBCA 7.70e-02 5.76e-03 0.431135
NC_000002.11 PLEK -1.41e-01 5.76e-03 0.431135
NC_000016.9 ZFPM1 1.67e-01 5.76e-03 0.431135
NC_000023.10 TBL1X 9.41e-02 5.77e-03 0.431135
NC_000020.10 R3HDML 9.54e-02 5.77e-03 0.431135
NC_000004.11 SORCS2 -1.06e-01 5.77e-03 0.431135
NC_000001.10 KISS1 7.10e-02 5.77e-03 0.431135
NC_000004.11 TMEM128 1.05e-01 5.77e-03 0.431135
NC_000005.9 ODZ2 1.05e-01 5.77e-03 0.431135
NC_000002.11 ITGB6 -6.19e-02 5.78e-03 0.431135
NC_000019.9 ZNF570 9.28e-02 5.78e-03 0.431135
NC_000005.9 C1QTNF2 7.02e-02 5.78e-03 0.431135
NC_000012.11 GPR109B -8.97e-02 5.78e-03 0.431135
NC_000016.9 CTF1 9.43e-02 5.78e-03 0.431135
NC_000019.9 HKR1 1.00e-01 5.78e-03 0.431135
NC_000010.10 FRMD4A 9.30e-02 5.78e-03 0.43118
NC_000006.11 LTA -1.48e-01 5.78e-03 0.43118
NC_000006.11 VARS2 1.54e-01 5.78e-03 0.43118
NC_000012.11 PITPNM2 -1.25e-01 5.79e-03 0.43153
NC_000006.11 MCART3P -5.56e-02 5.79e-03 0.43153
NC_000004.11 JAKMIP1 -5.16e-02 5.79e-03 0.43153
NC_000010.10 FAM53B -1.20e-01 5.80e-03 0.43153
NC_000010.10 ADRB1 5.11e-02 5.80e-03 0.43153
NC_000019.9 CEACAM1 -1.23e-01 5.80e-03 0.43153
NC_000003.11 LOC100129354 1.63e-01 5.80e-03 0.43153
NC_000006.11 MICB 8.83e-02 5.80e-03 0.43153
NC_000011.9 GYLTL1B 4.99e-02 5.80e-03 0.43153
NC_000006.11 PSMB9 -1.57e-01 5.81e-03 0.43153
NC_000006.11 PACRG -7.74e-02 5.81e-03 0.43153
NC_000008.10 CSMD3 1.03e-01 5.81e-03 0.43153
NC_000019.9 JOSD2 1.32e-01 5.81e-03 0.43153
NC_000007.13 TBXAS1 -8.15e-02 5.81e-03 0.43153
NC_000014.8 BAG5 -4.91e-02 5.81e-03 0.43153
NC_000022.10 LOC400927 -9.15e-02 5.81e-03 0.43153
NC_000011.9 IGSF22 3.81e-02 5.81e-03 0.43153
NC_000020.10 DBNDD2 6.31e-02 5.81e-03 0.43153
NC_000015.9 TIPIN -4.56e-02 5.81e-03 0.43153
NC_000011.9 ARAP1 9.74e-02 5.81e-03 0.43157
NC_000011.9 UNC93B1 -4.60e-02 5.82e-03 0.43157
NC_000013.10 STK24 -9.66e-02 5.82e-03 0.43157
NC_000014.8 REM2 1.01e-01 5.82e-03 0.431624
NC_000013.10 OXGR1 5.28e-02 5.82e-03 0.431656
NC_000013.10 MTUS2 9.50e-02 5.82e-03 0.431656
NC_000011.9 SLC22A11 4.78e-02 5.83e-03 0.432219
NC_000011.9 SYT7 -5.66e-02 5.84e-03 0.432273
NC_000011.9 NLRP6 9.01e-02 5.84e-03 0.432273
NC_000019.9 BTBD2 -1.29e-01 5.84e-03 0.432279
NC_000005.9 NPM1 8.16e-02 5.84e-03 0.432279
NC_000012.11 HOXC4 9.98e-02 5.85e-03 0.432279
NC_000019.9 TMEM190 8.12e-02 5.85e-03 0.432279
NC_000016.9 RUNDC2A -8.01e-02 5.85e-03 0.432279
NC_000002.11 FBXO41 -1.26e-01 5.85e-03 0.432279
