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Basic Information

The table below details the source and basic information of this item.

Title Content
iBAD ID iBAD_0000279
Karyotype Trisomy 21
Type Methylation profiling by array
Diseases Down syndrome
Organism Homo sapiens
Tissue Brain
Cell Line Cerebral cortex
Platform GPL13534
Accession GSE73747
GEO Title Epigenetic Dysregulation in the Developing Down Syndrome Brain
PMID 27245352
Article Title Epigenetic dysregulation in the developing Down syndrome cortex
Author El Hajj N, Dittrich M, Böck J, Kraus TF, Nanda I, Müller T, Seidmann L, Tralau T, Galetzka D, Schneider E, Haaf T
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Differentially Expressed Genes

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Gene ID Gene Name logFC P-value P-adj
NM_020367 PARP11 -4.43e-01 2.60e-15 1.21e-09
NM_014629 ARHGEF10 -3.87e-01 5.70e-12 8.85e-07
NM_001001890 RUNX1 2.16e-01 7.14e-11 8.32e-06
NM_139317 BIRC7 -3.21e-01 9.52e-11 8.87e-06
NM_198595 AFAP1 -3.05e-01 1.46e-10 1.14e-05
NM_018915 PCDHGA2 2.99e-01 4.24e-10 2.47e-05
NM_019602 BTNL2 -3.55e-01 8.93e-10 4.62e-05
NM_020226 PRDM8 1.57e-01 1.00e-09 4.67e-05
NM_001049 SSTR1 7.65e-02 1.32e-09 5.30e-05
NM_001001890 RUNX1 2.32e-01 1.37e-09 5.30e-05
NM_001167675 CADM2 1.01e-01 2.87e-09 1.03e-04
NM_015057 MYCBP2 1.17e-01 3.19e-09 1.06e-04
NM_018992 KCTD5 4.35e-01 4.54e-09 1.32e-04
NM_000124 ERCC6 -2.45e-01 7.94e-09 2.05e-04
NM_173536 GABRG1 7.42e-02 1.07e-08 2.63e-04
NM_020125 SLAMF8 -1.55e-01 1.75e-08 4.07e-04
NM_018915 PCDHGA2 2.28e-01 2.13e-08 4.72e-04
NM_018917 PCDHGA4 1.57e-01 2.28e-08 4.84e-04
NM_173536 GABRG1 1.03e-01 4.54e-08 8.48e-04
NM_003463 PTP4A1 1.22e-01 4.55e-08 8.48e-04
NR_003512 INS-IGF2 1.13e-01 5.15e-08 9.23e-04
NM_001252 CD70 1.24e-01 5.44e-08 9.38e-04
NM_001122607 RUNX1 2.22e-01 6.62e-08 1.10e-03
NM_020845 PITPNM2 -1.11e-01 9.89e-08 1.53e-03
NM_001005920 JMJD8 1.66e-01 1.17e-07 1.65e-03
NM_012140 SLC25A10 1.63e-01 1.24e-07 1.70e-03
NM_130436 DYRK1A 1.15e-01 1.28e-07 1.70e-03
NM_016145 C19orf56 9.69e-02 1.39e-07 1.79e-03
NM_002047 GARS 1.23e-01 1.48e-07 1.86e-03
NM_005861 STUB1 8.62e-02 1.57e-07 1.91e-03
NM_207628 ABCG1 7.89e-02 1.76e-07 2.05e-03
NM_130436 DYRK1A 8.99e-02 2.01e-07 2.28e-03
NR_031741 MIR1977 4.61e-01 2.15e-07 2.38e-03
NM_018915 PCDHGA2 2.17e-01 2.39e-07 2.52e-03
NM_018915 PCDHGA2 1.76e-01 2.55e-07 2.64e-03
NM_030948 PHACTR1 1.09e-01 2.96e-07 3.00e-03
NM_015440 MTHFD1L -8.80e-02 3.06e-07 3.03e-03
NM_000800 FGF1 6.06e-02 3.27e-07 3.12e-03
NM_032872 SYTL1 1.42e-01 3.32e-07 3.12e-03
NM_152410 PACRG 1.38e-01 3.35e-07 3.12e-03
NM_018915 PCDHGA2 1.85e-01 3.61e-07 3.29e-03
NM_173536 GABRG1 2.58e-02 3.93e-07 3.45e-03
NM_018922 PCDHGB1 2.85e-01 4.46e-07 3.85e-03
NM_198489 CCDC84 7.64e-02 4.78e-07 3.97e-03
NM_032009 PCDHGA2 2.21e-01 5.06e-07 3.99e-03
NM_002047 GARS 1.02e-01 5.26e-07 4.03e-03
NM_005000 NDUFA5 8.64e-02 5.35e-07 4.03e-03
NM_139240 C1orf105 -2.96e-01 5.37e-07 4.03e-03
NM_018915 PCDHGA2 1.64e-01 5.45e-07 4.03e-03
NM_002501 NFIX 1.15e-01 6.11e-07 4.25e-03
NM_018922 PCDHGB1 1.32e-01 6.90e-07 4.57e-03
NM_012259 HEY2 -1.00e-01 6.92e-07 4.57e-03
NM_018922 PCDHGB1 1.26e-01 6.97e-07 4.57e-03
NM_001166292 PTCH2 8.20e-02 7.17e-07 4.64e-03
NM_152246 CPT1B 2.28e-01 7.57e-07 4.69e-03
NM_138465 GLI4 3.06e-01 7.61e-07 4.69e-03
NM_021962 ABR -5.12e-01 7.66e-07 4.69e-03
NM_023933 FAM173A 1.28e-01 7.70e-07 4.69e-03
NM_006556 PMVK 9.03e-02 7.76e-07 4.69e-03
NM_018922 PCDHGB1 1.84e-01 8.00e-07 4.78e-03
NM_003041 SLC5A2 1.39e-01 8.21e-07 4.84e-03
NM_001029886 PFN3 1.84e-01 8.44e-07 4.85e-03
NM_007041 ATE1 2.92e-02 8.45e-07 4.85e-03
NM_007343 PRSS3 7.68e-02 8.93e-07 4.93e-03
NM_032423 ZNF528 1.14e-01 8.95e-07 4.93e-03
NM_000172 GNAT1 1.06e-01 9.00e-07 4.93e-03
NM_022479 WBSCR17 -1.11e-01 9.01e-07 4.93e-03
NM_152855 IGLL1 -1.01e-01 9.14e-07 4.94e-03
NM_002032 FTH1 7.79e-02 9.32e-07 4.94e-03
NM_018915 PCDHGA2 1.74e-01 9.33e-07 4.94e-03
NM_138796 SPATA17 1.15e-01 9.67e-07 5.05e-03
NM_015852 ZNF117 -5.73e-01 9.76e-07 5.05e-03
NM_198488 FAM83H 3.38e-01 9.96e-07 5.10e-03
NM_002409 MGAT3 8.68e-02 1.01e-06 5.10e-03
NM_001005920 JMJD8 4.64e-02 1.15e-06 5.73e-03
NM_018917 PCDHGA4 1.81e-01 1.17e-06 5.73e-03
NM_002286 LAG3 1.34e-01 1.23e-06 5.88e-03
NM_032133 MYCBPAP 6.55e-02 1.27e-06 6.04e-03
NM_018922 PCDHGB1 1.82e-01 1.34e-06 6.26e-03
NM_001079534 CPEB1 1.07e-01 1.36e-06 6.28e-03
NM_001099660 LRRN3 1.51e-01 1.39e-06 6.29e-03
NM_001029886 PFN3 7.26e-02 1.40e-06 6.29e-03
NM_014949 KIAA0907 8.45e-02 1.41e-06 6.29e-03
NM_173536 GABRG1 4.67e-02 1.42e-06 6.31e-03
NM_001039802 CDC42 -1.86e-01 1.52e-06 6.52e-03
NM_001136103 TMEM132C -8.37e-02 1.54e-06 6.52e-03
NM_152410 PACRG 7.61e-02 1.55e-06 6.52e-03
NM_004449 ERG -1.20e-01 1.56e-06 6.52e-03
NM_017850 C1orf109 3.52e-02 1.59e-06 6.59e-03
NM_001040633 PRKAG2 -7.77e-02 1.63e-06 6.59e-03
NM_032199 ARID5B 1.13e-01 1.63e-06 6.59e-03
NM_005508 CCR4 -3.11e-02 1.69e-06 6.78e-03
NM_144778 MBNL2 9.66e-02 1.88e-06 7.43e-03
NM_004430 EGR3 9.08e-02 1.95e-06 7.58e-03
NM_006162 NFATC1 -1.09e-01 1.98e-06 7.61e-03
NM_001452 FOXF2 1.42e-01 2.06e-06 7.77e-03
NM_001004106 GRK6 -7.07e-02 2.12e-06 7.82e-03
NM_153631 HOXA3 1.05e-01 2.13e-06 7.82e-03
NM_012472 LRRC6 1.23e-01 2.15e-06 7.82e-03
NM_014932 NLGN1 9.36e-02 2.15e-06 7.82e-03
NM_001134758 ARFRP1 1.04e-01 2.25e-06 8.05e-03
NM_016932 SIX2 1.69e-01 2.28e-06 8.10e-03
NM_020845 PITPNM2 -1.06e-01 2.31e-06 8.12e-03
NM_173536 GABRG1 1.49e-01 2.32e-06 8.12e-03
NR_024019 FAM193B 1.32e-01 2.47e-06 8.57e-03
NM_173541 C10orf91 -8.98e-02 2.49e-06 8.58e-03
NM_152744 SDK1 -8.20e-01 2.52e-06 8.61e-03
NM_014716 ACAP1 1.12e-01 2.69e-06 9.13e-03
NM_018915 PCDHGA2 2.54e-01 2.80e-06 9.44e-03
NM_001002844 ZNF280D 5.51e-02 2.83e-06 9.44e-03
NR_026782 C1orf175 -9.51e-02 2.86e-06 9.44e-03
NM_181359 IL6R -9.29e-02 2.94e-06 9.55e-03
NM_020372 SLC22A17 1.19e-01 2.96e-06 9.55e-03
NM_173554 C10orf107 1.50e-01 3.01e-06 9.55e-03
NM_032009 PCDHGA2 2.16e-01 3.02e-06 9.55e-03
NM_152246 CPT1B 2.87e-01 3.09e-06 9.62e-03
NM_198053 CD247 -1.08e-01 3.11e-06 9.62e-03
NM_016279 CDH9 8.81e-02 3.14e-06 9.62e-03
NM_175931 CBFA2T3 -1.93e-01 3.16e-06 9.62e-03
NM_030775 WNT5B 1.07e-01 3.19e-06 9.62e-03
NM_019058 DDIT4 1.09e-01 3.20e-06 9.62e-03
NM_152246 CPT1B 2.38e-01 3.20e-06 9.62e-03
NM_032454 STK19 2.09e-01 3.20e-06 9.62e-03
NM_007224 NXPH4 -6.95e-02 3.22e-06 9.62e-03
NM_018917 PCDHGA4 1.21e-01 3.25e-06 9.63e-03
NM_020945 WDFY4 -1.01e-01 3.39e-06 9.77e-03
NM_000512 GALNS -8.21e-01 3.41e-06 9.77e-03
NM_006598 SLC12A7 -1.42e-01 3.44e-06 9.77e-03
NM_001127895 CHST8 -7.21e-02 3.45e-06 9.77e-03
NM_018917 PCDHGA4 2.10e-01 3.45e-06 9.77e-03
NM_014636 RALGPS1 6.01e-02 3.48e-06 9.77e-03
NM_058182 FAM165B -1.40e-01 3.48e-06 9.77e-03
NM_005453 ZBTB22 1.01e-01 3.52e-06 9.82e-03
NM_152246 CPT1B 1.84e-01 3.60e-06 9.89e-03
NM_018912 PCDHGA1 1.78e-01 3.61e-06 9.89e-03
NM_005740 DNAL4 1.13e-01 3.64e-06 9.90e-03
NM_024631 C11orf61 -6.12e-02 3.71e-06 1.00e-02
NM_175887 PRR15 9.12e-02 3.73e-06 1.00e-02
NM_015194 MYO1D 1.31e-01 3.77e-06 1.00e-02
NM_001042698 ZSWIM7 -5.01e-02 3.82e-06 1.00e-02
NM_153214 FBLN7 -8.57e-02 3.85e-06 1.00e-02
NM_015694 ZNF777 8.80e-02 3.88e-06 1.00e-02
NR_033203 LOC404266 8.88e-02 4.00e-06 1.02e-02
NM_005761 PLXNC1 -6.50e-02 4.00e-06 1.02e-02
NM_173688 NKAIN3 -1.29e-01 4.03e-06 1.02e-02
NM_020442 VARS2 1.67e-01 4.06e-06 1.02e-02
NM_018917 PCDHGA4 1.62e-01 4.19e-06 1.05e-02
NM_006691 LYVE1 -2.37e-01 4.20e-06 1.05e-02
NM_005378 MYCN -8.89e-02 4.22e-06 1.05e-02
NM_152441 FBXL14 9.19e-02 4.32e-06 1.06e-02
NM_016055 MRPL48 1.55e-01 4.45e-06 1.08e-02
NM_001370 DNAH6 1.38e-01 4.47e-06 1.08e-02
NM_153451 ORAOV1 9.41e-02 4.51e-06 1.08e-02
NM_021569 GRIN1 8.31e-02 4.57e-06 1.08e-02
NM_001006932 RPS6KA2 -1.55e-01 4.62e-06 1.08e-02
NM_201650 LRRC23 1.38e-01 4.62e-06 1.08e-02
NM_001008657 TCOF1 7.74e-02 4.65e-06 1.08e-02
NM_003811 TNFSF9 1.38e-01 4.65e-06 1.08e-02
NM_181493 ITPA -1.56e-01 4.66e-06 1.08e-02
NM_194312 ESPNL -1.08e-01 4.66e-06 1.08e-02
NM_173554 C10orf107 1.19e-01 4.70e-06 1.08e-02
NM_198544 APITD1 1.41e-01 4.75e-06 1.08e-02
NM_015720 PODXL2 1.49e-01 4.75e-06 1.08e-02
NM_033225 CSMD1 -1.91e-01 4.82e-06 1.09e-02
NM_020226 PRDM8 9.18e-02 4.85e-06 1.09e-02
NM_015964 TPPP3 7.95e-02 4.93e-06 1.10e-02
NR_027044 LOC440040 1.46e-01 4.94e-06 1.10e-02
NM_001280 CIRBP 1.33e-01 4.95e-06 1.10e-02
NM_032816 CCDC123 1.12e-01 4.99e-06 1.10e-02
NM_003726 SKAP1 9.19e-02 5.03e-06 1.10e-02
NM_018917 PCDHGA4 1.43e-01 5.16e-06 1.12e-02
NM_021117 CRY2 1.02e-01 5.22e-06 1.12e-02
NM_005884 PAK4 4.67e-02 5.24e-06 1.12e-02
NM_007024 TMEM115 8.32e-02 5.26e-06 1.12e-02
NM_018915 PCDHGA2 2.95e-01 5.29e-06 1.12e-02
NM_005510 DOM3Z 1.52e-01 5.30e-06 1.12e-02
NM_205834 LSR 1.14e-01 5.30e-06 1.12e-02
NM_015204 THSD7A 1.06e-01 5.33e-06 1.12e-02
NM_022763 FNDC3B -7.20e-02 5.36e-06 1.12e-02
NR_026655 FLJ12825 1.32e-01 5.41e-06 1.13e-02
NM_145312 ZNF485 1.16e-01 5.46e-06 1.13e-02
NM_001001975 ATP5D 1.05e-01 5.54e-06 1.14e-02
NM_001365 DLG4 1.65e-01 5.55e-06 1.14e-02
NM_003627 SLC43A1 -5.96e-02 5.59e-06 1.14e-02
NM_007149 ZNF184 7.70e-02 5.64e-06 1.15e-02
NM_007272 CTRC -1.13e-01 5.67e-06 1.15e-02
NM_002931 RING1 9.48e-02 5.70e-06 1.15e-02
NM_006060 IKZF1 1.35e-01 5.82e-06 1.17e-02
NM_001145134 CPT1B 1.59e-01 5.90e-06 1.18e-02
NM_019058 DDIT4 1.08e-01 5.92e-06 1.18e-02
NM_152246 CPT1B 2.27e-01 6.20e-06 1.23e-02
NM_002593 PCOLCE 1.05e-01 6.32e-06 1.23e-02
NM_001170670 ZNHIT6 9.06e-02 6.45e-06 1.25e-02
NM_018917 PCDHGA4 1.11e-01 6.47e-06 1.25e-02
NM_052954 CYYR1 -1.60e-01 6.55e-06 1.26e-02
NM_032009 PCDHGA2 9.62e-02 6.67e-06 1.27e-02
NM_022119 PRSS22 -1.30e-01 6.69e-06 1.27e-02
NM_001135703 LRP12 8.49e-02 6.74e-06 1.27e-02
NM_001031680 RUNX3 -6.21e-02 6.80e-06 1.27e-02
NM_201433 GAS7 -1.13e-01 6.82e-06 1.27e-02
NR_027271 C19orf23 2.58e-01 6.90e-06 1.27e-02
NM_198480 ZNF615 2.50e-01 6.93e-06 1.27e-02
NM_152855 IGLL1 -1.20e-01 6.97e-06 1.27e-02
NM_001008710 RBPMS -7.97e-02 7.01e-06 1.27e-02
NM_130807 MOBKL2A -1.73e-01 7.03e-06 1.27e-02
NM_024552 LASS4 9.39e-02 7.06e-06 1.27e-02
NM_012264 TMEM184B 1.34e-01 7.06e-06 1.27e-02
NM_145278 C1orf150 -1.04e-01 7.07e-06 1.27e-02
NM_000434 NEU1 7.84e-02 7.07e-06 1.27e-02
NM_144497 AKAP12 -6.88e-02 7.20e-06 1.28e-02
NM_020845 PITPNM2 -1.57e-01 7.22e-06 1.28e-02
NM_153480 IL17RE -8.13e-02 7.25e-06 1.28e-02
NM_001376 DYNC1H1 8.40e-02 7.26e-06 1.28e-02
NM_201413 APP -9.51e-02 7.32e-06 1.28e-02
NM_152721 DOK6 1.49e-01 7.33e-06 1.28e-02
NM_198488 FAM83H 2.73e-01 7.35e-06 1.28e-02
NM_007197 FZD10 1.09e-01 7.40e-06 1.28e-02
NM_018027 FRMD4A -7.37e-02 7.41e-06 1.28e-02
NM_020782 KLHDC5 1.29e-01 7.49e-06 1.29e-02
NM_030795 STMN4 1.24e-01 7.83e-06 1.34e-02
NM_020442 VARS2 1.12e-01 7.83e-06 1.34e-02
NM_021066 HIST1H2AJ 8.23e-02 7.88e-06 1.34e-02
NM_001135648 PTPRK 1.48e-01 8.01e-06 1.35e-02
NM_001042450 SLC5A10 1.03e-01 8.02e-06 1.35e-02
NM_198390 CMIP -1.32e-01 8.04e-06 1.35e-02
NM_004360 CDH1 1.37e-01 8.05e-06 1.35e-02
NM_018917 PCDHGA4 1.30e-01 8.11e-06 1.35e-02
NM_153631 HOXA3 1.58e-01 8.17e-06 1.35e-02
NM_000873 ICAM2 -1.22e-01 8.20e-06 1.35e-02
NM_000358 TGFBI -7.66e-02 8.29e-06 1.36e-02
NM_025250 TTYH3 1.39e-01 8.30e-06 1.36e-02
NM_002146 HOXB3 1.53e-01 8.34e-06 1.36e-02
NM_000434 NEU1 1.23e-01 8.40e-06 1.36e-02
NR_003512 INS-IGF2 6.62e-02 8.51e-06 1.37e-02
NM_016831 PER3 8.45e-02 8.55e-06 1.37e-02
NM_022118 RBM26 1.78e-01 8.64e-06 1.38e-02
NM_018641 CHST12 8.22e-02 8.66e-06 1.38e-02
NM_020739 CCPG1 -1.55e-01 8.70e-06 1.38e-02
NM_201284 EGFR -1.54e-01 8.84e-06 1.39e-02
NM_018917 PCDHGA4 1.02e-01 8.91e-06 1.39e-02
NM_004093 EFNB2 2.69e-01 8.96e-06 1.39e-02
NM_001142641 FBRSL1 -9.88e-02 8.96e-06 1.39e-02
NM_033054 MYO1G 1.72e-01 8.97e-06 1.39e-02
NM_005041 PRF1 -8.08e-02 9.05e-06 1.39e-02
NM_022119 PRSS22 -1.21e-01 9.07e-06 1.39e-02
NM_152246 CPT1B 2.99e-01 9.07e-06 1.39e-02
NM_016369 CLDN18 -5.87e-02 9.22e-06 1.41e-02
NM_001009880 C22orf9 1.10e-01 9.25e-06 1.41e-02
NM_001870 CPA3 -8.16e-02 9.28e-06 1.41e-02
NM_004198 CHRNA6 -5.95e-02 9.66e-06 1.45e-02
NM_025151 RAB11FIP1 -4.75e-02 9.73e-06 1.45e-02
NM_004091 E2F2 -1.51e-01 9.78e-06 1.45e-02
NM_018917 PCDHGA4 1.66e-01 9.80e-06 1.45e-02
NR_026655 FLJ12825 1.03e-01 9.98e-06 1.46e-02
NM_005856 RAMP3 5.37e-02 1.00e-05 1.46e-02
NM_022773 LMF1 -7.79e-02 1.00e-05 1.46e-02
NM_022041 GAN 7.59e-02 1.00e-05 1.46e-02
NM_020229 PRDM11 -1.22e-01 1.00e-05 1.46e-02
NM_002957 RXRA -8.90e-02 1.01e-05 1.47e-02
NM_001040427 HAGH 3.16e-02 1.01e-05 1.47e-02
NR_003512 INS-IGF2 3.62e-02 1.02e-05 1.47e-02
NM_000419 ITGA2B -1.07e-01 1.02e-05 1.47e-02
NM_004052 BNIP3 1.22e-01 1.02e-05 1.47e-02
NM_019102 HOXA5 9.55e-02 1.03e-05 1.47e-02
NM_000773 CYP2E1 -4.40e-01 1.03e-05 1.47e-02
NM_001167580 SV2B 9.09e-02 1.04e-05 1.47e-02
NM_015395 TECPR1 1.38e-01 1.05e-05 1.48e-02
NM_014770 AGAP2 7.71e-02 1.06e-05 1.49e-02
NM_199186 BPGM 7.80e-02 1.06e-05 1.49e-02
NM_032199 ARID5B 9.93e-02 1.06e-05 1.49e-02
NM_015082 FSTL4 -5.76e-02 1.08e-05 1.50e-02
NM_014994 MAPKBP1 9.30e-02 1.10e-05 1.50e-02
NM_001130136 ISLR2 8.02e-02 1.10e-05 1.50e-02
NM_003885 CDK5R1 1.33e-01 1.11e-05 1.51e-02
NM_021920 SCT -1.41e-01 1.12e-05 1.52e-02
NM_153631 HOXA3 1.21e-01 1.12e-05 1.52e-02
NM_006725 CD6 -8.63e-02 1.13e-05 1.52e-02
NM_020524 PBXIP1 9.48e-02 1.13e-05 1.52e-02
NM_000218 KCNQ1 -1.60e-01 1.13e-05 1.52e-02
NM_014373 GPR160 -3.60e-02 1.14e-05 1.52e-02
NM_000394 CRYAA -4.72e-02 1.14e-05 1.53e-02
NM_198055 MZF1 2.18e-01 1.15e-05 1.53e-02
NM_024906 SCD5 1.28e-01 1.16e-05 1.53e-02
NM_013938 OR10H3 1.18e-01 1.17e-05 1.53e-02
NM_138465 GLI4 2.59e-01 1.18e-05 1.54e-02
NM_020226 PRDM8 1.15e-01 1.19e-05 1.54e-02
NM_001725 BPI -1.82e-01 1.19e-05 1.54e-02
NM_152486 SAMD11 9.84e-02 1.20e-05 1.54e-02
NM_005780 LHFP -1.16e-01 1.21e-05 1.54e-02
NM_001570 IRAK2 -1.19e-01 1.21e-05 1.54e-02
NM_001136537 BTBD19 7.37e-02 1.22e-05 1.54e-02
NM_178569 C5orf38 4.90e-02 1.22e-05 1.54e-02
NM_001042631 SDHAF1 1.64e-01 1.25e-05 1.57e-02
NM_058182 FAM165B -1.16e-01 1.26e-05 1.57e-02
NM_000439 PCSK1 6.04e-02 1.27e-05 1.57e-02
NM_019102 HOXA5 1.77e-01 1.27e-05 1.57e-02
NM_033644 FBXW11 -8.73e-02 1.28e-05 1.57e-02
NM_005453 ZBTB22 9.78e-02 1.29e-05 1.57e-02
NM_052998 ADC 1.23e-01 1.29e-05 1.57e-02
NM_001146266 GPR85 2.07e-01 1.29e-05 1.57e-02
NM_015358 MORC3 -6.42e-02 1.30e-05 1.57e-02
NM_032872 SYTL1 1.37e-01 1.30e-05 1.57e-02
NM_012292 HMHA1 -6.84e-02 1.31e-05 1.57e-02
NM_001452 FOXF2 1.05e-01 1.31e-05 1.57e-02
NM_002714 PPP1R10 1.28e-01 1.31e-05 1.57e-02
NM_001145056 SLC44A2 1.75e-01 1.31e-05 1.57e-02
NM_005853 IRX5 1.30e-01 1.34e-05 1.58e-02
NM_080679 COL11A2 -1.04e-01 1.34e-05 1.58e-02
NM_001142397 KIAA0427 4.40e-02 1.35e-05 1.59e-02
NM_001114397 DHX36 1.35e-01 1.36e-05 1.59e-02
NM_006573 TNFSF13B -1.01e-01 1.37e-05 1.59e-02
NM_206909 PSD3 1.36e-01 1.38e-05 1.59e-02
NM_003269 NR2E1 -1.73e-01 1.39e-05 1.59e-02
NM_002410 MGAT5 -1.01e-01 1.40e-05 1.59e-02
NM_002824 PTMS 7.61e-02 1.40e-05 1.59e-02
NM_003796 C19orf2 -8.46e-02 1.40e-05 1.59e-02
NM_000745 CHRNA5 -9.92e-02 1.40e-05 1.59e-02
NR_003075 SNORD93 -9.34e-02 1.40e-05 1.59e-02
NM_145049 UBLCP1 1.51e-01 1.42e-05 1.60e-02
NM_019600 KIAA1370 1.53e-01 1.44e-05 1.61e-02
NM_001144936 C11orf95 1.03e-01 1.44e-05 1.61e-02
NM_024821 CCDC134 8.85e-02 1.44e-05 1.61e-02
NM_000095 COMP 7.83e-02 1.45e-05 1.61e-02
NM_021238 FAM60A -1.33e-01 1.45e-05 1.61e-02
NM_020962 IGDCC4 -2.25e-01 1.45e-05 1.61e-02
NM_001319 CSNK1G2 -1.13e-01 1.45e-05 1.61e-02
NM_032098 PCDHGB4 1.57e-01 1.46e-05 1.61e-02
NM_032454 STK19 2.38e-01 1.46e-05 1.61e-02
NM_004466 GPC5 9.94e-02 1.48e-05 1.62e-02
NM_019554 S100A4 -1.78e-01 1.48e-05 1.62e-02
NM_001136015 ANXA2 -1.75e-01 1.50e-05 1.62e-02
NM_000104 CYP1B1 -1.11e-01 1.50e-05 1.62e-02
NM_207381 TNFAIP8L3 -1.02e-01 1.50e-05 1.62e-02
NM_017914 C19orf24 5.23e-02 1.51e-05 1.63e-02
NM_207341 ZP1 -9.04e-02 1.52e-05 1.64e-02
NM_024596 MCPH1 -1.21e-01 1.53e-05 1.64e-02
NM_018917 PCDHGA4 1.80e-01 1.54e-05 1.64e-02
NM_033054 MYO1G 2.05e-01 1.55e-05 1.64e-02
NM_020225 STOX2 1.54e-01 1.56e-05 1.64e-02
NM_001754 RUNX1 7.67e-02 1.56e-05 1.64e-02
NM_002121 HLA-DPB1 8.11e-02 1.56e-05 1.64e-02
NM_207351 PRRT3 1.40e-01 1.57e-05 1.64e-02
NM_145056 DACT3 -1.19e-01 1.58e-05 1.65e-02
NM_144704 AIFM3 1.03e-01 1.59e-05 1.66e-02
NM_005576 LOXL1 -1.00e-01 1.61e-05 1.67e-02
NM_018113 LMBR1L 8.29e-02 1.62e-05 1.67e-02
NM_006510 TRIM27 -1.33e-01 1.62e-05 1.68e-02
NM_016224 SNX9 6.44e-02 1.64e-05 1.68e-02
NM_001080124 CASP8 -1.01e-01 1.64e-05 1.68e-02
NM_001136537 BTBD19 1.63e-01 1.65e-05 1.68e-02
NM_015076 CDK19 -1.35e-01 1.65e-05 1.68e-02
NM_001134382 IQSEC1 -5.68e-02 1.65e-05 1.68e-02
NM_001136123 FAM178A 1.20e-01 1.66e-05 1.68e-02
NM_182752 TPRG1L 1.46e-01 1.66e-05 1.68e-02
NM_173575 STK32C -1.90e-01 1.68e-05 1.69e-02
NM_153631 HOXA3 8.95e-02 1.68e-05 1.69e-02
NM_152380 TBX15 7.99e-02 1.69e-05 1.69e-02
NM_004791 ITGBL1 -2.13e-01 1.69e-05 1.69e-02
NM_001135861 PHPT1 1.01e-01 1.70e-05 1.69e-02
NM_000734 CD247 -7.36e-02 1.71e-05 1.70e-02
NM_018302 C4orf19 -1.23e-01 1.72e-05 1.70e-02
NM_138426 GLCCI1 1.07e-01 1.72e-05 1.70e-02
NM_001110 ADAM10 1.66e-01 1.72e-05 1.70e-02
NM_001165933 RGS9 7.72e-02 1.74e-05 1.71e-02
NM_001031853 INSC -1.54e-01 1.75e-05 1.72e-02
NM_080628 C20orf118 -8.92e-02 1.76e-05 1.72e-02
NM_001006641 SLC25A25 7.94e-02 1.76e-05 1.72e-02
NM_152667 NANP 9.85e-02 1.76e-05 1.72e-02
NM_206893 MS4A10 6.84e-02 1.77e-05 1.72e-02
NM_007344 TTF1 -1.21e-01 1.79e-05 1.72e-02
NM_014141 CNTNAP2 8.33e-02 1.79e-05 1.72e-02
NM_014624 S100A6 -9.73e-02 1.80e-05 1.72e-02
NM_005326 HAGH 4.11e-02 1.80e-05 1.72e-02
NM_004052 BNIP3 7.19e-02 1.80e-05 1.72e-02
NM_152855 IGLL1 -1.06e-01 1.81e-05 1.72e-02
NM_003653 COPS3 1.88e-01 1.82e-05 1.73e-02
NM_032009 PCDHGA2 2.26e-01 1.82e-05 1.73e-02
NR_015352 CECR7 5.67e-02 1.83e-05 1.73e-02
NM_013231 FLRT2 1.02e-01 1.85e-05 1.74e-02
NM_001846 COL4A2 -7.01e-02 1.85e-05 1.74e-02
NM_000411 HLCS -1.18e-01 1.86e-05 1.74e-02
NM_032214 SLA2 -1.57e-01 1.86e-05 1.74e-02
NM_001029886 PFN3 8.63e-02 1.86e-05 1.74e-02
NM_001136218 TMEM51 -1.92e-01 1.86e-05 1.74e-02
NM_006813 PNRC1 1.11e-01 1.87e-05 1.74e-02
NM_198565 LRRC33 -2.74e-01 1.88e-05 1.75e-02
NM_182775 ALS2CL -9.46e-02 1.89e-05 1.75e-02
NM_007343 PRSS3 8.23e-02 1.89e-05 1.75e-02
NM_001491 GCNT2 8.38e-02 1.90e-05 1.75e-02
NM_153813 ZFPM1 1.26e-01 1.91e-05 1.76e-02
NM_001162536 RBMXL1 1.61e-01 1.91e-05 1.76e-02
NR_003284 PA2G4P4 -9.37e-02 1.92e-05 1.76e-02
NM_002880 RAF1 3.81e-02 1.93e-05 1.76e-02
NM_001455 FOXO3 1.12e-01 1.93e-05 1.76e-02
NM_020765 UBR4 -1.00e-01 1.94e-05 1.76e-02
NM_002121 HLA-DPB1 1.07e-01 1.96e-05 1.77e-02
NM_002463 MX2 -1.43e-01 1.96e-05 1.77e-02
NM_018584 CAMK2N1 7.10e-02 1.96e-05 1.77e-02
NM_019554 S100A4 -1.61e-01 1.96e-05 1.77e-02
NM_005489 SH2D3C -7.14e-02 1.98e-05 1.78e-02
NM_000524 HTR1A 7.61e-02 1.99e-05 1.78e-02
NM_032042 FAM172A 1.14e-01 1.99e-05 1.78e-02
NM_002398 MEIS1 -1.61e-01 2.01e-05 1.79e-02
NM_000935 PLOD2 1.00e-01 2.02e-05 1.79e-02
NM_006648 WNK2 -1.01e-01 2.02e-05 1.79e-02
NM_021640 C12orf10 4.63e-02 2.03e-05 1.79e-02
NM_018917 PCDHGA4 7.71e-02 2.03e-05 1.79e-02
NM_198545 C1orf187 1.38e-01 2.04e-05 1.79e-02
NM_000697 ALOX12 -2.24e-01 2.04e-05 1.79e-02
NM_002121 HLA-DPB1 1.04e-01 2.05e-05 1.79e-02
NM_001136537 BTBD19 1.04e-01 2.05e-05 1.79e-02
NM_004077 CS 8.57e-02 2.06e-05 1.80e-02
NM_152491 PM20D1 -9.01e-02 2.06e-05 1.80e-02
NM_002121 HLA-DPB1 1.16e-01 2.07e-05 1.80e-02
NM_007368 RASA3 -6.84e-02 2.11e-05 1.83e-02
NM_198215 FAM13C 8.45e-02 2.13e-05 1.83e-02
NM_194296 SPATA24 5.43e-02 2.14e-05 1.83e-02
NM_014178 STXBP6 1.21e-01 2.15e-05 1.84e-02
NM_032199 ARID5B 1.15e-01 2.17e-05 1.84e-02
NM_000788 DCK 6.09e-02 2.17e-05 1.84e-02
NM_018917 PCDHGA4 1.02e-01 2.17e-05 1.84e-02
NM_003253 TIAM1 -5.88e-02 2.17e-05 1.84e-02
NM_170780 CD200R1 -1.97e-01 2.18e-05 1.84e-02
NM_006449 CDC42EP3 -1.35e-01 2.18e-05 1.84e-02
NM_003637 ITGA10 -7.73e-02 2.19e-05 1.84e-02
NM_198544 APITD1 1.99e-01 2.22e-05 1.85e-02
NM_032709 PYROXD2 -1.13e-01 2.22e-05 1.85e-02
NM_019102 HOXA5 1.27e-01 2.23e-05 1.85e-02
NM_001134418 LEPREL1 1.14e-01 2.23e-05 1.85e-02
NM_030571 NDFIP1 5.94e-02 2.23e-05 1.85e-02
NM_001134870 KIAA1949 -1.95e-01 2.24e-05 1.85e-02
NM_001020821 MYADM -6.53e-02 2.24e-05 1.85e-02
NM_015898 ZBTB7A 9.09e-02 2.24e-05 1.85e-02
NM_032444 BTBD12 -8.62e-02 2.25e-05 1.85e-02
NM_199160 LHX6 1.02e-01 2.25e-05 1.85e-02
NM_020225 STOX2 1.07e-01 2.27e-05 1.86e-02
NM_181265 WDR17 8.42e-02 2.27e-05 1.86e-02
NM_022355 DPEP2 -9.37e-02 2.29e-05 1.88e-02
NM_019102 HOXA5 9.48e-02 2.30e-05 1.88e-02
NM_018917 PCDHGA4 1.95e-01 2.30e-05 1.88e-02
NM_033054 MYO1G 2.87e-01 2.31e-05 1.88e-02
NM_018689 KIAA1199 -1.13e-01 2.32e-05 1.88e-02
NR_033203 LOC404266 9.47e-02 2.33e-05 1.88e-02
NM_001024912 CEACAM1 -1.37e-01 2.34e-05 1.88e-02
NM_022463 NXN -7.63e-02 2.34e-05 1.88e-02
NM_013416 NCF4 -1.08e-01 2.34e-05 1.88e-02
NM_003226 TFF3 -1.16e-01 2.35e-05 1.88e-02
NM_020693 DSCAML1 5.29e-02 2.36e-05 1.89e-02
NM_153813 ZFPM1 -9.34e-02 2.37e-05 1.89e-02
NM_001142535 LGALS12 -1.33e-01 2.40e-05 1.90e-02
NM_032454 STK19 1.93e-01 2.41e-05 1.91e-02
NR_024115 GIMAP6 -1.29e-01 2.41e-05 1.91e-02
NM_138468 ICA1L -7.31e-02 2.42e-05 1.91e-02
NM_016828 OGG1 6.97e-02 2.44e-05 1.91e-02
NM_000030 AGXT -1.84e-01 2.44e-05 1.91e-02
NM_199078 CNNM3 6.62e-02 2.44e-05 1.91e-02
NM_001810 CENPB 1.69e-01 2.45e-05 1.91e-02
NM_020663 RHOJ 8.13e-02 2.45e-05 1.91e-02
NM_001145281 OPRM1 -4.83e-02 2.45e-05 1.91e-02
NM_004619 TRAF5 -8.92e-02 2.46e-05 1.91e-02
NM_001030059 PPAPDC1A 1.67e-01 2.47e-05 1.91e-02
NM_020226 PRDM8 1.33e-01 2.47e-05 1.91e-02
NM_152410 PACRG 2.02e-01 2.48e-05 1.91e-02
NM_144608 HEXIM2 -6.55e-02 2.49e-05 1.91e-02
NM_003246 THBS1 1.04e-01 2.49e-05 1.91e-02
NM_194278 C14orf43 8.67e-02 2.49e-05 1.91e-02
NM_198517 TBC1D10C -8.72e-02 2.49e-05 1.91e-02
NM_032222 FAM188B -8.29e-02 2.51e-05 1.92e-02
NM_032009 PCDHGA2 3.90e-01 2.52e-05 1.92e-02
NM_006041 HS3ST3B1 9.88e-02 2.52e-05 1.92e-02
NM_199171 PMEPA1 -9.61e-02 2.53e-05 1.92e-02
NM_031476 CRISPLD2 -7.52e-02 2.54e-05 1.93e-02
NM_001136537 BTBD19 1.68e-01 2.55e-05 1.93e-02
NM_001838 CCR7 -1.82e-01 2.55e-05 1.93e-02
NR_003512 INS-IGF2 8.36e-02 2.56e-05 1.93e-02
NM_006186 NR4A2 -1.26e-01 2.57e-05 1.93e-02
NM_005211 CSF1R -1.12e-01 2.57e-05 1.93e-02
NM_001166355 LFNG 1.05e-01 2.57e-05 1.93e-02
NM_138410 CMTM7 -5.12e-02 2.58e-05 1.93e-02
NM_000697 ALOX12 -1.61e-01 2.58e-05 1.93e-02
NM_021240 DMRT3 -1.73e-01 2.58e-05 1.93e-02
NM_001167821 BLCAP -6.08e-02 2.59e-05 1.93e-02
NM_181809 BMP8A -9.27e-02 2.59e-05 1.93e-02
NM_001047160 NET1 -1.97e-01 2.60e-05 1.93e-02
NM_020309 SLC17A7 1.18e-01 2.61e-05 1.94e-02
NM_001134395 C7orf50 -1.16e-01 2.63e-05 1.94e-02
NM_203304 MEX3D 9.13e-02 2.66e-05 1.95e-02
NM_152899 IL4I1 1.01e-01 2.67e-05 1.95e-02
NM_020962 IGDCC4 -1.21e-01 2.69e-05 1.95e-02
NM_018240 KIRREL -1.57e-01 2.70e-05 1.95e-02
NM_001127325 MAD2L2 4.93e-02 2.70e-05 1.95e-02
NM_012455 PSD4 9.14e-02 2.70e-05 1.95e-02
NM_032444 BTBD12 -7.19e-02 2.70e-05 1.95e-02
NM_003057 SLC22A1 -1.81e-01 2.70e-05 1.95e-02
NM_003714 STC2 1.45e-01 2.71e-05 1.95e-02
NM_004573 PLCB2 -1.33e-01 2.72e-05 1.96e-02
NM_001080464 ASPG 3.69e-02 2.74e-05 1.97e-02
NM_002515 NOVA1 6.54e-02 2.74e-05 1.97e-02
NM_002398 MEIS1 -2.19e-01 2.76e-05 1.97e-02
NM_001242 CD27 -1.16e-01 2.77e-05 1.97e-02
NM_024785 FAM124B -1.41e-01 2.78e-05 1.97e-02
NM_012455 PSD4 1.79e-01 2.78e-05 1.97e-02
NM_058246 DNAJB6 -9.00e-02 2.78e-05 1.97e-02
NM_004795 KL -1.41e-01 2.78e-05 1.97e-02
NM_031297 RNF208 1.18e-01 2.79e-05 1.97e-02
NM_005189 CBX2 -8.50e-02 2.79e-05 1.97e-02
NM_138967 SCAMP5 1.09e-01 2.80e-05 1.97e-02
NM_197974 BTN3A3 -2.81e-01 2.81e-05 1.97e-02
NM_001127605 LIPA -1.11e-01 2.82e-05 1.97e-02
NM_004117 FKBP5 -4.07e-02 2.83e-05 1.97e-02
NM_152486 SAMD11 1.11e-01 2.83e-05 1.97e-02
NM_006297 XRCC1 1.37e-01 2.84e-05 1.97e-02
NM_003811 TNFSF9 1.45e-01 2.84e-05 1.97e-02
NM_001142861 SMAD6 -1.13e-01 2.85e-05 1.97e-02
NM_000935 PLOD2 1.15e-01 2.86e-05 1.97e-02
NM_001009880 C22orf9 7.68e-02 2.86e-05 1.97e-02
NM_001006638 RAB37 -8.77e-02 2.87e-05 1.98e-02
NM_017877 C2orf18 8.79e-02 2.87e-05 1.98e-02
NM_006505 PVR -1.01e-01 2.88e-05 1.98e-02
NM_024015 HOXB4 1.17e-01 2.89e-05 1.98e-02
NR_031680 MIR548H4 1.56e-01 2.90e-05 1.98e-02
NM_001797 CDH11 1.45e-01 2.91e-05 1.98e-02
NM_178569 C5orf38 3.98e-02 2.91e-05 1.98e-02
NM_014629 ARHGEF10 -4.83e-02 2.91e-05 1.98e-02
NM_032995 ARHGEF4 -1.01e-01 2.92e-05 1.98e-02
NM_007160 OR2H2 -7.90e-02 2.94e-05 1.99e-02
NR_026655 FLJ12825 1.09e-01 2.94e-05 1.99e-02
NM_145657 GSX1 3.70e-02 2.94e-05 1.99e-02
NM_001042425 TFAP2A 1.24e-01 2.95e-05 1.99e-02
NM_207351 PRRT3 2.38e-01 2.95e-05 1.99e-02
NM_198565 LRRC33 -1.05e-01 2.96e-05 2.00e-02
NM_001128922 LRRC32 -8.60e-02 2.97e-05 2.00e-02
NM_001009880 C22orf9 7.44e-02 2.97e-05 2.00e-02
NM_006034 TP53I11 -1.06e-01 3.00e-05 2.00e-02
NM_181500 CUX1 -1.67e-01 3.00e-05 2.00e-02
NM_007368 RASA3 -1.26e-01 3.01e-05 2.00e-02
NM_005521 TLX1 8.92e-02 3.02e-05 2.00e-02
NM_014770 AGAP2 1.41e-01 3.02e-05 2.00e-02
NM_004174 SLC9A3 -1.62e-01 3.02e-05 2.00e-02
NM_001365 DLG4 8.60e-02 3.03e-05 2.00e-02
NM_002501 NFIX -1.78e-01 3.04e-05 2.00e-02
NM_173593 B4GALNT3 -5.20e-02 3.05e-05 2.00e-02
NM_004120 GBP2 -2.80e-02 3.06e-05 2.01e-02
NM_014751 MTSS1 1.31e-01 3.07e-05 2.01e-02
NM_000285 PEPD -1.53e-01 3.13e-05 2.04e-02
NM_145912 NFAM1 -1.02e-01 3.14e-05 2.04e-02
NR_026804 FLJ13197 -9.16e-02 3.15e-05 2.04e-02
NM_001010922 BCL2L15 -7.53e-02 3.16e-05 2.04e-02
NM_018917 PCDHGA4 7.56e-02 3.16e-05 2.04e-02
NM_022898 BCL11B -1.10e-01 3.17e-05 2.04e-02
NM_005477 HCN4 -6.33e-02 3.17e-05 2.04e-02
NM_007105 SLC22A18AS -8.48e-02 3.18e-05 2.04e-02
NM_015194 MYO1D -1.13e-01 3.19e-05 2.04e-02
NM_020125 SLAMF8 -1.36e-01 3.19e-05 2.04e-02
NR_026655 FLJ12825 9.54e-02 3.19e-05 2.04e-02
NM_001145853 WFS1 9.92e-02 3.20e-05 2.04e-02
NM_006876 B3GNT1 7.95e-02 3.20e-05 2.04e-02
NM_007326 CYB5R3 -7.91e-02 3.20e-05 2.04e-02
NM_020152 C21orf7 -2.00e-01 3.20e-05 2.04e-02
NM_001370 DNAH6 4.65e-02 3.20e-05 2.04e-02
NM_018566 YOD1 1.19e-01 3.21e-05 2.05e-02
NM_014737 RASSF2 -8.80e-02 3.22e-05 2.05e-02
NM_033394 TANC1 -5.36e-02 3.22e-05 2.05e-02
NM_207414 FLJ43860 -1.25e-01 3.22e-05 2.05e-02
NM_016118 NUB1 6.76e-02 3.23e-05 2.05e-02
NM_001098813 SEPT8 1.02e-01 3.26e-05 2.05e-02
NM_024712 ELMO3 1.08e-01 3.26e-05 2.05e-02
NM_001142301 TMEM67 2.26e-01 3.26e-05 2.05e-02
NM_016815 GYPC -2.65e-01 3.26e-05 2.05e-02
NM_006494 ERF 1.07e-01 3.26e-05 2.05e-02
NM_002146 HOXB3 1.02e-01 3.27e-05 2.05e-02
NM_014944 CLSTN1 9.11e-02 3.29e-05 2.05e-02
NM_014620 HOXC4 5.43e-02 3.29e-05 2.05e-02
NM_001042631 SDHAF1 1.48e-01 3.30e-05 2.05e-02
NM_020422 TMEM159 -4.93e-02 3.30e-05 2.05e-02
NM_032009 PCDHGA2 1.76e-01 3.31e-05 2.05e-02
NM_024410 ODF1 -6.87e-02 3.31e-05 2.05e-02
NM_001146068 CAPN2 -1.40e-01 3.31e-05 2.05e-02
NM_001098515 MRGPRF -7.27e-02 3.32e-05 2.05e-02
NM_020673 RAB22A -9.87e-02 3.32e-05 2.05e-02
NR_027312 LOC153910 1.34e-01 3.32e-05 2.05e-02
NM_002145 HOXB2 9.49e-02 3.33e-05 2.05e-02
NM_014734 KIAA0247 -1.78e-01 3.34e-05 2.05e-02
NM_032214 SLA2 -1.74e-01 3.35e-05 2.05e-02
NM_005779 LHFPL2 -1.02e-01 3.35e-05 2.05e-02
NM_002881 RALB -1.10e-01 3.35e-05 2.05e-02
NM_000247 MICA 4.11e-02 3.35e-05 2.05e-02
NM_030775 WNT5B -9.62e-02 3.38e-05 2.05e-02
NM_002141 HOXA4 6.23e-02 3.38e-05 2.05e-02
NM_001146334 NACAD 9.30e-02 3.38e-05 2.05e-02
NM_019058 DDIT4 1.15e-01 3.42e-05 2.07e-02
NM_015144 ZCCHC14 -3.43e-01 3.43e-05 2.07e-02
NM_018972 GDAP1 1.30e-01 3.43e-05 2.07e-02
NR_029671 MIR125B1 4.95e-02 3.45e-05 2.07e-02
NM_018557 LRP1B 1.18e-01 3.46e-05 2.07e-02
NR_029633 MIR219-1 1.42e-01 3.47e-05 2.07e-02
NM_001160138 C7orf63 1.20e-01 3.48e-05 2.07e-02
NM_207437 DNAH10 -9.08e-02 3.49e-05 2.07e-02
NM_020225 STOX2 2.00e-01 3.49e-05 2.07e-02
NM_005993 TBCD -1.34e-01 3.49e-05 2.07e-02
NM_024552 LASS4 1.64e-01 3.51e-05 2.07e-02
NM_017766 CASZ1 -1.15e-01 3.51e-05 2.07e-02
NM_018912 PCDHGA1 1.43e-01 3.51e-05 2.07e-02
NM_004061 CDH12 8.19e-02 3.52e-05 2.07e-02
NM_004553 NDUFS6 -6.61e-02 3.52e-05 2.07e-02
NM_173551 ANKS6 -1.25e-01 3.52e-05 2.07e-02
NM_020524 PBXIP1 1.42e-01 3.53e-05 2.08e-02
NM_003030 SHOX2 1.20e-01 3.55e-05 2.08e-02
NM_005252 FOS 9.79e-02 3.56e-05 2.08e-02
NM_005373 MPL 2.38e-01 3.58e-05 2.09e-02
NM_000869 HTR3A -1.13e-01 3.60e-05 2.10e-02
NM_004090 DUSP3 -1.23e-01 3.61e-05 2.10e-02
NM_014714 IFT140 -1.56e-01 3.62e-05 2.10e-02
NM_002273 KRT8 -3.68e-02 3.62e-05 2.10e-02
NM_001148 ANK2 1.36e-01 3.64e-05 2.11e-02
NM_018917 PCDHGA4 3.12e-01 3.66e-05 2.11e-02
NM_001105521 JAKMIP3 1.46e-01 3.67e-05 2.11e-02
NM_198227 RGS12 1.57e-01 3.67e-05 2.11e-02
NM_018945 PDE7B 1.65e-01 3.68e-05 2.11e-02
NM_001105567 KIF13A 2.19e-01 3.69e-05 2.12e-02
