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Basic Information

The table below details the source and basic information of this item.

Title Content
iBAD ID iBAD_0000258
Karyotype Trisomy XXY
Type DNA microarray
Diseases Klinefelter syndrome
Organism Homo sapiens
Tissue Blood
Cell Line Whole blood
Platform GPL14550
Accession GSE47584
GEO Title Gene expression profiling in whole blood in patients for Klinefelter’s Syndrome
Article Title -
Author -
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Differentially Expressed Genes

The gene expression matrix, up- and down-regulated gene list are provided. Click the three following options to download the corresponding list.

Gene Symbol Gene Title logFC P-value P-adj
FABP1 -8.64 1.91e-14 8.10e-10
SEPP1 -5.11 1.05e-11 2.23e-07
HPX -4.20 7.03e-11 9.93e-07
APOA1 -4.13 1.23e-10 1.31e-06
ALDH1L1 -3.56 1.83e-09 1.56e-05
ASS1 -3.33 8.40e-09 5.94e-05
UGT2B11 -2.73 2.47e-08 1.50e-04
VTN -2.61 4.28e-08 2.27e-04
DCN -2.24 5.23e-08 2.47e-04
ADH1C -3.64 2.48e-07 1.05e-03
ERRFI1 -2.38 6.80e-07 2.62e-03
KNG1 -2.39 1.17e-06 4.12e-03
ITIH3 -2.13 2.33e-06 7.59e-03
OTC -2.92 2.77e-06 8.39e-03
APOC4 -1.63 9.32e-06 2.64e-02
AASS -2.30 1.49e-05 3.94e-02
LOC100129387 -1.86 9.23e-05 2.30e-01
ERLIN2 -1.45 1.20e-04 2.48e-01
ADH1A -3.05 1.30e-04 2.48e-01
C9orf153 1.99 1.47e-04 2.48e-01
FNDC1 1.41 1.48e-04 2.48e-01
APOBEC2 1.90 1.49e-04 2.48e-01
C14orf45 1.27 1.58e-04 2.48e-01
PRODH2 -1.42 1.64e-04 2.48e-01
C3orf71 -9.06e-01 1.80e-04 2.54e-01
ALDH8A1 -2.12 1.87e-04 2.54e-01
SH2D4A 1.49 1.89e-04 2.54e-01
ITLN1 2.00 2.27e-04 2.83e-01
XLOC_008015 1.31 2.39e-04 2.89e-01
LOC100240735 -1.14 2.75e-04 3.24e-01
TCP11L2 9.46e-01 2.98e-04 3.34e-01
CDC34 1.07 2.99e-04 3.34e-01
MKRN1 9.64e-01 3.44e-04 3.71e-01
PRAMEF22 1.28 3.50e-04 3.71e-01
HFE2 -1.60 3.72e-04 3.74e-01
SWT1 9.88e-01 3.77e-04 3.74e-01
LOC155060 -1.24 3.86e-04 3.74e-01
GPR146 9.07e-01 3.92e-04 3.74e-01
XLOC_009378 1.50 3.97e-04 3.74e-01
KIR2DL5A -1.11 4.20e-04 3.80e-01
KIAA1875 1.07 4.28e-04 3.80e-01
MARCH3 7.96e-01 4.35e-04 3.80e-01
LOC643406 1.04 4.51e-04 3.80e-01
CFI -2.98 4.78e-04 3.90e-01
S100A1 -1.02 5.22e-04 4.16e-01
XLOC_008185 3.17 5.33e-04 4.16e-01
SNCA 1.07 5.39e-04 4.16e-01
CA1 1.45 5.85e-04 4.30e-01
PKP2 -1.77 5.88e-04 4.30e-01
GNMT -8.76e-01 6.20e-04 4.46e-01
RPS27 -1.16 6.36e-04 4.47e-01
TMC5 1.39 6.42e-04 4.47e-01
PDE1C 1.12 6.53e-04 4.47e-01
C20orf106 -1.01 6.89e-04 4.60e-01
FLJ25694 9.19e-01 6.95e-04 4.60e-01
SCAPER -1.59 7.38e-04 4.81e-01
EPB41 9.89e-01 7.49e-04 4.81e-01
XLOC_008185 4.15 8.20e-04 5.14e-01
MS4A14 -1.29 8.41e-04 5.14e-01
NPY1R 1.14 8.48e-04 5.14e-01
NEK3 -9.97e-01 8.74e-04 5.22e-01
CDH2 -1.07 8.89e-04 5.23e-01
ATXN1L 8.54e-01 9.68e-04 5.62e-01
NAF1 1.43 9.96e-04 5.63e-01
NFIB -1.75 1.02e-03 5.65e-01
SPATA17 1.14 1.03e-03 5.65e-01
LOC100506514 -1.21 1.04e-03 5.67e-01
SAT1 -1.37 1.06e-03 5.68e-01
PTPRF -1.28 1.12e-03 5.94e-01
SNHG3 -7.44e-01 1.17e-03 6.03e-01
UBE2Q2P3 -1.25 1.19e-03 6.05e-01
GLRX5 1.04 1.22e-03 6.05e-01
CYP2R1 -8.18e-01 1.24e-03 6.05e-01
LPHN1 1.01 1.26e-03 6.05e-01
NRN1 -7.80e-01 1.28e-03 6.08e-01
OPTN 9.14e-01 1.30e-03 6.14e-01
FGFR1OP2 7.96e-01 1.37e-03 6.38e-01
CHPT1 9.98e-01 1.43e-03 6.47e-01
RBM38 9.15e-01 1.48e-03 6.62e-01
C14orf45 9.63e-01 1.50e-03 6.62e-01
BEX1 -2.97 1.54e-03 6.73e-01
DCAF12 9.66e-01 1.61e-03 6.97e-01
ALDOB -8.97e-01 1.69e-03 7.18e-01
XLOC_008185 3.05 1.86e-03 7.79e-01
ADAMTS10 -7.33e-01 1.89e-03 7.79e-01
RAPGEF6 -1.18 1.90e-03 7.79e-01
PDAP1 6.35e-01 1.93e-03 7.79e-01
KIR2DS3 -1.12 1.96e-03 7.79e-01
LOC100132764 1.54 2.07e-03 7.79e-01
KDM6A 7.18e-01 2.09e-03 7.79e-01
PIGL -1.11 2.14e-03 7.79e-01
ALPK2 8.32e-01 2.14e-03 7.79e-01
DPM2 1.06 2.14e-03 7.79e-01
PHACTR1 -2.75 2.14e-03 7.79e-01
TRA2B -9.93e-01 2.16e-03 7.79e-01
TUBAL3 8.57e-01 2.19e-03 7.79e-01
SERPINA3 -1.28 2.20e-03 7.79e-01
ATRX 1.28 2.21e-03 7.79e-01
RAB2B 8.88e-01 2.22e-03 7.79e-01
PITHD1 1.08 2.25e-03 7.79e-01
RASL11B 1.76 2.26e-03 7.79e-01
CLK4 -9.86e-01 2.26e-03 7.79e-01
EPM2A 7.28e-01 2.26e-03 7.79e-01
RPRD2 -1.71 2.28e-03 7.79e-01
TAGAP -9.41e-01 2.31e-03 7.79e-01
SEPT8 -8.69e-01 2.31e-03 7.79e-01
CG030 -8.67e-01 2.33e-03 7.79e-01
KEL 9.63e-01 2.34e-03 7.79e-01
EME2 -1.40 2.35e-03 7.79e-01
LRRC7 -1.46 2.37e-03 7.80e-01
FOXO3 8.89e-01 2.41e-03 7.80e-01
LINS -8.37e-01 2.45e-03 7.84e-01
EIF2AK1 7.95e-01 2.46e-03 7.84e-01
XIST 3.25 2.48e-03 7.85e-01
ALX1 1.41 2.53e-03 7.90e-01
NTNG1 1.00 2.58e-03 8.00e-01
UBE2H 8.25e-01 2.64e-03 8.11e-01
PHLDB1 9.63e-01 2.69e-03 8.22e-01
LRRC8E 8.10e-01 2.74e-03 8.25e-01
C20orf108 1.02 2.74e-03 8.25e-01
DDIT4 -9.87e-01 2.80e-03 8.36e-01
LGI1 9.97e-01 2.84e-03 8.36e-01
ZNF503 -8.81e-01 2.90e-03 8.39e-01
HMGCS2 -8.47e-01 2.91e-03 8.39e-01
C18orf10 7.81e-01 2.93e-03 8.39e-01
ZNF695 1.30 2.93e-03 8.39e-01
ADAMTSL1 1.01 3.00e-03 8.49e-01
C15orf33 1.47 3.05e-03 8.53e-01
PMM2 -9.38e-01 3.12e-03 8.53e-01
CYP2D6 -7.33e-01 3.13e-03 8.53e-01
PLCH1 9.88e-01 3.14e-03 8.53e-01
KIR2DS2 -8.18e-01 3.21e-03 8.53e-01
LINC00271 1.17 3.29e-03 8.53e-01
RANBP6 -6.27e-01 3.34e-03 8.53e-01
LAIR2 -1.21 3.35e-03 8.53e-01
MYH3 -1.07 3.36e-03 8.53e-01
SCAMP5 -7.02e-01 3.41e-03 8.53e-01
LOC729444 1.56 3.41e-03 8.53e-01
ALDH5A1 1.05 3.48e-03 8.53e-01
MOSPD1 9.89e-01 3.48e-03 8.53e-01
ERMN -9.23e-01 3.53e-03 8.53e-01
MED31 -1.05 3.55e-03 8.53e-01
USP12 7.68e-01 3.60e-03 8.53e-01
LINC00202 1.14 3.64e-03 8.53e-01
CFB -1.69 3.66e-03 8.53e-01
MKRN7P 7.27e-01 3.74e-03 8.53e-01
NUP210L 1.20 3.76e-03 8.53e-01
FAM46C 1.33 3.79e-03 8.53e-01
SLC25A20 -5.95e-01 3.80e-03 8.53e-01
BSG 7.87e-01 3.82e-03 8.53e-01
TMOD1 1.04 3.83e-03 8.53e-01
SEMA5B 1.51 3.90e-03 8.53e-01
LOC401588 -9.18e-01 3.92e-03 8.53e-01
SRRD 7.90e-01 3.95e-03 8.53e-01
AGXT2L1 1.06 3.99e-03 8.53e-01
A2ML1 9.93e-01 4.03e-03 8.53e-01
XG 3.01 4.06e-03 8.53e-01
KIR2DS4 -6.32e-01 4.07e-03 8.53e-01
SLC24A2 1.50 4.08e-03 8.53e-01
SLC14A1 9.95e-01 4.08e-03 8.53e-01
C7orf40 -7.82e-01 4.08e-03 8.53e-01
NPFFR2 9.83e-01 4.11e-03 8.53e-01
LOC100131089 -8.63e-01 4.12e-03 8.53e-01
HSP90AB6P 1.29 4.18e-03 8.54e-01
TOP1 5.99e-01 4.20e-03 8.54e-01
ARNTL -8.32e-01 4.22e-03 8.54e-01
KIAA1984 9.41e-01 4.22e-03 8.54e-01
DEFB109P1B 1.45 4.23e-03 8.54e-01
GGCT 8.22e-01 4.29e-03 8.57e-01
ZNF415 -7.71e-01 4.31e-03 8.57e-01
LOC100130691 -1.14 4.33e-03 8.57e-01
AKR1C1 1.20 4.34e-03 8.57e-01
TRPM4 6.40e-01 4.40e-03 8.62e-01
CERCAM -6.20e-01 4.43e-03 8.62e-01
SELENBP1 1.03 4.44e-03 8.62e-01
LOC254057 8.49e-01 4.52e-03 8.69e-01
SLC6A9 1.00 4.53e-03 8.69e-01
PTGDS -1.15 4.60e-03 8.69e-01
TNFRSF9 8.39e-01 4.62e-03 8.69e-01
TMEM229B 1.25 4.72e-03 8.69e-01
ANKMY1 -7.56e-01 4.72e-03 8.69e-01
KCNK1 2.02 4.73e-03 8.69e-01
WDR13 6.62e-01 4.74e-03 8.69e-01
CSTL1 1.20 4.78e-03 8.69e-01
CDKL1 6.21e-01 4.84e-03 8.69e-01
LOC388946 1.26 4.84e-03 8.69e-01
SLC14A1 1.20 4.87e-03 8.69e-01
ARPC4-TTLL3 -6.51e-01 4.91e-03 8.69e-01
RPIA 7.77e-01 5.01e-03 8.69e-01
PPP3R1 5.70e-01 5.04e-03 8.69e-01
BAIAP2L1 1.36 5.05e-03 8.69e-01
ALDH4A1 -1.30 5.06e-03 8.69e-01
CEP152 -6.97e-01 5.07e-03 8.69e-01
PAQR9 1.01 5.08e-03 8.69e-01
FAM92A3 5.97e-01 5.13e-03 8.69e-01
SLC22A7 8.36e-01 5.17e-03 8.69e-01
C15orf2 -1.31 5.19e-03 8.69e-01
MYL10 1.05 5.19e-03 8.69e-01
LOC441455 7.51e-01 5.21e-03 8.69e-01
THEM4 -9.82e-01 5.24e-03 8.69e-01
LINC00282 -6.18e-01 5.27e-03 8.69e-01
LOC100130597 1.44 5.31e-03 8.69e-01
PSMF1 9.99e-01 5.33e-03 8.69e-01
GMPR 8.34e-01 5.34e-03 8.69e-01
LOC100129917 6.18e-01 5.37e-03 8.69e-01
GIF 7.39e-01 5.40e-03 8.69e-01
GNRH1 -1.17 5.42e-03 8.69e-01
FNBP4 -7.92e-01 5.43e-03 8.69e-01
FAM167A -1.79 5.51e-03 8.69e-01
KBTBD12 1.04 5.60e-03 8.69e-01
LOC100130372 1.10 5.62e-03 8.69e-01
SLC41A2 -1.20 5.63e-03 8.69e-01
POMC -6.96e-01 5.65e-03 8.69e-01
FANCM -6.54e-01 5.66e-03 8.69e-01
TACSTD2 -1.61 5.67e-03 8.69e-01
POLR1A 1.35 5.69e-03 8.69e-01
RNGTT -1.36 5.72e-03 8.69e-01
SH2D1B -1.03 5.73e-03 8.69e-01
HPR -1.58 5.74e-03 8.69e-01
LAMB3 9.11e-01 5.78e-03 8.69e-01
DOCK7 7.93e-01 5.79e-03 8.69e-01
AREG -2.18 5.83e-03 8.69e-01
PSMF1 8.93e-01 5.85e-03 8.69e-01
HNRPDL -5.72e-01 5.90e-03 8.69e-01
XLOC_008174 -7.06e-01 5.91e-03 8.69e-01
LOC400043 7.81e-01 5.93e-03 8.69e-01
WNK1 7.78e-01 5.99e-03 8.69e-01
ADCY4 -6.02e-01 6.01e-03 8.69e-01
ZRSR2 -1.15 6.01e-03 8.69e-01
NRTN 1.76 6.01e-03 8.69e-01
POPDC2 -6.12e-01 6.01e-03 8.69e-01
CNST -1.27 6.03e-03 8.69e-01
ZMYND8 -1.15 6.05e-03 8.69e-01
SLC14A1 9.00e-01 6.07e-03 8.69e-01
PSMF1 9.92e-01 6.09e-03 8.69e-01
CSRNP3 1.71 6.11e-03 8.69e-01
BNIPL -1.25 6.20e-03 8.69e-01
PER3 -1.03 6.21e-03 8.69e-01
GLI4 -5.98e-01 6.21e-03 8.69e-01
FLJ37453 -6.72e-01 6.23e-03 8.69e-01
OR5D18 8.46e-01 6.28e-03 8.69e-01
DKK3 1.02 6.29e-03 8.69e-01
BCKDHB -5.80e-01 6.29e-03 8.69e-01
PILRB -6.01e-01 6.30e-03 8.69e-01
ISCA1 8.42e-01 6.33e-03 8.69e-01
GPNMB -1.03 6.34e-03 8.69e-01
LOC387895 1.40 6.36e-03 8.69e-01
LOC643837 8.29e-01 6.37e-03 8.69e-01
SNORA16B -6.90e-01 6.39e-03 8.69e-01
FLT3 -8.70e-01 6.41e-03 8.69e-01
SLC25A37 8.45e-01 6.42e-03 8.69e-01
ADK -6.98e-01 6.43e-03 8.69e-01
OSBP2 9.64e-01 6.45e-03 8.69e-01
CD1E -8.06e-01 6.48e-03 8.69e-01
LOC100128529 7.59e-01 6.50e-03 8.69e-01
SZT2 -7.49e-01 6.54e-03 8.69e-01
MRGPRX3 1.32 6.60e-03 8.69e-01
KLF6 -8.73e-01 6.61e-03 8.69e-01
PIWIL4 -1.10 6.64e-03 8.69e-01
TRIP12 5.74e-01 6.69e-03 8.69e-01
LOC554206 -7.56e-01 6.71e-03 8.69e-01
NFIA 5.99e-01 6.85e-03 8.69e-01
KYNU -1.27 6.89e-03 8.69e-01
REXO2 6.75e-01 6.93e-03 8.69e-01
IFIT1B 8.33e-01 6.96e-03 8.69e-01
LAMA4 -6.96e-01 7.01e-03 8.69e-01
IGFBP7 -1.12 7.02e-03 8.69e-01
ZNF215 1.71 7.02e-03 8.69e-01
SRG7 1.25 7.17e-03 8.69e-01
ADIPOR1 8.24e-01 7.18e-03 8.69e-01
TTC25 8.28e-01 7.22e-03 8.69e-01
PPP3R1 6.02e-01 7.33e-03 8.69e-01
SNX29 -1.22 7.33e-03 8.69e-01
XLOC_008703 6.18e-01 7.41e-03 8.69e-01
IGF2BP2 9.04e-01 7.42e-03 8.69e-01
KRT6C 1.66 7.43e-03 8.69e-01
GRINA 7.07e-01 7.54e-03 8.69e-01
SPECC1 8.21e-01 7.56e-03 8.69e-01
LGR6 1.28 7.60e-03 8.69e-01
AGPAT4-IT1 -1.21 7.61e-03 8.69e-01
XLOC_005798 7.54e-01 7.61e-03 8.69e-01
SGK196 1.36 7.62e-03 8.69e-01
MCF2L 7.84e-01 7.62e-03 8.69e-01
TFDP1 5.88e-01 7.66e-03 8.69e-01
XLOC_001394 1.58 7.66e-03 8.69e-01
NOTCH2 -6.84e-01 7.68e-03 8.69e-01
KL 1.11 7.76e-03 8.69e-01
NUP62CL 1.16 7.79e-03 8.69e-01
HTATIP2 -7.36e-01 7.83e-03 8.69e-01
ADIPOR1 7.92e-01 7.90e-03 8.69e-01
DUSP1 -1.26 7.92e-03 8.69e-01
SOX6 8.13e-01 7.94e-03 8.69e-01
LOC100499183 1.11 8.00e-03 8.69e-01
OR10K1 1.03 8.00e-03 8.69e-01
CA5B -7.13e-01 8.02e-03 8.69e-01
BEND4 9.63e-01 8.02e-03 8.69e-01
CBY3 1.31 8.18e-03 8.69e-01
SULT1C3 9.63e-01 8.19e-03 8.69e-01
MRC1 7.23e-01 8.23e-03 8.69e-01
C6orf228 -7.95e-01 8.34e-03 8.69e-01
ATP2B2 8.56e-01 8.35e-03 8.69e-01
AQP7P1 7.10e-01 8.38e-03 8.69e-01
STK17B -8.05e-01 8.39e-03 8.69e-01
SNAR-A3 -7.42e-01 8.42e-03 8.69e-01
KALRN 9.11e-01 8.43e-03 8.69e-01
FTCD -1.53 8.45e-03 8.69e-01
LOC285084 7.89e-01 8.46e-03 8.69e-01
FADS3 5.51e-01 8.48e-03 8.69e-01
TTC9C -1.17 8.50e-03 8.69e-01
ACVR1B -8.15e-01 8.53e-03 8.69e-01
WTIP -9.86e-01 8.57e-03 8.69e-01
SELK 6.21e-01 8.58e-03 8.69e-01
C5orf52 9.56e-01 8.61e-03 8.69e-01
SLC4A1 9.35e-01 8.62e-03 8.69e-01
LOC100128651 1.28 8.71e-03 8.69e-01
DUSP12 -5.77e-01 8.73e-03 8.69e-01
GSPT1 7.58e-01 8.75e-03 8.69e-01
COG3 -6.84e-01 8.77e-03 8.69e-01
SLC4A1 9.41e-01 8.80e-03 8.69e-01
LOC645984 1.11 8.80e-03 8.69e-01
POU4F1 9.25e-01 8.83e-03 8.69e-01
ARL6 7.85e-01 8.90e-03 8.69e-01
PTPRB -1.35 8.96e-03 8.69e-01
EIF5 -1.14 8.97e-03 8.69e-01
PSME4 5.67e-01 8.98e-03 8.69e-01
FERMT1 1.02 8.99e-03 8.69e-01
C14orf48 1.22 9.00e-03 8.69e-01
YPEL3 5.39e-01 9.02e-03 8.69e-01
PFKFB2 -5.64e-01 9.13e-03 8.69e-01
LRRC29 8.85e-01 9.16e-03 8.69e-01
DZIP3 6.12e-01 9.21e-03 8.69e-01
TBX15 1.09 9.24e-03 8.69e-01
FAM104A 6.98e-01 9.24e-03 8.69e-01
LOC728392 -7.66e-01 9.26e-03 8.69e-01
UROC1 1.22 9.34e-03 8.69e-01
ACTA2 7.30e-01 9.37e-03 8.69e-01
ITGAX -8.65e-01 9.41e-03 8.69e-01
ANP32B 5.32e-01 9.44e-03 8.69e-01
LOC729966 8.09e-01 9.48e-03 8.69e-01
RPL23AP7 -5.12e-01 9.49e-03 8.69e-01
IL20RB -2.14 9.50e-03 8.69e-01
BTBD18 1.05 9.54e-03 8.69e-01
MARCH8 7.48e-01 9.65e-03 8.69e-01
LOC728073 1.03 9.74e-03 8.69e-01
NRXN2 -1.07 9.75e-03 8.69e-01
SLC26A5 -8.73e-01 9.79e-03 8.69e-01
NDN 1.02 9.83e-03 8.69e-01
GRASP -6.75e-01 9.83e-03 8.69e-01
TNNT1 1.25 9.86e-03 8.69e-01
NDST4 1.01 9.87e-03 8.69e-01
ZFAND5 5.86e-01 9.96e-03 8.69e-01
SHROOM1 5.17e-01 1.00e-02 8.69e-01
CENPI 8.78e-01 1.00e-02 8.69e-01
C19orf77 8.21e-01 1.00e-02 8.69e-01
SLC8A2 1.25 1.00e-02 8.69e-01
XG 1.40 1.00e-02 8.69e-01
PSMF1 8.35e-01 1.00e-02 8.69e-01
TREML2 7.91e-01 1.00e-02 8.69e-01
SIRPB1 6.21e-01 1.00e-02 8.69e-01
CEMP1 1.10 1.01e-02 8.69e-01
BTRC -5.33e-01 1.01e-02 8.69e-01
TTC28-AS1 -8.14e-01 1.01e-02 8.69e-01
UBE2V1 5.08e-01 1.01e-02 8.69e-01
MICALCL 8.25e-01 1.01e-02 8.69e-01
CYP39A1 1.02 1.01e-02 8.69e-01
TNFSF14 6.18e-01 1.01e-02 8.69e-01
FAM118A -1.15 1.01e-02 8.69e-01
NGEF -8.20e-01 1.01e-02 8.69e-01
PSMA8 -1.05 1.01e-02 8.69e-01
RBM3 -6.99e-01 1.02e-02 8.69e-01
ZNF23 7.18e-01 1.03e-02 8.69e-01
HORMAD1 8.59e-01 1.04e-02 8.69e-01
OTOP1 1.03 1.04e-02 8.69e-01
OR5M11 1.34 1.04e-02 8.69e-01
JMJD7-PLA2G4B -6.89e-01 1.05e-02 8.69e-01
MYO1D 1.12 1.05e-02 8.69e-01
SIRPB1 5.51e-01 1.06e-02 8.69e-01
ASMTL-AS1 4.85e-01 1.06e-02 8.69e-01
RNF222 9.27e-01 1.06e-02 8.69e-01
UBFD1 7.21e-01 1.07e-02 8.69e-01
PRAMEF13 8.97e-01 1.08e-02 8.69e-01
HLA-A -5.23e-01 1.09e-02 8.69e-01
CCDC84 -6.37e-01 1.10e-02 8.69e-01
ACP1 6.67e-01 1.10e-02 8.69e-01
KIR2DL4 -6.00e-01 1.10e-02 8.69e-01
ACAA2 -6.24e-01 1.10e-02 8.69e-01
IL2RB -6.19e-01 1.10e-02 8.69e-01
NLRP9 1.30 1.10e-02 8.69e-01
TOP1 6.07e-01 1.11e-02 8.69e-01
DPF3 7.86e-01 1.11e-02 8.69e-01
CCNF 1.06 1.11e-02 8.69e-01
LOC199897 1.25 1.12e-02 8.69e-01
RNF112 -7.34e-01 1.12e-02 8.69e-01
IGF2BP2 9.27e-01 1.12e-02 8.69e-01
LOC100131381 7.08e-01 1.12e-02 8.69e-01
LSS 7.65e-01 1.12e-02 8.69e-01
PION -8.69e-01 1.12e-02 8.69e-01
GJB1 -6.91e-01 1.13e-02 8.69e-01
IL8 -1.44 1.13e-02 8.69e-01
C17orf80 -5.42e-01 1.14e-02 8.69e-01
RBM20 7.92e-01 1.14e-02 8.69e-01
RNF180 1.13 1.14e-02 8.69e-01
PTPRN2 -7.07e-01 1.14e-02 8.69e-01
IL1R2 -7.66e-01 1.15e-02 8.69e-01
SPON2 -9.31e-01 1.15e-02 8.69e-01
CREG1 7.37e-01 1.15e-02 8.69e-01
LOC729867 9.42e-01 1.16e-02 8.69e-01
CRYZ -8.29e-01 1.16e-02 8.69e-01
DMKN -8.03e-01 1.16e-02 8.69e-01
C6orf52 9.31e-01 1.16e-02 8.69e-01
VEGFA -6.73e-01 1.17e-02 8.69e-01
SOX7 8.43e-01 1.18e-02 8.69e-01
DKFZP586B0319 -1.35 1.18e-02 8.69e-01
GHRLOS -5.46e-01 1.19e-02 8.69e-01
SETD6 -8.11e-01 1.19e-02 8.69e-01
RNF43 -9.48e-01 1.19e-02 8.69e-01
OMD 1.35 1.19e-02 8.69e-01
ROR1 5.28e-01 1.20e-02 8.69e-01
LOC91450 -1.17 1.20e-02 8.69e-01
RFK -7.17e-01 1.20e-02 8.69e-01
OR56A1 1.16 1.20e-02 8.69e-01
LHX9 1.10 1.20e-02 8.69e-01
MPP1 6.24e-01 1.21e-02 8.69e-01
CD160 -8.69e-01 1.22e-02 8.69e-01
SYCE3 5.49e-01 1.22e-02 8.69e-01
USP6 7.88e-01 1.22e-02 8.69e-01
YOD1 1.00 1.22e-02 8.69e-01
C5orf56 -5.94e-01 1.23e-02 8.69e-01
PDPN 9.64e-01 1.23e-02 8.69e-01
VILL -7.12e-01 1.24e-02 8.69e-01
S100A2 -6.84e-01 1.24e-02 8.69e-01
LOC286059 9.21e-01 1.24e-02 8.69e-01
CCDC64 8.76e-01 1.25e-02 8.69e-01
B3GALTL -1.38 1.25e-02 8.69e-01
XLOC_003204 9.44e-01 1.25e-02 8.69e-01
BNIP3L 7.08e-01 1.26e-02 8.69e-01
LOC389834 9.68e-01 1.26e-02 8.69e-01
SLC27A2 -7.38e-01 1.26e-02 8.69e-01
CILP2 9.54e-01 1.26e-02 8.69e-01
FLJ42022 -7.02e-01 1.27e-02 8.69e-01
GALNT12 -7.21e-01 1.28e-02 8.69e-01
ITCH -5.63e-01 1.28e-02 8.69e-01
CTNNAL1 7.35e-01 1.28e-02 8.69e-01
LINC00163 6.03e-01 1.28e-02 8.69e-01
TOP1P2 6.46e-01 1.28e-02 8.69e-01
CYP3A7 -1.82 1.29e-02 8.69e-01
KIT -9.13e-01 1.29e-02 8.69e-01
SORBS1 -1.02 1.29e-02 8.69e-01
LOC100132396 1.17 1.30e-02 8.69e-01
NBPF7 1.21 1.30e-02 8.69e-01
ACRC -6.02e-01 1.30e-02 8.69e-01
LOC100506123 -1.07 1.31e-02 8.69e-01
CYB5RL -1.01 1.31e-02 8.69e-01
RANBP10 7.14e-01 1.31e-02 8.69e-01
ZFAND5 4.79e-01 1.31e-02 8.69e-01
SEC61A2 -1.05 1.31e-02 8.69e-01
NF1 5.05e-01 1.32e-02 8.69e-01
LOC100134040 -1.26 1.32e-02 8.69e-01
IGSF1 8.93e-01 1.32e-02 8.69e-01
APOB 5.69e-01 1.32e-02 8.69e-01
KRTAP25-1 8.08e-01 1.32e-02 8.69e-01
LOC100289178 7.86e-01 1.32e-02 8.69e-01
TGM1 -6.35e-01 1.33e-02 8.69e-01
TSPYL5 -1.16 1.33e-02 8.69e-01
C5orf32 7.06e-01 1.33e-02 8.69e-01
IFRD1 -7.22e-01 1.34e-02 8.69e-01
BRAP 4.92e-01 1.35e-02 8.69e-01
RBPMS 8.84e-01 1.36e-02 8.69e-01
IGLL1 -6.09e-01 1.37e-02 8.69e-01
CCNL1 -5.70e-01 1.37e-02 8.69e-01
KRTAP5-2 1.02 1.37e-02 8.69e-01
CEP192 -6.25e-01 1.37e-02 8.69e-01
SPTA1 7.60e-01 1.38e-02 8.69e-01
FASTKD3 -5.94e-01 1.38e-02 8.69e-01
PICK1 -5.80e-01 1.38e-02 8.69e-01
MYO15B -7.16e-01 1.38e-02 8.69e-01
RAB2B 5.77e-01 1.39e-02 8.69e-01
FOS -1.49 1.39e-02 8.69e-01
FER1L6-AS1 6.39e-01 1.40e-02 8.69e-01
F2R -6.46e-01 1.40e-02 8.69e-01
CENPJ -4.57e-01 1.40e-02 8.69e-01
OR5B12 9.10e-01 1.41e-02 8.69e-01
GALNT9 7.90e-01 1.41e-02 8.69e-01
LOC100131032 8.39e-01 1.41e-02 8.69e-01
TBPL1 5.17e-01 1.42e-02 8.69e-01
EID2B -6.55e-01 1.42e-02 8.69e-01
FBXO43 1.07 1.43e-02 8.69e-01
RYR2 1.24 1.43e-02 8.69e-01
MARK3 6.92e-01 1.44e-02 8.69e-01
REG1A 7.43e-01 1.44e-02 8.69e-01
IL12B 6.74e-01 1.44e-02 8.69e-01
CHCHD10 -5.79e-01 1.44e-02 8.69e-01
PIK3R2 5.83e-01 1.45e-02 8.69e-01
LOC100306975 1.00 1.45e-02 8.69e-01
BMP2K 7.09e-01 1.45e-02 8.69e-01
MAP3K8 -5.53e-01 1.45e-02 8.69e-01
PPIP5K1 -7.73e-01 1.46e-02 8.69e-01
OR52N4 -6.44e-01 1.46e-02 8.69e-01
NFASC 9.07e-01 1.46e-02 8.69e-01
XLOC_007602 8.20e-01 1.46e-02 8.69e-01
PEX19 -5.41e-01 1.46e-02 8.69e-01
TRIM48 9.77e-01 1.47e-02 8.69e-01
PDE6H -1.00 1.47e-02 8.69e-01
MS4A3 -1.13 1.47e-02 8.69e-01
AADACL4 -1.00 1.47e-02 8.69e-01
FAM108A1 -9.15e-01 1.48e-02 8.69e-01
TGIF2LY 1.06 1.48e-02 8.69e-01
LOC100129280 -8.41e-01 1.49e-02 8.69e-01
LOC729291 6.14e-01 1.49e-02 8.69e-01
ZNF653 5.78e-01 1.50e-02 8.69e-01
PINK1 6.24e-01 1.50e-02 8.69e-01
ZNF26 -6.49e-01 1.50e-02 8.69e-01
UBE2D3 6.49e-01 1.51e-02 8.69e-01
C17orf39 6.49e-01 1.52e-02 8.69e-01
XAGE5 1.13 1.52e-02 8.69e-01
PRRT4 -1.03 1.52e-02 8.69e-01
DPCD 6.46e-01 1.52e-02 8.69e-01
LOC100128554 7.25e-01 1.52e-02 8.69e-01
DIO1 5.95e-01 1.52e-02 8.69e-01
CROCCP2 -7.00e-01 1.53e-02 8.69e-01
PER3 1.17 1.53e-02 8.69e-01
SEMA4G -6.99e-01 1.53e-02 8.69e-01
POC5 -5.29e-01 1.53e-02 8.69e-01
TLE1 -9.72e-01 1.53e-02 8.69e-01
PPEF2 8.80e-01 1.53e-02 8.69e-01
MPP1 7.46e-01 1.53e-02 8.69e-01
AHNAK2 1.43 1.54e-02 8.69e-01
ARHGAP44 1.69 1.54e-02 8.69e-01
OR7A17 6.83e-01 1.54e-02 8.69e-01
CHST3 9.04e-01 1.54e-02 8.69e-01
AKAP2 7.75e-01 1.54e-02 8.69e-01
DRGX 5.42e-01 1.55e-02 8.69e-01
LINC00467 -5.29e-01 1.55e-02 8.69e-01
DPCD 6.54e-01 1.56e-02 8.69e-01
SIAH2 6.93e-01 1.57e-02 8.69e-01
TXLNB -9.52e-01 1.57e-02 8.69e-01
UBE2O 7.89e-01 1.57e-02 8.69e-01
AMY1C -8.51e-01 1.58e-02 8.69e-01
BNC2 -1.16 1.58e-02 8.69e-01
HERC2P4 -9.45e-01 1.58e-02 8.69e-01
IL8 -2.35 1.58e-02 8.69e-01
TTC29 1.39 1.60e-02 8.69e-01
FLJ43663 -6.42e-01 1.60e-02 8.69e-01
LOC729870 9.58e-01 1.61e-02 8.69e-01
KIR2DL2 -6.92e-01 1.62e-02 8.69e-01
MAP2K3 7.45e-01 1.62e-02 8.69e-01
RNF123 6.25e-01 1.62e-02 8.69e-01
NCRNA00185 -5.84e-01 1.62e-02 8.69e-01
GPRIN1 8.48e-01 1.63e-02 8.69e-01
UBXN10 1.00 1.63e-02 8.69e-01
C21orf119 -6.95e-01 1.64e-02 8.69e-01
NRP1 -8.05e-01 1.64e-02 8.69e-01
FLJ44342 -7.27e-01 1.64e-02 8.69e-01
CDKL1 5.93e-01 1.65e-02 8.69e-01
FEZ1 -7.81e-01 1.66e-02 8.69e-01
RHBDL3 9.73e-01 1.66e-02 8.69e-01
TSPAN5 7.20e-01 1.66e-02 8.69e-01
OR2T8 8.51e-01 1.66e-02 8.69e-01
ACTG2 1.20 1.66e-02 8.69e-01
BPGM 9.21e-01 1.67e-02 8.69e-01
RRN3P2 -1.11 1.67e-02 8.69e-01
SOCS7 6.96e-01 1.68e-02 8.69e-01
IVNS1ABP -6.46e-01 1.68e-02 8.69e-01
DPYSL3 -4.93e-01 1.69e-02 8.69e-01
AHSA2 -8.17e-01 1.69e-02 8.69e-01
XLOC_005056 -1.18 1.69e-02 8.69e-01
IER3 -6.96e-01 1.70e-02 8.69e-01
XLOC_009766 9.99e-01 1.70e-02 8.69e-01
LOC389906 7.08e-01 1.70e-02 8.69e-01
PYGM -5.20e-01 1.70e-02 8.69e-01
CUZD1 -1.11 1.70e-02 8.69e-01
CUL4A 5.05e-01 1.71e-02 8.69e-01
RPRD1A -8.25e-01 1.71e-02 8.69e-01
C20orf7 -5.26e-01 1.71e-02 8.69e-01
MAF1 5.16e-01 1.72e-02 8.69e-01
HOOK1 7.66e-01 1.72e-02 8.69e-01
MCEE -4.67e-01 1.72e-02 8.69e-01
CXCL1 -1.14 1.72e-02 8.69e-01
GFOD1 -1.01 1.73e-02 8.69e-01
C8orf38 -5.95e-01 1.73e-02 8.69e-01
XLOC_006922 -7.30e-01 1.73e-02 8.69e-01
TSC2 5.43e-01 1.73e-02 8.69e-01
SIRPG 5.50e-01 1.73e-02 8.69e-01
ELOF1 6.68e-01 1.74e-02 8.69e-01
CBX3P2 -8.31e-01 1.74e-02 8.69e-01
SMAP1 -8.71e-01 1.74e-02 8.69e-01
UGT2B7 -8.59e-01 1.75e-02 8.69e-01
LOC728613 -1.08 1.75e-02 8.69e-01
LOC257396 -6.40e-01 1.75e-02 8.69e-01
DDX17 -6.93e-01 1.76e-02 8.69e-01
BCL2L1 6.54e-01 1.76e-02 8.69e-01
LOC338694 8.44e-01 1.77e-02 8.69e-01
BEND2 -1.27 1.77e-02 8.69e-01
RCAN2 1.20 1.78e-02 8.69e-01
HSPB11 -8.31e-01 1.78e-02 8.69e-01
UBE2H 5.92e-01 1.78e-02 8.69e-01
LOC400657 -1.30 1.79e-02 8.69e-01
LOC152217 -5.53e-01 1.79e-02 8.69e-01
LOC400684 1.65 1.79e-02 8.69e-01
SPDYA 9.34e-01 1.80e-02 8.69e-01
SPRYD5 1.25 1.81e-02 8.69e-01
SLC9B1 -1.12 1.81e-02 8.69e-01
LPIN1 9.37e-01 1.81e-02 8.69e-01
CEACAM6 -1.76 1.81e-02 8.69e-01
PEG3 -1.18 1.82e-02 8.69e-01
EML2 -7.74e-01 1.82e-02 8.69e-01
C8orf71 8.01e-01 1.82e-02 8.69e-01
ZNF23 6.84e-01 1.83e-02 8.69e-01
FAM74A1 1.84 1.84e-02 8.69e-01
OR13G1 7.95e-01 1.84e-02 8.69e-01
ALS2CR8 -9.80e-01 1.84e-02 8.69e-01
AOC4 6.48e-01 1.86e-02 8.69e-01
LOC100132859 7.53e-01 1.86e-02 8.69e-01
FLJ45950 7.68e-01 1.86e-02 8.69e-01
SMAD6 1.29 1.86e-02 8.69e-01
ICAM4 7.95e-01 1.87e-02 8.69e-01
NOTCH2NL -7.00e-01 1.88e-02 8.69e-01
NLRP9 1.07 1.88e-02 8.69e-01
DKFZp547J222 7.40e-01 1.88e-02 8.69e-01
ALDOB -1.21 1.88e-02 8.69e-01
GLUD2 -4.67e-01 1.88e-02 8.69e-01
DIS3L2 5.70e-01 1.88e-02 8.69e-01
SECISBP2 6.07e-01 1.89e-02 8.69e-01
RFESD 6.02e-01 1.89e-02 8.69e-01
OR2C3 7.23e-01 1.90e-02 8.69e-01
OR2B3 8.26e-01 1.90e-02 8.69e-01
C18orf34 7.85e-01 1.90e-02 8.69e-01
ERP27 -7.16e-01 1.91e-02 8.69e-01
C1orf68 6.16e-01 1.92e-02 8.69e-01
ZNF692 -6.34e-01 1.92e-02 8.69e-01
SYT1 8.91e-01 1.92e-02 8.69e-01
ARHGAP8 1.19 1.93e-02 8.69e-01
CDK13 5.71e-01 1.93e-02 8.69e-01
LOC51145 1.10 1.94e-02 8.69e-01
CCR8 9.05e-01 1.95e-02 8.69e-01
KIAA1324 9.32e-01 1.95e-02 8.69e-01
CLIC3 -6.98e-01 1.96e-02 8.69e-01
FGF8 6.50e-01 1.96e-02 8.69e-01
CCT5 -8.49e-01 1.96e-02 8.69e-01
IFFO1 -5.08e-01 1.98e-02 8.69e-01
HAVCR2 -6.22e-01 1.98e-02 8.69e-01
MINPP1 6.76e-01 1.99e-02 8.69e-01
RAPGEF5 1.45 1.99e-02 8.69e-01
B4GALT3 6.09e-01 2.00e-02 8.69e-01
CMBL 9.65e-01 2.00e-02 8.69e-01
PLEKHM3 6.24e-01 2.00e-02 8.69e-01
