Option 1: Selecting items from “Home” page

1. Click any option present in the “Home” page, taking Down syndrome as an example

2. All relevant items would be showed in ‘Search’ interface, and chose the item of interest

3. After selecting, the detailed information would be present including basic information, differentially expressed genes list, enrichment analysis results, etc.

Option 2: Search items from “Search” page

1. select the items provided by pull-down menu in “Search” module

2. After submitting, results would be showed

Option 3: intuitively view diverse samples from different sequencing platform

1. get into the “Demo” interface of any iBAD item containing omic data according to procedures mentioned above, such as iBAD_0000048

2. get into the interface presenting all omic data through “Full-screen view”

3. select different studies to show the pattern from different sequencing platform, such as iBAD_0000053 (GSE55425, DNase-Seq) and iBAD_0000057 (GSE55504, RNA-Seq)

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