NM_018917 PCDHGA4 1.28e-01 3.71e-05 2.12e-02
NM_001099 ACPP -1.45e-01 3.71e-05 2.12e-02
NM_138431 MFSD3 -6.19e-02 3.73e-05 2.12e-02
NM_001114618 MGAT1 -1.70e-01 3.74e-05 2.12e-02
NM_020825 CRAMP1L -1.19e-01 3.74e-05 2.12e-02
NM_018917 PCDHGA4 6.51e-02 3.74e-05 2.12e-02
NM_004350 RUNX3 6.07e-02 3.74e-05 2.12e-02
NM_016651 DACT1 8.22e-02 3.75e-05 2.12e-02
NM_018915 PCDHGA2 2.64e-01 3.75e-05 2.12e-02
NM_019619 PARD3 -6.51e-02 3.75e-05 2.12e-02
NM_021599 ADAMTS2 1.16e-01 3.75e-05 2.12e-02
NR_024019 FAM193B 1.15e-01 3.78e-05 2.13e-02
NM_152432 FLJ32810 9.09e-02 3.79e-05 2.13e-02
NM_000168 GLI3 1.03e-01 3.79e-05 2.13e-02
NM_004449 ERG -9.72e-02 3.80e-05 2.13e-02
NM_031482 ATG10 -9.38e-02 3.80e-05 2.13e-02
NM_053056 CCND1 1.08e-01 3.81e-05 2.13e-02
NM_020725 ATXN7L1 -1.09e-01 3.82e-05 2.13e-02
NM_015204 THSD7A 1.04e-01 3.84e-05 2.13e-02
NM_012072 CD93 -6.63e-02 3.85e-05 2.13e-02
NM_001164114 CASS4 -2.54e-01 3.85e-05 2.13e-02
NM_016279 CDH9 1.11e-01 3.85e-05 2.13e-02
NR_024015 TDRG1 -7.98e-02 3.87e-05 2.13e-02
NM_000394 CRYAA -9.25e-02 3.87e-05 2.13e-02
NM_024706 ZNF668 -7.48e-02 3.87e-05 2.13e-02
NM_001145301 RARA -9.55e-02 3.88e-05 2.13e-02
NM_000512 GALNS -5.86e-02 3.88e-05 2.13e-02
NM_015569 DNM3 -6.79e-02 3.88e-05 2.13e-02
NM_005632 SOLH -4.96e-02 3.90e-05 2.14e-02
NM_001170738 IQSEC3 8.77e-02 3.92e-05 2.14e-02
NM_016831 PER3 1.31e-01 3.93e-05 2.14e-02
NM_001029887 HELT 4.37e-02 3.93e-05 2.14e-02
NM_198227 RGS12 8.14e-02 3.93e-05 2.14e-02
NM_031443 CCM2 -1.13e-01 3.93e-05 2.14e-02
NM_018957 SH3BP1 -1.30e-01 3.94e-05 2.14e-02
NM_018915 PCDHGA2 1.01e-01 3.94e-05 2.14e-02
NM_015296 DOCK9 -1.24e-01 3.95e-05 2.14e-02
NM_015002 FBXO21 1.70e-01 3.95e-05 2.14e-02
NM_020429 SMURF1 1.20e-01 3.95e-05 2.14e-02
NM_020170 NCLN -8.45e-02 3.96e-05 2.14e-02
NM_016347 NAT8B -6.35e-02 3.97e-05 2.15e-02
NM_012305 AP2A2 -1.41e-01 4.03e-05 2.17e-02
NR_027003 DKFZp434J0226 -7.20e-02 4.04e-05 2.17e-02
NM_001526 HCRTR2 3.96e-02 4.05e-05 2.17e-02
NM_173683 XKR6 -1.10e-01 4.07e-05 2.18e-02
NM_018915 PCDHGA2 1.17e-01 4.08e-05 2.18e-02
NM_006039 MRC2 -1.77e-01 4.09e-05 2.18e-02
NM_005539 INPP5A -7.88e-02 4.10e-05 2.18e-02
NM_014236 GNPAT 1.57e-01 4.10e-05 2.18e-02
NM_003549 HYAL3 4.53e-02 4.11e-05 2.18e-02
NM_025027 ZNF606 8.51e-02 4.11e-05 2.18e-02
NM_032199 ARID5B 1.09e-01 4.12e-05 2.18e-02
NM_020458 TTC7A 1.23e-01 4.14e-05 2.19e-02
NM_001128309 TSPAN14 7.69e-02 4.16e-05 2.19e-02
NM_001099403 PRDM8 1.25e-01 4.16e-05 2.19e-02
NM_207437 DNAH10 -2.70e-01 4.18e-05 2.19e-02
NR_003512 INS-IGF2 1.11e-01 4.18e-05 2.19e-02
NM_015053 PPFIA4 -1.19e-01 4.20e-05 2.20e-02
NR_026580 TFDP1 -9.54e-02 4.21e-05 2.20e-02
NM_000261 MYOC -3.74e-02 4.21e-05 2.20e-02
NM_001127491 ITGB2 -9.54e-02 4.21e-05 2.20e-02
NM_018130 SHQ1 4.19e-02 4.22e-05 2.20e-02
NM_130435 PTPRE -1.03e-01 4.22e-05 2.20e-02
NM_004246 GLP2R -8.44e-02 4.25e-05 2.21e-02
NM_003036 SKI -2.50e-01 4.27e-05 2.21e-02
NM_006734 HIVEP2 1.23e-01 4.27e-05 2.21e-02
NM_020429 SMURF1 1.17e-01 4.27e-05 2.21e-02
NR_026678 TMEM79 7.92e-02 4.27e-05 2.21e-02
NM_173478 CNTD1 4.66e-02 4.27e-05 2.21e-02
NM_002141 HOXA4 6.96e-02 4.28e-05 2.21e-02
NM_014770 AGAP2 1.69e-01 4.31e-05 2.21e-02
NM_001042729 FGR -6.15e-02 4.32e-05 2.21e-02
NM_015122 FCHO1 -7.33e-02 4.33e-05 2.21e-02
NM_147189 FAM110B 1.50e-01 4.33e-05 2.21e-02
NM_022089 ATP13A2 6.77e-02 4.34e-05 2.22e-02
NM_004174 SLC9A3 -2.55e-01 4.36e-05 2.22e-02
NM_003960 NAT8 -8.69e-02 4.37e-05 2.22e-02
NM_000224 KRT18 -8.50e-02 4.39e-05 2.23e-02
NM_199054 MKNK2 8.44e-02 4.40e-05 2.23e-02
NM_175065 HIST2H2AB 1.20e-01 4.40e-05 2.24e-02
NM_018915 PCDHGA2 1.48e-01 4.41e-05 2.24e-02
NM_001164749 NPAS3 8.40e-02 4.43e-05 2.24e-02
NM_001031734 FDX1L 8.00e-02 4.44e-05 2.24e-02
NM_020777 SORCS2 -5.78e-02 4.44e-05 2.24e-02
NM_000843 GRM6 7.09e-02 4.45e-05 2.24e-02
NM_001008712 RBPMS -7.72e-02 4.46e-05 2.24e-02
NM_020214 PARP6 1.26e-01 4.47e-05 2.24e-02
NM_015254 KIF13B -1.52e-01 4.47e-05 2.24e-02
NM_022082 SLC17A9 -8.52e-02 4.48e-05 2.24e-02
NM_183233 SLC22A18 -7.89e-02 4.48e-05 2.24e-02
NM_022475 HHIP 9.82e-02 4.48e-05 2.24e-02
NR_002188 GBAP1 6.81e-02 4.49e-05 2.24e-02
NM_032927 TMEM128 1.01e-01 4.49e-05 2.24e-02
NM_016332 SEPX1 -4.20e-02 4.51e-05 2.24e-02
NM_024830 LPCAT1 -7.25e-02 4.52e-05 2.24e-02
NM_012335 MYO1F -1.11e-01 4.53e-05 2.24e-02
NM_145687 MAP4K4 1.12e-01 4.53e-05 2.24e-02
NM_013275 ANKRD11 -6.11e-02 4.55e-05 2.24e-02
NM_175607 CNTN4 9.24e-02 4.55e-05 2.24e-02
NM_006477 RASL10A 8.05e-02 4.55e-05 2.24e-02
NM_144691 CAPN12 -1.34e-01 4.56e-05 2.24e-02
NM_003550 MAD1L1 -1.06e-01 4.56e-05 2.24e-02
NM_153746 ZDHHC14 -5.19e-02 4.57e-05 2.24e-02
NM_000174 GP9 -8.99e-02 4.57e-05 2.24e-02
NM_018917 PCDHGA4 2.01e-01 4.57e-05 2.24e-02
NR_033182 LOC100130872-SPON2 -1.12e-01 4.57e-05 2.24e-02
NM_213609 FAM19A1 1.08e-01 4.57e-05 2.24e-02
NM_152855 IGLL1 -9.33e-02 4.57e-05 2.24e-02
NM_020226 PRDM8 1.48e-01 4.61e-05 2.25e-02
NM_024667 VPS37B 5.77e-02 4.64e-05 2.26e-02
NM_033015 FASTK 5.60e-02 4.65e-05 2.26e-02
NM_012153 EHF -6.34e-02 4.65e-05 2.26e-02
NM_004562 PARK2 1.91e-01 4.69e-05 2.26e-02
NM_024324 CRELD2 -9.73e-02 4.69e-05 2.26e-02
NM_001557 CXCR2 -1.24e-01 4.70e-05 2.26e-02
NM_002146 HOXB3 1.52e-01 4.71e-05 2.26e-02
NM_001993 F3 5.70e-02 4.71e-05 2.26e-02
NM_172129 CAMK2D -6.33e-02 4.73e-05 2.27e-02
NM_145003 TSNARE1 -8.11e-02 4.75e-05 2.27e-02
NM_001242 CD27 -9.49e-02 4.77e-05 2.27e-02
NM_025160 WDR26 7.97e-02 4.77e-05 2.27e-02
NR_027072 NCRNA00189 -2.02e-01 4.78e-05 2.27e-02
NM_032009 PCDHGA2 1.26e-01 4.78e-05 2.27e-02
NM_002146 HOXB3 1.53e-01 4.79e-05 2.28e-02
NM_015945 SLC35C2 -6.37e-02 4.81e-05 2.28e-02
NM_002501 NFIX 1.28e-01 4.82e-05 2.28e-02
NR_028044 IGF2AS 1.29e-01 4.82e-05 2.28e-02
NR_015436 LOC645323 5.54e-02 4.82e-05 2.28e-02
NM_014667 VGLL4 9.95e-02 4.83e-05 2.28e-02
NM_025145 C10orf79 -1.06e-01 4.83e-05 2.28e-02
NM_032039 ITFG3 -1.63e-01 4.83e-05 2.28e-02
NM_018012 KIF26B -2.14e-01 4.85e-05 2.28e-02
NM_130444 COL18A1 -1.53e-01 4.87e-05 2.29e-02
NM_020734 RIMKLB -1.73e-01 4.90e-05 2.29e-02
NM_138328 RHBDL3 -8.21e-02 4.90e-05 2.29e-02
NM_002194 INPP1 4.08e-02 4.91e-05 2.29e-02
NM_006289 TLN1 -9.37e-02 4.93e-05 2.30e-02
NM_024761 MOBKL2B -1.04e-01 4.94e-05 2.30e-02
NM_153692 HTRA4 -1.10e-01 4.95e-05 2.30e-02
NM_001165903 STX1A 1.67e-01 4.96e-05 2.30e-02
NM_001118888 ANGPT2 -8.22e-02 4.98e-05 2.31e-02
NM_014770 AGAP2 1.77e-01 5.00e-05 2.31e-02
NM_015320 ARHGEF4 -1.66e-01 5.00e-05 2.31e-02
NR_024433 LOC283663 -2.17e-01 5.01e-05 2.31e-02
NM_019602 BTNL2 -1.68e-01 5.01e-05 2.31e-02
NM_001030288 SPN -8.53e-02 5.03e-05 2.31e-02
NM_144688 CCDC155 -1.18e-01 5.07e-05 2.32e-02
NM_002839 PTPRD 5.87e-02 5.08e-05 2.33e-02
NM_020945 WDFY4 -1.05e-01 5.09e-05 2.33e-02
NM_182574 MAMSTR 1.02e-01 5.12e-05 2.34e-02
NM_080669 SLC46A1 1.16e-01 5.12e-05 2.34e-02
NM_030957 ADAMTS10 1.53e-01 5.13e-05 2.34e-02
NM_138465 GLI4 1.67e-01 5.14e-05 2.34e-02
NM_015071 ARHGAP26 -1.43e-01 5.14e-05 2.34e-02
NM_001754 RUNX1 -1.70e-01 5.15e-05 2.34e-02
NM_001077269 WIPF1 -1.66e-01 5.16e-05 2.34e-02
NM_015833 ADARB1 -7.29e-02 5.18e-05 2.35e-02
NM_020442 VARS2 1.56e-01 5.20e-05 2.35e-02
NM_000715 C4BPA -8.88e-02 5.20e-05 2.35e-02
NM_020429 SMURF1 9.06e-02 5.23e-05 2.36e-02
NM_001491 GCNT2 1.01e-01 5.23e-05 2.36e-02
NM_207351 PRRT3 1.23e-01 5.25e-05 2.36e-02
NM_001018053 PFKFB2 -1.09e-01 5.26e-05 2.36e-02
NM_016492 RANGRF 9.81e-02 5.28e-05 2.36e-02
NM_019102 HOXA5 6.34e-02 5.28e-05 2.36e-02
NM_145239 PRRT2 7.23e-02 5.29e-05 2.36e-02
NM_001005914 SEMA3B 9.08e-02 5.30e-05 2.37e-02
NM_006397 RNASEH2A 2.05e-01 5.32e-05 2.37e-02
NM_001145122 CAPN14 -4.94e-02 5.32e-05 2.37e-02
NM_152380 TBX15 8.69e-02 5.33e-05 2.37e-02
NM_182492 LRP5L -1.34e-01 5.37e-05 2.38e-02
NM_000218 KCNQ1 -1.10e-01 5.37e-05 2.38e-02
NM_016463 CXXC5 6.92e-02 5.38e-05 2.38e-02
NM_001012337 ROPN1B 1.52e-01 5.38e-05 2.38e-02
NM_199054 MKNK2 1.23e-01 5.39e-05 2.38e-02
NM_130445 COL18A1 -1.20e-01 5.40e-05 2.38e-02
NM_016621 PHF21A -6.20e-02 5.42e-05 2.38e-02
NM_182560 C14orf177 -2.04e-01 5.42e-05 2.38e-02
NM_003019 SFTPD -8.82e-02 5.43e-05 2.38e-02
NM_001165899 PDE4D 5.48e-02 5.43e-05 2.38e-02
NM_012079 DGAT1 7.24e-02 5.44e-05 2.38e-02
NM_001846 COL4A2 -1.27e-01 5.44e-05 2.38e-02
NM_020707 HHATL 9.65e-02 5.45e-05 2.38e-02
NM_019102 HOXA5 7.73e-02 5.48e-05 2.38e-02
NM_003714 STC2 1.74e-01 5.48e-05 2.38e-02
NM_001143959 C2orf74 -7.74e-02 5.48e-05 2.38e-02
NM_001127217 SMAD9 -1.12e-01 5.50e-05 2.38e-02
NM_052897 MBD6 9.52e-02 5.51e-05 2.38e-02
NM_152245 CPT1B 8.47e-02 5.51e-05 2.38e-02
NM_152732 RSPH9 5.78e-02 5.51e-05 2.38e-02
NM_001164749 NPAS3 1.21e-01 5.52e-05 2.38e-02
NM_018239 LRRC20 -1.69e-01 5.52e-05 2.38e-02
NM_182775 ALS2CL -1.12e-01 5.52e-05 2.38e-02
NM_022119 PRSS22 -1.05e-01 5.52e-05 2.38e-02
NM_014048 MKL2 1.34e-01 5.53e-05 2.38e-02
NM_173688 NKAIN3 -1.05e-01 5.54e-05 2.38e-02
NM_032983 CASP2 -9.27e-02 5.55e-05 2.38e-02
NM_000983 RPL22 5.97e-02 5.55e-05 2.38e-02
NM_006942 SOX15 1.38e-01 5.57e-05 2.38e-02
NM_018316 KLHL26 -7.61e-02 5.58e-05 2.38e-02
NM_152324 C13orf16 -7.85e-02 5.60e-05 2.38e-02
NM_001004431 METRNL -1.34e-01 5.61e-05 2.38e-02
NM_001099403 PRDM8 1.42e-01 5.62e-05 2.38e-02
NM_001129730 ZNF837 2.51e-01 5.62e-05 2.38e-02
NM_002885 RAP1GAP 2.91e-02 5.62e-05 2.38e-02
NM_001239 CCNH 9.27e-02 5.64e-05 2.38e-02
NM_030948 PHACTR1 1.04e-01 5.64e-05 2.38e-02
NM_000075 CDK4 3.09e-02 5.65e-05 2.38e-02
NM_001159575 SCNN1A -2.13e-01 5.65e-05 2.38e-02
NM_014831 TRANK1 -2.25e-01 5.65e-05 2.38e-02
NR_029386 DEFA10P -1.06e-01 5.65e-05 2.38e-02
NM_183235 RAB27A -6.36e-02 5.66e-05 2.38e-02
NM_024026 MRP63 2.19e-01 5.66e-05 2.38e-02
NM_001136218 TMEM51 -6.96e-02 5.67e-05 2.38e-02
NM_182643 DLC1 -5.60e-02 5.69e-05 2.38e-02
NM_000505 F12 5.62e-02 5.69e-05 2.38e-02
NM_032199 ARID5B 9.42e-02 5.71e-05 2.39e-02
NM_003780 B4GALT2 1.12e-01 5.73e-05 2.39e-02
NR_027790 C21orf34 -2.81e-01 5.75e-05 2.39e-02
NM_147168 C9orf24 -1.16e-01 5.75e-05 2.39e-02
NM_015215 CAMTA1 9.42e-02 5.77e-05 2.39e-02
NM_021111 RECK 1.42e-01 5.79e-05 2.40e-02
NM_005993 TBCD -5.62e-02 5.83e-05 2.41e-02
NM_015482 SLC22A23 1.31e-01 5.84e-05 2.41e-02
NM_015089 CUL9 1.22e-01 5.84e-05 2.41e-02
NM_020373 ANO2 -5.59e-02 5.84e-05 2.41e-02
NM_001142589 NFYC -9.86e-02 5.85e-05 2.41e-02
NM_052934 SLC26A9 -1.16e-01 5.85e-05 2.41e-02
NM_007365 PADI2 -1.95e-01 5.85e-05 2.41e-02
NM_007353 GNA12 -1.03e-01 5.86e-05 2.41e-02
NM_053005 HCCA2 -9.08e-02 5.86e-05 2.41e-02
NM_001163 APBA1 -1.15e-01 5.87e-05 2.41e-02
NM_012259 HEY2 -6.60e-02 5.88e-05 2.41e-02
NM_002801 PSMB10 7.56e-02 5.89e-05 2.41e-02
NM_152547 BTNL9 1.45e-01 5.90e-05 2.42e-02
NM_020777 SORCS2 -1.46e-01 5.91e-05 2.42e-02
NM_031475 ESPN 8.46e-02 5.92e-05 2.42e-02
NM_032199 ARID5B 1.42e-01 5.93e-05 2.42e-02
NM_016932 SIX2 -1.22e-01 5.95e-05 2.42e-02
NM_002586 PBX2 1.06e-01 5.95e-05 2.42e-02
NM_021636 LGR6 -8.37e-02 5.95e-05 2.42e-02
NM_001001433 STX16 6.90e-02 5.95e-05 2.42e-02
NM_001794 CDH4 -2.71e-02 5.95e-05 2.42e-02
NM_133447 AGAP11 -1.34e-01 5.96e-05 2.42e-02
NM_001129730 ZNF837 1.62e-01 5.97e-05 2.42e-02
NM_001025236 TSPAN4 1.01e-01 5.97e-05 2.42e-02
NM_001122772 AGAP2 1.45e-01 6.00e-05 2.42e-02
NM_025055 CCDC33 -1.25e-01 6.00e-05 2.42e-02
NM_013281 FLRT3 2.78e-02 6.01e-05 2.42e-02
NM_198083 DHRS4L2 -1.18e-01 6.03e-05 2.43e-02
NM_004810 GRAP2 -1.30e-01 6.03e-05 2.43e-02
NM_022549 FEZ1 1.24e-01 6.05e-05 2.43e-02
NM_014862 ARNT2 5.13e-02 6.05e-05 2.43e-02
NM_198838 ACACA 1.04e-01 6.06e-05 2.43e-02
NM_015570 AUTS2 -9.60e-02 6.06e-05 2.43e-02
NM_020524 PBXIP1 7.36e-02 6.07e-05 2.43e-02
NM_020041 SLC2A9 -1.84e-01 6.07e-05 2.43e-02
NM_178457 ZNF831 -1.61e-01 6.08e-05 2.43e-02
NM_019102 HOXA5 1.29e-01 6.09e-05 2.43e-02
NM_003260 TLE2 -8.82e-02 6.11e-05 2.43e-02
NM_001168390 C10orf105 -5.87e-02 6.12e-05 2.43e-02
NM_012335 MYO1F 1.72e-01 6.12e-05 2.43e-02
NM_020741 KIAA1257 8.16e-02 6.12e-05 2.43e-02
NM_000440 PDE6A -1.80e-01 6.14e-05 2.44e-02
NM_002840 PTPRF -1.25e-01 6.14e-05 2.44e-02
NM_006480 RGS14 2.03e-01 6.16e-05 2.44e-02
NM_000593 TAP1 -1.38e-01 6.16e-05 2.44e-02
NM_001025236 TSPAN4 1.29e-01 6.19e-05 2.44e-02
NM_032445 MEGF11 -8.11e-02 6.19e-05 2.45e-02
NM_005569 LIMK2 -9.59e-02 6.22e-05 2.45e-02
NM_002419 MAP3K11 1.10e-01 6.22e-05 2.45e-02
NM_199186 BPGM 8.08e-02 6.23e-05 2.45e-02
NM_002118 HLA-DMB -1.03e-01 6.23e-05 2.45e-02
NM_138326 ACMSD -8.36e-02 6.27e-05 2.45e-02
NM_175075 C8orf42 1.62e-01 6.27e-05 2.45e-02
NM_145235 FANK1 5.37e-02 6.27e-05 2.45e-02
NM_015155 LARP4B -3.96e-02 6.30e-05 2.45e-02
NM_003041 SLC5A2 1.13e-01 6.32e-05 2.46e-02
NM_020925 CACHD1 -1.03e-01 6.36e-05 2.47e-02
NM_207360 ZC3H12D -1.46e-01 6.36e-05 2.47e-02
NM_001900 CST5 -7.83e-02 6.38e-05 2.47e-02
NM_032444 BTBD12 -7.35e-02 6.38e-05 2.47e-02
NM_018702 ADARB2 -4.21e-02 6.38e-05 2.47e-02
NM_130772 S100Z -1.44e-01 6.39e-05 2.47e-02
NM_207420 SLC2A7 -9.62e-02 6.40e-05 2.47e-02
NM_007103 NDUFV1 8.48e-02 6.42e-05 2.47e-02
NM_032270 LRRC8C -1.37e-01 6.42e-05 2.47e-02
NM_004643 PABPN1 -3.97e-02 6.42e-05 2.47e-02
NM_002430 MN1 1.00e-01 6.43e-05 2.47e-02
NM_005187 CBFA2T3 -8.97e-02 6.44e-05 2.47e-02
NM_001164646 SFTPA1 -1.68e-01 6.45e-05 2.47e-02
NM_001146016 TJAP1 6.08e-02 6.46e-05 2.47e-02
NM_004077 CS 3.53e-02 6.46e-05 2.47e-02
NM_017819 RG9MTD1 -1.47e-01 6.46e-05 2.47e-02
NM_153045 C9orf91 -5.12e-02 6.47e-05 2.47e-02
NM_014831 TRANK1 -2.79e-01 6.50e-05 2.48e-02
NM_201650 LRRC23 8.59e-02 6.51e-05 2.48e-02
NM_006186 NR4A2 -1.63e-01 6.53e-05 2.49e-02
NM_018917 PCDHGA4 1.48e-01 6.55e-05 2.49e-02
NM_001122772 AGAP2 1.67e-01 6.58e-05 2.50e-02
NM_002222 ITPR1 -1.48e-01 6.59e-05 2.50e-02
NR_027756 HTA -7.36e-02 6.61e-05 2.50e-02
NM_152430 OR51E1 -8.71e-02 6.61e-05 2.50e-02
NM_001703 BAI2 1.23e-01 6.61e-05 2.50e-02
NM_001004067 NOMO3 5.59e-02 6.62e-05 2.50e-02
NM_013310 C2orf27A -1.66e-01 6.63e-05 2.50e-02
NM_015052 HECW1 6.41e-02 6.63e-05 2.50e-02
NM_207362 C2orf55 1.34e-01 6.64e-05 2.50e-02
NM_014468 VENTX 9.77e-02 6.65e-05 2.50e-02
NM_014629 ARHGEF10 -1.44e-01 6.66e-05 2.50e-02
NM_207360 ZC3H12D -1.64e-01 6.67e-05 2.50e-02
NM_032454 STK19 1.66e-01 6.68e-05 2.50e-02
NM_006513 SARS 5.15e-02 6.68e-05 2.50e-02
NM_019073 SPATA6 9.91e-02 6.69e-05 2.50e-02
NM_002710 PPP1CC 9.80e-02 6.72e-05 2.50e-02
NM_032009 PCDHGA2 1.70e-01 6.74e-05 2.50e-02
NM_001037165 FOXK1 -7.24e-02 6.75e-05 2.50e-02
NM_004488 GP5 -7.64e-02 6.75e-05 2.50e-02
NM_003641 IFITM1 -2.24e-01 6.76e-05 2.50e-02
NM_153609 TMPRSS6 -4.20e-02 6.76e-05 2.50e-02
NM_022746 MOSC1 6.08e-02 6.76e-05 2.50e-02
NM_015183 MAST4 -1.32e-01 6.78e-05 2.51e-02
NM_030583 MATN2 -1.56e-01 6.81e-05 2.51e-02
NM_152531 C3orf21 -1.09e-01 6.82e-05 2.51e-02
NM_207360 ZC3H12D -1.84e-01 6.82e-05 2.51e-02
NM_000729 CCK 9.40e-02 6.83e-05 2.51e-02
NM_020777 SORCS2 -7.19e-02 6.84e-05 2.51e-02
NM_018917 PCDHGA4 9.19e-02 6.84e-05 2.51e-02
NM_032454 STK19 1.08e-01 6.85e-05 2.51e-02
NM_021116 ADCY1 4.62e-02 6.85e-05 2.51e-02
NM_001142861 SMAD6 -1.15e-01 6.86e-05 2.51e-02
NR_026943 LOC642852 -2.84e-01 6.86e-05 2.51e-02
NM_002659 PLAUR -4.96e-02 6.90e-05 2.52e-02
NM_006781 C6orf10 -3.52e-02 6.91e-05 2.52e-02
NM_004159 PSMB8 -1.07e-01 6.91e-05 2.52e-02
NM_020309 SLC17A7 1.03e-01 6.92e-05 2.52e-02
NM_001001894 TTC3 1.63e-01 6.92e-05 2.52e-02
NM_000697 ALOX12 -7.52e-02 6.92e-05 2.52e-02
NM_003335 UBA7 -2.11e-01 6.94e-05 2.52e-02
NM_003407 ZFP36 -1.34e-01 6.94e-05 2.52e-02
NM_001099646 SLC47A2 -1.08e-01 6.94e-05 2.52e-02
NM_000447 PSEN2 -2.11e-01 6.96e-05 2.52e-02
NM_030651 PRRT1 -1.83e-01 6.97e-05 2.52e-02
NM_001100390 IQCE -1.02e-01 6.97e-05 2.52e-02
NM_030665 RAI1 1.08e-01 6.99e-05 2.53e-02
NM_001130915 MAMSTR 7.76e-02 7.00e-05 2.53e-02
NR_024081 C14orf165 1.76e-01 7.02e-05 2.53e-02
NM_022047 DEF6 -2.13e-01 7.03e-05 2.53e-02
NM_033023 PDGFA 6.93e-02 7.03e-05 2.53e-02
NM_015015 KDM4B -7.14e-02 7.05e-05 2.54e-02
NM_004913 C16orf7 -1.25e-01 7.06e-05 2.54e-02
NM_182826 SCARA3 -5.52e-02 7.07e-05 2.54e-02
NM_201413 APP -9.06e-02 7.07e-05 2.54e-02
NM_007175 ERLIN2 6.92e-02 7.08e-05 2.54e-02
NR_024430 LOC399959 1.48e-01 7.08e-05 2.54e-02
NM_005923 MAP3K5 -1.35e-01 7.09e-05 2.54e-02
NM_001113347 ECE1 -1.53e-01 7.10e-05 2.54e-02
NM_000504 F10 -6.92e-02 7.12e-05 2.54e-02
NM_018910 PCDHA7 -7.63e-02 7.12e-05 2.54e-02
NM_053277 CLIC6 -1.22e-01 7.12e-05 2.54e-02
NM_000890 KCNJ5 -5.70e-02 7.13e-05 2.54e-02
NM_001114598 ASPDH 1.04e-01 7.14e-05 2.54e-02
NM_013233 STK39 -8.21e-02 7.14e-05 2.54e-02
NM_001163446 CPA4 -7.23e-02 7.14e-05 2.54e-02
NM_001127457 CRY2 8.78e-02 7.14e-05 2.54e-02
NM_005453 ZBTB22 9.32e-02 7.15e-05 2.54e-02
NM_145257 C1orf96 1.34e-01 7.15e-05 2.54e-02
NM_001692 ATP6V1B1 -6.00e-02 7.17e-05 2.54e-02
NM_002123 HLA-DQB1 1.78e-01 7.17e-05 2.54e-02
NM_005187 CBFA2T3 -8.31e-02 7.17e-05 2.54e-02
NM_022823 FNDC4 -9.57e-02 7.18e-05 2.54e-02
NR_028044 IGF2AS 8.31e-02 7.18e-05 2.54e-02
NM_001370 DNAH6 2.97e-02 7.19e-05 2.54e-02
NM_182574 MAMSTR 1.04e-01 7.19e-05 2.54e-02
NM_020226 PRDM8 1.87e-01 7.20e-05 2.54e-02
NM_152906 C22orf25 1.29e-01 7.21e-05 2.54e-02
NM_007264 GPR182 -7.80e-02 7.21e-05 2.54e-02
NM_018949 UTS2R 5.13e-02 7.22e-05 2.54e-02
NM_018917 PCDHGA4 1.16e-01 7.22e-05 2.54e-02
NM_001142641 FBRSL1 -6.15e-02 7.25e-05 2.54e-02
NM_014444 TUBGCP4 8.64e-02 7.26e-05 2.54e-02
NM_206839 MORF4L1 7.10e-02 7.26e-05 2.54e-02
NM_032339 C17orf37 8.50e-02 7.27e-05 2.54e-02
NM_006540 NCOA2 6.78e-02 7.27e-05 2.54e-02
NM_207511 C9orf139 -7.20e-02 7.28e-05 2.54e-02
NM_018027 FRMD4A 1.30e-01 7.31e-05 2.55e-02
NM_198693 KRTAP10-2 1.68e-01 7.34e-05 2.56e-02
NM_144962 PEBP4 1.47e-01 7.36e-05 2.56e-02
NM_130446 KLHL6 -1.05e-01 7.37e-05 2.56e-02
NM_052847 GNG7 -8.73e-02 7.41e-05 2.57e-02
NM_138961 ESAM -1.15e-01 7.42e-05 2.57e-02
NM_001030288 SPN -1.07e-01 7.42e-05 2.57e-02
NM_012184 FOXD4L1 -8.54e-02 7.43e-05 2.57e-02
NM_014420 DKK4 -1.23e-01 7.44e-05 2.57e-02
NR_031735 MIR1914 -1.16e-01 7.44e-05 2.57e-02
NR_002211 MEIS3P1 9.13e-02 7.45e-05 2.57e-02
NM_198526 ZNF710 -8.94e-02 7.45e-05 2.57e-02
NM_020947 KIAA1609 9.50e-02 7.47e-05 2.57e-02
NM_001128922 LRRC32 -1.34e-01 7.50e-05 2.58e-02
NM_004810 GRAP2 -9.78e-02 7.50e-05 2.58e-02
NM_152666 PLD5 5.87e-02 7.50e-05 2.58e-02
NM_020440 PTGFRN 9.55e-02 7.50e-05 2.58e-02
NM_024700 SNIP1 9.63e-02 7.51e-05 2.58e-02
NM_002558 P2RX1 -8.10e-02 7.52e-05 2.58e-02
NM_033500 HK1 1.07e-01 7.54e-05 2.58e-02
NM_002144 HOXB1 1.70e-01 7.54e-05 2.58e-02
NM_030571 NDFIP1 1.53e-01 7.54e-05 2.58e-02
NR_004053 SOX2OT 8.72e-02 7.56e-05 2.58e-02
NM_015136 STAB1 -9.49e-02 7.57e-05 2.58e-02
NR_033203 LOC404266 6.88e-02 7.62e-05 2.60e-02
NM_001010897 SERP2 1.03e-01 7.62e-05 2.60e-02
NM_006035 CDC42BPB -1.50e-01 7.66e-05 2.61e-02
NM_032214 SLA2 -1.23e-01 7.68e-05 2.61e-02
NM_017734 PALMD 9.18e-02 7.71e-05 2.61e-02
NM_020818 KIAA1409 9.90e-02 7.71e-05 2.61e-02
NM_001098500 KIAA1217 5.82e-02 7.71e-05 2.61e-02
NM_001100122 SBNO2 1.36e-01 7.72e-05 2.61e-02
NM_001013717 C5orf56 -1.46e-01 7.73e-05 2.61e-02
NM_004228 CYTH2 2.19e-01 7.73e-05 2.61e-02
NM_198443 NRN1L 1.26e-01 7.74e-05 2.61e-02
NM_003309 TSPYL1 8.46e-02 7.75e-05 2.61e-02
NR_033203 LOC404266 9.80e-02 7.76e-05 2.61e-02
NM_032876 JUB -1.58e-01 7.80e-05 2.62e-02
NM_003854 IL1RL2 1.11e-01 7.81e-05 2.62e-02
NM_144723 ZMAT2 7.54e-02 7.82e-05 2.63e-02
NM_005221 DLX5 1.16e-01 7.83e-05 2.63e-02
NM_001127215 GFI1 9.53e-02 7.88e-05 2.64e-02
NM_001389 DSCAM 8.63e-02 7.89e-05 2.64e-02
NM_001025203 U2AF1 -3.31e-01 7.89e-05 2.64e-02
NM_020882 COL20A1 -6.61e-02 7.91e-05 2.64e-02
NM_015039 NMNAT2 -5.58e-02 7.92e-05 2.64e-02
NM_001012981 ZKSCAN2 5.09e-02 7.92e-05 2.64e-02
NR_028044 IGF2AS 1.07e-01 7.98e-05 2.66e-02
NM_133337 MYOF -1.10e-01 7.99e-05 2.66e-02
NM_006182 DDR2 -1.21e-01 8.00e-05 2.66e-02
NM_173536 GABRG1 8.31e-02 8.01e-05 2.66e-02
NM_018917 PCDHGA4 9.94e-02 8.04e-05 2.66e-02
NM_004442 EPHB2 -1.45e-01 8.04e-05 2.66e-02
NM_001887 CRYBB1 -7.67e-02 8.05e-05 2.66e-02
NM_006858 TMED1 2.13e-01 8.05e-05 2.66e-02
NM_152465 PROCA1 -1.43e-01 8.05e-05 2.66e-02
NM_080730 IFFO1 -1.58e-01 8.08e-05 2.66e-02
NM_016192 TMEFF2 9.21e-02 8.08e-05 2.66e-02
NM_002763 PROX1 -1.05e-01 8.09e-05 2.66e-02
NM_213648 TCF7 -1.38e-01 8.10e-05 2.66e-02
NM_016463 CXXC5 7.92e-02 8.11e-05 2.66e-02
NM_030665 RAI1 6.79e-02 8.13e-05 2.66e-02
NM_000038 APC 6.54e-02 8.13e-05 2.66e-02
NM_032448 FAM120B -9.01e-02 8.15e-05 2.66e-02
NM_032737 LMNB2 -5.64e-02 8.16e-05 2.66e-02
NM_000287 PEX6 5.34e-02 8.17e-05 2.66e-02
NM_007054 KIF3A 1.00e-01 8.18e-05 2.66e-02
NM_001754 RUNX1 -2.07e-01 8.19e-05 2.66e-02
NR_024383 LOC645323 5.21e-02 8.19e-05 2.66e-02
NM_003246 THBS1 -6.02e-02 8.19e-05 2.66e-02
NR_024102 C21orf54 -1.06e-01 8.20e-05 2.66e-02
NM_018189 DPPA4 -9.77e-02 8.21e-05 2.66e-02
NM_032098 PCDHGB4 2.29e-01 8.21e-05 2.66e-02
NM_024760 TLE6 3.90e-02 8.21e-05 2.66e-02
NM_005312 RAPGEF1 -1.22e-01 8.22e-05 2.66e-02
NM_001099432 BCAS3 -1.60e-01 8.22e-05 2.66e-02
NM_181876 PPP2R2C 1.44e-01 8.23e-05 2.66e-02
NM_003726 SKAP1 1.16e-01 8.24e-05 2.67e-02
NM_173649 C2orf61 -6.41e-02 8.26e-05 2.67e-02
NM_005155 PPT2 3.73e-02 8.26e-05 2.67e-02
NM_002227 JAK1 -1.10e-01 8.26e-05 2.67e-02
NM_021738 SVIL -1.16e-01 8.27e-05 2.67e-02
NM_198148 CPXM2 1.35e-01 8.28e-05 2.67e-02
NM_002144 HOXB1 1.14e-01 8.28e-05 2.67e-02
NM_006869 ADAP1 -9.95e-02 8.30e-05 2.67e-02
NM_003777 DNAH11 -1.22e-01 8.31e-05 2.67e-02
NM_206866 BACH1 -1.02e-01 8.32e-05 2.67e-02
NM_003939 BTRC 1.12e-01 8.32e-05 2.67e-02
NM_001621 AHR 1.04e-01 8.34e-05 2.67e-02
NM_006725 CD6 -1.12e-01 8.34e-05 2.67e-02
NM_015227 POFUT2 -4.39e-02 8.34e-05 2.67e-02
NM_001042493 C6orf162 6.55e-02 8.35e-05 2.67e-02
NR_026691 IL10RA -7.18e-02 8.36e-05 2.67e-02
NM_024572 GALNT14 -1.21e-01 8.37e-05 2.67e-02
NM_001336 CTSZ -1.01e-01 8.39e-05 2.67e-02
NM_001136191 KANK2 -1.27e-01 8.39e-05 2.67e-02
NM_001161504 ALDH4A1 -1.03e-01 8.39e-05 2.67e-02
NM_170672 RASGRP3 -1.15e-01 8.40e-05 2.67e-02
NM_015204 THSD7A 7.37e-02 8.42e-05 2.67e-02
NM_006338 LRRN2 8.40e-02 8.42e-05 2.67e-02
NM_213662 STAT3 -1.57e-01 8.43e-05 2.67e-02
NM_019102 HOXA5 8.78e-02 8.44e-05 2.67e-02
NM_003804 RIPK1 -1.25e-01 8.46e-05 2.67e-02
NM_181519 SYT15 5.00e-02 8.47e-05 2.67e-02
NM_016459 MGC29506 -1.02e-01 8.48e-05 2.67e-02
NM_020987 ANK3 -7.55e-02 8.48e-05 2.67e-02
NM_002439 MSH3 -1.48e-01 8.49e-05 2.67e-02
NM_001030288 SPN -1.03e-01 8.50e-05 2.67e-02
NM_015183 MAST4 -1.03e-01 8.50e-05 2.67e-02
NM_152346 SLC43A2 -1.30e-01 8.50e-05 2.67e-02
NM_001142770 PCDH15 1.57e-01 8.51e-05 2.67e-02
NM_024315 C7orf23 1.19e-01 8.51e-05 2.67e-02
NM_003132 SRM 7.17e-02 8.51e-05 2.67e-02
NM_002727 SRGN -1.46e-01 8.53e-05 2.67e-02
NM_030960 SPACA1 -7.29e-02 8.53e-05 2.67e-02
NM_207322 C2CD4A 7.39e-02 8.54e-05 2.67e-02
NM_019102 HOXA5 8.00e-02 8.54e-05 2.67e-02
NM_014857 RABGAP1L 3.93e-02 8.55e-05 2.67e-02
NM_014786 ARHGEF17 -1.33e-01 8.55e-05 2.67e-02
NM_015261 NCAPD3 7.42e-02 8.56e-05 2.67e-02
NM_174858 AK5 2.06e-01 8.56e-05 2.67e-02
NM_003223 TFAP4 -1.00e-01 8.56e-05 2.67e-02
NM_001166247 GRIK2 8.76e-02 8.57e-05 2.67e-02
NM_024980 GPR157 -9.58e-02 8.60e-05 2.68e-02
NM_052843 OBSCN 9.17e-02 8.62e-05 2.68e-02
NM_006959 ZNF17 8.84e-02 8.62e-05 2.68e-02
NM_015002 FBXO21 1.13e-01 8.63e-05 2.69e-02
NM_020764 CASKIN1 8.66e-02 8.64e-05 2.69e-02
NM_015215 CAMTA1 -8.80e-02 8.65e-05 2.69e-02
NM_021116 ADCY1 1.19e-01 8.69e-05 2.69e-02
NM_147189 FAM110B 6.98e-02 8.71e-05 2.69e-02
NM_153813 ZFPM1 1.26e-01 8.73e-05 2.69e-02
NM_001130968 ZNF385A 1.84e-01 8.74e-05 2.69e-02
NM_153236 GIMAP7 -1.94e-01 8.75e-05 2.69e-02
NM_022156 DUS1L 1.26e-01 8.75e-05 2.69e-02
NM_014246 CELSR1 -1.21e-01 8.75e-05 2.69e-02
NM_000278 PAX2 7.16e-02 8.77e-05 2.69e-02
NM_178496 C3orf59 2.99e-02 8.78e-05 2.69e-02
NM_181723 EFHA2 -8.47e-02 8.79e-05 2.69e-02
NM_173353 TPH2 2.85e-02 8.79e-05 2.69e-02
NM_018996 TNRC6C 1.35e-01 8.81e-05 2.69e-02
NM_001005505 CACNA2D2 1.22e-01 8.81e-05 2.69e-02
NM_001142651 NEURL1B -7.39e-02 8.82e-05 2.69e-02
NM_000958 PTGER4 -1.20e-01 8.82e-05 2.69e-02
NR_024393 LOC727677 -5.88e-02 8.83e-05 2.69e-02
NM_007031 HSF2BP -9.59e-02 8.83e-05 2.69e-02
NM_182902 KIF9 -1.16e-01 8.83e-05 2.69e-02
NM_002141 HOXA4 9.91e-02 8.84e-05 2.69e-02
NR_028337 FLJ45079 1.97e-01 8.84e-05 2.69e-02
NM_000675 ADORA2A -1.22e-01 8.85e-05 2.69e-02
NM_004310 RHOH -1.58e-01 8.85e-05 2.69e-02
NM_007368 RASA3 -1.16e-01 8.85e-05 2.69e-02
NM_182775 ALS2CL -1.32e-01 8.85e-05 2.69e-02
NM_021195 CLDN6 8.09e-02 8.86e-05 2.69e-02
NM_002847 PTPRN2 -7.24e-02 8.87e-05 2.69e-02
NM_019102 HOXA5 5.84e-02 8.88e-05 2.69e-02
NM_014734 KIAA0247 -1.77e-01 8.89e-05 2.69e-02
NM_018917 PCDHGA4 1.40e-01 8.90e-05 2.69e-02
NM_174902 LDLRAD3 9.39e-02 8.90e-05 2.69e-02
NM_012305 AP2A2 -1.10e-01 8.90e-05 2.69e-02
NM_031916 ROPN1L -6.51e-02 8.95e-05 2.70e-02
NR_029684 MIR143 -1.28e-01 8.96e-05 2.70e-02
NM_001124758 SPNS2 2.43e-01 8.98e-05 2.70e-02
NM_001030288 SPN -1.02e-01 9.01e-05 2.71e-02
NM_005026 PIK3CD 8.99e-02 9.01e-05 2.71e-02
NM_018371 CSGALNACT1 -8.84e-02 9.02e-05 2.71e-02
NM_022166 XYLT1 -1.04e-01 9.04e-05 2.71e-02
NR_030317 MIR548A2 -1.03e-01 9.04e-05 2.71e-02
NM_015215 CAMTA1 1.48e-01 9.05e-05 2.71e-02
NM_000697 ALOX12 -1.97e-01 9.08e-05 2.72e-02
NM_001287 CLCN7 -1.11e-01 9.09e-05 2.72e-02
NM_024017 HOXB9 1.54e-01 9.09e-05 2.72e-02
NM_004568 SERPINB6 8.79e-02 9.11e-05 2.72e-02
NM_205768 ZNF238 1.41e-01 9.12e-05 2.72e-02
NM_001130958 FABP6 -1.07e-01 9.13e-05 2.72e-02
NM_002727 SRGN -2.43e-01 9.14e-05 2.72e-02
NR_027006 LOC400891 7.74e-02 9.15e-05 2.72e-02
NM_153368 GJD4 -7.89e-02 9.15e-05 2.72e-02
NM_001778 CD48 -7.51e-02 9.16e-05 2.72e-02
NM_003567 BCAR3 -1.10e-01 9.17e-05 2.72e-02
NM_002494 NDUFC1 1.48e-01 9.17e-05 2.72e-02
NR_027084 FLJ36000 1.24e-01 9.17e-05 2.72e-02
NM_173162 KCNH7 5.30e-02 9.20e-05 2.72e-02
NM_015254 KIF13B -1.49e-01 9.21e-05 2.72e-02
NM_024540 MRPL24 7.53e-02 9.22e-05 2.72e-02
NM_005187 CBFA2T3 -1.46e-01 9.23e-05 2.72e-02
NM_002078 GOLGA4 -3.21e-02 9.23e-05 2.72e-02
NM_182538 SPNS3 -9.66e-02 9.24e-05 2.72e-02
NM_182920 ADAMTS9 -1.08e-01 9.25e-05 2.72e-02
NM_198968 DZIP1 1.08e-01 9.25e-05 2.72e-02
NM_152721 DOK6 1.10e-01 9.25e-05 2.72e-02
NM_000219 KCNE1 -4.11e-02 9.25e-05 2.72e-02
NR_027476 ABHD14B 3.89e-02 9.26e-05 2.72e-02
NM_000219 KCNE1 -4.92e-02 9.27e-05 2.72e-02
NM_005529 HSPG2 -1.05e-01 9.29e-05 2.72e-02
NM_000174 GP9 -8.48e-02 9.29e-05 2.72e-02
NM_004159 PSMB8 -6.61e-02 9.29e-05 2.72e-02
NM_032445 MEGF11 -1.41e-01 9.29e-05 2.72e-02
NM_001033723 ZNF704 1.00e-01 9.30e-05 2.72e-02
NR_003063 TUBA4B 8.79e-02 9.32e-05 2.72e-02
NM_006936 SUMO3 -1.05e-01 9.33e-05 2.72e-02
NR_027755 LOC283867 -4.46e-02 9.33e-05 2.72e-02
NM_002146 HOXB3 1.56e-01 9.33e-05 2.72e-02
NM_001194 HCN2 -7.03e-02 9.33e-05 2.72e-02
NM_001040125 PQLC2 -5.49e-02 9.34e-05 2.72e-02
NM_021996 GBGT1 1.19e-01 9.34e-05 2.72e-02
NM_002596 CDK18 1.17e-01 9.34e-05 2.72e-02
NM_198994 TGM6 -1.18e-01 9.35e-05 2.72e-02
NM_014877 HELZ -5.88e-02 9.35e-05 2.72e-02
NM_001142301 TMEM67 1.22e-01 9.39e-05 2.73e-02
NM_001113348 ECE1 -8.32e-02 9.42e-05 2.73e-02
NM_002032 FTH1 6.44e-02 9.42e-05 2.73e-02
NR_027276 LOC100128239 -7.41e-02 9.43e-05 2.73e-02
NM_021926 ALX4 7.23e-02 9.44e-05 2.73e-02
NM_144990 SLFNL1 -5.66e-02 9.44e-05 2.73e-02
NM_032872 SYTL1 1.45e-01 9.45e-05 2.73e-02
NM_152763 AKNAD1 8.08e-02 9.45e-05 2.73e-02
NM_199336 FAHD2B 1.02e-01 9.49e-05 2.73e-02
NM_021996 GBGT1 1.45e-01 9.50e-05 2.73e-02
NM_020655 JPH3 -1.65e-01 9.50e-05 2.73e-02
NM_032880 IGSF21 -1.09e-01 9.50e-05 2.73e-02
NM_000505 F12 4.98e-02 9.55e-05 2.74e-02
NM_032515 BOK 7.68e-02 9.55e-05 2.74e-02
NM_020226 PRDM8 9.52e-02 9.59e-05 2.74e-02
NM_005990 STK10 -1.47e-01 9.59e-05 2.74e-02
NR_024046 LOC100129354 5.33e-02 9.60e-05 2.74e-02
NM_004644 AP3B2 -1.41e-01 9.60e-05 2.74e-02
NM_032098 PCDHGB4 1.40e-01 9.61e-05 2.74e-02
NM_018218 USP40 -1.00e-01 9.62e-05 2.74e-02
NM_015915 ATL1 1.08e-01 9.62e-05 2.74e-02
NM_002653 PITX1 3.56e-02 9.65e-05 2.74e-02
NM_006120 HLA-DMA -1.29e-01 9.65e-05 2.74e-02
NM_178527 SLC9A11 -1.67e-01 9.67e-05 2.74e-02
NM_000700 ANXA1 -1.50e-01 9.67e-05 2.74e-02
NM_020470 YIF1A 1.08e-01 9.70e-05 2.75e-02
NM_002896 RBM4 8.95e-02 9.70e-05 2.75e-02
NM_006725 CD6 -7.80e-02 9.70e-05 2.75e-02
NM_019554 S100A4 -9.82e-02 9.71e-05 2.75e-02
NM_005576 LOXL1 -1.00e-01 9.73e-05 2.75e-02
NM_033266 ERN2 -1.30e-01 9.74e-05 2.75e-02
NM_003764 STX11 -3.97e-02 9.77e-05 2.76e-02
NM_020453 ATP10D -1.68e-01 9.78e-05 2.76e-02
NM_002570 PCSK6 -8.85e-02 9.80e-05 2.76e-02
NM_001136217 TMEM51 -1.68e-01 9.81e-05 2.76e-02
NM_199335 FYB -1.45e-01 9.84e-05 2.76e-02
NM_002897 RBMS1 -9.82e-02 9.84e-05 2.76e-02
NM_001012643 MYPOP 4.02e-02 9.85e-05 2.76e-02
NM_001080527 MYO7B -9.76e-02 9.85e-05 2.76e-02
NM_005521 TLX1 8.27e-02 9.86e-05 2.76e-02
NM_199000 LHFPL3 5.04e-02 9.86e-05 2.76e-02
NM_002742 PRKD1 -1.38e-01 9.88e-05 2.77e-02
NR_024559 LOC100128977 -1.23e-01 9.92e-05 2.77e-02