DDR1 9.44e-01 2.00e-02 8.69e-01
TMEM144 -6.22e-01 2.00e-02 8.69e-01
C1orf61 1.01 2.00e-02 8.69e-01
SEC16B 8.19e-01 2.01e-02 8.69e-01
LOC120824 -8.91e-01 2.01e-02 8.69e-01
CECR5-AS1 -5.56e-01 2.02e-02 8.69e-01
KANK2 8.34e-01 2.02e-02 8.69e-01
ABHD1 8.16e-01 2.02e-02 8.69e-01
KRTAP4-8 8.59e-01 2.02e-02 8.69e-01
C15orf63 6.04e-01 2.02e-02 8.69e-01
ADD2 5.46e-01 2.03e-02 8.69e-01
TRPA1 -1.05 2.03e-02 8.69e-01
RDH5 -5.22e-01 2.03e-02 8.69e-01
TXK -7.79e-01 2.04e-02 8.69e-01
EFNA2 7.08e-01 2.04e-02 8.69e-01
LOC550112 -5.36e-01 2.04e-02 8.69e-01
IER3 -6.32e-01 2.04e-02 8.69e-01
SFTPB 9.23e-01 2.05e-02 8.69e-01
PIGR -1.22 2.05e-02 8.69e-01
INPP4B -6.06e-01 2.05e-02 8.69e-01
CRYZ -9.70e-01 2.06e-02 8.69e-01
MOV10 5.86e-01 2.06e-02 8.69e-01
LOC439911 -6.81e-01 2.07e-02 8.69e-01
HPS1 6.49e-01 2.07e-02 8.69e-01
COL13A1 -1.21 2.07e-02 8.69e-01
ST13 4.91e-01 2.07e-02 8.69e-01
TREML2P1 7.05e-01 2.08e-02 8.69e-01
DLX1 -1.17 2.08e-02 8.69e-01
ZFP57 -9.30e-01 2.08e-02 8.69e-01
MAPK8IP3 -5.95e-01 2.09e-02 8.69e-01
SRSF3 -4.92e-01 2.09e-02 8.69e-01
BCKDHB -6.06e-01 2.09e-02 8.69e-01
NSUN3 5.28e-01 2.09e-02 8.69e-01
DLEC1 -1.02 2.09e-02 8.69e-01
TTTY10 7.90e-01 2.10e-02 8.69e-01
C1orf131 -5.55e-01 2.11e-02 8.69e-01
PGF 9.80e-01 2.11e-02 8.69e-01
PCDHB16 9.65e-01 2.11e-02 8.69e-01
LIPC -1.68 2.12e-02 8.69e-01
ACTL7B 1.00 2.12e-02 8.69e-01
XLOC_014105 7.48e-01 2.12e-02 8.69e-01
KLHL7 -4.57e-01 2.14e-02 8.69e-01
TCF7L2 5.18e-01 2.14e-02 8.69e-01
C18orf18 -1.19 2.14e-02 8.69e-01
LOC442132 -5.85e-01 2.15e-02 8.69e-01
DCHS2 1.02 2.15e-02 8.69e-01
ALPL 8.94e-01 2.15e-02 8.69e-01
PLXDC1 -9.02e-01 2.15e-02 8.69e-01
SPTB 7.12e-01 2.16e-02 8.69e-01
FAM126A 5.24e-01 2.16e-02 8.69e-01
C17orf58 -6.94e-01 2.16e-02 8.69e-01
SRSF5 -6.01e-01 2.17e-02 8.69e-01
ITGAE -4.42e-01 2.17e-02 8.69e-01
MS4A15 -1.05 2.17e-02 8.69e-01
RGS7BP 9.16e-01 2.18e-02 8.69e-01
SRXN1 5.08e-01 2.18e-02 8.69e-01
SCARNA4 6.23e-01 2.18e-02 8.69e-01
PHACTR1 -5.66e-01 2.18e-02 8.69e-01
REM2 -6.63e-01 2.19e-02 8.69e-01
LOC400027 -5.86e-01 2.19e-02 8.69e-01
PTPN11 6.02e-01 2.20e-02 8.69e-01
SNX3 5.35e-01 2.20e-02 8.69e-01
LOC283788 -7.34e-01 2.20e-02 8.69e-01
CTSE 6.59e-01 2.20e-02 8.69e-01
GGA1 -1.21 2.20e-02 8.69e-01
ARHGAP42 8.58e-01 2.20e-02 8.69e-01
PLA2R1 9.92e-01 2.20e-02 8.69e-01
CREBZF -8.21e-01 2.21e-02 8.69e-01
LOC100133145 9.03e-01 2.21e-02 8.69e-01
LGALS3 6.79e-01 2.22e-02 8.69e-01
TEX28 1.11 2.22e-02 8.69e-01
BET3L -5.02e-01 2.22e-02 8.69e-01
ABCA4 1.08 2.23e-02 8.69e-01
TPST1 -1.03 2.23e-02 8.69e-01
VGLL1 1.02 2.23e-02 8.69e-01
MEIS1 -6.41e-01 2.24e-02 8.69e-01
TMEM56 7.16e-01 2.24e-02 8.69e-01
RIMKLB -7.62e-01 2.24e-02 8.69e-01
LOC81691 -9.21e-01 2.25e-02 8.69e-01
MMP23B -5.52e-01 2.25e-02 8.69e-01
MAP2K3 6.22e-01 2.25e-02 8.69e-01
SEC16B 8.50e-01 2.26e-02 8.69e-01
USP6 5.06e-01 2.27e-02 8.69e-01
EBLN2 -6.68e-01 2.27e-02 8.69e-01
EDA2R 9.97e-01 2.28e-02 8.69e-01
ACOT8 -4.21e-01 2.28e-02 8.69e-01
CEP95 -5.74e-01 2.28e-02 8.69e-01
PTBP2 -5.93e-01 2.29e-02 8.69e-01
CSGALNACT1 6.11e-01 2.29e-02 8.69e-01
GDPD5 5.15e-01 2.29e-02 8.69e-01
RAB41 1.17 2.29e-02 8.69e-01
SUN3 -1.27 2.30e-02 8.69e-01
NPAS4 -1.58 2.30e-02 8.69e-01
THSD7B 1.03 2.30e-02 8.69e-01
CXCL14 6.71e-01 2.31e-02 8.69e-01
MTMR9LP -1.72 2.31e-02 8.69e-01
MYO7A 5.47e-01 2.31e-02 8.69e-01
SLC4A1 7.27e-01 2.32e-02 8.69e-01
ARHGAP35 -1.62 2.32e-02 8.69e-01
LOC100506731 1.16 2.32e-02 8.69e-01
STAG3L4 -7.10e-01 2.33e-02 8.69e-01
LOC100129111 7.25e-01 2.33e-02 8.69e-01
DNAJC25 -1.03 2.33e-02 8.69e-01
KCNMB4 -9.37e-01 2.33e-02 8.69e-01
CNKSR2 7.98e-01 2.33e-02 8.69e-01
INHBA -1.40 2.34e-02 8.69e-01
MT1X -5.69e-01 2.34e-02 8.69e-01
MANSC4 9.80e-01 2.34e-02 8.69e-01
EFCAB3 -6.11e-01 2.34e-02 8.69e-01
ZMYM2 -7.31e-01 2.34e-02 8.69e-01
CEP68 -8.08e-01 2.35e-02 8.69e-01
KRTAP10-4 7.57e-01 2.35e-02 8.69e-01
TM7SF3 -4.77e-01 2.35e-02 8.69e-01
LOC399900 -5.80e-01 2.35e-02 8.69e-01
FGF18 -1.39 2.36e-02 8.69e-01
CHRNA10 -7.70e-01 2.37e-02 8.69e-01
L3MBTL1 -1.84 2.37e-02 8.69e-01
ITIH1 -6.64e-01 2.37e-02 8.69e-01
S1PR5 -6.49e-01 2.37e-02 8.69e-01
GFER 5.68e-01 2.38e-02 8.69e-01
CR1L 5.32e-01 2.39e-02 8.69e-01
C8orf58 -5.19e-01 2.39e-02 8.69e-01
DNAJA4 7.38e-01 2.40e-02 8.69e-01
LOC149773 6.43e-01 2.40e-02 8.69e-01
RBM47 4.87e-01 2.41e-02 8.69e-01
ACCN5 -1.20 2.41e-02 8.69e-01
HNRNPU-AS1 -4.61e-01 2.41e-02 8.69e-01
XLOC_003457 8.86e-01 2.41e-02 8.69e-01
GTF2IRD2B -9.44e-01 2.42e-02 8.69e-01
SLC45A2 6.50e-01 2.42e-02 8.69e-01
LOC285141 6.65e-01 2.43e-02 8.69e-01
SLC19A3 -6.47e-01 2.43e-02 8.69e-01
LOXHD1 8.07e-01 2.43e-02 8.69e-01
SLFNL1 9.22e-01 2.44e-02 8.69e-01
CADPS 9.53e-01 2.44e-02 8.69e-01
ZNF673 -4.81e-01 2.44e-02 8.69e-01
MUC2 6.49e-01 2.44e-02 8.69e-01
DUOXA2 7.92e-01 2.44e-02 8.69e-01
RHAG 6.48e-01 2.45e-02 8.69e-01
CTAGE5 9.67e-01 2.45e-02 8.69e-01
ISPD 1.13 2.45e-02 8.69e-01
DCLK2 7.57e-01 2.46e-02 8.69e-01
FAM127C 7.79e-01 2.46e-02 8.69e-01
TMEFF2 6.99e-01 2.47e-02 8.69e-01
DMGDH 9.96e-01 2.47e-02 8.69e-01
ANXA13 -1.04 2.47e-02 8.69e-01
FLJ21369 -1.33 2.48e-02 8.69e-01
DOK4 6.99e-01 2.48e-02 8.69e-01
PLEK2 8.57e-01 2.48e-02 8.69e-01
LOC100288615 4.85e-01 2.48e-02 8.69e-01
LINC00290 9.23e-01 2.49e-02 8.69e-01
IL21 5.54e-01 2.49e-02 8.69e-01
LOC729680 6.98e-01 2.49e-02 8.69e-01
FIBCD1 7.27e-01 2.49e-02 8.69e-01
LAMA5 5.97e-01 2.49e-02 8.69e-01
RIOK3 7.82e-01 2.49e-02 8.69e-01
ATXN2 -8.10e-01 2.50e-02 8.69e-01
SLC12A7 1.28 2.50e-02 8.69e-01
IL20 6.14e-01 2.51e-02 8.69e-01
C1orf201 1.08 2.53e-02 8.69e-01
GNG7 4.52e-01 2.53e-02 8.69e-01
XLOC_008079 1.44 2.54e-02 8.69e-01
LPAR3 -6.75e-01 2.54e-02 8.69e-01
LOC441268 -7.00e-01 2.55e-02 8.69e-01
FBXO7 5.62e-01 2.55e-02 8.69e-01
POU1F1 8.58e-01 2.55e-02 8.69e-01
RNASEH2C -7.02e-01 2.55e-02 8.69e-01
UBE2D1 5.82e-01 2.56e-02 8.69e-01
LOC142937 -1.04 2.56e-02 8.69e-01
XLOC_014192 -5.19e-01 2.56e-02 8.69e-01
CDH7 7.11e-01 2.56e-02 8.69e-01
PTGER2 -4.92e-01 2.57e-02 8.69e-01
PCDHGB7 8.78e-01 2.57e-02 8.69e-01
MAP4K5 4.46e-01 2.57e-02 8.69e-01
SORCS1 8.03e-01 2.57e-02 8.69e-01
GGTLC2 5.61e-01 2.58e-02 8.69e-01
MYO19 -6.59e-01 2.59e-02 8.69e-01
PZP 6.12e-01 2.59e-02 8.69e-01
MCOLN1 6.61e-01 2.60e-02 8.69e-01
FLJ46365 1.43 2.60e-02 8.69e-01
NPLOC4 -8.20e-01 2.60e-02 8.69e-01
FCER1A -8.36e-01 2.60e-02 8.69e-01
ZNF214 6.44e-01 2.61e-02 8.69e-01
MTMR11 -7.10e-01 2.61e-02 8.69e-01
FAM83B 1.02 2.61e-02 8.69e-01
XLOC_008185 2.33 2.61e-02 8.69e-01
LINC00478 9.62e-01 2.61e-02 8.69e-01
CCDC88B -6.97e-01 2.62e-02 8.69e-01
XLOC_006829 1.09 2.62e-02 8.69e-01
ZMYM5 -6.07e-01 2.62e-02 8.69e-01
LOC100652857 1.12 2.62e-02 8.69e-01
PAGE2B 7.87e-01 2.62e-02 8.69e-01
MIR4500HG 1.44 2.62e-02 8.69e-01
TPM3 -1.10 2.62e-02 8.69e-01
FAHD1 1.04 2.64e-02 8.69e-01
DDX5 -4.99e-01 2.64e-02 8.69e-01
LRP5L -5.33e-01 2.64e-02 8.69e-01
TJP3 1.04 2.65e-02 8.69e-01
DNASE1L3 -6.81e-01 2.65e-02 8.69e-01
PRKAB2 -6.49e-01 2.65e-02 8.69e-01
ZNF337 -5.76e-01 2.65e-02 8.69e-01
TSPO2 7.30e-01 2.65e-02 8.69e-01
IMPG1 7.27e-01 2.66e-02 8.69e-01
GNAS 5.50e-01 2.66e-02 8.69e-01
CCDC160 6.55e-01 2.66e-02 8.69e-01
BHLHE22 -2.68 2.66e-02 8.69e-01
PMCH 1.10 2.67e-02 8.69e-01
VAMP4 -4.60e-01 2.67e-02 8.69e-01
TCEANC 4.78e-01 2.67e-02 8.69e-01
TNS1 7.47e-01 2.68e-02 8.69e-01
ZNF193 -4.23e-01 2.68e-02 8.69e-01
ARL14 1.07 2.68e-02 8.69e-01
PER1 -5.36e-01 2.68e-02 8.69e-01
LOC641510 -9.52e-01 2.68e-02 8.69e-01
LOC284276 -6.79e-01 2.68e-02 8.69e-01
TMEM212 7.95e-01 2.69e-02 8.69e-01
ANKRD30B 9.29e-01 2.69e-02 8.69e-01
SMYD2 -4.45e-01 2.70e-02 8.69e-01
ZNF45 -8.22e-01 2.70e-02 8.69e-01
TTC13 -5.86e-01 2.70e-02 8.69e-01
CHP2 -1.05 2.70e-02 8.69e-01
LOC100127983 7.55e-01 2.70e-02 8.69e-01
GYPE 6.75e-01 2.71e-02 8.69e-01
GLDC 1.41 2.71e-02 8.69e-01
ALS2CR12 6.29e-01 2.71e-02 8.69e-01
MMP8 -1.18 2.73e-02 8.69e-01
TMEM180 5.56e-01 2.73e-02 8.69e-01
RWDD4 -6.44e-01 2.73e-02 8.69e-01
TFDP1 5.99e-01 2.73e-02 8.69e-01
TMEM65 -5.29e-01 2.73e-02 8.69e-01
KREMEN2 5.65e-01 2.74e-02 8.69e-01
TBCEL 6.15e-01 2.74e-02 8.69e-01
UCN -6.05e-01 2.75e-02 8.69e-01
XLOC_007052 -8.62e-01 2.75e-02 8.69e-01
FZD5 5.03e-01 2.76e-02 8.69e-01
HIST1H4A -9.14e-01 2.76e-02 8.69e-01
SNX15 5.20e-01 2.77e-02 8.69e-01
XLOC_001824 9.43e-01 2.77e-02 8.69e-01
CRYM -6.41e-01 2.77e-02 8.69e-01
LOC731789 -1.01 2.77e-02 8.69e-01
LOC553137 8.37e-01 2.77e-02 8.69e-01
ARVCF -8.65e-01 2.78e-02 8.69e-01
LOC100128356 8.07e-01 2.78e-02 8.69e-01
NEK2 5.75e-01 2.79e-02 8.69e-01
PRDM12 8.87e-01 2.80e-02 8.69e-01
STRADB 7.01e-01 2.80e-02 8.69e-01
STRADB 7.29e-01 2.80e-02 8.69e-01
C22orf13 5.86e-01 2.80e-02 8.69e-01
LOC652276 7.09e-01 2.80e-02 8.69e-01
RALBP1 4.27e-01 2.81e-02 8.69e-01
GATA4 4.89e-01 2.81e-02 8.69e-01
RNF14 5.50e-01 2.82e-02 8.69e-01
PPPDE2 4.53e-01 2.82e-02 8.69e-01
CLEC12A 8.53e-01 2.82e-02 8.69e-01
AREG -1.80 2.83e-02 8.69e-01
KIAA1598 9.67e-01 2.83e-02 8.69e-01
TBC1D21 9.04e-01 2.83e-02 8.69e-01
FOXO4 5.72e-01 2.83e-02 8.69e-01
KCNJ9 6.78e-01 2.83e-02 8.69e-01
PTCD3 -6.22e-01 2.84e-02 8.69e-01
LCN2 -1.27 2.84e-02 8.69e-01
OR10V1 -9.76e-01 2.84e-02 8.69e-01
LOC100653245 6.29e-01 2.84e-02 8.69e-01
SNX3 5.25e-01 2.84e-02 8.69e-01
TMEM176B -1.68 2.84e-02 8.69e-01
OXTR -1.34 2.84e-02 8.69e-01
CHCHD7 -5.36e-01 2.84e-02 8.69e-01
SAMD12 1.00 2.84e-02 8.69e-01
EREG -6.94e-01 2.84e-02 8.69e-01
LOC100134229 5.86e-01 2.85e-02 8.69e-01
SATB2 9.51e-01 2.86e-02 8.69e-01
DCDC5 8.62e-01 2.86e-02 8.69e-01
USP6 4.80e-01 2.87e-02 8.69e-01
IGLV1-44 1.17 2.87e-02 8.69e-01
POM121L8P 9.30e-01 2.87e-02 8.69e-01
CTSO -5.38e-01 2.88e-02 8.69e-01
ASCL3 1.29 2.88e-02 8.69e-01
C1orf51 9.57e-01 2.88e-02 8.69e-01
B4GALT3 6.13e-01 2.88e-02 8.69e-01
PCDH11Y 8.31e-01 2.89e-02 8.69e-01
UGT1A8 6.96e-01 2.89e-02 8.69e-01
HEPACAM2 5.71e-01 2.90e-02 8.69e-01
FKBP5 -6.15e-01 2.90e-02 8.69e-01
LOC401480 -6.35e-01 2.90e-02 8.69e-01
DUSP7 6.83e-01 2.91e-02 8.69e-01
OR5B21 1.39 2.91e-02 8.69e-01
HIST4H4 5.93e-01 2.92e-02 8.69e-01
KLRF1 -8.71e-01 2.92e-02 8.69e-01
ARC 9.23e-01 2.92e-02 8.69e-01
PRG4 9.18e-01 2.93e-02 8.69e-01
VAC14 -1.24 2.94e-02 8.69e-01
KYNU -6.20e-01 2.94e-02 8.69e-01
PKD1L2 -9.56e-01 2.95e-02 8.69e-01
TFRC -4.85e-01 2.95e-02 8.69e-01
CC2D2B 1.10 2.95e-02 8.69e-01
FAM83F 8.01e-01 2.95e-02 8.69e-01
DNM1L -8.11e-01 2.97e-02 8.69e-01
PLS1 -8.94e-01 2.97e-02 8.69e-01
C6orf226 -4.39e-01 2.97e-02 8.69e-01
ZNF354A -6.89e-01 2.97e-02 8.69e-01
PLCB1 7.73e-01 2.97e-02 8.69e-01
LOC147093 8.28e-01 2.98e-02 8.69e-01
ANKRD20A5P -6.59e-01 2.98e-02 8.69e-01
LINC00347 7.20e-01 2.98e-02 8.69e-01
CCDC144A 9.92e-01 2.98e-02 8.69e-01
TMPRSS11A 1.01 2.99e-02 8.69e-01
MAGEC2 7.67e-01 2.99e-02 8.69e-01
C15orf17 -5.81e-01 2.99e-02 8.69e-01
LYSMD1 -1.04 2.99e-02 8.69e-01
OR9I1 8.47e-01 3.00e-02 8.69e-01
SLC12A9 5.41e-01 3.00e-02 8.69e-01
RPS6KA2 9.55e-01 3.00e-02 8.69e-01
KCNH1 6.47e-01 3.00e-02 8.69e-01
GIPC3 -8.11e-01 3.01e-02 8.69e-01
CFH -7.62e-01 3.01e-02 8.69e-01
LOC283483 9.08e-01 3.01e-02 8.69e-01
SDR16C5 6.60e-01 3.01e-02 8.69e-01
GSTT1 -1.82 3.02e-02 8.69e-01
CR1 6.81e-01 3.02e-02 8.69e-01
RFPL3 6.07e-01 3.02e-02 8.69e-01
CCNL2 -6.08e-01 3.03e-02 8.69e-01
LOC729706 6.20e-01 3.03e-02 8.69e-01
EXOC6B 1.09 3.04e-02 8.69e-01
LOC389199 8.42e-01 3.04e-02 8.69e-01
FZD10 8.10e-01 3.04e-02 8.69e-01
ZGLP1 -5.31e-01 3.05e-02 8.69e-01
C2orf28 -4.37e-01 3.06e-02 8.69e-01
TSPYL6 5.50e-01 3.07e-02 8.69e-01
ZNF358 5.49e-01 3.07e-02 8.69e-01
KRT1 1.05 3.08e-02 8.69e-01
MOB4 -4.72e-01 3.09e-02 8.69e-01
TMEM42 -5.42e-01 3.09e-02 8.69e-01
DNAH10 7.62e-01 3.09e-02 8.69e-01
FAM22F 8.60e-01 3.10e-02 8.69e-01
C12orf60 7.53e-01 3.10e-02 8.69e-01
CCL4 -7.78e-01 3.10e-02 8.69e-01
HNRNPA1 -5.28e-01 3.10e-02 8.69e-01
CXorf65 -5.93e-01 3.10e-02 8.69e-01
TTC34 1.16 3.10e-02 8.69e-01
ITGB6 1.30 3.11e-02 8.69e-01
PTPRD -6.32e-01 3.11e-02 8.69e-01
TTC1 4.10e-01 3.13e-02 8.69e-01
RAB5C 4.73e-01 3.13e-02 8.69e-01
FLJ46120 7.95e-01 3.13e-02 8.69e-01
CTNNAL1 5.43e-01 3.13e-02 8.69e-01
CHMP4B 5.24e-01 3.13e-02 8.69e-01
FAHD1 6.10e-01 3.13e-02 8.69e-01
C1orf94 7.85e-01 3.14e-02 8.69e-01
CATSPERB -1.29 3.14e-02 8.69e-01
G0S2 -2.26 3.14e-02 8.69e-01
SULT1E1 6.48e-01 3.14e-02 8.69e-01
SRRM3 8.85e-01 3.14e-02 8.69e-01
PDK4 -8.58e-01 3.15e-02 8.69e-01
LOC100128644 6.27e-01 3.15e-02 8.69e-01
NPL -5.12e-01 3.15e-02 8.69e-01
C12orf74 6.34e-01 3.16e-02 8.69e-01
FLJ16341 6.34e-01 3.16e-02 8.69e-01
ENG 4.92e-01 3.16e-02 8.69e-01
FANCD2 4.38e-01 3.16e-02 8.69e-01
C9orf11 8.41e-01 3.16e-02 8.69e-01
LOC644242 9.34e-01 3.17e-02 8.69e-01
LOC391322 -1.29 3.17e-02 8.69e-01
EBF3 6.30e-01 3.17e-02 8.69e-01
PDZD7 8.41e-01 3.17e-02 8.69e-01
PIP5K1B 5.03e-01 3.17e-02 8.69e-01
PM20D1 8.22e-01 3.17e-02 8.69e-01
SNHG8 -5.26e-01 3.18e-02 8.69e-01
FKBP1B 5.59e-01 3.18e-02 8.69e-01
LOC100288524 -5.19e-01 3.18e-02 8.69e-01
ZC3H8 6.57e-01 3.18e-02 8.69e-01
DCAF12L2 4.96e-01 3.19e-02 8.69e-01
TP53TG1 -5.17e-01 3.19e-02 8.69e-01
PDE4DIP -7.43e-01 3.20e-02 8.69e-01
C12orf68 6.09e-01 3.20e-02 8.69e-01
WDR45 6.27e-01 3.20e-02 8.69e-01
MMP13 6.66e-01 3.20e-02 8.69e-01
UBAP1L -5.80e-01 3.20e-02 8.69e-01
STAG3 7.73e-01 3.21e-02 8.69e-01
XLOC_008185 1.98 3.21e-02 8.69e-01
HACL1 -4.40e-01 3.22e-02 8.69e-01
FAM115C 8.66e-01 3.23e-02 8.69e-01
AVPI1 -5.94e-01 3.23e-02 8.69e-01
NCR1 -7.53e-01 3.23e-02 8.69e-01
PPP1R26 8.20e-01 3.23e-02 8.69e-01
PRDX2 6.35e-01 3.23e-02 8.69e-01
MXI1 6.81e-01 3.23e-02 8.69e-01
TRIM58 8.31e-01 3.24e-02 8.69e-01
ACRV1 8.66e-01 3.24e-02 8.69e-01
LOC150185 7.86e-01 3.24e-02 8.69e-01
PTPLA 7.29e-01 3.25e-02 8.69e-01
FAM105B -5.38e-01 3.25e-02 8.69e-01
DNAAF2 -5.59e-01 3.26e-02 8.69e-01
SETD4 -5.63e-01 3.26e-02 8.69e-01
LOC286058 1.71 3.27e-02 8.69e-01
NKX3-1 8.50e-01 3.27e-02 8.69e-01
SPDYE4 7.34e-01 3.27e-02 8.69e-01
BACE1 1.16 3.27e-02 8.69e-01
HYAL3 6.36e-01 3.28e-02 8.69e-01
GRIPAP1 -6.38e-01 3.28e-02 8.69e-01
RC3H1 -4.94e-01 3.28e-02 8.69e-01
PLSCR5 6.61e-01 3.29e-02 8.69e-01
CNPPD1 6.02e-01 3.29e-02 8.69e-01
LCTL 6.73e-01 3.29e-02 8.69e-01
H2BFM -5.76e-01 3.30e-02 8.69e-01
RNF14 4.53e-01 3.30e-02 8.69e-01
TBX19 -3.99e-01 3.30e-02 8.69e-01
NR2E1 5.58e-01 3.30e-02 8.69e-01
BPIFB4 8.69e-01 3.30e-02 8.69e-01
GPR152 5.08e-01 3.31e-02 8.69e-01
FAM83G 5.37e-01 3.31e-02 8.69e-01
PDXK 6.86e-01 3.31e-02 8.69e-01
TDRG1 9.87e-01 3.32e-02 8.69e-01
CNTRL -9.84e-01 3.32e-02 8.69e-01
MLLT4 -1.18 3.32e-02 8.69e-01
UBE2D3 4.69e-01 3.32e-02 8.69e-01
SHQ1 -5.40e-01 3.32e-02 8.69e-01
LOC553103 6.98e-01 3.33e-02 8.69e-01
C6orf226 -4.80e-01 3.33e-02 8.69e-01
NPL 5.91e-01 3.34e-02 8.69e-01
PLA2G4F 9.10e-01 3.35e-02 8.69e-01
CHEK2 5.35e-01 3.36e-02 8.69e-01
MARC2 5.87e-01 3.36e-02 8.69e-01
C8orf29 -8.24e-01 3.36e-02 8.69e-01
FOXO3 7.41e-01 3.36e-02 8.69e-01
LOC401220 8.98e-01 3.36e-02 8.69e-01
AK2 -4.67e-01 3.36e-02 8.69e-01
ABL1 -8.45e-01 3.37e-02 8.69e-01
XLOC_005764 1.43 3.37e-02 8.69e-01
SLC45A3 -5.97e-01 3.37e-02 8.69e-01
CYB5R2 -1.27 3.38e-02 8.69e-01
C10orf92 8.14e-01 3.38e-02 8.69e-01
TLR6 -4.51e-01 3.38e-02 8.69e-01
C17orf90 -4.95e-01 3.39e-02 8.69e-01
EXOC7 -7.25e-01 3.39e-02 8.69e-01
IFNA7 6.64e-01 3.39e-02 8.69e-01
SAMD12-AS1 9.51e-01 3.40e-02 8.69e-01
KIAA0020 -4.58e-01 3.41e-02 8.69e-01
OOSP1 5.67e-01 3.41e-02 8.69e-01
CASC5 6.54e-01 3.43e-02 8.69e-01
XLOC_009474 8.44e-01 3.43e-02 8.69e-01
C1R -5.29e-01 3.43e-02 8.69e-01
RPS6KB2 -3.77e-01 3.44e-02 8.69e-01
ZFP36L1 -5.34e-01 3.45e-02 8.69e-01
BMP2K 6.24e-01 3.45e-02 8.69e-01
KIR2DL5A -5.53e-01 3.45e-02 8.69e-01
UNC13C 6.54e-01 3.45e-02 8.69e-01
CCDC40 8.42e-01 3.45e-02 8.69e-01
ID1 -8.57e-01 3.46e-02 8.69e-01
TMEM59L 5.98e-01 3.46e-02 8.69e-01
LOC149837 8.61e-01 3.46e-02 8.69e-01
ALOX12B 5.25e-01 3.47e-02 8.69e-01
LOC100653060 9.41e-01 3.47e-02 8.69e-01
PRSS41 8.97e-01 3.47e-02 8.69e-01
MAP2K3 5.43e-01 3.49e-02 8.69e-01
TIGD1 -5.77e-01 3.50e-02 8.69e-01
U2SURP -4.83e-01 3.50e-02 8.69e-01
RASSF1 -4.92e-01 3.50e-02 8.69e-01
LOC286063 8.07e-01 3.51e-02 8.69e-01
WDR67 4.84e-01 3.51e-02 8.69e-01
SGOL1 4.97e-01 3.52e-02 8.69e-01
LOC729658 9.45e-01 3.52e-02 8.69e-01
DHDH 8.23e-01 3.52e-02 8.69e-01
LOC729444 9.58e-01 3.52e-02 8.69e-01
KRTAP19-4 1.00 3.53e-02 8.69e-01
C12orf61 9.45e-01 3.53e-02 8.69e-01
MEMO1 -6.55e-01 3.54e-02 8.69e-01
OR2M5 6.04e-01 3.54e-02 8.69e-01
APOBEC4 6.04e-01 3.54e-02 8.69e-01
FER1L5 7.36e-01 3.54e-02 8.69e-01
MICA -5.02e-01 3.56e-02 8.69e-01
SLC26A10 1.05 3.56e-02 8.69e-01
VN1R4 5.78e-01 3.56e-02 8.69e-01
FABP5 -6.94e-01 3.56e-02 8.69e-01
UBE4B 7.48e-01 3.56e-02 8.69e-01
HDGF 4.30e-01 3.56e-02 8.69e-01
CSAG1 -4.66e-01 3.57e-02 8.69e-01
LOC100129196 -5.88e-01 3.57e-02 8.69e-01
SOLH -4.32e-01 3.57e-02 8.69e-01
HAUS5 -6.85e-01 3.57e-02 8.69e-01
ARF3 -7.94e-01 3.58e-02 8.69e-01
BBS4 -4.67e-01 3.58e-02 8.69e-01
ACTR3BP2 5.70e-01 3.58e-02 8.69e-01
TSFM -4.81e-01 3.58e-02 8.69e-01
XLOC_011950 7.06e-01 3.58e-02 8.69e-01
MYT1 6.22e-01 3.59e-02 8.69e-01
OR10A7 1.09 3.59e-02 8.69e-01
KCMF1 5.48e-01 3.59e-02 8.69e-01
GULP1 6.27e-01 3.59e-02 8.69e-01
TIFAB -7.67e-01 3.60e-02 8.69e-01
DTWD1 -4.61e-01 3.60e-02 8.69e-01
RAB11FIP5 6.27e-01 3.61e-02 8.69e-01
TNS1 7.15e-01 3.61e-02 8.69e-01
CNPY1 7.81e-01 3.61e-02 8.69e-01
TDG -4.57e-01 3.61e-02 8.69e-01
SUDS3 4.59e-01 3.61e-02 8.69e-01
DYNLT1 -8.73e-01 3.62e-02 8.69e-01
SHKBP1 6.28e-01 3.62e-02 8.69e-01
LCN10 5.22e-01 3.62e-02 8.69e-01
EXOSC6 -4.59e-01 3.62e-02 8.69e-01
FAM122A 4.03e-01 3.62e-02 8.69e-01
SMC4 5.03e-01 3.62e-02 8.69e-01
PLEKHM1 -4.89e-01 3.62e-02 8.69e-01
SNORA74A 5.28e-01 3.62e-02 8.69e-01
LOC100130744 -6.27e-01 3.63e-02 8.69e-01
SDCCAG8 5.08e-01 3.63e-02 8.69e-01
LRP11 -7.74e-01 3.64e-02 8.69e-01
SUN5 5.94e-01 3.64e-02 8.69e-01
LINC00473 7.96e-01 3.64e-02 8.69e-01
RGS16 7.52e-01 3.64e-02 8.69e-01
DCUN1D1 4.54e-01 3.65e-02 8.69e-01
MKKS -4.01e-01 3.65e-02 8.69e-01
NANOS1 6.98e-01 3.66e-02 8.69e-01
PAGE2 7.23e-01 3.66e-02 8.69e-01
BPIFA3 7.61e-01 3.66e-02 8.69e-01
NHLRC3 -4.53e-01 3.67e-02 8.69e-01
PDE4D -6.12e-01 3.67e-02 8.69e-01
DNAJB13 1.02 3.67e-02 8.69e-01
PIH1D1 -4.05e-01 3.67e-02 8.69e-01
SOHLH1 7.02e-01 3.67e-02 8.69e-01
WDR45 -8.81e-01 3.68e-02 8.69e-01
FLJ14186 6.52e-01 3.68e-02 8.69e-01
EMR3 5.30e-01 3.69e-02 8.69e-01
MPO -1.58 3.69e-02 8.69e-01
PIWIL2 7.59e-01 3.69e-02 8.69e-01
PDCL2 9.82e-01 3.69e-02 8.69e-01
WDR90 -6.10e-01 3.70e-02 8.69e-01
LOC283854 4.43e-01 3.70e-02 8.69e-01
GTF3C3 -9.75e-01 3.70e-02 8.69e-01
CENPI -5.94e-01 3.70e-02 8.69e-01
LOC283693 -4.34e-01 3.70e-02 8.69e-01
SNORA2B 7.07e-01 3.71e-02 8.69e-01
SLC46A3 4.32e-01 3.71e-02 8.69e-01
ZNF717 -1.10 3.71e-02 8.69e-01
C16orf79 -4.70e-01 3.72e-02 8.69e-01
OR13C5 9.70e-01 3.72e-02 8.69e-01
KRTAP13-1 7.23e-01 3.72e-02 8.69e-01
BTNL9 9.69e-01 3.74e-02 8.69e-01
ZFP82 -4.96e-01 3.74e-02 8.69e-01
ERAP1 -5.07e-01 3.74e-02 8.69e-01
RNU12 4.89e-01 3.74e-02 8.69e-01
ARNT2 6.19e-01 3.74e-02 8.69e-01
SVEP1 6.00e-01 3.75e-02 8.69e-01
TMEM57 3.87e-01 3.75e-02 8.69e-01
VWA5B1 8.15e-01 3.75e-02 8.69e-01
COBLL1 4.53e-01 3.75e-02 8.69e-01
GAD2 6.10e-01 3.75e-02 8.69e-01
EIF1AY 7.25e-01 3.75e-02 8.69e-01
LOC100130817 7.98e-01 3.76e-02 8.69e-01
ADD1 4.77e-01 3.76e-02 8.69e-01
SCP2 5.77e-01 3.76e-02 8.69e-01
SLITRK2 1.01 3.76e-02 8.69e-01
DHRS7C 6.56e-01 3.77e-02 8.69e-01
C10orf90 1.06 3.77e-02 8.69e-01
LOC100127910 -1.05 3.77e-02 8.69e-01
WDR67 -5.06e-01 3.77e-02 8.69e-01
KHDRBS3 -6.98e-01 3.77e-02 8.69e-01
RBM3 -4.79e-01 3.77e-02 8.69e-01
PRSS22 -7.91e-01 3.79e-02 8.69e-01
HECW1 6.68e-01 3.79e-02 8.69e-01
DCAF10 6.60e-01 3.80e-02 8.69e-01
DGCR10 1.03 3.81e-02 8.69e-01
RESP18 8.73e-01 3.81e-02 8.69e-01
LOC84856 8.94e-01 3.81e-02 8.69e-01
FOXA1 4.30e-01 3.82e-02 8.69e-01
LOC283914 5.37e-01 3.83e-02 8.69e-01
ARSE 8.43e-01 3.83e-02 8.69e-01
RSRC1 4.67e-01 3.83e-02 8.69e-01
KLF17 -8.21e-01 3.84e-02 8.69e-01
FN1 9.57e-01 3.84e-02 8.69e-01
APOL1 5.32e-01 3.85e-02 8.69e-01
EMID2 5.82e-01 3.85e-02 8.69e-01
MAGOH -4.88e-01 3.86e-02 8.69e-01
TRPM1 1.25 3.86e-02 8.69e-01
KCNF1 9.84e-01 3.86e-02 8.69e-01
FCRL4 4.78e-01 3.86e-02 8.69e-01
SEZ6 6.40e-01 3.86e-02 8.69e-01
PAX6 6.91e-01 3.87e-02 8.69e-01
RUFY2 -6.03e-01 3.87e-02 8.69e-01
LINC00301 1.08 3.88e-02 8.69e-01
DDX43 -1.24 3.88e-02 8.69e-01
FAT3 7.71e-01 3.88e-02 8.69e-01
GPR52 5.57e-01 3.89e-02 8.69e-01
LOC286109 4.57e-01 3.89e-02 8.69e-01
FLOT2 4.82e-01 3.90e-02 8.69e-01
SIRT5 -9.90e-01 3.90e-02 8.69e-01
GCFC1 -6.22e-01 3.91e-02 8.69e-01
LOC653160 -9.59e-01 3.91e-02 8.69e-01
C11orf63 7.24e-01 3.91e-02 8.69e-01
CCL3 -9.79e-01 3.93e-02 8.69e-01
ZNF215 6.70e-01 3.93e-02 8.69e-01
LOC100190986 -7.57e-01 3.93e-02 8.69e-01
CCNL1 -4.09e-01 3.94e-02 8.69e-01
MRPL15 -3.86e-01 3.94e-02 8.69e-01
CCL3L3 -9.78e-01 3.94e-02 8.69e-01
ZNF266 -5.09e-01 3.94e-02 8.69e-01
VTI1B 4.74e-01 3.94e-02 8.69e-01
TPP2 -5.41e-01 3.96e-02 8.69e-01
DOK5 4.58e-01 3.96e-02 8.69e-01
EPHB4 1.03 3.96e-02 8.69e-01
DNHD1 6.03e-01 3.96e-02 8.69e-01
IFT52 4.34e-01 3.98e-02 8.69e-01
FLJ45482 8.86e-01 3.98e-02 8.69e-01
KLK5 5.84e-01 3.98e-02 8.69e-01
XLOC_008174 -5.49e-01 3.98e-02 8.69e-01
LOC100130849 8.54e-01 3.99e-02 8.69e-01
WIPF1 -5.73e-01 3.99e-02 8.69e-01
BNC2 -8.11e-01 3.99e-02 8.69e-01
TBRG4 -4.21e-01 4.00e-02 8.69e-01
GSTM1 -5.08e-01 4.00e-02 8.69e-01
LOC100507505 -6.92e-01 4.00e-02 8.69e-01
HAPLN4 7.83e-01 4.01e-02 8.69e-01
CAMK1D 5.18e-01 4.01e-02 8.69e-01
HEATR7B2 6.23e-01 4.01e-02 8.69e-01
CYTH1 -6.64e-01 4.01e-02 8.69e-01
MKRN1 4.05e-01 4.02e-02 8.69e-01
EPB42 6.84e-01 4.03e-02 8.69e-01
SPIN3 1.15 4.03e-02 8.69e-01
LOC100132057 -8.73e-01 4.03e-02 8.69e-01
DBX1 -1.44 4.03e-02 8.69e-01
RAD51C -4.75e-01 4.03e-02 8.69e-01
C18orf8 3.90e-01 4.04e-02 8.69e-01
GCNT2 6.63e-01 4.04e-02 8.69e-01
LSM4 -4.22e-01 4.05e-02 8.69e-01
C17orf109 4.64e-01 4.05e-02 8.69e-01
C11orf63 -6.04e-01 4.05e-02 8.69e-01
MATN4 7.39e-01 4.05e-02 8.69e-01
TRIM50 7.31e-01 4.05e-02 8.69e-01
SFI1 -4.99e-01 4.05e-02 8.69e-01
LOC730091 7.41e-01 4.05e-02 8.69e-01
NPAS3 5.48e-01 4.06e-02 8.69e-01
FAM182A 7.59e-01 4.06e-02 8.69e-01
TNFRSF10D -5.69e-01 4.07e-02 8.69e-01
OR2J3 1.28 4.08e-02 8.69e-01
XLOC_001728 -6.81e-01 4.08e-02 8.69e-01
LOC100128946 5.73e-01 4.09e-02 8.69e-01
NAP1L2 -1.25 4.09e-02 8.69e-01
DNAL1 -4.28e-01 4.09e-02 8.69e-01
ID2 -5.28e-01 4.10e-02 8.69e-01
TOP3B -4.22e-01 4.10e-02 8.69e-01
RPS6KA6 9.80e-01 4.10e-02 8.69e-01
LOC150935 8.38e-01 4.10e-02 8.69e-01
MCCC1 -5.57e-01 4.10e-02 8.69e-01
LOC340037 1.35 4.10e-02 8.69e-01
FAM41C 7.60e-01 4.10e-02 8.69e-01
TRAPPC8 -4.76e-01 4.10e-02 8.69e-01
XLOC_002408 6.47e-01 4.10e-02 8.69e-01
TIMM13 -4.74e-01 4.10e-02 8.69e-01
TXNDC2 6.23e-01 4.11e-02 8.69e-01
GALC -4.65e-01 4.11e-02 8.69e-01