NC_000005.9 STK10 -1.27e-01 5.85e-03 0.432279
NC_000021.8 KRTAP8-1 -5.16e-02 5.85e-03 0.432279
NC_000006.11 DDR1 -9.00e-02 5.85e-03 0.432279
NC_000019.9 RPL36 1.22e-01 5.86e-03 0.432279
NC_000023.10 PGRMC1 8.22e-02 5.86e-03 0.432279
NC_000001.10 MFN2 1.51e-01 5.86e-03 0.432279
NC_000005.9 CDH9 1.39e-01 5.86e-03 0.432279
NC_000021.8 RUNX1 1.09e-01 5.86e-03 0.432279
NC_000001.10 PEX10 1.08e-01 5.86e-03 0.432279
NC_000015.9 THBS1 1.52e-01 5.86e-03 0.432279
NC_000011.9 PDE2A 7.19e-02 5.86e-03 0.432279
NC_000002.11 DNMT3A 1.21e-01 5.87e-03 0.432279
NC_000002.11 ACMSD -1.62e-01 5.87e-03 0.432279
NC_000021.8 SLC19A1 -1.19e-01 5.87e-03 0.432279
NC_000020.10 C20orf123 -1.02e-01 5.87e-03 0.432279
NC_000005.9 FLJ41603 1.84e-01 5.87e-03 0.432279
NC_000006.11 CDKN1A -4.01e-02 5.87e-03 0.432279
NC_000019.9 DENND1C 1.25e-01 5.87e-03 0.432279
NC_000001.10 TMEM79 -6.45e-02 5.88e-03 0.432279
NC_000012.11 AGAP2 2.38e-01 5.88e-03 0.432279
NC_000006.11 FILIP1 7.50e-02 5.88e-03 0.432279
NC_000001.10 NDUFS5 -1.67e-01 5.88e-03 0.432279
NC_000016.9 CLDN6 1.23e-01 5.88e-03 0.432279
NC_000001.10 CD101 -1.44e-01 5.88e-03 0.432279
NC_000010.10 PRLHR 1.15e-01 5.88e-03 0.432279
NC_000011.9 TMEM109 1.09e-01 5.88e-03 0.432279
NC_000001.10 C1orf52 3.72e-02 5.88e-03 0.432307
NC_000012.11 NELL2 -5.38e-02 5.89e-03 0.43274
NC_000008.10 CSMD3 -5.73e-02 5.89e-03 0.43274
NC_000006.11 IER3 -7.61e-02 5.89e-03 0.43274
NC_000012.11 GALNT9 1.09e-01 5.90e-03 0.433106
NC_000010.10 TACC2 4.58e-02 5.90e-03 0.433399
NC_000002.11 ARMC9 -1.22e-01 5.90e-03 0.433399
NC_000017.10 BAHCC1 8.94e-02 5.91e-03 0.433419
NC_000001.10 PRELP 8.87e-02 5.91e-03 0.433419
NC_000006.11 FOXF2 8.01e-02 5.91e-03 0.433489
NC_000001.10 IPO9 -1.30e-01 5.91e-03 0.43362
NC_000017.10 BAHCC1 1.74e-01 5.92e-03 0.43362
NC_000001.10 PLCH2 9.23e-02 5.92e-03 0.43362
NC_000021.8 TTC3 -5.39e-02 5.92e-03 0.433722
NC_000011.9 DLG2 6.08e-02 5.92e-03 0.433722
NC_000014.8 C14orf64 1.09e-01 5.92e-03 0.433722
NC_000003.11 PTPLB -4.34e-02 5.92e-03 0.433722
NC_000001.10 ATP2B4 7.20e-02 5.93e-03 0.433722
NC_000002.11 RSAD2 -4.49e-02 5.93e-03 0.433722
NC_000006.11 ATF6B 6.71e-02 5.93e-03 0.433722
NC_000008.10 MTMR9 1.07e-01 5.93e-03 0.433722
NC_000023.10 BCOR 1.59e-01 5.93e-03 0.433722
NC_000017.10 C17orf97 -1.96e-01 5.93e-03 0.433722
NC_000002.11 SOCS5 1.05e-01 5.93e-03 0.433722
NC_000001.10 MEGF6 -1.26e-01 5.93e-03 0.433722