NM_001091 ABP1 -8.31e-02 9.93e-05 2.77e-02
NM_001129844 CACNA1C -5.56e-02 9.94e-05 2.77e-02
NM_002141 HOXA4 1.04e-01 9.94e-05 2.77e-02
NM_013231 FLRT2 6.96e-02 9.94e-05 2.77e-02
NM_003195 TCEA2 1.94e-01 9.95e-05 2.77e-02
NM_006784 WDR3 8.37e-02 9.95e-05 2.77e-02
NM_080679 COL11A2 8.00e-02 9.97e-05 2.77e-02
NM_145175 FAM84A 7.24e-02 9.97e-05 2.77e-02
NM_001134398 VAV2 -1.02e-01 9.98e-05 2.77e-02
NM_032442 NEURL4 1.04e-01 1.00e-04 2.77e-02
NM_152359 CPT1C 7.01e-02 1.00e-04 2.77e-02
NM_007277 EXOC3 9.71e-02 1.00e-04 2.77e-02
NM_002897 RBMS1 1.78e-01 1.00e-04 2.77e-02
NM_018460 ARHGAP15 -7.82e-02 1.00e-04 2.77e-02
NM_000784 CYP27A1 -1.80e-01 1.00e-04 2.77e-02
NM_000076 CDKN1C 6.57e-02 1.01e-04 2.77e-02
NM_004562 PARK2 1.83e-01 1.01e-04 2.77e-02
NM_015025 MYT1L 1.44e-01 1.01e-04 2.77e-02
NM_001370 DNAH6 1.07e-01 1.01e-04 2.77e-02
NM_020959 ANO8 -8.53e-02 1.01e-04 2.77e-02
NM_031917 ANGPTL6 1.61e-01 1.01e-04 2.77e-02
NM_017639 DCHS2 1.17e-01 1.01e-04 2.77e-02
NM_002146 HOXB3 7.86e-02 1.01e-04 2.77e-02
NM_002285 AFF3 -9.03e-02 1.02e-04 2.78e-02
NM_001001551 C9orf103 -7.85e-02 1.02e-04 2.78e-02
NM_014814 PSMD6 1.23e-01 1.02e-04 2.78e-02
NM_024893 TMEM90B 7.90e-02 1.02e-04 2.78e-02
NM_002088 GRIK5 1.14e-01 1.02e-04 2.79e-02
NM_018431 DOK5 -1.14e-01 1.02e-04 2.79e-02
NM_152721 DOK6 6.76e-02 1.02e-04 2.79e-02
NM_024015 HOXB4 1.19e-01 1.02e-04 2.79e-02
NM_000981 RPL19 3.13e-02 1.03e-04 2.79e-02
NM_019105 TNXB -8.82e-02 1.03e-04 2.79e-02
NM_181291 WDR20 -7.55e-02 1.03e-04 2.80e-02
NM_005182 CA7 -4.81e-02 1.03e-04 2.80e-02
NM_153332 ERI1 -3.42e-02 1.03e-04 2.80e-02
NM_003999 OSMR -8.00e-02 1.03e-04 2.80e-02
NR_031766 TESC -1.42e-01 1.03e-04 2.80e-02
NM_006186 NR4A2 -2.25e-01 1.04e-04 2.81e-02
NM_002123 HLA-DQB1 -3.02e-01 1.04e-04 2.81e-02
NM_000486 AQP2 -1.02e-01 1.04e-04 2.81e-02
NM_020659 TTYH1 1.24e-01 1.04e-04 2.81e-02
NM_181500 CUX1 -1.81e-01 1.04e-04 2.81e-02
NM_014629 ARHGEF10 -1.00e-01 1.04e-04 2.81e-02
NM_001031628 SMAGP -1.23e-01 1.04e-04 2.81e-02
NM_001031746 C10orf72 -1.15e-01 1.04e-04 2.81e-02
NM_003625 PPFIA2 -1.67e-01 1.05e-04 2.81e-02
NM_019903 ADD3 8.65e-02 1.05e-04 2.82e-02
NM_000983 RPL22 7.41e-02 1.05e-04 2.82e-02
NM_053034 ANTXR1 -5.84e-02 1.05e-04 2.82e-02
NM_207122 EXT2 -5.98e-02 1.05e-04 2.82e-02
NM_001039548 KLHL35 3.47e-01 1.05e-04 2.82e-02
NM_001136180 HSBP1L1 1.34e-01 1.05e-04 2.82e-02
NM_020888 KIAA1522 8.43e-02 1.06e-04 2.82e-02
NM_002144 HOXB1 1.97e-01 1.06e-04 2.82e-02
NM_133509 RAD51L1 -9.86e-02 1.06e-04 2.83e-02
NM_032927 TMEM128 7.67e-02 1.06e-04 2.83e-02
NR_026567 ESPNP 1.42e-01 1.06e-04 2.83e-02
NM_005472 KCNE3 -1.34e-01 1.07e-04 2.84e-02
NM_005556 KRT7 -1.68e-01 1.07e-04 2.84e-02
NM_001010897 SERP2 9.86e-02 1.07e-04 2.84e-02
NM_133452 RAVER1 8.34e-02 1.07e-04 2.84e-02
NM_138274 C6orf25 -1.19e-01 1.07e-04 2.84e-02
NM_001127464 ZNF469 1.09e-01 1.07e-04 2.84e-02
NM_001823 CKB 1.30e-01 1.07e-04 2.84e-02
NM_000773 CYP2E1 -2.94e-01 1.07e-04 2.84e-02
NM_001135248 MFAP2 -1.11e-01 1.07e-04 2.84e-02
NM_016281 TAOK3 9.74e-02 1.07e-04 2.84e-02
NM_001114108 TTC22 1.93e-01 1.07e-04 2.84e-02
NM_052954 CYYR1 2.04e-02 1.08e-04 2.84e-02
NM_006345 SLC30A9 4.35e-02 1.08e-04 2.84e-02
NM_007368 RASA3 -9.75e-02 1.08e-04 2.84e-02
NM_001035254 FAM102A 1.04e-01 1.08e-04 2.84e-02
NM_001012301 ARSI -9.97e-02 1.08e-04 2.84e-02
NM_031947 SLC25A2 8.83e-02 1.08e-04 2.84e-02
NR_024478 LOC100132354 -7.59e-02 1.08e-04 2.84e-02
NM_015261 NCAPD3 -1.27e-01 1.08e-04 2.84e-02
NM_001130145 YAP1 -7.38e-02 1.08e-04 2.84e-02
NM_194294 IDO2 -1.37e-01 1.08e-04 2.84e-02
NM_020442 VARS2 2.56e-01 1.08e-04 2.84e-02
NM_024570 RNASEH2B -8.90e-02 1.09e-04 2.85e-02
NM_024503 HIVEP3 -1.35e-01 1.09e-04 2.85e-02
NM_014056 HIGD1A 1.47e-01 1.09e-04 2.85e-02
NM_003714 STC2 1.20e-01 1.10e-04 2.86e-02
NM_019903 ADD3 9.25e-02 1.10e-04 2.86e-02
NM_020709 PNMAL2 4.74e-02 1.10e-04 2.86e-02
NM_153357 SLC16A11 5.92e-02 1.10e-04 2.86e-02
NM_014441 SIGLEC9 -8.60e-02 1.10e-04 2.86e-02
NM_002744 PRKCZ 1.36e-01 1.10e-04 2.86e-02
NM_006121 KRT1 -9.61e-02 1.10e-04 2.86e-02
NM_001894 CSNK1E 1.58e-01 1.10e-04 2.86e-02
NM_001099403 PRDM8 1.42e-01 1.10e-04 2.86e-02
NM_001037333 CYFIP2 -1.37e-01 1.10e-04 2.86e-02
NM_001037954 DIXDC1 -1.57e-01 1.10e-04 2.86e-02
NM_003285 TNR 1.05e-01 1.11e-04 2.86e-02
NM_007368 RASA3 -1.03e-01 1.11e-04 2.86e-02
NM_145313 RASGEF1A -5.45e-02 1.11e-04 2.86e-02
NM_016192 TMEFF2 1.47e-01 1.11e-04 2.86e-02
NM_012387 PADI4 -6.83e-02 1.11e-04 2.86e-02
NM_015341 NCAPH -6.94e-02 1.11e-04 2.86e-02
NM_001004106 GRK6 -8.92e-02 1.11e-04 2.86e-02
NM_005858 AKAP8 7.63e-02 1.11e-04 2.86e-02
NM_025055 CCDC33 -1.01e-01 1.11e-04 2.86e-02
NM_017740 ZDHHC7 6.00e-02 1.12e-04 2.87e-02
NM_032219 MFSD7 -1.06e-01 1.12e-04 2.87e-02
NM_152380 TBX15 7.74e-02 1.12e-04 2.87e-02
NM_031925 TMEM120A 1.19e-01 1.12e-04 2.87e-02
NR_015448 DLX6AS 5.79e-02 1.12e-04 2.87e-02
NM_001145670 SORBS2 -1.62e-01 1.12e-04 2.87e-02
NM_020226 PRDM8 1.88e-01 1.12e-04 2.87e-02
NM_213604 ADAMTSL5 3.61e-02 1.12e-04 2.87e-02
NM_018717 MAML3 1.01e-01 1.12e-04 2.87e-02
NM_152307 TRMT61A 7.34e-02 1.12e-04 2.87e-02
NM_014717 ZNF536 3.63e-02 1.12e-04 2.87e-02
NM_014716 ACAP1 -9.17e-02 1.13e-04 2.88e-02
NM_014887 N4BP2L2 6.23e-02 1.13e-04 2.88e-02
NM_004449 ERG -1.01e-01 1.13e-04 2.88e-02
NM_001128615 ARHGEF3 -1.28e-01 1.13e-04 2.88e-02
NM_001009880 C22orf9 1.49e-01 1.14e-04 2.88e-02
NM_018917 PCDHGA4 1.40e-01 1.14e-04 2.88e-02
NM_003356 UCP3 -1.11e-01 1.14e-04 2.88e-02
NM_020876 ARHGAP23 -1.18e-01 1.14e-04 2.88e-02
NM_001013838 RLTPR 2.08e-01 1.14e-04 2.88e-02
NM_020322 ACCN3 9.80e-02 1.14e-04 2.88e-02
NR_029824 MIR128-2 1.31e-01 1.14e-04 2.88e-02
NM_001085377 MCC 9.61e-02 1.14e-04 2.88e-02
NM_015695 BRPF3 1.13e-01 1.14e-04 2.88e-02
NR_028415 LOC100292680 -5.29e-02 1.14e-04 2.88e-02
NM_014895 KIAA1009 1.49e-01 1.14e-04 2.88e-02
NM_006701 TXNL4A 1.16e-01 1.14e-04 2.88e-02
NM_002144 HOXB1 1.43e-01 1.14e-04 2.88e-02
NM_152888 COL22A1 -1.61e-01 1.15e-04 2.88e-02
NM_030938 TMEM49 -1.46e-01 1.15e-04 2.88e-02
NM_006355 TRIM38 -2.15e-01 1.15e-04 2.89e-02
NM_001134382 IQSEC1 7.69e-02 1.15e-04 2.89e-02
NM_006725 CD6 -9.66e-02 1.15e-04 2.89e-02
NM_000030 AGXT -9.80e-02 1.15e-04 2.89e-02
NM_005221 DLX5 6.14e-02 1.15e-04 2.89e-02
NM_020247 CABC1 -9.66e-02 1.15e-04 2.89e-02
NM_005221 DLX5 8.84e-02 1.15e-04 2.89e-02
NM_001039651 C6orf26 -8.62e-02 1.16e-04 2.89e-02
NM_004809 STOML1 5.14e-02 1.16e-04 2.89e-02
NM_024336 IRX3 5.75e-02 1.16e-04 2.89e-02
NM_001127505 ASAH1 1.95e-01 1.16e-04 2.89e-02
NR_026648 BPHL -7.06e-02 1.16e-04 2.89e-02
NM_172193 KLHDC1 6.31e-02 1.16e-04 2.90e-02
NM_001161563 TNIK 1.03e-01 1.16e-04 2.90e-02
NM_001130081 PLD1 -4.71e-02 1.17e-04 2.90e-02
NM_001145127 EVPLL -1.14e-01 1.17e-04 2.90e-02
NM_058238 WNT7B -9.22e-02 1.17e-04 2.90e-02
NM_019607 C8orf44 -5.60e-02 1.17e-04 2.90e-02
NM_032880 IGSF21 -6.28e-02 1.17e-04 2.90e-02
NM_020528 PCBP3 -5.35e-02 1.17e-04 2.90e-02
NM_001012334 MDK 4.88e-02 1.17e-04 2.90e-02
NM_000675 ADORA2A -1.28e-01 1.17e-04 2.90e-02
NM_002419 MAP3K11 1.14e-01 1.17e-04 2.90e-02
NM_001014979 C16orf93 -7.55e-02 1.17e-04 2.90e-02
NM_080679 COL11A2 7.19e-02 1.17e-04 2.90e-02
NM_021937 EEFSEC -1.38e-01 1.17e-04 2.90e-02
NM_001040160 C16orf13 9.26e-02 1.18e-04 2.90e-02
NM_001818 AKR1C4 -4.33e-02 1.18e-04 2.90e-02
NM_001029874 REP15 -8.18e-02 1.18e-04 2.90e-02
NM_004225 MFHAS1 -1.79e-01 1.18e-04 2.91e-02
NM_006858 TMED1 6.99e-02 1.18e-04 2.91e-02
NM_004449 ERG -1.36e-01 1.18e-04 2.91e-02
NM_019602 BTNL2 -3.81e-01 1.19e-04 2.91e-02
NM_020223 FAM20C -9.89e-02 1.19e-04 2.91e-02
NM_005541 INPP5D -1.37e-01 1.19e-04 2.91e-02
NM_012108 STAP1 -1.20e-01 1.19e-04 2.92e-02
NM_181500 CUX1 -1.07e-01 1.19e-04 2.92e-02
NM_003156 STIM1 1.37e-01 1.19e-04 2.92e-02
NM_030928 CDT1 5.81e-02 1.20e-04 2.92e-02
NM_138326 ACMSD -9.51e-02 1.20e-04 2.92e-02
NM_003221 TFAP2B 9.77e-02 1.20e-04 2.92e-02
NM_173216 ST6GAL1 -6.54e-02 1.20e-04 2.93e-02
NM_006774 INMT -1.16e-01 1.20e-04 2.93e-02
NM_000698 ALOX5 -1.16e-01 1.21e-04 2.93e-02
NM_130445 COL18A1 -1.57e-01 1.21e-04 2.93e-02
NM_001042762 FIGNL1 6.88e-02 1.21e-04 2.94e-02
NM_001148 ANK2 1.08e-01 1.21e-04 2.94e-02
NM_176895 PPAP2A 1.09e-01 1.21e-04 2.94e-02
NM_001127505 ASAH1 2.10e-01 1.21e-04 2.94e-02
NM_019102 HOXA5 1.07e-01 1.22e-04 2.94e-02
NM_000174 GP9 -8.96e-02 1.22e-04 2.94e-02
NM_001142864 FAM38A -7.60e-02 1.22e-04 2.95e-02
NM_002463 MX2 -1.77e-01 1.22e-04 2.95e-02
NM_138371 FAM113B -4.28e-02 1.22e-04 2.95e-02
NM_000675 ADORA2A -1.20e-01 1.23e-04 2.95e-02
NM_001136554 TLK1 -1.01e-01 1.23e-04 2.95e-02
NM_001031702 SEMA5B -1.00e-01 1.23e-04 2.95e-02
NM_002524 NRAS 1.36e-01 1.23e-04 2.95e-02
NM_001031711 ERGIC1 -2.89e-02 1.23e-04 2.95e-02
NM_005187 CBFA2T3 -1.03e-01 1.23e-04 2.96e-02
NM_153481 IL17RE -5.94e-02 1.23e-04 2.96e-02
NM_006236 POU3F3 6.25e-02 1.23e-04 2.96e-02
NM_018905 PCDHA2 -8.00e-02 1.23e-04 2.96e-02
NM_001171160 SIGLEC10 -6.29e-02 1.23e-04 2.96e-02
NR_030301 MIR575 1.41e-01 1.23e-04 2.96e-02
NM_032496 ARHGAP9 1.40e-01 1.23e-04 2.96e-02
NM_002198 IRF1 -1.39e-01 1.24e-04 2.96e-02
NM_175611 GRIK1 5.92e-02 1.24e-04 2.96e-02
NR_002809 LOC338799 1.17e-01 1.24e-04 2.96e-02
NM_001142333 A2BP1 2.63e-02 1.24e-04 2.96e-02
NM_012264 TMEM184B 1.61e-01 1.24e-04 2.96e-02
NM_019027 RBM47 -6.70e-02 1.25e-04 2.96e-02
NM_014548 TMOD2 3.80e-02 1.25e-04 2.96e-02
NR_024434 LOC100133991 1.39e-01 1.25e-04 2.96e-02
NM_207373 C10orf99 1.67e-01 1.25e-04 2.96e-02
NM_014957 DENND3 -3.70e-02 1.25e-04 2.96e-02
NM_022773 LMF1 -1.04e-01 1.25e-04 2.96e-02
NM_003621 PPFIBP2 -1.31e-01 1.25e-04 2.96e-02
NM_001006631 CHRM2 -1.89e-01 1.25e-04 2.96e-02
NR_024247 MUM1 1.73e-01 1.25e-04 2.96e-02
NM_001098169 BSX -4.42e-02 1.25e-04 2.97e-02
NM_002593 PCOLCE -7.03e-02 1.26e-04 2.97e-02
NM_000135 FANCA -8.82e-02 1.26e-04 2.97e-02
NM_001101391 LINGO3 1.53e-01 1.26e-04 2.97e-02
NM_018086 FIGN 1.89e-01 1.26e-04 2.97e-02
NR_026961 LOC284837 -9.91e-02 1.26e-04 2.97e-02
NM_152441 FBXL14 1.49e-01 1.26e-04 2.97e-02
NM_012081 ELL2 1.67e-01 1.26e-04 2.97e-02
NM_152783 D2HGDH -4.20e-02 1.26e-04 2.97e-02
NM_001112802 SLC8A1 8.03e-02 1.26e-04 2.97e-02
NM_018371 CSGALNACT1 -1.03e-01 1.26e-04 2.97e-02
NM_001099403 PRDM8 1.05e-01 1.27e-04 2.97e-02
NM_007246 KLHL2 1.14e-01 1.27e-04 2.97e-02
NM_000172 GNAT1 1.25e-01 1.27e-04 2.97e-02
NM_033212 CCDC102A -1.09e-01 1.27e-04 2.97e-02
NM_018322 C6orf64 5.44e-02 1.27e-04 2.98e-02
NM_144669 GLT1D1 -9.22e-02 1.28e-04 2.99e-02
NM_004174 SLC9A3 -1.79e-01 1.28e-04 2.99e-02
NM_052920 KLHL29 -1.08e-01 1.28e-04 2.99e-02
NM_021253 TRIM39 9.88e-02 1.28e-04 2.99e-02
NM_019602 BTNL2 1.11e-01 1.28e-04 2.99e-02
NM_005142 GIF -6.80e-02 1.28e-04 2.99e-02
NM_001127692 PCCA -1.02e-01 1.28e-04 2.99e-02
NM_016938 EFEMP2 -1.25e-01 1.28e-04 2.99e-02
NM_032454 STK19 1.25e-01 1.28e-04 2.99e-02
NM_004619 TRAF5 -9.13e-02 1.28e-04 2.99e-02
NM_018176 LGI2 7.39e-02 1.29e-04 2.99e-02
NM_198582 KLHL30 -7.26e-02 1.29e-04 3.00e-02
NM_001080414 CCDC88C -6.19e-02 1.29e-04 3.00e-02
NR_029686 MIR145 -1.16e-01 1.29e-04 3.00e-02
NM_001165899 PDE4D 9.07e-02 1.29e-04 3.00e-02
NM_174919 SH3D20 6.45e-02 1.30e-04 3.01e-02
NM_001134368 SLC6A6 -7.71e-02 1.30e-04 3.01e-02
NM_005646 TARBP1 -1.03e-01 1.30e-04 3.01e-02
NM_153632 HOXA3 6.50e-02 1.30e-04 3.01e-02
NM_001080826 PRAGMIN -3.02e-02 1.30e-04 3.01e-02
NM_006887 ZFP36L2 3.85e-02 1.30e-04 3.01e-02
NM_001128177 THRB 3.55e-02 1.30e-04 3.01e-02
NM_024628 SLC12A8 1.83e-01 1.30e-04 3.01e-02
NM_001100607 SERPINA10 -8.63e-02 1.30e-04 3.01e-02
NM_175062 RASGEF1C -8.66e-02 1.31e-04 3.01e-02
NM_000478 ALPL -1.42e-01 1.31e-04 3.01e-02
NM_032538 TTBK1 -1.94e-01 1.31e-04 3.01e-02
NM_012387 PADI4 -6.22e-02 1.31e-04 3.01e-02
NM_178841 RNF166 -7.36e-02 1.31e-04 3.01e-02
NM_152441 FBXL14 1.62e-01 1.31e-04 3.02e-02
NM_130445 COL18A1 -1.06e-01 1.32e-04 3.02e-02
NM_144963 FAM91A1 -1.59e-01 1.32e-04 3.02e-02
NM_001042546 ATPAF1 1.00e-01 1.32e-04 3.02e-02
NM_015440 MTHFD1L -1.03e-01 1.32e-04 3.02e-02
NM_006120 HLA-DMA -1.60e-01 1.32e-04 3.02e-02
NM_032214 SLA2 -1.13e-01 1.32e-04 3.02e-02
NM_032709 PYROXD2 -1.24e-01 1.32e-04 3.02e-02
NM_145252 ZG16B -1.01e-01 1.32e-04 3.02e-02
NM_033101 LGALS12 -1.40e-01 1.32e-04 3.02e-02
NM_002847 PTPRN2 -1.22e-01 1.32e-04 3.02e-02
NM_014620 HOXC4 3.22e-02 1.32e-04 3.02e-02
NM_014944 CLSTN1 5.36e-02 1.32e-04 3.02e-02
NM_001136015 ANXA2 -1.31e-01 1.32e-04 3.02e-02
NR_033204 LOC404266 5.07e-02 1.33e-04 3.02e-02
NM_004928 C21orf2 -8.25e-02 1.33e-04 3.02e-02
NM_002847 PTPRN2 -1.44e-01 1.33e-04 3.02e-02
NM_004560 ROR2 -1.12e-01 1.33e-04 3.02e-02
NM_139177 SLC39A11 1.03e-01 1.33e-04 3.02e-02
NM_018917 PCDHGA4 1.19e-01 1.33e-04 3.02e-02
NM_003392 WNT5A -1.74e-01 1.33e-04 3.02e-02
NM_002447 MST1R -1.27e-01 1.33e-04 3.02e-02
NR_002804 SIGLECP3 -8.54e-02 1.33e-04 3.02e-02
NM_001137550 LRRFIP1 -1.64e-01 1.33e-04 3.02e-02
NM_001166355 LFNG -9.65e-02 1.33e-04 3.02e-02
NM_003273 TM7SF2 7.50e-02 1.33e-04 3.02e-02
NM_139165 RAET1E -3.93e-02 1.33e-04 3.02e-02
NM_015174 ZFR2 1.26e-01 1.34e-04 3.02e-02
NM_000965 RARB 6.02e-02 1.34e-04 3.02e-02
NM_001497 B4GALT1 -1.33e-01 1.34e-04 3.02e-02
NM_018059 RADIL -1.07e-01 1.34e-04 3.02e-02
NM_020225 STOX2 1.16e-01 1.34e-04 3.02e-02
NM_181500 CUX1 -1.64e-01 1.35e-04 3.02e-02
NM_032985 SEC23B -6.97e-02 1.35e-04 3.02e-02
NR_015448 DLX6AS 9.41e-02 1.35e-04 3.02e-02
NR_027146 C17orf54 -6.51e-02 1.35e-04 3.03e-02
NM_199242 UNC13D -1.71e-01 1.35e-04 3.03e-02
NM_001083602 PTCH1 1.37e-01 1.35e-04 3.03e-02
NM_024605 ARHGAP10 -4.34e-02 1.35e-04 3.03e-02
NM_001029884 PLEKHG1 9.88e-02 1.35e-04 3.03e-02
NM_018702 ADARB2 -1.10e-01 1.36e-04 3.03e-02
NM_003883 HDAC3 -8.15e-02 1.36e-04 3.03e-02
NM_006257 PRKCQ -1.51e-01 1.36e-04 3.03e-02
NR_003512 INS-IGF2 5.89e-02 1.36e-04 3.03e-02
NM_001112802 SLC8A1 1.46e-01 1.36e-04 3.03e-02
NM_005453 ZBTB22 1.01e-01 1.36e-04 3.03e-02
NM_001004685 OR2F2 -1.09e-01 1.36e-04 3.03e-02
NM_001077710 FAM110C 6.13e-02 1.36e-04 3.03e-02
NM_024830 LPCAT1 -1.10e-01 1.36e-04 3.03e-02
NM_002897 RBMS1 -2.18e-01 1.36e-04 3.03e-02
NM_170780 CD200R1 -1.55e-01 1.36e-04 3.03e-02
NM_001135861 PHPT1 1.11e-01 1.36e-04 3.03e-02
NM_001990 EYA3 -9.09e-02 1.36e-04 3.03e-02
NM_004619 TRAF5 -9.78e-02 1.37e-04 3.03e-02
NM_004398 DDX10 -8.42e-02 1.37e-04 3.03e-02
NM_001148 ANK2 -1.05e-01 1.37e-04 3.03e-02
NR_026776 LOC100270746 7.22e-02 1.37e-04 3.03e-02
NM_015512 DNAH1 -1.40e-01 1.37e-04 3.03e-02
NM_015458 MTMR9 1.07e-01 1.37e-04 3.03e-02
NM_003269 NR2E1 -1.34e-01 1.37e-04 3.03e-02
NM_152710 C10orf27 -7.94e-02 1.37e-04 3.03e-02
NM_001166060 GLRB 8.08e-02 1.37e-04 3.03e-02
NM_001129844 CACNA1C -1.93e-01 1.37e-04 3.03e-02
NM_001122772 AGAP2 1.90e-01 1.37e-04 3.03e-02
NM_207351 PRRT3 1.59e-01 1.37e-04 3.03e-02
NM_003079 SMARCE1 7.82e-02 1.37e-04 3.03e-02
NM_022119 PRSS22 -1.41e-01 1.37e-04 3.03e-02
NM_003841 TNFRSF10C -8.71e-02 1.38e-04 3.03e-02
NM_001164114 CASS4 -2.04e-01 1.38e-04 3.03e-02
NM_001130690 PDE10A -3.19e-02 1.38e-04 3.04e-02
NM_003471 KCNAB1 -8.33e-02 1.38e-04 3.04e-02
NM_001006631 CHRM2 1.80e-02 1.38e-04 3.04e-02
NM_005248 FGR -1.08e-01 1.38e-04 3.04e-02
NM_002593 PCOLCE 1.07e-01 1.38e-04 3.04e-02
NM_003550 MAD1L1 -1.10e-01 1.38e-04 3.04e-02
NM_003036 SKI -8.55e-02 1.39e-04 3.04e-02
NM_002971 SATB1 1.81e-01 1.39e-04 3.05e-02
NM_001141980 TP53BP1 -3.30e-02 1.39e-04 3.05e-02
NM_080549 PTPN6 -1.38e-01 1.39e-04 3.05e-02
NM_001001412 CALHM1 -1.01e-01 1.39e-04 3.05e-02
NR_027790 C21orf34 1.49e-01 1.39e-04 3.05e-02
NM_004449 ERG -1.15e-01 1.39e-04 3.05e-02
NM_001130679 EIF4E 1.41e-01 1.40e-04 3.05e-02
NM_014960 ARSG -1.08e-01 1.40e-04 3.05e-02
NM_001003841 SLC6A19 -4.00e-01 1.40e-04 3.05e-02
NM_032682 FOXP1 -2.22e-01 1.40e-04 3.05e-02
NM_001139442 TTLL11 1.03e-01 1.40e-04 3.05e-02
NM_144694 ZNF570 8.18e-02 1.40e-04 3.05e-02
NM_000873 ICAM2 -9.22e-02 1.40e-04 3.05e-02
NM_016152 RARB -6.43e-02 1.40e-04 3.05e-02
NM_006504 PTPRE 1.23e-01 1.40e-04 3.05e-02
NM_020988 GNAO1 1.83e-01 1.40e-04 3.05e-02
NM_006096 NDRG1 -7.83e-02 1.40e-04 3.05e-02
NM_133337 MYOF -1.53e-01 1.41e-04 3.05e-02
NM_014978 SORCS3 3.07e-02 1.41e-04 3.06e-02
NR_024505 LOC646982 -5.55e-02 1.41e-04 3.06e-02
NM_020169 LXN -1.88e-01 1.41e-04 3.06e-02
NM_153631 HOXA3 1.14e-01 1.41e-04 3.06e-02
NM_058246 DNAJB6 -5.00e-02 1.42e-04 3.07e-02
NM_014338 PISD 9.08e-02 1.42e-04 3.07e-02
NM_001042549 NSL1 -1.06e-01 1.42e-04 3.07e-02
NM_031475 ESPN 9.95e-02 1.42e-04 3.07e-02
NM_032995 ARHGEF4 -1.26e-01 1.42e-04 3.07e-02
NM_016530 RAB8B -1.42e-01 1.42e-04 3.07e-02
NM_003550 MAD1L1 -9.12e-02 1.43e-04 3.07e-02
NM_013282 UHRF1 -9.71e-02 1.43e-04 3.08e-02
NM_000204 CFI -1.27e-01 1.43e-04 3.08e-02
NM_001143919 LTB4R 1.19e-01 1.43e-04 3.08e-02
NM_001754 RUNX1 -1.05e-01 1.43e-04 3.08e-02
NM_002558 P2RX1 -6.28e-02 1.43e-04 3.08e-02
NM_207303 ATRNL1 1.12e-01 1.43e-04 3.08e-02
NM_014914 AGAP1 3.11e-01 1.43e-04 3.08e-02
NM_001122848 SLC6A12 -1.18e-01 1.43e-04 3.08e-02
NM_002168 IDH2 1.73e-01 1.43e-04 3.08e-02
NM_004565 PEX14 -1.57e-01 1.44e-04 3.08e-02
NM_022114 PRDM16 -1.00e-01 1.44e-04 3.08e-02
NM_007014 WWP2 -1.37e-01 1.44e-04 3.08e-02
NM_001144914 FGFR2 -1.69e-01 1.44e-04 3.08e-02
NM_018840 C20orf24 -9.29e-02 1.44e-04 3.08e-02
NM_012345 NUFIP1 6.76e-02 1.44e-04 3.08e-02
NM_152309 PIK3AP1 -1.22e-01 1.44e-04 3.08e-02
NM_000586 IL2 -1.92e-01 1.45e-04 3.09e-02
NM_015008 TMCC1 9.76e-02 1.45e-04 3.09e-02
NR_030640 MIR942 1.15e-01 1.45e-04 3.09e-02
NM_020478 ANK1 -9.59e-02 1.45e-04 3.09e-02
NM_014205 ZNHIT2 9.20e-02 1.45e-04 3.09e-02
NM_007232 HRH3 5.51e-02 1.45e-04 3.09e-02
NM_007039 PTPN21 1.57e-01 1.45e-04 3.09e-02
NM_003392 WNT5A -1.44e-01 1.45e-04 3.09e-02
NM_022119 PRSS22 -1.41e-01 1.45e-04 3.09e-02
NM_014297 ETHE1 6.40e-02 1.46e-04 3.09e-02
NM_005400 PRKCE -3.34e-01 1.46e-04 3.09e-02
NM_172105 EYA4 -8.91e-02 1.46e-04 3.09e-02
NM_005489 SH2D3C 1.50e-01 1.46e-04 3.09e-02
NM_013336 SEC61A1 3.88e-02 1.46e-04 3.09e-02
NM_004801 NRXN1 1.49e-01 1.46e-04 3.09e-02
NM_030651 PRRT1 -1.64e-01 1.46e-04 3.10e-02
NR_026869 NCRNA00052 -3.61e-01 1.46e-04 3.10e-02
NM_006038 SPATA2 1.12e-01 1.47e-04 3.10e-02
NM_002975 CLEC11A -7.32e-02 1.47e-04 3.10e-02
NM_003226 TFF3 -1.66e-01 1.47e-04 3.10e-02
NM_032878 ALKBH6 8.54e-02 1.47e-04 3.10e-02
NM_203463 LASS6 -1.82e-01 1.47e-04 3.10e-02
NM_198582 KLHL30 -1.35e-01 1.47e-04 3.10e-02
NM_145267 C6orf57 1.41e-01 1.47e-04 3.10e-02
NM_001452 FOXF2 4.39e-02 1.48e-04 3.10e-02
NM_001129844 CACNA1C -8.55e-02 1.48e-04 3.10e-02
NM_001128175 DTNA 1.03e-01 1.48e-04 3.10e-02
NM_014614 PSME4 8.03e-02 1.48e-04 3.10e-02
NM_004565 PEX14 -2.02e-01 1.48e-04 3.10e-02
NM_000316 PTH1R 1.09e-01 1.48e-04 3.10e-02
NM_001407 CELSR3 1.16e-01 1.48e-04 3.10e-02
NM_182511 CBLN2 1.17e-01 1.48e-04 3.10e-02
NR_003950 ZDHHC8P 1.08e-01 1.49e-04 3.10e-02
NM_020700 PPM1H -1.48e-01 1.49e-04 3.10e-02
NM_003730 RNASET2 1.12e-01 1.49e-04 3.10e-02
NM_014770 AGAP2 1.16e-01 1.49e-04 3.10e-02
NM_016300 ARPP-21 2.16e-01 1.49e-04 3.10e-02
NM_031904 FRMD8 9.84e-02 1.49e-04 3.10e-02
NM_012141 INTS6 -5.96e-02 1.49e-04 3.10e-02
NM_014858 TMCC2 1.36e-01 1.49e-04 3.10e-02
NM_174922 ADCK5 6.54e-02 1.50e-04 3.10e-02
NM_014462 LSM1 -5.58e-01 1.50e-04 3.10e-02
NM_000127 EXT1 -1.37e-01 1.50e-04 3.10e-02
NM_020119 ZC3HAV1 -8.08e-02 1.50e-04 3.10e-02
NM_001167667 CDH18 5.82e-02 1.50e-04 3.10e-02
NM_001162495 C21orf62 -1.23e-01 1.50e-04 3.10e-02
NM_018917 PCDHGA4 1.33e-01 1.50e-04 3.10e-02
NM_001989 EVX1 3.44e-02 1.50e-04 3.10e-02
NM_007353 GNA12 7.99e-02 1.50e-04 3.10e-02
NM_001076682 NCAM1 1.73e-01 1.51e-04 3.10e-02
NM_203487 PCDH9 1.45e-01 1.51e-04 3.10e-02
NM_001142339 GNAL 4.92e-02 1.51e-04 3.10e-02
NM_182904 P4HA3 7.61e-02 1.51e-04 3.10e-02
NM_001943 DSG2 -9.29e-02 1.51e-04 3.10e-02
NM_018135 MRPS18A 3.63e-02 1.51e-04 3.10e-02
NM_172056 KCNH2 -8.76e-02 1.51e-04 3.10e-02
NM_138392 SHKBP1 -4.51e-02 1.51e-04 3.10e-02
NM_001230 CASP10 -1.38e-01 1.51e-04 3.10e-02
NM_020718 USP31 -3.00e-02 1.51e-04 3.10e-02
NM_018702 ADARB2 -4.73e-02 1.51e-04 3.10e-02
NM_007368 RASA3 -1.30e-01 1.52e-04 3.10e-02
NM_002250 KCNN4 2.08e-01 1.52e-04 3.10e-02
NM_002118 HLA-DMB -5.56e-02 1.52e-04 3.10e-02
NM_002615 SERPINF1 -4.60e-02 1.52e-04 3.10e-02
NM_005535 IL12RB1 -1.02e-01 1.52e-04 3.10e-02
NM_033412 MCART1 7.03e-02 1.52e-04 3.10e-02
NM_018976 SLC38A2 -1.61e-01 1.52e-04 3.10e-02
NM_153631 HOXA3 1.76e-01 1.52e-04 3.10e-02
NM_001988 EVPL -6.41e-02 1.52e-04 3.10e-02
NM_021117 CRY2 1.72e-01 1.52e-04 3.10e-02
NR_024174 MKNK1 -8.12e-02 1.52e-04 3.10e-02
NR_023316 ACSF3 -8.12e-02 1.52e-04 3.10e-02
NM_003532 HIST1H3E 1.56e-01 1.52e-04 3.10e-02
NM_001033117 SRGAP3 1.41e-01 1.53e-04 3.10e-02
NM_020896 OSBPL5 -6.58e-02 1.53e-04 3.10e-02
NM_001042682 RERE -7.17e-02 1.53e-04 3.10e-02
NM_001082959 SCARB1 8.65e-02 1.53e-04 3.10e-02
NM_004673 ANGPTL1 1.55e-01 1.53e-04 3.10e-02
NM_033164 FGF8 -2.04e-01 1.53e-04 3.10e-02
NM_001032731 OAS2 -8.32e-02 1.53e-04 3.10e-02
NM_022136 SAMSN1 -1.29e-01 1.54e-04 3.10e-02
NM_017734 PALMD 9.34e-02 1.54e-04 3.10e-02
NM_003246 THBS1 8.99e-02 1.54e-04 3.10e-02
NM_019102 HOXA5 7.72e-02 1.54e-04 3.10e-02
NM_001079 ZAP70 -6.77e-02 1.54e-04 3.10e-02
NM_024841 PRR5L -7.12e-02 1.54e-04 3.10e-02
NM_000261 MYOC -8.10e-02 1.54e-04 3.10e-02
NM_002832 PTPN7 -9.21e-02 1.54e-04 3.10e-02
NM_032359 C3orf26 -5.44e-02 1.54e-04 3.10e-02
NM_001134398 VAV2 -5.90e-02 1.54e-04 3.10e-02
NM_018441 PECR 4.39e-02 1.54e-04 3.10e-02
NM_133328 DEDD2 -8.33e-02 1.54e-04 3.10e-02
NM_005994 TBX2 9.57e-02 1.54e-04 3.10e-02
NM_002631 PGD -1.08e-01 1.54e-04 3.10e-02
NM_001080209 TMEM200C 9.01e-02 1.55e-04 3.10e-02
NR_024469 LOC100130987 6.30e-02 1.55e-04 3.10e-02
NM_006111 ACAA2 2.41e-02 1.55e-04 3.10e-02
NM_004350 RUNX3 6.50e-02 1.55e-04 3.10e-02
NM_001135170 C1QTNF7 -1.91e-01 1.55e-04 3.10e-02
NR_028394 TSNAX-DISC1 -5.12e-02 1.55e-04 3.10e-02
NM_153376 CCDC96 7.59e-02 1.55e-04 3.10e-02
NM_001336 CTSZ -1.31e-01 1.55e-04 3.10e-02
NM_016828 OGG1 5.42e-02 1.55e-04 3.10e-02
NM_032023 RASSF4 -8.22e-02 1.55e-04 3.10e-02
NM_198053 CD247 6.71e-02 1.55e-04 3.10e-02
NM_080822 OVCA2 7.33e-02 1.55e-04 3.10e-02
NM_080283 ABCA9 -3.42e-02 1.56e-04 3.10e-02
NM_001163034 RPTOR -1.09e-01 1.56e-04 3.10e-02
NM_181707 C17orf64 -8.85e-02 1.56e-04 3.10e-02
NM_003307 TRPM2 -1.07e-01 1.56e-04 3.10e-02
NM_001127322 CBX5 1.45e-01 1.56e-04 3.10e-02
NM_000387 SLC25A20 -6.14e-02 1.56e-04 3.10e-02
NM_016256 NAGPA 1.77e-01 1.56e-04 3.10e-02
NM_000259 MYO5A 1.01e-01 1.56e-04 3.10e-02
NM_002121 HLA-DPB1 9.80e-02 1.56e-04 3.10e-02
NM_001146078 CLDN14 -9.48e-02 1.56e-04 3.10e-02
NM_014947 FOXJ3 -1.17e-01 1.56e-04 3.10e-02
NM_152571 C9orf163 1.23e-01 1.56e-04 3.10e-02
NM_133503 DCN -1.22e-01 1.57e-04 3.11e-02
NM_001004342 TRIM67 1.65e-01 1.57e-04 3.11e-02
NM_052843 OBSCN 5.75e-02 1.57e-04 3.11e-02
NM_018915 PCDHGA2 1.07e-01 1.57e-04 3.11e-02
NM_001098816 ODZ4 -7.62e-02 1.57e-04 3.11e-02
NM_012081 ELL2 1.07e-01 1.58e-04 3.11e-02
NM_001164484 FAM170B -8.91e-02 1.58e-04 3.11e-02
NR_024169 TLR4 -1.00e-01 1.58e-04 3.11e-02
NM_006186 NR4A2 -1.56e-01 1.58e-04 3.12e-02
NM_001565 CXCL10 -1.34e-01 1.58e-04 3.12e-02
NM_001079823 LAMA2 -1.37e-01 1.59e-04 3.12e-02
NM_000170 GLDC -3.87e-02 1.59e-04 3.12e-02
NM_148975 MS4A4A -9.49e-02 1.59e-04 3.12e-02
NR_033203 LOC404266 6.83e-02 1.59e-04 3.12e-02
NM_002208 ITGAE -2.68e-02 1.59e-04 3.12e-02
NR_003512 INS-IGF2 3.69e-02 1.59e-04 3.12e-02
NM_003087 SNCG 1.36e-01 1.59e-04 3.12e-02
NM_022118 RBM26 -2.24e-01 1.59e-04 3.12e-02
NM_174902 LDLRAD3 -1.05e-01 1.59e-04 3.13e-02
NM_001136473 LITAF -9.90e-02 1.59e-04 3.13e-02
NM_020630 RET 5.88e-02 1.59e-04 3.13e-02
NM_032454 STK19 9.17e-02 1.60e-04 3.13e-02
NM_001080466 BTBD17 -9.04e-02 1.60e-04 3.13e-02
NM_015230 ARAP2 1.68e-01 1.60e-04 3.13e-02
NM_001012761 RGMB 1.29e-01 1.60e-04 3.13e-02
NM_080687 UPF3A 9.02e-02 1.60e-04 3.13e-02
NM_130445 COL18A1 -1.07e-01 1.60e-04 3.13e-02
NM_194448 CLEC4A -8.73e-02 1.61e-04 3.14e-02
NR_021485 C3orf50 -1.45e-01 1.61e-04 3.14e-02
NM_024560 ACSS3 -9.93e-02 1.61e-04 3.14e-02
NM_006113 VAV3 -5.08e-02 1.61e-04 3.14e-02
NM_020760 HECW2 -1.52e-01 1.61e-04 3.14e-02
NM_006772 SYNGAP1 5.25e-02 1.61e-04 3.14e-02
NR_026832 LOC150622 1.32e-01 1.62e-04 3.14e-02
NM_025250 TTYH3 1.38e-01 1.62e-04 3.14e-02
NM_001135944 MADD -9.18e-02 1.62e-04 3.14e-02
NR_015410 FLJ22536 -9.54e-02 1.62e-04 3.14e-02
NM_020663 RHOJ 7.93e-02 1.62e-04 3.15e-02
NM_207332 ERICH1 -1.37e-01 1.63e-04 3.15e-02
NM_152449 LYSMD4 5.71e-02 1.63e-04 3.15e-02
NM_005882 MAEA -5.58e-02 1.63e-04 3.16e-02
NR_029582 MIR196A1 6.80e-02 1.63e-04 3.16e-02
NM_001013838 RLTPR 3.07e-01 1.64e-04 3.17e-02
NM_016441 CRIM1 -4.94e-02 1.64e-04 3.17e-02
NM_001987 ETV6 -1.24e-01 1.64e-04 3.17e-02
NM_022844 MYH11 -4.25e-02 1.64e-04 3.17e-02
NM_004757 AIMP1 1.99e-02 1.65e-04 3.17e-02
NM_173701 WARS -1.56e-01 1.65e-04 3.17e-02
NM_005680 TAF1B -1.41e-01 1.65e-04 3.17e-02
NM_152740 HIBADH -4.24e-02 1.65e-04 3.17e-02
NM_001144072 UBAC2 -1.07e-01 1.66e-04 3.18e-02
NM_001100390 IQCE -3.53e-02 1.66e-04 3.18e-02
NM_002998 SDC2 -2.97e-02 1.66e-04 3.18e-02
NM_000398 CYB5R3 7.96e-02 1.66e-04 3.18e-02
NM_022118 RBM26 -1.59e-01 1.66e-04 3.19e-02
NM_018917 PCDHGA4 1.44e-01 1.66e-04 3.19e-02
NM_020864 KIAA1486 1.52e-01 1.66e-04 3.19e-02
NM_001122847 SLC6A12 -1.27e-01 1.66e-04 3.19e-02
NM_138967 SCAMP5 1.13e-01 1.66e-04 3.19e-02
NM_025149 ACSF2 -1.00e-01 1.66e-04 3.19e-02
NM_015974 CRYL1 -4.42e-02 1.67e-04 3.19e-02
NM_004171 SLC1A2 1.75e-01 1.67e-04 3.19e-02
NM_002199 IRF2 -1.12e-01 1.67e-04 3.19e-02
NM_004930 CAPZB -1.10e-01 1.67e-04 3.19e-02
NM_001159575 SCNN1A -1.07e-01 1.67e-04 3.19e-02
NM_012102 RERE -5.22e-02 1.67e-04 3.19e-02
NM_015039 NMNAT2 -1.82e-01 1.67e-04 3.19e-02
NM_018702 ADARB2 -1.08e-01 1.68e-04 3.19e-02
NM_001394 DUSP4 -1.26e-01 1.68e-04 3.19e-02
NM_022114 PRDM16 9.11e-02 1.68e-04 3.19e-02
NM_015893 PRLH -6.34e-02 1.68e-04 3.19e-02
NM_018915 PCDHGA2 1.25e-01 1.68e-04 3.19e-02
NM_001081976 ADORA3 -1.15e-01 1.68e-04 3.19e-02
NM_001080824 C2orf89 6.43e-02 1.69e-04 3.19e-02
NM_001114974 SMTNL2 -8.44e-02 1.69e-04 3.19e-02
NM_001127692 PCCA -7.20e-02 1.69e-04 3.19e-02
NM_017774 CDKAL1 -9.30e-02 1.69e-04 3.19e-02
NM_015320 ARHGEF4 -1.57e-01 1.69e-04 3.19e-02
NM_001136031 ATG7 -1.44e-01 1.69e-04 3.19e-02
NM_012081 ELL2 7.96e-02 1.69e-04 3.19e-02
NM_001005474 NFKBIZ -8.40e-02 1.69e-04 3.19e-02
NM_001127461 NLRP3 -1.06e-01 1.69e-04 3.19e-02
NM_001136037 LIMS2 -1.07e-01 1.69e-04 3.19e-02
NM_080738 EDARADD -4.48e-02 1.69e-04 3.19e-02
NM_021926 ALX4 5.36e-02 1.69e-04 3.19e-02
NM_001058 TACR1 -1.06e-01 1.69e-04 3.19e-02
NM_013278 IL17C -1.21e-01 1.70e-04 3.19e-02
NM_014620 HOXC4 7.83e-02 1.70e-04 3.19e-02
NM_002361 MAG -1.48e-01 1.70e-04 3.19e-02
NM_001129846 CACNA1C -1.25e-01 1.70e-04 3.19e-02
NM_000875 IGF1R -1.46e-01 1.70e-04 3.20e-02
NM_001025109 CD34 -1.25e-01 1.70e-04 3.20e-02
NM_031911 C1QTNF7 -5.32e-02 1.70e-04 3.20e-02
NM_001161576 SAMD4A -1.13e-01 1.70e-04 3.20e-02
NM_001129979 SYCE1L -3.78e-02 1.70e-04 3.20e-02
NM_001161330 SSH1 -1.19e-01 1.71e-04 3.20e-02
NM_021174 KIAA1967 -1.33e-01 1.71e-04 3.20e-02
NM_005480 TROAP 1.05e-01 1.71e-04 3.20e-02
NM_032268 ZNRF1 -5.00e-02 1.71e-04 3.20e-02
NM_014815 MED24 5.26e-02 1.71e-04 3.20e-02
NR_024396 MGC23270 8.70e-02 1.71e-04 3.20e-02
NM_004573 PLCB2 1.49e-01 1.71e-04 3.20e-02
NM_003052 SLC34A1 1.23e-01 1.71e-04 3.20e-02
NM_198990 NAPEPLD 9.04e-02 1.71e-04 3.20e-02
NM_003641 IFITM1 -1.09e-01 1.71e-04 3.20e-02
NM_080872 UNC5D -1.60e-01 1.71e-04 3.20e-02
NM_005197 FOXN3 -1.37e-01 1.72e-04 3.20e-02
NM_001003683 PDE1A 8.68e-02 1.72e-04 3.20e-02
NM_144659 TCP10L -1.03e-01 1.72e-04 3.20e-02
NM_199004 ARRB2 5.16e-02 1.72e-04 3.20e-02
NM_024830 LPCAT1 -7.49e-02 1.72e-04 3.20e-02
NR_001458 MIR155HG -1.59e-01 1.72e-04 3.20e-02
NM_005124 NUP153 -1.29e-01 1.72e-04 3.20e-02
NM_001113498 MDGA2 1.48e-01 1.72e-04 3.20e-02
NM_017450 BAIAP2 1.03e-01 1.73e-04 3.21e-02
NM_005400 PRKCE -1.07e-01 1.73e-04 3.21e-02
NM_001002757 NFU1 4.69e-02 1.73e-04 3.21e-02
NM_205768 ZNF238 1.94e-01 1.73e-04 3.21e-02
NM_001130969 NELF 1.22e-01 1.73e-04 3.21e-02
NM_018013 SOBP 6.16e-02 1.73e-04 3.21e-02
NM_080669 SLC46A1 1.18e-01 1.73e-04 3.21e-02
NR_015402 NCRNA00081 1.18e-01 1.73e-04 3.21e-02
NM_033544 RCCD1 1.05e-01 1.73e-04 3.21e-02
NM_133443 GPT2 1.42e-01 1.73e-04 3.21e-02
NM_000434 NEU1 8.80e-02 1.73e-04 3.21e-02
NM_032857 LACTB 1.21e-01 1.74e-04 3.21e-02
NR_026773 C6orf123 -1.48e-01 1.74e-04 3.21e-02
NM_018176 LGI2 6.69e-02 1.74e-04 3.21e-02
NM_006260 DNAJC3 -7.07e-02 1.74e-04 3.21e-02
NM_012072 CD93 -3.05e-02 1.74e-04 3.21e-02
NM_153337 SNX20 -1.14e-01 1.74e-04 3.21e-02
NM_001142861 SMAD6 -8.95e-02 1.74e-04 3.21e-02
NM_012288 TRAM2 -1.97e-01 1.75e-04 3.21e-02
NM_018917 PCDHGA4 -1.05e-01 1.75e-04 3.21e-02
NM_001127612 PAX6 -1.76e-01 1.75e-04 3.21e-02
NR_003366 ANKRD20B 8.83e-02 1.75e-04 3.21e-02