DEGS2 5.05e-01 4.11e-02 8.69e-01
CEACAM8 -1.78 4.11e-02 8.69e-01
UGCG -5.91e-01 4.12e-02 8.69e-01
ARL5B 6.74e-01 4.12e-02 8.69e-01
RAD23A 5.76e-01 4.13e-02 8.69e-01
ENPP5 -5.25e-01 4.13e-02 8.69e-01
SLC22A4 6.06e-01 4.13e-02 8.69e-01
GIPC2 -8.63e-01 4.14e-02 8.69e-01
SLC7A13 1.15 4.14e-02 8.69e-01
SLC38A11 8.93e-01 4.14e-02 8.69e-01
BTN3A2 -4.99e-01 4.15e-02 8.69e-01
REM1 7.65e-01 4.15e-02 8.69e-01
DNAJC2 -4.50e-01 4.16e-02 8.69e-01
LOC645949 5.12e-01 4.16e-02 8.69e-01
OR4C13 5.12e-01 4.16e-02 8.69e-01
C20orf103 -7.49e-01 4.16e-02 8.69e-01
XLOC_004598 8.54e-01 4.16e-02 8.69e-01
VWF -7.02e-01 4.17e-02 8.69e-01
LOC100130894 -5.10e-01 4.17e-02 8.69e-01
PDC 1.13 4.17e-02 8.69e-01
LMO7 4.93e-01 4.18e-02 8.69e-01
LOC100131929 -7.77e-01 4.19e-02 8.69e-01
ZNF880 -6.38e-01 4.20e-02 8.69e-01
LOC649294 7.89e-01 4.20e-02 8.69e-01
AMPD1 1.08 4.21e-02 8.69e-01
VSIG8 -6.47e-01 4.22e-02 8.69e-01
FAM168A 1.04 4.23e-02 8.69e-01
OR5H14 6.73e-01 4.23e-02 8.69e-01
DENND5B 4.83e-01 4.23e-02 8.69e-01
TRMT61B -8.49e-01 4.24e-02 8.69e-01
PPM1A 4.16e-01 4.24e-02 8.69e-01
CPS1 7.83e-01 4.24e-02 8.69e-01
HKDC1 -6.66e-01 4.24e-02 8.69e-01
SERPINA1 -7.53e-01 4.24e-02 8.69e-01
KIR2DS4 -4.35e-01 4.24e-02 8.69e-01
MT1F -4.52e-01 4.24e-02 8.69e-01
ATP5G1 -4.37e-01 4.24e-02 8.69e-01
OR2L1P 6.73e-01 4.25e-02 8.69e-01
STARD4 -8.78e-01 4.25e-02 8.69e-01
HOPX -4.69e-01 4.26e-02 8.69e-01
DCP1B 4.57e-01 4.26e-02 8.69e-01
MICAL1 4.09e-01 4.26e-02 8.69e-01
LOC100130931 7.57e-01 4.27e-02 8.69e-01
CSF2RB 4.14e-01 4.27e-02 8.69e-01
BCL2L11 6.45e-01 4.27e-02 8.69e-01
NCK2 -6.03e-01 4.28e-02 8.69e-01
GATA1 5.76e-01 4.28e-02 8.69e-01
LRP1 5.31e-01 4.29e-02 8.69e-01
C2orf48 -9.59e-01 4.29e-02 8.69e-01
BPI -1.33 4.29e-02 8.69e-01
TUBGCP5 -9.05e-01 4.30e-02 8.69e-01
UHRF2 -6.03e-01 4.30e-02 8.69e-01
ERG -8.23e-01 4.31e-02 8.69e-01
FAM24B -6.37e-01 4.31e-02 8.69e-01
TRAF2 6.90e-01 4.31e-02 8.69e-01
C12orf48 5.66e-01 4.31e-02 8.69e-01
GRM8 8.56e-01 4.31e-02 8.69e-01
BOD1 -5.19e-01 4.32e-02 8.69e-01
SULT1A4 -5.02e-01 4.32e-02 8.69e-01
DYRK3 5.87e-01 4.32e-02 8.69e-01
ST13 4.25e-01 4.32e-02 8.69e-01
BTBD3 -6.05e-01 4.32e-02 8.69e-01
TLE1 8.12e-01 4.32e-02 8.69e-01
PTGFRN 4.89e-01 4.33e-02 8.69e-01
LOC201651 1.01 4.33e-02 8.69e-01
MYL2 -5.60e-01 4.33e-02 8.69e-01
PTX3 -6.06e-01 4.33e-02 8.69e-01
TFAP2D 9.53e-01 4.33e-02 8.69e-01
TTC12 -9.88e-01 4.33e-02 8.69e-01
ATP8A2 -7.53e-01 4.33e-02 8.69e-01
C14orf167 -3.97e-01 4.33e-02 8.69e-01
PRRG1 -5.20e-01 4.34e-02 8.69e-01
ZSCAN5B 1.01 4.34e-02 8.69e-01
TET3 6.80e-01 4.35e-02 8.69e-01
CHRNG 6.66e-01 4.35e-02 8.69e-01
FASTKD2 -5.02e-01 4.35e-02 8.69e-01
GALC -5.51e-01 4.36e-02 8.69e-01
LOC441177 1.95 4.36e-02 8.69e-01
SLC10A7 5.17e-01 4.36e-02 8.69e-01
ZCCHC17 -5.98e-01 4.37e-02 8.69e-01
CSGALNACT1 8.19e-01 4.37e-02 8.69e-01
G3BP1 1.07 4.37e-02 8.69e-01
PCDHB2 8.49e-01 4.37e-02 8.69e-01
EFHD1 1.04 4.37e-02 8.69e-01
C9orf142 -4.30e-01 4.39e-02 8.69e-01
OGG1 -4.23e-01 4.39e-02 8.69e-01
ACOT6 1.11 4.40e-02 8.69e-01
KCNC4 6.52e-01 4.40e-02 8.69e-01
GCLC 6.37e-01 4.40e-02 8.69e-01
TAF8 -4.45e-01 4.41e-02 8.69e-01
TTK 5.80e-01 4.41e-02 8.69e-01
NKTR -5.73e-01 4.41e-02 8.69e-01
WNT7B -9.25e-01 4.41e-02 8.69e-01
LOC100505648 -5.92e-01 4.43e-02 8.69e-01
TRIM36 6.14e-01 4.43e-02 8.69e-01
LOC100132319 6.51e-01 4.43e-02 8.69e-01
FAM7A1 -6.09e-01 4.44e-02 8.69e-01
KIR3DL1 -5.20e-01 4.44e-02 8.69e-01
E2F2 6.98e-01 4.44e-02 8.69e-01
ELSPBP1 8.42e-01 4.44e-02 8.69e-01
MS4A18 9.90e-01 4.45e-02 8.69e-01
WARS 4.69e-01 4.45e-02 8.69e-01
H3F3B -5.31e-01 4.45e-02 8.69e-01
ZNF778 -8.28e-01 4.45e-02 8.69e-01
KAT2B 6.47e-01 4.45e-02 8.69e-01
DLG5 -5.99e-01 4.45e-02 8.69e-01
DNAH9 6.89e-01 4.46e-02 8.69e-01
POLR2G -3.78e-01 4.47e-02 8.69e-01
LOC100128869 -6.39e-01 4.47e-02 8.69e-01
DEFA4 -2.04 4.47e-02 8.69e-01
LOC100131581 9.87e-01 4.47e-02 8.69e-01
PION -4.60e-01 4.48e-02 8.69e-01
PON2 -5.05e-01 4.49e-02 8.69e-01
KLHL10 -8.70e-01 4.49e-02 8.69e-01
GSTM2 -6.37e-01 4.50e-02 8.69e-01
SFXN2 -9.20e-01 4.50e-02 8.69e-01
LIPT1 -4.16e-01 4.50e-02 8.69e-01
SLC25A36 -5.79e-01 4.51e-02 8.69e-01
VWA1 5.84e-01 4.51e-02 8.69e-01
CCL4 -7.16e-01 4.51e-02 8.69e-01
CNTN1 1.07 4.52e-02 8.69e-01
PRPF39 -7.06e-01 4.52e-02 8.69e-01
KLHL17 -4.48e-01 4.52e-02 8.69e-01
KCNQ1 4.59e-01 4.52e-02 8.69e-01
KRT9 4.63e-01 4.53e-02 8.69e-01
MEF2BNB 3.63e-01 4.53e-02 8.69e-01
DEFB116 8.31e-01 4.53e-02 8.69e-01
NDUFA4L2 9.17e-01 4.53e-02 8.69e-01
ZSCAN2 7.74e-01 4.53e-02 8.69e-01
DDX52 -4.52e-01 4.55e-02 8.69e-01
LOC730811 6.93e-01 4.56e-02 8.69e-01
EPM2AIP1 -8.02e-01 4.56e-02 8.69e-01
FAN1 -6.51e-01 4.56e-02 8.69e-01
C4orf50 8.43e-01 4.56e-02 8.69e-01
CES5AP1 7.12e-01 4.56e-02 8.69e-01
NIF3L1 -4.27e-01 4.56e-02 8.69e-01
SV2B 5.41e-01 4.58e-02 8.69e-01
NGDN -4.26e-01 4.58e-02 8.69e-01
CALCR 6.60e-01 4.60e-02 8.69e-01
LOC283435 7.61e-01 4.60e-02 8.69e-01
XLOC_014209 -5.68e-01 4.61e-02 8.69e-01
SRSF5 -5.68e-01 4.61e-02 8.69e-01
GFOD1 -5.53e-01 4.61e-02 8.69e-01
NFKBIZ -5.36e-01 4.63e-02 8.69e-01
ACVRL1 8.82e-01 4.63e-02 8.69e-01
SEPT12 6.24e-01 4.63e-02 8.69e-01
C2orf56 -3.53e-01 4.64e-02 8.69e-01
GPR126 1.08 4.64e-02 8.69e-01
INCENP 5.35e-01 4.64e-02 8.69e-01
RN28S1 5.40e-01 4.64e-02 8.69e-01
CTSB 5.90e-01 4.64e-02 8.69e-01
MBNL3 5.95e-01 4.64e-02 8.69e-01
FAM86B2 -4.93e-01 4.64e-02 8.69e-01
ZNF331 8.07e-01 4.65e-02 8.69e-01
FERD3L 1.25 4.65e-02 8.69e-01
PLRG1 -4.07e-01 4.65e-02 8.69e-01
CD99L2 7.78e-01 4.66e-02 8.69e-01
FAM71A 7.69e-01 4.66e-02 8.69e-01
C6orf208 4.77e-01 4.66e-02 8.69e-01
FAM114A1 5.84e-01 4.66e-02 8.69e-01
ZNF461 8.46e-01 4.67e-02 8.69e-01
KRT79 9.11e-01 4.67e-02 8.69e-01
SLC2A8 -7.44e-01 4.68e-02 8.69e-01
SPINK2 -8.58e-01 4.69e-02 8.69e-01
OR14J1 -1.05 4.69e-02 8.69e-01
ENO3 -4.89e-01 4.69e-02 8.69e-01
SETD6 -6.09e-01 4.69e-02 8.69e-01
PARL -4.51e-01 4.69e-02 8.69e-01
KCNRG -7.02e-01 4.70e-02 8.69e-01
FAM75D3 7.42e-01 4.70e-02 8.69e-01
MGC34796 5.93e-01 4.70e-02 8.69e-01
KIAA1468 -5.44e-01 4.70e-02 8.69e-01
PLTP 7.89e-01 4.71e-02 8.69e-01
DHX57 -5.96e-01 4.71e-02 8.69e-01
KANSL2 -6.09e-01 4.72e-02 8.69e-01
HK1 4.94e-01 4.72e-02 8.69e-01
CADPS -7.58e-01 4.72e-02 8.69e-01
PRKD2 3.57e-01 4.72e-02 8.69e-01
MPL 6.70e-01 4.72e-02 8.69e-01
GIT1 6.92e-01 4.72e-02 8.69e-01
LOC730020 -1.15 4.72e-02 8.69e-01
ZNF643 -6.22e-01 4.73e-02 8.69e-01
RAD17 -5.68e-01 4.75e-02 8.69e-01
RASSF4 -4.54e-01 4.76e-02 8.69e-01
SNHG12 -6.57e-01 4.76e-02 8.69e-01
FOXO3 6.88e-01 4.76e-02 8.69e-01
ICOSLG 6.81e-01 4.76e-02 8.69e-01
GALT 5.33e-01 4.77e-02 8.69e-01
NRIP3 4.31e-01 4.77e-02 8.69e-01
SCN4A -6.80e-01 4.77e-02 8.69e-01
PAGE2B 6.92e-01 4.77e-02 8.69e-01
XLOC_008174 -4.52e-01 4.78e-02 8.69e-01
CLEC5A 8.73e-01 4.78e-02 8.69e-01
YES1 -6.69e-01 4.78e-02 8.69e-01
HDLBP 3.97e-01 4.78e-02 8.69e-01
CDX4 6.30e-01 4.79e-02 8.69e-01
OR6P1 1.36 4.79e-02 8.69e-01
CALML6 -5.19e-01 4.79e-02 8.69e-01
SEMA3G 5.41e-01 4.80e-02 8.69e-01
ZNF248 -6.37e-01 4.80e-02 8.69e-01
CLSPN 4.54e-01 4.80e-02 8.69e-01
LEPR 3.57e-01 4.80e-02 8.69e-01
GSG1 9.00e-01 4.80e-02 8.69e-01
EPX 9.00e-01 4.81e-02 8.69e-01
PIP4K2B -3.74e-01 4.81e-02 8.69e-01
DCAF6 4.68e-01 4.82e-02 8.69e-01
ETV1 -5.76e-01 4.82e-02 8.69e-01
LOC100131831 -5.08e-01 4.83e-02 8.69e-01
ACPP 4.70e-01 4.83e-02 8.69e-01
EID3 -7.53e-01 4.83e-02 8.69e-01
HEPHL1 6.11e-01 4.83e-02 8.69e-01
DDTL 1.06 4.84e-02 8.69e-01
MXRA5 1.15 4.84e-02 8.69e-01
TSPAN10 1.04 4.84e-02 8.69e-01
LINC00052 1.16 4.84e-02 8.69e-01
CTSG -1.85 4.85e-02 8.69e-01
PLIN4 -5.15e-01 4.85e-02 8.69e-01
XLOC_010337 5.62e-01 4.86e-02 8.69e-01
ZNF729 1.01 4.86e-02 8.69e-01
C14orf135 -8.05e-01 4.86e-02 8.69e-01
SRGAP2 -5.05e-01 4.87e-02 8.69e-01
ZNF282 5.99e-01 4.88e-02 8.69e-01
TBC1D3B -4.56e-01 4.88e-02 8.69e-01
KIAA1324 1.75 4.88e-02 8.69e-01
LOC392196 4.66e-01 4.89e-02 8.69e-01
RGMB -6.13e-01 4.89e-02 8.69e-01
MZT2A -6.99e-01 4.89e-02 8.69e-01
ZNF266 -5.24e-01 4.90e-02 8.69e-01
FECH 8.20e-01 4.90e-02 8.69e-01
APTX -3.72e-01 4.90e-02 8.69e-01
LOC401847 7.38e-01 4.91e-02 8.69e-01
GRAMD1C -8.26e-01 4.91e-02 8.69e-01
MAP1LC3C -9.70e-01 4.91e-02 8.69e-01
ARL16 -3.65e-01 4.91e-02 8.69e-01
LINC00311 6.50e-01 4.92e-02 8.69e-01
CCNH -3.57e-01 4.92e-02 8.69e-01
ZG16 6.50e-01 4.93e-02 8.69e-01
LOC283038 -7.70e-01 4.93e-02 8.69e-01
DNAH2 7.13e-01 4.93e-02 8.69e-01
OR9G9 1.79 4.94e-02 8.69e-01
OR7C1 1.08 4.94e-02 8.69e-01
LRRC10B 8.15e-01 4.94e-02 8.69e-01
SIPA1L1 4.70e-01 4.95e-02 8.69e-01
GTF3C4 4.58e-01 4.95e-02 8.69e-01
PDE8A -6.40e-01 4.95e-02 8.69e-01
XLOC_013282 -6.17e-01 4.95e-02 8.69e-01
PNPLA2 5.14e-01 4.95e-02 8.69e-01
FLJ46552 7.01e-01 4.96e-02 8.69e-01
KIR3DL3 -5.60e-01 4.96e-02 8.69e-01
AGT 5.67e-01 4.96e-02 8.69e-01
C9orf40 4.81e-01 4.97e-02 8.69e-01
SLC6A8 5.54e-01 4.98e-02 8.69e-01
GJB6 -6.54e-01 5.00e-02 8.69e-01
TMEM8C 5.85e-01 5.02e-02 8.69e-01
NPBWR2 8.09e-01 5.02e-02 8.69e-01
MTHFD1L 4.00e-01 5.02e-02 8.69e-01
C7orf36 -3.96e-01 5.03e-02 8.69e-01
SOX13 6.88e-01 5.03e-02 8.69e-01
PRR19 6.54e-01 5.03e-02 8.69e-01
GPR139 1.02 5.04e-02 8.69e-01
LOC145694 8.57e-01 5.04e-02 8.69e-01
RASGRP2 -4.72e-01 5.04e-02 8.69e-01
HRSP12 5.08e-01 5.04e-02 8.69e-01
C21orf7 -5.92e-01 5.05e-02 8.69e-01
LOC100130701 8.71e-01 5.05e-02 8.69e-01
IMMP2L -6.03e-01 5.06e-02 8.69e-01
SYNGR1 -6.05e-01 5.06e-02 8.69e-01
LOC401980 9.13e-01 5.06e-02 8.69e-01
ZNF331 -7.22e-01 5.06e-02 8.69e-01
FBXO9 5.72e-01 5.06e-02 8.69e-01
INGX 6.92e-01 5.06e-02 8.69e-01
MMAB -7.89e-01 5.07e-02 8.69e-01
ZNF571 -4.10e-01 5.07e-02 8.69e-01
WNT7A 4.07e-01 5.07e-02 8.69e-01
CXCL12 4.73e-01 5.08e-02 8.69e-01
HSF5 6.03e-01 5.08e-02 8.69e-01
CSN2 9.21e-01 5.08e-02 8.69e-01
ADAMTS12 6.10e-01 5.08e-02 8.69e-01
PIGL -4.11e-01 5.09e-02 8.69e-01
C5orf4 6.16e-01 5.10e-02 8.69e-01
TNFRSF25 -5.89e-01 5.10e-02 8.69e-01
BHLHA9 7.12e-01 5.10e-02 8.69e-01
HSD17B7 -3.47e-01 5.11e-02 8.69e-01
GPR161 5.64e-01 5.12e-02 8.69e-01
TMEM27 4.99e-01 5.12e-02 8.69e-01
LOC729305 1.16 5.13e-02 8.69e-01
SEMA4F 9.23e-01 5.13e-02 8.69e-01
MAP7 4.21e-01 5.13e-02 8.69e-01
RBPJL 6.90e-01 5.13e-02 8.69e-01
RG9MTD3 -5.15e-01 5.15e-02 8.69e-01
FAM118A -4.48e-01 5.15e-02 8.69e-01
ATAD3B -4.86e-01 5.15e-02 8.69e-01
CERS3 -9.57e-01 5.15e-02 8.69e-01
LOC100129413 8.69e-01 5.15e-02 8.69e-01
LOC100132339 3.82e-01 5.16e-02 8.69e-01
POMT2 -5.48e-01 5.16e-02 8.69e-01
ABCC13 5.76e-01 5.16e-02 8.69e-01
RSAD1 -4.09e-01 5.16e-02 8.69e-01
OPN3 4.63e-01 5.17e-02 8.69e-01
OR1J1 -7.82e-01 5.17e-02 8.69e-01
SRSF2 -4.20e-01 5.17e-02 8.69e-01
CPNE6 6.80e-01 5.17e-02 8.69e-01
LOC728503 4.25e-01 5.17e-02 8.69e-01
TRAIP -4.58e-01 5.17e-02 8.69e-01
FOXP3 6.03e-01 5.18e-02 8.69e-01
C13orf16 6.74e-01 5.18e-02 8.69e-01
C12orf24 -5.49e-01 5.19e-02 8.69e-01
HPS1 8.47e-01 5.19e-02 8.69e-01
PTGR2 -7.19e-01 5.19e-02 8.69e-01
SHF 5.99e-01 5.19e-02 8.69e-01
HOXC8 6.10e-01 5.19e-02 8.69e-01
GAK -6.28e-01 5.19e-02 8.69e-01
HDDC2 -4.47e-01 5.20e-02 8.69e-01
PRB3 9.83e-01 5.20e-02 8.69e-01
RBPJL 6.25e-01 5.20e-02 8.69e-01
TGDS -4.88e-01 5.20e-02 8.69e-01
CHRNE -4.52e-01 5.21e-02 8.69e-01
HDC -6.38e-01 5.21e-02 8.69e-01
ATG16L2 -4.75e-01 5.21e-02 8.69e-01
PPP2R3A 3.98e-01 5.21e-02 8.69e-01
MYBL1 -6.10e-01 5.21e-02 8.69e-01
RCOR3 4.38e-01 5.21e-02 8.69e-01
MGC24103 -8.38e-01 5.22e-02 8.69e-01
BTAF1 -4.49e-01 5.22e-02 8.69e-01
DBF4 5.93e-01 5.22e-02 8.69e-01
LOC643327 -4.88e-01 5.23e-02 8.69e-01
WDR62 1.14 5.23e-02 8.69e-01
OR13D1 6.85e-01 5.23e-02 8.69e-01
HACE1 -1.29 5.23e-02 8.69e-01
OR14A16 7.18e-01 5.24e-02 8.69e-01
SLC48A1 6.02e-01 5.24e-02 8.69e-01
XLOC_003677 7.92e-01 5.24e-02 8.69e-01
ACOT13 -3.77e-01 5.25e-02 8.69e-01
WDR53 -4.77e-01 5.25e-02 8.69e-01
LINC00305 5.70e-01 5.25e-02 8.69e-01
DPY19L1P1 4.40e-01 5.25e-02 8.69e-01
ZNF133 -3.61e-01 5.25e-02 8.69e-01
PACSIN3 7.86e-01 5.25e-02 8.69e-01
PLA2G12A -5.00e-01 5.26e-02 8.69e-01
PLCB1 -5.94e-01 5.26e-02 8.69e-01
PABPC1L -7.47e-01 5.26e-02 8.69e-01
ABHD6 -5.70e-01 5.26e-02 8.69e-01
TRIM41 3.84e-01 5.27e-02 8.69e-01
ATP2B4 3.65e-01 5.27e-02 8.69e-01
LDB1 5.35e-01 5.27e-02 8.69e-01
PRTFDC1 -5.56e-01 5.27e-02 8.69e-01
GEMIN8 -4.45e-01 5.28e-02 8.69e-01
LOC728316 5.29e-01 5.28e-02 8.69e-01
MED12 3.86e-01 5.28e-02 8.69e-01
C15orf48 -7.40e-01 5.28e-02 8.69e-01
PDGFRB -1.05 5.28e-02 8.69e-01
SSH2 -6.31e-01 5.29e-02 8.69e-01
PIGH -4.10e-01 5.29e-02 8.69e-01
UNC13B 6.71e-01 5.29e-02 8.69e-01
KLHDC9 -5.71e-01 5.30e-02 8.69e-01
ZRANB3 5.48e-01 5.30e-02 8.69e-01
LOC731424 1.20 5.30e-02 8.69e-01
ZCCHC11 -5.98e-01 5.30e-02 8.69e-01
LOC100128822 -4.54e-01 5.31e-02 8.69e-01
TBCC -4.96e-01 5.32e-02 8.69e-01
KREMEN1 1.22 5.32e-02 8.69e-01
LRP11 7.85e-01 5.32e-02 8.69e-01
UGT8 5.37e-01 5.33e-02 8.69e-01
SIRPB1 1.75 5.33e-02 8.69e-01
PBX4 -6.79e-01 5.33e-02 8.69e-01
MPPED1 6.92e-01 5.34e-02 8.69e-01
XLOC_008174 -5.70e-01 5.34e-02 8.69e-01
RAB11FIP1 4.91e-01 5.35e-02 8.69e-01
LOC100131232 8.52e-01 5.35e-02 8.69e-01
PIM1 4.76e-01 5.36e-02 8.69e-01
CHIA 6.16e-01 5.36e-02 8.69e-01
LOC202025 -6.25e-01 5.37e-02 8.69e-01
TAF11 -4.82e-01 5.37e-02 8.69e-01
TUBBP5 8.34e-01 5.38e-02 8.69e-01
BRD4 1.33 5.38e-02 8.69e-01
AGPAT3 3.67e-01 5.39e-02 8.69e-01
KRT84 7.17e-01 5.39e-02 8.69e-01
RCC1 4.77e-01 5.39e-02 8.69e-01
RPAIN -4.15e-01 5.39e-02 8.69e-01
SERPINB13 -8.34e-01 5.39e-02 8.69e-01
ANK1 5.52e-01 5.39e-02 8.69e-01
HUS1B -6.87e-01 5.39e-02 8.69e-01
MSX2P1 -4.15e-01 5.40e-02 8.69e-01
DTNA 6.13e-01 5.41e-02 8.69e-01
AKAP9 3.66e-01 5.41e-02 8.69e-01
PGA3 6.23e-01 5.41e-02 8.69e-01
ALKBH2 -4.39e-01 5.42e-02 8.69e-01
LOC100127991 8.21e-01 5.42e-02 8.69e-01
LOC644450 8.06e-01 5.42e-02 8.69e-01
ZBTB16 -3.77e-01 5.43e-02 8.69e-01
FRA10AC1 4.58e-01 5.43e-02 8.69e-01
FCHO2 5.19e-01 5.43e-02 8.69e-01
LOC388796 -6.60e-01 5.44e-02 8.69e-01
ARNT2 6.57e-01 5.44e-02 8.69e-01
GPR97 4.84e-01 5.44e-02 8.69e-01
ENTPD7 8.88e-01 5.44e-02 8.69e-01
C15orf42 4.53e-01 5.44e-02 8.69e-01
QPCT 5.88e-01 5.45e-02 8.69e-01
XLOC_009474 4.42e-01 5.45e-02 8.69e-01
TRIT1 -5.44e-01 5.45e-02 8.69e-01
OR4Q3 -6.14e-01 5.46e-02 8.69e-01
TNNT3 -6.43e-01 5.46e-02 8.69e-01
YIPF2 4.56e-01 5.46e-02 8.69e-01
FBXL18 4.55e-01 5.47e-02 8.69e-01
C3orf23 -4.94e-01 5.47e-02 8.69e-01
XLOC_006925 9.79e-01 5.48e-02 8.69e-01
ZBTB46 -7.12e-01 5.48e-02 8.69e-01
CHPF 7.75e-01 5.48e-02 8.69e-01
LOC100128371 3.86e-01 5.48e-02 8.69e-01
ABCG4 9.01e-01 5.48e-02 8.69e-01
SYAP1 5.42e-01 5.49e-02 8.69e-01
UBE2I -6.34e-01 5.49e-02 8.69e-01
KRTAP20-1 5.91e-01 5.51e-02 8.69e-01
HCG26 -6.14e-01 5.51e-02 8.69e-01
AR -6.43e-01 5.51e-02 8.69e-01
ACTR5 5.17e-01 5.51e-02 8.69e-01
CCDC38 9.38e-01 5.51e-02 8.69e-01
AMBRA1 -1.03 5.52e-02 8.69e-01
OR4A47 8.02e-01 5.52e-02 8.69e-01
ID2 -5.52e-01 5.52e-02 8.69e-01
C18orf45 -5.63e-01 5.52e-02 8.69e-01
SH3BGRL2 -5.84e-01 5.53e-02 8.69e-01
ADAMTS1 -1.11 5.54e-02 8.69e-01
PPIH 1.21 5.54e-02 8.69e-01
NAT8 6.92e-01 5.55e-02 8.69e-01
SLC17A2 4.56e-01 5.56e-02 8.69e-01
LCE3E 5.81e-01 5.56e-02 8.69e-01
CCDC73 5.06e-01 5.56e-02 8.69e-01
ZNF526 -4.41e-01 5.57e-02 8.69e-01
SH2D4B 6.04e-01 5.57e-02 8.69e-01
XLOC_000294 6.96e-01 5.57e-02 8.69e-01
PIP4K2A -7.06e-01 5.57e-02 8.69e-01
PCDHA8 6.34e-01 5.57e-02 8.69e-01
ARL17B 3.78e-01 5.57e-02 8.69e-01
NCALD 5.25e-01 5.57e-02 8.69e-01
ABCA13 -1.16 5.57e-02 8.69e-01
ZNF558 -4.57e-01 5.57e-02 8.69e-01
CX3CL1 8.92e-01 5.58e-02 8.69e-01
TRIM49L2 1.26 5.59e-02 8.69e-01
PROX2 -6.55e-01 5.60e-02 8.69e-01
DHX34 -5.15e-01 5.61e-02 8.69e-01
PIP5K1B 5.51e-01 5.61e-02 8.69e-01
TRAPPC6B 5.47e-01 5.61e-02 8.69e-01
FLJ32224 7.64e-01 5.62e-02 8.69e-01
SLC38A10 1.14 5.62e-02 8.69e-01
SLC35E3 -3.79e-01 5.62e-02 8.69e-01
MAMSTR 6.85e-01 5.62e-02 8.69e-01
C19orf12 -4.70e-01 5.62e-02 8.69e-01
FMO6P 6.49e-01 5.63e-02 8.69e-01
C6orf26 -1.39 5.63e-02 8.69e-01
B3GNT4 1.01 5.65e-02 8.69e-01
DEM1 -4.80e-01 5.65e-02 8.69e-01
C15orf59 -5.75e-01 5.65e-02 8.69e-01
SLC35F2 6.84e-01 5.65e-02 8.69e-01
KIAA1984 7.38e-01 5.66e-02 8.69e-01
FLG 5.81e-01 5.66e-02 8.69e-01
PRO0628 -6.50e-01 5.67e-02 8.69e-01
SYNE1 -9.73e-01 5.67e-02 8.69e-01
LRP10 4.41e-01 5.67e-02 8.69e-01
WASF2 5.07e-01 5.68e-02 8.69e-01
VAC14 -7.21e-01 5.68e-02 8.69e-01
ARL4C -4.08e-01 5.68e-02 8.69e-01
SMARCAD1 -4.09e-01 5.68e-02 8.69e-01
SPC24 -6.90e-01 5.68e-02 8.69e-01
NFE2 4.76e-01 5.69e-02 8.69e-01
GPATCH4 6.42e-01 5.69e-02 8.69e-01
WDR36 -5.15e-01 5.69e-02 8.69e-01
CD86 -5.89e-01 5.69e-02 8.69e-01
SF1 -6.80e-01 5.70e-02 8.69e-01
CCDC111 -3.64e-01 5.70e-02 8.69e-01
LTF -1.64 5.71e-02 8.69e-01
PRR22 -9.73e-01 5.71e-02 8.69e-01
NAP1L5 -4.77e-01 5.71e-02 8.69e-01
FABP5 -4.54e-01 5.71e-02 8.69e-01
ANKRD65 8.41e-01 5.71e-02 8.69e-01
LOC729164 6.54e-01 5.72e-02 8.69e-01
TNFRSF13B 6.26e-01 5.72e-02 8.69e-01
LOC100129363 6.58e-01 5.72e-02 8.69e-01
DNM1L -4.39e-01 5.72e-02 8.69e-01
LOC723809 7.98e-01 5.72e-02 8.69e-01
COL14A1 4.70e-01 5.72e-02 8.69e-01
SUB1 -4.08e-01 5.73e-02 8.69e-01
SLC1A7 -5.64e-01 5.73e-02 8.69e-01
XLOC_014192 8.66e-01 5.73e-02 8.69e-01
C1orf70 3.96e-01 5.73e-02 8.69e-01
RTN1 -4.84e-01 5.74e-02 8.69e-01
TMOD4 -4.18e-01 5.74e-02 8.69e-01
STOX1 -8.09e-01 5.75e-02 8.69e-01
AP1S3 1.49 5.75e-02 8.69e-01
ESRRB 1.07 5.76e-02 8.69e-01
KCNK17 4.70e-01 5.76e-02 8.69e-01
OR6C1 5.76e-01 5.76e-02 8.69e-01
TRIM45 -4.78e-01 5.76e-02 8.69e-01
TLK2 5.44e-01 5.76e-02 8.69e-01
STRA6 6.56e-01 5.77e-02 8.69e-01
CDKN2B 6.72e-01 5.77e-02 8.69e-01
ZCWPW2 5.60e-01 5.77e-02 8.69e-01
DARC 5.15e-01 5.78e-02 8.69e-01
CLLU1 5.98e-01 5.78e-02 8.69e-01
IGSF5 7.59e-01 5.78e-02 8.69e-01
LOC284023 9.27e-01 5.78e-02 8.69e-01
CDH23 -4.57e-01 5.79e-02 8.69e-01
ZMYND10 -4.25e-01 5.79e-02 8.69e-01
MOG 5.74e-01 5.79e-02 8.69e-01
DBNL -6.73e-01 5.79e-02 8.69e-01
C4orf37 5.61e-01 5.80e-02 8.69e-01
DCBLD2 7.10e-01 5.80e-02 8.69e-01
CEP57L1 4.98e-01 5.80e-02 8.69e-01
SIGLEC10 5.05e-01 5.80e-02 8.69e-01
XLOC_014209 -4.71e-01 5.81e-02 8.69e-01
DCLK3 1.08 5.81e-02 8.69e-01
TTTY14 -4.93e-01 5.82e-02 8.69e-01
SRSF7 -4.62e-01 5.82e-02 8.69e-01
MGC12488 -6.53e-01 5.82e-02 8.69e-01
LRIT2 1.09 5.83e-02 8.69e-01
GPRC5A -4.95e-01 5.83e-02 8.69e-01
LOC375196 -7.21e-01 5.83e-02 8.69e-01
LOC284240 8.71e-01 5.83e-02 8.69e-01
RFX3 4.88e-01 5.83e-02 8.69e-01
LOC100507236 7.20e-01 5.84e-02 8.69e-01
RGPD1 -1.01 5.84e-02 8.69e-01
LOC100133331 -4.96e-01 5.84e-02 8.69e-01
HEATR2 4.44e-01 5.84e-02 8.69e-01
TGFBR2 -5.98e-01 5.84e-02 8.69e-01
TASP1 -4.15e-01 5.84e-02 8.69e-01
IPMK 5.62e-01 5.85e-02 8.69e-01
HYDIN 6.18e-01 5.85e-02 8.69e-01
ZNF154 1.03 5.85e-02 8.69e-01
ZFP82 -7.67e-01 5.85e-02 8.69e-01
RABGGTB -5.12e-01 5.86e-02 8.69e-01
LRRFIP2 3.79e-01 5.86e-02 8.69e-01
KHDRBS3 -6.27e-01 5.87e-02 8.69e-01
PDE4DIP 4.38e-01 5.87e-02 8.69e-01
LRRTM2 1.46 5.87e-02 8.69e-01
NEURL4 -3.91e-01 5.87e-02 8.69e-01
CXorf57 -5.39e-01 5.87e-02 8.69e-01
SLC9A10 8.61e-01 5.88e-02 8.69e-01
LOC100131564 -8.10e-01 5.88e-02 8.69e-01
LEPROT -4.76e-01 5.88e-02 8.69e-01
RDM1 -1.25 5.88e-02 8.69e-01
LOC731275 -4.42e-01 5.89e-02 8.69e-01
ZNF77 -5.10e-01 5.89e-02 8.69e-01
RAVER1 3.84e-01 5.89e-02 8.69e-01
ZWILCH -4.53e-01 5.89e-02 8.69e-01
TTC26 9.01e-01 5.90e-02 8.69e-01
LOC440993 -5.95e-01 5.91e-02 8.69e-01
PTOV1 3.48e-01 5.91e-02 8.69e-01
LOC642361 -4.17e-01 5.91e-02 8.69e-01
CLIC6 5.95e-01 5.91e-02 8.69e-01
SERPINA3 -7.32e-01 5.92e-02 8.69e-01
PCBP2 4.10e-01 5.92e-02 8.69e-01
FAM19A5 8.42e-01 5.92e-02 8.69e-01
GRM6 -5.73e-01 5.92e-02 8.69e-01
MIA -5.45e-01 5.93e-02 8.69e-01
REEP6 -3.71e-01 5.93e-02 8.69e-01
ABCD3 -5.18e-01 5.94e-02 8.69e-01
EPHX4 7.31e-01 5.94e-02 8.69e-01
PCOLCE2 -1.37 5.94e-02 8.69e-01
XLOC_004366 -8.91e-01 5.94e-02 8.69e-01
RABGAP1 -7.39e-01 5.96e-02 8.69e-01
PPP4R1L 7.85e-01 5.96e-02 8.69e-01
ITGB2 1.70 5.96e-02 8.69e-01
POGLUT1 -5.02e-01 5.97e-02 8.69e-01
RMND5A 3.69e-01 5.97e-02 8.69e-01
PRR4 -3.95e-01 5.97e-02 8.69e-01
FOXS1 7.34e-01 5.97e-02 8.69e-01
MT1B 4.14e-01 5.98e-02 8.69e-01
EIF2B3 -4.14e-01 5.98e-02 8.69e-01
TANK 4.37e-01 5.98e-02 8.69e-01
SI 7.02e-01 5.98e-02 8.69e-01
LOC731932 -4.78e-01 5.98e-02 8.69e-01
C9orf80 -4.17e-01 5.98e-02 8.69e-01
C22orf40 -3.79e-01 5.99e-02 8.69e-01
C12orf54 1.09 5.99e-02 8.69e-01
PDXK 4.22e-01 5.99e-02 8.69e-01
ZNF295-AS1 8.76e-01 6.00e-02 8.69e-01
IMMT -1.01 6.01e-02 8.69e-01
SEMA5B 8.14e-01 6.01e-02 8.69e-01
SLC4A8 1.08 6.01e-02 8.69e-01
TRPM6 -5.74e-01 6.01e-02 8.69e-01
CDC27 5.04e-01 6.02e-02 8.69e-01
FCAR -8.07e-01 6.02e-02 8.69e-01
SHROOM4 -4.95e-01 6.03e-02 8.69e-01
ENTPD5 4.41e-01 6.03e-02 8.69e-01
EIF4EBP2 4.22e-01 6.03e-02 8.69e-01
POC5 -4.55e-01 6.03e-02 8.69e-01
CYP2S1 7.95e-01 6.04e-02 8.69e-01
UBA1 3.78e-01 6.05e-02 8.69e-01
PPIL2 9.25e-01 6.05e-02 8.69e-01
LOC100128881 8.24e-01 6.05e-02 8.69e-01
LOC100128857 -8.49e-01 6.06e-02 8.69e-01
C4orf27 -4.52e-01 6.06e-02 8.69e-01
ZNF569 8.03e-01 6.06e-02 8.69e-01
XLOC_006828 -6.56e-01 6.07e-02 8.69e-01
HES6 -6.14e-01 6.07e-02 8.69e-01
LYG1 -5.27e-01 6.07e-02 8.69e-01
ABCC6P1 8.27e-01 6.08e-02 8.69e-01
C9orf3 6.14e-01 6.08e-02 8.69e-01
NANS 3.87e-01 6.09e-02 8.69e-01
VPRBP -4.25e-01 6.09e-02 8.69e-01
IFNB1 6.73e-01 6.09e-02 8.69e-01
KRTAP13-2 4.35e-01 6.10e-02 8.69e-01
KCNE1 5.35e-01 6.10e-02 8.69e-01
TFAP2B 1.06 6.10e-02 8.69e-01
C9orf89 -4.38e-01 6.10e-02 8.69e-01
CCND3 -3.81e-01 6.11e-02 8.69e-01
NARG2 -7.07e-01 6.11e-02 8.69e-01
LOC100128429 9.44e-01 6.11e-02 8.69e-01
WHSC1L1 4.12e-01 6.11e-02 8.69e-01
LOC100506533 -7.23e-01 6.11e-02 8.69e-01
COQ3 -6.95e-01 6.11e-02 8.69e-01
DSCAML1 2.38 6.11e-02 8.69e-01
NBEAL1 5.11e-01 6.13e-02 8.69e-01
SPG20 -5.25e-01 6.13e-02 8.69e-01
DKKL1 1.66 6.14e-02 8.69e-01
CIRBP -6.15e-01 6.14e-02 8.69e-01
PRPF40A -4.06e-01 6.14e-02 8.69e-01
CLIC2 6.02e-01 6.15e-02 8.69e-01
ALLC 4.19e-01 6.15e-02 8.69e-01
XLOC_012826 5.00e-01 6.15e-02 8.69e-01
LINC00176 8.11e-01 6.15e-02 8.69e-01
LOC100132249 5.25e-01 6.15e-02 8.69e-01
KRTAP3-1 4.16e-01 6.15e-02 8.69e-01
DKFZP434L187 -8.26e-01 6.16e-02 8.69e-01
STAU1 4.23e-01 6.16e-02 8.69e-01
MAPK15 6.05e-01 6.16e-02 8.69e-01
C11orf21 -4.20e-01 6.16e-02 8.69e-01
ADPGK -4.28e-01 6.18e-02 8.69e-01
TP63 6.35e-01 6.18e-02 8.69e-01
LOC440173 6.26e-01 6.18e-02 8.69e-01
TTC28-AS1 -4.75e-01 6.18e-02 8.69e-01
VWA1 5.91e-01 6.18e-02 8.69e-01
HBBP1 8.38e-01 6.19e-02 8.69e-01
CNTRL -7.08e-01 6.19e-02 8.69e-01
RNASET2 1.15 6.19e-02 8.69e-01
ELANE -1.53 6.19e-02 8.69e-01
WIPI1 -3.89e-01 6.20e-02 8.69e-01
LOC100128402 -3.86e-01 6.20e-02 8.69e-01
DNAJC27 -4.54e-01 6.20e-02 8.69e-01
LOC100128816 -7.41e-01 6.20e-02 8.69e-01
REXO1L1 -6.43e-01 6.21e-02 8.69e-01
FBXL17 -5.13e-01 6.21e-02 8.69e-01
ACTR6 -3.85e-01 6.21e-02 8.69e-01
TEX13B 1.18 6.21e-02 8.69e-01