NC_000011.9 CDC42BPG 4.96e-02 5.94e-03 0.433722
NC_000004.11 CPLX1 1.20e-01 5.94e-03 0.433722
NC_000002.11 CRIM1 8.87e-02 5.94e-03 0.433722
NC_000017.10 TIMP2 -6.73e-02 5.94e-03 0.433749
NC_000019.9 ZNF77 -7.94e-02 5.94e-03 0.433749
NC_000019.9 MRI1 -9.00e-02 5.94e-03 0.433749
NC_000004.11 PPEF2 -1.20e-01 5.94e-03 0.433754
NC_000002.11 ABCG5 -5.99e-02 5.95e-03 0.433953
NC_000011.9 FUT4 -1.82e-01 5.95e-03 0.434004
NC_000022.10 LOC100271722 1.19e-01 5.95e-03 0.434004
NC_000007.13 KCND2 -6.61e-02 5.95e-03 0.434004
NC_000007.13 ZMIZ2 1.53e-01 5.95e-03 0.434004
NC_000004.11 GABRG1 1.23e-01 5.96e-03 0.434004
NC_000015.9 CAPN3 -1.63e-01 5.96e-03 0.434004
NC_000012.11 NCOR2 1.92e-01 5.96e-03 0.434004
NC_000019.9 BTBD2 -1.07e-01 5.96e-03 0.434004
NC_000002.11 SPEG 6.91e-02 5.96e-03 0.434004
NC_000001.10 NAV1 -1.44e-01 5.96e-03 0.434004
NC_000012.11 VAMP1 -4.55e-02 5.96e-03 0.434004
NC_000011.9 DAGLA 1.03e-01 5.96e-03 0.434004
NC_000001.10 SH2D5 -6.78e-02 5.97e-03 0.434004
NC_000010.10 GSTO2 3.99e-02 5.97e-03 0.434132
NC_000016.9 DEF8 6.91e-02 5.97e-03 0.434132
NC_000014.8 C14orf118 -4.93e-02 5.98e-03 0.434304
NC_000006.11 DDAH2 1.01e-01 5.98e-03 0.434304
NC_000007.13 PRKAR1B -8.61e-02 5.98e-03 0.434304
NC_000007.13 PTPRN2 -5.84e-02 5.98e-03 0.434304
NC_000015.9 FAM103A1 -4.29e-02 5.98e-03 0.434376
NC_000023.10 PRKX 7.97e-02 5.98e-03 0.434376
NC_000019.9 SH3GL1 1.19e-01 5.98e-03 0.434376
NC_000002.11 FAM84A 1.00e-01 5.99e-03 0.434488
NC_000013.10 PCDH8 1.54e-01 5.99e-03 0.434488
NC_000002.11 NAT8B -9.69e-02 5.99e-03 0.434488
NC_000007.13 CUX1 4.52e-02 5.99e-03 0.434488
NC_000017.10 EFNB3 -5.77e-02 5.99e-03 0.434488
NC_000022.10 MGC16703 1.12e-01 5.99e-03 0.434488
NC_000003.11 SEMA5B 8.86e-02 5.99e-03 0.434507
NC_000001.10 CASZ1 -5.08e-01 6.00e-03 0.434543
NC_000012.11 CLIP1 1.15e-01 6.00e-03 0.434543
NC_000012.11 RFX4 1.01e-01 6.00e-03 0.434562
NC_000002.11 WNT10A 8.94e-02 6.00e-03 0.434643
NC_000001.10 NLRP3 2.31e-01 6.00e-03 0.434731
NC_000021.8 SIK1 -3.74e-02 6.01e-03 0.435187
NC_000001.10 NR5A2 2.01e-01 6.01e-03 0.435187
NC_000019.9 TRMT1 -6.74e-02 6.02e-03 0.435187
NC_000010.10 CPXM2 -8.47e-02 6.02e-03 0.435187
NC_000014.8 CCDC88C -7.81e-02 6.02e-03 0.435187
NC_000022.10 KREMEN1 -1.49e-01 6.02e-03 0.435187
NC_000001.10 ESPN 9.12e-02 6.02e-03 0.435195
NC_000011.9 TPCN2 8.26e-02 6.02e-03 0.435203