NM_052916 RNF157 7.16e-02 1.75e-04 3.22e-02
NM_021182 HMHB1 -1.02e-01 1.75e-04 3.22e-02
NM_001168370 CUL7 9.96e-02 1.75e-04 3.22e-02
NM_139276 STAT3 -3.48e-02 1.75e-04 3.22e-02
NR_026943 LOC642852 -9.80e-02 1.75e-04 3.22e-02
NM_022648 TNS1 -2.45e-01 1.75e-04 3.22e-02
NM_022119 PRSS22 -7.42e-02 1.76e-04 3.22e-02
NM_001164759 PRKAR1B -5.40e-02 1.76e-04 3.22e-02
NM_001109974 SYNPO -1.35e-01 1.76e-04 3.22e-02
NM_004958 MTOR -5.88e-02 1.76e-04 3.22e-02
NM_198517 TBC1D10C -5.60e-02 1.76e-04 3.22e-02
NM_019102 HOXA5 1.12e-01 1.76e-04 3.22e-02
NM_020738 KIDINS220 9.80e-02 1.76e-04 3.22e-02
NM_001042450 SLC5A10 -9.44e-02 1.76e-04 3.22e-02
NM_025262 LY6G5C -5.49e-02 1.77e-04 3.22e-02
NM_014770 AGAP2 1.71e-01 1.77e-04 3.22e-02
NM_005730 CTDSP2 2.18e-01 1.77e-04 3.22e-02
NM_014914 AGAP1 2.90e-01 1.77e-04 3.22e-02
NM_003571 BFSP2 -1.68e-01 1.77e-04 3.22e-02
NM_001130691 PPP3CA 1.17e-01 1.77e-04 3.22e-02
NM_014714 IFT140 -1.21e-01 1.77e-04 3.22e-02
NM_001003841 SLC6A19 -1.12e-01 1.77e-04 3.22e-02
NM_000795 DRD2 -6.64e-02 1.77e-04 3.22e-02
NM_153631 HOXA3 7.17e-02 1.77e-04 3.22e-02
NM_015009 PDZRN3 -1.30e-01 1.77e-04 3.22e-02
NM_014914 AGAP1 6.06e-02 1.78e-04 3.22e-02
NM_032704 TUBA1C -1.43e-01 1.78e-04 3.22e-02
NM_080822 OVCA2 4.72e-02 1.78e-04 3.22e-02
NR_029671 MIR125B1 5.14e-02 1.78e-04 3.23e-02
NM_018320 RNF121 5.73e-02 1.78e-04 3.23e-02
NM_144767 AKAP13 -2.11e-01 1.78e-04 3.23e-02
NM_015490 SEC31B 1.24e-01 1.79e-04 3.23e-02
NM_001137550 LRRFIP1 1.19e-01 1.79e-04 3.23e-02
NM_152490 B3GALNT2 -1.25e-01 1.79e-04 3.23e-02
NM_004553 NDUFS6 -4.83e-02 1.79e-04 3.23e-02
NM_020226 PRDM8 1.21e-01 1.79e-04 3.23e-02
NM_001614 ACTG1 5.38e-02 1.79e-04 3.23e-02
NM_001105556 C1orf38 -8.41e-02 1.80e-04 3.23e-02
NM_002118 HLA-DMB -9.10e-02 1.80e-04 3.23e-02
NM_201446 EGFL7 -8.29e-02 1.80e-04 3.23e-02
NM_198268 HIPK1 -1.39e-01 1.80e-04 3.23e-02
NM_006748 SLA -1.03e-01 1.80e-04 3.23e-02
NR_024181 ZNF577 1.00e-01 1.80e-04 3.23e-02
NM_153236 GIMAP7 -1.55e-01 1.80e-04 3.23e-02
NM_016139 CHCHD2 -7.50e-02 1.80e-04 3.23e-02
NR_024181 ZNF577 9.04e-02 1.80e-04 3.23e-02
NM_001005291 SREBF1 -6.37e-02 1.80e-04 3.23e-02
NM_133369 UNC5A 3.71e-02 1.81e-04 3.23e-02
NM_001143820 ETS1 -1.65e-01 1.81e-04 3.24e-02
NR_002785 GNASAS -1.32e-01 1.81e-04 3.24e-02
NR_028044 IGF2AS 5.21e-02 1.81e-04 3.24e-02
NM_001671 ASGR1 -1.03e-01 1.81e-04 3.24e-02
NM_153209 KIF19 -1.14e-01 1.81e-04 3.24e-02
NM_015378 VPS13D -1.82e-01 1.82e-04 3.24e-02
NM_001114618 MGAT1 -8.96e-02 1.82e-04 3.24e-02
NM_133503 DCN -1.27e-01 1.82e-04 3.24e-02
NM_004853 STX8 -1.32e-01 1.82e-04 3.24e-02
NM_173193 KCNIP2 8.39e-02 1.82e-04 3.24e-02
NM_020914 RNF213 -1.65e-01 1.82e-04 3.24e-02
NM_033446 FAM125B -1.78e-01 1.82e-04 3.24e-02
NM_030649 ACAP3 1.54e-01 1.82e-04 3.24e-02
NM_020798 USP35 -1.56e-01 1.82e-04 3.24e-02
NM_001145438 PGAP2 8.70e-02 1.82e-04 3.24e-02
NM_173568 UMODL1 -4.83e-02 1.83e-04 3.24e-02
NM_001145114 RRP12 -1.03e-01 1.83e-04 3.24e-02
NM_001009991 SYTL3 -1.28e-01 1.83e-04 3.24e-02
NM_014959 CARD8 -1.07e-01 1.83e-04 3.24e-02
NM_080603 ZSWIM1 -1.37e-01 1.83e-04 3.24e-02
NM_001235 SERPINH1 -6.13e-02 1.83e-04 3.24e-02
NM_020896 OSBPL5 -1.72e-01 1.83e-04 3.24e-02
NM_005921 MAP3K1 -1.42e-01 1.83e-04 3.24e-02
NM_001134395 C7orf50 -8.71e-02 1.83e-04 3.24e-02
NM_001043318 C14orf43 -1.30e-01 1.83e-04 3.24e-02
NM_000697 ALOX12 -1.86e-01 1.84e-04 3.24e-02
NR_028505 C17orf91 1.12e-01 1.84e-04 3.24e-02
NM_152246 CPT1B 1.42e-01 1.84e-04 3.24e-02
NR_024464 LOC100188949 -1.42e-01 1.84e-04 3.24e-02
NM_021150 GRIP1 1.99e-01 1.84e-04 3.24e-02
NM_175887 PRR15 7.66e-02 1.84e-04 3.24e-02
NM_000900 MGP -1.61e-01 1.84e-04 3.24e-02
NM_001161353 KCNMA1 8.89e-02 1.84e-04 3.24e-02
NM_198692 KRTAP10-11 -6.66e-02 1.84e-04 3.24e-02
NM_017798 YTHDF1 6.78e-02 1.85e-04 3.24e-02
NM_001145661 GATA2 7.63e-02 1.85e-04 3.24e-02
NM_001091 ABP1 -1.01e-01 1.85e-04 3.24e-02
NM_022156 DUS1L 1.18e-01 1.85e-04 3.24e-02
NM_001017915 INPP5D -1.31e-01 1.85e-04 3.24e-02
NM_019054 FAM35A -8.09e-02 1.85e-04 3.24e-02
NM_015853 UBXN1 7.40e-02 1.85e-04 3.24e-02
NM_001039548 KLHL35 1.03e-01 1.85e-04 3.24e-02
NM_201526 ISLR -1.34e-01 1.86e-04 3.25e-02
NM_001100390 IQCE -9.75e-02 1.86e-04 3.25e-02
NM_014714 IFT140 -1.13e-01 1.86e-04 3.25e-02
NM_001137553 LRRFIP1 -5.14e-02 1.86e-04 3.25e-02
NM_001160154 MGAT4A -3.08e-02 1.86e-04 3.25e-02
NM_002017 FLI1 -1.37e-01 1.86e-04 3.25e-02
NM_001098824 TMEM91 -6.65e-02 1.86e-04 3.25e-02
NM_025157 PXN -1.15e-01 1.87e-04 3.25e-02
NM_018051 WDR60 -9.93e-02 1.87e-04 3.25e-02
NM_014974 DIP2C 2.31e-01 1.87e-04 3.25e-02
NM_003775 S1PR4 -7.62e-02 1.87e-04 3.25e-02
NM_130435 PTPRE -1.36e-01 1.87e-04 3.25e-02
NM_006186 NR4A2 -1.33e-01 1.87e-04 3.25e-02
NM_058181 C21orf57 -1.22e-01 1.87e-04 3.25e-02
NM_004274 AKAP6 3.05e-01 1.87e-04 3.25e-02
NM_017583 TRIM44 9.91e-02 1.88e-04 3.25e-02
NM_173544 FAM129C -8.26e-02 1.88e-04 3.25e-02
NM_006505 PVR -9.86e-02 1.88e-04 3.25e-02
NM_173195 KCNIP2 -1.77e-01 1.88e-04 3.25e-02
NM_020886 USP28 4.15e-02 1.88e-04 3.25e-02
NM_144616 JSRP1 1.62e-01 1.88e-04 3.25e-02
NM_015949 C7orf20 -7.74e-02 1.88e-04 3.26e-02
NM_020782 KLHDC5 1.03e-01 1.88e-04 3.26e-02
NM_178425 HDAC9 -8.89e-02 1.88e-04 3.26e-02
NM_006571 DCTN6 6.93e-02 1.89e-04 3.26e-02
NM_004176 SREBF1 -8.12e-02 1.89e-04 3.26e-02
NM_182499 TDRD10 -1.47e-01 1.89e-04 3.27e-02
NR_024430 LOC399959 1.10e-01 1.90e-04 3.27e-02
NM_153631 HOXA3 1.20e-01 1.90e-04 3.27e-02
NM_020709 PNMAL2 1.16e-01 1.90e-04 3.27e-02
NM_014744 TBC1D5 -9.05e-02 1.90e-04 3.27e-02
NM_014629 ARHGEF10 -7.29e-02 1.90e-04 3.27e-02
NM_006560 CUGBP1 1.72e-01 1.90e-04 3.27e-02
NM_001122636 GALNT9 1.60e-01 1.90e-04 3.27e-02
NM_014712 SETD1A 1.35e-01 1.90e-04 3.27e-02
NM_019102 HOXA5 1.38e-01 1.90e-04 3.27e-02
NM_001957 EDNRA -5.48e-02 1.90e-04 3.27e-02
NM_001137550 LRRFIP1 6.96e-02 1.90e-04 3.27e-02
NM_024490 ATP10A -1.46e-01 1.90e-04 3.27e-02
NM_014974 DIP2C -8.16e-02 1.91e-04 3.27e-02
NM_018667 SMPD3 3.94e-02 1.91e-04 3.27e-02
NM_015009 PDZRN3 -1.04e-01 1.91e-04 3.27e-02
NM_052861 C4orf42 6.98e-02 1.91e-04 3.27e-02
NM_019619 PARD3 -1.13e-01 1.91e-04 3.27e-02
NR_026655 FLJ12825 9.94e-02 1.91e-04 3.27e-02
NM_004174 SLC9A3 -9.98e-02 1.91e-04 3.27e-02
NM_005228 EGFR -9.04e-02 1.92e-04 3.27e-02
NM_004849 ATG5 -8.88e-02 1.92e-04 3.27e-02
NM_001101372 IGLON5 -1.72e-01 1.92e-04 3.27e-02
NM_002141 HOXA4 1.34e-01 1.92e-04 3.27e-02
NM_053002 MED12L -8.92e-02 1.92e-04 3.27e-02
NM_152643 KNDC1 -7.73e-02 1.92e-04 3.27e-02
NR_029606 MIR7-2 -1.46e-01 1.92e-04 3.27e-02
NM_005041 PRF1 -6.96e-02 1.92e-04 3.27e-02
NM_013275 ANKRD11 8.37e-02 1.92e-04 3.27e-02
NM_005578 LPP -9.76e-02 1.92e-04 3.27e-02
NM_015908 SRRT 1.16e-01 1.92e-04 3.27e-02
NM_014468 VENTX 1.04e-01 1.93e-04 3.27e-02
NM_024503 HIVEP3 -1.20e-01 1.93e-04 3.27e-02
NM_001114618 MGAT1 -1.04e-01 1.93e-04 3.27e-02
NM_015008 TMCC1 1.26e-01 1.93e-04 3.27e-02
NM_207344 SPRYD4 1.13e-01 1.93e-04 3.27e-02
NM_005215 DCC 8.83e-02 1.94e-04 3.28e-02
NM_001079846 CREBBP 1.73e-01 1.94e-04 3.28e-02
NR_026997 C22orf34 1.47e-01 1.94e-04 3.28e-02
NM_181533 ABHD12B -2.01e-01 1.94e-04 3.28e-02
NM_019102 HOXA5 6.87e-02 1.94e-04 3.28e-02
NM_153631 HOXA3 2.01e-01 1.94e-04 3.28e-02
NM_004975 KCNB1 5.02e-02 1.95e-04 3.28e-02
NM_001100592 ATP6V0E2 1.56e-01 1.95e-04 3.28e-02
NM_001025077 CUGBP2 1.57e-01 1.95e-04 3.28e-02
NM_001166247 GRIK2 6.62e-02 1.95e-04 3.28e-02
NM_001005373 LRSAM1 -7.50e-02 1.95e-04 3.28e-02
NR_003937 HLA-DQB2 1.28e-01 1.95e-04 3.28e-02
NM_022078 GPATCH3 9.32e-02 1.95e-04 3.28e-02
NM_015720 PODXL2 4.68e-02 1.95e-04 3.28e-02
NM_057164 COL6A3 -9.27e-02 1.95e-04 3.28e-02
NM_001136030 KIAA0748 -2.95e-02 1.95e-04 3.28e-02
NM_022648 TNS1 -9.04e-02 1.96e-04 3.28e-02
NM_003361 UMOD -7.96e-02 1.96e-04 3.28e-02
NM_015621 CCDC69 -1.18e-01 1.96e-04 3.28e-02
NM_018996 TNRC6C -4.29e-02 1.96e-04 3.28e-02
NR_029886 MIR330 -1.25e-01 1.96e-04 3.28e-02
NM_024841 PRR5L -5.11e-02 1.96e-04 3.28e-02
NM_020528 PCBP3 -3.46e-02 1.96e-04 3.29e-02
NM_005720 ARPC1B -2.16e-01 1.96e-04 3.29e-02
NM_002755 MAP2K1 -1.23e-01 1.97e-04 3.29e-02
NM_033397 ITPRIP -1.42e-01 1.97e-04 3.29e-02
NM_018393 TCP11L1 6.05e-02 1.97e-04 3.29e-02
NM_001080395 AATK 1.76e-01 1.97e-04 3.29e-02
NM_198282 TMEM173 -9.10e-02 1.98e-04 3.29e-02
NM_153631 HOXA3 1.81e-01 1.98e-04 3.29e-02
NM_003471 KCNAB1 -2.29e-01 1.98e-04 3.29e-02
NM_005165 ALDOC 1.05e-01 1.98e-04 3.29e-02
NM_020247 CABC1 1.66e-01 1.98e-04 3.29e-02
NM_032454 STK19 1.34e-01 1.98e-04 3.29e-02
NM_001015508 PURG 7.01e-02 1.98e-04 3.29e-02
NM_000961 PTGIS -9.40e-02 1.98e-04 3.29e-02
NM_207113 SLC37A3 -1.28e-01 1.98e-04 3.29e-02
NM_018114 DALRD3 1.42e-01 1.98e-04 3.29e-02
NM_172217 IL16 -8.44e-02 1.98e-04 3.29e-02
NM_019102 HOXA5 1.35e-01 1.98e-04 3.29e-02
NM_001042680 C19orf28 -9.48e-02 1.99e-04 3.29e-02
NM_182616 C15orf38 9.42e-02 1.99e-04 3.29e-02
NM_002141 HOXA4 1.41e-01 1.99e-04 3.29e-02
NM_198480 ZNF615 3.85e-02 1.99e-04 3.29e-02
NM_015199 ANKRD28 2.09e-01 1.99e-04 3.29e-02
NR_028323 SLC5A6 1.06e-01 1.99e-04 3.29e-02
NM_002847 PTPRN2 -9.93e-02 1.99e-04 3.29e-02
NM_012294 RAPGEF5 1.28e-01 1.99e-04 3.29e-02
NM_156038 CSF3R -8.07e-02 1.99e-04 3.29e-02
NM_015949 C7orf20 -8.65e-02 1.99e-04 3.29e-02
NM_001135170 C1QTNF7 -1.17e-01 1.99e-04 3.29e-02
NM_006670 TPBG 5.31e-02 1.99e-04 3.29e-02
NM_017567 NAGK -1.26e-01 1.99e-04 3.29e-02
NM_033409 C20orf54 -1.04e-01 2.00e-04 3.29e-02
NM_173598 KSR2 1.34e-01 2.00e-04 3.29e-02
NM_001142617 STRA6 -1.45e-01 2.00e-04 3.29e-02
NM_021630 PDLIM2 -1.22e-01 2.00e-04 3.29e-02
NM_001160355 LY6K -1.68e-01 2.00e-04 3.29e-02
NM_134261 RORA -4.57e-02 2.00e-04 3.29e-02
NM_001452 FOXF2 7.90e-02 2.00e-04 3.29e-02
NM_020476 ANK1 -7.89e-02 2.00e-04 3.29e-02
NM_032387 WNK4 1.57e-01 2.00e-04 3.29e-02
NM_017596 KIF21B 1.57e-01 2.01e-04 3.30e-02
NM_002975 CLEC11A 6.50e-02 2.01e-04 3.30e-02
NM_153376 CCDC96 7.79e-02 2.01e-04 3.30e-02
NM_145641 APOL3 -2.42e-01 2.01e-04 3.30e-02
NM_015576 ERC2 -1.26e-01 2.01e-04 3.30e-02
NM_001126050 HDGF -4.30e-02 2.01e-04 3.30e-02
NM_014815 MED24 1.54e-01 2.01e-04 3.30e-02
NM_001123041 CCR2 2.16e-01 2.02e-04 3.30e-02
NR_024384 LOC645323 4.41e-02 2.02e-04 3.30e-02
NM_016373 WWOX -9.26e-02 2.02e-04 3.30e-02
NR_026863 C21orf84 -1.37e-01 2.02e-04 3.30e-02
NM_153209 KIF19 -1.10e-01 2.02e-04 3.30e-02
NM_004360 CDH1 -1.18e-01 2.03e-04 3.31e-02
NM_004307 APBB2 3.80e-02 2.03e-04 3.31e-02
NM_004285 H6PD 4.93e-02 2.03e-04 3.31e-02
NM_021205 RHOU 1.47e-01 2.03e-04 3.31e-02
NM_003174 SVIL -1.44e-01 2.03e-04 3.31e-02
NM_022773 LMF1 8.50e-02 2.03e-04 3.31e-02
NM_002312 LIG4 1.07e-01 2.03e-04 3.31e-02
NM_152365 C1orf172 5.49e-02 2.03e-04 3.31e-02
NM_001134742 SLC4A4 -6.77e-02 2.04e-04 3.31e-02
NM_002298 LCP1 -1.08e-01 2.04e-04 3.31e-02
NM_018059 RADIL -1.23e-01 2.04e-04 3.31e-02
NM_032214 SLA2 -6.44e-02 2.04e-04 3.31e-02
NM_007144 PCGF2 7.07e-02 2.05e-04 3.32e-02
NM_032599 FAM71F1 -1.07e-01 2.05e-04 3.32e-02
NM_199334 THRA 2.34e-02 2.05e-04 3.32e-02
NM_014831 TRANK1 -2.20e-01 2.05e-04 3.32e-02
NM_003417 ZNF264 1.58e-01 2.05e-04 3.32e-02
NM_001025190 MSLNL 8.69e-02 2.05e-04 3.32e-02
NM_016203 PRKAG2 -1.26e-01 2.06e-04 3.32e-02
NM_001031702 SEMA5B -1.33e-01 2.06e-04 3.32e-02
NM_201628 KIAA1026 -1.31e-01 2.06e-04 3.32e-02
NM_001083914 CTBP2 1.43e-01 2.06e-04 3.32e-02
NM_014714 IFT140 -1.32e-01 2.06e-04 3.32e-02
NM_032995 ARHGEF4 -1.45e-01 2.06e-04 3.32e-02
NM_033201 C16orf45 1.66e-01 2.06e-04 3.32e-02
NM_001008712 RBPMS -1.29e-01 2.06e-04 3.32e-02
NM_005806 OLIG2 2.52e-02 2.06e-04 3.32e-02
NM_173541 C10orf91 -1.24e-01 2.07e-04 3.32e-02
NM_000593 TAP1 -9.56e-02 2.07e-04 3.32e-02
NM_001042522 SPRED3 -8.65e-02 2.07e-04 3.32e-02
NM_004198 CHRNA6 -1.08e-01 2.07e-04 3.32e-02
NM_001135647 FAM53C 4.97e-02 2.07e-04 3.32e-02
NM_032447 FBN3 -8.41e-02 2.07e-04 3.32e-02
NM_002118 HLA-DMB -1.08e-01 2.07e-04 3.32e-02
NM_152468 TMC8 -1.40e-01 2.07e-04 3.32e-02
NM_182920 ADAMTS9 -1.34e-01 2.07e-04 3.32e-02
NM_001137553 LRRFIP1 -1.14e-01 2.07e-04 3.32e-02
NM_003772 JRKL 1.10e-01 2.07e-04 3.32e-02
NM_033448 KRT71 -5.74e-02 2.07e-04 3.32e-02
NM_133633 SYN3 -8.91e-02 2.08e-04 3.32e-02
NM_001142617 STRA6 -1.32e-01 2.08e-04 3.32e-02
NM_015533 DAK -3.52e-02 2.08e-04 3.33e-02
NM_032995 ARHGEF4 -1.22e-01 2.08e-04 3.33e-02
NM_138465 GLI4 1.61e-01 2.08e-04 3.33e-02
NM_001148 ANK2 9.55e-02 2.09e-04 3.33e-02
NM_031904 FRMD8 -7.07e-02 2.09e-04 3.33e-02
NM_181500 CUX1 -5.14e-02 2.09e-04 3.33e-02
NM_002847 PTPRN2 -1.39e-01 2.09e-04 3.33e-02
NM_017921 NPLOC4 -6.61e-02 2.09e-04 3.33e-02
NM_001230 CASP10 -1.55e-01 2.09e-04 3.33e-02
NM_199452 ZNF365 -1.25e-01 2.09e-04 3.33e-02
NM_001014796 DDR2 -7.77e-02 2.09e-04 3.33e-02
NM_019020 TBC1D16 -1.18e-01 2.09e-04 3.33e-02
NM_002969 MAPK12 1.36e-01 2.09e-04 3.33e-02
NM_005084 PLA2G7 8.33e-02 2.10e-04 3.33e-02
NM_005027 PIK3R2 1.78e-01 2.10e-04 3.33e-02
NM_024940 DOCK5 -1.11e-01 2.10e-04 3.33e-02
NM_001146341 ANKRD34C 6.11e-02 2.10e-04 3.33e-02
NM_014601 EHD2 -7.19e-02 2.10e-04 3.33e-02
NM_003550 MAD1L1 -9.86e-02 2.10e-04 3.34e-02
NM_003456 ZNF205 9.44e-02 2.10e-04 3.34e-02
NM_022062 PKNOX2 -1.06e-01 2.10e-04 3.34e-02
NM_005565 LCP2 -8.97e-02 2.11e-04 3.34e-02
NM_002124 HLA-DRB1 -1.88e-01 2.11e-04 3.34e-02
NM_004095 EIF4EBP1 -1.19e-01 2.11e-04 3.34e-02
NM_014771 RNF40 1.45e-01 2.11e-04 3.34e-02
NM_001080505 SHISA3 -1.06e-01 2.11e-04 3.34e-02
NM_001130524 AP1M1 6.60e-02 2.11e-04 3.34e-02
NM_003854 IL1RL2 1.02e-01 2.11e-04 3.34e-02
NM_018910 PCDHA7 -1.14e-01 2.11e-04 3.34e-02
NM_004717 DGKI 9.81e-02 2.11e-04 3.34e-02
NM_005178 BCL3 -1.49e-01 2.12e-04 3.34e-02
NM_005954 MT3 1.24e-01 2.12e-04 3.34e-02
NM_014424 HSPB7 -6.76e-02 2.12e-04 3.34e-02
NM_199160 LHX6 1.59e-01 2.12e-04 3.34e-02
NM_006231 POLE -5.79e-02 2.12e-04 3.34e-02
NM_130445 COL18A1 -6.99e-02 2.12e-04 3.34e-02
NM_024830 LPCAT1 -8.60e-02 2.13e-04 3.35e-02
NM_175931 CBFA2T3 -8.30e-02 2.13e-04 3.35e-02
NM_002727 SRGN -9.59e-02 2.13e-04 3.35e-02
NM_017658 KLHL28 1.03e-01 2.13e-04 3.35e-02
NM_005384 NFIL3 9.46e-02 2.14e-04 3.36e-02
NM_181842 ZBTB12 6.11e-02 2.14e-04 3.36e-02
NM_001024215 FBLIM1 -8.14e-02 2.14e-04 3.36e-02
NM_015576 ERC2 -6.97e-02 2.14e-04 3.36e-02
NM_005346 HSPA1B -9.19e-02 2.14e-04 3.36e-02
NM_004924 ACTN4 -8.83e-02 2.15e-04 3.36e-02
NM_033223 GABRG3 7.51e-02 2.15e-04 3.36e-02
NM_006991 ZNF197 1.12e-01 2.15e-04 3.36e-02
NM_015714 G0S2 -7.03e-02 2.15e-04 3.36e-02
NM_005810 KLRG1 -6.68e-02 2.15e-04 3.36e-02
NM_001130082 PLXNB1 7.52e-02 2.15e-04 3.36e-02
NM_001160138 C7orf63 7.91e-02 2.15e-04 3.36e-02
NM_020379 MAN1C1 -1.56e-01 2.15e-04 3.36e-02
NM_002144 HOXB1 1.74e-01 2.16e-04 3.36e-02
NM_031464 RPS6KL1 1.53e-01 2.16e-04 3.37e-02
NM_001085377 MCC 9.72e-02 2.16e-04 3.37e-02
NM_002223 ITPR2 -2.97e-02 2.16e-04 3.37e-02
NM_198464 T-SP1 -9.44e-02 2.17e-04 3.37e-02
NR_029671 MIR125B1 1.11e-01 2.17e-04 3.37e-02
NR_015448 DLX6AS 3.84e-02 2.17e-04 3.37e-02
NM_178422 PAQR7 -7.67e-02 2.17e-04 3.37e-02
NM_033225 CSMD1 -8.59e-02 2.17e-04 3.37e-02
NM_152783 D2HGDH -6.28e-02 2.17e-04 3.37e-02
NM_001123065 C7orf65 -3.34e-02 2.17e-04 3.37e-02
NM_005996 TBX3 1.28e-01 2.17e-04 3.37e-02
NM_020733 HEG1 -1.14e-01 2.17e-04 3.37e-02
NM_030961 TRIM56 -9.82e-02 2.18e-04 3.38e-02
NM_201378 PLEC1 -9.05e-02 2.18e-04 3.38e-02
NM_201284 EGFR -1.36e-01 2.18e-04 3.38e-02
NM_018489 ASH1L -7.96e-02 2.18e-04 3.38e-02
NM_052836 CDH23 -9.80e-02 2.18e-04 3.38e-02
NM_031954 KCTD10 -5.95e-02 2.18e-04 3.38e-02
NM_003775 S1PR4 -8.47e-02 2.18e-04 3.38e-02
NM_001165899 PDE4D 8.00e-02 2.19e-04 3.38e-02
NM_080669 SLC46A1 9.80e-02 2.19e-04 3.38e-02
NM_171982 TRIM35 -4.13e-02 2.19e-04 3.38e-02
NM_004614 TK2 -1.29e-01 2.19e-04 3.38e-02
NM_003672 CDC14A -7.18e-02 2.19e-04 3.38e-02
NM_033300 LRP8 1.16e-01 2.19e-04 3.38e-02
NM_031417 MARK4 5.72e-02 2.20e-04 3.38e-02
NM_173507 C1orf127 -8.10e-02 2.20e-04 3.38e-02
NM_013262 MYLIP 4.17e-02 2.20e-04 3.38e-02
NM_004870 MPDU1 6.19e-02 2.20e-04 3.38e-02
NM_002221 ITPKB -9.69e-02 2.20e-04 3.38e-02
NM_001128615 ARHGEF3 -1.04e-01 2.20e-04 3.38e-02
NM_053005 HCCA2 7.88e-02 2.20e-04 3.39e-02
NM_001100390 IQCE -3.44e-01 2.20e-04 3.39e-02
NM_001001582 PDE9A -4.66e-02 2.20e-04 3.39e-02
NR_026773 C6orf123 -1.65e-01 2.21e-04 3.39e-02
NM_201628 KIAA1026 -1.65e-01 2.21e-04 3.39e-02
NM_000675 ADORA2A -8.07e-02 2.21e-04 3.39e-02
NM_003943 STBD1 -8.65e-02 2.21e-04 3.39e-02
NM_030776 ZBP1 -9.89e-02 2.21e-04 3.39e-02
NM_019043 APBB1IP 1.27e-01 2.21e-04 3.39e-02
NM_002226 JAG2 7.31e-02 2.21e-04 3.39e-02
NM_181807 DCDC1 -1.01e-01 2.21e-04 3.39e-02
NM_024837 ATP8B4 -1.08e-01 2.22e-04 3.39e-02
NM_002457 MUC2 -8.88e-02 2.22e-04 3.40e-02
NM_001114094 BLNK -7.36e-02 2.22e-04 3.40e-02
NR_026567 ESPNP 1.14e-01 2.22e-04 3.40e-02
NM_014759 PHYHIP 9.88e-02 2.22e-04 3.40e-02
NM_018702 ADARB2 -8.90e-02 2.22e-04 3.40e-02
NM_001040633 PRKAG2 -1.17e-01 2.23e-04 3.40e-02
NM_003058 SLC22A2 -9.04e-02 2.23e-04 3.40e-02
NM_153631 HOXA3 1.48e-01 2.23e-04 3.40e-02
NM_003970 MYOM2 -1.92e-01 2.24e-04 3.41e-02
NM_001012267 CENPP -4.68e-02 2.24e-04 3.41e-02
NR_023938 C14orf132 1.25e-01 2.24e-04 3.41e-02
NM_001360 DHCR7 6.27e-02 2.24e-04 3.41e-02
NM_001025237 TSPAN4 -1.35e-01 2.24e-04 3.41e-02
NM_004441 EPHB1 4.60e-02 2.24e-04 3.41e-02
NM_018945 PDE7B -1.79e-01 2.25e-04 3.41e-02
NM_006691 LYVE1 -1.32e-01 2.25e-04 3.41e-02
NM_000075 CDK4 1.68e-01 2.25e-04 3.41e-02
NM_001012974 C6orf154 1.22e-01 2.25e-04 3.41e-02
NM_001082533 CA10 5.72e-02 2.25e-04 3.41e-02
NM_005614 RHEB 5.11e-02 2.25e-04 3.41e-02
NM_052814 CARD9 2.06e-01 2.25e-04 3.42e-02
NM_024605 ARHGAP10 -1.25e-01 2.25e-04 3.42e-02
NM_014770 AGAP2 1.72e-01 2.26e-04 3.42e-02
NM_001136538 ACAD10 -7.92e-02 2.26e-04 3.42e-02
NM_016151 TAOK2 -3.97e-02 2.26e-04 3.42e-02
NM_003062 SLIT3 -1.63e-01 2.26e-04 3.42e-02
NM_001142679 ANO6 -1.16e-01 2.27e-04 3.43e-02
NM_000413 HSD17B1 8.40e-02 2.27e-04 3.43e-02
NM_198903 GABRG2 3.90e-02 2.28e-04 3.44e-02
NM_022162 NOD2 -1.01e-01 2.28e-04 3.44e-02
NM_014575 SCHIP1 1.22e-01 2.28e-04 3.44e-02
NM_031421 TTC25 -6.53e-02 2.28e-04 3.44e-02
NR_015448 DLX6AS 2.97e-02 2.28e-04 3.44e-02
NM_015401 HDAC7 -1.60e-01 2.28e-04 3.44e-02
NM_003185 TAF4 -8.66e-02 2.28e-04 3.44e-02
NM_033493 CDK11B -9.65e-02 2.28e-04 3.44e-02
NM_002462 MX1 -1.44e-01 2.28e-04 3.44e-02
NM_003255 TIMP2 -9.14e-02 2.28e-04 3.44e-02
NM_019619 PARD3 -1.41e-01 2.29e-04 3.44e-02
NM_182491 ZFAND2A 2.78e-01 2.29e-04 3.44e-02
NM_021926 ALX4 -1.35e-01 2.29e-04 3.44e-02
NM_001165899 PDE4D 5.32e-02 2.29e-04 3.44e-02
NM_014912 CPEB3 2.05e-01 2.29e-04 3.44e-02
NM_006255 PRKCH -1.21e-01 2.29e-04 3.44e-02
NM_001167734 VARS2 8.11e-02 2.29e-04 3.44e-02
NM_018414 ST6GALNAC1 -1.36e-01 2.29e-04 3.44e-02
NM_018915 PCDHGA2 8.60e-02 2.29e-04 3.44e-02
NM_198722 AMIGO3 1.52e-01 2.29e-04 3.44e-02
NM_003373 VCL -5.69e-02 2.29e-04 3.44e-02
NM_006748 SLA -9.60e-02 2.30e-04 3.44e-02
NM_014825 URB1 -4.34e-02 2.30e-04 3.44e-02
NM_001012969 ADAL 7.88e-02 2.30e-04 3.44e-02
NM_024706 ZNF668 -1.05e-01 2.30e-04 3.44e-02
NM_207360 ZC3H12D -1.48e-01 2.30e-04 3.45e-02
NM_001134395 C7orf50 -8.11e-02 2.30e-04 3.45e-02
NM_152465 PROCA1 -2.65e-01 2.31e-04 3.45e-02
NM_024605 ARHGAP10 -7.82e-02 2.31e-04 3.45e-02
NM_032726 PLCD4 6.48e-02 2.31e-04 3.45e-02
NM_022773 LMF1 -1.47e-01 2.31e-04 3.45e-02
NM_002593 PCOLCE 1.21e-01 2.31e-04 3.45e-02
NM_006434 SORBS1 -1.14e-01 2.31e-04 3.45e-02
NR_027116 LOC285768 -1.25e-01 2.31e-04 3.45e-02
NM_138450 ARL11 -1.85e-01 2.31e-04 3.45e-02
NM_001145853 WFS1 7.88e-02 2.32e-04 3.45e-02
NM_017578 ROPN1 7.57e-02 2.32e-04 3.45e-02
NM_005779 LHFPL2 -1.13e-01 2.32e-04 3.45e-02
NM_005677 COLQ -1.43e-01 2.32e-04 3.45e-02
NM_001100 ACTA1 3.69e-02 2.32e-04 3.45e-02
NM_012247 SEPHS1 1.22e-01 2.32e-04 3.45e-02
NM_015205 ATP11A -1.17e-01 2.32e-04 3.45e-02
NM_014734 KIAA0247 5.01e-02 2.32e-04 3.45e-02
NM_019102 HOXA5 1.28e-01 2.32e-04 3.45e-02
NM_024901 DENND2D -1.14e-01 2.32e-04 3.45e-02
NM_016815 GYPC -1.31e-01 2.32e-04 3.45e-02
NM_001098213 HRH1 -1.31e-01 2.33e-04 3.45e-02
NM_002744 PRKCZ 1.33e-01 2.33e-04 3.45e-02
NM_001048209 NTM 3.81e-02 2.33e-04 3.45e-02
NM_001491 GCNT2 9.49e-02 2.33e-04 3.45e-02
NM_024067 C7orf26 1.04e-01 2.33e-04 3.45e-02
NM_014786 ARHGEF17 -7.48e-02 2.33e-04 3.45e-02
NM_021602 CD79B -9.51e-02 2.33e-04 3.45e-02
NM_001145114 RRP12 -7.91e-02 2.34e-04 3.45e-02
NM_015520 MAGI1 -1.49e-01 2.34e-04 3.45e-02
NM_002419 MAP3K11 1.58e-01 2.34e-04 3.45e-02
NM_030912 TRIM8 3.44e-02 2.34e-04 3.45e-02
NM_000168 GLI3 -1.16e-01 2.34e-04 3.45e-02
NM_004994 MMP9 7.12e-02 2.34e-04 3.45e-02
NM_023079 UBE2Z 4.91e-02 2.34e-04 3.45e-02
NM_000218 KCNQ1 -7.29e-02 2.35e-04 3.46e-02
NM_020338 ZMIZ1 2.88e-01 2.35e-04 3.46e-02
NM_007054 KIF3A 1.58e-01 2.35e-04 3.46e-02
NM_001663 ARF6 -7.97e-02 2.35e-04 3.46e-02
NM_003532 HIST1H3E 9.20e-02 2.35e-04 3.46e-02
NM_001099413 MYST3 -1.35e-01 2.35e-04 3.46e-02
NM_003087 SNCG 1.01e-01 2.35e-04 3.46e-02
NM_031950 FGFBP2 -7.29e-02 2.35e-04 3.46e-02
NM_003641 IFITM1 -2.26e-01 2.36e-04 3.46e-02
NM_016243 CYB5R1 -7.73e-02 2.36e-04 3.46e-02
NM_001077594 C14orf73 -9.77e-02 2.36e-04 3.46e-02
NM_001013838 RLTPR 9.02e-02 2.36e-04 3.46e-02
NM_018113 LMBR1L 6.41e-02 2.36e-04 3.46e-02
NM_001336 CTSZ -7.71e-02 2.36e-04 3.46e-02
NM_019107 C19orf10 -8.71e-02 2.36e-04 3.46e-02
NM_080669 SLC46A1 1.04e-01 2.36e-04 3.46e-02
NM_001129730 ZNF837 1.48e-01 2.36e-04 3.46e-02
NM_001166449 ITIH4 -9.86e-02 2.36e-04 3.46e-02
NM_002064 GLRX -1.02e-01 2.36e-04 3.46e-02
NM_001754 RUNX1 -1.39e-01 2.37e-04 3.46e-02
NM_006291 TNFAIP2 2.11e-01 2.37e-04 3.46e-02
NM_003265 TLR3 -7.33e-02 2.37e-04 3.46e-02
NM_181670 ANKS1B 1.94e-01 2.37e-04 3.46e-02
NM_005188 CBL -1.24e-01 2.37e-04 3.46e-02
NM_001144072 UBAC2 -1.58e-01 2.37e-04 3.46e-02
NM_002146 HOXB3 1.19e-01 2.37e-04 3.46e-02
NM_015898 ZBTB7A 9.38e-02 2.37e-04 3.46e-02
NM_001126240 TP73 -1.42e-01 2.38e-04 3.47e-02
NM_004573 PLCB2 -7.46e-02 2.38e-04 3.47e-02
NM_001142675 CHID1 -6.25e-02 2.38e-04 3.47e-02
NM_152410 PACRG 1.74e-01 2.38e-04 3.47e-02
NM_001100390 IQCE -7.62e-02 2.38e-04 3.47e-02
NM_003996 GPX5 -1.11e-01 2.38e-04 3.47e-02
NM_005553 KRTAP5-9 -2.27e-01 2.38e-04 3.47e-02
NM_174878 CLRN1 -6.81e-02 2.39e-04 3.47e-02
NM_022455 NSD1 -7.50e-02 2.39e-04 3.47e-02
NM_014766 SCRN1 2.07e-01 2.39e-04 3.47e-02
NM_032221 CHD6 7.42e-02 2.40e-04 3.48e-02
NM_001114938 CCDC17 -1.20e-01 2.40e-04 3.48e-02
NM_198083 DHRS4L2 -1.30e-01 2.40e-04 3.48e-02
NM_001143995 LPXN -1.51e-01 2.40e-04 3.48e-02
NM_001500 GMDS -1.12e-01 2.40e-04 3.48e-02
NM_153746 ZDHHC14 -1.36e-01 2.40e-04 3.48e-02
NM_001409 MEGF6 -1.23e-01 2.41e-04 3.48e-02
NM_001007269 GEMIN7 1.59e-01 2.41e-04 3.48e-02
NM_152749 ATXN7L1 1.60e-01 2.41e-04 3.48e-02
NM_015310 PSD3 7.51e-02 2.41e-04 3.48e-02
NM_031896 CACNG7 -1.24e-01 2.41e-04 3.48e-02
NM_001025101 MBP -1.75e-01 2.41e-04 3.48e-02
NM_016581 ECSIT -6.26e-02 2.41e-04 3.48e-02
NM_004254 SLC22A8 -5.64e-02 2.42e-04 3.49e-02
NM_030636 EEPD1 -8.74e-02 2.42e-04 3.49e-02
NM_000316 PTH1R 1.15e-01 2.42e-04 3.49e-02
NM_182775 ALS2CL -6.87e-02 2.42e-04 3.49e-02
NM_002989 CCL21 -1.25e-01 2.42e-04 3.49e-02
NM_033544 RCCD1 9.42e-02 2.42e-04 3.49e-02
NM_016612 SLC25A37 -1.12e-01 2.43e-04 3.49e-02
NM_016307 PRRX2 -1.43e-01 2.43e-04 3.50e-02
NM_033310 KCNK4 7.96e-02 2.43e-04 3.50e-02
NM_001130968 ZNF385A 1.14e-01 2.43e-04 3.50e-02
NM_013258 PYCARD -1.64e-01 2.43e-04 3.50e-02
NR_026597 DIRC3 2.47e-02 2.43e-04 3.50e-02
NM_001128209 SGCD -7.23e-02 2.43e-04 3.50e-02
NM_004778 GPR44 -1.08e-01 2.44e-04 3.50e-02
NM_024017 HOXB9 1.15e-01 2.44e-04 3.50e-02
NM_178229 IQGAP3 -1.09e-01 2.44e-04 3.50e-02
NM_018012 KIF26B -6.13e-02 2.44e-04 3.50e-02
NM_005624 CCL25 -7.90e-02 2.44e-04 3.50e-02
NM_032385 C5orf4 -8.85e-02 2.45e-04 3.50e-02
NM_001033581 PRKCZ 1.13e-01 2.45e-04 3.50e-02
NM_015163 TRIM9 1.33e-01 2.45e-04 3.50e-02
NM_002499 NEO1 5.81e-02 2.45e-04 3.50e-02
NM_021926 ALX4 1.50e-01 2.45e-04 3.50e-02
NM_017869 BANP -7.31e-02 2.45e-04 3.50e-02
NM_004031 IRF7 -7.20e-02 2.45e-04 3.50e-02
NM_018117 WDR11 2.13e-01 2.45e-04 3.50e-02
NM_016641 GDE1 1.91e-01 2.45e-04 3.50e-02
NM_182973 TMPRSS9 -6.53e-02 2.45e-04 3.50e-02
NM_182560 C14orf177 -9.50e-02 2.45e-04 3.50e-02
NM_001099627 FAM54B -1.15e-01 2.45e-04 3.50e-02
NM_031476 CRISPLD2 -1.52e-01 2.46e-04 3.50e-02
NM_000935 PLOD2 1.28e-01 2.46e-04 3.50e-02
NM_015193 ARC 1.07e-01 2.46e-04 3.50e-02
NM_001164114 CASS4 -1.91e-01 2.46e-04 3.50e-02
NM_174886 TGIF1 -8.16e-02 2.46e-04 3.50e-02
NR_024207 KIAA1875 1.06e-01 2.46e-04 3.50e-02
NM_000218 KCNQ1 -1.30e-01 2.46e-04 3.50e-02
NM_004926 ZFP36L1 7.35e-02 2.46e-04 3.50e-02
NM_153746 ZDHHC14 -1.15e-01 2.46e-04 3.50e-02
NM_014773 KIAA0141 3.29e-02 2.47e-04 3.51e-02
NM_022153 C10orf54 -9.55e-02 2.48e-04 3.51e-02
NM_022138 SMOC2 -1.10e-01 2.48e-04 3.51e-02
NM_001009991 SYTL3 -1.35e-01 2.48e-04 3.51e-02
NM_001008274 TRIM72 5.86e-02 2.48e-04 3.51e-02
NM_001164239 DHX16 -7.52e-02 2.48e-04 3.51e-02
NM_207108 ASTN1 3.68e-02 2.48e-04 3.51e-02
NM_014714 IFT140 -1.43e-01 2.48e-04 3.51e-02
NM_002972 SBF1 3.39e-02 2.48e-04 3.51e-02
NM_003449 TRIM26 -3.76e-02 2.49e-04 3.51e-02
NM_001144969 NEDD4L -3.61e-02 2.49e-04 3.51e-02
NM_153236 GIMAP7 -8.18e-02 2.49e-04 3.51e-02
NM_015133 MAPK8IP3 1.17e-01 2.49e-04 3.51e-02
NM_001009880 C22orf9 6.59e-02 2.49e-04 3.51e-02
NR_029606 MIR7-2 -1.56e-01 2.49e-04 3.51e-02
NM_014844 TECPR2 7.19e-02 2.49e-04 3.51e-02
NM_001098825 TMEM91 -8.65e-02 2.49e-04 3.51e-02
NM_012194 C11orf41 -3.92e-02 2.50e-04 3.51e-02
NM_018702 ADARB2 -7.49e-02 2.50e-04 3.51e-02
NM_182833 GDPD4 -5.32e-02 2.50e-04 3.51e-02
NM_005353 ITGAD -6.22e-02 2.50e-04 3.51e-02
NM_000095 COMP 8.29e-02 2.50e-04 3.51e-02
NM_001100419 C19orf60 1.92e-01 2.50e-04 3.51e-02
NM_001128598 KRTAP25-1 -9.06e-02 2.50e-04 3.51e-02
NM_207397 CD164L2 7.99e-02 2.50e-04 3.51e-02
NM_001024678 LRRC24 1.51e-01 2.50e-04 3.51e-02
NM_031477 YPEL3 2.12e-02 2.50e-04 3.52e-02
NM_017888 ACSM5 -1.18e-01 2.50e-04 3.52e-02
NM_021738 SVIL -1.32e-01 2.50e-04 3.52e-02
NM_052947 ALPK2 -7.06e-02 2.51e-04 3.52e-02
NM_022552 DNMT3A -1.05e-01 2.51e-04 3.52e-02
NM_001144936 C11orf95 9.71e-02 2.51e-04 3.52e-02
NM_145020 CCDC11 -2.06e-01 2.51e-04 3.52e-02
NM_012162 FBXL6 -8.75e-02 2.51e-04 3.52e-02
NM_003970 MYOM2 -5.43e-02 2.51e-04 3.52e-02
NM_007124 UTRN -1.46e-01 2.51e-04 3.52e-02
NM_001101667 ACOX3 -1.14e-01 2.51e-04 3.52e-02
NM_001033581 PRKCZ -8.49e-02 2.51e-04 3.52e-02
NM_012232 PTRF 2.91e-02 2.51e-04 3.52e-02
NM_032806 C3orf39 1.33e-01 2.51e-04 3.52e-02
NR_024394 LOC154822 -4.11e-01 2.52e-04 3.52e-02
NM_020225 STOX2 1.35e-01 2.52e-04 3.52e-02
NR_030298 MIR572 -7.88e-02 2.52e-04 3.52e-02
NM_024613 PLEKHF2 5.49e-02 2.52e-04 3.52e-02
NM_001143774 PHYHIPL 6.82e-02 2.52e-04 3.52e-02
NM_138426 GLCCI1 2.91e-01 2.52e-04 3.52e-02
NM_203372 ACSL3 -6.95e-02 2.52e-04 3.52e-02
NM_014023 WDR37 -3.81e-02 2.52e-04 3.52e-02
NM_001129730 ZNF837 2.65e-01 2.52e-04 3.52e-02
NM_000726 CACNB4 8.42e-02 2.52e-04 3.52e-02
NM_030958 SLCO5A1 5.02e-02 2.53e-04 3.52e-02
NM_003064 SLPI -1.44e-01 2.53e-04 3.52e-02
NM_001163034 RPTOR -1.26e-01 2.53e-04 3.52e-02
NM_030651 PRRT1 -1.68e-01 2.53e-04 3.52e-02
NM_004093 EFNB2 2.11e-01 2.53e-04 3.52e-02
NM_145719 TIGD3 5.70e-02 2.54e-04 3.53e-02
NM_005374 MPP2 1.03e-01 2.54e-04 3.53e-02
NM_001114974 SMTNL2 -6.03e-02 2.54e-04 3.53e-02
NM_031954 KCTD10 -1.21e-01 2.54e-04 3.53e-02
NM_004174 SLC9A3 -7.29e-02 2.54e-04 3.53e-02
NM_014230 SRP68 7.92e-02 2.54e-04 3.53e-02
NM_001042633 SNX21 9.39e-02 2.54e-04 3.53e-02
NM_005257 GATA6 1.88e-01 2.54e-04 3.53e-02
NM_213618 ST5 -1.10e-01 2.55e-04 3.53e-02
NM_198722 AMIGO3 1.39e-01 2.55e-04 3.53e-02
NM_015569 DNM3 -1.29e-01 2.55e-04 3.53e-02
NM_001161521 KLHL2 1.23e-01 2.55e-04 3.53e-02
NM_015378 VPS13D -1.22e-01 2.55e-04 3.53e-02
NM_198460 GBP6 -1.54e-01 2.55e-04 3.53e-02
NM_000875 IGF1R -5.35e-02 2.55e-04 3.53e-02
NM_018917 PCDHGA4 1.77e-01 2.56e-04 3.53e-02
NM_018964 SLC37A1 -7.16e-02 2.56e-04 3.53e-02
NM_021080 DAB1 -5.77e-02 2.56e-04 3.53e-02
NM_001077238 SPPL2B 6.46e-02 2.56e-04 3.54e-02
NM_032009 PCDHGA2 2.23e-01 2.56e-04 3.54e-02
NM_003502 AXIN1 -9.90e-02 2.56e-04 3.54e-02
NM_006642 SDCCAG8 9.18e-02 2.56e-04 3.54e-02
NM_025228 TRAF3IP3 -2.37e-01 2.56e-04 3.54e-02
NM_004321 KIF1A 8.06e-02 2.56e-04 3.54e-02
NM_032781 PTPN5 9.52e-02 2.57e-04 3.54e-02
NM_001007231 ARHGAP25 -1.05e-01 2.57e-04 3.54e-02
NM_012290 TLK1 -1.54e-01 2.57e-04 3.54e-02
NM_207446 FAM174B -1.02e-01 2.57e-04 3.54e-02
NM_002608 PDGFB -8.66e-02 2.57e-04 3.54e-02
NM_033425 DIXDC1 1.21e-01 2.57e-04 3.54e-02
NM_001135053 SIGIRR 5.61e-02 2.58e-04 3.54e-02
NM_019023 PRMT7 -1.09e-01 2.58e-04 3.54e-02
NM_006022 TSC22D1 1.33e-01 2.58e-04 3.54e-02
NM_025228 TRAF3IP3 -1.17e-01 2.58e-04 3.54e-02
NM_016009 SH3GLB1 6.52e-02 2.58e-04 3.54e-02
NM_002847 PTPRN2 -9.93e-02 2.58e-04 3.54e-02
NM_004350 RUNX3 1.01e-01 2.59e-04 3.55e-02
NM_001148 ANK2 1.01e-01 2.59e-04 3.55e-02