DCAF8L2 8.73e-01 6.23e-02 8.69e-01
TNFAIP8L1 -6.84e-01 6.23e-02 8.69e-01
RPF2 -4.17e-01 6.24e-02 8.69e-01
CXCR4 -4.95e-01 6.24e-02 8.69e-01
FAM91A1 5.02e-01 6.24e-02 8.69e-01
MBD6 4.14e-01 6.24e-02 8.69e-01
XLOC_000470 1.20 6.25e-02 8.69e-01
CSAG3 5.80e-01 6.25e-02 8.69e-01
GDPD3 -6.93e-01 6.25e-02 8.69e-01
LRRC32 4.85e-01 6.26e-02 8.69e-01
PODNL1 7.38e-01 6.26e-02 8.69e-01
MAGI3 -6.85e-01 6.26e-02 8.69e-01
PCDHB10 6.57e-01 6.26e-02 8.69e-01
EIF4A2 -4.26e-01 6.26e-02 8.69e-01
HEATR7B1 8.68e-01 6.26e-02 8.69e-01
PPME1 3.73e-01 6.26e-02 8.69e-01
ARL17B 6.32e-01 6.27e-02 8.69e-01
ESR1 7.10e-01 6.27e-02 8.69e-01
C6orf70 -7.66e-01 6.27e-02 8.69e-01
MSTO1 -5.02e-01 6.27e-02 8.69e-01
AASDH -4.86e-01 6.29e-02 8.69e-01
GZMK -5.30e-01 6.29e-02 8.69e-01
BAALC -4.50e-01 6.29e-02 8.69e-01
OR1G1 7.33e-01 6.30e-02 8.69e-01
KDM4B 6.02e-01 6.30e-02 8.69e-01
NIF3L1 -3.42e-01 6.30e-02 8.69e-01
OR52E2 6.66e-01 6.31e-02 8.69e-01
C6orf130 -4.08e-01 6.31e-02 8.69e-01
AOC3 -5.48e-01 6.31e-02 8.69e-01
DLX1 1.24 6.31e-02 8.69e-01
MAP6D1 -4.05e-01 6.31e-02 8.69e-01
GJC2 7.91e-01 6.32e-02 8.69e-01
SLC12A2 -4.90e-01 6.32e-02 8.69e-01
SLC1A5 6.89e-01 6.33e-02 8.69e-01
LRRC48 -1.40 6.34e-02 8.69e-01
ACOT8 4.86e-01 6.34e-02 8.69e-01
PPIEL 5.39e-01 6.34e-02 8.69e-01
TP53I3 -5.60e-01 6.35e-02 8.69e-01
FAM59A -7.21e-01 6.35e-02 8.69e-01
RASSF10 7.99e-01 6.35e-02 8.69e-01
TRA2B -3.71e-01 6.36e-02 8.69e-01
CCDC23 3.63e-01 6.36e-02 8.69e-01
FLJ42102 -9.56e-01 6.36e-02 8.69e-01
XLOC_003428 7.49e-01 6.37e-02 8.69e-01
PEX7 -3.10e-01 6.37e-02 8.69e-01
RAB9BP1 -4.28e-01 6.38e-02 8.69e-01
DIP2C 1.28 6.38e-02 8.69e-01
LOC100506310 5.28e-01 6.39e-02 8.69e-01
SULT1C4 -8.47e-01 6.39e-02 8.69e-01
SSU72 6.31e-01 6.40e-02 8.69e-01
LOC283070 4.68e-01 6.40e-02 8.69e-01
FOSB -8.56e-01 6.40e-02 8.69e-01
C13orf33 -8.71e-01 6.40e-02 8.69e-01
MAGEB1 6.48e-01 6.40e-02 8.69e-01
ZNF789 -6.70e-01 6.40e-02 8.69e-01
OR9H1P 1.11 6.41e-02 8.69e-01
DDX55 -4.95e-01 6.41e-02 8.69e-01
C6orf10 7.24e-01 6.41e-02 8.69e-01
IQCH -6.60e-01 6.41e-02 8.69e-01
SEC14L3 5.04e-01 6.42e-02 8.69e-01
IRF4 6.29e-01 6.42e-02 8.69e-01
EPCAM 8.06e-01 6.42e-02 8.69e-01
AGBL1 7.75e-01 6.42e-02 8.69e-01
CLDN22 7.10e-01 6.43e-02 8.69e-01
KLRF1 -7.36e-01 6.43e-02 8.69e-01
OAS2 5.05e-01 6.43e-02 8.69e-01
AAK1 6.65e-01 6.43e-02 8.69e-01
CLEC16A 5.92e-01 6.44e-02 8.69e-01
C14orf183 -7.33e-01 6.44e-02 8.69e-01
PRRT1 9.16e-01 6.45e-02 8.69e-01
LOC654433 -8.71e-01 6.46e-02 8.69e-01
SMAD5-AS1 6.19e-01 6.46e-02 8.69e-01
NIPAL4 5.46e-01 6.46e-02 8.69e-01
SLITRK1 6.16e-01 6.46e-02 8.69e-01
AHNAK -4.04e-01 6.47e-02 8.69e-01
TAL2 -6.61e-01 6.47e-02 8.69e-01
LOC400099 -3.51e-01 6.48e-02 8.69e-01
CAPN5 4.86e-01 6.48e-02 8.69e-01
NUP98 5.13e-01 6.48e-02 8.69e-01
LOC100653224 9.44e-01 6.48e-02 8.69e-01
HSPA2 -5.74e-01 6.48e-02 8.69e-01
GSTA4 -4.37e-01 6.49e-02 8.69e-01
LOC100128788 -6.40e-01 6.49e-02 8.69e-01
PCGEM1 5.73e-01 6.49e-02 8.69e-01
PLEKHJ1 -3.47e-01 6.50e-02 8.69e-01
VPREB3 4.15e-01 6.50e-02 8.69e-01
MBP 4.98e-01 6.50e-02 8.69e-01
ATRN -3.69e-01 6.51e-02 8.69e-01
KRTAP21-1 3.38e-01 6.51e-02 8.69e-01
UBE2L6 4.74e-01 6.52e-02 8.69e-01
FAM115C 6.34e-01 6.52e-02 8.69e-01
ZNF280D -8.10e-01 6.52e-02 8.69e-01
MPPED2 7.63e-01 6.52e-02 8.69e-01
SLC4A10 -1.19 6.52e-02 8.69e-01
EGFL6 5.64e-01 6.53e-02 8.69e-01
SLC25A36 -4.24e-01 6.53e-02 8.69e-01
NR1D2 5.39e-01 6.53e-02 8.69e-01
BK250D10.8 9.97e-01 6.53e-02 8.69e-01
HELQ -4.25e-01 6.54e-02 8.69e-01
GFOD2 4.60e-01 6.55e-02 8.69e-01
BTN3A1 -4.53e-01 6.55e-02 8.69e-01
DNAH7 5.90e-01 6.55e-02 8.69e-01
SLC8A1 7.15e-01 6.56e-02 8.69e-01
LOC644794 6.57e-01 6.56e-02 8.69e-01
VKORC1 5.81e-01 6.56e-02 8.69e-01
PTPN11 4.17e-01 6.57e-02 8.69e-01
MT1L 4.25e-01 6.57e-02 8.69e-01
DDO 4.36e-01 6.57e-02 8.69e-01
SNHG7 -6.17e-01 6.58e-02 8.69e-01
CEP72 -4.14e-01 6.58e-02 8.69e-01
FBLL1 -4.60e-01 6.58e-02 8.69e-01
XLOC_006925 5.77e-01 6.58e-02 8.69e-01
BHLHA15 4.06e-01 6.58e-02 8.69e-01
LOC100129974 5.26e-01 6.58e-02 8.69e-01
FKBP14 -5.54e-01 6.59e-02 8.69e-01
ST8SIA5 -8.76e-01 6.59e-02 8.69e-01
CD55 5.42e-01 6.59e-02 8.69e-01
MST1P9 1.02 6.60e-02 8.69e-01
LOC284242 -5.88e-01 6.60e-02 8.69e-01
NBPF6 8.37e-01 6.60e-02 8.69e-01
LOC728175 8.20e-01 6.60e-02 8.69e-01
FAM179B -5.14e-01 6.60e-02 8.69e-01
C1QTNF3 -4.80e-01 6.61e-02 8.69e-01
IYD 4.50e-01 6.61e-02 8.69e-01
HR 5.71e-01 6.62e-02 8.69e-01
SMPDL3B 4.20e-01 6.62e-02 8.69e-01
NCOA4 4.30e-01 6.62e-02 8.69e-01
RAD51D -3.44e-01 6.62e-02 8.69e-01
PPIL6 4.85e-01 6.64e-02 8.69e-01
ASCC1 -3.85e-01 6.64e-02 8.69e-01
ZNF467 3.68e-01 6.65e-02 8.69e-01
HCG27 -5.31e-01 6.66e-02 8.69e-01
CTDNEP1 3.60e-01 6.67e-02 8.69e-01
MIA3 5.75e-01 6.67e-02 8.69e-01
C17orf56 -3.89e-01 6.67e-02 8.69e-01
GZF1 -1.22 6.69e-02 8.69e-01
TNNT3 4.91e-01 6.70e-02 8.69e-01
NUP43 -4.12e-01 6.70e-02 8.69e-01
C14orf119 7.05e-01 6.71e-02 8.69e-01
TGM5 5.79e-01 6.72e-02 8.69e-01
STRC 5.12e-01 6.72e-02 8.69e-01
DHX35 -4.35e-01 6.72e-02 8.69e-01
RBM20 5.91e-01 6.73e-02 8.69e-01
TRMT12 -4.60e-01 6.73e-02 8.69e-01
LOC442132 6.31e-01 6.74e-02 8.69e-01
LIN28B 5.48e-01 6.74e-02 8.69e-01
ZNF510 5.90e-01 6.75e-02 8.69e-01
LOC647070 -5.58e-01 6.75e-02 8.69e-01
PROZ 5.71e-01 6.75e-02 8.69e-01
SCN2A 8.15e-01 6.75e-02 8.69e-01
FBXW4 3.62e-01 6.75e-02 8.69e-01
MXRA7 5.72e-01 6.76e-02 8.69e-01
SEC13 3.80e-01 6.76e-02 8.69e-01
OSGEP -4.67e-01 6.76e-02 8.69e-01
PLK1 6.84e-01 6.77e-02 8.69e-01
DNAJC28 -6.98e-01 6.77e-02 8.69e-01
PTK2B -5.63e-01 6.77e-02 8.69e-01
NRXN1 1.43 6.77e-02 8.69e-01
LOC339666 8.39e-01 6.78e-02 8.69e-01
ZNF226 -3.91e-01 6.78e-02 8.69e-01
GDNF 6.59e-01 6.78e-02 8.69e-01
PPARGC1A -6.62e-01 6.78e-02 8.69e-01
DTHD1 -9.72e-01 6.78e-02 8.69e-01
IGSF1 4.97e-01 6.79e-02 8.69e-01
CREB3L4 -3.14e-01 6.79e-02 8.69e-01
SLC35G1 -5.93e-01 6.79e-02 8.69e-01
SULT1C4 7.91e-01 6.80e-02 8.69e-01
TUBB6 -8.68e-01 6.81e-02 8.69e-01
MMP28 5.78e-01 6.82e-02 8.69e-01
PHF20L1 -6.54e-01 6.82e-02 8.69e-01
ADPGK -3.69e-01 6.82e-02 8.69e-01
PABPN1L 6.09e-01 6.82e-02 8.69e-01
SETD5 -1.28 6.83e-02 8.69e-01
SLC20A2 -4.35e-01 6.83e-02 8.69e-01
WIPI2 4.32e-01 6.83e-02 8.69e-01
IQCF3 6.87e-01 6.83e-02 8.69e-01
SEMA4A 4.15e-01 6.83e-02 8.69e-01
LINC00113 7.70e-01 6.83e-02 8.69e-01
GALNT13 9.26e-01 6.84e-02 8.69e-01
SH2D1A -4.57e-01 6.85e-02 8.69e-01
B4GALNT2 9.41e-01 6.85e-02 8.69e-01
POSTN 5.38e-01 6.85e-02 8.69e-01
C18orf54 7.27e-01 6.86e-02 8.69e-01
YPEL1 -3.65e-01 6.86e-02 8.69e-01
SLC3A1 7.21e-01 6.86e-02 8.69e-01
FAM71F1 7.75e-01 6.87e-02 8.69e-01
IVNS1ABP -4.84e-01 6.87e-02 8.69e-01
C17orf57 -6.14e-01 6.87e-02 8.69e-01
PDLIM2 5.89e-01 6.88e-02 8.69e-01
COQ5 6.43e-01 6.89e-02 8.69e-01
TBCE -3.55e-01 6.90e-02 8.69e-01
LOC100129995 4.64e-01 6.90e-02 8.69e-01
OVOS2 3.72e-01 6.90e-02 8.69e-01
PDS5A 4.69e-01 6.90e-02 8.69e-01
USP49 1.48 6.90e-02 8.69e-01
FGFRL1 3.74e-01 6.91e-02 8.69e-01
FPGT-TNNI3K 4.86e-01 6.91e-02 8.69e-01
GCET2 7.68e-01 6.91e-02 8.69e-01
N4BP2L1 7.02e-01 6.91e-02 8.69e-01
PABPC1P2 -7.82e-01 6.92e-02 8.69e-01
ATG13 3.30e-01 6.92e-02 8.69e-01
CDCA2 9.32e-01 6.93e-02 8.69e-01
MMP2 8.77e-01 6.93e-02 8.69e-01
POU2F3 6.20e-01 6.93e-02 8.69e-01
LOC100128508 6.05e-01 6.94e-02 8.69e-01
WHSC1 4.79e-01 6.94e-02 8.69e-01
RARS2 -3.43e-01 6.94e-02 8.69e-01
ZBTB25 -6.58e-01 6.94e-02 8.69e-01
SRSF7 -3.68e-01 6.95e-02 8.69e-01
LOC255480 6.57e-01 6.96e-02 8.69e-01
ZNF44 -4.40e-01 6.97e-02 8.69e-01
KRTAP7-1 9.28e-01 6.97e-02 8.69e-01
HNRNPA2B1 5.42e-01 6.97e-02 8.69e-01
RAP1GDS1 -4.60e-01 6.97e-02 8.69e-01
BDP1 -4.92e-01 6.97e-02 8.69e-01
KCNJ15 4.46e-01 6.98e-02 8.69e-01
LOC389634 -5.76e-01 6.98e-02 8.69e-01
LOC389602 -6.92e-01 6.98e-02 8.69e-01
AZU1 -1.41 6.99e-02 8.69e-01
ANAPC10 -3.23e-01 6.99e-02 8.69e-01
ABCA9 -4.99e-01 6.99e-02 8.69e-01
FREM1 9.96e-01 7.00e-02 8.69e-01
LOC283516 6.87e-01 7.02e-02 8.69e-01
ZNF22 -4.41e-01 7.02e-02 8.69e-01
XLOC_000515 8.71e-01 7.03e-02 8.69e-01
TXNDC16 -3.89e-01 7.03e-02 8.69e-01
FAM101A 6.70e-01 7.03e-02 8.69e-01
C16orf89 4.43e-01 7.03e-02 8.69e-01
PRUNE -5.77e-01 7.03e-02 8.69e-01
RHBDF1 -1.24 7.04e-02 8.69e-01
NOV -5.94e-01 7.04e-02 8.69e-01
RGS11 6.73e-01 7.04e-02 8.69e-01
C22orf32 7.46e-01 7.05e-02 8.69e-01
PIDD -4.48e-01 7.05e-02 8.69e-01
ALK -7.96e-01 7.05e-02 8.69e-01
CCL27 4.29e-01 7.05e-02 8.69e-01
CCDC130 -3.26e-01 7.06e-02 8.69e-01
NPHP3 -5.13e-01 7.07e-02 8.69e-01
PLA2G4C -8.11e-01 7.07e-02 8.69e-01
RAB9A -4.80e-01 7.07e-02 8.69e-01
SPIN1 -3.85e-01 7.07e-02 8.69e-01
UBQLNL -8.97e-01 7.08e-02 8.69e-01
C17orf109 4.32e-01 7.09e-02 8.69e-01
WNT6 3.93e-01 7.09e-02 8.69e-01
NQO2 -5.59e-01 7.09e-02 8.69e-01
EIF1B 4.64e-01 7.09e-02 8.69e-01
SLC11A1 -5.81e-01 7.10e-02 8.69e-01
KRT28 7.09e-01 7.10e-02 8.69e-01
BAG1 4.63e-01 7.10e-02 8.69e-01
STXBP6 4.70e-01 7.12e-02 8.69e-01
IL6 5.48e-01 7.12e-02 8.69e-01
DENND1A 4.21e-01 7.12e-02 8.69e-01
DCAF6 4.63e-01 7.13e-02 8.69e-01
CAPRIN2 3.91e-01 7.14e-02 8.69e-01
HTR4 5.33e-01 7.14e-02 8.69e-01
FAM82A1 4.42e-01 7.14e-02 8.69e-01
CACNA2D1 6.73e-01 7.15e-02 8.69e-01
SLC19A2 -5.17e-01 7.15e-02 8.69e-01
C8orf38 -8.24e-01 7.15e-02 8.69e-01
HTR1F 8.88e-01 7.15e-02 8.69e-01
CCDC64 8.06e-01 7.15e-02 8.69e-01
EFCAB1 5.64e-01 7.15e-02 8.69e-01
SLC26A11 -5.60e-01 7.15e-02 8.69e-01
THAP8 4.13e-01 7.15e-02 8.69e-01
POLM -3.92e-01 7.16e-02 8.69e-01
CSRP1 5.22e-01 7.16e-02 8.69e-01
IL36RN 5.55e-01 7.16e-02 8.69e-01
XRRA1 5.78e-01 7.17e-02 8.69e-01
KHSRP 5.59e-01 7.17e-02 8.69e-01
GTSF1L 8.91e-01 7.17e-02 8.69e-01
SLCO1A2 4.44e-01 7.18e-02 8.69e-01
BMP8B 9.65e-01 7.18e-02 8.69e-01
MYO1D 6.71e-01 7.18e-02 8.69e-01
SUSD2 -4.16e-01 7.18e-02 8.69e-01
REG4 5.12e-01 7.18e-02 8.69e-01
C6orf141 4.26e-01 7.19e-02 8.69e-01
LAMA5 -3.79e-01 7.19e-02 8.69e-01
LOC100133315 -4.40e-01 7.19e-02 8.69e-01
FANCB 3.42e-01 7.19e-02 8.69e-01
TCEAL7 4.97e-01 7.19e-02 8.69e-01
HIPK1 3.34e-01 7.19e-02 8.69e-01
DCUN1D2 -4.41e-01 7.20e-02 8.69e-01
FLJ35024 9.87e-01 7.20e-02 8.69e-01
LENG9 -4.55e-01 7.21e-02 8.69e-01
ZNF268 4.67e-01 7.21e-02 8.69e-01
APOBEC3A -3.18 7.21e-02 8.69e-01
GDF1 -5.94e-01 7.22e-02 8.69e-01
LRCH2 9.61e-01 7.22e-02 8.69e-01
TLR3 -4.52e-01 7.22e-02 8.69e-01
C16orf73 5.71e-01 7.23e-02 8.69e-01
ATAD2B -4.54e-01 7.24e-02 8.69e-01
PHF21B 6.98e-01 7.24e-02 8.69e-01
XCL1 -5.38e-01 7.24e-02 8.69e-01
XLOC_008174 -5.74e-01 7.24e-02 8.69e-01
LOC645212 -4.53e-01 7.24e-02 8.69e-01
CMAS 4.13e-01 7.25e-02 8.69e-01
MYOM3 7.37e-01 7.26e-02 8.69e-01
ECM1 -7.41e-01 7.27e-02 8.69e-01
MGEA5 -5.78e-01 7.27e-02 8.69e-01
C9orf152 7.87e-01 7.27e-02 8.69e-01
LOC729799 3.83e-01 7.28e-02 8.69e-01
VWCE 5.37e-01 7.28e-02 8.69e-01
SPRR2G 8.59e-01 7.28e-02 8.69e-01
CAPN3 -4.14e-01 7.28e-02 8.69e-01
PRRC2B 4.94e-01 7.29e-02 8.69e-01
LARP6 6.39e-01 7.29e-02 8.69e-01
MUC17 1.09 7.30e-02 8.69e-01
PGAM2 -3.31e-01 7.30e-02 8.69e-01
MRGPRF 6.00e-01 7.30e-02 8.69e-01
LOC339524 8.69e-01 7.30e-02 8.69e-01
ARSG -5.54e-01 7.30e-02 8.69e-01
KIAA1586 7.84e-01 7.31e-02 8.69e-01
CYP8B1 9.15e-01 7.31e-02 8.69e-01
ZNF2 4.76e-01 7.31e-02 8.69e-01
C10orf27 -7.36e-01 7.31e-02 8.69e-01
FOXA3 5.32e-01 7.31e-02 8.69e-01
VAPB -3.69e-01 7.32e-02 8.69e-01
LOC649201 4.59e-01 7.32e-02 8.69e-01
ZCCHC13 8.46e-01 7.33e-02 8.69e-01
WDR46 -3.95e-01 7.33e-02 8.69e-01
CPB2 5.69e-01 7.33e-02 8.69e-01
LRRIQ4 -7.77e-01 7.34e-02 8.69e-01
LOC157860 -8.55e-01 7.34e-02 8.69e-01
CCNE2 9.62e-01 7.35e-02 8.69e-01
RPS6 -1.20 7.35e-02 8.69e-01
LOC100506253 6.02e-01 7.36e-02 8.69e-01
DAPL1 7.79e-01 7.36e-02 8.69e-01
CST6 8.87e-01 7.36e-02 8.69e-01
OTUD7B 5.22e-01 7.37e-02 8.69e-01
KIF14 7.65e-01 7.37e-02 8.69e-01
CCDC15 -6.14e-01 7.38e-02 8.69e-01
LOC144486 5.59e-01 7.38e-02 8.69e-01
TTF1 -4.96e-01 7.38e-02 8.69e-01
TRIM37 -3.85e-01 7.38e-02 8.69e-01
THSD1 -5.90e-01 7.38e-02 8.69e-01
CHST2 -6.30e-01 7.39e-02 8.69e-01
RABL2B -5.72e-01 7.39e-02 8.69e-01
OR4K1 7.44e-01 7.40e-02 8.69e-01
TP53I11 3.86e-01 7.40e-02 8.69e-01
LOC439990 5.61e-01 7.40e-02 8.69e-01
FAM118A 6.84e-01 7.40e-02 8.69e-01
ADAM21 6.47e-01 7.41e-02 8.69e-01
XLOC_014209 -3.86e-01 7.42e-02 8.69e-01
PDZK1IP1 5.40e-01 7.42e-02 8.69e-01
RNF40 3.71e-01 7.42e-02 8.69e-01
ZNF25 -3.94e-01 7.43e-02 8.69e-01
BAALC 6.76e-01 7.43e-02 8.69e-01
MYO7B 4.30e-01 7.44e-02 8.69e-01
LOC285796 7.31e-01 7.44e-02 8.69e-01
CTRL -4.05e-01 7.44e-02 8.69e-01
SYF2 -3.36e-01 7.44e-02 8.69e-01
LOC100132244 5.72e-01 7.45e-02 8.69e-01
ATAT1 -5.07e-01 7.46e-02 8.69e-01
STXBP1 -4.23e-01 7.46e-02 8.69e-01
CCDC126 5.03e-01 7.46e-02 8.69e-01
RSC1A1 3.66e-01 7.47e-02 8.69e-01
GLIPR1L2 -4.56e-01 7.48e-02 8.69e-01
LIM2 -6.31e-01 7.48e-02 8.69e-01
ANK1 5.66e-01 7.48e-02 8.69e-01
DDX6 4.04e-01 7.48e-02 8.69e-01
POMGNT1 8.60e-01 7.48e-02 8.69e-01
PDE4DIP -7.83e-01 7.49e-02 8.69e-01
CCT6B -4.99e-01 7.49e-02 8.69e-01
ELAC1 -4.64e-01 7.49e-02 8.69e-01
ARHGAP42 7.03e-01 7.49e-02 8.69e-01
C11orf86 -1.27 7.49e-02 8.69e-01
BTF3 3.65e-01 7.49e-02 8.69e-01
ZNF248 1.54 7.50e-02 8.69e-01
PIAS4 3.28e-01 7.50e-02 8.69e-01
SPRY1 -7.44e-01 7.50e-02 8.69e-01
CA5BP1 3.32e-01 7.51e-02 8.69e-01
ST13 3.62e-01 7.51e-02 8.69e-01
TMEM176A -9.51e-01 7.51e-02 8.69e-01
RIMBP2 9.57e-01 7.51e-02 8.69e-01
FONG -1.28 7.51e-02 8.69e-01
RBFOX3 -9.61e-01 7.51e-02 8.69e-01
ASPM 7.93e-01 7.51e-02 8.69e-01
TPM1 -5.71e-01 7.51e-02 8.69e-01
TMCC2 5.13e-01 7.52e-02 8.69e-01
TAF2 -3.40e-01 7.52e-02 8.69e-01
GPR45 8.36e-01 7.52e-02 8.69e-01
LOC285181 -1.03 7.53e-02 8.69e-01
ZNF684 -3.89e-01 7.54e-02 8.69e-01
GSK3A 3.71e-01 7.55e-02 8.69e-01
SDHAF1 -3.68e-01 7.55e-02 8.69e-01
AICDA 4.28e-01 7.55e-02 8.69e-01
AJUBA 4.87e-01 7.55e-02 8.69e-01
LOC100128851 4.66e-01 7.56e-02 8.69e-01
ZNF673 -4.26e-01 7.56e-02 8.69e-01
PRAMEF8 1.07 7.56e-02 8.69e-01
CCDC124 4.16e-01 7.56e-02 8.69e-01
TMEM221 5.81e-01 7.57e-02 8.69e-01
C8orf60 -4.83e-01 7.57e-02 8.69e-01
EFCAB9 -8.92e-01 7.57e-02 8.69e-01
IKBKAP -6.60e-01 7.58e-02 8.69e-01
PEX3 -5.97e-01 7.58e-02 8.69e-01
LOC154822 -9.95e-01 7.58e-02 8.69e-01
CDC42EP2 4.83e-01 7.59e-02 8.69e-01
ADRB1 7.80e-01 7.59e-02 8.69e-01
OR56A5 4.68e-01 7.60e-02 8.69e-01
RAX 2.99e-01 7.61e-02 8.69e-01
TPM2 -5.44e-01 7.61e-02 8.69e-01
CMAHP -3.78e-01 7.61e-02 8.69e-01
C7orf53 -4.88e-01 7.62e-02 8.69e-01
CCR9 5.22e-01 7.63e-02 8.69e-01
INSR -5.37e-01 7.63e-02 8.69e-01
NUDT7 -6.35e-01 7.63e-02 8.69e-01
NSUN5 -3.88e-01 7.63e-02 8.69e-01
OCA2 7.52e-01 7.64e-02 8.69e-01
LINC00207 5.64e-01 7.64e-02 8.69e-01
C4orf19 9.10e-01 7.65e-02 8.69e-01
FAM160A1 5.53e-01 7.65e-02 8.69e-01
ZNF767 -3.90e-01 7.66e-02 8.69e-01
KIF23 -7.51e-01 7.66e-02 8.69e-01
LOC100500938 6.79e-01 7.67e-02 8.69e-01
AIFM2 4.04e-01 7.67e-02 8.69e-01
AGPAT4 -4.01e-01 7.67e-02 8.69e-01
LOC441179 1.09 7.67e-02 8.69e-01
LOC389834 -1.52 7.67e-02 8.69e-01
GPR65 -3.85e-01 7.68e-02 8.69e-01
RBM44 1.55 7.68e-02 8.69e-01
ATPBD4 -6.35e-01 7.68e-02 8.69e-01
ND5 3.55e-01 7.69e-02 8.69e-01
NKX2-8 7.04e-01 7.69e-02 8.69e-01
LOC285286 -4.89e-01 7.69e-02 8.69e-01
SCIN 4.40e-01 7.69e-02 8.69e-01
CDH2 -1.18 7.69e-02 8.69e-01
ZNF101 -3.17e-01 7.70e-02 8.69e-01
ZNF2 -6.50e-01 7.70e-02 8.69e-01
NOX4 5.79e-01 7.70e-02 8.69e-01
MYH6 1.88 7.70e-02 8.69e-01
SLC7A5 5.97e-01 7.70e-02 8.69e-01
XLOC_005127 5.69e-01 7.72e-02 8.69e-01
RPS26 -1.39 7.72e-02 8.69e-01
FAM66C -5.18e-01 7.72e-02 8.69e-01
CPSF2 6.65e-01 7.72e-02 8.69e-01
WDR70 -3.75e-01 7.72e-02 8.69e-01
CENPI 6.41e-01 7.72e-02 8.69e-01
ARHGAP32 4.70e-01 7.73e-02 8.69e-01
STS 5.39e-01 7.74e-02 8.69e-01
CCRL1 8.43e-01 7.74e-02 8.69e-01
MYO1B 5.09e-01 7.75e-02 8.69e-01
UNC80 4.92e-01 7.75e-02 8.69e-01
FLJ45445 5.68e-01 7.75e-02 8.69e-01
PLEKHH2 6.06e-01 7.75e-02 8.69e-01
RAB11B 3.25e-01 7.75e-02 8.69e-01
F3 -1.37 7.76e-02 8.69e-01
YAP1 4.10e-01 7.76e-02 8.69e-01
FLJ37453 -3.04e-01 7.76e-02 8.69e-01
TTLL9 -6.12e-01 7.77e-02 8.69e-01
ZNF568 -6.16e-01 7.77e-02 8.69e-01
LOC284939 5.85e-01 7.78e-02 8.69e-01
NELF 3.70e-01 7.78e-02 8.69e-01
LOC100289509 7.97e-01 7.78e-02 8.69e-01
CLEC11A -4.77e-01 7.78e-02 8.69e-01
IFRD2 3.55e-01 7.78e-02 8.69e-01
HUWE1 3.59e-01 7.78e-02 8.69e-01
VSTM2A 6.32e-01 7.78e-02 8.69e-01
POR 4.02e-01 7.78e-02 8.69e-01
ZNF789 -6.17e-01 7.79e-02 8.69e-01
BZRAP1 -8.34e-01 7.79e-02 8.69e-01
C1QB 8.11e-01 7.79e-02 8.69e-01
C3 7.55e-01 7.79e-02 8.69e-01
NUP50 3.79e-01 7.79e-02 8.69e-01
SLC6A8 4.67e-01 7.80e-02 8.69e-01
HS2ST1 1.17 7.81e-02 8.69e-01
ATXN7 1.04 7.82e-02 8.69e-01
CD69 -4.66e-01 7.82e-02 8.69e-01
KRTAP5-6 7.05e-01 7.82e-02 8.69e-01
CA8 4.11e-01 7.83e-02 8.69e-01
LOC100129213 -8.14e-01 7.83e-02 8.69e-01
BEND4 4.85e-01 7.84e-02 8.69e-01
C15orf54 -5.41e-01 7.85e-02 8.69e-01
C22orf40 -3.79e-01 7.85e-02 8.69e-01
VTI1A 3.24e-01 7.85e-02 8.69e-01
WHSC1L1 3.84e-01 7.86e-02 8.69e-01
SLC6A10P 4.95e-01 7.86e-02 8.69e-01
CKAP2 3.68e-01 7.86e-02 8.69e-01
MAP2K2 3.75e-01 7.86e-02 8.69e-01
PTER 1.05 7.86e-02 8.69e-01
ULK2 -5.27e-01 7.87e-02 8.69e-01
MEPE 8.58e-01 7.87e-02 8.69e-01
PIP4K2A 5.51e-01 7.87e-02 8.69e-01
COMMD2 -4.45e-01 7.88e-02 8.69e-01
KIAA0430 4.64e-01 7.88e-02 8.69e-01
LOC100233209 -4.11e-01 7.88e-02 8.69e-01
ITIH5 5.14e-01 7.88e-02 8.69e-01
LOC339260 7.85e-01 7.88e-02 8.69e-01
LEAP2 -9.09e-01 7.89e-02 8.69e-01
FANCL 5.37e-01 7.89e-02 8.69e-01
MYH14 6.20e-01 7.90e-02 8.69e-01
MYBPHL -6.00e-01 7.90e-02 8.69e-01
LOC100132593 7.62e-01 7.91e-02 8.69e-01
SLC44A5 5.67e-01 7.91e-02 8.69e-01
CST2 3.93e-01 7.91e-02 8.69e-01
VPS33B 3.96e-01 7.92e-02 8.69e-01
OR2A9P 3.44e-01 7.92e-02 8.69e-01
ASL -3.20e-01 7.92e-02 8.69e-01
LOC100128737 -3.76e-01 7.93e-02 8.69e-01
RORC -5.54e-01 7.93e-02 8.69e-01
SHISA7 9.41e-01 7.94e-02 8.69e-01
TJP2 7.64e-01 7.95e-02 8.69e-01
LOC100271722 6.98e-01 7.95e-02 8.69e-01
POU2AF1 6.54e-01 7.95e-02 8.69e-01
LOC96610 9.41e-01 7.95e-02 8.69e-01
SIGLEC14 -3.48 7.96e-02 8.69e-01
CNTNAP3B 1.28 7.96e-02 8.69e-01
MPHOSPH9 3.41e-01 7.97e-02 8.69e-01
HHIP -6.20e-01 7.97e-02 8.69e-01
OR4B1 -1.05 7.97e-02 8.69e-01
VPS37A 4.01e-01 7.98e-02 8.69e-01
TTC32 -4.65e-01 7.98e-02 8.69e-01
FAM189A1 6.76e-01 7.98e-02 8.69e-01
C6orf183 -5.93e-01 7.98e-02 8.69e-01
XCR1 5.30e-01 7.98e-02 8.69e-01
PWRN1 8.26e-01 7.98e-02 8.69e-01
WDR85 -3.51e-01 7.99e-02 8.69e-01
PLEKHG5 6.17e-01 7.99e-02 8.69e-01
CPA5 4.60e-01 7.99e-02 8.69e-01
TNP1 9.62e-01 7.99e-02 8.69e-01
TUBA4A -5.30e-01 8.00e-02 8.69e-01
LOC440292 -3.76e-01 8.00e-02 8.69e-01
TREML3 9.18e-01 8.00e-02 8.69e-01
FRMD3 -8.74e-01 8.01e-02 8.69e-01
GABARAPL2 3.95e-01 8.01e-02 8.69e-01
BCAP29 -3.44e-01 8.02e-02 8.69e-01
AP4B1 -3.99e-01 8.03e-02 8.69e-01
TSSK4 6.77e-01 8.03e-02 8.69e-01
DLG1 3.68e-01 8.04e-02 8.69e-01
AMMECR1 3.73e-01 8.04e-02 8.69e-01
RPL28 -5.59e-01 8.04e-02 8.69e-01
PPAPDC1A -7.51e-01 8.05e-02 8.69e-01
TET2 -4.17e-01 8.05e-02 8.69e-01
LOC100128191 5.31e-01 8.06e-02 8.69e-01
TPM1 -6.54e-01 8.06e-02 8.69e-01
BRD4 4.83e-01 8.06e-02 8.69e-01
WIPF3 6.87e-01 8.06e-02 8.69e-01
WNT16 6.39e-01 8.06e-02 8.69e-01
MICA -4.73e-01 8.06e-02 8.69e-01
SMARCA1 5.54e-01 8.06e-02 8.69e-01
SNX31 9.31e-01 8.06e-02 8.69e-01
CCDC85C 9.01e-01 8.07e-02 8.69e-01
TMEM161B -5.16e-01 8.07e-02 8.69e-01
MRAP2 8.24e-01 8.07e-02 8.69e-01
SLC25A48 7.80e-01 8.07e-02 8.69e-01
NR2C2AP -3.66e-01 8.07e-02 8.69e-01
CCNI 3.77e-01 8.07e-02 8.69e-01
FUS -4.13e-01 8.07e-02 8.69e-01
LOC100128682 8.58e-01 8.07e-02 8.69e-01
IPPK -4.95e-01 8.07e-02 8.69e-01
TSPAN8 3.67e-01 8.07e-02 8.69e-01
NRP1 7.26e-01 8.07e-02 8.69e-01
VSTM4 7.90e-01 8.07e-02 8.69e-01
MYO1C -3.98e-01 8.08e-02 8.69e-01
NAMPT -8.25e-01 8.08e-02 8.69e-01
BLOC1S3 4.79e-01 8.08e-02 8.69e-01
DDX47 -3.49e-01 8.08e-02 8.69e-01
RNASE1 5.64e-01 8.08e-02 8.69e-01
AP2A1 4.44e-01 8.08e-02 8.69e-01
TF 6.17e-01 8.09e-02 8.69e-01
FCHSD1 5.57e-01 8.09e-02 8.69e-01
DDX3Y -5.35e-01 8.09e-02 8.69e-01
C1S -6.42e-01 8.10e-02 8.69e-01
PTPN13 -7.60e-01 8.10e-02 8.69e-01
KAAG1 5.62e-01 8.10e-02 8.69e-01
XLOC_009765 1.10 8.10e-02 8.69e-01
DGKB 4.64e-01 8.11e-02 8.69e-01
SLC25A38 3.57e-01 8.11e-02 8.69e-01
DGKI -8.26e-01 8.11e-02 8.69e-01
ANKRD20A8P 5.70e-01 8.11e-02 8.69e-01
FANCA -9.88e-01 8.12e-02 8.69e-01
KLF1 6.12e-01 8.12e-02 8.69e-01
ZNF99 4.13e-01 8.12e-02 8.69e-01
LOC389493 -5.34e-01 8.12e-02 8.69e-01
FAM55A 8.78e-01 8.12e-02 8.69e-01
LAMC1 -5.32e-01 8.12e-02 8.69e-01
OR52N5 6.09e-01 8.13e-02 8.69e-01
RAD23B 3.26e-01 8.13e-02 8.69e-01
KLHL14 4.93e-01 8.13e-02 8.69e-01
MAP3K13 -1.15 8.14e-02 8.69e-01
C5orf44 -3.27e-01 8.14e-02 8.69e-01
SRRM2 3.23e-01 8.14e-02 8.69e-01
FAM178A -7.35e-01 8.15e-02 8.69e-01
LOC100129297 7.86e-01 8.15e-02 8.69e-01
TMEM2 -8.29e-01 8.15e-02 8.69e-01
NR1I3 5.71e-01 8.16e-02 8.69e-01
ZBTB32 7.38e-01 8.16e-02 8.69e-01
EIF3B 3.79e-01 8.16e-02 8.69e-01
TSC22D3 -4.04e-01 8.17e-02 8.69e-01
ABCC9 4.61e-01 8.17e-02 8.69e-01
ST6GALNAC4 5.32e-01 8.17e-02 8.69e-01
COL23A1 4.51e-01 8.18e-02 8.69e-01
HENMT1 -4.17e-01 8.18e-02 8.69e-01
C9orf64 7.07e-01 8.18e-02 8.69e-01
FAM156A -3.99e-01 8.18e-02 8.69e-01
ERICH1 -4.12e-01 8.18e-02 8.69e-01
ARL6IP1 2.99e-01 8.18e-02 8.69e-01
L2HGDH -4.73e-01 8.19e-02 8.69e-01
WDR73 -3.91e-01 8.19e-02 8.69e-01
OR6V1 -6.39e-01 8.20e-02 8.69e-01
FBLN1 -6.60e-01 8.20e-02 8.69e-01
MTUS1 8.26e-01 8.21e-02 8.69e-01
ZNF41 4.63e-01 8.21e-02 8.69e-01
UBXN6 4.46e-01 8.21e-02 8.69e-01
PDIA5 4.30e-01 8.21e-02 8.69e-01
TUBA3D 7.00e-01 8.22e-02 8.69e-01
C3 -6.22e-01 8.22e-02 8.69e-01
TMEM223 -3.55e-01 8.22e-02 8.69e-01
ADAMTS1 -7.52e-01 8.22e-02 8.69e-01
ZNF646 4.59e-01 8.22e-02 8.69e-01
ZSCAN21 -3.33e-01 8.22e-02 8.69e-01
KRTAP2-1 6.51e-01 8.23e-02 8.69e-01
LOC100129324 5.11e-01 8.24e-02 8.69e-01
POC1B 3.37e-01 8.24e-02 8.69e-01
EPB41L5 5.78e-01 8.25e-02 8.69e-01
USP49 -4.45e-01 8.25e-02 8.69e-01
MYOG 1.00 8.25e-02 8.69e-01
WWTR1 1.27 8.26e-02 8.69e-01
ROBO2 4.18e-01 8.26e-02 8.69e-01
NDUFV3 3.99e-01 8.26e-02 8.69e-01
MOGAT1 -8.71e-01 8.26e-02 8.69e-01
LOC440970 6.06e-01 8.27e-02 8.69e-01
MAMDC2 1.34 8.27e-02 8.69e-01
WDR96 7.80e-01 8.28e-02 8.69e-01
HTR3A 5.13e-01 8.28e-02 8.69e-01
SYPL2 7.81e-01 8.28e-02 8.69e-01
SGOL1 -6.89e-01 8.28e-02 8.69e-01
BCORL1 3.87e-01 8.28e-02 8.69e-01
SNAP91 5.60e-01 8.28e-02 8.69e-01
MSLNL 1.02 8.28e-02 8.69e-01
ACER1 8.13e-01 8.29e-02 8.69e-01
LY9 3.31e-01 8.29e-02 8.69e-01
BRP44L -3.70e-01 8.29e-02 8.69e-01
LOC100129722 5.24e-01 8.29e-02 8.69e-01
WIF1 5.46e-01 8.30e-02 8.69e-01
FAM102B 7.32e-01 8.30e-02 8.69e-01
CLN8 -8.36e-01 8.31e-02 8.69e-01
ALKBH3 -3.54e-01 8.31e-02 8.69e-01
C11orf34 4.80e-01 8.31e-02 8.69e-01
SLIT3 5.31e-01 8.31e-02 8.69e-01
PTPRU 6.16e-01 8.31e-02 8.69e-01
LOC340335 -5.31e-01 8.32e-02 8.69e-01
OR8G5 -6.05e-01 8.32e-02 8.69e-01
SNRNP40 -6.56e-01 8.32e-02 8.69e-01
DDB1 3.59e-01 8.32e-02 8.69e-01