NC_000011.9 SIGIRR 1.60e-01 6.02e-03 0.435203
NC_000001.10 GFI1 -1.37e-01 6.02e-03 0.435224
NC_000007.13 HECW1 -6.82e-02 6.03e-03 0.435299
NC_000007.13 GLI3 -7.02e-02 6.03e-03 0.435299
NC_000003.11 LRRC33 -1.79e-01 6.03e-03 0.435299
NC_000010.10 KCNMA1 -6.62e-02 6.03e-03 0.435427
NC_000001.10 LOC441869 1.73e-01 6.04e-03 0.435601
NC_000002.11 SNORA80B -8.62e-02 6.04e-03 0.435601
NC_000018.9 ZNF397OS -1.39e-01 6.04e-03 0.435626
NC_000011.9 KAT5 -6.03e-02 6.05e-03 0.435878
NC_000022.10 GALR3 1.37e-01 6.05e-03 0.435878
NC_000020.10 GNAS 6.65e-02 6.05e-03 0.435894
NC_000003.11 ZNF167 1.29e-01 6.05e-03 0.436124
NC_000012.11 CHST11 -1.04e-01 6.05e-03 0.436124
NC_000015.9 SPTBN5 6.21e-02 6.06e-03 0.436124
NC_000011.9 SNORA52 1.20e-01 6.06e-03 0.436124
NC_000011.9 ABTB2 -1.65e-01 6.06e-03 0.436124
NC_000019.9 AKAP8L 5.99e-02 6.06e-03 0.436124
NC_000007.13 AGK -3.45e-02 6.06e-03 0.436124
NC_000005.9 STK10 1.18e-01 6.06e-03 0.436124
NC_000004.11 NSUN7 -4.95e-02 6.06e-03 0.436124
NC_000014.8 AKT1 -6.60e-02 6.06e-03 0.436124
NC_000010.10 ABLIM1 1.08e-01 6.07e-03 0.436124
NC_000010.10 PAOX 7.85e-02 6.07e-03 0.436124
NC_000011.9 HSPB2 9.76e-02 6.07e-03 0.436124
NC_000007.13 RBM33 4.32e-02 6.07e-03 0.436124
NC_000022.10 TTLL8 -1.30e-01 6.07e-03 0.436124
NC_000004.11 SLIT2 6.71e-02 6.07e-03 0.436124
NC_000001.10 TAS1R3 8.71e-02 6.07e-03 0.436124
NC_000001.10 POGK -9.19e-02 6.07e-03 0.436124
NC_000019.9 INSR 1.03e-01 6.07e-03 0.436205
NC_000017.10 RAI1 -1.26e-01 6.07e-03 0.436205
NC_000019.9 HNRNPL -3.73e-02 6.07e-03 0.436213
NC_000016.9 CHST6 1.17e-01 6.08e-03 0.436213
NC_000012.11 BIN2 -7.92e-02 6.08e-03 0.436213
NC_000009.11 SH3GLB2 1.05e-01 6.08e-03 0.436213
NC_000017.10 ALOX12P2 9.91e-02 6.08e-03 0.436213
NC_000001.10 INADL 1.12e-01 6.08e-03 0.436213
NC_000006.11 TAGAP 6.89e-02 6.08e-03 0.436213
NC_000016.9 NLRC5 7.38e-02 6.08e-03 0.436213
NC_000008.10 ARHGEF10 7.39e-02 6.08e-03 0.436213
NC_000016.9 IRX6 1.90e-01 6.08e-03 0.436263
NC_000012.11 LOC100190940 9.23e-02 6.09e-03 0.436263
NC_000015.9 RASGRF1 -8.31e-02 6.09e-03 0.436263
NC_000008.10 MGC70857 1.23e-01 6.09e-03 0.436263
NC_000006.11 HLA-C -2.48e-01 6.10e-03 0.436278
NC_000016.9 LRRC29 9.82e-02 6.10e-03 0.436278
NC_000020.10 SLC12A5 7.69e-02 6.10e-03 0.436278
NC_000021.8 KCNE1 1.50e-01 6.10e-03 0.436278
NC_000011.9 LOC399959 1.63e-01 6.10e-03 0.436278
NC_000019.9 QTRT1 -6.66e-02 6.10e-03 0.436278