NM_019009 TOLLIP 1.04e-01 2.59e-04 3.55e-02
NM_080745 TRIM69 -1.21e-01 2.59e-04 3.55e-02
NM_001080512 BICC1 -1.89e-01 2.59e-04 3.55e-02
NM_020863 ZFAT 8.14e-02 2.59e-04 3.55e-02
NM_024552 LASS4 5.78e-02 2.59e-04 3.55e-02
NM_018240 KIRREL -6.91e-02 2.59e-04 3.55e-02
NM_002141 HOXA4 1.35e-01 2.60e-04 3.55e-02
NM_002440 MSH4 1.12e-01 2.60e-04 3.55e-02
NM_013385 CYTH4 -7.63e-02 2.60e-04 3.55e-02
NM_002118 HLA-DMB 1.37e-01 2.60e-04 3.55e-02
NM_000186 CFH -1.75e-01 2.60e-04 3.55e-02
NM_144778 MBNL2 1.51e-01 2.60e-04 3.55e-02
NM_013275 ANKRD11 1.54e-01 2.61e-04 3.56e-02
NM_002847 PTPRN2 -4.48e-02 2.61e-04 3.56e-02
NM_004833 AIM2 -8.18e-02 2.61e-04 3.56e-02
NR_027790 C21orf34 -6.07e-02 2.62e-04 3.57e-02
NM_052920 KLHL29 -6.98e-02 2.62e-04 3.57e-02
NM_002118 HLA-DMB -1.02e-01 2.62e-04 3.57e-02
NM_020125 SLAMF8 -9.01e-02 2.62e-04 3.57e-02
NM_001164715 ZNF605 1.55e-01 2.63e-04 3.57e-02
NM_145286 STOML3 1.02e-01 2.63e-04 3.57e-02
NM_021972 SPHK1 7.02e-02 2.63e-04 3.57e-02
NM_001098816 ODZ4 -1.00e-01 2.63e-04 3.57e-02
NM_014620 HOXC4 4.80e-02 2.63e-04 3.57e-02
NM_018125 ARHGEF10L 9.90e-02 2.63e-04 3.57e-02
NM_001001991 PAMR1 1.57e-01 2.63e-04 3.57e-02
NM_053005 HCCA2 1.08e-01 2.63e-04 3.57e-02
NM_152344 LSM12 8.01e-02 2.64e-04 3.57e-02
NM_020744 MTA3 1.04e-01 2.64e-04 3.57e-02
NM_014405 CACNG4 5.76e-02 2.64e-04 3.57e-02
NM_019111 HLA-DRA 1.12e-01 2.64e-04 3.57e-02
NM_001029861 NANOS2 -3.36e-02 2.64e-04 3.57e-02
NM_006157 NELL1 2.15e-01 2.64e-04 3.57e-02
NM_001042425 TFAP2A 5.39e-02 2.64e-04 3.57e-02
NM_005720 ARPC1B -1.01e-01 2.64e-04 3.57e-02
NM_001566 INPP4A -6.43e-02 2.64e-04 3.57e-02
NM_005306 FFAR2 -1.04e-01 2.64e-04 3.57e-02
NM_018917 PCDHGA4 1.79e-01 2.64e-04 3.57e-02
NM_174975 SEC14L3 -1.10e-01 2.64e-04 3.57e-02
NM_002146 HOXB3 8.82e-02 2.64e-04 3.57e-02
NM_003331 TYK2 -6.14e-02 2.64e-04 3.57e-02
NM_001077427 LYPD1 9.21e-02 2.65e-04 3.57e-02
NM_020945 WDFY4 -7.33e-02 2.65e-04 3.57e-02
NM_002614 PDZK1 -4.33e-02 2.65e-04 3.57e-02
NM_001823 CKB 1.06e-01 2.65e-04 3.57e-02
NM_001003828 PARVB -1.84e-01 2.65e-04 3.57e-02
NM_000210 ITGA6 4.62e-02 2.65e-04 3.57e-02
NM_145080 NSMCE1 -1.02e-01 2.65e-04 3.57e-02
NM_183233 SLC22A18 1.11e-01 2.65e-04 3.57e-02
NM_138295 PKD1L1 -1.33e-01 2.66e-04 3.58e-02
NM_004704 RRP9 7.04e-02 2.66e-04 3.58e-02
NM_001033561 PHF12 5.37e-02 2.66e-04 3.58e-02
NM_001397 ECE1 -9.89e-02 2.66e-04 3.58e-02
NM_002115 HK3 -1.00e-01 2.66e-04 3.58e-02
NM_004688 NMI -1.21e-01 2.66e-04 3.58e-02
NM_004502 HOXB7 8.44e-02 2.67e-04 3.58e-02
NM_004655 AXIN2 8.41e-02 2.67e-04 3.58e-02
NM_024014 HOXA6 8.03e-02 2.67e-04 3.58e-02
NM_014974 DIP2C 1.35e-01 2.67e-04 3.58e-02
NM_013345 GPR132 -7.43e-02 2.67e-04 3.58e-02
NM_152775 CCDC110 1.57e-01 2.67e-04 3.58e-02
NM_012294 RAPGEF5 7.51e-02 2.67e-04 3.58e-02
NR_024279 FLJ37453 -9.72e-02 2.67e-04 3.58e-02
NM_001143783 FES -8.64e-02 2.68e-04 3.58e-02
NM_001080397 SLC45A1 -1.54e-01 2.68e-04 3.58e-02
NM_006028 HTR3B -1.47e-01 2.68e-04 3.58e-02
NM_015693 INTU -8.35e-02 2.68e-04 3.58e-02
NM_001048209 NTM 1.03e-01 2.68e-04 3.58e-02
NM_138689 PPP1R14B 1.14e-01 2.68e-04 3.58e-02
NM_080862 SPSB4 1.28e-01 2.68e-04 3.58e-02
NM_014016 SACM1L -6.48e-02 2.68e-04 3.58e-02
NM_024575 TNFAIP8L2 -8.95e-02 2.69e-04 3.58e-02
NM_031950 FGFBP2 -8.33e-02 2.69e-04 3.59e-02
NM_002560 P2RX4 -1.15e-01 2.69e-04 3.59e-02
NM_001098202 HIC1 -1.91e-01 2.69e-04 3.59e-02
NM_001885 CRYAB 7.20e-02 2.70e-04 3.59e-02
NM_003550 MAD1L1 -8.09e-02 2.70e-04 3.59e-02
NM_001492 GDF1 8.51e-02 2.70e-04 3.59e-02
NM_000222 KIT -1.07e-01 2.71e-04 3.59e-02
NM_001298 CNGA3 4.16e-02 2.71e-04 3.59e-02
NM_004360 CDH1 1.47e-01 2.71e-04 3.60e-02
NM_004893 H2AFY -9.73e-02 2.72e-04 3.60e-02
NM_052966 FAM129A -1.35e-01 2.72e-04 3.60e-02
NM_052843 OBSCN 1.08e-01 2.72e-04 3.60e-02
NM_014441 SIGLEC9 -5.55e-02 2.72e-04 3.60e-02
NM_004573 PLCB2 -8.16e-02 2.72e-04 3.60e-02
NR_024043 LGALS9 -1.03e-01 2.72e-04 3.60e-02
NM_153354 TMEM161B 8.15e-02 2.72e-04 3.60e-02
NM_012455 PSD4 -7.38e-02 2.72e-04 3.60e-02
NM_022463 NXN -1.02e-01 2.73e-04 3.61e-02
NM_014899 RHOBTB3 4.98e-02 2.73e-04 3.61e-02
NM_199452 ZNF365 -9.28e-02 2.73e-04 3.61e-02
NM_172105 EYA4 -1.36e-01 2.73e-04 3.61e-02
NM_015395 TECPR1 -1.11e-01 2.73e-04 3.61e-02
NM_015146 SEPT8 1.23e-01 2.73e-04 3.61e-02
NM_032482 DOT1L 1.17e-01 2.73e-04 3.61e-02
NM_001135911 PIK3IP1 1.32e-01 2.73e-04 3.61e-02
NM_005128 DOPEY2 -8.23e-02 2.73e-04 3.61e-02
NM_032804 ADO 2.59e-02 2.73e-04 3.61e-02
NM_007242 DDX19B 8.13e-02 2.74e-04 3.61e-02
NM_001100411 FAM184A 1.35e-01 2.74e-04 3.61e-02
NM_002398 MEIS1 -1.92e-01 2.74e-04 3.61e-02
NM_033409 C20orf54 -1.06e-01 2.74e-04 3.61e-02
NM_001144959 EFCAB4B -1.69e-01 2.74e-04 3.61e-02
NR_015369 FLJ42709 -1.14e-01 2.74e-04 3.61e-02
NR_028082 NCRNA00175 -1.15e-01 2.74e-04 3.61e-02
NM_001127174 MRO -8.36e-02 2.74e-04 3.61e-02
NM_005189 CBX2 -9.23e-02 2.74e-04 3.61e-02
NM_001003675 C18orf1 3.53e-02 2.75e-04 3.61e-02
NM_000916 OXTR 1.82e-01 2.75e-04 3.61e-02
NM_002593 PCOLCE 1.27e-01 2.75e-04 3.62e-02
NM_003052 SLC34A1 -8.50e-02 2.76e-04 3.62e-02
NM_003651 CSDA -1.11e-01 2.76e-04 3.62e-02
NM_002293 LAMC1 -4.34e-02 2.76e-04 3.62e-02
NM_144694 ZNF570 9.75e-02 2.76e-04 3.62e-02
NM_001077594 C14orf73 -1.73e-01 2.76e-04 3.62e-02
NM_005218 DEFB1 -1.45e-01 2.76e-04 3.62e-02
NM_002748 MAPK6 4.36e-02 2.77e-04 3.62e-02
NM_001135773 SPATA2 9.52e-02 2.77e-04 3.62e-02
NM_024830 LPCAT1 -7.04e-02 2.77e-04 3.62e-02
NM_002847 PTPRN2 -8.44e-02 2.77e-04 3.62e-02
NM_003689 AKR7A2 4.68e-02 2.77e-04 3.62e-02
NM_006362 NXF1 -1.39e-01 2.77e-04 3.62e-02
NM_152403 EGFLAM -1.41e-01 2.77e-04 3.62e-02
NM_015230 ARAP2 1.43e-01 2.78e-04 3.62e-02
NM_001161707 KIRREL3 -1.49e-01 2.78e-04 3.62e-02
NM_032333 C10orf58 8.10e-02 2.78e-04 3.62e-02
NR_003501 EARS2 -8.37e-02 2.78e-04 3.62e-02
NM_003392 WNT5A -9.35e-02 2.78e-04 3.62e-02
NM_198124 CSMD3 -8.57e-02 2.78e-04 3.62e-02
NR_026664 MGC16025 2.77e-01 2.78e-04 3.62e-02
NM_024841 PRR5L -9.38e-02 2.78e-04 3.62e-02
NM_001013690 FIGNL2 1.05e-01 2.78e-04 3.62e-02
NM_175768 GRIK2 3.99e-02 2.79e-04 3.62e-02
NM_207437 DNAH10 -2.02e-01 2.79e-04 3.63e-02
NR_027082 SFTA1P -1.76e-01 2.79e-04 3.63e-02
NM_005063 SCD 6.49e-02 2.79e-04 3.63e-02
NM_001146319 GRAMD3 -1.06e-01 2.79e-04 3.63e-02
NM_005932 MIPEP -5.40e-02 2.80e-04 3.63e-02
NM_006122 MAN2A2 1.18e-01 2.80e-04 3.63e-02
NM_207362 C2orf55 8.71e-02 2.80e-04 3.63e-02
NM_020972 ZFYVE28 -4.42e-02 2.80e-04 3.63e-02
NM_152710 C10orf27 -6.65e-02 2.80e-04 3.63e-02
NM_016234 ACSL5 -1.33e-01 2.80e-04 3.63e-02
NM_080679 COL11A2 -7.38e-02 2.81e-04 3.63e-02
NM_004657 SDPR -1.87e-01 2.81e-04 3.63e-02
NM_001024843 TNRC6B 8.36e-02 2.81e-04 3.63e-02
NM_001017915 INPP5D -1.15e-01 2.81e-04 3.63e-02
NM_206594 ESRRG 1.31e-01 2.81e-04 3.63e-02
NM_003780 B4GALT2 7.57e-02 2.81e-04 3.63e-02
NM_014963 SBNO2 -1.46e-01 2.81e-04 3.63e-02
NM_001160372 TRAPPC9 5.33e-02 2.81e-04 3.63e-02
NM_006781 C6orf10 -7.53e-02 2.81e-04 3.63e-02
NM_014587 SOX8 1.81e-01 2.82e-04 3.63e-02
NM_001110199 SRRM3 1.16e-01 2.82e-04 3.63e-02
NM_001142762 C15orf23 2.22e-01 2.82e-04 3.63e-02
NM_199231 GDNF -1.14e-01 2.82e-04 3.63e-02
NM_002226 JAG2 6.21e-02 2.82e-04 3.63e-02
NM_138424 KIF12 5.85e-02 2.82e-04 3.63e-02
NM_006480 RGS14 1.57e-01 2.82e-04 3.63e-02
NM_007368 RASA3 -6.84e-02 2.83e-04 3.63e-02
NM_006037 HDAC4 -7.86e-02 2.83e-04 3.63e-02
NM_198215 FAM13C 7.31e-02 2.83e-04 3.63e-02
NR_002323 TUG1 -1.33e-01 2.83e-04 3.63e-02
NM_001114620 MGAT1 -9.52e-02 2.83e-04 3.64e-02
NM_001712 CEACAM1 -1.25e-01 2.83e-04 3.64e-02
NM_004633 IL1R2 -7.90e-02 2.83e-04 3.64e-02
NM_000958 PTGER4 -1.79e-01 2.83e-04 3.64e-02
NM_021926 ALX4 -8.88e-02 2.84e-04 3.64e-02
NM_001099289 SH3RF3 -1.60e-01 2.84e-04 3.64e-02
NM_000675 ADORA2A -1.14e-01 2.85e-04 3.65e-02
NM_001127500 MET -7.10e-02 2.85e-04 3.65e-02
NM_020210 SEMA4B 1.47e-01 2.85e-04 3.65e-02
NM_001012974 C6orf154 1.29e-01 2.85e-04 3.65e-02
NM_182557 BCL9L 5.40e-02 2.85e-04 3.65e-02
NM_001031719 DHRS12 1.23e-01 2.85e-04 3.65e-02
NM_024829 PLBD1 1.46e-01 2.85e-04 3.65e-02
NM_000562 C8A -7.76e-02 2.85e-04 3.65e-02
NM_001098515 MRGPRF -1.30e-01 2.86e-04 3.65e-02
NM_014957 DENND3 -1.08e-01 2.86e-04 3.66e-02
NM_153631 HOXA3 9.70e-02 2.87e-04 3.66e-02
NM_001042425 TFAP2A 8.70e-02 2.87e-04 3.66e-02
NM_012411 PTPN22 -7.65e-02 2.87e-04 3.66e-02
NM_020126 SPHK2 1.13e-01 2.87e-04 3.66e-02
NM_144991 C21orf29 -5.08e-02 2.87e-04 3.66e-02
NM_175060 CLEC14A -1.85e-01 2.87e-04 3.66e-02
NM_080669 SLC46A1 -8.44e-02 2.87e-04 3.66e-02
NM_032045 KREMEN1 -1.28e-01 2.87e-04 3.66e-02
NM_178425 HDAC9 -1.26e-01 2.87e-04 3.66e-02
NM_199171 PMEPA1 -8.06e-02 2.87e-04 3.66e-02
NM_018688 BIN3 9.48e-02 2.88e-04 3.66e-02
NM_005245 FAT1 -5.40e-02 2.88e-04 3.66e-02
NM_017734 PALMD 8.73e-02 2.88e-04 3.66e-02
NM_032153 ZIC4 -2.53e-01 2.88e-04 3.66e-02
NM_001136031 ATG7 -6.25e-02 2.88e-04 3.66e-02
NM_198498 C11orf53 -1.80e-01 2.88e-04 3.66e-02
NM_013268 LGALS13 6.87e-02 2.88e-04 3.66e-02
NM_018917 PCDHGA4 -8.42e-02 2.88e-04 3.66e-02
NM_005539 INPP5A -5.01e-02 2.89e-04 3.66e-02
NM_001161563 TNIK -1.06e-01 2.89e-04 3.66e-02
NM_015872 ZBTB7B -1.19e-01 2.89e-04 3.66e-02
NM_016145 C19orf56 8.73e-02 2.89e-04 3.66e-02
NM_001080414 CCDC88C -7.56e-02 2.89e-04 3.66e-02
NM_182964 NAV2 -7.46e-02 2.89e-04 3.66e-02
NM_199043 C14orf102 2.39e-01 2.89e-04 3.66e-02
NM_152625 ZNF366 -1.77e-01 2.89e-04 3.66e-02
NM_002121 HLA-DPB1 5.53e-02 2.89e-04 3.66e-02
NM_002843 PTPRJ -1.45e-01 2.89e-04 3.66e-02
NM_207628 ABCG1 9.88e-02 2.89e-04 3.66e-02
NM_024319 C1orf35 2.37e-01 2.89e-04 3.66e-02
NM_015043 TBC1D9B 1.21e-01 2.90e-04 3.66e-02
NM_003740 KCNK5 -1.01e-01 2.90e-04 3.66e-02
NM_004522 KIF5C 9.29e-02 2.90e-04 3.66e-02
NM_003985 TNK1 8.88e-02 2.90e-04 3.66e-02
NM_016150 ASB2 -8.78e-02 2.90e-04 3.66e-02
NM_206929 SYTL2 1.24e-01 2.90e-04 3.66e-02
NM_002205 ITGA5 -7.06e-02 2.91e-04 3.67e-02
NM_020226 PRDM8 4.53e-02 2.91e-04 3.67e-02
NM_033197 C20orf114 -1.54e-01 2.91e-04 3.67e-02
NM_183013 CREM -8.89e-02 2.91e-04 3.67e-02
NM_001167675 CADM2 1.88e-01 2.91e-04 3.67e-02
NM_078488 VNN2 -1.98e-01 2.91e-04 3.67e-02
NM_002227 JAK1 -1.38e-01 2.92e-04 3.67e-02
NM_000773 CYP2E1 -3.00e-01 2.92e-04 3.67e-02
NR_027358 LOC283404 -4.93e-02 2.92e-04 3.67e-02
NM_014751 MTSS1 1.08e-01 2.92e-04 3.67e-02
NM_020185 DUSP22 -7.10e-02 2.92e-04 3.67e-02
NM_003253 TIAM1 -1.01e-01 2.93e-04 3.67e-02
NM_001651 AQP5 -1.30e-01 2.93e-04 3.67e-02
NR_023353 EXOSC7 -1.89e-01 2.93e-04 3.67e-02
NM_004176 SREBF1 7.49e-02 2.93e-04 3.67e-02
NM_025144 ALPK1 9.42e-02 2.93e-04 3.67e-02
NM_001099625 FAM54B 7.06e-02 2.93e-04 3.67e-02
NM_001166243 FHIT 1.14e-01 2.93e-04 3.67e-02
NM_182557 BCL9L 1.33e-01 2.93e-04 3.67e-02
NM_144631 ZNF513 1.20e-01 2.93e-04 3.67e-02
NR_024569 LOC100130872 1.36e-01 2.93e-04 3.67e-02
NM_145080 NSMCE1 -1.13e-01 2.93e-04 3.67e-02
NM_003204 NFE2L1 1.35e-01 2.94e-04 3.67e-02
NM_032214 SLA2 -1.09e-01 2.94e-04 3.67e-02
NM_001165037 GABRA5 -1.25e-01 2.94e-04 3.67e-02
NM_000841 GRM4 -4.27e-02 2.94e-04 3.67e-02
NM_002121 HLA-DPB1 6.75e-02 2.94e-04 3.67e-02
NM_198889 ANKRD17 -2.68e-02 2.94e-04 3.67e-02
NM_006505 PVR -1.23e-01 2.94e-04 3.67e-02
NM_005532 IFI27 -1.28e-01 2.95e-04 3.68e-02
NM_002144 HOXB1 1.13e-01 2.95e-04 3.68e-02
NM_002800 PSMB9 -9.45e-02 2.95e-04 3.68e-02
NM_003175 XCL2 -8.15e-02 2.95e-04 3.68e-02
NM_000773 CYP2E1 -2.97e-01 2.95e-04 3.68e-02
NM_000954 PTGDS 1.28e-01 2.96e-04 3.68e-02
NM_000124 ERCC6 -8.97e-02 2.96e-04 3.68e-02
NM_022475 HHIP 7.24e-02 2.96e-04 3.68e-02
NM_015191 SIK2 5.21e-02 2.96e-04 3.68e-02
NM_014824 FCHSD2 -1.86e-01 2.96e-04 3.68e-02
NM_153631 HOXA3 1.78e-01 2.96e-04 3.68e-02
NM_000395 CSF2RB -1.33e-01 2.96e-04 3.68e-02
NM_015183 MAST4 -8.70e-02 2.97e-04 3.69e-02
NM_024832 RIN3 9.76e-02 2.97e-04 3.69e-02
NM_005553 KRTAP5-9 -1.09e-01 2.97e-04 3.69e-02
NM_000797 DRD4 -1.10e-01 2.97e-04 3.69e-02
NM_199193 BRE -8.31e-02 2.97e-04 3.69e-02
NM_001823 CKB 1.57e-01 2.97e-04 3.69e-02
NM_001144914 FGFR2 -1.48e-01 2.97e-04 3.69e-02
NM_014220 TM4SF1 -1.14e-01 2.98e-04 3.69e-02
NM_004858 SLC4A8 2.35e-01 2.98e-04 3.69e-02
NM_004274 AKAP6 1.07e-01 2.98e-04 3.69e-02
NM_006312 NCOR2 1.44e-01 2.98e-04 3.69e-02
NM_153708 RTP1 1.01e-01 2.98e-04 3.69e-02
NM_001038603 MARVELD2 -1.22e-01 2.98e-04 3.69e-02
NM_005413 SIX3 -1.33e-01 2.98e-04 3.69e-02
NM_020134 DPYSL5 1.01e-01 2.98e-04 3.69e-02
NR_003512 INS-IGF2 7.69e-02 2.98e-04 3.69e-02
NM_001754 RUNX1 -2.30e-01 2.99e-04 3.69e-02
NM_004633 IL1R2 -8.85e-02 2.99e-04 3.69e-02
NM_018912 PCDHGA1 8.52e-02 2.99e-04 3.69e-02
NM_032892 FRMD5 7.29e-02 2.99e-04 3.69e-02
NM_018917 PCDHGA4 1.47e-01 2.99e-04 3.69e-02
NM_021962 ABR 1.16e-01 2.99e-04 3.69e-02
NM_207411 XKR5 6.49e-02 2.99e-04 3.69e-02
NR_003608 MGC16703 8.72e-02 2.99e-04 3.69e-02
NM_002245 KCNK1 1.55e-01 2.99e-04 3.69e-02
NM_001104589 SLFN11 1.17e-01 2.99e-04 3.69e-02
NM_052909 PLEKHG4B -6.94e-02 3.00e-04 3.69e-02
NM_005218 DEFB1 -1.33e-01 3.00e-04 3.69e-02
NR_033191 PPP2R2D -3.77e-02 3.00e-04 3.69e-02
NM_014244 ADAMTS2 1.47e-01 3.00e-04 3.69e-02
NM_172108 KCNQ2 8.17e-02 3.00e-04 3.69e-02
NM_014229 SLC6A11 -5.27e-02 3.00e-04 3.69e-02
NM_005197 FOXN3 -8.88e-02 3.00e-04 3.69e-02
NM_018176 LGI2 7.59e-02 3.00e-04 3.69e-02
NM_015225 PRUNE2 -9.72e-02 3.01e-04 3.69e-02
NM_005574 LMO2 -9.00e-02 3.01e-04 3.70e-02
NM_001134870 KIAA1949 -1.48e-01 3.01e-04 3.70e-02
NM_033409 C20orf54 -9.96e-02 3.02e-04 3.70e-02
NM_001001895 UBASH3A -9.51e-02 3.02e-04 3.70e-02
NM_006492 ALX3 -6.51e-02 3.02e-04 3.70e-02
NM_015215 CAMTA1 -8.50e-02 3.02e-04 3.70e-02
NM_001164766 ZFHX3 1.18e-01 3.02e-04 3.70e-02
NR_027457 LOC100133469 6.57e-02 3.02e-04 3.70e-02
NM_005128 DOPEY2 -1.12e-01 3.02e-04 3.70e-02
NM_003650 CST7 -5.24e-02 3.02e-04 3.70e-02
NR_031613 MIR1208 -7.27e-02 3.03e-04 3.71e-02
NM_001013649 C2orf68 -1.20e-01 3.03e-04 3.71e-02
NM_203349 SHC4 1.38e-01 3.03e-04 3.71e-02
NM_145028 C6orf81 -1.30e-01 3.03e-04 3.71e-02
NM_001838 CCR7 -1.42e-01 3.03e-04 3.71e-02
NM_016293 BIN2 -7.60e-02 3.04e-04 3.71e-02
NM_005539 INPP5A -6.66e-02 3.04e-04 3.71e-02
NM_173821 C2orf85 6.94e-02 3.04e-04 3.72e-02
NM_001846 COL4A2 -6.71e-02 3.05e-04 3.72e-02
NM_001290 LDB2 8.50e-02 3.05e-04 3.72e-02
NM_001683 ATP2B2 8.11e-02 3.05e-04 3.72e-02
NM_198229 RGS12 6.87e-02 3.05e-04 3.72e-02
NM_024919 FRMD1 -5.93e-02 3.05e-04 3.72e-02
NM_001018007 TPM1 -1.26e-01 3.05e-04 3.72e-02
NM_022126 LHPP -1.53e-01 3.05e-04 3.72e-02
NM_022153 C10orf54 -1.37e-01 3.05e-04 3.72e-02
NM_001451 FOXF1 7.79e-02 3.06e-04 3.72e-02
NR_024264 LOC145845 -1.44e-01 3.06e-04 3.72e-02
NM_015720 PODXL2 3.97e-02 3.06e-04 3.72e-02
NM_002020 FLT4 -7.12e-02 3.06e-04 3.72e-02
NM_024901 DENND2D -1.00e-01 3.06e-04 3.73e-02
NM_014619 GRIK4 -1.29e-01 3.07e-04 3.73e-02
NM_005541 INPP5D -1.41e-01 3.07e-04 3.73e-02
NM_001048205 REC8 1.08e-01 3.07e-04 3.73e-02
NM_001005914 SEMA3B 2.39e-02 3.07e-04 3.73e-02
NM_018190 BBS7 1.83e-01 3.07e-04 3.73e-02
NM_018058 CRTAC1 -9.92e-02 3.07e-04 3.73e-02
NR_024089 NCRNA00162 -6.54e-02 3.07e-04 3.73e-02
NM_001774 CD37 -7.80e-02 3.07e-04 3.73e-02
NM_001077197 PDE11A -5.41e-01 3.08e-04 3.73e-02
NM_018059 RADIL -9.61e-02 3.08e-04 3.73e-02
NM_201252 AKR7L -1.19e-01 3.08e-04 3.73e-02
NM_001146040 GLRA1 1.71e-01 3.08e-04 3.73e-02
NM_152739 HOXA9 -1.57e-01 3.09e-04 3.73e-02
NM_134261 RORA 1.04e-01 3.09e-04 3.74e-02
NM_000951 PRRG2 1.07e-01 3.09e-04 3.74e-02
NM_022726 ELOVL4 1.33e-01 3.09e-04 3.74e-02
NM_015161 ARL6IP1 6.77e-02 3.09e-04 3.74e-02
NM_006045 ATP9A 1.25e-01 3.09e-04 3.74e-02
NM_013432 NFKBIL2 1.44e-01 3.10e-04 3.74e-02
NM_001112801 SLC8A1 -1.42e-01 3.10e-04 3.74e-02
NM_001136473 LITAF -1.40e-01 3.10e-04 3.74e-02
NR_030371 MIR641 1.14e-01 3.10e-04 3.74e-02
NM_194255 SLC19A1 -4.73e-02 3.10e-04 3.74e-02
NM_033007 NLRP1 -1.01e-01 3.10e-04 3.74e-02
NR_026800 KIAA0125 1.02e-01 3.10e-04 3.74e-02
NM_173568 UMODL1 -1.40e-01 3.10e-04 3.74e-02
NM_006567 FARS2 1.45e-01 3.10e-04 3.74e-02
NM_003874 CD84 -8.52e-02 3.10e-04 3.74e-02
NM_147164 CNTFR -1.02e-01 3.11e-04 3.74e-02
NM_152769 C19orf26 1.09e-01 3.11e-04 3.74e-02
NM_001037984 SLC38A10 -9.93e-02 3.11e-04 3.74e-02
NM_030795 STMN4 1.07e-01 3.11e-04 3.74e-02
NM_001015887 IGSF11 -9.14e-02 3.11e-04 3.74e-02
NR_015357 ZNF783 -1.25e-01 3.11e-04 3.74e-02
NR_027180 LOC728264 -1.06e-01 3.11e-04 3.74e-02
NM_001122847 SLC6A12 -1.13e-01 3.12e-04 3.74e-02
NM_181078 IL21R -1.47e-01 3.12e-04 3.74e-02
NM_003307 TRPM2 -1.01e-01 3.12e-04 3.74e-02
NM_001134836 SIRPB2 -1.05e-01 3.12e-04 3.74e-02
NM_005437 NCOA4 1.10e-01 3.12e-04 3.74e-02
NM_033177 BAT4 7.44e-02 3.12e-04 3.74e-02
NM_003012 SFRP1 -1.67e-01 3.12e-04 3.74e-02
NM_032873 UBASH3B -1.13e-01 3.12e-04 3.74e-02
NM_014861 ATP2C2 -8.97e-02 3.12e-04 3.74e-02
NM_153214 FBLN7 -9.31e-02 3.12e-04 3.74e-02
NM_014795 ZEB2 7.47e-02 3.12e-04 3.74e-02
NM_032026 TATDN1 5.33e-02 3.12e-04 3.74e-02
NM_018302 C4orf19 -1.81e-02 3.13e-04 3.74e-02
NM_001037984 SLC38A10 -1.90e-01 3.13e-04 3.74e-02
NM_001009880 C22orf9 7.09e-02 3.13e-04 3.74e-02
NM_001754 RUNX1 -9.83e-02 3.13e-04 3.74e-02
NM_000729 CCK 8.56e-02 3.13e-04 3.74e-02
NM_181782 NCOA7 1.16e-01 3.13e-04 3.74e-02
NM_014945 ABLIM3 6.71e-02 3.13e-04 3.74e-02
NM_021150 GRIP1 2.35e-01 3.13e-04 3.74e-02
NM_182558 C12orf36 -7.09e-02 3.14e-04 3.74e-02
NM_199227 MAP1D -3.29e-01 3.14e-04 3.74e-02
NM_001033952 CALCA 5.76e-02 3.14e-04 3.74e-02
NM_001144994 C2orf72 1.18e-01 3.14e-04 3.75e-02
NM_032343 CHCHD6 -1.21e-01 3.15e-04 3.75e-02
NM_139172 TMEM190 1.88e-01 3.15e-04 3.75e-02
NM_173800 LVRN 9.32e-02 3.15e-04 3.75e-02
NM_018917 PCDHGA4 5.35e-02 3.15e-04 3.75e-02
NM_001128164 ATXN1 -6.22e-02 3.15e-04 3.75e-02
NM_144767 AKAP13 -1.85e-01 3.15e-04 3.75e-02
NM_020962 IGDCC4 -1.28e-01 3.15e-04 3.75e-02
NM_145898 CCL23 -1.45e-01 3.15e-04 3.75e-02
NM_001081637 LILRB1 -6.97e-02 3.16e-04 3.75e-02
NM_001082533 CA10 -3.78e-02 3.16e-04 3.75e-02
NM_001083538 POTEE 6.13e-02 3.16e-04 3.75e-02
NM_022463 NXN -4.90e-02 3.16e-04 3.75e-02
NM_024109 C16orf68 -7.54e-02 3.16e-04 3.75e-02
NM_003121 SPIB 5.23e-02 3.16e-04 3.75e-02
NM_001717 BNC1 -1.22e-01 3.17e-04 3.76e-02
NM_001142301 TMEM67 2.12e-01 3.17e-04 3.76e-02
NM_001135670 MSRA 2.54e-01 3.18e-04 3.76e-02
NM_052964 CLNK -1.25e-01 3.18e-04 3.76e-02
NM_001127173 CADM3 8.86e-02 3.18e-04 3.76e-02
NM_005373 MPL 1.08e-01 3.18e-04 3.76e-02
NM_033629 TREX1 7.00e-02 3.18e-04 3.76e-02
NM_183420 FBXO25 1.14e-01 3.18e-04 3.76e-02
NM_001161662 WWC1 -9.29e-02 3.18e-04 3.76e-02
NM_015205 ATP11A -8.97e-02 3.18e-04 3.76e-02
NR_028501 ECEL1P2 1.89e-01 3.18e-04 3.76e-02
NM_152286 PNPLA7 1.59e-01 3.19e-04 3.76e-02
NM_018917 PCDHGA4 8.06e-02 3.19e-04 3.77e-02
NM_002068 GNA15 -9.12e-02 3.19e-04 3.77e-02
NM_001080530 SNX29 -1.50e-01 3.19e-04 3.77e-02
NM_058190 C21orf70 -4.59e-02 3.20e-04 3.77e-02
NM_175607 CNTN4 1.09e-01 3.20e-04 3.77e-02
NM_018077 RBM28 -6.94e-02 3.21e-04 3.78e-02
NM_001010879 ZIK1 7.77e-02 3.21e-04 3.78e-02
NM_003006 SELPLG -1.16e-01 3.21e-04 3.78e-02
NM_021920 SCT -8.11e-02 3.21e-04 3.78e-02
NM_003550 MAD1L1 -1.29e-01 3.21e-04 3.78e-02
NM_000370 TTPA 9.67e-02 3.22e-04 3.78e-02
NM_015190 DNAJC9 -7.70e-02 3.22e-04 3.78e-02
NM_014485 HPGDS -5.75e-02 3.22e-04 3.78e-02
NM_001013690 FIGNL2 6.87e-02 3.22e-04 3.78e-02
NM_032554 GPR81 -9.20e-02 3.22e-04 3.78e-02
NM_052907 TMEM132B -9.88e-02 3.22e-04 3.78e-02
NM_001136213 POTEH 1.05e-01 3.22e-04 3.78e-02
NM_021738 SVIL -1.25e-01 3.23e-04 3.78e-02
NM_194286 SRRM4 -9.73e-02 3.23e-04 3.78e-02
NM_001846 COL4A2 -1.25e-01 3.23e-04 3.79e-02
NM_018976 SLC38A2 -1.41e-01 3.23e-04 3.79e-02
NR_024247 MUM1 9.70e-02 3.23e-04 3.79e-02
NR_024477 LOC100132707 -1.42e-01 3.24e-04 3.79e-02
NM_001159707 BTNL8 -1.29e-01 3.24e-04 3.79e-02
NM_003156 STIM1 -8.74e-02 3.24e-04 3.79e-02
NM_001122636 GALNT9 1.43e-01 3.24e-04 3.79e-02
NM_001018057 DKK3 -9.67e-02 3.24e-04 3.79e-02
NM_001001895 UBASH3A -1.63e-01 3.25e-04 3.79e-02
NM_000138 FBN1 -1.29e-01 3.25e-04 3.79e-02
NM_198544 APITD1 1.16e-01 3.25e-04 3.79e-02
NM_020945 WDFY4 -1.05e-01 3.25e-04 3.79e-02
NR_026740 LOC389033 9.40e-02 3.25e-04 3.79e-02
NR_002766 MEG3 5.87e-02 3.25e-04 3.79e-02
NM_052947 ALPK2 -3.65e-02 3.25e-04 3.79e-02
NM_000228 LAMB3 -6.26e-02 3.26e-04 3.80e-02
NM_176797 P2RY6 8.44e-02 3.26e-04 3.80e-02
NM_001114620 MGAT1 -1.33e-01 3.26e-04 3.80e-02
NR_027072 NCRNA00189 -1.72e-01 3.26e-04 3.80e-02
NM_001130674 CALU 2.54e-01 3.26e-04 3.80e-02
NM_153746 ZDHHC14 -1.36e-01 3.27e-04 3.80e-02
NM_014922 NLRP1 -7.05e-02 3.27e-04 3.80e-02
NM_018922 PCDHGB1 1.01e-01 3.27e-04 3.80e-02
NM_001165899 PDE4D 1.91e-01 3.27e-04 3.80e-02
NM_021738 SVIL -8.18e-02 3.27e-04 3.80e-02
NM_004865 TBPL1 -1.33e-01 3.27e-04 3.80e-02
NM_020406 CD177 -6.45e-02 3.27e-04 3.80e-02
NM_005931 MICB 7.32e-02 3.27e-04 3.80e-02
NM_182499 TDRD10 -1.58e-01 3.28e-04 3.81e-02
NM_001025239 TSPAN4 1.03e-01 3.28e-04 3.81e-02
NR_024151 HSPA7 8.83e-02 3.28e-04 3.81e-02
NM_014629 ARHGEF10 -1.38e-01 3.28e-04 3.81e-02
NM_015718 NOX3 -1.66e-01 3.28e-04 3.81e-02
NM_001110199 SRRM3 4.85e-02 3.28e-04 3.81e-02
NM_133448 TMEM132D -1.25e-01 3.29e-04 3.81e-02
NM_005541 INPP5D -8.56e-02 3.29e-04 3.81e-02
NM_032777 GPR124 1.36e-01 3.29e-04 3.81e-02
NM_032867 MICALCL 2.77e-01 3.29e-04 3.81e-02
NM_145649 GCNT2 1.30e-01 3.29e-04 3.81e-02
NM_019102 HOXA5 9.03e-02 3.29e-04 3.81e-02
NM_022569 NDST4 1.41e-01 3.29e-04 3.81e-02
NM_002253 KDR -7.44e-02 3.30e-04 3.81e-02
NM_018384 GIMAP5 -8.88e-02 3.30e-04 3.81e-02
NM_004061 CDH12 1.04e-01 3.30e-04 3.81e-02
NM_019055 ROBO4 -1.12e-01 3.30e-04 3.81e-02
NM_001703 BAI2 1.19e-01 3.30e-04 3.81e-02
NM_207360 ZC3H12D -1.69e-01 3.30e-04 3.81e-02
NR_027337 HIST2H2BA 8.69e-02 3.31e-04 3.81e-02
NM_000721 CACNA1E -8.84e-02 3.31e-04 3.81e-02
NM_182511 CBLN2 1.09e-01 3.31e-04 3.81e-02
NM_002359 MAFG -9.41e-02 3.31e-04 3.81e-02
NM_003564 TAGLN2 -9.21e-02 3.31e-04 3.81e-02
NM_005524 HES1 3.37e-02 3.31e-04 3.81e-02
NM_001170580 HHAT 1.20e-01 3.31e-04 3.81e-02
NM_001114938 CCDC17 -1.95e-01 3.31e-04 3.81e-02
NM_005975 PTK6 -7.41e-02 3.31e-04 3.81e-02
NM_032206 NLRC5 -8.68e-02 3.31e-04 3.81e-02
NM_030925 CAB39L 1.42e-01 3.32e-04 3.81e-02
NM_001296 CCBP2 -1.11e-01 3.32e-04 3.81e-02
NM_198147 ABHD15 -8.45e-02 3.32e-04 3.82e-02
NM_148970 TNFRSF25 1.16e-01 3.32e-04 3.82e-02
NM_005996 TBX3 1.31e-01 3.32e-04 3.82e-02
NM_001135861 PHPT1 6.60e-02 3.32e-04 3.82e-02
NM_203299 C9orf131 -9.65e-02 3.32e-04 3.82e-02
NM_173050 SCUBE1 -1.12e-01 3.33e-04 3.82e-02
NM_017805 RASIP1 5.16e-02 3.33e-04 3.82e-02
NM_198400 NEDD4 -6.77e-02 3.33e-04 3.82e-02
NM_002847 PTPRN2 -1.23e-01 3.33e-04 3.82e-02
NM_198227 RGS12 5.18e-02 3.33e-04 3.82e-02
NM_001007269 GEMIN7 1.19e-01 3.33e-04 3.82e-02
NM_005608 PTPRCAP -5.15e-02 3.34e-04 3.82e-02
NM_030627 CPEB4 1.16e-01 3.34e-04 3.82e-02
NM_018641 CHST12 -1.00e-01 3.34e-04 3.82e-02
NM_198066 GNPNAT1 7.30e-02 3.34e-04 3.82e-02
NM_006071 PKDREJ 1.67e-01 3.34e-04 3.82e-02
NM_001037582 SCD5 1.39e-01 3.34e-04 3.82e-02
NM_001105543 PLXNA4 1.46e-01 3.34e-04 3.82e-02
NM_001145399 MPPED2 6.56e-02 3.34e-04 3.82e-02
NM_173536 GABRG1 4.43e-02 3.35e-04 3.83e-02
NM_005559 LAMA1 -3.57e-02 3.35e-04 3.83e-02
NM_153371 LNX2 -1.16e-01 3.35e-04 3.83e-02
NM_002342 LTBR -1.29e-01 3.35e-04 3.83e-02
NM_001080397 SLC45A1 -9.68e-02 3.35e-04 3.83e-02
NM_019020 TBC1D16 -7.60e-02 3.35e-04 3.83e-02
NM_194071 CREB3L2 -5.86e-02 3.36e-04 3.83e-02
NM_000524 HTR1A 7.65e-02 3.36e-04 3.83e-02
NM_006546 IGF2BP1 -1.03e-01 3.36e-04 3.83e-02
NM_002118 HLA-DMB -1.02e-01 3.36e-04 3.83e-02
NM_207628 ABCG1 -1.31e-01 3.36e-04 3.83e-02
NM_001114979 TP63 -1.65e-01 3.36e-04 3.83e-02
NM_005994 TBX2 8.79e-02 3.36e-04 3.83e-02
NM_153236 GIMAP7 -1.12e-01 3.37e-04 3.83e-02
NM_001037335 PRIC285 -7.40e-02 3.37e-04 3.83e-02
NM_173855 MORN3 -1.74e-01 3.37e-04 3.83e-02
NM_207332 ERICH1 -9.53e-02 3.38e-04 3.84e-02
NM_152426 APOBEC3D -1.68e-01 3.38e-04 3.84e-02
NM_003408 ZFP37 1.37e-01 3.38e-04 3.84e-02
NM_004732 KCNAB3 9.14e-02 3.38e-04 3.84e-02
NM_001145862 MTMR11 6.61e-02 3.38e-04 3.84e-02
NM_004562 PARK2 1.51e-01 3.38e-04 3.84e-02
NM_020111 ACRV1 -8.14e-02 3.39e-04 3.84e-02
NM_001114938 CCDC17 -1.67e-01 3.39e-04 3.84e-02
NM_018242 SLC47A1 -8.55e-02 3.39e-04 3.84e-02
NM_005883 APC2 1.24e-01 3.39e-04 3.84e-02
NM_021926 ALX4 6.43e-02 3.39e-04 3.84e-02
NM_001039548 KLHL35 2.57e-01 3.40e-04 3.85e-02
NM_001128922 LRRC32 -9.25e-02 3.40e-04 3.85e-02
NM_014974 DIP2C -5.48e-02 3.40e-04 3.85e-02
NM_001005731 ITGB4 -5.04e-02 3.40e-04 3.85e-02
NM_001225 CASP4 -1.22e-01 3.41e-04 3.85e-02
NM_000557 GDF5 8.70e-02 3.41e-04 3.85e-02
NM_001142552 DCHS2 8.01e-02 3.41e-04 3.85e-02
NM_006478 GAS2L1 3.78e-02 3.41e-04 3.85e-02
NM_207437 DNAH10 -2.24e-01 3.41e-04 3.85e-02
NM_004369 COL6A3 -9.95e-02 3.42e-04 3.85e-02
NM_002475 MYL6B 6.21e-02 3.42e-04 3.85e-02
NM_001109903 RNFT2 1.03e-01 3.42e-04 3.85e-02
NM_002622 PFDN1 1.74e-01 3.42e-04 3.85e-02
NM_001128209 SGCD 1.01e-01 3.42e-04 3.85e-02
NM_016530 RAB8B -1.61e-01 3.42e-04 3.85e-02
NM_031950 FGFBP2 -1.15e-01 3.42e-04 3.85e-02
NM_145649 GCNT2 7.99e-02 3.42e-04 3.85e-02
NM_021240 DMRT3 -7.77e-02 3.42e-04 3.85e-02
NM_001033117 SRGAP3 -5.82e-02 3.43e-04 3.85e-02
NR_033203 LOC404266 1.03e-01 3.43e-04 3.85e-02
NM_001001503 NDUFV3 2.90e-02 3.43e-04 3.85e-02
NM_001085400 RELL1 -2.11e-01 3.43e-04 3.86e-02
NM_003221 TFAP2B 1.02e-01 3.44e-04 3.86e-02
NM_152643 KNDC1 -5.78e-02 3.44e-04 3.86e-02
NM_001145773 GPR56 1.25e-01 3.44e-04 3.86e-02
NM_152775 CCDC110 2.01e-01 3.44e-04 3.86e-02
NM_030895 ZNF696 8.31e-02 3.44e-04 3.86e-02
NM_006186 NR4A2 -1.12e-01 3.44e-04 3.86e-02
NM_058190 C21orf70 -5.47e-02 3.45e-04 3.86e-02
NM_182538 SPNS3 -9.42e-02 3.45e-04 3.86e-02
NM_003621 PPFIBP2 1.27e-01 3.45e-04 3.86e-02
NM_153631 HOXA3 1.21e-01 3.45e-04 3.86e-02
NM_001500 GMDS 1.21e-01 3.45e-04 3.86e-02
NM_004934 CDH18 1.59e-01 3.45e-04 3.86e-02
NM_001037763 COL28A1 -4.19e-02 3.45e-04 3.86e-02
NM_016932 SIX2 -1.10e-01 3.45e-04 3.86e-02
NM_002513 NME3 6.12e-02 3.45e-04 3.86e-02
NM_152307 TRMT61A 3.18e-02 3.45e-04 3.86e-02
NM_144599 NIPA1 8.60e-02 3.46e-04 3.86e-02
NM_001081492 KRT80 -4.64e-02 3.46e-04 3.86e-02
NM_015296 DOCK9 -4.38e-02 3.46e-04 3.86e-02
NM_025149 ACSF2 -1.06e-01 3.46e-04 3.86e-02
NM_030651 PRRT1 -1.88e-01 3.46e-04 3.86e-02
NM_001346 DGKG -1.06e-01 3.46e-04 3.87e-02
NM_024898 DENND1C 7.90e-02 3.47e-04 3.87e-02
NM_006734 HIVEP2 -6.66e-02 3.47e-04 3.87e-02
NM_177405 CECR1 -4.15e-02 3.47e-04 3.87e-02
NM_001134831 AHI1 -6.71e-02 3.48e-04 3.87e-02
NM_001167580 SV2B 1.29e-01 3.48e-04 3.87e-02
NM_000631 NCF4 -8.79e-02 3.48e-04 3.87e-02
NM_175931 CBFA2T3 -1.08e-01 3.48e-04 3.87e-02
NM_022114 PRDM16 -1.20e-01 3.49e-04 3.87e-02
NM_001987 ETV6 -1.31e-01 3.49e-04 3.87e-02
NM_014667 VGLL4 7.07e-02 3.49e-04 3.87e-02
NM_018912 PCDHGA1 2.16e-01 3.49e-04 3.87e-02
NM_002398 MEIS1 -1.77e-01 3.49e-04 3.87e-02
NM_020716 GRAMD1B 1.61e-01 3.49e-04 3.87e-02
NM_001103 ACTN2 1.48e-01 3.49e-04 3.87e-02
NM_005725 TSPAN2 -9.14e-02 3.49e-04 3.87e-02
NM_016203 PRKAG2 -1.08e-01 3.49e-04 3.87e-02
NM_004720 LPAR2 -5.82e-02 3.49e-04 3.87e-02
NM_033201 C16orf45 1.89e-01 3.49e-04 3.87e-02
NM_001031711 ERGIC1 -9.17e-02 3.49e-04 3.87e-02
NM_173541 C10orf91 -1.14e-01 3.50e-04 3.87e-02
NM_032758 PHF5A 7.65e-02 3.50e-04 3.87e-02
NM_198516 GALNTL4 -1.26e-01 3.50e-04 3.87e-02
NM_019105 TNXB 1.41e-01 3.50e-04 3.88e-02
NM_005112 WDR1 -1.45e-01 3.50e-04 3.88e-02
NM_001025236 TSPAN4 1.08e-01 3.50e-04 3.88e-02
NM_001014977 BANF2 -8.31e-02 3.50e-04 3.88e-02
NM_033225 CSMD1 -7.10e-02 3.50e-04 3.88e-02
NM_032098 PCDHGB4 5.97e-02 3.50e-04 3.88e-02
NM_018702 ADARB2 -4.11e-02 3.51e-04 3.88e-02
NM_000059 BRCA2 -4.95e-02 3.51e-04 3.88e-02
NM_013275 ANKRD11 1.10e-01 3.51e-04 3.88e-02
NM_001098517 CADM1 1.41e-01 3.51e-04 3.88e-02
NM_002293 LAMC1 -3.37e-02 3.52e-04 3.88e-02
NM_006504 PTPRE -4.66e-02 3.52e-04 3.88e-02
NM_194294 IDO2 -9.53e-02 3.52e-04 3.88e-02
NM_004111 FEN1 7.48e-02 3.52e-04 3.88e-02
NM_212539 PRKCD -9.29e-02 3.52e-04 3.88e-02
NM_015276 USP22 4.64e-02 3.52e-04 3.88e-02
NM_198443 NRN1L 1.52e-01 3.52e-04 3.88e-02
NM_001352 DBP 7.26e-02 3.53e-04 3.88e-02
NM_152237 GAS2L1 2.28e-01 3.53e-04 3.88e-02
NM_004600 TROVE2 -1.17e-01 3.53e-04 3.88e-02
NM_024867 SPEF2 8.62e-02 3.53e-04 3.88e-02
NM_000171 GLRA1 5.74e-02 3.53e-04 3.88e-02
NM_004778 GPR44 -9.38e-02 3.53e-04 3.88e-02
NM_001802 CDR2 -6.41e-02 3.53e-04 3.88e-02
NM_199459 C10orf71 -4.59e-02 3.54e-04 3.88e-02
NM_001017392 SFRS14 8.25e-02 3.54e-04 3.88e-02
NM_001080486 FOLR4 -8.00e-02 3.54e-04 3.88e-02
NM_005308 GRK5 -1.83e-01 3.54e-04 3.88e-02
NM_001004431 METRNL -9.62e-02 3.54e-04 3.88e-02
NM_002338 LSAMP 1.19e-01 3.54e-04 3.88e-02
NM_021926 ALX4 1.37e-01 3.54e-04 3.88e-02
NM_018702 ADARB2 -9.33e-02 3.54e-04 3.88e-02
NR_003512 INS-IGF2 -4.87e-02 3.54e-04 3.88e-02
NM_016938 EFEMP2 7.24e-02 3.54e-04 3.88e-02
NR_026875 NEURL3 -3.78e-02 3.55e-04 3.88e-02
NM_014983 HMGXB3 7.65e-02 3.55e-04 3.89e-02