PDE4DIP 8.24e-01 8.32e-02 8.69e-01
LOC401286 4.93e-01 8.32e-02 8.69e-01
C13orf15 4.66e-01 8.32e-02 8.69e-01
MAPK4 4.76e-01 8.33e-02 8.69e-01
PPP4R2 3.33e-01 8.33e-02 8.69e-01
RNF10 4.88e-01 8.33e-02 8.69e-01
HOXC6 5.68e-01 8.34e-02 8.69e-01
C19orf51 7.09e-01 8.34e-02 8.69e-01
BOC 5.20e-01 8.34e-02 8.69e-01
FLJ34208 6.23e-01 8.34e-02 8.69e-01
MCF2L-AS1 -4.42e-01 8.34e-02 8.69e-01
ANKAR -4.33e-01 8.35e-02 8.69e-01
CLEC18B -6.57e-01 8.35e-02 8.69e-01
LOC202781 -9.62e-01 8.37e-02 8.69e-01
PPIP5K2 -4.21e-01 8.37e-02 8.69e-01
TTTY9A 7.35e-01 8.37e-02 8.69e-01
POLR2K -3.44e-01 8.38e-02 8.69e-01
LOC283911 -3.35e-01 8.38e-02 8.69e-01
PP14571 6.13e-01 8.38e-02 8.69e-01
SLMAP -9.00e-01 8.38e-02 8.69e-01
PHF21A 4.65e-01 8.38e-02 8.69e-01
XLOC_013282 -6.13e-01 8.39e-02 8.69e-01
PDE9A 4.51e-01 8.39e-02 8.69e-01
JAM2 -5.92e-01 8.39e-02 8.69e-01
SLPI 9.77e-01 8.40e-02 8.69e-01
TMEM98 1.33 8.40e-02 8.69e-01
ZMYM1 -4.18e-01 8.40e-02 8.69e-01
KIRREL 6.11e-01 8.40e-02 8.69e-01
LTV1 -3.85e-01 8.41e-02 8.69e-01
CASC3 3.58e-01 8.41e-02 8.69e-01
DDIT3 -3.66e-01 8.41e-02 8.69e-01
ZFYVE27 -3.92e-01 8.42e-02 8.69e-01
RXFP2 5.17e-01 8.42e-02 8.69e-01
ACSM5 6.09e-01 8.42e-02 8.69e-01
HLTF -4.08e-01 8.42e-02 8.69e-01
COX6B2 6.22e-01 8.43e-02 8.69e-01
GUCY1A2 6.52e-01 8.44e-02 8.69e-01
RGN 4.34e-01 8.45e-02 8.69e-01
VSTM2B 4.34e-01 8.45e-02 8.69e-01
MSI2 4.89e-01 8.45e-02 8.69e-01
ZSCAN1 4.21e-01 8.46e-02 8.69e-01
RASAL1 6.19e-01 8.47e-02 8.69e-01
KRTAP19-2 8.11e-01 8.47e-02 8.69e-01
RAB3IL1 4.10e-01 8.47e-02 8.69e-01
SENP3 -3.54e-01 8.49e-02 8.69e-01
RALYL 7.48e-01 8.49e-02 8.69e-01
SLC16A8 8.60e-01 8.49e-02 8.69e-01
PSMD10 -7.30e-01 8.49e-02 8.69e-01
PDLIM5 -3.01e-01 8.49e-02 8.69e-01
MGC15705 -1.57 8.50e-02 8.69e-01
C9orf3 -6.31e-01 8.50e-02 8.69e-01
TIAL1 3.13e-01 8.50e-02 8.69e-01
SLC35E4 -3.85e-01 8.50e-02 8.69e-01
ARGLU1 -5.22e-01 8.51e-02 8.69e-01
CHKA -3.48e-01 8.51e-02 8.69e-01
RBP4 4.63e-01 8.52e-02 8.69e-01
PKD2L1 6.58e-01 8.52e-02 8.69e-01
NPY 3.25e-01 8.52e-02 8.69e-01
CLSTN2 1.06 8.53e-02 8.69e-01
ST6GALNAC1 5.82e-01 8.53e-02 8.69e-01
TRIM46 -6.13e-01 8.53e-02 8.69e-01
TIPIN -3.95e-01 8.54e-02 8.69e-01
GNN 4.05e-01 8.54e-02 8.69e-01
DDX28 -3.85e-01 8.55e-02 8.69e-01
HEXB -3.62e-01 8.55e-02 8.69e-01
HECTD3 3.74e-01 8.55e-02 8.69e-01
EIF3IP1 5.78e-01 8.55e-02 8.69e-01
LOC285281 8.32e-01 8.56e-02 8.69e-01
CD247 -4.89e-01 8.56e-02 8.69e-01
CEP104 3.59e-01 8.57e-02 8.69e-01
NT5C -3.26e-01 8.57e-02 8.69e-01
TCEAL8 -3.73e-01 8.57e-02 8.69e-01
ST13 3.41e-01 8.57e-02 8.69e-01
SGCD -3.71e-01 8.57e-02 8.69e-01
DARS -3.67e-01 8.58e-02 8.69e-01
XLOC_007506 6.44e-01 8.58e-02 8.69e-01
SNX22 5.18e-01 8.58e-02 8.69e-01
ELK1 4.58e-01 8.58e-02 8.69e-01
DAO 9.01e-01 8.58e-02 8.69e-01
MANEA 3.94e-01 8.58e-02 8.69e-01
ZC3HAV1 6.14e-01 8.58e-02 8.69e-01
KLHL14 7.39e-01 8.59e-02 8.69e-01
PLOD1 6.25e-01 8.59e-02 8.69e-01
XLOC_008002 -4.54e-01 8.59e-02 8.69e-01
TSEN2 -3.99e-01 8.59e-02 8.69e-01
XLOC_002636 3.33e-01 8.60e-02 8.69e-01
CYCS -3.15e-01 8.61e-02 8.69e-01
LOC100131497 1.20 8.61e-02 8.69e-01
DIRC1 6.04e-01 8.62e-02 8.69e-01
PPP1R3E -5.38e-01 8.62e-02 8.69e-01
ALDH7A1 5.98e-01 8.62e-02 8.69e-01
ASPG 4.63e-01 8.62e-02 8.69e-01
ELMOD3 -4.92e-01 8.62e-02 8.69e-01
VPS36 -3.75e-01 8.63e-02 8.69e-01
NDUFB9 -3.52e-01 8.63e-02 8.69e-01
MXI1 4.69e-01 8.63e-02 8.69e-01
PALLD -4.36e-01 8.63e-02 8.69e-01
SLC6A8 4.59e-01 8.64e-02 8.69e-01
LOC283481 -8.32e-01 8.64e-02 8.69e-01
WASH5P 7.09e-01 8.64e-02 8.69e-01
FIGN 3.84e-01 8.64e-02 8.69e-01
METTL23 -3.56e-01 8.64e-02 8.69e-01
LOC100131242 -5.00e-01 8.65e-02 8.69e-01
CELF3 6.37e-01 8.65e-02 8.69e-01
CAMKMT 3.59e-01 8.65e-02 8.69e-01
LOC147727 -3.37e-01 8.65e-02 8.69e-01
LOC440600 6.13e-01 8.66e-02 8.69e-01
MRS2 -4.38e-01 8.66e-02 8.69e-01
GGT1 3.48e-01 8.66e-02 8.69e-01
MKI67IP -3.87e-01 8.66e-02 8.69e-01
HPS3 -3.39e-01 8.66e-02 8.69e-01
C6orf112 9.27e-01 8.67e-02 8.69e-01
MUCL1 9.29e-01 8.67e-02 8.69e-01
C17orf98 9.58e-01 8.67e-02 8.69e-01
TNNC2 -5.11e-01 8.68e-02 8.69e-01
PHLDA1 -8.77e-01 8.68e-02 8.69e-01
VWA3A 7.81e-01 8.68e-02 8.69e-01
C14orf166B 8.96e-01 8.68e-02 8.69e-01
LOC100216546 6.51e-01 8.68e-02 8.69e-01
GJB3 7.16e-01 8.69e-02 8.69e-01
ADAMTSL3 1.37 8.70e-02 8.69e-01
LOC100130373 5.36e-01 8.70e-02 8.69e-01
TRIM40 5.45e-01 8.70e-02 8.69e-01
HDDC2 -4.23e-01 8.72e-02 8.69e-01
ITGBL1 8.98e-01 8.73e-02 8.69e-01
DCUN1D2 -3.89e-01 8.73e-02 8.69e-01
MBIP -3.75e-01 8.73e-02 8.69e-01
XLOC_009929 5.59e-01 8.74e-02 8.69e-01
KIAA1751 5.83e-01 8.75e-02 8.69e-01
LDB2 7.28e-01 8.75e-02 8.69e-01
XLOC_001952 -5.06e-01 8.75e-02 8.69e-01
FASN 3.75e-01 8.76e-02 8.69e-01
ZHX3 -6.09e-01 8.76e-02 8.69e-01
NAT10 5.49e-01 8.77e-02 8.69e-01
RPL28 -1.07 8.77e-02 8.69e-01
C1orf49 1.05 8.77e-02 8.69e-01
FZR1 3.79e-01 8.78e-02 8.69e-01
ARHGAP5 8.74e-01 8.78e-02 8.69e-01
NCAPH2 7.92e-01 8.78e-02 8.69e-01
ANKRD10 -4.11e-01 8.78e-02 8.69e-01
NSMCE4A -3.58e-01 8.78e-02 8.69e-01
MTHFSD -3.59e-01 8.79e-02 8.69e-01
MED24 7.68e-01 8.79e-02 8.69e-01
HTR1D 6.92e-01 8.79e-02 8.69e-01
CNN1 -9.53e-01 8.79e-02 8.69e-01
SPEG -3.96e-01 8.80e-02 8.69e-01
GAL3ST3 4.34e-01 8.81e-02 8.69e-01
LOC497257 6.04e-01 8.81e-02 8.69e-01
PRAF2 4.91e-01 8.82e-02 8.69e-01
XLOC_006757 6.22e-01 8.82e-02 8.69e-01
C17orf108 -5.43e-01 8.83e-02 8.69e-01
RRBP1 3.40e-01 8.83e-02 8.69e-01
POM121L10P -4.39e-01 8.84e-02 8.69e-01
FUNDC2 3.60e-01 8.84e-02 8.69e-01
SCN1A 4.06e-01 8.84e-02 8.69e-01
OR2W3 5.42e-01 8.84e-02 8.69e-01
SEMA4F 5.20e-01 8.84e-02 8.69e-01
ZNF81 5.75e-01 8.86e-02 8.69e-01
PNMA5 6.67e-01 8.86e-02 8.69e-01
SIGLEC14 5.97e-01 8.87e-02 8.69e-01
C1orf70 6.31e-01 8.87e-02 8.69e-01
HDGF 8.04e-01 8.87e-02 8.69e-01
COLQ -7.10e-01 8.88e-02 8.69e-01
CTSF -4.59e-01 8.88e-02 8.69e-01
C4orf40 3.96e-01 8.88e-02 8.69e-01
ZNF286A 4.00e-01 8.88e-02 8.69e-01
C7orf44 -3.66e-01 8.89e-02 8.69e-01
RARG 7.86e-01 8.89e-02 8.69e-01
C12orf40 7.52e-01 8.89e-02 8.69e-01
TMEM179 -3.81e-01 8.89e-02 8.69e-01
ANXA7 -3.66e-01 8.89e-02 8.69e-01
PSIMCT-1 6.54e-01 8.91e-02 8.69e-01
ANKRD32 3.21e-01 8.91e-02 8.69e-01
C9orf80 -3.47e-01 8.91e-02 8.69e-01
SULT4A1 7.94e-01 8.91e-02 8.69e-01
TTC23L 3.08e-01 8.92e-02 8.69e-01
MCF2 1.14 8.92e-02 8.69e-01
DYNC2H1 -6.35e-01 8.92e-02 8.69e-01
BCL6 4.76e-01 8.92e-02 8.69e-01
ATHL1 -5.37e-01 8.92e-02 8.69e-01
C4orf51 -6.11e-01 8.92e-02 8.69e-01
DEFA11P 4.97e-01 8.93e-02 8.69e-01
CXXC5 -3.50e-01 8.93e-02 8.69e-01
TSPAN4 -4.33e-01 8.93e-02 8.69e-01
C6orf97 -5.12e-01 8.93e-02 8.69e-01
XLOC_011568 4.91e-01 8.93e-02 8.69e-01
DENND1A 5.35e-01 8.93e-02 8.69e-01
PNPLA7 1.02 8.93e-02 8.69e-01
AMT -4.77e-01 8.93e-02 8.69e-01
LOC389834 3.18e-01 8.93e-02 8.69e-01
POU5F1 -6.02e-01 8.94e-02 8.69e-01
PLAG1 -4.56e-01 8.94e-02 8.69e-01
PIGB -4.43e-01 8.94e-02 8.69e-01
CRYZL1 -6.15e-01 8.94e-02 8.69e-01
C3orf35 4.36e-01 8.94e-02 8.69e-01
MSL1 5.90e-01 8.95e-02 8.69e-01
B3GALNT2 -4.18e-01 8.95e-02 8.69e-01
WIPF1 -8.97e-01 8.95e-02 8.69e-01
TMCO4 -3.81e-01 8.95e-02 8.69e-01
DAZAP1 5.04e-01 8.95e-02 8.69e-01
CNTD1 4.46e-01 8.95e-02 8.69e-01
SYN2 6.51e-01 8.95e-02 8.69e-01
SLC17A6 4.54e-01 8.96e-02 8.69e-01
NUP85 -4.21e-01 8.96e-02 8.69e-01
LOC729313 -7.52e-01 8.96e-02 8.69e-01
GPATCH1 4.64e-01 8.96e-02 8.69e-01
ZNF773 4.14e-01 8.97e-02 8.69e-01
CMTM8 7.19e-01 8.97e-02 8.69e-01
XLOC_004323 6.78e-01 8.97e-02 8.69e-01
ZNF786 -4.95e-01 8.98e-02 8.69e-01
ASCL2 -3.48e-01 8.98e-02 8.69e-01
DEFB130 4.44e-01 8.98e-02 8.69e-01
PDZRN3 -4.73e-01 8.98e-02 8.69e-01
ESRG 1.02 8.98e-02 8.69e-01
OGN 8.22e-01 8.98e-02 8.69e-01
GUSBP5 6.28e-01 8.99e-02 8.69e-01
FLJ31104 -6.82e-01 8.99e-02 8.69e-01
ABCB9 7.62e-01 8.99e-02 8.69e-01
RFC3 4.33e-01 9.00e-02 8.69e-01
RPH3A 5.47e-01 9.00e-02 8.69e-01
ARHGEF19 -4.03e-01 9.00e-02 8.69e-01
EPB41 -6.98e-01 9.00e-02 8.69e-01
MICU1 -5.42e-01 9.00e-02 8.69e-01
SUSD4 4.85e-01 9.00e-02 8.69e-01
SLC5A12 3.06e-01 9.00e-02 8.69e-01
LOC442122 3.89e-01 9.01e-02 8.69e-01
PPIAL4G -7.05e-01 9.01e-02 8.69e-01
HS6ST2 6.86e-01 9.01e-02 8.69e-01
FAM86A -4.39e-01 9.02e-02 8.69e-01
RASGRP3 7.53e-01 9.02e-02 8.69e-01
CNTN2 4.03e-01 9.02e-02 8.69e-01
ADCY10 5.88e-01 9.02e-02 8.69e-01
C9orf103 -4.47e-01 9.02e-02 8.69e-01
C19orf22 4.07e-01 9.03e-02 8.69e-01
AKNA 5.17e-01 9.03e-02 8.69e-01
LCAT -3.12e-01 9.03e-02 8.69e-01
CIRBP -3.78e-01 9.03e-02 8.69e-01
CFHR3 -7.07e-01 9.03e-02 8.69e-01
SLC25A26 5.69e-01 9.03e-02 8.69e-01
LOC340094 1.03 9.03e-02 8.69e-01
MARS 4.62e-01 9.04e-02 8.69e-01
GDNF 6.02e-01 9.05e-02 8.69e-01
BRWD1 -4.68e-01 9.05e-02 8.69e-01
ZIC1 -1.55 9.05e-02 8.69e-01
EGR3 -9.88e-01 9.05e-02 8.69e-01
TDRKH -5.40e-01 9.06e-02 8.69e-01
RLN2 -5.25e-01 9.06e-02 8.69e-01
HPCAL1 3.76e-01 9.06e-02 8.69e-01
LOC728573 4.04e-01 9.06e-02 8.69e-01
XLOC_009375 5.65e-01 9.06e-02 8.69e-01
DEFB134 1.29 9.08e-02 8.69e-01
ISPD 7.91e-01 9.08e-02 8.69e-01
FAM83A 8.90e-01 9.08e-02 8.69e-01
DZIP1L -1.35 9.08e-02 8.69e-01
DUOX1 9.62e-01 9.08e-02 8.69e-01
MAGI1 6.34e-01 9.09e-02 8.69e-01
PARVG -5.06e-01 9.09e-02 8.69e-01
HOXD9 7.09e-01 9.09e-02 8.69e-01
OR2L3 1.16 9.09e-02 8.69e-01
DTX2 3.35e-01 9.10e-02 8.69e-01
ZNF428 3.06e-01 9.10e-02 8.69e-01
C1orf174 -3.55e-01 9.11e-02 8.69e-01
VSX1 -3.85e-01 9.11e-02 8.69e-01
FAM83A 4.75e-01 9.11e-02 8.69e-01
SCG3 5.28e-01 9.12e-02 8.69e-01
MANSC4 6.15e-01 9.13e-02 8.69e-01
BRD7 -5.75e-01 9.13e-02 8.69e-01
KCNJ15 4.98e-01 9.13e-02 8.69e-01
ZMYND8 6.89e-01 9.14e-02 8.69e-01
MPP3 -7.87e-01 9.14e-02 8.69e-01
PPL 7.62e-01 9.14e-02 8.69e-01
THAP7-AS1 -8.46e-01 9.14e-02 8.69e-01
TBC1D8 -5.06e-01 9.15e-02 8.69e-01
SKOR2 6.73e-01 9.15e-02 8.69e-01
PVRL2 5.31e-01 9.16e-02 8.69e-01
CLCN6 -2.92e-01 9.17e-02 8.69e-01
PCBP2 3.21e-01 9.18e-02 8.69e-01
MORN3 4.28e-01 9.18e-02 8.69e-01
CSNK1G3 3.93e-01 9.18e-02 8.69e-01
CLDN6 5.20e-01 9.19e-02 8.69e-01
OR6F1 5.47e-01 9.19e-02 8.69e-01
MRP63 -4.49e-01 9.20e-02 8.69e-01
FRA10AC1 6.73e-01 9.20e-02 8.69e-01
KLHL12 -4.52e-01 9.20e-02 8.69e-01
ANAPC4 -3.72e-01 9.20e-02 8.69e-01
FLJ36000 6.41e-01 9.21e-02 8.69e-01
PSMC3IP -5.65e-01 9.21e-02 8.69e-01
BPI -1.34 9.21e-02 8.69e-01
IL6R 4.17e-01 9.21e-02 8.69e-01
ARMCX3-AS1 1.46 9.21e-02 8.69e-01
SORBS1 4.73e-01 9.21e-02 8.69e-01
RABGGTB -5.13e-01 9.22e-02 8.69e-01
LOC100505890 6.29e-01 9.22e-02 8.69e-01
C11orf44 7.82e-01 9.22e-02 8.69e-01
CAP2 7.44e-01 9.23e-02 8.69e-01
OR5A1 -5.58e-01 9.23e-02 8.69e-01
LINC00328 5.38e-01 9.23e-02 8.69e-01
CRYGS -5.57e-01 9.23e-02 8.69e-01
LOC100129858 6.96e-01 9.23e-02 8.69e-01
COMMD4 -3.64e-01 9.23e-02 8.69e-01
B4GALT1 3.30e-01 9.24e-02 8.69e-01
OR2M7 -5.80e-01 9.24e-02 8.69e-01
ST3GAL4 6.98e-01 9.26e-02 8.69e-01
C20orf196 4.26e-01 9.26e-02 8.69e-01
REPS2 3.94e-01 9.26e-02 8.69e-01
ZNF7 5.06e-01 9.26e-02 8.69e-01
SPINT3 4.98e-01 9.27e-02 8.69e-01
CAPN8 6.53e-01 9.27e-02 8.69e-01
CACNA2D3 9.99e-01 9.28e-02 8.69e-01
DDX51 -3.47e-01 9.28e-02 8.69e-01
SDHC -3.14e-01 9.29e-02 8.69e-01
TNIP1 4.06e-01 9.30e-02 8.69e-01
LOC100128107 7.10e-01 9.30e-02 8.69e-01
ATPIF1 -4.00e-01 9.30e-02 8.69e-01
STXBP5L 1.25 9.30e-02 8.69e-01
TACO1 3.93e-01 9.30e-02 8.69e-01
EDN3 5.09e-01 9.30e-02 8.69e-01
METTL10 6.55e-01 9.31e-02 8.69e-01
FLJ11710 -9.38e-01 9.31e-02 8.69e-01
RMRP 6.71e-01 9.31e-02 8.69e-01
TET1 -6.42e-01 9.31e-02 8.69e-01
DFNB31 4.95e-01 9.32e-02 8.69e-01
ZNF876P -6.77e-01 9.32e-02 8.69e-01
DDB2 -3.48e-01 9.32e-02 8.69e-01
COL8A1 9.73e-01 9.32e-02 8.69e-01
S100A7A 5.13e-01 9.32e-02 8.69e-01
SSX2IP -4.11e-01 9.33e-02 8.69e-01
XLOC_002455 -6.11e-01 9.33e-02 8.69e-01
DKK3 8.61e-01 9.33e-02 8.69e-01
CFH -4.30e-01 9.34e-02 8.69e-01
C1orf112 -2.90e-01 9.35e-02 8.69e-01
PDK2 3.72e-01 9.35e-02 8.69e-01
APOC3 6.08e-01 9.35e-02 8.69e-01
GIT2 -4.02e-01 9.36e-02 8.69e-01
CDC25B 4.44e-01 9.36e-02 8.69e-01
PANK3 3.81e-01 9.36e-02 8.69e-01
UBE2V1 3.82e-01 9.37e-02 8.69e-01
ZNHIT3 -3.68e-01 9.37e-02 8.69e-01
CACNG5 7.02e-01 9.37e-02 8.69e-01
WBSCR17 5.91e-01 9.37e-02 8.69e-01
LOC407835 4.81e-01 9.37e-02 8.69e-01
SPEF1 6.99e-01 9.37e-02 8.69e-01
MGC10814 -4.81e-01 9.37e-02 8.69e-01
GMFB -5.99e-01 9.38e-02 8.69e-01
DKFZp686F0839 1.02 9.38e-02 8.69e-01
PHF8 4.21e-01 9.39e-02 8.69e-01
LOC100506191 7.48e-01 9.39e-02 8.69e-01
IL2RG 4.32e-01 9.39e-02 8.69e-01
HSPA4L -6.60e-01 9.40e-02 8.69e-01
XLOC_007966 -1.13 9.41e-02 8.69e-01
SH3D21 4.99e-01 9.41e-02 8.69e-01
XLOC_007052 4.38e-01 9.41e-02 8.69e-01
SCGB1D4 6.24e-01 9.42e-02 8.69e-01
ZNF445 3.80e-01 9.42e-02 8.69e-01
RBMY1B 1.91 9.42e-02 8.69e-01
CISD2 4.99e-01 9.42e-02 8.69e-01
PLP1 9.14e-01 9.42e-02 8.69e-01
TMEM183B 3.36e-01 9.43e-02 8.69e-01
CCDC132 4.20e-01 9.43e-02 8.69e-01
TBX3 6.62e-01 9.44e-02 8.69e-01
ZNF169 -4.42e-01 9.44e-02 8.69e-01
ACER2 6.91e-01 9.44e-02 8.69e-01
KIT -1.26 9.44e-02 8.69e-01
GSG1 -3.64e-01 9.44e-02 8.69e-01
ZNF530 -4.84e-01 9.45e-02 8.69e-01
POLR2J2 4.24e-01 9.45e-02 8.69e-01
RHOBTB3 -5.08e-01 9.45e-02 8.69e-01
PRR9 6.33e-01 9.45e-02 8.69e-01
SLC24A1 -5.03e-01 9.45e-02 8.69e-01
SAMHD1 9.07e-01 9.45e-02 8.69e-01
OR13A1 5.25e-01 9.45e-02 8.69e-01
CARKD -3.26e-01 9.46e-02 8.69e-01
BRP44L -3.85e-01 9.46e-02 8.69e-01
MICAL2 4.20e-01 9.46e-02 8.69e-01
ASXL3 5.02e-01 9.47e-02 8.69e-01
PODXL 3.67e-01 9.47e-02 8.69e-01
TBRG1 -3.77e-01 9.47e-02 8.69e-01
AHNAK 3.60e-01 9.48e-02 8.69e-01
FAM66D 5.50e-01 9.48e-02 8.69e-01
PCCA -3.37e-01 9.48e-02 8.69e-01
SH3BP5L -4.89e-01 9.48e-02 8.69e-01
DUS4L -5.24e-01 9.48e-02 8.69e-01
LOC143188 9.19e-01 9.49e-02 8.69e-01
CHCHD5 -3.11e-01 9.49e-02 8.69e-01
S100A14 8.98e-01 9.49e-02 8.69e-01
DUSP28 -4.13e-01 9.49e-02 8.69e-01
GPR156 -4.97e-01 9.49e-02 8.69e-01
CALHM3 5.32e-01 9.50e-02 8.69e-01
OR6N2 7.13e-01 9.50e-02 8.69e-01
MLF1IP -4.81e-01 9.50e-02 8.69e-01
WNT9A 7.03e-01 9.51e-02 8.69e-01
MACROD1 4.31e-01 9.52e-02 8.69e-01
PPP1R13B 1.12 9.52e-02 8.69e-01
ZNF397 4.75e-01 9.52e-02 8.69e-01
C8orf28 1.07 9.52e-02 8.69e-01
LOC100129042 8.04e-01 9.52e-02 8.69e-01
ARHGAP40 1.04 9.53e-02 8.69e-01
ZFYVE28 -4.10e-01 9.53e-02 8.69e-01
MKKS -3.46e-01 9.54e-02 8.69e-01
LINC00277 -7.61e-01 9.54e-02 8.69e-01
ANKRD13D -3.59e-01 9.56e-02 8.69e-01
RPRML 7.78e-01 9.56e-02 8.69e-01
LCE1E 5.91e-01 9.57e-02 8.69e-01
ARHGEF9 -5.47e-01 9.58e-02 8.69e-01
EIF5AL1 1.01 9.58e-02 8.69e-01
CEP350 3.40e-01 9.58e-02 8.69e-01
ERBB3 5.93e-01 9.58e-02 8.69e-01
LOC389607 4.16e-01 9.58e-02 8.69e-01
SLC7A8 6.05e-01 9.59e-02 8.69e-01
SSBP3 4.19e-01 9.59e-02 8.69e-01
TYRP1 5.19e-01 9.59e-02 8.69e-01
ABCD1 5.55e-01 9.59e-02 8.69e-01
LOC100129935 4.34e-01 9.59e-02 8.69e-01
ZSCAN20 6.39e-01 9.60e-02 8.69e-01
KRBA2 -5.45e-01 9.60e-02 8.69e-01
C20orf26 -5.08e-01 9.60e-02 8.69e-01
SSTR2 -1.87 9.60e-02 8.69e-01
LINC00032 5.31e-01 9.60e-02 8.69e-01
FAM53B 5.76e-01 9.61e-02 8.69e-01
ALG1 3.94e-01 9.61e-02 8.69e-01
DHX38 4.00e-01 9.61e-02 8.69e-01
ZIC3 6.04e-01 9.61e-02 8.69e-01
TSPAN1 4.33e-01 9.62e-02 8.69e-01
PMP22 5.99e-01 9.62e-02 8.69e-01
FAM65A 7.88e-01 9.62e-02 8.69e-01
NOS3 6.99e-01 9.62e-02 8.69e-01
FLJ36000 5.28e-01 9.62e-02 8.69e-01
BLVRB 5.05e-01 9.62e-02 8.69e-01
LOC349160 6.01e-01 9.63e-02 8.69e-01
ZC3H12C -5.33e-01 9.63e-02 8.69e-01
TMEM31 -5.41e-01 9.64e-02 8.69e-01
HIST1H1B 5.69e-01 9.64e-02 8.69e-01
AMDHD1 -5.58e-01 9.64e-02 8.69e-01
ARHGEF10 -4.29e-01 9.64e-02 8.69e-01
LRRC30 3.97e-01 9.65e-02 8.69e-01
LRRC42 3.48e-01 9.65e-02 8.69e-01
APOPT1 4.16e-01 9.65e-02 8.69e-01
IL6 4.63e-01 9.66e-02 8.69e-01
MCM9 -6.39e-01 9.66e-02 8.69e-01
ZNF175 -4.77e-01 9.66e-02 8.69e-01
LOC644662 6.56e-01 9.66e-02 8.69e-01
AIDA 4.10e-01 9.66e-02 8.69e-01
ATG9A 3.20e-01 9.67e-02 8.69e-01
CBFA2T2 -4.11e-01 9.68e-02 8.69e-01
PIP5KL1 4.06e-01 9.68e-02 8.69e-01
SAP30 -3.24e-01 9.68e-02 8.69e-01
GUSBP10 -3.85e-01 9.68e-02 8.69e-01
TSEN15 -3.72e-01 9.69e-02 8.69e-01
MUC8 5.65e-01 9.70e-02 8.69e-01
NKAIN4 4.49e-01 9.70e-02 8.69e-01
CAB39L -3.77e-01 9.71e-02 8.69e-01
XLOC_002070 -5.74e-01 9.71e-02 8.69e-01
DTYMK -3.26e-01 9.72e-02 8.69e-01
XLOC_011430 9.25e-01 9.72e-02 8.69e-01
KCNT1 -5.52e-01 9.72e-02 8.69e-01
MGC39545 -1.01 9.73e-02 8.69e-01
CREB3L3 4.12e-01 9.73e-02 8.69e-01
LRRC3B -8.00e-01 9.73e-02 8.69e-01
BTNL8 7.06e-01 9.74e-02 8.69e-01
RNASE4 3.27e-01 9.74e-02 8.69e-01
FLJ37798 -3.77e-01 9.75e-02 8.69e-01
PIGK -4.26e-01 9.75e-02 8.69e-01
LOC285441 9.73e-01 9.75e-02 8.69e-01
WBSCR27 -5.33e-01 9.75e-02 8.69e-01
SLMO2 -3.86e-01 9.75e-02 8.69e-01
DCAF17 -3.60e-01 9.75e-02 8.69e-01
SLC6A2 3.33e-01 9.76e-02 8.69e-01
LOC100130232 4.53e-01 9.76e-02 8.69e-01
MUC16 4.17e-01 9.76e-02 8.69e-01
BEX4 -4.20e-01 9.76e-02 8.69e-01
BTF3L4 -4.01e-01 9.76e-02 8.69e-01
PTCH2 4.52e-01 9.76e-02 8.69e-01
BCL2L15 -5.27e-01 9.77e-02 8.69e-01
NID2 7.66e-01 9.77e-02 8.69e-01
GYPB 5.76e-01 9.77e-02 8.69e-01
LOC100130345 8.43e-01 9.77e-02 8.69e-01
RPA1 -3.34e-01 9.77e-02 8.69e-01
XLOC_010897 6.44e-01 9.77e-02 8.69e-01
NLGN1 5.21e-01 9.77e-02 8.69e-01
LOC158863 -9.65e-01 9.78e-02 8.69e-01
HSPA14 -3.39e-01 9.78e-02 8.69e-01
MYOZ1 4.80e-01 9.78e-02 8.69e-01
PDCD5 -3.47e-01 9.79e-02 8.69e-01
PTHLH 5.31e-01 9.79e-02 8.69e-01
LOC100130587 6.82e-01 9.79e-02 8.69e-01
ISCA1 2.70e-01 9.79e-02 8.69e-01
PANX3 5.61e-01 9.79e-02 8.69e-01
GLTPD1 3.28e-01 9.80e-02 8.69e-01
FOXO4 4.03e-01 9.80e-02 8.69e-01
XLOC_000909 -3.71e-01 9.81e-02 8.69e-01
CTDSP1 4.57e-01 9.81e-02 8.69e-01
UBTD1 3.87e-01 9.81e-02 8.69e-01
NMUR1 -5.27e-01 9.81e-02 8.69e-01
UNC5C -6.83e-01 9.82e-02 8.69e-01
USP40 -6.12e-01 9.82e-02 8.69e-01
GREB1L 5.22e-01 9.82e-02 8.69e-01
C17orf57 6.08e-01 9.82e-02 8.69e-01
IMPACT -5.07e-01 9.82e-02 8.69e-01
CGREF1 5.26e-01 9.83e-02 8.69e-01
LGALS3 4.50e-01 9.83e-02 8.69e-01
KRT80 9.30e-01 9.83e-02 8.69e-01
LOC200830 7.31e-01 9.83e-02 8.69e-01
LOC645676 -3.35e-01 9.83e-02 8.69e-01
C16orf91 -3.27e-01 9.83e-02 8.69e-01
SETD7 -7.09e-01 9.84e-02 8.69e-01
ZNF551 6.15e-01 9.84e-02 8.69e-01
LRRFIP1 -4.12e-01 9.85e-02 8.69e-01
ATR -3.73e-01 9.85e-02 8.69e-01
PCMT1 3.79e-01 9.86e-02 8.69e-01
RAB33B 8.32e-01 9.86e-02 8.69e-01
GPX7 3.17e-01 9.87e-02 8.69e-01
XLOC_005238 5.73e-01 9.87e-02 8.69e-01
DHDDS -5.97e-01 9.88e-02 8.69e-01
CYCS -3.03e-01 9.88e-02 8.69e-01
GABRQ 6.15e-01 9.88e-02 8.69e-01
LOC100190940 9.03e-01 9.88e-02 8.69e-01
TRIM10 5.25e-01 9.89e-02 8.69e-01
ORMDL1 -3.55e-01 9.89e-02 8.69e-01
PDE6D -3.42e-01 9.89e-02 8.69e-01
TMEM150A -3.70e-01 9.89e-02 8.69e-01
TAS2R10 -4.30e-01 9.89e-02 8.69e-01
STX1B 3.69e-01 9.89e-02 8.69e-01
DOK7 -5.99e-01 9.90e-02 8.69e-01
PAFAH1B3 3.55e-01 9.90e-02 8.69e-01
CLK1 -4.48e-01 9.90e-02 8.69e-01
DPPA5 7.95e-01 9.90e-02 8.69e-01
ARMCX6 -3.42e-01 9.91e-02 8.69e-01
CEACAM7 -6.78e-01 9.91e-02 8.69e-01
KHDC1 6.20e-01 9.91e-02 8.69e-01
LOC100130913 4.85e-01 9.92e-02 8.69e-01
SEPT3 1.03 9.92e-02 8.69e-01
FAM78B 8.04e-01 9.92e-02 8.69e-01
GDE1 4.22e-01 9.93e-02 8.69e-01
ZNF276 -4.63e-01 9.93e-02 8.69e-01
KRTAP12-1 4.00e-01 9.93e-02 8.69e-01
HDGFRP2 3.72e-01 9.93e-02 8.69e-01
MASTL 2.88e-01 9.94e-02 8.69e-01
TUBAL3 7.75e-01 9.94e-02 8.69e-01
GLT8D2 -4.80e-01 9.95e-02 8.69e-01
ELMO3 -3.86e-01 9.95e-02 8.69e-01
CDIPT 3.31e-01 9.95e-02 8.69e-01
SETD3 -3.36e-01 9.96e-02 8.69e-01
KIAA1875 5.35e-01 9.96e-02 8.69e-01
PRF1 -4.36e-01 9.96e-02 8.69e-01
UMODL1 6.55e-01 9.96e-02 8.69e-01
RBMX2 -4.20e-01 9.96e-02 8.69e-01
URB1 6.15e-01 9.97e-02 8.69e-01
C7orf55 -3.93e-01 9.97e-02 8.69e-01
LOC93622 -4.87e-01 9.98e-02 8.69e-01
OR1J2 4.61e-01 9.98e-02 8.69e-01
NKAPP1 -3.34e-01 9.98e-02 8.69e-01
LOC283922 3.55e-01 9.98e-02 8.69e-01
SFTPD 4.85e-01 9.98e-02 8.69e-01
DTX3 -4.81e-01 9.98e-02 8.69e-01
NCOA2 4.12e-01 9.99e-02 8.69e-01
TPH2 6.22e-01 9.99e-02 8.69e-01
CEACAM18 4.91e-01 9.99e-02 8.69e-01
NAPB -3.71e-01 1.00e-01 8.69e-01
PPP2R5C 5.43e-01 1.00e-01 8.69e-01
RNF186 -6.31e-01 1.00e-01 8.69e-01
LOC100130348 3.62e-01 1.00e-01 8.69e-01
PDXDC2P -6.82e-01 1.00e-01 8.69e-01
SCN1B 4.33e-01 1.00e-01 8.69e-01
CLEC2A 7.45e-01 1.00e-01 8.69e-01
C18orf56 3.50e-01 1.00e-01 8.69e-01
SSR1 3.52e-01 1.00e-01 8.69e-01
KIAA1656 6.94e-01 1.00e-01 8.69e-01
LOC728819 7.57e-01 1.00e-01 8.69e-01
SLC7A8 9.02e-01 1.00e-01 8.69e-01
C1orf21 -7.98e-01 1.00e-01 8.69e-01
AKAP1 -7.17e-01 1.00e-01 8.69e-01
MGC11082 7.12e-01 1.00e-01 8.69e-01
ELFN1 5.21e-01 1.00e-01 8.69e-01
CEP19 4.38e-01 1.00e-01 8.69e-01
KDM2B -6.84e-01 1.00e-01 8.69e-01
GLI2 9.64e-01 1.00e-01 8.69e-01
ZNF487P -5.67e-01 1.00e-01 8.69e-01
CROCCP2 -3.62e-01 1.00e-01 8.69e-01
SRP19 3.08e-01 1.00e-01 8.69e-01
TLL1 7.34e-01 1.01e-01 8.69e-01
EFS 6.46e-01 1.01e-01 8.69e-01
TMEM180 3.15e-01 1.01e-01 8.69e-01
CATSPER1 -4.53e-01 1.01e-01 8.69e-01
ZBTB7B -3.34e-01 1.01e-01 8.69e-01
APP -4.82e-01 1.01e-01 8.69e-01
S100P 1.67 1.01e-01 8.69e-01
PLLP 4.75e-01 1.01e-01 8.69e-01
ENOPH1 -3.47e-01 1.01e-01 8.69e-01
TTTY16 3.98e-01 1.01e-01 8.69e-01
SPEG 3.70e-01 1.01e-01 8.69e-01
ADAMTS13 -3.46e-01 1.01e-01 8.69e-01
MEX3C -3.62e-01 1.01e-01 8.69e-01
OR8J1 5.33e-01 1.01e-01 8.69e-01
C6orf97 -3.77e-01 1.01e-01 8.69e-01
NBPF10 4.67e-01 1.01e-01 8.69e-01
PBX1 3.18e-01 1.01e-01 8.69e-01
TSC1 4.76e-01 1.01e-01 8.69e-01
ANKRD36B -5.85e-01 1.01e-01 8.69e-01
ASCC2 4.69e-01 1.01e-01 8.69e-01
TFIP11 -3.87e-01 1.01e-01 8.69e-01
KCTD3 4.65e-01 1.02e-01 8.69e-01
RAD54B -6.59e-01 1.02e-01 8.69e-01
LOC100130342 -3.49e-01 1.02e-01 8.69e-01
FOXN1 7.53e-01 1.02e-01 8.69e-01
SMC1A 3.96e-01 1.02e-01 8.69e-01
SLC25A16 -4.59e-01 1.02e-01 8.69e-01
SMYD3 -4.29e-01 1.02e-01 8.69e-01
OTUD3 -7.42e-01 1.02e-01 8.69e-01
IGSF23 7.61e-01 1.02e-01 8.69e-01
EPB41L4A 4.38e-01 1.02e-01 8.69e-01
NF2 3.28e-01 1.02e-01 8.69e-01
C10orf27 6.51e-01 1.02e-01 8.69e-01
FMR1-AS1 4.05e-01 1.02e-01 8.69e-01
LOC283547 6.57e-01 1.02e-01 8.69e-01
SLC9A5 4.70e-01 1.02e-01 8.69e-01
CXCL12 5.56e-01 1.02e-01 8.69e-01
HAL -5.36e-01 1.02e-01 8.69e-01
SNAP91 4.27e-01 1.02e-01 8.69e-01
GSTTP1 4.26e-01 1.02e-01 8.69e-01
GPR132 6.78e-01 1.02e-01 8.69e-01
LOC643936 5.35e-01 1.02e-01 8.69e-01
CHRNB2 4.58e-01 1.02e-01 8.69e-01
YBX1 4.10e-01 1.02e-01 8.69e-01
TMEM110 3.39e-01 1.02e-01 8.69e-01
CHN2 -3.48e-01 1.02e-01 8.69e-01
HNRNPC -3.92e-01 1.02e-01 8.69e-01
TFE3 4.36e-01 1.02e-01 8.69e-01
MED25 4.81e-01 1.02e-01 8.69e-01
BORA -5.07e-01 1.02e-01 8.69e-01
ESCO2 1.06 1.02e-01 8.69e-01
ZNF609 6.25e-01 1.02e-01 8.69e-01
GNPTAB -3.98e-01 1.02e-01 8.69e-01
C17orf72 -1.47 1.02e-01 8.69e-01
HERC2P2 -3.84e-01 1.02e-01 8.69e-01
LOC100129961 9.96e-01 1.02e-01 8.69e-01
ALS2 -7.07e-01 1.02e-01 8.69e-01
FANCC -4.12e-01 1.02e-01 8.69e-01
CBL 4.31e-01 1.03e-01 8.69e-01
PRTFDC1 -4.66e-01 1.03e-01 8.69e-01
BPNT1 -3.34e-01 1.03e-01 8.69e-01
CLDN15 5.75e-01 1.03e-01 8.69e-01
COL11A2 5.23e-01 1.03e-01 8.69e-01