NC_000015.9 PAK6 8.39e-02 6.10e-03 0.436278
NC_000012.11 ITPR2 1.74e-01 6.10e-03 0.436278
NC_000023.10 TMSB15B 9.87e-02 6.10e-03 0.436278
NC_000009.11 ANAPC2 9.58e-02 6.11e-03 0.436278
NC_000018.9 CD226 -4.99e-02 6.11e-03 0.436278
NC_000011.9 C11orf70 6.46e-02 6.11e-03 0.436278
NC_000016.9 HP -1.54e-01 6.11e-03 0.436278
NC_000012.11 C12orf27 1.15e-01 6.11e-03 0.436278
NC_000002.11 LTBP1 1.47e-01 6.11e-03 0.436278
NC_000016.9 SCNN1B 7.65e-02 6.11e-03 0.436278
NC_000019.9 PRR24 1.06e-01 6.11e-03 0.436278
NC_000006.11 EZR -5.68e-02 6.11e-03 0.436278
NC_000011.9 MRGPRX3 1.11e-01 6.11e-03 0.436278
NC_000010.10 KIAA1217 4.51e-02 6.11e-03 0.436278
NC_000017.10 WNT9B 7.66e-02 6.12e-03 0.43632
NC_000002.11 HDAC4 -8.62e-02 6.12e-03 0.43632
NC_000014.8 TGFB3 1.01e-01 6.12e-03 0.43632
NC_000015.9 DNM1P35 -4.10e-02 6.12e-03 0.436621
NC_000001.10 SEC22B -4.56e-02 6.12e-03 0.436621
NC_000017.10 UBTF 9.01e-02 6.13e-03 0.436621
NC_000012.11 KRT72 1.03e-01 6.13e-03 0.436621
NC_000016.9 ZFPM1 -8.77e-02 6.13e-03 0.436621
NC_000022.10 C22orf27 1.06e-01 6.13e-03 0.436621
NC_000002.11 SPTBN1 -1.42e-01 6.13e-03 0.436621
NC_000002.11 MGC13005 5.27e-02 6.13e-03 0.436668
NC_000014.8 TSHR 1.06e-01 6.13e-03 0.436668
NC_000017.10 P2RX1 -1.32e-01 6.13e-03 0.436668
NC_000005.9 UNC5A 1.30e-01 6.14e-03 0.436668
NC_000002.11 SIX3 -8.45e-02 6.14e-03 0.436668
NC_000001.10 APITD1 1.17e-01 6.14e-03 0.436668
NC_000003.11 IFRD2 -3.68e-02 6.14e-03 0.436668
NC_000019.9 TSKS 9.34e-02 6.14e-03 0.436668
NC_000019.9 C19orf51 1.77e-01 6.14e-03 0.436668
NC_000021.8 OLIG2 4.09e-02 6.14e-03 0.436668
NC_000017.10 WDR81 -5.81e-02 6.15e-03 0.436668
NC_000002.11 ITGB1BP1 -1.22e-01 6.15e-03 0.436668
NC_000007.13 MAD1L1 -1.21e-01 6.15e-03 0.436668
NC_000011.9 KCNQ1OT1 7.96e-02 6.15e-03 0.436668
NC_000012.11 LIMA1 -1.84e-01 6.15e-03 0.436693
NC_000010.10 ANK3 -4.41e-02 6.15e-03 0.436888
NC_000018.9 KLHL14 7.47e-02 6.15e-03 0.436888
NC_000007.13 SDK1 1.15e-01 6.15e-03 0.436936
NC_000006.11 LTA -1.12e-01 6.16e-03 0.436967
NC_000007.13 PDIA4 -4.74e-02 6.16e-03 0.436967
NC_000014.8 TRAF3 1.74e-01 6.16e-03 0.436967
NC_000001.10 VPS45 -1.25e-01 6.16e-03 0.436967
NC_000016.9 WFDC1 8.60e-02 6.16e-03 0.437008
NC_000005.9 STK10 1.35e-01 6.17e-03 0.437069
NC_000002.11 CRYGD 6.51e-02 6.17e-03 0.437151
NC_000019.9 ZNF701 7.07e-02 6.17e-03 0.437179
NC_000019.9 CCDC105 9.98e-02 6.17e-03 0.43736