NM_021149 COTL1 -9.70e-02 3.55e-04 3.89e-02
NM_015900 PLA1A -6.00e-02 3.55e-04 3.89e-02
NM_001098634 RBM47 -1.66e-01 3.55e-04 3.89e-02
NM_004949 DSC2 -1.20e-01 3.56e-04 3.89e-02
NR_024061 LOH12CR2 1.59e-01 3.56e-04 3.89e-02
NM_182562 FAM169B -1.52e-01 3.56e-04 3.89e-02
NM_058164 OLFM2 9.84e-02 3.56e-04 3.89e-02
NM_020154 C15orf24 1.09e-01 3.57e-04 3.89e-02
NM_006587 CORIN -1.09e-01 3.57e-04 3.90e-02
NR_003948 HCG22 2.60e-01 3.57e-04 3.90e-02
NR_024207 KIAA1875 1.03e-01 3.57e-04 3.90e-02
NM_006842 SF3B2 1.95e-02 3.57e-04 3.90e-02
NM_001987 ETV6 -1.44e-01 3.57e-04 3.90e-02
NM_032801 JAM3 6.85e-02 3.58e-04 3.90e-02
NM_080836 STK35 1.03e-01 3.58e-04 3.90e-02
NM_001231 CASQ1 1.06e-01 3.58e-04 3.90e-02
NM_024014 HOXA6 1.37e-01 3.58e-04 3.90e-02
NM_153707 FAM154A -1.95e-01 3.58e-04 3.90e-02
NM_005076 CNTN2 2.18e-01 3.58e-04 3.90e-02
NM_002201 ISG20 -1.06e-01 3.59e-04 3.90e-02
NM_018702 ADARB2 -9.14e-02 3.59e-04 3.90e-02
NM_004040 RHOB 5.66e-02 3.59e-04 3.90e-02
NM_003874 CD84 -9.53e-02 3.59e-04 3.90e-02
NM_207444 C15orf53 -9.36e-02 3.59e-04 3.90e-02
NM_001013717 C5orf56 -1.21e-01 3.59e-04 3.90e-02
NM_003959 HIP1R 9.73e-02 3.59e-04 3.90e-02
NM_001002911 GPR139 8.61e-02 3.59e-04 3.90e-02
NR_003679 NBLA00301 6.17e-02 3.59e-04 3.90e-02
NM_001081 CUBN -1.11e-01 3.59e-04 3.90e-02
NM_003269 NR2E1 -1.45e-01 3.60e-04 3.90e-02
NM_001136031 ATG7 1.81e-01 3.60e-04 3.90e-02
NM_007211 RASSF8 -5.79e-02 3.60e-04 3.90e-02
NM_198526 ZNF710 -1.44e-01 3.60e-04 3.91e-02
NM_001167734 VARS2 6.35e-02 3.60e-04 3.91e-02
NM_001136239 PRDM6 6.52e-02 3.61e-04 3.91e-02
NM_032214 SLA2 -1.02e-01 3.61e-04 3.91e-02
NM_017682 BEST2 5.25e-02 3.61e-04 3.91e-02
NM_006177 NRL -7.40e-02 3.61e-04 3.91e-02
NM_021181 SLAMF7 -3.61e-02 3.61e-04 3.91e-02
NM_017844 ANKMY1 -7.71e-02 3.62e-04 3.91e-02
NM_153035 C1orf83 -9.04e-02 3.62e-04 3.91e-02
NM_001113348 ECE1 -1.80e-01 3.62e-04 3.91e-02
NM_032454 STK19 1.07e-01 3.62e-04 3.91e-02
NM_033054 MYO1G -1.03e-01 3.62e-04 3.91e-02
NM_017914 C19orf24 1.42e-02 3.62e-04 3.92e-02
NR_024089 NCRNA00162 -2.49e-02 3.63e-04 3.92e-02
NM_033020 TRIM33 7.09e-02 3.63e-04 3.92e-02
NM_022114 PRDM16 6.20e-02 3.63e-04 3.92e-02
NR_026850 MTMR9L 1.16e-01 3.63e-04 3.92e-02
NM_022475 HHIP 1.28e-01 3.63e-04 3.92e-02
NM_006885 ZFHX3 -5.73e-02 3.64e-04 3.92e-02
NR_031646 MIR548F5 -1.85e-01 3.64e-04 3.92e-02
NM_198991 KCTD1 -1.71e-01 3.64e-04 3.92e-02
NM_013434 KCNIP3 1.86e-01 3.64e-04 3.92e-02
NM_020464 NHSL1 1.48e-01 3.65e-04 3.92e-02
NM_024605 ARHGAP10 -8.67e-02 3.65e-04 3.92e-02
NM_003462 DNALI1 9.13e-02 3.65e-04 3.93e-02
NM_007174 CIT 1.03e-01 3.65e-04 3.93e-02
NM_178456 C20orf85 1.20e-01 3.65e-04 3.93e-02
NM_001136021 NFATC2 -1.87e-01 3.66e-04 3.93e-02
NM_002115 HK3 -1.19e-01 3.66e-04 3.93e-02
NM_030929 KAZALD1 -1.17e-01 3.66e-04 3.93e-02
NM_017869 BANP -8.38e-02 3.66e-04 3.93e-02
NM_001145661 GATA2 1.09e-01 3.67e-04 3.93e-02
NM_024080 TRPM8 -1.29e-01 3.67e-04 3.93e-02
NM_021630 PDLIM2 -1.16e-01 3.67e-04 3.93e-02
NM_018697 LANCL2 8.94e-02 3.67e-04 3.93e-02
NM_207360 ZC3H12D -1.83e-01 3.67e-04 3.93e-02
NM_014957 DENND3 -1.21e-01 3.68e-04 3.94e-02
NM_001145670 SORBS2 -2.02e-01 3.68e-04 3.94e-02
NM_001134707 SARDH -1.32e-01 3.68e-04 3.94e-02
NM_144579 SFXN5 5.00e-02 3.68e-04 3.94e-02
NM_198496 VWA2 -1.49e-01 3.69e-04 3.94e-02
NM_138275 C6orf25 -1.14e-01 3.69e-04 3.94e-02
NM_018717 MAML3 -1.94e-01 3.69e-04 3.94e-02
NM_019009 TOLLIP 1.22e-01 3.69e-04 3.94e-02
NM_033225 CSMD1 -1.38e-01 3.69e-04 3.94e-02
NM_001098500 KIAA1217 -1.37e-01 3.69e-04 3.94e-02
NM_014737 RASSF2 -4.92e-02 3.70e-04 3.94e-02
NM_133328 DEDD2 -6.54e-02 3.70e-04 3.94e-02
NM_001009880 C22orf9 7.88e-02 3.70e-04 3.94e-02
NM_001143787 PPHLN1 -4.78e-02 3.70e-04 3.94e-02
NM_145003 TSNARE1 -3.70e-02 3.70e-04 3.94e-02
NM_001039548 KLHL35 1.87e-01 3.70e-04 3.94e-02
NM_018252 TMEM206 1.24e-01 3.70e-04 3.94e-02
NM_001146171 TATDN3 1.15e-01 3.70e-04 3.94e-02
NM_030960 SPACA1 -9.42e-02 3.70e-04 3.94e-02
NM_017654 SAMD9 -7.90e-02 3.70e-04 3.94e-02
NM_001702 BAI1 1.34e-01 3.71e-04 3.94e-02
NM_015603 CCDC9 7.46e-02 3.71e-04 3.94e-02
NM_032866 CGNL1 2.81e-01 3.71e-04 3.94e-02
NM_019102 HOXA5 1.13e-01 3.71e-04 3.94e-02
NM_001785 CDA -4.13e-02 3.71e-04 3.94e-02
NM_182511 CBLN2 1.05e-01 3.71e-04 3.94e-02
NM_172198 KCND3 -8.25e-02 3.72e-04 3.95e-02
NM_001146112 MIER1 1.41e-01 3.72e-04 3.95e-02
NM_198471 KANK3 9.78e-02 3.72e-04 3.95e-02
NM_001168378 ZIC4 -2.12e-01 3.72e-04 3.95e-02
NM_030665 RAI1 1.50e-01 3.72e-04 3.95e-02
NM_001161345 CHFR 7.48e-02 3.72e-04 3.95e-02
NR_027065 NCRNA00114 -5.54e-02 3.73e-04 3.95e-02
NM_017589 BTG4 9.58e-02 3.73e-04 3.95e-02
NM_020952 TRPM3 -9.46e-02 3.73e-04 3.95e-02
NM_002146 HOXB3 8.46e-02 3.74e-04 3.95e-02
NM_002965 S100A9 -1.35e-01 3.74e-04 3.95e-02
NM_018717 MAML3 1.50e-01 3.74e-04 3.95e-02
NR_024384 LOC645323 8.94e-02 3.74e-04 3.95e-02
NM_000439 PCSK1 4.18e-02 3.74e-04 3.95e-02
NM_032343 CHCHD6 1.50e-01 3.74e-04 3.95e-02
NM_001042633 SNX21 7.72e-02 3.74e-04 3.95e-02
NM_001032363 C1orf151 -3.72e-02 3.75e-04 3.96e-02
NM_174954 ATP2A3 2.05e-01 3.75e-04 3.96e-02
NM_001031719 DHRS12 5.95e-02 3.75e-04 3.96e-02
NM_005664 MKRN3 1.08e-01 3.76e-04 3.96e-02
NM_001010909 MUC21 -1.55e-01 3.76e-04 3.96e-02
NM_022115 PRDM15 -7.02e-02 3.76e-04 3.96e-02
NM_001161772 HTR3A -8.15e-02 3.76e-04 3.97e-02
NM_006725 CD6 -1.15e-01 3.77e-04 3.97e-02
NM_147193 GLIS1 -8.62e-02 3.77e-04 3.97e-02
NM_175719 TPO -6.69e-02 3.77e-04 3.97e-02
NR_024247 MUM1 3.30e-02 3.77e-04 3.97e-02
NM_173676 PNPLA1 -9.87e-02 3.77e-04 3.97e-02
NM_032214 SLA2 -1.06e-01 3.77e-04 3.97e-02
NM_001001975 ATP5D 8.81e-02 3.78e-04 3.97e-02
NM_005879 TRAIP 1.01e-01 3.78e-04 3.97e-02
NM_138610 H2AFY 3.88e-02 3.78e-04 3.97e-02
NM_016599 MYOZ2 -1.95e-01 3.78e-04 3.97e-02
NM_001166434 ITIH1 -6.10e-02 3.78e-04 3.97e-02
NM_001093 ACACB -9.78e-02 3.78e-04 3.97e-02
NM_145253 FAM100A 7.74e-02 3.78e-04 3.97e-02
NM_138274 C6orf25 -1.41e-01 3.78e-04 3.97e-02
NM_022780 RMND5A 9.99e-02 3.79e-04 3.97e-02
NM_173527 REM2 8.01e-02 3.79e-04 3.97e-02
NM_153631 HOXA3 1.53e-01 3.79e-04 3.97e-02
NM_005656 TMPRSS2 -3.15e-02 3.79e-04 3.97e-02
NM_021080 DAB1 9.05e-02 3.79e-04 3.98e-02
NM_014974 DIP2C 1.19e-01 3.80e-04 3.98e-02
NM_001002031 ATP5G2 1.14e-01 3.80e-04 3.98e-02
NM_032427 MAML2 -1.65e-01 3.80e-04 3.98e-02
NM_004686 MTMR7 4.37e-02 3.80e-04 3.98e-02
NM_033113 ZNF628 4.41e-02 3.80e-04 3.98e-02
NM_004557 NOTCH4 -7.59e-02 3.81e-04 3.98e-02
NM_014996 PLCH1 1.13e-01 3.81e-04 3.98e-02
NM_173465 COL23A1 -8.64e-02 3.81e-04 3.98e-02
NM_014448 ARHGEF16 -3.07e-02 3.81e-04 3.98e-02
NM_001010873 TSPO2 -8.58e-02 3.81e-04 3.98e-02
NM_052963 TOP1MT -6.51e-02 3.81e-04 3.98e-02
NM_016428 ABI3 -1.50e-01 3.81e-04 3.98e-02
NM_139057 ADAMTS17 1.71e-01 3.82e-04 3.99e-02
NM_001127184 CFLAR -1.15e-01 3.82e-04 3.99e-02
NM_181776 SLC36A2 -1.14e-01 3.82e-04 3.99e-02
NM_138465 GLI4 1.38e-01 3.82e-04 3.99e-02
NM_001013690 FIGNL2 1.11e-01 3.82e-04 3.99e-02
NM_198446 C1orf122 5.81e-02 3.82e-04 3.99e-02
NM_002285 AFF3 -1.04e-01 3.82e-04 3.99e-02
NM_001002914 KCTD11 9.78e-02 3.83e-04 3.99e-02
NM_016434 RTEL1 5.04e-02 3.83e-04 3.99e-02
NM_002449 MSX2 5.16e-02 3.83e-04 3.99e-02
NM_022126 LHPP -1.03e-01 3.83e-04 3.99e-02
NM_207444 C15orf53 -9.34e-02 3.83e-04 3.99e-02
NM_031464 RPS6KL1 1.51e-01 3.83e-04 3.99e-02
NM_017869 BANP -9.12e-02 3.83e-04 3.99e-02
NM_003379 EZR -1.20e-01 3.84e-04 3.99e-02
NM_000218 KCNQ1 -5.68e-02 3.84e-04 3.99e-02
NM_207360 ZC3H12D -1.98e-01 3.84e-04 3.99e-02
NM_001164841 LYRM4 -6.69e-02 3.84e-04 3.99e-02
NM_080730 IFFO1 3.59e-02 3.84e-04 3.99e-02
NM_016203 PRKAG2 9.76e-02 3.84e-04 3.99e-02
NM_001114938 CCDC17 -1.49e-01 3.84e-04 3.99e-02
NM_005605 PPP3CC -1.22e-01 3.85e-04 3.99e-02
NM_016293 BIN2 -6.64e-02 3.85e-04 3.99e-02
NM_000361 THBD 6.15e-02 3.85e-04 3.99e-02
NM_001134745 LRRTM4 2.20e-01 3.85e-04 3.99e-02
NM_207511 C9orf139 9.74e-02 3.86e-04 3.99e-02
NM_080679 COL11A2 1.18e-01 3.86e-04 3.99e-02
NM_001136473 LITAF -1.28e-01 3.86e-04 3.99e-02
NM_032855 HSH2D -4.89e-02 3.86e-04 3.99e-02
NM_000869 HTR3A -2.32e-01 3.86e-04 3.99e-02
NR_024264 LOC145845 -2.08e-01 3.86e-04 4.00e-02
NM_153337 SNX20 -9.52e-02 3.87e-04 4.00e-02
NM_001164811 PET117 1.36e-01 3.87e-04 4.00e-02
NM_080822 OVCA2 7.94e-02 3.87e-04 4.00e-02
NM_006598 SLC12A7 -6.55e-02 3.87e-04 4.00e-02
NM_023076 UNKL 8.83e-02 3.87e-04 4.00e-02
NM_000504 F10 1.13e-01 3.88e-04 4.00e-02
NM_006504 PTPRE 2.92e-02 3.88e-04 4.00e-02
NM_019009 TOLLIP 1.04e-01 3.88e-04 4.00e-02
NM_054110 GALNTL2 -2.39e-02 3.88e-04 4.00e-02
NM_001014987 LAT -6.33e-02 3.88e-04 4.00e-02
NM_001166 BIRC2 8.33e-02 3.88e-04 4.00e-02
NM_020655 JPH3 1.15e-01 3.88e-04 4.00e-02
NM_001048201 UHRF1 4.24e-02 3.89e-04 4.01e-02
NM_015076 CDK19 -5.49e-02 3.89e-04 4.01e-02
NM_001126240 TP73 -9.10e-02 3.89e-04 4.01e-02
NM_021926 ALX4 1.30e-01 3.89e-04 4.01e-02
NM_005510 DOM3Z 4.85e-02 3.90e-04 4.01e-02
NM_006480 RGS14 1.51e-01 3.90e-04 4.01e-02
NM_032291 SGIP1 1.32e-01 3.90e-04 4.01e-02
NM_001008712 RBPMS -8.75e-02 3.90e-04 4.01e-02
NM_001425 EMP3 -1.06e-01 3.90e-04 4.01e-02
NM_018012 KIF26B -3.38e-02 3.90e-04 4.01e-02
NM_002463 MX2 -2.09e-01 3.91e-04 4.02e-02
NM_032376 TMEM101 -1.21e-01 3.91e-04 4.02e-02
NM_001113361 TBC1D14 -8.68e-02 3.91e-04 4.02e-02
NM_015482 SLC22A23 9.18e-02 3.91e-04 4.02e-02
NM_002513 NME3 2.85e-02 3.92e-04 4.02e-02
NM_152888 COL22A1 -4.16e-02 3.92e-04 4.02e-02
NM_015576 ERC2 1.87e-01 3.92e-04 4.02e-02
NM_001010935 RAP1A 9.00e-02 3.93e-04 4.02e-02
NM_001127462 NLRP3 -6.06e-02 3.93e-04 4.02e-02
NM_005902 SMAD3 -1.35e-01 3.93e-04 4.02e-02
NM_003923 FOXH1 1.05e-01 3.93e-04 4.02e-02
NM_015898 ZBTB7A 5.25e-02 3.93e-04 4.02e-02
NM_024786 ZDHHC11 -5.01e-02 3.93e-04 4.02e-02
NM_001080466 BTBD17 -1.57e-01 3.94e-04 4.03e-02
NM_016282 AK3 7.36e-02 3.94e-04 4.03e-02
NM_001936 DPP6 -5.25e-02 3.94e-04 4.03e-02
NM_001136015 ANXA2 -2.15e-01 3.94e-04 4.03e-02
NM_020251 ARRB1 -8.12e-02 3.94e-04 4.03e-02
NM_206862 TACC2 2.65e-01 3.94e-04 4.03e-02
NM_019009 TOLLIP 1.11e-01 3.94e-04 4.03e-02
NM_152735 ZBTB9 7.16e-02 3.95e-04 4.03e-02
NM_000836 GRIN2D -7.52e-02 3.95e-04 4.03e-02
NM_016431 MAPK8IP2 -1.04e-01 3.95e-04 4.03e-02
NM_032608 MYO18B -3.93e-02 3.95e-04 4.03e-02
NM_002398 MEIS1 -1.13e-01 3.95e-04 4.03e-02
NM_003636 KCNAB2 -1.26e-01 3.96e-04 4.03e-02
NM_004350 RUNX3 7.29e-02 3.96e-04 4.03e-02
NM_194255 SLC19A1 -5.80e-02 3.96e-04 4.03e-02
NM_019043 APBB1IP 1.14e-01 3.96e-04 4.03e-02
NM_002144 HOXB1 1.44e-01 3.96e-04 4.03e-02
NM_007343 PRSS3 -1.05e-01 3.96e-04 4.03e-02
NM_000138 FBN1 -1.72e-01 3.96e-04 4.03e-02
NM_001037165 FOXK1 -9.30e-02 3.97e-04 4.03e-02
NM_002017 FLI1 -1.91e-01 3.97e-04 4.03e-02
NM_006301 MAP3K12 8.86e-02 3.97e-04 4.03e-02
NM_021226 ARHGAP22 -1.21e-01 3.97e-04 4.04e-02
NM_004350 RUNX3 6.11e-02 3.98e-04 4.04e-02
NM_181688 KRTAP10-10 -5.96e-02 3.98e-04 4.04e-02
NM_015226 CLEC16A -7.81e-02 3.98e-04 4.04e-02
NM_130446 KLHL6 -1.30e-01 3.98e-04 4.04e-02
NM_001775 CD38 -8.28e-02 3.98e-04 4.04e-02
NM_207315 CMPK2 -1.25e-01 3.99e-04 4.04e-02
NM_198539 ZNF568 5.03e-02 3.99e-04 4.04e-02
NM_006942 SOX15 7.99e-02 3.99e-04 4.04e-02
NM_001025100 MBP -8.64e-02 3.99e-04 4.04e-02
NM_021962 ABR -4.80e-01 3.99e-04 4.04e-02
NM_153631 HOXA3 1.45e-01 3.99e-04 4.04e-02
NM_016003 WIPI2 -4.98e-02 4.00e-04 4.05e-02
NM_003966 SEMA5A -1.20e-01 4.00e-04 4.05e-02
NR_026846 LOC285074 8.99e-02 4.00e-04 4.05e-02
NM_020448 NIPAL3 1.51e-01 4.01e-04 4.05e-02
NM_014661 FAM53B -1.27e-01 4.01e-04 4.06e-02
NM_020169 LXN -1.80e-01 4.01e-04 4.06e-02
NM_153604 MYOCD 5.23e-02 4.01e-04 4.06e-02
NM_033101 LGALS12 -1.65e-01 4.02e-04 4.06e-02
NM_018663 PXMP2 -7.36e-02 4.02e-04 4.07e-02
NM_130445 COL18A1 -1.09e-01 4.02e-04 4.07e-02
NM_020442 VARS2 6.84e-02 4.03e-04 4.07e-02
NM_019613 WDR45L -5.63e-02 4.03e-04 4.07e-02
NM_173689 CRB2 -1.25e-01 4.03e-04 4.07e-02
NM_018460 ARHGAP15 -1.05e-01 4.04e-04 4.07e-02
NM_000537 REN -9.55e-02 4.04e-04 4.07e-02
NM_001500 GMDS -8.64e-02 4.04e-04 4.07e-02
NR_027489 MTHFSD 1.62e-01 4.04e-04 4.08e-02
NM_001122636 GALNT9 1.17e-01 4.05e-04 4.08e-02
NM_006091 CORO2B 7.79e-02 4.05e-04 4.08e-02
NM_207103 C17orf87 -7.70e-02 4.06e-04 4.08e-02
NM_000231 SGCG -1.06e-01 4.06e-04 4.08e-02
NM_020152 C21orf7 -1.40e-01 4.06e-04 4.08e-02
NM_001042481 FRMD6 -7.74e-02 4.06e-04 4.08e-02
NM_004573 PLCB2 -1.17e-01 4.06e-04 4.08e-02
NM_002957 RXRA -7.19e-02 4.06e-04 4.08e-02
NM_001500 GMDS -2.70e-01 4.06e-04 4.08e-02
NM_020752 GPR158 -1.52e-01 4.06e-04 4.08e-02
NM_001144936 C11orf95 1.03e-01 4.06e-04 4.08e-02
NM_001127392 C11orf9 6.72e-02 4.07e-04 4.08e-02
NM_025268 TMEM121 1.54e-01 4.07e-04 4.08e-02
NM_001336 CTSZ -9.69e-02 4.07e-04 4.08e-02
NM_001085377 MCC 1.04e-01 4.07e-04 4.08e-02
NR_015399 LOC150568 6.90e-02 4.07e-04 4.08e-02
NM_007175 ERLIN2 5.72e-02 4.07e-04 4.08e-02
NM_012100 DNPEP 7.96e-02 4.08e-04 4.08e-02
NM_001039548 KLHL35 2.69e-01 4.08e-04 4.09e-02
NM_014653 WSCD2 4.03e-02 4.08e-04 4.09e-02
NM_019057 FAM193B -7.23e-02 4.08e-04 4.09e-02
NM_000633 BCL2 -1.15e-01 4.08e-04 4.09e-02
NM_002653 PITX1 7.55e-02 4.08e-04 4.09e-02
NM_017841 SDHAF2 1.31e-01 4.08e-04 4.09e-02
NM_044472 CDC42 -1.14e-01 4.08e-04 4.09e-02
NM_194248 OTOF -1.33e-01 4.09e-04 4.09e-02
NM_001098213 HRH1 -6.99e-02 4.09e-04 4.09e-02
NM_005465 AKT3 1.16e-01 4.09e-04 4.09e-02
NM_001080442 SLC38A8 -6.25e-02 4.09e-04 4.09e-02
NM_001145134 CPT1B 1.57e-01 4.09e-04 4.09e-02
NM_006424 SLC34A2 -1.26e-01 4.10e-04 4.09e-02
NM_001144063 OSBPL5 -7.97e-02 4.10e-04 4.09e-02
NM_175571 GIMAP8 -1.17e-01 4.10e-04 4.09e-02
NM_130445 COL18A1 4.09e-02 4.10e-04 4.09e-02
NM_020945 WDFY4 -9.06e-02 4.10e-04 4.09e-02
NM_000217 KCNA1 1.66e-01 4.11e-04 4.09e-02
NM_020709 PNMAL2 1.26e-01 4.11e-04 4.09e-02
NM_001159575 SCNN1A -1.50e-01 4.11e-04 4.09e-02
NR_026960 C21orf125 1.18e-01 4.11e-04 4.09e-02
NM_024007 EBF1 1.08e-01 4.11e-04 4.09e-02
NM_199077 CNNM2 1.17e-01 4.11e-04 4.09e-02
NM_138342 GLB1L2 -1.51e-01 4.11e-04 4.09e-02
NM_018702 ADARB2 -5.47e-01 4.11e-04 4.09e-02
NM_198498 C11orf53 -1.18e-01 4.11e-04 4.09e-02
NM_002199 IRF2 -4.77e-02 4.12e-04 4.10e-02
NM_016203 PRKAG2 -1.76e-01 4.12e-04 4.10e-02
NM_001161726 PPP2R5C 1.04e-01 4.13e-04 4.10e-02
NM_194250 ZNF804A 3.44e-02 4.13e-04 4.10e-02
NM_181622 KRTAP13-3 -1.40e-01 4.13e-04 4.10e-02
NM_000726 CACNB4 8.12e-02 4.13e-04 4.10e-02
NM_025081 NYNRIN -9.13e-02 4.13e-04 4.10e-02
NM_003809 TNFSF12 -1.10e-01 4.13e-04 4.10e-02
NM_138402 SP140L -1.35e-01 4.13e-04 4.10e-02
NM_001166276 ARHGAP25 -8.64e-02 4.14e-04 4.10e-02
NR_003149 GPR98 7.72e-02 4.14e-04 4.10e-02
NM_003174 SVIL -9.90e-02 4.14e-04 4.10e-02
NM_014595 NT5C 4.34e-02 4.14e-04 4.10e-02
NM_004055 CAPN5 -2.88e-02 4.14e-04 4.11e-02
NM_182558 C12orf36 -1.73e-01 4.14e-04 4.11e-02
NM_018055 NODAL -8.58e-02 4.15e-04 4.11e-02
NM_004412 TRDMT1 1.33e-01 4.15e-04 4.11e-02
NM_032995 ARHGEF4 -1.33e-01 4.16e-04 4.11e-02
NM_030925 CAB39L 1.12e-01 4.16e-04 4.11e-02
NM_020859 SHROOM3 -5.98e-02 4.16e-04 4.11e-02
NM_014220 TM4SF1 -1.71e-01 4.16e-04 4.11e-02
NM_032427 MAML2 -1.18e-01 4.16e-04 4.11e-02
NM_006861 RAB35 1.11e-01 4.16e-04 4.11e-02
NM_144650 ADHFE1 -6.71e-02 4.17e-04 4.11e-02
NM_173509 FAM163A -1.01e-01 4.17e-04 4.11e-02
NM_022126 LHPP -5.23e-02 4.17e-04 4.11e-02
NM_024503 HIVEP3 -1.11e-01 4.17e-04 4.11e-02
NM_001004106 GRK6 -1.02e-01 4.17e-04 4.11e-02
NM_017993 ENOX1 1.11e-01 4.17e-04 4.11e-02
NM_005597 NFIC 5.00e-02 4.17e-04 4.11e-02
NM_138615 DHX30 -3.38e-02 4.17e-04 4.11e-02
NM_133509 RAD51L1 -1.26e-01 4.17e-04 4.11e-02
NM_203301 FBXO33 1.11e-01 4.18e-04 4.12e-02
NM_198179 QRFPR 4.01e-02 4.18e-04 4.12e-02
NM_014714 IFT140 -1.34e-01 4.18e-04 4.12e-02
NM_173050 SCUBE1 -1.14e-01 4.18e-04 4.12e-02
NM_018643 TREM1 -1.22e-01 4.18e-04 4.12e-02
NM_021962 ABR -3.28e-02 4.19e-04 4.12e-02
NR_030171 MIR492 -1.19e-01 4.19e-04 4.12e-02
NM_021080 DAB1 -8.50e-02 4.19e-04 4.12e-02
NM_001014437 CARS 4.00e-02 4.19e-04 4.12e-02
NM_000693 ALDH1A3 -1.04e-01 4.20e-04 4.12e-02
NM_001012706 C14orf182 -1.63e-01 4.20e-04 4.12e-02
NM_001136103 TMEM132C 2.53e-02 4.20e-04 4.12e-02
NM_001042425 TFAP2A 5.50e-02 4.20e-04 4.12e-02
NM_002387 MCC -8.59e-02 4.20e-04 4.12e-02
NM_006829 C10orf116 -1.53e-01 4.21e-04 4.13e-02
NM_015356 SCRIB 6.52e-02 4.21e-04 4.13e-02
NM_002023 FMOD -1.72e-01 4.21e-04 4.13e-02
NR_027457 LOC100133469 1.58e-01 4.22e-04 4.13e-02
NR_003948 HCG22 -7.21e-02 4.22e-04 4.13e-02
NM_002742 PRKD1 -1.23e-01 4.22e-04 4.13e-02
NM_054034 FN1 -1.41e-01 4.22e-04 4.13e-02
NM_001166161 PPP1R9A 1.05e-01 4.22e-04 4.13e-02
NM_144687 NLRP12 -1.13e-01 4.22e-04 4.13e-02
NM_015364 LY96 -1.23e-01 4.23e-04 4.13e-02
NM_001823 CKB 3.54e-02 4.23e-04 4.13e-02
NM_001040633 PRKAG2 -6.71e-02 4.23e-04 4.13e-02
NM_001004439 ITGA11 -1.47e-01 4.23e-04 4.14e-02
NM_024014 HOXA6 4.52e-02 4.23e-04 4.14e-02
NM_178844 NLRC3 -1.22e-01 4.24e-04 4.14e-02
NM_178423 HDAC9 1.01e-01 4.24e-04 4.14e-02
NM_202001 ERCC1 6.31e-02 4.24e-04 4.14e-02
NM_001013658 C16orf38 -6.68e-02 4.24e-04 4.14e-02
NM_000218 KCNQ1 -3.79e-02 4.24e-04 4.14e-02
NM_001312 CRIP2 -1.00e-01 4.25e-04 4.14e-02
NM_001080434 LMTK3 -1.03e-01 4.25e-04 4.14e-02
NM_015693 INTU -7.75e-02 4.25e-04 4.14e-02
NM_182557 BCL9L 1.05e-01 4.25e-04 4.14e-02
NM_024524 ATP13A3 -3.84e-02 4.26e-04 4.15e-02
NM_003598 TEAD2 -1.20e-01 4.26e-04 4.15e-02
NM_004350 RUNX3 9.92e-02 4.26e-04 4.15e-02
NM_012137 DDAH1 7.36e-02 4.26e-04 4.15e-02
NM_053043 RBM33 -7.30e-02 4.26e-04 4.15e-02
NM_001076780 PKD1L2 -7.98e-02 4.27e-04 4.15e-02
NM_001338 CXADR 1.49e-01 4.27e-04 4.15e-02
NM_052910 SLITRK1 4.77e-02 4.27e-04 4.15e-02
NM_001163034 RPTOR 1.52e-01 4.27e-04 4.15e-02
NM_001037333 CYFIP2 -6.21e-02 4.27e-04 4.15e-02
NM_207128 PAOX -1.20e-01 4.27e-04 4.15e-02
NM_153631 HOXA3 2.30e-01 4.27e-04 4.15e-02
NM_000875 IGF1R -8.64e-02 4.28e-04 4.15e-02
NM_021976 RXRB 8.79e-02 4.28e-04 4.15e-02
NM_005975 PTK6 -1.03e-01 4.28e-04 4.15e-02
NM_018702 ADARB2 -4.63e-02 4.28e-04 4.15e-02
NM_001024599 HIST2H2BF 7.95e-02 4.28e-04 4.15e-02
NR_003367 PVT1 -7.97e-02 4.28e-04 4.15e-02
NM_024807 TREML2 -1.72e-01 4.28e-04 4.15e-02
NM_173471 SLC25A26 -1.22e-01 4.28e-04 4.15e-02
NR_003529 CDKN2BAS -1.30e-01 4.28e-04 4.15e-02
NM_002847 PTPRN2 -1.17e-01 4.29e-04 4.15e-02
NM_001164239 DHX16 -7.30e-02 4.29e-04 4.15e-02
NM_015401 HDAC7 -1.41e-01 4.29e-04 4.15e-02
NR_026972 LOC285830 -4.54e-02 4.29e-04 4.15e-02
NM_001167672 LPP -2.92e-02 4.29e-04 4.15e-02
NM_001118888 ANGPT2 -9.15e-02 4.29e-04 4.15e-02
NM_052937 PCMTD1 -1.40e-01 4.29e-04 4.15e-02
NM_019102 HOXA5 7.75e-02 4.30e-04 4.15e-02
NM_001008712 RBPMS -8.70e-02 4.30e-04 4.15e-02
NM_005994 TBX2 1.90e-01 4.30e-04 4.15e-02
NM_173618 INO80E 2.25e-02 4.30e-04 4.15e-02
NM_001037663 EEF1B2 8.96e-02 4.30e-04 4.15e-02
NM_005853 IRX5 4.17e-02 4.31e-04 4.15e-02
NM_020716 GRAMD1B 1.28e-01 4.31e-04 4.15e-02
NM_024311 MFSD11 1.27e-01 4.31e-04 4.16e-02
NM_032656 DHX37 -8.41e-02 4.31e-04 4.16e-02
NM_020971 SPTBN4 -1.22e-01 4.31e-04 4.16e-02
NM_015348 TMEM131 -1.07e-01 4.32e-04 4.16e-02
NM_002291 LAMB1 -7.88e-02 4.32e-04 4.16e-02
NM_001452 FOXF2 1.19e-01 4.32e-04 4.16e-02
NM_006319 CDIPT -6.20e-02 4.32e-04 4.16e-02
NM_032432 ABLIM2 -8.75e-02 4.32e-04 4.16e-02
NM_153632 HOXA3 9.43e-02 4.32e-04 4.16e-02
NM_001136499 ZNF841 4.87e-02 4.32e-04 4.16e-02
NM_022750 PARP12 -8.73e-02 4.33e-04 4.16e-02
NM_001128596 TC2N -1.18e-01 4.33e-04 4.17e-02
NM_000245 MET 5.79e-02 4.33e-04 4.17e-02
NM_031311 CPVL -9.72e-02 4.33e-04 4.17e-02
NM_018242 SLC47A1 -9.07e-02 4.34e-04 4.17e-02
NM_001170718 BCAR1 9.54e-02 4.34e-04 4.17e-02
NM_199459 C10orf71 -5.85e-02 4.34e-04 4.17e-02
NM_001040445 ASB1 1.41e-01 4.35e-04 4.17e-02
NM_002501 NFIX 1.46e-01 4.35e-04 4.17e-02
NM_012117 CBX5 -2.00e-01 4.35e-04 4.17e-02
NM_052953 LRRC3B 4.57e-02 4.35e-04 4.17e-02
NM_001164645 SFTPA1 -9.95e-02 4.35e-04 4.17e-02
NM_024007 EBF1 1.22e-01 4.35e-04 4.17e-02
NM_001015054 MPG -6.23e-02 4.35e-04 4.18e-02
NM_000219 KCNE1 -9.74e-02 4.36e-04 4.18e-02
NM_022114 PRDM16 -6.69e-02 4.36e-04 4.18e-02
NM_006091 CORO2B 1.13e-01 4.36e-04 4.18e-02
NM_001143820 ETS1 -1.68e-01 4.36e-04 4.18e-02
NM_004431 EPHA2 -1.00e-01 4.36e-04 4.18e-02
NM_001080470 ZNF697 -8.59e-02 4.36e-04 4.18e-02
NM_057178 RFFL -1.01e-01 4.37e-04 4.18e-02
NR_028044 IGF2AS 1.03e-01 4.37e-04 4.18e-02
NM_001145658 RAP1GAP -1.16e-01 4.37e-04 4.18e-02
NM_012454 TIAM2 1.21e-01 4.37e-04 4.18e-02
NM_001167672 LPP -1.99e-02 4.37e-04 4.18e-02
NM_001134870 KIAA1949 -8.82e-02 4.37e-04 4.18e-02
NM_001010938 TNK2 1.44e-01 4.37e-04 4.18e-02
NM_001098635 SEZ6 -5.04e-02 4.38e-04 4.18e-02
NM_015335 MED13L -1.37e-01 4.38e-04 4.18e-02
NM_174892 CD300LB -5.76e-02 4.38e-04 4.18e-02
NM_178313 SPTBN1 -2.44e-01 4.38e-04 4.18e-02
NM_003550 MAD1L1 -9.04e-02 4.38e-04 4.18e-02
NM_015077 SARM1 4.10e-02 4.38e-04 4.18e-02
NM_001077197 PDE11A -7.68e-02 4.38e-04 4.18e-02
NM_000935 PLOD2 6.89e-02 4.38e-04 4.18e-02
NM_003281 TNNI1 -7.61e-02 4.38e-04 4.18e-02
NM_139015 SPPL3 7.47e-02 4.39e-04 4.18e-02
NM_001136019 FCGRT -1.14e-01 4.39e-04 4.18e-02
NM_017868 TTC12 -1.56e-01 4.39e-04 4.18e-02
NM_007038 ADAMTS5 -8.20e-02 4.39e-04 4.18e-02
NM_014918 CHSY1 -1.21e-01 4.39e-04 4.18e-02
NM_022138 SMOC2 -7.66e-02 4.39e-04 4.18e-02
NM_018261 EXOC1 -5.56e-02 4.39e-04 4.18e-02
NM_001144757 SCG5 1.01e-01 4.40e-04 4.18e-02
NM_012344 NTSR2 4.31e-02 4.40e-04 4.18e-02
NM_014678 SAPS2 -9.00e-02 4.40e-04 4.18e-02
NM_001145289 AKR7L -1.25e-01 4.40e-04 4.18e-02
NM_015378 VPS13D -1.43e-01 4.41e-04 4.19e-02
NM_001004056 GRK4 -6.16e-02 4.41e-04 4.19e-02
NM_030783 PTDSS2 -5.65e-02 4.42e-04 4.19e-02
NM_024830 LPCAT1 -1.48e-01 4.42e-04 4.19e-02
NM_004877 GMFG -7.17e-02 4.42e-04 4.19e-02
NM_001013638 PRR25 -2.04e-01 4.42e-04 4.19e-02
NM_015516 TSKU -9.87e-02 4.42e-04 4.19e-02
NM_173454 PDE8A 8.39e-02 4.43e-04 4.20e-02
NM_004233 CD83 -8.01e-02 4.43e-04 4.20e-02
NM_001508 GPR39 6.26e-02 4.43e-04 4.20e-02
NM_153631 HOXA3 1.78e-01 4.43e-04 4.20e-02
NM_212551 LYSMD1 -9.27e-02 4.43e-04 4.20e-02
NM_001099221 TIFAB -1.99e-01 4.44e-04 4.20e-02
NM_001017402 LAMB3 -1.24e-01 4.44e-04 4.20e-02
NM_019058 DDIT4 1.57e-01 4.44e-04 4.20e-02
NM_001025232 CLLU1OS -7.56e-02 4.44e-04 4.20e-02
NM_005187 CBFA2T3 -6.91e-02 4.44e-04 4.20e-02
NM_003269 NR2E1 -1.78e-01 4.44e-04 4.20e-02
NM_005187 CBFA2T3 -1.02e-01 4.45e-04 4.20e-02
NM_015458 MTMR9 1.29e-01 4.45e-04 4.20e-02
NM_153711 FAM26E -1.83e-01 4.45e-04 4.20e-02
NM_016347 NAT8B -1.22e-01 4.46e-04 4.21e-02
NM_006382 CDRT1 1.34e-01 4.46e-04 4.21e-02
NM_198948 NUDT1 -1.10e-01 4.46e-04 4.21e-02
NM_000505 F12 9.90e-02 4.46e-04 4.21e-02
NM_033225 CSMD1 -1.21e-01 4.46e-04 4.21e-02
NM_002023 FMOD -1.57e-01 4.46e-04 4.21e-02
NM_005993 TBCD -1.02e-01 4.46e-04 4.21e-02
NM_001031680 RUNX3 8.71e-02 4.47e-04 4.21e-02
NM_001079534 CPEB1 3.65e-02 4.47e-04 4.21e-02
NM_020524 PBXIP1 1.24e-01 4.47e-04 4.21e-02
NM_080657 RSAD2 -6.56e-02 4.47e-04 4.21e-02
NM_001123 ADK 1.25e-01 4.47e-04 4.21e-02
NM_018917 PCDHGA4 9.73e-02 4.47e-04 4.21e-02
NM_198040 PHC2 1.06e-01 4.47e-04 4.21e-02
NM_001007225 IGF2BP2 -7.06e-02 4.48e-04 4.21e-02
NM_178858 SFXN2 -5.66e-02 4.48e-04 4.21e-02
NM_022065 THADA -1.63e-01 4.48e-04 4.21e-02
NM_032219 MFSD7 -1.23e-01 4.49e-04 4.22e-02
NM_207360 ZC3H12D -1.84e-01 4.49e-04 4.22e-02
NM_001112732 MCF2L 1.85e-01 4.50e-04 4.22e-02
NM_022773 LMF1 -1.20e-01 4.50e-04 4.22e-02
NM_001080494 TTC39A -1.22e-01 4.50e-04 4.22e-02
NM_001100167 MRVI1 -2.13e-01 4.50e-04 4.22e-02
NM_001146 ANGPT1 -1.51e-01 4.50e-04 4.22e-02
NM_021080 DAB1 8.27e-02 4.50e-04 4.22e-02
NM_006349 ZNHIT1 7.60e-02 4.51e-04 4.22e-02
NM_001024847 TGFBR2 1.75e-01 4.51e-04 4.22e-02
NM_001164213 LRCH1 8.57e-02 4.51e-04 4.22e-02
NM_005916 MCM7 8.45e-02 4.51e-04 4.22e-02
NM_018416 FOXJ2 -9.26e-02 4.51e-04 4.22e-02
NM_032369 HVCN1 -8.37e-02 4.51e-04 4.22e-02
NM_003783 B3GALT2 1.06e-01 4.51e-04 4.22e-02
NM_006365 C1orf61 1.65e-01 4.51e-04 4.22e-02
NM_018917 PCDHGA4 8.71e-02 4.52e-04 4.23e-02
NM_003483 HMGA2 -4.86e-02 4.52e-04 4.23e-02
NM_001013255 LSP1 9.41e-02 4.52e-04 4.23e-02
NM_002953 RPS6KA1 -7.06e-02 4.52e-04 4.23e-02
NM_002831 PTPN6 -8.61e-02 4.52e-04 4.23e-02
NR_024621 C11orf21 -1.04e-01 4.53e-04 4.23e-02
NM_152435 AMDHD1 8.15e-02 4.53e-04 4.23e-02
NM_182795 NPM2 8.17e-02 4.53e-04 4.23e-02
NM_152398 OCIAD2 -1.12e-01 4.53e-04 4.23e-02
NR_027752 ALDH1L2 4.72e-02 4.53e-04 4.23e-02
NM_144727 CRYGN -2.11e-02 4.53e-04 4.23e-02
NM_001145829 TNNI2 -7.48e-02 4.53e-04 4.23e-02
NM_024963 FBXL18 5.08e-02 4.53e-04 4.23e-02
NM_001083899 GP6 -1.03e-01 4.53e-04 4.23e-02
NM_025228 TRAF3IP3 -9.71e-02 4.54e-04 4.23e-02
NM_198461 LONRF2 1.96e-01 4.54e-04 4.23e-02
NM_001003675 C18orf1 -1.13e-01 4.54e-04 4.23e-02
NM_001037165 FOXK1 1.41e-01 4.54e-04 4.23e-02
NM_002341 LTB -9.41e-02 4.54e-04 4.23e-02
NM_020896 OSBPL5 -1.05e-01 4.55e-04 4.23e-02
NM_080549 PTPN6 -9.53e-02 4.55e-04 4.23e-02
NM_021146 ANGPTL7 -7.27e-02 4.55e-04 4.23e-02
NM_002463 MX2 -1.33e-01 4.56e-04 4.23e-02
NM_175931 CBFA2T3 1.38e-01 4.56e-04 4.23e-02
NM_001001582 PDE9A -8.74e-02 4.56e-04 4.23e-02
NM_005308 GRK5 -7.87e-02 4.56e-04 4.23e-02
NM_002991 CCL24 -9.83e-02 4.56e-04 4.23e-02
NM_001845 COL4A1 -1.91e-01 4.57e-04 4.23e-02
NM_013369 DNMT3L -1.08e-01 4.57e-04 4.23e-02
NM_000055 BCHE 6.87e-02 4.57e-04 4.23e-02
NM_000088 COL1A1 -3.88e-02 4.57e-04 4.23e-02
NM_002124 HLA-DRB1 -5.32e-02 4.57e-04 4.23e-02
NM_138961 ESAM -9.96e-02 4.57e-04 4.23e-02
NM_003380 VIM -8.06e-02 4.57e-04 4.23e-02
NM_015173 TBC1D1 -1.51e-01 4.57e-04 4.23e-02
NM_005153 USP10 8.32e-02 4.57e-04 4.23e-02
NM_001001669 FLJ41603 9.23e-02 4.58e-04 4.23e-02
NM_024015 HOXB4 1.01e-01 4.58e-04 4.23e-02
NM_021738 SVIL -4.40e-02 4.58e-04 4.23e-02
NM_139241 FGD4 1.00e-01 4.58e-04 4.23e-02
NM_004383 CSK -1.22e-01 4.58e-04 4.23e-02
NM_001051 SSTR3 1.17e-01 4.58e-04 4.23e-02
NM_005559 LAMA1 -2.90e-02 4.58e-04 4.24e-02
NM_001098202 HIC1 -1.52e-01 4.58e-04 4.24e-02
NR_026716 KIR3DX1 -4.33e-02 4.58e-04 4.24e-02
NM_030797 FAM49A 1.04e-01 4.59e-04 4.24e-02
NM_017432 PTOV1 6.04e-02 4.59e-04 4.24e-02
NM_001001582 PDE9A -8.88e-02 4.59e-04 4.24e-02
NM_001030288 SPN -8.30e-02 4.59e-04 4.24e-02
NM_152346 SLC43A2 7.45e-02 4.60e-04 4.24e-02
NM_153244 C10orf111 7.50e-02 4.60e-04 4.24e-02
NM_004067 CHN2 1.78e-01 4.60e-04 4.24e-02
NM_001134445 DDAH1 8.50e-02 4.60e-04 4.24e-02
NM_153746 ZDHHC14 -1.00e-01 4.60e-04 4.24e-02
NM_001110215 CENPM -1.10e-01 4.60e-04 4.24e-02
NM_000419 ITGA2B -1.02e-01 4.61e-04 4.24e-02
NM_053005 HCCA2 -1.00e-01 4.61e-04 4.24e-02
NM_001039548 KLHL35 1.78e-01 4.61e-04 4.24e-02
NM_014461 CNTN6 -7.42e-02 4.61e-04 4.24e-02
NR_024264 LOC145845 -1.62e-01 4.61e-04 4.24e-02
NM_178148 SLC35B2 -3.33e-02 4.61e-04 4.24e-02
NM_001037984 SLC38A10 -2.02e-01 4.61e-04 4.24e-02
NM_173568 UMODL1 -1.41e-01 4.61e-04 4.24e-02
NM_020429 SMURF1 2.54e-02 4.61e-04 4.24e-02
NM_004877 GMFG -1.45e-01 4.61e-04 4.24e-02
NM_001002837 INPP5J 1.11e-01 4.62e-04 4.24e-02
NM_003909 CPNE3 6.56e-02 4.62e-04 4.24e-02
NR_027816 SDK1 -1.19e-01 4.62e-04 4.24e-02
NM_152647 C15orf33 -3.20e-02 4.62e-04 4.24e-02
NM_021926 ALX4 5.26e-02 4.62e-04 4.24e-02
NM_014903 NAV3 1.45e-01 4.62e-04 4.24e-02
NR_024019 FAM193B 1.43e-01 4.62e-04 4.24e-02
NM_015002 FBXO21 1.99e-01 4.63e-04 4.25e-02
NM_006533 MIA -4.83e-02 4.64e-04 4.25e-02
NM_152785 GCET2 -7.13e-02 4.64e-04 4.25e-02
NM_001215 CA6 -1.20e-01 4.64e-04 4.25e-02
NM_019854 PRMT8 2.45e-02 4.64e-04 4.25e-02
NM_004466 GPC5 3.52e-02 4.64e-04 4.25e-02
NM_001122847 SLC6A12 -1.64e-01 4.64e-04 4.25e-02
NM_001136002 TMEM229A 8.69e-02 4.64e-04 4.25e-02
NR_002211 MEIS3P1 8.79e-02 4.64e-04 4.25e-02
NM_138273 C6orf25 -1.30e-01 4.65e-04 4.26e-02
NM_005882 MAEA -5.76e-02 4.65e-04 4.26e-02
NM_021732 AVPI1 -1.18e-01 4.65e-04 4.26e-02
NM_206862 TACC2 -1.47e-01 4.66e-04 4.26e-02
NM_015999 ADIPOR1 -6.60e-02 4.66e-04 4.26e-02
NM_018841 GNG12 6.82e-02 4.66e-04 4.26e-02
NM_002020 FLT4 -7.18e-02 4.66e-04 4.26e-02
NM_002983 CCL3 -1.20e-01 4.66e-04 4.26e-02
NM_003660 PPFIA3 -8.35e-02 4.66e-04 4.26e-02
NM_005632 SOLH -8.27e-02 4.67e-04 4.26e-02
NM_001145670 SORBS2 1.40e-01 4.67e-04 4.26e-02
NM_001037984 SLC38A10 -1.15e-01 4.67e-04 4.26e-02
NM_006598 SLC12A7 -8.15e-02 4.68e-04 4.26e-02
NM_001166435 ITIH1 -1.07e-01 4.68e-04 4.26e-02
NM_022746 MOSC1 9.18e-02 4.68e-04 4.26e-02
NR_031577 MIR670 -7.75e-02 4.68e-04 4.26e-02
NM_019105 TNXB -8.19e-02 4.68e-04 4.26e-02
NM_001080420 SHANK3 1.54e-01 4.68e-04 4.26e-02
NM_015335 MED13L -9.55e-02 4.68e-04 4.26e-02
NM_016059 PPIL1 1.01e-01 4.68e-04 4.26e-02
NM_001031680 RUNX3 5.12e-02 4.68e-04 4.26e-02
NM_000697 ALOX12 -6.86e-02 4.68e-04 4.26e-02
NM_019102 HOXA5 6.63e-02 4.68e-04 4.26e-02
NM_032888 COL27A1 5.47e-02 4.69e-04 4.26e-02
NM_058187 C21orf63 2.68e-02 4.69e-04 4.26e-02
NM_015609 C1orf144 -1.42e-01 4.69e-04 4.26e-02
NM_014299 BRD4 8.77e-02 4.69e-04 4.26e-02
NM_017578 ROPN1 7.64e-02 4.69e-04 4.26e-02
NM_003320 TUB 1.57e-01 4.69e-04 4.26e-02
NM_001080395 AATK 1.25e-01 4.70e-04 4.26e-02