BHMT2 4.97e-01 1.03e-01 8.69e-01
XLOC_003677 5.52e-01 1.03e-01 8.69e-01
LOC644656 6.92e-01 1.03e-01 8.69e-01
COPS7B -4.05e-01 1.03e-01 8.69e-01
STEAP4 4.07e-01 1.03e-01 8.69e-01
IRAK3 -3.21e-01 1.03e-01 8.69e-01
THYN1 -3.25e-01 1.03e-01 8.69e-01
FBXO8 4.52e-01 1.03e-01 8.69e-01
RFX8 3.85e-01 1.03e-01 8.69e-01
LOC650293 6.46e-01 1.03e-01 8.69e-01
ANKRD44 -8.73e-01 1.03e-01 8.69e-01
PARP1 3.04e-01 1.03e-01 8.69e-01
WDR12 -3.13e-01 1.03e-01 8.69e-01
XLOC_004016 9.70e-01 1.03e-01 8.69e-01
HMG20B 7.91e-01 1.03e-01 8.69e-01
TTN -4.91e-01 1.03e-01 8.69e-01
WDR69 -8.22e-01 1.03e-01 8.69e-01
TPM1 -5.27e-01 1.03e-01 8.69e-01
LOC100131662 -4.75e-01 1.03e-01 8.69e-01
PTPDC1 -4.04e-01 1.03e-01 8.69e-01
LOC100270710 8.13e-01 1.03e-01 8.69e-01
LOC100509553 9.67e-01 1.03e-01 8.69e-01
HYI -3.63e-01 1.03e-01 8.69e-01
ZNF428 4.15e-01 1.03e-01 8.69e-01
HNF4G 1.11 1.03e-01 8.69e-01
KLF10 -3.37e-01 1.03e-01 8.69e-01
H1FNT 5.93e-01 1.03e-01 8.69e-01
DKK4 5.19e-01 1.04e-01 8.69e-01
EPHA5 8.34e-01 1.04e-01 8.69e-01
VMO1 -4.27e-01 1.04e-01 8.69e-01
ORC3 -3.64e-01 1.04e-01 8.69e-01
DHX40 3.30e-01 1.04e-01 8.69e-01
LOC729887 -3.69e-01 1.04e-01 8.69e-01
NEMF -3.76e-01 1.04e-01 8.69e-01
TNFRSF18 -4.96e-01 1.04e-01 8.69e-01
GTF2IRD2 -5.18e-01 1.04e-01 8.69e-01
HYI -3.69e-01 1.04e-01 8.69e-01
FNDC9 8.83e-01 1.04e-01 8.69e-01
LOC729852 -4.46e-01 1.04e-01 8.69e-01
LOC339298 5.37e-01 1.04e-01 8.69e-01
XLOC_006925 6.26e-01 1.04e-01 8.69e-01
LOC100509763 5.68e-01 1.04e-01 8.69e-01
FAM117A 3.71e-01 1.04e-01 8.69e-01
IL17C 5.95e-01 1.04e-01 8.69e-01
VAMP4 3.43e-01 1.04e-01 8.69e-01
C5orf30 -3.79e-01 1.04e-01 8.69e-01
POLR2H -3.80e-01 1.04e-01 8.69e-01
FNDC3A -3.41e-01 1.04e-01 8.69e-01
PDSS2 -4.11e-01 1.04e-01 8.69e-01
DKFZp686A05212 3.65e-01 1.04e-01 8.69e-01
PTPMT1 -3.20e-01 1.04e-01 8.69e-01
AP3S1 -3.39e-01 1.04e-01 8.69e-01
C20orf85 3.99e-01 1.04e-01 8.69e-01
MBD3 2.98e-01 1.04e-01 8.69e-01
PART1 8.81e-01 1.04e-01 8.69e-01
RSPH9 4.52e-01 1.04e-01 8.69e-01
CEP104 5.76e-01 1.04e-01 8.69e-01
MTO1 -3.77e-01 1.04e-01 8.69e-01
PROC -3.46e-01 1.04e-01 8.69e-01
FLJ37786 4.43e-01 1.04e-01 8.69e-01
NOS1 6.52e-01 1.04e-01 8.69e-01
APEX1 -3.69e-01 1.04e-01 8.69e-01
FAM205A 7.35e-01 1.04e-01 8.69e-01
BEND7 4.71e-01 1.04e-01 8.69e-01
ZNF37BP -3.84e-01 1.04e-01 8.69e-01
IQCK -3.31e-01 1.05e-01 8.69e-01
PSMA1 -6.60e-01 1.05e-01 8.69e-01
KCND2 7.27e-01 1.05e-01 8.69e-01
LIPT2 -4.25e-01 1.05e-01 8.69e-01
OR2S2 7.96e-01 1.05e-01 8.69e-01
LOC392288 3.55e-01 1.05e-01 8.69e-01
PNMAL1 6.34e-01 1.05e-01 8.69e-01
LOC100129884 6.34e-01 1.05e-01 8.69e-01
BDKRB2 4.34e-01 1.05e-01 8.69e-01
LOC100132363 4.08e-01 1.05e-01 8.69e-01
CNOT4 -5.50e-01 1.05e-01 8.69e-01
BHLHE41 7.98e-01 1.05e-01 8.69e-01
UBTFL1 6.89e-01 1.05e-01 8.69e-01
OPRD1 4.26e-01 1.05e-01 8.69e-01
LOC100130172 3.87e-01 1.05e-01 8.69e-01
IL28A 4.81e-01 1.05e-01 8.69e-01
FAM60A -3.93e-01 1.05e-01 8.69e-01
RRN3 -6.04e-01 1.05e-01 8.69e-01
CDK18 5.21e-01 1.05e-01 8.69e-01
TXNDC5 1.21 1.05e-01 8.69e-01
WIPF3 5.03e-01 1.05e-01 8.69e-01
SLC25A14 -3.33e-01 1.05e-01 8.69e-01
HIF1AN 3.76e-01 1.05e-01 8.69e-01
C2orf83 7.92e-01 1.05e-01 8.69e-01
NIPSNAP3A -4.05e-01 1.05e-01 8.69e-01
OR51B5 6.09e-01 1.05e-01 8.69e-01
GPRIN3 7.85e-01 1.05e-01 8.69e-01
TAC3 9.01e-01 1.05e-01 8.69e-01
LOC100130348 9.75e-01 1.05e-01 8.69e-01
EXOC6 3.01e-01 1.05e-01 8.69e-01
LOC100131101 5.10e-01 1.05e-01 8.69e-01
CCNL2 -3.44e-01 1.05e-01 8.69e-01
CCDC57 -7.40e-01 1.05e-01 8.69e-01
CCDC33 6.28e-01 1.05e-01 8.69e-01
ORF1 8.23e-01 1.05e-01 8.69e-01
ATXN3L 5.99e-01 1.05e-01 8.69e-01
IFNAR1 5.04e-01 1.05e-01 8.69e-01
CCDC144A 3.82e-01 1.05e-01 8.69e-01
MTMR3 3.57e-01 1.06e-01 8.69e-01
CANT1 2.92e-01 1.06e-01 8.69e-01
LOC100129936 4.90e-01 1.06e-01 8.69e-01
VTCN1 -5.79e-01 1.06e-01 8.69e-01
SEMA3C -4.83e-01 1.06e-01 8.69e-01
C22orf31 1.20 1.06e-01 8.69e-01
NR1D1 -3.01e-01 1.06e-01 8.69e-01
TBCB -4.65e-01 1.06e-01 8.69e-01
XAGE1A 5.67e-01 1.06e-01 8.69e-01
EFEMP1 3.37e-01 1.06e-01 8.69e-01
LOC100134868 -4.99e-01 1.06e-01 8.69e-01
PAX7 4.59e-01 1.06e-01 8.69e-01
BCL2L13 3.53e-01 1.06e-01 8.69e-01
PTPRT 7.66e-01 1.06e-01 8.69e-01
XAGE2B -5.90e-01 1.06e-01 8.69e-01
RASGRP2 -4.31e-01 1.06e-01 8.69e-01
PTPLA 5.29e-01 1.06e-01 8.69e-01
TPD52L1 -4.71e-01 1.06e-01 8.69e-01
DDT 5.14e-01 1.06e-01 8.69e-01
VSIG4 -5.95e-01 1.06e-01 8.69e-01
L3MBTL1 -7.16e-01 1.06e-01 8.69e-01
TRPM5 5.17e-01 1.06e-01 8.69e-01
RG9MTD3 -3.63e-01 1.06e-01 8.69e-01
ZNF396 -3.08e-01 1.06e-01 8.69e-01
MUC5B 5.98e-01 1.06e-01 8.69e-01
NHS 6.26e-01 1.06e-01 8.69e-01
ERCC3 -3.61e-01 1.06e-01 8.69e-01
CCDC23 3.00e-01 1.06e-01 8.69e-01
RAP1GAP2 4.10e-01 1.06e-01 8.69e-01
MBD3L1 -5.79e-01 1.06e-01 8.69e-01
LOC100505585 -6.45e-01 1.06e-01 8.69e-01
CHAC2 3.17e-01 1.06e-01 8.69e-01
AGK -3.70e-01 1.06e-01 8.69e-01
VPS33A -3.77e-01 1.06e-01 8.69e-01
LAPTM4B -4.78e-01 1.06e-01 8.69e-01
XLOC_001742 5.84e-01 1.06e-01 8.69e-01
XLOC_014192 5.62e-01 1.06e-01 8.69e-01
IKBKB -3.42e-01 1.06e-01 8.69e-01
COQ2 -3.50e-01 1.06e-01 8.69e-01
C6orf124 7.01e-01 1.06e-01 8.69e-01
DSG1 4.12e-01 1.06e-01 8.69e-01
DEFT1P -1.16 1.07e-01 8.69e-01
DCAKD -5.48e-01 1.07e-01 8.69e-01
ANKRD1 4.45e-01 1.07e-01 8.69e-01
ZRANB2 -3.38e-01 1.07e-01 8.69e-01
DUSP2 -6.44e-01 1.07e-01 8.69e-01
CLEC4G 3.56e-01 1.07e-01 8.69e-01
MED18 4.67e-01 1.07e-01 8.69e-01
OR4C15 3.46e-01 1.07e-01 8.69e-01
LINC00478 9.14e-01 1.07e-01 8.69e-01
C4orf38 9.02e-01 1.07e-01 8.69e-01
SERP1 5.65e-01 1.07e-01 8.69e-01
XLOC_001412 -1.08 1.07e-01 8.69e-01
DDX11 -6.78e-01 1.07e-01 8.69e-01
GNPTAB -4.38e-01 1.07e-01 8.69e-01
CXorf59 6.73e-01 1.07e-01 8.69e-01
MLC1 -5.75e-01 1.07e-01 8.69e-01
TMEM63B 5.47e-01 1.07e-01 8.69e-01
ANO2 -6.87e-01 1.07e-01 8.69e-01
EIF3B 3.49e-01 1.07e-01 8.69e-01
ANKRD49 -3.98e-01 1.07e-01 8.69e-01
CKAP2 9.14e-01 1.07e-01 8.69e-01
IRF2 3.39e-01 1.07e-01 8.69e-01
OR11H6 3.96e-01 1.07e-01 8.69e-01
TOE1 -3.86e-01 1.07e-01 8.69e-01
CCDC14 -3.98e-01 1.07e-01 8.69e-01
HDGFRP2 4.39e-01 1.07e-01 8.69e-01
RHOXF1 -6.34e-01 1.07e-01 8.69e-01
CYTH4 4.90e-01 1.07e-01 8.69e-01
NDUFAF4 -3.92e-01 1.07e-01 8.69e-01
C20orf173 8.79e-01 1.07e-01 8.69e-01
AKNAD1 4.42e-01 1.07e-01 8.69e-01
RFX3 3.44e-01 1.07e-01 8.69e-01
C1QTNF6 -3.82e-01 1.08e-01 8.69e-01
USP33 4.24e-01 1.08e-01 8.69e-01
KLHDC7B 5.24e-01 1.08e-01 8.69e-01
UGT2A2 5.44e-01 1.08e-01 8.69e-01
LOC643797 5.31e-01 1.08e-01 8.69e-01
NLRP4 6.10e-01 1.08e-01 8.69e-01
GRIA1 1.05 1.08e-01 8.69e-01
AIDA 3.41e-01 1.08e-01 8.69e-01
NEK7 4.93e-01 1.08e-01 8.69e-01
LOC100131000 -7.18e-01 1.08e-01 8.69e-01
ARG2 -5.85e-01 1.08e-01 8.69e-01
PEX2 -1.10 1.08e-01 8.69e-01
RSU1 -3.24e-01 1.08e-01 8.69e-01
ANXA3 9.47e-01 1.08e-01 8.69e-01
HSD3B1 4.75e-01 1.08e-01 8.69e-01
HGF 4.06e-01 1.08e-01 8.69e-01
FAM126A 7.34e-01 1.08e-01 8.69e-01
DKFZP586I1420 -4.01e-01 1.08e-01 8.69e-01
ETAA1 -4.58e-01 1.08e-01 8.69e-01
TBC1D10C -3.78e-01 1.08e-01 8.69e-01
CNGA3 5.60e-01 1.08e-01 8.69e-01
LINC00265 -4.87e-01 1.08e-01 8.69e-01
BCAR1 -9.12e-01 1.08e-01 8.69e-01
ZFP37 7.71e-01 1.08e-01 8.69e-01
STAG2 -3.30e-01 1.08e-01 8.69e-01
LOC100131107 3.76e-01 1.08e-01 8.69e-01
PPP4R1 3.49e-01 1.08e-01 8.69e-01
PDGFD -6.01e-01 1.08e-01 8.69e-01
TMPRSS6 7.31e-01 1.08e-01 8.69e-01
ZNF816 -5.36e-01 1.09e-01 8.69e-01
SOCS2 -3.09e-01 1.09e-01 8.69e-01
NUCB1 3.14e-01 1.09e-01 8.69e-01
POLE2 4.54e-01 1.09e-01 8.69e-01
ZNF75D -3.19e-01 1.09e-01 8.69e-01
SIGLECP3 -5.59e-01 1.09e-01 8.69e-01
NOP16 -3.34e-01 1.09e-01 8.69e-01
XLOC_003280 5.26e-01 1.09e-01 8.69e-01
KCNH3 5.11e-01 1.09e-01 8.69e-01
GTF2IRD2B -5.99e-01 1.09e-01 8.69e-01
RFX1 3.90e-01 1.09e-01 8.69e-01
HOGA1 5.26e-01 1.09e-01 8.69e-01
KCNIP2 7.81e-01 1.09e-01 8.69e-01
ZNF780A 6.10e-01 1.09e-01 8.69e-01
VPS54 -3.29e-01 1.09e-01 8.69e-01
ZNF75A -4.78e-01 1.09e-01 8.69e-01
XLOC_005077 5.30e-01 1.09e-01 8.69e-01
HTR5A 4.80e-01 1.09e-01 8.69e-01
PITPNM3 5.83e-01 1.09e-01 8.69e-01
ST8SIA4 3.77e-01 1.09e-01 8.69e-01
HNF4G 6.56e-01 1.09e-01 8.69e-01
PDE7A -5.71e-01 1.09e-01 8.69e-01
GLI2 4.87e-01 1.09e-01 8.69e-01
E4F1 -3.64e-01 1.09e-01 8.69e-01
AP4M1 3.81e-01 1.09e-01 8.69e-01
CTSL3 4.31e-01 1.09e-01 8.69e-01
MYH11 4.55e-01 1.09e-01 8.69e-01
OR1J4 6.03e-01 1.09e-01 8.69e-01
SDCCAG8 3.43e-01 1.09e-01 8.69e-01
RPL23AP53 -3.84e-01 1.09e-01 8.69e-01
HEPN1 3.47e-01 1.09e-01 8.69e-01
GGT3P 3.47e-01 1.09e-01 8.69e-01
NRIP3 3.97e-01 1.10e-01 8.69e-01
LOC100130197 5.46e-01 1.10e-01 8.69e-01
PSMG4 -4.17e-01 1.10e-01 8.69e-01
SLC25A47 9.69e-01 1.10e-01 8.69e-01
DEF8 -3.70e-01 1.10e-01 8.69e-01
ANGPTL2 6.51e-01 1.10e-01 8.69e-01
RTN4RL1 6.75e-01 1.10e-01 8.69e-01
NAPA 4.08e-01 1.10e-01 8.69e-01
ERI2 -4.36e-01 1.10e-01 8.69e-01
CDKN2AIP -4.03e-01 1.10e-01 8.69e-01
CNOT8 -3.93e-01 1.10e-01 8.69e-01
LINC00092 7.83e-01 1.10e-01 8.69e-01
SHMT1 5.35e-01 1.10e-01 8.69e-01
SNORA66 5.84e-01 1.10e-01 8.69e-01
XLOC_013283 -5.69e-01 1.10e-01 8.69e-01
SLC16A9 6.28e-01 1.10e-01 8.69e-01
LOC645645 5.72e-01 1.10e-01 8.69e-01
XLOC_005595 4.05e-01 1.10e-01 8.69e-01
PDE4DIP -4.76e-01 1.10e-01 8.69e-01
TIA1 -3.87e-01 1.10e-01 8.69e-01
RALBP1 3.75e-01 1.10e-01 8.69e-01
CCDC69 4.36e-01 1.10e-01 8.69e-01
LOC100130581 7.79e-01 1.10e-01 8.69e-01
RAB37 -3.61e-01 1.10e-01 8.69e-01
S100A13 -3.82e-01 1.10e-01 8.69e-01
NBPF6 5.61e-01 1.10e-01 8.69e-01
DRP2 3.58e-01 1.10e-01 8.69e-01
LOC100133106 4.37e-01 1.10e-01 8.69e-01
CLDN2 5.46e-01 1.10e-01 8.69e-01
ZNF311 3.95e-01 1.10e-01 8.69e-01
AP1AR -3.75e-01 1.11e-01 8.69e-01
METTL6 -9.49e-01 1.11e-01 8.69e-01
OR2AG1 4.67e-01 1.11e-01 8.69e-01
MGC45922 8.93e-01 1.11e-01 8.69e-01
TCN1 -6.60e-01 1.11e-01 8.69e-01
LOC100130429 -6.74e-01 1.11e-01 8.69e-01
FGD5 5.89e-01 1.11e-01 8.69e-01
RARB -6.20e-01 1.11e-01 8.69e-01
LCN15 3.98e-01 1.11e-01 8.69e-01
LOC644852 1.32 1.11e-01 8.69e-01
YPEL1 -3.55e-01 1.11e-01 8.69e-01
RNF187 3.48e-01 1.11e-01 8.69e-01
C1orf124 -3.42e-01 1.11e-01 8.69e-01
CDK15 6.21e-01 1.11e-01 8.69e-01
HOXA9 6.72e-01 1.11e-01 8.69e-01
CCNK 2.99e-01 1.11e-01 8.69e-01
EPHB2 5.22e-01 1.11e-01 8.69e-01
HRASLS -8.81e-01 1.11e-01 8.69e-01
TLX3 6.00e-01 1.11e-01 8.69e-01
FAM71F2 4.29e-01 1.11e-01 8.69e-01
KRTAP4-4 7.99e-01 1.11e-01 8.69e-01
SH3RF3 6.04e-01 1.11e-01 8.69e-01
C4orf17 5.22e-01 1.11e-01 8.69e-01
MMP7 1.01 1.11e-01 8.69e-01
SNX29 -4.80e-01 1.11e-01 8.69e-01
TMPPE 3.26e-01 1.11e-01 8.69e-01
NAV3 5.11e-01 1.11e-01 8.69e-01
MOK -5.04e-01 1.11e-01 8.69e-01
APBB3 -3.22e-01 1.11e-01 8.69e-01
PAPD5 -1.10 1.11e-01 8.69e-01
HEATR8 5.68e-01 1.11e-01 8.69e-01
ASB4 8.57e-01 1.12e-01 8.69e-01
SSX7 5.16e-01 1.12e-01 8.69e-01
ADCY1 4.90e-01 1.12e-01 8.69e-01
KCNH5 4.98e-01 1.12e-01 8.69e-01
LOC643486 7.54e-01 1.12e-01 8.69e-01
WASH1 -3.07e-01 1.12e-01 8.69e-01
WHAMMP3 3.98e-01 1.12e-01 8.69e-01
LOC414300 -4.92e-01 1.12e-01 8.69e-01
WBP5 -4.85e-01 1.12e-01 8.69e-01
SUZ12P -4.86e-01 1.12e-01 8.69e-01
LRP8 -4.87e-01 1.12e-01 8.69e-01
RAD9B 4.14e-01 1.12e-01 8.69e-01
LOC100127904 -6.09e-01 1.12e-01 8.69e-01
XLOC_005295 -4.96e-01 1.12e-01 8.69e-01
LCE1A 5.09e-01 1.12e-01 8.69e-01
GART -4.47e-01 1.12e-01 8.69e-01
COL19A1 6.75e-01 1.12e-01 8.69e-01
KBTBD13 5.28e-01 1.12e-01 8.69e-01
CHDH 4.77e-01 1.12e-01 8.69e-01
MTUS2 5.77e-01 1.12e-01 8.69e-01
MMP17 4.21e-01 1.12e-01 8.69e-01
BHLHA9 3.86e-01 1.12e-01 8.69e-01
ZNF630 4.10e-01 1.12e-01 8.69e-01
SLC11A1 3.87e-01 1.12e-01 8.69e-01
C11orf41 7.63e-01 1.12e-01 8.69e-01
PRSS37 8.70e-01 1.12e-01 8.69e-01
CNTNAP1 6.38e-01 1.12e-01 8.69e-01
MRPL50 -3.46e-01 1.12e-01 8.69e-01
H6PD -6.55e-01 1.12e-01 8.69e-01
CDCP1 7.10e-01 1.12e-01 8.69e-01
HPS1 6.24e-01 1.12e-01 8.69e-01
LOC100129195 -5.35e-01 1.12e-01 8.69e-01
UBE2J1 4.19e-01 1.12e-01 8.69e-01
PMS2 -3.84e-01 1.12e-01 8.69e-01
SLC9A5 -3.42e-01 1.12e-01 8.69e-01
XLOC_007249 -2.90e-01 1.12e-01 8.69e-01
NUBP2 -3.84e-01 1.12e-01 8.69e-01
LOC100132874 3.84e-01 1.13e-01 8.69e-01
LOC645427 6.36e-01 1.13e-01 8.69e-01
UBE2U 5.88e-01 1.13e-01 8.69e-01
DAB1 5.12e-01 1.13e-01 8.69e-01
SP7 5.25e-01 1.13e-01 8.69e-01
TMEM85 -3.24e-01 1.13e-01 8.69e-01
NCOA5 3.25e-01 1.13e-01 8.69e-01
ZSCAN5D 3.81e-01 1.13e-01 8.69e-01
STEAP1 5.61e-01 1.13e-01 8.69e-01
MECP2 3.04e-01 1.13e-01 8.69e-01
RAD51B 6.15e-01 1.13e-01 8.69e-01
ADCY4 7.04e-01 1.13e-01 8.69e-01
LARP7 -3.11e-01 1.13e-01 8.69e-01
PALMD 6.70e-01 1.13e-01 8.69e-01
MLL4 5.34e-01 1.13e-01 8.69e-01
C6orf170 -7.27e-01 1.13e-01 8.69e-01
BTN3A1 -3.61e-01 1.13e-01 8.69e-01
MAP7D2 5.05e-01 1.13e-01 8.69e-01
COL5A3 6.44e-01 1.13e-01 8.69e-01
MYH9 3.41e-01 1.13e-01 8.69e-01
NOS1 -1.52 1.13e-01 8.69e-01
CUL5 -4.76e-01 1.13e-01 8.69e-01
FLJ45831 -3.74e-01 1.13e-01 8.69e-01
NOL6 4.57e-01 1.13e-01 8.69e-01
TM2D1 -3.60e-01 1.13e-01 8.69e-01
STEAP4 3.39e-01 1.13e-01 8.69e-01
PLCL2 3.21e-01 1.13e-01 8.69e-01
C1orf95 -3.44e-01 1.13e-01 8.69e-01
LINC00111 4.11e-01 1.13e-01 8.69e-01
NETO1 5.31e-01 1.13e-01 8.69e-01
S100PBP -3.29e-01 1.13e-01 8.69e-01
CTPS -3.70e-01 1.13e-01 8.69e-01
TPM2 -3.58e-01 1.13e-01 8.69e-01
INSL4 3.51e-01 1.14e-01 8.69e-01
CYP26A1 8.23e-01 1.14e-01 8.69e-01
FCER1G 3.53e-01 1.14e-01 8.69e-01
C1QC 4.70e-01 1.14e-01 8.69e-01
WDR26 4.25e-01 1.14e-01 8.69e-01
SNAR-G1 6.45e-01 1.14e-01 8.69e-01
MRPL40 -3.40e-01 1.14e-01 8.69e-01
MOBP 6.13e-01 1.14e-01 8.69e-01
VLDLR 4.44e-01 1.14e-01 8.69e-01
ACTR3BP5 6.84e-01 1.14e-01 8.69e-01
PAR5 4.47e-01 1.14e-01 8.69e-01
ARSF 7.69e-01 1.14e-01 8.69e-01
TBC1D12 -8.40e-01 1.14e-01 8.69e-01
TIPARP 8.67e-01 1.14e-01 8.69e-01
PRPF8 2.60e-01 1.14e-01 8.69e-01
OR1B1 9.25e-01 1.14e-01 8.69e-01
PTGS2 -9.91e-01 1.14e-01 8.69e-01
RFWD3 -3.45e-01 1.14e-01 8.69e-01
SNRPD1 -3.28e-01 1.14e-01 8.69e-01
PPP1R1C 5.11e-01 1.14e-01 8.69e-01
ZNF839 -4.25e-01 1.14e-01 8.69e-01
HNRNPU-AS1 -7.54e-01 1.14e-01 8.69e-01
LIMK2 4.24e-01 1.14e-01 8.69e-01
PLCB1 -3.94e-01 1.14e-01 8.69e-01
PKD2 -4.16e-01 1.14e-01 8.69e-01
LPPR2 2.89e-01 1.14e-01 8.69e-01
ACSF3 4.79e-01 1.15e-01 8.69e-01
PRPF18 4.73e-01 1.15e-01 8.69e-01
OR2T12 4.94e-01 1.15e-01 8.69e-01
IKZF1 -3.87e-01 1.15e-01 8.69e-01
TM7SF2 3.26e-01 1.15e-01 8.69e-01
LRRC42 1.32 1.15e-01 8.69e-01
C11orf95 3.76e-01 1.15e-01 8.69e-01
ZFYVE9 5.69e-01 1.15e-01 8.69e-01
CYMP 5.57e-01 1.15e-01 8.69e-01
C1QTNF7 4.49e-01 1.15e-01 8.69e-01
CCR10 6.04e-01 1.15e-01 8.69e-01
DPEP1 7.26e-01 1.15e-01 8.69e-01
SLC24A1 5.82e-01 1.15e-01 8.69e-01
FBXO17 4.25e-01 1.15e-01 8.69e-01
FLJ42393 5.50e-01 1.15e-01 8.69e-01
PXDN -4.91e-01 1.15e-01 8.69e-01
NBPF22P -7.44e-01 1.15e-01 8.69e-01
TMEM146 6.45e-01 1.15e-01 8.69e-01
NEK10 4.93e-01 1.15e-01 8.69e-01
TMEM200A 9.48e-01 1.15e-01 8.69e-01
GSG1L 1.24 1.15e-01 8.69e-01
ELTD1 5.22e-01 1.15e-01 8.69e-01
GEM 5.02e-01 1.15e-01 8.69e-01
GALNT11 -5.95e-01 1.15e-01 8.69e-01
IQGAP3 5.78e-01 1.15e-01 8.69e-01
DHX33 -4.59e-01 1.15e-01 8.69e-01
STARD9 7.20e-01 1.15e-01 8.69e-01
AKNA -6.77e-01 1.15e-01 8.69e-01
YIPF6 3.41e-01 1.15e-01 8.69e-01
MRPL46 -2.90e-01 1.15e-01 8.69e-01
AK3 -3.99e-01 1.15e-01 8.69e-01
GATS 5.58e-01 1.15e-01 8.69e-01
ADC 4.33e-01 1.15e-01 8.69e-01
WHAMM -3.38e-01 1.15e-01 8.69e-01
HCG4 -5.27e-01 1.15e-01 8.69e-01
ROS1 1.01 1.15e-01 8.69e-01
MRPL49 -2.94e-01 1.15e-01 8.69e-01
IGLL5 9.73e-01 1.15e-01 8.69e-01
TRAF3IP2-AS1 -4.91e-01 1.15e-01 8.69e-01
LOC283485 -6.00e-01 1.15e-01 8.69e-01
SCARNA17 -5.62e-01 1.15e-01 8.69e-01
UBE2S 2.78e-01 1.16e-01 8.69e-01
ZNF563 -7.39e-01 1.16e-01 8.69e-01
CES3 4.25e-01 1.16e-01 8.69e-01
ZNF804A 5.11e-01 1.16e-01 8.69e-01
TTC39A 7.05e-01 1.16e-01 8.69e-01
ELMO2 2.90e-01 1.16e-01 8.69e-01
TAG 6.09e-01 1.16e-01 8.69e-01
ARPC5 -1.62 1.16e-01 8.69e-01
IL18RAP -8.14e-01 1.16e-01 8.69e-01
DYTN 3.68e-01 1.16e-01 8.69e-01
LOC100128366 -2.91e-01 1.16e-01 8.69e-01
IL4 -5.55e-01 1.16e-01 8.69e-01
ZNF677 5.13e-01 1.16e-01 8.69e-01
ZPBP2 5.17e-01 1.16e-01 8.69e-01
HOXA6 6.99e-01 1.16e-01 8.69e-01
DGKK -6.12e-01 1.16e-01 8.69e-01
FLJ16779 9.67e-01 1.16e-01 8.69e-01
PGM5P2 -3.70e-01 1.16e-01 8.69e-01
LINC00310 8.28e-01 1.16e-01 8.69e-01
LPPR4 1.05 1.16e-01 8.69e-01
TRIM14 3.30e-01 1.16e-01 8.69e-01
FAM86A 3.27e-01 1.16e-01 8.69e-01
HPGD -3.41e-01 1.16e-01 8.69e-01
SPECC1 3.28e-01 1.16e-01 8.69e-01
LOC100129427 -7.17e-01 1.16e-01 8.69e-01
PEG10 5.41e-01 1.16e-01 8.69e-01
SLC4A8 6.20e-01 1.16e-01 8.69e-01
GPR87 3.67e-01 1.16e-01 8.69e-01
OAS2 5.13e-01 1.16e-01 8.69e-01
CYB5B -5.03e-01 1.16e-01 8.69e-01
CRIPAK -4.08e-01 1.16e-01 8.69e-01
LOC338651 9.92e-01 1.16e-01 8.69e-01
MAP2K7 4.15e-01 1.16e-01 8.69e-01
NMNAT3 5.91e-01 1.17e-01 8.69e-01
KIAA1217 7.60e-01 1.17e-01 8.69e-01
OR2T33 5.53e-01 1.17e-01 8.69e-01
DEFA10P -8.56e-01 1.17e-01 8.69e-01
PHGR1 3.96e-01 1.17e-01 8.69e-01
SMG1 -4.39e-01 1.17e-01 8.69e-01
C17orf102 4.79e-01 1.17e-01 8.69e-01
ZNF503-AS1 -7.87e-01 1.17e-01 8.69e-01
MT1E 3.41e-01 1.17e-01 8.69e-01
ACYP1 -3.44e-01 1.17e-01 8.69e-01
THEM4 -4.94e-01 1.17e-01 8.69e-01
GIT1 3.48e-01 1.17e-01 8.69e-01
LOC100128496 -4.45e-01 1.17e-01 8.69e-01
ADAM33 6.03e-01 1.17e-01 8.69e-01
JAK3 4.59e-01 1.17e-01 8.69e-01
GIMAP4 -3.07e-01 1.17e-01 8.69e-01
PFDN6 -3.47e-01 1.17e-01 8.69e-01
CSDE1 2.96e-01 1.17e-01 8.69e-01
GPC2 -3.51e-01 1.17e-01 8.69e-01
PCNA -2.98e-01 1.17e-01 8.69e-01
GABRQ 5.11e-01 1.17e-01 8.69e-01
C2CD4C 1.43 1.17e-01 8.69e-01
GATA5 5.36e-01 1.17e-01 8.69e-01
AMY1C -5.52e-01 1.17e-01 8.69e-01
LOC100129648 3.58e-01 1.17e-01 8.69e-01
MEMO1 -3.19e-01 1.17e-01 8.69e-01
SMPDL3A -3.99e-01 1.17e-01 8.69e-01
SMA4 -5.27e-01 1.17e-01 8.69e-01
PEMT -2.76e-01 1.17e-01 8.69e-01
HS3ST6 5.84e-01 1.17e-01 8.69e-01
KIAA0753 -2.91e-01 1.17e-01 8.69e-01
ACSBG1 -5.66e-01 1.17e-01 8.69e-01
C19orf80 4.72e-01 1.17e-01 8.69e-01
FAM110C 4.30e-01 1.17e-01 8.69e-01
PDZRN4 6.50e-01 1.17e-01 8.69e-01
RCHY1 -4.36e-01 1.18e-01 8.69e-01
ABCC6 -6.90e-01 1.18e-01 8.69e-01
FLJ46257 5.71e-01 1.18e-01 8.69e-01
RANBP17 -5.52e-01 1.18e-01 8.69e-01
UBE2V2 -4.61e-01 1.18e-01 8.69e-01
CEP44 -1.24 1.18e-01 8.69e-01
CCDC40 5.51e-01 1.18e-01 8.69e-01
CHGB 4.43e-01 1.18e-01 8.69e-01
UBL4A -3.40e-01 1.18e-01 8.69e-01
HOMER2 -6.23e-01 1.18e-01 8.69e-01
HHIPL1 1.02 1.18e-01 8.69e-01
RHCE 5.83e-01 1.18e-01 8.69e-01
SNCAIP 8.90e-01 1.18e-01 8.69e-01
LOC100130713 4.50e-01 1.18e-01 8.69e-01
GUCY2GP 7.21e-01 1.18e-01 8.69e-01
NXN 6.34e-01 1.18e-01 8.69e-01
TAF1D -3.43e-01 1.18e-01 8.69e-01
STRA13 -2.95e-01 1.18e-01 8.69e-01
TFPI2 -7.71e-01 1.18e-01 8.69e-01
MELK 4.87e-01 1.18e-01 8.69e-01
C16orf96 6.98e-01 1.18e-01 8.69e-01
XLOC_009459 -3.47e-01 1.18e-01 8.69e-01
RALYL 4.14e-01 1.18e-01 8.69e-01
TBX18 1.15 1.18e-01 8.69e-01
SPTAN1 3.61e-01 1.18e-01 8.69e-01
PELP1 3.65e-01 1.18e-01 8.69e-01
CLCN1 5.24e-01 1.18e-01 8.69e-01
XLOC_012227 7.12e-01 1.19e-01 8.69e-01
DOC2A -6.74e-01 1.19e-01 8.69e-01
IL17RA 3.60e-01 1.19e-01 8.69e-01
GBP6 3.82e-01 1.19e-01 8.69e-01
XLOC_005583 6.65e-01 1.19e-01 8.69e-01
ESYT3 5.65e-01 1.19e-01 8.69e-01
FGFBP2 -5.40e-01 1.19e-01 8.69e-01
DOC2B 5.10e-01 1.19e-01 8.69e-01
XLOC_007052 5.54e-01 1.19e-01 8.69e-01
DKFZP547J0410 6.47e-01 1.19e-01 8.69e-01
SLAMF7 -2.83e-01 1.19e-01 8.69e-01
YBEY -3.59e-01 1.19e-01 8.69e-01
LOC729609 -4.47e-01 1.19e-01 8.69e-01
S100A5 -6.43e-01 1.19e-01 8.69e-01
MUTYH -3.36e-01 1.19e-01 8.69e-01
MARCH10 5.12e-01 1.19e-01 8.69e-01
AKAP5 -7.73e-01 1.19e-01 8.69e-01
GOLT1A -5.98e-01 1.19e-01 8.69e-01
SUMO3 -3.32e-01 1.19e-01 8.69e-01
MRAP 6.34e-01 1.19e-01 8.69e-01
C12orf47 -4.17e-01 1.19e-01 8.69e-01
METTL3 -3.10e-01 1.19e-01 8.69e-01
REV1 -4.45e-01 1.19e-01 8.69e-01
GLUL 3.75e-01 1.19e-01 8.69e-01
VAX2 -5.81e-01 1.19e-01 8.69e-01
HOXC5 5.62e-01 1.19e-01 8.69e-01
PDE4DIP -5.32e-01 1.19e-01 8.69e-01
SMC2 -5.10e-01 1.20e-01 8.69e-01
NOX5 7.95e-01 1.20e-01 8.69e-01
ANXA1 -3.69e-01 1.20e-01 8.69e-01
PPIH -3.14e-01 1.20e-01 8.69e-01
CBR1 -3.53e-01 1.20e-01 8.69e-01
UBE2F 3.21e-01 1.20e-01 8.69e-01
EMR2 4.49e-01 1.20e-01 8.69e-01
ZNF292 -6.78e-01 1.20e-01 8.69e-01
ANGPTL6 4.07e-01 1.20e-01 8.69e-01
WDR11 -3.54e-01 1.20e-01 8.69e-01
ATF4 -3.20e-01 1.20e-01 8.69e-01
C10orf125 -2.99e-01 1.20e-01 8.69e-01
FLJ30901 -3.16e-01 1.20e-01 8.69e-01
SLC12A3 6.40e-01 1.20e-01 8.69e-01
CCL7 6.26e-01 1.20e-01 8.69e-01
IL22RA2 5.20e-01 1.20e-01 8.69e-01
SLC6A16 -2.92e-01 1.20e-01 8.69e-01
IPPK 3.06e-01 1.20e-01 8.69e-01
PDK1 -3.37e-01 1.20e-01 8.69e-01
C9orf100 7.07e-01 1.20e-01 8.69e-01
ALCAM -3.64e-01 1.20e-01 8.69e-01
RAB25 -4.26e-01 1.20e-01 8.69e-01
HTN1 6.82e-01 1.20e-01 8.69e-01
HPSE 4.75e-01 1.20e-01 8.69e-01
GPATCH2 -4.18e-01 1.20e-01 8.69e-01
NETO2 -3.41e-01 1.20e-01 8.69e-01
DYSF 4.31e-01 1.20e-01 8.69e-01
PLSCR2 6.53e-01 1.20e-01 8.69e-01
SERPINA10 6.11e-01 1.20e-01 8.69e-01
ST6GALNAC2 3.53e-01 1.20e-01 8.69e-01
OR52E6 5.51e-01 1.20e-01 8.69e-01
XLOC_011510 7.02e-01 1.20e-01 8.69e-01
LOC339529 6.70e-01 1.20e-01 8.69e-01
MAGOHB -3.46e-01 1.20e-01 8.69e-01
LYL1 4.23e-01 1.20e-01 8.69e-01
LINC00302 -3.68e-01 1.20e-01 8.69e-01
SERPING1 5.09e-01 1.20e-01 8.69e-01
SF3B3 3.93e-01 1.20e-01 8.69e-01
ATP7A -7.54e-01 1.20e-01 8.69e-01
FUT7 3.56e-01 1.21e-01 8.69e-01
DCTN1 5.86e-01 1.21e-01 8.69e-01
CCDC108 5.43e-01 1.21e-01 8.69e-01
PAM -3.83e-01 1.21e-01 8.69e-01
ANAPC1 -6.07e-01 1.21e-01 8.69e-01
TSGA10 -5.65e-01 1.21e-01 8.69e-01
CHAD 6.23e-01 1.21e-01 8.69e-01
SSX8 5.38e-01 1.21e-01 8.69e-01
PCBP4 3.62e-01 1.21e-01 8.69e-01
RARA 8.84e-01 1.21e-01 8.69e-01
PDE1C 4.04e-01 1.21e-01 8.69e-01
FLJ45513 -6.39e-01 1.21e-01 8.69e-01
ASPM 3.67e-01 1.21e-01 8.69e-01
HMGA2 5.33e-01 1.21e-01 8.69e-01
IL18RAP -7.47e-01 1.21e-01 8.69e-01
PLVAP 7.01e-01 1.21e-01 8.69e-01
GTPBP1 3.51e-01 1.21e-01 8.69e-01
MTF1 4.13e-01 1.21e-01 8.69e-01
ZNF585A 9.89e-01 1.21e-01 8.69e-01
CYP21A2 4.85e-01 1.21e-01 8.69e-01
IFT172 4.24e-01 1.21e-01 8.69e-01
FUNDC2P2 3.25e-01 1.21e-01 8.69e-01
ELOVL5 -3.17e-01 1.21e-01 8.69e-01
CYP27A1 -4.38e-01 1.21e-01 8.69e-01
MTRF1 3.45e-01 1.21e-01 8.69e-01
THOC7 6.22e-01 1.21e-01 8.69e-01
PRR18 -5.40e-01 1.21e-01 8.69e-01
BCAT1 7.57e-01 1.21e-01 8.69e-01
RYR2 7.22e-01 1.21e-01 8.69e-01
PIKFYVE 4.42e-01 1.21e-01 8.69e-01
PSG2 5.73e-01 1.21e-01 8.69e-01
DLC1 1.19 1.21e-01 8.69e-01
MOGS 4.89e-01 1.21e-01 8.69e-01
ZNF845 -2.60e-01 1.21e-01 8.69e-01
RAET1E 5.83e-01 1.21e-01 8.69e-01
XLOC_009582 -5.41e-01 1.21e-01 8.69e-01
MSMB 5.93e-01 1.21e-01 8.69e-01
MAOA 5.29e-01 1.21e-01 8.69e-01
RAB3IP 1.02 1.21e-01 8.69e-01
LOC645249 7.40e-01 1.21e-01 8.69e-01
HSFY2 4.48e-01 1.22e-01 8.69e-01
DBIL5P2 -3.19e-01 1.22e-01 8.69e-01
PRO2852 -5.04e-01 1.22e-01 8.69e-01
WDR83 -3.03e-01 1.22e-01 8.69e-01
WNK3 6.97e-01 1.22e-01 8.69e-01
C5orf13 -4.17e-01 1.22e-01 8.69e-01