NC_000001.10 S1PR1 4.78e-02 6.18e-03 0.437464
NC_000002.11 ARPC2 -1.75e-01 6.18e-03 0.437487
NC_000014.8 HHIPL1 1.03e-01 6.18e-03 0.437564
NC_000017.10 ACCN1 1.15e-01 6.19e-03 0.437564
NC_000019.9 SLC7A9 5.67e-02 6.19e-03 0.437564
NC_000003.11 SOX2OT 1.64e-01 6.19e-03 0.437564
NC_000003.11 SH3BP5 8.67e-02 6.19e-03 0.437564
NC_000011.9 ALX4 8.75e-02 6.19e-03 0.437564
NC_000007.13 ACTR3C -5.31e-02 6.20e-03 0.437564
NC_000020.10 COL9A3 5.33e-02 6.20e-03 0.437564
NC_000008.10 RBPMS 7.10e-02 6.20e-03 0.437564
NC_000007.13 MAD1L1 -1.21e-01 6.20e-03 0.437564
NC_000018.9 MBP 2.38e-01 6.20e-03 0.437564
NC_000017.10 P2RX1 -1.09e-01 6.20e-03 0.437564
NC_000003.11 MYRIP 1.24e-01 6.20e-03 0.437564
NC_000017.10 TTYH2 8.38e-02 6.20e-03 0.437564
NC_000022.10 PARVG -1.22e-01 6.20e-03 0.437564
NC_000005.9 ISCA1L -6.01e-02 6.20e-03 0.437564
NC_000001.10 FAM46C -1.02e-01 6.21e-03 0.437564
NC_000003.11 FOXP1 1.41e-01 6.21e-03 0.437564
NC_000001.10 LCK -8.75e-02 6.21e-03 0.437564
NC_000019.9 BCL3 1.18e-01 6.21e-03 0.437564
NC_000001.10 ROR1 -1.35e-01 6.21e-03 0.437564
NC_000011.9 TNNI2 5.48e-02 6.21e-03 0.437564
NC_000012.11 LRRC43 -1.54e-01 6.22e-03 0.437564
NC_000008.10 SLCO5A1 5.82e-02 6.22e-03 0.437564
NC_000001.10 C1orf177 -7.67e-02 6.22e-03 0.437564
NC_000001.10 CD164L2 1.08e-01 6.22e-03 0.437564
NC_000020.10 DNMT3B -1.12e-01 6.22e-03 0.437564
NC_000004.11 NHEDC1 5.10e-02 6.22e-03 0.437564
NC_000005.9 ISL1 7.44e-02 6.22e-03 0.437564
NC_000006.11 MARCKS 1.68e-01 6.22e-03 0.437564
NC_000014.8 PGF 8.52e-02 6.22e-03 0.437564
NC_000014.8 TRMT61A 1.03e-01 6.22e-03 0.437564
NC_000019.9 SCAMP4 6.19e-02 6.23e-03 0.437564
NC_000012.11 CHFR 6.83e-02 6.23e-03 0.437564
NC_000008.10 DPYS 9.32e-02 6.23e-03 0.437564
NC_000002.11 SLC39A10 -1.18e-01 6.23e-03 0.437564
NC_000011.9 ACTN3 8.36e-02 6.23e-03 0.437564
NC_000017.10 TBCD -6.22e-02 6.23e-03 0.437564
NC_000002.11 MAL 9.43e-02 6.24e-03 0.437564
NC_000014.8 TMX1 5.45e-02 6.24e-03 0.437564
NC_000022.10 MAP3K7IP1 1.19e-01 6.24e-03 0.437564
NC_000003.11 SPSB4 1.46e-01 6.24e-03 0.437564
NC_000005.9 GLRA1 8.52e-02 6.24e-03 0.437564
NC_000012.11 CHST11 1.09e-01 6.24e-03 0.437564
NC_000016.9 SEPX1 -1.02e-01 6.24e-03 0.437564
NC_000011.9 ADAMTS8 -1.19e-01 6.25e-03 0.437564
NC_000003.11 CELSR3 6.40e-02 6.25e-03 0.437564
NC_000022.10 RFPL3 -5.86e-02 6.25e-03 0.437564
NC_000009.11 LOC100129066 1.36e-01 6.25e-03 0.437564