NM_003957 BRSK2 7.45e-02 4.70e-04 4.26e-02
NR_031766 TESC 1.15e-01 4.70e-04 4.26e-02
NM_004773 ZNHIT3 7.64e-02 4.70e-04 4.26e-02
NM_030796 VOPP1 -1.25e-01 4.70e-04 4.26e-02
NM_000411 HLCS 1.30e-01 4.70e-04 4.26e-02
NM_018156 VPS13D 7.68e-02 4.70e-04 4.26e-02
NM_020845 PITPNM2 5.13e-02 4.70e-04 4.27e-02
NM_006168 NKX6-1 5.98e-02 4.71e-04 4.27e-02
NM_024596 MCPH1 -1.29e-01 4.71e-04 4.27e-02
NM_002163 IRF8 -1.33e-01 4.71e-04 4.27e-02
NM_000697 ALOX12 -2.01e-01 4.71e-04 4.27e-02
NM_144585 SLC22A12 -7.16e-02 4.72e-04 4.27e-02
NM_000434 NEU1 1.49e-01 4.72e-04 4.27e-02
NM_014814 PSMD6 8.57e-02 4.72e-04 4.27e-02
NM_001007792 NTRK1 7.67e-02 4.72e-04 4.27e-02
NM_007124 UTRN -9.16e-02 4.72e-04 4.27e-02
NM_153631 HOXA3 1.29e-01 4.73e-04 4.27e-02
NM_015175 NBEAL2 -7.11e-02 4.73e-04 4.28e-02
NM_021926 ALX4 6.81e-02 4.73e-04 4.28e-02
NM_013358 PADI1 -1.25e-01 4.73e-04 4.28e-02
NM_004557 NOTCH4 -7.04e-02 4.73e-04 4.28e-02
NM_030928 CDT1 1.41e-01 4.74e-04 4.28e-02
NM_006168 NKX6-1 9.04e-02 4.74e-04 4.28e-02
NM_032532 FNDC1 -9.82e-02 4.74e-04 4.28e-02
NM_003412 ZIC1 -1.42e-01 4.74e-04 4.28e-02
NM_001778 CD48 -9.73e-02 4.74e-04 4.28e-02
NM_006312 NCOR2 7.75e-02 4.74e-04 4.28e-02
NM_173814 PRTG 5.90e-02 4.74e-04 4.28e-02
NM_172056 KCNH2 -1.28e-01 4.75e-04 4.28e-02
NM_004732 KCNAB3 1.28e-01 4.75e-04 4.28e-02
NM_001797 CDH11 1.27e-01 4.75e-04 4.28e-02
NM_173681 ATG9B 9.93e-02 4.75e-04 4.28e-02
NM_024309 TNIP2 -7.61e-02 4.76e-04 4.28e-02
NR_026567 ESPNP 7.85e-02 4.76e-04 4.28e-02
NM_018917 PCDHGA4 -7.43e-02 4.76e-04 4.28e-02
NM_181500 CUX1 3.27e-02 4.76e-04 4.28e-02
NM_030928 CDT1 1.07e-01 4.76e-04 4.28e-02
NR_024264 LOC145845 -2.31e-01 4.76e-04 4.28e-02
NM_139057 ADAMTS17 -7.64e-02 4.76e-04 4.28e-02
NM_031896 CACNG7 -1.19e-01 4.77e-04 4.28e-02
NM_001127384 CTNNA3 5.67e-02 4.77e-04 4.28e-02
NM_014247 RAPGEF2 1.27e-01 4.77e-04 4.28e-02
NM_025204 TRABD -1.05e-01 4.77e-04 4.28e-02
NM_001025101 MBP -1.01e-01 4.77e-04 4.29e-02
NM_001122838 NAPEPLD 1.44e-01 4.78e-04 4.29e-02
NM_001136019 FCGRT -1.57e-01 4.78e-04 4.29e-02
NM_001013638 PRR25 -1.73e-01 4.78e-04 4.29e-02
NM_001136469 TMEM108 7.55e-02 4.78e-04 4.29e-02
NM_004159 PSMB8 -1.07e-01 4.78e-04 4.29e-02
NM_015071 ARHGAP26 -7.02e-02 4.79e-04 4.29e-02
NM_000030 AGXT -1.32e-01 4.79e-04 4.29e-02
NM_001103184 FMN1 -1.45e-01 4.79e-04 4.29e-02
NM_018842 BAIAP2L1 -9.20e-02 4.79e-04 4.29e-02
NM_024007 EBF1 4.90e-02 4.80e-04 4.30e-02
NM_206967 C16orf74 -1.40e-01 4.80e-04 4.30e-02
NM_001048224 DBNDD2 6.39e-02 4.80e-04 4.30e-02
NM_030960 SPACA1 -1.19e-01 4.80e-04 4.30e-02
NM_021938 BRUNOL5 -1.16e-01 4.80e-04 4.30e-02
NM_032933 C18orf45 1.20e-01 4.81e-04 4.30e-02
NM_172081 CAMK2B 6.73e-02 4.81e-04 4.30e-02
NM_152679 SLC10A4 -1.16e-01 4.81e-04 4.30e-02
NM_001845 COL4A1 2.46e-01 4.81e-04 4.30e-02
NM_152572 C9orf98 7.56e-02 4.81e-04 4.30e-02
NM_016203 PRKAG2 -1.45e-01 4.81e-04 4.30e-02
NM_018410 HJURP 1.00e-01 4.81e-04 4.30e-02
NM_001168241 FAM59B -1.30e-01 4.82e-04 4.30e-02
NM_015009 PDZRN3 -1.62e-01 4.82e-04 4.30e-02
NM_203417 RCAN1 -8.29e-02 4.82e-04 4.30e-02
NM_017575 SMG6 -1.42e-01 4.82e-04 4.30e-02
NM_018240 KIRREL -8.54e-02 4.83e-04 4.30e-02
NM_013244 MGAT4C 1.31e-01 4.83e-04 4.30e-02
NM_198827 GPR133 -6.52e-02 4.83e-04 4.30e-02
NM_024017 HOXB9 9.38e-02 4.83e-04 4.30e-02
NM_020428 SLC44A2 1.63e-01 4.83e-04 4.30e-02
NM_002847 PTPRN2 -1.27e-01 4.83e-04 4.30e-02
NM_024768 CCDC48 1.85e-01 4.84e-04 4.30e-02
NM_001130910 CCRL2 -9.69e-02 4.84e-04 4.30e-02
NM_006345 SLC30A9 8.42e-02 4.84e-04 4.30e-02
NM_001066 TNFRSF1B -2.14e-02 4.84e-04 4.30e-02
NM_002141 HOXA4 7.89e-02 4.84e-04 4.31e-02
NM_198686 RAB15 1.13e-01 4.85e-04 4.31e-02
NM_030649 ACAP3 1.71e-01 4.85e-04 4.31e-02
NM_007018 CEP110 -3.25e-02 4.85e-04 4.31e-02
NR_026995 LOC91149 -1.03e-01 4.85e-04 4.31e-02
NM_205768 ZNF238 2.00e-01 4.86e-04 4.31e-02
NM_153746 ZDHHC14 -3.67e-02 4.86e-04 4.31e-02
NM_013275 ANKRD11 -1.60e-01 4.86e-04 4.31e-02
NM_005573 LMNB1 1.41e-01 4.86e-04 4.31e-02
NM_017749 AMBRA1 -1.16e-01 4.87e-04 4.31e-02
NM_001136031 ATG7 -8.72e-02 4.87e-04 4.31e-02
NM_003278 CLEC3B -1.14e-01 4.87e-04 4.31e-02
NM_001134395 C7orf50 -1.09e-01 4.87e-04 4.31e-02
NM_174902 LDLRAD3 -1.26e-01 4.87e-04 4.31e-02
NM_001139459 CNST -9.14e-02 4.87e-04 4.31e-02
NM_005427 TP73 -8.35e-02 4.87e-04 4.31e-02
NM_001009880 C22orf9 5.54e-02 4.87e-04 4.31e-02
NM_002977 SCN9A -8.12e-02 4.87e-04 4.31e-02
NM_020248 CTNNBIP1 -1.07e-01 4.88e-04 4.31e-02
NM_014942 ANKRD6 1.02e-01 4.88e-04 4.31e-02
NM_080388 S100A16 1.99e-01 4.88e-04 4.31e-02
NM_020760 HECW2 -4.73e-02 4.88e-04 4.31e-02
NM_002086 GRB2 -5.28e-02 4.89e-04 4.32e-02
NM_001846 COL4A2 -1.10e-01 4.89e-04 4.32e-02
NM_001079821 NLRP3 1.17e-01 4.89e-04 4.32e-02
NM_005221 DLX5 9.47e-02 4.89e-04 4.32e-02
NM_017777 MKS1 4.44e-02 4.89e-04 4.32e-02
NM_031475 ESPN 9.75e-02 4.90e-04 4.32e-02
NM_015656 KIF26A -5.21e-02 4.90e-04 4.32e-02
NM_001017961 FAM78B 7.75e-02 4.91e-04 4.32e-02
NM_001080424 KDM6B 6.16e-02 4.91e-04 4.32e-02
NM_004928 C21orf2 -5.23e-02 4.91e-04 4.32e-02
NR_027337 HIST2H2BA 4.83e-02 4.91e-04 4.32e-02
NM_001235 SERPINH1 -1.23e-01 4.91e-04 4.32e-02
NM_153213 ARHGEF19 -2.53e-01 4.91e-04 4.32e-02
NM_022569 NDST4 1.42e-01 4.91e-04 4.32e-02
NM_015071 ARHGAP26 -1.37e-01 4.91e-04 4.32e-02
NM_024017 HOXB9 1.02e-01 4.91e-04 4.32e-02
NM_001126105 SLC7A7 -1.20e-01 4.91e-04 4.32e-02
NM_024596 MCPH1 -9.90e-02 4.92e-04 4.32e-02
NM_002045 GAP43 7.33e-02 4.92e-04 4.32e-02
NM_080798 COL13A1 -6.74e-02 4.92e-04 4.32e-02
NM_016431 MAPK8IP2 -9.94e-02 4.92e-04 4.33e-02
NM_080834 C20orf152 -1.20e-01 4.92e-04 4.33e-02
NM_015197 PACS2 -7.37e-02 4.92e-04 4.33e-02
NR_024218 SNAR-C4 4.24e-02 4.92e-04 4.33e-02
NM_182961 SYNE1 7.89e-02 4.93e-04 4.33e-02
NR_027255 LOC388428 8.63e-02 4.93e-04 4.33e-02
NM_001080500 VWC2L 8.46e-02 4.93e-04 4.33e-02
NM_005165 ALDOC 3.40e-02 4.93e-04 4.33e-02
NR_024173 LOC91948 -3.67e-02 4.94e-04 4.33e-02
NM_194278 C14orf43 8.80e-02 4.94e-04 4.33e-02
NM_001127222 CACNA1A -1.23e-01 4.94e-04 4.33e-02
NM_015117 ZC3H3 -7.34e-02 4.94e-04 4.33e-02
NM_001766 CD1D -3.83e-02 4.94e-04 4.33e-02
NR_029618 MIR199A2 -1.32e-01 4.94e-04 4.33e-02
NM_030767 AKNA -3.13e-02 4.94e-04 4.33e-02
NM_015378 VPS13D -8.99e-02 4.94e-04 4.33e-02
NR_027906 C6orf124 1.11e-01 4.95e-04 4.33e-02
NM_000773 CYP2E1 -6.21e-02 4.95e-04 4.33e-02
NM_001145160 TPM4 -1.00e-01 4.95e-04 4.33e-02
NM_003057 SLC22A1 -7.28e-02 4.95e-04 4.33e-02
NM_152380 TBX15 9.90e-02 4.95e-04 4.33e-02
NM_001008844 DSP 1.07e-01 4.95e-04 4.33e-02
NM_001114107 PDLIM3 -1.14e-01 4.96e-04 4.33e-02
NM_005453 ZBTB22 7.34e-02 4.96e-04 4.33e-02
NM_033255 EPSTI1 -1.76e-01 4.96e-04 4.33e-02
NM_198544 APITD1 1.46e-01 4.96e-04 4.33e-02
NM_005539 INPP5A -1.09e-01 4.96e-04 4.33e-02
NM_178864 NPAS4 7.07e-02 4.96e-04 4.34e-02
NM_153486 LDHD 1.38e-01 4.97e-04 4.34e-02
NM_198948 NUDT1 -1.70e-01 4.97e-04 4.34e-02
NM_001039503 POL3S -7.11e-02 4.97e-04 4.34e-02
NM_005308 GRK5 -5.02e-02 4.98e-04 4.34e-02
NR_003512 INS-IGF2 9.86e-02 4.98e-04 4.34e-02
NM_002120 HLA-DOB -9.78e-02 4.98e-04 4.34e-02
NM_194296 SPATA24 3.15e-02 4.98e-04 4.34e-02
NM_003551 NME5 3.54e-02 4.98e-04 4.34e-02
NM_001012642 GRAMD2 -8.23e-02 4.99e-04 4.34e-02
NM_024060 AHNAK -1.45e-01 4.99e-04 4.34e-02
NM_015215 CAMTA1 -5.59e-02 4.99e-04 4.34e-02
NM_031953 SNX25 4.81e-02 4.99e-04 4.34e-02
NM_002607 PDGFA 2.94e-02 4.99e-04 4.34e-02
NM_001232 CASQ2 -1.83e-01 4.99e-04 4.34e-02
NM_145649 GCNT2 1.29e-01 4.99e-04 4.34e-02
NM_005093 CBFA2T2 -2.07e-01 5.00e-04 4.34e-02
NM_024832 RIN3 -1.29e-01 5.00e-04 4.34e-02
NM_145330 MRPL33 1.42e-01 5.00e-04 4.34e-02
NM_004778 GPR44 -7.66e-02 5.00e-04 4.34e-02
NM_006834 RAB32 -1.38e-01 5.00e-04 4.34e-02
NM_130445 COL18A1 -7.80e-02 5.00e-04 4.34e-02
NM_020428 SLC44A2 1.29e-01 5.00e-04 4.34e-02
NM_000827 GRIA1 -9.20e-02 5.00e-04 4.34e-02
NM_018280 C22orf26 3.66e-02 5.00e-04 4.34e-02
NM_031954 KCTD10 -7.95e-02 5.01e-04 4.34e-02
NM_006889 CD86 -1.18e-01 5.01e-04 4.34e-02
NM_173644 C20orf197 -8.75e-02 5.01e-04 4.34e-02
NM_156039 CSF3R -8.79e-02 5.01e-04 4.34e-02
NM_015015 KDM4B -1.11e-01 5.01e-04 4.34e-02
NM_013940 OR10H1 -4.12e-02 5.01e-04 4.34e-02
NM_001846 COL4A2 -5.82e-02 5.01e-04 4.34e-02
NM_006650 CPLX2 1.33e-01 5.01e-04 4.34e-02
NM_133506 DCN -1.38e-01 5.01e-04 4.34e-02
NM_002246 KCNK3 -7.44e-02 5.02e-04 4.34e-02
NM_001166292 PTCH2 -1.04e-01 5.02e-04 4.34e-02
NM_207444 C15orf53 -1.02e-01 5.03e-04 4.35e-02
NM_001003802 SMARCD3 -1.35e-01 5.03e-04 4.35e-02
NM_001079535 CPEB1 1.02e-01 5.03e-04 4.35e-02
NR_015417 LOC284276 -1.00e-01 5.03e-04 4.35e-02
NM_006312 NCOR2 1.61e-01 5.03e-04 4.35e-02
NM_201591 GPM6A 1.63e-01 5.04e-04 4.35e-02
NM_001118890 GLRX -1.68e-01 5.04e-04 4.35e-02
NM_017806 LIME1 1.03e-01 5.04e-04 4.35e-02
NM_001032364 GGT1 -7.16e-02 5.04e-04 4.35e-02
NM_002141 HOXA4 8.09e-02 5.05e-04 4.35e-02
NM_001159531 BEGAIN -1.18e-01 5.05e-04 4.35e-02
NM_001033522 CSTF1 1.28e-01 5.05e-04 4.35e-02
NM_182692 SRPK2 -1.61e-01 5.06e-04 4.35e-02
NM_013999 MEOX1 -3.27e-02 5.06e-04 4.35e-02
NM_198827 GPR133 -7.40e-02 5.06e-04 4.35e-02
NM_018917 PCDHGA4 5.69e-02 5.06e-04 4.35e-02
NM_153631 HOXA3 7.85e-02 5.06e-04 4.35e-02
NM_002223 ITPR2 1.84e-01 5.06e-04 4.35e-02
NM_007100 ATP5I 1.69e-01 5.06e-04 4.35e-02
NM_002235 KCNA6 8.19e-02 5.06e-04 4.35e-02
NM_004928 C21orf2 -7.70e-02 5.07e-04 4.35e-02
NM_000236 LIPC -6.51e-02 5.07e-04 4.35e-02
NM_201526 ISLR -8.72e-02 5.07e-04 4.35e-02
NM_005909 MAP1B 1.09e-01 5.08e-04 4.36e-02
NM_033426 KIAA1737 1.49e-01 5.08e-04 4.36e-02
NM_004535 MYT1 1.90e-01 5.08e-04 4.36e-02
NM_021021 SNTB1 -3.73e-02 5.08e-04 4.36e-02
NM_001044264 MSMP -8.83e-02 5.08e-04 4.36e-02
NM_213560 PKN1 -1.16e-01 5.08e-04 4.36e-02
NM_001135170 C1QTNF7 -9.77e-02 5.09e-04 4.36e-02
NM_000986 RPL24 1.90e-01 5.09e-04 4.36e-02
NM_001018064 NTRK2 5.26e-02 5.09e-04 4.36e-02
NM_001005271 CHD3 6.57e-02 5.09e-04 4.36e-02
NM_006231 POLE -1.56e-02 5.09e-04 4.36e-02
NM_001100878 C8orf73 -8.55e-02 5.09e-04 4.36e-02
NM_198582 KLHL30 -8.88e-02 5.10e-04 4.36e-02
NM_032552 DAB2IP -6.16e-02 5.10e-04 4.36e-02
NM_015378 VPS13D -1.31e-01 5.10e-04 4.36e-02
NM_019105 TNXB 1.17e-01 5.11e-04 4.37e-02
NM_013275 ANKRD11 -1.10e-01 5.11e-04 4.37e-02
NM_002141 HOXA4 1.37e-01 5.11e-04 4.37e-02
NM_001008699 IL4R -1.08e-01 5.12e-04 4.37e-02
NM_021926 ALX4 1.70e-01 5.12e-04 4.37e-02
NM_001001852 PIM3 2.52e-02 5.12e-04 4.37e-02
NM_015245 ANKS1A -1.11e-01 5.12e-04 4.37e-02
NM_005155 PPT2 5.67e-02 5.12e-04 4.37e-02
NM_003449 TRIM26 -1.19e-01 5.12e-04 4.37e-02
NR_027457 LOC100133469 1.19e-01 5.13e-04 4.37e-02
NM_001142861 SMAD6 -3.98e-02 5.13e-04 4.37e-02
NM_173644 C20orf197 -1.42e-01 5.13e-04 4.37e-02
NM_007174 CIT 1.16e-01 5.13e-04 4.37e-02
NM_173683 XKR6 1.29e-01 5.14e-04 4.38e-02
NM_152359 CPT1C 1.35e-01 5.14e-04 4.38e-02
NM_015567 SLITRK5 6.52e-02 5.14e-04 4.38e-02
NM_175862 CD86 -1.01e-01 5.14e-04 4.38e-02
NR_026580 TFDP1 -5.98e-02 5.15e-04 4.38e-02
NM_032873 UBASH3B -1.37e-01 5.15e-04 4.38e-02
NM_002146 HOXB3 1.01e-01 5.15e-04 4.38e-02
NM_000616 CD4 -9.55e-02 5.15e-04 4.38e-02
NM_181874 GRM7 -1.28e-01 5.15e-04 4.38e-02
NM_019102 HOXA5 1.07e-01 5.15e-04 4.38e-02
NM_001040134 PALM 1.21e-01 5.15e-04 4.38e-02
NM_002736 PRKAR2B 1.76e-01 5.16e-04 4.39e-02
NM_001129883 PATE3 -1.13e-01 5.16e-04 4.39e-02
NM_014468 VENTX 8.07e-02 5.16e-04 4.39e-02
NM_000491 C1QB -1.02e-01 5.16e-04 4.39e-02
NM_001002919 FAM150B -1.55e-01 5.17e-04 4.39e-02
NM_002861 PCYT2 1.15e-01 5.17e-04 4.39e-02
NM_003550 MAD1L1 -8.73e-02 5.17e-04 4.39e-02
NM_022114 PRDM16 1.32e-01 5.17e-04 4.39e-02
NM_133328 DEDD2 -6.63e-02 5.17e-04 4.39e-02
NM_173628 DNAH17 -8.85e-02 5.17e-04 4.39e-02
NM_080588 PTPN7 -9.88e-02 5.17e-04 4.39e-02
NM_030948 PHACTR1 1.30e-01 5.17e-04 4.39e-02
NM_007343 PRSS3 6.98e-02 5.17e-04 4.39e-02
NM_031417 MARK4 1.25e-01 5.18e-04 4.39e-02
NM_138402 SP140L -1.29e-01 5.18e-04 4.39e-02
NM_015230 ARAP2 -9.07e-02 5.18e-04 4.39e-02
NM_201631 TGM5 -1.25e-01 5.18e-04 4.39e-02
NM_181677 PPP2R2B 1.79e-01 5.18e-04 4.39e-02
NM_207363 NCKAP5 -1.55e-01 5.18e-04 4.39e-02
NM_016930 STX18 7.24e-02 5.18e-04 4.39e-02
NM_001014283 DCUN1D2 7.66e-02 5.18e-04 4.39e-02
NM_001080395 AATK -2.23e-02 5.19e-04 4.39e-02
NM_001167820 BLCAP 5.10e-02 5.19e-04 4.39e-02
NM_000697 ALOX12 -2.02e-01 5.19e-04 4.39e-02
NM_015378 VPS13D -1.61e-01 5.20e-04 4.40e-02
NM_002146 HOXB3 1.07e-01 5.20e-04 4.40e-02
NM_004791 ITGBL1 -1.66e-01 5.20e-04 4.40e-02
NM_001136052 CPT1C 9.90e-02 5.20e-04 4.40e-02
NM_002227 JAK1 -1.79e-01 5.21e-04 4.40e-02
NM_021255 PELI2 1.39e-01 5.21e-04 4.40e-02
NM_021238 FAM60A 2.04e-01 5.21e-04 4.40e-02
NM_182557 BCL9L 8.56e-02 5.21e-04 4.40e-02
NR_003512 INS-IGF2 7.35e-02 5.21e-04 4.40e-02
NM_000773 CYP2E1 -1.13e-01 5.22e-04 4.40e-02
NM_181847 AMIGO2 8.27e-02 5.22e-04 4.40e-02
NM_001080519 BAHCC1 -7.58e-02 5.22e-04 4.40e-02
NM_003550 MAD1L1 -9.21e-02 5.22e-04 4.40e-02
NM_001100167 MRVI1 -1.53e-01 5.22e-04 4.40e-02
NM_152991 EED 4.19e-02 5.23e-04 4.40e-02
NM_001851 COL9A1 -1.03e-01 5.23e-04 4.40e-02
NM_001103167 ZGLP1 -9.02e-02 5.23e-04 4.40e-02
NM_006058 TNIP1 -9.32e-02 5.23e-04 4.40e-02
NM_001128223 ZNF717 4.01e-02 5.23e-04 4.40e-02
NM_198498 C11orf53 -1.66e-01 5.23e-04 4.40e-02
NM_016734 PAX5 -8.61e-02 5.24e-04 4.40e-02
NR_004053 SOX2OT 2.27e-01 5.24e-04 4.40e-02
NM_153631 HOXA3 8.10e-02 5.24e-04 4.40e-02
NM_032823 C9orf3 -4.45e-02 5.24e-04 4.40e-02
NM_025179 PLXNA2 -1.34e-01 5.24e-04 4.40e-02
NM_025248 SRCIN1 -7.00e-02 5.24e-04 4.40e-02
NM_032599 FAM71F1 -1.03e-01 5.25e-04 4.41e-02
NM_001007540 CDH29 -2.10e-02 5.25e-04 4.41e-02
NM_000843 GRM6 -5.55e-02 5.25e-04 4.41e-02
NM_001165037 GABRA5 -1.27e-01 5.25e-04 4.41e-02
NM_031205 CABP1 1.12e-01 5.25e-04 4.41e-02
NM_138334 JOSD2 8.44e-02 5.26e-04 4.41e-02
NM_022805 SNRPN 2.03e-01 5.26e-04 4.41e-02
NM_198565 LRRC33 -1.01e-01 5.27e-04 4.41e-02
NM_004991 MECOM -3.39e-02 5.27e-04 4.41e-02
NM_017842 SLC48A1 2.94e-02 5.27e-04 4.41e-02
NM_032387 WNK4 8.46e-02 5.27e-04 4.41e-02
NM_001031685 TP53BP2 -9.40e-02 5.27e-04 4.41e-02
NM_178864 NPAS4 1.05e-01 5.27e-04 4.41e-02
NM_138795 ARL8A 8.60e-02 5.27e-04 4.41e-02
NM_198474 OLFML1 -1.29e-01 5.28e-04 4.41e-02
NM_199231 GDNF 2.95e-02 5.28e-04 4.42e-02
NM_001844 COL2A1 4.65e-02 5.29e-04 4.42e-02
NM_003978 PSTPIP1 -7.66e-02 5.29e-04 4.42e-02
NM_053005 HCCA2 9.39e-02 5.29e-04 4.42e-02
NM_001137553 LRRFIP1 -5.00e-02 5.29e-04 4.42e-02
NM_005428 VAV1 -8.42e-02 5.29e-04 4.42e-02
NM_021956 GRIK2 5.51e-02 5.30e-04 4.42e-02
NM_001003684 UCRC 6.04e-02 5.30e-04 4.42e-02
NM_005327 HADH -1.20e-01 5.31e-04 4.42e-02
NR_027045 C1orf200 -3.91e-02 5.31e-04 4.42e-02
NM_152788 ANKS1B -7.20e-02 5.31e-04 4.42e-02
NM_178557 NAT8L 8.84e-02 5.31e-04 4.42e-02
NM_001128431 SLC39A14 9.31e-02 5.31e-04 4.42e-02
NM_130445 COL18A1 -9.16e-02 5.31e-04 4.42e-02
NR_015417 LOC284276 -1.38e-01 5.31e-04 4.42e-02
NM_130783 TSPAN18 -4.73e-02 5.31e-04 4.42e-02
NM_020896 OSBPL5 -9.07e-02 5.32e-04 4.42e-02
NM_144488 RGS3 -3.48e-02 5.32e-04 4.42e-02
NM_024537 CARS2 -8.87e-02 5.32e-04 4.42e-02
NM_194296 SPATA24 6.31e-02 5.32e-04 4.43e-02
NM_003550 MAD1L1 -1.36e-01 5.32e-04 4.43e-02
NM_001042492 NF1 -6.00e-02 5.32e-04 4.43e-02
NM_022365 DNAJC1 -1.06e-01 5.33e-04 4.43e-02
NM_001135247 MFAP2 -5.55e-01 5.34e-04 4.43e-02
NM_001380 DOCK1 -1.06e-01 5.34e-04 4.43e-02
NM_001136191 KANK2 -2.50e-01 5.34e-04 4.43e-02
NM_006338 LRRN2 8.84e-02 5.34e-04 4.43e-02
NM_002387 MCC -1.48e-01 5.35e-04 4.43e-02
NM_133337 MYOF -5.43e-02 5.35e-04 4.43e-02
NM_001160372 TRAPPC9 -1.08e-01 5.35e-04 4.43e-02
NM_001408 CELSR2 1.03e-01 5.36e-04 4.44e-02
NM_019105 TNXB 5.13e-02 5.36e-04 4.44e-02
NR_026951 C17orf44 7.85e-02 5.36e-04 4.44e-02
NM_001135095 FNDC3B -1.38e-01 5.36e-04 4.44e-02
NM_002205 ITGA5 -1.11e-01 5.36e-04 4.44e-02
NR_003948 HCG22 -1.28e-01 5.37e-04 4.44e-02
NM_173644 C20orf197 -1.34e-01 5.37e-04 4.44e-02
NM_001168378 ZIC4 -2.04e-01 5.37e-04 4.44e-02
NM_174902 LDLRAD3 -8.33e-02 5.37e-04 4.44e-02
NM_001128596 TC2N -1.11e-01 5.37e-04 4.45e-02
NM_000697 ALOX12 -1.37e-01 5.38e-04 4.45e-02
NM_001004326 SLC22A20 -6.99e-02 5.38e-04 4.45e-02
NM_018398 CACNA2D3 -1.07e-01 5.38e-04 4.45e-02
NM_003131 SRF 6.90e-02 5.38e-04 4.45e-02
NM_016180 SLC45A2 -6.75e-02 5.38e-04 4.45e-02
NM_020962 IGDCC4 -8.43e-02 5.38e-04 4.45e-02
NM_000593 TAP1 -3.35e-02 5.39e-04 4.45e-02
NM_005865 PRSS16 7.09e-02 5.39e-04 4.45e-02
NM_052963 TOP1MT -8.45e-02 5.39e-04 4.45e-02
NM_001039211 ATAD3C 9.50e-02 5.39e-04 4.45e-02
NM_170713 RASSF1 -7.08e-02 5.39e-04 4.45e-02
NM_003036 SKI -9.25e-02 5.39e-04 4.45e-02
NM_001165947 HTR2A 8.51e-02 5.40e-04 4.45e-02
NM_001606 ABCA2 2.14e-02 5.40e-04 4.45e-02
NM_030651 PRRT1 -1.57e-01 5.40e-04 4.45e-02
NM_024092 TMEM109 6.98e-02 5.40e-04 4.45e-02
NM_001136019 FCGRT -1.13e-01 5.40e-04 4.45e-02
NM_019102 HOXA5 8.15e-02 5.40e-04 4.45e-02
NM_198426 CHMP2A 1.29e-01 5.40e-04 4.45e-02
NM_006546 IGF2BP1 1.77e-01 5.40e-04 4.45e-02
NM_175053 KRT74 -7.67e-02 5.40e-04 4.45e-02
NM_001080466 BTBD17 -1.33e-01 5.40e-04 4.45e-02
NM_016180 SLC45A2 -6.78e-02 5.40e-04 4.45e-02
NM_001145261 NCOA4 1.36e-01 5.40e-04 4.45e-02
NM_001492 GDF1 3.11e-02 5.41e-04 4.45e-02
NM_181885 RXFP4 -1.29e-01 5.41e-04 4.45e-02
NM_001080446 C11orf94 1.36e-01 5.41e-04 4.45e-02
NM_005257 GATA6 1.69e-01 5.42e-04 4.45e-02
NM_004355 CD74 -1.79e-01 5.42e-04 4.45e-02
NM_002163 IRF8 -7.65e-02 5.42e-04 4.45e-02
NM_018922 PCDHGB1 5.88e-02 5.42e-04 4.45e-02
NM_005883 APC2 1.08e-01 5.42e-04 4.45e-02
NM_002843 PTPRJ -6.41e-02 5.42e-04 4.45e-02
NM_002254 KIF3C 1.29e-01 5.42e-04 4.45e-02
NM_002121 HLA-DPB1 1.22e-01 5.42e-04 4.45e-02
NM_001001890 RUNX1 1.06e-01 5.43e-04 4.45e-02
NM_002011 FGFR4 -1.16e-01 5.43e-04 4.46e-02
NM_003749 IRS2 1.30e-01 5.43e-04 4.46e-02
NM_018309 TBC1D23 5.56e-02 5.44e-04 4.46e-02
NM_032538 TTBK1 8.09e-02 5.44e-04 4.46e-02
NM_004658 RASAL1 -9.59e-02 5.44e-04 4.46e-02
NM_020140 ANKS1B 2.07e-01 5.44e-04 4.46e-02
NM_001134836 SIRPB2 -1.04e-01 5.45e-04 4.46e-02
NM_001017989 OPA3 6.63e-02 5.45e-04 4.46e-02
NR_024464 LOC100188949 -1.17e-01 5.45e-04 4.46e-02
NM_014978 SORCS3 -1.44e-01 5.46e-04 4.46e-02
NM_014666 CLINT1 -1.15e-01 5.46e-04 4.47e-02
NM_018917 PCDHGA4 1.17e-01 5.46e-04 4.47e-02
NM_005060 RORC -7.94e-02 5.46e-04 4.47e-02
NM_004657 SDPR -1.82e-01 5.47e-04 4.47e-02
NM_000797 DRD4 -1.07e-01 5.47e-04 4.47e-02
NM_001042425 TFAP2A 7.08e-02 5.47e-04 4.47e-02
NM_018490 LGR4 -1.43e-01 5.47e-04 4.47e-02
NM_002559 P2RX3 8.59e-02 5.47e-04 4.47e-02
NM_206909 PSD3 1.87e-01 5.47e-04 4.47e-02
NM_001171637 CCDC148 -8.78e-02 5.47e-04 4.47e-02
NR_027045 C1orf200 -1.36e-01 5.48e-04 4.47e-02
NM_004807 HS6ST1 -9.59e-02 5.48e-04 4.47e-02
NM_020795 NLGN2 1.06e-01 5.48e-04 4.47e-02
NM_014918 CHSY1 -1.14e-01 5.48e-04 4.47e-02
NM_020876 ARHGAP23 -1.54e-01 5.48e-04 4.47e-02
NM_005559 LAMA1 -2.15e-02 5.48e-04 4.47e-02
NM_002847 PTPRN2 -1.50e-01 5.48e-04 4.47e-02
NM_022481 ARAP3 -8.68e-02 5.48e-04 4.47e-02
NM_031849 PCDHA6 -7.67e-02 5.48e-04 4.47e-02
NM_003474 ADAM12 -1.56e-01 5.48e-04 4.47e-02
NM_001136265 IFFO2 6.02e-02 5.49e-04 4.47e-02
NM_001080437 SNED1 1.48e-01 5.49e-04 4.47e-02
NM_005107 EXOG -5.54e-02 5.49e-04 4.47e-02
NM_152759 LRRC43 -7.88e-02 5.49e-04 4.47e-02
NM_002112 HDC 1.73e-01 5.49e-04 4.47e-02
NM_003641 IFITM1 -1.42e-01 5.50e-04 4.47e-02
NM_002673 PLXNB1 -9.57e-02 5.50e-04 4.47e-02
NR_029671 MIR125B1 4.30e-02 5.51e-04 4.47e-02
NM_014468 VENTX 1.22e-01 5.51e-04 4.47e-02
NM_005664 MKRN3 8.92e-02 5.51e-04 4.47e-02
NM_014205 ZNHIT2 8.56e-02 5.51e-04 4.47e-02
NM_024109 C16orf68 -8.31e-02 5.51e-04 4.47e-02
NM_015015 KDM4B 1.03e-01 5.52e-04 4.47e-02
NM_006781 C6orf10 -1.13e-01 5.52e-04 4.47e-02
NM_001136557 GPR107 1.54e-01 5.52e-04 4.47e-02
NM_145804 ABTB2 5.80e-02 5.52e-04 4.47e-02
NM_172108 KCNQ2 -1.05e-01 5.52e-04 4.47e-02
NM_005993 TBCD -8.33e-02 5.52e-04 4.47e-02
NM_207404 ZNF662 7.40e-02 5.52e-04 4.48e-02
NM_172209 TAPBP -3.51e-01 5.53e-04 4.48e-02
NM_015688 FAM184B -4.26e-02 5.54e-04 4.48e-02
NM_022808 SNRPN 1.24e-01 5.54e-04 4.48e-02
NM_001170738 IQSEC3 -9.10e-02 5.54e-04 4.48e-02
NR_002331 ST7OT2 -6.29e-02 5.54e-04 4.48e-02
NM_000847 GSTA3 -8.04e-02 5.55e-04 4.49e-02
NM_005477 HCN4 -2.81e-02 5.55e-04 4.49e-02
NM_000290 PGAM2 1.80e-01 5.55e-04 4.49e-02
NM_030948 PHACTR1 6.58e-02 5.56e-04 4.49e-02
NM_006674 HCP5 -1.11e-01 5.56e-04 4.49e-02
NM_018225 SMU1 1.54e-01 5.56e-04 4.49e-02
NM_001160036 RHOBTB2 -9.36e-02 5.56e-04 4.49e-02
NR_030361 MIR33B 1.27e-01 5.56e-04 4.49e-02
NM_001105533 C7orf58 -1.29e-01 5.56e-04 4.49e-02
NM_003379 EZR -2.01e-01 5.56e-04 4.49e-02
NM_173653 SLC9A9 -1.60e-01 5.56e-04 4.49e-02
NM_207360 ZC3H12D -1.52e-01 5.56e-04 4.49e-02
NM_002898 RBMS2 -1.36e-01 5.57e-04 4.49e-02
NM_004974 KCNA2 1.55e-01 5.57e-04 4.49e-02
NM_031443 CCM2 -4.30e-02 5.57e-04 4.49e-02
NM_003235 TG 8.29e-02 5.57e-04 4.49e-02
NM_024869 GRRP1 8.45e-02 5.58e-04 4.49e-02
NM_015030 FRYL 1.31e-01 5.58e-04 4.49e-02
NM_004619 TRAF5 -9.72e-02 5.58e-04 4.49e-02
NM_016232 IL1RL1 -8.82e-02 5.58e-04 4.49e-02
NM_030929 KAZALD1 -7.83e-02 5.58e-04 4.49e-02
NM_020896 OSBPL5 1.22e-01 5.58e-04 4.49e-02
NM_004455 EXTL1 5.12e-02 5.58e-04 4.49e-02
NM_024425 WT1 6.42e-02 5.59e-04 4.49e-02
NM_052867 NALCN 5.85e-02 5.59e-04 4.49e-02
NM_001001895 UBASH3A -1.44e-01 5.59e-04 4.49e-02
NM_001003700 RREB1 -4.40e-02 5.59e-04 4.49e-02
NM_020805 KLHL14 9.16e-02 5.59e-04 4.49e-02
NM_006634 VAMP5 -6.70e-02 5.59e-04 4.49e-02
NM_001135954 UCK1 1.15e-01 5.60e-04 4.49e-02
NM_001004342 TRIM67 3.79e-02 5.60e-04 4.49e-02
NM_018464 CISD1 -1.47e-02 5.60e-04 4.49e-02
NM_001328 CTBP1 1.48e-01 5.61e-04 4.49e-02
NM_024649 BBS1 4.96e-02 5.61e-04 4.49e-02
NM_016059 PPIL1 1.01e-01 5.61e-04 4.49e-02
NM_001240 CCNT1 9.60e-02 5.61e-04 4.49e-02
NM_199227 MAP1D -7.13e-02 5.61e-04 4.49e-02
NM_014914 AGAP1 1.29e-01 5.61e-04 4.49e-02
NM_013399 C16orf5 8.36e-02 5.62e-04 4.49e-02
NM_021098 CACNA1H 1.17e-01 5.62e-04 4.49e-02
NM_031475 ESPN 1.04e-01 5.62e-04 4.49e-02
NM_133372 FNIP1 1.42e-01 5.62e-04 4.49e-02
NM_001114108 TTC22 1.12e-01 5.62e-04 4.49e-02
NM_194312 ESPNL -1.15e-01 5.62e-04 4.49e-02
NM_198504 PAQR9 -5.92e-02 5.62e-04 4.49e-02
NM_173674 DCBLD1 -1.18e-01 5.63e-04 4.49e-02
NM_001166247 GRIK2 4.00e-02 5.63e-04 4.49e-02
NM_173587 RCOR2 1.46e-01 5.63e-04 4.49e-02
NM_006412 AGPAT2 2.69e-02 5.63e-04 4.49e-02
NM_206894 ZNF790 9.69e-02 5.63e-04 4.49e-02
NM_152383 DIS3L2 -1.23e-01 5.63e-04 4.49e-02
NM_021240 DMRT3 -2.05e-01 5.63e-04 4.49e-02
NM_017565 FAM20A -2.08e-01 5.63e-04 4.49e-02
NM_153486 LDHD 1.31e-01 5.63e-04 4.49e-02
NM_000211 ITGB2 -6.12e-02 5.63e-04 4.49e-02
NM_021813 BACH2 -1.43e-01 5.64e-04 4.49e-02
NM_021926 ALX4 6.22e-02 5.64e-04 4.49e-02
NM_018280 C22orf26 1.02e-01 5.64e-04 4.50e-02
NM_178554 KY -5.65e-02 5.65e-04 4.50e-02
NM_001079804 GAA -7.29e-02 5.65e-04 4.50e-02
NM_014988 LIMCH1 7.91e-02 5.65e-04 4.50e-02
NM_001037442 RUFY3 1.03e-01 5.66e-04 4.50e-02
NM_001168216 ALS2CR11 -7.80e-02 5.66e-04 4.50e-02
NM_001662 ARF5 4.27e-02 5.67e-04 4.50e-02
NM_052929 FHAD1 -1.11e-01 5.67e-04 4.51e-02
NM_002847 PTPRN2 -8.55e-02 5.67e-04 4.51e-02
NM_015215 CAMTA1 -7.78e-02 5.67e-04 4.51e-02
NM_015071 ARHGAP26 -8.55e-02 5.67e-04 4.51e-02
NM_022463 NXN -1.16e-01 5.67e-04 4.51e-02
NM_018644 B3GAT1 8.71e-02 5.68e-04 4.51e-02
NM_032977 CASP10 -1.19e-01 5.68e-04 4.51e-02
NM_153337 SNX20 -7.38e-02 5.68e-04 4.51e-02
NM_003576 STK24 -8.29e-02 5.68e-04 4.51e-02
NM_014991 WDFY3 -1.16e-01 5.68e-04 4.51e-02
NM_001114974 SMTNL2 -3.10e-02 5.69e-04 4.51e-02
NM_001287 CLCN7 -8.59e-02 5.69e-04 4.51e-02
NM_002211 ITGB1 -9.70e-02 5.69e-04 4.51e-02
NM_020803 KLHL8 1.40e-01 5.69e-04 4.51e-02
NM_138799 MBOAT2 8.64e-02 5.70e-04 4.51e-02
NR_027118 LOC285954 1.28e-01 5.70e-04 4.51e-02
NM_002146 HOXB3 1.00e-01 5.70e-04 4.51e-02
NR_026678 TMEM79 8.84e-02 5.70e-04 4.51e-02
NM_022112 TP53AIP1 1.77e-01 5.71e-04 4.51e-02
NR_015365 LOC553137 -1.07e-01 5.71e-04 4.51e-02
NM_020927 VAT1L -1.78e-01 5.71e-04 4.51e-02
NM_000218 KCNQ1 -7.89e-02 5.71e-04 4.51e-02
NM_001370 DNAH6 3.38e-02 5.71e-04 4.51e-02
NM_001136103 TMEM132C -4.40e-02 5.72e-04 4.52e-02
NM_130444 COL18A1 -7.65e-02 5.72e-04 4.52e-02
NM_202000 ACSM3 -1.23e-01 5.72e-04 4.52e-02
NM_207386 SHISA6 -8.06e-02 5.72e-04 4.52e-02
NM_001013638 PRR25 -1.80e-01 5.72e-04 4.52e-02
NM_173587 RCOR2 4.18e-02 5.72e-04 4.52e-02
NM_174919 SH3D20 9.29e-02 5.72e-04 4.52e-02
NM_020400 LPAR5 6.57e-02 5.72e-04 4.52e-02
NM_000697 ALOX12 -2.06e-01 5.72e-04 4.52e-02
NM_001113511 ARHGEF7 1.56e-01 5.73e-04 4.52e-02
NM_001562 IL18 -1.86e-01 5.73e-04 4.52e-02
NM_018489 ASH1L 1.20e-01 5.73e-04 4.52e-02
NM_001103184 FMN1 -1.42e-01 5.74e-04 4.52e-02
NM_006231 POLE -9.29e-02 5.74e-04 4.52e-02
NM_005658 TRAF1 -3.56e-02 5.75e-04 4.53e-02
NM_001003675 C18orf1 7.32e-02 5.75e-04 4.53e-02
NM_025076 UXS1 -5.68e-02 5.75e-04 4.53e-02
NM_031446 C18orf21 6.09e-02 5.75e-04 4.53e-02
NM_175902 C17orf101 -1.03e-01 5.75e-04 4.53e-02
NM_001039029 LRTM2 1.37e-01 5.75e-04 4.53e-02
NM_182894 VSX2 2.71e-02 5.75e-04 4.53e-02
NM_001080446 C11orf94 1.24e-01 5.75e-04 4.53e-02
NM_201628 KIAA1026 -9.44e-02 5.75e-04 4.53e-02
NM_001146078 CLDN14 9.78e-02 5.76e-04 4.53e-02
NM_014665 LRRC14 1.39e-01 5.76e-04 4.53e-02
NM_024117 MAPKAP1 -3.28e-02 5.76e-04 4.53e-02
NM_206938 MS4A7 -1.08e-01 5.76e-04 4.53e-02
NM_198291 SRC -1.30e-01 5.76e-04 4.53e-02
NM_020476 ANK1 -8.96e-02 5.76e-04 4.53e-02
NM_024080 TRPM8 1.17e-01 5.77e-04 4.53e-02
NM_001145670 SORBS2 -1.30e-01 5.77e-04 4.53e-02
NM_018667 SMPD3 -1.09e-01 5.77e-04 4.53e-02
NM_003500 ACOX2 -1.05e-01 5.77e-04 4.53e-02
NM_001423 EMP1 -1.51e-01 5.77e-04 4.53e-02
NM_001135095 FNDC3B -1.16e-01 5.77e-04 4.53e-02
NM_002847 PTPRN2 -1.28e-01 5.78e-04 4.53e-02
NM_014705 DOCK4 -1.57e-01 5.78e-04 4.53e-02
NM_020309 SLC17A7 5.28e-02 5.78e-04 4.54e-02
NM_001508 GPR39 1.53e-01 5.80e-04 4.54e-02
NM_000615 NCAM1 2.77e-01 5.80e-04 4.54e-02
NM_001111308 PDE4A 6.86e-02 5.80e-04 4.54e-02
NM_130797 DPP6 -8.88e-02 5.81e-04 4.54e-02
NM_001651 AQP5 -1.20e-01 5.81e-04 4.54e-02
NM_000812 GABRB1 5.66e-02 5.81e-04 4.54e-02
NM_012309 SHANK2 -7.18e-02 5.81e-04 4.54e-02
NM_005539 INPP5A -7.69e-02 5.81e-04 4.54e-02
NM_003025 SH3GL1 7.56e-02 5.82e-04 4.54e-02
NM_032538 TTBK1 1.10e-01 5.82e-04 4.54e-02
NM_002121 HLA-DPB1 9.65e-02 5.82e-04 4.54e-02
NM_020530 OSM -7.28e-02 5.82e-04 4.54e-02
NM_153631 HOXA3 9.43e-02 5.82e-04 4.54e-02
NM_133452 RAVER1 4.57e-02 5.82e-04 4.54e-02
NM_145027 KIF6 -1.41e-01 5.82e-04 4.54e-02
NM_001135170 C1QTNF7 -8.42e-02 5.82e-04 4.54e-02
NM_000395 CSF2RB -1.00e-01 5.82e-04 4.54e-02
NM_153206 AMICA1 -9.66e-02 5.83e-04 4.54e-02
NM_000954 PTGDS 1.05e-01 5.83e-04 4.54e-02
NM_001129844 CACNA1C -1.06e-01 5.83e-04 4.54e-02
NM_015348 TMEM131 -1.29e-01 5.83e-04 4.54e-02
NM_000254 MTR -1.49e-01 5.83e-04 4.54e-02
NM_001039396 MPEG1 -2.61e-02 5.83e-04 4.54e-02
NM_001040261 DCLK2 1.70e-01 5.83e-04 4.54e-02
NM_001128852 SRRT 1.07e-01 5.83e-04 4.54e-02
NM_021913 AXL -5.64e-02 5.84e-04 4.54e-02
NM_014339 IL17RA -1.06e-01 5.84e-04 4.54e-02
NM_015595 SGEF 7.11e-02 5.84e-04 4.54e-02
NM_173558 FGD2 -8.66e-02 5.84e-04 4.54e-02
NM_033315 RASL10B -4.23e-02 5.84e-04 4.54e-02
NM_001526 HCRTR2 3.50e-02 5.85e-04 4.54e-02
NM_014826 CDC42BPA 1.50e-01 5.85e-04 4.54e-02
NM_030761 WNT4 -3.95e-02 5.86e-04 4.55e-02
NM_001724 BPGM -1.05e-01 5.86e-04 4.55e-02
NM_005993 TBCD -6.58e-02 5.87e-04 4.55e-02
NM_002167 ID3 -7.23e-02 5.87e-04 4.55e-02
NM_030952 NUAK2 -1.10e-01 5.87e-04 4.55e-02
NM_002847 PTPRN2 -9.12e-02 5.87e-04 4.55e-02
NM_005975 PTK6 -8.64e-02 5.87e-04 4.55e-02
NM_001159575 SCNN1A -1.21e-01 5.87e-04 4.55e-02
NM_014461 CNTN6 8.83e-02 5.88e-04 4.55e-02
NM_004573 PLCB2 -1.31e-01 5.88e-04 4.55e-02
NM_005879 TRAIP 1.05e-01 5.88e-04 4.55e-02
NM_018915 PCDHGA2 1.49e-01 5.88e-04 4.55e-02
NM_012072 CD93 -1.46e-01 5.88e-04 4.55e-02
NM_000623 BDKRB2 -1.03e-01 5.89e-04 4.55e-02
NM_032199 ARID5B -1.64e-01 5.89e-04 4.55e-02
NM_199227 MAP1D -2.09e-01 5.89e-04 4.55e-02
NM_004778 GPR44 -6.37e-02 5.89e-04 4.55e-02
NM_212539 PRKCD -7.92e-02 5.89e-04 4.55e-02
NR_024430 LOC399959 9.85e-02 5.89e-04 4.55e-02
NM_024014 HOXA6 5.66e-02 5.89e-04 4.55e-02
NM_000960 PTGIR -9.26e-02 5.90e-04 4.55e-02
NM_022126 LHPP -1.38e-01 5.90e-04 4.55e-02
NM_001706 BCL6 -7.93e-02 5.90e-04 4.55e-02
NM_000488 SERPINC1 -7.61e-02 5.90e-04 4.55e-02
NM_024496 C14orf4 8.02e-02 5.90e-04 4.55e-02
NR_024525 FAM96B 8.18e-02 5.90e-04 4.55e-02
NM_052964 CLNK -8.66e-02 5.90e-04 4.55e-02
NR_026795 NCRNA00202 -3.14e-02 5.90e-04 4.55e-02
NM_001099289 SH3RF3 -1.41e-01 5.90e-04 4.55e-02
NM_006168 NKX6-1 6.56e-02 5.90e-04 4.55e-02
NM_181709 FAM101A 9.98e-02 5.90e-04 4.55e-02
NM_002141 HOXA4 9.37e-02 5.90e-04 4.55e-02
NM_031453 FAM107B -8.88e-02 5.91e-04 4.55e-02
NR_029399 LOC440839 -8.12e-02 5.91e-04 4.56e-02
NR_028337 FLJ45079 1.45e-01 5.92e-04 4.56e-02
NM_032219 MFSD7 -9.34e-02 5.92e-04 4.56e-02