ITSN1 5.00e-01 1.22e-01 8.69e-01
LOC283710 1.55 1.22e-01 8.69e-01
ENKUR -5.87e-01 1.22e-01 8.69e-01
ATAD3B -2.96e-01 1.22e-01 8.69e-01
UBR2 -1.06 1.22e-01 8.69e-01
GPR85 -1.49 1.22e-01 8.69e-01
DND1 -3.19e-01 1.22e-01 8.69e-01
CDHR4 4.47e-01 1.22e-01 8.69e-01
ADAMTSL5 4.99e-01 1.22e-01 8.69e-01
ANKRD50 6.86e-01 1.22e-01 8.69e-01
XRCC3 -2.76e-01 1.22e-01 8.69e-01
ZNF84 -3.13e-01 1.22e-01 8.69e-01
XLOC_011185 4.35e-01 1.22e-01 8.69e-01
R3HDM1 6.66e-01 1.22e-01 8.69e-01
GRB14 -1.21 1.22e-01 8.69e-01
EEA1 -3.93e-01 1.22e-01 8.69e-01
SUN1 -1.48 1.22e-01 8.69e-01
ANO7 4.97e-01 1.22e-01 8.69e-01
KCNS2 5.51e-01 1.22e-01 8.69e-01
TLE4 -5.42e-01 1.22e-01 8.69e-01
PCDH7 -9.75e-01 1.22e-01 8.69e-01
C8orf80 8.38e-01 1.22e-01 8.69e-01
ERBB3 5.92e-01 1.22e-01 8.69e-01
SHISA5 4.22e-01 1.22e-01 8.69e-01
CYP4B1 4.82e-01 1.22e-01 8.69e-01
MMP19 3.01e-01 1.22e-01 8.69e-01
BSND 5.61e-01 1.22e-01 8.69e-01
ALMS1 5.72e-01 1.22e-01 8.69e-01
TARBP1 -3.87e-01 1.22e-01 8.69e-01
SH3RF3 5.98e-01 1.23e-01 8.69e-01
PACS1 3.40e-01 1.23e-01 8.69e-01
N4BP2L2 2.77e-01 1.23e-01 8.69e-01
C20orf107 -7.69e-01 1.23e-01 8.69e-01
ZNF25 -4.93e-01 1.23e-01 8.69e-01
NDUFS3 -2.83e-01 1.23e-01 8.69e-01
HECTD2 -5.51e-01 1.23e-01 8.69e-01
XLOC_006702 4.13e-01 1.23e-01 8.69e-01
ADAM17 3.92e-01 1.23e-01 8.69e-01
LOC143666 -5.33e-01 1.23e-01 8.69e-01
PAX1 7.67e-01 1.23e-01 8.69e-01
PQBP1 4.95e-01 1.23e-01 8.69e-01
BSDC1 -3.39e-01 1.23e-01 8.69e-01
PVT1 -4.26e-01 1.23e-01 8.69e-01
MTUS1 7.68e-01 1.23e-01 8.69e-01
C8B 5.73e-01 1.23e-01 8.69e-01
GABPB2 -3.56e-01 1.23e-01 8.69e-01
RAB38 -4.21e-01 1.23e-01 8.69e-01
LOC731275 -4.24e-01 1.23e-01 8.69e-01
FHAD1 4.34e-01 1.23e-01 8.69e-01
GIGYF2 6.37e-01 1.23e-01 8.69e-01
SOAT2 6.48e-01 1.23e-01 8.69e-01
C19orf71 9.09e-01 1.23e-01 8.69e-01
LOC100130451 9.30e-01 1.23e-01 8.69e-01
PKP3 4.35e-01 1.23e-01 8.69e-01
OR13C4 6.24e-01 1.23e-01 8.69e-01
PGBD4 -3.07e-01 1.23e-01 8.69e-01
ZNF280D -3.07e-01 1.23e-01 8.69e-01
LOC100507050 5.07e-01 1.23e-01 8.69e-01
PHLPP2 4.29e-01 1.23e-01 8.69e-01
ANP32A-IT1 -5.36e-01 1.23e-01 8.69e-01
RPL10 3.70e-01 1.24e-01 8.69e-01
LOC728093 5.39e-01 1.24e-01 8.69e-01
FTCD 5.58e-01 1.24e-01 8.69e-01
OR2M4 7.24e-01 1.24e-01 8.69e-01
RHBDL1 4.06e-01 1.24e-01 8.69e-01
C1QTNF6 4.51e-01 1.24e-01 8.69e-01
C21orf2 -4.53e-01 1.24e-01 8.69e-01
OGT -3.95e-01 1.24e-01 8.69e-01
FOXC1 8.62e-01 1.24e-01 8.69e-01
LOC100133308 6.37e-01 1.24e-01 8.69e-01
ARMC3 3.68e-01 1.24e-01 8.69e-01
HAGH 3.62e-01 1.24e-01 8.69e-01
NSF 5.47e-01 1.24e-01 8.69e-01
DTX3L 4.63e-01 1.24e-01 8.69e-01
C12orf50 -5.97e-01 1.24e-01 8.69e-01
FAM47A 5.51e-01 1.24e-01 8.69e-01
FAM150A 6.92e-01 1.24e-01 8.69e-01
IBA57 3.54e-01 1.24e-01 8.69e-01
CASQ1 3.17e-01 1.24e-01 8.69e-01
DERL3 4.94e-01 1.24e-01 8.69e-01
RHEB -3.32e-01 1.24e-01 8.69e-01
ZNF799 -3.19e-01 1.24e-01 8.69e-01
LOC100130015 3.31e-01 1.24e-01 8.69e-01
GPHN -3.90e-01 1.24e-01 8.69e-01
PURG 3.56e-01 1.24e-01 8.69e-01
IQCB1 -5.09e-01 1.24e-01 8.69e-01
MTMR9LP 4.22e-01 1.24e-01 8.69e-01
ANKRD20A9P 6.05e-01 1.24e-01 8.69e-01
EXOSC8 -3.01e-01 1.24e-01 8.69e-01
MRS2 -4.50e-01 1.24e-01 8.69e-01
POP5 -3.22e-01 1.24e-01 8.69e-01
LAPTM4B -5.04e-01 1.24e-01 8.69e-01
CDK10 -4.15e-01 1.24e-01 8.69e-01
EMR4P -7.21e-01 1.25e-01 8.69e-01
KDM4C 5.23e-01 1.25e-01 8.69e-01
MYADML 5.61e-01 1.25e-01 8.69e-01
SPATA12 6.96e-01 1.25e-01 8.69e-01
HMGCLL1 5.35e-01 1.25e-01 8.69e-01
ADAMTS6 6.37e-01 1.25e-01 8.69e-01
BTF3P11 3.19e-01 1.25e-01 8.69e-01
CTRC 4.74e-01 1.25e-01 8.69e-01
CRHR2 8.26e-01 1.25e-01 8.69e-01
MORN3 4.10e-01 1.25e-01 8.69e-01
MZB1 9.91e-01 1.25e-01 8.69e-01
UNC93B1 3.74e-01 1.25e-01 8.69e-01
PLCXD2 3.71e-01 1.25e-01 8.69e-01
KCNJ2 5.72e-01 1.25e-01 8.69e-01
SH3TC1 -2.85e-01 1.25e-01 8.69e-01
GSC -6.46e-01 1.25e-01 8.69e-01
B4GALNT3 -3.90e-01 1.25e-01 8.69e-01
POM121L9P 5.79e-01 1.25e-01 8.69e-01
LINC00263 3.11e-01 1.25e-01 8.69e-01
EYA3 -3.37e-01 1.25e-01 8.69e-01
CCNT1 -3.77e-01 1.25e-01 8.69e-01
DCHS1 5.60e-01 1.25e-01 8.69e-01
PPBPL2 6.94e-01 1.25e-01 8.69e-01
HS3ST5 -1.48 1.25e-01 8.69e-01
STARD9 -5.07e-01 1.25e-01 8.69e-01
ZNF582 -6.44e-01 1.25e-01 8.69e-01
KLKP1 5.17e-01 1.25e-01 8.69e-01
MEMO1 -2.85e-01 1.25e-01 8.69e-01
PTTG1 4.02e-01 1.25e-01 8.69e-01
MDFI 4.42e-01 1.25e-01 8.69e-01
LOC100128278 -8.21e-01 1.25e-01 8.69e-01
LOC100132078 -4.37e-01 1.25e-01 8.69e-01
PCDH1 5.10e-01 1.25e-01 8.69e-01
HCG22 5.53e-01 1.25e-01 8.69e-01
SRSF3 -3.34e-01 1.25e-01 8.69e-01
PABPC4L 4.96e-01 1.25e-01 8.69e-01
ACAT2 -3.06e-01 1.25e-01 8.69e-01
NKD2 4.55e-01 1.25e-01 8.69e-01
SLC3A1 1.53 1.25e-01 8.69e-01
MRPS18C 5.47e-01 1.25e-01 8.69e-01
TMEM194A -4.96e-01 1.25e-01 8.69e-01
MAPRE3 -4.99e-01 1.25e-01 8.69e-01
EFNA3 5.60e-01 1.25e-01 8.69e-01
SLC2A3 4.65e-01 1.25e-01 8.69e-01
ZNF157 3.31e-01 1.26e-01 8.69e-01
RTBDN 6.52e-01 1.26e-01 8.69e-01
CECR2 -3.25e-01 1.26e-01 8.69e-01
DSP 1.03 1.26e-01 8.69e-01
XLOC_012335 5.09e-01 1.26e-01 8.69e-01
XLOC_007868 5.62e-01 1.26e-01 8.69e-01
LOC646268 7.41e-01 1.26e-01 8.69e-01
XLOC_010593 1.07 1.26e-01 8.69e-01
LOC285696 7.48e-01 1.26e-01 8.69e-01
TRAFD1 4.93e-01 1.26e-01 8.69e-01
ODF3 3.97e-01 1.26e-01 8.69e-01
XLOC_007053 3.42e-01 1.26e-01 8.69e-01
STRA8 3.42e-01 1.26e-01 8.69e-01
LOC728196 3.42e-01 1.26e-01 8.69e-01
MAP3K8 -4.26e-01 1.26e-01 8.69e-01
C16orf59 4.92e-01 1.26e-01 8.69e-01
RPAIN -3.08e-01 1.26e-01 8.69e-01
SNORA70B 4.23e-01 1.26e-01 8.69e-01
FCAMR 4.40e-01 1.26e-01 8.69e-01
LINC00238 3.61e-01 1.26e-01 8.69e-01
WFDC12 5.84e-01 1.26e-01 8.69e-01
GRID1 -1.06 1.26e-01 8.69e-01
MGST1 -4.94e-01 1.26e-01 8.69e-01
ATPAF1 -1.19 1.26e-01 8.69e-01
PSMB7 -2.77e-01 1.26e-01 8.69e-01
MCART1 1.40 1.26e-01 8.69e-01
KIAA1009 -3.36e-01 1.26e-01 8.69e-01
OR51B6 6.01e-01 1.26e-01 8.69e-01
OSCAR 6.66e-01 1.26e-01 8.69e-01
C4orf40 5.74e-01 1.26e-01 8.69e-01
NRN1L -4.87e-01 1.26e-01 8.69e-01
SLC22A1 4.11e-01 1.26e-01 8.69e-01
YY2 -1.16 1.26e-01 8.69e-01
IL17RA 3.70e-01 1.26e-01 8.69e-01
KLK11 4.73e-01 1.26e-01 8.69e-01
FNIP2 -2.96e-01 1.26e-01 8.69e-01
ZNF813 -7.14e-01 1.26e-01 8.69e-01
SCN7A 7.77e-01 1.26e-01 8.69e-01
GPR142 5.47e-01 1.26e-01 8.69e-01
SH3TC1 4.12e-01 1.26e-01 8.69e-01
PRSS16 4.20e-01 1.27e-01 8.69e-01
PPY2 6.59e-01 1.27e-01 8.69e-01
POU3F1 6.00e-01 1.27e-01 8.69e-01
NPEPPS 2.89e-01 1.27e-01 8.69e-01
ACHE 8.15e-01 1.27e-01 8.69e-01
EXOSC9 -2.81e-01 1.27e-01 8.69e-01
CCDC105 -6.73e-01 1.27e-01 8.69e-01
ST5 6.40e-01 1.27e-01 8.69e-01
DHODH -3.79e-01 1.27e-01 8.69e-01
GJD3 4.61e-01 1.27e-01 8.69e-01
XLOC_012664 9.74e-01 1.27e-01 8.69e-01
OR4C3 5.08e-01 1.27e-01 8.69e-01
SPATA7 -3.59e-01 1.27e-01 8.69e-01
C14orf128 3.02e-01 1.27e-01 8.69e-01
CHRDL1 6.96e-01 1.27e-01 8.69e-01
OR7A5 8.03e-01 1.27e-01 8.69e-01
ZBTB3 4.64e-01 1.27e-01 8.69e-01
PLEKHH2 6.53e-01 1.27e-01 8.69e-01
A1BG-AS1 -3.35e-01 1.27e-01 8.69e-01
PWP2 -3.96e-01 1.27e-01 8.69e-01
KRTAP9-1 3.48e-01 1.27e-01 8.69e-01
MKI67 6.20e-01 1.27e-01 8.69e-01
LOC100128420 3.56e-01 1.27e-01 8.69e-01
BTN3A2 -4.46e-01 1.27e-01 8.69e-01
STK24 3.06e-01 1.27e-01 8.69e-01
PRDX5 4.55e-01 1.27e-01 8.69e-01
MSX2 3.85e-01 1.27e-01 8.69e-01
ATXN8OS 5.57e-01 1.27e-01 8.69e-01
RSU1 -7.83e-01 1.27e-01 8.69e-01
LOC100128551 4.58e-01 1.27e-01 8.69e-01
ZZZ3 -3.82e-01 1.27e-01 8.69e-01
OR10G2 5.86e-01 1.27e-01 8.69e-01
NOP58 -2.88e-01 1.27e-01 8.69e-01
SFTPB 4.86e-01 1.27e-01 8.69e-01
SAT1 -3.55e-01 1.27e-01 8.69e-01
FDX1L 5.99e-01 1.27e-01 8.69e-01
AGSK1 6.06e-01 1.27e-01 8.69e-01
HDAC8 5.34e-01 1.27e-01 8.69e-01
KIAA1370 -3.38e-01 1.27e-01 8.69e-01
LRRC1 -3.27e-01 1.27e-01 8.69e-01
C15orf39 3.66e-01 1.27e-01 8.69e-01
GLMN 2.78e-01 1.27e-01 8.69e-01
ARIH2 -3.39e-01 1.28e-01 8.69e-01
RAP1GDS1 -3.76e-01 1.28e-01 8.69e-01
GNL3 -3.27e-01 1.28e-01 8.69e-01
CAMKK1 7.69e-01 1.28e-01 8.69e-01
ASRGL1 -3.53e-01 1.28e-01 8.69e-01
JAZF1 4.08e-01 1.28e-01 8.69e-01
SORCS3 6.20e-01 1.28e-01 8.69e-01
LOC100132147 -3.12e-01 1.28e-01 8.69e-01
FRMPD4 8.26e-01 1.28e-01 8.69e-01
LHX3 7.46e-01 1.28e-01 8.69e-01
RPS6KC1 -2.82e-01 1.28e-01 8.69e-01
GRRP1 -5.16e-01 1.28e-01 8.69e-01
KCNG1 5.37e-01 1.28e-01 8.69e-01
TUFT1 3.55e-01 1.28e-01 8.69e-01
STX8 -2.81e-01 1.28e-01 8.69e-01
C2orf73 6.15e-01 1.28e-01 8.69e-01
C1orf141 9.99e-01 1.28e-01 8.69e-01
OR7E24 5.45e-01 1.28e-01 8.69e-01
MBOAT7 3.34e-01 1.28e-01 8.69e-01
TOM1L1 -5.58e-01 1.28e-01 8.69e-01
LOC729080 -1.02 1.28e-01 8.69e-01
PNN 3.75e-01 1.28e-01 8.69e-01
PPA2 -2.91e-01 1.28e-01 8.69e-01
BTBD2 4.69e-01 1.28e-01 8.69e-01
SRCIN1 3.92e-01 1.28e-01 8.69e-01
SIK1 6.62e-01 1.28e-01 8.69e-01
UGT3A2 -6.31e-01 1.28e-01 8.69e-01
ANKS4B 3.31e-01 1.28e-01 8.69e-01
HSPA12B 3.31e-01 1.28e-01 8.69e-01
DEFB106B 3.11e-01 1.28e-01 8.69e-01
LOC100505695 3.11e-01 1.28e-01 8.69e-01
KRT32 5.02e-01 1.28e-01 8.69e-01
C2CD4A 4.83e-01 1.28e-01 8.69e-01
DNM1P46 2.93e-01 1.28e-01 8.69e-01
ROCK2 3.31e-01 1.28e-01 8.69e-01
SERPING1 5.04e-01 1.28e-01 8.69e-01
MBL2 6.82e-01 1.28e-01 8.69e-01
TRIM53P 6.93e-01 1.28e-01 8.69e-01
FAM183A -6.35e-01 1.28e-01 8.69e-01
LILRA5 5.81e-01 1.28e-01 8.69e-01
NPSR1 6.59e-01 1.28e-01 8.69e-01
C1orf81 7.53e-01 1.29e-01 8.69e-01
C2orf68 -3.96e-01 1.29e-01 8.69e-01
BOD1P 5.37e-01 1.29e-01 8.69e-01
SEC14L1 3.72e-01 1.29e-01 8.69e-01
CSF2RB 3.58e-01 1.29e-01 8.69e-01
AHSP 6.07e-01 1.29e-01 8.69e-01
INPP5F 3.72e-01 1.29e-01 8.69e-01
FASLG -4.53e-01 1.29e-01 8.69e-01
HIST1H2BD -4.06e-01 1.29e-01 8.69e-01
FAM21C -1.14 1.29e-01 8.69e-01
PYROXD2 4.65e-01 1.29e-01 8.69e-01
KLRD1 -4.22e-01 1.29e-01 8.69e-01
OR4K2 6.90e-01 1.29e-01 8.69e-01
BASP1 4.37e-01 1.29e-01 8.69e-01
FMR1NB -8.32e-01 1.29e-01 8.69e-01
KRT39 5.47e-01 1.29e-01 8.69e-01
CRLS1 -3.26e-01 1.29e-01 8.69e-01
C2orf3 -5.60e-01 1.29e-01 8.69e-01
MRPS21 -3.07e-01 1.29e-01 8.69e-01
APEX2 3.36e-01 1.29e-01 8.69e-01
XLOC_004016 5.17e-01 1.29e-01 8.69e-01
RTKN2 5.17e-01 1.29e-01 8.69e-01
LOC339535 9.61e-01 1.29e-01 8.69e-01
LOC284080 6.17e-01 1.29e-01 8.69e-01
SLC35F3 -4.86e-01 1.29e-01 8.69e-01
HNF4A 7.07e-01 1.29e-01 8.69e-01
KIAA0090 -2.75e-01 1.29e-01 8.69e-01
TCFL5 -4.17e-01 1.29e-01 8.69e-01
AKT2 2.73e-01 1.29e-01 8.69e-01
GLYAT -5.35e-01 1.29e-01 8.69e-01
LOC100129223 4.68e-01 1.29e-01 8.69e-01
RRP12 6.18e-01 1.29e-01 8.69e-01
LAMTOR3 -3.21e-01 1.29e-01 8.69e-01
GRIN2A 6.15e-01 1.30e-01 8.69e-01
C1orf200 4.60e-01 1.30e-01 8.69e-01
CXorf22 7.09e-01 1.30e-01 8.69e-01
GPX6 7.84e-01 1.30e-01 8.69e-01
THNSL1 4.38e-01 1.30e-01 8.69e-01
PCTP 3.96e-01 1.30e-01 8.69e-01
ELK1 -3.58e-01 1.30e-01 8.69e-01
RFTN2 4.09e-01 1.30e-01 8.69e-01
RING1 -2.64e-01 1.30e-01 8.69e-01
LOC100128219 4.37e-01 1.30e-01 8.69e-01
NTN4 -7.23e-01 1.30e-01 8.69e-01
PMEL 8.85e-01 1.30e-01 8.69e-01
XLOC_011117 -4.87e-01 1.30e-01 8.69e-01
RHOT1 3.94e-01 1.30e-01 8.69e-01
C7orf69 9.70e-01 1.30e-01 8.69e-01
LINC00341 3.31e-01 1.30e-01 8.69e-01
ZNF649 6.35e-01 1.30e-01 8.69e-01
SNX14 -3.01e-01 1.30e-01 8.69e-01
LOC100132352 -3.65e-01 1.30e-01 8.69e-01
RNF175 4.92e-01 1.30e-01 8.69e-01
RAP2B 4.03e-01 1.30e-01 8.69e-01
DAND5 5.16e-01 1.30e-01 8.69e-01
LOC389043 9.12e-01 1.30e-01 8.69e-01
FAM55B 4.34e-01 1.30e-01 8.69e-01
TMEM206 -3.28e-01 1.30e-01 8.69e-01
FEM1B -3.55e-01 1.30e-01 8.69e-01
FOXD4L2 9.06e-01 1.30e-01 8.69e-01
BMS1 -2.78e-01 1.30e-01 8.69e-01
PODN 1.33 1.30e-01 8.69e-01
GOLGA1 -3.77e-01 1.30e-01 8.69e-01
PRAMEF10 4.14e-01 1.30e-01 8.69e-01
RBM12B -3.85e-01 1.30e-01 8.69e-01
XLOC_000918 -4.93e-01 1.30e-01 8.69e-01
ADCYAP1 -7.45e-01 1.31e-01 8.69e-01
XPO5 6.63e-01 1.31e-01 8.69e-01
EIF1AX 3.86e-01 1.31e-01 8.69e-01
HIPK3 3.19e-01 1.31e-01 8.69e-01
PROCA1 -2.93e-01 1.31e-01 8.69e-01
KLRG2 -9.10e-01 1.31e-01 8.69e-01
C21orf90 -7.05e-01 1.31e-01 8.69e-01
AFMID 4.51e-01 1.31e-01 8.69e-01
MPZL3 3.78e-01 1.31e-01 8.69e-01
PNPLA5 -4.81e-01 1.31e-01 8.69e-01
ITM2C 5.07e-01 1.31e-01 8.69e-01
PPP1R32 3.20e-01 1.31e-01 8.69e-01
PNPLA1 4.81e-01 1.31e-01 8.69e-01
CCDC90A -4.49e-01 1.31e-01 8.69e-01
PROP1 -3.66e-01 1.31e-01 8.69e-01
NFKBID -5.02e-01 1.31e-01 8.69e-01
KRTAP9-7 4.95e-01 1.31e-01 8.69e-01
C9orf117 5.09e-01 1.31e-01 8.69e-01
KLK14 5.91e-01 1.31e-01 8.69e-01
PPP4R2 2.82e-01 1.31e-01 8.69e-01
ARHGEF4 -4.28e-01 1.31e-01 8.69e-01
PUS7 -4.17e-01 1.31e-01 8.69e-01
NKIRAS2 3.51e-01 1.31e-01 8.69e-01
CLEC3A -9.70e-01 1.31e-01 8.69e-01
SLC5A11 -4.63e-01 1.31e-01 8.69e-01
SLC9A1 -4.13e-01 1.31e-01 8.69e-01
HYDIN 4.00e-01 1.31e-01 8.69e-01
PTGES 6.81e-01 1.31e-01 8.69e-01
INTS8 -7.80e-01 1.31e-01 8.69e-01
SETMAR -3.61e-01 1.31e-01 8.69e-01
CMAHP -3.77e-01 1.31e-01 8.69e-01
TBC1D10B 2.98e-01 1.31e-01 8.69e-01
NTRK1 5.51e-01 1.31e-01 8.69e-01
LOC651337 4.16e-01 1.31e-01 8.69e-01
DPY19L1 -3.46e-01 1.31e-01 8.69e-01
CTGF 5.31e-01 1.31e-01 8.69e-01
GDEP -8.08e-01 1.31e-01 8.69e-01
KIAA0564 -3.15e-01 1.31e-01 8.69e-01
STXBP6 3.63e-01 1.32e-01 8.69e-01
LRRC8B 7.51e-01 1.32e-01 8.69e-01
MYRIP 4.37e-01 1.32e-01 8.69e-01
DDT -3.05e-01 1.32e-01 8.69e-01
KCNH6 -5.03e-01 1.32e-01 8.69e-01
TIMM17B 3.33e-01 1.32e-01 8.69e-01
LOC100130357 -7.22e-01 1.32e-01 8.69e-01
SPACA5 5.46e-01 1.32e-01 8.69e-01
CCDC41 -4.17e-01 1.32e-01 8.69e-01
OR7E37P -4.70e-01 1.32e-01 8.69e-01
MRPS23 -3.15e-01 1.32e-01 8.69e-01
SOX10 4.48e-01 1.32e-01 8.69e-01
CNGA4 6.18e-01 1.32e-01 8.69e-01
AIDA 8.90e-01 1.32e-01 8.69e-01
STAT4 -3.75e-01 1.32e-01 8.69e-01
FLJ42875 6.54e-01 1.32e-01 8.69e-01
COPE -3.03e-01 1.32e-01 8.69e-01
TAS2R5 5.02e-01 1.32e-01 8.69e-01
LOC285389 1.04 1.32e-01 8.69e-01
CNN2 3.62e-01 1.32e-01 8.69e-01
TEF -8.00e-01 1.32e-01 8.69e-01
GALR1 6.54e-01 1.32e-01 8.69e-01
SPATA21 3.51e-01 1.32e-01 8.69e-01
NLRP4 6.05e-01 1.32e-01 8.69e-01
SERPINB6 -3.03e-01 1.32e-01 8.69e-01
SPP2 -7.23e-01 1.32e-01 8.69e-01
ZNF658 -4.56e-01 1.32e-01 8.69e-01
PRKCG 3.75e-01 1.32e-01 8.69e-01
ZNF641 6.35e-01 1.32e-01 8.69e-01
GSG2 4.92e-01 1.32e-01 8.69e-01
TMEM238 5.24e-01 1.32e-01 8.69e-01
NFE2L2 4.81e-01 1.32e-01 8.69e-01
SYNPO2 8.00e-01 1.33e-01 8.69e-01
APBA3 2.51e-01 1.33e-01 8.69e-01
CYP3A43 6.89e-01 1.33e-01 8.69e-01
LOC146336 4.57e-01 1.33e-01 8.69e-01
ZNF296 3.99e-01 1.33e-01 8.69e-01
FAM126A 2.77e-01 1.33e-01 8.69e-01
SIRPG 6.22e-01 1.33e-01 8.69e-01
ELP2 -3.62e-01 1.33e-01 8.69e-01
SLC28A2 4.17e-01 1.33e-01 8.69e-01
SHISA5 3.89e-01 1.33e-01 8.69e-01
DEFA3 -9.43e-01 1.33e-01 8.69e-01
C20orf202 9.18e-01 1.33e-01 8.69e-01
LOC100129461 4.40e-01 1.33e-01 8.69e-01
SURF6 -3.93e-01 1.33e-01 8.69e-01
F11R 4.24e-01 1.33e-01 8.69e-01
DSCR10 -3.14e-01 1.33e-01 8.69e-01
EMX1 5.07e-01 1.33e-01 8.69e-01
GOLGA6L7P 3.34e-01 1.33e-01 8.69e-01
LOC100130849 7.42e-01 1.33e-01 8.69e-01
BMP8B -5.80e-01 1.33e-01 8.69e-01
MAD2L2 6.19e-01 1.33e-01 8.69e-01
FAM134A 2.94e-01 1.33e-01 8.69e-01
DNM1P46 3.32e-01 1.33e-01 8.69e-01
LOC283143 -6.09e-01 1.33e-01 8.69e-01
ZDHHC17 4.85e-01 1.33e-01 8.69e-01
MT1H 2.94e-01 1.33e-01 8.69e-01
XLOC_010332 3.67e-01 1.33e-01 8.69e-01
GRIK3 4.65e-01 1.33e-01 8.69e-01
XLOC_005595 3.09e-01 1.33e-01 8.69e-01
HOXA11-AS1 7.03e-01 1.33e-01 8.69e-01
ILDR1 -6.93e-01 1.33e-01 8.69e-01
HOXD10 4.36e-01 1.33e-01 8.69e-01
SST 6.30e-01 1.33e-01 8.69e-01
DHRS4L1 -9.33e-01 1.33e-01 8.69e-01
MCOLN2 -6.82e-01 1.34e-01 8.69e-01
POGZ 3.11e-01 1.34e-01 8.69e-01
TMIE 2.84e-01 1.34e-01 8.69e-01
XLOC_013923 6.02e-01 1.34e-01 8.69e-01
RNU1-5 5.11e-01 1.34e-01 8.69e-01
GPR153 6.07e-01 1.34e-01 8.69e-01
OR5H2 4.92e-01 1.34e-01 8.69e-01
LOC100130547 -4.26e-01 1.34e-01 8.69e-01
TTC28 3.57e-01 1.34e-01 8.69e-01
TTC3 -5.35e-01 1.34e-01 8.69e-01
METTL6 -3.01e-01 1.34e-01 8.69e-01
LOC284454 3.28e-01 1.34e-01 8.69e-01
POLR2J4 7.71e-01 1.34e-01 8.69e-01
KRTAP12-3 9.50e-01 1.34e-01 8.69e-01
ARFRP1 7.79e-01 1.34e-01 8.69e-01
TMEM204 -4.44e-01 1.34e-01 8.69e-01
EIF1AY 3.76e-01 1.34e-01 8.69e-01
OR6Y1 8.12e-01 1.34e-01 8.69e-01
LOC100128126 -5.06e-01 1.34e-01 8.69e-01
ARHGAP27 -2.99e-01 1.34e-01 8.69e-01
NMS 4.14e-01 1.34e-01 8.69e-01
BRF1 3.77e-01 1.34e-01 8.69e-01
FGFR2 -5.06e-01 1.34e-01 8.69e-01
XLOC_006237 5.11e-01 1.34e-01 8.69e-01
XLOC_005832 5.01e-01 1.34e-01 8.69e-01
SEPN1 2.97e-01 1.34e-01 8.69e-01
XLOC_011950 1.01 1.34e-01 8.69e-01
LOXL3 -4.34e-01 1.34e-01 8.69e-01
STMN1 6.38e-01 1.34e-01 8.69e-01
CDK8 3.57e-01 1.34e-01 8.69e-01
TMEM218 -3.01e-01 1.34e-01 8.69e-01
NEDD4L 4.39e-01 1.34e-01 8.69e-01
CYP20A1 4.07e-01 1.34e-01 8.69e-01
C6orf204 -4.14e-01 1.34e-01 8.69e-01
LOC100128333 -1.37 1.34e-01 8.69e-01
RPL27A -5.42e-01 1.35e-01 8.69e-01
PRKD1 -4.12e-01 1.35e-01 8.69e-01
WDR60 7.41e-01 1.35e-01 8.69e-01
ZNF137P -3.24e-01 1.35e-01 8.69e-01
KIAA0889 3.55e-01 1.35e-01 8.69e-01
ABCC4 3.75e-01 1.35e-01 8.69e-01
TUSC5 -4.86e-01 1.35e-01 8.69e-01
MME 3.70e-01 1.35e-01 8.69e-01
ZBED4 -6.29e-01 1.35e-01 8.69e-01
LOC401357 7.33e-01 1.35e-01 8.69e-01
MAP4K3 3.89e-01 1.35e-01 8.69e-01
LOC646736 5.68e-01 1.35e-01 8.69e-01
LOC255411 -5.32e-01 1.35e-01 8.69e-01
C14orf81 5.81e-01 1.35e-01 8.69e-01
LUZP4 -6.24e-01 1.35e-01 8.69e-01
NAA35 -5.76e-01 1.35e-01 8.69e-01
GLRA1 5.14e-01 1.35e-01 8.69e-01
SCAMP4 6.14e-01 1.35e-01 8.69e-01
LOC647983 6.77e-01 1.35e-01 8.69e-01
GATAD1 -3.01e-01 1.35e-01 8.69e-01
RECQL -3.40e-01 1.35e-01 8.69e-01
ASPA 5.31e-01 1.35e-01 8.69e-01
FAM135A -5.55e-01 1.35e-01 8.69e-01
ST13 3.16e-01 1.35e-01 8.69e-01
ARMS2 -5.62e-01 1.35e-01 8.69e-01
ITSN2 4.35e-01 1.35e-01 8.69e-01
TP53I3 -4.13e-01 1.35e-01 8.69e-01
NDUFS7 6.82e-01 1.35e-01 8.69e-01
ZBTB20 3.13e-01 1.35e-01 8.69e-01
AGPAT4 -4.13e-01 1.36e-01 8.69e-01
NBEAP1 5.32e-01 1.36e-01 8.69e-01
MBIP -3.76e-01 1.36e-01 8.69e-01
SHISA5 3.91e-01 1.36e-01 8.69e-01
FCRL1 5.40e-01 1.36e-01 8.69e-01
C9orf173 4.02e-01 1.36e-01 8.69e-01
LPCAT4 4.87e-01 1.36e-01 8.69e-01
CCDC60 6.81e-01 1.36e-01 8.69e-01
RILP 3.57e-01 1.36e-01 8.69e-01
LOC284009 7.50e-01 1.36e-01 8.69e-01
KSR1 -3.80e-01 1.36e-01 8.69e-01
CUTC -3.00e-01 1.36e-01 8.69e-01
JAG1 -6.76e-01 1.36e-01 8.69e-01
MARC1 3.95e-01 1.36e-01 8.69e-01
PIK3IP1 -5.10e-01 1.36e-01 8.69e-01
BTNL3 -3.30 1.36e-01 8.69e-01
FAM163A 8.60e-01 1.36e-01 8.69e-01
CA14 8.04e-01 1.36e-01 8.69e-01
NPR1 3.61e-01 1.36e-01 8.69e-01
OR7G1 5.93e-01 1.36e-01 8.69e-01
FAM71E2 3.15e-01 1.36e-01 8.69e-01
COQ5 -2.94e-01 1.36e-01 8.69e-01
GAL3ST1 6.55e-01 1.36e-01 8.69e-01
MUC1 -3.44e-01 1.36e-01 8.69e-01
MGAT5B 6.53e-01 1.36e-01 8.69e-01
ST6GALNAC5 -5.06e-01 1.36e-01 8.69e-01
TIGD2 -4.09e-01 1.36e-01 8.69e-01
SH3GL2 6.37e-01 1.36e-01 8.69e-01
ST8SIA6 -4.17e-01 1.36e-01 8.69e-01
PIH1D2 3.89e-01 1.36e-01 8.69e-01
SLFN12 -4.95e-01 1.36e-01 8.69e-01
WFDC2 9.17e-01 1.36e-01 8.69e-01
SOX13 3.86e-01 1.36e-01 8.69e-01
C7orf65 7.43e-01 1.36e-01 8.69e-01
CHID1 3.13e-01 1.36e-01 8.69e-01
ODF2L -7.17e-01 1.36e-01 8.69e-01
PRO2214 -1.47 1.36e-01 8.69e-01
LHFPL1 5.53e-01 1.37e-01 8.69e-01
SLC22A11 4.81e-01 1.37e-01 8.69e-01
SIGLEC11 3.92e-01 1.37e-01 8.69e-01
ZNF44 -4.52e-01 1.37e-01 8.69e-01
AMBN 3.18e-01 1.37e-01 8.69e-01
DMTF1 -3.90e-01 1.37e-01 8.69e-01
WNT7B 6.73e-01 1.37e-01 8.69e-01
INTS5 -2.81e-01 1.37e-01 8.69e-01
ZAP70 -3.49e-01 1.37e-01 8.69e-01
GPC3 4.67e-01 1.37e-01 8.69e-01
PDE3B -3.69e-01 1.37e-01 8.69e-01
C14orf70 6.82e-01 1.37e-01 8.69e-01
LOC100128063 5.11e-01 1.37e-01 8.69e-01
HYDIN -6.78e-01 1.37e-01 8.69e-01
OIT3 1.45 1.37e-01 8.69e-01
ISCA1 2.62e-01 1.37e-01 8.69e-01
MTERFD2 -3.64e-01 1.37e-01 8.69e-01
AMIGO3 4.26e-01 1.37e-01 8.69e-01
TAF5L -5.36e-01 1.37e-01 8.69e-01
TGM2 4.66e-01 1.37e-01 8.69e-01
ADPRHL1 5.58e-01 1.37e-01 8.69e-01
OR7E91P -4.03e-01 1.37e-01 8.69e-01
LOC100132273 5.58e-01 1.37e-01 8.69e-01
TBC1D7 -3.37e-01 1.37e-01 8.69e-01
PHF8 3.20e-01 1.37e-01 8.69e-01
TMEM62 -2.78e-01 1.37e-01 8.69e-01
TRA2B -3.73e-01 1.37e-01 8.69e-01
NASP 6.74e-01 1.37e-01 8.69e-01
FAM86B2 -3.60e-01 1.37e-01 8.69e-01
ZNF641 5.54e-01 1.37e-01 8.69e-01
LPPR1 5.36e-01 1.37e-01 8.69e-01
VEZT -3.32e-01 1.37e-01 8.69e-01
AKAP14 -4.29e-01 1.37e-01 8.69e-01
SAT1 -3.50e-01 1.37e-01 8.69e-01
NTAN1 3.13e-01 1.37e-01 8.69e-01
NFATC2IP -3.66e-01 1.37e-01 8.69e-01
MSTO2P -5.30e-01 1.37e-01 8.69e-01
GPR55 3.92e-01 1.37e-01 8.69e-01
DNAH1 -3.25e-01 1.37e-01 8.69e-01
LOC100147773 8.21e-01 1.37e-01 8.69e-01
LOC729444 5.61e-01 1.37e-01 8.69e-01
C10orf99 1.00 1.38e-01 8.69e-01
SKA3 5.81e-01 1.38e-01 8.69e-01
STOX2 3.52e-01 1.38e-01 8.69e-01
WRAP53 -3.60e-01 1.38e-01 8.69e-01
VAX1 9.34e-01 1.38e-01 8.69e-01
CHM -3.30e-01 1.38e-01 8.69e-01
ROCK1 2.69e-01 1.38e-01 8.69e-01
GPR119 5.10e-01 1.38e-01 8.69e-01
DEFB122 -1.46 1.38e-01 8.69e-01
PALLD -4.16e-01 1.38e-01 8.69e-01
PAQR3 -3.12e-01 1.38e-01 8.69e-01
ST6GALNAC3 3.85e-01 1.38e-01 8.69e-01
DHRSX 3.85e-01 1.38e-01 8.69e-01
GMEB2 5.89e-01 1.38e-01 8.69e-01
GPSM3 4.59e-01 1.38e-01 8.69e-01
ATG10 2.70e-01 1.38e-01 8.69e-01
SERPINA11 6.94e-01 1.38e-01 8.69e-01
FOXP4 4.40e-01 1.38e-01 8.69e-01
BOLA1 -2.51e-01 1.38e-01 8.69e-01
HFM1 -7.90e-01 1.38e-01 8.69e-01
HAVCR1 1.54 1.38e-01 8.69e-01
SERPINB10 -8.31e-01 1.38e-01 8.69e-01
GPHB5 4.05e-01 1.38e-01 8.69e-01
OR7E5P -6.98e-01 1.38e-01 8.69e-01
CCDC136 4.98e-01 1.38e-01 8.69e-01
OSGEPL1 -4.57e-01 1.38e-01 8.69e-01
TLR7 5.50e-01 1.38e-01 8.69e-01
GPR89B -4.37e-01 1.38e-01 8.69e-01
TBXA2R 3.50e-01 1.38e-01 8.69e-01
CEACAM5 5.32e-01 1.38e-01 8.69e-01
CDC42SE2 -3.11e-01 1.38e-01 8.69e-01
URM1 1.07 1.38e-01 8.69e-01
RAI1 3.52e-01 1.38e-01 8.69e-01
PAX6 6.70e-01 1.38e-01 8.69e-01
BEX5 -4.34e-01 1.38e-01 8.69e-01
DYRK1A 3.58e-01 1.38e-01 8.69e-01
NOL11 -2.58e-01 1.38e-01 8.69e-01
RSRC2 -2.89e-01 1.38e-01 8.69e-01
LGALSL -4.59e-01 1.38e-01 8.69e-01
MEIS1 6.44e-01 1.38e-01 8.69e-01
GHRH 4.91e-01 1.38e-01 8.69e-01
ANKRD17 4.64e-01 1.38e-01 8.69e-01
TFPT 8.17e-01 1.39e-01 8.69e-01
FAM35A 4.79e-01 1.39e-01 8.69e-01
KIAA0090 3.08e-01 1.39e-01 8.69e-01
RCL1 -6.03e-01 1.39e-01 8.69e-01
H1FX-AS1 3.79e-01 1.39e-01 8.69e-01
ADRA1A 4.70e-01 1.39e-01 8.69e-01
ISL1 7.80e-01 1.39e-01 8.69e-01
NCAM1 -5.71e-01 1.39e-01 8.69e-01
SLAMF9 4.54e-01 1.39e-01 8.69e-01
PLAC9 3.02e-01 1.39e-01 8.69e-01
AGER -6.05e-01 1.39e-01 8.69e-01
RAMP3 5.82e-01 1.39e-01 8.69e-01
PLA2G6 6.03e-01 1.39e-01 8.69e-01
LOC100130093 3.03e-01 1.39e-01 8.69e-01
CORIN 4.95e-01 1.39e-01 8.69e-01
GALNT6 -3.34e-01 1.39e-01 8.69e-01
OR2H1 3.97e-01 1.39e-01 8.69e-01
TBC1D3G -3.87e-01 1.39e-01 8.69e-01
BRAF 3.02e-01 1.39e-01 8.69e-01
ECSIT 3.55e-01 1.39e-01 8.69e-01
OLFML2A 7.08e-01 1.39e-01 8.69e-01
TCERG1 -3.09e-01 1.39e-01 8.69e-01
PLEKHG4 -2.89e-01 1.39e-01 8.69e-01
LOC100133286 3.13e-01 1.39e-01 8.69e-01
C20orf201 5.82e-01 1.39e-01 8.69e-01
ERAL1 3.08e-01 1.39e-01 8.69e-01
KIAA0754 -6.62e-01 1.39e-01 8.69e-01
ESYT2 -3.43e-01 1.39e-01 8.69e-01