NC_000006.11 CCHCR1 7.32e-02 6.25e-03 0.437564
NC_000014.8 RGS6 -1.26e-01 6.25e-03 0.437564
NC_000013.10 LOC100190939 6.91e-02 6.25e-03 0.437564
NC_000012.11 SCARB1 1.09e-01 6.25e-03 0.437564
NC_000007.13 CYP2W1 1.55e-01 6.25e-03 0.437564
NC_000019.9 TMEM91 -1.10e-01 6.25e-03 0.437564
NC_000009.11 SARDH 8.53e-02 6.25e-03 0.437564
NC_000017.10 C17orf104 5.20e-02 6.25e-03 0.437564
NC_000006.11 C6orf103 4.75e-02 6.26e-03 0.437611
NC_000006.11 DDAH2 6.86e-02 6.26e-03 0.437619
NC_000016.9 C16orf59 -4.01e-02 6.26e-03 0.437745
NC_000009.11 SURF4 -9.52e-02 6.26e-03 0.437745
NC_000014.8 BCL11B -1.35e-01 6.26e-03 0.437745
NC_000002.11 IHH 6.34e-02 6.26e-03 0.437745
NC_000012.11 MIR492 9.99e-02 6.27e-03 0.437778
NC_000011.9 SYT12 9.30e-02 6.27e-03 0.437815
NC_000003.11 MAP3K13 -1.08e-01 6.27e-03 0.437815
NC_000002.11 ACOXL 6.97e-02 6.27e-03 0.437854
NC_000009.11 UCK1 7.44e-02 6.27e-03 0.437854
NC_000014.8 INF2 8.73e-02 6.27e-03 0.437854
NC_000016.9 CA7 -1.24e-01 6.27e-03 0.437866
NC_000012.11 FBRSL1 -7.21e-02 6.27e-03 0.437896
NC_000019.9 LYPD5 1.55e-01 6.28e-03 0.437914
NC_000003.11 FAM131A -7.00e-02 6.28e-03 0.437914
NC_000011.9 NEU3 -5.05e-02 6.28e-03 0.437914
NC_000012.11 FBXO21 1.25e-01 6.28e-03 0.437914
NC_000014.8 CTSG -1.09e-01 6.29e-03 0.43812
NC_000006.11 COL11A2 5.29e-02 6.29e-03 0.43812
NC_000003.11 CD96 1.37e-01 6.29e-03 0.43812
NC_000001.10 PRDM16 7.34e-02 6.29e-03 0.43812
NC_000022.10 NUP50 7.42e-02 6.29e-03 0.438208
NC_000015.9 RTF1 -8.20e-02 6.29e-03 0.438208
NC_000001.10 FAM63A 1.58e-01 6.29e-03 0.438208
NC_000016.9 A2BP1 6.42e-02 6.29e-03 0.438208
NC_000003.11 LOC401097 6.18e-02 6.30e-03 0.438284
NC_000016.9 DPEP1 -6.23e-02 6.30e-03 0.438284
NC_000014.8 BTBD6 8.19e-02 6.30e-03 0.438379
NC_000014.8 PPIL5 -8.64e-02 6.30e-03 0.438462
NC_000011.9 ZFP91 -5.01e-02 6.30e-03 0.438462
NC_000011.9 INSC 1.40e-01 6.30e-03 0.438462
NC_000005.9 GABRA1 8.53e-02 6.30e-03 0.438462
NC_000006.11 GTF2H4 -6.22e-02 6.31e-03 0.438565
NC_000006.11 IL22RA2 -1.10e-01 6.31e-03 0.438565
NC_000014.8 ITPK1 1.58e-01 6.31e-03 0.438565
NC_000006.11 MOG 6.86e-02 6.31e-03 0.438565
NC_000001.10 PKLR 8.13e-02 6.32e-03 0.438565
NC_000016.9 CLDN9 8.30e-02 6.32e-03 0.438565
NC_000008.10 SCARA5 1.31e-01 6.32e-03 0.438565
NC_000007.13 TNS3 1.47e-01 6.32e-03 0.438565
NC_000015.9 PSTPIP1 -1.46e-01 6.32e-03 0.438565
NC_000001.10 PRDM16 1.09e-01 6.32e-03 0.438565