NM_006598 SLC12A7 -7.51e-02 5.92e-04 4.56e-02
NM_001001582 PDE9A -6.35e-02 5.92e-04 4.56e-02
NM_001127651 NCF2 -1.32e-01 5.92e-04 4.56e-02
NM_001010873 TSPO2 -6.18e-02 5.92e-04 4.56e-02
NM_005224 ARID3A 1.29e-01 5.94e-04 4.57e-02
NM_004969 IDE 6.90e-02 5.94e-04 4.57e-02
NM_001146698 RBM19 7.60e-02 5.94e-04 4.57e-02
NM_001032731 OAS2 -1.82e-01 5.95e-04 4.57e-02
NM_020716 GRAMD1B 1.35e-01 5.95e-04 4.57e-02
NM_003121 SPIB 2.41e-02 5.95e-04 4.57e-02
NM_005398 PPP1R3C 6.44e-02 5.95e-04 4.57e-02
NM_002162 ICAM3 -6.43e-02 5.95e-04 4.57e-02
NM_007371 BRD3 1.14e-01 5.95e-04 4.57e-02
NM_145245 EVI5L 1.75e-01 5.95e-04 4.57e-02
NR_002720 TRPC2 -9.06e-02 5.96e-04 4.58e-02
NM_020804 PACSIN1 -5.25e-02 5.96e-04 4.58e-02
NM_001082575 HRNBP3 2.21e-01 5.96e-04 4.58e-02
NM_001031702 SEMA5B -8.03e-02 5.96e-04 4.58e-02
NR_003512 INS-IGF2 1.08e-01 5.97e-04 4.58e-02
NM_007354 C3orf27 -8.10e-02 5.97e-04 4.58e-02
NM_001009905 B3GNTL1 -1.24e-01 5.97e-04 4.58e-02
NM_015440 MTHFD1L -1.56e-01 5.97e-04 4.58e-02
NM_175861 TMTC1 -1.04e-01 5.97e-04 4.58e-02
NM_001018090 GCOM1 -9.07e-02 5.97e-04 4.58e-02
NM_001043318 C14orf43 -1.42e-01 5.98e-04 4.58e-02
NM_001161573 MAFF -1.03e-01 5.98e-04 4.58e-02
NM_014700 RAB11FIP3 1.13e-01 5.98e-04 4.58e-02
NM_001163857 C22orf33 -1.16e-01 5.98e-04 4.58e-02
NM_030923 TMEM163 9.18e-02 5.99e-04 4.58e-02
NM_001144956 C1orf230 1.58e-01 5.99e-04 4.58e-02
NM_001115 ADCY8 8.90e-02 5.99e-04 4.58e-02
NM_001001975 ATP5D 1.15e-01 5.99e-04 4.58e-02
NR_015430 C14orf64 1.02e-01 5.99e-04 4.58e-02
NM_178548 TFAP2E -1.19e-01 5.99e-04 4.58e-02
NM_001134870 KIAA1949 -9.81e-02 5.99e-04 4.58e-02
NM_133263 PPARGC1B -1.37e-01 6.00e-04 4.59e-02
NM_015700 NFU1 9.84e-02 6.00e-04 4.59e-02
NR_015448 DLX6AS 6.46e-02 6.00e-04 4.59e-02
NM_021937 EEFSEC -9.91e-02 6.00e-04 4.59e-02
NM_001167667 CDH18 -2.41e-01 6.01e-04 4.59e-02
NM_001130968 ZNF385A 1.56e-01 6.01e-04 4.59e-02
NM_001144875 DOK3 -7.29e-02 6.01e-04 4.59e-02
NM_000127 EXT1 -7.84e-02 6.02e-04 4.59e-02
NM_001001550 GRB10 -1.07e-01 6.02e-04 4.59e-02
NM_000675 ADORA2A -1.42e-01 6.02e-04 4.59e-02
NM_001033032 FAIM 6.56e-02 6.02e-04 4.59e-02
NM_001142617 STRA6 -1.19e-01 6.02e-04 4.59e-02
NR_024264 LOC145845 -2.10e-01 6.02e-04 4.59e-02
NM_014228 SLC6A7 7.92e-02 6.02e-04 4.59e-02
NM_152531 C3orf21 -9.80e-02 6.02e-04 4.59e-02
NM_201532 DGKZ 5.69e-02 6.02e-04 4.59e-02
NM_001783 CD79A -8.21e-02 6.03e-04 4.60e-02
NM_000593 TAP1 -9.41e-02 6.03e-04 4.60e-02
NM_198194 STOM -9.11e-02 6.04e-04 4.60e-02
NM_001083913 C10orf26 -9.30e-02 6.04e-04 4.60e-02
NR_027790 C21orf34 1.57e-01 6.04e-04 4.60e-02
NM_001029884 PLEKHG1 -1.50e-01 6.04e-04 4.60e-02
NM_004041 ARRB1 -9.64e-02 6.05e-04 4.60e-02
NM_147193 GLIS1 -1.04e-01 6.05e-04 4.60e-02
NM_002199 IRF2 3.43e-02 6.05e-04 4.60e-02
NM_152389 CCDC108 9.85e-02 6.05e-04 4.60e-02
NM_014669 NUP93 7.13e-02 6.05e-04 4.60e-02
NM_001033554 CYTSB 7.85e-02 6.05e-04 4.60e-02
NM_016618 KRCC1 -2.88e-02 6.05e-04 4.60e-02
NM_181720 ARHGAP30 -6.15e-02 6.06e-04 4.60e-02
NM_021706 LAIR1 -1.44e-01 6.06e-04 4.60e-02
NM_017456 CYTH1 -6.75e-02 6.07e-04 4.61e-02
NM_032823 C9orf3 1.25e-01 6.07e-04 4.61e-02
NR_026832 LOC150622 1.15e-01 6.07e-04 4.61e-02
NM_013275 ANKRD11 9.30e-02 6.07e-04 4.61e-02
NM_016203 PRKAG2 1.23e-01 6.08e-04 4.61e-02
NM_025157 PXN -7.69e-02 6.08e-04 4.61e-02
NM_198498 C11orf53 -1.43e-01 6.08e-04 4.61e-02
NM_002596 CDK18 1.17e-01 6.08e-04 4.61e-02
NM_022463 NXN -1.17e-01 6.08e-04 4.61e-02
NM_003970 MYOM2 -6.19e-02 6.09e-04 4.61e-02
NM_001143769 ZNF438 -1.17e-01 6.09e-04 4.61e-02
NM_001144936 C11orf95 1.69e-01 6.11e-04 4.62e-02
NM_207420 SLC2A7 -8.35e-02 6.11e-04 4.62e-02
NM_002463 MX2 -1.25e-01 6.11e-04 4.62e-02
NR_026780 C6orf208 -4.19e-02 6.11e-04 4.62e-02
NM_013275 ANKRD11 9.83e-02 6.12e-04 4.62e-02
NM_001080446 C11orf94 1.10e-01 6.12e-04 4.63e-02
NM_024598 C16orf57 9.53e-02 6.13e-04 4.63e-02
NM_001671 ASGR1 -6.38e-02 6.13e-04 4.63e-02
NM_006618 KDM5B 2.34e-01 6.13e-04 4.63e-02
NM_052870 SNX18 -8.43e-02 6.13e-04 4.63e-02
NM_022162 NOD2 -1.87e-01 6.14e-04 4.63e-02
NM_207332 ERICH1 -6.86e-02 6.14e-04 4.63e-02
NM_004416 DTX1 -8.44e-02 6.14e-04 4.63e-02
NM_152735 ZBTB9 7.76e-02 6.14e-04 4.63e-02
NM_016815 GYPC -1.77e-01 6.14e-04 4.63e-02
NM_002149 HPCAL1 -1.05e-01 6.14e-04 4.63e-02
NM_001003675 C18orf1 6.70e-02 6.15e-04 4.63e-02
NM_001080512 BICC1 -8.07e-02 6.15e-04 4.63e-02
NM_020987 ANK3 1.69e-01 6.16e-04 4.64e-02
NM_017670 OTUB1 6.33e-02 6.16e-04 4.64e-02
NM_004036 ADCY3 -1.00e-01 6.16e-04 4.64e-02
NM_001165899 PDE4D -1.17e-01 6.17e-04 4.64e-02
NM_153005 RIOK1 -5.53e-02 6.17e-04 4.64e-02
NM_003258 TK1 -8.93e-02 6.17e-04 4.64e-02
NM_004721 MAP3K13 1.73e-01 6.17e-04 4.64e-02
NM_198082 CCDC57 -6.11e-02 6.17e-04 4.64e-02
NM_002727 SRGN -2.24e-01 6.18e-04 4.64e-02
NM_001080855 PXN -1.03e-01 6.18e-04 4.64e-02
NM_016205 PDGFC 9.69e-02 6.18e-04 4.64e-02
NM_001098784 FAM89B 8.19e-02 6.18e-04 4.64e-02
NM_001113347 ECE1 -1.04e-01 6.18e-04 4.65e-02
NM_015072 TTLL5 1.64e-01 6.19e-04 4.65e-02
NM_001145670 SORBS2 -1.36e-01 6.19e-04 4.65e-02
NM_005065 SEL1L -8.82e-02 6.19e-04 4.65e-02
NM_001113492 SEPT9 -1.04e-01 6.19e-04 4.65e-02
NM_015322 FEM1B 2.39e-02 6.19e-04 4.65e-02
NM_004745 DLGAP2 -5.17e-02 6.19e-04 4.65e-02
NM_024319 C1orf35 1.77e-01 6.20e-04 4.65e-02
NM_001805 CEBPE -8.65e-02 6.20e-04 4.65e-02
NM_021197 WFDC1 9.75e-02 6.20e-04 4.65e-02
NM_006829 C10orf116 -8.27e-02 6.20e-04 4.65e-02
NM_001080408 PROX2 -1.38e-01 6.20e-04 4.65e-02
NR_026892 LOC84740 -7.21e-02 6.20e-04 4.65e-02
NM_212492 GPS1 2.58e-02 6.20e-04 4.65e-02
NM_004350 RUNX3 7.04e-02 6.20e-04 4.65e-02
NM_001080423 GRIP2 9.65e-02 6.20e-04 4.65e-02
NM_006049 SNAPC5 2.20e-02 6.20e-04 4.65e-02
NM_182538 SPNS3 -8.42e-02 6.21e-04 4.65e-02
NM_031220 PITPNM3 -4.59e-02 6.21e-04 4.65e-02
NM_173688 NKAIN3 -7.71e-02 6.21e-04 4.65e-02
NM_005883 APC2 -1.23e-01 6.21e-04 4.65e-02
NM_133463 AMZ1 1.18e-01 6.22e-04 4.65e-02
NM_004617 TM4SF4 -7.33e-02 6.22e-04 4.65e-02
NM_031280 MRPS15 -1.71e-01 6.22e-04 4.65e-02
NM_004307 APBB2 4.94e-02 6.22e-04 4.65e-02
NM_003037 SLAMF1 -7.80e-02 6.22e-04 4.65e-02
NM_199054 MKNK2 1.58e-01 6.22e-04 4.65e-02
NM_001613 ACTA2 -7.17e-02 6.22e-04 4.65e-02
NM_139048 HLTF 3.23e-02 6.23e-04 4.65e-02
NM_152749 ATXN7L1 -6.31e-02 6.23e-04 4.65e-02
NM_147189 FAM110B 8.21e-02 6.23e-04 4.65e-02
NR_026796 C14orf34 -4.89e-02 6.23e-04 4.65e-02
NM_020808 SIPA1L2 -1.07e-01 6.24e-04 4.65e-02
NM_052917 GALNT13 1.77e-02 6.24e-04 4.65e-02
NM_006772 SYNGAP1 2.13e-02 6.24e-04 4.65e-02
NM_001083914 CTBP2 -1.78e-01 6.24e-04 4.65e-02
NM_002337 LRPAP1 1.76e-01 6.24e-04 4.65e-02
NM_145230 ATP6V0E2 6.33e-02 6.25e-04 4.66e-02
NR_024146 GHRLOS -1.16e-01 6.25e-04 4.66e-02
NM_001114753 ENG -1.60e-01 6.25e-04 4.66e-02
NM_017949 CUEDC1 5.13e-02 6.25e-04 4.66e-02
NM_022463 NXN -6.35e-02 6.26e-04 4.66e-02
NM_173601 GXYLT1 1.95e-01 6.26e-04 4.66e-02
NM_031445 AMMECR1L 7.34e-02 6.26e-04 4.66e-02
NM_020876 ARHGAP23 -1.36e-01 6.26e-04 4.66e-02
NM_181558 RFC3 1.81e-01 6.26e-04 4.66e-02
NM_014987 IGSF9B 1.79e-01 6.26e-04 4.66e-02
NM_001122772 AGAP2 1.34e-01 6.27e-04 4.66e-02
NM_018702 ADARB2 -1.02e-01 6.27e-04 4.66e-02
NM_014346 TBC1D22A -4.84e-02 6.27e-04 4.66e-02
NM_014879 P2RY14 -1.79e-01 6.28e-04 4.66e-02
NM_032456 PCDH7 5.80e-02 6.28e-04 4.66e-02
NM_012190 ALDH1L1 9.07e-02 6.28e-04 4.66e-02
NM_001142617 STRA6 -1.26e-01 6.28e-04 4.66e-02
NM_006308 HSPB3 1.24e-01 6.28e-04 4.66e-02
NM_006536 CLCA2 -2.00e-01 6.28e-04 4.66e-02
NM_213662 STAT3 -6.52e-02 6.29e-04 4.66e-02
NR_028501 ECEL1P2 1.68e-01 6.29e-04 4.66e-02
NM_006987 RPH3AL -1.27e-01 6.29e-04 4.66e-02
NM_001039613 IAH1 4.94e-02 6.29e-04 4.66e-02
NM_030649 ACAP3 1.27e-01 6.29e-04 4.66e-02
NM_001080826 PRAGMIN -3.90e-02 6.30e-04 4.66e-02
NM_030629 CMIP -1.02e-01 6.30e-04 4.66e-02
NM_001017363 ARID3C -1.19e-01 6.31e-04 4.67e-02
NM_000833 GRIN2A -3.80e-02 6.31e-04 4.67e-02
NR_031646 MIR548F5 -1.52e-01 6.31e-04 4.67e-02
NM_002339 LSP1 -1.00e-01 6.31e-04 4.67e-02
NM_000937 POLR2A 4.92e-02 6.31e-04 4.67e-02
NM_001127184 CFLAR -9.51e-02 6.32e-04 4.67e-02
NM_001031700 FAM198B -1.05e-01 6.32e-04 4.67e-02
NM_201252 AKR7L -1.47e-01 6.32e-04 4.68e-02
NM_021240 DMRT3 -2.24e-01 6.32e-04 4.68e-02
NM_181701 QSOX2 1.52e-01 6.33e-04 4.68e-02
NM_139265 EHD4 -1.02e-01 6.33e-04 4.68e-02
NM_001118888 ANGPT2 -9.91e-02 6.33e-04 4.68e-02
NM_022138 SMOC2 -2.62e-02 6.33e-04 4.68e-02
NM_016207 CPSF3 -6.31e-02 6.33e-04 4.68e-02
NM_006121 KRT1 -1.60e-01 6.34e-04 4.68e-02
NM_002600 PDE4B 7.16e-02 6.34e-04 4.68e-02
NM_001239 CCNH 2.50e-01 6.35e-04 4.68e-02
NM_016463 CXXC5 1.20e-01 6.35e-04 4.69e-02
NM_001336 CTSZ -1.12e-01 6.35e-04 4.69e-02
NM_002398 MEIS1 -5.46e-02 6.35e-04 4.69e-02
NM_000394 CRYAA -1.00e-01 6.35e-04 4.69e-02
NM_001080395 AATK 1.52e-01 6.36e-04 4.69e-02
NM_019043 APBB1IP 1.36e-01 6.36e-04 4.69e-02
NM_145019 FAM124A 1.91e-01 6.37e-04 4.69e-02
NM_002843 PTPRJ -1.31e-01 6.37e-04 4.69e-02
NM_080723 NRSN1 2.09e-01 6.37e-04 4.69e-02
NM_152892 LRWD1 1.21e-01 6.37e-04 4.69e-02
NM_001085480 FAM162B 3.46e-02 6.37e-04 4.70e-02
NM_016055 MRPL48 2.01e-01 6.37e-04 4.70e-02
NM_001894 CSNK1E 1.04e-01 6.38e-04 4.70e-02
NM_004700 KCNQ4 -9.57e-02 6.38e-04 4.70e-02
NM_021098 CACNA1H 1.29e-01 6.38e-04 4.70e-02
NM_017655 GIPC2 1.72e-01 6.38e-04 4.70e-02
NM_001145393 TSEN2 8.01e-02 6.38e-04 4.70e-02
NM_175931 CBFA2T3 -1.12e-01 6.38e-04 4.70e-02
NM_022549 FEZ1 1.10e-01 6.38e-04 4.70e-02
NM_002649 PIK3CG -1.33e-01 6.39e-04 4.70e-02
NM_020190 OLFML3 -1.20e-01 6.39e-04 4.70e-02
NR_024365 LOC100192379 6.09e-02 6.39e-04 4.70e-02
NM_020416 PPP2R2C 1.22e-01 6.39e-04 4.70e-02
NM_004791 ITGBL1 -1.28e-01 6.39e-04 4.70e-02
NM_198275 MPZL3 -1.34e-01 6.39e-04 4.70e-02
NR_027816 SDK1 -6.26e-02 6.39e-04 4.70e-02
NM_002199 IRF2 -9.16e-02 6.39e-04 4.70e-02
NM_000775 CYP2J2 6.86e-02 6.39e-04 4.70e-02
NM_005895 GOLGA3 9.50e-02 6.40e-04 4.70e-02
NM_003087 SNCG 1.45e-01 6.40e-04 4.70e-02
NM_057164 COL6A3 -1.03e-01 6.40e-04 4.70e-02
NM_022898 BCL11B -9.37e-02 6.41e-04 4.70e-02
NM_152526 PARD3B -6.64e-02 6.41e-04 4.70e-02
NM_002872 RAC2 -1.09e-01 6.42e-04 4.71e-02
NM_025204 TRABD -1.13e-01 6.42e-04 4.71e-02
NM_001077182 FSCN2 -1.39e-01 6.42e-04 4.71e-02
NM_030622 CYP2S1 -7.68e-02 6.42e-04 4.71e-02
NM_001136574 LANCL1 7.87e-02 6.42e-04 4.71e-02
NM_206895 C2orf82 -7.73e-02 6.42e-04 4.71e-02
NM_001003675 C18orf1 -1.19e-01 6.43e-04 4.71e-02
NM_001167942 TNFAIP8L1 -1.06e-01 6.43e-04 4.71e-02
NM_003505 FZD1 4.73e-02 6.43e-04 4.71e-02
NM_004930 CAPZB -1.49e-01 6.43e-04 4.71e-02
NM_018557 LRP1B 5.40e-02 6.43e-04 4.71e-02
NM_001002030 ECHDC1 1.15e-01 6.43e-04 4.71e-02
NM_015015 KDM4B 1.11e-01 6.44e-04 4.71e-02
NM_001170536 ATAD3A -1.29e-01 6.44e-04 4.71e-02
NM_021238 FAM60A -1.37e-01 6.45e-04 4.71e-02
NM_017784 OSBPL10 -7.79e-02 6.45e-04 4.71e-02
NM_194457 UBE2J2 -1.02e-01 6.45e-04 4.71e-02
NM_207103 C17orf87 -9.47e-02 6.45e-04 4.71e-02
NM_001101387 PIRT -1.06e-01 6.45e-04 4.71e-02
NM_001008274 TRIM72 5.60e-02 6.45e-04 4.71e-02
NM_001135242 NDRG1 -6.76e-02 6.45e-04 4.71e-02
NM_005978 S100A2 -7.88e-02 6.45e-04 4.71e-02
NM_004106 FCER1G -9.02e-02 6.46e-04 4.72e-02
NM_153631 HOXA3 1.94e-01 6.46e-04 4.72e-02
NM_001102454 ZNF219 7.79e-02 6.46e-04 4.72e-02
NR_026838 DSCR8 -3.16e-02 6.46e-04 4.72e-02
NM_033015 FASTK 4.31e-02 6.46e-04 4.72e-02
NM_145693 LPIN1 8.44e-02 6.47e-04 4.72e-02
NM_130833 OPA1 1.33e-01 6.47e-04 4.72e-02
NM_001101676 SAMD12 -6.08e-02 6.47e-04 4.72e-02
NM_198040 PHC2 7.92e-02 6.47e-04 4.72e-02
NM_001142393 NEDD9 -8.48e-02 6.47e-04 4.72e-02
NM_005994 TBX2 1.28e-01 6.47e-04 4.72e-02
NM_054027 ANKH 8.64e-02 6.48e-04 4.72e-02
NM_005401 PTPN14 -6.29e-02 6.48e-04 4.72e-02
NM_173575 STK32C -8.06e-02 6.48e-04 4.72e-02
NM_002145 HOXB2 8.82e-02 6.48e-04 4.72e-02
NM_004394 DAP 9.69e-02 6.48e-04 4.72e-02
NM_032523 OSBPL6 -8.46e-02 6.48e-04 4.72e-02
NM_012302 LPHN2 -1.05e-01 6.49e-04 4.72e-02
NM_052884 SIGLEC11 -7.45e-02 6.49e-04 4.72e-02
NM_212465 CAPN3 -7.47e-02 6.49e-04 4.72e-02
NM_017456 CYTH1 -1.33e-01 6.49e-04 4.72e-02
NM_014468 VENTX 7.89e-02 6.49e-04 4.72e-02
NM_018344 SLC29A3 -8.98e-02 6.50e-04 4.72e-02
NM_003281 TNNI1 -1.10e-01 6.50e-04 4.72e-02
NM_003221 TFAP2B 1.14e-01 6.50e-04 4.72e-02
NR_026997 C22orf34 -9.44e-02 6.50e-04 4.72e-02
NM_006795 EHD1 -7.75e-02 6.50e-04 4.72e-02
NM_004296 RGS6 -3.23e-02 6.50e-04 4.72e-02
NM_001266 CES1 -6.05e-02 6.51e-04 4.72e-02
NM_017914 C19orf24 2.82e-02 6.51e-04 4.72e-02
NM_005257 GATA6 1.38e-01 6.51e-04 4.73e-02
NM_198390 CMIP -1.43e-01 6.52e-04 4.73e-02
NM_002144 HOXB1 1.44e-01 6.52e-04 4.73e-02
NM_012435 SHC2 -6.08e-02 6.52e-04 4.73e-02
NR_026648 BPHL -1.51e-01 6.52e-04 4.73e-02
NM_152486 SAMD11 7.65e-02 6.52e-04 4.73e-02
NM_006382 CDRT1 -1.12e-01 6.52e-04 4.73e-02
NM_018059 RADIL -1.00e-01 6.52e-04 4.73e-02
NM_000983 RPL22 6.87e-02 6.53e-04 4.73e-02
NM_139265 EHD4 -7.84e-02 6.53e-04 4.73e-02
NM_001170415 TJP2 1.34e-01 6.53e-04 4.73e-02
NM_001142679 ANO6 -1.11e-01 6.53e-04 4.73e-02
NM_001164116 CASS4 -1.06e-01 6.53e-04 4.73e-02
NM_173842 IL1RN -1.01e-01 6.54e-04 4.73e-02
NM_001015050 ALG1L -3.54e-02 6.54e-04 4.73e-02
NM_002153 HSD17B2 -4.23e-02 6.54e-04 4.73e-02
NM_205768 ZNF238 1.56e-01 6.54e-04 4.73e-02
NM_153692 HTRA4 -1.31e-01 6.54e-04 4.73e-02
NM_024915 GRHL2 -1.12e-01 6.54e-04 4.73e-02
NM_022743 SMYD3 -2.34e-02 6.55e-04 4.73e-02
NM_138281 DLX4 1.25e-01 6.55e-04 4.73e-02
NR_024448 LOC91316 -7.48e-02 6.55e-04 4.73e-02
NM_001099403 PRDM8 1.15e-01 6.56e-04 4.74e-02
NM_001040107 HVCN1 -1.21e-01 6.56e-04 4.74e-02
NM_181078 IL21R -1.37e-01 6.56e-04 4.74e-02
NM_005535 IL12RB1 -1.47e-01 6.57e-04 4.74e-02
NM_001144072 UBAC2 -9.32e-02 6.57e-04 4.74e-02
NM_001080510 C17orf95 1.17e-01 6.57e-04 4.74e-02
NR_024430 LOC399959 1.53e-01 6.58e-04 4.74e-02
NM_007368 RASA3 -8.64e-02 6.58e-04 4.74e-02
NM_001042546 ATPAF1 1.11e-01 6.58e-04 4.74e-02
NM_015042 ZNF609 1.21e-01 6.58e-04 4.74e-02
NM_015525 IBTK 1.63e-01 6.58e-04 4.74e-02
NM_001024844 CD82 9.13e-02 6.58e-04 4.74e-02
NM_003116 SPAG4 -9.77e-02 6.58e-04 4.74e-02
NM_014240 LIMD1 -5.73e-02 6.58e-04 4.74e-02
NM_002440 MSH4 1.19e-01 6.59e-04 4.74e-02
NM_145235 FANK1 7.34e-02 6.59e-04 4.74e-02
NM_001127612 PAX6 -1.95e-01 6.59e-04 4.74e-02
NM_001328 CTBP1 1.39e-01 6.59e-04 4.74e-02
NM_004449 ERG -1.15e-01 6.59e-04 4.74e-02
NM_000435 NOTCH3 1.21e-02 6.59e-04 4.74e-02
NM_021182 HMHB1 -1.05e-01 6.60e-04 4.74e-02
NM_006504 PTPRE 2.44e-01 6.60e-04 4.74e-02
NM_001111032 ACVR1C -9.22e-02 6.60e-04 4.74e-02
NM_203330 CD59 -1.70e-01 6.60e-04 4.74e-02
NM_001009566 CLSTN1 1.07e-01 6.61e-04 4.74e-02
NM_006168 NKX6-1 7.16e-02 6.61e-04 4.75e-02
NM_001131026 PEX5 7.74e-02 6.61e-04 4.75e-02
NM_153631 HOXA3 7.78e-02 6.61e-04 4.75e-02
NR_024568 FBXO31 -2.91e-02 6.61e-04 4.75e-02
NR_028394 TSNAX-DISC1 -1.14e-01 6.61e-04 4.75e-02
NM_024569 MPZL1 4.48e-02 6.61e-04 4.75e-02
NM_153481 IL17RE -1.00e-01 6.61e-04 4.75e-02
NM_001099432 BCAS3 -9.50e-02 6.61e-04 4.75e-02
NM_020979 SH2B2 -8.14e-02 6.63e-04 4.75e-02
NM_000836 GRIN2D -5.28e-02 6.63e-04 4.75e-02
NM_018702 ADARB2 -1.81e-01 6.63e-04 4.75e-02
NM_001365 DLG4 5.70e-02 6.63e-04 4.75e-02
NM_030957 ADAMTS10 1.27e-01 6.63e-04 4.75e-02
NM_005398 PPP1R3C 8.08e-02 6.63e-04 4.75e-02
NM_001136570 FAM47E 6.36e-02 6.64e-04 4.75e-02
NM_020530 OSM -8.76e-02 6.64e-04 4.75e-02
NM_015020 PHLPP2 -1.73e-02 6.64e-04 4.75e-02
NM_152410 PACRG -1.02e-01 6.64e-04 4.75e-02
NM_178169 RASSF3 -7.22e-02 6.64e-04 4.75e-02
NM_021080 DAB1 -3.71e-02 6.64e-04 4.75e-02
NM_003761 VAMP8 -1.59e-01 6.64e-04 4.75e-02
NM_013278 IL17C -6.81e-02 6.64e-04 4.75e-02
NM_147202 C9orf25 1.12e-01 6.64e-04 4.75e-02
NM_006291 TNFAIP2 1.47e-01 6.64e-04 4.75e-02
NM_003030 SHOX2 6.41e-02 6.65e-04 4.75e-02
NM_001134456 FAM55C 8.02e-02 6.65e-04 4.75e-02
NM_183373 C6orf145 -8.89e-02 6.65e-04 4.75e-02
NM_018841 GNG12 -1.49e-01 6.66e-04 4.75e-02
NM_001136002 TMEM229A 1.44e-01 6.66e-04 4.75e-02
NM_015378 VPS13D -1.24e-01 6.66e-04 4.75e-02
NM_004657 SDPR -2.17e-01 6.66e-04 4.75e-02
NR_029907 MIR346 2.20e-01 6.66e-04 4.75e-02
NR_028303 LOC100302640 1.09e-01 6.66e-04 4.75e-02
NM_012072 CD93 -1.29e-01 6.66e-04 4.75e-02
NM_024110 CARD14 -7.20e-02 6.66e-04 4.75e-02
NR_024264 LOC145845 -1.31e-01 6.67e-04 4.75e-02
NM_001048205 REC8 9.29e-02 6.67e-04 4.75e-02
NM_002192 INHBA -6.59e-02 6.67e-04 4.75e-02
NM_001170637 SRGAP2 -5.40e-02 6.67e-04 4.75e-02
NM_014974 DIP2C -1.01e-01 6.67e-04 4.75e-02
NM_024060 AHNAK -9.71e-02 6.67e-04 4.75e-02
NM_014441 SIGLEC9 -9.02e-02 6.68e-04 4.75e-02
NM_001136196 TNPO2 7.59e-02 6.68e-04 4.75e-02
NM_005308 GRK5 -9.42e-02 6.68e-04 4.75e-02
NM_002144 HOXB1 1.40e-01 6.68e-04 4.75e-02
NM_003036 SKI 9.77e-02 6.68e-04 4.75e-02
NM_173566 C22orf30 -2.14e-01 6.69e-04 4.75e-02
NM_181078 IL21R -1.20e-01 6.69e-04 4.75e-02
NM_172375 KCNH5 -1.14e-01 6.69e-04 4.75e-02
NM_199054 MKNK2 1.72e-01 6.69e-04 4.75e-02
NM_004964 HDAC1 -1.36e-01 6.69e-04 4.75e-02
NM_032806 C3orf39 1.17e-01 6.70e-04 4.75e-02
NM_001122740 ESR1 1.57e-01 6.70e-04 4.75e-02
NM_198580 SLC27A1 -1.40e-01 6.70e-04 4.75e-02
NM_001168215 TMEM92 -6.82e-02 6.70e-04 4.75e-02
NM_001079843 CASZ1 1.25e-01 6.70e-04 4.75e-02
NM_000930 PLAT -1.23e-01 6.71e-04 4.76e-02
NM_001031701 NT5DC3 -1.05e-01 6.71e-04 4.76e-02
NM_001025108 AFF3 1.53e-01 6.72e-04 4.76e-02
NM_001142334 A2BP1 -1.09e-01 6.72e-04 4.76e-02
NM_001747 CAPG -7.89e-02 6.72e-04 4.76e-02
NM_001136218 TMEM51 -1.13e-01 6.72e-04 4.76e-02
NM_001165966 PITPNM3 -1.19e-01 6.72e-04 4.76e-02
NM_016074 BOLA1 5.36e-02 6.72e-04 4.76e-02
NM_005996 TBX3 1.22e-01 6.73e-04 4.76e-02
NM_031885 BBS2 8.40e-02 6.73e-04 4.76e-02
NM_194312 ESPNL -8.81e-02 6.73e-04 4.76e-02
NM_014461 CNTN6 8.15e-02 6.73e-04 4.76e-02
NM_001143826 MAPRE2 9.05e-02 6.73e-04 4.76e-02
NM_001004722 NCK2 -5.78e-02 6.73e-04 4.76e-02
NM_012469 PRPF6 -5.82e-02 6.73e-04 4.76e-02
NM_001144872 CCDC42B -1.14e-01 6.74e-04 4.76e-02
NM_175768 GRIK2 6.05e-02 6.74e-04 4.76e-02
NM_153631 HOXA3 1.26e-01 6.74e-04 4.76e-02
NM_001500 GMDS -1.60e-01 6.76e-04 4.77e-02
NM_022114 PRDM16 1.24e-01 6.76e-04 4.77e-02
NM_000419 ITGA2B 8.74e-02 6.76e-04 4.78e-02
NM_001031700 FAM198B -7.39e-02 6.77e-04 4.78e-02
NM_021146 ANGPTL7 -3.48e-02 6.77e-04 4.78e-02
NM_001100390 IQCE -7.50e-02 6.77e-04 4.78e-02
NM_138345 VWA5B2 1.87e-01 6.77e-04 4.78e-02
NM_001161834 C7orf72 -1.49e-01 6.77e-04 4.78e-02
NM_001142397 KIAA0427 1.31e-01 6.77e-04 4.78e-02
NR_028338 TRAF3IP2 -4.21e-02 6.77e-04 4.78e-02
NM_001143971 CDYL -1.11e-01 6.78e-04 4.78e-02
NR_003512 INS-IGF2 5.71e-02 6.78e-04 4.78e-02
NM_020340 KIAA1244 7.13e-02 6.78e-04 4.78e-02
NR_026814 C8orf12 -5.55e-02 6.78e-04 4.78e-02
NM_022124 CDH23 -1.47e-01 6.79e-04 4.78e-02
NM_153631 HOXA3 1.06e-01 6.80e-04 4.78e-02
NM_016307 PRRX2 -8.36e-02 6.80e-04 4.78e-02
NM_182899 CREB5 -1.11e-01 6.80e-04 4.78e-02
NM_003124 SPR -9.11e-02 6.80e-04 4.78e-02
NM_001002030 ECHDC1 7.83e-02 6.80e-04 4.78e-02
NM_178463 C20orf166 4.33e-02 6.80e-04 4.78e-02
NM_001288 CLIC1 -1.02e-01 6.81e-04 4.79e-02
NM_182644 EPHA3 9.26e-02 6.81e-04 4.79e-02
NM_015286 SYNM -1.14e-01 6.81e-04 4.79e-02
NR_015411 LOC254559 9.37e-02 6.82e-04 4.79e-02
NM_032927 TMEM128 5.32e-02 6.82e-04 4.79e-02
NM_007174 CIT 1.03e-01 6.82e-04 4.79e-02
NM_004093 EFNB2 1.21e-01 6.83e-04 4.79e-02
NM_053005 HCCA2 1.13e-01 6.83e-04 4.79e-02
NM_024756 MMRN2 -1.49e-01 6.83e-04 4.79e-02
NM_031471 FERMT3 -9.59e-02 6.84e-04 4.79e-02
NM_001142861 SMAD6 -9.42e-02 6.84e-04 4.79e-02
NM_001048209 NTM -1.06e-01 6.84e-04 4.79e-02
NM_001039127 ZNF718 -1.31e-01 6.84e-04 4.79e-02
NM_022065 THADA -1.32e-01 6.84e-04 4.79e-02
NM_006348 COG5 1.64e-01 6.84e-04 4.79e-02
NM_201413 APP -9.31e-02 6.85e-04 4.79e-02
NM_001110514 EBF4 -2.25e-01 6.85e-04 4.79e-02
NM_014879 P2RY14 -1.15e-01 6.85e-04 4.79e-02
NM_031443 CCM2 -8.43e-02 6.85e-04 4.79e-02
NM_001846 COL4A2 -1.12e-01 6.85e-04 4.79e-02
NM_005565 LCP2 -1.51e-01 6.86e-04 4.79e-02
NM_022114 PRDM16 -1.48e-01 6.86e-04 4.79e-02
NM_003550 MAD1L1 -2.12e-02 6.86e-04 4.79e-02
NR_029824 MIR128-2 1.23e-01 6.87e-04 4.80e-02
NM_001328 CTBP1 1.64e-01 6.87e-04 4.80e-02
NM_199167 CLUL1 -6.31e-02 6.87e-04 4.80e-02
NM_001142348 SCN4B 5.98e-02 6.88e-04 4.80e-02
NM_022047 DEF6 1.59e-01 6.88e-04 4.80e-02
NM_004307 APBB2 1.14e-01 6.88e-04 4.80e-02
NM_002861 PCYT2 8.97e-02 6.89e-04 4.80e-02
NM_001114620 MGAT1 -1.13e-01 6.90e-04 4.80e-02
NM_000321 RB1 -7.27e-02 6.90e-04 4.80e-02
NM_001077484 SLC38A1 -5.99e-02 6.90e-04 4.80e-02
NM_001480 GALR1 3.13e-02 6.90e-04 4.80e-02
NM_018018 SLC38A4 1.92e-02 6.90e-04 4.80e-02
NM_020739 CCPG1 -1.16e-01 6.90e-04 4.80e-02
NM_001105 ACVR1 -1.27e-01 6.90e-04 4.80e-02
NM_004330 BNIP2 -1.22e-01 6.90e-04 4.80e-02
NM_001637 AOAH -1.68e-01 6.91e-04 4.80e-02
NM_003225 TFF1 -3.88e-02 6.91e-04 4.80e-02
NM_001160042 IQCC 8.99e-02 6.91e-04 4.80e-02
NM_020428 SLC44A2 1.36e-01 6.91e-04 4.80e-02
NM_001549 IFIT3 -1.84e-01 6.91e-04 4.80e-02
NM_145182 PYCARD -9.79e-02 6.91e-04 4.80e-02
NM_175738 RAB37 -1.34e-01 6.91e-04 4.80e-02
NM_178569 C5orf38 4.37e-02 6.92e-04 4.80e-02
NM_000257 MYH7 5.40e-02 6.92e-04 4.81e-02
NR_028044 IGF2AS 1.25e-01 6.92e-04 4.81e-02
NM_001137550 LRRFIP1 -4.89e-02 6.93e-04 4.81e-02
NM_005021 ENPP3 -4.98e-02 6.93e-04 4.81e-02
NM_024969 CSRNP3 1.10e-01 6.94e-04 4.81e-02
NM_001135219 PIP5KL1 2.49e-02 6.94e-04 4.81e-02
NM_201397 GPX1 -9.87e-02 6.94e-04 4.81e-02
NM_001098816 ODZ4 -1.25e-01 6.94e-04 4.82e-02
NM_033007 NLRP1 -1.16e-01 6.95e-04 4.82e-02
NR_023345 CNKSR1 -7.06e-02 6.95e-04 4.82e-02
NM_013450 BAZ2B 3.60e-02 6.95e-04 4.82e-02
NM_001148 ANK2 7.19e-02 6.96e-04 4.82e-02
NM_145003 TSNARE1 -7.73e-02 6.96e-04 4.82e-02
NM_182920 ADAMTS9 -1.31e-01 6.96e-04 4.82e-02
NM_007118 TRIO -3.15e-02 6.96e-04 4.82e-02
NM_078467 CDKN1A -8.61e-02 6.97e-04 4.82e-02
NM_024419 PGS1 -1.51e-01 6.97e-04 4.82e-02
NM_020716 GRAMD1B 1.77e-01 6.97e-04 4.82e-02
NM_006795 EHD1 -1.13e-01 6.97e-04 4.82e-02
NR_003512 INS-IGF2 5.00e-02 6.97e-04 4.82e-02
NM_005309 GPT 1.36e-01 6.97e-04 4.82e-02
NM_004930 CAPZB -9.31e-02 6.98e-04 4.82e-02
NM_001142807 ACOXL 8.56e-02 6.98e-04 4.82e-02
NM_000615 NCAM1 3.24e-01 6.98e-04 4.82e-02
NM_172315 MEIS2 3.88e-02 6.99e-04 4.82e-02
NM_032343 CHCHD6 -7.79e-02 6.99e-04 4.82e-02
NM_004427 PHC2 1.22e-01 6.99e-04 4.82e-02
NM_020379 MAN1C1 -6.58e-02 6.99e-04 4.82e-02
NM_021961 TEAD1 -1.07e-01 6.99e-04 4.82e-02
NR_024621 C11orf21 -1.05e-01 6.99e-04 4.82e-02
NM_175913 JPH2 -9.71e-02 6.99e-04 4.82e-02
NM_014631 SH3PXD2A -1.08e-01 6.99e-04 4.82e-02
NM_003192 TBCC 5.96e-02 7.00e-04 4.82e-02
NM_018238 AGK 3.26e-02 7.00e-04 4.83e-02
NM_005560 LAMA5 -9.27e-02 7.00e-04 4.83e-02
NM_024919 FRMD1 -1.07e-01 7.01e-04 4.83e-02
NM_001167672 LPP -8.03e-02 7.01e-04 4.83e-02
NM_032682 FOXP1 -9.87e-02 7.01e-04 4.83e-02
NM_032806 C3orf39 1.17e-01 7.01e-04 4.83e-02
NM_030571 NDFIP1 9.85e-02 7.01e-04 4.83e-02
NM_175738 RAB37 -1.07e-01 7.02e-04 4.83e-02
NM_152346 SLC43A2 -9.28e-02 7.02e-04 4.83e-02
NM_016184 CLEC4A -1.10e-01 7.02e-04 4.83e-02
NM_005892 FMNL1 1.40e-01 7.03e-04 4.83e-02
NM_032496 ARHGAP9 9.49e-02 7.03e-04 4.83e-02
NM_020169 LXN -1.21e-01 7.03e-04 4.83e-02
NM_018912 PCDHGA1 1.04e-01 7.03e-04 4.83e-02
NM_018414 ST6GALNAC1 -1.05e-01 7.03e-04 4.83e-02
NM_025233 COASY 4.38e-02 7.04e-04 4.83e-02
NM_016932 SIX2 -1.42e-01 7.04e-04 4.83e-02
NM_012401 PLXNB2 -1.41e-01 7.04e-04 4.83e-02
NM_013993 DDR1 1.02e-01 7.04e-04 4.83e-02
NM_022167 XYLT2 1.14e-01 7.04e-04 4.83e-02
NM_153692 HTRA4 -8.49e-02 7.04e-04 4.83e-02
NM_001145031 PLAU -1.38e-01 7.04e-04 4.84e-02
NM_022808 SNRPN 1.07e-01 7.05e-04 4.84e-02
NM_005708 GPC6 1.18e-01 7.05e-04 4.84e-02
NR_024621 C11orf21 -1.09e-01 7.05e-04 4.84e-02
NM_000358 TGFBI -1.27e-01 7.06e-04 4.84e-02
NM_003392 WNT5A -1.16e-01 7.06e-04 4.84e-02
NM_005883 APC2 -1.50e-01 7.06e-04 4.84e-02
NM_005574 LMO2 -1.08e-01 7.07e-04 4.84e-02
NM_003064 SLPI -1.65e-01 7.07e-04 4.84e-02
NM_006185 NUMA1 1.02e-01 7.07e-04 4.84e-02
NM_032039 ITFG3 -1.67e-01 7.07e-04 4.84e-02
NM_206965 FTCD -1.03e-01 7.08e-04 4.84e-02
NM_014400 LYPD3 8.62e-02 7.08e-04 4.84e-02
NM_153357 SLC16A11 4.41e-02 7.08e-04 4.84e-02
NM_005689 ABCB6 -7.96e-02 7.08e-04 4.84e-02
NM_020428 SLC44A2 1.27e-01 7.08e-04 4.84e-02
NR_028050 MTERFD2 7.25e-02 7.08e-04 4.84e-02
NM_018059 RADIL -9.93e-02 7.09e-04 4.85e-02
NM_018702 ADARB2 -1.67e-01 7.09e-04 4.85e-02
NM_013993 DDR1 -8.70e-02 7.10e-04 4.85e-02
NM_001135914 KCP -1.33e-01 7.10e-04 4.85e-02
NM_138273 C6orf25 -1.25e-01 7.10e-04 4.85e-02
NM_182703 ANKDD1A -5.71e-02 7.11e-04 4.85e-02
NM_000522 HOXA13 7.13e-02 7.11e-04 4.85e-02
NM_001001795 MGC70857 -8.62e-02 7.11e-04 4.85e-02
NR_027906 C6orf124 1.65e-01 7.11e-04 4.85e-02
NM_213602 SIGLEC15 -8.93e-02 7.11e-04 4.85e-02
NM_032222 FAM188B -4.75e-02 7.12e-04 4.85e-02
NM_017596 KIF21B 1.22e-01 7.12e-04 4.85e-02
NM_022833 FAM129B -4.27e-02 7.12e-04 4.85e-02
NM_001161728 PLA2G2A -8.67e-02 7.12e-04 4.85e-02
NM_002855 PVRL1 1.02e-01 7.12e-04 4.85e-02
NM_001040439 MAPK8IP3 7.84e-02 7.12e-04 4.85e-02
NM_003474 ADAM12 -1.81e-01 7.12e-04 4.85e-02
NM_022463 NXN -5.74e-02 7.12e-04 4.85e-02
NM_152357 ZNF440 1.38e-01 7.13e-04 4.85e-02
NM_004983 KCNJ9 8.20e-02 7.13e-04 4.85e-02
NM_006869 ADAP1 1.22e-01 7.13e-04 4.85e-02
NM_205853 MUSTN1 -8.28e-02 7.14e-04 4.86e-02
NM_173601 GXYLT1 -5.01e-02 7.14e-04 4.86e-02
NM_002141 HOXA4 6.48e-02 7.14e-04 4.86e-02
NM_030948 PHACTR1 2.97e-02 7.14e-04 4.86e-02
NM_002046 GAPDH 4.05e-02 7.15e-04 4.86e-02
NM_004689 MTA1 1.10e-01 7.16e-04 4.86e-02
NR_027084 FLJ36000 1.45e-01 7.16e-04 4.86e-02
NM_001987 ETV6 -6.08e-02 7.16e-04 4.86e-02
NM_153631 HOXA3 1.29e-01 7.16e-04 4.86e-02
NM_014825 URB1 -6.14e-02 7.16e-04 4.86e-02
NM_017884 PINX1 -2.17e-02 7.16e-04 4.86e-02
NM_175929 FGF14 1.88e-01 7.17e-04 4.86e-02
NM_001233 CAV2 -1.03e-01 7.17e-04 4.86e-02
NM_001080824 C2orf89 5.57e-02 7.17e-04 4.86e-02
NM_152600 ZNF579 2.64e-02 7.17e-04 4.86e-02
NM_003903 CDC16 6.57e-02 7.17e-04 4.86e-02
NM_001099334 C2orf80 1.81e-01 7.17e-04 4.87e-02
NM_004180 TANK -1.85e-01 7.18e-04 4.87e-02
NM_004803 SLC22A14 -5.80e-02 7.18e-04 4.87e-02
NM_015009 PDZRN3 -1.13e-01 7.18e-04 4.87e-02
NM_173568 UMODL1 -5.03e-02 7.18e-04 4.87e-02
NM_014694 ADAMTSL2 -1.03e-01 7.19e-04 4.87e-02
NM_002356 MARCKS 6.68e-02 7.19e-04 4.87e-02
NM_006092 NOD1 -1.57e-01 7.19e-04 4.87e-02
NM_001007595 C2CD4B -9.87e-02 7.19e-04 4.87e-02
NM_173809 BLOC1S2 4.29e-02 7.20e-04 4.87e-02
NM_030629 CMIP -1.40e-01 7.20e-04 4.87e-02
NM_022842 CDCP1 -5.80e-02 7.20e-04 4.87e-02
NM_002398 MEIS1 -1.50e-01 7.20e-04 4.87e-02
NM_002483 CEACAM6 9.79e-02 7.21e-04 4.87e-02
NM_032826 SLC35B4 1.79e-02 7.21e-04 4.87e-02
NM_015464 SOSTDC1 8.47e-02 7.21e-04 4.87e-02
NM_001035 RYR2 8.99e-02 7.21e-04 4.87e-02
NM_001037984 SLC38A10 -1.71e-01 7.21e-04 4.87e-02
NM_032451 SPIRE2 -1.07e-01 7.21e-04 4.87e-02
NM_012309 SHANK2 -1.45e-01 7.21e-04 4.87e-02
NM_021197 WFDC1 6.83e-02 7.21e-04 4.87e-02
NM_006645 STARD10 -4.50e-02 7.22e-04 4.87e-02
NM_001017402 LAMB3 -1.66e-01 7.22e-04 4.87e-02
NM_003740 KCNK5 -9.68e-02 7.22e-04 4.88e-02
NM_014971 EFR3B -1.29e-01 7.23e-04 4.88e-02
NM_012072 CD93 -1.38e-01 7.23e-04 4.88e-02
NM_003550 MAD1L1 -2.63e-02 7.24e-04 4.88e-02
NM_174917 ACSF3 -6.90e-02 7.24e-04 4.88e-02
NM_022166 XYLT1 1.45e-01 7.24e-04 4.88e-02
NM_001113492 SEPT9 -5.83e-02 7.25e-04 4.89e-02
NM_001142271 DHRS9 -9.10e-02 7.25e-04 4.89e-02
NM_020954 RNF213 -1.53e-01 7.25e-04 4.89e-02
NM_006598 SLC12A7 -4.55e-02 7.26e-04 4.89e-02
NM_020823 TMEM181 -1.28e-01 7.27e-04 4.89e-02
NM_000408 GPD2 -3.91e-02 7.27e-04 4.89e-02
NM_024007 EBF1 7.19e-02 7.27e-04 4.89e-02
NM_005177 ATP6V0A1 -1.18e-01 7.27e-04 4.89e-02
NM_052847 GNG7 1.60e-01 7.28e-04 4.89e-02
NM_199161 SAA1 -8.15e-02 7.28e-04 4.89e-02
NM_000014 A2M -8.42e-02 7.28e-04 4.89e-02
NM_052964 CLNK -9.86e-02 7.28e-04 4.89e-02
NM_181670 ANKS1B 1.70e-01 7.28e-04 4.89e-02
NM_002558 P2RX1 -8.81e-02 7.28e-04 4.89e-02
NM_002124 HLA-DRB1 4.19e-01 7.28e-04 4.89e-02
NM_052920 KLHL29 1.28e-01 7.29e-04 4.89e-02
NM_181720 ARHGAP30 -6.12e-02 7.29e-04 4.89e-02
NM_002381 MATN3 -8.95e-02 7.29e-04 4.89e-02
NM_001332 CTNND2 -3.22e-02 7.29e-04 4.90e-02
NM_152531 C3orf21 -1.36e-01 7.30e-04 4.90e-02
NR_027283 LOC440461 4.65e-02 7.30e-04 4.90e-02
NM_170776 GPR97 -8.74e-02 7.30e-04 4.90e-02
NM_152744 SDK1 -8.99e-02 7.30e-04 4.90e-02
NM_001003408 ABLIM1 -1.20e-01 7.30e-04 4.90e-02
NM_024636 STEAP4 -8.71e-02 7.30e-04 4.90e-02
NM_001128164 ATXN1 -9.88e-02 7.31e-04 4.90e-02
NM_001909 CTSD 6.57e-02 7.31e-04 4.90e-02
NR_027346 NCRNA00173 2.47e-02 7.31e-04 4.90e-02
NM_002338 LSAMP -1.58e-01 7.31e-04 4.90e-02
NM_001005463 EBF3 1.38e-01 7.31e-04 4.90e-02
NR_022006 KIAA0087 -7.43e-02 7.32e-04 4.90e-02
NM_001048209 NTM 1.37e-01 7.32e-04 4.90e-02
NM_005578 LPP -2.72e-02 7.32e-04 4.90e-02
NM_001013717 C5orf56 -1.84e-01 7.32e-04 4.90e-02
NM_001112732 MCF2L 1.73e-01 7.32e-04 4.90e-02
NM_001098816 ODZ4 -9.52e-02 7.33e-04 4.90e-02
NM_018986 SH3TC1 -1.20e-01