ABCB5 5.08e-01 1.39e-01 8.69e-01
TM4SF4 -4.29e-01 1.39e-01 8.69e-01
C10orf137 6.63e-01 1.39e-01 8.69e-01
NEUROD2 4.67e-01 1.40e-01 8.69e-01
C15orf61 -2.78e-01 1.40e-01 8.69e-01
CHADL 3.32e-01 1.40e-01 8.69e-01
AIF1 7.68e-01 1.40e-01 8.69e-01
CYP46A1 1.00 1.40e-01 8.69e-01
FAM76B -4.11e-01 1.40e-01 8.69e-01
LOC286083 6.40e-01 1.40e-01 8.69e-01
ATP6V1G2 5.02e-01 1.40e-01 8.69e-01
SCYL2 2.65e-01 1.40e-01 8.69e-01
CD160 4.46e-01 1.40e-01 8.69e-01
MLH3 -3.38e-01 1.40e-01 8.69e-01
EGFR 3.96e-01 1.40e-01 8.69e-01
MCART1 -5.54e-01 1.40e-01 8.69e-01
MZT2A -3.68e-01 1.40e-01 8.69e-01
FAM3A 2.99e-01 1.40e-01 8.69e-01
PRIC285 -3.55e-01 1.40e-01 8.69e-01
AKR1C3 -7.96e-01 1.40e-01 8.69e-01
TNXB 2.65e-01 1.40e-01 8.69e-01
KIAA0913 -2.93e-01 1.40e-01 8.69e-01
GPSM1 4.02e-01 1.40e-01 8.69e-01
OVGP1 -4.82e-01 1.40e-01 8.69e-01
XLOC_014192 5.92e-01 1.40e-01 8.69e-01
SUGP1 -4.54e-01 1.40e-01 8.69e-01
LOC400550 7.14e-01 1.40e-01 8.69e-01
SH3GL1 2.82e-01 1.40e-01 8.69e-01
FBXO48 3.14e-01 1.40e-01 8.69e-01
ARHGAP4 3.16e-01 1.40e-01 8.69e-01
KIF19 -5.27e-01 1.40e-01 8.69e-01
SEH1L 3.54e-01 1.40e-01 8.69e-01
LOC151009 6.69e-01 1.40e-01 8.69e-01
DPY19L4 -5.03e-01 1.40e-01 8.69e-01
ZBTB5 -3.50e-01 1.40e-01 8.69e-01
CLCA1 3.45e-01 1.40e-01 8.69e-01
SUPT7L -9.78e-01 1.41e-01 8.69e-01
ABCC6 -4.35e-01 1.41e-01 8.69e-01
STARD13 4.64e-01 1.41e-01 8.69e-01
CXorf58 4.64e-01 1.41e-01 8.69e-01
LOC399708 4.64e-01 1.41e-01 8.69e-01
KIF9 -7.12e-01 1.41e-01 8.69e-01
FZD3 5.00e-01 1.41e-01 8.69e-01
EMILIN1 3.63e-01 1.41e-01 8.69e-01
NMB -3.51e-01 1.41e-01 8.69e-01
GFRAL 7.17e-01 1.41e-01 8.69e-01
KRTAP3-3 9.68e-01 1.41e-01 8.69e-01
ZNF32 -3.31e-01 1.41e-01 8.69e-01
CRLF1 5.98e-01 1.41e-01 8.69e-01
PSG10P 6.16e-01 1.41e-01 8.69e-01
SNRPD1 -2.87e-01 1.41e-01 8.69e-01
TTTY17A -5.75e-01 1.41e-01 8.69e-01
C14orf126 -3.35e-01 1.41e-01 8.69e-01
EFR3B 4.63e-01 1.41e-01 8.69e-01
WFDC2 -3.68e-01 1.41e-01 8.69e-01
APBB1 5.50e-01 1.41e-01 8.69e-01
WWP2 2.82e-01 1.41e-01 8.69e-01
SPG7 4.57e-01 1.41e-01 8.69e-01
MAMSTR -4.04e-01 1.41e-01 8.69e-01
TMPRSS11A 3.81e-01 1.41e-01 8.69e-01
LOC100128787 3.81e-01 1.41e-01 8.69e-01
PPP1R35 -2.94e-01 1.41e-01 8.69e-01
GLB1L3 3.41e-01 1.41e-01 8.69e-01
KDM5C 3.20e-01 1.41e-01 8.69e-01
ZDHHC5 6.19e-01 1.41e-01 8.69e-01
PTK2B 3.25e-01 1.41e-01 8.69e-01
LINC00494 7.20e-01 1.41e-01 8.69e-01
ZNF469 -2.50e-01 1.41e-01 8.69e-01
SRGAP1 4.60e-01 1.41e-01 8.69e-01
TMTC1 -1.04 1.41e-01 8.69e-01
GLYCTK -8.01e-01 1.41e-01 8.69e-01
LGALS9 3.62e-01 1.41e-01 8.69e-01
B3GNT7 7.94e-01 1.41e-01 8.69e-01
MCOLN3 6.39e-01 1.41e-01 8.69e-01
UBE2T -2.87e-01 1.41e-01 8.69e-01
ZBP1 4.19e-01 1.41e-01 8.69e-01
ORMDL3 3.16e-01 1.42e-01 8.69e-01
RAP2C -2.76e-01 1.42e-01 8.69e-01
LOC646743 7.88e-01 1.42e-01 8.69e-01
LRRC10B 4.81e-01 1.42e-01 8.69e-01
LOC100132966 5.72e-01 1.42e-01 8.69e-01
FGF11 4.10e-01 1.42e-01 8.69e-01
ZFAND4 3.08e-01 1.42e-01 8.69e-01
PML 6.14e-01 1.42e-01 8.69e-01
CDH1 4.77e-01 1.42e-01 8.69e-01
MORC1 5.19e-01 1.42e-01 8.69e-01
DNAJC5G 5.92e-01 1.42e-01 8.69e-01
THUMPD2 -4.39e-01 1.42e-01 8.69e-01
CMTM1 -3.74e-01 1.42e-01 8.69e-01
HYAL4 3.88e-01 1.42e-01 8.69e-01
SLC22A15 -5.56e-01 1.42e-01 8.69e-01
LOC100131599 8.08e-01 1.42e-01 8.69e-01
MRAS -4.19e-01 1.42e-01 8.69e-01
CCL11 5.25e-01 1.42e-01 8.69e-01
MYL3 6.73e-01 1.42e-01 8.69e-01
BAG1 3.23e-01 1.42e-01 8.69e-01
FAM54A -3.29e-01 1.42e-01 8.69e-01
DBF4B 4.83e-01 1.42e-01 8.69e-01
C20orf201 4.13e-01 1.42e-01 8.69e-01
KIAA1671 9.88e-01 1.42e-01 8.69e-01
CALY 5.35e-01 1.42e-01 8.69e-01
MRPL28 4.89e-01 1.42e-01 8.69e-01
NLRP7 6.63e-01 1.42e-01 8.69e-01
C19orf2 -3.18e-01 1.42e-01 8.69e-01
SREBF1 5.09e-01 1.42e-01 8.69e-01
LOC648987 6.77e-01 1.42e-01 8.69e-01
OR10G9 3.82e-01 1.42e-01 8.69e-01
ZSCAN5D 4.29e-01 1.42e-01 8.69e-01
XLOC_005764 8.04e-01 1.42e-01 8.69e-01
CD207 4.89e-01 1.42e-01 8.69e-01
SEC13 -8.12e-01 1.42e-01 8.69e-01
RPS26 5.53e-01 1.43e-01 8.69e-01
LRRC16B 5.72e-01 1.43e-01 8.69e-01
XK 6.46e-01 1.43e-01 8.69e-01
ZNF439 -4.11e-01 1.43e-01 8.69e-01
PAPSS2 -3.52e-01 1.43e-01 8.69e-01
LOC728743 -3.24e-01 1.43e-01 8.69e-01
AK5 -3.99e-01 1.43e-01 8.69e-01
AK5 5.09e-01 1.43e-01 8.69e-01
LOC100129196 6.49e-01 1.43e-01 8.69e-01
LOC100652995 3.03e-01 1.43e-01 8.69e-01
NSAP11 4.72e-01 1.43e-01 8.69e-01
GLRA4 5.87e-01 1.43e-01 8.69e-01
XLOC_002473 4.19e-01 1.43e-01 8.69e-01
FAIM2 4.60e-01 1.43e-01 8.69e-01
C10orf32 -3.17e-01 1.43e-01 8.69e-01
PTOV1 3.16e-01 1.43e-01 8.69e-01
MGC72080 3.71e-01 1.43e-01 8.69e-01
C19orf57 -7.11e-01 1.43e-01 8.69e-01
MAPK3 3.74e-01 1.43e-01 8.69e-01
PSORS1C3 -5.94e-01 1.43e-01 8.69e-01
IFNW1 7.14e-01 1.43e-01 8.69e-01
TAF4B 3.80e-01 1.43e-01 8.69e-01
C5orf42 -4.89e-01 1.43e-01 8.69e-01
GDI2 3.91e-01 1.43e-01 8.69e-01
KDM6B 4.05e-01 1.43e-01 8.69e-01
SH2B2 3.64e-01 1.43e-01 8.69e-01
RHOG 3.11e-01 1.43e-01 8.69e-01
ESR2 -9.09e-01 1.43e-01 8.69e-01
LOC401324 3.43e-01 1.43e-01 8.69e-01
PCDHGA2 7.07e-01 1.43e-01 8.69e-01
NEURL3 -4.46e-01 1.43e-01 8.69e-01
LOC100130761 4.72e-01 1.43e-01 8.69e-01
PSMA5 -2.72e-01 1.43e-01 8.69e-01
CD4 5.38e-01 1.44e-01 8.69e-01
TH 3.66e-01 1.44e-01 8.69e-01
ZC3H12D 4.21e-01 1.44e-01 8.69e-01
MRPL55 -2.66e-01 1.44e-01 8.69e-01
TMEM215 4.34e-01 1.44e-01 8.69e-01
LOC440704 4.34e-01 1.44e-01 8.69e-01
RAI1 2.91e-01 1.44e-01 8.69e-01
OR10H2 5.29e-01 1.44e-01 8.69e-01
LGALS14 6.64e-01 1.44e-01 8.69e-01
RERG 1.02 1.44e-01 8.69e-01
SLC23A2 -4.76e-01 1.44e-01 8.69e-01
PDSS1 -4.01e-01 1.44e-01 8.69e-01
SLCO4A1 5.80e-01 1.44e-01 8.69e-01
PRLHR 8.19e-01 1.44e-01 8.69e-01
ARMC3 -3.88e-01 1.44e-01 8.69e-01
LOC731789 -4.84e-01 1.44e-01 8.69e-01
LOC284788 -7.51e-01 1.44e-01 8.69e-01
KLLN -2.79e-01 1.44e-01 8.69e-01
XLOC_001663 6.39e-01 1.44e-01 8.69e-01
BRI3BP 2.58e-01 1.44e-01 8.69e-01
SCUBE2 3.30e-01 1.44e-01 8.69e-01
PRLR 7.46e-01 1.44e-01 8.69e-01
SZT2 5.60e-01 1.44e-01 8.69e-01
GDF11 3.38e-01 1.44e-01 8.69e-01
THY1 -6.32e-01 1.44e-01 8.69e-01
RBM45 -3.13e-01 1.44e-01 8.69e-01
TEX10 -3.16e-01 1.44e-01 8.69e-01
LOC283788 -4.12e-01 1.44e-01 8.69e-01
AP2A2 2.54e-01 1.44e-01 8.69e-01
ZNF385C -6.32e-01 1.44e-01 8.69e-01
DNMT3A -3.05e-01 1.44e-01 8.69e-01
SCGB2A2 7.78e-01 1.44e-01 8.69e-01
RPS26 -7.13e-01 1.44e-01 8.69e-01
RC3H2 3.17e-01 1.44e-01 8.69e-01
POM121L4P 5.34e-01 1.44e-01 8.69e-01
ATAD3B -2.98e-01 1.44e-01 8.69e-01
LRCH1 -6.88e-01 1.44e-01 8.69e-01
OR13C2 4.73e-01 1.44e-01 8.69e-01
SMG7 3.11e-01 1.44e-01 8.69e-01
KIF18B 4.77e-01 1.45e-01 8.69e-01
ZSCAN1 5.54e-01 1.45e-01 8.69e-01
EIF5A 3.29e-01 1.45e-01 8.69e-01
LOC399939 -1.13 1.45e-01 8.69e-01
C10orf81 -7.58e-01 1.45e-01 8.69e-01
LOC401400 6.84e-01 1.45e-01 8.69e-01
CDADC1 -3.97e-01 1.45e-01 8.69e-01
CNR1 6.37e-01 1.45e-01 8.69e-01
HNMT -4.38e-01 1.45e-01 8.69e-01
RPP38 -3.09e-01 1.45e-01 8.69e-01
XLOC_005849 3.65e-01 1.45e-01 8.69e-01
GHRH 4.35e-01 1.45e-01 8.69e-01
LOC100129502 5.83e-01 1.45e-01 8.69e-01
WNT10A 5.70e-01 1.45e-01 8.69e-01
ZNF138 3.54e-01 1.45e-01 8.69e-01
OTOG 5.92e-01 1.45e-01 8.69e-01
SPG11 -2.89e-01 1.45e-01 8.69e-01
FAM100A 3.70e-01 1.45e-01 8.69e-01
AJAP1 5.02e-01 1.45e-01 8.69e-01
FLRT2 4.10e-01 1.45e-01 8.69e-01
FAM47C 4.78e-01 1.45e-01 8.69e-01
KLF12 -6.14e-01 1.45e-01 8.69e-01
LOC100508383 8.37e-01 1.45e-01 8.69e-01
MUC2 6.01e-01 1.45e-01 8.69e-01
KRTAP5-4 4.41e-01 1.45e-01 8.69e-01
PRR18 -4.51e-01 1.45e-01 8.69e-01
C20orf132 -6.25e-01 1.45e-01 8.69e-01
SLC4A1 3.24e-01 1.45e-01 8.69e-01
PDS5A -4.10e-01 1.45e-01 8.69e-01
CACNA1F 4.57e-01 1.45e-01 8.69e-01
MYPN 1.17 1.45e-01 8.69e-01
CCDC157 2.91e-01 1.45e-01 8.69e-01
DDX24 3.66e-01 1.45e-01 8.69e-01
LOC100129113 3.83e-01 1.45e-01 8.69e-01
ADCY2 4.93e-01 1.45e-01 8.69e-01
ZFYVE26 3.59e-01 1.45e-01 8.69e-01
SNHG9 -3.65e-01 1.45e-01 8.69e-01
TXLNG2P -6.17e-01 1.45e-01 8.69e-01
LINC00281 5.09e-01 1.45e-01 8.69e-01
C10orf71 8.88e-01 1.45e-01 8.69e-01
PTPRU 4.04e-01 1.45e-01 8.69e-01
ZNF627 -3.16e-01 1.46e-01 8.69e-01
MLLT4 -3.45e-01 1.46e-01 8.69e-01
LOC100132344 5.12e-01 1.46e-01 8.69e-01
LINC00222 7.59e-01 1.46e-01 8.69e-01
CACNA1B 5.68e-01 1.46e-01 8.69e-01
MRPL32 -2.94e-01 1.46e-01 8.69e-01
IL2RA 5.53e-01 1.46e-01 8.69e-01
MGMT -2.91e-01 1.46e-01 8.69e-01
KIF12 4.09e-01 1.46e-01 8.69e-01
CACNA1C 4.63e-01 1.46e-01 8.69e-01
RNF32 2.48 1.46e-01 8.69e-01
PABPC1 2.85e-01 1.46e-01 8.69e-01
METTL15 2.95e-01 1.46e-01 8.69e-01
CCDC115 -3.11e-01 1.46e-01 8.69e-01
NDNF 3.73e-01 1.46e-01 8.69e-01
MAEL -3.09e-01 1.46e-01 8.69e-01
KRT7 5.34e-01 1.46e-01 8.69e-01
YEATS4 -3.12e-01 1.46e-01 8.69e-01
BCHE 4.08e-01 1.46e-01 8.69e-01
NAGS 5.05e-01 1.46e-01 8.69e-01
CRYGD 3.73e-01 1.46e-01 8.69e-01
CDK10 -3.74e-01 1.46e-01 8.69e-01
TLE4 -6.39e-01 1.46e-01 8.69e-01
FLJ36000 7.36e-01 1.46e-01 8.69e-01
METTL21A -4.06e-01 1.46e-01 8.69e-01
LOC349196 4.72e-01 1.46e-01 8.69e-01
DUSP13 3.37e-01 1.46e-01 8.69e-01
NAB2 -3.98e-01 1.46e-01 8.69e-01
TRIM66 -5.95e-01 1.46e-01 8.69e-01
C2orf89 -3.69e-01 1.46e-01 8.69e-01
LOC728975 -5.39e-01 1.46e-01 8.69e-01
XLOC_012227 5.65e-01 1.46e-01 8.69e-01
WFDC9 5.26e-01 1.46e-01 8.69e-01
IL7 5.48e-01 1.46e-01 8.69e-01
MEP1A 6.09e-01 1.47e-01 8.69e-01
GZF1 -5.64e-01 1.47e-01 8.69e-01
LRRC27 -3.60e-01 1.47e-01 8.69e-01
LOC200726 7.48e-01 1.47e-01 8.69e-01
RAD54B -4.79e-01 1.47e-01 8.69e-01
FGFR2 -4.56e-01 1.47e-01 8.69e-01
INPP5A -3.10e-01 1.47e-01 8.69e-01
PNLIPRP2 -8.51e-01 1.47e-01 8.69e-01
FLJ31183 -1.10 1.47e-01 8.69e-01
ZXDC -3.76e-01 1.47e-01 8.69e-01
OSCP1 4.87e-01 1.47e-01 8.69e-01
TCFL5 -4.46e-01 1.47e-01 8.69e-01
C6orf154 1.32 1.47e-01 8.69e-01
NCAN -2.90e-01 1.47e-01 8.69e-01
LOC644192 9.70e-01 1.47e-01 8.69e-01
HBZ 9.22e-01 1.47e-01 8.69e-01
TENC1 4.60e-01 1.47e-01 8.69e-01
CALR3 4.20e-01 1.47e-01 8.69e-01
TNFRSF12A -4.12e-01 1.47e-01 8.69e-01
NKX2-3 7.43e-01 1.47e-01 8.69e-01
DYRK1B 4.81e-01 1.47e-01 8.69e-01
MUC20 -7.01e-01 1.47e-01 8.69e-01
CAB39L 5.77e-01 1.47e-01 8.69e-01
OR5AS1 5.58e-01 1.47e-01 8.69e-01
SPACA5 1.05 1.47e-01 8.69e-01
LOC728431 -3.71e-01 1.47e-01 8.69e-01
PSMB11 4.58e-01 1.47e-01 8.69e-01
FSD1 6.20e-01 1.48e-01 8.69e-01
SLC5A10 4.23e-01 1.48e-01 8.69e-01
RNF2 1.23 1.48e-01 8.69e-01
KLRK1 -4.04e-01 1.48e-01 8.69e-01
F11 2.75e-01 1.48e-01 8.69e-01
COX11 -3.04e-01 1.48e-01 8.69e-01
STK11 3.00e-01 1.48e-01 8.69e-01
TTC17 -2.88e-01 1.48e-01 8.69e-01
ZNF614 2.64e-01 1.48e-01 8.69e-01
A1BG 6.00e-01 1.48e-01 8.69e-01
C19orf76 5.98e-01 1.48e-01 8.69e-01
CXorf48 5.77e-01 1.48e-01 8.69e-01
ITPK1 5.52e-01 1.48e-01 8.69e-01
HSPA6 4.02e-01 1.48e-01 8.69e-01
LOC727982 4.16e-01 1.48e-01 8.69e-01
PRR7 4.76e-01 1.48e-01 8.69e-01
RG9MTD2 -2.75e-01 1.48e-01 8.69e-01
RTP3 8.96e-01 1.48e-01 8.69e-01
PLIN2 -3.19e-01 1.48e-01 8.69e-01
OR8H3 5.21e-01 1.48e-01 8.69e-01
CPLX2 6.59e-01 1.48e-01 8.69e-01
LRRN2 7.12e-01 1.48e-01 8.69e-01
ENDOU 5.95e-01 1.48e-01 8.69e-01
RYR3 8.30e-01 1.48e-01 8.69e-01
SERPING1 5.82e-01 1.48e-01 8.69e-01
A2LD1 -6.74e-01 1.48e-01 8.69e-01
GTF2IRD2 -2.69e-01 1.48e-01 8.69e-01
OR5K4 8.19e-01 1.48e-01 8.69e-01
STARD3 3.09e-01 1.48e-01 8.69e-01
TMPRSS11B 3.05e-01 1.49e-01 8.69e-01
ESR2 3.33e-01 1.49e-01 8.69e-01
MARC1 4.02e-01 1.49e-01 8.69e-01
NAGLU -2.58e-01 1.49e-01 8.69e-01
BIRC2 2.49e-01 1.49e-01 8.69e-01
GAB3 -3.24e-01 1.49e-01 8.69e-01
BRF2 -3.27e-01 1.49e-01 8.69e-01
NPLOC4 2.78e-01 1.49e-01 8.69e-01
PARVA -1.62 1.49e-01 8.69e-01
TADA2A 3.75e-01 1.49e-01 8.69e-01
ZFP42 -6.09e-01 1.49e-01 8.69e-01
PNLIPRP1 4.69e-01 1.49e-01 8.69e-01
CCDC76 -4.25e-01 1.49e-01 8.69e-01
LOC100289341 -2.62e-01 1.49e-01 8.69e-01
ZNF365 -7.02e-01 1.49e-01 8.69e-01
NME7 -2.64e-01 1.49e-01 8.69e-01
C20orf166-AS1 4.97e-01 1.49e-01 8.69e-01
ZNF232 -3.43e-01 1.49e-01 8.69e-01
RNF216 2.88e-01 1.49e-01 8.69e-01
ZC3H12D -4.84e-01 1.49e-01 8.69e-01
UTP15 -4.35e-01 1.49e-01 8.69e-01
LILRB5 -1.47 1.49e-01 8.69e-01
POM121L1P 2.72e-01 1.49e-01 8.69e-01
SLC25A2 -4.49e-01 1.49e-01 8.69e-01
PCGF6 -3.34e-01 1.49e-01 8.69e-01
MYH16 4.23e-01 1.49e-01 8.69e-01
ATOH1 7.13e-01 1.49e-01 8.69e-01
GNN -1.14 1.49e-01 8.69e-01
RBBP4 -3.10e-01 1.49e-01 8.69e-01
MUSTN1 -4.80e-01 1.49e-01 8.69e-01
LOC100272216 -4.23e-01 1.49e-01 8.69e-01
MRPS27 5.69e-01 1.50e-01 8.69e-01
IFITM10 -4.72e-01 1.50e-01 8.69e-01
PAX7 -3.67e-01 1.50e-01 8.69e-01
UBA2 -3.16e-01 1.50e-01 8.69e-01
ALOX15 -2.73e-01 1.50e-01 8.69e-01
LOC400943 4.04e-01 1.50e-01 8.69e-01
LOC100133991 -9.26e-01 1.50e-01 8.69e-01
FGFR3 5.56e-01 1.50e-01 8.69e-01
FKBP4 3.48e-01 1.50e-01 8.69e-01
RCN2 -3.05e-01 1.50e-01 8.69e-01
MTX3 6.03e-01 1.50e-01 8.69e-01
CCDC154 4.41e-01 1.50e-01 8.69e-01
ABCC10 7.12e-01 1.50e-01 8.69e-01
DUSP4 5.44e-01 1.50e-01 8.69e-01
XLOC_004803 -2.63e-01 1.50e-01 8.69e-01
GUCA1A 3.97e-01 1.50e-01 8.69e-01
SETD5 8.10e-01 1.50e-01 8.69e-01
GNAS 5.80e-01 1.50e-01 8.69e-01
CPT1A -3.65e-01 1.50e-01 8.69e-01
KIF21B 3.36e-01 1.50e-01 8.69e-01
SHE 6.25e-01 1.50e-01 8.69e-01
LOC646743 4.78e-01 1.50e-01 8.69e-01
ARHGAP4 -2.75e-01 1.50e-01 8.69e-01
SPRR2D 4.42e-01 1.50e-01 8.69e-01
CCDC18 3.47e-01 1.50e-01 8.69e-01
LOC284072 -4.66e-01 1.50e-01 8.69e-01
XLOC_001952 -4.83e-01 1.50e-01 8.69e-01
SCUBE1 5.78e-01 1.50e-01 8.69e-01
LOC100129617 -6.46e-01 1.50e-01 8.69e-01
ARAF -3.56e-01 1.51e-01 8.69e-01
C12orf28 -4.14e-01 1.51e-01 8.69e-01
TRIM50 -6.85e-01 1.51e-01 8.69e-01
ETV4 4.59e-01 1.51e-01 8.69e-01
SH2D6 5.11e-01 1.51e-01 8.69e-01
FLJ38576 8.93e-01 1.51e-01 8.69e-01
GRAP2 -3.82e-01 1.51e-01 8.69e-01
TBKBP1 5.55e-01 1.51e-01 8.69e-01
C10orf118 1.30 1.51e-01 8.69e-01
ASCL1 5.10e-01 1.51e-01 8.69e-01
ERVW-1 3.39e-01 1.51e-01 8.69e-01
ADAMTSL2 4.10e-01 1.51e-01 8.69e-01
PVRL1 4.15e-01 1.51e-01 8.69e-01
RUNDC3A 4.22e-01 1.51e-01 8.69e-01
GUSBP11 -4.32e-01 1.51e-01 8.69e-01
HPYR1 6.97e-01 1.51e-01 8.69e-01
PPIA -2.67e-01 1.51e-01 8.69e-01
ACSM4 6.33e-01 1.51e-01 8.69e-01
LOC100128198 6.80e-01 1.51e-01 8.69e-01
DTWD1 2.88e-01 1.51e-01 8.69e-01
C9orf95 -5.47e-01 1.51e-01 8.69e-01
LOC729879 4.65e-01 1.51e-01 8.69e-01
OR52B4 5.73e-01 1.51e-01 8.69e-01
ZNF354C -6.57e-01 1.51e-01 8.69e-01
C14orf1 -5.65e-01 1.51e-01 8.69e-01
TSNAXIP1 4.98e-01 1.51e-01 8.69e-01
RGS1 -7.11e-01 1.51e-01 8.69e-01
ZDHHC23 4.94e-01 1.51e-01 8.69e-01
PNP 3.79e-01 1.51e-01 8.69e-01
CIDEB -6.01e-01 1.51e-01 8.69e-01
LOC151475 -5.41e-01 1.51e-01 8.69e-01
LYPLA2 5.62e-01 1.51e-01 8.69e-01
ANKRD36B -4.14e-01 1.51e-01 8.69e-01
GPR110 4.34e-01 1.51e-01 8.69e-01
MACROD2 4.34e-01 1.51e-01 8.69e-01
SFT2D1 -2.96e-01 1.51e-01 8.69e-01
UQCC -3.56e-01 1.51e-01 8.69e-01
SLC2A11 -3.83e-01 1.51e-01 8.69e-01
METTL21D -4.00e-01 1.51e-01 8.69e-01
SEPT7 -3.12e-01 1.52e-01 8.69e-01
LOC100132099 3.00e-01 1.52e-01 8.69e-01
KIAA0319L 3.87e-01 1.52e-01 8.69e-01
FAM172BP 6.24e-01 1.52e-01 8.69e-01
KRTAP4-11 5.47e-01 1.52e-01 8.69e-01
CIB3 2.86e-01 1.52e-01 8.69e-01
F5 5.48e-01 1.52e-01 8.69e-01
DIABLO 2.74e-01 1.52e-01 8.69e-01
BCL2L13 3.73e-01 1.52e-01 8.69e-01
FAM171B 1.27 1.52e-01 8.69e-01
PEAK1 4.26e-01 1.52e-01 8.69e-01
ZFP41 5.57e-01 1.52e-01 8.69e-01
SGTA 2.32e-01 1.52e-01 8.69e-01
LOC100132167 3.58e-01 1.52e-01 8.69e-01
RFX2 4.31e-01 1.52e-01 8.69e-01
RG9MTD2 -6.55e-01 1.52e-01 8.69e-01
RFXAP -6.24e-01 1.52e-01 8.69e-01
PARG 2.63e-01 1.52e-01 8.69e-01
CALCR 4.12e-01 1.52e-01 8.69e-01
F10 -4.32e-01 1.52e-01 8.69e-01
TMTC1 4.59e-01 1.52e-01 8.69e-01
NPPB 5.08e-01 1.52e-01 8.69e-01
SERINC4 5.71e-01 1.52e-01 8.69e-01
AQP5 4.14e-01 1.52e-01 8.69e-01
OR11A1 5.50e-01 1.52e-01 8.69e-01
PWWP2A 3.23e-01 1.52e-01 8.69e-01
MKI67 5.42e-01 1.52e-01 8.69e-01
INPP5A -5.29e-01 1.52e-01 8.69e-01
ECE1 2.99e-01 1.52e-01 8.69e-01
RPUSD4 -3.26e-01 1.52e-01 8.69e-01
SPANXA1 8.62e-01 1.53e-01 8.69e-01
CCIN 3.93e-01 1.53e-01 8.69e-01
TCEB2 3.67e-01 1.53e-01 8.69e-01
LOC732275 6.78e-01 1.53e-01 8.69e-01
XLOC_011117 -4.17e-01 1.53e-01 8.69e-01
SLC11A1 3.65e-01 1.53e-01 8.69e-01
LOC100130193 -4.26e-01 1.53e-01 8.69e-01
XLOC_010376 7.74e-01 1.53e-01 8.69e-01
CCNI2 -6.19e-01 1.53e-01 8.69e-01
RUNX1 -3.30e-01 1.53e-01 8.69e-01
MTHFD2 -2.91e-01 1.53e-01 8.69e-01
MST1 5.00e-01 1.53e-01 8.69e-01
HMX1 9.71e-01 1.53e-01 8.69e-01
HBCBP 7.46e-01 1.53e-01 8.69e-01
KIAA0748 -3.13e-01 1.53e-01 8.69e-01
POU5F2 3.75e-01 1.53e-01 8.69e-01
GCKR 4.02e-01 1.53e-01 8.69e-01
LOC100132474 -2.61 1.53e-01 8.69e-01
CAB39 2.80e-01 1.53e-01 8.69e-01
TEX11 3.51e-01 1.53e-01 8.69e-01
SLC13A1 3.51e-01 1.53e-01 8.69e-01
NUDT10 3.51e-01 1.53e-01 8.69e-01
HMX1 5.02e-01 1.53e-01 8.69e-01
FADS2 5.73e-01 1.53e-01 8.69e-01
DPYSL4 6.48e-01 1.53e-01 8.69e-01
KRT16 4.64e-01 1.53e-01 8.69e-01
FLJ42969 -1.25 1.53e-01 8.69e-01
CDCA4 -5.84e-01 1.53e-01 8.69e-01
SYP 6.36e-01 1.53e-01 8.69e-01
C1orf54 -4.05e-01 1.53e-01 8.69e-01
DPF3 6.11e-01 1.53e-01 8.69e-01
CCL16 3.18e-01 1.53e-01 8.69e-01
ST3GAL1 3.07e-01 1.53e-01 8.69e-01
GPR123 5.09e-01 1.53e-01 8.69e-01
BCL2L11 3.95e-01 1.53e-01 8.69e-01
FAM109A 5.28e-01 1.53e-01 8.69e-01
SLC25A6 3.26e-01 1.53e-01 8.69e-01
POM121L12 5.00e-01 1.53e-01 8.69e-01
WDR33 5.70e-01 1.53e-01 8.69e-01
OR6K3 6.83e-01 1.53e-01 8.69e-01
PHF20L1 -3.51e-01 1.53e-01 8.69e-01
MCTS1 -4.55e-01 1.53e-01 8.69e-01
TAS2R13 5.05e-01 1.53e-01 8.69e-01
AMZ1 -5.84e-01 1.54e-01 8.69e-01
LRRCC1 -6.60e-01 1.54e-01 8.69e-01
LRPPRC -4.46e-01 1.54e-01 8.69e-01
KLB -6.02e-01 1.54e-01 8.69e-01
IL7 -5.70e-01 1.54e-01 8.69e-01
PWRN2 4.46e-01 1.54e-01 8.69e-01
BFSP2 4.56e-01 1.54e-01 8.69e-01
CC2D2B 1.96 1.54e-01 8.69e-01
LHCGR -7.62e-01 1.54e-01 8.69e-01
DPCR1 2.86e-01 1.54e-01 8.69e-01
FAM204A -2.50e-01 1.54e-01 8.69e-01
DOK3 3.87e-01 1.54e-01 8.69e-01
WHAMM 3.30e-01 1.54e-01 8.69e-01
FAM165B -3.97e-01 1.54e-01 8.69e-01
UBE2R2 3.43e-01 1.54e-01 8.69e-01
IFNA14 6.03e-01 1.54e-01 8.69e-01
PHGDH 3.96e-01 1.54e-01 8.69e-01
DEPDC1 3.00e-01 1.54e-01 8.69e-01
HSD17B7 -4.85e-01 1.54e-01 8.69e-01
LOC100128843 7.23e-01 1.54e-01 8.69e-01
C16orf93 4.10e-01 1.54e-01 8.69e-01
MSI1 2.60e-01 1.54e-01 8.69e-01
KRT4 4.87e-01 1.54e-01 8.69e-01
XLOC_008185 7.25e-01 1.54e-01 8.69e-01
DMRT2 1.53 1.54e-01 8.69e-01
GBA3 4.54e-01 1.54e-01 8.69e-01
LOC729020 1.11 1.54e-01 8.69e-01
SAMD4A 4.63e-01 1.54e-01 8.69e-01
LOC100132966 6.08e-01 1.54e-01 8.69e-01
RQCD1 -4.36e-01 1.54e-01 8.69e-01
PPP4R1L -5.69e-01 1.54e-01 8.69e-01
LMOD2 4.28e-01 1.54e-01 8.69e-01
KLHL7 -2.85e-01 1.54e-01 8.69e-01
MTMR14 6.79e-01 1.54e-01 8.69e-01
FAM107A 6.00e-01 1.54e-01 8.69e-01
OR2W5 4.74e-01 1.54e-01 8.69e-01
HES1 1.01 1.54e-01 8.69e-01
PAM16 -2.49e-01 1.54e-01 8.69e-01
ZNF883 5.52e-01 1.54e-01 8.69e-01
DHRS3 -3.79e-01 1.54e-01 8.69e-01
SLC5A6 5.42e-01 1.54e-01 8.69e-01
IQCH 4.28e-01 1.54e-01 8.69e-01
CHST5 5.17e-01 1.54e-01 8.69e-01
LOC100499221 -1.03 1.54e-01 8.69e-01
NR0B1 4.18e-01 1.54e-01 8.69e-01
TPMT -3.01e-01 1.55e-01 8.69e-01
SHPRH 4.32e-01 1.55e-01 8.69e-01
OSTBETA 1.53 1.55e-01 8.69e-01
RPS6KB1 -3.40e-01 1.55e-01 8.69e-01
BRD9 -2.58e-01 1.55e-01 8.69e-01
MED8 -2.82e-01 1.55e-01 8.69e-01
MEG3 3.45e-01 1.55e-01 8.69e-01
NEIL2 2.90e-01 1.55e-01 8.69e-01
LOC100233156 4.28e-01 1.55e-01 8.69e-01
CTSL2 7.10e-01 1.55e-01 8.69e-01
KIAA1432 5.10e-01 1.55e-01 8.69e-01
LOC100131170 3.82e-01 1.55e-01 8.69e-01
LOC400940 5.06e-01 1.55e-01 8.69e-01
NOC3L -3.19e-01 1.55e-01 8.69e-01
ZC3H14 2.72e-01 1.55e-01 8.69e-01
LOC100507199 5.29e-01 1.55e-01 8.69e-01
PCDHA7 4.86e-01 1.55e-01 8.69e-01
PPME1 3.39e-01 1.55e-01 8.69e-01
OR4F29 6.15e-01 1.55e-01 8.69e-01
LINC00272 5.36e-01 1.55e-01 8.69e-01
CMYA5 4.09e-01 1.55e-01 8.69e-01
FAM129A 4.29e-01 1.55e-01 8.69e-01
SLC22A6 5.12e-01 1.55e-01 8.69e-01
AP1S3 -4.48e-01 1.55e-01 8.69e-01
NAT8B -4.20e-01 1.55e-01 8.69e-01
DST 8.78e-01 1.55e-01 8.69e-01
PLXDC1 -5.79e-01 1.55e-01 8.69e-01
PCDHGA7 4.96e-01 1.55e-01 8.69e-01
FAM135A -4.22e-01 1.55e-01 8.69e-01
TRIM6 3.73e-01 1.55e-01 8.69e-01
C10orf105 -4.60e-01 1.55e-01 8.69e-01
KIAA1456 1.04 1.55e-01 8.69e-01
C3orf18 -4.04e-01 1.55e-01 8.69e-01
RBL1 2.87e-01 1.55e-01 8.69e-01
ARSH 3.88e-01 1.55e-01 8.69e-01
RPP25 5.48e-01 1.55e-01 8.69e-01
ANKRD2 -4.21e-01 1.55e-01 8.69e-01
LOC401180 -3.30e-01 1.55e-01 8.69e-01
CLDN4 3.94e-01 1.55e-01 8.69e-01
CHP 3.69e-01 1.55e-01 8.69e-01
HSPB1 2.97e-01 1.55e-01 8.69e-01
DUOXA1 4.21e-01 1.55e-01 8.69e-01
LOC730961 -5.80e-01 1.55e-01 8.69e-01
SRSF11 -3.64e-01 1.55e-01 8.69e-01
ZMYM2 -3.47e-01 1.55e-01 8.69e-01
CARHSP1 7.10e-01 1.55e-01 8.69e-01
TAF1C -4.83e-01 1.56e-01 8.69e-01
XLOC_001589 3.88e-01 1.56e-01 8.69e-01
LOC100130857 4.65e-01 1.56e-01 8.69e-01
NKX6-3 4.98e-01 1.56e-01 8.69e-01
MRGPRX1 4.84e-01 1.56e-01 8.69e-01
LOC100132273 4.82e-01 1.56e-01 8.69e-01
TNFRSF19 -3.27e-01 1.56e-01 8.69e-01
MBLAC1 3.55e-01 1.56e-01 8.69e-01
TP53AIP1 5.48e-01 1.56e-01 8.69e-01
TRIM9 5.19e-01 1.56e-01 8.69e-01
KLF11 -3.43e-01 1.56e-01 8.69e-01
KRTAP1-3 3.07e-01 1.56e-01 8.69e-01
SPAG1 -5.80e-01 1.56e-01 8.69e-01
LOC100132247 -5.14e-01 1.56e-01 8.69e-01
ARMCX5 -3.28e-01 1.56e-01 8.69e-01
SLC39A11 -3.09e-01 1.56e-01 8.69e-01
ATPAF1-AS1 5.06e-01 1.56e-01 8.69e-01
XLOC_013520 7.53e-01 1.56e-01 8.69e-01
G6PC2 5.81e-01 1.56e-01 8.69e-01
TTC16 6.18e-01 1.56e-01 8.69e-01
DNASE2B 5.67e-01 1.56e-01 8.69e-01
TPTE -5.27e-01 1.56e-01 8.69e-01
PIR 8.46e-01 1.56e-01 8.69e-01
TMEM231 -5.80e-01 1.56e-01 8.69e-01
GREB1L 4.56e-01 1.56e-01 8.69e-01
KRTAP10-12 7.06e-01 1.56e-01 8.69e-01
XLOC_002612 3.17e-01 1.56e-01 8.69e-01
FAM109B 5.42e-01 1.56e-01 8.69e-01
LOC643650 5.69e-01 1.56e-01 8.69e-01
LACE1 -4.07e-01 1.56e-01 8.69e-01
C13orf27 -3.26e-01 1.56e-01 8.69e-01
CERS3 5.83e-01 1.56e-01 8.69e-01
LOC100126784 -2.95e-01 1.56e-01 8.69e-01
STX1A -3.96e-01 1.56e-01 8.69e-01
GPR82 8.33e-01 1.56e-01 8.69e-01
TCEA1 2.86e-01 1.56e-01 8.69e-01
NDUFAB1 -2.70e-01 1.56e-01 8.69e-01
SDC1 3.36e-01 1.57e-01 8.69e-01
PPP1R1A 7.28e-01 1.57e-01 8.69e-01
PCDH9 4.87e-01 1.57e-01 8.69e-01
CNNM2 4.15e-01 1.57e-01 8.69e-01
CNFN 5.80e-01 1.57e-01 8.69e-01
FLJ14186 3.90e-01 1.57e-01 8.69e-01
C3orf51 -4.78e-01 1.57e-01 8.69e-01
SPANXB2 6.36e-01 1.57e-01 8.69e-01
LRRC23 4.40e-01 1.57e-01 8.69e-01
TDRD5 5.54e-01 1.57e-01 8.69e-01
IGF2 6.46e-01 1.57e-01 8.69e-01
POP7 2.48e-01 1.57e-01 8.69e-01
LOC100130027 3.95e-01 1.57e-01 8.69e-01
CMA1 5.46e-01 1.57e-01 8.69e-01
CLIC4 3.26e-01 1.57e-01 8.69e-01
DEFB4A 4.43e-01 1.57e-01 8.69e-01
ANKRD30A 6.07e-01 1.57e-01 8.69e-01
SYTL1 -2.55e-01 1.57e-01 8.69e-01
RARB 8.26e-01 1.57e-01 8.69e-01
SETDB2 -2.99e-01 1.57e-01 8.69e-01
NPM2 3.34e-01 1.57e-01 8.69e-01
C14orf105 4.73e-01 1.57e-01 8.69e-01
USPL1 -3.90e-01 1.57e-01 8.69e-01
PPP1R21 -3.21e-01 1.57e-01 8.69e-01
ACY1 -2.72e-01 1.58e-01 8.69e-01
LOC100131372 4.94e-01 1.58e-01 8.69e-01
COA5 -3.22e-01 1.58e-01